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Hi 11 tit
Mi KllDDLui 5 ULl MAIiLn
To Relieve Monetary
Situation of Country
From Offlolal Sources Seora
tary Take Steps to Put His
Measures In Immediate)
. Operation.
(News-Democrat leased Wlro Borvlco.)
Washington, Oct.' lr1 BocnJlorry
JBhaw was 'af.liU del-t$lnrfr&rris
ftnrl Immediately Jbegan taking Btops
i'tp put .operation v'mcasurWloKro-
vIlf of the , monetary situ atlbn? which
jwera dociaedvuppn "by) him in ;Ncw
i wc
i Later In te'day circulars 'will Jje Is?
sued Informing all of the banks as to
the details of his plan. Ho has do-
cued mat in accepting otner man
government bonds ho will take noth
lug but state and municipal bonds.
The remedial measures proposed by
Secretary Shaw created consternation
'In official circles hero. Tho proposi
tions are so radical that meir utility
is a questioned for. theso reasons:
I. It is not hollo vedby govemmen
. It.! exports that Secretary Shaw has
warrant under existing law to abolish
bank" resorves or accept .other security
' tuar. government bonds for circula
tion. . p ,
2. it Is not the duty of tho secretary
of tho treasury to construe iawa.vcli-
. tlwtopiayohal bonks ,mUIctlon such
I us ' suggested? y SecretaryH;'shaw; mitst
i .a. 3 -ji-a i- '.-i'JiilS A J"
.T -
1 as: suggested by Secre,t2ry;.Shaw:miiirt
' bo tAkon-Thi fiiocompl'roiler or tho
. ,3, The-Dresldoht-'haa notrglven-his
approval torthd' plans advajiced and It
Is believed he will 'conbidcr tiicui dan-
f gerous both from a financial and po
' lltlral standpoint.
1 4, If made operative so far as the
(laws will permit it is not bollovcd tho
propositions wUl afford, permanent re-
'5.If those plans' are -utlllzed-it is
thought congress will enact such leg
islation as will' hereafter prevent a
construction of tho law similar to that
advocated by. Secretary Shaw,
6. Secretary Gago and' somo of his
predecessors fully considered every
possible expedient, for assisting na
tional banks and could not endorse
the proposition now advanced. Their
utility and, legality .arocouscquenyy
. b rrr.Tt -
Will .'Not ha Accorded Znla:
. ' '-'- -i.' t- !t if
(news-Democrat ucasoai 'Wlro. servlco.-
'.Paris, Oct." 1, --"Tho ministerial
council this morning decided not to
give national obsequies' at the runera
of Emlle Zola.
M, Chauml will, however, represent
the government at tho funeral, and will
mako a speech of eulogy.
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this season may be prevented by
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leg' from the 'knee" to 'tho ankle." I
used Banner Salve' Immediately and 'in
ttireo weeks time ft was almost en
tirely healod. I want to recommend it
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keep Banner Salve, on hand .as it Is.n
surp remedy for scalds or, any other
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too Infirm to work, stops up to
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ject lesson that every young wan
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be independent in old ago Is to
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4 PER CtrtT Mereat
The Citizens' Building.
& Loan Go
Of FrelghtTralnsCaught
Many Men of the
(Nows-Dcmocrat Leased Wlro "Service.)
Fort Worth, Oct 1. Two Santa
Fee freight trains collided head-on on
tho Cleburne rurcolt division Just
across tho Red Rlvor brldgo In tho
Indian territory near Qalncsvlllo Tox.,
Tucsdoy evening. Two big onginos
and 40 freight cars were wrccxed.
Flroman Wi.C. Lyth, of Bellovllle,
Is dead, and Fireman M. R. Crowry,
of Arkansas, Clty and Clarcnco Nue
mnkerf-a brakeniajm wero. injured Tho
wtjjcknge took firo and roports from
lh'e:-s5eridvVay s6orairm6mbore of tho
.train crews are-pinned under tho deu-
Englrifjefrf Hdnryj Dick n.rtA ' Pang
bum a'rb p"robaly?.fatalf h'lirt;
Ar.Tiour&Company Man
aging a Big Deal.
To 95 Cents a Bushel--An
Attempt Mado to Enjoin the
- Men Who Ara Working
the Scheme. -'
Cblcngo, Oct. 1. Scptemborxwhcat
sold on board of trado yesterday at
' . T r - -
n-.n whioh fndJho hlchost Tirlce ohl
that coreilTfncjthB- great Loltor deal ' 60clcti' mep 'were U.o robbers and that
. .-.. -T. 'j. ? u. u ui u ,' t,ly considered this tho grcates: prac
In MOftv The-caOsoiW the high prlco , J fc f t ie. 6easou, I-aler tU(;y
xoany wlBvj. ,"7irpiu" - , appeared and gavo up the mouoy. unli
able supply wasv practlcaijy cornoredi ton W. Wlsner, who is chief executive
and it -was, rumored that Armour ft'ointer of the village of Warwick, Is
comiwny held tho greater part of it.
There has been activity among shorts
in Sopteraber wheat iiulho past two
w.ecks, bv.t, It was supposed that, all
of, thonx .hadcovpxed. .during, Uio scai;o
ot.laat week. Jlpwever, when trading
opened 'yesterday morning it waa seen
there was still a considerable num
ber who had not made gooa Uielr
contracts. Tbe oponing wa3 1-So to
5-8c hlpher at 88c to 88 l-2c and
qulrkly anvanced to 30c, around which
ilguro-there. was considerable selling
and, a decline to 88c followed. Later
thV'Sborts-again, runowed their ctforta
to cover and Uio prlco rose in flvo
minutes from ,P0b ,tp 95c,
members of ihe'-BQacdiOf'-TradOiijito-
Jay--filed a. petition, asking ifor a tern-
irrary .Injunction' against Armouf.j &
company, 1J. J.4-Townsend, tho1, 319111
6i Trade, and othors To' prevent' what
is" technically knpwn a.thondbis-lpubllc
lng .u?wn01 fr?.- n .. ,B p?'rollnr .it the tin 'mill, filed attachment
ticaliy tho same action as was askoa.
1 for inu the;, recent corner in pats., 'Thij
cause or uio petition was tne alleged j
cornering of September wheat by one
or two local houses.
At 95o' thoro was a halt. In the ad
vancing figures, shorts apparently
having succeeded In supplying 4 their
needs. The close was at the' hlg'i
price with a gain of 7 l-8c over yes
terday's closo.
Causes Runaway Near Tiffin.
Tiffin, O., Oct, 1. Tom Johnson's
red automobile played havoc with a
fanner's buggy yesterday afternoon.
Tho machine, which had been left in
,TlfU.n, for, repairs was, .speeding, along
a country road, near Das'com, and
frightened a horso which was driven
by .Mrs. Jesse KImo. Tho' animal ca
reened, throwing Mrs: Klmo and baUy
out and brcaklngtho buggy.
Sliolby, 6., Septl 30? A. bold burg-i
lar entered tho home of James Mutera
bach yesterday 'while Mrs, Mutersbach
was engaged it doing her household
work. Knocking her senseless, he ran
sacked tho house and stole $15 In
money, an old watch and four rings.
She was discovered later stJU uncon
scloup, with an ugly wound on her
forehead whero the burglar had struck
her with somo blunt Instrument. Sho
lu critically 111 and there Is no clew to
the robber.
Mrs. Homer Our daughter's now
music toachor has a dolicato touch.
Homer What? You call 7 a lea
son a delicate touch. Chicago News.
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don't ask what Is good for it and get
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All Passengprs Wero Com
pelled to Deliver, But Ev
' erythlng'Was Returned
Later In the Day.
Mlddletown, N. Y., Oct. 1. Tho
"sfaRo coach "Pioneer," which makes
dally trips between "Warwick and Go
shen, was licld up anil robbed by thrco
maolfjd horsemen late yesterday, af
ternoon. ,
Tho coach was bowling along tho
road two miles from Florida, and at a
lonely spot on tho road Clinton and
Horatio S. Wlsner, who own mo coach
and wero on it, saw the men on horses
suddenly emerge from tho cunsc wood
which line the highway.
Clinton was driving. Tho robbers
ordered him to pull up his horses. Ho
refused and tho highwaymen opened
fire with revolvers. None of tjio shots
took ofi'oet, but tho shooting resulted
In compelling tho whip to bring tho
horres to a stop.
Insldo tho coach wero Mrs. J. A.
Chamberlain, Mrs. Fred Webster, Mrs.
James Fuller. Mrs. Hart ana Mrs. Ed.
Johnson, all of Florida. While two
of tho .highwaymen covered the Wls
ner brothers with their revolvers, the
third, using many threats, compelled
tlid passengers t'o give up all their
money and valuables.
After tho robbery had bson com
pleted tho robbers spurred their horsn-j
nnd escaped.
Jjitor it lo'eloned that thrco young
not. disponed to treaC tlio" 'affair' as 'a
Paymaster of Lisbon Tin Mill
Said to be Short to
the Extent of
(Staff Special.)
Lisbon, Oct. 1. Lisbon was given a
sonsatlon this morning when it was
Jearned that Cyrus W. Prltchard, pay-
master and tlrao-keeper at the tin mw
had disappeared, leaving behind him
unpaid, bllU estimated at ;about ?6,000.
' Prltchard vle'ft'!Liabon -Saturday . night
but his shortcomings wero not made
until this, morning, when, Lodge
mh r1intv m.rk Mc-
narr holds four promissory notea
amounting to $1,237. No assets havo
been' found to satisfy tho claims of the
creditors. On Saturday ho waa dis
charged from his position at the mill
for tampering with the pay onvelopes.
Prltchard Is said to have been living
a fast life of late.
"When death seemed very near from
a severe stomach and liver trouble,
that I had suffered with for years,"
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Gorman Reichstags' Committee
Adopts Augmentatlonson "
(NowH-Democrnt Leased Wlro Service.)
Berlin, Oct 1. Tho rolchtng's taritt
committee today by a groat majority
adopted th'o following augmentations
to tho duties on breadstuffs: As a
mlnumum tariff on wheat, six marks;
ryo, barley, oats, 5 1-2 marks por hun
dred kilograms.
To be relieved, from a torturing dis
ease after 40 years' torture might well
cause tho gratltudo of anyone That is
what DeWitt's Wjtch Hazel Salvo did
for 0. Haney, Geneva, O. Ho says:
"DoWItt's Witch Hazel Salve cured mo
of plies after I had suffered 40 years."
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eases, noware of counterfeits. Miiler'a
drug storo, snanaioits' drug storo,
Fisher's drug storo.
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dangor," says Dr. Abernethy, the great
English physician. Foley's Kidney
Cure makes sound kidneys. Sold by
Rolh & Hug., , ,
,,"It,wa8 .almost a.lrochv Burdock
Wood Qlttora' cured, me of a terrible
freaking, outfall overs' tho .body, I am
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vei voruwen, uya,ljl ...g
Society Men Hold
Stage Coach.
ULUhlill u
On Opponents and
Passed Curative Act.
Scored by the Franchise
Forces In the House Tues
day NlghtLlghtnlng
Columbus, Oct. 1. Tho franchise
forces made a sudden and unexpected
attack on tho opposition in tho"'housc
last evening .that brought with It com
plete victory.. Tho curative act, ro
granting to tho- Cincinnati Traction
company Ha- fifty-year franchise, do
clarod invalid by tho superior court
of Cincinnati, was adopted by a vote
of 65 to 34. Eight Democratic mem
lioi s of tho house contrluuted with
their votes to this result aa follows:
Clyburn, of Highland, Collier, of Ash
land, Holmes, Earhart of Richland,
Gear of Wyandot, Gohrotto of Henry,
Partington of Shelby, Sharp of Iafr
fteld and Wells of Wayne. Nine Re
publicans voted against the curative
act a3 follows: Chapman of Mont
gomery, Colo of Hancock, Hagcnbuch
of Champaign, Hypes of Clark, Kim
ball of Lake, Mauck of Lawrence, De
muth of Lucas, Painter of Wood, and
Willis of Hardin.
Tho result was a. complete over
throw for Painter and Cole, wno have
led the opposition, and tho result -was
a. unexpected by. .them as tho sud
denness of tho attack. The lightning
changes made by a. number"" of prom
inent members of their views on cura
tive acts In genoral and of this one In
particular, and tho most frank and
fanatic lobbying ever seen in the leg
islature. Meanwhile the Republicans of tho
senate forced the Nash uoard rttlo
code through to Its passage by .1
strictly party voto and tho application
of gag rule amid scenes fully as ex
citing as those witnessed In tho houise.
Democratic amendments offered when
the final debate on tho code began
were rapidly nnd ruthlessly annihilat
ed by a succession of strict party
votC3. Senators Decker, Royer, Her
rlck, Thompson and othor members
of the minority then led such a vig
orous and raustlo attack on the Re
publican position that to silence the
thrusts they had poor success In par
rying nnd returning on the floor, the
majority used' its power to suppress
fuithPr debate, And tho codo thai
was to be tho result of a consideration
strictly non-partisan went through
without the sanction of a Democratic
But' to firing this VesiilC about, it
wan neCo.sarto eliminate tho Judicial
sections ."from tho code; as tneir pas
sage required a two1 thirds vorei Tli;3
the Republicans did and. mo judicial
sections will later Jjq passed, as a sep
arate bill.
Mr. Owen Dunn, of Benton Ferry, W.
Va., writes: "I have had kidney and
bladder trouble for years, and It be
came so bad that I was obliged to get
up at least a dozen times a night I
never received any permanent bonoflt
from any medicine until I tried Foley's
Kidney Cure. Aftor using two bottles,
I am cured." Sold by Roth & Hug
Hon. John C. Welty has bought tho
trotting mare Elyrolde, by Elyrla. dam
by Mastorlode, from Thomas Kemp,
of Canal Dover. The mare has a rec
ord of 2:22 1- and will start at Min
erva and Carrollton fairs. Allle Wal
ters has had her in charge for somo
time and is of tho opinion that shQ will
develop Into a good horso.
Conneaut, O.,Sept..,30." Samantha
Hugnboon, ased sixty-eight, was bum
ed to death at her homo near Plerpont
this county Sunday morning,, as a re
sult of a fire occasioned by the care
less use of hor pipe. It is thought
that sho had been smoking in bed and
dropped off to sleep with the plpo still
burning. Tho houso in which she
lived was saved.
Toronto 0., Sept. 30. William
Freshwater, Jr., of this place, whllo at
tempting to board a freight train near
Raccoon last night, was so badly hurt
internally that ho died at midnight.
Ho was a brother of David Fresh
water, who mado the sensational sui
cide from tho Point brldgo last sum
Sharpo Wha strange sounds your
wife is making! I'm afraid sho has
n fit.
Whoalton Don't bo alarmed. Sho
is merely trying to scold her neigh
bor whllo sho has hor mouth full of
clothespins. Chicago Dally Nows.
Mi$, Mlrieryu. Smith, of Danville,, III.,
writes;. "I, had bronchitis for twenty,
yeais and never gotrollef until I used
Foley's Honey and Tar which is a
I suro cure." Sold by Roth & Hug.
Placed on McKlnley's
Casket by Prominent
A committed of prominent citizens of
Cloveland wero In Canton Wodnesday
to placo a wreath of flowers on tho
casket of tho lato President William
McKlnley. Tho party was composed
of Louis Black, Louis Perczel.Dr. A. V.
Fried, Judgo J. C. Bloch and Rev. Alex.
Tho men wero all Influential In se
curing the statuo of Louis Kossuth.
which was rocently unveiled in Clove
land. The party was received by Mrs.
McKlnley nt tho McKlnley homo tills
morning. They then drove to West
lawn cemetery and wero admitted to
tho tomb at tho request of Mrs. Mc
Klnley. Before tho wreath was placed on
tho bier several eulogies wero pro
nounced, ,ono In Hungarian, and or
In English. Tho party returned to
Cloveland today,, ,
Underwriting Syndicate
Gets Millions.
Promoters Firm Get $2,000,'
000 Out of $10,000,000
Payment Made by Steel
New York, QcL 1. Tho ?2J)0,000,000
syndicate organized by J. P. Morgan to
flnanco tho United States Steel cor
poration yesterday received $10,000,000
which Is the fourth dividend of 5
per cent declared by tho syndlcato
managers from the profits of the
United .States. 'Steel clcal yvhlch. . Mr
Morgan put through.
Tho firm of J. P. Morgan & Co. re
ceived $2,000,000 of the $10,000,000 paid.
Under tho -terms of tho deal Mr. Mor
gan's firm as .syndicate, managers re
ceives 20 per cent of tho entiro profits
of tho syndicate.
Although tho syndlcato subscribed
$200,000,000 to flnanco tho corporation,
It was never required to pay more than
$25,000,000. At tho end of tho eight
months succeeding tho formation of
tho corporation this $25,000,000 wu
returned to the syndicate. Therefore,
on an actual Investment of $25,000,001
tho syndlcato has thus far received
$40,000,000. Its nets profits, it 13 esti
mated, will be about $56,500,000.
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any cano.of' Catarrh that
cannot bo cured by. Hall's Catarrh
Cure. , ,
F. J. CHENEY & CO, Toledo. O.
We, tho undersigned', have known
F. J. Cheney for tho last 15 years
and believe him. perfectly honorable
In all business transactions and fi
nancially able to carry out any ob
ligations mado by their firm.
West & Traux, Wholesale Drug
gists, Toledo, O.
Walding, Klnnan & Marvin, Whole
sale Druggists, Toledo. O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter
nally, acting directly upon the blood
and muoous serfaces of tho system.
Testimonials sent free. Prlco 75c per
bottle. Sold by all druggists.
Hall's Family Pills are tho best.
Memphis, Oct. 1. Walter Sullivan,
a young negro, was lynch'ed this morn
ing at Portland park, on the spot
whero Saturday night ho shot D. J
Roddy, a white man, for whipping his
Sullivan was captured yesterday at
Bollovue, O., Oct 1. Hormnn .Jack
son, aged thirty-five and unmarrjen,
a farmer living west of town, was
found dead In tho lane leading to tho
barn on his farm at 5 o'clock last
evening. Ho was subject to eplloptlc
fits, and it is supposed this was tne
causo of death.
"I Just seemed to have gone all to
pieces," writes Alfred Boo, of Welfare,
Tox., Hlllousncss and a lame back
had made llfo a burden. I couldn't
eat or sleop and felt almost too worn
out to work whon I began to use Elec
tric Bitters, but they worked wondors.
Now I sleep Hko a top, can eat any
thing, havo gained In strength and en
joy hard work." They givo vigorous
health and new llfo to weak, sickly,
run-down people Try them. Only
50c at tho Durbln & Wright Co.'s drug
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winter leaving tho seeds of pneumonia,
bronchitis or consumption. Foleyla
Honey andTar cure quickly and pro
c.nts serious," results. , It Is' bid arid re
liable, tried arid tested, safo and mi re.
C6ntalns ho opiates and' will not con
stipate. Sold by Roth & Hug.
Populace Took Sides
With Him.
Of New York Democrats Is
Slow In Getting Down to
Saratoga, N. Y., Oct 1. For gov
ernor, Bird S. Colcr of Kings; for lieu
tenant governor, Charles 'N. Bulgor-ot
Oswego;- for controller, C M. Preston
of Ulster; fo socretary of state, Frank
II. Mott of Chautauqua; for attorney
genoral, John" Cunneen, Erie, for engi
neer, Richard W. Herman of Oneida;
for treasurer, D. J. VanAukcn of On
tario; for Judgo court of appeals, John
C. Gray of Now York.
This was tho ticket promulgated last
night from the headquarters of Sen
ator Hill. It was the result of-a long
conference of many of tho state lead
ers, in which Senator Hill and Hugh
McLaughlin took a leading part
it was almost noon beforo tho dele
gates began to movo towards tho con
vention hall. William S. Devery was
cheered as he walked into the seats
among tho alternates, tho outburst,
which lasted for many minutes, break
ing every time ho rose to shako hands
with a newcomer.
The convention was called to order
at 12:30 o'clock and John B. Stanch
field, of Elmlra, tho temporary chair
man, addressed the assemblage in part
as follows:
The death of President McKlnley
was a national misfortune, deeply de
plored and sincerely regretted by all
classes and conditions of people.
Wo assault tho administration that
is carrying on the Bo-callea war In
the Philippines upon tho ground that
it does not declare a time when it will
turn over tho Islands to their people,
as we .did in the case of, Cuba.
Owing, to Uio dominating Influence
exercised by tho so-called trusts of the
day, which have grown upon Repub
lican soil, we find ourselves in a posi
tion where the Democratic party cau
take an affirmative, stand upon the
one Issue that far surpasses all others
In its relation to both the nation and
the state. We wage no war upon
those corporations engaged in legiti
mate enterprise.
'Wo aro told we must await the next
at'ious and weary process of effect
ing a constitutional amendment If
wo wero in power and could pass and
enact Into law a provision removing
tho tariff from all articles in which a
monopoly had been created, who will
bo so vonturesome as to assert, or
who so credulous as to believe, tnat re
lief would not bo at onco experienced T
(When the ninth New York district
was reached in tho roll call of dele
gates and Goodwin's name was read
there was a volley of hisses and In an
Instant tho convention was In an up
roar. Devery was all tho time on his
feet, waving his hat and shouting for
Amid tho greatest confusion Devery
demanded that tho Goodwin delegates
should not bq seated but tho chair an
nounced that tho roll was approved
and order was restored.
After tho appointment of tho usual
committees tho convention adjourned
until 10 o'clock this morning. Tho
Devery contest with othors of a like
nature will go before tho committee on
contested seats for settlement
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ped hands, chilblains. Infallible for
Piles. 25c at tho Durbln & Wright
Co.'s drug storo.
Times For Holding Cir
cuit Court, A. D. 1903.
State of Ohio, 1
1'lfth Judicial Circuit.
It ,1s .ordered i tlmt Uietlmoqf.the bcBlnnlnz
of tho lofms of tho Circuit Court of the sov
era counties' In said circuit for tbo year 1103.
bo llxcd as follows,.to-wlt:
Fairfield county. on tho Cth day of January
and tho 1st day of Sept.
lllehluud county.on Uie 13th day of January
and tho 8th day of Sept.
Wayne county, on the 17th day of Fob'y
and the 22nd day of Sept.
Starlc county, on the 3rd day of March and
,the 2Uth Jay of Sept ,
, Knox county, on tho 31st day of Murch and
tliuUthday of Oct.
Ji!c.V ,nF?unty'.0Al J'10' 7th da? of April
and the 13th day of Oct.
Musklncura county, on tho 28th day of
April and tho 0th day of Oct.
Morimn county, on the 5th day of May and
tbe 24th day of Nov.
Ferry county, on the 12th day of May and
tho 10th day of Nov.
Ashland county, ou tho 19th day of May
and tho 3rd day of Nov.
Coshocton county, on tho 26th day of May
and tho 27th day of Oct.
Holmes county, on tbo 2nd day of June
nnd tho 17th day of Nov.
Tuscarawas county, on tho 9th day of Juno
and tbo 1st day of Dec.
Morrow county, on tho 23rd day of Juno
and tho 8th day of Dec.
Delaware county, on thuCOih day of Juno
und tho 15th day of i;oc.
Said terms to boslu at 9 .o'clock a. m.. Sep
tember Wfi. 1902.
I3U.A8 Marion Douglass,)
ft. M. Vcoiuiccs, Judces.
Maurice 11. Dokaiiuk, )
ThoStntoofOhlo. )
Fifth Judicial Circuit, J-ss:
Stark County, J
I. Jacob J. WIho, Clerk of tho Circuit Court.
Fifth Judicial Circuit, within said county of
Htark, certity tuat mo ron-ffolntr Is a truo
copy of tbe written order flxlne the time of
the commencement of each torm of the Cir
cuit Court In each county in said Fifth Ju
dicial Circuit for tho year W).
Inwitness Wbtt-eof; I hereunto subscribe
my name.Bnd u till the seal of Raid court this
30th day of SeptemberA. D. IfXH.
3-10-17 J ACOll J. WISE, CUrIc.
I'M- ' uV.-.-r ..' '
V "

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