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fii V
Master William Fisher has whoop
ing cough
Joshua Allen of Salem was hero
with relatives Monday
Frank Stouffer has filled C H Wei
karts lco houso with 8 lnch ice
Married folks bachelors and maids
nro invited to tho danco Saturday
A daughter came to the homo of
Samuel Vaughn and wife Sunday
Peter Nnllor and of West
Point visited Sunday at tho homo of
Tony Paslch
Abel Tourdot returned from Canton
Monday to take a room in tho Peer
less coal mine
Jesse Scattcrgood has returned
fromAndover Springs somewhat im
proved In health
The boys and girls about townhavo
discovered that the skating Is good
north of town if not sawed out for
Jco houses
Rev Earl Lea is meeting with en
couraging results at Franklin Square
and will preach hero next Sunday
morning and evening
Tho ladles of tho Lutheran church
will hold a social in Allens hall Sat
urday evening March 1 Tho bill of
faro will bo announced later
During the month of Decombor
more than 300 old soldiers in Ohio
answered tho last roll call and sur
rendered to the last cnomy death
Prosecuting Attorney L P Aletz
ger of Salem has sued tho adminis
trator of tho late Gen Jas Reilloy for
53000 duo Columbiana county from
his personal property
Clifford Paisley Allen Dnlrymplo
and lady friend Warren Welkart and
Miss Elslo Fisher wero homo from
Youngstown Saturday to attend tho
initial danco in town hall
John Post and wife residing in an
adjoining county havo recently be
come tho parents of a son which tho
father thinks of naming Parcel if
ho can get consent of Mrs
Welcome Lodge K of P and tho
Pythian SlBtcrs will hold a union meet
ing nextAIonday night to Jointly cel
ebrate their anniversaries with re
freshments dancing and a general
good time
Mrs Ed Crook returned to North
Lima Sunday after heme ouarantln
cd for a week with her son Robert
who is being treated for scarlet fev
er at the homo of his grandparents
Harry Crook and wife
Wm Dalrymplo and Emmet Carlisle
wero cutting Ice Monday for the for
mers ico house Tho groundhog
weather tho past week will be a great
saving on artificial ice during tho
tropical days next summer
Tbo Dynamo club gave a well at
tended dance in town hall Saturday
night Everything went off wlthout a
Jar and the young people were well
entertained The old folks are ar
ranging for an old timo dance in the
came hall next Saturday night Feb
Some day during tho last week of
this month all tho rooms of our pub
lic school will meet In the assembly
room and hold appropriate exercises
commemorative of Washington Lin
coin Lowell and Longfellow Peace
haih her victories no less renowned
than war
The heaters in the school building
have not given satisfaction the past
week or more Teachers and pupils
have been warm enough part of tho
day then the temperature would fall
below comfortable and soot filled
some of the rooms It will require
some mpre experimenting before sat
isfaction is reached
The Religion of Abraham Lincoln
was the subject treated upon by Rev
L W Gross Jn the Lutheran church
Sunday night Ho read tho 33th chap
ter of First Corinthians und empha
sized the last verse The speaker
named many of the historic spots
since visited by himself made famous
by Lincoln both before and at the
time of holding the presidential of
fice that were very serjously and en
tertalningly discussed We would bo
pleased to give the entire sermon
here had we the manuscript prepar
ed Mr Gross will deliver a similar
discourse upon the Life and Charac
ter of Dr Dayld Livingstone on the
last Sunday evening of this month
und wo bespeak for him a good sized
audience for these biographical dis
courses Illustrate to a degree that
the divine can be incarnated in re
ceptive humanity which appears to
be the divine plan of reaching Gods
people in ail ages of the world
There appears tq be an epldemlo
of scboolltls throughout Columbiana
county that needs to be quarantined
before it results in anarchy Lisbon
and Columbiana schools have passed
the danger period of tho disease
Guilford and Hanover have had their
troubles and now East PaleBtlpq la
to the frpnt with a case of assault
and battery upon the superintendent
at night similar tq the case reported
from Olrard Several years ago we
called the teacher a schoolmaster
and he was chosen more with reier
ence to his ability to govern than to
teach and in pome way the pupils
came out self supporting citizens and
with a knowledge of the three Rs
Reading rltlng and rlthmetlc and
on their backs a hickory stick The
young men of today are not suppos
ed tq work when attending school and
eomo work off their superfluous en
ergy upon the teacher or else devel
op Into a geaus Lobsteria American
At Present my boy must not obey
jinybody and this must lead to a
military regime in the schools My
liar to that in European schools My
country tla of thee sweet land f lib
erty but both parent and pupil must
he subject to law
Br assisting In Extending the circulation
lation anu usefulness of The Mahon
ing Dispatch A word fromou will
probably induce your nelghborPto
enroll as a subscriber One dollar
pays for 62 papers
frrau 100 a Yaar y
vol xxxvi i
Bright Breezy Paragraphs Telling
The Happenings In the Village on
Mahonings Southern
By Peter M Herold
On Lincolns tomb we lay
Another wreath today
In hohorot his birth
Hla wisdom and his worth
To Lincolns fame we pay
Our tributes fresh today
A fame that grows with time
In all respects Bubllme
w mvmTFpsFv
Mrs Jennie Reel Joses has whoop
ing cough y n
b Cairier Is packing Ice today for
Wm Fither
A daughter arrived at the home of
Wm Needham and wife Sunday night-
Fancy and comic Valentines are dls
played by merchants and tho sale of
one cent stamps Is on
Donald Spear one of the twins was
in Salem Saturday having his teeth
examined by a dentist
Some folks say that tho backbone
of winter lsTiroken yet they stick to
their woolon underclothes
Roy Davis has completed his course
In bookkeeping and Is now taking
sh6rt hand in the S D C
Mrs J E Neff of Canfleld was a
guest at tho home of Mrs S C Wil
son last week Thursday night
Tho old folks will glvo another of
their old time dances In town hall
Saturday night Men 60 cents ladles
W E Roller is selling his entlro
stock of winter boots and shoes away
below cost See his adv in this DIb
Hiram Coates and Carl Turner of
Now Castle Pa wero hero this week
visiting Misses Rona Eyster and
Mario King
Tho Ladles Aid Society of tho Luth
eran chCh will bo entertained at
tho homo of Mrs David Welkart this
Thursday evening
A number of coal operators wero
nero irom Pittsburgh a few days this
week jooklng over this Held with a
view to purchasing
A lady was hero Wednesday selling
salve in order to raise tho wherewith
to buy an artificial leg and she was
liberally patronized
August Matthey and Wm Summer-
vlllo were homo from tho Nowhouso
mines Tuesday on account of a break
oi mo mining macmnery
Morg DeJano was hero from Alle
gheny Monday night and talks of mov
ing back to this vlllago to resume
his old Job at tho coke ovens
John Hughes and wife of EaBt Liv
erpool havo adopted a baby boy re
cently born in infirmary Tho
mother was Emma Howell of Leoton
The Tuscarawas Advocate of last
week reports that R S Harding
caught a butterfly In his quarry of
tho kind usually seen during July and
Mrs Alice Eyster S Johnson Wm
Dalrymplo Michael HIgglns and oth
ers had their ico houses filled this
week hoping for a good trado next
When delivering furniture to the
homo of O P Mooro Monday night
W 133 Roller fell over a wire guard
and sprained his kneo so badly that
ho limps
James M Atkinson and wife arc
vlBltlng at tho home of his brother
George In Steubenvlllo and It every
thing proves satisfactory they will
movo there
Wm Stephens of East Liverpool has
sued Dr W A Clark of that city for
20000 damages alleging malpractice
by Improperly adjusting a broken arm
on Feb 10 1912
Ralph Brain is sorely afflicted with
boils so much so that ho stands and
eats his meals off tho mantel He
can now remember that there was a
man in tho land of Uz
FerdDenner and wife nee Minnie
Stouffer of YoungBtown nro visiting
her parents hero Mr Denner is
amusing himself by cutting ice upon
Frank Stouffers dam riorth of town
Fred Kapplor and Jos Padara will
ride tho Odd Fellows goat next Mon
day night These German Americans
make good citizens and will doubtless
make good members of the I O O F
Mrs Henry Getz and Mrs R E
Schaffernockcr are improving In
health J H Longbottom Job Babb
and Matt Simpson are taking care of
their health by staying In the house
Word reached hore from Delphos
Ohio that twins boy and girl were
born at tho homo of Ira Cole and wife
last aunaay nignt xno ratuer is a
nephew of Mrs W E Roller and for
merly resided here
D O Heoter tho state Inspector of
public accounts is in Columbiana
county and will spend a month In
looking over the books of village of-
nciais ana Justices of the peace to
see whether public money is being
lawfully exponded
Three physicians from Leotonla drove
tnrougn nere last Sunday and our
people wero greatly relieved to know
that they did not stop In town and
that quarantine notices are not In
creasing in this village If we break
out attribute the eruption to pork
sausage buckwheat cakes and other
high living
Mrs Mary E Greenamyer widow
of the late Tobias Greenamyer died
at her home In Leetonla Monday morn
ing of cancer aged 66 years She is
survived by two Bons and two broth
ers George and Jesse Hartzell The
funeral service was conducted at the
home Tuesday afternoon by Rev Nix
on of the M B Church with Inter
ment at North Benton
The Smart Set was royally enter
tained Tuesday night at the home of
MIsseB Clara and Bessie Welkart
Lunch was served and written con
tests were bad as to vegetables and
sections of post card Valentines Mrs
C A Waggle and MIbb Myrtle Baker1
were awarded the prizes of cut glass
and Havelland china dishes The
scheme colors were purple and white
to resemble turnip tops
The miners strike In West Virginia
Is attracting the attention of all min
ing communities on account of the
sweeping decision of Judge Dayton of
the United States court recently held
in Wheeling who decided the U M
W of A to be an unlawful organiza
tion and issued a permanent Injunc
Uon against the union in West Virgin
ia because First They require their
members to surrender their individual
freedom seen to re
quire all mine workers to Join the un
ion whether they wish to do ap or not
Third They aepk to destroy right of
operators to contract with employes
Independently of the unlpn Fourth
They seek to destroy hla right to em
ploy non union labor Fifth They
would limit bis right to discharge
whom he chooses Sixth They as
sume to control mine owners busi
ness by shutting down his mine by
strike The same can be said of law
yers doctors engineers and all pro
fessions required tq baye experience
This town has not lost all Its vig
or Conrad Berg was hero this week
with a wagon load of pretzels and
David Morrtlngstar followed with a
wagon load of pop and carbonated
Louis Deluch who attends business
college In Salem Is threatened with
diphtheria but our citizens need not
be alarmed until further develop
ments Members of the family are
Kept irom scnooi
A bakers dozen 13 of Salem
Lodge No 142 K of p camo In on
tho 720 Y O car Wednesday eve
ning and finding Welcome lodge In
session hero they enjoyed and assist
ed in tho exercises Tho local lodgo
then went from labor to refreshment
for which Wm Dalrymplos restaur
ant furnished tho ham sandwiches
O P Mooro tho coffeo and other broth
ers supplied tho condiments The
meeting adjourned with a smoker in
time for tho laBt car to Salem These
friendly visitations nmong fraternal
orders Is condualvo of much Peace
on earth good will towards men
Feb 12 Mrs Nathan Corlln chick-
on houso was vlBted Sunday night and
60 fine chlckenB were stolen The
thief camo In a wagon which ho left
In Smiths orchard and tracks In the
snow Monday morning showed that
ho had made numerous trips between
the poultry houso and wagon A good
cluo has been Becured and It is believ
ed tho thief will bo under arrest bo
foro many days Mrs Corll is a wid
ow and stealing from her is most con
When It comes to hustling for bus
iness none of the city fellows havo
anytuing on u C Corll
Tho following Youngstown people
participated In a party last Wednes
day evening in tho homo of G W
Strock near Idora nark Mr and Mrs
F H Smith Mr and Mrs Murray EI
wire jur ana Mrs E Adams
Mrs J A Dickson MrsF E Eckels
Mrs Frank Fcnnor Misses Blanche
uagan wannan Baker Kathryn Hodg
kins Alta Baker Ruth Smith Messrs
Daniel McCarron John Smith Attor
ney J A Dickson Alox Rudolnh Jas
McLaughlin Donald Dickson J Park
Aiiams music nvo hundred and
flinch wero among tho entertainments
A delicious supper which tho visitors
brought with them was enjoyed at
Thomas Wanamaker who Is staying
with his brother Frank In North Jack
son spent Saturday night and Sunday
at his homo near Idora park
Miss Cora Crum and Albert Nelson
of Youngstown spent Sunday after
noon and evening in tho homo of Earl
Peter Corll has purchased a milk
route in Youngstown
John Smith has moved to Glrard
not Joo as tho compositor maoV an
item in last weeks correspondence
G W Ryder attended a meeting of
mo Doara oi county ralr managers In
Canfleld last week
Jay Brothers of Fostervlllo was a
Saturday evening caller
Mrs M K Boyle and daughter of
Youngstown spent Friday In the homo
of her parents Mr and Mrs G W
Feb 12 Mrs Mary Durr and Mrs
S A Durr of Calla visited Monday
with Haryey McDonald and wife
Job Evans of Beaver Falls called on
friends here Sunday
Isaiah Dusman and family and Free
man Hiyely and family attended the
funeral of their brother Jacob Hively
near ucuumuiana Tuesaay
George Brown on Thursday bought
a team of horses in Greenford
Lewis Campbell spent Monday with
his undo Frank of Applo Avenue
An entertainment will bo given by
uistrict o i scnooi in uoshen Tues
day evening Feb 18 consisting of di
alogues recitations and music Ad
niisslon 6 and 10 cents
Mr and Mrs Thomas Weaver
spent Tuesuay in Baiem
An oyster supper will be held In
Goshen grange hall Friday evening
eo 14
Report of District No d School of
Goshen township for Ihe fifth month
of school ending Feb 7 Pupils pres
ent every aay were Forest Bowman
Aiuvia weingun nuroia uuey uacn
el Dustman Edith Hively SIna Hoi
laway Helen and Nora Welngart
Bertha WIneland Wllld Hollaway
Warren Welngart Those absent three
days or less were Roy and Walter
Hively Emory Holloway Fred Bow
man Walter Welngart Hazel Dust
man Ethel and Bessie Layman Ruby
and Mary Shaffer Hannah Brown
Mabel Dustman Number enrolled 29
Clara W Boyer Teacher
Feb 12 Preaching services were
held Sunday in the M B Church
George Feather of Cleveland was
here this week
The pie social held at Arthur Bar
ringers Thursday night was well at
tended arid much enjoyed
Myrtle Rose waB In Youngstown
Arthur Barclnger got his thumb cut
off Thursday while working at a saw
mill It is getting along nicely
Porter Proper was In Youngstown
last week
The Character Club will meet Frl
day night at the home of W L Rip
Destiny Wilson visited Sunday at
the homo of Blanche Anderson
Beatrice Dyers has returned home
from a visit with her sister in Penn
James Lenhart who had a sore
foot is now able to be around
Charles Fenstermaker was in Jack
son Friday nfgbt
Jefferson Delhi who got his ankle
hurt sometime ago is now improving
The grange met Tuesday night and
a large crowd attended
Mllo WilBon was in Jackson one
night last week
Paw Knows Everything
WHUq Pwt what is a close rela
stingy brother my son
IE w im S
ve V 3
Feb 12 B T Stanley has purchas
ed his sons halt Interest In tho gen
eral store of Stanley Hawkins and
will be tho samefactlvo spirit that he
was before retiring n year or two ago
Ho needs no introduction to tho peo
ple in this part of tho county having
been identified with tho business in
terests of tho community for lo these
many years Jt
Clarenco King wa in Alliance ono
day last week
Word comes from Miss Martha
Hoover who recently accepted a re
sponsible nlaco in tho Ravenna tele
phone exchange that she likes hor
new work very well
Walter Kline tias moved to Corners
burg where ho jvill work on a dairy
zarm j
Gunder Hack purchased James
Klines refrigerator and have arrang
cd to open a meat market
Mrs F L Shlvely left Saturday
for New Wllmlrigton Pa to visit an
Dr W T Gudgel was unable to
respond to calls for several days on
account of a severe cold
Mrs Nettle Painters condition Is
slowly Improving Sho has been a
great sufferer
Gunder Hack and Ray Beckraan
havo been busy several days filling
their Ico houses For a time It look
ed as though the crop of natural Ice
would bo -a
usual camo to the lescuo and ice
from seven to nine Inches thick has
been harvested
Tho daughters of Veterans will give
an entertainment In the M E Church
Saturday evening for tho benefit of
tho Epworth League Let all attend
and help along a most worthy cause
There promises to be qulto a good
deal of building In this locality the
coming summer
Tuesday was spring like but today
brought real thing winter ngaln
Feb 12 Mrs Henry Bedell who
has been veiy sick the past week
with pneumonia Is Improving
xred and Addle Welngart and Flor
ence Middleton visited Sunday at
John Welngarts near Limaville
The music and decorating commit
tees wero appointed by tho Sunday
school superintendent Sunday to pre
paro for tho Easter entertainment to
bo held at Bunker Hill church
Fremont Middleton and wife and
TtlrB E M Stallsmlth spent Sunday
nfternoon with Mr and Mrs H 1
Stallsmlth at Prospect Hill
Harry Dowan and Arthur Leyman
with their families Mr and Mrs Gold
le Whlttaker spent Sunday at Lilly
Mrs Jesse Stallsmlth and brother
neroert uarao visitea tnelr grand
mother Mrs Sarah Bardo Sunday
Mrs Bardo is now able to sit up and
it 1b the wish of friends that sho will
speedily recover
Clyde Owen and family wero Sun
day Visitors at Homer Greenamyres
Lloyd Kline of Youngstown was
looking after his oil Interests here a
iow aays ago
C F Middleton will fill an appoint
ment at the Disciple church in Sa
lem next Sunday forenoon and even
Mrs L D Watters Is qulto 111
The teacher and scholars of the
school here will glvo an entertain
ment Friday evening Feb 21 in
honor of Washingtons birthday Ev
erybody attend
School Report Pupils present and
on time every day during the fourth
school month were Wilbur Balrd Paul
Middleton Thomas Ware Benjamin
Ware Frank Ware Merle Bardo and
Edith Balrd Stanley G Howard
Feb 12 Mrs Isaiah Hoffman and
Harry Hoffman spent Sunday with rel
atives in Morgantown
Mr and Mrs A K Leyman spent
several days last week with relatives
in Salem
Ambrose Balrd Earl Ressler Leon
ard Hoffman and George Slsco snent
Sunday evening with O L Toot and
family of New Albany
Andrew ueua called on Homer Day
Is Sunday
Earl Ressler Bpent Monday evening
with Earl Balrd
Quite a number ojt farmers in this lo
cality are harvesting ice this week
Ethel and Bessie Leyman spent Fri
day night at George Browns
N M Cramer A H Ressler and
J D Bowman hauled lumber to Can
field last week
Comfort Siscit and Homer Davis as
sisted Andy Mead In threshing beans
Monday This was tho nrst tnreshlng
done in this vicinity in 1913
People who are light hearted arent
necessarily featherbrained
Feb 12 Mrs W J Force and Mrs
Elton Force visited tho formers sis
ter Mrs Minerva Westover In Ber
lin Center Saturday
Air and Mrs C E Smtth were in
North Jackson Saturday
George Shilling of Youngstown
was hero recently
Bay JRenkenberger was In New
Castle Monday
E Kale was In TJorth Jackson Tues
Vern Thorpe and Reiln Swank were
homo from Leavlttsburg over Sunday
Frank Force V J Forco and Fred
Clark were in Youngstown Wednes
Mrs Sarah Roherick of Pennsylvan
la visited her slBtcr Mrs G W
Swank and brother Jcsso Stanford
who is seriously 111 with lung trouble
Joe Black of Youngstown was here
Friends and neighbors to tho num
ber of 40 met at tho homo of Mr and
Mrs W J Forco and gave them a
complete surprise A fine lunch was
served and a general good timo was
had by all
Kir and Airs J Helsel called at
Chas Smiths Monday night
Mrs B Williamson and Mrs E P
Kllngeman were In Warren Monday
Perry Welsncr called on C C
Is Monday
Bales Force was In Palmyra TueS
Mr ana airsjames uessna ana
eon Delmas spent Saturday night and
Sunday at tho homo of her parents
Mr ana Mrs warren Force
Laura Onstott is recovering slowly
from her illness
Mrs Carrie Renkcnbergcr and Mrs
Vern Thorp and son Richard called
Tuesday on Mrs Emery Kale
Mrs Chas Eckls and daughter
Grace visited her parents Mr and
Mrs Jas WelBner Sunday
Feb 12 Andrew Lynn a well
known and highly respected citizen
passed away last ThurBday evening
Ho had been ailing for some time
with dropsy but his death camo as a
Bhock to many friends and relatives
Ho was aged 84 years Ho leaves to
mourn his loss one son Freeman
seven grandchildren and an aged
brother Jesse Funeral services were
held Sunday from Paradise Reformed
church Tho pallbearers wero Wm
Gels Henry Yoder Jacob Barger
John Sinning Geo Rothgeb and Chas
Mr and Airs Nathan Belber ate
their Sunday dinner with Lydla Belb
Clinton Beard was a business call
er in Columbiana Monday
Airs Nathan Belber of Woodworth
was a Tuesday visitor at Ensign Belb
Lester Rothgeb Ensign Belber and
I W Rothgeb were In Canfleld Tues
Airs John Belber has been on the
sick list for some time but Is slight
ly improved at this writing
Lester and Clarenco Rothgeb at
tended a horse sale in Youngstown
Air and Airs Maurice Goodman and
son Paul of Toots Corners and Laur
en Whlsler and family visited rela
tives here Sunday
Earl Rothgeb purchased a fine driv
ing horse from Air Yeager of Smiths
Feb 12 J AI Spencer and family
were Salem visitors Sunday
Air and Airs Fremont Allddleton
and Airs Elizabeth Stallsmlth of Pat
moB called on Air and Airs H P
Stallsmlth Sunday
Wm Barnett and E J Spence had
business iu Salem Saturday
Mrs Chas Stallsmlth Is 111 with
Harry Barnes and family spent Sun
day evening at Wm barnotts
Air and Mrs O B Foulk were In
Salem Wednesday
C H Taylor and family spent Sun
day at toward Riley a
B J Spencer recently resigned as
secretary ot the Inter County P of H
Incorporated Society on account of re
moving to Salem
Geo Read and family epont Sunday
evening at O H Taylors
Mr and Mrs J Barnes ot Ber
lin Center were in this neighborhood
R J Bowman and family visited at
O B Fqulke Sunday
ATthur Barrluger fireman at the
Mackey Mill temporarily Bltuated In
L B Binghams woods had the thumb
of his left hand taken off by a saw
one day last week The mill will soon
be removed to O B Bowmans woods
Misses Edith apd Mabel Foulk were
In Berlin Center Tuesday
There haa been fine skating on the
Ellsworth lake
An Independent Familv Journal Devoted to thejnferests of All Glasses and Nationalities
Feb 13 W P Alellott received a
car of coal this week
Air and Airs John Paulln and chil
dren Geraldine and Walter visited
relatives In Youngstown a few days
and returned home Alonday
Airs Fred Gee was in Canfleld last
Rev C AI Hartman preached here
last Sunday morning and evening
Airs C W Hendricks went to Can
field Tuesday
Aliss Aliunie Lodwlck of Mineral
Ridge visited her cousin Miss Ida
Scuaal over Sunday
Carl Cochcl and family attended at
tended tho funeral of Airs Cochcls
uncle Jacob Hively held Tuesday t
tho Midway Aleunonlto church
Harry Balrd of Toots Corners was
In Calla Tuesday
Ed Warner of Lisbon was hero
An 11 pound Daughter came to glad
den the homo of Air and Airs H D
AllhT Thursday Feb C Sho has
been named Catherine Bernlcc
Airs Herbert Delfs and daughter
Genevlevo of Canfleld vlstlcd her par
ents Air and Airs AI B Templin a
few days last week
Airs Richard bilas returned homo
Alonday from a three weeks visit with
her Bon and family in Buffalo N Y
Aliss Alary Althouso of Salem is as
sisting her cousin Airs Lester Cook
a few weeks
Roy Knauf was In Youngstown Fri
A son was born Thursday Feb 6
to Air and Airs Lester Cook
11 D Miller and Howard Ramsey
wero in Youngstown Saturday
Fred Gee of Canfleld has been ap
pointed station agent here to succeed
C W Hendricks
Airs Perry Hlner of Canfleld is as
sisting Airs H D Miller for a short
Leo Miller and family of Marquis
visited relatives here Sunday
Rev C AI Hartman was entertain
ed last Sunday in the home of Frank
Charles and Carl Cochcl aro har
vesting ico thla week
Frank Schaal of Greenford visited
Sunday at his homo northeast of town
Ed Holben has a sick horse
AI B Templin was In Youngstown
one day last week
Walter Floyd and Hubert Knauf
visited their aunt Airs Alex Hend
ricks last Sunday
Roy Alctzler was in Canfleld Satur
Tho Templin Seed Co Is receiving
orders from all parts ot the country
and the season promises to be a most
successful one for tho company
Fob 12 Owen Burgett had
Column Harp of Various Thlncs
has been used to advantage by a host
ot people If you have anything to
sell exchange or want to buy you
will accomplish the desired end at
small cost by using this column
i J
Invariably in Adrance
ness In Canfleld Saturday
si theM
E Church met Thursday at theThome
of Airs Floyd Fink
John Burgett and Howard Schlsler
aro cutting wood for Jacob AIllls
Luther Sanzenbacher is employed
by Chas Miller of Canfleld
Air and Airs Oscar Burgett spent
Thursday at John Ripples In West
i John Snyder who was on tho sick
list Is able to bo out
Airs Oscar Burgett and daughter
Alaud spent Wednesday at tho homo
of Airs Gcorgo Fink
Born a daughter to Air and Airs
Ell Alcasmer
Air Reed and Goldio Messerly aro
Walter Carlisle has purchased a
Grandma Wonsettlor Is spending
some time with Airs Alary Lynn
Glenn and Harry Follweller spent
Saturday night with Alaster Floyd
Air and Airs John Snyder and son
Randall spent Sunday at Levi Wehrs
Guests at Oscar Burgetts Sunday
were Alfsses Sadie Fink Pearl Stew
ard and Edith Fink Messrs Lauren
Fc W B Newman and Howard
Airs Albert Ateasmer and daughter
Alberta have returned home from
Youngstown where they spent the
last two weeks
Air and Airs T B Carlisle spent
Sunday evening at John Hulsebos
John Hulsebos and family entertain
ed company from Alliance Sunday
William Bush had two valuable
cows die last week
Feb i2 Arthur Burns was in Co
lumbiana Saturday
Air and Airs Frank Barger and
Aliss Alice Buzzard of Pleasant Val
ley were Sunday guests of Air and
Mrs H S Burns
Clifton Blosser ot Columbiana call
ed on his parents Saturday
Henry Blosser and Allen Reed were
In Youngstown Saturday
John Renkenberger was In ColumbI
ana Saturday
Airs John Cook and daughter Vera
and Bjrs Walter Johnston visited J
R Sauerweln and family Sunday
Air and Airs Frank Crumbacher
of Salem visited tho Matters aunt
Airs Joe Lesher Sunday
Allen Reed and Chauncey Painter
are workingifor Henry Blosser at the
saw mm
Arthur Burns and Orvllle Blosser
attended literary in North Lima Sat
urday evening The performance
was good
Feb 12 Lincolns birthday
Edward Haney and family of East
Lewlstown spent Sunday at Chas
Wm Holt is suffering with quinsy
Mrs Henry Hejntzelman and son
Fay spent Saturday and Sunday in
Andover where Mrs Helntzelnxans
mother is very poorly
New Buffalo grange will meet Wed
nesday evening Feb 19 AH mem
bers pleaBe attend
3 G Motf A Thoman and H O
Holntzelman had grange business in
Salem Saturday
Mr- and Mrs Clark Paulln and Airs
Gotlejtb Werbs spent Sunday with rel
atives in Woodworth
Try Dispatch Job Prfntia
I NO 47
Our Youngstown Correspondent Pol
ishes Up Interesting News Items
and Hands Out Bonmots
Feb 13 There Is still some sore
ness in tho Joints of tho city on ac
count of the charter commisBlon elec
tion not on account of tho personality
or character of thq gentlemen chosen
but because bo unevenly divided po
litically It 1b contended no party set
of men so much In tho majority can
get away from party Ideas or bias or
prejudice far enough to glvo tho city
tho benefit of full non partisan re
flection and wisdom However tho
citizens aro to blame If thero Is any
blamo to place for far fewer voted
than remained away from the polls
And then no matter what the form
of government It is generally con
trolled by politicians or political com
binations or ambition Why some
even accused Washington of wanting
to set up a kingdom and there never
yet was a president elected who was
not abused much its If he had been
a sheep thief or pirato bent on the
destruction of his country Tho
chances are tho city will continue to
flourish and tho people get along as
well as usual no matter what the
convention of 15 docs or docs not do
Hon A D Fassett who writes
that ho located hero in 18G8 is now
out In Arlington Neb and is in ill
health probably having gone out
west for its benefit In a letter ho
had printed Sunday he gavo somo
civil service history paying John H
Clarke then ono of tho owners and
editors of tho Weekly Vindicator high
tribute In connection with civil ser
vice saying ho waB tho father of it
and that tho appointment ot tho late
Judgo L D Thoman ono of tho first
commissioners was due to misappre
hension on tho part of Pendleton
who induced President Arthur to
namo tho Judge when In fact and fair
ness Clarke should havo been select
ed In recognition of his great service
If tho place had been offered Clarko
It Is doubtful If he would havo ac
cepted It
In the local Good Homes section
which is territory In part bounded
by North Walnut street and Andrews
avenue aro said to bo fully 100 homes
at a cost of 100000 tho houses of
concrete and two stories and with all
modern conveniences They likely
rent for about 15 a month and tho
houses surely look to bo worth It
They are convenient to tho Btreet cars
on tho Youngstown Sharon line and
aro sufficiently on high ground to bo
out ot danger from tho floodB ot Crab
creek Tho other day tho company
received as a donation a check for
1000 from a citizen of Denver
There is a movement afoot for a
statue of Lincoln to be erected in tho
park bearing his name a park
Jy known as the East End park In
tuo -next inaeung Mi -mo jast tsiuo
club a resolution will bo Introduced
for such a monument and It Is likely
It will be then arranged that tho
clubs banquets shall bo hereafter on
Lincolns birthday
Interesting history of Joseph Bar
clay who was born in Poland In 1816
Is recalled by tho recent death of
James Alackey whoso tutor in civil
engineering Air Barclay was Both
of them wero noted mathematicians
Air Barclay Is perhaps best remem
bered as a representative In 1875
wuen no ran on tuo court houso re
moval ticket and defeated his repub
lican rival Dr Timothy Woodbrldge
who was alBO a widely known pion
eer The doctor coptested tho elec
tion but in vain Air Barclay Intro
duced tho resolution for the county
seat removal When he was 18 ho
was made assistant engineer of tho
old Pennsylvania Ohio canal and
planned and superintended tho dam
at Lowellvllle Ho was elected sur
veyor of Trumbull county when It
and Alahonlng wero one nnd In 1870
was elected treasurer ot Alahonlng
His residence u modest one stood
for years on tho corner of South
Alarket and Boardman where tho
Homer S Williams store Ib now One
of his grandsons Is J O Freed of
this city Joseph was a son of Capt
John Barclay who was one of the
body guards of Washington during the
Revolution One of his bortherB
Frank owned nil tho land from tho
corner of Federal and Hazel up to
Wood street and had a store on the
site of the Alahonlng Bank building
Ho also owned the slto now occu
pied by the Crandall block corner
of Boardman and Phelps It has been
urged that a portrait of Hon Joseph
Barclay should bo among the paint
ings in the court house There la
no doubt on that score The service he
rendered surely entitles his memory
to that distinction
A big addition is to be built to the
Bell telephone exchange on West
Rayen avenue the plans to bo drawn
by architects Stanley and Schelbel
There was a high old hot time in
a meeting of the Progresa club Sat
urday evening the near riot being
precipitated when Attorney Thomas
I Thomas moved that he ways and
means committee along with PresU
dent Anderson appoint a captain in
each ward That so fired Joseph W
Wess who it will be remembered
once rode down street with Roose
velt that he Jumped and yelled some
one was trying to run in a steam
roller declaring If one or two men
are going to run tho club ho would
Teslgn And then someone so far
unidentified yelled Resign then
However Joseph didnt A Progress
ivo smoker and fcanquet were held In
Odd Fellows temple on Lincolns
birthday last evening Walt Lewis
was toastmaster and the chief speak
er Judge W P Barnum
Theres to be a great minstrel show
in the Grand Opera House next Frl
day evening tho entertainment by
the Darktown Drummers who aro
members of the organization of the
Youngstown Commercial Travelers
Among the republican candidates
for county treasurer may bo Myron
Wood who is general agent of tho V
L B He is being urged to ran
and is considering the nmnnalMnn
Ho Is widely acquainted nnd Is pop
There Is noth
zeis used to so
start as wrttiua
UpK JW CffSi
ae owjfii

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