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Feople Believe That the Worst
Has Happened to the
But the People Seem to Have Little
Confidence In the Report.
ntilnABA riwAal Annratlv lint. CTmva Tlrlvn
i ) V Hack by the Allied Forces-Mission
Destroyed' Bat Missionaries
8aTed-The Moth Ed
News-Democrat Leased Wire Servlua.
London, July 9. News' concerning the
situation at Peking continues to arrive,
but It la generally regarded with pa
thetic hopelessness. Admiral Bruce tel
egraphed the admiralty today, from
Taku, that there was' ground for hop
ing that Prince Chlng with his army In
Peking Is protecting the legations
against Tuan, and his antl-forcign army
of Imperial troops and Boxers.
Berlin, July 9. The governor of Tsln
Tau cables the German foreign office
that several German Catholic missions
and one American mission In Shong
tung have been destroyed. The mis
sionaries, however, were saved.
Tien Tsln, July 6. (Delayed.) The
Chinese attacked the foreign troops at
4 a. m. with twelve guns. The allied
forces replied using the guns of the
British Cruiser Terrible. Afterward a
force of 1,000 foreign troops marched to
attack the Chinese under cover of naval
and field artillery. By 1 p. m. the Chi
nese were compelled to retire. The fire
of the Chinese was accurate.
Che Foo, July 9. The U. S. transport
Logan from Manila with the Ninth in
fantry passed here Friday en route to
Shanghai, July 8. (Delayed.) It is
reported that Prince Tuan has ordered
four generals, Tung Fu Nang, Sung
Chiang, Nan and Nleh, to oppose the ad
vance of any column sent from Tien
Tsln to Peking.
Chinese Organization Found In
the Heart of the
News-Democrat Leased Wire Service.
New York, July 9. A Chinese organi
zation uflHlated with the Boxers has
been found in Chinatown. The secret
society Is known as the "Great Knife,"
' and Is connected with the Hunt; League
which threatened to overturn the Man
chu dynasty. Branches of thld society
are said to exist In several cities in
this country.
Sniil in li TmSifnrA TTW TVwvrifi
'V If Brvan Is
News-Democrat Leased Wire Service.
Lincoln, Neb., July 9. It Is said that
Towne's withdrawal from the Populist
ticket will be given out at Duluth, July
21. It Is already being said here that
If Bryan is elected Towne will be his
secretary of the treasury.
News-Democrat Leased Wire Service.
Liverpool, July 9. Fire broke out late
Sunday afternoon on the Elder-Dempster
docks here and caused great alarm
became of the recent terrible confla
grtlon In Hoboken, N. J. The steamers
Beguela and Bonny Oreon caught fife
but were towed to places of safety after
being serlousy damaged. The shed
adjoining the docks was still ablaze.
The loss will probably be between 40,000
pounds and 60,000 pounds sterling.
News-Democrat Leased Wire Service.
Berlin, July 9. Prof. Max Kroner, the
well known painter, is dead.
INews-Dfmocrat Leased Wlrq Service.
Dayton, July 9. Mrs. WH"am Lock
ard, whcrretfdes In the rear otao Plum
street, was assaulted and battered with
a shower of eggs at an early, haw this
morning by Ave women, supposed to be
sympathizers of union cigar makers,
and who ore out on strike. Mrs. Lock-
ard works In a local factory and Is not a
member of the union. Mrs. Lockard
was stained with eggs from head to foot.
She recognized two of her assailants
and will have them arrested.
And Tangled Wreckage Tells
the Tale ot a Tragedy
at Sea.
News-Democrat Leased Wire Service.
New York, July 9. Somewhere along
the Long Island coast during the hur
ricane Saturday a vessel went ashore
and was battered to pieces. Incoming
vessels report sighting a mass of tan
gled wreckage off Lonk Island shore,
while bobbing among It were a number
of bodies of drowned sailors. There was
nothing on their clothing to Indicate
who they were or the name of the Ill
fated ship. The place they were found
being on the danger shoals between
Shlnnecock and Southampton, L. I.
There Will he Only Democrats
and Republicans.
Or McKlnley and the Empire Will He the
Issue, as Defined by Congressman
Baiter, of New
News-Democrat Leased Wl;e Service.
Lincoln, Neb., July 9. Congressman
Sulzer, of New York, handed your cor
respondent the following statement,
this morning:
"There will be no bolting-Democrats
In this campaign. Every man will be
either a Democrat or a Republican.
Every man will be either for Bryan
and the republic, or for McKlnley and
the empire. (Signed),
Sulzer said he considered the ticket
a strong one and that it would carry
New York.
"We are united and harmonious," he
said, "and will make the greatest fight
In the history of the party."
Note He Gave Was of the Ac
commodation Kind.
That la What the Jnrv Says In Answer to
Questions Propounded Is Re
lieved of AH
News-Democrat Leased Wire Service.
Lisbon, July 9. The jury, on Satur
day evening, In the case of Receiver
Laylln against R. W. Tayler, required
less than three hours for their deliber
ation, when they returned a ve.dict for
Mr. Tayler. By this finding he Is re
lieved of all liability on the 4450 note
sued on, and by Bpeclal finding of the
Jury In the case a number of questions
submitted to them the statement was
made that they were unanimously
agreed that the note signed by Tayler
was an accomodation note, for which
he received no consideration and in the
proceeding of which he had no Interest.
The following questions were submitted
by the attorneys for the prosecution,
together with blank verdict, and were
answered as follows:
Q. "Did N. B. BUUngsley pay to said
bank about the time of Its maturity
said note said to have been given
November 25, 1895?"
A. "We do not find that he did."
Q. "Was the noto sued upon in this
case and marked 'Exhibit A' altered in
any way after its execution and de
A. "We find that It was."
Q. "If so In what way and by whom?"
A. "By changing, the date from 1S93
to 1896. By whom we know not."
There were four questions submitted
to the Jury originally. The Jury re
turned answers to all four of them but
after the verdict was returned and
read the counsel for the defense raised
an objection to one of the questions.
The court ordered this question and
the answer stricken from the recoid In
the case and It does not appear In the
verdict. The question and answer
which were stricken out are as fol
lows: Q. "Did N. B. BUUngsley or the de
fendant at any time pay the note sued
upon In this case?"
A. "We do not find that they did."
The answers were signed by the
foreman of the jury.
May Take Place Tomorrow In
St. Louis Because of
News-Democrat Leased Wire Service.
St. Louts, July 9. St. Louis may suiter
from a street car strike" again tomorrow.
Dissatisfaction Is rife among the em
ployes and the fight, which was adjusted
July 2, appears to be about to break cut
again. The agreement of that date pro
vided that vacancies should be f.llcd
from the list: of strikers. At an enthu
siastic meeting of 2,000 strikers today
It was announced that the company was
not abiding by the agreement, and Or
ganizer Bryan and Chairman Edwards
urged the reopening of hoslllltlrr. Just
as the vote was to be taken the company
sent word that It had a message foe the
men, and action was tempoiarlly .le-ferred.
Both Legs Crushed.
Martcl, July 9. James Logan, one
of the Eric railroad's oldest employes,
had both legs crushed this morning,
here, by the overturning of his engine.
News-Democrat Leased Wire Service.
City of Mexico, July 9. President Diaz
practically swept the country In th5
election!) and this morning was re-
fleeter president by the electoral col
He Goes to Albany But Will Bo
At Oyster Bay
News-Democrat Leased Wire Service.
Oyster Bay, July 9. Governor Roose
velt left this morning for Albany, where
he will put In two days ntMndlns; ar
rears of routine work, retuirnn:; lieic
Wednesday evening. Thur.sd.iy Is noll-
flcatlon day. On Friday the gjveruor
lays the corner stone of (lie Nassau
county court house at Mlneolfe. Sunday
ho leaves for St. Paul, MU'i , vh"re
he Is to be the guest of the Republican
national Jeague.
Claim That the Ministers Have
Not Been Murdered.
Remaining Legations Were Hard Pressed
When Last Heard From Some
Details From the Situa
tion. News-Democrat Leased Wire Service.
London, July 9. The foreign con
suls at Shanghai met on July 7 and offi
cially announced that the legations at
Peking were safe on July i. The forego
ing statement, read with Consul War
ren's dispatch to the foreign ofllco on
Saturday, makes It possible to believe
that the legations will hold out for a
number of days yet.
Having fought to a standstill the first
outbursts of fanatical fury, Is Is be
lievable that something may Intervene
to save them. The news, after the
sinister rumors of the last ten days,
Is enough upon which to build up hopes.
Tien Tsln 1b still hard pressed. A Chi
nese force numbering from 80,000 to
100,000 men, as estimated by inconclusive
reconnoUsances, floods the country
round about Tien Tain, communication
between which place and Taku Is appa
rently possible by river only.
London, July 9.-3 a. m. The Shang
hai correspondent of the Express, tele
grapmng on sunuay at 5: 10 p. m.,
throws doubt upon Consul'Warren's in
formation. He says:
Taotla Sheng now admits that there
was an error In his communication to
Gen. Warren. The date of the courier's
arrival at Che Foo was July 3, which
does not apply to his departure from
Peking. The Journey from Peking to
Che Foo occupies Ave days. The cour
ier, therefore, could not have left Pek
ing later than June 28. The date of the
massacre there, as given by Chinese re
ports, was June 30 or July 1."
Brussels, July 9. A dispatch from
Shanghai received here eays that, ac
cording to a high Chinese official, the
two legations which were still holding
out on July 3 were the object of Inces
sant attacks. There had been some
losses among the troops guarding the
legations, but the diplomatists were
Baseball Thrown Recklessly
,. Strikes a Child In the
Face, Saturday.
Tho nine montns old child of Henry
Et&ner, of Maple avenue, was seriously
Injured Saturday afternoon while Mr.
Essner and his wife were driving down
East Fifth street near Church street
Some lads were engaged In playing
base ball,, and the ball was thrown in a
reckless manner by one of them, strik
ing the child In the face and causing a
painful bruise. The matter haa been
reported to tho police and an Investiga
tion Is beng made as to the guilty
A great reduction In strawhats at The
New Globe Clothing House, ,
- . -
A Big Meeting to Be Held at
William J. Bryan's
Home City.
Will Be Among the Speakers For the
Oicnsion and Bryan Will Speak,
Cannot lie Itegarded as the Commence.
nieut of the Campaign That Will
Come Abont the First of
Augnst Assault to He
Made on New York.
News-Democrat Leased Wire Service.
Lincoln, Neb., July 9. A large ratifi
cation meeting will be held here tomor
row. The speakers In addition to Mr.
Bryan will be Adlal Stevenson, nominee
for vice-president; Chas. A. Towne,
and George Fred Williams. Bryan's
utterances will not be regarded as the
opening slogan of the campaign. That
will come later.
The national committee says the
heaviest assault will be made on New
York and the states of the middle west.
Lincoln, Neb., July 9. The leaders of
the national committee arrived here
last night to confer with Bryan rela
tive to the management of the cam
paign. Those who came were: Senator
Jones, of Arkansas; Chairman William
J. Stone, Missouri; Daniel J. Campau,
Michigan; J. G. Johnson, Kansas; Geo.
Fred Williams, Massachusetts;
Josephus Daniels, North Carolina.
They all declare that a special plank
favoring an Income tax was left out of
the Kansas City platform by accident
in the rush of preparing the document.
Anbther story Is to the effect that this
plank had displeased Hill and for this
reason was omitted.
The Democratic committee have faith
In their ability to Induce the Populists
to allow Towne to withdraw from their
ticket and endorse Stevenson for vice
president. Chicago will be the headquirters of
the Democratic national committee.
This is the prevailing sentiment of the
members as well as of Bryan. Branch
headquarters will be established either
In New York or Washington. Willis
Abbott will continue in charge of the
press bureau operating from Chicago.
The Democratic campaign will prob
ably bo opened about August 1. Madi
son Square Garden, New York, Is the
place now suggested.
Her Repairs Will Be Under the
Supervision ot Constructor
News-Dmoorat Leased Wire Service.
Washington, July 9. The navy de
partment learns, this morning, that the
Oregon Is now at Che Foo whence she
will leave for Kure, Japan, July 10 to
12. Her repairs may be made under
tho supervision of Naval Constructor
Hobson, provided his health permits
him to leave Yokohama. Following Is
the text of the cablegram received from
Commader Rodgers:
"Che Foo, July 8. To the Secretary
of the Navy at Washington. Oregon
starts for Kure dock yards about the
10th or 12th, stopping en route If weather
Is bad. All well on board the Oregon.
Signed, RODGERS."
Chinese Make a Gain and Are
Fortifying Native
Tien Tsin.
News-Democrat Leased Wire Service.
London, July 9. A dispatch from Che
Foo says that the American consul has
received a communication from Taku,
under date of Thursday, saying that
10,000 Chinese under General Nleh ap
peared outBlde of Tien Tsln on Wednes
day and re-occupled the east arsenal.
The Chinese are fortifying the native
city of Tien Tsln. The christians at
Chin Fu ht.ve been called to renounce
their faith.
The French consul reports that tho
Chlng Chou Fu orphanage has been
pillaged. An Inflammatory placard was
posted In the Che Foo native city last
The United States cruiser Brooklyn,
Admiral Remey, called at Che Foo from
Nagasaki and proceeded to Taku, Three
hundred and CO marines Intended land
ing Sunday morning. Hsu Tung, the
most determined hnter of foreigners in
Peking, and tutor of the heir apparent,
has been murdered with his whole
household of 300 persons while resist
ing Boxer pillagers.
The dispatch from Tien Tsln telling
of the repulse of Chinese there on Fri
day last, is assuring, although there is
small question that the fiosltlon ot the
foreign troops at Tien Tsln Is serious.
Between 60,000 and 100,000 Chinese
troops are near the city. They are
reported to have re-occupled the
arsenal north of Tien Tsln on July 4. A
Shanghai dispatch saying that a com
bined force of Russian and Japanese
left Tien Tsln following the railroad to
Langfang and thence swept westward,
attacking the Chinese and killing 1,000
of them Is believed to be a garbled ac
count of some fighting In the city. It
Is not probable that foreign troops are
In sufficient strength to make a sortie.
Russian and Japanese troops are being
landed dally at Taku and It is thought
that within ten days the allies will have
50,000 men aBhore.
Boers Stood and Fought For
Some Time on the Flank.
First Fight He Has Said Anything About
For Some TlmeOdlccrs and Men
On the Hrltlsh Side
News-Democrat Leased Wire Service.
London, July 9. Lord Roberts tele
graphs from Pretoria, under date ot
July 8, that President Stcyn left Bethle
hem the night of July 4, for Fourles
burg, on the Basutoland border, with
Christian DeWet several other com
manders and 3,000 men. General Mahon,
on July 5, drove out 3,000 Boers with six
guns, who were menacing his right
flank. The British casualltles were
four officers and twenty- three men
wounded and two missing.
The Boers attacked the British gar
rison at Rustenburg, west of Pretoria,
July 7, but were repulsed with heavy
Are Being Tried in Georgetown
Before a Big Crowd.
To See If They Dad Concealed Weapons
Abont Their Persons Work of
Securing a Jury Is Pro
gressing. News-Democrat Leased Wire Service.
Georgetown, Ky., July 9. The trial of
the men accused of Goebel's assassina
tion, which was brought here on a
change of venue from Frankfort, filled
the town with people, this morning.
Two deputies, who stood at the head of
the staircase and nenrchtd everyone
who entered the court room for con
cealed weapons, was evidence that Ken
tucky's etiquette was to be observed.
When Judge Cantrlll asked Sheriff
Shult to call the court to order shortly
before 10 o'clock, the room was well
filled. At Judge Cantrlll's left sat
Col. David R. Murray. The case of
Henry Youti-ley was the first set for
trial, and after reading the docket of
last term, and swearing in deputies,
the work of impaneling the Jury began.
Although Youtsey's case was the first
on the docket the case of Caleb Powers
was called first. After calling 97 wit
nesses the prosecution moved that Prof.
James Stevens be ordered to bring In
to court a letter received by him from
Caleb Powers some time in February,
stating In substance that the present
disorganized condition of the Demo
cratic party was due to him (Powers)
more than anyone else. Only about
one-fifth of the witnesses called re
sponded and the court announced re
cess until 2:30 to allow the defense to
prepare a list of witnesses.
A Pretty Kitchen Experiment.
Dissolve a teaspoonful of pure cream
of tartar baking powder In half a glass
of cold water nnd there Is a liquid
charged with carbolic acid gas, nijd the
gas, having nothing to retain It, passes
oft in bubbles like the foam of n lively
Mix a tablespoonful of tlie same now-
der with the same quantity of flour.
pour It Into a half a glassful of cold
water, and stir un aulckly. The car
bonic acid gas liberated Is then prevented
irom rnpiu escape Dy the Hour, and the
mixture rises, looming ana creamy, like
yeast, over the ton of tho class. This
effect has been produced by adulterating
me uuiung powuer, malting- it half Hour,
and may be rendered still more marked
by tho addition of a little albumen. The
great show of creamy foam In a baking
powder Is proof not only of adulteration
but Inferior strength.
"Things are seldom what they seem;
Skim milk masquerades as. cream."
Burglary Reported.
C. C. Ellison, residing at 1023 West
Fourth street, reported to the police
Monday morning that a window screen
was removed from a window at hip
residence Sunday night, and an en
trance effected by unknown partle?, A
gold and silver watch and some table
knives, forks nnd spoons are missing.
There Is no clue to the guilty parties.
BererWill Recover.
Henry Berer, the young Masslllon
man Injured by an electrlo car on July
4th, has greatly Improved at the Ault
man hospital, and Dr. Fraunfelter, the
attending physician, Btates that he will
.recover. , Ul.
Leo Daniels, a Little Newsboy,
Dies From That Dread
By the Explosion of a Blank Cartridge
In u Companion's Toy Pistol.
lint the Disease Ilad Itenched Such a State
That the Treatment Was of No Avail
No Attention Was Paid to the
Injuries Until Saturday When
the Lad Ilccame Very 111.
Leo. E. Daniels, tho little newsboy
who was Injured by the explosion of a
blank cartridge died at the residence of
his parents. No. 525 South Harrison
avenue, Sunday night.
The funeral service will be held at St.
John's Catholic church at 8:30 o'clock
Wednesday morning, Rev. Father Mc
Gulre will officiate. The Interment will
take place In the church cemetery.
Nine days ago, Leo Daniels, a 12 year
old son of John Daniels, living on SmUi
Harrison avenue, was Injured on the
hand by the explosion of
a blank cartridge in a toy pistol In t3e
hands of a companion. No particular
danger was anticipated from the wound
at the time, but a few days ago It began
to Inflame and rapidly grew worse,
symptoms of blood poisoning develop
ing. The lad became so 111 and suffer
ed so Intensely that Saturday evening
Dr. Calhoun was called and he discov
ered symptoms of lock-Jaw. The symp
toms rapidly developed and Sunday the
rigor of the muscles of the throat and
Jaws was marked and later In the day
the disease reached the convulsive
stage. Dr. Morrow was called In con
sultation and they commenced using
the new serum treatment, which Is pre
pared by the same method as antl-tox-lne
for diphtheria. The treatment mod
ified the convulsions, It Is thought, but
the lad was still In a critical condition.
This new treatment for lock-jaw, or
tetanus, as It Is known by the medical
profession, has been marked with some
success, but cannot be depended upon
as yet to save a very large per cent of
those afflicted.
That Proved Disastrous to the
Yonng Man Taking the
William Yost, the law student reading
with Wann and Bow, went to Minerva
Saturday. In the evening the boys
went up to the O. R. & L. E. railroad
bridge over the creek for a swim. Yost
Is a star diver and he proceeded to
show the lads how It was done. He
went up to the top of the bridge, made
a great plunge Into the air and shot
down through twenty feet of atmos
phere to the water. When he struck the
water he kept on going through twelve
feet of water and still was not satisfied
to stop. He tried to go farther but some
rocks In the bottom stopped the pro
gress nnd sent him back to the top with
a bad scalp' wound and broken collar
bone. He was able to get out all right
but will be sore for some time.
An Aged Resident of Stark
County, Dies at His
Daughter's Home.
Jacob Troutner, aged 80 years, died
at the home of his son-in-law, C. C
Bowman, of 1832 East Ninth street, o
a. complication of diseases superinduced
by old age. Mr. Troutner, until last
spring, resided east of Waco on a farm,
where he had resided for 30 years. He
was known among his neighbors as a
kind hearted man and had many friends
among them. He was born in Reading.
Pa. His wife died some years ago and
he leaves to mourn him a eon, Calvin
Troutner, who resides on a farm two
miles east of this city, and Mxs. C. C.
Bowman, of Canton. The funeral will .
bo held Tuesday afternoon at 12:30
o'clock from the Bowman residence.
Interment In Rowland cemetery.
Edward Hay . Improving But
Carrying His Arm In
a Sling. '
Edward Hay, residing at No. 815 Law
rence avenue, who was so badjy Injured
about three weeks ago In a runaway
accident, has recovered his mental fac
ulties, which, It was thought, had been
Impaired. Hay was out Saturday after
noon for the first time since the accident.
He will carry his arm' In a aline- for- um.
I time on account qf,a bad fractur of the
.'.collar bfiat, , T.. , ,...., . . ,; ,
Ojj&UAwtii, ittiykrpipWjMtv&Ju w, ' JUWI
. J

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