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CASH. IS ADTAKCI. - - "-'.'-..
A failure to notify e airsontlcuaece at the ead
A m aubeoribe for will bo eonaidered tho
iui4 aa a new ennageraent or eabecrlptloB.
. . tar-Ne paper vtU be diecoauaued aaeept t tho
Bpttoe of tho oobllehere.
BulkOn 430 Wainut Street. Philadelphia
eaa a. office hoore Stall, to . t,Oc3-7-ly
H" E. MYER, Architect, Clove
. land. Ohio. Otto 1C4 Wup-rior Si.
over Koahler'e Clo:hint ors 33nif
j a. etre. Oattwe. veit.
rtrel do. ' Weet of P.t office. Main
OhTi .r-Freacrl,.UB. prepared at .. bjmrj
day or nlicb.t. :
dealer la Clothe, Ceatiiner.. Vl.in. KHy
od. aoLm. AC Eae.'a-caraa-aa Street C.D.
OhlaW ' .. . ' '
S 8m. Publieber. and flam n.i Fdct Job
Printer. .
.11 Mjk Rook. Manufacturer. All or.l-ra troro
ebraa oromDllT attaa.led In. Bin-leryl
Block lup elairet. Caotoe.
It rter"a
talic, end All eieda ol wu elwayt o hod.
Two Hearaea alwaye in "- '
c' TiimrH a tree! Onion, o.
, JSo., FAR
2 and cu
H. ....... ..Mi..l.ivall LO Of uet
lanrinir picturee. oval rnmr uu ?r:
it2i."y 5u hd. Rum. In Matth,.- Bl-fJ.J'""
J Fbyau oVl " OOloe In lUrvk Block
apr !. -
XJ (Succoasor to Ut.
ion, Ohio.
Aledeu) K.1 Block, Cho-
up alalra anoTo Ueuhl J-walry Btoro.Oanion,
Ubio, All oparaUona eoonouUJ wilh tho .role-.ion
pror. ply ailcndad to. dM
. . BANKERS. ,.
' j KKS, f miln Markrc Slnwt, Canton. Ohio. Mo
cwlva IMpoMia, Loan Mooiy, Buy Ovid, Silver.
Bonda and Compound lutereat iotea. , Kxcbabe
KouKht and Sold. .. . no. A
MO. MoOREGOR. Attorney at Latr. and Gen
. ral Collectlnz ARcnt, Carthaice, 3W Co.,
Nolary Fublia and XiliUry claiin )."'. Al
i, Ohio.
O HrmNi aeo-iarturi,hi in ilia Practice ol Law.
Oltica Canton, Soxrk county. O-
Canton, uhio. ouic. in irun.ua builuiu.
a'koaita lb- bl. Cltnui H tl
13 Cautou, Oulu.
acood atry.
Oulcu lu Tiuuiu' liniu.iui;
I June xo iei.
ite Ht.
may X
XX Canton, Ohio, udm oppOMte Ht. ! jii.j Ho
1 1
. Leu.rml llullouuon Weut, All:nc. u All
a a.a antruaieu to ma cure ar.li receive firooipt
attention. O ffloe m Couiruercial Block uwataira.
1 W. MoConu, ATfORNEY
ti paaua and ai'itary Putilio.
T Canton, Ohio, baa j.erniaueitl) located
Canton, and will daroU exciuaire attmtion to
practice oi bia proiaaaion All buainaa e&Lruatd
U him will b dilivntlv and prt'mptiy attaadeil
Otttoi ia Hauler'. N-w Bkick iup -aira .
orrtL!. ruith-luuii
ernar, fuulie aiUara, t anu-o, vmo, am aitaou
to drawiun daeua. morttiakca.oower. olattornry,
Ac. in addition to tua Kualiab, be alto apeaka
feem.aa and French lanKuaea. Ha will alao
paaaporu for peraoa wiabinx to to lota-
- ' SI -I
1 tm. urocat. Jeweir ana oiiv.r Vat Ac. C
" aide of the Publia Hiuaie Canton, iihio. aa
pairina done oa ahort notice.
' fj Clocka, Jawa ry and Fancy ArUclea, northweal
aorn.r ol Market tfouara. Canton. . t. Hepair
- In of WaA'bea, Clocka and Jewelry nai'tlactorily
'O 1 W of Cmrt Unnao, Canton, Ohio. a.
Cook A Son. Proprietora.. tnylSoTl
2J pneiora. at tbe Depot. Canton, Oiuo. r.
A. Puaae. Clark. -
at the Sutioo, Alliance. O. Meala alwaya
raadlnaaa oa the arrival of the cara- -
XJ i
fj prlelor. North Market-tit. Canton. Ohio.
IV la Heal Boiate. Hoaaea and Bulldlo Ixu
ala .aaai tba New Depot and Machine Hhopa.
. , ffloe at Ibe American ilol.L apra 'dblf
In lorn ted with tba- County Recorder',
In tba Wlkidal liutlcllnn, nortn ot toe
Court Houae. Canton. Ohio, wbara ha
ha found when to tba city : If not, any
ainttaa wanted can ba left with Jacob
linirer. Eaa.. County Kucordor, who
n-iva aua ootlra to tlie undritfrieil.
Tba law aulborlsea tbe Couniy Surveyor
to-ttka tb aoknowladiimont of any
atrnment of writina : a will tharefore
wrlta and acknowledge AirreemenU,
MortAitua, DwhIh, Ao tc , at lair prli-ea
and upen the aborteat notice.
Surveyor of Stark: ceuntyl
Canton. Jan. IS 1S6S.
TALr On tb French aystem.
Twenty Thousand' Cured Annually:
' Tir Taller enntlnnea to be eoeSdenttaili and
ceaalully eonanlted on all forma of private
at hia old aataMlahed Hoeullal, No. A Beaver
A IViaiw. New York.
Twenty yeara devoted tn thla partlcnlar branch
practice, enabiea blu to perforin cansa each
other pbyatcian can: and h'a tacllttlea arc auch
In eorroapon.lence with the mnet eminent
of the Old World) for obtalnlnr the aaraat
tl ih. latMt rfimadiaa Air the dlaeaaca.
can offer Inducement to the nnNirtuaatca.nl a
cure to he obtained at no ouifcr oince in America,
in avnhillla. GonorThaB. Stricture. Elilarecnent
of the Taaticlca, and apertralic Corda, Bubo,
Thr,uL More N.iee. Tender Hhln Bouea.
neoua Brniillona, B.lca, Ulccra, Abccaa, and all
er ImpuriUee of the ayatem.
r . YOUNG Mr.N
..i.ii.ii in avnii hal.lta. who hare Impaired
health and dealroved the vlgjr of their winds,
deprivluK Ihemaclvce of the pleaanrna of
,lfa. are not.fled that in cunauiusa ur. i. tncy
find a friend to couaoie, -and a pnyrician wuo
cared luiiuaanda.
for tha Married aad iboae contemuiatiuir
SOU Ditto full of plalee price 2a .centa.
all parte under aeal. by mail, ixwt paid: ' The
married and tbe married happy. A lectnre on
or how to chooen a partner a complete
.i a aibn It uLiiiui hnudnda of aecreu
before nabllahed centa eocloaed wUl
copy by return mall.
Dr. Teller atlli retain. In Auierica the agency
the aale of Dr. Vlcbi.l'e Italian female
Pilla, for atupparea, lrrealariiioa and other
-iroctluaa In femalea.
On receiDt bfoue dollar. Uie Drtre bar box.
pllla will be aent by mail or exprraa lo auy
' the world eeeere tram curloaity or lumtct.
. -Ofaca aoara frvca a a m tu p ro aad oa
to A n m
- N. B. J'.raona at, a dlatanca can be cared at
h. ..1 ,1 r.i ,iv Dr. Teller, euciuelna- a
Medicate accural? packed f-dui otMcrvrtuiu
any part of the world. All caeca warranted.
cbarae for advice.- - No atudeuta or boya
' fcultce UUa; addraaa -XI lettura to
taotr J. TaXLER, M. D.
Beavar au. Ablaur
.."...TTOK SA
aala at
K SALE.- A first rate Sulky
Warta A Kiuir'a carrmee
Also for aala tba r Inoet CarrUgeal
klnda. Call and nee tnam.
. Canton. April IS. 1868,m3 ...
I aUo. -v&a aWis A ainrl WorMnliUi
r".wrr? TtATSoLua daxton.
.. ,
J oj;.V);n J i A tyrunm noqu toy hi-'-'-
j.l I r 1 j luui I I I i'.Al .-.'.'.nWuiVvj
:kry A3b ffiLX;'
Prepare! by Dr. C M. Jackaon, PbUade'bls.
TlMlr Introduction Into tbla eountry from Oaraiaaj
ocurrva la
And will enra yon and your chlMran. Thay ara
antiraly dtOttrmiaaaasai BMPafrom tba many
prparatlona now f f in ih aonniry
eallrd Utiuta or 1 1 Tonlca. Tbay ara
no tavarn prvpa aaaaai BaJUaaaratlon, or anything
Ilk oor ; but good, tmniaat, rouabla jnadlotnea. Tbay
ara ...
Tk grtmUM liinaai piifieyar r
' - -."(.-
Xavar Complaint. -1 t
- - : Kervous'Jblllty1 "
,-. ' ' 1 jAUWuicE,
r Diseases' of the Kidneys,
mad all Blaaaea rlatus fcona m Dlaotw
darod Llrer. twaaeh, or '
. jmfuxttt or rnx BLOOD.
CoTiatlpation, Flatulecoe. Inward Filaa,
Fullneaa of Blood to the Head, Acidity
-Of tba Stomtoh, Nanaaa, Eaaxt
Ham, Cruain for Food. Fulaeaa .
or wht in the Stomaon,
' ' .Soar ractiona. Sink.- .
inaT or Fliif-ruiK at tt -
V " Pit of the Stomach, Swim
-T mina of tra Head, Uirned or
Difficult ' Branthfinr, FluttArinc -
- at tba Heart. y Chokinar o X
SaflooatlBKff - A3ixattona
When in a Ly-VV --AjiS" Poatura,
v Dlmntll of aaaa' Vlalon. Dota
or Weba .before tno 8i(rht, Zuil
Pain in tba Head, Deficiency
of Perspiration. XaUownau
of tba Skin and Eyea,
ir.. r. Fain in ho . Side.
- Back, - Cheat, - Limbe, eta,. ' -
Suddon Fluahes of Heat, B amino-
in tbeFleab, Conatant Imainin(ra
of rll and Great Depreaaion of Spirita.
.. . JiU Uua xJlimi vf Uu Ltxxr or Diguttvt
Oryant, comibintd teilA imjiiira bZood. t .
; Hoofland's German Bitters :. .
la entirely vegetables and fonnlna no
Hqnor. It la a eomponnd t l'lltl Ei
trarte. 1'he Itaota, llerba, and Harki
frfnrwblrk thcac auracta jira uiadt
ara tlll"d k 1 " Cermany.
All tbe anedlAr--' clnal vlrtuea
an eitnaeedi Jj from fliem Ay
a aele ntl Oc ""aaaaaw' chemtat.Xheae
.Uracil are Iken loruartlrd to thla
country to be uacd expreaaly for the
ntauularlnre ot llieae itittera There la'
aoalcoholleaiibaunc of amy Wind aaed
In tompondii:g (ho Itinera, hence It ta
tba only ftlttera that ran b mwd In
eaaea wftere aieoUolle attuanbmnta ra
aM adlal. u -,. . r v
Hoofland's German Tonio . ' '.
it a Qombmatxon if all tht ingrtdinU Uu BitUrt,
Kith rrai Santa Cnt A'um, Orange. 4lc it if ud
far Ou mmt duraau or A Biltrrt. in cal vhTt torn
a Mia elcaaolic aliayvlma at nquirtd. : i'om wili aar
ao.d fAa IAJ rauiliu era enUraly dlft.-rnl from
any .jacra odotrtitftl fur Uu curt of Ot rfi'ttaera aaaicd,
OVot 6tv citfif wryjoroiM tf muktdmal mxtraM,
aaiU A oiAra on mm. -darodiana a raat ia MM
rrau Tkt TON 1C ia dteiiUdlg am af Uu most pua
anal and agrtrabU rtmtdia ntr offml to Ou public
tu fan it txqvinu. Jlam pfcaruK a lata it, mkiU itt
iif,-gtmng aaAiiarobap. tail attdicmat quaUtut Aaaa
aaaail ii la at 4raeavN at UugrttUMt of ail tonics.
.J Drbilitj).
I .-at'l
. W-t- . .... I
t-.v.p' Xj. '. ae from the
' . X ai . .. . . . k.A L " rf- Q tMttl U
. 'ti.it e-,.i. .r.. r,l ttt Hrrruu
fit' VV.ci'i hiirfrcn are
'f. I.jr lis n l' llio lllllcra or
llr ifwi l.c t.- -iwlly Sleall
'! .- . fur 1.r ';u:i?i:r.l.H'rfd with
tu t. luminal mree ruoutlia
iiiokI Or l.ir u liiaic, or a man
luH tlera
" '' " r
l-'fat't rttntting from
ytujr ,tigrmtirv vrgant
r 'toll
tiro r'-'MiMcae'
t ... MvrAiay
I. hi'. W. WiiddWAKD,
hiipr.-iii. Court of lVnnilvi4iiia.
I'hit.Ai.Ki.rttia, Mnrch lo, 1M7.
.w A-..'.. . rs litrmum ItilUrt is not an nUm
,;,... . r. . ip. tot it a rt't looiir, urul in tiwrtcrj
i'.p-.'i'r irniiit. 4nii 'f gro.t btntfi n cutat
toit ttont oj ntrvuu idi, in Uu rottenu
1'MWrt hruin.
i,a. ir. woooirjkitn.
Jtidltv of ih Sulfonic Court of PeiintylTanla.
I'hu OEtPll-l, Arll IMA.
ltKr ?Y " HuoHlud'i
t.cruiau kill it :JV ieraaio
m-U.- lu re ii i f of aiuck
ln.lil a lli'liaa-aa tairianir Uyapepala.
1 can r. i tlly li., . iroin i.iy experience
II. twura, uitli rramrl.
JANHi IllOirtu.i.
aa no
Ine phy
aiclana at
that he
.i.ri Cula-
Pa.t. of th Tinlli lUniUl Clmrcb, lMillndclphia.
1 Jioi.(-lllin lii:- t Km.rrmiaariy
rotlrd I cnnrt-t mo tm OHtU rMaafWWUM
dif rot trod f wici.u, l rrgardtng Uu praxtie
ot nut -f mf orprfrtaU rpli'ro, I A.tpe ia all Ott
tttnrd ; bot a cuor prouj in raruai iiuuikw,
tnrl.raiaWy m wy n laai'j. of Uu aatuiacat of
Jimonaua t otiaiaa hh'ii, octal n joronvm I
nta.il cearat, to crpreu mo tuU omrtcaoa lal lor
aral deoiaiy et the .ywcm and eaictaJly for Urtr
tjotiifilalul. It la atjiv B ' w-w
prcuaraUou. Jo rcw I "'" aa
ait; tut atawfla I X1 I dSt not, U
O orro fl I II I I 1 ta HUM Torvw mrnjjmw
rom tht ooovt cauert. 1'euct, eery rpcrany.
J. U. KKXltJltCl,-
Xiglttk, Ulom COattt Urott.
UovftontCt Grrmon Ktmtdut art tounUrftittd.
atnaiM havo Uu titfiialart of C. IH. Jarnion
r. . . ... . r ....L lui,u .....J
tAr jrnnl OJ uu tuniw wur iy
aaau . 1A artuU blomn in each aoUla. otaerrare
countorfott. t i
arlea or the Bltlera, (II OO par a-oiua
or, a naiiaoxta i.rti u.
Vrice oi the Tonte, 11 IO par bottle
Or,akali aouaior au.
Tlia tonlu la j.at up In quart boltlea.' .. '
HKolUct mat it it Dr. naoflanXt Orrman KtmotHct
Oiot 'art to uniotrtnl'o trf and to htghlo
mtudod) aWrfeaaieanraeaeaaaw. allow Uu itnoggtttt
to nulMer aaa . lea ' I 1 anothinf cist iaai
m jatl at 1 1 a g oo d, bocamor
maktt a Itr. r profi I 1 aaf .a it Tt
uU kt MM ay aayrcat M any locality o ayfltaf
Hrnt tu
work on
part ot
aant to
. 1'AHXCirAl. OI'VICB, -.
fit. 6S1 AKC1I 8TK&KT, Philadelphia. '
Pormtrly O. M. JACXSOM o.
TUcaa Uemedlea are for aala by Drug
glata, Storekespera, au Medicine Deal
era tTerjrwIure.- - - w .-
Itenal eree! ta.ai attti lAe aaticb yea
' 1 ' ! .
Magnificent Democratic Meeting at
Cooper Institute.
Radical Extravagance Compared with Democratic
QUESTION OF THE DEBT. &c., &c., &c.
Fellow-Citizens : We sec in every part
of out land proofs of a widc-npread change
in political feeling. As the .evil of this'goy
crnnient unfald themselves, the best men of
the lie-publican party are driven from its
ranks. At its late Convention, "its policy
was shaped in a great degree by those, who
are most violent in their passions and most
brutal in the policy they urge upon our peo
ple. While the ablest Republicans refuse
to go on with a party which tramples upon
the jndiciiuy, usurps power, and is unset
tling all ideas of political morality, and un
hinging all the business machinery of our
land, we are laboring under some embarrass
ments from the great volume of the change
iu our favor. Th.e who are rallying around
the standard of constitutional ritrhts have
heretofore held conflicting views with re
gard to the events of the past eight years,
and the question is, how can we set this
great "majority in the field so arrayed that
they can drive, out of place the disciplined
and desperate horde of office-holders who
now -misgovern our country f This is tho
only problem to be settled. The American
people are disgusted with the conduct of the
Congressional party. ' Can - we mark out a
policy which will unite the majority of our
standard ? This can only be done by a
thoughtful, forbearing, unselfish course. At
the same time we must lie outspoken and
must confront all the questions which per
plex us. Mutt look forward with hope and
fear to the action of the National Conveu
tion.'on the Fourth of July. I shall not
apeak of candidates. Let the claims of each
one be considered in a couneous and kindly
spirit; . aid let us take, care that ;Bt;pt.-rfoiwl
partisanship shall draw us aside from our
duty to om -country We should support
with hearty zeal, every upholder of constitu
tional rights. It is upon discord in our ranks
thai our opponents build their hopes.' A par
ty born of strife naturally looks to selfish
passions to keep it alive.' Let this hope be
crushed out by our action. . It .will, in the
present state of our country, be an unholy
thiuir, to go into the July Convention with
any purpose which shall not have in view
the rescue of our Government from the men
Who now have it in hand. The . next elec
tion will be controlled by thoughtful busi
ness ana laboring men. No party can "gain
their support 'unless its:' bine and temper
Show that it sefks to get our country out of
its tubled condition.- Appeals to prejudice
and passion will have no weight. These
were tried at the late Republican Conven
tion. I need not say with what cold indif
ference they have becu received by the pub
lic, The quiet watchful citizens who seek
for the protection of a wise administration
of government, now turn their eyes upou us
We must look to it, 'that we take no position
which will not bear the- closest , scrutiny.
The financial condition of our country , forc
es itself upon our attention. ' Among the evil
results of our monicd and tax ' policy, the
most hurtful is .the jealousies it has wade,
between the secUons of our country. It has
divided our Union into debtor and creditor
Statc3. It builds up favored interests and
crushes out the industry of other classes.
taxes toil and lets some forms of wealh go
free from the cost of tho Government.
gives to labor and business a debased money
and to the untaxed bondholder sterling coin-
These ciirJes upon ; honest industry have
grown up like ill-weeds among the sacred
interests of contracts, trusts, and the fruits
of labor until we are troubled how to root
out the tares sc-frn by evil spirits, - without
killing the crors planted ana filled by honest,
industry. Lest it should be felt that what
have to say 'on: this point springs from any
views about the candidates or action of
National Convention, I will go back to
first years of the civil war, when the Demo-,
cratie "party of- New York took its position
upon the financial policy of government.
the elections of 1862 it was discussed before
an. ht,
dut eay.ia
our people. ' We then pointed out the great
evUs wh!ch now trouble- us as the sure,
suits of tho errors of those who were shap-
big our moneyed system. To show clearly
hW we then tried to' avoid these dangers,
nie road some, passages from the menea
es:of. a Democratic Governor lb the LegisU-
tore, In Jan'uary; lC3."4lln his' position
after a consultation for tha great
I party which had just placed him In the
ecutive chair. Posiiions taken uiaiiy "years
ago could have no reference to ifie"' personal
winha.or purposes pf thla day. I wul speajf,"
of the questions which now agitata-our coun-
- ... i
I tiy in the light of the warnings we then
til edi. Jn the Convention of 18G2,the. nom-J
inoe of the Demoeratifj party" of the State
New Yprk, f o,t the office of Governor,
the-words:- -. . '.-.'
"The vast debt growing out. of this --war
will give rise to new and angry discussions.,
i II will be held almost; exclusstvely in a
f Atlantic Suites. Look upon the map of
Union and see how small is the territory
! which it will be owned. We are to be divid
cd intii-creditor and. debtor States; Vnd ;
last win have a vast preponderance of-
and "strength. Unfortunately there, is
taxation upou this national debt, and
share is thrown off upon other property.
is held where many of the government
have been' executed, ' "and where
some instances, gross frauds have been
ticed. It Is held largely -where the Constat
tulion gives a dipproportipnal share of politi
cal power.
In his message to the Legislature, in
the Democratic Governor, speaking of
public credit, foreshadowed our dishonored
condition at tho time in ea words:..
"Extravagance and corrupuon are
Mioca pf tha faith pledged, to the ; Rublic
tors. The money loaned to the National
Treasury was not brought forwib-cl all a
oflpeafai; but in tone of doubt and danger.
. . . .... -. , i
These claims are held by tne rierna
The amount 'held bxorporationS repreSt-nf j
jhe.iutortsts of women and children, the
aged and infirm. ' The right of our soldiers
to demand ; integrity- is of the most sacrad
character. A fearful crime "will be done by
those who suffer natioiialpankruptcy to turn
into dust and.ashes tbe pensioners' bounties
thus gaiiled at the cost of blood and health
and exposure.- Ik u? worse luat a goyern,
ment 'should be "overturned by corrUjtion
than by violence. A virtuous people will
regain their rights if torn from them, but
there is no hope for those who suffer cor
ruption to sop and it-t away the fabric of
their freedom." ' "" -
These ore the positions we tok j-cars ago
In the darkest hour of the war, these aro-the j
positious we hold now, and they cover cv-
.. c ir. .i ... :,:.... I
try question Ol puuuunuu jianj-i aguauvu.
To show, the anxiety we felt to avoid all scc-i
tional controversies and our sense of the val
ue of intc'rcotirse with ! the Western . States,
I will quote from the .message -of the satue
Democratic Governor in 1804: ' .
"A deep interest is felt with regard to our
commerce with the Western States. Its
growing value and the loss of our trade wilh
the Southern States makes us dependent; for
commercial prosperity uiion that section Of
our country which sustains our domestic ancj
foreign commerce, an J .which, adilisb large
ly to the ftnports and business - prosperity of
the City.of New Yorkv . ' This'. Slate will be
untrue to itself if it faila to control.this great
source of wealth by a - vigorous, and gencr
our policy. Rather than suffer its diversion
into other channels, we should strike off .'all
tolls upon Western produce.' New". York
should exhibit that degreo of interest in all
measures designed to benefit the W est which
will show our purpose to keep up the most
intimate commercial relationsh'p with ' that
portion of our Union."
l?n.i ;vr.lt are quoted ti3t be
cause the words of any one man are of
conseauence. but to snow me recora
of the grrat party which inspired
them. The Democratic party saw
the evil in the- beginning; they are
the party to euro it. They have al
ways kept our public finances out of
confusion, - when in power. Years
ago wS pointed out the wrong done to
the West by making theui s'cuid nearly
twice as many soldiers to the war
from each Congressional war district
r-f were demanded from Vermont or
Massachietts, while the currency
given to them under the banking sys-ti-tn
wits not one quarter as great, al
though the Western States . needed
currency the most. The act author
izing the banks of New York to or
tiaaize under a. general banking law
. was uot signed, because the currency
was uijustly divided, and because the
riyo'tewi iriarte an "useless tax .upon on?
people of $18,000,000 in gold each year.
Thus wo-tried at an early day to save.
oar country from sectional questions.
In vain We warned the East and West
agaiust au -.un. wtoe .' jooUcy.: : - The East
and West upheld the- policy of the
administration', and .'fr have now to
dealvith the results. What are some
of them ? - All of the States are heav
ily taxed, but some of them get back:
as much, some more than than they
pay out, while others get but little.
In the case of the heaviest item of ex;,
pense the military and naval system"
the "Western States get nothing i a k
except the eost ot;Indar vvar-while
large sums are spent at . the , South.
The next heaviest item is the interest
on the debt. The West gets but ai:
small sum back; most of it is paid to
the North Atlantic States. The in
direct taxes, tariffs, are still . more
hurtful to the West, as they ere prac
tically premiums given, to Eastern
manufacturers. -The division of the
favors of government in distributing
banking currency, is startling; in- its
injustice.; But the most offensive dis-"
tinction is that' of having two. kinds
oT currency, good money for the bond-.
holder, and bad money lor the labor
er, the pensioner and the business
mail. ". Every paper dollar ow;'put
out is a government falsehood, for it
claims to be worth more than its real
value, and it goesi. about Jiie country
defrauding the labore-, thefwnsionerr
the mechanic arid, the farmer. An
indignant chief of one of the tribes,
from whom . we taught ' land ;at ' an
early day by a pledge .of monied an-,
nuity, said this government? -was
cheat. It got land,froin.!.hj& Indians
by promising thera-so many-doHara
each year, that now. "paid tlieiri iri
money which waB a lie, winch said pn
ita face it was a dollar wheri .jt was
but little more
The red man told the simple truth.
Of all the devices to cheat houer-t la
bor, to paralyze industry, Jo degrade
public morals and to turn business
. 1 .... ,. Ml....
1 pursuits nio recitiess gauiuiii.ji, .."uc
re- has been so'hurtiul as a shifting stand-
J ard of value, a debased and lying cor.
j rency. Ihavfe npt tbUB set' forth tbe
conditio or our -country Kr,iuo par
let pose of indulging in invectives against
the party in - power, but for, another
he nbject; ; Many 'Republicans wboad
spoke mil the wrong doing'pf thelt Jeacjers,-
Ess say that we ha-ve no- plans ror we
I ljof of our country , I nat . pointing ouu
k wrongs is- of no use unless . we can
point out remraies. ..This we propose
1 to do, and we probe tne .aicers W me
th an a half dollar:
quick becitase' we -mean ; to meet the
case , and cure jthe' Btyilady. - Among
other things which have caused anx-i
iety in tbe ' .disordered, state of bur
Union, is the fact that our Govern-
vhent bonds are mainly' held " in one
section of our- country. TheTabbr
the West, puts its earnings in large
degree into , lands,' jyhTch are tax
hurthened. The' labor of the -East
puts its earnings, intp. gaving? banks,
the life insurance or oiner jorms 01 mon
er no
tracts hi
' ' .
led Invostment'Th'rii th'ey Are,deTplyi'
Interested m UQVrDuient. Doaas. i,
amount in savings banks; In this S-ta'e
alone, is $U0',0(VQ,000..This shqwslitiat'
there must be at least $300;000,000
money thus deposited in allthbStates.
The average of. the dposlts;. In 1SG7,
an the StAte of New : York was;
The number of depositors ia tbe
of New YoTlc is-about -live hundred
thousand (487.479 y,1 and. 'Injhe:
they number irjdore iiUan onet-third
the Dowulatlom : This' will, make
hjimbef of ,deppsitpra.,p, tAetWJP'op
more than one million eigh hundred
thoosandi" In 'the State' pf'CbrinectL-
cut, irx 18C5, one quarl-Q. lla ,popu.-
Jatjon had deposits 'In. savings banks,
I t - nby- usUal for men of small prpp
I , xtia-: !(-'-' rry n.lM
poor. erty lo insure tueir nv-n. xnc utjiu
her of. policies given :aut. by, : all Ibe
life, insurance; companies, -are; about
lour btudroU andi fifty .thousand and
tha auquni- of.iusuraoce.. about one
Ibotrsanid and two -hundred sud fity
millions.i , (The money in vested": is
sldttrt fi sacred, trust, as it isiaJund
laid abide for their families when the
'insurer? die. All of the-, funds of sa
yings banks and liietinsurance tym
panies are iiot put, in Government
bonds, but they . hold . an . amount
which would, cripple or ruin them, jf
the bonds are not-paid, or If they are
paid in debased paper. ; If we add, the
.trusts for widows - and orphans
jud. tb,at 2,500,000 .are interested .:in
Govern main t bonds, .who ar&:not;Cap-
italiats and who are cutnpulsory owa-;
ers at presMit-pnces undervthe opera-'
tionufour.law.fi :Tlif re js jt;ftat that
this state of things will make a clash
ing"6f "interests between the labor of
the East and 'the labor of th'e'W'estj
It 'isr'clear that' bur opponents 'hope
thaf it wilt hlui3r us from"go)ng into
ther'onltst with corhp'aeL ranks arid
with one battle cry. However alarm-)
lug tnis aspect may De, x am sure
there is it policy Ho be marked npt
which will harmonize all jarring in
terests. It can be shown , that" the
ditngers spring' from an unwise con
duct of public, affairs. They ; have
come up like frogs of night froih foal
fens; they rise from unwholesim'e..
darkened counsels, ' and will, .fade
away before the light and life of a
clear and honest policy. 1 '
Is it true that the laborer,, the pen
sioner, the tax-payers and the bond
holders .have conflicting interests
which will hinder them from acting
together in upholding constitutional
right? Why are the tax-payers la
boring under a debt whicn bears an
interest ot six per cent., while other
Governments can borrow moneyat
thre6 jpef cent., and at this low inter
est their bonds sell Tor better, prices
than ours 2v Why is "the laborer, the
farmer, the mechanic and the pen
sioner paid in bad moneys so that they
get one quarter, less than they.are en
titled to on every paper collar paid
them ? .
Why is the bondholder wronged by
the tainted credit of the qvernrpent
so that he can not' sell hir bond for as
much by . one third as: the . citiaett of.
Great Britain gets for the bond' of; his
Government, which beard a, lower ib-
teicst; and-Va'hy i.s, nis claim made odi-
ousia.the eyes -of-tbe .people by the
tact that his interest is paid in specie,
. . - - . :. , , 1 . , J ..
While tneyaTrV oompeiieu to taKe ae-
based waber? It Is ' eleaT t6! 'every,
thoughtful man that public safety
sind honor will not admit of our! hav-
ing' two kinds' of cufrency for1
length of time. AVe musthavea uni-priucibal
.- Ai,An,..v-Tm. oil .Idciaae 'ii-Thom'
is but one ouestiob to be " settled:
w.. om. ov ""j IS"""
drrmiforrxly bad?" Are we to1 idVcif
the bondholder to take bad money
Are we to have ah honest standard of
value fot all, or Is industry, enterprise
and morality to be perplexed and dis
ordered by a shifting and 'dtshonest
standard ? ' If ltcari bejhown that all
these evilsun"der . which we . labor.
spring frafifa dqmrabn sbiirce then-it
js clear tbat ail classes, should jpin In
acompoon effort to-poot put the policy,
which sheds such.,wide-sprea4.2ure3
There. are two ways of making our
paper mouey as good as coin. -One
to contract ita volume by- calling in
the legal fenders.. r Thjs will- make
them .scarce and .will force;a specie
standard, but it will carry ruin and
bankruptcy inter very.-part of: our.
nruiniri'. Tt. will hearTiown th ru iepa
of property and of labor. Jt is a pol-
icy whichTrarmot berarrled through.
for the eountrv will riot consent' to it.
There Is another way cf iifting up our
greenbacks to par whlciv will. not
Imrm'anv: biit will helb ail." which
will hrinsr back confidence, will re-
. - ... ' ' -- t j , - . ' ' .
vive business -ana enterprise,
lighten 1 taxutioriVWiir gi wv 'tb lAbdf
liorieit riioiiey ' arid'fia Justicto
the pubhc creditor. X'ntftJiat way
to trive all the world Tdll laith'Ih the
honor and 'wisdom of the Arfteri,ca&
Government." our paper nioney
not itsUcaxiii-uiiLhecause' the na
tional credit is. dishonored. How can
the notes of our Government, which
.pay no interest, be : worth' : their.-. face
in gold or ilver.when the bonds
i XJovern men t, wh icb; pay six per. cent.
interest are wort only eighty cents
the doHaj.?-t Yousswvnot, make-,
notes put out by .-banks worth Wore
than.. the bonds which, secure .these
nptes.7Itis ataad thipg to-say that.our
credit is dishonored in tbe poarkets
the. world, but it , Js. . truex. and it- musty
be said, if-we are to-ftrrd a remedy
ItiilKimnfatlrifT 'to' find' thatr'wheo
preafj Britaia Vborrowa $1,000
- a . m a .
si.70t. .wnen-n :we i maKe tne, sam
J:l 1 . . . : - . - . v I 1 1 i. -t .
ir-:vi' . r.'i" fnr-
loan wehaVe to pay 2,700.to the lend-VWtutWt.ymww"",
If we wish to heln the tax-navbr.
if we wisi jto 'get at the , cause of
bpeu currency in thfsiwndi? of the
borer, we must.hrst fjnq out why;our
credit ia dishonoredfor it is a, tainted
credit that sinksalike.the value
bonds, of greenbacks and-bank. notes.'
Make the credit ,of the, United States
as gpod a that pf Great, B.ritaijr, .or
a merchant in good standing, profit
inortgage pn a farm, and our .troubles
would disappear..:. vM,. we make
paper money gppd by a.harh, system
of contraction," we shall, cripple
energiesoxine.-couiitrjv- ana maEg,
bankruptcy arid niin;:ilf,.ii the
er hand, we-'debrrse'thev eut'rency
unwiso: lcsues' we' shall : (squally per-
plex "business -arid dostroyi 'sober
dustry amd. make all jprices mon .rrifrt-.
ters of ganabting,.'tik!k&. and! chances'.'
This will end asi it did' in tho-Solith-ern
eonfiwHeracy.-: -At the outset
citizenfof Richmori'd'went to market
with their mrineiriV'thMr Vest p"k'-
etsand brotighftrnttr; their drnnerS
-w .v.i-JtWa --i: .a...-.ii4?tjbt
vcia7 uuaivct.1, MtT-i.il? triiTi- i n r-
irt - i At- .-j a j- , . r ,j : A
their money In ttieir btrakefy arid
Home thelr-dinhers fn thelr'vest pock
ets.' ,! Make 'bur-wioneygood 'by
honesl and Wlsec6u'res, ahd'whiMrthl
la-done, it -tVUl'-be- Worth'.tweuty!
per cent." ifioru thatnc I3 now. whicti
Wilt be equal To' an increase' 6f
s liitt. :.tJ: IjjijI'..!. - :.
quarter-in i no aiiiouni 01 currency.
-Bttsiriel&tattib;s ferriUsi
try will be etiTOUrtgedf prices will
regular, aud men. wilj.then dare to gi
pn v ith. .useful, enterprises, ..Vife'.-find
right here the; cause , of our... troubles,
perplexities and national disgrace. ;
Our credit is tainted.: But for- that,
we could, borrow , money as, .Britain
.does at three percent. .and, cut flown
taxation.. : .But , for. .that , our . paper
money would bo good, and gold and
silver : would glitter in the : hands of
labor. .Hut for - that fact, there. would
be no question "how., th6.;bonds are tolVs't
bo paid, and. we never should:.lmvol
of the greenback issue. But !
for ...the, national,, discredit business
men.wouUl not.be pea'plcxed, and the
disquiet. and fers.which now disturb!
the. public, mind would ,no.t- exist.
Now if this.disIiQnbr. cannot be help
ed.vwe,,must. bear,;it jn,, tho best -way
we cauand, we must gefcou with,the
sectional, and . . social : and political
troubles growing out of it .until time
and eveDts-TftlL-teT?ing--BOKie cure.
But if it can be-showif to be the work'
of those in powery-then all section--,
all. classes, and-all interests should
unite and trim them out.;: Fortunate
ly Ave have no "officials-statements fo
guide us. la our inquiries.-' " Ve takes
the showing of the very patties' 'uh
d'er imppach'menVfo show where guilt
lies." "f o show the "wasto'of those in'
power, let U3" 'c6mpardiihfe,,c6st of
government during the 'Four vears"'of
peace before 1861'', and the fiur1 year's
following the 1st ' Of : J'aly', ISOo.1 F6r
the fiscal year ending July' l.'iS'GO, I
will take the estimate just made -by
the corainittee of waya and Meahs
Bear in mind that' this 'is" the 'best
proifiise the Republicans can' make on
the eve of a Presidential election. ' It
will prove to be. many, millions, short
of what they will spend, but we "will
give them the .benefit of. their owti
statements. lAfter: the-- Close of the
war, and up to the 1st of July, ' 1805
t he- War Department paid $165,0Q0,00Q(
which is $75, 000,000 more than was
spent by the same department in. the
four years of Mr. "Polk's aClniinistna-.
tion, and which included the-cost: 'of
the - Mexican war. It took" nearly
twist as much to stop a -war tnder R0
publican policy.aa it did to carry .on aj
war under the Demoeratia manage
ment. BuTT wtlt not take this iflGS
000,000 into account. Let us close the
war. . Since July 1", lSGo, about three
months after the surrender of Lee', up
to July 1.:1S8, the cost of government
.wit! be "by 'o'ftleiat . reports and "esti
f mates;820(,: S9pV. 2oSl Up ''to "i.u'ry J 1
I oy tne.esrrmate 01 tne uivairinau
- l . ... ' . . ' l l , . ' e i- i- nr
i 01 uie yuuiiuiiiee ut i uuu mvik
if will be $197.9i3,aGC, maktugthe cost
of government tor four years 51,018
303,574:; '. This ' doe"3 not include one
anyjCent paid pr.to be paid for interest or
of tbe V debt: '.The cost of
l PTivprnTripnt rliirinrr the fniir'vAnria bo-
fore the-war (leaving out interest ,v
I . ' - .
.1 . . -. -i . -
that the ; Republicans have spent In al
time or peace lour dollars v here tive
Democrat? spent one. ; But the cost of
government grows greater, and. we
will aIloyJemSDend two dollarsj
where the Democrats spent one. ; This
will . make , $5J2,452,82S. : . - But; . ; t.h
spent, .,o05,910,646,: beyond this,-
What did .they do with tbe rooqey?.
Durjng the four yearsL Of Mr Polk's
term, which, included -.tbe. Mexican
war, the cost of the War Department
was only. $9040,788,21.- Wefindtiiat
is.I the cost of the War Deparlment, tak-i
Jng their own stat,eient nd est!
mates,, will be in those lour tyetirs of
1 peacp, $541,C13,619. Ahd .this follows
(an expenditure of more tbaa $3,000,
000,000 during the war, , The cost; of
the Navy Department in the four
.years endingiJii.ly 1, J869, will be, by
Republk-an statenrents and estimates,
$117,471,801; dnd this- follows-an ex-
pendif tire of $314,18(1,742 durirVg ; the
war. ' In the'foiii-'' years before' tlje
war the favy cost only fC2,910;5.4,
We then stood in the front; Tank p
. - 1 .'.m, .uo.X.u.'t- ' MfAny - - in a aUtnd'ti'iaPa
wiiiTC"m"tcii.iai iuwc..- wu. n.t.
n every sea and were to he ton in in
-'very-port: ". American- 'snipping- .is
ia now by our tariff policy swept from
the ocean, but the costrof the navy is
nearly tlonbied. ;- ' :
The year ending July 1,' 1808, is -the
third j-ear-of peace. - But the War
Department cost $128,85S,494'. which
was mo-re than- itB cost, during the
four years of Mr.' Polk's ter my which
covered the expenses or the ' Mexican
war; " Not only does one yer of peace
cost toore than four years of war then
dld but the third year-of peace costs.
more than the second,! for in the year
ending JQrr?rT5G7rttt6Tar Depart
ment spent oaly 59-3,221.415. In these
statements we nave gi ven ine xvepuu-
licans the full benefit b'flheif prbrhls;,
es for 'the fiscal?year .'ehdfng 'HJuly '
18G9. But we should like to ask aTew
questions If $38,081,013- ts' enough
I VI In ' Ii 111 I IUJW I1HI Villi MIIIU oTl.i).mia?
.r-r jv,..,-;--..---.
win'.' i, ,.m
W r i.afynavy At& tw,-.-jt.i
spend pon it.?4324,Ii jnl6C6,.nd.
iZl 3 i ,01 X J n 18G7-.? You :haye not cut
do.wn4he..numberB of the army. 'Di4l
yp: wpBte niouey this year or.
your stAtements for next year untrue:
,Wp ask Republicans to read thestate-
ments for the future, for.. they .shp
the nroflip-acv of the Dast. H 500.000
,n nf"ii, mi" Wlt'iVh'wfLa oai.l
fdr .'.military, navai;1 and other ex-
perises had been used to pay the debt,
to-day the credYt' of the United States'
"would have been as good as- that;
Great Brliafn..Thfs rapid !5a'ynVtBt,i
'and; the proof ft wpuTd'ha've giveh
irbrfd faith',' "TV'buld ; h a ve' ! carried "the
nationalcrral it, t'oL'th ii1, '"ighbst 'p'oipt;;
The Jionda : .would abe.Worth ' much
.more iaithebands.oiholdexs.Nftnd yet
the tax payer ouldieeem .better pff;
for the cost -of the government . wpuld
be cut down asyits ..rce4it.'rQaea,.:
could-rpatt-oufcuew bonds bearing
iriterest.'which "would5 not- -have i
edioue exe3ft-ptioii from laxatiotr.'Our
wbttldhave beerr less, oBrS'ihter-
vuun. l ,r . . t v
ti. 7 i iW-iJl ii S l4 ' nliV-' ta Vfic '
- ,!'
et lower, finer 1 otir' taes 'reduced,
The hodts-bflaobr cbfild' be' fejtdrten-'
ed. WTiat7hJW"lefigrhensthe timbiof-
t-'tbit-?" If we were free fTOTrrtrtiy form'
iob tftxatfdn.1"11 direct ! 6r indirect;,
hbiirs work woYifd-: earri iaBfirucl
teri do iidvr. i'Ohe hour's' moreowork
ought tmeeJ; thd 'laborers -share
the cost of government', arKit4ier''hdui!i
should pay his share of th-natda'fi
debt. He now works two hours more
thsfr, bevpajht;l PS Pfithe YnJlItajy
and negro policy of Congress and its
corrupt schemes." It has just passed a
law that i,lt, hours make a day's la
bv,r, while it piles up a load of taxa
tion which forces the laborer to work
ten hours or starve.. But.tlie wi.e and
honest'usd" of this ?5OO,O0O,(iO6 'would
not have stopped here. When it car
ried our bonds to tbe level of specie
lire, it would havevarrictrbur cur-
relief to trie value ot spfqie, ;x tie poll
heard l' or'inaking our currency 'as good as
gv!il ;by contracting its voluiiic C-Arries
V. Ii it art-'af 'distress ahd' sufn rfiig;
Hut if we Hfi ;up ifs' value' by'gelling
rid of "the iainf-'dpoh ' the "national
credit','' ii' harms ho ohe, it blesses afl.
Now our legal' tender bank ' currency
must be debased wjille' bur ' national
bonds stand discredited. Tfiey ihdst
rise aud fall together. " They are all
based upoii the national credit.'- Bank
notes cannot b wofth:thbre 'than the
bonds which M-cure them. : If, ""then,
the $500,000,000 :had ; "been ' duly ' and
honestly usCd to pay iou'r debt, to d,:rv
the tax payers would have been re-
ieved, the ni'ecTiariic. laborer and pen
sioner would have been paid in coin,
or pioney asgood-os.coin. aud ..would
not be cheated out of ..on.e quarter of
their dues by. false, dollars. j:Tho. ho.-
tiers, or bonus in savingfi baiik.s.or liie'
Jo6uran.ce. would be.bei.ter off, eg -their;
stem iliea. would .be safer . and worth
u-i.wre.'Jhere would .be no questioat
ho w-i-hgy,. should Ibe. pald for thiti;
question grows out : of the lollies of
those in . power,, and will; disayuear
when IhyiisAppeai; from the places
they , now. hold. The bondholder
would, no. longer stand .in. an odious
lightv l lie would.hot be charged witlr
the taxation that has.. been used to
hurt rather than help his claim... Jtal
wise and honest use of the uublic
money would have done this good jin
the past, it Will do.it in the .future. ;
But ,the Reuuplican. party, at Chica
go, pledged itseu, by, its . nominations-
anct rcsoiuuoruj to Keep up . its njgroi
policy. 1 1 is imp.ossible .to iv ,un ta
to'red. Africans at ' the" Sc-utii, vipcoq
trollga Power over ..the. government '
thcproperty and lavs of the. people
of ten SJatesi by .exclufiinguwhite
v.otes, without wUitary, despotism,-
You catinot giye to , .three, mllioais of
negroes more t-euai,or3 man are. allow
ed to fifteen millions of white -menJ
living in iev if.xprK, . Pennsylvapia,
Ohio',rinnoIs,! Indiana, , Wisconsin
IbWaV Kfeii'tUcly, Missouri, arid'ilith;
I .
!r,i,rre.d dornized0orin
' : a ay mm a. a rtw- HnI K V . ' r-
I T. S.-Ai-1, rtev. - a t AW -4 W-! Us. i! . '
-r""- w i, at
.-. - , , : T-'ZTnrir,
igan,' without keeping up.great .s.tan
,1 : Tt-- tTn I,,,,, I 1
"ii'S aiiutio. . ,, lliioub t ulul Uljl-
rresly, and jtle reatbratiqa of the'. , guff
lraire to an me wnites Ol .incJSOUlh. ;
I great staridfng' army must be' a. per
initticuii iiisiiiiuiiuii. iu urtier toi-urse
South w'ith military despotisifi
and pensioner with debaseil paper,
me mercnani witn a shirting stand
ftrd, and'the'' public creditor' with
dishonored r and' tainted iia tional
faith.' "Are these classes to turn and
to" see how each may shift the burth-'
ens Upon wlrpther,'-o'r are ' they to
iDfak'e common cause- and "do away
with the ctirsr-s of bad government ?
If 'he republican policy prevails', this"
struggle must begin. Eithei: the ia'-'
borer or the capitalist must go 'down.
Both cannot live Under' It, and; then
most'eho'ose between. 1 If, bn' ;tne o'tii
'er hand; the policy of selflah ambitibh
arid Sectional hiite 'is; put' dowil, pur
country- will start upon a new fcburse
of prosperity .and all classes will reap
Iri common the fruits of good g'overn
1 ment. J The next' election ' will turn
upon thii 4ue.stioh,' can "the Congress
lon'af party Succeed in 'arraliig the5jri
dus'trlal andinon'ied iuferests agaiii-it
etJicH; otherj .fcr will.' these ''un.ite , and
turn:out the aurtiprs of. the wischief
under 'which they are all suffering
The only hope of our opponent j dis-!
c'ofd'',vbeie tlieje shoiilq be'harmoiiV
jind'cohciertof action. "in' our State.1-
at the last elect lb'ii we appeaJeii.'tcj ajll;
i.-m&tes to neip ussaye if) evr j.ork. trpm
O ...... .. . , ' uiiuo
the rescue.ahd we hiade'a
seventy thousand;,, l-t'
up. o
change of
iig again ap
peal to all classes.throughbnt the TJn
ion ; let us:gd be'lbre the peaple' with-these-'
facts.'1 and we will'' mbke ! ft
chiinge Which wilf sweep4.' ih'e,' wrong
doers frpiiT fliel'c. places; ". Wp . td
the bbnUioMer.'iCii'it Vlie latajrer who
has put his' 'mbhe'v u;'to savings Jjik
"er dp not Avlsirto" liafiij youvve o
not so'ek to give .ybu'I"iiofiVt'
to" get 'a. gpo'tl cii rrenc v1 for afl . "'if wi it
'notelP'us to bce'ak'dp
of ybur bondsiJit hurts' us j' 'lteeps
fhieret ; ,Tit we ask1 you fo, helpisaye
:tis-as tairpayersfroba. tiie cost of. the
. rtirdi 111... r'i " 1 i. 'aL-
uuu uuiitui v uuiicv . at. tne
1 . j 1 ,B i.- us. to Kayyu
'If you let men iii power take the mon
ey We give1 in taxes" to'. reduce ' vdu?
I'r,f 0ut to-morrow' by. an issue of
'srtenbacks, it would' !k6t -relieythb'
claim's; arid hs&Xt tb 'uphdid iiii'lTfary'
uCTpuuam, llcotTllCiltlV tllltL II rjiam
i swlfich; "will ' com p'e yjb'O to
t5ik' a'ebas'ea-currpricy ' will";'; 'iorcS
h ..;i!l- -.T.. - -',i-i '.... 'r .it-. '
... i iT-'uiui u tifuitheu currency
l.-'Xtl.'t-i1 -net L- ; Vi - 7- ' -- r
. jf v. en. xi your ciarms were an wi-
fear of patriots : fa bor '-would still be
oiieated by fUTse" Hdllitrs' oar standard
oTvfclue wdrild stilf bb uKiftlng,15''1
Taxa'tlpti' youid bekept'uiy the
fteCoSistriVi'-tion Dollcv'.' for ilAMrwnnrt
psni'(moie"rt'fi:an debt that instra taxar:
tioh heavy. Vbthiner would Tie set
"tfedThe'ittllcrary "wbuM' L't.Tl;be
trampled under foot, the tixeciitivfi
pwdubl-stilf 'htr "iarisclefl- so; that
could hot pUnfetr'cri me" -rtor protect
frVnocetiee. " But irlkie-dovrn the'Cpne
gresslonal policyi fliid all will be set
right. Sm.cfliiciUcjQsed in 1865,.
the government has spent for its ex-.
peuse3,'4ns 'addition ;'-trJ' payments'
principal pj, interest -on.', tbe rpubhc
deb't, the mim pfwoip than f OOOiOOOr.
O00.Jf.,6f',tiis.funi tf)erf 'has tjeerj gpent
nealQOQ,ppq orj (te jirniy, and
paTyciifiuci uforuliljtaryi purposes.
'Tihls is nearly the one-f bird Pf the tia-
Uonal debf. nThiguwacl sperit jn ;the
tlno of peace.' 'The cost of theneavy
beiore the waravjistitoouti $ja,tOO'UOO
bach yeaK t Since-h8'w-iar.,J .when pur
shipping. ha3 "been swept from" the
oceait by taxation 1 the' an nual average
cost is fatLOOfiodoy altli'oagh'; we' have
now' no carrying" trade to protect.
While money IS thus vvastect without
scrnple upon the it'rmy and. -na-iy,: If
an v aifl'Is Sfrria-'ht to lessen the cost; Of
"the farmer' of the
West, or to cheapen the bol of b
laborers-of the. East, w are utionce
treated ;wiUL-Congressional -speeches
UPprti the virtues of economy . If fftrt
this-amouut there had been saved ami
paid upon the debt the sum of $500.
0U0,0.pp,)b,o,w chtiged pur, condition
;puid .haye-.cen j,yjth) tlii .lyj,
ment,- whiclt-would ,huv. cut down
Uie. debt, to .ibptit; 2,O0Q.OO0,(iaO opr
cieJt;w,ouhi .. at , Usftst.bavel: been, et
gqod.Ai that iof Great, -BrUajn. .js
because w'e, did, ..not j th.ua PPJiy
this notiey o ,thjs. purpose,, but spent
ti nyii tjhe, jnrrfp;pli?y1tVo .n;i
despotism, and other nbsesr'oF iroy
j;n n-ient,' that o'ujr credit is. ,8o'.,U'.-t
Th p ' wor Id sa w. t hat weoijre .violating
our faith yith the public;cr'editors arid
the tax payers alike when the irioney
was used for the' partizaV mrpose''of
keeping the South out of the TJnioti
'tint if' shaiir' Governments ' could" be
manufactured-" 'by niHtary- violence
and Coiigressionat actfoir.'The world
not-only saw 'the monstrous diversion
of the irioney;' Wrung from' flie people
by taxation,' btitit 'als6 'sa w that 1t
matier' through a longnwles oi years;
greater annual expenses unavoioS-
.ble. i When tlia entire control of the
Southern States iS .given 6ver, i un
checked : by : the ; iiltelligeacai of the
whito race, ti-untnlored : negroes,
whoi tlie-.pfiople Of the Nortli ;have
said wexo unfit "to he votfci-si whfAi the
ainforturtate AfricaasjailritBli with un
usual power, and goaded-onby:iiad
and tlesigning .nen, fiUtiil -piaUe -life
and, property unsafe and, haU,fihqck
and disgust the wprld with, putragi,
we shall be prced;io , raise, .,,aulj pay-
still jgreater arinit-s,.:;UptOythi3 tjinie
heJSouth.Lba.-flt ;est, haq,. an juiteH-
epT -t3rMyi;in , militaryofcers-r-.
Kxeryyrruiu,-yIio i,jnc,ti;;pliniod, .b.y;
hate and bigotry- iozlwi ORWrd-wjth;
horror to the condition of the South
uiiuer tiero tiiiiinunpn. i.no juaa.
faith to the public creditor 'and tajc-:
rayer .iri thus unsettling, the Union,
of keeping' ftae South in a, condition
vli,ere it cai) hot help the 'riaf(onal
prosperity, but is made-a heavy load:
upon toe cpqu.try, is ine reai. cause, oi
our ucoascu creuH. . i pe . tax payer
was told the burthens put upon hint
ivaa to pay tie debt lDutPthe money
was not used in. good faith to him, for
the debt still stands ; not in good faith
to thefeditbry fpr he-'wrfs not 4aii?
;' what ne'should have'beea btit it! was
'used in-a way whrehriarm'eI both,:iiii
a- way tnni lamteu tne naiion's cred-itj-
kept bp taxation' by"'feeepiiig un
the rate of interest while," It ' sanic' thp
value 'dflfhe bonds," and :' with ihem
carried down the paper Currency and
thus wr6'ugc'd!thei:ial 6re'r and pen
sioner; But -for 'ine policy bf bad faith,
oi parnzan purposes, mad : folly: we
eotikl to-day borrow nibriey as cheabr
lyas'Crreat1 Britain f but 'tve ihaie
culsed the tax -payers; the labbrer.tne
penSlPner and the public Creditor for
the purpose of cursing the South with
military despotism arid- negro' ddmi'n
atiorr. Every one must see,: if we'patd
oh one hfth of onf debt, had kent
lown the cost' ot 'governmcrrt.1 "arid
given peace to Put' Union had built
up industry and good order Jn-'fhe
South, not one of the evils 'which now
afflict 'us could -haS'e existeil. ' )iir
whole conditioh' wohld have' been"
changed..' ' We demand that our Cur
rency shall be made as good 'as "gold,
not oy contracting- -the- nmounf, but
by contracting the e!rrenf4ri ' of the
government: We fire' pgainst -irjeiia'-'
ures-which Will' pnil 'down ' busrnefs
credits When we strp to waste, wTiiV-h
Torce-a usto piiy - a "Vsnry 1 bf'ten per
ceil til and takf a" cbfirse1 which'wil
"enable us to borrow ifibney 'iiptin the
'rnfext raifl Hv ntiiA. nrti;i..('-..'.Jvu!.ii-
,....v. ..j v.iui iiiuiuiii v c; Atinu
add tdthcpow'erand- dignity ''of "biir
Uht tt: Wheii we give,ivalnb to
bonds by using trie moneytlniwii
taxation to the'payhien't bl bttr! debt.
turd hoi tb: ih6:-mllUdrV' a'n!::1heirf
scheme, we shall relieVe tfie tax' pay-
e, the bill holder,tTi4ffii'; .strength
and value to.tbe'ciaiuis.of: the public
creditor, f We flw,v; iseeri mischitf
wrought, ou t by the policy -of the
tjureijm'ar.si.: tit will be!8' hurtfui-.
the futur.ti.as.it. Las heeaJn the past,
Yet the.;BepubHcaiitpsiTty has appro
ved it and is pledged o it. We hats'
Sl.t:i..: n '3. ..i J .-,1 rT :!.!; i 't : .
rjiiuwn iniw ine policy 01 US11J
hnridn& io pay dut debt's 'kvor' .iave
Wiped jKi'lbW past. witf Qo
sameTor-bs in' 'tlie future.J"To""i1iat
pbiicy' wb ae' 'pledged.0 'There is
une inuu m our party m inis broad
huid--m'eldQbia 'irpdii fhlS ''ofnt
:warfniiever,-'targM dth'af? OT?e''smile
OT?b sitfcrli
Democrat in these ITited'Statea ever
favored- tlie-mlltorvrrct aetfr'a'poficv-
j unon-w Weir the -bmTit of the eburrtry-J
has- beetf wneckedi' iOur wmcViyi is
lis! thai miMMmOTrev to tjftvJrnpi'rviiTi
ioetrtJilt-' -i:sinM'brief.'tiiit4rW?nV,
rtT iLlaif- K f III tT.M I- . 1,.. f-' v. Vi.
.7 uii. js-ucun -acem-i
tated by yefii0tf3m ;In anbthbrway
the KepnWlcans do a onrjtant' wroua
t'oi the - bondholders; uriswer
Cornplalnts JOf heavy, tasation,'
eayJSt ettnrot'ile, helped- with'
heavy debt, and thusthroWthrf whple
odium oii4hdbjUy.hx.do they
tell the truth, j?.nd say one third
our taxation is maue Dyvour t aept 7
Tlieri' they yIf.'bo asked f ' what "makes
thet Wo thirds .TntsJ :d ubstibd
of ConiVoiiteb oHv"aJ,-8. "and
$379,l78;0Cfi,83,' apd this in the'
.VaT!of'pfJace.,,"vvren. Kav- our-
'iio nb'iwuttd'toye aske'dt anct 't
uu iiot jvuui to, auswer. , wnea
uy auswci, vuc yjev yi tt glasses
be-ppen.ed.. Tli.ey'wITlbe forfctju! to
luin.mbi Yt;tir tiitvPBUi. uy reports
4riettrting-Repdblican frieuds, we
pose uie interest 01 ine aeot tooic
bf it'" dh"that 'tobl tl49-;4 18,383,87.
ntTquite';as'uiniichrd' Wits' spent
the War and NaVV"' "Departments,7
which wits' $140,472,105 35, and besides
this wV frprifit1 tS0&ZM3Ai' for
thirigWhy, that is $20,00;600
than t lie Dbmbcra'ts - speri r ( for ai-niy
arid 'fiav and all 'e'xpBseltijr gd'vWui-
-rirent ; pur-iogetner wily Jtlo'
spend $25ra,r30a4ttafvywhen
: democrat-office; l
j lately received lJJXVlL2LJ.jFJ: . f
eqnai i ,
Havlnc "lately
trfrrW"1riowrQrr.Uhcd lu" a' style'
country (ibUnWJhfo. liiilii? 1
And a full aesortroenofjUic-Jatcat yl of ?,
with the Oiual facifttleif tor doing work of er
AoBcriplion itr thtfneak'of atyles aul W auaanu. j
as con be done In any Hrff-ttaaa city office. .
Aludy4 kept-on hand.
' '
t formerly cost '$12,000,0(K) annually ? ;
Has Amerlrn SInpWrig 'griwu
much thaVjou'Kavb b Weep Vast n.
vies to protect 4tv 2. ttOtl'MOv ur tariff
has aweta'wiyAmer'icu'nhlp from :
thepceanv We bjtye J.Qstihe carrying
trfHo ; tbe iBrsli payet-frot.that .
rut :i why don'tyou give the buildr.
of merchant sh.i.ps t he mo( ,v .jeni i -a
the navy . hy way offlr'awbaclc u du-
tiea.,Woud, thatstarv. WlSr
ship yards ? Oh, yes, half the cot
would do it: ' Then; wh ' is 1 1 not
done ? '.Ve did not thrnK of it really,
wri have been sdbusy 'Vitlr '-the1 Im
peachment audnerp jiitstiona,,;Ut
w"6 'firg'o't'"our sailors'' aiitr'iViei'hanicii.
But we see that the War Department
this year"spent ft28;86S,4C8, W-dien the
year before it spent oply about J9V '
000,000, r'lierltfnger we 1hiYeiB'ace1 ''
the more the army costs. How is
this? WJl;It;.ebstAf'd;',gteat deal to
keep soldiers' and Freedmen's Bureau
Agents, and tj ieed-and clothe niT- ,
groes bf'4fti36uth.' Biit wliy-fid lou ;
do1 it -Irnt -the -negroes support thema 5,
seiveSil Ydamake ihe laborers bf thed
fiJorth voik to feed and clothe the
idle AfiiCiins True, but'bysd dolng
w.geti thir Votes, and they wiUseud t
oar traveling- agents to Congress ;.ve
Bhalfgret- t'Weiily Senator's in this.way;
wlitlij a '.iHJorit'.bJTtAe'ipe';df'tn j
United Stujtesi living .in .:nine States,
have only, eighteen.;!: The people nw.jr i
vote tiS 'they please,' but they :eanriof
get the r Senate no"j repeal any-of tb'i ,
,lawS;Vie g'otijhrough for ouradvau-!,
fage ; avu have. managed- ktso thatono i
quarter of"the people liave m ro ptiw- "
"er ili tho-Seii)tfi .tha.n";thrt.i--q'i-irt','T
jWe; ncr'.()Vti.,tt),e;riegrbcs f th - ; j ti. a
Did wMiot buy .them by om - . iAi-.; i-i
nhd--wiieyT''Vfe-re whore; v, p-u;. '
W gfS-s j'Ave now Ste Mh- "'). ''. : i iU '
..of; cut. ctiituuy ls.so. fam I-.. .', e now i
nee iv-iiy the- virluo-.of our- r ' ioon j
ey iSfctTikitig.- It was onlj 21 i-.-r cent. I
discoririt iri lSOCj it is 'riow1 "at a dis-.
.coutjMr About 2l..per. eent; wo, now
see wjiy oujyltiborers and. pr-iitiidners
are obewted Uy false dollar. If the j
'-ciic-'cars ;t6 khVhy. h IttJ-
ijia,ijiiiaiiy jtuuis, let lulu stuuy.uie j.:
reports of the Secretary of the Treaa.-
ury. It is clear why business is hin
dered and business men perplexed. t
' . -' . ' .. .;::
yy e now tfnpw wny me puwiraOi,
tor ps har rasseu by our I dishonored
crodit.'arKl the: tax-payer' isf hunted
down by the tai-gathereri.;!The''riegrb
..: T," t , . .... 1?,... C.l T. ...:i- i ' i
r ' M V.. Yv u WK -tvcLiuLjiiciin.pai;- j
1y.V4t.tln3 btittom OJTi these (.troublarl: 5-
We now uret at the real issue betwieeh I
parties. '. The T-epublicaus1, " t)y- ttittr j
nonunations-.' and -resdlut ions, t "are f
pleflged tokeep u1 fhd riegro 'fl&i if ta- V
Tyiojcy,'.v-4 ' Itk cbst ...andj'iaa-i
tions,", .These wiij., he,-;greater herea.t
ter..i.TUe government of the South Us il
to go jntb the hands' of the'riegYpea.' '!
Yxi hayp piid'tjieyajfiu'nfittp bejvo-:
ters a; Uie. ?sTbrPh.,i jjlepubjlcaas';
say tliey ishall be Governors at 'the'
this policy, vt'b havesben how much'
it costs the tax-payer, the bondholder j
atjtf tll.e "laborer in., the j pastu:j
years'.' It will be as hurtful iri the fu-!'
ture. We have also hwii .how using''
the iiibney t6 Wv. our debts' would
haverteiped the tax-payer, th5 bond-
holder and the laborer in the past. Tt
wllf do as much in-the future. Tho;'
;ivholetjuestioii is"; "brought down to
this clear point: -shall1 we' use our!
rnqjity typfty our, debts, relieve the I
-tft-raye:iv luakc our-nionoy -giiod ini
the haitU of -the labbrer or piisionf r, '
and help theibondhoJilerAbrsJjalljiLe.
ue it to HeejtHip military. -despotism, :
feed idle-negrof'Si.iireHk tkiM h the Jur-
diciary, shaikUv,tb, .oAflcwtryee an.l
destroy all .vonstitntinnul rjj;ht'.
(Cries of "No f'v;i'HVJY. iU.- ...i.i
t$hitis&ykit7 )rVr'''.')iiiiiHt the
Vlewd'f rmybiievrto'is 'pokcifof as .
a candidate for the Presl Jenny mi thr'
T)emoi'faHc fSlde.-"!' h':ve 'hnfv"aMid''
what each-iono fiprees-toinnd 'is in "fa-!
vorpf. .- No.TOsil has beRnnanml wto
is not in favor of reducinaf.iProuTiso.;
and making our paoer as 'irnod aw';
COll:.fv man hflf;ren LiisrAwf-w h(i
s.not iijifityor of euttinlr down 'mint H-
ry . expenses j No man has lievn msniT
et! vhois not In favor or using 'he
mimey'tirawn from the' tax1-pavers to
iv y the.pnMie deht.."TNVi','mm ' hai
.been, njamed who isnot iri-'fnvor of a
frenorai .rppcr?,' jto,,t,be.liiKlplol .-of the
South". " No " man Wan hf 11 n J rv nil
wtiri lf niV tail' ' it pWnlflef of tVn?tifu
t.iotnc rh-ilitst o irprn has bcen nirtn
,pdjy. ,UtqV.mjiratir party.i'whoHe-
eieeiion wonui rot Help tbe txrtaver
theViensionpr,' the laborer, and ' the
bondholder. On the other ' nnndihe'
eapdjtiate,; p ) Jtiiiiciirt-pHrtv:
tiV.1 yeara j.Xhe discotlrVt lltinrr nln a-l
iiiuncy whm twenty ..per jwiA In
April, 18GG ; it is uow about twentvi'ls
hiUB pMoerit.' lt wivmntinue to go
ure P'eogeti lO.Tjjejr.ppst policy
hassUfik the'vnfue "of tnir 1 ii
nroie :Mh eteht' Tierx'en
9iPKs,ir, Tyi irincpeafiifrtaxoe - It-will
cinv-e alLlabor .apabusIpess. , ,lt will
etiuangeristiii moretie public credit,
for the greater the premium" dn gold
thp harder 4tibcpuiys to pay spocie to
he, bondholder,, and hid , claim br
Ctme more odious.' What claims hv
Tne-itpuo-iicans rrpon rttrr soldier T -They
take awnyifrorri hrrri V,ne fo'srth
of hreuisifin by.payiirsr hirrrjin false
if wprtbrless tlan eev-
. YMJ.'Lt WlS . A V
. I . . . ..... . -
lUIVBUiaue lu'WDTUl UallUIB In canlct
jiWhat right have -they.vtocall unon the
mei-naicv aqji, laoorer. X. -I hoy nave
'"our -f
iney 1
lenWltened out the hours of his toil to
fciRwarrnh of- offlci lioMem'ftt the
North, pnvl.Xo wipprrt atiniea 'iand
grces aVthe Soutjh.n Row
ik tyhe .tax-payers, in th
thry- haVeWTAyiiri frnm
rtham se-marijTriiUiofis iiporr the rre-
tun t, urn upui compel iea tneta to.
do sorwhite they were using the mor
ittti t-tni.iea to support sending
artiiies arrd tra ii'i'pie ripotftlie' li bfrties
of 4Ji a i A meripan 1 .people; fjarf ' t hoy
wUU,dCefly Arrnen V to- ifin WnrtrH. ,.i
ftnirMrj-SUsrit'-tti- theTie-Ver of the
1 U1K3, anu endangering tholriVruri-
fjcom in whole-
X.vvi.u, "traxaupn?. Then let.th"-,
Krt"n1 West yNcrrth'fanl sb.ith the-sol-Uorar.d
sn'iror.ln- aMrvi Ar f,.
fieidc twvlax-.Daver. And;t.hir iiewvi-
:??rhy;.i.ruj. !!-ilitedpfl'ort. flrivi Yrnm
po;ver thQ -pmmon ehem'es of liberty,
honesty; horior,;nghts a,n.l Conslltri
tional laws. (LoUd fipplnuseiV' -l -.-.Oovornor-.SBymouiM
rertrodA nrnld
.warm exoressiin of .nn...Kn
.The audience continued forborne tlmei
calling upon various "Sdofiker-'r
ilenerth Hotit W. ig. noxcrtitfo arivard
aiwii trHyKet .abrit-f . hk i.-.-....i.;
JanjL witty address, in yriieli he '.wi
.a."d. PtTicalism, won
irructnrs and reeorriayririHrtv, i-o i.u
I tVil Iauta nn4 ii.. i a . 'V

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