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The Mahoning dispatch. (Canfield, Mahoning County, Ohio) 1877-1968, January 02, 1920, Image 5

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Massachusetta Has Sent Out Many
Who Have Done Great Things
P In the World
Not to be too Insistent and greedy
Massachusetts and her Old Colony
should always file their claims to the
honor of producing men that are do
lK the new work of the world as
well as celcbratlnc forever the Pil
grim Fathers writes The Listener In
the Boston Transcript It Is no acci
dent no mere coincidence that both
the pioneers of transatlantic air trans
portatlon should be Massachusetts
men the first man to navigate an
airship from America to England was
Commander Read whose boyhoods
home was South Hanson Mass and
the first engineer to enrry the big
street trafllc of New York city under
the Hudson rlVer Is Clifford M Hol
land born at Somerset Bristol county
tilrty slx years ago Both upper air
and subterranean problems have
brought laurels to boys of the Old Col
ony public schools To bo sure Com
mnder Reads education was com
pleted at Annapolis Naval academy
and Mr Hollands at Harvard univer
sity where he graduated In 1000 But
there must be something In the stock
and something In the system which
brings It to pass so often that when
great things have been done or great
things are to be accomplished and the
doer is necessarily forced Into Uie spot
light of the press and his antecedents
are eagerly examined the little old
significant abbreviation Mass Is
apt to appear In conectlon with some
Mttlc town as his birthplace
German Who Has Tried It Declare
It to Be the Ideal Food for
Sustenance of Man
One of the strnngest characters In
the world Is Augusto Englchardt a
young German who lives on the Island
of Kabakon In the German Now
Guinea territory Ho exists entirely
on the coconut and sleeps on a bed of
Englolinrdt Is a singularly handsome
man of about thirty five possessing
great wealth and a charming person
ality He Is known as the Apostle of
the Coconut on account of the doe
trine ho teaches that the coconut la
the original food of man and should
continue to be so as nil other fooda
are responsible for the bad passions
la tho heart and mind of mnn
Tho Apostle claims to have over
600 disciples In America and now tho
war Is over he Intends to leave ha
Island home and come back to the old
world nnd proclaim his teachings Ho
la also a sun worshiper living en
tirely In Ihe open air and adopting the
simple dress of the natives consisting
merely of a lava lava or loin cloth
and when In full dress thnt Is when
be receives visitors this attire Is com
pleted by the nddltlon of a wrist watch
and a walking stick
Brass Into which British troops
hare entered without opposition wns
the capital of Blthynla when Trajan
appointed Pliny tho Younger to gov
ern the province It was from Brusa
-then Prusa nt the foot of Mt Olympus
that Pliny wrote the letters to Trajan
which are among the most Interesting
of his voluminous correspondence It
la said that Brusa owes Its existence to
some scheme of Hannibals but of tho
Roman and Blthynlan city hardly any
trace remains though Brusa boasts of
Tery fine old Mohammedan mosques
The city of Asia Minor Is situate In
lovely country rich In fruit trees and
watered by countless springs and
supports a manufacture of silk which
cbould develop unhindered now that
the lethargy of Turkish rulers no
longer weighs on the city and Its In
Itfa Upkeep that Costa
Experts have Just completed an es
timate for the high cost of maintain
lag a rat If you have a rat on your
premises lie Is costing you 182 a
year according to these experts They
find that one pair of rats Is directly
responsible for 050000 more rats In
three years tho rat being a strong be
liever In the Roosevelt theory of large
families The damage In the United
States In one year caused by these ro
dents Is over 100000000 Over J15
000000 In property losses Is occasion
ed each year from fires started by
rats gnawing the electric wires and
tgs pipes The rat also Is accused of
spreading disease An Intensive cam
palga to demobilise the rat army Is
now In progress
Supply Gas Deficiency
It is expected tlmt In the near fu
ture artificial gus for heating purposes
will be substituted largely for natural
gas In the Pittsburgh and other dis
tricts where a considerable shortage
Ui the supply of natural gas has de
veloped This wus the prediction
made at a conference held recently un
der the auspices of the Public Service
Commission In Pittsburgh The Phil
adelphia company which has been a
large supplier of natural gas for many
years It is stated is new prepared to
supply 7000000 cubic feet of artificial
gas a day und expects In the near fu
ture to be able to supply 30000000
cubic feet of artificial gas a day
Real Discovery
He discovered the seedless raisin
Thats nothing A bigger discov
ery than that was made by the man
who found what a kick the raisin
would put in soft drink
Rajah 27o per gallon A
genuine high test gasoline at
the lower grade price R D
fowler Ford Sales Service
R D Fowlers automobile repair
chop Is now open for business being
In charge of Lester Cox the automo
bile expert mechanic Your work In
thH line I solicited
Steoribo for Tbe CJapatch
Hit Place Can Never Be Filled by
Any Machine No Matter What
Its Capabilities
Tho horse seema In tho hour of
battle at least to take on character
istics which belong only to a bblng
endowed with reason He partaRes
of the hopes and fears of tho con
flict tho same as his rider If ho has
bocn six months In the service he
knows ovory buglo call As tho col
umn swings Into line and waits the
horse grows nervous with waiting
and If tho wait be long will often
tromble and sweat As tho call comes
to advance tho rider can feel him
working at tho bit with his tongue to
get it between his teeth As he
moves out ho will either try to get on
taster or bolt Tho lines will carry
him forward and after a mlnuto he
v111 lay back his ears and one can
feel his sudden rcsolvo to bravo tho
worst and have dono with It as soon
B3 possible A man seldom cries out
when hit in the turmoil of battle and
It Is tho same with a horso Five
troopers out of six when struck with
a bullet are out of their saddles In
a mlnuto If hit In tho breast or
shoulder up go their hands and they
get a heavy fall if in tho leg foot
or arm thoy fall forward and roll off
Even with a foot cut oft by a Jagged
plcco of shell a horso will not drop
It Is only when shot In tho head or
heart that ho comos down Tho horse
that loses his rider and Is unwound
ed htmsolf will contlnuo to run with
bis set of fours until somo move
ment throws htm out Then ho goes
galloping hero and thcro neighing
with fear and alarm but will not
leavo tho field When ho has como
upon sovoral riderless steeds they
fall In and keep together and tho
rally of the buglo often will bring
them Into tho ranks together New
York Herald
Pocket Mall Scales
A pocket 8caIo for weighing man
matter recently has been awarded a
patent to a Phlladolphtan Most In
struments of this character aro usu
ally rather bulky and not at all suited
for tho purposes of stowing away In
tho pocket but this dovlco has tho
advantago of being quite compact
Tho principal part bolng mado of thin
nheot tin colluoId or similar mate
rial it may bo easily carried la tho
ThlH rimlrn rnnfilRfu nt nn Im
provoment on tho well known Roman j
Btoolyard and prlmarty constitutes
y 1 an
an efficient and convenient weighing
machlno and Incidentally furnishes
a sultabla medium for advertising
purposes Tho Invcntoc accomplishes
this by providing a piano surface for
tho beam Instead of tho ordinary bar
by confining tho movablo counter
poise In a horizontal slot Instead of
by protubcranco at the extremity of
tho long arm by having a spring clip
provided with an eyo or a hook at tho
extremity of each limb at tho end of
tho short arm to hold tho matter to
bo weighed In placo of tho usual
hook or pan and by providing an In
dex which constitutes part of tho
hanger to correspond with a fixed
mark on tho surface of the beam to
Indicate when tho aamo is In equil
ibrlum in llou of tho separated moans
ordinarily employed to that end
Natural Barometers
If the chickwoed and scarlet pim
pernel expand their tiny petals rain
need not bo expected for a few hours
says a writer Bees work with re
doubled energy JubI before a rain If
tho files are unusually persistent
either In tho house or around tho
stock theer is rain In the air The
cricket sings at the approach of cold
weather Squirrels store a large sup
ply uf nuts tho husks of corn are un
usually thick and tho buds of decidu
ous trees have a firmer protecting
coat If a severe winter la at hand
If tho poplar or quaking asp leave
turn up the under side rain will boob
If the camphor bottle becomes oily
It is going to storm When it clears
settled weather may bo expected
This 1da has seemingly been utilized
In the manufacture of barometers
The main trouble is they seldom
foretell the change until about the
time arrives Last but not least the
rheumatics can always tell la tholr
bones when a storm Is approaching
and of this prognostication the octo
genarian of to day Is as firm an advo
cate as wero his forefathers
Astronomy In the East
It Is now nearly 200 years since
French astronomers went to Peru to
measure an arc of meridian The
purpose of such arcs is to furnish
data for calculating the size and
Bhape of the earth The arc in Peru
was about 220 miles In length and
with the exception of a short arc In
South Africa it Is the pnly one evei
measured In the southern hemls
phere This year a commission head
ed by army officers has been sen
from France to romeasure the arc ii
Peru The remcasurement Is re
garded as of great scientific lmpor
tanco on account of the advance
hat have been made since the firs
asuro was taken
Curse of Riches
This multimillionaire was once a
poor boy
The adjective still clings to him
How is that
People say Ioor old duffer I With
all his money lie cant buy a farm
hands uppetlte
Hadnt Noticed It
Flr t Guigle Bid you notice thai
good looking fellow who sat right buck
of us at the Orpheum
Second Gurgle Oh the handsome
cimp with the red necktie and tan
suit who wore his hair pompadour
I No Why
irtriem umroxM mTEimiiMt
Teacher of English Dlble In th Moody
Bible Institute of Chlcaro
Copyrlrht mo Wtgfrn NfctpMr Onion
LE8SON TEXT Acts 21 42
GOLDEN TEXT Whosoever shall cJl
upon the name of the Lord shall bo savL
Acts 221
John 167 15 Acts 11 26
PIUMAnr TOPIC Peter telltrif about
JUNIOR TOPIC The Story of Pente
IC Three Thousand Won In a Day
TOPIC The Permanent Meanlnc of ren
ts cost
I The Day of Pentecost Fully
Come vv 1 13
1 Significance of the day Pente
cost menus ilfty It was the feast
held fifty days after the wave sheaf
offering Lev 2310 The wave sheaf
typified the resurrection of Christ I
Cor 1520 23
2 The gift vr 2 4 On this day
the Holy Spirit came upon the dis
ciples In a new way nnd from that
time forward he has worked on a new
basis having the crucified risen nnd
ascended Christ to present to tho
0 Upon whom the Spirit came r
1 cf 1 13 15 tho twelve and others
both men and women to the number of
one hundred and twenty showing thnt
the gift of the Holy Spirit was for all
believers It wns for this promise
of the Father that the disciples wero
to tarry at Jerusalem Luke 2440
4 Tho marks of the Spirit vv 2 4
The sound of a mighty wind v 2
Tills is suggestive of the mysterious
all persuasive and powerful energy
of tho Spirit Tongues of flame
v 8 Tongues show the practical
purpose of the Spirits gift wit
nessing nnd the fire Indicates his
purifying enrrgy burning up tho
dross ranking effective witnessing
for Christ c Speaking In foreign
tongues v 4 This WM n temporary
endowment for this special purpose
r The effects vv 5 13 1 The
multitude were tilled with amazement
aid wonder for thcte common men
were transformed Into men of power
will Inlluonce 2 Some mocked und
foolishly accused the disciples of be
ing intoxicated
II Peters Sermon vv 1-1-47
Ills nmilvMh is perfect He begins
ultli a brief defense and scriptural
explanation of the phenomenn of
tongues vv 14 21 and by a three
fold uigutuciit proves thu Messlnhshlp
of Jesus vv 22 UG
1 The Introduction vv 14 21 1
Defense of the disciples ngnlust the
rliuri of btlnj drunk v 15 This
he ikies by citing Jewish customs
showing tlmttli would not be drunk
at such nn enrly hour of the day 2
A scriptural explanation He shows
thnt It was a pnrtlnl fulfillment of thnt
which Joel predicted vv 10 21 cf
Joel 228 32 would come to pass be
fore the Messianic Judgment namely
an outpouring of the Holy Spirit nnd
the salvation of all who can upon
the name of the Lord
2 The argument vv 22 30 It Is
threefold 1 From Christs works
v 22 He was approved of God
among the Jews by his miracles won
ders and slgus which God did by him
in their midst with which they wero
familiar 2 From his resurrection
w 23 32 The Old Testament scrip
tures had foretold the death and resur
rection of Christ Psalms 108 10
The disciples were living witnesses of
Christs resurrection for they had
seen and talked with him and handled
him since his resurrection v 32 3
From his ascension to be at the right
hand of God v 32 The prodf that
he had ascended on high was the won
derful miracle of the Spirits operation
In their midst for he had said that
upon his ascension into heaven he
would send forth the Spirit The con
clusion is that Jesus of Nazareth Is
both Lord and Christ the one of whom
Joel prophesied v 30 and that the
Jews are guilty of an awful crime in
crucifying him
4 The effect of the sermon vv 37
42 Many people were convicted of
their sins some 8000 of whom re
pented and were baptized The dully
life of these believers was a proof of
the Spirits gift The evidence that
the coming of the Spirit was real is
that 1 they continued steadfustly In
the npos ollc teaching v 42 that Is
they were learning about Jesus Christ
being taught by the apostles Instend
of the scribes they turned away from
their blind guides and followed new
ones 2 They contluued in fellow
ship with ihe apostles v 42 This
fellowship was In the spirit around
Chi 1st us the head the one body be
ing Illustrated by the one loaf 3
The continued In prayer v 12
A Prayer
Almighty and living God we be
seech thee to look with love and mercy
on us Keep us Iti thy faith and fear
Give us grace to leslst the devil ami
to renounce all his works und temp ta
ll mis Guard us from the lusts and
bins of the flesh Shield us from tho
corruption of the world Make us dili
gent and faithful In our appointed
work Keep us patient under trial Id
anxiety and worry help us to find
trust and peace In thee All of which
we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord
and Savior Amen
Easy to Please
Farmer So youre an experienced
milker hey Now which side uv a
cow do you set on when you milk hert
Applicant for Jot on i ain t a dii
partlckler If the cow aint I Buffalo
Hewitt 1 heur that you are to put
up a twenty five story building
Crewltt Yes and a twenty-sir-story
building and a
building and a but thats anqther
story Cartoons
Business Directory
L W COT Notary Public Canfield O
R No J Phon on U
908 Wick Building- TounKstown Ohio
HAMIY L BEARD Attorney at Law
803 Mahoning Bank Building Youngs -
town O
HARRY A KRNBT Attorney at Law
Hlne Bolck 6 East Federal St Young
town O
JOHN B MOnOAN Attorney at Law
1103 1104 Mahoning Bank Bldg Younm
town Ohio
C C Fowler D B Fowler
epliones Ofllce 48 Renldenct 12J
D Campbell Carl H CsjnpbeU
Phone 4 l Phone tff
CAMPBELL SON Physicians and Bur
geons OfTlco and residence east side
of Brood street Canneld Ohio
W R STEWART Attorney and Coun
selor at Law Diamond Block Youmt
own Ohio Practice In all courts and
before all the departments In Washing
ion D C
Fred C Doepplng et at vs Harry
Nicholson et al
By virtue of an order of sale Issued
from the Court of Common Pleas of
Mahoning county Ohio and to mo
directed and delivered I will offtT for
sale at tho east door of the Court
House In Youngstown In said county
between the hours of 2 oclock and 3
oclock P M central standard time or
between 3 and 4 P M Eastern time of
said day tho following described land
and tenements to wit
Situate In tho City of Youngstown
Mahoning county and State of Ohio
and known as bolng part of city lot
number eleven thousand one hundred
and thirty one 11131 and part of city
lot number eleven thousand one hun
dred and thirty six 11136 according
to tho latest enumeration of Youngs
town city lots and out lota
Said part or city lot number 11136
above mentioned Is bounded and de
scribed as follows Beginning nit a
point one hundred and six feet 1061
west of the northeast corner of said
city lot number 11136 and In tho south
line of Rlgby street thence west about
fourteen 14 feet to the northeast
corner of city lot 11131 making a
frontage of fourteen 14 feet In the
south lino of Rlgby street and extends
back therefrom southerly of even
width a distance of forty 40 feet
Said part of city lot number 11131
lies next adjoining said city lot num
ber 11136 on Ihe west and is bounded
and described as follows Beginning
at a point on the north west corner of
city lot number 11136 and In the south
line of lllgby street thence south
along the west line of city lot number
11136 a distance of forty 40 feet to a
point thence west on a straight line
with the south line of city lot number
11136 a distance of twenfy two feet
and three and a half Inches 22 ft
Si in to a point thence northeast
along the line of city lot number 11130
twelve 12 feet and four and one half
Us In to a point thence northerly
along tho east line of city lot number
11130 twenty nine 29 feet and four
and one half Inches 4y3 In to the
south lino of Itlgby street thence east
along sold tatter line sixteen 16 feet
to the place of beginning
Said part of lot 11136 and part of lot
11131 are a part of the same premises
conveyed to Kate Lewis by Edwin
Webb and wife by deed of Sept 18th
1902 now recorded In Vol 110 page
587 of tho Deed Records of said Ma
honing county
This conveyance is made however
subject to a driveway over the eastern
five 5 feet two 2 Inches of tho part
or city lot number 11136 conveyed In
this deed extending southerly forty
40 feet from the south line of Rlcbv
street which with a similar strip of j
iana or tno same width and depth
from off the remaining portion of city
lot number 11136 next adjoining on the
cast forms a driveway for tho com
mon use of the owners of both of said
city part lots ten 10 feet and four
4 Inchds In width and forty 40 feet
deep Known for street purposes as
1037 Rlgby street Youngstown Ohio
Appraised tat 3000
Terms Cash In hand on day of sale
Sheriffs office Youngstown Ohio
December 10th 1919
II A Ernst Plaintiffs Atty 36 5
Has No Competition
My Examination of your eyes is en
tirely different from all others in
Youngstown The people who know
this are thoie who have tried others
without succets When your eyes go
wrong I will be pleated to consult
with you I use no drugs or poisons
Dr Fred B Rebman
22 Years In Youngstown
402 Stambaugh Building
Both Phones Central Square
Kill tho Cold At tha first
sneezo tako
SvV 51X1
Standard cold remedy for 20 years
in t iUet sure no
brea s up a com n z
hou rclie es cr p li 3 dys
rney back it it nils liie
Cenulne bor has a Rrd
top Willi r nun
At All On Stori
8 A Arnold Canneld O Phone 14c
The mlnuto man says he wastes
hours when he heeds hls wifea Wait
minute I
I HWW Hf JiiftllttM WyirB
TT l i i m
Zbc trou8sfMrsbber0 oHepenbabfUt
Great Sale of Garments
Of Great Interest to Women and Misses
Rarely if ever have such really Remarkable Reductions been made on wo
mens Suits Coats Dresses Furs etc of such thoroughly good character
The garments in the Federal Street windows are sources of much admiration
and are worthy of your immediate attention Collections comprise
Winter garments from New York together with our own good stocks at
pricings representing much less than former or usual Selling figures
Womens Velvet and Cloth Suits
In Four Year End Sale Groups
To be chosen in Peachbloom Duvetine Tricotine Bolivia Broadcloth etc
velvet doth or with warmthful fur trimmings exclusive one-of-a-kind models
extra sizes to 48 included in these Year End Sale groups
Suits 265p0 to 27500 at 16900 Suits 10000 to 12500 at 6800
Suits 10500 to 20000 at 13700 Suits 1 3500 to 15000 at 8500
Four Special Groups of The Better Coats
Materials include Peachbloom Duvetine Bolivia Tricot Suede and various
others handsomely lined and with many collars and cuffs of luxurious furs
beautifully embrooidered in heavy silk floss and wool mainly one of a kind
Coats 8506 to 11000 at 6500 Coats 16500 to 21000 at 122
Coats 12500 to 14500 nt 9500 Coats 22500 to 29500 at 169
These Evening Frocks at Sale Prices
Satins Net combinations Nets Taffetas Net and Black Jet Sequins and
combined Black and Blue Sequins fasbioned with clinging drapes hoop tunics
silver lace trims heavy brocades and maline trims dainty affairs for the fes
tive Winter season ahead
Dresses 22500 o 20500 at 168
Dresses 13500 to 10500 at 118
Womens Rubbers all styles 95c
Womens Tan Rubbers 125
Womens Buckle Arties 400
Dresses 9500 to 12500 at 6800
Dresses 7500 to 8950 at 5800
Womens 5950 to 85 Coats at 44
Bolivias Polo Cloths fancy coatings Diagonal Polo Cloths Broadcloths
Silvertone Velours and such Green Pekin Brown Black Navy and other
fashionable colors many collars are of Near Seal others self material novelty
cut many large sizes to 48 Coats Hint were 5950 to 8500 nust 4400
1850 to 35 Silk and Wool Skirts 12
Of Faille Satin Pussy Willow Taffeta Baronet Satins combined
Satin and Georgette Wool Plaids and Serges choose from several good colors
models are varied full gathered or full plaited skirts some with plain front and
gathered back wide girdles patch or set in pockets formerlv 1850 to 3500
go at 1200
Wool Mixed Blankets 1095
Fine quality Wool Mixed Blankets 75 per cent wool carded with fine cot
ton to prevent shrinking will be special ly offered tomorrow in tho Bedding Sec
tion at just 1095 pair
To be had in neat plaids together with plain White Pink Rose or Blue bor
ders Well worthy of your attention
Womens 55 to 6950 Suits at 35
Tweeds Yalama Cloth Men s wear Serge Tricotine Serge Silvertone and
Chevrona delightfully trimmed with braid seal and nutria formerlv 5500 to
6950 only 3500
Silk and Woolen Frocks at Special prices
Tricotines Serges Duvetines Wool Velours Satins Taffetas Kitten s Ear
Satin Georgette and combinations Navy Black Taupe Brown Copenhagen
etc coat style Russian blouse straight and tunic effects many with narrow
girdles wide belts and fancy bead trims
Dresses 10000 to 12500 at 78
Dresses 7500 to 9500 at 58
Dresses 5500 to 6500 at 3800
Dresses 3950 to 4500 rnt 3300
Time to Think of Rubbers
Damp or slushy sidewalks may be insignificant in themselves but the dangers
they can lead to are many You wouldnt forget your coat dont forget your
Rubbers which are of equal importance
Womens Black Foot holds 75c
Misses Black Rubbers 75c
Misses Tan Rubbers 100
Misses White Rubbers 100
Misses 22 buckle Arties 275
Childrens Black Rubbers 65c
Childrens Tan Rubbers 90c
Childrens White Rubbers 90c
Childrens 2 buckle Arties 200
Childrens 4 buckle Arties 275
Beginning next Monday morning the Great Jununiy Selling of
White Cotton Goods and Beddings
In line with the sentiment that merchandise should be sold as low as is pos
sible to keepdown living expenses this store now announces the first great sell
ing event of the upstairs stores theJanuary selling of White Cotton Goods
No need to go into the unpleasant facts of the tremendously high cotton mar
ket wo dont propose to scare anyone into buying goods that are not needed
for thats poor economy
This Store has long been known for this that despite the fact of qualities
here being higher yet prices throughout the high market conditions have been
much lower Wo do not claim that this is so because other merchants demand
higher profits but because we have been heavier purchasers when markets wero
And now on account of our preparations at lower prices we offer thousands
of dollars worth of tho most staple White Cottons so low that we must give notice
that uoue of these goods will bo sold to dealers
Deliveries by Fast Motor Truck to Canfield Every
Friday Packages Delivered Eight to Your Door

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