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W"f S4ti.it pfniotnit;
EATON . P.. AfKIL 9i, 1 8 S-6.
Democratic Presidential Electors for Ohio.
SIT0IAI.JU.EOTlaS. ' ' . J
William ReaiWR, Jr., at Belmont.
Alexander P. Miller, r; Butler.
tit. SHELDON I. KKLLOOfJ, of Hamilton
'3d. HENRY F SEDAN, of Hamilton.
S.I. DAVID GLARK, of Montgomery.
4th. J. H.THOMAS, -of Darke.
- 6th. EDWARD FOSTER, of Williams.
' 6th MIC IAEL H. DAVIS, of Clermont.
7th WILLI M CROSSEN. of Warren.
8th. WILLIAM KERSHNER. of Clark.
9th GEORGE E SEENA, of Seoeea.
'10th. LEVI DUNGAN of Jackson,
ltth. ALFRED McVElGH.of Fsirfield.
13th. J AOOB SLY EH, of Franklin.
13th. JOHN TIFPT of Huron.
14tb. JOHN C. MYERS, of Ashlsnd. -16th.
JOSEPH BURNS, of Coshooton. '
16tii JAMES M. OAYLORD, of Morgan.
.17th BENJAMIN P. SPRIQGS, of Noble.
18th. ALPHONSO HART, of Portage.
19tb HENRY H. DODGE, of Cuvshogs.
-20th. GEORGE O. GILLE TT, f Aihtabula.
- Slat. GEORGE COOK, of Harrison.
' imD or roiuo woin,
. For President
Of Paantylvania.
for Vice President
f California.
i , ...
; XT Hon. 8. A. Douglass will accept our
thanks for a copy of bit valuable Report aa
"Chairman of the Committee on Territories,
. and alia for a copy of his admirable speech on
Kansas territoral affairs. ;
drrWe are under obligations to Gen. F.
' Maes n, for a copy of the Report of the Public
Works, and several other valuable public doe
i nments. ' '
t3"We regret to learn that the residence of
the Widow Homiest, about 2 miles from Ea
-ton, was entirely destroyed by fire on Friday cf
ast week. It ia supposed the fire occurred by
. spsrks from the tbimney. It was. discovered
. in time tossve all the property but Hie dwel
ling house. Her loss will be about $1000,
without any insurance.
nj The daily Cincinnati Enquirtr came to
us on last Monday morning changed both in
Its editorial control and appearance. It is now
fcaited in quarto form, ty '.be "Enquire Com-
t . . . i i i. .... it i .
- Jeny auu iooks well, ream wen, anu can i
help but da well.es il is the largest, cheapest,
best and ablest conducted Daily now publish
ed in the West. We wish it abundant sue
cess. . . ,. .-.:,
XT The Germsnlown Republican ahould
have ia formed its readers that the majority ot
"Sam's Boy," who was elected ia Twin town-
.ship, had dwindled down from two hundred
and twenty -five, to about wniyir, since
.ilia lest election. We don't wish any belter
"show" of the disappearance of the "night
owl" party, and the success of democracy,
than such results. "Poor sbdw for Know
Nothiogism 1"
Cotillion Party.
' The "Eaton Cornet Band" design giving a
, .fraud Cotillion Party, on the evening of the
-turning first oD&ay, to which they cordially
.invite all the young and old. That all may
.hive the privilege of attending, the price of
-Admission will be placed at 11,00.
gj-We would call the attention of our res
-4era to the Card of Mesia. Dcaitr, Camhcll
A Co., who are engaged ia the r'orwsrdiigand
jCjmmifsion businssa in CineinnatL As '.best
ftotlemen are from old Preble,aad well known
ai men of trust, we hope that al I business in
their line from this County, will be entrusted
in their charge, and thus encourage "home en
terprise." .
gCTAll who wish to enjoy the luxuries of tbis
eaeon of the year, such aa Ice Crams, Cold
Ice Lemonades, Mint Julips, &cM can do so
ty tilling at the "Eagle Sslooa," on Baron
street. The "Merchene" used for grinding
out Ice Cream,manufaclures an article far su
perior to any we have ever seen, both in qual
ity and taate. All who wish to test this fact,
re advised to call and try the article, which
can be had at all times. .
ST "Godey's Lady' Book" for May ia on
band, it is embellished with beautiful en
graving representing the "Child of Sorrow,"
ad a vast .number of Fashion Plates and
Patterns, It is an excellent Dumber so are
all ofQodey'a." t. ?
... CPrrEttoiTs Ladies National Msgsjine
lor April is a 'trump" number. lis engravings
are fine, and its fashion plates superb. Ibis
is tbe cheapest Magsziue published in the
country. Two dollars a year. . Address C. J.
TmssoK, 102 Cbesout s'.., Philadelphia.
Nioosa-Woasmr ia Milwaukee. At tbe
' seoenl election in Milwaukee tbe Republi
cant" and -Know-Nolbing ran Jesse Epps, t
,big '.'bock-nigger," fbr"'Mayor'.': He received
their entire vote one hundred ani fifiy-lbree,
m ll told. i " " . I';' J';'
. . Plaiji Tauhko. Tbe Jersey Tegrap
uometime met language more forcible than
polite, as wiiams the following in allusion to
, Rev. IL WBeecbet aud others of like stamp:
"If such professed clergymen and professed
. Cbrislisus don't gel at last to bell, why then
tbe plact mihl aa wrll be discoutinued or ap
propriated to some better Use."
This tedieulual, who at. present, and for
some monthsasst, has ben fijuring so large
ly in newspaperdom, addressed the people of
tins county on last Friday evening in tbe Town
Hall. 4 goodly number of all parties flocksd
to the: place where tbe Hon. gentleman was
to vindicate bis jiolilical integrity ' from the
charge of "apostacy," and tbe asssults made
apon bira by the editors of tbe New York
IViounr, Cincinnati Gtettt, and Ohio State
Journal, The speech he mado here, judging
from the retnoiki of the Hamilton Ttlegraph
end Dayton Empire, was a stereotype edition
of those made by h im in those places, prior to
his visit here., . Be.opened the. dramatic per
formanceof tbe eveningfor as such m e look
ed upon it by saying that bis viait among
bis constituents here and at tbis time, was
rather unexpected to him, but as he had yiel
ded to the earnest solicitation of bis, friends in
Bullet and Montgomery, to address them, he
considered it hi$ duty to comply with the re
quest of his numerous friends in Preble, to
meet with them also, lest they might feel
themselves slighted I . Most cousiderata man I
How mortally wounded would have been the
feelings oT yoor numerous (i) frien 'a in this
eounly bad you not made such a wonderlul
sacrifice of duty, and, came here and bowtd
down before them, and humbly supplicsied
them to spaie"you, yet, for another reason t-
He then proceeded to paint in most glowing
colors bis political life in Preble county told
how often he had suffered defeat and how
philosophically he bore it until success ciowo
ed bis efforts (Ob, we mean his friends)
bow consistently he bad represenied the prin
ciples pf the Free Soil party and horse its flag
through the political tempests untarnished,
and without Hie slightest, deviation for tettn
long year and noiefter men yean tiial,
he is ci.arged wi'h "apostacy," and his polit
ical hesd to be taken off! 'He could not see
wbereiititie was guilty, andssid be was now
before hie accusers, and if anyone, "friend or
foe," had any charge to make agaiiut him,
let him do so now, now is '.he time, ssid Mr.
Campbell, and bs paused I J : -r the same
pause he bsd maue in Hamilton and Dnylon
the same pompous taking of s seat and waiting
for his sccusers to appear, was exhibited here.
Some ten minutes of Urea i bless anxiety elaps
ed, when a voice iftom the crowd, called on
Mr. C. for an explanation of "hw ieoo nmend-
ing Mr. Oaa, of South Carolina, to fill I he
Chair duiingthe struggle in tbe House, for the
e lectio.! of s Speaker." This wss just what
Mr. C. desired an opportunity to give the as
semblage a brief history of the struggle for the
Speakership. Heiaid lie hsd uever been an
aspirsnl for that siatirn and when opportun-
ed b bis friends be advised them that il would
be time enough si tbe next session of Congress
to look about and fix upon someone loyal to
their iuteiests. ' Noiwitlistnndint he wss so
indifferent end careless about the Speakership,
he recollected precisely tbe number of .votes
east for himself, which was as high as eighty
three at one Ome. But, said Mr. C, the
question involved in that struggle of three
months, wss not so much who shsll . be
Speaker, bul where shall the printing go. At
this moment we noticed a dark sha e pass over
lii fea teres as though visions of mis placed
confidence and disappointed ambition had flit
ted athwart bis person and down he pounced
upon Col. 6cHour.es for the deception he hsd
praclised upon h.m, ("Lew,").J jivs him
perticuloi "fits," and wound up by saying he
intended to meet end refute the late charges
that Col. S. bad made through the columus of
the Cincinnati Gixette. ."After closing the
Speakership, be ststed his reason for recom
mending Mr. On, for the Chair, which was
simply because he "did'nttike John W. Foa
mier J" How lpgicsl snd satisfactory to the
interoga tory and hia breathltss friends, wss
this answer I It showed as "clear ss mud,"
that his only object in rubbing against South
ern members of Congress, wss because he
"did'nt like Mr. Fosnkt, and not because he
hi had any desire to truckle to them in the
least, as his friends charged I Other inlerog
atories were put to him, all of which he an
swered in about as wtiefactorf way. He took
occasion during his peiegrinaliona through the
history of. the Speakership, to denounce the
Adminirtrstion and Nebrasks act, as "infa
mous," corrupt and venal" and to heap
upon tbe head of Jon W. Fosnev, the choice
epithets of his yocsbularly of steag--sll of
which however) coming fiom the quarter it
did, fellas hermles as Ihe drop of rain from
the heavens on the parched earth. His whole
speech consisted of a tissue of misrepresents
lions, intended to deceive bis friends in regsrd
to bis true position. But Its this he has (ail
ed, and had he never visited. here, his chances
for snolher term. would be much belter then
they are now the thiu veil that hid his true
character bas been removed, and he stands be.
fore his constituents guilty of the charge of
apoiiacyl Wbsn he closed, his bearers had
dwindled down to a very small number, and
'hose few, prominent members of "Sam's"
defunct party, who remained to fondle and
cougraiu ste him, with as much affection ss
did tbe fsther of old at the return of his Pro
digal son I Tbey adjourned by giving three
feint cheers for Hon. L.D. Camfsell, snd the
"manner in wbicb he ponrajed the American
party 1" So ended tbe giand dramatic farce,
in which "Lew" figured at chief actor.
(rA bill toextced the right of suffrage to
colored oilwens has been Joel in the Wisconsin
Senate, by a vote of 13 to Gf Tnia State is
claimed to be strongly Black Republican, but
when tbe negro-worshipers are called upon to
show their sympathy and extend the band of
fellowship, they are like the Irishman's flea
"when be put bis hand upon him be wasn't
.. Misurria saosi F sauce. It is ssid that M.
da Sariigea will be succeeded in tbe United
States by tbe Viscount Serrurier, son of the
former French Minister to America, and neph
ew of the celebrated Marshal of that name.
Mr. Sartigee will be sent as Embassador to
KTCoI. Fremont br likely to become tbe
leading candidate of the Republican" party.
Blair and Greely are said to be for him. Arms
will not yield to tbe gown On tbrt occasion,
and Justice McLean is iu danger of Icing nil';
We have often thought -that there is not
another town io all our Western country, ihst
is so superlatively cursed. w ith a band of low,
degraded, contemptible, villainous scoundrels,
as our own. "Darkness, no sooner envelopes
the earth, than this band of "street walkeis.1
snd midoight prowlers, issue forth from their
vile dens, with bloated faces and fated breath,
prepared to engage in any devilment, from tbe
robbing of hen coop, to the destruction of
private property. Every store box, barrel.
siqps-or Isdder, tbst csn be laid hold of by
this infamous bsnd of prowling Arabs, is
found in the morning, eiiher split into kind
ling wood or erected into mock barriers across
our streets business signs torn down and re
moved into oilier parts f tbe town, or shiver
ed to pUcen small kitceoies eomnilted, and
every species of malicious mischief perpetra
ted that a lew reck'ess, lawless and degraded
counteifeit apeciraena of the human specks
csn devise. . We will give! 0 to suy one who
will give us the names of tbe -miserable
wretches who took down snd split to pieces
the sign of the Democrat Office," on Monday
night laal. We will endeavor to place tbem
"in durance vile," until their whisky soaked
carcases can havean Opportunity of cooling
off, and perhap IheiApropensitice for com
milting midnight outrages would cool down
also. We have a sloae house provided st
public expense, for such villeins ss these; snd
why do they longer go unwhipped of justice f
We do aot wish to be understood as making
these remarks toward eur citizens in feneral.
We know (fast we hsve a class of ss high ton
ed and honorable men ss sny community
in our Stale can boast, but we do ssy that we
sre infested with a certain crew of villeins,
that sre a disgrace and a foul scsb on sny so
ciety, snd the sooner tbe Is w is rigidly en
forced sgsinst them, and their midnight orgies
sml carousing broken up, so much the belter
for the orderly snd well diyiueeJ citizens
and it is to be hoped that Constables Whiting,
Ksuoe snd Kline, will make ase of their best
efforts in bresking pp these midnight assem
blages aud dragging the offenders to justice.
The Military Pic Nic.
We understand that Ihs "GWrfs," are rra-
king srrsngementswitli "ur ciiize), for a ve
ry gay time on the 1st of May, provided the
weather should be in sny way favorable.
The company sre making efforts to sppear on
that occasion w lb their new caps and plumes
The "talon Cornet Bsnd," who sre also hon
orary members of the Company, will be on
hand rigged out in their new Band uniform
and caps, which tbey have gjiie recently got
ten up; let all the ladies turn out, not forget
ting a nice basket full of tbe "fixntt," which
they s lone knew Low toget up snd repair to the
beautiful Iscsnon pitched upon, snd all join
in cheerful hormony, in hailing the 'joyous
and happy opening spring, after the lung c'rra
ry winter through whuch we hsvef assed- -
Let no one wait to be ssked, but go right
olong prepared to enjuy yourselves, sod yon
will mostsssuiedly do so. if the weather shou Id
be at all propitious. There is but one way to
make a good May Party, end that is to join in
willingly snd cheerfully. "a word to the wise
fi sufficient."' We hope to see a good number
present, a good day, a good many good-look
ing girls, all going wnh the idea of baring a
general good time. A genera! invitation is
extended to everybody m the county, who may
desire to attend. tLay aside your money ma
king operations for one day and come out and
see your friends and eat peaches. .
P. S. Since writing tbe above we learn that
the Superintendents of the several Sabbslh
schools in our town, intend taking out the
pupils of the several schools, to join in and
enjey the party, accompanied with the proper
exercises. Tbis is right, bring them along, the
children hare more need of an exeiciseof this
iind.end the pure air of tht countiy tbaa those
of mature years. '
All is Bright.
From all psrts of the Union, we hear the
most cheering news of the success of the dtm
ocratic parly at the latq spring Elections. The
people have placed the seal of condemnation
upon the bigoted and intolerant men wbo ad
here to Know Nothing dogmas. The fiat has
gone forth that Ibis dsngerous faction which
sprung-up like a fungus in tbe night, and en
deavored t o nsurp the reins of government
from the hands of the many, and place them
in those of the few, must be put down and
wiped entirely from existence. Tbe Know
Nothings themselves begin to feel and aee
that tbeir fate as parly is sealed, and we
now see tbe papers of thai miserable faction
pleading with the old line Whigs, . abolition
ists, and tbeodda and ends of all parties', to,
join tbem in an effort sgainat the Dem
ocratic party, in the hope that they may
yet save themselves from annihilation. The
very men Sam sffect-d to despise so much one
year ago, be is now willing to fondle on.
With tears io bis rwes, be plesds for help.and
makes tbe most bemilieting propositions to
the "black spirits and white" wbo are at
tracted by his cries. But, no effort of Know
Nothing demagogues can save tbem from the
fate they as richly deserve, and -the present
effort of thst despised snd condemned faction,
to induce the old line Whigs to join them in
a crusade against tbe Democrats party, will
only aink tbem deeper in the "slough of des
pond." The petty hss run its race, snd hss
proved the most magnificeuthpmbug.lhe grea
test cheat and fraud, that bas ever been prac
ticed upon the American people. It can point
40 sio single act to show thst religion bas been
advaala-ed, society improved, polities, purifi.
ed, public stations, elevated by tbe election
of more eminent merr, or tbe eenatitulion
strengthened by the efforts of their confeder
ates Toe bare'mention of tbe name of 'Sam'
now, excites disgust in those who loved to
dwell upon it. One year ago, and disappoint
ment, disgust and sbsne can, be read Upon
their brows. ... . : '. V,"-
OCT Tbe American Organ at Washington
announces that Edward Everett, Robert C.
Winthrop, with other distinguished Wibgs,
whose nstres it gives, "are conlent with Fill
more and Donelson," and will. lake tbe field
under the 'Amer.can' banner., . . r ,. . .:!
XT Louis Napoleon ia forty-eisbt yeaia old.
Eugenie U only thirty.
All is Bright. "DAT POME."
- We .published s communication some weeks
ago in our psier over tbe signature of "On,
a the Bof$," descriptive of the stveral.msltefs
sad ibiugs Iskios place, at a oeriala singing
school in this eouaty, whilst being serenaded
by the "Ea'ori Band," . Tbe arliole contained
some sentences in which the "Ttachh Ob de
singiu' school," thinks the writer of tbe com
munication did not "observe de roles whick
gobenUe white pqpelstin', end makes dtm
dis aa good as de color'd gemmin' dst ob re
speet." snd In consequence of bis negligence
s flur sbsde bss been thrown over bis public
rep. as a "teaehah ob music, ' in th's vicini
ty, and may perhaps tend 1o eiacies bis bright
est hopes hereafter.- And whilst laboring un
der this iineasy tmpression, be baa deemed it
necessary for his own protection as Well ss
for "He general benefit ob de literary worl,"
to reply to said obnoxioua communication, and
iu-as much as our columns were open for the
one side, "dey as a matter ob oose must be
be rpen forde odder." The author bas ia
siructet us in publish his "effusion" eerie-
rtm, et literatim, tt $pe!Uum,tt puneluatum,
ss it emanated fiom his pen, as be -dideiot
went "de while trash to meddle de'selves wid
bis business in any way," and we have ac
cordmgly done so. ll is decidedly a rich
'Pome' and it will long remain a mooled ques
lion, whether i he author of this rthe"Suar
Tree PooC'.is entitled to the most credit for
rare liierary productions ! Here il is:
in new hope thar'aa sinfriof school taught by a
table man '
euvye i by turns boeth far and near as we do un.
dtr tuna
this class Is filled weth pride And scorn And st
- Die men tney nnia -
they watch tbeir atepae by day and night they
UBVI no iu wait .
they heep contempt upon the fotlkea who do this
nun employ .
And comes with swsordssnd Stavea st night the
people to ewiy . .
they make tharVoaatawbattbe will dolike wolves
St nirrtit tne come
toenoy they people by serprise with hdlt tod
trim arum ,
this clsss with jujr and bottles filed with liquor
the driver took his aeat snd swoar that be could
Stttr the rout
And np to new hope tbey did go to play or .rata
A row
tht came up quiet ie ihe bouse AnS Struck tbe
: rowdy dow
And like the Band st jerece tbey made a dread
ful sound . - . ,
But did net brake the wall ner make H level with
the ground
they Blew A loud upon the horns And en tbe
drum did thunder -Aad
who it wse ths people all at oae.begaa to
wonder . ' .
But quickly they did under stand it was tbe ea
ton band 1
that had cameomt to Serened aud aee tbe pleas
ant land ' ' -
they all wer then invited in and placed betid tht
riuf -
And told that tbay might play a tuut ere we be
gan to sing
they all Arose snd tunes' there pipse and stood
up ii a roe
they named the tune called kayty did and struck
sue rowuv aow
the played A thing the called a, fuse and spent
. tlierer feable breath
the sound they made upon the Boon would scared
. ' A bog to death . -
Norr on the tram they bol'ow Bah like eowet when
they ar dieing
tbeeoroet trump snd Bugle Squaked like wild
goeae wheu a flying
the -tmie tber plated was notbio grate we'bsv
- lutard'the like before
By men wbo played upon aucb thiqgt yes more
than half a score
And some of tbem did Blow on trumpes and some
upon tbe born
And on each Hide there cheeks stood out like
ground squirle full of corn
there area ahined like the meter Bright when
floating to iflie sir :
And then AeroM Below tbe nose tbsr stood A
Bunch of bair ''
An the School did elnse tbe Band Arose and
Started borne from hence
And cuised the man tht man whome God bad
made for want of beter aense' .'
Live and Liasn. Every day tesebes s
something new. . We still find out bwts to do
something that, before, teemed utterly impos
sible, or at bett- too romaa lie for Ire b. Even
the art of making love, old at it is, hasosae
in for ils share of improvement. Professor
Rondout, of New York, ia the modern Ovid.
His book, just advertised, "How to win a
Lover, or Matrimony made Easy," Is realty a
curiosity. It willimrfhe weddings sbundsnt
It enables every man snd woman to inspire
love in the bosom of the one beloved, snd so
become happy. ' Of course, il is si! the rsge iu
New York. -See advertisement in another col
umn. '; '
fry A number of the friends of Mr. Buchsn
snhada private dinnerparty at the New York
Hotel, on Friday evening, 11 th, with the view
of bringing r.ut a significsnt' demons! rsiion for
Buchsnsn in that city and Slate. About fifty
gentlemen sat down todinner,and among them
were Beverly Tucker, editor of the Washing
ton Sentinel; Colonel Jobs W. Forney late
Clerk of the House of Representatives! George
N. Sanders, late United States Counsul at
London; Isaac V. Fowler, Postmaster of that
city; Colonel Daniel E. Delevan, Naval Store
keeper st Brooklyn; Colonel Tbes: Dun lop,
Deputy Naval Officer of that port, and several
other gentlemen oflike prominence. .
XT The Democratic doctrine of non-intervention
with regard to slavery, says the De
troit Free Pre, csitnet be more exactly snd
concisely stated, than Judge McLtsn bss sla
ted it in hia recent decision. "It, (slavery,)
I domestic relet ion," asys be, "ever vldch
tht Federal Government tan exereiten con
trol." Congress csnnot establish slaters or
prohib ii. It ia the subject solely of local au
thority. Tbe Kansss-Nebrasks Isw sssumes
neither to legislate slavery into those Terri
tories nor to exclude It therefrom, but to lesve
tbe people thereof perfectly free o loim and
regulale tbeir domestic inatitutions in their
own way, subject only to the Constitution of
lbejUaited8taies.'; ''"' ; ' i-
SEMAToa Bsr.L. It is rumored in Washing
ton, says the Por tsmoulh (Tennessee) Qucette,
that Senstor Bell will resign bis (est In the
United States Senate during the month of June
next, on account of impaired bealh, thereby
giving the Legislature an opportunity to elect
hia auccessor. -V '.v-r'k ; ' ',.
gTM. Kossuth is ssid to be in straitened cir
cumstances, aqd Mr.. Walter Savage Land or
has proposed to open a subscription in London
for hi relief. J Us beads: the list with 10.
Connecticut Election.
, The result of the Isle election esteblishes
tne probability almost the Certainly, that the
Democracy will carry tbe State next fall by a
targe majority. In tbe City of Hartford tbe
vote wss for Ingham, dem., 1788, Minor, k. n,
1278 "Welles Jreesoil. S32. James Dixon,the
fusion candidate for Senator was defeated for
Ihe first time. The Hartford timea says;
'Old Hartford has dose her duty well
Here, where is tbe home of tbe Hon. aase
Teucey, the man who has bee a most aasacelv
attacked aud shsmefully t bused bese.where
they msdt an issue upon him the asest titter
and malignant, and where personal envy snd
hate did t's worst the d'mocratio tritimpti is
nioremgimi man m simosi any otner town.
in Uov. minors own town and old alronr
hold of ihe whig party the democratic reme-
seniaiwesate tec ted Jyover one -hundred
majority, and Ingbam vests Miaor by 136 I
Out of a large number of new -voters made
In Meriden, only one wss found unable to read
snd be wss a netwe Amertean. ,- - .. .
The New Haven Register thus advises the
Democracy ot IbeUaioa of the substantial tri
lumpli obtained iu that old city. .
"A noble work was done in New Haven
yesterday. With a majority of 250 stains! ua
at tbe lastelectioo-t-wiih the two orgsne of
tne city, unscrupulous m 4hey were violent
fin their opposition with fanrticisas eeaterisig
ii in; cuuui oi in oeecnera, ana minus,
and Garrisons, upon us with a towa cleiti
snd selectmen bitterly hostile to us. snd
tbrowing every ohsucle.by means of their reg
istry machinery, in the way of our voters ia
spite of sll this, snd much more, lodisencour-
sge os -we have elected our representatives
Jfor J am a iPu mler ford wss fsirl elected, sad
will have hi seal) snd lor ths first time elect
ed our senslor from tbis district. We gives
uemocrstie vote ot ami . .:..
The Admission of Kansas.
Tbe Washington correspondent of the New
York Journal a Commerce, aagsciuns obser
ver, and usually well posted in publio matters,
writes ss fo'lows, under date of April lit
'"Senator Douglas bss given notice of bis in
teauoo to set a vote on bis Kansas Slate Bill
atari early day, and. '.here ia no doubt that it
riU pass Dial boty bya very large ma jorily; and
he Republicans csn hard I v defeat il io the
House. But if they do not kill it, it will kill
them, snd ihey know it; for iis enactment will
settle lb Kansas difficulty to entirely that it
cannot be revived. It will settle it in a legal
snd constitutional mode, and in a mode con-
lorming also with the prinoinlesof the Kansas-
Nebraska Bill. It will suable Kansas to come
into the Union at the next session aa a free
Sisle, but ia a regular end constitutional man
ner, end not through the actien end under the
menace of the Abolition agitators." -.
The Albany Election Outrage.
Tbe Albany Alias aits' Argua thus speaks of
the butrsges perpetraied by tbe Khosr Nothing
board of canvassers in that city in reieotine
and throwing out two wards, in order lo beal
Ihe Democratic candidate for Mayor, ll ssyar
"We think we can assure our frieuds with
entire confidence that on the first Tuesday of
May next, (the day appointed by, law,) Mr.
Quackeubush will be Mayor of the city, fully
aiiUioiitid and duly recognized, and thai the
haru procedure ot the Common Council Jo
cheat him a bis sest will piove sn utter fail
ure covering J authors rtb a ridicule and
the public odium... .
"We congratulate 'he eilizens upon having
ss excellent s Chiel Magistrate ss Dr. Quack
enbutb wiU 4rove iiiielliKoal, boiirsi, ener
gejic.sndJ sespecter snd upholderof the laws,
sml sn enemy to mueicipal iisurualioit and
fraud." . - . ..
Peace in Europe.
We lake the tallowing good thing from the
Boston Cturier, which says, if peace is agreed
dtion now, Ibe parties to tbe war will to in
something like the following Order: ' - '
"I. . Tuikey Stripped and plundered.
'2. Russia Uaconquered, she triumphs.
"3. Fraace Her snntseiured the Allies'
victorious. - N ; ,
"4. Austria Eating the oysters, ' awstrds
tltesbells. . - - a. .',... , ,
u$. Sardinia Fighting or gold, she loses
nothing. . , , r -,.
"6. Eugland Her prestige on land sud sea
is lost.
What we have Gained in Connecticut.
Ths New Hsven,Uegister, thus briefly turns
u t the retailor the tecetil eiectiuu in Cou
nectituu ., - " f
"In the last Legislature the Hindoos' hsd
majority of about seventy in the House, and
all but (too of the J&nalors This year we
gain more tban filly members of, the House,
snd elect nine Senators., Minor run sliead of
Ingham, who, though he wss in s minority ol
tbe popular vole about tern thousand this year
will lack only about one thousand votes f sn
election byih people in at the Hindoo, Aboli
lion and Whig candidates combined. This
shows wheVe Connecticut will be in the Pres
idential contest soon to come off. Almost ev
ery town in the stale shows a Democratic gait
on the popular vole; and, while we twve tost
the election b the skin of our teeth, w hsve
the satisfaction of knowing that the Demo
cratic is the only psrty in the diate, ad that
tbe opposition is doomed to fall before U."
v " tai -i i mvwmmiVi'xn
The DsMtcaATic .Vioroar uMacHMAa.
The Detroit Fit Pre of a late data says:
"An analysis of the returns of ihe whole
Stste shows thst tbe Democratic majorities in
the compare!) ely small eoantiea of Living
ston, Ingham and Salon ovtrbslance the gross
majorities of the Black-Benublicans in Ibe
counties csrried by them. Tbe conclusion is
Ihen ineveltable thst the sggregate Democratic
majority in the Stale ia not leu than eight
thoutand, sod that it may retcb ten thoutund.
"This grand result determine!, beyond all
cava), the Presidential voie of Michigan and
the character of tbe next State sdminislration.
0JThere are seventy-one banks in Ibe Uni
ted Stales having a capital of a million of dol
lars or more each. The Bank of Commerce,
at New York, bas tbe largest' capital, namely:
five million of dollars. Tbe Merchants' Bank
of Boston is next, having four million. ; Thq.
Bank of Louisiana, at New Orleans, comes
nesrly up to tbe same mark 13,999,000 capi
tsl. Tbe AmericanExchange snd Metropoli
lan Banks of New York hsve each three mil
lion, and the New Orleans Canal and Banking
Company, and the bank of Charleston, South
Caroiiua, have about the earns amount. ,..
Seasonable. If you weuld be. dressed In
seasonable clothing visit the establishment of
T. W. prague A Co., No. 10 Ess l Fourth
street, CineianstL' and make your selection
from tbeir stock. It is - the Jargest, best, snd
cheapest now offered in that city,' embracing
every style and variety of leady made clothing
also cloths, cassimers and vestings, thich
will be made tp te order by experienced Ui
lors. - - '.'.-. v ; " i
r- - - ' -I iiA".i'i-- ii m mi- m
Oyrfbere is much discussion about Free
dom snd 6lavery,snd about enlarging the areas
of either. . Ball, No. 38 West Fourth street,
Cincinnsti, bss bsd toenlsrge bis tree, loso
commodate the crowd ef customers. ' The best
Daguerreotypes, Vitrlotypes, and Pbotogrsphs
sre procurreil at bis looms, i.. ;.'r- r. . " i
NEW YORK, Thursday, April, 17.
The steamer Baltic arrived off -Sandy Hook
thie morning. , . .:..;
On Sunday, the 80th alt., (he treaty of pesos
wss actually sigted at Parian t '- .:
The Balti brings no tidirgs of tbe Pad.
The Atiwiriethsd. arrived out at Liverpool.
Peace was to be proclaimed on tbe 2d.
NEW YORK, Thursday, April 17.
TkeatAoier Boh it ( anchor eutsids "of
thehsrber. Her papers aTtivelTat ha If-mst
eleveu- eclocki without any previous an
ttouncumertt. The treaty ef peace was signed by all pie
nlpotentianea et Paris on Sunday, March JO.
Greet demonstrstieuua of fnv mm Th ThtKilMl ii
Pans firing of csnneo, illuminations, dtc
The English demoasis lions were much more
quiet. Ratifications csnnot be exchancetl
within four weeks.' . '
Tbe Africa arrived out Mi the
LONDON, Wednesday, April 2—A. M.
The IfmiUur of feererde
peeial deer .bat ihe GrMd dm r i h re
gion of Honor waa conferseU Walewaki
snd Btron Sourgency, snd the Bsreo B. la
raised to tbe dignity ef Senator.
, Official journala also annuunna ihi tf.
or-s decision that the soldiers theelasi ef
184S, who have been retained ill! a a..j...
the military banners, b restored to tkeir
homes. Orders fer the imjnHii
of the wiU of Ibe Emperor have alecadr been
i..u.il Iu. KiT:1-.. . . . .. . '
irainii T uk niinuitr ai wir. -.. . v
The ctremoMal annonnAamanr wriha
elusion of peace waa made to tbe Senate am.
the corps Legislative en Monday, U tbe word
previousljr employed to srmouaee the (set io
the MontUur. Te bis Droclamattmi UHa Ml. j
istet of State added . . . : . ..-. - . .,
"1 he Emperor has ehareJ aa. i. k.;..;.
the fact to your knowledge to ttak yoat t J
.in yw .uppon yon nave -alwara afforded,
wbaeh, with the admirable dfevniMUaaa r is ,
allied fame, has ooatri8utl ( ttoeteopr
issue ef the war." ,. .
The members of jbeiCnn Shmm tiaa tall
te perfect number ofcu'ndary errageinetii
"''' '' la jaTaira . te be .
wviiasMss hi wetsssl, . ..-.,,..., ...-..
Tn U Nor4 fa the oryssj ieatioe of tbe
Principnlitiea ie -one 4 ih Mi -,1,1
and lhei?tVts pwwts ! Moiher speeia'l
,ffrl'i0i "CMST U' tl" hre aigatio of
-aire tIIIUUC ' i '(,;, :,tr . vi i
MaraeUlea. Turulr AfUf n ,.,s.s
last Night from ibis nort. bearine Ha imi.
tonstsntinople for the ralificaiMHi of the Sul
tan. A French officer of Ue rtuk s4ro.
barked en a speciHntfision tethe Sultan fros
mo emperor ol Trance. " : . r - . .
Admiral SvOlOllllS died On hia frnaa
Marsifilles. ;., . ' ,. x , ,
Berlin, Tsiai-tl) tnnoutieemeiit of Ilia
conclusion of peace in the-Prussia Cbambeta
yesterdsy was read wit eheeis. - v.-
Accounts have beea -received the death
of 8ir Charles Hsthsm, Governor of Victoria.
1 he Br Hlsh German Letriod which has herai
rsised by Baroa Stattenheim ' lo svieet tluy ext-
yeneies or the war will he seat to the Cape of
Good Hops, sew thst peace is concluded.'
.' At the Cape they wilt jar n the eotoniea,
and the oOiiM.ts and natn wiU rvcajvt grants of
land for military aerviees. ' The ttreugtb of
the force will sassier about April 10. when alt
the troops en rwirts writ be released.' -The
Bauk of France has ruluoetl its Mb-inf
discount from six lo five per cent.
The Noniteur eonlsies the following dis
patch from Pelisatet, dated iubaslopol, 23d,
- "This more in the French. Enalith and
Sardinian armies ami dee Is fired ont huudrad
and two guns, each ass buaor of the birth of the
Imperial Prince. , v , . f -, , ,
During the day the Commander in-cbif
of the English and SftdwisiLarmies came ofli-
eiallyloeffersne theircoiigiraiulaiioiis. r '
"Tlaere kse been illwmniatiuus in the
camps, end the: Russians illumiuateu tbeir
line on the lukermaaH." . x
Schatz The Senate adopted s resolution)
tsliing upon the Secretary of Wat to transmit
copies ol letters 001 heretofore Communieated,
which were addressed during Ibe present yeac
by Gov. Stevens, of Wsshiiigton Territory, tt
tpectingtht difficulties with the Indians, to
gelher with sll orretpundeiice reUUve to. the
hostilities us Washington tad Oregon Ternto-ries.-
' 'fi.' -.-sv.' f;v-..-.
Mr. Torwuba, from the Judiciary Committee,
ieporled back the bill to amend tbe naturals.
satioa lss, with a recommendation that it do
Hot pass. ' . ' v '" . r s , 1.3 .
On motion of Mr, Adams, tbe bill was made
the special elder fur May 12ih. " ..
The Bounty Land Bill was then discussed
for a short time, but laid aside,
Mr. Clay replied to tht speeches of Messrs.
Seward, Summer, Wilson, and on tbe bill (of
the admission of Kansss. .
He complimented Ihe Executive 'for hit
course regarding Kansss matters, sn eoasis
lency be had exhibited . in maintaining the'
righta of the entire country. The position, be
ssid bsd beeu abased by . Abolitionists and
Southern Americana . on - exactly , opposite
grounds. He hsd opposed tbe extremes ef
both parties by occupying a middle ground,
and pursuing 1 course consistent with the
rights of the North and South. As to the al- -leged
aggression of the Slave power be said so
far trora there being any truth in the charges,
the South bad ever since Ibe fouadatiouofUie
Government, been gradually yielding to Ibe
encroachments and usurpations of tbe North.
He would at aorae future time vindicate the
Noftm.ro and Southern Democrats from the
charge of entertaining eomily toward the North -orSoo:h.
,-We bad been confirteil to hit room
by sickness for ten day, aad to-day ventured
out for the first lime, to the serious detriment
of bis heslth.-. Adjourned. , S
' House. Upon assembling, tha House imme
diately proceeded to vote on tbe aotion of tbt
Committee ef tbe Whole on the fenale amend- ,
10 the Appropriation Bill, . Tbe smend-
meet for 300,000 for continuing tbe work on
the Washington aqueduol watagrccd toby. 7
majority. . -u . .'.. ,
The amendments were not ail disposed of
when the House adjourned.' ,
tCT Commodore Perry's gre.t work on Japan
it in a aisle ol rspid completion, and will be
ready for delivery tj June. It is a msgnificeat
sffair, elegantly illustrated, and full of scien- '
lifio, bistoricsl and geographical interest. II
costs the Government two hundred thousand
dollars, ' J, .
tTDUring the year 1564, Ibere were seven-
ly-tnree btstles fought, of more than one
week, with. en averaee loss' of one' thousand , '
men killed ia each, excluding those who have
fa Hen by disease or ah irmisbes. ; The number
awrpt out 01 eiis!encr must hats been about
300,060 the bloodiest year since lb battle of
Waterloo occurred. . , - . ' ' ; .
trThe famous "Empire Club," of New
Yoik, Under the suspicer of Cspt."" Rynders,
bss been revived in fsvor, ills ssid, of Bu
cbanaa. ".-., . (vv "
: IJ'About beven snd t half millions of fallt
ate told in &'w Yotk annunlty. . . . ; :

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