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The Belmont chronicle, and farmers, mechanics and manufacturers advocate. (St. Clairsville, Ohio) 1848-1855, February 18, 1853, Image 3

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W liavntipcn Informm! Hint full ono-hnlf of
the clip linn been bought It fr"ni 30 to lit)
and noine even ns liigh an fi.l routupi-r pOUndl
There la notliinr to justify these ruinou
rntPB, mid there will be great "bttttlflg up"
omewherc before I'ierco irncB out Ot office.
Newark O., Times
IIOIITON .1. IIOWAllll, I'tlltor.
ri hiuy niiti'iiffiR, ri. m inm.
fj-Ve lutvc o very good double medium
Smith Press, which wc will sell very low for
CqbIi or would take a anuiller Prea in part
Srrxcn or Mr. Cixmkns. Wc give a
long extract from the speech of Mr. Clemens,
of Ala. While we would not endorse every
sentiment expressed by this Democratic mem
ber of Congress, we would urgently request
nn attentive reading of the fpeech. Kince
it was in type, we fee it stated that there is n
prospect of Mr. Pierce calling him into hid j
Cabinet. Should this prove to be correct, it '
will probably throw some light upon the in
tended policy of the incoming President.
Should the Prcnident resolve to ttltOW aside
the different factions which aro striving to
embroil our Govnnimcnt, with foreign nations, i
he would, no doubt, lose the support of many J
who voted for him but the great mass of the j
American people, who wish our country to ,
steadily pursue the right course, would rally j
to his support. Mr Clemens has heretofore 1
been regarded as a fire eating filibuster, j (
Wc arc glad that he has defined his position j
and we sincerely hope, that his speech may J ,
produce n beneficial influence upon the pco- '
pic, both South and North.
03-Thc Court of Common Pleas for this (
County, !b now in session. j
O-They had four fires in Wheeling, en j
last Monday. The damage was not very great,
und was partly covered by insurunce.
fjirThc President elect has started for
Washington City. It is still unknown who
will compose his Cabinet. Guess we will I
find out, about the 4lh of March.
O-Tom Corwin. Read the remarks orj
Mr. V. E. Howard, of Texas, who was one I
of the investigating committee. They must I
put to rest the vile calumnies of E. 15. j
Olds, and the like kith.
Had this Legislature, concluded that the
taxes were too high, and that a general sys- j
tern of retrenchment was necessary, and in :
the true spirit of that resolution, reduced the
Salaries of the State and Judicial officers, and
brought down their own per diem to something
like the value of the services rendered, we do j
not believe thero is an editor in the State, o! ,
any party, who would have said one word j
ngainst reducing the price of publishing the (
laws in the newspapers, although the p. ice!
given was very low, compared with the a
OtOUnt of labor per!brmed. Eut instead ofj
pursuing this honeft course, they rr.iscd the j
salaries o( the public officers about fifty per
cent, and their own daily wages from three to ;
four dollars a day, thereby creating n Legis
lativc, State, and Judicial Arii-locracij then, J
in the spirit of all true Aristocrats and Ty- j
Touts, they turn round and fix the competition j
paid to lalorcrs, who i.re nothing but median- j
ics, and do not belong to the Aristocracy, re- j
tlucwg their wages f.fty per rent!!
It is of such gross injustice, such nets of
Tyrany that the Press, without distinction of
party, complains. It is the direct insult offered
to, mechanics and laborers, by reducing their j
wages, while they arc squandering thousands
upon thousands upon themselves and the Cod j
Fish Aristocracy they are building up in our I
midst. Some members feel juntiti.il for vot
ing for this reduction, because they did not
vote to increase the salaries of the officers.
This, we think, is no justification. They did
not vote to rtJixe the salaries or the officers,
and their own wages & ir they had, and they
were not reduced, they should have stood by
the mechanics and laborers, nod not r due. l
their wages while the Aristocracy had an
increase of salaries. There is not, and can
not be any justification lor the act. It is an
act ol unmitigated 'lyenvy either ignorant
or malicious; and if the mechanics ar.d labor
ere do not resent it, we shall be very much
mistaken. .
q-Wc do not pity our 'Smith Tuwiu-hip-correspondent,
whose communication appears
in another column. Wo have often warned
UUr readers against just such 'sharpers' as
this one of whom he speaks, and if our cor
respondent had been a subscriber to, and an
attentive reader of our paper ho would have
been strved his present cause of complaint.
Wc can cheerfully recommend the Messrs.
Evans or this place as good and honet work
in They nave now at their shop some spec
ks of their work that we have never seen
excelled They took the first premium tt
I fair on Wheeling Island last fall, and at
our own County fair.
The perusal of this Magazine in this age
. ...ellow cover' literature is truly refreshing.
Every pa' e teems with the solid gold of lit
erature, highly polished; no grosser metals
are admitted. It i published under the aus
pices of the M. E. Church-its Editor, Abel
CTFPHEI.S, is one of our n.ost talented writers
and makes a mo;t excellent editor. The
Magazine is devoted to Lit.rature, Art and
STugion "ietigiou without dogmatism and
Jt'hoTt sectarianism." Be.K-s Essays,
Tra.lationr, Sketches, Poetry, &c, it conr-
prises depirtments of Litcrnry News, Art In
telligence, Tlimk Notices, Religious Inlniriin
ion and General News. It is embellished
with numerous engravings illustrative of real
HcenCR and fuels. Each number contains 08
pages, making two volumes a year of nearly
000 pages cadi. It is the largest monthly of
its price in tho Union.
Terms 2,00 per annum, in advance.
To clergymen or others acting as agent,
a comniitaion or 30 per cenh will be allowed, j
or a fifth copy of the work for four aubscri
bcrs. Postage, In advance, 2 cents a number.
NO. 200 Mulberry street, N. Y.
reb. 7. .SrtfjTE. A notice was given of n j
bill to establish a reform school for juvenile
offenders. The bill for the relief of the poor j
was passed.
Hurst:. The bill to amend the set for
publishing the laws in the newspapers was)
passed. Tiie bill authorizing Sheriffs and!
master commissioners to make returns of sales
any dny during the spring term, was passed.
Mr. R-irtllgJ reported back the hill sup
pleiiieirury to the act regulating schools in
l ilies. Sic. and the bill was ordered to be cn-
Feb. 8. Senate. The bill Tor the reor
ganization of the Stiite Treasury was passed.
lloUSE. The bill for tho regulation of
schools in cities was passed. The bill to
illow county agricultural societies to purchase
permanent sites to hold fairs, and to allow
lOUtlty commissioners to pay half the expense,
.nis passed.
Feb. 9. Senate The hill to allow
ihcriffs. master cornmisti loners, Sic, to make
eliirtis of sales to any day during the spring
:erm was passed.
House. The bill to amend the tux law,
'trilling out the $200, exemption, wns order
ed to be engrossed. Surnj time was spent
jn tho school hill.
Feb. 10. Senate The bill defining the
manner of laying out and establishing Stute I
-oads wns primed.
HoUSE. The bill making appropriations
in part for the year 1853, w as pnssed. The
bill to amend the tax law was passed. The
lemperance, bill was lost for- want of a con
stitutional majority Those who voted in the
affirmative, were Messrs. Ackh-y, Bflrnnm.
Blirtlett, Hell. Ueswick. DigMow, Boys, Casad.
C.'herinrrton. Clark, Cole. Cornwcll, Croxton.
Damorij Fenncr, Filler, Fisher, Foulke,
fieoige, Green, Gaby, Humphrey, Jtun.es,
Matthews, March. Mills, Morgan, Morrison,
McClanahan, McMillen, Patterson, Plumb,
R linage. Robertson, Rush, Shell lbarger , j
Van Vorhes, Vermilion, Ward of Warren,
Yutes and Speaker 4 .
Those who voted in the negative were
Messrs. Alexander) Allen, Raker, Bishop.'
Brnchttian, Brow n, Bushneil, Cookerill.Court-j
right. I) ile, Davison, Detnipg, Dickey,
Dirrand, Ilolllngshead, Houk, Hughes, Knapp,
Krider, Larabee, Ltlhrop, LeBlond, Lytic,
Means, Montgomery, McKce, NewburgJ
Okey, O'Neil, Poland, It-nick, Ricktey,
Smith of Holmes, Smith of Stark, Snodgrass, !
Stanley, Stabler, Stone, Stowe, Ward of
Crawford und Withrow 38,
Feb. 11. Senate. Sometime was spent
discussing the bill for the reorganization of
the State Treasury. The senate resolution
to adjourn on the Jlst of February 'was dis '
cussed, and laid on the tab!"1, on this reaolu- i
tion .Mr. Beckel made the loHowieg truthful I
remarks: He thought the best and most I
popular rm'usu ,e this body could p iss would
be to adjourn, und no act tiny could perform
would sink t!u m lower than they were.
Feb. -2. Senate. The House bill repeal
ing the exemption clause of the tax law was
referred to the committee on Finance. The
hill giving Justices of the Peace jurisdiction
over sums of .(!0 was ordered lobe engros
sed. Some time was spent on the school bill.
' ' - Cl ' a
Dates are received from Mexico to tho 25th.
Alter the election of Congress by Cevallos,
58 members assembled at a private house on
ill 2ist impeached Cevallos, und elected Oso
rio. Governor of Pueblo, President ad interim.
Osorio refused to accept.
The garrison of the city has pronounced in
favor ol the plan of Guadulajara. The Sig
lio say that the revolution is ended ns the
U'llole country is in favor of the plan oftiuuJa
lajara. Gen. Itaree, Minister of w ar has sent
a message to Arago urging his cabinet until
his arrival. The latter is maroSing forward.
It is n pirtt d that Arago is w illing to recog
nize Ci V silos and also the Congress, provided
the latter w III reform the constitution. Ce
vallos has issued a proclamation Opening the
ports of M zai Ian, Sail Bias, Tampico, Vera
Cruz, and Ciimargo.
The Steamer Albatross nrrjved at Vera Cruz.
tJrent xcincmrnt en-iied as the people sup-
posed Santa Antiii Was one of the pasengers.
From i lie S't. LOUiS hllsHlgSIISW ol PrcnnVr 2H.
A "Proao Hixt" JtniiiAj. DccoBUM.
A highly respMted correspondent addresses
us in n I it ion to certain departures from of
ficial propriety on thejiart of oneof our judges.
We do not liiittk any good could result Irom
publishing his couiniunication. "it be true
that a judge has been known to make a for
mal announcement of the way in whlch 'a
case was to be decided, and afterward, in the
absence of counsel, pronounced a decision
contrary thereto; i'he has been in the habit
of making improper confidential communica
tions to counsel in advance of "adjudication
upon their cases, n?nl ol conveying private
assurances to parties interested in an issue
that if it came before tho court the decision
would be in their favor, we imagine (h it tin'
I hint conveyed to his Honor in these lines will
be as practically beneficial as would a more
explicit designation or the judge and ol' his
There is an army or at least five hundred
Shoemakers in Mitrlboro', Massachusetts,
who manufacture six thousand pairs of chil
dren's shoes every working day. One jour
neyman has worked on the bench for thirty
years, without losing a day in consequence
of sickness, and during that time has saved
ten thousand dollars. Ono firm during the
last year has niaiuifactured 2 17,000 pairs of
shoes. Another of the firms, doing an iin
I mense business, employing one hundred men
in Massachusetts, und ono hundred and fifty
ii their shoe village in New Hampshire.
Last year they made 200,0(13 pairs of shoes
in this State, and at least as uuuy more in
New Hampshire.
ST. CLAIRSVILLE, Feb. 14, 1853.
J he Whigs ol Belmont County, met pun-ii-anl
to notice, to appoint tlx delegates to at
tend the Whig Slate Convention, to he con
vened at Columbus, on the 22il in.t.
Thereupon on motion, Alex. McMillan,
Eq., was duly elscted President aud James
F. Charlesworth, Seen ir v
On motion of Miller Pennington, Bsq ,
Me-rs. A. C. lUmage, Price Corn. veil, John
Welch, James McCohflUghV, Clifford An i k
an.) John Lippincott, were iijip'iifitod i!"l"-
gutes to attend said Convention
On notion of D, L. Jenningi, Esq, the'
dolegatCS present at Columbus, be empower-
ed tt fill the delegation and also, that the
Secretary of this tnee-.ing, furnish th'1 deb - j
gates now in Columbus, with a copy of the
proecsdinea ui this met I ini'.
On motion of M. J. W. Clover, Esq , the
delegation of this county, nre in f (rude I tOMP
all honorable menus to further the nomination
or David Allen, Esq., ns a candidate for the
Hoard ot Public Works.
On motion of Hon. B. S. Cowcn, the Prcs-'
Idcnt and S -cretnry w ere lUthorlxed to np
polfit a Central Committee, consisting of tie' '
usual number, nnd that the same be published
with the proceedings of this meeting.
On motion of M.J. W. Oliver, Eq., the
proceedings of this meeting he published In
the "Belmont Chronicle &. Advocate."
On motion tlif meeting adjourned tint die,
The following were appointed as a Central
Committee, for Belmont County:
D. S. Adams, of Richland Tp.
Hoh't M. Wilkins, "
Edward He.itherington, "
Robert H. Evans,
Joseph ). Arrick, Kirkwood
KM V. Cleaver, Wheeling
Hiram Kinsey, Colerain
Samuel Danford, Washington.
NEW YORK, Feb. 13.
The steamship Niagara arrived this nfier
noon, bringing Liverpool dates to tiie 98tll,
and 33 nassengers.
The Humboldt arrived at Southampton en
the 28th.
It is rumored that Frances Raring will suc
ceed Lord Gladstone as Chanccll .r of the
Exchequer. ,
Hersch & W.j of Amsterdam, have failed
dr Xl2."i.0'J0, in cotisequence of the fiiilure
of Coleman, Stohterfabt & Co.
Weather in Engl rtid an i Ireland favorable.
France The civil contract ol' marriage
of the Emperor is to be signed on the t'4tli,
at Notre Dime, with grand religious mo
nies, for which great preparation! were IrS.a
king. Countess Chamborde is reported to be seri
ously ill. w ith little hope of recovi ry,
It is reported at P iris that a 'urtiier reduc
tion of the army and an extensive amnesty
will be declared immediately alter the Impe
rial mnrriego.
A Ministerial change in th? French Cabi
net is spukeii of w ith renewed confidence.
It is said that not one of the Ministers that
opposed the marriage of the Emperor w ill re
main in office.
i t r.KEV. The Turks ere about invest!,!.'
Montenegro with 20,000 troops, intending to
make an uttuck at all points. It is thpught
dint Russia will Interfere.
Italy. The English papers publish let
ters both from Frani Is'eo and Rose Madiai.
Francisco continues very ill, but both are
linn in the faith.
The United States frigat: Cumberland,
was at Genoa,
Austria. A Consul of the Prince or
Montenegro has arrived at Vienna, and de
manded mi audience of the Em'pefdr,
January 2-t. The demand has been good
w ith an advanoe of one-eighth Irom last quo
tations. Sales for the week 55.000 bales.
New Orleans fair 5 7-S, midJIillg 5 3-8.
Highland fair 0, middling 6j.
Mr. Corwin and the Gardiner Claim.
The remarks of Mr. Howard, a high minded
Democratic member from Texas, In defence
of Mr. Corwin, are very milch admired. Mr,
H. was a member of thei x inliniugeoijiuiiltee.
"The committee In this CoTWlllcase re-ist-j
ed all efforts ui Justly to cry down the charac
ter of n gentleman,, because he happened to
I be OSSillled ill high parly times; and. sir, we
I should be unworthy of our seats here, ifw e had
i pursued any other course. We all know that
charges ol this sort are easy t be believed by
a community, and especially when that coni
jmuulty is en, b irk d in a p I tied contest of no
ordinary Interest, But it is preci-ely for the
reason of the tendency oi the public, ear to
unjust reports rep irts, th it it is the duty of a
I committee of the House, when it passes Oplrl-
i ions mi tho character of one, the public men
j of the country, to pass upon it as men of hon
or doing justice to the facts.
i For, sir, there is mi much, at leas', to be
Said iu relation In inquiries of t hi 4 n iiiire. that .
when the character of one your public, moq is
not sale In a cotiiniiliee of Congress, and in
j the hands of his p iilitic.il opponent: wh 'it h
I cannot have a fair h 'iiring, and i fair trial, tie
public places oi this country will cease to bu
sought 'or by goptlemen who are entitled to
the confluence nf the country. N mm of
I character and intelligence will subject bitn-
sell t such nil ordeal.
j "The QOlUttlUtee fled in their report ihnt
there was no tcstjjuinny prm ing or tending to
! prove that he knew the claim was supported
j by fraud, by perjury, or by false doeum -nts;
ai d 1 OBI free to SUV that the whole am lUTlt jf
! testimony ho.vs conclusive ly that he hi not
know or believe that the claim was !r uiJulen".
1 It Is due to him losav thai, in my opinion, lie
did U"1 know that it w is a fraud!"
Mr. Presto . King, -p.ke in a like v in ol
remark. Thus eiuis M . O.iU' ait eli upon
I Mr. CorWin, with such a record from his o.vn
friends. t ( f
Wiieelim i, Feb. 15th. Flour 8 1 ,0:) Jl l,-
95. Hami 10(51 IC, Shoulders 9c. Hi les
ojc. Lard low 1 to. Keg Butter 10c. pule
I N. O. Sugar 65J. Whoat 7.1m rlOe. Oats
85c. Corn 45(e 50c. Rio Coffee lOlilOic.
School and Township funds will be ready
for payment on -Monday the t!Sth of tin pres
Feb. 18, 1853. Aud. Bel. Co.
Have you TBir.n MINI We mean the
remedy for Co"ghs, Coldsy Bronchitis, &.C..
namely, "Aryan's Pulmonic IV'asrsI" This
cannot bo c.allod medicine, yet it will curt
very sev.ro coughs. &c. y-o advertisement.
Mil. Efi run: I'. II ttt very seMoMl that I
attempt to perpetrate Mylhjne ior the t ui.i
prinN, I must neeeessrily L" Kablslu more o-
leis blunders. Willi a ho, ie that you will make
due nllowance for the sums, I will proceed.
I seldom feel an attack of emttuttkl nrihmii,
and heretofore, wh"n 1 did I have succeeded
in staving it off by writing e psgM.r two air! 1 .
then consigning It, net tthc"cold chiritie-,'' ,
ol the Meting pobiic, but t. th Humes, wheK- ,
I ( an assure young a.pirunts for Iterate DO- .
ter e'y, their prmlnctions Will always MVctji
with a u inn rfceplion.
I would not now intrude myself on your
timo or your columns, was it not that I con
sider it to be my dirty to Gxeeef nu act offls
(.'rani lnjttlUee( yen, an outrag.? upon coiinnu- j
nily. I'
Ling years ago, some ono thought and!"
wrote ike plirsse-Honesty is the best po. j 1
Icy!" Wcweretanght.it at our gratiJamV !
knee in days of yore, an 1 our stern old puri'-' J
anleal fofe fa titers coueldered afiv Infringe '
mentor that sfatipicm as the in .st Klamna-P
bio hereby." Generation after generation!
came up, saw the maxim, pave it a sincere
though Incit approval by their lives ol ex'.'tn- '
plary probity, and passed away. Those
that are still passing over life's- tage ace, ,
written on the eternal hills, this phrase iin
mattbhj as Death. Notwithstanding all this,
however, here, iu the al ter part of the 19th
century there appears a mm who, with the
Inost unblushing effrontery attempts to st '
asido this time-honored trwUn. With the
most brazen fared impudence be hurls tiie lie ,
right iu the very tedlH oi mir Honored fathcs, '
and declares that proverb t is an obsolete j
But to be more explicit. There has been
within the last few weeks, a pedlar peraiiibu- .
lating our seeti in of Cjiimt y, lellillg grave "
stones. An lioqoraltle oceupaliohj withal, ',
but one th it is as subject to embrace impos-!
tors as avocatitn.s leas ghostly. This itiner-: I,
ant nn ml. or ol the cru't does not ri ll ct any '
very considerable amount of credit on Ins co- j
laborers. Ho sets out with the false position
that 'Honesty is not the best policy," and in .
lis business transactions, bosecma to stand .i
up nobly to, l.i text. Ho not only praises In
Ilia own wares must volubly, but ho palpably i
iirs.epn si'nis the hus ness and artistic merits
it others. No.v that he should speak highly
nay. extrai sgatttly of his ou ii articles, is ra-1 ,.
tional, and so long as he goes no farther, II'
-h ill not offer the slightest objection butj'j
lieu he unhesitatingly declares his intention '
to clu-at Indiscriminately, I Wilt speak otit.!,
lie says that lie is "determined to -oil to a '1'
rew i.e wouM be, eauipelleaejl H unde. prico ; u
I ut in the main lie w ould urore than comnqn-. .
..te hiui.su. i by ihe.ing others.' A position
nut only CenSoriOns, hut uutraieous.
Borne ot the neighbors are even Row mi I
king th in-st pitiuhle 1-tmentations a t. r .
bavins) undergone the proCCH of being skin-
m d, by this "si ire r." r
One object I had ill view in this article, t
was that you would be so good as to reler us .
to some reiidilc woikinafl one in whose in- ;
teerity we ran have cojtfdeiice, and whom
yon can freely recommend.
My own opinion is that th-i contracts for '
work already entered into with this fellow, are 1
i: t binding, because he is unabio to fulfil tnem
us proposed. Whether they are or not. time
The'ofBeial mobocrab-,-' of Ohio, whoarsf'
now before the Legislature praying for a le- ,
galised system of official robbery, are threaten
ug "tnnUition," if their demands are notj,
complied wiili. Li a late suit, before the Su
preme Court of that State, to test tho. validity
of the late law taxing banks, Mr. Pugli, the
Attorney General, cli.'uieu that the adoption
of the n.w constitution swept away all the
supposed vested righis olaiined by 'Ii I banks,
nnd declared that "ii :t should be decided that
these institutions were still beyond the con
trol of the BegisJaturej iflhe peaceable revo
lution oi 1651, w hich brought a new constitu
lion did not resect the buiikJUao as to place
them on the taxdist, and wifnin Ifae reaeh Cf
legislation, tlien-iijfcrhaps Be ought not to say '
it as a lawyer, but he would sav it as a man,
that the time h id come for AaoTiir.it revolution,
lor an application of Ih'it argument which ty
rants can feci anil be math: to respect."
Mr.Pugh will doubtless atn'd ntttny men in
Ohio who are willing io reso: t to mob law to
get at the specie in tho vaults of the banks.
and dignify it by the min e ie a 'revolutl "
he will find recruits pb nt est in h l'i niten
linry at CohMiihus. 1! f re break ng .p n i lie
Hanks, le: him tear down th i Stale prison) he
will not lack, then, lor iffide.it bc!p. Pill.
No speech has excited s . much surprise us
Clemens'. He was considered i. not u chief
ol Filibusters, at least a very high private. But
he has come out Irom a sickroom wh re he
has been e.o 1 1 II U 'U tor m my w r k-. u p 'nit nt,
j an I oives to th s'ttrld odl ylng tooi of an
I thltiro Change ut il'Sirt. Besides, . -v -ii Col.
I Ctcill JUS wis nit within, an rfhjoct. Ile
a-pir.'s to be, ttltd he will be, Sj. ret iry ol
War. T.iis is oousidered Settle. I uu n.
Cor. Pitts. Gaz.
Washington eorre pondet S oftpa PlltalairgbtJ 'Z. ile
The H use must disgrace iilly trifled away
. iis time to-J,iy in p'roceediiigs to I'riv ifoua to
be d.'-cribeil. as t ie, have ju.ne for a week
pseL T.:i re never, was an tuMmbly ietre
I utterly losl to all sense of decency ami self
respect. A i evening session was held to
night which has ju-t adjourned. It was a St
I ling sequel 1 1 ihe s laiidalous jiwdylsin of the t
. day. 'i'lo-ohje. t ol the in eling was ii r.i-
oeive reports Irani the atamHng committees,
meet oiwli cli, as I have nequently staled,!
have not been called lor reports once dur ng
th; whole Congress. L is hardly necessary j
to say tii.it simple "ltd obviously necessary as.
tlis) object was, nothing whatever was done,
I A quorum w as present, I IS members, yet the
w hole o; a sitliyg ol two or,, three hours was
deliberately fooled away iu calling the House,
in millions to adjourn, and other dictions pro
ceedings. Some good puipose might have
been ouewered by ih call of the Hjuse, had
It b en carried through. uud tho names of the
delinquents been properly laid before thoir
constituents. But of course after time enough
' had been Waited to transact the entire business
of the evening, the preiwi dings were stnjpend
I ed, anikthe curtain dropped up m the scene of
! folly end uproar, tir silly and dontemptiblfl
fSciiMAS Biios ITIOX. Du lug 152, there
left ihe porl of Bremen 63l) vessels, With
551 passengers for the United Statei) of
which number 10,0'J7 came to Haiti more 20,
031! to New York; 18, 1 Hi to New Orleans;
1,023 to Philadelphia, and the balauco to va
rious other ports.
THE B. & O. R. R.
BALTIMORE, Feb. 11. P. M.
One To nsend nrorkaeen Irom tire BJu
mnre Ohio fclfi Boad workrhops, with at!
the " lulu' i n, bo akriuco atrl Knglneen of
iraniportation trains. elnick t'lii aaornlnsj tot
i oiier wngi . They narehed to menenim
ejoare, where they were joined by much. n, it.
Hid workmen from all th fir. p' in th -city,
nimbsrlng in ill or 3,000. Tiny resolved
m a prose s on Mrjth mueie lorhbeJit, They
lemind in laereoee of i j p r cent, on prcvi
eis prices.
The Board of Hirectors of till Baltimore t: '
raw Bailnnd held a meeting to-day, and r-1
lived to give Ikeir workmen th advanced
ages tli' y liked, and acceded to all other dc
nnnd". Tl.e mnjoritp ol the proprietOrl ul !
iniudries, 4.c, also seceded to the i.dvaticc. l
I'h 'trike i i on"qt;'n!ly beef, nnd business j'
AW be resumed on M mday,
At I wrut r iiic . f-ii llif! 13th f'f Jir.in-
y by th! Ret. J.ti.u.- Taylor, Mr. ViLt,u.v
. Ijinf.s. to Mrs Maht K, Ifotm.
Iuor Blliy ffone lit last.
' ( Hi n;t lt r nml bi MMllI ltl!l
And mny ih lri inl vnwj I
lie- NCffd htid III :Ju r faAffs
On Thnr -'!ny.3J lute b fit v. D. TnMMM,
Hr. WIixIam fhxHt uw mm Ax.n 13mm, all
mprurei BttPWkH mf ftlvw Jjuck Wd Sruprt!l
it: fret CtHlftlfrilt t'mt atr lhM a rv!- to ait who
lay b a'Tlicti-.l With Meffftiwu tm6tfifbtdl6rit$tig-
iati,tg in htrrtlitttry tM or f mitt im,mritf ,,f ttthimi.
haVn t.iiowh itittaaceM ithia tb aiMtm r mtt ac
uasitiAMce wit re It n.ufl lriiiiita' if 41 i$tW BTi havj
rM flirff-l hy tn- Mt nf 0kp0m Litruet t-f flfUw
'orf; unt Smtpc-ilfu Qlun.
It la niiH uf tin ii;tv Hvi rtitftil MM "inret!iV. cannot
' otttghiMttM wiiit qitaoaaff, avrtha H Ttlhtt or'.-" ami i
a "star Muparifiu" ara wH Inowtata bu u niaai efiirj.
it, (and ai tiie ium tiara Iteoaioaaj Mattt In the nboia
rataW JHt4i$f aa)4 tty far ti iraatanil iraraavpcayaeli
n't ul litem i Or. Ot0$0ttU Ye!ttr Jjt,e'. wi ttntp
'tlia. ( y
J Per a-IrerlitPiiiciit. '
T!innvi'! of pkfcflWU Wh9 MM Vnrti IfillO fjOpfarail '
r-iur OitUa "ni-i, 4cc, ira Tit au'e. ii' it wi-iV Uray
tju-ar ta ! a in 1 1( Mtratit .iin y art aataaily tat mctha
a ml at Itfr a aarwa af rtlatfaii . auah an ta irailaa, '
s tl mi iht, wis'.i bffff Ol hint"-.
In Attouwr aalnnln aHI i - bmtid tlia ailottaaiaatit ol
nhtVffiajk'a MaJlaliraa, to whir a um- a. aMlon 1
t all tli city iwlaraataa in tlrajpftvn araH a- taVlf
KlMrmiVbaa'tlti IntUtei CuuiilniatJi a rl all rliffaird ri 1
rtiiti? itnaitlHara in a iliwtatpn utiaiNl atafca aaa ol 1
HfOtly Hiitiv infill, in., ej ritffack I.ivhi I iMm.
'i...i -fi'cMvtL" tv ask tor II.' i-n-n k"- Worm
i tt;i atirf livr Ptllt, aiiH ' m -vet at rmcll jiaa loa alf i
Btiireol l.i.- V .t; riLi i', J. , l!:)Jt:r CK. V t jn. .
Uiiarn (tjiiuitaa t
" Tba attimtlon our r r ra?r ! to Mir titter-1
laaarant i l Ii. T.Cort tn, Kvq . n i nn .tie i ri4rctloa '
naura caCo.ipa y. Timtmmthtwf vA orat-tica o
ntanca i-, in tw HtMltl lVf rat dNy itatadi and arc
accomti anil oar raadari i atrti tl pal tea ' ina a.; van
syea.a rv ! ha tins o'tl and wcllArfa i it:i tatlon.
a frtv wiahaa ta inin -i hla itlatida t- pablic
it ftnar'at ttiai liaa u miedoii Ma kt ttraM, tautli
titlt, Mil, VViitt .i.su. a .I'Vt.ra' a- to;c:t: ul
t: tiataa ahu ifatii a atttlci ar.ic't: WdtUil do atall in
tjya hi hi n cafls Hp Uaa in t-iutr hmaj u anil (oaf mcart,
tifo and JaracOilbti tra.i, Itirr, Clirraa, Ma.aaaaa, star
ind :i itu:ti etndlafi ', a aaaAd, lai.-m--. rurrant. :. (
jji ahort Ita 1 a I articiaa n-i-a ly k;i. in Qriiror j
NatoatMl wiJt m'!' t- aMMata f aaaii4i aaantti ml
rait purcuaacra, at tha towvaVtatai. Pa, i.', i-sn. i
J.N 5tH day January; JKa, AI raltaai i. Cola ami
tftfbrsti W llowaril, tlia late tirm ol Cola at 11twarii ol
the City of llajlliutirc, Mtlcauaag t' ha lafiijt d rrouiU a
Court ot (?oinnioii Tit a- ul swIuhihI Caiunty, Mtio, a writ
ol a ia iiu.citt. for thaaoio ol j.t ti . ti a:alnai tlia lira
j.i r y a ul iQWta i v lata Arai ol Olovar tv VTavkly,
which writ t n 1 n u aarvi it rtnorw d
Alte i: JUUM i;. II EATON,
Clark 't bVUCoja. P.eaa,
c. c. Catnoti,, Au'y rr I lainti r. iv -. it. et.
rjAIl!' co-partiKTohip licretpfure existing
in,.-, 'a , i ,:. i ilv.'tl u i tn.i '.'i.lii itaj- opjiiiiiii-y, 1-!
ii. . Dat.i MtmStii ia contwireii. . t-. .,1.1 ataml. ! y 1
. '. . MeCD.VAlltY k K 11.1. V.
- liriiiNp.irt, Fei.. ia.1er,a.-3;.
Hntuo;pov.T Feb, IS, 18i3.
1 E tjto undereigiied iiut.ln ra of VJThee-
1 T litis, fiavtl Clilatl Mll'ii a .!rn c ynnl At Will.
r nrk's TaviAit, tw. iiiils we-i nt w iiPL'iiii.., iii liclmoat
L'uuutf. Ohio. Wii tiie atr4caseact Cuiili.'r p'cilce
uur;vaij lo lattSm aia ilwv ynnl byimylns a. I Ilia
Laiiki ibat we i.ny vnt t IfjSI ym.l. 'I .'ieie lfsl)ieii a
I n.r t.l" .MaitOll'a ralftlrt SOE PHI "1' It snnl aril l.ir tin-a-ui.iuiM.'U'.ii.n
"t llioso win mii t. ttvitli tm k, 'il any
kinil, .Market daya-iq;lvu: MujiJay- ai.J 'I'liurilay
ul im. Ii ivfi''i. tVai. 1'liira km.;ilin h.in.l l.ir Ihc ftCCUlll'
lidlisUoU ul UloVWa, Li.in, aiul liay ai ill I linii-s.
Psaraary t, 1999
"FroJoilck siiink, l atrts BatciUi,
HsitMifjaiuiii, I'. i'v Uaa,
11,. viOiwiuauam, M. imutiry,
Jylill U ill. riiarlc- lluwBlCl,
rsuiu-l U! las, JaW' Hall,
J.iUu Parali, 0 . Baoltali,
ui.. uuswia, Win. k. ! ita,
I'ft.l ur S rar, lt.::,ty UU.
j,i ii, .; fctar, Saiiniol .Mi ti.-an,
Wh.. Ji..i. i, llataioa IIvm,
I H JSwiCaW, Henry foMar,
K.e.e l. Uayita, Oillrey 1'u'il,
M iu. Hi an, J'"" 'i'.
I rii, l' ,-.c'.t, :,nuli-s Sh, ..iiar,
(I ll,i ii,s, ''"' Bahjr,
UbmI. i. t.i ly, J.V""! uu'
Tl. ' 1". "' .."',
Jaa 'i K.r, l-a iiu.-l Kills,
r .a v I'ral. e Ull-S .HliWiuiaaia,
Dm mt ' MKklar, luarl.t l riiina.'.
W, FauifUry. '' ' jfj '
T iu unilvirH raail hava oatarf-t lala an arraaaaaiairt by
wuini ii"' , a : m lurnWHaii Ki Sort ..oker Masaxine,
I lull ) VIM II, huh Journal. .'elu. a i.l lt;e .ilu-ical
vVorirl aiM I'nii. .l" 'l-iilv.) "" aori ers. alttia
V 'rv n wktraltf ; ri.e Al live Sultar a year lurtSw tlir-e
uuiilii tuff I Ml ararr, nfceloi i l.iaiMMiitiotiy a
U'iIiu nl.l e,. i..ii..'y ''" i.l-l
I ii'.ny i.-r u l t Knli uor'MiIiur.
aitittitis a. ivit,i,in,
i n i-.i . - a Hit Hu He Jasraol.
In i: I ... Wtl.l.W.
t'u li.h-Tii "i i i" .Muwcai v u ul aa4 thorn.
iy. I'.nu'ia jy, Nml i .,ra.
iiiinii X.itti-.r Kill! Ail - tic CauibinasjiiMl
v mSMinaitH aava I mu tu MrnM Mm Kairaaa
n hk , ".I ..ii st. UM IWaa ioiiaaaii, ami me Htm
' iiiltai i - !' ' I'm... ' v Hiai;
i, . i 1 1 aiiuui il i in c.iua utanttani, antl
e v . tTaii aai aaicaiMiaaa i ii,r a'l n.in;
, ,. II.,, . J...HSU.. .' "t IBM -'ii" .iKi.a auS
ST-i is- makiiist a raw aaa uaalnav. rnai
,,'7.,. .'null ..rs.aiM-.i lai'i.ill .. l.ve .a. ,.i. n a ;. ear,
ia , 1 1 i wuriay WaDakuaw a.e. wtii n lalaai auw mug
',"",1,1 Ul III ktm Siaoii-mi U.I M:,eilll...l t.y
I '!! 0vi.bao Ci .iiK, ii is uuaucaaaary is ie.,i.. fin
i .i n'., v. i's it Iim "" loaoiuH aaaial, autiwrou. sad
v,ri.'e.wri.iau a.y WOiltl ,Wi'. lay Hum
J i ' Ki e.lil. u ) 11...I. I'. It.. iai-, a i l ,N. I . W ,1.1. n. i.
'". knuvra m lite 'wi fanily ;irr Aawriosi
uiStliaMuMaai. Wuai.u xo l'i a, aaiunl i y li.. ii,iu.
' II- tViiua, .iti I..... .i.i. Mu.i.. i.en. II. i. nil.
th. ' ii i tim's. w.i. n. uiusauaitOae. r.uoin, ami
, . waaital uu-r. uatribuuas. ajal uiim.ii iv, a
. , . eliliiril....-'. '.' MiiS ;i bill
,i,l; ui uwiiaa weawiaaw aiioaalli-, t la rar)
' uiu-l it' j'Hiraal ever UllliaLod. I In -u lure; jiu .ll-
' "i i- in i"-1 a uaanii "i 1,1 irsarfl Wufvii mn
;..,'.. woiui uiiewiimi-- vn, -nci nut. l.iii.ratr Meals,
!" auns, ruaiptarsi lMvsuiiua,livariii Mil. i.
ir Faaiy,aiWiuaatl " ' " eMail
uatiriliu Ctiarch, anil Uv lin-ul-; Kevn ivs a-SI'riti-
. , .. I Miiaieal Woika, rartiri at r "I irraaaeest la
n i i iu v.-.v .ifkn. fleam "I KwHy, I iisatvot, HW-
' . I a- A.i.l..i'-r.; aiijl avieucej .... ladipg
'", !. .,',?., Watra-i l'i .eiiodicaUIOiiriiiiiril- ittalllii
l .en el l an.l C' I -I lii.'lioi lta 111 M"' tumily, ami Help
i t ill Heller, v'ior and llai'.iar, may Uu now !-
laiSaaWWI IB-Jj, iZlM.W U.01.lwy.
res, M, laW-aft
leal Reeia rrr Mult
li ii Uass .i i i,i,
0 " .e.. I. .,.,, I.
a M I'.irM'a!.,. I i,t
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1 I 4- I'riff nr.n.7,
! - I'tZ!'"
t mi far rr rttnseri
i Maaterl,
Nat'OiyAtttY A Kll.t.Y.
aVKaMaa) fW, , 1 ,3.
M'1-...m Haaieaa aa ai,fii in ri- ro.,",i
II' '. '. o-l- 0 ll,'..,e, ,,...,!,, l,l,i , mSnf Hie III
'nim-iMIM ktliatlfl! "an -'i rnr IM r:,.-r ! leant
i.i ml :o'
r.i,i ,,f t:n afneasrtlfira hafirfattei r mm(a4aaf, wii
m r. lafw .i at .1 li'eil m I i jarlV aSJ . i i :i e i . uri a
'''.num.., ptssi nraSI I I'naalr, nn .f t. f jre in,, lir.i ,iaj
t liaal kafm, IMIiiad i.y -i i an.
AViis rrrrtAni.EfwrinTn,
I'.:''. I J. n. l fnniinwirmer r.t HMittat.
TEMPli: 01? 1IOXOK.
Tin: nn,!, f.ii-i i.i t ,, . ioB Mr.ra'M ta riv imitr
laStiaaaVKlalVf I, ,!! Il.ree. ,, . oiini..;lt.. ill
tint 'O n, ta at tfimnr, ,N, ) .. ,,r,t,i ai si. : ... M)
arm i a lAamntad In v . Hi'. mi nui, t . :-.'ii in.
aiha anaraotm, elt "i lha v. i nr,lM aetcari rr ;
lie.oe, ,. h jatklicl tnta!M in in MaMaellM M
' nr. ,i, w ti tve ereittireti, fHtaati and ntisa ram r
ittv a-e rf;. i Itntr H liaf) In H ir-int. Bail S hall i
Mbjrc i mi) ii 1 1 .... 1 1 ! , tIm iaataltaiion la take bmki
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Kt.fta;:v.;;-. r. ' . It. l-:,n. r. i. i sa
HAVRlaal Rtaiirai.
Mlhlda . . (.: Jlotiaaas,
to halt M. a -. v
Hi Ml- s, air llflkaa s:(,v..a
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len te t- Maekseskj
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In H'.t'.- Star i 'a- ;e-,
in Bosn Starch,
ii-i i. fjarulina Tar,
t'lntwiiicb irltl lamas on fairttrr I, r,,i t Idtu
:.: vi:n rpnl.T-.-':
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I'fi. iiit 'i'A kVLN w,
ATTORNEY & COIWM3 .1. )!'; K't LAW,
And SolicltQf in CiMoeery,
WOCe ia bia room laniastly leoupiel :!. :
ltd Butt.
fa, ii, M33.
jrJtL : a ! m CuMic a, o-i PatanlajF tba tr-t.i of
i l a raarVs at tHa rraltletica of t fi (Tiltitira. on
im '.in.ia! HtHtii aioat fid i nray ( rtarMn 't.' in, vi I
:if Britfapart, i :-- , I r.mr i im w ifoii ami z z:.
laabaag, t autntSr -tt rioari vul Uftfroa a Va.r.tjr ol
Ch ii::c Piftiltrjr,
laj i Ml 'a"-'' ijaaatiijt tail rafletjf ,
rhlrh will at aflkrej . lata t mm pafebajpfra, witli
ii't.ij" aibaf aiflctaf Utaiinetii uiaatHn m tovata
iiMlM r.t M u ttik A tt: l ,il I . ivai :: afl euit.f
i ut ; doltttra.
C. rv K. DAftVABO
' I :i I s attraor4iaary prararaUoji 1 a tn tttt tnaa)
JL Hi Heaat Ml l. . aui. . ' '.t t:.(. ' ff- 'o- ltflj,
oua, ii:M4. I! au ita, 1: a , a-..: Unai a
it hi i Rui a su I. jf im tut. 'i e ili'fi'ie '." i
alaata and loafiriietrrf carhttliai rta n. boot la
ii.t-diaia attit partVct tl . i w' en itraat liability tfc
laaa iud t k ia.a, a ii a wiiMaoaia t wtt. rtatwHa tb
uaa -i a, aannt, tnt e vt Mum ;r.-i.ui- Ua u oat tt-ar
ai tamta I'luy at awta r? xue l uu.h a t alai
cyniptoui, a ii wttlra y rri.tv utai nur l irrilaihtllt)
a., i araa tt i 11 a laat aruii u ti riac t tba i :
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Ll.i. I Wii-i. a.- r EtOfC)
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AdtuLuUtratoa Notice.
Nf'T.rx Nbera' r aiaaatbat at U Pm'tata Otatt fc
n. Imoat tfettaty.tha anaVatttiinl ; ointaa ai
qaalifiatl a- Ailmtitlr-tratora ii titaaatata -i r-a.-.ijei t
llul oi ay, taw- of .M -r.a i o niy, iWHsaadi
AH tboaa ' d-! t. il l aaleita eta ratjaaata I '.' mak
imoitUat1 (tajfuieot; o'irl tSiiaa ttawif ctatttH rivani
aid aatata aw i.mitVtHt ta ftsaaat ateaai Utt atttama
n ithln on )ar iriu Uiiadial
.: IAY 110U.OWAY,
fe' . 4.1 Ad ataltratotel.
NOTICB la iite'-y fhranNiat altha rm'.at Cuartf
Balaatat Ooaat) aadaralaaail a ai aat lata l a
qiia'li t aa Kxaator oi thaaatala ul LU 'I '.-. laM
ualmoat roaaty, tiaxaaaott,
.Vii Uiaaa ludttbtad v. ialJ frta,.'. are ragiieated to . a1
luiuttjiata uaywetit; ami U.os? iiarinx t talma asain
aid eatata, aro irotliiad t prtatat Ilia u f'f aetUaaiai
aritbia oaa 'ptt fromtliii ilata.
I t-S. 4, IBS. 3pd U RT.T T iTteOKi Bs'f.
B "i. -i Btt BGC as
Upaiii tba wont favora'tii tOMiia aitist
I By Maritif ur Intand Boqlaa, btfWfati Raatcra (iti
aad ail i-ar." r,f tba Mlanaaipitl Vailaj'i and npaa li
I tVcati ra VTatcra.
j AlaQ tajbta a aaaaJ aian a-' kladu "i" laaarabla prapaii
, at i. -: r.i.L rai' of rreaiionia by
li. u. 'i'. CQWHN, Agaat,
For ft. Clairaritla tad Belaiout Loaatj
Fell. fUmj till.
OKH Ijslag -' iwAt aaatta i Uirtif!aaad latii
ci by laoaa i tfoo. B Kofflft Ja on H a W
I ui arladd aaa Ww. llarroHt;i, loataniiae. 1 ' aci
i u.ttr--' ir I aaa. Tin re about i urrrs under uHtTalii
a cottiloitabte bouse and gaori f-oicaa, a aartoty triri
irava aud ttrat rata liuiiwr, a : civiuanaiil lu uiiaa ol km
i, Hit ui dim)' r tlioa laa aa'aJ a'tfM at tba uauav a
I nioiity ol wi'."r iii pifary h)iI Tba atoav lyias
1 mi 0 Wet Ul v. t'!j.lf.l.' u:t ijjaj aji l IUal I
' luitxba lo in Mtrti ai lav id Prtran - n .- -
taluiox 0d acraa Usoroor luff abuai avfti uiulur
i U .i.iii i. 'Citl in I'-. u.a Oj
li tlia a'awa farum Hta uof wTd I'JP tba Jx.'.i of l
1 tliaja uiiiitiiin ri'it:. FurioriUvr uaHitula auuair
tliiauUica, r ul ii' - fll -n' livlucS ini i aa4 ul i
: i atir.vil.-. ti me pil.j lHi 1 BP ITUB
, rantar Laaat aJ.nn trai r da io n aonj
j ul lULta.ei-i.cui Jii ia-. Ku!v iii r, Ull'J, f
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i leldia Kldailar, J
. j t.r.ucul at ilcr ul ihf court i.r COWaiaH pfa
i 1j u( iif.iuu'ii .u iiiij.ij.uu, I u iiiuM. rior aala on t
i umiuiafal Ol Ja-'i Hiuwi.cr, ul ! ro-iiuy dVcat
ail, ri a Ti'i luvi it-iii it, baaU 1 1 kioui.ty. U:iit, u; t
ift 'ia : a r' r'.a.-, Uturaaa Iba aours ut to i
ttovk A. " "i 'i oa.lj Fa lt ui aaid Uey, inu toilo
iujtdt'tcriiodtea t - .t, iitueita ; and aaluf taaa
-ut ,vy, 1. 1 wl'l JiVt ni l.' lsUI t rv.icj norm ol trie
w .ti'iiti of f. ..iu ld towoal.ii CeaHd ransi fittoaa
I i-a-t t.. i i tftxla : ; tuM - ttorlti - dattrvua Wttai -.i. n rt
i i'aac-3 oarth. datrvaM a-t t.f-- itaTaiaaii uhui
nortuirj '' j ''Hbt-i tliaaaa aartlj u
yu.-i 1 1 ifcrcbjM ; ibn.f eoaiti la'eVU ; baa ta Mw -tia
'..I (n-.iti-ir.t.;, "i"'-: im i.-i.'tnMh. All
,i aiaafj mr aifluiuiui til! t"i i .. u.i ui j
mm H.n-i.i ii, r. i-l attatrj ud'aatolluUje: lejnitiiiuj at I
I -ii ta Hrtc i'i 'T oi o ilaii io, uanabii aad ranji
i iii'in.ii.' oaat la. t dreiaaaj taUenaa artb J .ut. mm at I
j rare baa iMatva a'aa W poraa. taaoasa aoalb itf.
tiejrclw iu tiwplafca ot jf iumu afttalaia : tbraa rou
! nri .-.m. ut a rooit.l . it. i i am aua or iir. j.-it
I tfta dowar aauto of i.yiiia Kidurlior, wtdaai ufaaid J
cob KitJiV iar, iIo.ih, wi kit ia miiiaiuttl m litu t
i.iwin I ouudary tti iviti I'-uiijifuiifjE at tnu auat i Wi
j eairacr ol saetio t ii runini; wirl ulaaa twWj tbaa
Oavntotbaroadi tbtnce'afeei a'ong aau-J road t toe auu
I uat loraai oi xiw paired uf ia ia aarianl I y fcob K
wils?rtiitti L-anP'!; ill --n m a areata a-d-y dlractiua t l
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staio. Appraised ai ?r.:r.v. p. laWV-.
I.. i aiir'.ir tU- ln;i!.n null of Jactfb Kitlwiiur, tlec'J
Jan. till too 3ti
j j AEl.'Alll.E LAND FOR SAL
nui. uadaraifiia) alabjtrairJkf f tho pfttat-of v
L w'ti.Knii, lata if Hatiaout I oaoty, lift M, aanra i
I nab 6n tl nrittiWfcl hi tVbaaliug luaaablp, on Fl
lAV,Jiba Wid day ol T&tuvx aaat Nataraaa t
Uoun bi H oclock Ai Mi and f p'ctack P, M. tita Mat
ini vainai'lc proparty, it betiif i-art ui Uu aaalb ft
qaanar in rt-t.ii ii No, Sat Tewaabfp N'n- 8 ami RaM
i corttatalof uwi adrri mora or laaa, w ith tue aiiptirti
ate; It baftJi 1 1" ' -"d pafchajad by taa at
iietaaand frdta Kenry Wi son ami w Ita iy daal datad M
tiny oHMoVt, i-l1, ami racojdad la iue Bacanai
IMeWaaf iald t'nu'iiv, Vo!. o I'fth WI 'Fcruia ma
knutvn on tba day ut f-Mp.
mauy jam: tVAi.Knn. Admlnba iriy.
I'y Davo las Jsiaiiijo I . Am'?
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" 1 1 low Pock and SntMporlllt
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ma .f. a s earti rri hf taa Wonder ful i laraa it rr
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1 Bftip! d i Of the Skill, I.ry.-ij i-lnp, Chron-
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Marcury, I'a.n In tin- BI4b and
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(tfOilaca ffaatlihllly i nitan-timi, a toaipajnlra
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ad t f-a tin 'tiita-Mii.it) iff tba Uaifjar i Baery aaa
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I ai it t. in ihe ntoariiriit traik. Vw. u r
It .- uly um eaaary Ftap t!i lanAaoi t di pMlna
and nobility, tbo i dor by n ewiairtlur-t Keaotaia ai
I ii' a-i 1 - ..;:. t!:r :l,'H. ,' . rdKUi. i
an : '.i- renlt ' .i d-aaji
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rir !ji b, r.-c reaton i bj t. . a batila ur utu. to
I'ooni aad t rhror,
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in eaary r ..r.
A tt t- '.:' ' -r H ... i in) if sad in" that bla
IdaufbtM evau iranaled aitb diiaeatt iaentraatiaa and
iiir:r n peen in to ber iat. Bita bail aot had tier
: afalaf manairaat d c-bafti btaaloc tlae t.nt by tli
uaiVl Ur. c... ..;.' V allow boaft r..-i rar-ai ariJIa waa
' ra4U ft'-.. !. r'i ;l T iv na in':- aM ij,; -t tvitu
oat facaivinf tw i . I . t,t Ta bad ortj danabtaf
j lla : . :. .: c taaia catt J. li. TKII P A CO.
ir,iirr.ftiiv "t ,o-.iPTOroiin'r. Vv tfl,
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j ami fm i . FaUlna o1 t ia 'oarJ . m ... Mid it tux- !
i eady i.-i ft i bar atry nun i. il tba kryat:rtaa it l.a
I, tad aoaiiv t eara I J arajnat pafcbaaal a aataiH
i e, a. i j t -. . . " iriiiu tbaalTe;toI tiiel .ra.er fei.i cuu
! Adaat that i Willi Sbet a arfaat coras
Votn.vy raapaUfuUy, N. COBOftH.
C r t t7 eaeeeaTad raaa a p0ipitMt
The -.n-i i perfo'iiiad at Ur. i;n . ' tti Extract f Ytj
I low a i Paraaparilil Caatiny. Tl e patlaata
i faaaral baa fi cotttlaoaa iaipaaaa :.:r dsaaaaa m re
I moved, t.ti ea are not bbmaieled aatil tin !.a tally
. t-'t al tuat Uaara c'l 1 1 ri btj ; r fotara al tne d;a-
Kara ay. Ilafklraer Co PaV, lW.
j .s. F. Btr.se" c.: Geatw It ai '-v ;. ll it alaaaata
I tbaa I writ, yd a:-.i:t Taf happy aBbai oC y.ur Vel-
'!.'.' Poefe I d ra, ar.:;- Ipoa WJ -''. Who m- lun
rwaa mifcric3 iiider that -' . rnataaotaa dieae,
Bfy l a Itti Wtl tl be we attacked In Tan aiilwa
for v r j t ntiu ttandad by tati a id or beat pbyai
ciana, , trb tin iiklll ir tartna;ty ( r fttra iiiOLtbi
, witbotttaay beneficial eflWcti wbaaevor. Ile baraipa re
dUfl to a pertect - i v.u: . (It- i.hti 'cet fo:n hta bip
I . t i. i.i.' C. v:i'r!t 't i-.. ; t ;nia' v tll-t-liariftntf
oHVn lire mutter. Medico) and Mifet ral bill waabaWBa
Pby c i anai aa I that hU eaaa waa l opalaal thre aaatM
! ba aotiaaa 4anatn arrentttMi tarfibli ataaffraaiaf t.Uera.
1 My aeialitaora and myaell UiOUstttt bi" ilieaolutiaa i.i ir
at nann. Oaa of uty oeijVHr wlto 1 a 1 r"iirpla ci.ild of
I Scrofula with youi invalnabia fntdlcioa, wiabaaniata
mah a tr alisi ... and bki a irtna t ieika - daeira t da
I aoinetbinf wbtle life tarieil.ihati f;ow any bana of t
; ting rein :. t pro met! t ..- ntt i - or your Tefthw Ink a
atit i: ar-a." nv rntuaieno-d Dlitt i;. aad to on
atonihmeiit. ha romncM y Iwfrrora baibre Ur tail
T. ttaad ti.- tt..- t .'. . aad bolVa ba !ia 1 Dead ball a aadara
, itt-. : a rr. i i walk oat Ha naa t i-i all twalta tui
' tif.it i! ri-i i '.'tf year 'v.. and by h to" er he r. a paf
f,c.'i- restored, nvery i -; t of tbe diaeaa tscapt tba
Kara a T-ti'iv id i a.'' I e rai i . t ' perlbct beauJi Bp
J I to tba ptneot time, Kt rrrmery under t: e btaaajaka
II of Ofid, n i irtfraly owlnttotbe n aol y tor ITalWw Dock
and Barapartt,a, and I aaea a yoa v. at I fji ptjaieir
under arreat nW&alirfoa to yon. aad i"a WitbafCM jiy
1 1; at I InMrmyonol what yadr Baraaiutrltla baa done
i.r in v ?oa.
- Bc'pnctfulljr, J VMB3 BUMBteti
In aaart Battb , ! par I ottle. o fi bottlaa for $3.
Corner af Foprtb and IVatuot ti r. .-, to taiioai a.I or data
Bltoafd adifread.
-1 FR.BIEB lr.roi.LIKS, $u Clairaritla. Obi
t. if. joqaox,
0 B.8.ftarki fainiatoart,
Gray h Jqukiaa, RridaaMeft
l tVi-i. !t :th. rafrriaw, "
leaae MaiiaaVaTs Piaaldbia
Si Crnmbacker a loa, Wlmlltifi Va.
Ma) ta. Wbi. y
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M IsSTarb ii.vls.vm ofivixn cm rkv
I T.f i'-f-it p0m$ r. CaaaawftiVb l. Mtyttfr
vf r'.r .'.. 4fAiai HrUifi Ph.'u it i' ,
a'lAa I.Hnx$,uAi ttthir gtUwm$ a'iAa i im,nur
I Urjft.1.
t i; .Ui Ba.ettnnl IV lderry I. a (la ;a
He ' ia. uif i stupor I rMatfy il IViid C berry Deri:
ami the 'i i? ; leidaiol .1 tea, (tita .o!i.r iatpoytod i
pbrarij ikir tbi xirp".-.. tiie m i? mt-dtcal ?iiaaa
Wbbcb am a'- otnbinad by a new ebemical orataea Willi
tba r..irat,t id i'ar t; rendarlntt tba wlmta rbui u i
the waat aartaia ai.'t i tbctaloaa rana dy aVat dwauvi ibd
1 for
ti. (::: LWI IOB Of TBB LVKOB,
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BJ IwivatUTtKu Cinnw;,oxDsaca,lt1Tai. Y. IbMka,
a Sanla ' 'bio, m biybly ri jieetal la draffgiat in ibat de
,. ' i . i. . infiiriacd we t 1 .! t - i at W later i
,. IWaaarai WVA rharry lbnpara'Teef. Thedt i; enu ior
-i, it i nu vase tbal ba aaa acaraaly kaoN hintae f ., .,.ii
; wltb Ha bru bad t bi vtara aaadtcii i ba laaa ci
i, I fttaviuua laoiaaojl iboea ware aataaaard taoil. and . n
-7 u.tvf teuiporary ir i-.i. But alara ba hail f -tarV Ha:
laaniol VYibH brrpy, tnnuiaar af tba ntaat aarlaaa cajwa
" ' i wern eoinpb t. ' . wtad by lie aaa. "I ri rer rotti a Rardi
i-ii'i-."t - tlia daatpr, in wbicbl bad tetal aatlra aaeta
dance that I bava ia tbiae
j"? w i.i riirr Vi i-.:a' '.- Pa'aaat df Wild Cherry iin
tniiiiiced it a. ice attaiua iuai M b r utatio . ubicb it
I an riiildy daat'rvaas WTbet van pmreut r.f a a, wbfH on
OVary baud can l wltneraed Ita wandetibl cues? The
, warat caaae "I Aaabtna. recent and dbmiifjni raatfba,
, i. in l a su tlif. t int art- (! bitrjj naadlni iir.iticlutie, or
I Ikmaoinatioa, In ita aarly itafee, art- aJwaye tu.-t d by
. linn ieit.ar-''l! ut'iiicine.
E Q n H Q tj
,v- ckown Poiar, Is aaa ., ia.. Jaaa it,
,u J. P. Paaa Dear Sir: . I n de - eoeawiaoara-
Uoa iur i lie eulicteds parnilt taa to eiaa rati a brief
t ! lory al my ftdUctlone, ami tba banallu 'i rlaed IVon taa
(4,1 aaa ol Ur. Viatara iia'-cn ;f Cherry. Iu July.
01 lavM,j waa aitaatvad wltb a faaar al tipboldcbaraaaav
J Wbtrh left me in a very dc! i'ita'.rtl atate, wban m tba i..l
r9 I low lag a atai I wtafcaa ariih n aavara aaia 'hii b ra
hj. ilucel ii. r m -ttc ! aii ettnn! aa to :it we Uie apju-arance
2 1 of a cnnflrinad tonanniptrve. I la'-ored under a letere
uj eaaab ipaetoratad a i-r.t AaatJ and waa iroablad witfi
cold feat a id nbfbi eafaate. i r-t ipu uiiv raiaad i laad
1, Iroru ui v laaa a. 1 COHtli it" I in t'n . atata, urn:!) ally link
,! tatf aaawr the liieaaaa, aaul Joniiary. ist. when i uaa
aiai'.i attackad with tevrr. My aateaeBetiea, eapaclaily
j,, . lift, wara aaoaaaatuiy cold, ami aajaet loettbalr kaf
ins. i'iul -r tbeee circumetaneei it may l r trbly Mw, t
,j. waa aiivma ekabwoaa I Haaliy iMariuiaadtaaaH taJi
,l ins ut '! ir Iue prescribed by pbi aioiaaa aad try wietarli
M Bwaaoiai MlbJ( iierry, ami from tba nratwaaklcaat
(,. ajtawaad takini it l ran data eraJuai racorarFa I cum
tloynd it ue . i mo it lis. at tiie n;,ii of which tonel wee
he earadtWad lawawjyedfaod Ueaitb eTaralaca.andabaar
o! fully raa oaa mead t laBataaaito a'l tbaata ejected whb
dlaeaaaa of tiie iuucs aad wanM ay tu tboea rpipajaa
rlni it aaa not t lw -i icon m If two or three t otiffa
do not atfbet ti wire, 1 ut c i eora f l have dona and i
bava Bo danbt that nine caaea aol or tail will le I. Jeered
" with ffjtawej UaalUtai I Uaaa tun.
Tbagaaaiaie Wiater naaoiafWlW Cnerrr ba afae
I ini He oltbo nienature ol linry tVlUr. M. V. PbPad I
,'!' p!ua and "iaulonl t Park" ou a fitw ficuitr-J awei an
;I" irraved wreiM'ar. N'uoIIm r tea beoniuiu-.
kV. Tl 'PrlctBlper iJtl'e; G bottle 44
m Bdd by J- ! PARK, CiiKlnnitM.Ohio.
ft Norili eeat corner of Fourth and eav-rntrare on
" Walnut atrei-t "1 tvlim.i ali ordtra Niuct In- eddreaaed.
ruH:i:it fc roi.uNB Bt. ClaJraailta.
V 1. p, JOHNSON ,
V; It. r. Clark, Maerlaf tf a,
Gray & JuuUine h....
W in. Bniii 1 Pairviaw,
I'ri'iiiNa k 1 r i ' ' -ikex.
rat-.' M "owty . wMiBeVtaw
aaaa tu, aaawr.

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