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Professes to Believe That Every
thing Is Rosy For
They Declare Thut tho Kepubllcnns
Will Have to Work .Hard.
Itepobllcan Chalrmnn'a Visit Dad to Do
With That Formality Clrvtlaml
liankvr Sajri Plenty of Delega
tions Will Come To
Senator M. A. Hanna, chairman o
the Republican national committee,
was a Canton visitor Tuesday, as an
nounced in the News-Democrat. As
soon as he arrived he was driven to the
McKlnley home and was closeted with
President McKlnley for an hour. The
result of that conference was given out
to the newspapers after It had ended.
Mr. Hanna told what he came for. He
said that he and Col. Myron T. Herriuk
and Itittman, a Cleveland banker, had
come down for the purpose of seeing Mr.
McKlnley socially and Incidentally
talking over the little surprise party
that is to be held when the president
Is notified that he has again been chosen
to lead the Republican party in a cam
paign for president. It was a very deli
cate subject as Mr. McKlnley had to be
told all about it without having him
understand what it was all about, but
Mr. Hanna looked as if he had been
quite equal to the task and was in a Jolly
"The notification committee will meet
in Cleveland July 11," said he and will
take a special train for Canton, arriving
here about 11:30 o'clock. The commit
tee will proceed to President McKinley's
residence and there apprise him of its
mission. After the notification the com
mittee will separate and dissolve. At
the same time that President McKlnley
is being notified the commltteeappointed
to notify Governor Roosevelt of his
nomination for vice president will meet
In New York and proceed to Oyster Bay
where the governor will be formally no
tified. It Is a plan to have the notifica
tion speeches made simultaneously here
and at Oyster Bay."
Chairman Hanna was informed of a
late press dispatch that stated that Mr.
Bryan insisted on a specific declaration
for free silver at the ratio of 16 to 1 and
was asked what he thought the effect
on the campaign would be. He said:
"Now, what is the use in asking me
that question. You know as well as I
what the effect will be. The more they
say about 16 to 1 the greater will the
Republican chances for success be en
hanced." "What of the doubtful states, such as
New York, Indiana, Kentucky and the
like?" was aaked.
"You'll have to see Grosvenor about
that," said Hanna. He attends to the
figuring. The close states are his Job.
Citizen! of Canton will remember the
visit of the notification committee in
1896, headed by Senator Thurston, of
Nebraska, and will remember It as one
of the lmprenslve incidents of that re
markable campaign. The committee
came down from Cleveland as this one
will do. The Grand Army band had
been engaged and met the committee
at the Valley train. The Mlller-Blanch-ard
brake and a brake from Masslllon
was used to convey the party to the
McKlnley home, headed by the band.
There was a great crowd at the depot,
though this close proximity to national
politics was not entirely appreciated
by the people, who stood with open
mouths and watched the proceedings.
Chairman Hanna was little known. He
had been here a few times, but when
special business in connection with Mr.
McKinley's nomination was to be trans
acted Mr. McKlnley usually went to
Cleveland. So there was a desire on the
part of the people to see Hanna. He
got off the train and was not recognized.
By the time he got ready to get aboard
the brake there was but one seat left.
That was a front seat and in order to
reach it a circuitous route had to be
taken. The chairman, the man who
claimed he had made McKlnley, but
whom as a matter of fact, McKlnley had
made, was obliged to climb up about
the middle of the vehicle, work his way
along the brake rod, up over the wheel
and the back of the seat. He was too
fat to do It and had to be helped by the
members of the committee, while the
crowd laughed. Since that time Hanna
has come to Canton frequently and Is
quite well known.
This year there will be more elaborate
preparations for the notification com
mittee and there Is likely to bo more
-visitors than those pilgrims appointed
for this specific purpose. It is learned
that both the Grand Army and Thayer's
Military bands have been engaged for
f.he day, This is anticipated to mean
jhat there will be some delegations
thrown in by the national committee
in order to give the candidate a chance
io say what he wants to off-hand, wlth-
-f out waiting toi tender hie formal accept
1 ' aaM Utrouc&.a open, letter,' ft la the
A'1 (do Mt oC'Uw ReuWJ-
can candidate and campaign Is author
ity for the statement that It is not be
lieved by tho national chairman that
all Is plain sailing. He knows that Col.
Bryan Is going to make the campaign
of his life and he recalls how, four years
ago, when there didn't seem to be a
ghost of a show for aDcmocrat when the
St. Louis convention wai held, the Re
publicans got scared almost out of their
boots beforo the campaign was well
started. They wjre taken off their feet
then and It was only by a mighty and
much monled effort that the stampede
was avoided, though less than 25,000
votes, properly distributed, would have
elected Mr. Bryan. This year it Is in
tended to watch every move of the en
emy. Said this friend of the McKlnley
"There are to be no chances taken this
year. This question of expansion must
be presented to the people In the right
light or we are going to have trouble
carrying the election. The people are
having difficulty In understanding the
difference between expansion and im
perialism and I am frank to say we have
not made it very plain to them. Col.
Bryan and the Democratic orators, and
doubtless the platform, will make the
Issue plain and it will have to be met.
The people know that whatever the dec
laration of the Kansai City platform
about free silver at 16 to 1 or any other
ratio, free silver cannot be secured now
In the term of the next man who is
elected president. So it is not the issue
this fall, whatever may be said about
it. The public is going to listen to the
presentation of the issue that is the
most vital at the present time and ex
pansion and the trusts will be the Issues
discussed. And they will have to be
met. President McKlnley will have to
do some talking whether he wants to or
not. Of course Roosevelt, being a good
campaigner, helps the ticket and re
lieves McKlnley somewhat, but no man
In the party can say things Just as the
president can say them and ho will have
to do some talking. There will be plenty
of visitors In Canton before the cam
irtlgn ends."
Banker Rittman, of Cleveland, made
the same reference to the campaign,
when approached, as did this friend
of the family. He said that Mr. McKln
ley could not keep from making some
speches If he would. "There will be a
delegation here to see him," said he,
"and he will have to talk with them.
He can't get 'out of It."
So when the notification committee
comes there is a surface indication that
the occasion is going to be much larger
than in 1S96.
Another Couple of Cantonians
Begin the Journey Of
Life Together.
Mr. John Depplsh and Miss Laura
Weckman on Tuesday morning were
united in marriage nt St. John's Catholic
church by the Rev. Father McGulre.
The ceremoony took place In the pres
ence of a large company of friends and
after it was over the bridal party par
took of a wedding breakfast at the
home of the bride's parents 1406 'W. Tus
carawas street. Miss Bertha Weckman,
a sister of the bride, officiated as brides
maid and Mr. Charles Maltin was best
man. After the breakfast the bride
and groom took the 12:01 train for a
honeymoon trip to Buffalo and Niagara
They will return Sunday and will re
side at 1810 West Third street, where
they have fitted up a neat home. Mr.
Deppich resided at 1101 West South
street and Is engaged in the meat mar
ket business. Miss Weckman has been
employed at the Pearl laundry.
Serious Result of an Accident
Which Occured Months Ago
At Sparta.
Willie Yant. a vounir lad xvhn hn,1 nno
of his eyes Injured several months ago
ai eparia, nau tne injured optic re
moved Monday, by Dr. H. M. Schuf
fell, of this city. At the time of the
accident it was thought that the optic
might be saved, but it appears to have
grown, worse lately, requiring its re
moval. The operation was performed
in this city.
County Dills Allowed. .
Anson Itosenburg, land appraiser,
Sugar Creek township, $199.40.
J. K, Eschllman. land nnnrnlRpr I.sw.
rence township, f20G.
Wm. H. Young, land appraiser, Pike
township, 1196.76.
II. J. Erb, repairing house, Lydla
Shorb, $24.39.
News-Democrat, notices, $13.90.
E. F. Schralshuhn, witness fee, $1.
Itobert Clarke Co., law books for the
county, $102.25.
Julius Hug, burial of poor, $35.
C.JB. Wires, tvoowriter rlhhnnn. 1.r.n
Nlmishillen townshlD trustees, erart.
Ing road, $100.
Mirhael Wagner, sheep claim, $141.80.
Case Heirs Appeal.
Cleveland Leader: United States
District Atorney John J. Sullivan yes
terday held a conference with Judge
W. It. Day, of the United States circuit
court in reference to the Case heirs case
involving the title pf the proposed site
for the new government building. Mr.
Sullivan Is ejcjrem'ely Anxious to have
the controversy, "which Is now awaiting
the decision nf 'tho TTnlfoA aint Ai-
CUlt COUrt Of ODDeals. dlsnoeerl nf nt tho
earliest possible moment, so that the
i uuiuiuii urn, o ut-Kun ai once.
Mr. Sullivan has already besought
Judge Horace H. JLjirtofl,, .--presiding
Judge of the court, to admit the case on
July J3, Judg Lurton was' of' the
opinion that It wouW be impossible.
i'lp "-OZ 26s f 5 II III j I
yaZfcr;rucA,s , '7 "W III I
Ffex rs rSgg i i i
M Bracts ffllWu
l) fcEH
JjyJLata Zippert rM
rf fi 30 a A
M eS
BT n r- ,- - AULTMAN t a rt
I'lf i.ii.i-.fc'j i rr njfixi I Ixixixl IxIxl I Ixl x 1 BE y
j)a ZaekvaitcAschep J i 888Si8!fi8i88 S8283W?SIS$ Jf&
') 2UGa. F'' j rll MM III Mill I III iJAJyn I 1 1 I J r T
(' ' ' 'lvT1lxl I x ixlxWtM 1X1 s;KLPI?5l I I LLI ChA I LI I
ZIi FH sl 8Sj8JSgsi8S f3ffS88SS3 ftMlllll
' -2 ) ) i m ii i ' i rn 1 1 1 i i 'iv i e r i i js vrriM I I 1 1
zv - 1 Uo Wl n ri CLP cl ,
-i?0 3?s I r5-J I sis IfllxJxJJW'IgBP I" m L I 1512 sfl I x xyi ixixixix
"5-Sz!SH'ciDrrr'Lk'i 1 1 1 uii yfx 1 iii 111 1 1 1 1 11 w i
i -??'y-s:-J-2- J-rVi 1 j 1 .' J LuyLLLLLl I I I I I I l I I I IT1 I jj,
uWNpS u -iZLJUI ix'SxiSl I 5 jxj ixx I ixixl Ixlln'llyixlxlylxlxl0! 1 41 I I II I I I I '
1 - O 4 Ak"-'7V .in W jir j IWS "' ------ - m - -i n " "i "1 " i "i i 1 .. 0 vi Wl tfj ) fl 1 r, Ifl V TjW.nOlOO''i'l'0'"iri
jr o &i?rs--:ilL iii iuji i i i i i i i i i i i t ivi i i i i v i
&'?7rt&&&i I i iL-uiHT7if?. , , AVE I
A, L" S5W1S IsljkldsUMal-l-JsN-l CAKWNAttdABLEl I J
llie undersigned, Executor of John J. Trump, deceased, offers at private sale about
"Crystal Park" Addition to Canton, 0.
Said lots adjoin the city on the northeast. In size they are from 40 to 50 feet front by 150 feet deep.
The Street Railway line runs to Belden Avenue, which avenue is the west boundary of said Addition.
"Crystal Park' has the advantage of two large school buildings where, under the supervision of the Superin
tendent of schools, the various branches are taught.
Two of the best shops in Canton are located on the south side of "Crystal Park," viz: "The Harvard Co " and
"Canton Malleable Iron Co.," with the Berger Shop and the Canton Bridge Co. in close proximity on the sputh.
A lot of shade trees have already been planted over five years ago on a number of the streets in said addition.
The Present Taxes on Said Lots Average 48 Cents Annually.
The Prices on the Lots Being from $60.00 up to
The undersigned can always be seen during business hours at the office of Lvnoh &
information is desired, it will
van sought Judge Day, and was assur
ed by the Judge that he would make
strenuous efforts to have the case plac
ed on hearing on the date mentioned.
Probate Court.
John J. Lutz has been appointed ad
ministrator of the estate of Simon P.
Wlllaman of Jackson township.
Martin Senn has been appointed ad
ministrator of Samuel Senn of Alli
ance. In the assignment of John Dlehl of
Alliance the assignor has been given
an allowance In lieu of a homestead.
The guardian of Urban Wernet of
Canton has filed his final account.
The guardian of Wlnfleld Hensel of
Perry township has been ordered to ap
praise the lands of his ward.
The 'will of John W. Poorman of
Tuscarawas township has been probat
ed and the widow elect t. take under
the will.
Application to probate the wU of
Mary Condon of Alliance has been
In the' estate of Washington McKln
ney of Pike township a final dividend
of 27 per cent has been ordered.,
X son of, Phil Bernower, of North
Cleveland avenue, fired a revolve? Wed
nesday and badly lacerated the smaH
flng r of, hie left hand. Dr. H. M.
BeJHiftell rered .MirftealaJd. .
Bg-btr r
i x x MyTx jcx
, J 1 M III I'
in 1111 I!!!! 11 1 I
'jjxll Ixlxxlxl xx I I
Q6 x ? S2cSSSa? 8
oy XI I I I T 1
teo II j?Cx 11 1 I I
iet " "" ""
BS XX x lx
Vfxll I I I II I II II
27 I I I I I I I
Xj j J
on Installments, with Liberal Discount for
be cheerfully furnished.
Five People Burned to Death
In Tenement House Fire.
The Fire Broke Oat Early Thin Hornlug
While the Vanillic Were Ailccp
The Financial Lou Is
About la.OOO.
NowB-Democrat Leased Wire Service.
New Yorki July 3. Hoboken had an
other fire horror today. Twelve people
lost their lives. Eight bodies have been
fdentlfled. The other four are bo badly
charred that Identification is difficult.
Five members of one family named
Wlnkleman perished. All were children.
The mother, Mrs. Maggie Wlnkleman,
made a desperate effort to save her lit
tle one She succeeded, la rescuing
only the 'youngee t child, fourteen
month fMp'Sbe vu severely burned
and Jubmm freui a window to save her
lift. ' A .
-The dead arepFed, Cbarlee,
xx M-!-!! 111
8 35 &$488qS5 8 c
xxx .xxx T"
I I I ' r I j I I
x x x I xIa I I
Ml IXlXl XX Ma
W 131
133 X
i8 J
Edith and William Wlnkleman. Jacob
Mlchaus, August Bachman and August
Bender. Four unidentified bodies.
Fire broke .out at 2:30 a. m. Mem
bers of the families occupying the house
were all asleep, except Mrs. Wlnkle
man, who had arisen to prepare her
husband's breakfast. Mrs. WJnkleman
roused the sleeping Inmates by her
shrieks and made heroic efforts to save
her children who were Hleeplng In the
She Is sure she saw a man sneak out
of the hall a few minutes before the
Are iras discovered, Investigation by
the police resulted later In the arrest of
Henry Vogt, a saloonkeeper, on suspi
cion that ho (Is the Incendiary. The
building burned llko timber and was
soon In ruins. One of the unidentified
dead is believed to be a Mrs. Brown,
a tenant, who Is missing.
A Kindly Thought.
Philadelphia Times; Jt was a very
kindly thought of the minister who
preached In the Canton church which
Mr. McKlnley attended last1 Sunday to
make his sermon a glorification of the
beauties of expansion. TJie president
made a gopdly contribution when the
plate ;wae pawed around,;,. , j
V.Jjy. v.-
111 11 I M
5 2 s a s a s k s a
a sJTI I I I i
A v
Xll Ixbclx JC I M I
" ? f " "i i
$150, will be sold
Dav. wl. if n fnrriim
Stark County Man and Carrol
Co'nnty Woman Join
Lisbon, July 3. A marriage license
was granted to Wm. Qutchell, of Mag
nolia, nnd Cora Tarbot, of WeBt town
ship, this county, and they were mar
ried. This Is the second time that
these people have married each other
within the past two years.
Several years ago Qutchell married
another woman with whom he dldi
not get along well. Ho left her and
she applied for a divorce. He was In
the Spanish war in 1898, and upon
his return blnir informed thnt th
i divorce had been granted, he mar
ried Miss Tarbot. Last winter him
first wife was burned to death lni
Pittsburg, when It became known
that She and Mr. Qutchnlt hnil nnwr
been actually divorced, owing to ov
legal technicality. Gutehell was ar
rested on the charge of bigamy, but
the recent grand Jury failed to Indict
him, there being no wrongful Intent. i
To make matters iiire they have been. A
Harry Lelea, and" Harry Brumpter, or
Wooeter, are the guest of Mr. Lelea sis
ter. Mrs. William Btelkx- .t fcV-vi...
-. .-- .""- : i.., j
.itift ',.' i" :

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