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Red Clover and Timothy Should
Not Be Depended On En
tirely for Maximum Crops
No Perennial Hay Plant Will Produce
Well on Poor Sandy Soil Most
Grass Seeds Are Small and
Require Good Seedbed
Prepartd by the United States Depart
ment of Agriculture
While timothy and red clover un
doubtedly nre the best liny crops on
good soils In the northeastern quarter
of the United States they should by
no menns be depended on to produce
maximum yields of soils Other hny
crops nre better stilted nntl nre more
dependable In some cases and under
particular soil conditions Alslke clo
ver for esntnple Is better adapted to
sour and moist soils than common red
clover and the two mixed together and
seeded on some uplands often Insures
a crop where the latter seeded alone
would fall lteutop is the best wet
land grass and on such land a mixture
of red top meadow fescue and alslke
clover usually gives good returns
While no hay grasses can be depend
ed upon to make a commercial crop on
poor lond redtop orchard grass and
itall oats grass are better than any
others These nre facts discussed In
detail in Farmers Bulletin No 1170
Jlealows for the Northern States
Jus Issued and ready for distribution
by the United States Department of
Hag Bulk of Tame Hay Acreage
In that section of the United States
north of and Including Tennessee and
east of central Nebraska Kansas and
the Dakotas Is found 8S per cent of
ithc tame hny acreage of the nation
Eighty eight per cent of this acreage
is seeded to timothy and clover While
these two plants undoubtedly will con
tinue to hold the popularity they now
possess there nre n number of other
plants which though not so well
I known nre more desirable for pnrtlcu
lar purposes and for certain conditions
of soil nnd climate The latter are
given special attention In the bulletin
Field of Bur Clover
i There Is lttle difference of opinion
as to the plnnts to be seeded on rich
well drained lnnd Timothy is seeded
alone If the hny Is to be sold on the
market and timothy and clover often
mlxed with redtop where part or all
of the hay Is utilized on Tie farm
jSorae of tie advantages of Jljejje pionts
are that iiiejt ijjfve good seed jiatyJtS
especially timothy nnd redtop lied
Ipver ja gdlMfed Teguffie an3
his a beneficlnr effect on succeeding
Timothy Is considered by feeders
the best hay for horses and clover
or clover and timothy mixed product
better yieldB and are excellent for ct
tie and sheep Tne coifiparatively loijfi
period during which these plants may
lie left standing without serious de
terioration before cutting together
with the fact that the time of their
maturity interferes little with the har
vesting of the cereals and other farm
work have much to do with their pop
The most serious objection to the
ed clover and timothy mixture Is due
to the difference In time of their ma
turity the former usunlly being ready
1J0 cut two weeks before the latter
For tnls reason mammoth clover a va
riety of the common red which is
somewhat later In maturing is some
times substituted for rtti clover In the
There are many soils along the
aoutbern border of the area under dls
jcusslon which will give a larger hay
jjrleld if seeded to orchard grass tall
oats grass and alslke clover than If
iceeded to timothy redtop and red clo
ser These soils are usually poor In
-organic matter and are Inclined to
e eour It U Important that this
fBlxture be cut when the plants first
Jbead out for If harvesting is delayed
Jtbey will make a tough leu palatable
pay This Is especially true of or
chard grass If cut early however
WU iy Will bt re llshed by all classes
yjl lilt Bim v v fccuiwi uov iu mc
localities referred to the bulletin
recommends the following mixture
Orchard grass 14 pounds tall oats
jrass 12 pounds alslke clover 6
founds per acre
Qlves Best Result
i Raising bay on poor land Is not sat
iafactory but when It U necessary
JIs mixture gives best results In
Kme places In the Middle West ewett
clever has given good results under un
promising soil- conditions Accord
tag to the bulletin no perennial
bay plants will produce well on poor
jsandy soil Under such soil condi
tions however some temporary crop
0ach as rye or oats and peas and
Along- the Atlantic coast early sor
Jum and cowpeas are preferable to
jperennlal bay crops
The best temporary hay plants are
fbe small grains seeded either alone
0r In mixture with some legume such
s peas vetch or crimson clow Mil-
MaYHti - stosw - ------ w -- - -
aMWflWftSBMMggttMI Him iiiiililWMltiii m ft ymiMiM yHTiHi
ra nrc sTOienmes useu tor tnis pur
pose as are sudan grass and coarse
forage such as corn and sorghum In
the northern states a combination of
onts nnd Canndn field peas makes a
very good hay crop Excellent results
hrve been obtained In eastern Mary
land nnd Virginia with the following
mixture Onts 1 bushel hairy retch
30 pounds white blooming crimson clo
ver 10 pounds per acre
In order to avoid losing the use of
land for art entire season nnd to per
mit late summer and cnrly fall seed
ing grass crops usnnlly follow small
grains The seedbed should be pre
pared ns soon as possible after the
grain Is harvested As a three Inch
mellow seedbed with firm soil beneath
will give better results for summer
seeding than one that Is deeper tne
disk harrow Is usually used In place
of the plow for prepnrlng lnnd for
grass Most grass seeds nre very
small and must hnve a fine mellow
well pulverized surface soil In order
that the seedling mny become estab
lished A good seedbed may mean the
difference between the -success nnd
fnlhire of the hny cop
Use Too Little Seed
Most fanners use too little grnss
evt for best results according to the
bulletin Itlch lnnd with a well-prepared
seedbed does not require ns
much seed ns thin lnnd or land poorly
fitted From 20 to 30 pounds of seed
per ncre are generally sufficient and
this rate Is usually more profitable
than lighter seedlngs of mixtures
Sinnll seeded grasses such or red top
nnd timothy do not require so heavy a
seeding as orchard grass or rye grass
Usually 10 pounds of timothy or 0
pounds of redtop are sufficient when
these arc seeded alone
In order thnt the seed may get n
good start It Is frequently advlsohle
to apply some readily available fer
tilizer Formerly the grain crop re
ceived the fertilizer but experiments
linvc demonstrated that when It Is ap
plied to the grass it will not only In
crease the yield of this crtv but fre
quently show beneficial effects on suc
ceeding crops for two or three yenrs
Top dressings of siiltnble mnnure will
Increase the yield of hny and there
Is probably no better crop than grass
on which to apply It A great deal
of grass and clover seed Is wasted
every ytar from seeding on sour ot
acid soils Applications of lime cor
rect this condition nnd should be mndi
particularly where legumes are to
be grown
Records Often Are Weans
Saving Working Costs
Farmer Enabled to Determine Num
ber of Days of Man and Horse
Power Necessary to Produce
an Acre of Any Crop
A record kept of farm labor Iocs
not require mueh time yet It Is often
the menns of saving labor costs The
labor records show Just how much
labor and tenm work Is required on
each crop nnd the time In the season
when it Is used They should show
what proportion of the Inbor Is de
voted to work that produces an In
come nnd the nmmint that Is consumed
on odd Jobs of unproductive tasks
This will enable the fnrmer to de
termine the number of days of man
und horse labor necessary to produce
an acre of any crop or the enre of
uny class of animals for a j ear sajfi
the United States Department of Agri
culture Thus he may he able to re
arrange his system of management
so tlint fie coii gel along with less
labor rmdi ut the same time maintain
A carj3 InTtor records show also
JuiTt uqvv much man power and horse
fjower Is necessnry to run the entire
farm M different fieTTsotis 8nd point
out accurately Jilht when the rush sen
Ifu3 occiir With such records before
him the fnrmer knows approximately
what his labor requirements will be
In advance of the rush season He
s nble to Increase or decrease the
different farm enterprises and fit them
together until he has outlined a com
plete years work with an even load
of labor for the entire season
Vibration Tends to Loosen BolU Nuts
and Various Connections Which
Need Tightening
AH screws and nuts on gas englne
should be kept tight The engine
should be gone over every day or so
when It Is used and all connections
tightened and all oil and dirt wiped
off Such practice will go far toward
preventing operating troubles since
all gns engines vibrate to some extent
Hnd this vibration tends to loosen
Units nuts and other parts
New Sllverplatlng Process
More than 100 per cent increase 1n
the output of electroplating vats It
gained by the recent discovery of an
Pnt llsh metallurgist The method
of applying the neyv process as used
at Sheffield In sllverplatlng is merely
to add potassium carbonate to the
plating bath Instead of neutralizing
that already present l Introducing
barium cyanide as u oroinaniy iw
practice The sjlver deposit obtatneC
he new way Is declared to equal
If not surpass In quality any at
fompllshed by the old method Pop
ular Mechanics Mugatlne
No Conception of Money
Myrtle Isnt It too badt She hai
hnoifttelv no conception of whal
money Is for
Jane Tea they say she erea has
avlngs account KansaB Olty Star
Talk It Up
Budd Who originated the phrase
4say ltavKh flowers r
Judd I guess it was the man wb
put oral in floral
tin tdai of rattier Uuape ateacSs
te T Uaoalng Dfapatcfa
i iw
T WWtlk
jfifePryijB SftrWiji
1 ii -- - - - - - - - -v
rttsT5jm vaKmlfiusf w jT
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Prosecutor I was until you cross
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Judge How Is It you havent a law
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Prisoner As soon as they found out
that I hadnt stolen the money they
wouldnt hare anything to do with the
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what man eats he becomes
Peggy Dear me You must be
atlng practically nothing
n Both Senses
Man wants but little here below
The poet quite forgot
The man about to build a hour
Ha always wants a lot
lira Enpeck Henry I bare polttl
cal ambltlonB
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fining your bosslsm to a certain party
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What you quoting
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la the air
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failed miserably and are dependent on the bounty of
98 per cent of all Americans are living from day to
day on their wages a loss of their jobs means what
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Canfield Ohio
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him tell me how he managed to raise such all fired
big top-market-price hogs Ho had beat us all for
2 yenrs hand running
When he confessed it was HOG TONE that he
got from your storro that helped him turn the trick
I looked up your offer again in the local paper It
read fair and square to me I took you up follow
ed the directions ill using HOG TONE and when the
hogs that had been given HOG TONE wore weighed
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ber of pigs of the same age that hadnt got any HOG
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on for 4 years continually dffering HOG
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hogs at the manufacturers risk -
So what good reason have you for not
immediately accepting this offer when we
come straight out and say
We Will Give You on 60 Days Time All The
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day for six weeks and after that once a week
Thoroughly proved on Avalon Farms near Fort Wayne Indiana
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contracting Cholera Rheumatism Scours Thumps caused by worms
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appetites aids digestion makes them thrive and put on flesh fast
4V i
- 5
Canfield Ohio mmm0r 1
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I I I M l I I I li
inn HHinninii namwnirinimnimB i i iL i m lJif

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