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Business Items.
Bevabi of th Imitation of fractional currency
sailing you to trade, by offering yna something
for nothing, It la too thin. On price cl thlen caa
mi mora to give a thing unleu oharged for.
' . '' Sam Uunzbebo,
t - I i. -
J. S. KAtQUta, piano Tuner, Mansfield, 0 will
be In Osnton about the 16th of November, eave
eraen at Perkins Book Store. ,? ; ocll9-w2
sole', .,
'ersoy Sweet Potatoes at J. M. Kber
Teeth extracted without pain, and do extra
barge wheureplaced by lots of tooth, at A. J,
whim. , ' 'ulysotf
The Tax-payers are hereby re
spectfully notified that It is not
possible to receive all the Taxes
daring; the last few days of Tax
paying. Those who will delay
paying till after the 20th of De
cember, will have to expect to pay
the penalty, or have their Taxes
returned delinquent, I therefore
ask the Tax-payers to come along
and pay their Taxes so as to avoid
the annoying rush the last few
days, ' GEO, FESSLER,
- Treasurer.
AXL kJuda of Fresh Crackera at J. If. Ebersoje's.
- The public should bear In mind that the genu
ine "Diamond Spectacles," which bare proved
themselves the beat thing of the kind In market,
bear the trade mark, a imall Diamond atamp, on
every pair. Buy only the genuine article and you
will be Nlly satisfied. For tale by GeorgaDeuble,
canton, Ohio. -
, Thta great work haa Just been completed In 16
volume, entirely revised and fully lllnstrated
with maps and engjavlngs. Mr. Amoi SNYDEB.of
Columbiana, la sole agent for the tale of the work
in thlaaeotlon of Ohio. Mr.8nyrtarhashad quite
a number or Bubscrlben in tbla town and county,
tome of whom have Just received the last of the
volumes. ' ' ' .' f "' " 1
Every one that reada, every one that mlnglos in
society, la constantly meeting with allusions o
subjects on which he needs and desires further In
formation. In conversation, lu trade, In profes
sional life, on the farm, in the family, questions
are continually arising, which no man, well read
or not, ran always satisfactorily answer. Tf the
facilities for reference are. at hand they are con
suited, and not only ia curiosity gratifled. and the
dock of knowledge increased, but perhaps Infor
mation Is gained and Ideas are suggested that will
directly contribute to the business success of the
party concerned. "
But bow are these facilities for reference to be
had t How are the million to procure a library 1
Sow are they to obtain the means of Informing
themselves on eveay pclnt In which they may be
Interested; of satisfying themselves with respect
to persons aud places, questions of art and science.
religion and politics, literature and philosophy,
agriculture, commerce, and manufactures? How
can the workinguian hope to bring within bis
Teach the wh"le circle of sciences, and every point
of human nature as developed np to the present
moment T We answer by subscribing to The Amer
seais Cyclopedia,
The work baa been entirely rewritten by the
ablest writers on every snbject, printed from new
type, and Illustrated with several thousand en
cravings and colored lithographic maps. It la is,
cued every two montha, beginning July, 1878. and
Is now completed in sixteen volumes, which are
payable only upon the delivery of each volume,
so that the cost, which presents most people from
buying a Cyclopedia, Is thus divided into email
Installments, which will be scarcely noticed. It
la not obligatory to take all the volumes now pub'
Ushed open the first delivery; a volume may be
delivered once a month, or once in two montha. at
the option the subscriber. The quesslon la only
how much can be spared eacb month? Three
dollars a month, which la only ten cents a dav, the
price of a cigar, will pay for a complete set of the
Cyclopedia In a few montha. Then there will be
something substantial saved, and a storehouse of
knowledge. Indeed a universal library In Itself,
secured wiin dui nine eaurv or uu sscrinue.
fn Extra Bloth. per vol f 5 00
In Library ' eather, per vo..- 8 00
In Hall Turkey Morocco, per vol ......... 7
In Half Russia, ex'ra gilt, per vol 8 00
In Fnll Morocco, antique, gilt edges, per vql 10 00
In Pull Russia, per vol 10 00
"We are not closing out any old shop worn cloth
ing. Our goods are aU manufactured for this All
and Winter trade. Bam Gunzbebq.
Dr. Picking will be at Canton, Ohio, from the
iSth to 19th of November, at the American .Hotel.
A word to the afflicted suffering from Chronic
diseases, Catarrh, and dlsea es arising from Ca
tarrh treated in all It forma, and a perfect cure
warranted. He will treat all afflicted with Ca
tarrh, both ladles and gentlemen, free during his
tay, during which time Jime they can' test the
remedy and make arrangements ;or a permanent
cure. Knowjng he has a certain cure he desires
you all to call and test It, and satisfy yourselves.
The patient will find relief on the first applica
tion and a perfect cure can be made In all cases,
Dr. Picking was In Masslllon, Oct. 28d to 28th, and
among he afflicted that called on him was a gen
tleman who had been deaf of twelve years stand
ing from Catarrh, and his hearing was restored
to him the fttst application. Please call for treat
ment as early as possible.
Mov.i.-TO-ow DR. 8, M. PICKING.
E. F, Wei's Bitter Wine of Iron.
Baa never been known to fail in the cure of weak
ea, attended with symptoms of Indisposition to
exertion, loss of memory, difficulty of breathing,
general weakness, horror ot disease, weak ner
vous trembling, dreadful horror of death.- night
sweats, cold feet, weaknea, dimness of vision,
iniwr. universal lassitude of the muscular sys
tem! hot hands, Bashing of the body, dryness of
aha skin pallid countenance and eruptlos on the
race purifying the blood, pain In the back, heavi
ness of the eyelida, frequent black spots flying be
fore th eyes with temporary intrusion and Iohs of
sight; want of attention, etc These symptoms all
arise from a weakness, and to remedy that use
rr B F Kunkel's Bitter Wine of Iron. It never
Bills ' Thousa.ids are now enjoying health who
have used K. Take only K.. Kunkel's. :.
Beware of counterfeits and base Imitations. As
Kunkel's Bitter Wine of Iron Is so well known all
over the eouuiry, druggists themselves make an
Imitation and try to palm it off on their customers
when they call fr Kunkel's Bitter Wine of Iron.
Kunkel 6 Bitter Wine of Iron ie put Hg only in
fl bottles and has a ytliow wrapper nicely put ou
the oatiide with the proorieto-'s photograph on
the wrapper of eacb bottle. Always look for the
photograph on the outside, and you will always
be sure to get the genuine. II pe' bottle, or six
fer s. Sold by druggists and dealers, everywhere.
All Worms Remoyfifl AIitb.
B. F Kunkel's Worm Syrup never fails to de
stroy Pin, Heat and Stomach worms. Dr. Kunkel,
the only successful phy-tcian who removes Tape
Worm in two hours, alive with head, and no fee
until removed. Common sense teaches if Tape
worm be removed all other worms can be readily
destreyed. .Send lor circular to Dr Kunkel, No.
1,9 North 9th St.. Philadelphia, Pa., or call on
your druggist and ask for a bottle of Kunkel s
Worm Syrup. Price II. It never falls. July20
"Ten Years in the Rocky Mountains."
Raw. 9. Gorman will deliver a lecture on Jfrm
dot Evening, the 13ZA in., at the First Baptist
Church, wiling forth in a striking manner the
pecnliant es often years' experience In the Rocky
It will be a lecture of no ordinary character.
And as Mr. Oonnan Ua native of our eounty, and
long a resident of onr city, we bespeak for him, a
good house. - ' 1
Lfotnre to commence at 7-I0.. Admission, 26
.tti tore4o.ts-end 10 cents for children.
., . . IMMKmU WASTE..,
There haa been lots of money wasted by Inez
perieneed buyers who have brugbt luferlor Cloth
ing at fancy prloes . Let it be understood tbat In
no part of our establishment do fancy prloes pre
vail; aoharlloie la marked In plain figures. We
have but one price and from which there will be
no deviation, We manufacture all onrown Cloth'
Ing thereby saving the buyer (0 per eent. Let It be
understood tbat we sell no goods , below tost, but
will guarantee to sell goods from 25 to 10 per cent,
cheaper than other house lu the city. -
i ' : i . v. bah Gunebbbo,
The Popular One Price Clothier,
Jersey Cultivated Cranberries at J. M, Kber-sole's.
: ' , ' ( j
Between Canton and the residence of Lewis
Kaslg on the Randolph mad. Saturday, Oct 28th,
an Ivory Handled Gold Mounted Whip. The
finder will be rewarded by leaving It at the livery
stable ol D. B. Smith, or at Miller's distillery In
nam township.
Do not forget, when you want the best goods
made In the latest styles and most durable man
ner, to call oh Dave Keefer, Opera House corner.
He has the finest assortment of new fall and win
ter goods In Canton, consisting of English, Scotch,
French, Amerlcau, and other goods, all of the
best grades, which be will make up lp the best
manner at lowest prloes. All will find satisfaction
here, as Dave is a cutter and fitter of long expe
rience, and fully sustains hit reputation as suoh
f r ..( i
All kinds of finest Canned Fruits at J, M, Eber-
sole's. i
Andy Schwertner still holds the fort against all
boot and shoe dealers In this vicinity, Andy has
no extravagant rents lo pay, and he buys large
itneaofeverytblngtn the boot and shoe line, made
of the best material for the regular trade; and
sells his goods cheaper than shoddy prices, and
warrants them far better. The "Boss" will be
found four doors east of the American Hotel.
Kansas Citv to Denver and the famous Rockv
Mountain resorts The direct route to San Juan,
The only Hue from Kansas City to the Black Hills
nnder one management Passes through the fer
tile Central Kaunas, and through the Important
cities, and the locations of the Capital and all the
great Slate instlutlnns, through the finest farming
and grai ng lands ia America. Milllious of acres
tor sine cneap Dy tne Hallway uompany upon
long time, and to be had free by actual settlers
(tmiiin vifjumuih tw 11 1, w Mini in inn Mil ilh., 1 W
celebrated hot and cold Medicinal Springs, msg
nlflcent scenery perpetual snow capped moun
tain summits, 14,000 feet high, waterfalls and cas
cadesalmost continual sunshine cool nights In
summer. The most desirable climate for Inval
ids, In summer and winter, in the world ; a sure
cure for anhma, and has a good effect upon those
predisposed to pulmonary affections. Colorado
produces the bent beef aud flour; has valuable
gold, silver, copp r. lead and coal mines; good
hotels, fine roads, good hunting and finning.
Pullman Palace Cars and line day coaches
through to Denver without change. No ferries,
transient nor changes of oars to annoy. Lowest
rates to all Doints guaranteed. For descriptive
circulars address General Passenger Agent Kan
sas Pacific Railway, Kansas City.
The undersigned would respectfullylinform the
Citizens of Canton and vicinity that In connection
with his Shaving Saloon he is prepared to grind
all kinds of Cutlery, such as Razors, Scissors,
Shears, Table and Pocket Cutlery, on short no
tlce. Surgical Instruments a specialty. South
East Cor. Walnut and Tuscarawas streets.
I have In my possession and am dally using
new local aneaestl etlc, by means of which I am
enabled to greatly alleviate the pain produced by
extracting teeth without putting the patient to
sleep or freezing the gums. I bave been using it
It highly. I subjoin a few testimonials : -
May 6. I have Inst had a very large tooth ex.
tracted by Dr. Slddall's new method, and scarcely
knew It was done can recommend ft to every
one. Airs, vyiivij vtaupak, nanvnie.
Witness: Mrs. 8. a. Bombieusr,
MavB. I had a larrre tooth extracted to-dav
wunoui pain oy ur. oiuuan s new meinoa.
Canton. Mav 10. I lush had a tooth extracted
at Dr. Siddall't office by his new anaesthetic and
1 did not teel u at an. . iajuis bmii u
Mav 8. I had a verv large ulcerated tooth ex.
tracted by Dr, Siddall, and I would say it was the
easiest operation ot tne kind i ever saw.
myll em jusbe a. mil,lek,
At No. 30 South Market street, J. O. Palmer has
placed a bright new sign, visible irom a distance
north o south. This Is what ou are looking for.
There has been a great advance in the price of
Carpets, &c, but having secured all his fall and
winter goods before the rise, he is selling at low
est figures. Fine Brussels Carpets, 11.00 to 11.25
per yard; and Extra Superfine Ingrains, 11.90. All
other goods proportionately.
Choice Butter always on band at J. M. Eber
sole'a. i ' ; i, ...! '
Comfort tf a necessity to the happiness of every
household, and no family can be comfortable
through the cold winter blasts that are fast com'
ing upon us, without making especial arrange
ments to taat end. Such .arrangements can be
cheaply and thoroughly completed by calling at
H. Wemet & Bro'snew and elegant headquarters
for all kinds of Stoves and general House Fur
nishtng Goods, south-cast corner of Walnut and
Tuscarawas streets. There you will find a full
assortment of Stoves for parlor, sitting room,
kitchen, or any other apartment, of Fall grades
and at prices to suit the times- Also Coal Scuttles,
Grates, and all kinds of House Goods cheap.
Don't fall to call.
J. H. Ebersolk, Star Grocery, keeps A No,
Extra Mess MackertL
All are lh need of warmer wear for the fall and
winter season, and the place to secure the cheap.
est bargains in all lines of bead atd neck wear,
furnishing goods of all kinds, gloves, scarfs, muf
flers, 4c., Ac., will find the finest aid best goods
at fleTUT f yen', Eagle Block. All the latest nov
elties in hats. caps. ties. Ac., received in season,
and sold at bottom prices. Nothing In the line 9t
gents' furnishing goods will be found wanting at
this store, and every gentleman should call and
see his goods before making purchises.'
Extsa Choice Java Coffee at J. M. Ebersoie'a.
No matter how hard the times, all must have
bread. The very best of bread, cakes, rolls.
Ac , Ac., In the city will be found at the New
Bakery of R. Bauhof, Opposite the American Ho
tel. Every thing in bis line will be kept on hand
constantly fresn baked, and families, hotel keep
en, boarding houses can be supplied at all times
and at lowest prices.
In Millinery Goods lean sell, and am selling,
the very best as cheap as the cheape'C Besides,
there la no shoddy about my goods, and I guaran
tee the country trade especially satisfaction, and
othen who may call on me, fair trade and good
bargains. My goods are not bought at auction,
nor at any particular discount, but are the bed.
Call at Mrs. J. B. duff's, Haa1 Block, KastjTus
carawas street, and see.
A spicy sketch descriptive of a trip over the
Atchison, Topeka and Santa be Railroad, the
beauties, scenery and pleasure resorts of the
Rocky Ifountalns, by "Nlm Crinkle," the musical
dramatic critic of the New York World, sent
free on application, together with the tanjw
Guide, maps and times tables of this new and pop
alar route from Kansas City and Atchison to Pu
eblo, Denver, and all points Id Colorada, New
Mexico, Arizona and the San Juan Mines. The
finest line of Pullman Hleepen on the continent
between the Jfissourl River and the Rocky Moun
tains without change. ' Special round trip tour
ists' tickets fro u the Miuouri Rner to Denver at
160, good lo stop off at all points. Address,
T. J. ANDERSON, Gen. Pass. Agt,
Topeks, Kansas.
.. Without eioeptlon J. U. Bbenole'i Is the moat
complete family grocery In Canton. . Llppert's
Hlnnlr . ' i ' A' ) , .i.'il.'.t .
'' HkNRY Mr km, Eaglo" Block, la sole agent In
this violnlty for Wanamaket A Brown, Pblladel
phla, a firm known to the world, and whose cents
clothing and furnishing goods are unequaled.
Leave orders. .
''If your State did not have the reputation of
being 'urasfhoppered' every year, I would have
had to pay twenty dollars an aore instead of tit,
and the grasshoppers have done me solid ben
elll." ' '
We heard these exact words from the Hps of a
farmer from McLean County, Illinois, the other
day; a man of eiperlence and observation who
hasJiiHt purchased half a section of land in Flit
more County, on the Hue of the Burlington &
Missouri River Railroad Company,
There Is a great deal of truth bottled up in this
confession. Men from Illinois and other States
who come to A'ebraaka and, examine for them
selves, go away .convinced of the fact, tbat tho
Grasshopper Is by no means as destructive as the
Chlncu Bug, they see that the stories they bave
heard are either wholly false or greatly exagger
ated, and they realise that in the young State of
Nebraska men can raise bigger crops, and make
more money than they can further east notwith
standing that we do have an occasional Grass
hopper to worry us. . ) v i ' ,
The Grasshopper trouble of the past two yeats
have done u no damage of any consoquenoe,
and everything goes to prove the truth of what
Professor Riley says, which la, that Grasshoppers
will only trouble Nebraska onoe or twice In a
long series of years, and thnt year by year the
ohauces of our being troubled will grow less.
Nebraska Exchange. '
Every young man In the city occupied through
the day can obtain a good education by attending
the evening sessions of the. Canton Business Col
lege. Book keeping, Penmanship, Arithmetic
Orthography, thoroughly and practically taught.
Every atudc-nt receives Individual Instruction.
Ratos of tuition very low. Call at the College for
particular a. . , i
Is a pleasant and oerfectsubsttlute. In all cases, for
Castor Oil. Castoiia la the result of an old physi
cian's effort to produce, for his own praotioe, an
Effective Cathartic, pleasant to the taste and free
from griping.
Dr. Samuel Pitcher, of Hvannls. Mass.. succeed
ed in combining, without the use of alcohol, a
purgative agent as pleasant to take as honey, ana
which possesses all the desirable properties of Caa
tor Oil.
It is adapted to all ages, but is especially recom
mended to mothers as a reliable remedy for all
disorders of the stomach and bowels of children.
It is certain, agreeable, absolutely harmless, and
cheap It should be used for wind colic, sour
stomach, worms, costiveness, croup. c, thou
children can have sleep aud mothers may rest.
J. H. Kose S Co, to uey street. New iorg. are
the sole preparers of Castorla, after Dr. Pitcher's
reolpe. . ; . ,:,,
Mrs. Levi Stands was burled from her late rest
dene in the first ward on Wednesday. , ,
Jacob Knob, a former Canton boy, but for sev
era! years past a citizen of Montana Ty., If in
ifsonieenterprlslng dairyman were to start
milk depot in Canton, It would doubtless pan ont
Cooper and Cary got one vote in the first and
second wards Tuesday. The Prohibition ticket
the same.
Jimmy Fltzgcald carries bis peanut baskets
with additional dignity since he was married last
Thursday, , ,
J. J. Brlsbln, of Chicago, Ills., formerly a Citizen
of Canton and editor of the Repository, was In
town last week.
We know of a young lady of Canton who made
good use of her Influence over a young man on
election day.
The Disciple's congregation of Minerva has ex
tended a unanimous call to Elder Sloan of Indi
ana, though be bas not yet accepted.
Tax ptyen should come In now and avoid the
ruan, as the time closes the 20th of next month,
After that the legal penalty will be added.
Those who have clung to their dusters In grim
despair, now find that they must skirmish around
and get hold of a cheap overcoat somehow.
William Volkman bas erected a large and at
tractive sign, newly painted, by Warner 4 Bro.,
in front of his cigar factory in the Democrat
A number of Cantonlans left on the last cheap
excursion to the Centennial last Tuesday, over
the Pennsylvania road, to see the close of the ex
position. , '
People afflicted with colds and similar com'
plaints will surely find relief by using Harger's
German syrup. Sold only at Davis It Tucker's
Andrew Orth, a sewing machine agent, was set
upon by a couple of villains, near the railroad
last Saturday night, and assaulted, though not se
riously hurt
There was a torch I'ght procession in Rhode Is
land the other night, and they didn't dare to
string out to make It look big, for fear of getting
into Connecticut.
Street Commissioner Levi McKlnney, Water
Works Trustee Paul Field and Ex-8herlff R. A.
Dunbar, left Wednesday to be present at the last
days of the Centennial. , , ,
Albert Kernan, formerly well known to the
young men of Canton and Masslllon paid a brief
visit to the city last week. He is now engaged in
business in Ravenna, O,
Hon. A. R. Haines, our worthy State Senator
from this district, waa In town to-day looking
well and able to enter Into the duties of the com'
ing Legislative session with a will,
Ji '
Messrs. James Farmer and D. L. Alng, Direc
tors of the Valley R. R., are In the city to-day,
Things begin to look as though the road will be a
completed enterprise at an early day.
Cold, piercing winds and driving rains seldom
to bring on a cough, cold or hoarseneis at this
season, and Dr. Bull's Cough Byrup should be
kept tn everv house. For sale by all druggists.
, , m , i m s i ' . j
Now tbat the excitement of the campaign ia
about over, neighbors will return to neighborly
feelings and exchange flat Irons and green lea
through the back yard gate as frequently as ever.
Two little Masslllon girls on their way to school
other morning fell Into a dispute, when one
said haughtily: "My sV father keeps a carriage.'
That's small potatoes," said the other, "my pap
drives a canal boat."
It was recently decided that a Pittsburgh build
took lire from spontaneous combustion, and
decision was Immediately ratified when it
stated that a dozen lawyers occupied rooms
the building. , ,
John Koons'a caricature in the window of his
store, showing the rising of Uncle Sam. Til
den, has attracted the attention of many during
past few days. John ia an artist as well as a
gentleman and good Democrat
The shooting match, which came off last Thurs
for the amateur championship badge of Can
ton, was won by 0. Dougherty, Louis Dumont
second best Andy Wlelandt, Andy Lothamer,
Baxter, Ed. Plero, and J. J. Wemet were the
other contestants.
The safes, numbera It and 17, In the offices of
Blecbele'ssoap woiks and the Wrought Iron
Bridge Co., were cracked last night the latter
blown almost to pieces, lwenty-threa dollars
secured from number 16, and less than two
front No. 17. ' Particulars next week.
PfJen'-Br'. presiding. Mnonol, ie'lnlnger,
v .n, , who, nvrnrucK, ana weaver.
Minutes of last meetinr read and inr.rn.t
iM4mi-From John Blake, asking council to
accept Myers- addition to the city of Canton upon
the eondltions that Jfrs. Myers assign all right to
" "viweon m ana 6tu streets.
From H. D, Alexander and others asking' for
.,.,uu . ruran roaa, between 4th aud 9th
streets ' ,i ,, ,
From H. D. Alexander asklns thai nth .irt k.
opened up from lu intersection with Fullon to
All throe petitions referred to the council, which
will meet on the grounds next Satnrrt v ii,.
o'clock, A, M.
On motion city Solicitor was lnstnicii.rl tn am.
lect the Interest duo on money borrowed from the
city by Mr. Htabler.
On motion the matter of enforoli firth A nriiinanAn
to provide for the oloslng of saloons at 10 o'clock
was remd to committee on police.
The mafter in reference to the difficulty exist
ing between Fire Police and Hook and Ladder
Company was referred to oommittee on Fire n.
Reporlt if Committee Cammhte
alleys reported Mr. Stabler'a walk but partly
built, and Street Commissioner was instructed to
notify him to finish It within a week or the citv
would lay a brick walk In frontof bis property.
Committee on claims renoripd ari VAPta tit allnta.
Ing damages to Miss Gardner, for Injuries sustain
ed her person ou South Market street
' ' BILLS.
Street Commissioner..;
J, B. Brothers "
(ieorge Jacobs ""
Bechtel Jt Mono , ',
(i. B. Anthony , ,'',
PtMT Owens..,! .""
Wm. Hcfllimian
t&2 70
2o 30
8 Hi
' 5
30 CO
13 0"
t-inniB cuuuug ,...;; , ,, 1 fj
h m. Benano , j
A current repo.t of a big Centennial rohherv.
by which the main building was gutted of dla
morrds, furs, silks aud other valuables, amount
ing to millions ot dollars, has been curreut on
the streets for sevoral days past The rumor orig
inated through a vivid Imaginary report, several
columns In length, published lu last Sunday's
Phlladeli hla Item. The reporter went on at
length to describe how a gang of 107 crack burg
lars, all of whom had been engaged In bank aud
other heavy robberies, worked Incessantly for five
months digglug a tunnel to the main building,
and abstracting goods to a preposterous amount.
The story was ingeniously told, and the plan woll
Imagined; Indeed many things, more improba
ble; have been accomplished, and after the entlrn
story had been told, and one of the lead cracks
men captured, and a reward of 1100 000. offered
for the others by Mayor 8tokeloy, and after Jack
Harris, the captured crack had "squealed" on
hlf pals, and everything being completed, even
to the escape of all the rest of the gang and a llt
of exhibitors names with the amount lost by
each, the siory came to an abrupt close by stating
mat an mat naa Deen related might have been
fact, but was not. One thing was accomplished
by the publishers of the Hem, It made that edition
soil like hot cakes aud didn't hurt the readers a
bit , ,
Amusements. The rare chance of seeing the
best artist of his class In America, will be offered
to the citizens of Canton and vicinity On the 16th
and 17th Inst, Mr. John Thompson, acknowl
edged throughout the country to have no equal
as a disciple of Proteus, will appear at the Opera
House on tne above dates. Mr. Thompson's pio
tean renditions, his excellence as a comedian
and actor, are well known in the larger cities of
the States, where he is always greeted by large
audiences. On the first night he will appear in
his own comedy of "Moses, the old Clo' Man,"
assuming the title role, and supported by an ex
cellent company. This will be followed on the
17th by Mr. Thompson's own creation ol "On
Hand" In wlilcfc bis wonderful versaliiiiy wil be,
displayed, as he assumes ten characters, each
separate and distinct in Its traits and phases. In
this he will also be supported by bis entire dra
matlc company, one who are lovers of real
and rare amusement, should fall to ate him
Seats can be secured at Reefer's clothing store,
Billy Wise, "the Sampson of the World," the
man who makes a stone yard of his breast lifts
800 pounds with his teeth, is connected with the
Great Western Museum, and is in other way
notorious, undertook, for a purse of 1100, to per
form the feat of walking one hundred hours in
succession, In tbe Town Hall, last Tuesday eve
ning. He failed at 7 o'clock p. m Friday, after
walking constantly for a period of sixty-one
hours. We are glad Billy bas found out bow long
he can keep In motion without rest or sleep, and
trust be Is now satisfied. Halem Era,
This same Billy Is the man who was the carded
attraction of the Rocky Mountain Museum which
exhibited here fair week, and who threatened
ere be left, to double up his bony dukes and with
one blow, reduce ihe "local" of the Repoiilory to
the fineness of bone dust. We congratulate Alex
on his usually wealthy appearance.
1 A rural coup e came to Canton a few days since
for the purpoM.of belpg Joined, as a colored
brother expresies it, ' lu de bonds ob hemlock."
l'bey put up ata hotel and the young ladylin
gered patiently about while ber swain went forth
to procure the tecessary documents. This errand
accomplished, le returned to the hotel and lln
sered by the sldi of his Susan for a short period of
ecstacy, and fintlly tbey started for the parson's,
where they ariived and related their errand.
The parson preiared, and when everything was
ready he inquind for the necessary certificate,
and the young nan hastily reached in his pock
et for it but it wis not there; he went down in
other pockets wlh the same result ; the situation
became embarrtsslng, and after aconl'used search
he confessed he had Inst bis papers, and the cere
mony had to be leferred till he went and secured
To the Citizins of Canton. The unfortunate
prisoners now ccifined In the Stark county ja.l.
appeal to the residents of this city, and respect
fully solicit all vbo may have any magazines,
books, papers &:., tc, that they may have no
further use for, to bring them to the Sheriff's
office, or to the Jill, for the use of the prison. The
county makes n provision for reading matter,
and the time haigs very heavily on our hands,
and If we had bwka, etc., we could be enligh'en
ing our minds aid pass our time In a more profit
able manner, iny reading matter left at the
Sheriff's office Till be promptly distributed
among the prisoners, and will be thankfully re
ceived by them. Signed by eighteen prisoners.
Duprez and Beiedlct s minstrels appeared last
evening at the Opera House to a fair audience.
Tbla company, aiwaya so excellent and popular,
this season fully up to Its standard, and with
out exception, one of the finest minstrel compa
nies on the road Tbe end men are fresh and
Dolnted in theli gags, witticisms and comic
songs, the quartette and soloists are fine, and tbe
specialty and sketch artists are those of the best
ability iu the lani On the 16th and 17th Inst
comes the popular and clever. John Thompson,
and later, though the date Is not know a, comes
tbeNewYorkFlfJi avenue company In Daly
hut and best production "Pique;" also Simmons
and Slocnm's mlnsireli.
The Democratic torch light procession last Sat
urday night waa a success, notwithstanding the
threatening aspect of the atmosphere and un
pleasant condition of the street?. From seven to
eight hundred torch and Chinese lantern bear
footnd horse were in line and all passed
pleasantly. Tbe procession halted In front or the
Band stand and a large gathering was addiessed
Hon. E G. Cracraft ol West Virginia, and Geo.
Converse of Columbus, O. Both speeches were
fine and held the uninterrupted attention of the
We have been told of two men, a Teuton and a
Paddy, who bad a knock down argument con
cerning the qualities of croton oil ; the former de
clared it was "a bleester," and the latter swore It
was "a fizzlck." and after they had pounded eacb
other considerably, they settled It by calling on a
prominent druggist of this city, who Informed
them that both wen correct : '
A man named Slough killed a horse belonging
him, on Rowland street last Tuesday. The
poor old beast had served lis turn and the last
straw proved too mach ; it couldn't puil its share
tbe load any longer, aud finding It utterly use
less, the owner put sn end to Its existence. i
Michael Ronke. fohn 8impson and Thomas
Grason, the latter colored, all confined In the Ak
ron Jail for larossiy, made their escape laat Satur
day morning. The; sawed tbe ban and escaped
through a bole sevea by thirteen inches.
Uxdii DirricTjLTissv-The fonng man should
have known better than to bave called on her
with any serious Intentions on all Hallow ran,
but he did so regardlessly. It was In the third
ward, and they bad been seated on the parlor sofa
very comfortably close for about fifteen minutes
his youthful bosom heaved with the emotions of
undying sortnesi, which threatened to smother
htm to death if he didn't, soon open his mouth
and give vent to full expression. Presently he
moved closer, a sudden accident put his arm out
of place, but It didn't hurt Her drooping eyas
were gazing listlessly at figures on the Brussled
floor, and In each curve she saw a cheerful cot
tage home with gardens, mounds and lovely flow
ers and a Stelnway grand. She knew what
he wan'ed to say, and as she believed he had at
least 11200. a yuar. she longed for hi in to cough It
out, and soon he began, his nervousness soon
wore off and presently be made a spurt and said
"Dearest Cordelia, I have long"
Cr r-r-r-r-aok I came something against the
window, and Cordelia screamed "burglars," but
he soon quieted her fears with the Information
that It was Hallow e'en, and the boys were only
having a little fun with corn. She was glad to
be quieted, and in a moment George resumed :
"Cordelia darling, you sorely are aware of
my" ,
Crr r-r r ack I
"Hang the boys," he ejaculated, and then for a
moment was still,
'Cordole-" 1
Crr-r-r-ack I '
It sounded like "dsmmum," as he spraSg to his
feet; but he modified bis expression as he stepped
toward the door, simply snytng "hanged If I don't
break np that gang ;" and he opened the front
door ostensibly to dem illsh the gang, when a big
cabbage st ick struck him in the mouth aud the
muddy root spread lis branches all ovtr
his shirt lrunt ; tho boys ran away but he couldn't
follow Just then, and after a few hssty ejacula
tions which gave the surprised Cordelia an in
sight Into a new trait of his character, he rushed
back Into the house, seized his hat and cane, and
with as much dlgn ty and coldness as he eould
command, remarked:
I think I recognized youf brother as the boy
that threw the cabbate; and moreover, Iflsa Cor
delia, I find the objections In your family entirely
too strong for me to overcome, so permit me to
bid you good night and good bye."
iie backed o t as stiffly and coldly as an icicle.
and as he reached the door he heard Cordelia's
gentle voice sighing :
"la, tal Geawge, ta, t 1 come back in the
spring when cabbage Is scarce."
But Geawge had gone, vanished into the dark
ness, with a faint Idea that that girl wasn't so
much in love with b lm after all,
Fatal Accioint at Navabse. Mr. Edward
Hug, a brewer of Navarre, accidentally shot him
self on Sunday afternoon, week before last, un
der the follow! g circumstances : He went hunt
ing with his brother and two other gentlemen
named Keller and Baker, They wereou the farm
of Jwo. O. Warwick, and Mr. Hug was standing
on the fence resting the but of bis gun on the
fence when the but slipped off and the hammer
striking tbe rail, causing the gun to go off, the
contents entering his head under the left Jaw
bone, and causid bis death within three min
utes, His ago was about 33 years, and he leaves
a wife and three children to mourn his loss. He
was a n ost estimable young man, and his loss In
society will bo deeply felt. He was burled on
Tuesday in the Ma-slllou cemetery by the Odd
fellows. His funeral sermon was preached by
Rev. P. Herbruck,
The fair held by the congregation of St. John's
Catholic church, beginning last Tuesday evening
and closing Saturday night, was a satisfactory
success, The attendance was profitable, as was
Ihe receipts for votes and for the various articles
ou hand for disposal. Bantomlme performances
were given each evening by Canton amateurs,
aud other amusements were offered to the satis
faction of those lu attendance. The fine flag to
be awarded to tbe most popular political club In
the city, was handed over to the Central Tllden
and Hendricks club, that organization having re
ceived the most votes.
Fire.-A disastrous fire occurred In this county
Wednesday evening of last week, about six miles
east of Canton, consuming the dwelling of Archer
Silvers, razing the structuieto the ground. The
Are broke out in tbe upper story when no one
was at hone, the family being in town at the time.
Tbe flames were first discovered by Isaac Kinney
about 7 o'clock, who aroused the neighborhood
and saved a larger part of the contents. Incen
diarism is the supposed cause, and 11,800. the
amount of insurance, which will not meet the
To 8portino Men. A law passed In the Ohio
Legislature last Winter, makes it unlawful for any
person to caich, kill or pursue any quail or prairie
chicken until the 15th of November, 1S77, aud af
ter that time it will only be unlawful oetween the
the 1st day of January and the 1st day of Novem
ber, Inclusive of each year. The penalty attached
for the violation or this act is a flue of not more
than 12) and imprisonment in the county jail not
more than 20 days, or both at.the discretion of the
A citizen of this city tells : "Der odder nlghd , I
fount me a man ,wat was drunk like a corpus In
dersemlnery .on der bafement. I bick me dot
feller op, aber I koud lift him, und I got der ex
istence of some odder fellers and carry him up in
der bleece office und I wride on der shlade "Deee
men vas drung like det." Nexd morning I vend
dere und der wrldln vas on der shlade, aber dot
men bafe exgoossd himself oud.
Considerable money changed bands on the
election of last Tuesday, not only on the general
result but on tbe result in different States. A
number of bets that we know of having been
made on New York State, even bets that it would
give a majority for Hayes against Tllden. Those
who bet on the latter are easy wlnnen, as also on
general results for those who bet on Samuel J.
Tilden and reform.
He was laid out on a cellar door Tuesday night,
wrecked, dilapidated aud helpless. Presently an
other man came along, and he cried out : ' ' Rah
frazen Weelerl F'lhader mlllln doll'r bill, Ii
busier fra drinka wlssey Jls now; aller sloon's
shup an' I spit white azzer blooful snow. 'Rah
frszen llVelerl Wooz gottabotl 7 Whoocemup?"
Tbe passer by saw he was a good Republican,
and being one himself be kindly assisted the
young man home.
Hon. John McSweeny, of Wooster, made a tell
ing speech to a large audience at the Opera
Hoase Monday night Just on the eve of election.
Bis effort waa a grand one and the speech
throughout eloquent, logical, humorous, and cal
culated to catch and retain the attention of the
entire audience, Bucb speeches work much
good. . , .,;
Offenbach has written an udder opera entitled
"The Milk Can."-(Ex.
What kind of opera is that any whey 7 Full of
blood curdling scenes, no doubt I Aorr. Herald.
What kind of opera if It? Maybe it' opera
boeuf. Look cow easy it is to make these infa
mous puns. (Philadelphia Bulletin.
We endn't resist milk pun ch. Of these efforts
there will be no lackteal some of you are butch
, , . i :
We learn from Mr. Ruhman who has just re
tired from the Board ef Water Work Trustees,
thst our citizens are now supplied with water
from Ifyers's lake, and that no steam has been
for four weeks at tbe Wheel House, the
creek furnUhlng ample water power.
Last Friday eveninz about 8 o'clock, a stone
weighing seven or eight pounds was bnrled
through a window in the dwelling of Mn. Feller,
South Walnut street Thewludow was badly
demol shed, but no other damage was done. The
wsa probably done by some drunken scoun
The vouns ladles of the Disciple church at Sa
lem, pieced a handsome quilt and presented It to
the Falrmount Children's Home, as tne tiome
partly an institution of -Stark county, some of
her girls might make np offerings or in is una lor
tbe orphaned Inmates of the Home.
Ernst Stanley, the genial and competent ad
vance agent of John Thompson's excellent com
pany, made us a friendly call iai aaiuraay. un
til recently he has been engaged as advertising
agent for Klralfy Brothen, Alhambra Palace,
Philadelphia, and was formerly wen Known in
Canton. ' ' ' ' ' ' 11
The machine and repair shop of W. C. Richards,
located on Cherry street near the railroad cross
ing, was buiglarionsly 'entered Monday- night,
but nothing of any particular value waajtolen so
far aa learned. ,'J ' ,': '
KuAWAr.-Wita sew IfgtitiittrM.
slons, cavalcades hurrahs, new older, eleetUa
returns, and other- 6onMngaurjaoai, tke
mind of eat mild reporter ha.be kaoiked toAe
dreams, and be Isn't exactly responsible for Me
unreliability of Items lu this issue. Last Hday
afternoon a procession was entered by baygJafls,
that la-let's see, we Intended t writ on k run,
way. We've collectod'our Ux-eer-es
and here goes. Laat Friday afternoon a tee be
longing toGoodman & Meritzor, lumber attorney
Indulged lu a runaway. Forming at Willis Ben
skin & co.'s planing bazar, near, the tFu VI.
A". K. K. railroad, on East KlgUtb street, some
thlng scared the team, and the line of march
was storied, westward on Eighth m .n miu
of High; thence nonhon alley to Tuscarawas
thcuce east ou said Tuscarawas street twenty'
chains and thlrty'llnks to Pomar .imai, .hZ.
south on Poplar to Tenth. Abiut this time (
granger was soiling apples on Poplar street, and
running out, his hand got tangled In the harness
and the procesh hailed. There wasn't muck left
of the wagon to speak of. lu the meantime, the
boy who had bee t chief marshal of th turn '
tarted after them ou a run, following the sanai
ui marcn. as ne approached our reporter at
Eighth and Poplar streets, tears wr a.i.'.
down his cheeks, and he was alternately uttering
groans of grief and yelling murder, and tuoagtj
on the Jump, oue would have thought both hu)
legs were broken and his spine twisted Ilka a
double As he came up, thinking he was hurt.
Tjnais uoopers majority la
Rhode Island r but he made no resnonj uwi
as he passed, we repeated the question ; Are yom
badly hurt, bubr This time he turned his tear
ful eyes upon us and screamed, ''Not a '44 bit,"
and then ran on yelling .murder" and groaning
"Oh, Lord," as pitiful as before. Wheu finally he
hnd followed the course of the dllariidatMl wumn
clear round lo Tenth and Poplar, he was about
used up, out of breath and adjectives at onoe, and
with a final gasp, he whispered "hurrah for Hau,
IbalUamliu," and as. he led the worried teant
away, be said to himself; "Jehosophat won't the
boss gimme h 1.". '
Full Board present. Jflnutes of last taaeilnc
read and approved. 1
The follotYIng bills were allowed:
D. Kinney & Co., coal. June 12 to Oct 4'...flis 98
. w union, plumbing and repairs, pipe '
furnished ,-u lie m
Holly Msnfg Co., hydrant valve standi..' 88 00
J. B. Brothers, hardware U T8
Bucher Glbbs it Co.. stove casting.-....-'. 1
Labor on streets and repairs, Sept. and Oct ft ti
A. Herbruck, newly elected member of the
Board waa present, and was duly sworn into
office, the time of M. Ruhman having expired. t
On motion, Ira M. Allen was chosen president
and Paul Field secretary of the new Board.
Ou motion the following resolution vu adopt
ed. . "
Resolved, that a vote of thanks be given if.
Ruhman for his careful attention and able servi
ces In attending- to duties at a Water Works
Trustee, and as secretary of the Board for the put
three years, during which time so mucb has been
done to add to the efficiency and utility of the
water works in this city. , , !. i i.
On mction, adjjurned. , .
Have We a Police.-Canton people have been
of the opinion that we had a police to keep tbe
peace in the city, to prevent law-breaking,: pre
serve order, Sic,, &a. From the council proceed
ings we see they are very punctual In drawing
their pay from the city. Under these circum
stances the city have a right to their services ;
but it seems one or more has been doing duty
for and dancing attendance on Esquire Hhopp's
court at Louisville. Are our police ready lo do
duty any where in" the county? If eo, what
cla'ms have they on the city of Canton T Would
It not be well for our city council to take this
matter Into consideration ? It may be well to as
certain whethei members of our police force are
serving the city, or the city merely rued to ac
commodate them. It might be well to under
stand some of these points. If Canton need no
police, or if we have a larger force than necessa
ry, let the council act accordingly. . 1
1 H , ' ,
There waa a number of rows last Saturday
night, and we hear of one or two young men wbo
were quite painfully chawed up, and sttU othen
who were Jawed into meek silence. In our opin
ion tbe latter came off best of all.
All the Hayes and Wheeler torches of this city
went to Masslllon last Ssturday nlgU In the
hands ol bearers, but Tuesday's work prove that
they accomplished do good when It eozsea to
summing up the grand result.
The first club dance of the season, nnder the di
rection of I. P. Miller was given laat Friday
night at Whiting's hall, and was a success, the at
tendance being quite large and select, and all
passing off pleasantly.
William Smlck, more familiarly known to bis
old school fellows of Canton as "Pete," was In
town Monday. He is now located in Ft. Wayne
and Is doing well, as all his friends here will be
glad to learn. , ' , .
I 1
A large number ot gates were removed from
their hinges last week, and secreted, and other
mischief done by tbe boys who imagine Hallow
e'en comes once a year J ust for that purpose. , , i
"What Is the best remedy for an Inattentive au
dience?" asked a tame preacher of a crusty mem
ber of hla flock. "Give them something worth
attending to," waa the characteristic answer. I
8ays Bob, "My wife and I are one ;
But then I know not why, sir."
Quoth Jack, "You're ten if I speak true ;
She's one, and you're .a .cipher." '
Now, General Dix, (hut up your noise.
And stop your useless railing
In spite of you and all your fibs,
Sam Tilden is prevailing.
Campaign Bong.
"Company K." paraded Tuesday night till a
"wee sma' hour." The number on parade was
about 150, and they resounded the note of vic
tory throughout the town.
At a recent prohibition meeting In thia vicin
ity, after the speaker bad left the stand and was
starting down street, a band struck up "Ale to
the chief."
Tuesdey last was generally observed as sUwftl
holiday by tbe courts, banks, oomBeroial ex
changes, Ac., in tbe larger cities. , i
s i i'i
Rev. S. Gorman will preach in the First Baptist
Church on next Sabbath. Nov. 12th, Instead of the
5th, as first announced; morning and evening,,
Miss Nippentnck is a Philadelphia belle. It Is:
nip and tuck with some of the Quaker dty beaux :
to see which one she will side up to for goed. ,
You cruel man." said Jones's wife, "sty tears
have no effect on yon at all." , "Weil, drop them
then, my dear," deliberately responded Jones. ' 1 "
MILLER 8CHROYER At the residence of
George W. Schroyer, by Rev. W. 8. Park, Mr.
Abraham R. Miller and Mini Anna O. Schroyer,
all of this city.
nrm.i'VSKVTiF.R On Oct 27th. br Rev. P.'
Herbruck. Mr. Milton Ouiley and Sarah J. Sny
der, both ot Stark Co. ' '
PONTl-ALtCXANDltR. On the 9th Inst, at the
residence or John F. Clark, by Her. W. J. Park,
Col. Francis B. Pond, of Columbus, O., and Miss .
Jeannette M. Alexander, of this city.
We wish the Colonel and bis bride aaneh Joy,
and hope they "may live long and prosper." t: u
SPEELlfAN 8HAFFER. On the Mh lost., oy1;
Rev. P. Herbruck, Mr. Henry ripeelmaa and Mlssi
Ida Shatter, both of Mark county, O. :,,.
at the residence of the officiating clergyman In,
Greensburg, O.. by Ser T. Bach, Mr. George L,
SerpaM. of Jfam heeter. O., and Mitt Madlfl 'Kv
Uuwensttne, from near Canal Fulton, O. ' A
riNGt-Nov. 2nd. at Wasibstonvllla, Oojnm
blaoaoouuiy.O.. Mr. Josepn Klug.isoaof John
and Cathartae King, aired J3 yean and I months.
Be formerly resided tn Canton 'and was well,
known and esteemed by many, . , (

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