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Stark Co. Democrat
lisatd Bvsry Wednesday.
8TABL13HttD - 1B3A.
A. McUKKUOlt, Cditor.
JOHN C. HARMONY, S Business Mr,
JOHN McGRKGOR, : : : Supt-
, MoQRKOOR. Preddent.
W. K. h. WARWICK. Vit Preildsnt.
JOHN C. HARMONY, Seo'y nl Treal.
News-Democrat TelephoHOil
Bonntlm Room SoalO
Editorial Room 8ob 10
)Uy, P 7, ,'1
Juy, jrai month, taunt
BU, pi WMk, by CnlT, oesnt;
!! Coot lont
WmUt. m: tm. br mll, U.00
Tha Democrat Prtbllshtng Co.,
88 S. Btranth St., Canton, O.
Of Canal Fulton.
Of Alliance.
Of Canton.
Of Meyer's Stock Farm, Canton Tp.
Of Jackson Township.
Ot Canton.
Of Maesillon.
Our navy la tho trump that leads.
Spain should really throw up the
jpongo and cry quits, bhe has surely
had enough.
Some people think: "It is hetter to be
tunning and Schloy than to be as
strong as Sampson."
: Watson may start for Spain this week
frith an American fleet. Tho Dons may
have a curiosity to see such a fleet.
"An exchange says that Senator Han
na cannot "go about passing as the maD
Tfho was first struck wth the war lever."
We hope ex Queen Liliaokalani won't
raise a rumpus about our annexing her
kingdom, as Mexico did when wo annex
ed Texas.
Tho Suez canal was honored by old
For her last fleet went through and
back again.
Admiral Dowey is a very modest man,
as may be seen by his brief reports. He
would not be so narrow as to treat a fel
low officer unseemly.
Tho Republican leaders are tearing at
tach other in Ohio, New York and
Pennsylvania. In each State are two
factiocs raging with bitterness and ani
mosity. General Miles sailed on Saturday from
Charleston, South Carolina, for Santi
ago, probably arriving today, Tuesday.
Tho fate ot the city will not bo settled
antil after he arrives.
It must be that the ruling statesmen
of Spain see the inevitable and would
like to make peace, but dare not make
the eflort as yot A lesson or two near
er home may be needed to relieve those
The question recurs, Will the surren
der of Santiago induce Spain to sun for
peace? Or, will Watson and his fleet
have to give them a lesson or two near
er home, by destroying Camara'B fleet,
etc.? Well, we will see.
Emperor William of Germany is look
ing with longing eyes at the Philliplnes.
Ho is an ambitious monarch, and wants
to distinguish himself. Therefore he
aent his brother Prince Henry on that
wild goose chase to Manila.
Wo understand that our friend, Pro
fessor Barns of Defiance, is busy on a
literary work for tho Appleton school
series. We know of no more capable
gentleman for such a job than Doctor
Governor Black ot the State of New
York has called an extra session of the
Legislature of that State for the purpose
of enacting legislation aflecting NewYork
tlty. The leaders though seem to be in
a tangle. Piatt and his friends seem to
be on tho outs with the Governor and
his set.
The July number of the Roller con
talned another sketch by the late Doctor
Lew Sluesor. The incident given as to
Jame llazlett's voto being challenged
Is located In 1810, whereas it happened
In 1811, as the wrltor hereof well re
members, being witness of the aflalr.
It soems Ohio has already contribut
ed over 11.000 ofllcers and men to this
war with Spain, noarly all of whom are
(quipped and at tho scene ot the war or
on the nay tlero. Adjutant General
II. A, Axtlue und his office force have
Ittan busy, day In and day out, from an
aarly hour till midnight. In fact tho
department wan a bee hive of buine.
Captain Edward Slough was the clerical
,tMf, and tha asaUUut, General Herbert
. 1, KUgtlfly, UaiKKftl Axillae l la the
W" "mniMtiha
Strong Drink is Death
are the onlr pxltlrFlr Kiiarantced irmodjfor the
Drink lUbit, NetTousiit-ss and Melancholy caused
tT MroiiK iirlnk.
tocuranrcnAlthnpo3ltlteM rlttm gunr
nnirc orrflunrt tho inonex, and to destroy the
appetite (or Intoxicating liquors.
of 110.00 wo will mall yon four 41 boxes nnd posi
tive ttrllten Rimi-iintr to euro or refund
roiirmooej. Slums boxes MOO.
Orrt's Model Pharmacy, 301 South Market
St., and Lake. Street Pharmacy, 413 W. Lake.
St.. Canton. Ohio.
field m Colonel commanding the tenth
regiment of tjlunteers, now at Camp
Bushnell. '
A French paper Bpeaks of "the potty
and miserable policy of falsehood and
egotism that seems to triumph over pat
riotism in Spain."
Until the war opened their eyes,Spaln
and Knrope bad the opinion that the
United States navy was a poor nflnir
not of much account. They know hot
ter now.
"I have been a R-publican since 1860
but our party now stinks in the nostrils
of any decent man. If the people are
willing to uphold this corruption and
dishonesty, Gotl save the country."
Kx-Postmaster-General Wannmaker.
Probably Mr. Wananiaker had special
reference to Pennsylvania.
Admiral Sampson sends word to the
Navy Department that three of the
Spanish cruisers in Cervera's squadron
may be saved. The Cristobal Colon, he
says, is not badly damaged, while the
Infanta Maria Teresa and the Yizcaya,
he thinks, may bo saved without much
The first news of the battle to reach
Santiago was conveyed by seven sailors
from one of the torpedo boat destroyers,
who escaped lo the shore and walked
into tho fortress Sscapa. It is also said
that a number of sailors from the cruis
ers were reported, later, as having
reached Santiago overland.
There is talk of impending revolution
in France nnd Spain, in each a dictator.
The new cabinet ot M. Brisson is for the
masses rather than the classes, propos
ing reforms accordingly. The first feat
ure in their program is a graduated in
come tax to which the rich aro bitterly
opposed. The Cabinet have other re
forms in view, affecting the wealthy.
Last Sabbath was duly observed the
country over as a day of Thanksgiving
in accordance with President; McKtnl
ley's recommendation. Assuredly there
is abundant cause for thanks after the
signal victories which our squadrons
have won. History famishes no paral
lel to gaining two sucb overwhelming
victories in a few days over two months.
Schley it was who discovered Cerve
ra's fleet in Santiago harbor, nnd declar
ed on May 29: "I have got them, and
they will never get home " The proph
ecy came true, and Schley was the com
mander who made It trne, with his gal
lant officers and their crews. Admiral
Sampson was five miles away but bur-
hied up and took a hand near the close.
(Jive credit where credit is due. We
may well feel proud of our navy and Its
capable officers and men. There Is no
necessity for any bickering.
It is to be hoped our authorities will
not fail to remember and to consult oc
casionally the act of Congress declaring
war against Spain. It was not to be a
war for conquest and territorial aggran
dizement. No such policy was to be In
augurated. But let us see what the
declaration of Congress on the subject
was, and the pledge wbi:h was given to
the world: ''The United States hereby
disclaims any disposition or intention
to exercise sovereignty, jurisdiction or
control over said island except for the
pacification thereof, and asserts its de
termination, when that is completed, to
leave the government and control of
the inland to ltd people." This pledge
is plain and unmistakable, and cannot
be ignored without dishonor which our
great country cannot aflord to do. Con
gress mentioned no other Spanish col
ony, and we could hardly find a pretext,
to appropriate others when Congres
expressly set np no claim for Cuba.
The "Congressional Record" In iU
closing number for the Eossion gives the
official statement by Senator Allison of
the appropriations for tho year ending
June 30, 1899. The estimates by the
departments called for peace and war
appropriations of (911,532,533. Tho to
tal appropriations made bv Congres
amounted to 1892,527,091. Of this
amount for the war in Spain there was
appropriated e381,7S8,093. The total
appropriations, other than for the war,
were $530,839,600, which exceeds tho
appropriations last year $2,001,810, a
moderato increase, showing thero was
considerable cutting done In the usual
yearly Increase. Speculating on the
mu:h greater costliness of modern war.
as compared with that of former times,
tho Baltimore "Sun" points to some in
tcresting facts:
Tho war for independence lasted elcrht
years, and its cost is officially recorded
as $135,000,000, using round figures.
There were about 310,000 troops engaged
in mai war one uiiru as many mora as
have been bo far called out In the pres
ent conflict with Spain. It follows that,
accepting Mr. Dlngloy'a estimates, It la
oiuk to coat tour uines aa much to light
naln for one rear In 1893 as It cost in
tight Great Britain (or the eight years
fro 1776 to 1733. The rr of 1818,
which lasted two roars and eight
months, cost tho United States n little
over $107,000,000, nnd to carry it on we
put in the field 670,000 troops, nearly
three times as many as wo now have
under nrmB. Tho Mexican war, which
lasted two years and three months, cost
the American peoplo $100,000,000, and
112,000 troops were engaged in it. If
the number of our troops who carried
our flag victoriously to tho capital of
Mexico had bcon doubled they would
have about equaled the number of the
ermy now In the field against Sonln, and
the cost of their two years and thrf e
months of operations would liavo been
about $200,000. From which It Is a
plain deduction that, with Ho same
number of men nnder arms, a year of
war iu the 1898 style is about flvo times
as expensive as was a year of war of the
1810 stylo.
No fair comparison can bo made bo
tween the cost of a civil war and a for
eign war. In tho nature of the caso n
civil war is far more destructive of prop
erty and values, nnd, by reason ot its
menace to the very existence of the na
tion, far more expensive, because when
a nation's lifo is at stake its credit is at
the lowest point, and monoy can be
raised only on the most exacting terms.
The cast of our great civil conflict has
been put down at $0,189,020,909, but
that estimate Includes all expenses
crowing out of the war, as well as the
actual cost of the military and naval
The poet Longfellow feelingly gave
utterance to the following:
"The little that I have seen of the
world tenches me to look upon the er
rors of others in sorrow, not in anger.
When I take np the history of one
heart that has sinned and su Cored, and
represent to myself the struggle, the
temptation, it has passed through the
brief pulsation of joy, the feverish In
quletudo of hope and fear, tho pressure
of want, the desertion of friends I fain
would leave tho erring soul of my fel
low man with Him from whose hand it
Tho following paragraph from a re
cent speech of Senator McLautin, of
South Carolina, will- bo of special inter
est to tax-payers:
"Prior to 18G0 the expenditures of the
federal government, per capita, ranged
from $2.35 to $2.00. They now range
from $5 to $0 Iri addition to this the
State expenditures average $9.10 per
capita, making a total of botween $14
and $15 per capita.
"As compared with these expendi
tures the Statesman's Year Book gives
the per capita expenses of Austria at
(1.51; Russia, $2.75; tho German Empire
including State expense, f o 90; tho Brit
ish Empire, including Colonial expense,
$3 07; Japan, $1.50; Portugal, $1-08;
Mexico, $3.85.
"Prior to 18G0, the people of the Uni
ted States were freer from the burdons
of taxation than tho people of almost
any other civilized country. To-day
they are more hoavily taxed than any
other people within the bounds of civil
ization." The wreckage and ruin to tee Spanish
navy thus far is as follows: At Manila
11 cruisers and gun boats were destroy
ed, to wit:
Reina Cristina, Oastilla,
Antonio de Uiloa, Isle de Luzon,
Isle de Cuba, General Lezo,
Marques del Duero, El Cano,
Velasco, Isla de Mindanao,
One ship not named.
At Santiago fi.ur armored cruleers and
two torpedo boats went down before the
American tiro:
Vizcaya, Cristobal Colon,
Oquendo, Maria Teresa,
Furor, Pluton.
The cruisor Alfonso XII. was destroy
ed at Havana, the torpedo boat Terror
was damaged by the St. Paul, the Reina
Mercedes was sunk by the Texas, and
several small craft have been disabled
or captured.
Hero are some 20 vessels gone with
little damage on our side. One gun was
disabled on the Baltimore, and the loss
in killed and wounded shows also an
equally adverEO difleronce to Spain.
The new American navy has established
its reputation, and the skill of our gun
ners is beyond dispute. Spain should
realize it and act accordingly, that is
sue for peace.
The following interesting story is told
by the European correspondent of the
Chicago Record in a late letter. It was
when old Emperor William of Germany
and King Victor Emmanuel of Italy
were on a visit to the Emperor of Aus
tria, who took, his guests out on a grand
hunt. The following is the account:
A thunderstorm overtook the emperor
when out shooting in 1873 with old Em
peror William ot Germany and Victor
Emmanuel. The three monarchs got
t-eparated from their party nnd lost
their way. They were drenched to the
skin and in search of shelter hailed a
peasant driving a covered cart drawn by
oxen along the highroad. The peasant
took np the royal trio and drovo on.
"And who may you be? for you are a
stranger in these parts," he asked after
awhile of Emperor William.
"I am the emperor ot Germany," re
plied his Teutonic majesty.
"Hal Very good," said the peasant,
and then addressing Victor Emmanuel,
"And you, my friond?"
"Why, I am the king of Italy," came
the prompt reply.
"Ha. ha, very good Indeed. And who
are vou7" addressing Francis Jo;oph.
"I em tho emperor of Austria," said
the latter.
The peasant scratched his head and
then said with a knowing wink. "Very
good, my pretty people, and who do
you aupposo I am?"
Their majesties replied they would
like very much to know. "Whv. I?
Who else Bhould I be but his holiness
the pope, of course?"
(ll'.N. milks ox Tin: use or utjuon.
In an order to the army relative to
tho health and eificlonoy ot the soldiers,
Gen. Miles says:
"The history of other armies haa dem
onstrated that In a hot climate absti
nence from the use of intoxicating
tlrlnka Is essential to continued health
and elllcienoy."
This pUco of good advice to officers
and men of the army might be heeded
with profit by people eltewheift who
mm un.
Well Man
'. of Mo.
zsKEUEiJsrcijsc xisssvcEsrysr
produce the nlinvo rcMilta In (IO rinyi. It
acts powerful! and qulcklf. Cures when nil others
fall. Toung men Kill retrain their lost Tlgor, and
old men win rceorcr their youthfnl power by ulng
kkvivu. it quickir and aureir cures NcrT
ouincss. tost Vltalltr.Imnotcncr.IiOSt Power. Fall
loft Mcmorr, Wasting Diseases, and nil effects ot
excess and Indiscretions, which unfits ono for study.
pn-inc-s or marriage, it not only cures Dy starting
atthoscatof disease, bulls a great nerrs tonic
and Mood builder, bringing back tho pink glow
lopnie etieeu ana restoring too nre or youth.
It wards off Insanity and Consumption. Insist on
bATlng 1CKV1VO, no other. It can bo carried In
rest rocket. Iir mall ssi.oo per nackago.or six
tor D...OO, with rt positive written irnnrnn
tee to cure nr refund tho money. Circular
nnd physlclnns ndvlse ft-ec Address
Royal Medicine Co., Iau?Caco.,ii1!'
For sale in Canton. Ohio by Durbln,
Wright & Co. and Ed. J. Schlabaugb,
mistakenly sapposo that alcohollo bev
erages aro beneficial under any circum
stances. Other things being equal, he
endures hot weather best who is least
addicted to tho use of intoxicating liq
uors of nny kind, and the above re
marks apply also to cold weather.
And All Others Selling .Milk For
Use In Canton Read
As a mattor of "nows to our farmer
friends residing close to the city, who
furnish milk for uso in Canton, tho fol
lowing is published.
Of the Board of Health of tho City of
uanton rroviuing lor tno inspection
of Dairies, Including tho Cows. Cow
Stables, Milk Houses and Milk Ves
sols, nnd Preventing tho Salo of Milk
Within tho Limits of tho City of Can
ton from Dairies Which Ilavo Not
Beon Inspected.
Section 1. Bo it resolved by tho Board of
Health of the. City of Cauton, Ohio, that nil
persons intending to sell milk in tho city of
canton rnnst m&KC application to tnoinspcctot
of meat sbops and dairies for the inspection of
his dairy, incladlni; tho cows, cow stables,
milk Looses and milk vessels and tho food
and water supplies for animals, nnd for nn in
spection of tho dairies, Including tho cows,
cow stables, milk houses and milk vessels, unci
tho food and water supplies for nuimals, of
all persons from wliomhe obtains milk.and npon
n favorabloccrtiucatafrom snch inspector, and
depositing snmo witli Board of Health, shall
bo entitled to a certificate from the Board that
tho person, having complied with tho roles of
inspection, is entitled to tho prlvllego of vend
ing milk iu tho city of Cauton during tho en
suing year.
Section 2. No person shall sell milk within
tho city of Cauton until ho has exhibited to
the inspector of meat shops and dairies his
cdws and stables and milk houses nnd milk
vessels, and tho food and water snppllcs for
animals of all persons trom whom ho obtains
milk, nnd received from said Board a certifi
cate showing that tho cows aro healthy, and
tho stables, lood and appliances aro in good
sanitary condition, which certificato shall 1k
posted np conspicuously in his stand, wagon
or other vehicle, or, in caso of personal deliv
ery, othcrwiso to bo exhibited on demand.
Any addition of non-lnxptctcd cows to tho
herd of nny dealer shall 'o reported to said in
spector within ten days. No person shall re
ceive, sell, or oiler for s.ile, tho milk of nny
cow condemned nt nny inspection nntll each
condemnation is removed on subsequent in
spection, nnd this shown by a certificate in
writing, rnatlo and signed by tho inspector
and deposited with tho Board of Health.
Section 3. No person having nn infectious
disease, or having recently been iu contact
with any such person, shall milk cows or han
dle cans, measures, or other vessels used for
milk intended for sale, or in nny way tako
part or assist in handling milk intended for
salo until nil danger of communicating snch
disease to other persons shall have passed. No
person shall sell or aso for unman food tho
milk of a diseased cow, or permit such milk to
bo mixed with other milk.
Section 4. Any person violating nny of tho
provisions of tho foregoing roles end
regulations, or falling to comply with
any of tho duties herein imposed, shall,
npon conviction before tho Mayor, bo
fined in any snm not less than Two (2.00)
dollars nor rnoro than Ten ($10.00) dollars for
each otlenso.
Section S. These rules nnd regulations shall
tako effect and bo in force from and after their
passigo and legal publication.
Passed Jnly 5th, 1808.
Ilojd Iuterpri'tntes u l'enturo of War
Iluvvuuo Law.
Washington, July 13. In nnswor to
references from tho commissioner of
internal revenue, all bearing upon tho
question as to whethor tho shipper or
carrier shall pay for and affix tho re
quired rovcuuu stumps to bills of lading,
etc., Assistant Attornoy General Boyd
has held in part as follows:
"The purpose of tho law is cloor. It
was to tax tho carrier and not tho ship
per; and theso provisions undoubtedly
fix npon tho express compauios and
other carriers tho duty of providing,
affixing and caucoliug tho stamp, and
their failure to so provido, ufllx and
caucol such stamp, subjects, them to the
penalties provided by lawt It is sug
gested that some ot theso carrlors aro
rofusiug to receive goods for shipment
until tho shipper pays tho tax."
Convened In Omulm Tills Moraine; Can
didates for l'resliluucy.
Omaha, July 13. Tho convention of
tho National Republican Loaguo began
this moruiug.
Several of tho candidates for tho
presidency of tho leaguo wero among
tho arrivals yostcrday. J. Oookmau
Boyd of Baltimore, who headed tho
MoKiuloy electoral ticket in Maryland,
is one of theso. Another was Senator
Isaao Millor Hamilton of Illinois, the
president ot tho old Illinois league A
third caudldato vfM President Isador
Sobal of tho Ponusylvi,uia league An
other candidate is, 13. XT. Diugloy, son
of Congressman Diujjloy.
National Coiifp-cgutlonul Couucll.
Poutland. Or., July 13. Av tho na
ional couucll of Congregationalist
churches, yostcrday, tho Alabama con
test was brought up again and by voto of
Hi) to SO tho report ot tho committee on
credentials wus adopted nftor being
slightly unloaded. The committee's re-
Cort us amended rofora tho contest
.ick to tho state bodies of Alabama
aud recommends that all churches of
the statu elect deh-gntos to a Ktato fcou
vcutlon culled for thupurposoof sottliug
the differences betweou tho two stute
Jlov. Dr. Ilrcril Accnpti.
Pittsuuuo, July 13 .-At a mooting of
the board of dlruotori of tho Western
Theologloal seminary Monday Rev. Dr.
D, R. Breed formally aooupted tho
chair of saoved rhetoric and ohureu gov
ernment in sMio Institutlou,
MIm Carrie Cross of Sandusky i a
guwt ol the Mlwei Baebrens, 1,000
North Market itct,
W VM'rMXz k
Spanish Oommandor Again Eo
fuijod to Surrondor,
General Shafter Took Time to Further
Strengthen His Position.
It Drove the Soldier Out of Their
Trenches nntl Mado the Honda Almost
Impassable Our lllglit Extended Al
most to the lioad Over Which Torn!
Woulil IlaTe to ltctrcot The Tallinn
of Calinnncs by Garcia Wm Without
Any Opposition.
BnronK Saxtiaoo, via Playa del
Esto, Quantauamo bay, July 13. Yci
tcrdny morning Goucrul Toral sentjout
a roply to General Shatter's second do
maud for tho unconditional surrondor
of Santiago, mado by tho latter Mon
day afternoon.
In his roply General Toral roforrod to
his refusal to acccdo to tho American
demand mado on Sunday, aud again re
iterated his determination lo rosist.
Notwithstanding this tho American
batteries did not open flro yestorday
morning, and tho rouowal of tho bom
bardment will probably be resumed
today (Wodnesday), when it Is
proposed that all of General Randolph s
batteries w "1 bo in position. Tho sioge
ruus lauded Manday Jwlll also be
brought up as soon as possiblo.
Torrouts of rain foil Monday night,
drowning out tho boys in tho tronchoa
nnd making the road almost impassablo.
This may delay tho batteries and sioge
Kuns. " Tho volunteers, who nro being
hurried on to tho front, aro being lo
cated along tho right center In tho po
sitions which havo beon occupied by
General Lawton's division, whilo tho
latter has moved forward, extending our
right until it almost touches the road to
Caimenos, over which General Toral
would havo to retreat.
Tho Cubans under General Calixto
Garcia took Oaimoucs without opposi
tion Monday night and havo entrench
ments on cither side of tho road. The
Americans aro now in position to striko
tho enemy on tho loft llauk and roll it
up, making tho Spanish entrenchments
north of tho city untenable
General Toral, realizing the weakness
of this flunk, has bcon busy during tho
oxistoudo oi' tho truce- in doubling back
with entrenchments and flxiug his guns
in tho direction from which ho is threat
ened. Most of General Randolph's
guns will bo located upon tho heights
in tho center of General Lawton's now
position, whore they command tho
town. Monday afternoon tho Cap
rou and Ilancs batteries on tho right
succeeded in touring up tho emplace
ments for a "palm" battery, as it Is
called, and in plumping shells into sev
eral blockhouses on Salieuts, but tho
shots directed at tho Spaniards in tho
trenches did not appear to tave much
Shrapnel was rapidly brokou directly
over the trenches, yet in flvo minutes
tho trenches at every point of explosion
would be alive with tho ouomy. Thoy
would watch for the flash of our guns
and drop beforo tbo sholls exploded.
Our mortar flro was dircotod at the
Spanish bull ring and toro up almost
everything in tho vicinity. It is under
stood that.the bull ring is being used as
a barraoks. ?
Throe large steamers lio in tho har
bor alongside tho Philadelphia Iron
company's wharf, and a small Spanish
gunboat is anchored at tno head oi tho
bay. All those could bo plainly seen
by this correspondent.
Tho First Illinois volunteers and tho
District ot Columbia volnntoors aro
located in tho trenches that woro occu
pied last week by General Chaffoo's
Madkid, July 13. After tho cablnot
council last niglit tho ministers assorted
that Santiago do Cuba had again re
fused tho American domand for surren
der. Duko Alcmodovar do Rio, minister of
foreign affairs, said thero was nothing
to justify reports regarding a conclu
sion of peaco. kj
'Harbor Sllnt-a Ordered Humored.
Washisqtok, July 13. Tho most
important result of tho cablnot dolibor
atious yestorday was tho order to ro
movo tho mines which guard all coast
ports. Many military men wero op
posed to yioldlug to tho prossuro of tho
commercial interests, and somo of them
avo predicting that not u few of tho
communities which have boon so earn
est in thoir demand for tho removal of
tho mines will bo frantically olamorlng
for nrotoctlon at tho Yon first rumor of
tho prcsouco of u hostilo gunboat or
cruisor otr tnoir coast.
First Hxcurilon to Nlaijurn l'ulli.
On Wednesday, July 20. the Cleveland
Akron St Oolumbus lty., will run an ex
cursion from Oolumbus. Zanesvjlle and
Intermediate stations to Niagara Falls,
via Cleveland and the elegant steamer
City of Erie or City of Buflulo of the
Cleveland & Ilnflalo Transit Oo. The
round trip rato to Niagara Falls will bo
d from Oolumbus and Zaueavllle, f 5
from Mt. Vernon, It from Mlllursbutg,
$3 from Akron and proportionately loir
rates from intermediate stations.
Trains will leave Columbui 11:30 a. m,
nnd Zanenvllle 12:00, noon, of that day,
making fatt lime.
For fall lufbrmftMoR M to Unite of
tlcketn, trins bovoad Nlaeara Falls and
all details, apply to any agorit of this
company, oru. .
, Daly, General Passen-
gcr Agent.
Acceding tho Trucn .Shells iVH Into the
City Shnfter AriiIii Do-,
iiinmU Surrender.
BErojiE Santiaoo, July 11, via Port
Antonio, July 18, via Kingstou, Ja
maica, July 13, When tho flro opened
from tho American lines after tho con
clusion of tho armistice our men wero
In a much bettor position. Batteries
tvero well placed. Tho only road by
which General Toral could cscnpo was
commanded. Small detached bodies of
Spaniards had beon observed skipping
out of town westward early iu tho
moniinit , including ono squad of cav
alry. A movo wus mado to cut off
thoir retreat and a laud bombardment
began. A shot from tho Grimos bat
tery was followed by ono. of Capron'a
guns ou tho left, aud tho right center
tho Gatling nnd Ilotchkiss batteries
opened flro. For the first ton minutes
tho firing was quito general, tho Span
iards replying spiritedly, but tho riflo
flro on both sides soon wtuiod, and from
C o'clock to 0:110. when tho action
ceased, tho firing was couflnod almost
exclusively to tho artillery.
Our battories soon got tho rango and
poured sholls into tho Spanish int,:onch
mcuts. Tho Ilotchkiss battery swopt
tho outer lino of tho ontronohmonts
buck and forth, cutting down tho brush
shelters liko n 6cytho. Tho Spanish
wero soon forced to tho blockhouse.
A Spanish battery ou tho loft of tho
town, engaged by Capron's battery,
llrcd only iv few shots, but tho battery
oil tho right tired spiritedly until a gun
cotton shell from Wood's dyuamltogun
oxplodod diroctly in front of it, touring
np two troos nnd dismounting tho gun,
It was tho last shpt of tho afternoon
nnd was greeted with cheers. Two
men in General Kent's division were
killed by a shell nnd soveral woro
wouudod. Sergeant Jefferson and Pri
vate St. Olalr of Troop B, Ninth cav
alry, aro nmong tho wounded.
A Spanish dohertcr caino to our Hues
this afternoon for food. Ho said.
"Tho Spaniards aro as good flgters as
tho Americans, and if wo haa food and
cignrcttos in abundance wo would fight
General Kont rccommonds tho fol
lowing ofllcers of his division for gal
lantry under flro: Mujor Sharp, Major
Phil Rcado, Oaptain MoAloxundor,
Lieutenant Cartwright, Liouteuaut
Johnson and Yoluutecr Aido-de-Camp
Mouroo, who was wounded nnd will be
recommended for a commission.
Shioxey, July 11, via Kingston, Ja
maica, July 13. Tho fleot lying off
Aguadors, threo miles cast of Morro
castlo, began tho bombardment of San
tiago on Sunday ufternoou and con
tinued it this morning. Notwithstand
ing tho fact that our ship3 had to flro
at uu oxtremo elevation, and nlthough
tho rango was nearly flvo miles, tho
aim was to accurato that mauy of tho
shells fell into tho city and sot flro to it
iu fonr places.
Ouo fchcll struck St. Michaol's church,
in which a quantity of powtlor and am
munition was stored, and blew it to
At about noon today General Shaftor
couunuuicatcd by signal with Rear Ad
miral Sampson, requesting the latter to
ccaso firing. Thou tho gonoral sent
Gouoral Whcolor into tho Spanish linos,
under a flag of truce, with a messago
to Goueral Toral, tho Spanish com
mander, reciting the fact that tho
American ships had given compfoto
demonstration that thoy could throw
shells into tho city nnd dostroyitat
will, that tho American troops had tho
city practicnlly sunounded and that
thero were ls,0C0 Spanish and Cuban
refugees starving to death at El Cuuoy
and also pointing out that our army
had no means of feeding them. Gen
eral Shafter then demanded tho un
conditional surrender of tho city and
couplod this demand with tho state
ment time unloss General Toral ac
ceded tho assault upon tho city, both
by laud aud bea forco, would bo re
uowed at ouco.
Soveral hours elapsed boforo any ro
ply was received irom Goueral Toral,
and thou ho sent a messago to General
Shafter to tho effect that tho matter
was of such great importance that ho
had boon obliged to rofer it to tho Mad
rid government and that ho would send
his linal answer as soon as ho could ro
coivo instructions from Madrid.
It was then lato in tho nf tornoon, and
Goueral Shaftor gavo orders to all the
troops to got as much rest as possiblo
and bo prepared to rcsumo tho attack at
auy moment. No other auswor had
been recolved from General Tornl up to
0 o'clock this oveuing.
Prayer Meeting For Soldier.
Oami No.vman M. Smith, Allianco,
O., July 13. Company F put in most
of yesterday in drilling and in study
ing tactics. Yostcrday afternoon tho
uou-commissloued ofllcers nttoudod a
school. Tho Christian Endeavor of this
city, assisted by tho choir of tho Pres
bytorian church, hold a prayor meeting
and song servico at the camp last even
ing. For Thanksgiving Services.
BALTisionu, July 13. Cardinal Gib
bons ha3 proparod a circular to bo read
in tho Roman Catholio churches Sun
day morning, which is intondod to carry
out tho suggestion mado by President
MoKinley in his proclamation for
thanksgiving sorvicos.
Schley's Niitlvo Town Celebrated.
Frederick, Md., July 13. An on
thnsiustio demonstration iu honor of
Commodoro Winfleld Scott Schloy nnd
his brilliant victory nt Santiago was
held in this city last night.
T'unerul ot l'UItor l'orter.
COLtjinius, July 13. Tho funoral of
Captalu, Stephen B. Porter, lato editor
of thoEvenlug Dispatch, occured yostcr
day afternoon at tho Eastwood Congre
gational church, sorvices bomg con
ducted by Rev, J. O. Jackson, Jr., D. D.
Thorowas an immenso coucourse of
peoplo present. Thero wero lloral de
signs in great profusion with numor
'ous remenibraiicbs fiom Steubeuvillo,
tho former homo of tho deceased. In
termcut was mado iu Groeulawn como
terv. Cuthollo Tutnl Ahstluenco Union.
Oi.uvr.LANi, July 13. Tho oponlng
sossioii ot tho twouty-soveuth annual
convention of tho Catholio Total Absti
nenco uniou of Ohio, which began hero
yestcrduy, was devoted ohiofly to ad
dresses of wolcomo, tho appointment of
vnriouB committcos und othor pioliiul-
nary matters. I'ontiuciai i-ign mass
was celebrated iu St. John's cathedral,
Rt. Rov, Bishop Ilorstman ofllclatiutr.
Scmt-Aimuul Sale,
D. Zollars & Oo.'s semi-annual salo of
Unlit dress (roods, lawns, etc.. will com
menco next week, Thursday. July Slat.
u, Yjuuxva si ou,
The Pennsylvania Company Is mat
lag nrraugementB to bold, a big picnic at
Rockhlll's park, ntur Alllaaee, on Aug.
mt 13. There will ba 3,000 peoplo thsra.
To Fight Until Sho Obtains
"Honorablo Peace,"
Dispatch From Madrid Oommunlcatod to
Fross by Spanish Embassy.
Deelareil In Washington That the First
l'roioal Must Come From the Span
ish Government, Kltlicr Directly or In
directly No Offer Mado by This Coun
try The Alleged Terms l'ropoiccl,
Eiunnntlng From Madrid, VellcTed to
U a Feeler,
Paius, July 13. Tho officials of th
Spanish embassy hero communiofttod to
tho pross last evening a dispatch from
Madrid, declaring it camo from an
aathorltativo source It sot forth in
substanco that although Spain was
"only fighting iu order to maintain her
right to ropol unjust oggrosslou," sho
will contlnuo tho strugglo "until sho
obtains an honorablo peaco, whatovor
sacrifices may bo, necessary to attain
this end."
Washington, July 13. Although tho
statoment has been repeated day after
day that no overtures havo yet been
mado to our government for peaco, it
may bear repetition onco moro in viow
of tho oxpross denial given at tho stato
department to so much of tho stories
emanating from European sourcos as
jcok to crcato tho impression that tho
Unitod States govornmout or any of its
roprosontativos so far has mado any
movo in this direction. Tho fact is as
it has bocn: Tho first overtures in tho
direction of peaco must como from
Spain, directly or indirectly.
Tho dispatch from Madrid detailing
tho sorics of allcgod peaco conditions
was looked upon as a "fcolor." It is
said that no such proposition has gono
from tho government. Tho nllogod
terms Spanish evacuation ot Cuba and
Porto Rico, $2-10,000,000 war indemnity
and rctontiou of tho Philippines uutil
tho indemnity is paid aro iu goueral
line with tho conjocturo afloat hero for
somo time, but officials never havo
given this coujecturo uny endorsement,
aud if tho Madrid dispatch is put for
ward as a "feeler" it has not proved
successful iu inducing tho authorities
to discloso their position on thoso terms
as n wholo or separately.
Tho Spanish cabinet crisis is lookod
upon by officials hero as likoly to bring
about a direct issuo on whether Spain1
will suo for peaco or continue tho war
to tho bitter end. The rotiring premier,
Sagasta, has been for war. Now that
he retires tho queen regent must tako
choioo botween a premier and cabinet
mororadtcal than Sagasta for war or
else a peace cabinet.
If for peaco tho negotiations aro ex
pected to tako form very soon. If for
war then tho peaco conjecturo will bo
summarily disposed of and at tho samo
time there willboassuranco of stubborn
Spanish resistance.
Tho departure of tho Frouch ambas
sador Monday evening takes out of
town for tho present every diplomntio
chief likely to bo interested in auy for
eign movomont connected with tho war.
It Is ISellered lie Keeps Toral From Sur-rcndorlug-JIe
Iteuuked Ccrvcra.
Washington, July 13. Tho impres
sion prevailod in oflloial circlos when
public business closed for tho day yes
terday that tho flag of truco sent in tho
Spanish lines at Santiago at 2 o'clock
Mouday afternoon was still flying, and
that negotiations contiuuod looking to a
surrender. Tho basis for thoso negotia
tions naturally could not be vory broad
in viow of the injunction the prosidont
laid upon Gonoral Shatter to accept
nothing loss than unconditional surren
der, but it is supposed that timo may bo
consumod through tho indulgeuco of
Goueral Shaftor in allowing the Span
ish commander tocommunicatobycable
with Captain General Blanco in tho ef
fort to obtain his assent to tho surren
der. Genoral Toral undoubtedly has bo
foro his eyes tho vindictive abuses
heaped upon tho nnfortunato naval
oommandor Cervcra for surrendering at
all, so that ho probably will bo boundt
by tho direction of Blanco in his own.
It is not genorally known that in re
sponse to tho manly and pathotio report
by cable to Blanco announcing the loss
of his squadron, Oorvora roceivod a most
harsh and unsympathetio reply, but
such is'the caso.
Blanco's purpose in this may have
bocn to dlssuado other Spanish com
mandors, military and naval, from but
rendering under any conditions, and in
tho caso of Toral it appears that ho has
mado a stroug impression. Neverthe
less, confidence waxes in the spoody fall
of Santiago, though many oflicors fear
that the nest will bo found empty and
tho birds flown when tho American
troops mako their entry into tho town.
A Stcuuior Captured.
Key West, July 13. Tho Bloop Wary,
flying tho British Gag, was brought in
hero yestorday as a prlzo of war. Sho
was captured about 110 miles from San
tiago do Cuba' whilo bouud from Ja
maica to Santa Cruz with n cargo of
provisions. It is thought her British
registry is a subterfuge to enable her to
land supplies in Cuba for tho starving
(lulcldo Due to Intoxication.
Huntinoto.v, W. Vn., July 13. At
torney Johu B. Laidloy of this city
committed suicido yesterday afternoon
by hanging hitusolf at tho city jail,
whero ho had boon committed whilo In
toxica todj u
Death of a Hough Itlder.
Akron, O., July 13. Nows was re
ceived iu Akron today of the death nt
Santiago of Theodoro Millor, sou ot
Hon. Lewis Millor, tho founder nud
presidout of Chautauqua assembly.
Vouug Millor was a graduate of Yale
aud was studying law, living at tho
homo of his brothoMn-law, Thomas A.
Edlsou, at Orange, N. J when the
war broke out. Ho enlisted in Roose
velt's rough ridors, whilo his twin
brother, Johu, wont into tho navy. It
is not known whether ho died from.,
wounds or disease.
Wright's Celery 'iv. ourws eonstip.
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