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Relief Force Was Not Adequate And
Chinese Destroyed Foreign Quarters.
Thought to be the Small Body of Marines
Under Command of Admiral Seymour.
Little Effort In the News Reports to Con
ceal Who Is Doing the Real Fighting.
Said That the Government Has at Last Decided That There Is No
Use In Sending a Small Force as an Actual State ot War
Exists The Situation Most Serious and All Nations
Acting In Concert Against the Chinese, Who
Are Well Armed With Guns Of
The Latest Design.
News-Democrat Leased Wire Service.
New York, Juno 23. An alarming
cable dispatch has just been received
In this city from Rev. Frederick E.
Brown, Methodist missionary at Tien
Tsln. The dispatch was dated Che Foo,
June 22, and Is as follows:
;i have Just got away from Tien Tsln
on a German gunboat. The city has
been bombarded for several days by the
Chinese. All the foreign part of Tien
Tsln has been destroyed. Lieutenant
Wright, of our navy, and 1B0 others of
the white residents, marines and sailors
sent up to our assistance aro killed or
wounded. The American consulate
building has been destroyed. Ammu
nition Is almost gone. The garrison Is
suffering terribly and needa Instant
Baron Von Ketteler, Who Was
Reported to Have Been Kill
ed Is Alive.
News-Democrat Leased Wire Servlr
Berlin, June 23. The Chinese minister
here has communicated to the German
foreign ofllce a cable from the viceroy
of Nan King, saying that he had been
Informed from Peking that the German
minister, Baron Von Ketteler, was alive.
Baron Von Kettellpr was Reported on
June 15 to have been killed at Peking.
Father of the Heir Apparent,
Personally Directing At
tack on Tien Tsin. ,
CNews-Democrat Leased Wire Service.
Shaghal, June 23. Of four torpedo
boats captured at Taku, Russia, En
gland, France and Germany have each
retained one. Prince Tuan, father of
the heir apparent, Is said to be person
ally directing the attack on Tien Tsln.
The Chinese have forty guns, all Krupp
quick flrers.
To Be Sent From This Country
and From the Philip
pines. CNews-Democrat Leased Wire Service.
Washington, Juno 23. This govern
ment has practically come to the conclu
sion that it was useless to think of deal
ing with the Chinese situation by send
ing another battalion ot Marines or a
regiment of land soldiers. Preparations
are going on looking to the dispatch ot
at least three brigade of soldiers, to
be collected both In this .country and In
the Philippine. "
General If oArthur u asked by cabls
bow much of his fore can be pared
for Immediate service. All the estimates,
heretofore submitted have been based
upon the assumption that the troops
might be needed to preserve the Integ
rity ot the Chinese empire and not to
perform police duty. There was no Idea
that the "Boxer" Insurrection would at
tain the proportion It has.
The officials are prepared to receive
almost any kind of news. While It Is
hoped no harm has come to Minister
Conger of any of the consular officers,
It would not surprise them to learn that
the American officials had suffered the
fato that has befallen foreigners not In
the service of their governments.
Believed to Be Fighting Their
Way Back to the
News-Democrat Leased Wire Servlco J
Taku, Juno 20. (Delayed.) Chinese
runners assert that a small white force
Is fighting Its way back to the coast,
forty miles west from Tien Tsln. It is
believed to be Admiral Seymour's force.
They Are to Prevent More Chi
nese Troops From Going
to the Front.
News-Democrat Leased Wire Service.
Taku, June 21. (Delayed.) Cossacks
have been landed at Pel Tal Ho and
Shan Sal for the purpose of preventing
Chinese troops In Man-Chul from
marching on Tien Tsln.
Supports the Theory That They
Intend to Defend
News-Democrot Leased Wire Service.
Shanghai, June 23. It Is reported here
on good authority that the Chinese In
tend to defend Klang Tin, Sliver Island,
and Wu Sung, (In the neighborhood of
Shanghai.) The movement of Chinese
troops from Soo Chow supports this
view. Many women and 'children are
leaving hero for Japan.
Reports That the Native City of
Tien Tsin Has Been
News-Democrat Leased Wire Service.
Che Foo, June 23. The French cruiser
Pascal, which left Tien Tsln on be night
of June 21, reports on the authority of
French railroad, engineers who got
through, that the native city of Tien
Tsln was completely destroyed by the
Chinese troops. The latter mounted
six Krupp fifteen centimeter guns bo
sides a number of smaller guns on the
city walls and with these had been bom
barding the foreign quarters since Juno
Will Not Be Held As a Hostage
News-Democrat Leased Wire Service.
Washington, Juno 23. It is stated
hero on the highest authority that Min
ister Wu, China's representative, will
not be held as a hostage for the safety
of American residents In his country
under any conditions. Should war be
declared by China, Minister Wu will
ask for his passports and will receive
Ambassador Choate Is to See
Lord' Salisbury and Talk
Matters Over.
News-Democrat Leased Wire Service.
London, June 23. Ambassador Choate
will have a special audience with Lord
Salisbury regarding the Chinese crisis
at 3:30 this afternoon.
Brussels, June 23. The Belgian min
ister at Peking telegraphs that all was
well at the European legations In Pek
ing on Thursday June 21, and that for
eigners would be able to hold their own
To Predominate In Asia, So the
Editorial Writers Are
News-Democrat Leased Wire Service.
London, June 23. The Vienna corre
spondent of the Dally Express Bays that
the Russian minister of the Interior, M.
Slpiagulne, has Issued the following In
structions for the guidance of newspa
pers In dealing with the far eastern
"First No reference to the movement
of Russian troops or warships.
"Second Papers must bear In mind
that the Czar Is actuated only by a de
sire to maintain the peace and good
will among the nations.
"Third No gossip about the differ
ences among the Powers that would be
displeasing to the government
"Fourth No criticism of Russian di
plomacy or of military or naval strat
egy. "Fifth Editorial writers should rec
ollect that Russia 1 predestined to pre
dominate In Asia.
"Sixth Comparisons may bo made be
tween Russian and foreign troops and
seamen when unfavorable to foreign
Did Excellent Work In the
Way of Sending Troops
To the Front.
News-Democrat Leased Wire Service.
Che Fu, June 23. Delayed. Comman
der Wise, of the U. S. gunboat Mon
ocacy, telegraphs per courier from
Taku, Wednesday afternoon, as fol
lows: "This morning 1 started fires In the
locomotives and got two field pieces
mounted on two cars which are now
leaving with 130 American marines and
400 Russians for Tien Tsln. When the
train gets as far as It can go, which
will probably bo half way to Tien Tsln,
the troops will press ahead on foot, and
the train will return here for reinforce
ments. Lack of firemen prevented my
sending other trains. I may bo attack
ed here tonight, but am confident that
I am able to look after myself. My
greatest concern Is to preserve the roll
ing stock as so much depends on the
railroads to hasten troops to Tien Tsln.
Several French1 officers who escaped
from Tien Tsln Tuesday night at 7:90,
state that the Chinese troops were then
attacking foreigners. They have modern
field' guns and when the officers left
were battering, the foreign strongholds.
The 'American consulate has been de
stroyed. Lieutenant Blue, ot the
American navy, sent a message to me
today, from Tien Tsin river, saying that
he had Just received a dispatch from the
British consulate at) Tien Tsln stating
that reinforcements were very urgently
needed. The casualties have been very
heavy and the supplies of ammunition
are Insufficient. Blue also says that
machine and field guns are needed. The
Russians at tho railroad station at
Tien Tsln are hard pressed.
The Chinese are continuing an Inces
sant fire with largo guns on European
concessions, nearly all of which havo
been destroyed. It Is rumored that
Lieuteinant Wright, of tho United
States marine corps, has been seriously
wounded. Lieutenant Blue warns the
relief column to beware of ambushes
Just outside of Tien Tsln."
What He Says Is Probably Late
But Has Just Been Made
News-Democrat! Leased Wire Service.
Washington, June 23. A dispatch
from Rear Admiral Kempff evidently
sent before the one reporting a fight
with the Chinese army near Tien Tsln
was made public at noon. Under date
of Cho Foo, Juno 23, he replies to a
query from the navy department that
foreign forces In Peking aro made up
of 30 Austrlans, 75 French, CO Germans,
79 British, 40 Italians, 23 Japanese, 75
Russians and D8 Americans. He says
further: "No news of the whereabouts
of the Peking relief expedition reported
by cablegram June 12. Japan expects
several thousand troops now due. No
news from Tien Tsln or Peking since
last reportsC"
So Situated That- They Are
Greater In Force Tlmn
Allied Fleet.
News-Democrat Leased Wire jfervlce.
Shanghai, Juno 23. (Evening.) the
five Chinese cruisers, Hel Shan, Hal
Tien, Sel Gang, Fu Chlng and Peng
Chi, which are anchored In position to
command the foreign settlements here,
have been ordered to leave, by the
British authorities, because of the un
easiness their presence causes. it is
felt that the Chinese warships would
be sure to Join -the We Sung forts In
an attack on Shanghai, and their com
bined strength Is much greater than the
allied fleet here. The latter consists of
the British cruiser Undaunted, British
sloop Daphne, the Japanese warship
Ohagl, the British surveying vessel
Water Witch and the American gun
boat Castlne. The Chinese are hard at
work at the Klang Nan arsenal near
American Government Wants
to Know Whether Imper
ials or Boxers.
News-Democrat Leased Wire Service.
Washington, June 23. The navy de
partment gave out the following this
"Acting Secretary Haekett has, this
morning, received a dispatch from Ad
miral Kempff, dated Clio Foo, June 23,
to the effect that our marines under
Major Waller, together with 400 Rus
sians, have had an engagement with the
Chinese army near Tien Tsln. They
could not break through the Chinese
lines, A force numbering 2,000, the ad
miral reports, Is now ready to make an
other attempt.
The- news Is most serious, for It adds
to the belief that the regular Chinese
troops are bombarding Tien Tsln and
this means open war.
The dispatch shows that the opposing
forces mustl be either In overwhelming
numbers or that It Is a well organized
body. Either horn of the dllema points
to the presence of Imperial troops.
Said an official of the state depart
ment this mnrnlnir! "It la mnt n
singular circumstance that out of 40 or
ou aispatcnes received rrom China we
have not been able to learn whether
It is tho ronrpspntntlvA trnnnn nt Phlnn
or a rabble of bigots, calling themselves
iioxers, that we have to light. After
all these days no one has sent an ln
tellltrent dlanatch on thla nnlnt. tlir. nn
most important, from our standpoint."
Personnel of Committee That
Will Come to Canton For
That Purpose.
Philadelphia, June 22. The committee
to notify the president was appointed
as follows, Senator Lodgo being made
Alabama, P. D. Baker. Arkansas,
Charles E. Green. California, W. M.
Garland. Colorado, D. H. Moffatt.
Connecticut, L. R. Pllnpton. Delaware,
I. F. AUIee. Florida, Joseph E. Lee.
Georgia, W. A. Pledger. Idaho, W. B.
Heyburn. Illinois, Frank O. Lowden.
Indiana, John D. Wildman. Iowa, C. E.
Albrook. Kansas, W. G. Holt. Ken
tucky, E. F. Franks. Louisiana, Jules
Godachaus. Maine, Walnwrlght Cush
Ing. Maryland, William F. Alrey. Mas
sachusetts, F. E. Huntress. Michigan,
Frank J. Hecker. Minnesota, Raw W.
Jones. Mississippi, Samuel P. Hurst.
Missouri, John B. Owens. Montana,
David E. Folson. Nebraska, O. A. Ab
bott. Nevada, R. L. Fulton. New
Hampshire, Frederick A. Palmer. New
Jersey, Leslie D. Ward. New York,
Frank S. Wltherbee. North Carolina,
W. A. Lombley. North Dakota, Fred
erick Lentz. Ohio, J. G. V. Butler, Jr.
Oregon, Henry E. Ankeny. Pennsyl
vania, L. C. Magee. Rhode Island, Jos.
C. Fletcher. South Carolina, E. H.
Deas. South Dakotn, C. B. Collins.
Tennessee, George D. Tillman. Texas,
J. G. Lowden. Utah, Thomas Kearns.
Vermont, W. N. Piatt. Virginia, J.
Hampton Hoge. Washington, Levi An
keny. West Virginia, W. W. Monroe.
Wisconsin, Walter Alexander. Wyom
ing, C. D. Clark. Alaska, W. D. Grant
Arizona, John W. Dorrlngton. Indian
Territory, P. L. Soper. New Mexico,
W. A. Otera. Oklahoma, W. J. French.
jjistrict or uoiumma, w. C. Chase.
Hawaii, S. Parker.
Says That Two Frauds, Civil
and Military, Were
Columbus, June 23. General John A.
Beatty, prominent Republican, as well
as a most successful banker, has made
a most forcible expression of his opin
ion of the Republican national platform
and nominees.
"What do I think of the platform?"
he said. "I think It Is made ud of a
lot of bald assumption, a sprinkling of
nypocrlsy and a good many falsehoods.
"I hope that the ticket will be de
feated. I will not vote the ticket. Mc-
Klnley Is a civil fraud and Roosevelt
Is a military fraud, and the ticket de
serves to be beaten. I don't know that
I shall vote for the other fellow, for it
does not strike me that I am compelled
to choose even the lesser of tho two
evils, but I must In fairness say that
my opinion of Bryan grows more and
more favorable . He Is beyond doubt
sincere and he Is certainly near to the
people. On the other hand, McKlnley Is
tne rich men's man, not a people's man.
"Hanna was the ruler the high cock
alorumof the convention. Now In
fact, Hanna Is an illiterate ass, a po
litical blunderer.
"He simply gets what he buys rather
what the manufacturers buy for him.
They furnish the money and he spends
It. The Philadelphia convention Is al
most wholly a convention of ofllce hold
ers and office seekers all willing to
get down on their knees for place. They
are simply looking for ofllce and Its
emoluments, not to the Interests of the
"What Is your opinion of the platform
declaration as to the foreign achieve
ments and policy of the administra
tion?" was asked.
"It is a lie. If we had an Englishman
In John Hay's place he could not and
would not have played more Into the
hands of England. I believe that his
son was sent to Pretoria to act as a Bpy
In England's behalf and that Macrum
lost his position because he would not
serve as a spy. He Is too decent a man
to serve In that capacity. The other
declarations as to our foreign achieve
ments and policy are mere buncombe
and misrepresentation."
Oberlin is Receiving and En
tertaining Many
Oberlin, O., June 23. Oberlin Is In fes
tive dress today, receiving her many
guests, who are coming to attend tho
college commencement exercises. The
business houses aro elaborately deco
rated and on quiet residence streets
bunting covers piazza railings and wln
dowsllls. The large tent Is decorated
Inside with flags ot college classes of
the past, the tent poles are wrapped
In the college colors, and the speakers'
stand Is banked with palms and ferns.
The seats of tho tent are arranged In
amphitheatre style.
German Editor Says McKinley
Ought to Be Beaten
With Ease.
Indianapolis, June 23. The German
Telegraph, of this city, which voices the
German Democracy of Indiana, has this
to say of McKlnley's renomlnatlon:
"The lack of strength of purpose and
character of which McKlnley was ac
cused before his election In 1S96, has
been amply proved during the three
years of his administration. He Is a
weaklng, who has presented to the
country the shameful spectacle of a
president without presidential power:
a president who subjected the Interests
of the people to the tender mercies of
one of the smoothest and most con
scienceless wire pullers the country has
ever been cursed with Boss Hanna.
Hannalsm has damaged McKlnley's
popularity to such an extent that he Is
today the weakest man of his party.
McKlnley Is a worthy representative
of the destructive policy of imperialism,
the robber trusts, and Is a devoted
slave of capital and its masters.
" To beat McKlnley should
not be a hard matter for a well organ
ized Democracy. There Is only
one breaker ahead the 16 to 1 question
In the platform of 1896. Let this point
be eliminated and there will be no doubt
of the glorious victory of Democracy In
November next.
Back to tho Bottom of tho Nine.
Carrollton Republican-Standard: Tho
Sallnevllle base ball club came over
Friday and In an uninteresting game of
seven Innings was defeated by tho home
team by a score of 51 to 1. The only re
deeming feature of the game was the
work ot McDowell, the delivery end of
the Carrollton battery, who struck out 20
men In seven Innings, never giving the
Sallnevllle boys a bit. .
Prominent Republican Organ
Discusses Naming of Cox.
That 1 Wliy Ue Wa. Selected Against tho
Wishes of the Itespectable Mem
bers of tlib Party In
Toledo, June 22. The Blade, tho lead
ing Republican paper of northwestern
Ohio, published a two-column picture
of Geo. B. Cox on Us editorial page, and
under the picture appears the follow
ing inscription: "George B. Cox, the
Cincinnati boss." In connection with
the picture and Mr. Cox, the Blade says:
"Yesterday the Ohio delegation to the
national Republican convention named
George B. Cox as memberoCthe national
committee from this state for tour
years. The vote Btood 29 for Cox and
17 against him. This action was taken
by the majority of the delegates to
fulfill apromlse said to have been made
by Hanna to Cox In return for the lat
ter handing over the votes of the
Hamilton county delegation In the last
convention to secure the nomination of
Governor Nash. One newspaper cor
respondentt elegraphs to his paper that
Cox's election was accomplished with
ease. As a matter of fact It was practi
cally a ratification ot the choice of the
party leaders of the Btate.
"This is entirely too mild a statement
of the case. It was simply the carry
ing out of a corrupt bargain made by
Senator Hanna In defiance of the will of
the best element of Republican voters
in Ohio. Here we have a very clear
Illustration of the evil of the boss
methods In politics. The position of
national committeemen from the great
common wealth of Ohio Is a high honor.
The man chosen should be one who has
the respect and confidence of the party.
Cox has neither. He Is a political thug,
a man who has made-politics a business,
his means of livelihood. His name is a
stench In the nostrils of every decent,
self-respecting voter In the state of
Ohio. Mr. Hanna has made a colossal
blunder In forcing the Republican party
of Ohio to pay his Individual political
debts. The voters of that party in Ohio
will have none of Cox in their party
affairs, and Mr. Hanna should know It.
His long domination of Hamilton county
Is a disgrace which they keenly resent.
They look forward to a day of reckoning
and It Is coming.
Site Received En Route to The
Hospital Cured Her Of
Cleveland, June 22. Cleveland's rough
pavements have proved better than the
skill of a surgeon, In a second case.
Mrs. O. P. Clay was a victim of appen
dicitis. During the early stages of her
Illness It was hoped that she might
be spared from the operating table. Her
condition became more serious with
time and her attending physician, Dr.
George D. Upson, finally concluded that
an operation would be necessary.
The patient was made as comfortable
as possible In an ambulance and taken
to a hospital. On arriving there Dr.
Upson noted a lemaikable change of
some kind In his patient. He could not
account for It, and made an examina
tion. Then Dr. Upson announced, to the
great surprise of all, that the opctatlon
need not be performed. Mrs. Clay, he
said, would soon be perfectly well. The
Jolting the patient hud received In being
moved to the hospital had Jarred out
the obstruction In the appendix.
One Trust That Will Have To
Figure the Thing All
Over Again.
Columbus, June 22. One trust has ,
been brought to time In this state. It
will be remembered that State Secre
tary Kinney refused a charter to the
American bridge trust because of a pro
vision that would hae enabled the trust
to purchase and manipulate the stocks
of other companies. In accordance with
an opinion rendered by Attorney Gen
eral Sheets sustaining State Secretary
Kinney, the bridge trust has amended
Its application for a charter in Ohio
by striking out the trust feature, which
would have enabled the trust to absorb
Ohio bridge companies, and a charter
will Issue.
Mark Hanna's coal trust, known as
the Pittsburg Coal Co., which sought
admission Into Ohio with exactly the
same grab-net In Its application for
charter, and which was rejected by
State Secretary Kinney, has not yet
conformed to the ruling of the secreta
ry of state and attorney general. As
any trust with which Senator Hanna Is
Identified Is probably "a good trust,"
within the meaning of the Republican
party's classification of trusts, It Is ex
pected that Hanna's coal trust will
commence mandamus proceedings
against Secretary Kinney, in which
event Attorney General Sheets will
probably receive a letter from Senator
Hana advising him that "no man In
public office owes the public anything,"
John Sherman Thinks the Re
publicans Haven't An
Easy Thing.
Mansfield, O., June 23. Ex-Secretarv
Sherman, In a conversation with friends
expressed himself as being well pleased
with the nomination of Gov. Roosevolt
for the vice presidency, although he
said there will be a hard flght ahead
wltU W. J. Brymn la the flekl.
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