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U S Internal Revenue Bureau
Gives Warning That Severe
Penalties Will Be Enforced
The Income Tax drive comes to a
close on Saturday night March 15
AH payments and returns due on
that date under the provisions of the
now Revenue Law must be In the
hands of local Internal Revenue Collec
tors before their offices close that night
Tho Income Tax Is being collected to
meet the vrir expenses Every person
who shouted and tooted his horn on
Armistice Day Is now called upon to
contribute his share of the cost of win
ning the war
The laggards and the dodgers will
face severe Ones and jail sentences
The Internal Revenue Bureau an
nounces that Its officers will check us
all up to see that every person who
comes within the scope of the Income
Tax law did his share
Where to Pay and File
Residents of Ohio should make their
returns and pay their taxes to the
nearest of the following collectors of
Internal Revenue Andrew C G1U1
tan Cincinnati Frank B Nllcs To
ledo Bcrlah E Williamson Colum
bus Harry H Wels Clevelnnd
Payments sent by mall should be at
tached to the returns and should be In
tho lorm of check money order or
draft Cash payments by mall are sent
at the taxpayers risk of loss
If you are unable to make your re
turn personally because of Illness ab
sence or Incapacity an agent or Ugal
representative may make your return
If there are any doubtful points as
to your Items of Income or allowable
deductions you should get In touch at
once with a Revenue ofllcer or a bnnk
er for advice
Women Pay Tax
Women are subject to nil the require
ments of the Income Tax Whether
single or married a womans Income
from all sources must bo considered
If unmarried or If living apart from
her husband she must make her return
for 1018 If her net Income was 51000
or over
If married and living with her hus
band her Income must be considered
with the husbands In determining the
liability for n return Their joint In
come less the credits allowed by law
Is subject to normal tux The wifes
net Income Is considered separately In
computing any surtax that may be due
Husband and wife Mo Jointly ns a
rule If the husband does not Include
his wifes Income In his return the
wife must Hie a separate return
Severe Penalties
The new Revenue Law places severe
penalties on a person who falls to
make return on time refuses to make
return or renders n fraudulent return
For failure to mako return and pay tax
on time a fine of not more than 1000
Is named anil 25 per cent of the tax
due Is added to the assessment For
refusing wilfully to make return or
for making a false or fraudulent re
turn there Is a flue of not exceeding
10000 and Imprisonment of not ex
ceeding one year or both
Farmers Income Taxable
Every farmer and ranchman who
had a fair or a good year In 1018 must
heed the Income Tax this year Ho
must consider ail his Income as tax
able He Is entitled to deduct from
his gross Income all amounts expended
In carrying on his farm The cost of
farm machinery farm buildings and
Improvements cannot be deducted
The cost of live stock either for re
tale or for breeding purposes Is also
regarded as Investment
Overtime and Bonuses Taxed
Salary and wage earners must con
sider as taxable every Item received
from employers and from other
sources Bonuses and overtime pay
are to be reported as well as the regu
lar payments
Allowances for Losses
Losses sustained In 1918 and not
covered by Insurance are deductible
Items If Incurred In the taxpayers
business or trade In any transaction
undertaken for profit or arising from
Are storm shipwreck or other casu
alty or from theft
Washington D O The
rights of all persons now filing
Income Tax returns are amply
protected by provisions for
abatements refunds and ap
peals say Commissioner Dan
iel C Roper
Every person can be sure of
a square deal No person Is ex
pected to pay more than his
share of tax Ills share Is de
termined solely by the amount
and nature of his pet Income for
1018 as defined In the law
Abatement petitions are dealt
with open mlndedly Refunds
will be made In every case
where too much tax Is errone
ously collected
The Income Tar Is on the
level all the way through
Sheep Are Valuable Weed Destroyers
Keeping Fence Rows Roadways and
Waste Places Clean
Is down and they will trim up the
lower blades of the corn but they will
not ride the stalks down us hogs do
The benefit which they thus render Is
much greater thun the dumngc they
Woven wire fence Is convenient for
confining sheep to specified areas es
pecially when this area Is In corn
since the cornstalks serve very well
as posts to which to tie the wire net
ting Corner posts should of course
be more substantial
Sheep may be used ulso to destroy
weeds In fields that are not plunted
in crops along roadways and In waste
places thus tending to clean up the
whole place und reduce the weed seeds
that may be blown in or tracked In on
cultivated fields On the ordlnury
furm sheep ure better than goats for
this purpose since they are more eas
ily confined
Will Take Better Care of Himself
Than Horse Also Less Subject
to Digestive Disorders
The mule has certain decided ad
vantages as a work unlmul For the
man who does not know how or Is un
willing to give his horses a reason
able amount of cure the mule Is the
better animal because he will take
better care of himself than will the
The male Is naturally more able to
stand hot weather than Is the horse
lie will slow down when the work be
comes hard and the weuther hot
whereas a horse will begin to fret
and thus will be even more likely to
become overheated Hence a mule Is
sufer In the hands of a careless or In
competent driver
The mule requires less grain and
will readily consume more roughage
than will a workhorse doing the same
amount of work The mule Is less
subject to digestive disorders
Another Important consideration is
that a mule does not depreciate In
value bo much from age nnd hard
usage as does a horse
Beef Steers Should Be Kept In Dry
Lot and Provided With Wind-
break of Some Kind I
Prepared by the United States Depart
ment of Agriculture
During the winter beet steers should
be kept In a dry lot and provided with
a windbreak from the north or given
free access to an open shed In some
sections of the South we ther
tlons alone may not justify open sheds
but when the savlug of feed and ma
nure and the protection of pastures
from tramping In wet weather are con
sidered such sheds will prove to be
profitable investments Breeding ani
mals may require even more protection
during 6evero weather than an open
Blied would provide
A fund of humor is a good thing to
bank on
- J
I mamiWmssmisssssm i
Common Practice In Some Sections to
Turn Lambs Into Cornfields
to Clean Up Rows
Prepared by the United States Depart
ment of Agriculture
Sheep are extremely valuable as
weed destroyers and they can be
shifted from field to Held us crops per
mit where they will clean up the fence
rows In some parts of thu country
It Is common practice to turn the
lambs nt weunlug time Into the corn
fields where they destroy weeds but
do not Injure the corn Where the
corn cars stand up fairly high sheep
may be turned In after corn is laid by
They mny wit nn occasional ear that
Huns Fail to Provide Medicine for
Prisoner Is Victim of Pneumonia and
It Burled With Nine
Winchester England Due to the
fact the Germans failed - to provide
medicine or proper hospital facilities
at Camp Tuchel West Prussia John
H Kohl of Woodhaven N Y died
from pneumonia after the armistice
was signed according to Joseph R
Denncu of Trenton N J Dennen was
of the Six Hundred and Forty second
Araerlcnn Ambulance unit and like
wise a prisoner at Tuchel
Kohl of Company G One Hundred
and Sixth Infantry was captured Sep
tember 27 after twice being wounded
In the knee said Dennen Kohl
later developed pneumonia through ex
posure The Germans gave us only
two blankets and a small quantity of
coke for our fire I gave Kohl one
of my blankets and we put two pairs
of socks on his feet and spread shirts
and such extra clothing as we had on
his bed to make up for the deficiency
In blankets There were two Ameri
can doctors In the camp Lieut John
S Abbott of St Paul Minn and Lieut
Joseph P Burke of Pittsburgh Pa
and they did all they could but could
not obtain any medicine
Kohl died November 18 The Ger
mans stripped the body and plnced It
In an ordinary box which they left
outside the barracks for seven hours
before burial Four Americans and
two Frenchmen carried him to the
grave When other Americans tried
to accompnny the body the guards
forced them back The American doc
tors however pushed the guards
aside and ran through the cemetery
gate getting to the grave Just as the
coffin was lowered Kohl was the
only American to be burled In a cem
etery holding 32000 Russians and Rou
Nine Russians were burled In the
one grave with Kohl I tied an iden
tification disk to his wrist before bur
laL After the burial the Germans
stuck up a cross which read Nine
Russians one American
All Because One of Their Comrades
Knew a Whole Lot About
Paris There are few people who
can understand the temperamental
disposition of a mule much less cope
with It Corporal Bert L Jennings
Jr of the Murine corps could do both
As a consequence he and Sergeant
Claude A Miller were able to furnish
an exhausted battalion of men with
hot coffee and give them strength to
clinch their victory in the Chateau
Thierry sector
It was on a night near the end of
the war that Jennings and Miller
braved the torrent of a German bar
rage and drove two carts of water
and hot coffee through the clouds of
poison gas and bursting shells to the
Second battalion of the Fifth marines
who were holding a section of Belleau
wood against a terrific German counter-attack
They brought the first load through
safely and were about to return for
more when a shell fragment cut the
harness of one of the mules and he
escaped Jennings started In pursuit
but the animal seemed to fear blm and
would not let him approach Then the
freckle faced farm lad from Wiscon
sin realised that It was his gas mask
that frightened the mule Despite the
poisonous gas heavy about him he
drew a deep breath jerked the mask
from his face and approached the ani
mal which Immediately recognised
him and submitted to control Then
be replaced his mask and the corporal
and sergeant continued to carry out
thalr perilous mission
New Jersey Shore Farms Take
Jump In Value Since Pro
ject Started
Shrewsbury N J Owners of farms
along the shore having niurl under the
8011 are being offered big acreage
prices for their land it Is said by com
panies organized to mine the marl for
the potash It contains
The war cut off the potash supply
from Germany and the quantity that
was stored in this country has been
exhausted A satisfactory process has
been found to extract the potash and
make It cost much less than has here
tofore been paid for It abroad
Some of the farms are bringing hun
dreds of dollars an acre The Charles
McCue form near here of 40 acres
sold for 121000
You cannot see the teeth of the
storut so plainly In an open winter
mm 1
Freemasons Attention
We APPEAL to ew MASON d OHIO to ouV
DOLLAR GIFT t more lo iho lirnd bg r3
ml oAer klld counlrirt derMted bT WHiTfT18
tfiwmnd d them in Ftbroirjr om 4000 brethtm
tJ Ciadnntli nd YidnitrreipoiKkd lo our ppeltof
Wp Three hooundMWWMnttolhMiOTK
OrpWge t Pr Franc Fire iSpmjtxl dolljn
m wl1 o Orphanatrt in Ittly nd Belgium we
md thf iWwiddoDui foi Immediate pttwria it
emit We A ch Mm K not nwerrf
Y vu
Nights Are Getting Shorter
Send doDat or more lo
Put Gtiod Muter etc
No 612 We Sixth St OnclnMri O
Has No Competition
My Examination of your
eyes is ontiroly different from
all othors in Youngstown
Tho people who know this are
those who have tried others
without success When your
eyes go wrong I will ho pleas
ed to consult witn you JL use
ao drugs or poiBona
Dr Fred B Rebman
20 Years In Youngstown
402 Stambaugh Building
Both Phones Central Square
The menm
Let me live In a house by the aide
of tlie road
Where the race of men bo ly
The men who are good nd the men
who are bad
As good and as bad as 1
I would not sit in the scorners seat
Nor hurl the critics ban
Let me live In n house by the side of
the road
And be a friend to man
Sam W Foss
There nre those and they number
not n few who look with reproach
upon the whole
some bread pud
ding Kor theso
it is necessury to
so 1 1 sgu I se It
t lint they at least
discover how fus
ty and delicious
It Is before they
realize that It Is
nothing hut bread pudding with some
new flavor or combination
Banana Pudding Take one pint of
bread crumbs six mashed bununas
one half cupful of flour one table
ipoonful of shortening two cupfuls of
sweet milk one teaspoonful of baking
powder one half teaspoonful of nut
meg and one cupful of sugur Hake
until browned und serve with u hard
sunce minle of brown sugar and butter
creamed together and flavored with
the juice of a lemon
Pineapple Pudding- Jtoll flue three
slices of well dried bread or put
through the meat chopper to the
crumbs add one cupful of sifted Hour
one tnblespnonftil of melted butter
one half cupful of sugur one cupful of
sweet milk nne hulf cupful of pineap
ple Juice two slices of fruit two tea
spoonfuls f baking powder mix and
pour Into n buttered baking dish and
bake In a hot oven JO minutes
Spice Pudding Take two cupfuls
id grahum flour crumbs one well-beaten
egg one pint of sour milk one cup
ful of sugur one cupful each of
chopped dates and walnut meats one
teaspoonful of soda one teaspoonful
nf cinnamon one hulf teaspoonful of
cloves und two tuhlesponufuls of melt
ed butter Buke half an hour In a
moderate oven Serve with whipped
cream or white of gg sweetened and
flavored with vanllbi
Bread and Cheese Pudding Sprend
four small slices of bread with butter
lilacc In a baking dish and pour over
i cupful of inllk mixed with a beaten
xg with noli and pepper to taste
Add a hulf cup of cheese cut In bits
nd buke until the custard is firm
Georgia Man Has Formula Which Ha
8ayt Will Get Maximum Warmth
From Fuel
Decatur Gu The following for
mula for ge lug the maximum
amount of beat out of coal Is by L F
First get the coal
Put three pounds of soda or saler
atus In four gnllous of water Dis
solve and sprinkle over coal In suf
ficient quantity to leave same frosted
when solution evaporates
If the coal does not now burn bright
er and give oft more heat there Is
something the- matter with the soda
The experience of age is responsi
ble for more mistakes than the lnex
Iperlence pf yqwtb
Or QUICK action ntxnatph f1ul I I
We are Fostering the
Greatest Instinct In Man
kind The Home Building
A nice homel is the
source of womans great
est comfort mans great
est satisfaction
Home owning or building-credit
Is as much a
part of the Central Sav
ings Loan Companys
business as commercial
credit is of the banks busr
iness both credits are in
When you place oavlngs
here for 6 per cent com
pound interest you are al
so establishing Home
building credit
Having had 47 years experience
all I have to eay Is before you adver
tlst your public sale I would like tc
contract with you and show you thai
I can deliver the good You have
done more than a little to help make
me Thankc
The Auctioneer CMiUld O
Have a Furnace in Your Home
But Be Sure Its a Good One
Wright Pipeless Heaters
Offer to the Suburban Home Long Accustomed to the
Old fashioned Stove System of Heating
All the Comforts of a Modern City Home
No Cutting of Plaster or
Disturbing qi Woodwork
To install this heater All tlint is necessary is to cut
a hole in tho floor drop the register in place connect di
rect to the heater and enjoy healthful -warmth in every
room in the house
The Wright Pipeless Heater is made in Youngstown
by the manufacturers of the famous Mahoning pipe fur
nace It is not an experiment but a correction of all the
bad features of the ordinary pipeless heater Through
out the East and in many other sections of the country
it is in universal use without a word of complaint
Dont decide on a Heater until you have complete de
tails Investigate write for details aBk our represent
ative to call and youll install a WRIGHT Do it today
The Mahoning Foundry Co
618 Poland Ave
7 Speeds
7 Reverse
Burns1 Kerosenes Gas Am
HERE is the practical one man tractor for your farm Easy to control start stop
ii fe Um Iaak C ami1 ftrfinn froncmiaoinn tVf orrritefc fen-
or reverse ui wan w icw ujvwitu nnuu to --
tare ever built into a tractor Less gears fewer parts less trouble k ss chance for
breakage and lower upkeep cost Especially designed manifold burns either kero
sene or gasoline Switch from one fuel to the other at any time without carburetor
changes Standard four wheel construction heavy duty four cylinder Waukesha tractor motor
Highest standard o accessories Dixie high tension magneto with impulse starter Kingston carbu
retor Perfes radiator and S K F bearings Ten years o constantly making good are back of tho
Made and Sold by Rock Island Plow Co
The Model D 9 16 H P Is a two plow tractor
and is built so yon can attach the Rock Island
No 9 power lift two bottom tractor plow directly
to tho tractor This plow is especially built for
the Helder Model D Tractor Your hand
operates the tractor while your foot raises or
lowers the plows by the automatic power lilt
This gives you tractor and plows in one com
plete unit Easier to handle than the ordinary
horse plow enables you to plow up to the fences
and into the corners You plow all the field
Helder Model D Is also equipped with a
standard drawbar for pulling other tractor plows
discs hay tools wagons spreaders binders
mowers etc Has power enough on the belt to
run smaller sized grain separators silo fillers
corn shelters etc Will pump water saw wood
and run the cream separator or washing machine
Come in and look It over-
Thone3on93 Canfield0
i Automatic 4242
J 225 Ohape Place
i - r l TT T 1
urn jucuiu wvwireniHiniBiaiaa -- i
- - iiii m i yTiriMiwti tl SB8ggJ ss wgEB
mi Ml T i All JiMa i ilrfllMiMlillllhllllirtteMiitt i ijltl i
The undersigned will sell at Public Auction on the Samuel Price
farm three quarters of a mile west of
Friday March 21 1919
Commencing at 10 oclock A M the following property to wit
4 Head of Horses
Consisting of 2 Gray Mares 7 and 8 years old one Day General
Purpose Marc
7 Head of Cattle
Consisting of 2 Jersey and one Durham Milch Cows Jersey and
Durham 2-year-old Heifers bred
Jersey and -Durham Yearling Hetf
BROOD SOW due to farrow April 30 Lot White Wyandotte Chickens
Farm Wagon good as now Spring Wagon 2 Buggies Mowing Ma
chine Hay Hake 2 Plows 2 Harrows 2 Cultivators 2 sets light and
hevay Double Harness 2 sets Driving Harness 120 egg Incubator GO
figg Cypress IncubatorLot Household Goods consisting of Bedsteads
Dressers Table Chairs new Heating Stove and many other articles
Terms Made Known on Day of 8ale
Tho Ladies Aid will servo Lunch
Parshal Durr Auctioneers C SCHAUDER 4 SON
iW A A ti T ti A A i
Funeral Directpr
Motorized EquipmentInvalid Carriage
Bell 242
I V1b1

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