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The Belmont chronicle, and farmers, mechanics and manufacturers advocate. (St. Clairsville, Ohio) 1848-1855, January 14, 1853, Image 3

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meeting that adopter! it, etch and ill knew
thnt tlio charge wan fnltt or cite they arc 1
more ignorant than wo believe them to bo.
It in time they had quit such slander of the
Whig party. And yet. there wcro thoso in
that meeting who wcro rationing on the sal
aries of office, which they ohtuined by the
aid of Whig votea. Wo hope our Whiga will I
boar these slander in remembrance when '
. Ihey ore njraiti solicited for tlu-ir votes.
OTWHr little clique wua headed in their 1
choice for Governor. Tho Hawbucks defeat
ed the Miamls, and Medill was nominated, I
and Mnnypenny defeated. Well, Ham Me- 1
Ury will no doubt whip himself in, and then '
whip in all others our little clique included.
The following persons were nominated: i
Governor, W. Medill; Lieut. Governor, A. !
A. Bliss; Treasurer, J. G. Breslin; Attorney, 1
G. McCook. '
OirThe Cleveland and Pittsburgh Rail- I
Toad have declared a semi-annual dividend of j
six per cent. Their stock is now at n pre
mium of six per cent.
OThe Columbus and Cleveland Railroad '
is unable to do the business offered, and a
double track will be laid on part of tho road '
soon as practicable. Their stock is at a
premium of thirty-three per cent.
OMr. JosErH Bell, of Union township (
in tjtis county, killed two hogs this winter.one
of which weighed 600J pounds, and the other ,
397 pounds. Now wo hope that those o( our f
cotemporarics who have been bragging over '
their pigs will stop their squealing.
(fc-There were many thousands of persons
al Wheeling, on Tuesday last, to witness the
arrival of the Cars on the Railroad from Bui- a
timore. The Legislatures of Maryland and I
Virginia, with the Governors, &c. &c. were '
in the train. They did not arrive as soon as '
was expected, and many were disappointed.
We hope the day is near at hand when the
railroad whistle will be familiar to all our
citizens. Speed the Cars! .
For the Chronicle
' It seems to bo expected by somo, who, I 6
think, have not considered the subject care- .
fully, that the decree of the Supreme Court
of the U. S. that the Wheeling Bridge was
an unlawful structure, and a nuisance, and
the act of Congress, declaring it a Post Route,
are in conflict, aijti ijiny lead to serious difficul- J
ties. To me, ItWwrns, that there is no con
flict whatever, between the decree and the
act of Congress. Congress did not take tho
ground that the Bridge was lawfully erected,
but, it in fairly irtferible from tho action of j
Congress, that thut department considered
the decree of the court right. Assuming
that the Bridge was an unlawful structure,
and having the power to make it lawful, Con
gress passed the act.
By operations of this act the Bridge ceases
to be what it was, when the decree of the
court was pronounced, a nuisance. Suppose .
a court should pronounce an obstruction in .
one of our public roads a public nuisance, and
before it is removed the road should be vaca-
ted, the ustirruct, or trie state or county, in '
the soil, wherethe obstruction was, would be
extinguished! the soil would become private
property, and the obstruclion would cease to
be a public nuisance.
It may be further illustrated by a case be
tween indiv iduals. If A, be fuund guilty of
having trespassed upon the land of B. by build
ing a fence, or putting in a crop on iiis land,
and after verdict, and judgment, buys the land
of B, he would no longer be a trespasser.
There would be no more propriety in the
court orderingUie Wheeling Bridge removed,
now, than there would be in a plaintiff" in
ejectment ordering out an execution to eb
tain possession of the lands for which he had
recoveyd a judgment, and had afteawards sold
to the defendant.
Ilium not greatly mistaken, we shall hove
no war, and no more than fuint rumors of
Extracts from a Speech of Mr. Brown,
member of Congress from Mississippi, .on
Cuban affairs, in reply to remarks of Sir.
Veneable of North Carolina.
"When the gentleman (Mr Veneable.) and
myself atood hand to hand, and shoulder to
Bhoulder battling for what we conceived to
be our rights upon the shores of the Pacific,
what were we battling for, but for a country
to which southern slavery could be carried!
When we resisted the surrounding of the
southern States by a cordon of free States, it
was, sir, that slavery might not be circumscri
bed, that it should have room to expand. We
desired California kept in u condition that
the slaves of southern States could be carried
there. I confess it here, as I confessed it
when the matter was under discussion, and if
I go for tho acquisition of Cuba, or for any
other territory in the South, let it be distinct
ly understood now, an cutlet for slavery. I
am for extending the area of slavery. In
such extension, I sec safety to the Soulh, and
no harm to the rest of the Union.
I desire to know whether, under any cir
cumstances, the gentleman would be willing
to annex Cuba as a free State if slavery did
not exist there.
Mr. BROWN. I do not think that t would
readily consent to it, and the gentleman
might have gathered us much from my re
marks before. I said I wanted to acquire
this territory as an outlet for sluvory, as a
meant of extending the area of slavery. I
will do nothing under a disguise. I will
practice no fraud or deception upon anybody,
personally or politically. I do not Bay that I
would not be in favor of the annexation ol
Cuba under any circumstances; but I contest
thst a vast tmount of my zeal and enlhusiasn
would ooze out very suddenly, if I knew l
was coming to us as a free Stale. I want it
and I want it as a slave State, and as an out
let for slavery. In a military, and in a com
mercial point of view, its acquisition wouh
be vastly desirable, even ss a free State
But I will no longer detain the committee.
Stand from Under.
Babks Failed G. P. Lewis wit in
formed this morning by telegraph, (says th.
Plain Dealer,) that the "Farmer's Bank o
Onondago," and the "Merchant's and Median
to' Bank,'' of Oswego, N. Y., have failed
Mjjgggj II I tBBjj
frrA bill to prohibit the circulation ofbljlt
if a less denomination thin Ave dolltrs haa
lecn introduced Into the House. Are we to
in- ! that dead and buried humbug dug up and
;nlvanized again 1 What arrant nonsense!
Paincsville Til.
0J7"Tlio first shad of the seastjn was caught
n the Savannah river on the 1 4th Inst. It
told for (35 ! a hotel keeper in Maron
becoming the purchaser.
fJrA very large emigration is about to
itart from Hamburg, via Liverpool, fur the
Mormon settlements in Utah.
OiTA New York letter in the Philadelphia
'nquirorsays: "I have just been inspecting
i number of stereotype plates cast in gutta
lercha. The mould it of the same msterial,
ind the letters nil come up with a fair face.
Phe impressions from these plates are perfect,
iid if it works as well as it at present
iromises to do, there must be complete
evolution wrought in the business of stcrco
yping. O-Why is the first chicken of a brood like
ho foremast of a ship !
Because it's a little for'ad of the main
frrlt is said that 3,000 tons of tobacco
nice are nnnually squirted over the face of
Hod's creation.
frirLongfellow calls Sunday the "golden
:lasp which bindstogcther the volume Of the
Railroads in Missouri. The Legislature
if Missouri are granting charters for a
lumber of new Railroads. The Northern
Railroad bill has passed both houses by large
najorities, and the Pacific Railroad bill the
Uenate. The latter bill grants lands to the
Pacific Railroads for its construction south of
he Osage, with one million State credit to
outh-western branch; Pacific Railroad, by
efferson City, to any point in Jackson
ounty, to be built in five years, and grunts
me million additional State Credit. Tin
ccounts and stock of the two routes to he
:ept separate. All present subscribers and
State credit to be solely applied to the Pacific
tailroad to Jackson county. Thut portion
if land due to the road, from St. Louis to the
loint of branching, to be applied to the
'acific Railroad.
OTHous Drowned. We hear that a
rove of 400 hogs were drowned on Thursday
light last, a short distance beyond R jckford,
a. They were penned in a bo'.orn, and the
Hidden flooi1 washed thorn away. The owner
vas awating an opportunity to send them to
Cf5The Fulton county Democrat is rather
ievere on the Legislature. Speaking of the
roposition to repral the act for publishing
he laws in the county newspapers, the editor
hus remarks:
Would it not look full as well did these
exceedingly economical servants of the peo
ile commence their retrenchment a little near
er home. Just look at them for the last few
ears: Pleasure trips at expense of the State;
lyster suppers at expence of theStafe; if the
ery dignified representatives wish to play
it n game of romp, or ball, or blind-man's
luff in the Legislative halls and raise a general
ow and break things, and the State house
satches fire and is burnt the Stute has a
oug purse and is able to pay. Last winter
n a spirit of retrenchment they raised their
wr diem from three to four dollars a day, made
vindy cpwaalio mid steeaotted tho mrooicn,
"rom January to May, and then adjourned to
spend another winter
"Grinding away at four dollars per day!''
Consistancy, verily thou art a jewel!
WHEELING, Jan. 11.
Flour 64,25
Muckercl No. 1. $15
2. 0,50
3. $10
Dried Apples Si 87
" Peaches $2,75
Wheat 7585c
Oats 35c
Corn 4550c
Butter, keg 10
N. O. Molasses 32c
S. H. " 46c
Hams 10
Shoulders 8J
N. O. Sugar 6Jbj
Clover seed $5,00
Flax seed 90
January. 11.
FLOUR Sales 100 bbls at $4,27; 100 ex
tra at $4,50, 40 do do, at $4,45; 40 s. f. and
extra at $4.33ffl$4,43.
BULK MEAT Sales, 50,000 lbs shoulders
at 7 cts.
GRAIN Sales 100 bus oats at 65; 115 do.
do. at same; 115 bus corn at 45 all from first
BACON Sales of shoulders at 8, and
hams at 1 1.
SUGAR Sales of 11 hhds at 5, and 30
do. at 6.
COFFEE Sales of 60 bags at 9 3-4(3 10.
MOLASSES Sales of 30 bbls, in lots to
country at 32.
PEA NUTS Sales 400 bus at 95 cents V
WHISKEY Sales 25 bbls and 35 do at 22.
HAY Sales 15 loads at $10 O ton.
TALLOW Sales 50 bbls. at 9$, cash, and
202 bbls on private terms.
New York, Jan. 10 Exchange on Londor
8jlcC9i. Cotton advance ; sales 800 bales
Cofl'ee: Sales 200 bags Rio at 9J9, quiet
Sugar: Sules 50 boxes Havana at 54, firm
Molassesi Sales N. Orleans at 33. Whiskey
Sales C000 bbls Prison at 25J, firmer. Pro
visions: Mess Pork $18,87 19; Prime $Ki
Mess Beef $13,25fa)13,50, firm. Hogs scare
and wanted et7j(38J. Lard llj,lli,heuvy
Butter plenty at !418. Sales 200 Hams u
10jll; Shoulders 7$8, easier. Flour
Sales 5,600 bbls State at $5 50; Ohio $5,C8(!
I 6,75; Southern $5,62(Sj5,76, easier. Wheat
no sales; Western $1,3001,32. Sales 25,
I 000 bushels while and yellow Corn at88O90
mixed, nominal.
Cincinnati, Jan. 10 Evening. Flou
' 2000 bbls sold forenoon $4,50, best. Th
news per America, checked operations so
J market clused dull and unsettled. Whisk)
good demand at 17ji, an advance, owin
' to light receipts. Sales 200 bu Rye 58; 30
do Outs, from store 33$. Cheese dull 8
Butter 1819, heavy, moderate demani
Clovcrsecd $5,605,75, 60 bbls Turpentin
' 671. Linseed Oil, 68 bbls at 68, 100 bb
f City, 70. Sugar, 200 hhds 4 l-86$, con
mon to prime. Demand good and firm. 110
" bbls Molussts at -i iaa.
The Ohio Democratic Convention parsed
resolution rcsfflrming the platform of 1862, .
thst the separation of the Stale monies from
banking institutions it indispeiisibly neces
sary to the safety of the funds; arid that an
Independent Treasury has accomplished nil
that hat been expected from It. Thnt the J
Democracy Will favor a siinilnr arangemrnt I
for keeping and disbursing the public funds,
and that the State and county treamircrs ,
should refuse tho notes of all banks refusing to
pay taxs. That tho extension of European
dynasties on any portion of the American con
tinent, or in its vicinity, should be resisted by I
the whole power of the Federal Government, I
and that the Democracy of Ohio regard the
annexation of adjacent provinces, at the ear- '.
Host moment, as consistent with nutional ,
honor, and as the manifest destiny of the A
merican republic.
Full confidence is expressed in Franklin
Pierce, tnd the Democracy of Ohio accord to j
his administration their cordial support. j
A motion to endorse the Baltimore platform
was considered, and afterseveral amendments
and an animated discussion, it was laid on the
table. 1
The Convention then adjourned fine die.
Gen. Pierce's Cabinet.
It is reported that Senator Soule has lately
received a telegraphic despatch from Concord; (
stating that Gen. Pierce has fixed opon thej,
following Cabinet: Mr. Hunter, of Va., for j ,
the State Department; Mr. Slidel, of La., fori.'
the Treasury; Mr. Dix, of N. Y., for Secretary '
of War; Mr. R. W. Johnson, of Ark., for Jl
Secretary ofthc Navy; Mr. Bright, of Ind., 1 j
Secretary ofthe interior; Mr. Medary.ofOhio,
for Post Master General; Mr. Nicholson, of h
Tenn., for Attorney General.
Chance for the Girls. The young ij!
men mining for gold in Australia, have senta
home for a hundred single females, to make
wives of them. A vessel has been charterd in
England to carry out 560 their passage to 11
be paid by tho hopeful benedicts on the li
nrrival ofthe cargo at tho gold diggings. Two "
hundred "licenses" are granted weekly hy "
llie clergy and as soon as an emigrant ship
heavB in sight proposals ore made to every
young lady on board, with a speaking
trumpet. a
India Rubber Ovcrslw.s. The Scientific
American says, that although inula rubber
overshoes arc excellent for walking in tho 1
street, during wet weather, or when there is t
a thaw with snow upon the ground, they .
should never be worn at any other time, and
should be tuken off as soon as the wearer 1
enters a house.
They prevent perspiration in a great
measure, and are only useful as a lesser evil
than getting the feet completely wet from
outside water.
Iaxvaky 1 1
2 3 4 5 0 7 8 J
9 10 11 12 13 14 15 1
16 17 18 19 20 21 22 .
23 24 25 26 27 28 29 !
30 31
February 1 2 3 4 6
e n a o 10 1 1 ic
IS 14 16 16 17 18 19
20 21 22 23 24 25 26
27 28 !
March 1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16 17 18 19
20 21 22 23 24 25 26
27 28 29 30 31
April 1 2
3 4 6 6 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14 15 16
17 18 19 20 21 22 23
24 25 26 27 28 29 30
May 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
8 9 10 11 12 13 14
15 16 17 18 19 20 21
22 23 24 25 26 27 28
29 30 31
June- 12 3 4
5 6 7 8 9 10 11
12 13 14 15 16 17 18
19 20 21 22 23 24 25
86 27 28 29 30
July 1 2 j
3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14 15 16 1
17 18 19 20 21 22 23
24 25 26 27 28 29 30
August 1 2 3 4 5 6
7 8 9 10 11 12 13
14 15 18 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25 20 27
28 29 30 31
September- 12 3
4 6 6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15 16 17
18 19 20 21 22 23 24
35 26 27 28 29 30
October 1
2 3 4 5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20 21 22
23 24 25 26 27 28 29
30 31
November 1 2 3 4 6
6 7 8 9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16 17 18 19
20 21 22 23 24 25 26
27 28 29 30
December 12 3
4 5 6 7 8 9 10
ll 12 13 M 15 16 17
18 19 20 21 22 23 24
25 26 27 28 29 30 31
ECLIPSED. There will be three eclipses
1 this year; two of the Sun and one of the
: Moon. Both eclipses of the Sun will be in
9 visible in this latitude. The eclipse of the
: Moon will he visible on the 21st of Juno.
In Partition.
' Andraw Myera el al, t$: Samuel Williama at al.
e TJY virtue or an order of asl In me duelled Iroiii UK
,1 1 Cburl ol Common I'leaaol Itelumnl 1,'ounly, Ohio, al
UiePapteuilicriBrni, uf IWW, I will oiler lor nale al tin
', from door of the t'oun lluiie In St. Claimville, in aui
. County, on the ISth day of February, a. d. 1KS:i, hctww'i
thohoiiraof 1U o'clock a. tl and 4 oclor.k r. m. 01 aid ilat
0 the following denmlxid Real Kniatc ituate Ivllli and lie
, inn in the County or llelmont and Stale or Ohio, a
' hounded and deaerihed at follow, lowii: and tcini tin
1 eathalf of lit norlli w eal quarter of Section No. 11
Totvnahip No. 5, and Hungc No. 3, MaltlniH eijlitj
acrea of laud, more or lem. Aunraned ;t JI-H0.
JOHN U. NICUol.rt, Sheriff.
Sheriff's OlBee. Jan. If. 1853. 83
0 1 CiAAMNI UBU LEAD iiiat received IK fcsol wl'icl
1 can be had for I f. at
Uec I'J, lH It AliEXANDBK'S DrUg Store.
On the Ilth imt , by the Rnv. Jamn !
Hevdmm, Mr. HI.ATEK BROWN and
Km HAHAH WELLS, both of Colerain '
07"The cake was duly disposed of, with J
nany wishes upon the part of al 1 hands that
he huppy couple might pass soomtlily over
ife's uneven way, that their blessings might
multiply with their responsibilities, and thui
he clote of their lives might be peaceful and
On the 0th int., by the Rev. Jno.
tloftat, Mr. Jnnnjth J. Taggati ..' .M II j
Hint Jane Well. Oath of thie County.
On tho 6th Ir.sl., hy the Rev. Jno. !
ilofTut, Mr. Edward Vtnnay and Mist Bridyil
0'i valin.
At Springvtle, on Tuesday Morning 26th j
lit, by Rev. W. A. Smallwood, Dir.Wm '
! Smith, Esq., of this City to HaKQbR i
.iiiSA, daughter of M. G. D. Evans, of the .
ormer place. Ymihs. City Times.
On the morning of the 7th mat., Samuel
iV. WELLS, in the 3 4th year ol his age.
1c leaves a wife and two smull children, to
gether with large circle of relatives to mourn
lis loss.
mproeetl Ertratt f i'elhin iiutk and h'trtitprtril'Q j
rchl confident that we are duins; a service to a!! who
tai lie ttlTI l clfil with Sr.rifulou and oilier SlaafStfl oriff ,
noting in hereditary tnint or from fmiirif y cf Ike blood. .
Ivt have known Instance, within the pbers of our ac '
uaiiitauce wheie the mwl lormidahie divlcmper,, have
ten rured hy the use of ftuHnttt F.temtt vf i'etloie
Met and HarniiptrUla'trvile?
ll ik one or the few aifterfised medicine that cannot
e Mifmatltaa with quackery, for the " J'WIatl 7watM And ,
10 HMart9.p9iW are well known to he the most effiri- j
nt, (and al the "amc time inoxiouf) tftntl It the whole
'hitcrin Mcdiru, and hy far the bttt and purent prejinia
on of them ia Dr. Gtt'jiott'i i'etloK iiotk and Sara
ritla. inPBet advertisement,
JP"'l'hi' attention of our rradern is called to the advei-
Mpstnt of n ii. T Cow is, Eta.., aient for Um Protection ;
Iterance Company, 'i'helruc theory and practice of in-
lraurc if, in ftW Words, very correctly stated; ind we ,
H command oaf rttdtrstD avail themselves ofthe edvan i
igta,olR)rtd liy tbli old and wcii-tricd notltution.
Thousands of parents w ho use VtrmlfnffS COmposod of
actor Oil. Calomel, Ate, are not aware, that while they
ppttf to I'Oiient th patient .they are actually Ityint Mm
ntadttiot lor a scnea ol diseases, mucu as salivation,
1-. ol 'Bht, weakness of luhbs, Ate.
In another column will he loom! the advertisement of
1 1 1 1 1 1 . Medicines, to which we ask the altoution
1 alldireclly interested in their own a well u tbtlf
Ittlldrtn'i health. In Liter Complaint and all disorders
ri-inu Ooin tlioat of a bfuout typo, tnottkl mtho use t
in only tenulna mertleln't, MohtnaacVtLlvtr Plllo.
rpT3'!!!! not deceived," fiutatli tin HobtntttVa Worn
yrttp ami Liver I'tlls. nnsl obswrvo lltst each has lilt slt
tturt of IBS t roprttWHi Kt.UoBliNSAC'K, as none
lot are genuine.
Administrator's Notice.
VTOTIPK is hrrrtiy piven, that at the Proliant Cottft f'r
A Belmont County, the undersigned was appointed end
MlMed AilnmtiVtraior f ttir eetate of Haiuuc! V.
iVelll, late 'ii Belmont County, deccawetl.
All tboee Indebted to Hid ' Itftte, ar; rcqiichteil to make
m mediate payment: ami iiio having claims ai:air.st
aid estate, are notified to present them tor leUlrmeat
rlttalnone vcar front this date. AUNEB WELL;?.
Jan. 14. IK.;..
Administrator's Notice.
tfOTIGB l hcrohy mven.that at the Prolialr Court for
Belmont County 4 tin un.iiHicnpd w.-ro appointed and
Iti alined a adioini't-tniturri f the ffiate of Hamucl Mc
;onnell, late of Belmon County, deeeaaed.
All thoee Indebted to said eitafo are requested to make
mmedhue payment 1 and those having claims actiinKt
laid aetata, are notttwdto present them for rttiemem
Vlthlnoue year fiom tlii date.
Jan. Mo at.pd. H.MlTaL BHOU9E, Ailrn'r.
AiliniiiiMVatcff Notice.
NOTICE i- hcre'.-y (riven, that at the I'roi.alc Court for
lit I111011I County, the umle reigned were appointed and
j.iaiitleii MAduUnisiratora 01 the eatate of Baeauel Pick
rine, late of Belmont County, decea.-'etl.
All those Indebted toaaid entatn are n ijuested to make
inimedsaie payment t and thne haveng rlaims against
laid estate, are notified to prnactit them ler sett k-men t
ivilhta one year liom thidd.ite.
Jan. 14, ibl; "WILLIAM CALDWELL,
Administrator's Notice.
N OTICE in hereby given that al the ProLato Court for
Belmont Countv.theundetsiiineil was appointed mil
jualitied a Administrator of the aetata ol Ateiandtf Con
nor, ltt; of Belmont county, deceased.
Al' tUOifl md'jlited to naiil e Mate, are rf jested to make
Immediate pajweitij and those liaving tlaitns against
laid estate, are notified to present the n for settlement
within one-ar from this date.
Jan. 1I,1k:i. SVpd ROBEET A. DALLAS.
Ania .' Rotd ) nV virtue or a writ ol venditioni
v, : Tj tapontt to uie directed from the
Samuel 'srae'. Court of. CViniiion PHMat of Btlment
(.'on nty, Ohio, 1 will orler for s.ileat the Iront door of tin
I'ourl House in Kt t laniWe.rit County, on the loth
day ol Fehruary. a. n. lfSS, Wetwaen the hours ot Ul o'
clock . M. and 4 o'clock, l". M. ol aid dtr, the RlllOWln,
Utnda and tenement situate lying and befog in the rotiu
ty 01" BcMuOItt, ami .Stale ol Ohio, and bounded and de
tcribed tt foiloirt, to wit: btlni the undivided half of a
partuf StCtlOt No. 3. in 'lWnhli No. U. and llanee No.
Ofbsglunini for IheHameat llie north wwl corner ol a
tractot laud thai VV in. drove ttnr, died sei.ed ol' and ho
III, the iarlo( said trai t set 0810 .Mary Orovttl Utrdow-l-i
in the Ileal Kslulc of said drove and meted and hounded
an Inllows.lo Wit: begintlng tt the north west comer ol'
said tract at a ettiue, and riHUtlni ea-l one hundred ami
sixty rods to a slake; thence potto 39 & 47-IUU tods lo a
ta:,e; llience soulh -tus west 148 k 40-lOU rods 10 a ateita
aud thence nuitli i west tHjAT-lMI poles, lo the place ol
beilnntUf, cautalntni forty live acres more or less. Ap
praised at $1,110.
Sheriff Office, January 'I, lri3.
,3..j5 joitoTcT Nichols, siieriff.
siiiiitir i 's sai.i:.
The Stale ol Ohio j I'lV virtue ot a writ of Hurius
va: t 1) Vendi r.vpouas to nic direct-
Btnonl W. Botllettl.) to bom tat Court ui fjoatnion
I'l-asof Belmont County Ohio, I will oiler Tor sale at
public out cry al the front dour of the Court Hom e in Si .
Clairsville, in said lountv.un the 15th day of February,
a n. Ir.Kl, helween llie houis ol in o'clock . m. and 4 o'
clock r. M.of said day, the loll .w iim Ileal Estate, situate
ly ill and btiai in the County ol DolniOIlt and Stale ol
Ohio, and hnunid and described as follows, to wil: lie
inB the soulh eaTt quarter ol Section No 34, Township No.
H and Itane No. S, also SO acres on the north sidfc otthe
north west quarter of Htrtloii i3:l, in thu I'uwnship aud
Kan "e aforesaid aud beinj up sme tract or parcel ol
land cunveyed hy MoseS CWoHMI to Mnsos Harris hy
deed, hearing dale April Till 1044.
Sherill 's Olfi- e, this 14lh day uf January a. n. 1P53.
,3 JOHN C. NICHOLS, Sherill'.
John Hanilton Adiuinietrator. $: Thorn m Wiley, and
Hamilton Peebles At Co. ts: Thomas Wiley sOo.
B virtue of two writs one vcndiiioni eapoiios and onf
fieri facias el leva facias lo nie directed from the Conn
of Common I'leaa ui Beluwot County , Ohio, I w ill ami
fOI sale at the front dOOf ul tho Court House in Rt.CltlN
yille, in said cc tv, on the 15lli day of I'el ruary, a. u
1853. between the hours of 19 o'clock a. at, and
! i: m. or Mid day the following Ileal F.stale, Silua'e lyuu
i and heina heini! in llelmunt County, and Stole ul Ohio
aud hounded aud described as followa, town: Lots No
74 and SW, in the town of Martinsville, w ith tlie appor
laatncot ibtrtanto btleu ging.
Ahrriif's Office, Jan. 14, Idj3. .. t
fgjU JOHN O, NICHOLS. PherilT.
siiF.nirr8 ALE.
Williams at f'umninita s: Archil aid fiiffin.
BVvinutoft writ tf teadiUaal exponas toattdirtc
led from llie Court of Common Pleas of Belmont COUt
tv, Ohio, I will offer for sale on Tuesday the lath day o
February, a. p, imh, bttwtta the hours uf Hi o'clock
H and l o'clock p, m. ol said day al the front door ol th
Court House it St. Clairsville in said Coiinly. the follow
lug described lands awlteuttMUtsilluala lying end heiu
in said County and hounded and described as lollows, I
wil: the same being the wast hall ul the south west quai
ler of section No. 0. Township 6, aud Kane 5. bttag I
the district ol lands heretntije nu! J-ct lo sale at Marielti
Ohio, and heuiK the aamejeaotaou which the said Arch
bt'dOiffiu now resides; oenuroing eishty acres mure c
less. Appraised at $I4U0
Shrri it 's Office, January 14th lciyi.
(2,601 JOHN 0. NICHOLS, Sheriff.
Mount Pleasant Hank, es. IktBtttf Martin, etal.
BY vlrtneol auexecutluu tu mudirecled froui the Cou
of Common Pleas of Hehiioiit Culinty, Oliioj I will n
. ler lor sale on Tuesday tlie loth day of l ehruaryla.
lnsj. between the houis uf lu o'clock a. m. aud 4 o'ebx
i. H. of said day at ihe front door ofthe Couit lloi.se,
St. Clairsville in said County, tbe fdllowluf Heal BaU
situate lyini aud being in the county uf llelmuni, at
Slate of Ohio, and bounded and detr.rilied as lollows,
wit: being part ol Sections No: SS A 44, Township No,
1 and Range No. 3 '.uuteiniug one iuiulcd and seven act
more or less. JOHN C. NICHOLS, ShenuT.
ShurlU 'a Office, Jtn. If, 18S3.-4
Jan,. II. H-irl". r. JrKinah Ifnffh.s.
Cae.e la nding In the Ottti tfOnataet Measof Bel
n.oi 1 I oonl , 1 1 to.
NOTICf. lo tliMlsft-ndsnt m this snlt. la her.hy liven,
that deposition, will le laktn in aU ause, on he
half of the Potlthmtr, at the Mayor's riffle, i. Nisi, nil.,
mi tlie State of Ttentottt. 'm Mruiday tl ih day of
February, nttt, between Iht hours ol W o'clock In the
mormuf and si i o'clock in Ihe tttttnf of said day .
II H. OV. I.N . Atl y.lor I'et'r.
Jan. 14, IM, H,
H The WasiiDiMdH QvASM trc or
0fAfd ''"'d to meet in u in form for ptrndi'
ffcW"' ihelr Armory, on Tli.iimt, thr:
W3i:ail o( FieauABr, I853,at I o'clock
W I I'. M. B -irrl.r of
Ho It. F. Hii lev, Ord. Hurg't.
. JpJL, Jan. 1 1, 1 8.03.
St. Olairrville and Belmont County,
At rcc:t fuiiy Infer mat1 ttiai tha nnim$mi as tiw:
Mttsatlaal Aftiitol tit-
Protectk)tl Insurance Co.
Is alw!ij prrparerl lo insure
Goode, Wares an-J MerchandUe from Eaatcrn
(Jit if 8,
! all roiitf p, upon the u.ost fsvoraMe terms. Fiat
li$y sIhu takf n 4 nmajg
I Jan. 14, I863e-lm. D. !) T. COWEV, Agent.
rpllK UAf)( RIBSt Will sll at Puttie T.dn, on
i. 'I iifly I).'- J.",th in!, st lill ratislatsCI in l. nion
"J'owiiftlji p, lltlfu'ritr-onnty, Ohio, some lw at.d a hair
Rilias north of Monisvmn, situate on lh (;rarie Road,
laaeliiii from Morriftlown toflvshmt ,tteMlowsM proa
frty: One dura Iron Gray Htatltou. iiiie 17 hands sfft.rl
ycaroid. Twn work 1 one two Tr wtion, ont
1 (io.8 wason with Kf-rin-B. TliT wt of harntfus. (new,
Twofreah milch Cow. One ceofctng BttrVag 'Buck's
Patent,) onrlot of com m tlM Crlb,OrOCCries, Tin Ware.
f enniTiir Matt alia. Iloinehotil and K Jtrhci furmturf ,
and many other article too Bit tna rows to mtOtion, fcal
lo aomBtatiea at ;U o'clock on paid ('av.
Jan. I4 1-'.:. U BO ROC PAVTC8TT,
N'OTICi; in Ifretiy riven that Err Evitnsor, here
t-ifore, a sMsnbat Ol the Washington (jnards, isnx
ielled ftutn Ml4 roiupany f'r nfflsiMg to iay a fine of
ii Banta, levaMy a-.-, n-. bjsB AH ansnaani of
&itt Uotnpaiijr whttriud any puiltr artsss la tlsa Sassksaaiasl
nf aakj Kvermtn, antl l-ettmciu? ti ttaid 'tiiany are
h rc!y aulhorizeil to take j-ofB.o!i of tin: came, anil
deliver them to me.
lu order nf j. f. UHABLBIIWORTH, Cftpt.
U. F. Rtr-LVT, Ord. UcT't.
P. T. BAT. M B, Si'KL'I T. PARTNER ', II. D. 6c A. B. BEACH,
rnfiE l'riiprif;tors daalra to cuil aUefttiOfi to the fact, that
X Alhikd k. ttiacat baa bacoaia aaaaclatad with Oils!
aoncanii aonttitnitltig an additional capital oi fsu.ouOi
ami that the litoral amount oi $...'), i i'j j now tapaelally
davotad tu its pubiieatlon,
i'Un UlttstrsMd istawa win i.c pabliabad waakty. and
will coniprlMiTxtecti larce iiajen, Itllad with orlltia) and
aalactad letter jires contents, ui the hiirh"t httfrary ('ta:i
danl, ami Willi n ffi al hOkUMf ol lame and ai d-uinf eu
uraviiisit. No aiiiB or epene will ba rprad 10 uro'rict;
the host illuKtraud DaWsaapat in the world, an aece;ua
hie Arealda ttitapaiiion, ai.il an urbaiaaai to the Amen
LRU I'reps.
The Illustrated Newa Will ba a ta.thi'nl and baAtttSM
Pictorial History ot the World, in which caa ami e
yattts in thirt and utlicr couutn , sketcheK aud views in
all pari-oi thu ;.oiie, Portraits ol Public Matt. Beanos
in our Na'iunal Capitol, Autographs ami llnnj rapines ol
Bin I ne tit L'tinracers, aiid all maitt-Ts of ijeneral Intaratt
to tlie COUIUUnitl , H ill I e found promptly illustrated, I n
a'lilitiun lo the Illustrations equal tare it ill I a boatowod
on the News Department, teach num'.ier will contain
tne laient Intaliifance front IlitaraatS Of the couutry, and
rrouuaut approuriaia Illustrations will he (Ivan.
'1 ha auditorial UapailttM nt w ill he placi d under the
aBifga ui K?verai ui i n ntoat atria vrritara In the t inted
BtataatWbo wlUba a--,--.- by Matribniiona fttosa the
most emmcTit Author ami Poeta Of OHf own and atbOf
eonntries. TaJoa and Bketcbea of approved merit will
front time lo tlmi add intoroal to ;ti' ootnntuss aiul aiford
antarta i n mant to all aloaaoa of Um cotnaianity,
nyrbi Publitberi Will a'so Iroui lime to time present
irrattiittjunl; lo thtrir reaular SttuacriOBTS. L:irte and hnnd
aoina Bngravinas. suiiaide (or framaa, Isauod lu the very
beat style, and drawn by the tst artmts oi the United
BlaMHf, which tvililonu a coilectiun oi Pictures alone
worth much more than the cost nf their subscription.
These 1 1 .' i ii . . i ' will emhrace nafnlAaenl views ot
I'uhljc Buihlinvs. Iuiunrt-sJtl I'ttiiiic 'tfiHottf, Uistorl
cai rA-entrt, ,t i.ieriid'ii and l'or i?n llattle-iit'd-'. &t-., itt .
Jf -'l'he y ar Iriit lathe most auspicious ol any, lurifU
tlie past century, lor the couimeiirtiueut of such .sNew -f-paper.
Tho-iJreai U'orhl's Fair, which opeii in Xew
Vork in May next, will be one ui the uiOat nuportaiit a:id
iiileretin!; events which ha--occurred in tins city since
ii foundation. Here willj t congregated Uta tuost perfect
BpeehMonB ul mechanical skill arid manilaChre from all
parts Ofthe civlliaedtilobe. Ail part of the wirld will
contribute the beat ami moht carious productions of Art
end Be lance, ft very citizen of the NOW World will feel
deep interest in the most minute details of tltii Nation
al CongtaeBt ami tho event will be looked hack to, with
profound pleasure, during many ouming yeara.' in order
to present this great BxbTbition to the Public, lu the ntoat
imprensive manner, end to preserve ite details' in the moat
tntereating fbrnt, the HiUftraKti Newa win engrave and
publish, in fntpliuiciitrj and othcrwu'e, lu the liU Uel style
of art, Illustrations or all articles of interest in
the vaatKlbihtttou, accompanied hy tike most interest'
litg descriptions tliereofa The IS rat volume of thi Jour
nal I. besides all if other interest! mr ittustratlons, will be
a Pictorial ft'irychipedia ofthe Kiiiihiliou ui luduntry ol
all Natlbna. intrluBically worth more than ten times Its
cost, not only fur present interest, hut fbi present interest,
preservation ami future refbrenee. Uelni located in tie'
city of New- Viirk, in COUitUUBicatiOU with the Arti-is nf
the United folate;;, and bevillg every facility of pOasesStnl
theniFelves of every detail OODnected with the IVOrtd'i
Fair, the PnMishari ffl aonfidentdf insuring to tbeir
patroiid a puhlu atiofi of if refiier Interest than has hereto
lore e er been presented to the public.
In the iii t olutiiu may aUo beei;.i:ced utiinerotis lfleie
tratinns relative to the .) ; v i Fipedition, aoaasjriaist
nkeiche-' ofthe ships ami steeflMra conspoalng the mojo.
Information ofit mute and progresi, views of barbore,
villagea, itieaftdwelliiaga, antt tne peooje tu Bedpan, ite
liable arrangetneuta are niakiua for these sketches, ai J
for all luforiUitiOB, winch will be received here at the
earllekt date.
It is well known that the Fmpirc of Japan has Tor many
egnturjest excluded ah udionsfrom comerchil iiitorcourae
and has treated witii coneiderable crue'ty the unfortun
ate mariners who have been cast njuu Its allures, its
mauueraud cuatouiadifjbrgreatly from ah other national
it contains many millions of inhabitants, w hu liave matlc
' coiiidiT!i;'Ie progress rn tin; Arts and civiliatioy. All
I knowledge antl Information thereof wbleb Is obtained a
hout Japan, will le ol th" elgbeat tntereal tu all nalions,
and wtll he eagerly you'jht for hy every peron in com
I munitVa Tlte results ofthe bxpedition wil promahliy
mal:ii Japan datoppiflg and refitling depot for our 1 hiua
hound steamers, and for our whalinu fleet. It wil!
doubtless open a wide field for I.tsi-ioiiary enterprise, ami
for hiitiuejts operations ol every deucription. The IIIus
tiated News, in fully portraying tins celebrated Empire
and i-prcadhu' ahro&d correct Illustrations aud deaerlp
tiOUl in regard to it, will therefore be particularly valua
hue ait an Authedlic Descriptive Uietory of Japan.
On account of the XVorhPs Fair, and Japan I'sXpedition
and also in consideration ol delav nud uuceriamty n
procuring hack numbers, the I'lihlihers cannut tot
strongly impress upon the put lie the importance of com
mencius their sul SCriptioSS with the rirnt nuuil er of tin
filet volume, and utuiig the UtatOst care in preserving tin
papers fur blBdingt
At the COncluaion of each volume a handsome titl
pae aud index will be gratuitously ftwalehed Uteputi
tjshers. The pujdtohere will procure, at low ralen, tin
uniform blndina oi the volumes, when desired.
The paper will he furnished at the low price of si:
cents per rnpv, and served to suhsrrihi rs in all the prin
Cipal cities oi the Fniun. It will he for sale at all lb
principal Bookstores and Periodical liota throuliou
the United Slates and Canadies. j
Mftll Subscription Prices. Two Volumes ii
One Year,
One Copy, per volume, pays' le in all cases in.advauce
8 1
Four Copies, do do no do do All
Ten do do do no do do 11) fl
. Trpo-st Masters throughout the ported states are fee
tuaci Airenet, iur this Paper, in receiving ami fur ward in
aulwcrlptlona. All haters should lie addressed, post-pan
Puhlishers "Ilhistratc-s News," New-York.
II. 1). eV A. B. BSAGU, 128 Fulton st, N. V.
James 11. Mu.-'.t-,. 'VOTK'E ! berehy aiven to J
vs: j anuah Hujrbe, ihe a!ovc n
Joaunah lluirhes.) lued defendant, that the alcove II
mad James II. Ilushea, ou the tilth day of llecemhe
r ..'. caused a petition to he tiled in the Clerk's OlVice
' the Court ot Common Plea of Itelmout Foiinty, Oln
pray i ag for a divorce from the said Joannah, for her w
R ful absence from him for three years. Ami notice is al
hereby given to the raid Joamiali that on the 15th day
K January, laselenOjftitioui will he taken In said can
0 ai the Mayor's OtiJ.ee in the OHy of Nashville, in t
- State of TuanceegSj and al l.awiion's Hotel, in Wt
n j Alexandria, in the County of Vatihintu;i, in ihe Sti
i, of Pennsylvania, between the hours of ten o'clock.
1 M and four o'clock P.M. of said day.
ec. It; lHj-J. 4w. fly U. S. Cowic bis Ait'y
Executor's Notice.
N OTICE ir. hereby given that at llie Probate
Utr Rrlimmt county the nndersignrd was copo
rt ted and qualified as en cutors ol llie estute of Bam
r. tVllaon, late uf llelmont rounty, itTffgliifd.
i, AH tlioe indebted to said caUte are t. ,.nr i. ,i to uu
iiiiinediate payment; and IhfleS having f'g'TTlt svai
lh said estate, ate noliftwl to nrr-Hent thetu for scttlein
I., within i in: venr from this uett;.
lti Jan. 7, 1803.-31. ROBF.r.T McWil ltlAMe
AKOTHF.Ii aiiiily nf tie. Lamps, Just rpn ived i
-lor sale ai (M I, 'IS.) OS IH.1RNI5'!
' " -;'
r1MF laftet and ttt wlrii1 sto k of Faorr atd fin.
A pie Ury f.oids w ecr hrouiht to lh f ttv, Jnt un
d at the aim of the IJrjf.DEN BKK-IIIVat, No. (74,
Mini st., Vt hrs'linr, Va. t eusistina of every variety
ol Rich and Htaph frr tlfsrate, kept in mr line. They
have u-en carefully srttvtcd eipnssfy for thi marke-.
And in quantity, tfnntitf, ritrmtff nr are not
etc Hied hy any stock of r ever In Whwlmg. Not
, withstanding tlie msny t'ltimmf thllt al ontchenpCotidn
and ' 'tjxh rites He nm drreired ly them for we can
and will rail every vnrirty of fir f.ootU for Caih, Of
ikert pp,rtti rrrtltt n cheap as any house in Ihe r it y .
all ami for . ir wives aud I convmred, lor we nturf y
lo please. (Her If I8M.) H'l ONK h THUM.
fioi I s 1 1 i t m. HRTAIL
iifiiuiirii-f ,
On UMOrner ol Water anil Monroe mre-i,,
Whnling, Va.,
1VIIKIIK alwav, ran found tl,s larim. chsanr-rt
Itf. lit liaajnal retertH fro,,, Now york p.llasMnhla
. .. ' can I,., hat ol , Kcr V.wl ,H
Wiiir u""v,,,jd- j? r"
I'd I. a k clotl, tntttttUl IWMue.hfOlVn and arrsn
m.; KMMtek, etowt, Mat and petti .cK jl, 'Tt
Nalntaa cotle, tits ttteimtft sloth, " f IW W
various color.; IKS, ,,. Md tWk totteM
tut. bite .,l. nf .1, jo ,,,. t ,"V .1 ru M
do ,a ,n. r'. .t,; 4 tM. ,,,, .r.l,,,t. u ,,oV
coiu.n antsrrahlrta, 4 do. -,,ir un.l.,.i "i, " ,'.
(Mao. u,,d.-,. r m pr. Mar, t , . . .- ,
i.arrnl, Striped and Brllt ,.,(.; Mt m umitSSiJmt.,
all kSufea; nj rtli-neie. ,.,;.,, y, '""'."j
iSt,! cravals; la do,.. hcPk ,(M , TSJaJI
Mff., s.tk and !.,; Mont. neptadtraTtll orioaeVed
itrltei l tot. hall bote; til tot. drawer, ' '"'
S. K. - I'.rt,rl ., ,,id to J'i'''.' ,
all o.drr. ,l I ,ta wm, d..Ulcl'?!.y A Jl ' A '
Oitiiiious or Uu Prcits.
ii.mii;o.-vi u,d , otteoat ltfciM
rm 1 01 . ,wi ,,,.1,-r,,'. , ten .1 a. U. ,,," '
' " ". K boa t vers . . .
tat ol cvnr, Innir .., .he rlolbmt I ins .-tu.'T .
' ion I LoTtllt.,1! at f,r or,.;-, can alwai . I l,.d
ol our fnend A. at. Ada,,,.. MfrWf Tl lEZ lis wT
tat nratu, wi,o f,m kia.itetiHrt nock nfT,,
;.' ...... l.v cad..,, .1 1... ,lX a"; ,ar, ;
. i"r."'e ',""rort'" -c..on nt you, tir on Ai
be do. alarm bwinai. at is a'.i t boIIc4m. i, inoito
"quick sales and .mall ,,r'i." T", ' ; . 1 "d
ihe lad mat l , l. S ,,. , nndet bl7.nVr
Mtt. ancc- snoiiid kt a - ,,, ,,,dure", , ,,' rV'vT,.
nan d,,crd m bnjr, 1., ,. ,.. bin, , t,. ,''
lore, wlio titk iiKj.r own Interert -eocoartje lieme in
.lii-try" l.v .iisddir,, t.,r thread bare tart for t new
1 'iJSJT. fin?, 15fi "2 U' "t D.seo.1,. a. .
J Hl.oJesra.dio ae tiled in ihe rick's
Ofllceori,,,- ( ,.,., Hleea Coon of ltl.ItBtCo.nt7
. it, .-, ,0. ... .-, ,!(. Hj. ,. r't fit a- a, mm 1
Ztoe's Miiion to Iht town of Iin,i7e;;;, f, "nuuiJn
I'.. A ' I' " "II " r".01 "' ' he M ask Coon
lotrtntths praie, olseid petition. "
Pte.3l, St.-. D. n. 7'. CO WW, Ati'y. for ptt'r.
State of Ohio, liclmunt Connt) SS.
Court of Cotiimon Pleas In Chancery.
ioanKickpatrick,! rnRBnM s,, i.0,,,r,i i, hi.r.
-. . , ( 1 I'y notified thai on U11 itj'.l, dai
Simon I.omlMir.l. nl OcmKr, A. D. irtt li e laid
.!,, aniaM ,,1.1 , ,1,, f , .'ommon Flea, of'.he
1 oanty of BtiawM and atete el Obie.abiHIn riarc'r,
airamst he ,. delendam. the ,H j ,.tl . ,d , raver . f
I Whh h.l-,11 bj lo coatptl the defendant to JSL t UrttiB
twrtttgethctoa d.-cm.ed k e, ihe mieTfihe ., '
" "" '"'-"I'T '" ""''' 1,111 ft r.mh. reference to 'mm
had to mm i,.n , 11 ,n.y .,,.. Anfl , 1 d,'f,. f
anils rorther notified, ibatoiilesahe tnoeari and cm-ads
answer, o, noffltr. to the said bill, Mntlnyu'i
a le, th, next lerm of ,. Coort, the ..,d t ;,ia,a ,t
lot ii , n,,, ,, thoittftor, .ill apply , ,.,d Coort to
tokttb. m.iteroi ,e in a, rcmfeeWd. .,,,1 in decree
ihtreun arior.iin. i, . PBNNIXOTON dk COWBW
I i' J5-- ttol r, for Com.
--blv -a.: AT.b.ii,.
poVS '"-;:,"-s Will 1 rarrie.l by Jojtv L
: ",,,,,ull1,"l ';'i'"-"-to J- f.T-ios-. more.
1 ,, . r.J'', h - 1,1 "" " wait ot I boas that
uty ravu, 1,11,1 vvuli n ca;i in Inttbom baaeuta. Frum
ins loin: taper iene. in the IniMness. he hope, he will
I anarea portion or ihe public patronue
Pee. 13, vm. HjUK I.. rniN'T.
pbesu Duvaa.
North aide .Mam st., St. Clairsville, O.
UiSMk H now rereiviii.,- his auPBl tf new
SfJf eonalatlnt m part, as .cllow-a
Ifflta lirnes. Paints, Oils. Dye atutft, Lionort, of
JmA V''r 6r'P,lon' le:r.isl' tio B.al and
"wrt 9 veterinary luttromtuu; Petknlret! Ba
zors Kasor, and dhavinf Cretoia of ail klnd.1 llruslws
or every Variety : Cosmetic., ptrftmeritt of all k.nds;
' II, auk DooaS. Letter, Vole, ami Fool.caii na.r: Win
dow sis... and Hollow sltm-ware; Tea,, chewing To
btcco, mtc. dec,
I have a',. oil hau l a lane aupidy or Castor and
BwtttOili Oodrrty'tCardltl; Beteneu's iirop,, Opidei
doc; L-se.ice or all kinds; Biackiag, la-se and small;
Ink- of a ' I comri,. cSrc.
I 1'henknil to our COstom.rl fo, the lilwral patrona't
: ihey have ,veii us btrttothlt, we won! I ask a cOnlinu.
atiet fci th.' -Aiue.
We ptrtloalarl invite the ttttatiot o' country mer
, Chan;-, proiublllg it they will rive us a call, lo lurnisli
them will- any article 111 our hue, a. low as they can l.e
booth! in the ..ame quantities, 111 the Kistein Market..
. Nov. Hi, lej j.
Dksoliicion of I'iirtriorhip.
THE Partnership heretofore existing between Penning
tondtCOW., is tins day dhMolred by mutual con
sent. Etrii ' ill continue the praclke of Law at their
respective Ontett,
Btt. It, Mi w n. t. t. niwuv.
In OolerslB Townshij), Ilulniunt Cuunty,
NOTICE is hereby civen. that the (Mlotlrlnf dettrihti
ftrtcttgOfltnd will be offared for aale,ai public auctiou;
the door of the Court fonse. in gi. Cltirarillt.on Friday
Ihe Slat, day ot January, le.Vl. on the bilowint con
ditiona. viz: The highest bidder, 10 bo the purchaser Ni
; hid will he taken on any Ira, 1 of laid laud, for a less a
1 mount tha" tlie appraise d value thereof, out Iwtlfth par
1 ofthe purchase money, to he paid al the time or sale, an,
the remainder tohcpaid in twelve itinntl installment
of equal amount, with annual intareet ther. on. The san
1 land being the east hall ol Sec. It, Township ; ami banc
, Hand aubdlrldtd into lour lots as follows: Lot No. I
' )suude I a follows, viz; Btt inning al Die s. E. comer n
' ll,-- said section, thenre V. lii'J 75 lull poles, thence X. 5
poles, thence N. 7(; E. Mil poles to aSycamore: thenc
N. TU - K. poles; thence X.451 E. Sdpolee; tbeuc
N.WI I- 13 TO 1WI ilea to the oast boundary ol sai
aection, and thence south 121 -?mihi poles to tbe place c
' ktfhuiiaf, OOBUialatSl atrea 0c M perches, appraised 1
- Hie sum of '.',443,11.
' Lot N01 S, Btuilded tt follow s, oiK Btataalat tbf It
same al the N . W, rnrner of lot No. 1 . thenre N. 11 3 1
' 111! poles, thence N. T0s K. 32 poles; thenre N. 451
' M poles, thence N. S8 0 E. ISTtVIOt jsiles thenre 3
5 40-1011 poles; thence we.t Itt 75 -Hal poles, and thenc
; south liu6o-lou poles to the place of beainning, contait
t ,ng 81 acres and M perches, appraised at Si. 459,11.
j 1 Lot Xo. 3, Hound. -d as follows, viz: Stgiunlns at if
1 N. E. corner of lot Xo. 2, thence w-st 162 75 100 pole
i thenc e north Hi 3ll-luo poles ibenre east MM 75 111 poh 1
I aud thence soulh so 30-lhll to the place of btgiaaU
I conttinitlftl arres and IM nerrhei. apprilatd tl 11.1110
! Lot No. 4. hounded as follows, ria: Keninniiie lor tl
" same al the X. F.. corner ot the said section, thence we
" 102 75-111 pole, ibence south ft) 30-100 potca, thence ea
l' ' VtM 75-111 p-dea, aud Ihence unrtli eo 30111 poh-s to ll
r 1 place to beginninc, coitiaining bl acres and Si atrtht
appraised at $4uoo.lo.
D4VIB I.LEV, Auditor Del. Co. O.
P. P. The land a'-ovc descilied, lies within Gmiles
llie pitV of N : e-
.gudilor'stlllice.Hcc. I, 1852.
r- rttHE partnership heretofore existing hctwe., fla
ul I 01 Hakois is this dav dissolved by ini'tual coiiaei
, and all debts due said linn will be settled hy ituara r
10 llARBe. BEIi, 4 IIAIiDEN
5" f0rr1J,"' V! I" "Jtofore ktttSHrti upon the Ii
" Hrm of B.Li. II.SOC.K, will carry on business as f
i '.r'y " connection with A. HiiASsi ri and J. Hai
al tbe old stand n, UaiuoapoaT, where all articles a
lie kept on bind which the Fanners aud country sio
keeper, aru in the habit of purchasine.
Wholesale & Retail Grocers
lke And I'roduo- Fnnleri,
Brilppert, Ohio.
. P. Halt, Iron, Xaila and Window Glaaa, elwi
I. on hand al lowest cash prices.
Jn. 7, jew.
,. "1I.ABS I.AXTEBNS for sale at
f vt (dee, u, ld3S.) fltllORNC'i
.. Li. jT d I atiii Itldtaf
Dr. QMStMII improved tlrad
Yellow Dock ami HarsnpHrilla
1 and is now arknowledsd 10 I.,- ihe ftsst taeaeeerHfe
made, as la certified by the Wonderrol Cures It has per
formed, the original copn . 01 wbieh are In the imssea.
ahvrt of the Prtprhrfesr, Kememlwr, this la tlie only rr.
aud ertffati at liclc. This medicine, wtmk ueed accutd
mg to directions,
ttiil euro, wuliout Fall
Scrofula nr Kings Rvils Otftthlfl, Tumort,
Kruptions of tlie Skin, Erj "Ijielus, fJhron
ic Soro-Eyea, Itiiigwurtn or Tellers,
Si iM Hoad, RbtBRtititBI, l'uins
in the llonr-s or JvlhUi old
Horcs and Ulcrrt, Swel
linrr of he (Jlnnds,
Nyplillirt, bit's
elite of Kidneys,
Loss of Appetite, Dis
ease arininw from the use of
Mercury, Pain in tlte Side and
Shoulders, General D -bility, Dropsy,
Lumbago, Jaundice and t) mil rp Bit.
Tin' 1 -1 afcmolc SI I'd lei aC kNOWu!
; The tenr,ar ttaltsllet to which ketaalrt art tulleei.
, eommanly produce grettvodiljr t!itatien,etMihtnlil V
bjr adrprtased and often gloomy state ol mitt, A the
1 system dec!, ue in strength there i.alosaol nervou. pow
er, and ibis very naturally Impair the energy ot tins uuml
and dletnrhgthjB wiuaaimity of the temper. Ilrery ran
did v, oioan who lias flutter,! Iron, leuriHe conijdaoiis w ill
admit tins to u the mournful truth. Now, it tH tain re-
.is I. II 1 01. 1, i,ere,a, y to slop Hie triolencv to ,h9tietioil
and debility. 'I 1 1. : doio-b) rei.ewmg that biObtani of
health and .Irenglb, tbe !lldnt. and no loedtclne a..
coiiipli.be. 11,1s sjoeirei le resnH ... ... dily and taiupleta
as 0f. OtyeoU't laitfttrts laalfact of tebow liock
and Sarsa; arilla."
Ladies of pate, completion an I consumptive bat it. and
; sod. as are del-ilily by thoso oketfacttoi s u bicb ieu.nle
( are liable, are rtttoftt by tbe use 01 a kottlt or Iwo, to
1 bloom and to giftf.
I If. fvf. fltytott'l Imnroved Rgtfftgt of Vel'oiv Jlock
and laratpariila i a sure lieu . il, .or tier,- ,tarv taiul
fefilA I.LH, BUAU Till. I til.LOU IMJ: 1H
.Newark, V J. J.,,, isfiy
t Mr. Bennett -W e take pleasure In slating iirat jaiur
Vellow llo, k a;d Sarsaparo.a all tacflffttolL
,11 eg,
A lery reapec'.a .le tc.ti r n in'urme,' me i,a hlS'
dtaghter was trtpbled with dtil.Mi't :, ,trot.o:, a 1
otner disea.c s peculiar to i.er sea. She- ru.! ,.,,t had her
regular Rtens'.nui dtaciiarra for t lotig linu i lut hy tH
use 01 Dr. Ot .oil's V' Hiev lo-k and Sf.r - varilla w as
radtcaiiy cored, tbe ..est Town seed's end otlien with
out receieing the aligbtest keacfit. He bad ,, .e daaylRtg
die Bttt the same ttlttt. J. 11. '1 Hipp o fjgi
Slhmailttiiit,Oawefoeoaat)r, May ihisj.
S. F. Denni't Uttf .-ir: I pur-based, a abort JlSJO ego
a botlla of jour yellow Dock and Btraaptrlllt lor my
wife, whlth she has Ustd l.,r I it complauot, BtetiMdaH 1
tfid weakneea, Failing ol tlst IVomb, e.c., atd it bas al
ready helped lrr eery much. Of the Biyaimlgi ,1
eaecled ttttii a cure. I tare Just tartMaed a second
kottlt, and Judging from tha street of ti,e :un..er leel con.
fidetit that it will tlteel a perlecl cure.
Vuurs, var ftepectfitlty, jf. COr.rKV
Cnrecf os ttgrtlnmtei c7.se WfiftpiUt
Tbe cine, pel Ion: ed by llr. CllsOtt. BttraCt Of Ve
low Dock and argiparllla are utatiug. -joe p.i,,,,,.,
teneral Mtfth Contnnu s to uiiprr,-. .: afler dlaette is ru
movid. funis are r.ot chl eled tntll time hat limy
Italtd that Uttit tan tt at ttdaget or return '.fttha dig.
j ease.
Norway, lle-ki-i er fo., Feb., 1550.
S. F. '. Ce: Hi ma: 1; , with gn oh asnre
; tl.at I write ) an alasnt the very happy edect at t,.r f.
I tow Dock and "arsa- ariila UMi:; tn, son, w ',.i has long
j been auiferiug 11. iter that dread:,,:. llWttlonaWi ghntte.
I Bryalpelta, with wb.ch l.e . a. attacked la H4-, and trtg
I lor seve ral month, ttteiaaed !. aotut ,.i nor le-t physi
cian, who tri-d ti.eir ;.iii pernereritigly i,r tea moiitiia
I wiuieut any Mnenclal efteeta whatever, lie tectum rc
! duaed 10 a perfect 'keleton. He bad u'ce.. from hii hm
down lo hi. knee, whlefa wire continiiilly discbaaginS
offenaltt matter. Me Ileal tnd surgirct skill was btkOed.
! PhyaiCtana said that bis fas-r was i.o-ie'ess--t -.c ronhi
; b nothing ddn Id arrest those terrll legangrcmiog ulcers.
; My ttighhoyg tnd toenail thoofbt hla dlsTmluttutt near
: at bend. One of my neighbors w bo had eared g child of
I Bcrornlg with your lotahtabli m dicine, wi. ei ie to
; taaktatriilof it. a.:d mu.-e Irani the resii. desire tu do
-oiio.'.i .i,- c . . i ,)f a
t. '.!.!. I t '. - t ....-', .wlkeck
'and Barteparillo, and ru r .. . : t, and ttvuv
astotii.shment, he coiuu., !i. , ,1 to p., prove lfore he bail
I u-it Hie th.rd bottle, and bcfbr he had used halt rtoi
Isttttes. he mid walk out. lie used iii ail tw.lre Uit
1 ties riurins the ear '40. and by rictoltfr lest he was isr
leclly restored; every vealige of ihe disease egept t:,n
scars was removed, a'ad he remains 111 perlecl hi all 1 up
to the present tune. His recovery under ti.e Meatlata
ot God, is entirely OW1112 to the ujsol v..,:r '..'; .- Q, ,'
and Pr.anani;a. and 1 teat, you the! I bcl 1 -. 'clf
I aadkir fratt aUifattoa. lo got. tnd itut wUffareat loy
thai I inrbrm you of wbtt your BeraaparilUl lies "dona
for toy son.
Bteptctfulljr, james BJJBBIJ.L;
In quart Bottles, f 1 per ! ottle, a :-.. for to
-!d'y J. i'. PARK, fincinutti.Ohio,
, corncrof Fourtii and sdnul si get., 10 wlmm ai order
1 should he addressed.
1 FR tnir.lt 4 COLLINS, rt. ClairevUle, Ohio
; I. D. JOHNSON, ..
B.0.O1ark, Hosrittotra,
'iray ft- Junkinl. itri.l.-,.:.ort,
Win. Smith, Fairvn w, ' M
Isaie Hoi!,, way, Pluahimi "
J. Grumhtcktr at Son, U'heeinig, Va
I May -. 1 '5-.'. ly ,-
I " ' '
Jirfv 'i-svslt
. Tk$ t;rtdt rimed fvr Cunumutii,n vf Lmww Afeeiiun
1 vf the Liter, sfKAtM, Brvnrhi; is , i'm. ur Wr. uess
of the Lunt end uthtr i;jfictit, u f ihe Pvittiuuuru
j OfywMtft
Ull9TAR.fl itltdUnOf Wild ( lu rry Is i. flnn .lerhinl
Mltllsswcoai powsl eitteflxol IV1M . In:rrv BsifK
I Alitl llie IMWiM Iftlairl Mm, UlO Utter imior;eil ex
1 preiiiy lur tins (mrtfofte;) llie rare i.,ti!t':al virtues of
I wbiCjb are a!s- cOMitniieit I anew ebtsu.t&J iirote-. srftlj
j tlie r.itraLi f Tur t(m rutult-riit: t!ti- w.iole coiii'm.-ii'mI
I Um lu-jsl CLTtam aiiti tiiji..n.iuU! reuifa. ever J;cjv rJ
I n q q q q g
( InrtRtsTiMi CiifiRKSgtospc''' K.T)r. Wm. V. D.-ins
t ! of yonia, Ohio, it ls-;il n ..ec.a'.'N ilrUfKiit 111 ti.: i!f
1 litiiiui vUlftte, hiruratfHl us Uis ia.e ol WtMars
i Uaiatsiiioi WllttClrarry UunBr8ilatciL,. Tiiett.-.n. d iur
I it is (-tl cav'tr that lit can fca.ri;f!y ks)n lniu-p': m; . J
e with it. He barf had in lii store uiediclnea fur Umu rA
. lertiuns. Hoim? of tbeso we.o tttemt-tt irooil, on tj soosj
f (tavii leinuorary roUoH lint tmce lu- (ml V la-tarV B.V
D sam of Wild Ciicrry, oniimbOf of itk$ moot ermu-i f Sjrg
e I were eoiitplett'l y cured ! y ii nse, . .. . , a iu di
e eltttn sd s tlie didor, "in w !..cii 1 hail Uiof cutiie tMlM
ii ' denceiliat ! have iu tin-."
f! JfpWIiere. t-r i-ur'.- ria' jaiii of Wi :l T'lerre is fn-
,t troiliiced it at once oUoinfl ttai bi li ropiitotion wha ii it
I oo richly osoorros. IVbsitcoti orovufiliis soio, wlion on
e every Hand cnii I e WitleOOOOft it? omti Jul turi-? 'i'mj
,. wKHt caeii of Ailima, iwceul ar.il il -igou u OOUfhs
K (and alst those loat ari o hue,' itoiidii ir ' Itrom iiitu. oi
II ronsuiiijitioii, in Us rorly fctajes, ore aivayii curud If
i: this leinarkahlc incdicitip;
; q q q q q q
K AxoTiira astomsiuhg ornE!
i; Crows foiHT, l.o:,t: io., la.. June .,
g : J. P. Paro Dear Sir: Ai I have a dee,, cumuiis-.'.
5t ttou lor the ofTlit.Ui!, u.i ini: t. yive you t.i i,-ir his
IC lory of my afflictions, v;u- botiollio di-rivel fro.u ti.o
use of Dr. Witar'n ';,atan, (ll v,i, ( borf. In July,
It ItM-i, I wad oUn.Ck'.,i vv tin a U-vcr Ot a t) pholi) clia'acii-r
ie which left me in fcvrrv dohilJUtod itate. hen in the (ul
i( i low in? winter j war token Ith a severs fold, which rn I
ilucctl nie Hi (.-.ich on ( StOUt i to oive uio t.'ie aiiear-iiLe
j ol o onn ,'iriue'l omtoUttsUVOt I la'ured uii.hr a rsovorsj
uf cniisl., spoetwototl a ir eot tlftstl, and ufs trou!led witii
co' j ;,.,(. and roisM IWOOtOt I also rei'iieutU raited I IikmI
.miii i. y MlttgOe 1 COiitinOOd in thU -im--. eratluaJly sink-
nii: umoi tlie dtfettM, tto.il Jonuotfi 87, when I was
again attacked with Icv-t. My eVlreioeties, esprciai'y
Hiy ic i i. were constantly cold, ami sJitODat lost their fei
log. IJttdOr ibOOO ttircmtlOtMOOl it may le truly said, I
1 ' was o livius ke!etiu. I finally deteriuu.ed to oiut fak
' ins nictticiti- pr-m rii-od hy i'liy inons, and try 'tstartn
A Balsam of Wild l.'herry, ki d from the first week I com
uieuced lakini! it I ran dfttt cr&dual recovery. 1 con
tiuui'd its use mix iiiouths, Ot llio end of winch time! was
rnred, and btVOOUjoyod ir1! health evei ,-ince. and cheer
V fully recoinruttii. the ilaUaiu to all t!ioe otKjcted with
ite diseases of the iii'iis, ainl vvo-il. I mm in ihose coiiioieii
H elAI its tine not lo I c !i-.n.ira:- I, if tun nr three l-ultlM
I tin not eiiert & cur, hut sjsjriOVOM as I have done, ond I
ill I hav no Kiuht that nine COOOS out of ten will he Uss4
re. ' with renewed hcaill.as 1 hare Uen.
J Tbefemiine Wistar's Bs'tvaiuof Wild Cherry has ofac
I simile ofthe itrnature of Hunry Wiaiar, M. b. fhiladel
)i phia and "dant-ird c l'arn,,ca fine executed otoeJ u
graved oraj';er. XuoiJicr can to Kcruine.
JppPrice $1 jer hoitlc; 6 botUfl for tS.
Bold by J I. PARK, I'jncinuati, Ohio.
North east rornprnf I'uurthsnd Walnut ntroiico o
Walnut street to whom all orders m-jsi he a.ldrsssj.
FRASIER .v OOLM1VI ClaiMvills,
lys ; I. I). JOHIVSO.N,
R. 8. Clark. .UorristowOg
I ... It. Junkini (snrff part,
WU. Smith Klnriow.
I OniioosiXi i-r yiu''
I. ! Nfay H, fissi:--Jy.

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