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The Democrat.
Plaibtbd is Governor of Maine. Tne
Republican mnjority in the Legislature
vould like to have counted him out, but
could not find an excuse. Their man
Davie no doubt wanted the place.
It is thought doubtful if the Sprapue
divorce suit ever comes to trial. Gov.
Bprague, however, will insist upon trial,
' confident he will obtain a complete vin
dication. No citation has yet been is
Bued to notify him of ihe suit.
Aa usual, the Irish members of Par
liament are found at this critical mo
ment in their country's fortunes divided
into unfriendly, if not actively hostile,
camps. Thus far, however, Mr. Parnell's
immediate followers stand by him.
Gas. The Court House is now again
illuminated by coal gas from the Gas
Works instead of the gasoline arrange
ment. This pleases well the incumbents
of the Court House.
Wb cannot ascertain what this Repub
lican Legislature will do with the Local
Option bill. The Sep. will not inform
us even how Senator HartBhorn and
Representatives Conrad and Snyder
Btand on the question.
Thb Pennsylvania Legislature did not
elect a Senator Tuesday, the anti-Oliver
Republicans refusing to support the
Cameron machine candidate. The
"bosses" in the old state seem to be a
little iff in their grip, but they may
letch it yet.
Crayon. A crayon portrait of an old
friend. Reuben Holl, Esq., of Jackson
townBhip, in this county, may be seen
on exhibition in the window of the dry
iroods store of Mr. John Schilling. It is
the artiste work of a son, Frank Holl,
and sneaks well for the taste of the young
man. While the portrait is a likeness
of Esquire Holl, it lacks in expression,
For an early effort it is nevertheless
The stockholders of the Ohio division
of the proposed Baltimore, Pittsburgh &
Chicago R. R , met at Wooster last week
Wednesday, and accepted the proposi
tionofthe representatives of the Pitts
kurgh division to transfer to the latter
control with right of way, &c.,in consid
eration of the latter agreeing to construct
equip and have the road in runniDg or
der by July 4, 1882, there being but one
dissenting vote; the route to be located
via Achor, New Lisbon, Gillford, Wood
ter, Wayneeburgh, Bolivar, West Leba
non and Ashland to Chicago Junction.
It is rumored that a co operation of the
N. Y. Central haB been secured. The
following gentlemen were elected di
rectors: J. H. Kauke, R. C. Reddick, D
D. Miller, of Wooster; W. E. Schmertz,
Geo. A. Kelley, Pittsburgh; Wm. Math
ers, D. W. Firestone, New LiBbon; L. J.
Sprengle, Ashland; 8 J. Evans, Bolivat;
Lew. Scott, Waynesbum; Simon C. Boles,
W. Lebanon; Wesley Chesron, Jerome
ville; J. W. Kirk, Lafayette; W. 8. Kuy
kendal, Plymouth; K. F. Randolph of
Achor. The Board organized by elect
insr .7. H. Kauke, President; Wm. Math
ers, Vice Presided; Albert Imgard, Sec
retary and L. P. Ohliger, Treasurer.
Columbus, 0., Jan. 17. The following
bills were introduced and read the first
time :
Mr. Sullivan To amend section 930 of
the Code, making it the duty of the
Trustees of Children's Homes to appoint
the Superintendents, and, upon the re
commendation of Superintendents, to
appoint the subordinate officers.
Mr. Ray Amending the laws relating
to taxation bo as to make it the duty of
the Auditor of Hamilton county, togeth
er with the Comptroller of Cincinnati,
to appoint the City Board of Equaliza
tion, instead of the present mode of ap
point men t.
Mr. Greene To amend section 5,431
of the Code, providing for exempting
from execution one horse, one bujigy
and harness, and also books, mediuineB
and surgical instruments pertaining to
the surgical profession, not exceeding
f 15 in value, owned by a person in the
practice of surgery, in additions to the
other exemptions now provided by law.
Mr. Davis Amending section 7 313 of
the Code, providing for the discharge of
a jury on.account of the corruption of a
Mr. Bloom To amend eight sections
of the Code, extending the jurisdiction
Notaries Public over the State, instead
of the counties where they belong, as
now provided.
Mr. Licey offered a joint resolution
providing for submitting to the votera of
the State, at the next October election, a
proposition to so amend the Constitution
as to allow women to vote, which was
laid on the table and ordered to be
House bill 104, Mr. Leggett To pre
vent and punish fraud as to the making
of butter and cheese, was read the third
time, aud was several times recommit
ted to amend, and then informally
passed over.
Mr. Marsh offered a resolution rrquir
ing the Committee on Temperance to
give up the Local Option petitions to the
Clerk of the House, so that the House
may be informed as to their contents
and as to the number of petitioners.
Laid on the table under notice to die
Mr Groom offered a joint resolution
providing for the admission ot Miss
flattie 8. Clifford into the Columbus
JLaylum for Insane which was referred
to the Committee on Asylum for the In
sane. Jlattie S, Clifford had been a pa
tient in Danville Lunatic Asylum in
Pennsylvania, and was discharged there
from last summer. Her parents now re
side in Columbus, and she h) still insane.
The following bills were introdnced
and read for the first time :
Mr. Pond To amend section 05 of the
Code, relating to fugitives from justice
and the mode of their extradition.
Mr Pond To amend section 108 of
the Code, making an abstract of any en
trv in anv record in the Governor's of
fice, under the Groat Seal of the State,
evidence, as well 88 a complete trans
cript of he same.
On of the commission houses on
Woodbride street has a horae which was
the terror of every pedestrian who got
within three feet of his head. The ani
mal has teeth like a shark, and up to a
few days ago he would bite everything
within reach except a pile of grindstones.
WhiDDine had no effect, and he wouia
get rid of muzzles as fast as they were
put on. The firm had paid considerable
money to settle for bis bites, and was
wondering what they could sell him for,
when along came a man who guaranteed
a cure for $5, He was told to go to work
and bis fiist move was to get an old suit
of clothes and stuff it with straw. The
horse was driven down the street, and
the suit was tied to a nitcning post, dbcb
to the Btreet. A full pound of pepper
was then rubbed into and sprinkled over
the garments ana ine stumng ana uiruw,
and the joke was ready.
1 ha hnran rami) inoffinff ftlontf. and the
driver left him standing within six feet
of the man of straw. When ready lor
business he made a lunge, and caught
the "man" by the shoulder, mat norse
meant wickedness, but he bad a surprise
in .ini tnr him Aa he lifted the fisure
off his feet and shook it, it fell apart, and
his mouth, nose and eyes were filled with
the Bmarting powder. Great tears rolled
down his long nose, he sneezed, snorted
and coughed, and he was just as chagrin
ed et the general laugh at him as a man
would cave Deen. no am not ceuoo
waonino fnr half a riflv. hilt when he COt
bo he could look the public square in the
face, ne was a cnangea corse, auyuuuy
can pull his esrs or rub his nose with
impunity. In fact he courts caresses
where he defied them, and on the ap
proach of a stranger he will close his
eves and mouth, as if fearing another
dose Detroit Free Press.
The Curious Articles Disinterred by a Pennsylvania
George V. Morrow, a farmer of Mon
rovia, Pa., was working In a stone quarry
on his farm a few daya since. He had
removed a large quantity of earth and
stone and reached the surface of the
rock to be quarried, when he came upon
a large number of round stones, different
from anv found in the neighborhood
Thev were irom six to eight inches in
diameter. Thev were laid so as to en
close a reenlar oblona space six feet
long and two wide. The space was filled
with earth entirely unlike that sur
roundina and covering the quarry. Mr,
Morrow removed the earth, which was
a foot deep. He found beneath it a ball
of pure lead, weighing eight pounde; a
number of curious y formed instruments
and figures, made from the hardest
sDecimens of rock, and hundreds of
flint arrow beads, spear heads and axes.
The relics filled a bushel basket. No
human remains of any kind were found
The singular deposit was four feet below
the surface.
Gallipolis, O., Jan. 19 A broom boat
known as the Golden Rule, owned by
Charles Small, known all along the river
as a former traveling salesman of Mc
Hale Bros., and occupied by him aud hie
familv both aa a dwelling and broom
factory, took fire on Monday while lying
beached opposite Gallipolis island, and
was totally destroyed, together with the
contents, consisting of 50 doz 'n brooms,
a auantitv of broom corn and household
furniture. Small was boiling some tar
on a cooking stove when it boi'ed over
and, catching fire, set fire to everything
around, cutting a tne retreat oi Mrs.
Small, who jumped through a window
ot the ooat, aeserting an imam cniia.
Mins R(rti Ynnnc visitinir there, rush
ed into the very flames, and snatching
the child jumped into the river with it
in her arms, saving its life, bat burning
herself so terribly that her flesh bung in
shreds irom ine waist aown. one is
alive, but her injuries are fatal.
Sandusky, 0 Jan. 17. Intelligence
was received here to-night of an at
tempted murder and suicide on Point-au
Pelee Mand to-day. Henry Reinhei
mer, while laboring under a fit of tem
porary insanity, shot and. perhaps, fatal
jv wounded Andrew Henderson, and
then blew his own brains our. Kein
heimer was aged 45, a single man, and
formerly a resident of this city. Hen
derson has a wife and four children.
Reiuheimer went into Henderson's
house to warm, and while Henderson's
back was turned he drew a pistol and
shot him through the head, and then
shot himself. The parties are well
known to the fishermen from Pitta
burg, who spent their spring and fall va
cations there.
A Brahmin lady in Madras is not jesl
oualy shut within doors, as is her Bister
in Bengal, Northwest Provinces and the
Punjab. She can take her walks abroad.
and the consorts A the poorer Brahmins
can busy themselves the live-long day
in carrying water, buying the necessaries
from the yayear and walking forth to
enjoy the freshness ot the moroing and
evening breeze. Bright and early the
women begin their household duties
and though the condition of their bouIs
and thoughts of a hereafter do not appear
to trouble them much tbey often pray in
secret, especially if they are childless,
When a woman is blessed with numer
ous offspring and baa plenty to eat she
thinks it would be ingratitude on her
part to trouble the gods with requests
and prayers, but when in trouble she
pours out her supplications before the
altar of her deity.
Mt. Vernon, Jan. 19. A report reach
es here, that on Monday night, three
body snatchers, while attemping to rob
a grave near Gann, this county, met
with a fatal accident. The story goes,
that while excavating the grave, the
picks came in contact with a torpedo,
which exolo'ea. killing one of the
ghouls, named Dipper, and mangling the
leg of another, whose name could not be
learned. The third party was occupying
as emh as a lookout, and after the acci
dent succeeded in getting his disabled
companion in the sleigh and driving off.
$15,000 FIRE IN LYNN.
Lynn, Mass.,Jan. 19. Early this morn
ing, fire destroyed A. B. Martin's exten
sive morocco manufactory. The build
ing, over 400 feet in length, was burned
to the ground. The factory gave em
ployment to between 200 and 300 hands,
Lancaster & Martin's factory was badly
damaged, as were also the old Revere
branch railway car sheds and engine
house. Total losa will reach $150,000.
The following cases have been dispos
ed of in Court thus far this week : .
Susan Bair va Emanuel 8 Young, set
tied and costs paid.
Mary E Burnett et al vs Henry awier,
dismissed at plaintiff's costs. '
Sarah Baker va Charles Baker et al,
divorce and alimony; dismissed at plain
tiff's costs. Execution awarded.
Dan'l S. Smith vs Mary Groffmiller, et
al. Partition ordered.
Hiram S Pecber vs Abraham H Clug-
son. Bale connrmea ana ueeu urucrou,
and order of distribution.
Frederick Locker vs Frederick Regula
et al; decree for plaintiff for $168,36 and
coBts; 8 per cent, interest from first day
of term and order to sell.
James A Hackett va EmmaHolbyson;
udgment by default for J450.S7 and
Application of Samuel Cove to vacate
lots, etc , in McFadden's addition to the
city of Massillon; dismissed at appli
cant's costs.
Leonard Bishop va A V Pontiua. Dis-
miased by plaintiff at his costs.
Mary A Cecil vs A J WUliard. ins-
missed by plaintiff's costs.
Application of Ferdinand weicnen-
bach for change of name. Dismissed at
plaintiff's costs.
Nehemiah Neidig vsJfatriiJK Mcuuire.
Dismissed at plaintiff's costs.
Elizabeth Miller vs Samuel T Mc-
Caudless. Settled at defendant's costs.
Mary Allen vs Levite Allen. Dismiss
ed at plaintiff's costs.
Mary Westhaven vs Francos Pierson.
Dismissed at plaintiffs costp.
Charles S Beebout et ux vs Mary
Wooster et al. Partition ordered by the
oaths of Jacob Schmachtenberger, Cyrus
Smith and George Wyant,
Eliza A Wales vs Frank A Kracker et
, Judsrmeut by default vs F A Krack
er for $1305 and costs and order to sell
mortgaged premises.
Isadore Schwartz vs Orlando C Bau-
serman et al. Partition ordered by the
oaths of Frank Bryan, Wm. Nash and
Alpheus Hamilton.
Peter F Koontz va Jacob Koon'z et al.
Partition and assignment of dower by
oaths of AC Wales, Ira M Allen and
George Shoemaker.
David Nieswanger vsElyzabeth Hohn
et al. Sale confirmed and deed ordered.
Thb reprints of the four leading Quar-
terly Reviews and Blackwood's Maga
zine, which have been established in
this country for nearly half a century,
are regularly published by the Leonard
Scott Publishing Co., 41 Barclay St., N.
Y., as soon after the receipt of the sheets
from abroad as the printers can do the
work. The Leonard Scott Publishing
Co., are the legitimate successors of the
founders of this series, which from the
outset up to the present time has been
received with favor by the press and the
public generally, on the ground of pre
senting the best loreign periodicals in a
convenieit form and at a reasonable
price, without abridgment or alteration.
Their edition of Blackwood's Maga
zine is a fac-simile of the original. Tbia
magazine ia still published by the de
scendants of i he founder.
The Reprints of the Reviews have a
page slightly larger than that of the for
eign copy; but the type and paper are
clear and good, and the numbers can be
handled without inconvenience, and
make handsome volumes when bound.
Indexes are given to each volume.
For terms, see advertisement in this
... . iL
paper. These publications are oi eBiao-
lished reputation, and occupy the high
est rank in English literature. In their
day such men aa Lord Brougham, Lord
Macaulay, Lord Lytton and other emi
nentauthors were contributors. Writers
of equal ability and power continue to
write for these magazines.
Whittakbb'b lacerated ears have cost
the government already $4,000 and it is
estimated tbia sum will grow to $10,600
by the time the court martial gets done.
All this for a stupid, if norant negro boy,
who cut his own ears to save himself
from beirg expelled from West Point.
This thing of trying to establish race
equality haB cost the people of the Uni
ted States mar.y millions and much
blood, and is not yet settled and dis
posed of.
"Let the priest say what be will,
Nature will be nature still."
Let the knaves say blusk Is wbltf; .
Still they will not And It rliiht.
Thk colored leading men from the
Soutb, after their meeting in Cleveland
the othfi day, went to Mentor to see the
rising sun and salute him. Garfield gave
them a nice talk; but "smooth words
don't butter parsnips." They want of
fice, a seat in the Cabinet, cV. .
Hancock county stands third In the State as re
gards tbe number of bushels of wheat raited in
The d'tohess of VInewood, of Youngstown Is
dead. 8he was a 14,000 cow belonging to C H.
Andrews. ' "
A nine-year oM son of H. W. McDonald, of Bn-
oyrus, was nearly killed a day or two ago by
chewing the end of bis red scarf.
Only about 17 days' work a month during tbe
past two months bave made tbe Mahoning and
Chenango valley miners dissatisfied. ,
Stevens, the delinquent Treasurer of Newark
township, is missing, but telegraphed Monday
from Columbus that he and the books would be
on hand Tuesday.
Mrs. Atbey, the fair murderess of Canal Dover,
bnrned tbe lock from ber cell and escaped last
week, but was subsequently found concealed in
the bouse of a neighbor. '
Two real nice looking men asked Hiram Bums
of Lima, for his autograph, and be granted their
request. He is out about 1400. Two years ago tbe
unwary Hiram was gulled out of $1,000.
The sors and daughters of tbe late Oliver Roff,
late of Jefferson , near Caldwell, were astounded
ihe other day when their father's will was pro
bati d to learn that be left the bulk of bis vasl
estate to an illegitimate son of bis wife. Tbey
will contest.
State oil Inspector Bmithnlgbt's annual report
shows the total receipts of his department during
the past year to bave been $7,886, 72,8(2 barrels
were Inspected in Cleveland, $28,069 at Steuben
VlUe, 19,630 In Cincinnati, 18,742 in Marietta, 10,
220 In Bellalre' and less thai 5,000 at Toledo, Ak
ron' Youngstown, and other cities.
The antl-llqnor alliance at Columbus Fri
day raised a fund of $1,000 to defray tbe expen
ses of tbe local option movement, and adjourned
sine die.
F. W. Poltnn of Cleveland, member of tbe State
Board of Equalization, resigned Friday, The
Council of Cleveland have appointed his succi
N. Y P. & O. painter Waldman, of Gallon
went too near red bot itOTe, and bU clothes
saturated with otl, took fir, burning him badly.
Solomon, William and Jacob Robinson, and
Mra. David Workman, living at Danville, near
ML Vernon, have fallen heirs to $8,500,000 now
lying In the Bank oi England.
The remains of a "stiff" said to have died from
small-pox, were shipped to Columbus from Orr
vlUe In a barrel, the other day. Tbe baggage car
had to be cat off the train and disinfected
Senator Flelsobuian failed to bring about a re
consideration of the vote on Sullivan's pool bill,
and says now that he will have a law passed per
mitting pool-selling on race courses.
Cleveland surveyors of GoulJ's new road, the
Buffalo and Toledo, have reached Palnesvllle.
The line will orosa tbe Grand river a little louth
of tbe town. The people along tbe proposed line
are enthusiastic
Gen. E. Sullivan, a prominent young Tiffin
lawyer. wa met at the train by a policeman Fri
day, when he returned from Cleveland. Harri
son Noble, his partner, clalmi that Gerald embei
led300. .
At Geneva a young man named Rollln Spring,
In attempting to board a passing freight train
was thrown under the wheels and Instantly
killed, his neck being broken and both arms
cruibed. He bad stated that he was going to
Cleveland to look for work, and soma aald that
he was Intoxicated.
Youngstown, Ohio, Jan. 15 A disastrous Are
broke out here this morning at 4 o'clock, in the
Valley Mill. Thos. Davis, tbe foreman, was fa
tally burned, and property to the amount of 110,-
005. The loss Is oovered by insurance.
New Philadelphia, O., Jan. 16-The horrible
discovery was made to day that the body of John
L. Roll, who died at Gallon last week and was
burled here last Monday, was stolen from the
grave last night The coffin was smashed in
with a rail and the grave was only partly rtnnea,
Dcteotlves are on the clew ot the ghouls.
The Jvry In the case of of the 8tate vs. Malcom
McCook, charged with embezzling goods from the
store of Taylor & Richardson, at Clyde, O , re
turned a verdict of not guilty
The grand jury of Cujahcga county hasfoi nd
two Indictments against John P. O'Brien, editor
and proprietor of the Cleveland Sunday Morning
Times, for selling and publishing an Indecent
and obscene newspaper.
Sophia Fesst, a young woman, was found fro
sen to death In a lonely woods near the County
Infirmary, at Cofhooton, O. I Is the old story
seduction, a life of shame, a rapid descent and a
miserable death.
George Bowers, the well known blacksmith of
Mt. Pleasant, O., was arrested on the affidavit of
Martha Hflrblnger, charging him with being the
father of ber little one-year old girl, and the
cause of her present interesting condition.
F, Paine of Palnesvllle, who smelled powder
in 1812, celebrated his 90th birthday.
Licey, State representative from Medina, wants
his favorite women's rights scheme submitted to
a vote of tbe people tbe second Tuesday of next
Sam'l Smart, a modern prodigal son of Circle
vIUp, having squandere 1C 0C0 in riotous living,
sulolded b; shooting Monday.
A. Kllciow of Urbsna, fell on the Ice and
broke his reck Monday, and Mrs. Zirtmanof
Newark, had ber back broken In a runaway.
The engineer at Ball's Are brick works at 8teu
benvllle, Monday, surprised Ihe boiler with cold
water with the usual result. Four men lrjured,
Little Fred McGreen of Berlin, near Mt. Ver
non, fell from a bay miw, smashing bis skull
probably fatally
J R. HowellH was crushed to death In Allen s
coal mine Monday at Bridgeport.
SPRING-POLAND-On tho 11th Inst, by Rev
P Herbruck at the residence of the bride'spsrents,
R Poland, Mr William I) Spring and Mlts Etta A
foland, botn or canton.
RTJBEN-KEIL-Oo the 12th Inst, by th same
Mr John W Ruben and Miss Marr M V Kelt,
botn or canton.
HIPPEE At hpr residence on East Tusoarawss
slreet. last Tuesday morning, of old age, Mil-
Ann Hlppeo. widow ef George Hlppee, aged 84
years snrj lo days.
Mrs. Htppee's mslden name was Shrlver. She
was born In Adams county, Pennsylvania, Jana
ary 8rd, 1797, and removed to Canton with ber
married sister, Mrs. Susan Sweeny in October
1819. April 25. 1822 she was married to Mr. Geo.
Blppee, who at that time worked at his trade
that of a carpenter. Sometime after he engaged
In the grocery business. Mr. Hlppee died Novem
ber 7th, 1875. Mrs. Hlppee was one of the old
resident of Canton, having lived bere over sixty-
one yet rs, When she first came here Canton was
but a straggling country village, and she had seen
It grow to Its present proportions. During her
long residence here she made many friends, who
with her relatives, deeply mourn her loss. She
leaves three sons. Rev. Louie Hlppee, George Hip
pee and Warren Hlppee, the two latter of DeS
Melnes, Iowa, and two daughters, Mrs. Pope, of
Wooster, and Mrs. Rogers, of Lincoln, Nebraska.
BOWMAN At Ihe residence of ber son In-law,
Mr. Joseph Zimmerman on Norm cnerry street,
last Hunday afternoon, aged 84 years. She was
Interred from the St. Peter's Catholic cturcn
Wednesday morning."
OADTWELL At her residence on West Fifth
street, Mrs, E. Cautwell, last Sunday morning.
Her remains were taten to Beiiefontalne for
MYERS At the residence of his parents at the
corner or walnut and jacson streetB, unarie E
son of J. M, and Mary Mye s aged one year, 7
months, ,
BERCER- Mnndav mornlrg, an 11 months old
sin ot Mr. and M.-s Jacob Berger. inneral sir
vices weie hem at Ihe U. B. i lunch on Tuislay.
I'M 'i f lV
t, i i
lH,t ft J
,h S I
Eighty eight yearn of ait, may be found dally at his
otllce in Houth Howard street, Akron. Ohio, over
Bpangler's Hat Htore, where he treats nil oh ronta dls
efuteu with the Name success that has attended his
large practice lor ths pant two years and a halt In
Akron. Letters must enclose a stamp to Innure an
answer, iteaa circular, jauw-am
p J JvuW in i
Ditch Notice.
ToER Royer, Ramuel Pontlns, Anna Pontius,
Jetwe Hover, Abraham Henney. Houlila Benney,
John FmiHe, Susan Konne; Wm Royer and Maria
Hoyer, heirs ol Abraham Koyer decerned. Also
Margaret Hrnusfl J H Hinltll. Havllla Knrrer. Kllut
belli Hmlth, Karnh Ream. Cora Hinlth PheobeKmltn
WOZ rhA. Amandft Hunt. Muarule Zerhe. Allen Zer.
bft, Frank Zerb, Jacob Zerbe, Uertie Zerbe. heirs of
joaenn nmuii. aeceaflt-a :
You are hereby notified that a petition has been
filed by mynoir and others, with the Townahtp Clerk
of Lake township Mtark county, Ohio, praying for
tbe locating and establishing of a ditch, drain or
watercourse, commencing al a point at the east line
oi ine parlor ne noruieanc quarter, in seciion
township 12, range 8, running aouthwmt through
ihroiiKh part ot the northeast part of number 7 of
quaruir section 'u ineneefiouineaat ioi lowing meoia
channel, and terminating at a point of part of north
half ol norlheant quarter section 34, to Intersect ditch
DUHioer a in nam uiwiismp.
Ann mat inename is now penning nerore ma ims
tem of said towimhlp, and
he beard, aod thel
tiroceeilliiK thereunder completed on the 4ih day ol
i enruary, ism, at
a. m. at petitioner'
Given at niv office this nth day of Innuary
w 11.1,1 Am hh.vkiIIjKY, I'euuuiier,
11 onei
O, W. SMITH, Clerk or Lake Township, Jan20d
ffiunjbfrj it Co.,
Those In need of Clothing for the
Will serve their Interests best by calling at the
Goods and prices to suit everybody, Overcoats
Ulsters, Ulsterettes for Men, Youths,. Bovs i and
Children, must be Closed out within Fifteen
i Fine fitting units, CtiBtom-made, will be sold very low.
The Largest Stock of Bovb Clotbinp in the city to select from at lew figures.
Call and Convince Yourself.
. Griniztoerg fc Co.
On Price Clothiers,
Ho. 2 c& 4 Pablio Square.
ffirtt $r(tt htlUiB.
Ditch Notice. Insu ance.
Whrrmi, The PHCENlX Insurance Company,
located at Hartlord, in the Slate of Connecticut,
ban nletl In this otitic sworn iaienieut,uy iuv proper
officers thereof, allowing Its condition and bualneBS,
and has compiled In all respects with the law of this
Biate relating to Fire Insurance Companies incorpo-
ratea ny other mates or uie uniwu annua.
Aoio, Thtrejorr,, In pursuance of law, I, Joairrt F
Wbiuht, Superintendent of Insurance of the utate
thorizul tu trkniw-1 111 approi'l-Un- Imsiu-as o
in ibis siBie. in accordance with law. during ilierai-
rem year. Theraimlillon ami biwmcsa oi sain ixim
naiiy at the date oi sui-h tuteineiu tUeeomber aiBt
1880,) is shown aa follows : .
Aggregate amount of available Assets 13,082,168 02
Aggregate amount of Liabilities, (except
capital), inciuuiug ro-iuau,o.iuo.,.
. ..(. S2.1S1.J74 42
Amount of acTuaT paid up Capital 1.000,00000
Surplus 1.I8S,274
Amount of Income for the year in cash I,M1,252 3D
Amount of Expenditures for the year
in casn I,,.-.
In Wilwu Wlwrtaf, 1 have hereunto
Bunscrinea my name, wiu
the Seal ol my otlice to be affixed
tbe day and year above written.
Superintendent of Insurance.
JNO. I. LYNCH, Agt., Canton, O.
JNO. I. LYNCH, Agt., Canton, O. STATE OF OHIO.
COLUMBUS, OCT 27, 1880.
Thannarriinn Fire and Life Assurance
Company 'lecated at London England, in the Unl
lea Klngnora oi wren, n.,i. -.--..,
elgn Fire Insurance Company. Is possessed ot at
leant the amount of a tual capital required of Blmilar
companies formed under the provisions ot the Act
entitled 'An Act to regulate Insjiranc e I 'ompanles
doing an iDsuranw Business In the state of Ohio,
passed April 27, 1872, and the Acts amendatory there
oi and supplementary thereto, and bag d epos led
with the Superintendent of Insurance of the mate
of Ohio. In trust for the benefit and security of Its
policy homers reaming id uib r,ri"
not less than one hundred thousand dollars In stocks
and securities required and allowed by said acta.and
baa filed In this office a certified copy of its Charter
or Deed of Settlement, and a detailed Statement or
Its assets and liabilities, and evidences ol Invest
ments, and otherwise complied wttb all the requisi
tions ( f the Bald acts which are applicable to Foreign
Fire Insurance Companies partnerships ana Asso
ciations. v-o,,, ThM.A In niirauance of law, L JottHPH F.
Wright, Superintendent of Insurance of the State
of Ohio, do hereby certify that said Company Is
autnorisea 10 tranaaci i kijiuh" uuo.. .
In tbia State, lnaccot iance with law, during the cur
rent year. The condition and business of the Uni
ted States or American Branch, December 81st, 1878,
Is shown by statement as follows :
A to anint nf airallnhlA fiMetA lU the
United States .............861,973 48
AgKregate amount of Liabilities In tbe Unl-
ted States. Including re-Insurance 144,011 18
Amount of Income for the preceding year
In caHh in the unit a isiaies
Amount of Expenditures for the preceding
year in cash in tne uniiea bwhbb .v,.
m ll''ii. I have hereunto
,,.., hiius(,ri!iei niv :mme. ail'l mused
IN&.AI. in, Si-ui oi ...y oilU'e lo lie ullixert
.the .iuv and yenr .tlxiv written.
Superintendent of Insurance.
A, G. DART, Alt., Canton, Ho.
An Ordinance
To Repeal two ordinances of the City of Canton,
Ohio, heretofore passeb and entitled as follows:
The one entitled "An Ordinance to regulate the
speed of Locomotives and Cars of tbe Pittsburg,
Fort Wayne and Chicago Railway Co.," passed
March 19, 1866, and the other entitled "An Or
dlnanoe to regulate the speed of the Locomo
lives and Cars of the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne
and Chleago Railway Company, Ihe Valley
Railway Company, anl the Oounntton Valley
Railway Company, In the city of Canton Ohio,'
passed August 16th, 1880,
Ruction 1. Be It ordained by the City Council, ol
the city of Canion; That an ordinance heretofore
paaaed by the Cliy Council of the city of Can-on, en
titled "An Ordinance to regulate the peed ol loco
motives and cars of the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne aud
Chicago Railway Co. " passed March 10, 1800, and al
so an ordinance entitled ' An ordinance to regulate
the speed of the locomotives and curs of the Pitts
burgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railway Company,
the Valley Railway Company ana the Conuotioo
Vnilev Hallway Comnany. In the city of Canton.
Ohio," passed August isih, 181)0, be and the same are
hereby repealed.
Skc. 2. That this ordinance he in force and take
effect from and alter II passage and legal publica
tion, rasseu Jan, 17, issi. ,
K. H. SHitsivDH, rresiaent.
Attest E. M. GRIMES, Clerk.
Attest E. M. GRIMES, Clerk. Legal
Enos H. Broslua,
Lake Erie, Alli
ance Wheeling
R. R. CO., et al.
In the Common Fleas Court
of 8tark;couuty, Ohio.
David Jones and all other persons holding bonds o
said Railroad Company not yet presented to the
referee (the true oumefl of said persons and their
places of renldence belnk unknown) will take notice
that on November 30, IKaO, the defendant Clinton B.
Flak, trustee, tiled a supplemental cross petlllon In
said action aKalnst them and all oiher defendants In
said action setting lorth that the Indebtedness ot said
railroad company, on Ihe day Its property was sold,
on Its bonds and counoiis. was 1338 710.85; that there
was paid on right ol war claims and other prior liens
I17.0M.64, leaving 118,239.46 to apply on; said bonded
Indebtedness; that bonds and coupons amounting to
33,93i.tt8 have been presented aud I6, 162.61 paid on
them, leaving II .076.8 In reserve for bonds that may
be presented In doe time.
That there are no more of said company's bonds
and coupons that were a Hen on Its property or en
title i to share In said fund and that the balance o
said fund should be dlsti touted amongst the bond
and coupons already presented.
Th ttlie persons above described claim to hold
some of aald bonds and coupons and to be i ntltled to
share in said fund, and praying that said persons be
madedefennanui and required; to answer setting up
their claims: That the court will determine the
validity Iherenl aud what dividends they may be en
titled I o and that any halaueeof said reserve fund
ipay.be divided pro rata amongst bonds and coupons
that have already, or shall by answer day, be pre
sented, said parties must answer said supplemental cross
petlilou belore March 21, lsni.
By Lynch, Day &. Lynch, bis Attorneys,
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poverty. We want many men, women, boys and
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tliimlo the work, or only your spare moments. Full
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dress Stinsom di Co., Portland, Maine,,
New Advertisements
Real Estate and Insurance Agency
S.1.200-A bouse and lot on North Plum street,
House containing five rooms and buttery: corner
Ioi 50X200 easy payments.
SS.UOO-House and Lot on West side of South
Market-, North of the Railroad-Terms X cash, bal
ance In two payments-a bargain
1,350-House and Lot oc South Cherry street,
bei ail road, house with Ave rooms, lot cornering
on allev 60x200; three years time
II .000-A fine, new, two siory frame, 6 rooms,
bullry, bath room, linlshe In good slyle; situated
on South Market below railroad Btreet cars will
Dais Ihe door cheap, one third cash.
'i.!iOO-A tine eight room house and all neces
sary out-buildings Including stable, on South Mar
ket street a flhe home, long time.
l:l,500-A line residence on Lawrence Avenue,
oontalningnlne rooms, good out buildings, barn, fruit
In abundance-1 acre ground, payments easy.
lUO A nice i;tile home on North Plum street,
hoiwe with Ave rooms-W cash, balance In 8 years.
S700-A desirable building lot on Eatt Tusca
rawas treer.
15.500 A very fine residence on East Tuscarawas
street; llh ral terms, cheap. ,.. . .
0il,IOO-Houseand lot on South Liberty street,
six rooms corner lot ; reasonable termB.
'2,000-A lineresidenceonS uth Market; a well
finished house with 9 rooms and buttery; five years
"il'IoO-A six room house on East Fourth street,
blln'ds; hall, buttery, out-kltclien. stable, large and
small fruit, oorgerlot; 60x200 facing two streets, a
b IKSOO-Houseand lot on -onth Poplar, six rooms
staole aud In good repair, central to shops and city
"viOO-Forty Eight acres of Improved land three
miie irom city. . . . .
II SO Building lots from (!00 to 3.000.
W5-A New 4 drawer Weed Sewing Machine-
Bel all Price IMOii,
Canton, Jan. JJ, ui ly
New Advertisements Legal
Nicholas Heldet et aCvs'.Jolin Heldet et al.
By virtue of an'order to sell Issued from the court
of common pleas, of Stark county, Ohio, ana to me
directed, I will oiler ror sale at puouc ouicry on ui
premises In Marlboro township In Bald county, on
Monday, the Wh day of February, 1881,
the following described real estate situate In said,
county to-wlt: Being parts of the northwest quar
ter or section 26, and be northeast quarter of
section 26, In township W, ot range 7, beginning
at the northwest corner of said section 25; thence
south 870 east 15 8-100 chains to a pout In the section
line, thence south 2 50' west and parallel to the west
line of section 26, 39 88 100 chains tea post in the quar
ter line, thence north 877' west w th the south line
of aald quarter 22 03-100 chains to a po t, thence north
20 60' east and parallel to the east line or section 26,
14 78-100 chains, thence north 80O west, along thepub
1 c road 12 34 100 halns to a post, thence north 2 SO',
east 17 40 100 chains to a post, thence north 870 w est
83100 chains to a post, thence north 2 50' east
8 31-100 chains to a post in the section line, thence
witb the section line south 870 east 20 chains to the
placeof beginning, and containing 118 28 100 acres,
subject to the dower of Katherlne Heldet, to-wlt: A
partof the northwest quarter of Hfiotlotl 25, in town
ship '.0 , of range 7, and beginning for the name at a
post In the west line or said quarter 8 US chains
south from the northwest corner of said section 25,
thence with tbe section line south 2 50' west 23.2
chains to a post, thence soutb 87 east and parallel
with the north line of the section 16.03 chains to a
post, thence north H 50' east, 23.29 chains to a post,
thence north 87 west 16.03 chains, to the place of be
ginning and containing 35 acres,
Appraised at 17,670,
Sale to commence at two o'clock p m. Terms
one third cash, the balance in two equal annual pay
ments with Interest from day of sale, secured by
mortgage on the premises.
H ALTEKRU8E, Sheriff.
M O Huntington et al vs Lewis V Bockius et af. .
By virtue of an order to sell Issued from the court
of common pleas, of Stark county, Ohio, and to me
directed I will oiler for sale at public outcry at the
door of the court house, in the city of Canton.on, i
Saturday, the 12th day of February, 1881,
the following described real estate situate In said
saldcouutv to-wlt: Lot number one hundred and
eighty nine (1811) and the north half of lot number
one hundred and eighty-eight (1k) n the city of
Canton Also all that part of out lot number thirty
(30) In said city of Canion, lying north ol the P Ft W
AC Railway except 71 leet front by 198 teet deep
heretofore sold and conveyed by John C Bockius to
Charles Blecliele, and 97 leet front by 198 leet deep,
heretofore sold by John C Bockius to Albert Ksnel
man, off the north part of said out lot. Alao xcept
a Btrip of laud about feet wide off the south part
of said out lot heretolore deeded by John O Bockfus's.
administrators to John Oerber. Also except a strip
off the east part of said out lot heretofore conveyed
by John U Bockius to the Canton (Jus Light and Coke
Company, leaviug a balance of about one aud one
fourth acres in said out tot Also out lot No. thirty
four (31) In said cliy of Canton, as described on the
new map of said city, containing about three acres of .
land. Also about 12 by 20 feet oil the east part of lot
number two (2) In Railensberger's addition to said
Lot 189 and the north half of lot 188 appraised at
Part Of lot 80 appraised at $4,000. .
Out lot 34 appraised at S4.8IHI.
Part ol lot i appraised al 30.
Sale to commence at 1 o clock p.- m. Terms, one-
tnira caan. tne naiance in two equal annual pay
menis, wun wieresi rrom aay oi sate, sscun
morigage on tne premises,
Jull-ew ' ' H. ALTER RUSK, Sheriff.
Nicholas Heldet et al vs John Heldet et al,
By virtue of an order to sell Issued from the
court of common pleas of Stark County, O., and to me
directed, I will offer for sale at public outcry on the
premises in Marlboro township In said county, on
Monday the 14th day of February, 1881.
the following described real estate situate in said
county to-wit: Apartoftheeait ball of Ihe uorthwest
quarter of section 36 in township 20 of range 7, begin
ning at the northeast corner ol said quarter, thence
south with the quarter line 24 86 chains to a stone:
thence went and parallel with the south line of said
quarter 19 66-100 chains to a stone In the west llneof
said hall quarter; thence north witb said half quarter
line 24 81 100 chains to a stone In the north line of the
quarter; thence east 10.87 chains to ihe place of bo
glnnlng. containing 49 34-100 acres, being the 1st, 2d
and 4th tracts described In the petition In this action,
2d the south half of ths east halfol the south half ot
the south west quarter of section 26, township 28,
range 7, being the 3d tratt described in the peti
tion. Appraised at 12800.
Sale to commence at II o'clock a. m. Terms, One
third casta, the balance In two equal annual payments
with Interest from day of sole secured by mortgage
on the premises.
H. ALTEKRUSE. Sheriff.
Abraham Wehr vs George Ahr et aL
By virtus of a vendl exponas Issued from the
court of common pleas of Stark county, Ohio, and to
me directed. I will oner for sale at publlo outory, at
the door of the court house In the oliy of Canton, on
Saturday, the 22d day ot January, 1881,
the following described real estate situate In said
county to-wlt: A certain lot of land In the township
of Perry, and known as one acre of land situate In
the northwest corner of a six ai re tract known as
lot 47 which lot Is the same as purchased or Thebold
by Sonhalter aud sold by said Bonhalter to Ueorge
Appraised at (1000.
Sals to connionce at one o'clock: p. m Terms
cash. i ,
dec23-ew H, ALTEKRUSE, BlierIB

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