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lftrosecutor Day Says Hartong
Murder Investigation Is
At an End.
(Commissioners Say They "Will Spend
No More Money on the Case.
WUI Not He Called, Ilecauie of That Hole
In the Hear of the Jail Which Al-
Viwnl Shortland and Gallagher
to Make Their Exit to
Prosecutor Day says there will be no
special grand Jury called this term of
ttourt. The day before Shortland and
Gallagher crawled out of tho window
and skipped he was preparing a precipe
for a special grand Jury to consider
their cases but when they escaped there
yns no need for one.
Another matter that the prosecutor
iras working up was the Indicting of
ntne more of the Hartong murderers.
The matter was presented to the county
commissioners and they were asked to
take steps looking toward the hiring of
detective for the purpose of running
clown the balance of the guilty ones but
the commissioners refused to put up the
money and so the case has been drop
ped. Mr. Day states that nothing further
Kill be done on the Hartong case and
llie three who helped Henderson will
lbe allowed to pursue their ways In
peace. The prosecutor would like to
Co after them but feels that It would
le useless unless money Is provided for
Anna E. Yost, Wife of John L.
Yost Dies Thursday Evening
Alter a Long Illness.
Another home was saddened Thurs
day evening at 5:30 o'clock when the
death angel entered the portal and took
lrom earth all that wa3 mortal
f Anna E., the beloved wife of
John Li. Tost. The family reside at
N. 403 Brown avenue. Mrs. Yost, whose
maiden name was Anna E. Maurer, was
inra 41 years ago, at Osnaburg. In 18S5
jUe was married to Mr. Yost. Three
TonS!? children, Grace Pearl, aged 13,
Melvlir John 10, and Clara, 5 years, and
the husband, survive her. The disease
which caused the death of Mrs. Yost
baffled the skill of eighteen of the most
renown.(I hpyslclans and surgeons in
Ohio, who, with but one exception,
liarf teen unable to give It a diagnosis,
irho pronounced It the most remarka
ble ease ever known In Canton. It Is
thought to have been the Hotchkln dis
pose, which Is very rare. About two
j-eirs ago Mrs. Yost one day felt an
Itching sensation of the heels, which
liecame very Irritable as It progresed
through the body toward the head. It
took eight months from time of start
ing until It reached the head, when
St started upon Its downward course.
Passing from the head It lodged In the
stomach, and dropsy began to develop
about this time and the patient grad
ually grew worse. About six weeks ago
she became very 111 and It was thought
.at that time that death was very near,
tut she milled and became much better.
It was known that she could not live,
anil she was so advised by the physi
cians In attendance. But Mrs. Yost
would not believe It, until Thursday
morning, when she seemed to feel that
she could not live, she became resigned
and passed peacefully away. She was
a devout Catholic, much Interested In
her church, and very liberal. In order
to determine the nature and real cause
af the disease an autopsy was held this,
.Friday, afternoon at 3 o'clock by sev
eral physicians who had attended the
lady through her Illness. The results of
the autopsy will be announced later.
Attorneys For Elizabeth Dick
Will Fight Out Case
Against Martin.
icirl that got a verdict against William
11. Martin tor $710 for assault and se
duction, only to have It set aside by the
court and a new trial granted, are pre
paring to fight the case out. It is
claimed that Martin has offered to set
ale for $600 but the plaintiff demands
more. The thing that caused the Jury
to stumble in their verdict last time
imB the matter of the girl's resistance,
lief attorneys this time will fix that.
An amended petition will be drawn up
in which It will be stated that the
cirl Is of weak mind and that she had
very little power to resist. With this
in the petition testimony may be in
troduced to show It and the plaintiff's
attorneys think they will materially
strengthen their case.
John II. ltlnger Assigns.
John XI. Ringer came to the close of
at business career at 3 o'clock Thurs
day afternoon by the filing In probate
UMBrt of a deed of assignment for the
'Bemeflt of j'hls creditor of his property.
?ttoctr has been engaged In the hard
ware business at Oval City ln thl coun
ty but has been unable to make It go.
He therefore made an assignment and
turned everything over to Owen J. Ev
ans as assignee for his creditors. The
assets' In the estate arc about $1,000 and
the liabilities are an yet unknown.
For the Trip of the Committee
to Tell McKinley He Has
Been Renominated.
Cleveland, O., July 0. Senator Hanna
has made final arrangements for the
trip of the notification committee to
Canton to notify President McKinley
of his renomlnatlon. While the visit of
this committee will be merely a form
ality the response of President McKin
ley will be practically the keynote of the
coming campaign.
Tho committee, which consists of one
representative from each state In the
Union, will meet at the Hollenden hotel
next Wednesday evening, July 11, and
will leave Cleveland for Canton Thurs
day morning, July 12, on a special train,
which will be provldfiJ for tho party.
The new executive committee will prob
ably have been appointed by July 12,
and a majority of the members will
probably accompany tho notification
committee on Its trip to Canton. A
meeting of the executive, committee
will be held within a few days after
President McKinley ha9 been notified
of his renomlnatlon.
Republican Managers Prepare
to Deface It With
Republican managers In Chicago nre
preparing to use the American Hag for
advertising purposes, as they did In
1S96, in spite of the approbrlum cast on
their actions by the Illinois legislature.
Within a few days the several thousand
banners to which were sewn pictures of
McKinley and Hobart four years ago
are to be resurrected and prepared for
service. The likenesses of McKinley
have lost none of their original lustre,
while little time will be lost In replacing
Hobart's picture with that of Roose
velt. Until recently, when Judge Gibbons
declared the flag law unconstitutional,
the Republican leaders had no hope of
pressing their old cambric into service
again. The prosecutions started by
private Individuals for the most part
against barbers and small mercantile
houses in order to secure a portion of
the fine provided for stirred up a storm
of opposition. Numerous arrests were
made for alleged violations of the law
and heaviest penalties exacted. Finally
the law was declared a bad one.
Alderman Coughlln threatens, in any
event, to make a fleht on this desecra
tion of the flag. He says he will have
an order passed In the council which
will be quite as effective as the useless
statute, without subjecting innocent
people to punishment or Inconvenience.
Ellsha Teeter's administrator to Rosa
J. Edson, four lots, Second ward.
Ellsha Teeter's administrator to Rosa
JedBon, lot 1,008, Third ward.
Samuel Seachrlst by sheriff to W. II.
Ramsey, lot 1226, Third ward, $1,120.
Edward P. Clay by sheriff to Cen
tral Savings bank, lots 1845 and 1840,
First ward, $2,114.
Frank J. Melbourne to Jennie Mel
bourne, part lot 3450, First ward, $2,
500. Frederick Schumacher to Wm. F.
Schumacher, part lots 2019 and 2020,
Second ward, $1,800.
C. M, Monroe to Emma L. Fawcett
part lot 13S8, Second ward, $1,350.
Harry Trump to A. P. and E. Hughes,
lot 4584, Fourth ward, $425.
Wm. E. Blaine by sheriff to Geo. D.
Harter bank, part lot 150, Fifth ward,
J. L. Robb to C. C. Upham, lots 3782
und 3783, Seventh ward, $4,000.
Jacob Miller, 22 Canton
Bessie Emerman, 20 Canton
Daniel Wilson Balrd, 23 Louisville
Jennie May Walbert, 23 Louisville
Philander Cameron, 48 Alliance
Angeltne Plerson, 50 Alliance
Probate Court.
Final account has been filed In the
estate of George W .Harmon, of Pike
The administrator of Peter G. Al
bright, of Masslllon, has been ordered
to H.cll or compromise desperate claims.
The guardian of Albert W. Berger, of
Canton, has sold the real estate and
the sale has been confirmed.
The application to probate the will
of John Croft, of Alliance, has been
The application for the appointment
: an administrator de bonis non for J.
Boughman, of Sugar Creek, has been
Tho sale of real estate of Andrew
Bamberger, of Masslllon, has been con-
The guardian of Herbert and Frank
Wendling, of Masslllon, has filed an In
Catherine Bollia Dead.
Catherine Bollia died at the Infirmary
Friday noon. Death was due to old age.
She was a native of France and had
resided In Stark county for over 30
years. At the time of her death she
was over 88 years of age. The remains
will be taken to Harrlsburg Saturday
morning, where the funeral service will
be held at the Catholic church. The
interment will be made In the church
Belief In Bis Bonn.
Distressing Kidney and Bladder Hieaie
relieved ln air hours by "TUB NBIf CHEAT
i a great surprise on account of lu exceed,
tog DromptncM la reuevlng pain in the
blatter, slaatys and ,bac ta mat or
f estate. Believes retention of water almost
immediately. If jou want qulca relief a&4
cure tkl tie tbe remedy. Hold br Durbla.
Wright Oo.,BrafgliCaBtoa. dale,
Full Text of the Democratic National Platform as Adopted By
The Convention at Kansas City.
No Bnckward Step on Other Questions
Legitimate Expansion Favored
to Become Citizens
Kansas City, July 6. The following Is
the official text of the Democratic plat
form as agreed upon by the committee
on resolutions and adopted by the con
vention: "We, the representatives of the Demo
cratic party of the United States as
sembled ln convention on the annlver
saryof the adoption of the Declaration
of Independence, do re-affirm our faith
ln that Immortal proclamation of the
Inalienable rights of man, and our al
legiance to the constitution framed ln
harmony therewith by the fathers of
the republic. We hold, with the United
States supreme court, that the Declara
tion of Independence Is the sprit of our
government, of which tho constitution
Is the form and letter. Wo declare
again that all governments Instituted
among men derive their Just powers
from the consent of the governed; that
any government not based upon the
consent of the governed Is a tyranny;
and that to impose upon any people
a government of force Is to substitute
the methods of Imperialism for those
of a republic.
We hold that the constitution follows
the flag and denounce the doctrine that
an executive or congress, deriving their
existence and their powers from the
constitution, can exercise lawful
authority beyond it or ln violation of
It. We assert that no nation can long
endure half republic and half empire,
and we warn the American people that
the Imperialism abroad will lead quick
ly and Inevitably to despotism at home.
Believing In these fundamental princi
ples, we denounce the Porto Rico legis
lation enacted by a Republican con
gress against tho protest and opposition
of the Democratic minority as a bold
and open violation of the nation's
organic law and a flagrant breach of
the national good faith. It Imposes up
on the people of Porto Rico a govern
ment without their consent and taxa
tion without representation. It doomed
to poverty and distress a people whose
helplessness appeals with peculiar force
to our Justice and magnanimity. In
this, the first act of Its Imperialistic
program, the Republican party seeks
to commit the United States to a col
onial policy, inconsistent with republi
can Institutions and condemned by the
supreme court ln numerous decisions.
We demand the prompt and honest
fulfillment of our pledge to tho Cuban
people nnd the world that the United
States has no disposition nor Intention
to exercise sovereignty or control over
the Island of Cuba except for Its
pacification. The war ended nearly two
years ago, profound pence reigns over
all the Island nnd still the administra
tion keeps the government of the
island from Its people, while Republi
can carpetbag officials plunder Its
revenues and exploit the colonial theory
to the disgrace of the American people.
NOUNCED. Wo condemn and denounce tho
Philippine policy of the present ad
ministration. It has Involved the re
public In unnecessary war, sacrificed
the lives of many of our noblest sons,
nnd placed the United States, previous
ly known nnd applauded throughout
the world as the champion of freedom,
In the false and un-Amerlcnn position
of crushing with military force the
efforts of our former allies to achieve
liberty and self-government. Tho Fili
pinos cannot be citizens without endan
gering our clvllzatlon; they cannot be
subjects without Imperiling our form of
government; and as we aro not willing
to surrender our civilization or to con
vert the republic Into an empire, we
favor an Immediate declaration of the
nation's purpose to give to the Filipinos
fit st, a stable form of government;
second Independence, and third, protc
tlon from outside interference, such as
has been given for nearly a century to
the republics of Central and South
The greedy commercialism which
dictated the Philippine policy of the
Republican administration attempts to
Justify It with the plea that It will pay,
but even this sordid and unworthy plea
falls when brought to the test of facts.
The war of criminal aggression against
the Filipinos, entailing an annual ex
pense of many millions, has already
cost more than any possible profit
that could accrue from the entire
Philippine trade for years to come.
Furthermore, when trade Is extended
at the expense of liberty the price Is
always too high.
Wo are not opposed to territorial ex
pansion when It takes in desirable ter
ritory which can bo erected into states
ln the Union, and whose people are will
ing and fit to become American citi
zens. We favor expansion by every peaceful
and legitimate means. But we are un
alterably opposed to seizing or purchas
ing of distant Islands to be governed
outside the constitution, and whose
people can never become citizens. Wo
are ln favor of extending the republic's
Influence among the nations but believe
that Influence should be extended, not
by force and violence, but through the
pursuaslve power of a high and honor
able example.
The Importance of other questions
now pending before the American peo
ple Is in no wise diminished, and the
Democratic party takes no backward
step from its position on them, but the
burning Issue of Imperialism growing
out of the Spanish war Involves the
very existence of the republic and the
destruction of our free Institutions. W
regard It as the paramount issue of
the eampatgn.
The declaration In the Republican
platform adopted at Philadelphia, held
ln June, 100, that the Republican party
"steadfastly adheres to the policy an
nounced in the Monroe doctrine" la
nnd n Strong Plank Against tho Trusts
Among People That Aro Worthy
of tho United Slates.
manifestly Insincere and deceptive.
This profession Is contradicted by the
avowed policy of that party in op
position to the spirit of the Monroe
doctrine to acquire and hold sover
eignity over large areas of territory
and large numbers of people In the eas
tern hemisphere. We Insist on the
strict maintenance of the Monroe doc
trine and ln all Its Integrity, both ln
letter and ln spirit, as necessary to
prevent the extension of European
authority on this continent, and as es
sential to our supremacy In American
affairs. At the same time we declare
that no American people shall ever be
held by force In unwilling subjection to
European authority.
We oppose militarism. It means con
quest abroad nnd Intimidation and op
pression at home. It means the strong
arm which has ever been fatal to free
institutions. It Is what millions of our
citizens have fled from ln Europe. It
will Impose upon our peace loving peo
ple a large standing army and unneces
sary burden of taxation and a constant
menace to their liberties. A small
standing army and a well disciplined
state mllltla are amply sufficient In
time of peace. This republic has no place
for a vast military service and con
scription. In danger the volunteer soldier Is his
country's best defender. The National
Guard of tho United States should ever
be cherished ln tho patriotic hearts of
a free people. Such organizations are
ever an element of strength and safety.
For the first time In our history and
coeval with the Philippine conquest has
there been a wholesale departure from
our time honored and approved system
of volunteer organization. We denounce
It as unamerlcan, un-democratic and
un-republtcan, and as a subversion of
the ancient and fixed principles of a
free people.
Private monopolies are indefensible
and Intolerable. They destroy compe
tition, control the price of all material
and of the finished product, thus affect
ing both producer nnd consumer. They
lessen the employment of labor and ar
bitrarily fix the terms and conditions
thereof and deprive Individual energy
and small capital of their opportunity
for betterment.
They are the most efficient means yet
devised for appropriating the fruits of
Industry to the benefit of the few at the
expense of the many, and unless their
Insatiate greed Is checked nil wealth
will bo aggregated In a few hands and
the republic destroyed.
The dishonest nalteiine with the trust
evil by the Republican party ln state
and national platforms Is! conclusive
nroof of the truth of the cnarge tnat
trusts are the legitimate product of Re
publican policies; that they arc fostered
by Republican laws, and that they are
protected by the Republican administra
tion ln return tor campaign suDscrip
tlons and political support.
We Dledsre the Democratic party to
an unceasing warfare In nation, state
and city against prlvnte monopoly ln
every form. Existing1 laws against
trusts must be enforced and more
stringent ones must bo enacted, provid
ing for publicity as to the affai. or
corporations engaged ln interstate com
merce and requiring all corporations to
show, before doing business outside of
the state of their origin, that they have
no water In their stock, and that they
have not attempted, and are not at
tempting, to monopolize any branch of
business or production of any article of
merchandise, and the whole constitu
tional power of congress over interstate
commerce, the malls and all modesi of
Interstate communication shall be ex
ercised by the enactment of comprehen
sive laws upon tho subject of trusts.
Tariff laws should be amended by put
ting the products of trusts upon the
free list to prevent monopoly under the
plea of protection.
The failure of the present Repub
lican administration, with an absolute
control over all the branches of the na
tional government, to enact any legisla
tion designed to prevent or even curtail
the absorbing power of trusts and Il
legal combinations, or to enforce the
anti-trust laws already on the o'tatute
books, prove the insincerity of tho high
sounding phrases of the Republican
Corporations should be protected In
all their rlghtta, and their legitimate In
terests Bhould be respected, nut any at
tempt by corporations to interfere with
the public affairs of the people or to
control the sovereignty which creates
them, should be forbidden under such
penalties as will make such attempts
We condemn tho inngiey tarire law
as a trust breeding measure, skillfully
devised to glvo the few favors which
they do not desire and to place upon the
many burdens which they should not
We favor such enlargement of the
scope of Interstate commerce law as
will enable the commission to protect
individuals and communities fiom dis
criminations and the public from unjust
and unfair transportation rates.
We reaffirm and Indorse tho principle
of the National Democratic platform
adopted at Chicago in 1896 and we reit
erate the demand of that platform for
an American financial system made by
the American peoplo for themselves,
which shall restore and maintain a bi
metallic Drlce level, and as part of such
system the Immediate restoration of the
free and unlimited coinage or sliver ana
gold at the present legal ratio of 16 to
l witnout waiting lor tno am or con
sent of any other nation.
We denounce the currency bill en
acted at the ,last session of congress
as a step forward in the Republican
policy which alms to discredit the, right
of tho national government to issue all
money, whether ccln or paper, and to
bestow upon national banks the power
to Issue paper money for their own ben
efit, Permanent national banb currency
secured by government bonds must have
a permanent debt to rest upon, And If
tne, Dame currency is to increase witn
out population and business the debt
must also increase, The Republican
currency scheme la, therefore, a scheme
for fastening upon the taxpayers a per
petual and growing debt for the benefit
of the banks. We are opposed to this
private corporation paper circulated as
money; but without legal tender quali
ties, and demand the retirement of the
national bank notes as fast as this gov
ernment paper or sliver certificates can
no substituted for them.
We favor an amendment to tho fed
eral constitution providing for the elec
tion or united states senators by the
direct vote of the neoDle. and we favor
direct legislation wherever practicable.
we are opposed to government by In
junction; we denounce the blacklist,
and favor arbitration as a means of
settling disputes between corporations
and their employes. In the interest of
American labor and the uplifting of the
worklngman as the cornerstone of the
prosperity of our country, we recom
mend that congress create a department
of labor, In charge of a secretary with a
seat ln the cabinet, believing that the
elevatlpn of American laborers will
bring with It Increased production and
Increased prosperity to our country at
home and to commerce abroad.
We are proud of the courage and fidel
ity of the American soldiers and sailors
ln all our wars; we favor liberal pen
sions to them and their dependents,
and we reiterate the position taken in
the Chicago platform ln 1896 that the
fact of enlistment and service shall be
deemed conclusive evidence against dis
ease and disability before enlistment.
We favor the Immediate construction,
ownership and control of the Nicaragua
canal by the United States, and we de
nounce the Insincerity of the plank In
the Republican platform for an Isthmian
canal In face of the failure of the Re
publican majority to pass the bill pend
ing in congress. ,We condemn the Hay
Pauncefote treaty as a surrender of
American rights and Interests not to bo
tolerated by the American people.
We denounce tho failure of the Re
publican party to carry out Its pledges,
to grant statehood to the territories of
Arizona, New Mexico and Oklahoma,
and we promise the people of those
territories Immediate statehood and
home rule during their condition as
territories, and wo favor home rule and
a territorial form of government for
AiasTta and Porto Rico.
We favor an Intelligent system of Im
proving the arable lands of the west.
storing the waters for purposes of Irri
gation and the holding of such lands
ror settlers.
We favor the continuance and Btrlct
enforcement of the Chinese exclusion
law and Its application to the same
classes of all Asiatic races.
Jefferson sa'd: "Peace, commerce
and honest friendship with all nations;
entangling alliances with none."
We approve this wholesome doctrine
and earnestly protest turainst the Re
publican departure, which has Involved
us In so-called pol tics. Including the
diplomacy of Europe and the Intrigue
and land grabbing1 of Asia, and we es
pecially condemn tho ill concealed Re
publican alliance with England, which
must mean discrimination against other
friendly nations and which has already
stifled the nations, while liberty Is be
ing strangled in Arnca,
Believing ln the principles of self-
government and rejecting as did our
forefathers, the claim of monarchy, we
view with Indignation the purpose of
England to overwhelm with force the
South African republics. Speaking ns
we do for the entire American nation,
except lta Republican offlce holders, and
for nil free men everywhere, wo extend
our sympathies to the heroic burghers
In their unequal struggle to main
tain their liberty nnd Independence.
We denounce the lavish appropria
tions of recent Republlcaa congresses
which have kept taxes high and which
threaten the perpetuation of tho onDres-
slve war levies. We oppose the accu
mulation or a surplus to be squandered
In such barefaced frauds upon the tax
payers ns the shlnmnir subsldv bill.
which, under the false pretence of pros
pering American shipbuilding', would
put unearned millions Into tho pockets
or ravontc contributors to the Repub
lican campaign fund. We favor the re
duction nnd speedy repeal of the war
taxes and a return to the time-honored
Democratic policy of strict economy in
governmental expenditures.
ueneving that our most cherished In
stitutions are ln great peril, that the
very exltrtence of our constitutional rep
utation Is at stake, and that the decision
now to be rendered, will determine
whether or not our children are to enjoy
those blessed privileges of free govern
ment which have made the United
States great, prosperous and honored,
we earnestly ask for the foregoing dec
laration of principles the hearty support
of the liberty loving American people,
regardless of previous party affiliations.
Hanna Will Hasten to Cut Off
the Ollicial Head of U.S'. Com
missioner of Labor.
Chicago, July C Tho Chronicle, dis
cussing Commissioner of Labor Wright,
It Is pretty safe to affirm that Mark
Hanna will hasten to lop off the official
head of the present United States com
mlsloner of labor.
Carroll D. Wright Is an economic
heretic. An article from his pen ln the
current Century proves that.
He gives statistics to prove that this
country leads the world not only in
production, but ln commerce, taking
the value of exports as the true meas
ure of relative commercial Importance.
' Mr. Hanna can take no exception to
that, but when Mr. Wright proceeds to
say that the carrying trade of a coun
try Is not Us commerce he gets peril
ously near the verge of heterodoxy.
When he boldly asserts that Amerl-'
cans have so small a share ln the
oversea carrying trade because "their
capital has been mure profitably em
ployed ln the production and sale of
goods than In the forelgn'express busi
ness," nnd that they will go into that
business when they find It will pay
"quite naturally and without strain
ing," ho gets clear over the verge and
plunges Into the abyss.
It Is a cardinal article in tho Repub
lican creed that in tho development of
trade and Industry nothing is ever done
"naturally and without straining," but
everything Is done by hard legislative
straining by an act of congress much
too wise for any but a Republican party
committee to construct.
Just now It will not do at all for a
government official to Bay that we will
get our share of the foreign express
business when wo find It profitable. It
is too vulgar to speak of the magic for
eign carrying trade as an "express
Besides, the gentlemen ln that busi
ness want to get their arms up to the
shoulders in the treasury, and no offi
cial must be permitted to intimate
that It Isn't tbe proper thing to help
them along.
Commissioner Wright must go.
Acting Coroner Files His Ver- .
diet In the Alliance Case.
Doclarce That. lie Mau Mo Attempt to
Blacken the Speed of Penniylranla
Train Hut Went Ahead
nt roll Speed,
Justice Simon Johnson, of Alliance,
who officiated as coroner ln the case of
Otis Weaver, the fireman who was killed
by the collision at the A. & N. and C.
& P., Pennsylvania company, crossing
at Alliance, June 23, on Friday filed his
verdict In tho case with the testimony.
The coroner's) verdict fixes tho blame
on the engineer of the Pennsylvania
train. Tho verdict finds the facts to be
that tho deceased was fireman on an en
Bine on the A. & N. road that was back
ing down toward the C. & P. crossing
with a train. The A. & N. rood had the
target and the right of way. As It
reached tho crossing tho Cleveland flyer
came up on tho C. & P. tracks at a 25
mile an hour clip. The verdict finds
that the C. & P. train had no right of
way but that the engineer Ignored the
target and apparently paid no attention
to It, and without slackening his speed
rushed upon the crossing and struck
the train of the A. & N. road. Weaver
was thrown and crushed, death result
ing almost instantly.
Record of Crimes as They Ap
pear on the Books of the
The Judicial statistics for tho past
year In the probate court of Stark coun
ty have been complied and will now be
Rent to the secretary of state. The rec
ord shows that there were 44 cases of
crime before the court during the year.
These were as follows:
Petit larceny, 12; assault and battery,
9; truants, 6; adultery, 3; libel, 2; gamb
ling, 2; Interfering with an officer, 1;
swearing, 1; removing mortgaged prop
erty, 3; obtaining goods under false
pretense, 1; peace proceeding, 1; vag
rancy, 2; trespassing, 1.
The amount of fines assessed during
yetu was only $23. The total costs were
$1,160.71. A good part of the costs are
paid by the county. The costs assessed
against defendants amounted to $137.15
and $98.25 of it was paid.
Thirteen youngsters were sent 'to the
reform schools, ntne boys and four
A Former Stark County Man
Dies in Oklahoma After a
Long Illness.
Captain Cyrus Frease, a former Stark
county man, died Thursday evening at
Kremlin, Oklahoma, after an Illness of
several months. Cyrus Frease was a
brother of Judge Joseph Frease and
W. H. Frease of this city.
In 1890, ho with 30 other prominent
citizens of Stevans county, Kansas,
were convcted In a Texas court of
murders In the No Man's Land cases,
which resulted from a county seat light.
The case of Cyrus Frease was taken to
the U. S. supreme court by Judges Day
and Frease, of 'this city, and tho sen
tence was set aside and a new trial
granted and afterwards the Indictment
was nollled, the attorney general stat
ing there was no evidence against Capt.
Frease. During his visits east after his
persecution he was given sympathetic
receptions at his old home.
The funeral will be held at Hutchin
son, Kansas, on Sunday. Of late years
Capt. Frease has been a successful
grain dealer and merchant in Okla
Wheeling & Lake Erie People
Considering Its Abandon- )
The tunnel at Robertsvllle on the W.
& L. E. railroad caved ln again Thurs
day afternoon and trains were held up
for several hours. There was a slight
cleared away and trains got through
cleared away adn trains got through
and then the top fell ln again and the
tracks could not bo cleared for some
hours. The tunnel has become so In
secure that tho company Is conslderlng
the matter of cutting the top out and'
making a cut through the hill.
May Lose tin Eye.
A young man named Lyon, who Is en
gaged as a solicitor with the Willis In
surance agency of this city, was very
seriously Injured Thursday night by
a firecracker and he may lose the sight
of his eye as the result of some fel
low's thoughtlessness.
Lyon was sitting ln an East Tuscara
was street tallorshop when some one
came along the street' and threw a
firecracker ln the door. The cracker
exploded In his face and blew Into one
of his eyes. The optic was seriously
burned and cut and It Is feared he may
not be able to see with It again.
Brought From Warren.
James McFadden and George O'Brien
were brought from Warren and taken
to the county workhouse, Friday, to
serve sentences. McFadden will serve
out a fine of $15 and $6.85 costs for dis
orderly conduct, and; O'Brien will serve
the same time for begging.
Dr. Myers and Shilling was calledr
upon a professional trip to Hlbbetta
station Saturday morning.
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