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H M Van Af sdale
Express and Transfer
Standard Toll of Rates
To and from tho dopdt or to and from any point
within the borough limits is ten cents por hundred pqunds
or fraction thereof with a minimum charge of twenty five
The following table includes
Express Oar Truck
Austintown 200 400
jBoardman 200 400
Columbiana 350 700
Columbiana via Woshingtonvillo 460 1000
Ellsworth 200 400
Wiles 350 700
North JackBon 300 600
Poland 300 500
Salem 360 700
Warron - 600 1200
Youngstown 300 600
All Other Points in Comparison
20th 20th
a mmB V N IW A W VR A I 4
G quart Genuine Aluminum Preserving Kettle extra
heavy grade Regular price 2 Anniversary Sale 139
Aluminum Double Roasters round style useful in
many ways Regular price 200 Anniversary Sale 159
Wash Boilers extra heavy tin with copper bottom and
stiff handles No 9 size Regular price 450 j
Anniversary Sale 395
Heavy Galvanized Iron Wash Tubs No 1 size with
drop handles Regular price 145
Anniversary Sale 125
Sweet Marie Toilet Soap a high grade soap for toilet
use at a low price Regular price 10c
Anniversary sSale cake 5c
Plain White Cups and Saucers St Dennis style Reg
ular price 325 for dozen cups and saucers
Anniversary Sale dozen 250
42 piece set of dishes splendid grade of Porcelain and
neat medallion decoration Regular price 1150
Anniversary Sale 975
Glass Tumblers clear crystal glass with neat grape
cutting Regular price 150 dozen
Anniiversary sale each 7 10c
Rugs reduced Anniversary sale 20 Per Cent
Linoleum reduced Anniversary sale 20 Per Cent
Wall Paper reduced Anniversary sale 20 Per Cent
Hemstitched Scrim Curtains 150 kind
Anniversary sale pair 100
Marquisette Curtains with lace edge 350 kind
Anniversary sale pair 179
Filet Net fancy net also wide lace curtains
350 value sale price 250
p a Arnold paaMkL0 Www 14
136 E Fed St Youngstown O
- - - -- - - - - -
TWICE DAILY 215 ahd 815
I WEEK rag March 17 j
Presenting a Musical Satire Entitled 1919 1950
The Singing Beauty
Surrounded by an Excellent All Star Show of B F
Keith Features
I 7OtherJSB F Keiths Features 7
Automatic Tel 6352
Docket 2 Page 3C
Notice is hereby srven that Iola Din
widdle North LUna O has been ap
pointed ond qualified Administratrix of
Sbo oatate of Alva Dinwiddle late of
Quaver TownsUip County
Ohio deceased by the Probate Court of
aiy county All persons Interested will
govern J8HVviB
Probate Judge of Mahoning County Ohio
Feb 2 1919 9 8
Jessie M Amos whose place of res
idence is unknown and cannot with
reasonable diligence- be ascertained
Is herefay notified that on the 4th day
of March 1919 Lawrence Amos filed
his petition against her for divorce
on the ground of wilful absence for
more than three years last past in
Case No 40976 o the Common Pleas
Court ofjMahoning County Ohio and
that said cause will be for hearing on
or after the 2st day of April 1919
By John Sehlarb his Atty 48 fi
Farm Byproducts Can Be Used More
Extensively to Reduce Cost of
Cattle Rations
Prepared by the United States Depart
ment of Agrlbulture
That It is possible to feed beef cows
In tho corn belt more economically duY
Ing ho winter Is shown by a report
of United States department of agri
culture Investigators who made n study
of winter feeding costs on Ave repre
sentative farms In that section This
reduction In tho cost of feeding Is pos
sible without detriment to the cows or
calves through larger use of farm by
products in the rations
Avoid feeding excessively avoid cost
ly rations use more cheap roughages
such as straw and corn stover feed si
lage where conditions make It more
economical than corn fodder
Tho first farm used as nn example
Is In cast central Iowa Tho breeding
herd consisted of a grndo bull and 22
grade cows from which 20 calves were
obtained The cows were given excessive-
amounts of high priced feed for
both of tho yenrs for which records
were procured says tho bulletin
They were turned on stalks Novem
ber 15 Winter feeding began a few
days later and lnstcd until May 1
when the cows wero again turned on
pnsture During tho 105 day Interval
each cow received the following
Stalks 1 1 5 acres at it an acre
Foddor 2 0 acre at 133 nn acre
Mixed hay i ton at 110 a ton
Corn 2 bus at 0G5 a lu
As the average yield of corn on this
farm was CO bushels to tho acre and
as the best corn was cut for fodder
tho cows considering the corn In tho
fodder and the additional grain fed
received a total of 22 bushels per head
This Is almost a fattening ration If
the corn hnd been husked from tho
fodder and only the stover fed thero
would have been sufllclcnt roughago
for the cows Estimating Hint three
fourths of a ton of stover was eaten
per acre of stalks and that the stover
from the fodder fed would go two tons
to tho acre and allowing the cows
three bushels of corn each during the
winter Instend of 22 they would re
celvo tho following dally ration
Stover 200 pounds
Mixed hay 9 0 pounds
Corn 10 pound
This ration would be sufficient for
their needs
By merely eliminating the excessive
amount of corn 10 bushels from tho
ration a saving of 1140 could havo
been made and the feed bill reduced
very nearly one half or from 24 to
1200 per cow
Katlons on the fifth farm inspected
by tho Investigators are pronounced
very satisfactory This farm 240
acres Is In northeastern Kansas Sev
enty acres wqre In corn 25 In oats
25 In wheat and 100 In pnsture Be
cause of the unusual rainy weather
Beef Cattle on Pasture
prevailing In that section the onts and
wheat for tho year In which the record
was taken were practically destroyed
anil tho straw was absolutely worth
less for feeding To provide for a lack
of hay 15 acres of millet and four of
porglium wero grown
The herd consisted of a bull and 15
grade cows from which 15 calves were
obtained The cows wero turned on
stalks November 1 und allowed to run
thero until spring They received ap
proximately three acres of stalks ono
ton of millet hay and one third of a
ton of sorghum fodder each Valuing
the millet ut 450 a ton and tho
sorghum at 4 a ton the winter feed
cost per cow was 820 Tho cows
were carried through tho entire year
for a net cost of2585
They Compare Favorably With Other
Animals In Economy of Produc
tion Keep Weeds Down
Sheep can be made profltnble on
high priced land it is said as British
experience shows They compare fa
vorably with other animals In econ
omy of production They require a
minimum of expensive concentrated
feeds They exceed the larger ani
mals In tho rate of maturity lambs
can be made ready for market at from
four to six months They make pos
sible the economical and fuller use of
labor They are of assistance In keep
ing the farms free from weeds The
sheep farm Is usually a weedless farm
Has l4ad Stomach Trouble for Seven
Theodore Sanford of Fenmore Mich
has had stomach trouble for seven
years and could not eat vegetables or
fruit without pain In the stomach and
restless nights By taking Chamber
alns Tablets he is now able to eat
vegetables or fruit without caualng
pain or sleeplessness If troubled
with Indigestion or constipation give
these tablets a trial They are cer
tain to prove beneficial
it seems contrary to all the rules of
physics that while our bills are con
tracted they also expand
Patronize our RaYerwfierm
Among the very email hats shown is
this purple mllan with moire ribbon
and roses of the same shade
Despite Ravages of Moths Grand
mothers Pride May Be Mado Into
Useful and Attractive Garment
Possibly you nro ono of those people
who got out grandmothers old cash
mere shaul which hud been packed
away In the trunk In the attic for
years writes a correspondent with
plans for a wonderful new evening
coat and were desolated to discover
that It had been almost riddled by
moths And when you hung It out In
the sun for days and got rid of all tho
pesky little animals and hnd reveled In
Its gorgeous coloring and regretted
the cont lime nnd hard you had wrap
ped It up Jin tar paper nnd put it back
into the chest for nnothcr long period
of oblivion
But here Is good news for you You
can use the glorious thing after all
Nothing Is more fetching or chic than
one of these new scarfs that some for
tunate people arc using to liven up last
yonrs blue serge or bluck velveteen
suit and they look as If they were de
signed for Just those of us who have
only small bits of our old shawls avail
Possibly It wasnt the moths that
prevented you from using your shawl
Maybe grandma vns a Ilooverlzer al
though she didnt know It and wore
hers till it almost dropped to pieces
Whatever It may have been get it out
und see how many nnrrow strips you
can get from the good parts Buy a
piece of red cashmere that same love
ly red that the centers of these shawls
were cut the scarf from It of tho de
sired shape bind It round the edge
with a band two or three Inches wide
made from tho pieces of tho shawl
nnd line It with red crepe dc chine
georgette crepe or two harmonizing
colors of chiffon one over the other
It will be so lovely when you get It
finished that you Will want to mnke
another nnd you might make one for
mother using black for the founda
tion Instend of the red lined with
bluck shirred chiffon over red
High Waistline to Be Feature of Suit
That Will Fit the Figure
A waistline Just n trifle abovo nor
mill Is to be the feature of the spring
suit according to present Indications
This type of suit Is featured especially
for young women nnd women with de
cidedly youthful figures Some of tho
suits promised for spring fit the figure
quite snugly to nn Inch or so above the
normal waistline at which point u
flaring skirt of ppplum hip length or
longer may be set on Again the suit
cont will he held In by a belt set on
Just above the normal waistline The
suit with high wnihted line In front and
no waistline uf all at the back Is also
sliowp This Is urrivvd at by a panel
arrangement at the back A very
graceful figure silhouette Is usually
gfven by this type of coat Skirts nre
just about the Mime as those shown for
winter and now being worn
The perfectly straight line coat cut
on chemise lines und closely related to
the chemise frock to be worn over a
sleeveless blouse or vest In contrasting
color and material Is also to bo a
favorite for spring
Blnck velvet girdles are silver lined
nnd tic In a big bow at the side front
Lingerie mnde of lemon colored
jrepo de chine Is trimmed with black
Narrow belts of blnck silk braid are
seen on many of the serge dresses
Taffeta will be nuichnsed for smart
street frocks V
Japanese cotton crepe makes excel
cnt winter frocks for small children
Chuddah poplin and shark cloth are
ised for black skirts for winter
One chnnnlng girdle Is composed of
Miiall halls of nngorn on strands of jet
Blade crepe de chine Is sometimes
worn with a vest of rose saUn em
broidered in white angora and gold
Any bit of fine linen provided it Is
eight or nine Inches square can be
utilized for charming huud rolled hand
A yard of plain black moire ribbon
can bo made Into a pretty little neck
accessory by adding colored tassels
and embroidery on the ends
-Stopped Cough After Influenza
Foleys Honey and Tar Is the best
cough medicine I ever tried writes
B B McDowel R P D 1 Box 119
Arlington Tenn My son had influ
enza He had the worst kind of a
cough I tried everything but noth
ing did any good God sent me a
friend with Foleys Honey and Tar
and in two days his cough was gone
Sold everywhere adv
We have hoard say that there Are
lots of wlck ed things in the oil reg
iwwi 111 fj n ii p jwpgyii
i v
He Knew
Which side of yer alg do
you want fried mister asked the
smart aleck restaurant sandwich
The Inside please responded the
chronic customer blandly as he
reached for a CO cent piece
Just How It Was
Counsel Then you think he struck
you with malice aforethought
Witness Indignantly Xou cant
mix me up like that Ive told you
twice he hit me with a brick There
wasnt no mallets nor nothln of the
kind about It Shipping World
Up to Scale
Mrs Hlbrow Oh Isnt Mr Bcetum
Upp a marvelous pianist And ho
climbed his wny to famo step by step
Mrs Lobrow Humph it sounds to
me like he didnt use his soft pedal
foot much on tho way up
Accounting for It
I notice Mrs Comeup your
daughter hns a grcnt deal of savolr
Yes when we buy her anything
we believe In getting her good nnd
A friend of mine who is n very busy
girl has nsked me to get her a hat
What kind would you get her
If she is such a busy girl I would
get her a beaver
A Drawback
A woman can mnke any man pro
poso to her she plcnses
Certainly she can but some wom
en cant please any
Patlence And when you saw her
standing at the door was she shading
her eyes with her hand
Patrice No only her eyebrows
Yes we get nil the benefits of moun
tain climbing here
Mountain climbing Why thero
isnt a hill 10 feet high within 20
miles I
I know but we sleep on the fifth
floor nnd there Is no elevator
No Slang for Her
When he dared to call her cutle
Did she holler Get the hook
No Indeed Thlb high toned beauty
BlrtlDlV floored lilm with a tnoV
As Lloyd George puts It old-fashioned
criminal law has not become a
scrap of paper
Germany Is getting ready to pay In
demnities Evidently the chastening
process has begun
Germany should beware for gener
ations to come of Inviting retribution
Therei billions In It
Influenza comes back oftener than a
stock company when
It finds an easj town
Extended foreign travel Is all right
but a lot of the boys abroad are
aching to see America first
Demonstrations for home coming sol
diers do not help to lessen the regret
of thoseWho didnt get across
They have Invented a way to keep
meat Indefinitely This would be In
teresting were there any to keep
Nobody knows better how to make
the small Investor feel Important than
the speculator In worthless stocks
Now the refrain The Yanks are
coming is not lie signal for the rattle
of musketry but to rattle the dishes
When the unlmpassloned historians
recast the war there may be a very
decided shifting of heroes in high
It Is now claimed that chop suy
was Invented in America and is not a
Chinese dish We still prefer to blame
the Chinese
Old Nick of Montenegro denies that
he is dethroned but nobody Is exactly
rational after having been struck by a
A headline says that the coal price
U due for a drop Its been due for a
long time but has continually been
marked up late
r J
j3K Which
Mw Are
r W Eli iVv
i -- IT
a cheerful liar
a cry baby
or a cold-blooded-optimist
Roger Babson noted business an
alyst has divided business men into
three types
The cheerful liar he says boasts that
we arc on the eve of a business boom Thc
cry baby forsecs difficulties ahead and is so
scared that he sticks to his hole like the Ger
man navy
The third and best type is the cold
blooded optimist He thinks things
Youll find that most cold blooded opti
mists read The Plain Dealer Its The
Plain Dealer that enables them to think
things through by giving them the pure un
adulterated straightforward and unbiased
FACTS Its The Plain Dealer which
gives them todays news TODAY instead
of yesterdays news under todays dateline
Wise business men keep wise by
a daily reading of
The Plain Dealer
First Newspaperof Cleveland Sixth dry
Thm Plain Dealtr will b tent dotty
by mail to any addrttt in Ohio out
tide of our horn dtlioery dittricti
for 6 pr ytar Imtt than two cents
a day Subscrib TODAY I
We offer guaranteed 16 per cent Acid Phosphate at
Ensilage Seed Corn
We know this corn is right but we want you to test
it before buying
Special Prices on Clover and Timothy Seed 60 per cent
Digester Tankage Security Calf Food
We will be glad to sell you a new Oliver Plow but some
times it pays to repair the old one We have the repairs
in stock
A few loads of good slack to sell for either house use or sugar
TheB Idea
discovered that
1 money could be saved
and comfortv increased by
nsin Firestone Tires and
having ns put tkem on And
now like every bi idea it
is common property Now
knowininotorists from near
and far are ettin the
fitfm the safety comfort and
saving wHchrirestoneTires
plus our service means
Come in Were ready
N W Baringer
Phone 188
Oanfield - - - Okio
J -
j jjajrsrmaaTi taTinnriTirisjrjagrsr
ft hi
V f s

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