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I Si
Entered at the Canfleld Ohio postoftice
na second class matter under act of
One Year
Blx Months
Thrte Months
Klnflp lonlos
1 15
All Papers Promptly DclnnuPed at
Expiration of Time Paid For
of He
Notices llesolutlons
meet and notices of church and chailtaule
eStenammenU onU the me where on
admission fee Is chaieed will he cliargeu
foTatthe rate of scen tents per counted
line Cards It Thanks will be charged u
Uie flat late of 40 cents Thuso must be
paid for in advance or chalged to re
sponsible parties oiderlng the Kune
Gov James M Cox svlll be official
for presi
notified o his nomination
dent on the Dayton fair giounds Sat
urday August 7 and his running mate
Franklin D Itoosevelt will be notMed
at his home Hyde Park N V Mon
day August D
It would he degradai of our
politics a cause for national shame
and humiliation if the liquor Issue
Vimnr Vit m a tiinie of prominence
in this Presidential campaign Mr
to rnn unntio nf the noble strifes
of politics Can there be a noble
strife over the ignoble issue of rum
Can anv decent person imagine with
out disgust that 30000000 people arc
to be asked to go to the polls and vote
upon that miserable issue wnen nuus
tinna nf thn creatcst weight and tno
mnnt Minv pniild tmsslbly be called up
on to decide have been presented for
oir tudirment Bv their platform
declarations by their candidates the
two parties have put before tne peopiu
iio Qiinromn Issue of the Treaty of
Versailles and the League of Nations
None could be graver or greater or
more worthy of the serious considera
tion of an Intelligent electorate The
nations wait upon our decision the
interests of civilization tie future of
the world are involved In that mo
mentous Issue Domestic questions
of importance await settlement The
costs of Government must be reduced
oppressive taxes that rob the people
of their substance and obstruct the
channels of trade must be repealed
nnd a sounder system of taxation
stahllshed There are problems of
the railroads of labor of our foreign
trade there are many subjects of
vital interest to the people concerning
which the two parties differ mere
are issues worth talking about worth
fighting for
There is and can be no issue of
llnuor in this Presidential election
The organic law of the land excludes
IL The eighteenth amendment to the
Constitution prohibits tne manufac
ture sale or transportation of Intoxi
cating liquors within the Importation
thereof into or the exportation there
of from the United States and all terri
tory subject to the Jurisdiction there
of for beverage purposes There
may be an amendment to the Volstead
Enforcement act but that is a matter
for the decision of Congress the Presi
dent will bo called upon only to sign
or veto any bill presented to him for
that purpose The supreme court
pointed out that the permitted amount
of alcohol in beverages may be Increas
ed or diminished by legislation but it
cannot be increased beyond the point
where the beverage becomes intoxicat
ing That is prohibited by the langu
age of the amendment It is conceiv
able that at some future time congress
may find a way of ascertaining that
light beers and light wines are not
intoxicating and may make permiss
ive a larger percentage or volume of
alcohol than is now lawful But
neither Governor Cox nor Senator
Harding has anything to do with that
matter except that as President one
of them who shall be elected might be
called upon to pass upon legislation re
lating to It
Very wisely very properly the plat
forms of both parties are silent about
liquor The men who wrote them
rightly felt that the law of the land
is established and must be respected
Mr Harding has said nothing about
prohibition Governor Cox has said
only that be was not to be considered
a wet candidate Neither candi
date is wet neither candidate is
dry It is not a question for their
determination for any action what
ever on their part Rum is not an
jssue in the campaign N Y Times
As part of a campaign to oust the
scrub hen from Ohio a free poultry
culling demonstration will be held in
Canfleld Monday and Tuesday Aug
9 and 10 The demonstration will be
conducted by a poultry specialist from
the Ohio state university co operating
with the Mahoning county farm bu
reau Every person Interested in
poultry raising and egg production is
invited to attend The chief purpose
of the demonstration is to show poul
try keepers how to tell the good and
poor laying hens and urge them to cull
out the non laying hens during the late
summer The specialist will cull an
entire flock and give reasons for his
Local arrangements are being made
by H tA Lehman county agricultural
Many persons whose custom It has
been to put in their winter supply of
coal find it quite e problem to know
what is best to do in the face of the
high prices which are being asked
The great shortaf e of cars says one
prominent mine operator Is the great
cause for the coal shortage and we are
constantly approached by the lake
shippers who offer 1850 and 875 for
the run-of-mine It is my opinion that
coal will be much lower in a few
weeks and I do not advise the domes
tic trade to be too eager to place the
winter supply at present prices Ship
ments will soon improve and you will
buy your coal for less money The
average coal yard operator Is kept
well posted with Hue situation and is
desirous of taking care of the domestic
users of coal at the lowest possible
price It may appear late coming but
there are undoubtedly better prices
for the near future
The common supposition of
aents that the congressional commit
tees which visited the battlefields of
France had brought home the entire
crop of souvenirs Is Incorrect accord
ing to Variety the alert Journal of
the theatrical profession We learn
from its Paris correspondent that pro
fessional guides In the devastated re
gions will soon have a new supply on
hand for the rush of American visitors
this summer An American tourist
living up to his role recently demand
ed of his guide according to this cor
respondent But where Msleu are
the souvenirs To which Msleu
replied demurely We will soon have
them They are even now being made
In America We are sincerely en
couraged It means profitable work
for skilled craftsmen In Brooklyn
Cambridge and South Boston And
It Is a sufficient guarantee that Amer
icans who swnnn to France this sum
jier wilt be able to bring back the
only orlglnnl helmet worn by the first
nlde to Von Hlndenburg says Boston
Post How poorly paid would be the
efforts of French guides how disap
pointing the impressions of American
tourists If the passion for souvenirs
were to be denied
It Is well to be a plltnr In the
church but do not be a sleeper In Uie
church If the nverage mnn did not
put more energy Into his business than
he puts Into his religion he would
be bankrupt Inside of three mouths
Never was there a time when the
church wns any richer or any stingier
tlinn it is todny Millions of dollars
go Into the pockets of professed Chris
tians of America every 24 hours nnd
neer was such n small percentage of
their Incomes being given for religious
purposes The mission secretaries of
all denomination nre constantly com
pelled to bo money enough to keep
the work colng In multitudes of needy
fields The country Inst yenr spent
more for gum than for the Gospel
says Haverhill Mass Gazette Men
In our churcheR todny spend more for
tobacco than they do for religion If
a man spends more on gnsollq and
Joy rides than lie does for Christian
work no matter to what church he be
longs there needs to be an awaken
A man In Pennsylvania has taken
nn energetic step towards suppress
ing hazing lie has written tho au
thorities of n township school which
his children attend thnt he will enter
suit for any dnmnge to his children
or to their clothing done by hazing
snys Baltimore American It Is more
thnn probable that his children will be
let alone If parents were more de
termined to protect their children
from this species of persecution there
would be less of It nnd more benefit
to the schools and colleges
A Canadian Indian was credited In
the Ottawa parliament with the kill
ing In France of 378 Germans It
wns not stated whether he took nil
the s nilps of his victims but If ho
did those he managed to nttnch to
his belt must hnve hung there merely
11s samples of Ills abilities In the
lighting line
The whippet tnnlts which did such
execution In the lnte world wnr are
now being used In Arizona In the
great pine forests doing work im
possible for horses and mules Tho
discoveries and Inventions of tho
war nre now being put to service in
the Interests of pence
An English scientist It Is reported
spent six days and nights in a hermet
ically sealed glass ense nnd If he Is
one of thoe scientists who Is always
announcing terrifying discoveries It
would hnve been Just as well If he had
concluded to remain there permanent
On the other hand there should be
nothing to prevent your arranging
your risings up and lyings down so
as to save a little daylight on your
own hook There Is no more charm
ing hour of the day than the early
Producers of apparel are trying to
blame the weather for the Indiffer
ence of the buyer to their blandish
ments Is It going to take a hard
blow to a hard head before they
realize the consumer Is permanently
against high priceB
An organizer of the barbers union
says that the dollar haircut Is In
sight All right The genius that
emancipated us by means of the safety
razor no doubt has another epoch-making
Invention up his sleeve
Probably It Is constructively true
that while the bolshevlst organization
has been capturing a large part of Eu
rope and Asia the Russian conserva
tlsts have captured the bolshevlst or
Polish workmen say they are will
ing to have their wares reduced If
profiteering will be made a hanging
offense Now thats the sort of eco
nomics that gets nomtwherel
iWihen a man asks to be presented
to a girl would you say he gives him
self away
Chamberlains Colic and Diarrhoea
This remedy is certain to be needed
In many homes ibefore the summer is
over Buy it now and be prepared
It Is recognized as a most reliable rem
edy for bowel complaints and may be
obtained at eny drug store
Dont ruin the spare tire on your
new Ford get an exhaust deflector at
Fowlers Garage Canfleld
BiWr fWmfr - IMfn - -
Julj 28- -Mr ind Mrs J A Ocker
nian son Mron and daughter Evlyn
of Yotingsiown spent Thursday night
with J W Ockemian
F R Ewlng and son Claude went
with iMr and Mrs M B Chidester and
daughter Myi tie to Charles Wortmans
and Fred Deans In Lordstown Sunday
Mr and Mrs W S Rhodes called
on Wm Coler In Homeworth Tuesday
Mr and Mrs Roy Vestal and son
Robert nnd Roy and Mr and Mrs Clif
ford Simon and son Donald were at
Elmer Brobsts Tuesday evening
C E Brobst was home from Warren
01 er Sunday
Miss Grace Wilson of Berlin spent
Wednesday night with Marion Heed
Waldo Ewlng Jeanette Blucher and
Nora Kennedy attended a S S clas
meeting at Blanche Lynns In Canfleld
Friday evening
Mr and Mrs R K Brick and 6on
Bill and Mrs F J Brick saw the fire
works at Thomas park Youngstown
Sunday evening
Itev and Mrs C L Cope daughter
Doris and son Uimond and Mr and
Mrs P A Beardsley spent Tuesday at
F It Swings
Mr and Mrs T W Ockerman nnd
daughters Edna nnd Ellen J S Ocker
man and Mrs Kiiiie lslted on Sun
day with C II Ockorman and family
in North Lima
Jeanette Blucher spent Sunday eve
ning at Perry Kimerles
Mr and Mrs M V Flynn of Youngs
town were at T J Bricks Sunday
Mr and Mrs Phil Wetmoro and
baby of Canfleld Mr and Mrs Glen
DeCamp and sons and Mr ind Mrs
Harry nhodes and son of Youngstown
were at W S Rhodes the latter part
of last week
Mr and Mrs O E Bailey daughter
Emma and son Orson of Warren called
on Adam Brobst and family Sunday
Charles Carson and Harry Dolan
were In Leavlttsburg Sunday
Sunday evening callers at Elmer
Brobsts were Mr and Mrs John
Brown Mr and Mrs I S Pershing
daughters Beatrice and Florence and
sons Samuel and Freddie
Thursday callers at W S Rhodes
were A L Wilson and daughter of
Berlin Marion Iteed and Maxlne
Mrs H K Brick and on Blllie spent
Tuesday at H E Brobsts
mes attacked Frank winans hock
of sheep pasturing on his farm by the
Meander Injuring one so It liau to oe
killed and another seriously
July 28 Miss Arlene Dougherty
spent Sunday afternoon with Miss
Ethel Stewart
Several from here attended the
Sunday school convention held in tho
Lutheran church at Greenford
Mr and Mrs Lawrence Dougherty
and sons Lowell and Frederick and
Miss Holly Dougherty motored to Sc
aring Sunday afternoon
Miss Fnyc Stewart spent Sunday
afternoon with Miss Dorothea Coburn
of Greenford
Miss Merle Giddings of Salem spent
a few days with Mrs Floyd Dctrow
Miss Pearl Daugherty of Salem
spent Sunday afternoon with her par
ents Mr and Mrs John Dougherty
and family
July 28 Mrs John Callahan nnd
children of Alliance were here over
Sunday with her parents Mr and Mrs
W S Clay
Mr and Mrs Samuel Amnion spent
Sunday with Earl Ammon and wife of
William Grimm of Garfield called on
friends here on Sunday
Mrs Nora Bailey of Cleveland spent
Sunday and Monday with her sister
Mrs W S Clay
M B Bush and family wero Sunday
v isltors In the homo of Joseph Schaf
fer of Canfleld
Mrs H Getz son Charles and
Merlvin Hill of Youngstown called at
C E Gets Thursday evening
Mrs Louis Brunner of Salem wns
here Friday evening
Mrs Guy Rhodes and children of
Marquis and Ml s Silvia Schaffer of
Canfleld spent Tuesday with Mrs
Frank Rhodes
George Wlnegurt and family of Pat
mos spent last Sunday at E E Ew
Candidates for county officers are
floating around thete days soliciting
support at the primaries to be held
Tuesday August 10
Mrs John Shepherd and son Rob
spent Friday in Youngstown
Mr and Mrs Monroe Forney and
little son of Canfleld spent Sunday at
the home of Lafayette Miller near
July 28 Cool nights a reminder
that autumn is approaching
There will be preaching Sunday eve
ning by Rev Roger
Mr and Mrs Albert Steel and chil
dren of Cameron W Va are visiting
at the home of Mr and Mrs Orin
Cloe Bishop and family and Joe
Schaffner have returned from a visit
with William Bishop and family near
Hammondsvllle Jefferson county
Mr and Mrs Orin Flick and son
Curtis in company with Mr and Mrs
Steel and children are visiting In Ash
tabula county
Guy Missel and Will Schlsler have
eacch purchased a piano
The Bowman family reunion will be
held on Sunday August J at the home
of Eli Bowman near North George
town Columbiana county
Mrs Ross ORourke Is suffering with
a severe cold
Its mighty strange what a smile can
When the world seems gray and youre
feeling blue
Just a bit of light in a gloomy vale
That leaves the world a clearer trail
When youve done your best and it ull
comes wrong
A smile Just seems to help along
It makes you feel not alls so bad
If someone acts the least bit glad
When you start the day with a cheery
Though your work seems endless
mile on mile
Its queer how quickly it disappears
Allaying all your useless fears
Somehow or other the chap who
The one who calmly bears his trials
The one who smiles where troubles
Is the chap whos doubly sire to win
Detroit News
Political Advertisement
Carl R Kimball
Republican Candidate
Is a practical farmer and a
successful business man
lias been tbree times elected
a member of the Ohio Legisla
ture and is Speaker of the
Your support at the primar
ies August 10 is respectfully
Docket 23 Page 1G0
Notice is heieby given that John A
Keeler Berlin Center O has been ap
pointed nnd qualified executor of the
last will and testament of James E
Keeler late of Berlin township Ma
honing county Ohio deceased by the
Probate Court of sold county All
persons interested will govern them
selves accordingly
Probate Judge of Mahoning County Ohio
May 13 1320 17 3
Docket 25 Page 129
Notice Is hereby given that Marietta
Moore R D 3 Canfleld O has been
appointed and qualified executrix of
the last will and testament of Urbane
Moore late of Green township Ma
honing county Ohio deceased by the
Probate Court of said county All
persons Interested will govern them
selves accordingly
Probate Judge of Mahoning County Ohio
June 8 1320 17 3
Docket 25 Page 116
Notice is hereby given that Adam
Easton R D Poland O has been ap
pointed and qualified administrator
will annexed of the estate of Margaret
Easton late of Springfield township
Mahoning county Ohio deceased by
tho Probate Court of said county All
persons Interested will govern them
selves accordingly
Probate Judge of Mahoning County Ohio
May 24 1920 17 3
Docket 25 Page 1C9
Notice Is hereby given that Wm E
Wire Columbiana O has been ap
pointed nnd qualified executor of the
last will and testament of Samuel
Wire late of Springfield township Ma
honing county Ohio deceased by the
Probate Court of said county All
persons Interested will govern them
selves accordingly
Probate Judge of Mahoning County Ohio
May 22 1120 17 3
Docket 25 Page 1C7
Notice Is hereby given that Wallace
H Blott It D 2 Warren O has been
appointed and qualified administrator
of the estate of Samuel J Blott late
of Jackson township Mahoning coun
ty Ohio deceased by tho Probate
cifurt of said county All persons in
terested will govern themselves ac
Probate Judge of Mahoning County Ohio
June 7 1920 17 3
Docket 25 Page 1C5
Notice is hereby given that George
S Bishop Poland O has Ibeen ap
pointed and qualified executor of the
last will and testament of Lauren W
Stewart lato of Poland township Ma
honing county Ohio deceased by the
Probate Court of said county All per
sons interested will govern themselves
Probate Judge of Mahoning County Ohio
June 22 1920 17 3
Docket 25 Page 192
Notice is hereby given that George
B Shrader and Blaine W Shrader
North Jackson O have been appoint
ed and qualified executors of the last
will and testament of George W
Shrader late of Berlin township Ma
boning county Ohio deceased by the
Probate Court of said county All
persons Interested will govern them
sehes accordingly
Probate Judge of Mahoning County Ohio
June 29 1920 17 3
Docket 25 Pago 187
Notice Is hereby given that Thomas
Varley Youngstown O lias been ap
pointed and qualified executor of the
last will and testament of Thomas
Flannlgan late of Canfleld township
Mahoning county Ohio deceased by
the Probate Court of said county All
persons interested will govern them
selves accordingly
Probate Judge of Mahoning County Ohio
July 3 1920 17 3
Docket 25 Page 171
Notice Is hereby given that Louisa
Kendig Canfleld O has been appoint
ed and qualified administratrix of the
estate of J iM Kendig late of Canfleld
township deceased by the Probate
Court of said county All persons In
terested will govern themselves ac
Probate Judge of Mahoning County O
December 11 1919 173
Suffered Intense Pain
A few yearB ago when visiting
relatives in Michigan something I had
eaten brought on an attack of cholera
morbus writes Mrs Celesta
Macon Mo I Buffered Intense
pain and bad to go to bed I got a
botUe of Chamberlains Colic and
Diarrhoea Remedy and one doee re
lieved the pain wonderfully I only
took two or three doses but they did
the work Adv
Job printing orfiera earefvnr End
promptly executed at tfce Dispiteh
Subscribe fox Tbe Dtepatcb
- sftAU -- dgiiJi Hi
uf 1
and sometimes more
or how little you can save
you will find a cordial wel
come and a savings pass
book here
Take a step ahead todaj
Start saving here where
savers receive 5 per cent
nnd sometimes more
The Home Savings -and
Loan Company
Federal and Chestnut Streets
32 State Street
Your Childs Eye
You are responsible for the sight of
your child Watch out for frowns for
squints and when they read of look
at picture books do they hold It too
near or too far These little things
grow faster than tho child and rfn
many case3 can be overcome if discov
ered In time
I Especially Insist on You Bringing
the Children In
Defects of vision never disappear of
their own accord and In most cases
they grow worse Its a duty you owe
your child and I can provo by tho test
if I can fit them which Is free and you
dont have to help pay for somo worth
less Instruments in the testing room
I dont want your money if 1 cant fit
you Come in
T D Carpenter
Phone 107 Canflsld Ohio
Docket 25 Pago 171
Notice Is hereby given that Eliza
beth B Patterson Canfleld O has
been appointed and qualified adminis
tratrix of the estate of William Patter
son late of Canfleld township Mahon
ing countyOhio deceased b the Pro
bate Court of said county All per
sons Interested will govern themselves
Probate Judge of Mahoning County Ohio
May 25 1920 17 3
Docket 25 Page 155
Notice Is hcraby given that John
Tanner West Austlntown O has been
appointed nnd quallfled administrator
of the estate or Mary Tanner Into of
Austlntown township Mahoning coun
ty Ohio deceased by tho Probato
Court of said county All persons in
terested will govern themselves ac
Probato Judge of Mahoning CountyrOhlo
May 7 192U 17 3
100 Reward 100
The readers of this paper will be
pleased to learn that there la at least
one dreaded disease that science hag
been able to cure In all Its stages and
that is catarrh Catarrh being greatly
Influenced by constitutional conditions
requires constitutional treatment Halls
Catarrh Medicine is taken Internally and
acts thru the Blood on the Mucous Sur
faces of the System thereby destroying
the foundation of the disease giving the
patient strength by building up the con
stitution and assisting nature in doing Its
work The proprietors have so much
faith in the curative power of Halls
Catarrh Medicine that they offer One
Hundred Dollars for any case that it falls
to cure Send for list of testimonials
Address F J CHENEY CO Toledo
Ohio Sold by oil Druggists 76c
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July Clearance Sale
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money during this month Why not be wise this week
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Seasonable Housefurnishing
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Kiibber Jar Rings dozen 10c
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Jelly Glasses with tin covers largo size dozen 75c
Tomato Strainers with perforated tin bottom each 29c
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No 1 Galvanized Tron Tubs 155
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Filet Not and Madras Curtains very pretty patterns
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Notice is hereby given that a special
election will he held In the Ellsworth
Rural School District Mahoning coun
ty Ohio between tho hours of 530
a m and 530 p m on Tuesday tho
10th day of August 1920 at the regu
lar voting precincts to determine
whether nn additional tax levy of not
exceeding three mills outside of all
limitations for a five year period be
ginning with the 1920 taxes shall be
made in accordance with the pro
visions in ssctlon 5649 5 and 5619 5a of
the General Code of Ohio as amended
by House BUI G15 for the purpose of
meeting the local expenses in operat
ing the schools of said Ellsworth Rural
School District 15 4
Notaries Public
Telephone 4a
Canfleld O
William J Butler whose place of
residence is unknown will tako notice
that on tho 25th day of May A D
1920 Samuel Morenz Hied hla petition
in tho Court of Common Pleas of
Mahoning county Ohio against him
praying therein for a judgment against
said William J Butler in the sum of
Two Thousand and Nina Hundred and
Soventy elght Dollars and Filty cents
237850 and he will further take
notice that an attachment was lssuei
in said action against the property of
said William J Butler and levied upon
city lot No 27435 on the oily plat of
Youngstown as tho same Is now num
bered Said William J Butler is re
quired to answer said petition on or
before the 14th day of August A D
1920 or Judgment will be taken ac
E N Brown Attorney for Samuel
Moranz 136
Patronize Dispatch adventising
am Ohio McCULLOCHS wm omo
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i ii

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