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The Belmont chronicle, and farmers, mechanics and manufacturers advocate. (St. Clairsville, Ohio) 1848-1855, March 11, 1853, Image 4

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Interesting facts about Bees.
About fimr years sinco, I inmlc in effort
to form some acquaintance willi ynn andyuiir
readers on the subject of tlie culture of the
honey-bee nml the laws of its government, clt.
it was then my intention to have continued
the discission in a series of communication.
But the year 1S45, in the southwestern part
of Ohio not only brought with it the jlatur
of our race, but also the famine to the tC 6V.
so preut was their desolation of that year,
that I almost despaired of again Risking any
effort for their restoration; but by a process;
of feeding- i i r 1 by strirt attention, i!iirmn' the
succerfin. win'er I wiisrnjbled to save.-ihoiit
half the stotk that had paer-cil through the
previous w inter. The blighting trusts that
t enrred about the middle of April, 13411, by
hich the forest blossoms were all destroyed,
together w ith the dry summer and fall ol
184S, by which the white clover was almost
exterminated, brought upon the bees the most
disastrous consequences. But those that
survived the wreck of '4'.), from the abundance
nd richness of the while clover in 1850 more
than made up to the attentive culturist for the
losses and failure of the previous seasons.
From the earliest period of history, the
honry-lur bus commanded its full portion of
the attention of man; bul'tis passing strange
that although many reliable works have bean
written on the subject, no rebuble experiments
or extended observations seem to have been
made in regard to the comparative rlchnWi
of the various flowers from which the bees
extract their sweets, and that the cultivation
of no particular plant has btenflxedupon or
recommended as one that could be generally
relied upon us furnishing a uniform anil rea
sonable harvest. All the observations that
have been made upon the subject seem to be
superficial and speculative, and they are gen
erally delusive.
A word or two on this subject; the forest
Umber of this part of Ohio, differs, perhaps
from HMtlt other localities. We have thr
sugar tree, buckeye, poplar, und linn, that
afford support to the bee. The blossoms ol
these appear in the following order I theaugll
tree, from the 1st to the middle of April, und
of short duration; the buckeye, from the
middle of April to the tirstof May; the poplar;
the linn, rather alter than before the middle
of June. All vary more or less according Ui
the seasons, lielore the seuson of the bloom
of the poplar shall have passed, the white
clover, on account of the warmth of its
position and superior richness, ultracts the
"huty fW," ami the tall poplar, though it be
the lowering monarch of the lorest, before it
has disrobed itself of its beauties Sl its sweets,
is bereft Of its enchanting hum.
In the month of June, 1839, my attention
was first attracted to this subject. I ascer
tained that my bees were collecting honey
very rapidly, und new swarms were coming
forth in greater abundance than I leared
would be profitable, i desired to learn the
source of their prosperity; and an examina
tion of the laboring bees as they returned
from their rambles enabled me to discover on
their thighs small brown specks of pollin or
iarinn, (in common parlance bee-bread,) und
a visit to the clover lb id removed all spec
ulation: the bees were there in the full ex
hibition ni their native industry.
On the tenth day of June, 1832, I Into
dnced a swurm of common size into u hive
that wus hull filled with comb und construct
ed by a warm of the previous year, which hud
perished during the winter; the comb, howev
er, wus sound, About II o'clock A. M. of
that day they w ere all in the hive, und placed
on a bench on 11 linen cloth, by which the hive,
bees, cloth, and all were weighed; this done,
the cloth was removed, and paro fully luid away
and the bees left to theiMelvcs. In less than
one hour, they gave unmistukublc signs that
they had been introduced into a home where
other workmen had expended labor und mule
rials that they could appropriate to their own
use, and they were determined to make the
best Use they could of their good fortune,
They remained undisturbed during the follow
ing day, (that w as the eleventh Ol the mouth;)
alter the close of the day, the same cloth was
again placed under the hive and the contents
weighing us before, The bees hud been in
the hive one day it a half, the increase weight
was 1711m! and ill less than eight days the
hive beruuie heavy and the hi es lo it great ex
tent ceased labor. I have often since made the
same experiments I he lastWBI in ISfto, the
results w ere nearly the same. Sorb, nodoubt,
are the advantages resulting to the bee und
the owner, from good wkilr clover pasture; it fur
exceeds all oth r flowers in productiveness.
The linn puts forth the last forest bloom of
the Season, and generally passes off by the
Bnt, or at the farthest, the 10th of July; it is
next in productiveness to the cluver, hut in the
flavor Slid beauty of the henry u surpasses
the product of sll other (lowers.
In this psrtof Ohio this (July 10th) genr-r-slly
closes the honey making seuson. The
buckwheut may in some localities and in some
MMOMi yield a small luter supply. i gnj
pretended, how ever, that in other regiouns of
the country, and a variety of other forest trees
are not of a character that may render Ike bee
equally, If not more prosperous. Hi hi:k, in
the Ohio Cultivator,
Economical Greenhouse.
Blui-li ol tlie produce of the greenhouse
may bo produced at hall the expense, by the
use of the pit, which requires no other glass
than the sashes which form its roof. The g.
niiiseinents and the products, which such a pit,
in the hands of in ingenious amateur, is cal
culated to afford, are almost without end
Small salading may be produced in it through
out the winter. Chicory roots (though this
may be made to accomplished iu a common
cellar,) may be made to throw out their blanch
ed leaves, wTiiili from the most delightful of sll
winter salads; tsrts rhubarb, or aea-kale, may
be forced in pots; as may be parsley, mint, and
other herbs. Bulbs may be forced, and
bloom of Chins-roses may be kept up through
out the-winter. But, perhaps, the m0Ht jln.
port. mi use to which such s pit can be ap
plied in a small suburban garden, is to preserve
throughout the winter, and to bring forward in
spring luschlss, verbenss, snd other exotic
flovrase; snd also half hsrdy ti tender snnuals
for tufting out into the flower-gardens or into
the miscellaneous berder, in the hcLnnmin,, ,,(
PKTi:H I I. I. II A If, Vi
And Solicitor in Chancery.
fc7"Olfiv in the room fromerTjr occupied by the
i.n Ha.mk.
I) l. T. COWEN,
I) it. ft ALEXANDER,
II AS rPinnvPd in lh BSIBMlSfy properly St. OlBltSSlIB:
II ...IJnining the rspMs&ct of Judge Cow-en.
ills OFFICII ha- als Nppii removed lathe .ame fiuild- VJ
ns. . B
M. J. V. GLOVBRi l
Attorney A Counsellor nt I aw, "
unO Solicitor in Chnneery,
St. Clairsville, Ohio. "
I agent. 1st Mis UNITED 8. M. ixscbance en. .
ti, i f, Company all kinds of properly, (real personal, and r.
hvr slock,) iv 'ill t,r Insured, on rsssoitslitt terms, upon ids a
mutual or 'nii piss. Is esse of loss of properly insur- 11
pil by tTi Company, Hip amount IhsriNlt referred lo ar li
liiirstlonat the sittlonaf Wis insured. uiaw ssltsassa a
tie resorted to he the lasnrtMl tcicntlnct sotteiss,
ff "OFFICE up .lalre over Frar.icr It Collin's Drug
fr-Ile is agent also for the OHIO LIFE
inschancf. company. In which;califom,a fc hoM
ri.kn will lis tahru at fftir rales. (Jan. Willi, 1P5 It)
JAttBB WBlal,
And Solicitor in Chancery.
Office third iloor pa.tof tli Court llnu.s. 1
Jhlcu'l 'JO '3 1. I
Can fiilly prepared and neatly prinUd, for sal at 1
1 he Ohroniols office
r;OLflU('N. A. CCWTOK ,
Pioducc Commission Merchants,
roll tiik Mtl Of
Flour, 15acnn, I.urti, Clover Seed, &c.
Hruful Klrcvt, Kaat aiila, Lclwucn itacr V Cherry,
Our ItNtlflMftfftftiflkH rnnfini tl ten ldiiviclt TO ai.ta on
roMMini in, kllAbltt HI 10 MH4I talivructury & pffOtuHj
Our WBrrlionur hml track runiiini into it, ami 1'ro
ltnftoh r uii. Hail Komi & ftittl 1'i'iiti. ( until rro-ivi'H (m
rar lOsWlst) FrtM DtAyMI ftntl ;ira IibihHhil'. We Blltlll
fiOtinoclAlflO with llaltiiiiurc &. Ohio Kail Koad when
eompttitd 10 WsMstliifs
fslHIIBti A0V4Ht'M MADE ON 'oN"llNWNTf.
rartii-nlnr iMHtlnn Mid to tin- city traili, anil West
NI I'luduca t. linn 1 v BoHelltds
Rrh-r III
JAMRl K. BAKER, " vmi9
' 11KKK K POMyTH, t'lUshurgh.
rhfladclnblft, Srjit. ','4, 1801.
I i TAVI' jnt recnttttl a rVtah ittpply of Oroerlw, to-
I L fi i kt w i th a lot oT M;irlw are, COIWlatlnt of Axe,
' Manure Urn.., Narrow V Rrua1 llntt lliuui s t'nol oanl
il rawer Ac till foCkB, withrltras Holla, A user a, Btd arrewa.
, thiiinh lai iw$t warilrtilM1 pink, ricrew of 4Hfl?ent Nun.
Ar Mno, Hlioe tit Iron Naild of all Nniiiheris, Hpiken,
BhinKllnff, re net tig and lailiiitg Nailt, either b the keir
1 or hy the iotmd, all ol wlnCh wa allow tu ucll at the low
Bl, Clnirnville, Hept. 17, IftSt,
WHITB lsMl -ClnolslWHl hraud luxl reteived and for
aaJaliy (MtfBW.) II. ALBXANDBB
fjBHT I AMII.V IXOUK for Malt at
J (telyfl) - ii n i
liAM I.AVTCRNfl fur lala at
(dec. 3, IKV..) OHnOKNPM.
DRBS IhoBi' himy little InttertR how itICeMlnfly they
I ' toil, lU H. ir Iron. Mower to flower tMsillt
tn lain hut little, and we are orten nurpriRed how the
little family flow their hivea for the dreary winter. Cut
if you Mhoiild cn to Wheeling Jiut atep lut( the lift A i ne
I Storf, No. 174, Main at., and you will he aatoiulriheil liow
j H't'fiNK At THOMAH can get a livinir, WHeti von nee
the alack ol I'rinta, (Niecka, Mualina. Iloaiery, tVc,
they aru Mullinit at a tip a yard. Oct. 1, l
Selling off nt Cost!
RK'M and e l pen live alike and aatfna. of the neweat
pattern! ami dealgna, elegant capeM, Dnrtha'n and
Hleevea, Moimlnte lie l.ainea, worth Ac. at U and 00.
The iNbecrther li gon g m quit, therefore, can oirer
i'l.ml- rheaper than any I euxe in the city.
Coine ami geewJniUre Tor yoiirxelven.
Ooli I, IHVj. Til: jnflNriTON, Jr., 161 Main at.
Rich Dreu (ioods.
I V'hH MfcHllkerromll7 to 3 per yard.
LVnU 100 im. fancy, llroche A plain Dreea Hilka,
from 31 eta. to jf'i a v'd.
'HW p, Kith lie l.ulneH. Mcrinoai, Da llasn, Thihet Oloth,
Peralaij IHotli, skc., dt. At llie Otieep rnore, elgn
Oct. 1, 1MM. (iOl.iiKN IIF.KIMVR.
Wkolessils nml it. i. ii i Dealer in
Xo. 148, Main Stmt, Whetting, Va.
KBRPS conslSBtlr ea Mau.l a rsry lans nml sxiaS '
ivc SMorlmsm or TAFBSTBY, lN;u.u a,..i
VHNBTIAN CAIIPItTINUe, Ruf., tisl I."u" '
raniasNspisnaOoirsrs, ste Vc, a i.s QUI ami m'
HMsny IVamiHl hnuklna Olauss, Fartjrail ami rin'.,,,,
I-rami h, ol pvpry ilrarriitlnii, mi hand ami Biads to or '
dsr. Vsnstlsn ami riai Wonlmv Dllmta, TrsMiiarml '
JJ iii.low Hlmili' ami Paiwf- Inirlhar u nli Unliolaiarv "
Warsi inli sa IIDMM, MAITRABHee, Plf.mWsT 1
; ui'll.Ts. i iil'Ni'DRC.ANKH, CUHIIION8, fti Also' "
;rniiaiii Ooorta, m ireal rarisli liiouta. Trlniinlnss' '
arils, i i. "ii i. .in n, .,. i, ,( Mimti, A Htral '
tan', colouratcul Purnllurs and Ooaos Varai.li ro Miir
ai ractury niirp.
Allot which will ha soM ai ha ,ar lowc-t Dflssa
ami wartaiiUNi wilfssallslasllsa,
mu i, ihw.
I I tBDWAHB, assaswars, fllssswsrs, Tat.lp H.lt-
i J ti -t rsssirsd sl n.lwras'a a uu ol nHortp.i Qhsshs.
wars, Hardwars, Glassware, ami a isw ino r flns Ta
u iiom-nam: and IIBTAIEj "
C L 0 T II I N (i
B S T 1 1 LI S II IH R N T .
On IhSOarasi f Watar and Minima ilMMs,
Wheeling, Va., t
UrilKIIK alwat.iao i.p foil ml II,p !,,., th,.,,p
ami Ilia M.1 .l.-.iral.la.lork ol i;,KV,. , wKS"
in.. IIp i - 1 1 1 -t tpturiipil fro,,, !w Vmk, Plllladelnliis "
" ' and In. IJood. pi t Mu.aal aura
on iiakolstol uaaqty ami .tyi, i u ,,. J " ;
ha SSMSfe tan l,p had ol kisa, ,-, ,; ,, 1
i Iwas flood., in. .una. uwrtoatlsd. Ik. not fail to c. I,
or jroa may ragrat It. '
Ill" "l"Pk i.iiil.l.nr tha MIowlBS anli t,,.
Hill Mark ilotli dMr. SOBtS) .,, '
do.) IM Usst stoHi I,... k do. U i.Iup i,, v S3 ! ' 1
do.( swblsek, srow, kiss ami rm . ? .'' 1
i.ii.iiin.. coats, maiipoi easslaisni cloth ,v" i i mi hi. 1
voi Casta, varum, iiilor.; iimhi i,-h ,( b ankai nl 2,
dos. wlotp .Ion. r .n ,,..; M ,,, JJ" " g
.lor. aullBSrl .tri.p; dOS. Kilk u MhlrUl la doV
eotloa undarahirui dos. aroolsa Bnd.r.hira J
aii.,..,,, , r. ,i.; US sr. MsekeasVmsrs .',;. T.
(arrsd, SWlBSd ami mi. ant.: MQU pr. , , JS f' ' I.
.MHI Ma. k .aim va.t., at all ,,riiP.; i.kh, ran, , ,, , i ' ' '
all paiiP....; UN rsJsa.u, "sjarsslllss. vaWJ" llTti I
dSa. lam v cravaU; III dot. nprk Hp.; 0X1 do.'
l..lk'l...,lk.,ll,o; .W,,. .n.,,,.,,,1,. k"J
at) i. ..; SO dos. hall ssssi SS du.. drswsri
All lbs Shavs arlii.l..., with a an al nianr mora ...
-'- v low, ai my riot ., "" 'l, "
1 Wstst rtlSMs, WkSSttBf, V. BlZ . Z, ...
,n. iii or Hats sad Oat. a m aim mm
N. II. -I'ailir.illar alleiiliun .aid In 'Iflia li i 1 i
all SfSWI will hp llllinl Witt ,tl..l. I,, l,y ,1 A
OpiiiioiiH or nt. Freae.
Cl oniiaa. V would adviaa li ,.
riWBl ......d nialarial, , . , al A. ff. Tdsin"i"ll,tl5
mil no. ip, on WatPr .trapt. Ilr liu , JT" ' 1 '
i.ipiit Bl svarytMsj la iu. elelklsi Una .run? 2'
I urriii.u! l i.oTlii.il" al lair nricpt ran al,v., . i ! i
"I aSI M 4 A. M. Adam., , ,., ,,' 'CmS, iii, W.
l. r .UP..,., who from I,i,p, ,,J. '' .,,','! W
.ln.p-a.,p., I. fully ,,,. ,0 " K " "h"; A
Si i:;'.l of fa.liloa. fou "' IS Hip
Tat. ssBtissiBB has shsatte tsjaa - . ,
I til. nchP.t niaka, and . an fur,,,.,, 'f, '
to. SMS with .Hop.. P.rtlrnlar r,,ZV,ZVZ o
hi. .turk, enmarLim as II doca, eo.ii,,,,, .J,." JJJ " .,
taloon., n.ckerthl.f.,ilr.w.r.,.,M,,,1.,; " ' ', fSS
.tm-k.. and a .pl.udid lol-n. h.u .d cap?" v ,'""n
1101.(0 ami., hy callm, sl bus Stor kf SB isarilZi Z
Ipii.Ip.I lor Hip romlnrlor ilaioralloii ol .,,,,,.1" '?
ha do,. . Isms ksstasss si i. .mp , J LfSL . A'
MM I SsJSS and .,.., sS,T":!!y
th fai I that ha hsa hi. (und. ma.1, ,, U, " hl
iRtaMsBss shaakj i a bbSK Sui J2LSSXS..W
IBS .poosd to Sir. to vs Ion, a " all 'p ' ' ' Sl
lora. who ap. k than ow n Intpran "ancmiri.. . . '
iluairy" hr .Mld.ns ili.ir thrisd bsr?.Jrh "' "
i v... an, was. jj
a xvw AUNlTAt or GOODS. Int
IllH. A. J... il,tnrne liavp Ju.l pnrclia.p.t a larap 1
an." wall .plpctpd alnck or lirorprir., IsBSSBBWSrsJI
rdiiarp. nlsSswarS, all of Which llipy Will wll on I i
nonshls iprnn. Thsf ar. now prpparpil lo laka In all I
Bl.nl rottntry Produia and Oat., Corn Mpal, Hour,
con. Lard, Battsr, Hag., old Irou, sll ol which w.
II p.y II.. lillip.t petSSS for. h1
Timothy Seed.
A tnl of Naw Tii.ioth) Sent sl
DSi, I, ISM, T. J. OflHORNl.
Let Nature copj- that which Nature
Whohai Icon Ion enpajred a operator in that deaer
dly iKipnlar (ialh ry known as the '( KI,OF)KON," e
liirlnnaii. hataken and filled np ft.r l.agnerrean pnr- I
hwe.ttte hon-e tfO, Mirtl street adjoining the "Monroe n
bOBe'' Where he wmild rex ertliiMviin itc thoae perfonn
ho ne ttlapOM d to r all to their aid, Una lHantifnl art, L
i Hg I fig lOiwrllWjf the liniment- where "I. entity linger"
id also rati tin- attention of cltlttfll at'd strangern to his ,
r-wend heaiitifnl style, "CMIO.Y PORTRAITS"
hlrh, for the rtfl time is now olnrell In this plare.
When COlteil npon, he will he ready to make the various
inds nt' pirtmes out of hit rors. Those wiahing to
mster thi- art, may have ill Mctefejr instnirtlotis and
furnisheil witli complete apperatnsand tnatnriala. Ilia 1
rrangements are such that he can furnish every article
sed HI ihe hiisiness, as low as thn bkt articlra w ill al
w. Hy a desire to please he lioes to uicrit and aecure
ahare of patronace.
0Room up stairs. JQ
Wheeling, Nov. W. M2 .
JTI,E anhscriher respectfully inrorma the pnhljr,
I ttiat he ha npenetl, in the new house, oppo
site M American House, a I.I'ADl I) ASHOKT
MKN'I of
HootN and Slmrs
'nil-raei'ig every variety and size, for Lading, flentlc
nen ai.tl children, which w ill he sold on thr most ri a
lonahle terms, (laving serurvd the aervirea 01 Mr.
KNOt'll MBTQAtsFj an experieneeri workman, he Is
ireparetl tn do CUSTOM WORK with neatneaa and
I.BATHBR AND tttihiHQM alwaya on hand for
tale at Wheeling prirea.
On the .ipposite aide of the atrevt he haa a first rate
issortinent of
Knihrarimr Old Java. Ilio and MkfMtra C'olTee,
I'eaa, and every variety cf spices, and other ir-hJ
liclefl usuallv kept in snthestahlishnicnlp, whielllSH
tvill he sold low WIK H.CHAl.K m HKTAIL. eesftZt
Oive him a rail, and judge for yourselves.
OetslHlOMd Kit MAUI) B. RYAN.
WAR!!!!!! WAR!!!!!!! WAR!!!!!!!!
Chair at Wlieclin Prices!!
n Main at., 9 doorM pa.t of MariSttS at., Br, CLAIM'
VI 1,1, K. II., in Ilia room lorniprly OSSSBlSdaSlBSOSMtlS
ami I 'iIizpii I m.
Iltr.i; ISSSs to ipiidpr my .lorprp thank. In my as
tiiproo. rristid, lor His ssry llhsrsl pssrsnass n,ay
hnvp liprrlnforp hsStSWSd, ami Inform tlipio that I Ioivp
a Isrfffl ami rsvlllonatits Htork of work on hand, ami am
roji.latitly aiaSBlBCtSrlnS PVPry StytS of CaliP ami Wood
BSStilllBlrS AbiOBS whirl! will ' p found, Krpiirh, Vi-
anna, Cans Bsat, lprlsht Frpt, Bsnistsr Bsek, cottass,
rjoiBSIOS, BoitOB, Half rto.toii and Common Arm I'haira.
NBrslBa, BswIbs, Chlldrsn's Tatds, Bosklan and Top
Chstrs, Bsttsrs. Boeishlss, CoSBter Btools, pic
I will taki1 pisaisrs in BhOtflSB my work to all who
may favor me with a Visit, and attend promptly to all or
dam, rf7P. H. Did Work rppairpd and rppainwd in a vary
opal BlSnSSr, and at Hip .pry lowp.l rat.. Alt work
warranted, a. nutin hut cood workuip.i arp pmplovpil.
Bt.ClslrsTllls.KoV.S, 18M.
lillDI li s hootD.
PAIR of Women. Morocco loot.,
W 3IMI" " ralf "
4'ju" ' kip "
1-JU" " Urailil '
Ju.t rprplvad,
Oct, i, if as. todd a divol,
int'ii's Itt'OKmts.
.i.i.i taiii iiipii'. thirk Brotaas,
jtlU MO" " kip "
WO" " calf ' "
Ju.l rpppivpil,
Del. I, tri53. ITOIlD V DEVOIj.
ItUtllti, itOOl!..
i l it msa'a kip Boats,
)f fill " " .Iii.iI.Ip tippar and doulila aola kip Boots,
J.l.t rnceivad at the auutli end of Atarki't .guare.
T0T)D & DEV0L7
Sign of the Blark Mammoth Hoot, South End
of Market Square,
Any. nnw oppnlns an ilnti.ually tarra alnek of Fall
.nil Wintnr limn., HIkip., Hal. anil C'apa, .plpetpil
wrltl sre at carp, and inamifartiired at tha very lHl.t work
ahnp. of PhiladPlphia and New Rutland, Piprp.aly for
o.ir Whole.alp and Itptail trade. TS ear rsgalsf cu.tn.
opr., and all olh.r. who may favor 11. with a call, wa
can oirar you snnd. which SrS Knarat.tpe pipiat In quality
of matprial and workmanship, 10 thnau nianufactured
,11 thi. or anv part or the Culled Plate..
Wheelins, llet. I, 1M.W. TODD ti DBVOI.,
BRAI'TII'CI, In-raln Carpel.', an a... lion lot, rery
cheap; Hl y'd. Ilpinp )., ,. ChBSB) a SOOrJ.
.ortniPiil of Kan dO, Al BTONI St TIIOMAH.
Oct, I, 1MB,
rm-v iB B oru. a mXmjm
Thsahsss baslBssi will i.c esrrisd on ky jiiiiiv I..
Fill NT. in ll.polil iitaml oppn.ite to J. PaTTON's Mlorp.
Whiva he will hp baud at all limp, lo wail on lliorp that
may favor him with a call 111 Uisabltrs IhisIhssS. From
hi. loon ptperienee In the l.n.iue.., he Iiom?. he will
hare a portion of the pultlie MtroaaSS,
Her. l;i. IH.VJ. JOHN I.. FRINT.
TtSB lariicl and BSSt .elerii d .lock or Fancy and Hla
1 pie liry noarji ws over brnnsht to thscllv, lust opsb'
.1 ai Uu- ilsii ol h UOLOBN BEE IttVB, No. 17,
Main t., Wheelips, Va. Cuukcatlns of every variety
ir Itlch and Staple Dry timid., kepi in our line. Thoy
lave lieeu rarelnlly BSISAtod etpre.iily for thi. in.irkel.
n.l iii fssstily, v.iuir, rsrfsip or rttkmii aie Hal
iicsllsd hy any stock ol ioodssvsr in Whssliak, Not
vllli.tan.li ns the many tUrnlng Wilt shout I'heap fiood.
ud Crt.li Prtcp. -Ih, not dsrakrod by them for wa ran
ml will ell every variety ..I Dry flood, lor Cash, or
hurl SBSrsssd rrr..v a. cheap a. anv house in the city
all ami ska for yoarsslvsa .mi in. ronvlncsd, r..r we ktuify
TUBT rssslsstl a neat isasrl
ff itoioiii.il AND BILVEB
Baa V. W A TOfIBB, eonsistlng'ot I. ever.
S Kn v!l: l.''ioi", ami ipiaitier WSABSSB.
r " v ' TOcfr A'""' of JBWBLBY,
BL ' yiiprt sonslstlhs or Barilais, Urpa.i
T "M I'm. ami Fini-er KiUS with
V" ,1 . j "r,lll,)" usually kept in auoh
v&&!T rM a'.lihmenl.. Tboss wishing
make prsaant. will Hint many article, in the eollerlion
olal.le to thi'ir piirpo.e.
On hand Blood "llpply of .chool and literary hooka.
Wnlchv. anil chick, rarelully repuneil on the ahorle.t I
III. e.
Old slWsr and rasa taaan In siehanf a for loods, 1
Itoom uno door we.l uf Mr. Trull', .lore.
Dae. '.'f, IBH. J. It. WILUAMS,
Cf li'Poiah, ami 5iiii n. rial Hods Just rserrrod
rVVf and Sir sale hy 11. T. Flt.AMI Kit. .
Bt. rtao.villp, nov. in, HUD,
viuti: m:ai, oil ac "
rtA RassCiaelaaati Pars Whits LssB
Ml :i llhl. l.iBSSSdOII.
al. Parlor While. jnl reiPivpd and for .alp at lowp.l '
"li price. nov. 111. H. T. KBABIBB J
- - - . s
'rnnkimrvin a window kiiuUcn.
t NEW snd heaiiliful .nick f Window HliadSa, iu.t "
- received and lor .ale, very low hy
at. I, ISM. j, V. IIAKUOIIR, 14'JMsIh at. ,
rSrY GROCERrESil " ,!
AVF. ju.t recaiveil .
31.1 I.I.I. Npiv in Iran. Mola.apa.
SS half hhl. 1
IMI I.I.I. .- .. ai Hum. Mo'aaaea
III hall ld.l.
Ill half lililaliohlPiiHyrup,
Ml hda t-n. i.i .
i hid. I'rn.hp.l Suc.r,
5 hhl. Knllliad " (,
lo Tiarass Blssi
6 II.. pai.Hfr, 1
5 Hail. Alf.pire, It
ton i.i.i. Nsck.rsl,
5 ca.k. rislpratu.,
tn li..,.-. Palls Hoap,
111 lima. Hlar l audlaa,
III llo.o. rllarch, (
til hhl. Carolina Tar, "
vtwmnmaaom tt" '"' CAS" "
rvh. ii, is.tr
Wh.r.si,Wii.i i.s ,. appr,,iCB ho, h . . J
.without any Ju.t cau.e. I hereny forewarn anv an I I
lp...n.,trurt,n, I,,,,,, on my .,?""" SL!S I
iy aervice with the exiu'ctalion ur m.k . .. ' n
hie. a. I Shall no. ,,.y in) dehi of 'nT.'J. irl ffi
, an.w.r.l.p for BBy ol hi. conduct while ou if a
irvica, unlpa. c ppllpdl.ylaw "' m i my
Teh. Bt, ie3.-ti pd. AHA OARRETdON.
I ANDY ta.lpirawliif.pnrejnlcpjrapp all warrantpil
pure, Ju.t tec'dsl (HeptvT.) Aliiir-..
Iiyiloloto " schools und niBBitllasJ t)
Culler-. Phy.lolof, larje and ainatl, Willi the platpa. L
oinned and paper. Al.o, rtreeoleal'. arillilnatie.. I .C
ive for,e.l an Bfency for thia Co. for tlwae OuiKirtanl W
ork., and can live them to Ihe trade, .hoot, and fami- hy
dloil favorahle ISrUW. f . hn.,1 l ook . ,.r.-r.lh .... hand to
oot.w. j. ii. wibfaiAaa
3bE.bb. Tfwar-sBBi, "
A NOTIIER supply nf Oa. t.amp.. Ju.t rprpived and
V for .ale at (dec. 3, 'W.) OfHnKNK'r.
F.rnCTFrU.V inrormatjieritiretidof Pt.flaiTBvilN
Vnttd vicinity, that hn ban openr-l n ahoi In the rtmrn
ne door east of U.K. Crotliera etlre, imroediately op
Onite the Wn-tiinctoti lla'l. Whi rr he hopes hy neat
nd fliihMaiitial ivorkmaiiahfi, and reaaonahle charjea, lo -s
iterit and ret rive a lihcral xhare or puhlic patronage
MTTI N(! done on the nliorteat notice.
Dec. 21, IMII, tf. j
4 lot of rate nt Tent rr iron Flows t
PATENT Hill ttide, do revolver, flour and Indian
meal line sieves, Iforae Halters. and Well roper, at "
lirATisirETARI). 1 !
VI HM '.M i:T.1, ToBlhs, and Crave AM
rri HtoBss in sltthsir yaristles.st thsii (Tfjfffi
ii,Li hop oppo.ite the Osteite, and CltlSBM li i
(CTjijvfl olhcc. All order, promptly altpiuled to. r " ' .
i ivl EVANS k DKO wl I
3fyT Bt.CIairsrins, MajrT.mB, 3k i
New Tin, Sheet Iron and Stove
THF. auhfcnher rerspectrully inrorma hiii frienda and the ;
puhlic RAMrAlly, that he has commenced the alsnve '
buelneee, one door eaal of ciray, JuniViiia At Co., and di .
rcctly opposito Itellitf flardinV', in ;
Belmont County, Ohio.
Whprem'ufc,.,, ''(.'tl'liixf; s.orlinpnt of
STttV.sJrJ'I'ATKS, tl WA It I'., AC.
Anioiui His Stove, may lip found thp yt:tna Air tight ;
CiH.klinr StoyS, for either Wood or Coal, warranted to per- '
brat Weill Sleo, the Hartley, Kntprpri.e, and a ireat va .
riety of RalloOB, Salamander, 1'arloraiid franklin Stove., ;
all. l which lip will .etl on a. tfond.or a little heller ;
term, than ran hp had inlticcityof Wheelinr, either at j
For toll or Country Proiluce.
fT N. H. Cood Old Iron will be taken in exrhanje i
for cooda. JA.MKS C. FKY.
Hrtdi-eport, Ohio, Nov. 2d, lH.'i".
IIMI Keji Cincinnati Tore White 'I.rnd Juist Received
for aale hy. MeCONANKY m HANOI.
boot a shoe ifiAicrn,
TTAS removed Ml ahop, to the room formerly orru
Ii pied hy lavid M. Davieri F,Ki.,one dmr wet of H.
Klinfa Store, on Main (Street, where he Ik at all lime
prepared tow aiton Imk cuKlomcra lo any Utlltg iu liialiue.
apnl 16. IH.V. U.
PUMII FISH ! New Mackerel and Salmon, at
I (July1:)) OHIIOUNE'S
SclilcsiugcrVs Pali )t uf.tittQ Tcrchu Coat
ed Ious,
'jiMK intsMrther ii ajrenl tor tbeee pens. Thia matins
X reeleti Aflll 1'ortin, and prevftlttl oxIdUIni in the
ink. Hold hy jitokk or doe. The Trade and Tearhi-rs
ttpfrittd on Id eral lerma. J, II. WILIslANS.
Sept. it. lam
BBOCHB, Thihel, BPS and fancy Pilk, Crape, Talni
Cashmsrs, sad Long ami Square Shawl., ;;iiarau
lied to he the MSt .elected and eh. -ape. t in the city, lo
he found at the Cheap Slore, .irii of
RICH plain and Watered Pilk Mantilla., Rich Vet
vpIk, all color., nine Silk nml Satin for
Mantilla., with fringe., lace and trimming. to match, al
f)ct. I, test. BTONB di THOMAS,
IPO he aHtnni.heil at the Brest difference the eaah .y.
1 teiii make, iu the I'rice of f.'ooda.
I am now oieuiiiiz the lartie.t atock of Dry fond. ever
nil. i .ii al retail iu ttii. city, and a. I propone .elling them
I asi dsthratlltsd to offkYLtiom stanch nrlssa that every
hody will be convinced it la to tlicir interest tu huy fur
Proernmmr', In part:
Fine II n i He LaiaSS, at Vi.
1. iiipii raiohric Handkerchief., at rs.
Yard Wide eleiianl I'hinlx, at IV.1.
BqOd lilack Alnarca., at lit.
Good Jsana ami Saiiuetta, a. low a. 13.
tle.t Fip Illeaeheit Mualin. in town.
Fine. I kind ol Hoi! Flannel., 85.
Al.o The moat slstaat ami Blnenslrs Silk., Satin,
and HrocadP., I'renc4i OasBStSrSSj H. l.aine., Jhutirnid
erien, ;iove., Ho.iery, fcc, eve, all al mud, last pricpa
than under the old systsai, .1. H. Klir.lt Ka.
fJoshOrS BpifdlntS, N'n. I.V.I, Main .tree!
I'. S. flood. Bant to any parlor the city flee of charge;
and Store open untilfjo'chirk al night.
oeus, Mas.
What a ftp will ilo.
IT will huy the following, if braaght lo Hie Colder, lien.
Hive Slure:
V.MHHI y'd. Cood Bhtrttng check.
5UUU i Fine Sea I. laud Mu.lin, Ihe BSSt yuu ever
SaSf at llie price. i
MIHHI ' Mla.hler atylrd print..
IIKSJ " Crash. i ,
511 W bits Cat. Boss,
SO 11 Biubroldsrpd dt palntad Catnhrlc ir.tk'f..
A nd lot. of other Kood., at a lip a v'd or piece.
Del. I. ISSg. STONE tt THOMAS. 1
8 0ABBB of late.l atyln, BonastS, Braid and Silk, at
Batdaishingly low nricss. Bibhon, TrlBiiiiliufS, 1
flower., Chip, Shape, Wire, Heed, lion net Silk., Yel
pt, c. Ju.t Ilcc'd at BTONB dc THOMAS.
Oct. I, ItSg, a
Iloys' boots.
ilii l '' x 1 l; r t..y'. thick Hoot.. i
tUU H)S " " kip " ,,
4H" " calf " )
Ju.t rpcpivpil,
Oct. I, 1H.',. TUDII & DEVOL, v
1 - f
.'li ti s Hoots. r
... I' lit niPn'. thick lloui..
LXU uu " gaats " "
Ju.t BBsalvaB,
Oet. 1, ISM. TUOU A DBVOb, "
Alwnys In ntlvuiicct
Ol'lt r.llil Leaf Shawl, were all .old la.t year, hut
we have anolle-r .tylo nut out htrt yet coins and
Stbsui. (Ocl.l.) TH: JDIINSTON, Jr., lOSMsln.t,
UlbltOllM. ItillllOIISi, Ar I'
A FF.W pi, cp. of Bihhani shlsll aro the raan lipre
t Y nmy, ate on hand ce half urice. Chinee . calf., !'
nil rrrr.Tr i.rnesrftgjSB?3?nB,ti... ia.ii--.aii nt y.
tict. l, ip.vj. JOHNBTpN'S, KB Mais at, J
I'ti rty Dicmnch. .
KIBBOB atriic.l Urocade, and tni.lcil ai'k C.rena
disss ai hiss tAtaa Haar Varlt prUss. i.iutit colored
ila.ru .ilk. alway. worn, on .ale; cheatier than you can '
uy iii. 'in el.evvhhoru- .elling nil' lo illil -call al
Oat. I, I8H. IObUTbTONB.'
llrass atuir Hods.
1 r. li".. Urs. Stair Und., a llr.l rata artirlp, Jo.t
I ,J received, tluiKO in want of a cheap and itood ar-
cte will pleaaa Call.
Oct. I, MB, J. 0. 11 AHIIOITR, in Main at.
.Olllr-tO Qull !
I,ACK. BraaS, OgSBSB, BjSSSSBt Mode and (Mierry
r Freuiti Merino.; at tea. pricpa than thpy can Iip
ui.'iii I'.aHi ihie aea.on cniue and .ee them.
Ust, 1, Irt-J. Til; JliHNrJTON, Jr., 108 Main .1. t.
Wlndlna Vpt
JH AWl.S, Cohrtiirjh rlolha, Tasliotii'. and Mstropo
J Ittaa's, and other wurtted sonde, al your own price.. I
liey'rp cheap, Slid If you don't helieve it, come and
.ok slthsia. Til: JOUNSTON, Jr., lg Mam at.
Oct. I, IKS.
" " ' 'mil'- 1 "
One Yens- In ntlvnnre! 1
t,n.KS, with snd without hncHl., hnuiht st "Hul '
' pill." Clnsk EuilHKiunl, Brosdwav, New York, tile
iip.l.lyle. at (Oct. 1, 1W.) JOIINBTON'll.
i niiii nnd Piaiio Cover. '1
fUCT recsived a larse stock of French Binknaied
' Cloth Cover., of dittrent .isea and color., sonie of
iperlor quality, which will lie !d low hy
Oci. 1, IHU. J. C. HAKROUtt, 143 Main A. J
A NEW vititi V a I. OP TRAB. l
It It J. OSBORNE, corner o'f Mam sr. Ma in
. a rietta atreats, St. Cisir. viile have Ju.t te- in
BjrgBJ i eived a auperuir suality of uaa, ir.nn the moat
SadBsiei;ierieiiiKil and ssiaiislvs tea losrchania in the
ty of Philadelphia, imperial, Gun Towder, Young
i ..in and Blark Tesa, sll of which thsy will sell st rsa
inahle price.. snd Invite Ihsir enstoiosr. snd the public .j
nierally toitveilieiuscallaiidjudgsfor tliesiMlvu.
Jus. 4, 18(8. n
WAI.I. I' A IM.lt.
r HAA riBCEBPsrsSBS wamin( Wafl Paper,
i.VV'Vf will pice hear it in ngnd that the anV
rlh.r. have Jail rernvp.l s tnrk nf line aatt com a
all Tapcra, lordsrln andFire.creena, not aurpa.ied
any in the city, in ipisltty and varlrlv. Pricprisure
ha lower than el.cn liere. E, I,. WII.UF. cV CO m
WhPelinr. apr. Ifl, IP.W. car. Main and llnlon atH '
ftTF. are now rspoiving from our eaatprn Mauufartiir
" inf Krd1di.iiuPi,l.,onp nf Hi. Isfupfi and hast man
lectured BseortniBnU of Hoot, and Shoe., lor Spr.iu.
ml Summer Wear erst offered in thi. or any olher m.ir
el. Thpy have l.epn inanufact.irpd to order, accordinc
0 oiicown direction, ,l are intended expreaaly lor re
ailifie. To our ragtiNr etiSIMMrs, and all other, whii
nay favor u.w ith a call, wp can nirpr sn unB.iially lame
ariety or Pool, and Shop., whirl, we irnaranlee enual
ii cjnnlily of malerial and workiuanahlp to Ihosn aiaan
aetiired in thia or any pan or (he United Plato. i,lr
loci will Ik-found tu r t, in part, or the fofhrwnii;
en..onahlc t -
NO 1(17.
BBS toot.. . i wtBSSSs' oootks.
ASS men-, cair Imots, J IMg pair lancy Imotaea,
.nod man's coat IhhiI., ( a.l.'d kid ft morocco "
.nni p'r men', klplnot., lVMIchildren.- pesyed do
,mKl men'. I.uirfc seal " l,(KK) do goat do,
MBBS' Mnmw. Mi.e nnuritKa aan sr.iti.
.STslKOBl bro.ana, 3(IU'.M.e. morocco Isre
.Kill kip do MJO do kip do
SO kuff at assl hosts, nun do calf ilo
,0(10" thick do nun do kidandnioroccohii.
SOT. BOOTT. I kins,
iOO n'f l.oya calf hoot., ISO do hlack, blue snd hron-
(ill do kip do sMgsHSra,
IOO do thick do min a n n noY. tai h nT..
toi in. noin. 41.1 dos men', and hoy.' palm
.00 p'ryouth. ealrhoot., palm hat. of every style and
lllll do kip ,o. ipiahly.
mo do thick do. i.r.nirn.
ii.v.A: tt'TSa ihkiihw. shoe fttuijnmt tni Shut gtst.
IdJOB hoy. kip hroiran., Con.tantlv on hand, alarjp and
iOO do calf do wpII .plpcted a..ortiuei,t or
inn do thick do ahoe.tork and AndlltSS, via:
I, (MM) youth, kip do Ppaui.h Polp f.pather. Cirper
WK) do palf do LSSthSr, Calf and Morocco
i!KI do thick do Skin.: Bid Lining and hind
VflUtABfl i,aoa hoot.. ilia Skins,
l.nmiwninana'coat lace ALSO
lOIHI do palf do I.a.lP,llootTree.,ShoeThrpad,
.(K) do kid do Phon NBltS, Pe,;., Tark.,
1 do kip do Boot Wehbl Awl Uladi-.,
rroMSBS btrTSBS,,St.r Knives, Han rinchera. Hsib
lAtnsa ami jkhh niers. Hasps, PhneLncer. Ar.
fctaSS, At.o, an assortment af nlippprs
R)0 n 'r w omaiis galtsrs, ami Jenny I. mils, tlie must
Ml AS half Sailers, approved stvles of French
50(1 do walking .hoes, Hoot and Shoe Kil; Lace
BM do ps'gtsd hnsklns, l.paiher for spwini hplis, pic;
M.ldo kid huskin .lips) go dos Deer Skins; 50 sides
A Tn in Tanneil Cowhides.
Thankful for the liheral patrnnare heretofore eilended
to us. we solicit o continuance or the same.
!Vo' oiioniiier
r fZf) PAIRS Centhnnens' Roots, a'snried,
ti'U ISO do do Concurs do
1.100 do do ft mean, do
ir.5 do do Caitcrs, do
do do Fmamrlo.l Shoe.,
.10 do do Jersev Ties.
a;i'30, '55. TINGLE Bj MARBH
English & Americitn Trtble Cutlery.
7CST rpr'd direct rrom thp mannfacturprs, an exten
sive issaftmant or TABLE DCTLERY of various
styles and qualities, which for cheapness cannot he
pipialled in the citv. T. SWEENEY iSi SON.
Wheeling, June IB, 18S2.
RECFIVED this day, another lot of Reaha A Cn'a
Spriii!! style nf Pilk Hals. Those wishing the real
lleel.e hat flsSH will please call at No. 131, eorner Main
ami Union st. a. I). HAUPEU.
Wheeling, apr. IB, 1P.12.
THOSE individuals w ishing head coverings will please
callalP. I). HARPER'S wholesale ami retail lint
ami Cap estakJiahSieBt, cnarner Main and Cninnals.,
Iiefure purchasing elsewhere, as I alwavs keep the anore
haaisd arUetasi in large quautitiea, thweliy cnal.liiig all
la make good selertiona. p. D. HAUPEH.
WINDOW III. INDS Just opened a hpavy .lock of
wide paper for Wioilow lllimls, for sale whulesalc
and retail, at the lowest ratea.
Wheeling, apr. 10, lu2. E. L. WILDE & CO.
JllSt nri ivrtl-
9 QOO PAIRS Children'. Hhoea and hoota, ss
fOtJ& .oriedcolorsandsl7.es.
apt 110 'W. TINGLE A MAUSH.
No. 65, Main Street, Wheeling, Va.
ARE now adding to their Stock, (airssds larre.) a
-I 'did h.t of FRENCH v ENCLIPIt CHIN
etc., imported rrom first hands, of tin latest ,l IMOS'J
desirable styles, and which they are prepared tu .ell sa
low as any Eastern lluiise.
Wheeling, June IH, lHa'J.
Jiist rc reived
.-trs Boston, New York and Philadelphia,
I 1 Hie lolloning large and elegant stock of
rW Boots and Shoes, Leather, etc., in part of which
1 BJSlBai. Ihe I.illowlng:
.Hill pairs Ladies' Kid Jenny Lind,
HNS do do do lluskiiis,
IBS do do do BaiOdi Tie.,
M do do do Excelsior,
HlrJ do do Tiea,
50 do do Hungarian Tics,
'.'hi do do Caters assorted,
Mi'i do do Ladies Hoots assorted
April 'J3 TINliLE A tlABSH,
ifo. 7, Monroe, between Main and Water ls , Whepling
rjEPPECTrCLLV aniioimcpslo the Citizens of Bel
1 moot c uy, thai he is uow opening a larger r!ml
mire eenernl assortment or all kind, of READY .MADE
iLOTHINMi MnW Raf ever I i'ii n brought to this city
ml lie is prepared to sell the same i per rent cheaper than
uy other eslal lishmenl thi. Jds ol ihe Eastern cities
oa.ibty i ,ui. Amongst which may he laand Hlack I 'luth
rock. Dress Slid "SCk Coals, ttes Cloth Frock, Dress
ml Sack Coats, Brawn Cloth Frock, Dress ami Sack
oats, CaShlatarS, Oa.llllaail, Tweed and binsn, to.
I'thpr Brlth a large assoilineiit of Suuiuter Coats. PAN
'A LOON. Hlack Dhlth and Doeskin Pants, Fancy
i""u , Bat InetLCordoroy.T wood, CpBoa Linen and
t ime Pauls, Ac. VESTS, of every variety and styles.
CHMPHING OOODH, surh aa Sne Shirts, I'nderahlrts
Tawsrs, Neck and Raehst llsudkeichlelb, UmbrsllsB,
Jiroel Hags, Pocket Rooks. Ac.
The public are HBpSStfuB) iin iled lo call and Plamiiip
iy slock and prices, and then judge for thuuiselve.. Re
leinher the place No. 7, Muuroc street.
apr 30, 'M, J. SONNEUUHN.
Lttei'iii-y Depot Keiuovcd,
NEW El tl.
AS. It. MoMECHEN, having associated with hiiu in
' the Periodical business, Mr. Andrew Morrow, of
iltshurgh, the e.tahlishmaiil will he removed, on or about
le M"! July, tu one of the rooms under the Mcl.nre
ouse opposite the Post office, when the hushies. will
carried on under the name, of .Mc.Murhen A .Morrow,
r. Morrow Having been heretofore engaged in the sate
id delivery of Oi Virtue., and J. F Tallia 1c Co' Itlus
aled Pidihcalioiis, thai business w'ill iierealler he mer--.1
ill the Literary Depot, and the samo work, will be
divered to .uhHciiber.. or at the Upikh, a. they may de
ro. Mr, Mcklechen, feeling urateliil to hi. cu.tomer.
c past favora, would solicit a continuance of the pat
mare in liehalf of Ihe new lino. Every pain, will ha
,keu lo give entire satisfaction.
As It will 1s necessary to class up the business of thp
te cuurtilll thu.p who knuw il -.in. lo le iiijclited
the same, aro respectfully reiueste.l lo call and settle
Julys, I HI'.'. McMECIIF.N di MORROW.
ust reeeiveil
"Li pair. Misses Jenny Lind Root, assorted,
50 do do Rhiomer. do
Sol) do do Uu.kill Hoot. do
Hhi do do do Tipl.
t APS, CAPS Ju.t received a good assort rSSBt of
' Men's Travelling Hair Cloth Caps a new article.
Wheelins, apr. Hi. ISM p. D. HARPER.
Short iron.
rnr BI'd'EIVKD aiOO Sheet Iro,, No. SSasd BT,
aiiilal.lu lor the Stove business, for sale by
apr 30, ISBt. CO Market square.
CST received a lot of Men'. Drahctulh Cap., of the
niiut approved alyle. and patten...
Wheelins, apr. 1(1, IMS. 8. II. HAUTER.
0DO7. hurkH.)u.t received and for aale at No. 7S
Main at. (apr 30, '51.) 8. G. ROU1NSCN.
New Carpets.
AM now receiving daily, my Fall at Winter .lock or
. ... . . i. loir- i hi Cloth., Ctirtain.ood.,Triuuiiin(a,
,. Ac. My .lock i. large and ha. len aplerted with
eat rare, and will lie sold a. low aa tho aame sooda
hi t e ct In aa other market. Those do. iron, al .ee
. soma nf the prettie.t Carpet, and Rug. ever nllered
this citv will call at 143, Mailt street.
Oct. l, iioa. J. O. HARROCR.
ftltve nun (aipclv.
I in 17 Skelplon Mat., logplher with a great variety
. of other door Mats, ju.t received and will he ..
rra lov ky ffot. 1, la...'.) . tX HARUOUjt.
E. I . WILDE a CO.
apr. lfi, '93. Wheeling, Va.
ninrtsa t. MBStS, J.Bl. B. Mas.n 1
We are now opening, al No. 2'J,Monroptrcet, Whoellnj.
vs., a largp and rpfy elf-gam ai.nrtinpnt of HOOTS
Sllot.S, soi.F. LEATHER, dec, purchased!! Ho.lon
New York and Philadelphia, all of which we will offer
our friend, ami customer., upan Hie very beat term.,
either W ImlP.atpor Retail, our slock being all entirely
re.li and New, and of the iiio.l Fashionable atvle and
inish. and rrom the best Manufacturers in (he East, we
think wucan odor iiirliiceiiip.il, to all IboSS who mav
lavor us with a call, in any thing pertaining to .mr line
..l l.il.inea.. TINGLE dc MAHPH.
" heeling, apr. 10, 1838.
V N I oITToiixdhv,
Cobn.r or M a n n CUi "TRerr., WrtfBMSS, Yl
(Sign of the Plow.)
VF; Al!r' n'Lw "'Buufaclnring a .uperior article of
0 "' bnniln either woo,", r co.
Egg Fiovps all ,.c, pri, ,,,, m of , r
gr.0PSB,HBPfe (" ',V,'.""" WK" 'Wlflnj
graipj rraiiklin.l aunn and Ten -plate Htnve.- lilsln atU
l.ncy Crates: Kitchen Range.: Hollow warp" 'sff l ,
Dog irons: Mill (Ir.rlng, V,,' , , '
Plough ( ,i,cs, Ac., all of which wp II sel at sue
price, a. to otrer an inducement lo the huyer
All costing, warranted from thia eahli,h'iiient''''ER'
llighi'st market price given fur old metal.
apr BB, IBM. ' R di W M.
TUPT received at Fisher'. Book Store, cm Main BSMSt
WALta,SiaPHl-lKeJ' ,,f Aarftln am VrVTc h
WALI, PAPER and HORDERING of the best m a in
and late., Myls., g the first i martsL fSniZ
HiemseU-e ",re e invited lo call and e.,am,n7f"
"wi'irg.Bpr.ig, iSi.. J0I1N rWa
No. 154, Main street, Whetlinq Va., '
lVcf"rtTsVv,!''i,n.(;,o ,'-OT CARI'F.TP,
Ve, ht.i ""Pry ?" LooLngClasse, "ssT r es
ni ig ,acVPk,V.To'"W,lm,', ""U'l- "lind Trim"
'iirierf ii.,. u '"''"jany Piipers, Varnish, Haircloth,
hOSaTV fltiVrtedl11!! no"""'. I'riss and Ma!
low.i.'pri'ce;.1'"'1"' e,c- ,,f m v;"r
New t'onkiiiat Stoves.
nAVBTT & DirpriELD havsjrntnpansw i,proved
pa em lor a Coal Oooklbg Stove to w hich tbev wouh
aihllt . "",io" "f'ir customers and The
and has 'LI. ''.I Si2 "'"! 'l"raMr' c0""""" Cll le. fuel,
and has all the appurtenance, necessary lo a comntete
cooking apparatus. Wheeling, api mi'IkM.
Spring styles oTSIIk BS:ji. I ,.,.
JUST ree'd from New York. Reel., & Co's Pnrinn .i,.i
ol Silk Hats b.ttbatcanuolhesur aVsc, m i i'l
l.ancy.-Also aloiof tl,eri,iladel,t,,stv"es fN ai d
iHouroc Slrnet,
aa-W-'FScK 'Hoi.si.B onsrcas in notions,
W'r,s-' SarSSi, wiiiTiNo raraaa.coTi sa
tOMBS, BBI'allBS, llosunv, OI.OVKS, TUBS, Da, STATION-
Bar, and am. smam, abtii les BOOoW uy
W consxar Kaacaaays,
E are now receiving our Spring Stock, to which wo
invite the attention or the tra. o, pledging nnrelve,
to sell as low a. any jobbblng house in the country Rags
1 either., etc., wanted. airi, ,j a
1 0 000 ".' W,n rl,pr r"ry grade:
X J,JUJ Ve vet and Common Horder.; Plain i;ia
(ireen and Shaded Win-low Curtains. cia7.cn
Transparent Oil Shades,
Fire Screens, dtc, now receiving.
We hoy these good, from the .Vaiinrarturcrs and WHS
whJtalL l'W 'CBfl!rS,r5lJ
63-Don'l huy before sceinq our Slock
rilllE cheapest Alpacas in America Fine alpaca all
X colors worth 3H al It-, heantirul figured black do
worlh 50 cts. at 35, rich ligured Alpaca Brocade ror trav
elling BrasSeS, worthS3 at 86 to 31 cts, antllotkof Cocals
al ama7.ingly low prices. At the
aprilBMBj, No. 1T4 Main street Wlieeling.
Union Street Chair Factory.
-gCTi H -HE RlinpcRIHER ivonldlakcthls metl,
Ij oil ol iiiforiuiiig his Iriends tl, at he feels
Bul grateful fortheir past liberal patronage, and
VrcS2 w0'lld 'uform the public thai ho has a large
lWSJT'F nd well made stock, and continues to
II III , io .in, astur- all Ihe most modern and In.
" 'V proved style., .r chairs, consisting o? cane
, and w ooii seats, Vienah, Prsncb, fret, col
tae and conimuu chairs, Sociable,, tetloes, Ilo.ton rock
ers, small chairs, stools, ate, 6c.
(All work warranted.)
No.aTclo.t. W.,ce!,g,v'.'M' "'"ELDAFrER.
ITtHH rahNriMr respectfully informs his old friends
Bud enstomers that he has removed his inaiinlactorv
! jy.V- o'"' ,:"' Market snunrp, wlmre he is prepar
ed to till all orders iu I, ,s hue ol I, names.
On hand, a large assortment of Copper Kettles. Tin
Ware iu all its varieties either uu hand ur made to or
der at short notice. Particular attention paid to House
W ork. Cutlers, Spouling, etc,
Sheet Iron Work made So order. Lead Pipe, Hydrants
etc., always oil hand. Hydrant repairing annulled to
with despatch. Persons wanting anything In the above
line would do well lo call and eiamine the quality and
prices belore purchasing. GEO. W. JOHNSON
apr l, IBB), 1TB Markataiiusrs.
Market Street Chair Shop.
MANt'FACTCRER of Chairs, Settees, Sociables
Stools, etc., No. 1K0, Market St., would respectfully
ItrfOriO his friends, and public generally, that he msilU
a ctures ami keeps on hand, a large and good assortment
ol settees, chairs, soc ial.les, stools, etc., ol all kinds, lie
I. determined hy l.ui iag bis stock at the lowest whole
sale prices, to make Ihe best work and sell al llie very
taSthSB prices. His slock of chairs, settees, sociables,
arm-chairs, rocking-chairs, children's chairs, eounklng.
house stools, odice chairs, writing and revolving chairs
and arm chairs or all kinds, is unusually .large and pri
st, exceedingly low. (live him a call and yon will 0ml
that Market street is the place lo hoy, liolh ill price and
1ailty, Wheeling, apr 30 lpj'.'.
fifa. T H AVB now on hands an excellent assort
MBL 1 "lent ni articles in my line or Inrsmcss;
2J BOMistiBg in pari, ol l ine ami Coni. Carriagu
and wagon Harness, Ladles and Cenll usSadcles Hard
Leather and Wood Box Trunk, ami Valises; Collars,
Haines, Trace chains, whips and lashes of all kinds ami
qualities. I am alas prepared to niuku any thing i y
hoe al short nonce, apd of good material and workman
The atsive articles are offered for sale for cash at small
profit, al No. Hit! Mailt Street, Okl Stand.
Spi'lnK nnl Stimiiier Huts A Cniis.
Rl 0 WVED till, day a lino slock of Spring snd Sum
mer Hal .'umprisiug in part the following killda:
Pansin Leghorn, Pedal, English Luton, Albon, China
l'earl, au.t'every kind wnru during the summer season
Call and see them. S. D. HAUPEH.
IiETCRNP his thank, to his customers and the puhlic
V. m general, fur past favor, and solicit, a continuance
ol puhlic patronage, lie has now a fair stock on baud.
1U0 keg. Ciucii.uati and Pittsburg pure White Lead,
iu oil,
0 1,1,1s Linseed Oil country make.
31.1 lm.es Window Claas or all sis.es,
p.l Window Pashas, glaaaod and painted,
-'noli io tn Wiuiluw sash of various viae,.
DBV I .is i
While Lead, Red Lead,
I'ari.Greeu, Venitian Bed,
L'liroias do, Lilherage,
do yellow, Chineae Vermillion,
Pruaaian llius, m Am do
DropRtack, S Turkey Culber, lump, 1
Lampblack, do bury! end pow,
Fire proor Yethiw Ochre,
Looking slaasP, of vsrion. .izc., do plsles,
5 dor. Ilin kets. ju.t received.
All the above articles will he kept constantly on band
soil sold at reduced price.. I
Main st. (75) opposite Melodeon Building..
Wheeling, apr 30, IckW.
THE Pub.criber take, this mplhod of informing bis I
friends and the puMic, that he Baa removed from his I
ltd staad, No. ISO lo No. HI, MAIN STREET, (Union I
Ruildiug.,) 4 doors h. Ioh Mourae street, where he Is J
ireiiared to e. Nihil hi. lare stdck Sf fa.bionahle and I
o ell-made FI'UNITURE, BBSaalsting of Plain and J
ireK.ing Rnrean., Secretaries and Book Case., Ward I
roue., Ssailsteaita in their variety. Card, liming and J
llreakfaal Tables, Work and Wash Stands, Luoking I
ilaaaea, Mahofany Chairs, Sofa., Divans. Ottoman., ate. I
Alao, a large stock of Windsor Chair, of variou. pat
:erns, for beauty and durability, ta not anriiaaacd in the
Whealisg, apr. 18, last t
. .. .. 1 Bi
l.iiifhnm'H TranffpOrtation lino.
,,L!;HcNA,,""''",,w?" w r..dy I o rsesta
ind wes" P' ''r"duceand Msrrhsa dlaa,
J reight. alway. .1 the lows.! rate, .barged gf Mon.
Produce and Merciiandir.p will ba received and forward
d pa.t and west, wltbo.it ,y charge fhrfhrwardlngorad-i-ancniglreigbt,
coniini.,ion or storage "'"gosao
Hills nf landing forwarded, and all dirsclisn. lalthlhlly
Ittendedto. aildrpss or apply lo ..iuy
WM. niNCIIAM X CO., Canal Baais.
C ,nafUil2l?L.I,n W"J ne SIS.. Pittsburgh.
BINGHAM dr. DOCK , IHil Market at tana.
Potiril, and Fifth ,.. Phiia'teipl". '
JAMF.S WILSON, Agent, Ne.lJl
North street, Baltimore.
JAMES BINGHAM, No IS We.l .trssv
AP'g. -M-ly , ft.w T.
Boys' BrotxniiB.
G0J,4o'.""?:,'k';,ck n
Oct 1 IS-,2 J" l'i
Youths lit oR-niis
180!'oo,."ro.'',,,k,;Pck nr'-
ft.ClalrWlllYdctTw, ' OBBNB'S.
GUADUY'S MlaNTslE f I.I,i;i.
Appollo Bnildincc, North-tvct corner 5th and
W alnut, Cincinnati, O.
Incorporntt'tl 1848.
Wllfylng individuals i a ho 0 , ,h ., ,,',','ul'on M
fur the Counting Room and h,!,1X Vr.u'
Book-Iteopincr by Iottble Eatrr.
A coinph'te practical cour.cof iostrnptlnn i
Ihe art of keeping scisntllicallv n , i0n '' ITCn
ihe diiler. ni 'defarwSSfi .'or'Tkade Co l,"0k' ln
Mannlactnres, comprehending ,.T J."'"neree and
moog tba most eminent e,t,i, , ',. ' ,Z"","! n."e '
u.lly or ,n partner.hin, in busineia w,' ' f, S '' ""'"id
or adverse iu the purchase and kata' I r f""'""
wholesale and retail, impon t . f. ' ,,,nhandi.B at
own a. count on cpinmhtrdon or i i rTPtt on their
eluding speculation, "."sto i. ReJ, "f H&W" in
Btasmbostlng, Hank, Inrannas .ii! F?te r-' wi'h
jo,ut stock a,,,, n,aVte,p:!Ts:ocitt;trgp:;.';al,,'uk" f
Co,mci.cia, CalcBlattoas.
Km rare everv variety or in.,,
business nperat,,, bein" ta,? "iTi "''"V" DTtainine to-
i roved method.-,,,;,;, "UttJ ? "'''"J" Ml tho mo.t
Mercantile Corrc.spoi.de..cc.
J.&t'o'.n;? a- ar.
smess style or Correspo, " ' "en,,,i"" b"-
student, a. well as r.aMUarls. i,1, ' S 01 tha
Technicalities A"" s o ogy nclu.ll1'0'""'.-''1
Invoices, Account Sale., ntH'tMnnlJ f'r"
Practical PcninniiBhipi
One hour daily is devoted In '
Stylo of hiisiness w it co nl mi, "",? " '"temgtic
thorough com,,,,,,,, ",;,', ' J with a
gnncwith ease and n7tfn?l,!!
beauty of construction. WW leg ty with
Commercial I,aw and Political Kconomr
Daily Lecture, arp giVp 00 I ha. ,,'lono'r.
asc.iiiiected with the av ocath , oMB tol"'c,-
' rations ol commerce mi ioTVi" UB
embracing the subject of I'arti, "r.l io V,"'1""" "' Cade,,
gent. Negotiate Instri, mems s. '' SSS! A"
A-c; also on the laws of Wealth r ,',, ' n"araiilics,.
domestic Exchanges, Credit rrohi 1,0 '' 'S'1 and'
lernalional Trode, &, ' 1 r0fit' 'Srast, Wage., I,.
wppk';.''"'"'80"" hC C0""'l,!,e" in SlfW to twaly.-
Tprms for the Mercantile-course jn
Expenses for Stationary. Diploma gag
Instruction lie ng given Individuals. 7
enter at any lime. amaasll, applicant, oair
A knowledge or the ordinarv Boon.!. 1
the rei.i,e preparatory qScsl'lons'' "ra"C"" "
llie business acquaintance of the Prloelo.l . ,.
tolere?;. "C 0btai"C" '" " from
TTrHATBVER eonpprn.the health and hsppinea. sl
T r a iieoplc it at all times or the most valuable linner
tance. I take it for fautcil that every person will do
all in their power, i,; aavutho live.'' M their children, ami
thai .every person will endeavor to promote Jflr own
health at all sacrifice. I feel it to be ray dirty 10 aolemn
yasaure you that WORMS, according to the npin on of
the most celelirnted Physicians, .re the p, ma ry " .".
"I a large pialority of diseases to which "hOdreu aifd
adnltsare har.le; If V oa have , appetite "n,
changeable Iron, one kind ol rood t another W C ,'
am ,1, ihe Stoniach, Picking at the Nose, lardS e.s Vno
FulUass ol the Bally. Dry Cough. Slow I'evr Pul.c r
regular rememher that all these denote WOII m" . L
you should at once apply the remedy "u-u. and
iiodciVback'B UOIMI STBVI'.
An article founded upon scientiric Principle, com'
Lj J " P""')' vegetahle sul.stances, hemg ,Tr
led Iy sale when taken, and can he given to the most en
der lnla.it will, decided fenelicial ell'ecl, where Rowel
( .nop ,,, . ,,, Uiarthaa have made them wesk and
d. I,,l, nled the I onic properties oftny tVorm Sir.in aro
.11, ,, thai ,t stands without,,, eipi.l , ,le caialoius f
??' f;m"-: ""' trenVtS 10 the st mZh
which makes it an Inlallihl,. remedy lor those a. lifted
with Dyspepsia, the astonishing cures performed hi
I Syrup .tier Physicians have faded, is the best evideacs
of us superior elbcacy overall others. eviuencs
This is the most dirticult Worm to destroy of all that
mres 1 ' bunian sys ,, ,t grow, to an almost le.l n,"
lenoth becoming so coded ,.,,,1 laslcnod in tl,,. I, "
Md Stomach ellecting the health o sadly , , ,ai,a. st
,ts Dance, I Us fcc., that those afflicted seldoio , pVp,
suspectthat his Tape Worm hastening ihem In ai eaCy
gravi;. In order to destroy this Worm, a very UeraaAJ.
ireatmeut .s, l pumtrt it would therefore hr fSSBi,
to take h to X ol my L.ver Pills so as to remove all Eh
.iriietiiins, thai the Worm Syrup niav act .rV.. .
the Won,., which .,.., be Ukeu ! "oses or J Tao?."
spoonlulls 3 times a day, Iheas directions followed hav.
never been know, to fail in curing the mu.t ob,,,.,I
case 01 Tape Worm. "...uuais
llohcnsark's l.ivor Pins.
, XSfr! nf "v"t,!I" i,'nore liable to,ises.e than th
LH LB, it serving as . hltprer to purify the blood, or
giving tho proper secretion lo the bile; sotbat BBS wron.
action ol Hie Liver ell'ecta the other important nana of
the system, and results variously, in Liver Coinnlaint
Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Ac. We should, therefore watch
pvprv symptom thai , might indicate a wrong action ol
the Liver. J hose Pills being c posed of ROOTS
PLANTS furnished by nature to heal the sick Nan.pW
1-1, Alt EXPECTORANT, wh.ch augmcn,. "tlj. .eere
tion rrom the Pulmonary mucus membrane ur ornmnip.
the discharge ol secreted matter, and. An A 1 'PER A
TIVE, which changes in some inexplic ,,e ul SSS.
SlhlB manner the morbid aclimi ol the system Ho A
TONIC which givpstone and slrpopil, to le 'MrnMO
aystiin, renewing health and vigor lo all parte or. I
body. 4th. A C'ATIIARTIC, which acts i 'perfect h. !
moiiy with the other ingredumla, and oiH-ratin. on uL
Bowels, and expelling the whole mass, of corrnoi mZX
v.ti.ted mailer, and purifying u,0 RIoihI, wUjch deairoyi
diseasf. and re. lores health. uoairuy
To Fciuulcs.
Vou will find these Pilla an invaluable medicine in
many coiiiplaints 10 which you are .object. oh' r.,c
liuna Pitber uilal ur partial, they have pgn found of ivt"
estimable bSBSfit, restoring their functional arran.e
meiits 10 s healthy sctiuu, tiurilymg the bloiul and utile.
II11 id. an efftctually lo put tn flight all complaints which
may arise fiom feinalo irreaulariliea, a. headsshe aid
illness, dimness of sight uklii in the side, hack dre '
None genuine unless signed J. N. Hohenaack ail ail
ers heing base Imitations. 1 u"
JPr'Agenta wishing new supplies, and Store Kcensra
desirous of becoming Agput. must aditres. the Pronri.
lor, J. N. Iloboii.ack, Philadelphia, Pa. roprts-
Dr. Jamc. IIas.b, Wheeling, Ta.
Dr. (i. H. Pitiahur.i, i-
Fraaier Colli.,., 8t. '-
II. Ale, slider, rt '
i 'tf"irii?i w' Wheelins,
It. M. Andrew., Rellair
! H. Wilson, Cenlreville
A. Arni.lrong, Armstrong'. Mill
h V H "," Ml- Jacob.hu rg, '
M. P. Mile. c Son, Soinertou
wtosSparj ft Taibott, BartiasyltU.
111. II. Tolger, j0 '
ItelGrsaB, BKaerstille.
ru..iron. k. , Powbalten Pt
f'ne. Lyon, Lyon'. Mill, '
1 kA', Uichland,
1 SSSlt Oreat Weiern.
Ubd.ke, Lloydaville,
I. II. Arnold Mor'rlsiown,
I. A. Ilaxlelt, , '
tephen Gregg, do
rallrotta. Murphy, Ilandry.burg,
r.A.iu"y' Bock Hill, '
" ' """way. Flushing,
JL'XOTb ., Mea...,tGro,
swcettcv MrKisasa, Wri.hi.to-.
amcs Dol.bina, Bo.ton
I M.,,"""' Pins Grove,
priEosBciBB Wrtthl'.lsdl.BVesei.hle Pill, ...
u'g Stars

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