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Th A.liims Kintcss Corapauy Plan-a us daily
im.ier jUliHtiou to it lor the vnry latent papers
i. mi tin-em-lotn cities.
i'lie Amciii'un lixprotw Company lias out
ihnnkfl lor iin diily favors in Hip shape of the
veiy Ulnar eastern papers.
unk IIundkkd Dollars Rhvahd Stolen on
Tliur.duj eight, Juuur 3, 18CI, (rom in
fiout of the rcbideuco of C. N. Oldj, Esq., my
mare "Lady Rockey;" a new square box cov
ered waoo, mode by Godwin of New-York;
a sett of silver mounted harness, made by Hen
ll, of Philadelphia; nleo a rough grey ter
rier dogIn the wagan.
The mare is a chestnut eorrel, fifteen bauds
high, with a white strip in her faoe, and a flag
tail; U a very fast trotter, but rather lazy.
Oue hundred dollar reward will be paid for
tlin armor, uurl onnvlni.inn flf the thief. AlBO t
liberal reward will be paid for any information
that lead to the recovery of the above
Jan 4th, 1861. Columbus, Ohio.
Tits Artksian
Eq , of Cleveland, in a report on our State
IIoujo Well, states that it. U 2,775 feet in depth,
pissing through tho following geological strata
Drift, Devonlanund Upper and Lower Silu
rlan the bottom being now in sandstone. In
regard to the probabilities of finding water by
further barine, he concludes that water will
never be found not beoause water-bearing
Btrata have not been permeated, but beoauBe
they lie so horizontal that no power can be ob
tained to foroe the water to the surface. The
water at the bottom of the well, if found, would
be "blood warm."
This is discouraging. Perhaps, during the
session of the Legislature, somobody will make
a counter report, and eive ns good or bettor rea
sons for hi a coiiolualoua.
Trnc Niic. lining We are glud to learn by
a statement in this week's Gazette, which wo
suppose id uuihuri.ed, that the Neil House
structure is to he rebuilt. The Odeon building
is to be leveled, and the entire spaco from Am
bos' to the alley next io li kin's store is to form
the site for one grand Noil House block. The
center of the building will be directly opposite
the western front doors of the State Hcuao.
The coat is estimated at $100,000. It is intend
ed to have it ready for the reception of members
of the Legislature at tho beginning of its see)
sion on the first Monday of January, 18G2.
Messrs. Auld 4. Miixkr are making font the
plans, specifications and estimates, and prepar
ing the work for cuiuraut.
Ladies' I'ancv Fugs Ghieat Auction Sale
of Lawks' Farcy Furs I will sell at auction,
at No. 249 South High htrect, on Saturday,
January 5th, commencing at 10 o'clock A M.,
at 2 and 7 P. M , end continue at the eame
house, on the following Monday. A Urge stock
of Ladies' forcicn and American furs, muffs,
curl', and victorines of euper fine description.
W. R. KENT, Auctioneer.
Py-le's peculiarly manufactured Dietetlo Saler-
atus Is the only puro and perfect article of the
kind in existance. Let those who doubt, ana
iljie, compare, and prove. Depot, 345 Wash
ington Street, Now York. Sold by grocers
irr Rw. n. A. Randall, the pistor of the
First Baptist Church in this city, preached his
larewoll sermon on Sunday morning last. Yes
terday, ii feft our city for Boston, whence he
o;t nn Wultiradav next, in one of the
Cnnard sU-a-aers for Liverpool.
in- Tha Auai and ReDresentativea' Halls
in the State House have been put in order for
tho commencement of legislative business on
Monday next.
U-Efchange on New York is aelliug iu this
vitf at 1 per cent, premium, and gold at li&
per cent.
Taken. However, that U neither here nor
there: she went home to breakfast, and had
fcbarcclv eanaht the lull flavor of her first sip of
tea, when the servant paused her a plate of Us-
CUU, tne BlgM OI WD.cn, in by uwihi5 w ow-i
t .rli.,-1. ih. h.r into violent hysterica.
I JUJIVllwwlyS J -
Oh'"Bhe txcluiiucd, in an agouuog lone oi
' . .... , -!....
nice, "tnko the nnmd. tlnncs irora my Bitju.
This sad SDectacle would have been prevented
TniS Baa spec acie wou.u u J
tha rnnk iised D. U. DO L.anQ Ct ivo.
Cbcmlcal Saleratus, instead or the worthless,
lira-pure ctuff which did find its way into that
.i.n: naaf.odil anil hannv household. D. B.
.uiaiww. ' i
iDcimd ti Co , Fairpart, Monroe Co , N. Y
.make a perfrotly pure and reliable Saleratus.
Ut can be procured of moat dealers in groceries,
sand at wholesale from the grocers in large
towns, and of tho manufacturer.
a .w.T..nir9 We are aware there arc
. . .
many of our lady readers who are complaining
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and invigorate tho whole organisation, and
.Purify: the Blood. See advertisement
other column. i '
in an-
EwELLKNT.-Havc yon yet tried Guernsey's
BalmJ Knot, why not; iiaveyouQouuvt.ro
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Balm wall not dispel your doubts, but will,
tha time, remove soreness and lunammaiion
After thli, don't be without it
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Hair Invlgorator In another column.
rpo PDIICIIASas ni
X ClASJf,nu"auOT,,,i
decg'i-deodSw-. ' Pelaware, Ohio.
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Corn -
t '
0. '
The eullerlea and lnliliiei wars airaln crowded.
A message from the llouia, Informing the Senate of the
passages! tti Indian appropriation blll.wai received.
Mr. Bioi.kr presented memorlala numerously llgned
bycltixentof Philadelphia, aiklng Hie Benate to paia
the Crittenden reaolution. It Oongraia would only give
I lie people tha opportunity, they woum embrace it, and
their frlendi at the South would discover that th people
of tha .North were prepared lo meet their complaint! In a
piritof conciliation ana kinaness.
Mr. Cmttmox ollered the following resolution:
Whereat, The Union la in danger, and It la difficult, If
not Impossible, for Congress lo concur tijr the requisite
majority, ao aa to enable it to uuta lucn meuurea to rec
ommend to the States tuch amendmontito the Conttitu
tion aa are necessary to avoid the danger.
And, whereat. In io great an emergency the opinion
am Judgment or the people ought to be Heard; mere
fore. Resolved. That tirovision be made by law. without de
lay, for taking the sAse of the people and submitting to
them the following reaolutlona.
The Clerk then read the Crittenden leiolutlons al
ready published. 1
Mr. Crittenden (aid lomethlngmuttlie done. It would
be an open ahame to the government If ruin lie allowed
to come upon tne country, l ne aacnnce maoe waaoom-
paratlvely worthlesi. The peace and lafetyef a great
country were never purcnateu ao cneapiy. lie woum
anneal with confidence to the people. They have the
greateat intereit in tne government, ne nm conn-
dence that the pecple would give good advice.
The reaolutlona were lata over, ana tne unnnuneu nui-
ineat of yesterday taken up.
Mr. Baker resumed bli remarks, lie waa or tne opin
ion that discussion, on all pointa of difference waa useful.
He waa willing to meet all lust eautea of complaint In a
fair and honorable way. Lie considered that the at'aok
on the men of the North for tbelr action in regard to the
Territories, waa unjust, for the men of all classes In the
North, believe alavery the creature of local law. llo
quoted from Gen. Cass' epeeeh In Detroit, In 1834 agnlnat
the so-called doctrine of equality; alio from the speech of
Senator Hnnter before the Breckinrldie club at Vhar-
lottsvllle, admitting that the opinion of the Booth In re
gard to alavery had changed, and that her opinion was
agalnatthe ropeal of the Missouri Compromise, and for
the extension of the system.
Ilere a desultory conversation took place between Mr.
Hunter and Mr. Baker, and Mr. Benjamin and Mr. Bi
ker,, after which Mr. Bakkr resumed and continued his
remarks at great length . He closed with a strong Invo
cation for the Union.
Mr. SoooLAs asked that the report of ths Comniiture of
Thirteen be taken up.
Hr. Dooolas proceeded to address the senate. lie
said no act of his publio life ever gave him so much pain
as to vote for the resolution. The committee could not
agree. In order to aee the real causo of the troubles we
must go back of the late election. We should assume
that whenever Congress undertook to act upon alavery,
discord and agitation were sure to follow. When Con
gress let the question alone there waa peace.
ue reierrea to ine excitement wnen me missoun uom
promise was enacted. The fearful aglt.tlon of ltttl), waa
settled by the esUbllshmnet of the Compromise line. So
long as lint adjustment was carried out there wui peace
and quiet. Texas was admitted quietly under this rule,
though there was a great contrariety of opinion, but no
one objected because Itextended that line.
again, California and New Mexico were acquired, and
the extension of the line to tho Pacific Ocean was de
manded. The reeords show that he reported, a) Chair
man of the Committee on Territories, a resolution to ex
tend the line to the Pacific. This was adopted In the
Hsnat;, but when It was sent to the House it waa rejected
by nineteen votea. That opened the floodgates of the
agitation of 18-19, which was only settled by the compro
mises of lfSO
When we settle this question In the Territories, then
we ahatl settle it entirely. The Abolitionists could
never have brought the Union to the verge of dissolution,
nut tor tne nuestioa in tne Territories, it was the re
jection of the extension of that line In 1648, which open-
eaine agtuuon; ana tne arguments or ihi'J and ieJU
were repeated that the positions of the North and the
South were the same .
The purest patriots in the land were alarmed, and Mr.
Clay came back to the Seoate to seo It he could not bring
peace . He found no trouble with the Southern members.
but ne could find no supporters of this line in the North.
The Missouri Line waa abandoned, because its friends
said they could not carry It out In good faith. Then
iney turned to see wnat was next best. They desired to
take the question out of Congress, and kcuio tha peace
of the country. At last It waa decided to leave the ques
tion to the people or tne Territories tnemselves.
The recoids show that ne supported both compromises.
and for the same reasons. Peace followed all over the
country. In 1853-4 It tccame necestary to organize the
Territoriea of Kansas and Nebraska. The committee, io
formina- the bill, determined to carry ontthecompromiie
measures of 1630. though they had all been In favor of
the Missouri compromise as long as It could be carried
ont A huo and cry wae immediately raised that they
were violating a sacred compromise; but the bill did not
mention the Missouri compromise, but gave to the people
Uie power oi settling tne question tor tnemasivee.
The history of the Government might be divided Into
thrte narts: before 1820 the Government admitted many
Territoriea, but all was peace; after the agitation of
W) was settled all was peace again tin iu; since then
we have had a continual controversy, and the result of
the late election has convinced the South that it eat the
used policy of the dominant party of the North to invade
thelrconstitutlonal rights.
The Benator from Ohio (Wade) admitted the existenee
of this belief at the South, but charged it to the misrep
lesentation of tbe;Northern Demncracy. It matters not
whether these evils are real or imaginary, If tha Houth
went resolved to ruth into the horrors of disunion and
war rather than eulTer them. Ha was sorry to see the
Senator bring partisan question here, but as It was
brought, he felt bound to defend the Democracy. No man
was better pleased to learn that he htd misrepresented
the Republican party.
lie atked the eena'or from Ohio, if It waa not the poli
cy of that party to confine slavery within its present lim
its by the action of the Federal Government, and wheth
er it waa not the policy of that party to exclude alavery
from tho territoriea we now possess or may hereafter acquire-
whether or not that party cere in favor of return
ing fugitive slaves, and In short, whether It was not the
n at that narty to exert all the power of the federal
Government, under the Constitution, according to Iheir
Interpretation of it, to restrain and cripple the Institu
tion of slavery, with a view to ita ultimate extinction in
the States, old ae well as new, North and Southl
Mr. Wade (aid he could find the anawer io hi) speech
already made. He had no additions to make.
Mr. Douglas laid he did not expect an equivocal an-
"He'proceeded to argue that scch waa the policy of the
Republican party, and quoted Mr. Ltncoln'a apeeches.
where he said the Crisis must come, and the States mutt
become all one thing or the other, to show that he main
...j .,.-h nnllcv. Ha sa'.d he had a hope that Mr.
Lincoln would repudiate all such extreme sentiments.
f; XZtTVrZ'rZ;
fco fUBh intQ diaunion ana mecfc uic cuuciueui;ei
man would go further than he to en orce me laws, ana
a i..i.nnis in rti firn . R.Mlllnn often henomsi
n mnir Hia mvil 1
lrjccefai revolution, and a government was orten rorcea
tr.nidA acfo Government in revolted provinces.
I",r,""1-rni.nl the laws must be enforced by civil
process, now are we going to execute the law when the
ederll, Government has no power? How are we going
... j...,i ih. riohtof Secession, but she hat done it
and how could we help it. South Carolina will not bs
alone and how are we going to enforce the lawa, nnlest
... -a, Bnd conquer the State Are we prepared
for war with our brethren? He would not tolerate the
Idea, till every hope of adjustment waa gone. He was
for peace to save tha Knloo. War is disunion, certain
ii. rnforred to the nurckase of Louisiana, and said It
wa purchite d for the benefit of the whole Union, and for
the safety of the upper Mitiiiilppl in particular. The
possession of that river wa more necessary now than It
,hn We cannot expect the people of the interior to
admit the right ol a foreign Btate taking possession of
that river. He alao referred to the purchase of Alabama,
I a .m.nnt nflid. and aaked If ihe could fo out now.
Th 1,ri(lent i Bis message, first said we could not co-
erce . iV.TouH.MifV. could pay
t, ree handred million! for Cuba, and then the next da
she nl h"'c" t0 e'la' Md 8"
three hundred millions for Cuba, and men the next tlay
He had admitted that Texat coat us a war wun mux ico,
and 10 0U0 lives. In the name oi the 7,uuu gallant men
from Illinois, who fought these battles, I argue against
the right of that State to secede.
. Mr. Hemphill asked If the protection of Texas was the
only reason of war, and If the United Slates paid any
thin to Texat for the lar.d. audit we did not acquire
Cslifemlafrom thatwar? - . . t
xi. imnirlaaaaid the only cause of oomplaiut of Mexl-
oo was the annexation of Texai, and we htd only paid
t ten millions for tome karren land the didn't own.
Heraatheojnatitutlonwsiptended to be perpetual and
1 he denied the right of secession under the constitution
w,t2oBttittouandagainttJutticsand good
ne laid there could te no good without coercion, but
!., mnt be used In Ihe modes prescribed by law.
Thli it not a que stlen of coercion in a State. Where
authority of federal government remains, we are bonnd
7. nvernment dt facto. Where the State
maintains Individual iway, tho msn who lovea the Union,
1. i.-.. io AA the lawa enforced, will loe to see a re
bellion pat down. UoW doe lit Intend to enforce
i.. i.. ..,llii fltate.exceot by making wtr'f
jnhi, opinion we had reached tne point wnere disunion
I was Inevitable, union a compromise louDueuoncuDccs-
inn nouia ne mane.- lie nreierrcu usmurumm iu
and concession to disunion No compromise would
available which does not carry the queatlon of slavery
hevond congress. ' ne taia ne naa voiea ior ine propo-
J . a . , ir it- o.itu.j..l
aitinn 01 me bbusiui iivui ucummj ijh vinnuwn
'VMnllAj to vote for It again. ,
t tn8 Republican! unite on the Minour
1 " iie lln v Xbtj had heaped curses enough
Vrf tot pealing it, to be glad now to re ettabllth
lit. He had helped to support mat measure uu he
.u.,1 m ihnndon It. He wu willlnc now to
en tetma of mutual concession. He had off rred another
propotltlon, to leave the Terrltoriei in sfaiu quo
they had 60,000 Inhabitant!, and then settle the question
themtelrei, and alto provide for the removal of the
o-roei. If tbe Territory chote, to certain province!.
-. A - uttn.. At. ma, Infanrl in tntnrfare
it tne iuuvw .- , -----
ilavery in the Btate, why not put In an amendment
the Oonttltutlon io they cannot do it? There muttbea
lettlement of lome tort now. It cannot be pottponed,
nr. ...in Httof revolution. It Li comnromlte
war. He proferred compromlte. He said It teemed
.,,.,, ih Hanatnra on the other aide determined to
at aparty. let the people decide the- question.
j.k ih.nennleof llasaachuietliartorJDOteito
extension, but he thought it thequesllon wai lubmltted
to-day on tne retoiutiona oi sue pcuawr iruui
wouiutaimy uieui, i
The Speaker laid before the House a
from Mr. Stockton, Chaplain, Inviting member
tend the Union prayer meeting in the nan or rteprcteni
atlvea tAmAvrnw. 'fc . - v''-
Itwa agreed that when tha ilouie adjourn to-morrow,
it be t'll Mnniisv.
I, uaieninepremtM a repon oi meeting iu
rerton uoonty, unte, repudiaung ta tueaoi a
lee on the part of th North, and endorsing the
menti ot Henatori y gas, Hale and other .
Mr. Hutcblns moved that It be referred to the Com
mlLtja of Thlrtv.Thr.
John Cochrane opposed this, aa It appeared that the
Committee was to be made the recepuole lor resolutions
or all kinds.
The subject wasae referred.
Mr. Clemens moved to reconsider the vote.
Mr. Hutchlns moved to lay thatmotlon on the table.
Mr. Coxsald these resolutions were ooncelred Inhrpoc
rlcy and hatched in disunion.
Mr. Ilutchlna' motion nrevalled. 89 to 53.
Mr. Sherman, by request of his friends, withdrew the
appeal he made yeaterday from the decision of the chair,
who bad overruled Mr. Sherman's point, that the latter
could. In the present state of the business, introduce
resolution referring the South Oarolina secession ques
tion to the committee on the Judiciary.
Mr. Binsham. from the Judiciary Committee, report
ed btck, with amendments, the bill further to provide
for the collection of revenue on imports, giving tne res
ident further powers for that purpose. He moved that
It be printed and recommitted.
Mr. Bocock wished to know la response to what peti
tion or reaolntlon this bill wus brought before the House.
Mr. Biniham reulled that it was not reported on peti
tion or resolution, but was the bill be introduced last
Monday, under the rules, and which waa regularly rerer
red to the Committee on Judiciary. He wanted the bill
and amendmenta printed, so that every member might
see what Ihey were.
sir. branch demanded the previoua question on ine
motion to recommit. He did not want the bill kept In a
position to be called up at any time, and wanted the quel
tion disposed or now.
Mr. Houston aald : As the kill Involved Important
changes In lawa, It shonld be discussed In the Committee
oi the Whole on the state or tne union.
Mr. Binuham tenlled that It could as well be In the
Mr. Houston True, If the majority were not deposed
to domineer over the minority.
Mr. BiNaniM I have already said that I desire to
have the kill printed, so that every gentleman may see
wnat it is.
Mr. Uooock Will you give us a fair notlco when you
will call Up the bill. All we desire is to have an oppor
tunity to lift un onr voices in behalf of the Constitution,
and have a reasonable opportunity to oppose the bill.
Air. Bingnim I certainly do not wisn to inanrisucu
an opportunity. I shall not call up the motion to re
commit, without giving reasonable notice, and I am sure
the gentleman would ask lor nothing more.
1 twaa eenorallv airreid that the question should be
considered as unfinished business, on Tuesday next.
The House then went into committee on the legisla
tive. Judicial, and executive appropriation kills, and ad
journed for want of a quorum till Monday.
From California and Oregon.
Ft. Kaiiny. Jan. 4. The Pony Express passed at 12
o'clock, last night, from San Francisco, the Wnd, at 3 4U
X. M.
The steamer Leonora, for Panama, carrying the 15S pas
sengers and tl,44U,C0O for New York, sailed Dec. 21st.
The Winged Arrow, for Cork, carrying IS.OOO sacks of
wheat, 3,0110 bbls. of flour, 11". saokaof silver ore, sailed
on the same day.
The Pony Express with St. Louii dates or 1'ec. -iin,
reached Ban Francisco the liUth.
The President's Message entire waa telegraphed from
St. Louis to Fort Kearney, whero It overtook tha Peny
Kxpres on the 7th instant, and thus come through to
Sac tamento, arriving on the I'Jth.
it was telegraphed thence to Ban trancisco cy two lines
and immediately published in Bulletin and Alta.
The reading of the message and of proceedings of Oon
graia up to seventh, tend to increase the anxiety of peo
ple concerning the critical condition of the Union. The
intirj press or the State now takes afserlout view of the
secession movoment and favors the preservation of the
Union if possible, by mutual concessions. All Republi
can papers advocato the repeal of personal liberty bills of
northern States.
There Is some tulk of organizing a Pacific Republic ir
tho South secedes, hut the present sentiment of a vast
majority of the people, is undoubtedly to strive to pre
serve the Union as it is, and lo stay with all that remains
of the Union if any portiasi seeedei.
The total contributions to the Washington Monument
fund on election day, amounted to about 1 1,100. The
Steamer California, from Oregon, brings dates to the 8lh,
10th, I Uh, and loth, from British Columb'a. On her
way down they pasted the whaler Osborg, of New Bedford,
bound to San Francisco, with a full cargo ofoil,bone and
seal skint. The crew weie nearly an down wun tne
The steamship John Marshall, and baric viceroy, re
ported werecked in the straits of If ued. This last steam
er from Frailer river, an Ived at Victoria with (40,00010
gold. An attempt had been made to fire victoria
Senator Nesmith and T.J. Dryer, who cast the Oregon
vole in the Electoral College come down on California.
The Legislature of Washington territory was in ses
sion. Paul K. Hubbs President of the Council. Doug
las Democrats have a msjorily in the Council, and a plu
rality of the House.
Message Gov. Stewart, of Missouri.
St. Lome, Dee. 3. Gov. St wart's menage was read
in the Legislature to-dav.
After reviewing the rise and progreia of the Abolition
and Republican parties, and stating the result of their
success, the Governor says: Missouri occupies a position
in regard to these troubles, that should make ber voico
potent in the counsels of the nation. With scarcely a
disunionist within her borders, she it still determined to
demand and maintain her rights at every hazard. She
loves the Union whilst a protector of equal right, but
will despise it, if it is an instrument of wrung.
She came Into Ihe Union upon a compromise, and Is
willing to abide by a fair compromise; still, not such
ephemeral contracts as are enacted by Congress to day
and repoaled to-morrow, but a compromise assuring all
Just rights of States, and agreed to in solemn convention
of all patties interested. Missouri his a right io speak
on this subject, because she has suBered having proba
bly lost as much in the past five jears, iu the abduction of
slaves, asall the rest of the Southern States,
Speaking of secession, the Governor deprecates the ac
tion of South Carolina, and says: Our people wonld feel
more sympathy with the movement, had It originated
among those, who like ourselves had suffered severe loss
and eonsiant annoyance from the interference and the
depredations of outsiders. Missouri will hold to Ihe Union
so long as It la worth an effort to preserve it. She cannot
be frightened by the past unfriendly legislation ot the
North, or dragooned into secession by the restrictive leg
islation of the extreme South.
The Governor denies the right of voluntary secession
and says it would be utterly destructive of every prlnci
pie on which lbs national faith is founded, and appeal!
to the great conservative masses of the people to put
down selfish and designing politicians, and avert the
threatening: evils; and closes with a strong recommenda
tion to adopt all proper measures forour rights, yet pro
teats against hasty and unwise actions; and records his
unalterable devotion to the Union, ao long fs It can be
made the protector of equal rights.
From Missouri—Gov. Jackson's Inaugural.
Et. Lorn. Jan . 4. Gov. Jackson's inaugurate is almost
exclusively devoted to discurslon of federal relations.
Ueaaytthe destiny of tlaveholdlng States Is identioal,
and Missouri will best consult her own interest, an J the
interest of the whole country, by a timely declaration
her determination to stand by her sitter alaveholding
States, In whose wrongs she participates, and with wbote
Institutions and people she simphathizes.
Missouri will remain In tne union, ao long as mere is
hone of maintaining the guarantees of the Constitution;
but If Northern States are determined that alaveholding
States, on a footing of inequality, by preventing the en
trance of alavet into the territories, ana aomitttng no
nn alave stales into the Union, and persisting in nulli
fying nd perverting the Conitltuilon, in reference to
litre property, then they themtelvet practically abandon
the L nlon, ana cnnnoi expect tue douiu mi mumii to sutu
The Governor oppoint coercion, and says the project
maintaining tbe uovernment cy lorce. may ieaa to a con
olidated desDotism. kut never to union. Our Govern
ment It bated upon justice and equality. Standing ar
mies and mercenary soldiers subject to thewlll of the ex
ecutive, are not remedies for violated constitution! and
Tho flrtt drop of blood shed in a war of argresslon
upon a sovereign Stale, will arouse a spirit which will
result in tne overinrow oi our enure reuerai system.
The Governor hat not abandoned all hope for the pre
ervatiouof the Union, but believes by prudence and well
directed efforts, an adjustment alike honorable to both
lections, may be effected. He opposes Congretssional
eomoromlres. and says the South can rely only upon con-
atltutlonal guaranties, and to effect this end he advises
nAlllnir a Southern Convention, to agree upon tuch
amendmenta to the Constitution aa would secure their
lust riulits. and submit them to Northern States for
tion. He also advises calling a State Convention
ascertain the will of the people on the subject.
Movements in Georgia.
fiHAitLEflTON. 8. C. Jtn. 4. I Itam from a gentleman
who arrived here this morning, from Savannah, that the
forts are in the possession i f the Georgia State troop!.
They are occupied by 130 mm. An armorer, with 30
men Is eogsgeu in clearing me guns, w renuer u.cui
.!...id.. i he State of Qeoniia hat also taken posses
sion of the United States Revenue Cutter at that station
s.vixNjit. Jan. 4. Tort Pulaski waa yesterday taken
possession of by the Volunteers by order of Gov. Brown
it ronnrted that tho revenue cutter Dobbin has saei
taken possession 01. BUl uov. Broun iim ibsuwu ifiuci.
for her return to the Government. Is is generally be
lieved that the secession ticket ha carrid the State,
South Carolina Convention.
Jn. S. A resolution empowering the
eitlrent of the United Btalet, domiciled outtide of Mouth
Oarolina, to noiu tna uisposo oi roai
drance or molestation, wai introduced and tabled for the
"'Mr.nDunkln from the committee on commercial reto
lutlont, madea report from th communication of th
Governor in relation to Mr. Presbry, Aisiitant Treasurer
r th. ITnlld fltatoi.
irv,. nnnntlon then went Into lecret letslon to con-
lider the adjournment and appointment of delegate! to
general Convention.
South Carolina Convention.
Ciui.isTOi, 8. 0., Jan. 4 -Gov. Plokeni hat divided
the dutletof the Eiecutiveadminlatration ofBouth Car
olina, among hii Council thut :
He appointed 8. McOrath Beorctary ef State, to regu
late Intercoun wllh other Btatei and foreign power,
make treaties, regulat commeice, and appoint Consuls.
D. H. Jamiion, Sectetary of War.
- n c u.n.!..... Harretarv nf she Treasury.
W. II. Harllee, to tegulato the Postal Department and
T If ...... "
"""""". n... V-,..l. In .ttr,,l
A v. uariiugtou, oeuiMi j vi ",",,",T
local matter, Including tnemiuuaanu ooasi pui.
Rumors of Seizing More Forts.
.T.n. a. Tt It believed from what
knnm tht in tha ennrae of a few duvt ths fortt at Pent!
eola, and Key Wett, foit Morgan Georgia, aud the fort
Ship Mland, near Ihe mourn ot nine dohjuo,
with uie araenci at Baton noguo, suiu itv i
Cape Fear River, will be ielr.ed and garrisoned by
troop! of tue respective ntate iu wmvu
The Georgia Convention.
I tenll
h.iiihtiis. Jan. 3. The returns from Georgia
dicate that a large majority of the secession delegate!
Fort Pulatkt and Jackionhavs, been occupied
, nt.ia troom nnder the Instructions of .the
nor of to State. But for this action on the part of
Governor the Savannah papers say then would have
effected a ipontantoai uprising ui u peupiv.
Movements the Sloop of War "Brooklyn," &c.
NoaroLCSee. 4 TheU. t. sloop of war Brooklyn Is
coaling aid taking In store, and getting ready for a
CrUlte. J.I IS MWb w w.Mllcu bus "
tna. Great excitement waa created yesterday, In eonae-
auence of a report that four companies, from Fortreai
Menroe, had been erdered to Charleston. Lieut. J. H
North tendered bis resignation to-day.
Cincinnati, Jan. 3. Tha city aulhcrltlos give notice
that they are prepared to redeem juu.uuu wottn oi tne
eil bonds. Issued to the Little Miami Railway Company,
to the White Water Canal Company, and the Water
Works' bonds. None of these bonds are due, but tue
amount havine accumulated In the Sinking Fund Treas
ury, it ha keen thought wise to reduce the indebtedness
of thecity
PiiiLiDELmu, Jari 3. The Legislature or Delaware,
which met on last Wednesday, receivedHhe Oommiitlon-
erssent by South Carolina, but disproved of secession in
Mo ky strong resolutions
New Orleans, Jan. 3. Advieei from Texaa atat that
Gov. Houston Is preparing actively for tbe defence of toe
frontier against the Indian
St Louis, Jan. 3, Gov. Jackson wai inaugurated this
fturnoon. after which he read his inaugural address.
copy of which cannot be procured to-night.
FniLADBLrHiA, Jan. 3. A town meeting was called for
Saturday, to sustain Anderson and support the eOoris of
tbe Government to reiniorc nim.
Columbus Retail Market.
FRIDAY, Jan. 4, 1861.
McKeeec Restieux, wholesale and retail grocers, No. 34
Statesman Building:
V 0. Sugar 9 1....C
Maple do 11a
Molasses (Vgal 4050o
Syrup gal GII75o
Oat 9 bu ...... .
Corny bu
Butter f Ik
Lard 9 b
91 Tea f 50c.,75c.l DO
Tallow 9 t
Hi- Veddo Tea SI 00
Dried Annlee t bu
7Jr Klo Coffee U. ISSlGc
Dried Peachet.. .1 75-g2 55
White Beans bu..rrlK375r
favado.. Site
Rice v Ik Oe
Brooms f dot. .11 S3&2 00
Hay t ton 7
Potatoes tf bu yrajcab;
Salt in sack 15iS5c,
Salt 9 bid l,75(itl,8S;
Soap (box) 9 oYc
Beef 9 cwt I
Kloar V bhl 15 00 5
HamiVD, 10l8Xc
Shoulder t Ik 8t
Bait Pork 9 cwt. . . . t77Xc
White Wheat do 55 75
Rye Flour 9 bbl... 4 CO
Candles, Tallow. billXl$14c
Wood 9 cord t3 S
Dandles, Opal. box. . iuc
Mackerel No.lbfbbl
Mackerel No 1 or bbl
9VCheese 9 B in13o
sjr, Applet v bu 4iuuo
Mackerel No 1 kits. . S3 7i:Uomluy per kueh
White Fish per h'f bbl 5 Oil' Whisky per. .all
Cod Filb 9 7c
Herring 9 bbl 5 75
Raisins, M 11. Box....! HI
Layers " ....J ou
Buckeheatnour per n,.. .tc
Sultan 9 Ik
Corn Meal 9 bu.... 40c
Figs 9 Ik.
Eggs t do VlK
Prunes f lk.
1049) Kc
Flour Bales at (4,75 for red, snd $5 for white.
WitEAT-dull at SOc farmers being reluctant to sell
and waiting for higher prices
corn sent readily at v.ic. tine neue reports uie
receipt of S,U20bush. during the ptst week at that price.
Oats Receipts light at iluo.
Rye Very little received at 4br.
OtovEESEtn Remains at same price at last week
93.75 with scarcely any receipts.
l nTAToet Receipt or small lots, at vac.
Iloo Messrs. J. At L. Zettim report receipts during
tbe week of 1,410 head, bought at $3,75tl, live weight
iiv nas been selling ou tue streot during tne wcck.
at $78i per ton.
Cincinnati Market.
FLOUR was favorably Influenced ky the Eastern
newt, and another advance may be quoted. Sellers are
quite reserved, In consequence of which the freedom of
tbe market It somewhat checked. We quote sunetflne
at $4 70-S4 75, with free buyers at (5 504 Gd, partly on
speculation, and to a considerable account fur orders and
WHEAT has still a ready market at S 1 for Red and
(1 10 for White. In some instance to day, a slight ad
vanceon these figure was obtained, and the best grades
are a little more firm .
CORN-ommanda our last quotations 35o fcr ear
and 3?$40c for the'led in bulk quite readily.
uatb are steady atuvo.
BARLEY hat a fair market at 75c for nrlme. and on
this figure brewers are willing to work, but eOorts to get
higher prices are abortive.
rye it veiy steady atbgb)c.
WHISKY was placed at 14c, and maintained there
uite firmly.
uoae.were on the ascending scale in Ihe moraine, and
were placed about 10a per cwt higher, with a pretty free
market. The report of heavy receipts at Change time.
had a tendeicy to back the buyers, but it produced no ef
fect on Ihe stan ling of tellers, nor did it effect a reduc
tion of Dilces, from tbe advance at first achieved. There
has been a constant faith that heavy receipt would cer
tainly break down pr.ces, and each of the last four weeks
has been looked to as the period when a ftlut of Hons
would be thrown on the market, but the expeelation ha
not yet been realized; on the other hand Ihe receipts
were rarely ever more even they have been so far, and
certainly never more calculated to keep up anticipation!
Cin Com. Jan. 4.
Philadelphia Market.
About one half of the stores are closed, and busi-
aessls only partially suspended.
Flour sales auu udis, a( eu ior tuperune, ana
5 50 for extra. Wheat salesi,5CO bushels red at
1 30 I 35. Conn sales 9,000 bushels new yellow
at 00ti?c, which is an advance. Whisky is steady at
Maliog.iDj Saw-Mill
190 Pearl Street.
Black-Walnut Boarda and Plank of various thick
ness; Mahogany and Rosewood Log; Mahogany ac
Rosewood Veneers; Zebra wood Veneers; Black-Walnut
and Oak Crotch Veneers; Line-mottled Mahogany; Walnut
and Oak Veneers; also, plain Veneers, at Sc. per root,
for frame makers; Piano and Cabinet Moulding!; also,
Mahogany and walnut Bannisters and neweus, allures
and patterns; Mahogany Hand-rail Stuff for Stair-builders;
Spanish Cedar for Cigar Boxet; cut and tawed Back
ing for Plcturei and Looking-glass Frames. Alao,
K inch Poplar, in large quantities; Lignum Vitse, well
assorted for Block-makers and Tan pin Balls; also, cut
Walnut, Mahogany and Roaewood veneer
Having built a Bedstead Factory adjoining my Mahog
any Saw mill, which la now In operation, I would re
spectfully invite the trade to call and examine my as-
aortment oi ueusieaus, wnim s nuer iu, auic m w rnvca
and warranted a good article.
Jy31-wflm Iflfl Pearl ttreet, Cincinnati. Ohio.
Front Street, Between State and Town.
SHOP it still running, and although
the pressure of late years bat tet heavily
mm hr rnnnlnfl- ffeara. shell sllll turn-'
' . . . . . i nil unniriwivs
ng ont tnose tpienuia ruir.ivFio, BuuaAnniDtBnu
BUGGIES, CAR11IAUKH, K.vrK ksb, mniiHiuri,
BUSES and HACKS. Twenty yean steady manufac
turing hat given onr work a wuie-sperau reputation
ihrnush the Booth and West.
We therefore aeem it unnecessary to sir any iiung more
In regard to the quality of onr work. We wabat
evert Vehicle-. W can toll soon Tor Biiooie from
a iu in a-n.
Dealera can be furnished with any amount of work at
thort notice, and at prices lower than can be bought any
where in the Weat. second nana Buggies uxen in ex
.hinM tor new Work.
lfvRepairing done neatly and at abort notice. Fao
tory on Front, between State and Town itreeti, Colum
bus, Ohio.
IrTA II communications will receive prompt attention.
Aug. 31-wly B. M. WILLIAMS CO
Master Commissioner's Sale.
Gustarua Swan'l Executorti . t '
VI, Buperioi Court.
nnldamondC rary et al. J
to me directed from Ihe Superior Court 'of Frank
lin county, Ohio, I will offerfor tale at the door of
Court House, in the City of Columbus, on
Saturday, the 26th day of January, A. D. 18C1.
ui.... ih.hntiraof 10 o'clock a. v.. and 4 o'clock p.
tl e following described real eitat litua II In Ihe county
of Franklin and Utate ot uu, ami cuyui i,uiuiu.m.,
wit: lot No. 1H0, to be divided by a line, to begin on the
ni tha Int. 31 feet south of the northwest corn.
... .a.m.niiv B7 feet on a line sarallel with
north and south linetot the lot thenoe northwardly.
fcetona line parallel witn ine earn sou im ius m
u, ,i...m ...mm , du . ud mm ki
norlh and aoulh lioet of the lot; thence noithwardly
feet on a Hp parallel with the eaat and West line of
lot; thence eaatwatdly on a line parallel with the north
and tlvulh.llnei ot me lot m mc cbi uuv uicixvi.
Aunrsie o at for ine norm pan, ..u. u.
For the South part, 5011.
G. V. HCFFMAN, Sheriff,
, T . and Matter Coinmltsioner.
Prlntefifeea, 1 50. declH-dltAr.w4w
Master Commissioner's Sale.
. i
Philip Shapte
ter i
i, it. al.
' Superior Oenrt.
S. 0. lllrplni
I to me directed, from the Superior
of Franklin county, Ohio, I will offer for sale at th
of the Court House, in tne city oi buiumoua, uu
Thursday, the 31st day of January, A.D. 18C1
u.,.. ti, hnnra of 10 o'clock A.M. and 4 o clock
it .v.. fniinwinir described uremltei. to wit: One
vlded tourtn pars oi tue iuiiuttiuk i.u, ,it
land, in laid yrantnntounty, ueginumg i a uurr
and two elmt In the Wett line of John Clark's Survey.
No. 51M. 108 polet South from the Norih-wett
of said lurvey, tnenee nortn wun ine original nuo,
th nrlvlnal Nortn-weii eorner h HiiuiurTjr,
cum nnlea to a hickory and small cherry, and
smalt dogwoods Irom on itump; thence South 01
to a ttakenear two large burr oakel thence Booth
deg. Wett 176 1 10 poles to the beginning, containing
hundred and three seres. r
Apprliedat35 per acre. ' , -t
. . . G. W. HUFFMAN, Sheriff,
dec381td4tw. and Matter Commliiionsr.
Printers' te $4 50
Toleration in Medicine.
j Tbe praotloe of medicine Is oil neoeeslt pre. -gressive.
"It had Its origin In the neoessltiei t J
the race, and rose from the mostobsoure aw I
awkward beginnings. The urst practice u
necessarily empirical. Medicines are not used
with reference to sry particular principle, but
because a drug baa been given in a similar oae
with bf m fit, it is recommended again. At thi
domain cf positive knowledge becomes enlarged,
new methods of cure, now remedies, and new
doctrines obtain, and the old and less effloieut
become obsolole and all laid aside. The prac
tice ol ten years ago is not that of twenty-fits
yeurs past, and the practice of ten years ato
is not that ol to-day.
Yet all expeience has shown notwithstanding
llmaa IkI, nnan ami linnwn tO all men of Tt-
flection, that physieians aro proverbially intoi'-
erant nf nrntrrnan in their own an. uiu uuuuui
physicians will not see any good In Water Cure,
nr In Ifnmonnaf h fllirfa mM take DlaCB eV'
ery hour all around them, vet every possible
means ia reaorted to in order to evade their
force. Homeopathio physicians justly compla in
nf fbij Inrnloranna nrl p TOt ItlHt SS amenable
themselves. Dr. Hohphrivs late PaorissoB of
Thiorv and Practice in the Homeopathic mid
ical College ot Philadelphia, has made the
moat rpmurkahlo Improvement of the uge In tbe
' . . . n . . I r
discovery and preparation oi nis opeciuo nvwv
onathio Kemediis. which divests tbe Iiomeo
DathicSvatem of all intticacv and uncertainty,
and gives tbe people tspecino uemeaies iur al
most all tbe ills to wbtcn tney are Buojevt; y
the profession are far from welcoming the new
method. Thev acknowledge the learning, ge
nius, and oractical ability ol Prof. II , but allect
to consider his talents and zeal misapplied or
perverted. Meanwhile Humphreys' Spicifics
are daily raining currency and beoomiDg"house
bold words" witb the people, and tbe profession
will nrobab v remain unconvinced until every
body around them has adopted the new idea.
Kennedy's Medical Discovery
We never could bave believed that any one
article could have such a sale as has this truly
wonderful remedy. It has spread like wildfire,
not only through tbe state wtcre It originated
(Massacbusetts,) but its agent are dally lot-ward
ing their orders irom the remotest states of the
Union, and throughout Upper and Jower Can
ada. This has all been done in the short space
of twelvo years; but before that period of time
shall again elapse, we prophecy that it will
spread itself over another Continent, and the
Islands nf the sea, and not a vessel shall leave
our docks that does not bear upon its manifests
the name of Kennedy's Medical Discovery.
wnerever humors exist this remedy should be
Huncewell's Tola Anodyne developes in the
most perfect form all tbe requirements of npi
um without producing auy of its horrors. Tbe
physician or patient, who, for tbe want of a
good substitute, has witnessed the destructive
effects of Opium, will not fail to make trial of
the Anodyne, and eee its perfect results not only
upon disease, but the natural state it leaves tbe
patient. For Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Nervous
and Chronic Head Ache, Actual and Partial
Paralysis, Tooth and Ear Ache, Dowel Com
plaints, Delerium Tremens, through all the mi
nor Nervous Complaints to that of Lossof Sleep
it has no parallel. Purchasers of both the An
odyne aud the Cough Remedy, should be cau
tious to purchase of those they can depend on,
that tbe perfect result of the genuino may not
be disturbed. Sold by all the dealers. See ad
vertiscment and call for pamphlets.
Holloway's Pills and Ointment
Burns. Scald'. Wounds. Bruises. No
more flattering testimonials can be adduced of
the immediate relief which Hollowav's Medi
cines afford to sufferers from these terrible cata
strophes than tbe readinesHwlth which medical
men use them io private practice for all such
accidents. The grand feature in tbe Ointment
is that it leave4 neither soar nor blemish of the
skin. No family should be without a suddIv of
these Invaluable remedies. Sold by ail Drug
gists, at 8.1a , 62c, andk$l per box or pot.
Avebs AmBiciN Almanac ia cow ready lor
delivery,, gratia, at Roberts b Samuel, who are
happy to eupply all that call for them. Every
family ebould have ana keep this book. It is
worth having comprising much general int'or
mation of great value. It gives the beat in
struction lor the euro of prevalent complaints,
that we get any wnere. Its anecdotes alone are
worth a bushel of wheat, and its medical advice
is sometimes worth to the sick, the wheat's
weight in gold. Many of tbe medical almanacs
are trash, but this is solid metal. Its calcula
tions are made purposely for this latitude and
are tberelore correct. Call and get an Ayer'a
Almanac, and when got, keep it.
' ' I
manufacturers ol all kinds of For
table and Jtationary Steam En
gine!, saw Mills, Mrlat jvlilln,
. dec, fcc
LAXE& E0DLEY Beaten! IT. t f. BLAXDYBeatcnl
J. tt J. U. VUTALL Beaten til C0LUXBUS
CO. Btatent I HI
Oar Portable Eogina and Saw Mill
Wat awarded the flrtt premium of $50 at the Indiana I
State Fair for 1:00 over lane tfcBodley'i on acconntof
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy of luel
and superior character of lumber sawed.
Our Stationary Engine wai awarded at the lame Fair
the flrtt premium of 200.
Our Portable Bngtne vra awarat a uie nisi premium oi
inn at the Fair at Hemnhit. Tenn.. over uiamiy i un-
vall't. Oolnmbui Machine Co'i., and liraniora et uo i.
by a committee of practical Railroad Engineers.
ror price anu terms auuress
WIL1.ARD WARNER, Trcaturer,
decS-dfcwtyeotl. Newark, Ohio.
1M - Btate of Indiana, will take notice that Barah Cole-
msn.of Franklin county, Ohio, Executrix of John (Jle
man, deceased, did, on the SOih day of December, A. D.
1800. Ale her petition In ths Court of Common Pleat of
lit franklin countv. agalnit the said Michael Coleman
and Catharine Uarbaugh, Jacob Harbaugh, Sarah Miller,
Emannel Miller, vmma Meeker, jamei meeker, Jonn
Coleman. Elite Coleman, Thomat H . Coleman and Sam
uel Diets, defendanti, letting lortn tne execution ana
nrobiteof the will of laid John Coleman, deceased, and
tne appointment anu quiiuiuuu ui swu piaiutm
executrix of the same, and making a copy of aald will
nmrt nf said netltton. and praying that the dower ef laid
plaintitl, wiaow oi asm oeccucut m iu uuu, in in, wu,
mentioned and ordered to be told by her, herelnuter de
scribed, be tet off to her, or II more to ner intereit, mat
the Court ahall order that ihe receive her dower in toll-
do out of the proceed of tald landi, and that all of the
land! In laid will menuonea tuerein, oruvreu dj ner to ue
held and told, to wit : Lot one (I) and two (9) In Cole-
mftn'i Addition to Wlnehetter, In (aid oonnty, snd ths
adjoining farm, known as pan oi norm east quarter oi
lection thirty-one (31), townsnip nrteen tiaj, range twen
tv (801. containing teveniy lourwei acres; aiso, twen-
tviQOI acrea of the South-east quarter of section thl rty
(30), townthlp fifteen (15), range twenty (20), be ordered
to be appraised and told by the said plaintiff as Exeonlrlx
at aforesaid, upon such term! ai to the Court shall seem
right, and said plaintiff ordered to make legal and proper
conveyance of tald land to the purchaser! thereof, and
that the proceeai ne uittriDuica oj mu piaiuuu acuunr
!nv ts the terms of Hid will, as the time shall be con
trnnl hr tha Court, and that the Court do construe the
nid will, and grant tuch other relief aa shall stem right
and proper
"i?rT.V ...I ... ..Id Michael Onl.- .n.r
.-- V-. - - r - - - , - t - v.
nr demur
f demur tO tola petlllOH, uu ui uciuro u, iuib uay
January, A
, 1861, the lame at to him will betaken
ss confessed.
J. ii. BiuiTii, Clerk,
TTTINTEI. aMla.AIls.KS, ,...;-, j
Maw ttvlei and very cbeao at BAIN'S
botS4. No. S South High ttret
- Dr. J. H. McLEAN'S J '
Strengthening Cordial'and Blood
Tbe Urea teat llemedf-ln The Warls),
AND Till . ;. ;U,
ly a aeientlOo and
Vegetable Compound,
procured by the distil
lation of Boot!. Herb
and Barks, Yellow
Dock, Blood Boot,
tUriaiMrllla. W i 1 d
Cherry Bark and Dan- jrTf
aenon enieri into it-
Mre Taking.1"" reueuiJ After Taking.
principle of each Ingredient ii thoroughly extracted by
my new method of distilling, producing a aeiicioue, ox
htjersting spirit, and the moat INFALLIBLK remedy for
renovatinar the diseased system, end restoring ihe lick.
luffering and debilitated INVALID to HKALTI1 and
BlBKMUm. .
Will ffectnally ear
Chronic or Nervoni Debility. DUeaeeaof th Kidneys
and all nutates arising Irom a diiordere.1 liver or Btom
ach, Dyspepsia, lleartliurn, Inward Piles, Aciilltj or Sick
ness of the Btomach, Fullues of Blood to Uie Head, Dull
Sain or awimming in the head. Pah.. lation of tiie lleut,
ullnesa or Weight In the Btomach, Sour Bructationa
Choking or luOocatlng feeling when lying down, Drvneet
or leiiownettor uieBmnana atye. nigm eweaur in
ward tevers, Pain In th small of tbe tmek, cheat or tld.
Sudden flushes of Heat, Depression of Spirit, Frightful
Dreuni, Laoguor, Despondency or any Nervout Disrate,
Over a Irlilllon ol iiouiee
Have been sold during Uie last tlx month and In no In
stance has it failed in giving entire satisfaction. Who,
then, will tuirerfrom Weakoesi or Debility when Jlo
No ltnguaee can convey an adeuuale Idea or tbe Imme
diate and almost mlracnloaa change produced by taking
inn uoriiiai In tne dlteatea, debiiitaiea ana mattered
nervous irttem, whether broken down by e loess, weak by
nature, or impaired by sickness, the relaxed and unstrung
organisation u restored to it pristine neaunana vigor.
Or others coniclon of Inability, from whatever cause.
will find McLean Strengthening Cordial a thorough
regenerator of the system; and all wno may nave injured
themtelrei by Improper Indulgences, will find in the Oof
dial a certain and speedy remedy.
To tbe I.adlea.
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
Ii a sovereign and speedy cure for
Obstructed or Difficult Menstruation, Incontinence of
Urine or Involuntary Discharge thereof, railing or the
Womb, Giddiness, Painting and all Diseases incident to
remalct. -
Thore If no Mistake About It.
Buffer no longer. Take It according to Direction!. It
will stimulate, strengthen and invigorate you and cause
we uioom oi neaitn to mount your cneex again.
Hvety bottle it warranted to give lalislacuoo.
t'OH CltlLPUF.N.
If your children are sickly, puny, or afflicted, McLean 'i
Cordial will make them healthy, fat and robust. Delay
not a moment, try it, and you win be convinced.
fi&rJTliiM. Ttawam rf Tlni'rirlsta tr Dealer who ma
Avoid iucu men. Atk lor McLean t Birenguening uor-
ial. and take nothing: else It la the only remedy that
will purify the blood thoroughly and at the samo time
Itrengthen the system.
One tableepoonful taken every morning fitUr.g. la a
certain preventive of Cholera, Chills and Fever, Yellow
Fever, or any prevalent diieaic. It it put up in larg
Price only II per bottle, or 6 bottle for 15.
i. H. McLIAH,
Bole Proprietor of this Cordial,
Alio McLean i Volcanio Oil Liniment.
Principal Depot on tbe corner of Third and Pine ttreet.
St. Uoa, llo.
McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment.
The belt Liniment In the World. The only late and
certain cure for Cancer, Pile, Swelling! and Bron
chilli, or Goitre, Paralysis, Neuralgia, Weakness of the
Muscies, Unronio or Inflammatory Bhenmatltm, Btlff
neaa nf the Joint, contracted Muaclei or Ligament
larache or Toothache, Bruises, Bpralni, Wonndi, Fresh
Out, Dlceri, Fever Sore, Oaked Breaats Bore Nipple,
Burnt, Scaldt, Sore Thoat, or any InflammaUon or Pain,
no difference howaevere, or ho long the disease may
have existed. McLean 't Celebrated Liniment It a oer
lain remedy.
Thousand of human, being have been saved a lit of
decrepitude and misery by the uie of thii invaluable med
Will relieve pain almott instantaneously, and It wll
eleante, purify and heal the foulett tores in an Incredi
ly thort time.
For Horses and Other Animal.
McLean i celebrated Liniment Ii the only aafe and re
liable remedy for the cure of Spavin, tting Bone, n ino
galls, Splint, Unnatural Bumps, Nodei or Swelling. It
will never fall to cure Big Head, Poll Ivtl, Pistol, Old
running Sore or Bweeny, If properly applied. For
Sprain, Bruises, Scratches, Borei or Wonndi, Crtrkwd
Ileelt, Chafot, Baddl or Collar Oallt It It an Infallible
remedy. Apply It at directed, and a cure It certain In
every instance.
Then triBe no longer witn tne many woruiicee mur
mentt offered to yea. Obtain a supply of Dr. McLean 'i
celebrated Liniment. It will rare you.
J. H. IflCEiEAN, Bole Proprietor,
Comer of Third and Pine Street!, Bt. Louis, Mo.
For tale by all druggltti.
For tale by ROBERTS at SAMUEL,
aogSil-dAtwlj Oolnmbn. Ohio.
An experienced Nurse and female Phyilclan, present!
io ine aitenuoD oi nmncra, uer
soothing s yuup,
hi, h ritlv facilitate! the nrocea of teethlna. by loft-
ening the gumi, reducing; all Inflammation wll I allay
ALU rain anospatmoaioauuon, uu w
Depend upon It, mothen, 1 1 will give rest to yourselves
We have nut nn and told thli article for over ten yean,
what we have never been able to say oi any omer ineoi-
clne NEVER HAS IT FA1LKU, IN ABinubtl innr-
ANCE. TO EFVSOT A OUKK. when timely utea. nev
er did we know an lot tan oe of dissatisfaction by any one
nho used It. On the contrary, all are delighted witb ita
operation!, and speak In term or coremenoation oi it
oiMicai enectt ana meaioai vinnei. tt o ,u in,.
m.i,r i'WIIAT WR no KNOW:" after ten year' expe
almost every instance where the infant Is suffering from
pain and exhaustion, relief wilt be fonnd in fifteen or
...m.j ............ ..... r-
Thli valuable preparation it m preicnpuon oi one oi
e mast EXPEHlBNUBUana KiiiLLrui, nutseairjiu
New England, and baa been nasd with NEVER FAli
It nntnnlv relieve the child from pain, but Invigor
ates the stomach and bowels, correct acidity, and gives
tons and energy to Uie whole system, it will almost in
itantly relieve
and overcome convnlslont, which, tf not tpeedlly reme-
diedrend in death. We believe it th! BUST ana bub
wot RKMKDV IN THE WORLD. In all cases of DYS
ENTERY and DIARKUWA in CHILD Htm, wnemer
it ariut from teethin. or from any other oauae. W
, . . V. n k... .VIM a,SFp4n tmw.
any of the foregoing enmprintt-DO NOT LET VOCR
Z IVinmnis nun villi I.nK.lTirilflKHfl OTIIRKS
etand between yon and jour suffering child, and the rs
lief that will be BCRB jet, ABSOLUTELY SURE to
fnilnw the use of this medicine. If timely used. Full di
rection! for using will aocompany each bottle. None
genuine units the fac-tlmlle of OURtlSfc PERKINS,
New York, It on the outside wiapptr.
Bold by all Druggitu turnugnoui tne world.
Prl iclpal Office, 13 Cedar Street N.Y,
A EH known, It ooopoteu sotety oi nranng uus,
Baltama and Garni. Actual observation ana tne rerun
catei f respectable persons warrant us in ttaing poti
lively that .
Heed nagntuo vu cure KMumau vn ,
Jteed't Magnet ic Oil cure Spinal Affection;
Reed't Maqnttio Oil cvret neuralgia;
Beed't MayneUa Oil cvret Weak Joint;
Ried't Maqnetla Oil enrtt Ulcerated Siret; '
Reed't Magnetic Oileuret Xervove Utadax-he:
Reed't Magnetic Oil cvret Frotted Feet;
Reed't Magnetic OU cares fresh Wonndi;
Reed't Magnetic Oil cvret Swellinat;
Retd't Magnetic Oil cvret Paint in the Hact,
HauI'm M.iimKtln Oil Mtret tfemmtt Atf'ectlon:
Reed't Magnetic OH cvret BwacJie A Ibothache.
Vnr .! hv RIMON J01IN80N. DacooisT. Pltnliurah
Pa..soleaientt told aleo by B. A FAHSiEBTJOK
CO.. R. BELLE US A. Olnd Druggt.Ugener.lly
- . .tot ner bottle. '-' - i .aeonn-.w
ui , r
' ' ' HGIIHf KtEIILSKt a v
rv.t. . vt,.inn'a T.l.r,llr,mnt. N. T..I Porrtetoro
Bhampoonlng, Curling and Dressing Saloon, No.
.., ii.ia afreet, near lbs Post OOics, tint toot.
... m. j.rm .uinnnun. dii.t.u.. .. . . . . w .
where satisfaction will bs given In all th mlou
branch. Ladles and Children'! Halt Cresting don
In the bttt Itv ie.
m 3
, , By State Authority,.
CU0I01 first clabTTkburamoi, bt t iu
Incorporated 1819. Cbarter Perpetual.
and tbe prestige of 41 yean' nocen and erperlinoe.
$100,000, in Ohio Securities.
AllLouti tquitably adjutttd and primptly patj.
Th lareeat loca .... a i
I Company at one flre In Ohio. w.. i a-,. mTT,,
eothe, in AprlllPlS, and amounted to lMni eT
moiuy paid prior to 30 dayi after the Are.
. -
i0Mei paid In Cincinnati during th put tlx year,
Property Insured uralnit the
Bipedal attention given to the Insurance of
for term of one, three or five year.
Application! received and Policies lined by
in eems Hitri street, Colniubne.
Fire and Marine
-E tna Insurance Co..
Capital and Surplus - - $2,014,142.
North American Fire Insurance Co
Capital and Surplus $351,084.
Norwich Fire Ins. Co.,
Capital and Surplus $222,228.
Lamar Fire Insurance Co ,
and Surplus --$348,049.
Providence Washington Ins. Co,,
Capital and Surplus - - - $345,780.
Capital and Surplus $200,920.
Potlclei Uiucd without delay, on all description! of
property. Lostet equitably adjusted and promptly
FRED'K jTfaV, Agent,
117 South High at., Coluuibua.
sepll-d4m it
Dwellings, Household Furnilnre and
Iniured by the
For one, three or five years,
Cash Capital $1,500,000.
NET ASSETS, 12,014,142.37.
Apply to
Office in Carpenter's Building,
No. 1X7 South High Bt.,
From the New York Observer. )
At all rarUei manufacturing Sewtnt Machine are ob
lined lo pay Hr. How a license on etch machine told,
and are a so compelled to make retornt to him, under
oath, a to tbenumber told, hit book give a correct state
ment. Irom this reliable louroe we have obtained the
following itatbtic. Of the machines mad in the year
liuv, mere were sold,
By Wheeler st Wilton S1.30S
" I.U. Singer at Co 10.951
" Grover At Baker 10,380
Showing th tale of Wheeler Ac Wilton to be dbvile
those of any other Company." .
Awarded the highest premiums at ths
United states Fairs or Jtoa, liuv and isou;
alto at the
Ohio State Fain of 1859 and 18G0;
and at nearly all th County Fairs In the Btate.
Our prices, at th lata reduction, art at low at any
lode tstcn machioe now sold, ana not a tune nigner man
.Ithe interior (tco thread chain IMCA aaocAirut. now
tbe Interior two inrtaa cnam men macaine,
forcea nrion the market.
Lock Stich th only one which cannot b leveled. It
ii Auks on Born Bidcsot the nod. 1 earing no raa or
tkainonth under tide.
All maehinit warranted 3 veari. and tnttrtieuon
given in their uie, free of charts.
H. duabi, ei nign at., uommoei, w.
dec3 Sawd3mAwfim Plke'i Otsra Hosts, Cincmratl
I 14W"WWAtiUli. y
Liverpool, Montreal, Quebec,
The Montreal Ocean BteamahlD Comnsny's flrtt clan
full-powered Olyde-bullt Btesmers tail evferjr Nitt.
nrusy from PORTLAND, carrying um uanauiaa ana ,
United States Mall and paaaengers,
NOVASCOTIAN dpt. McMaetere,
BOHEMIAN Oapt. Grange,
NORTH BRITON Oapt. Borland,
CANADIAN Capt. Graham,
ANGLO-SAXON Oapt. Balantla.
Nliortest, CUoapcst and (knlckcat Cast
Will nil from LIVERPOOL awFy TT laeIa jr ,
tnd fromQUEBHO ewery Hatardaf , ealling
LONDONlitlSRY, to receive os board and laxd alilland
Paaengera, to and irom ireianu ana booiiuiu.
fllueow nattewMtt art faralatieA wltk nnpssssg
tlcksts to snd from Londonderry.
Return tickets graatea reuiicwi rates. 1 ' i
An exiierienoedSorgeon attache to echt learner.
n..,i..ia u.na.1 tor caxrvln to and brintingeut pal-
teng.n from all th prlnclpel towns sf Great Britalo aad
leaving Liverpool every wrk. -.,, '
'oresg. PPl ft th. OfBe M W OM .
WAT, NW Vark, and lWATt.U
I LaASSCnAju&eBinaAau,
Qto- J. R. ARW3TRO?iC,
nolu-lydAtr Btatsstaaa Offlea, Colojnbns, Ohio.

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