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.' Mr.' JQNE3 notified the Senate that 8. B. 69
"For the proaervation and repairing of the Na
W; Uroai Road In Ohio, and for the collcotioo of
tolls tlicreon," which was passed laat winter,
,. . never became a law, beoauve thai enrolled bill
was loet, and it was Dot signed. He therefore
presented the engrossed bill aud asked Immediate
action to supply the Informality. 'After tome
dlscuf b'iou concerning the proper procedure In
s. '.' the premUes, it was deemed advisable for pre
' cedent to put the bill through as a new bill.
The rules were suspended, and the bill was
read a first and second times by title, and re
ferred to the Committee on Public Works, I
Mr. PARISH'S amendment to joint resolution
concerning, the printing of. extra numbers of
the uovtruor s niessage was withdrawn by bim
yesterday, and tbcretore not acoepted and adopt
1 as erroueouely reported. This morning be
onerea it as a joint resolution, proposing to print
auira copion in uerman.
i Mr. COX thought 600 enough, and moved
such an amendment.
Mr. STANLEY was oddo-icJ to the nrlnclole
. He proposed to print, exclusively Id the English
language.' - . , ; , . . j .
Mr. GARFIELD bad became a convert to
the same principle. Besides, ho thought It
. wasteful expenditure of money; 1 Ho proceeded
to show that the German citizens did not wish
documents in their language. He thought It
' the true principle to mnntuiu the Anglo-Saxon
uoeuage. i ;
Mr PARISH wai not certain how he would
vote neon this aneation if it were a new que
tion But the precedent having been established
and the Uermnn population wno cannot read to
glmhbeiug very large, be thought It jrjst and
wise to print public documents lor them, lie re
raided this aqdessionof State policy, and hod
beard no good reason wby it should be aban
doned. , i - . " ' '
-.. Mr.' ORR concurred with Mr. Parish. This
is not a now question. It la eternally brought
: before Ihe Legislature The question is brought
in as an economical auction,, to aeiraud er-
mans ol tueir rlahl. . It is equally their right
with the natives to have documents printed in
their language. Mr; Orr proceeded to'euloc
the peaceful and industrious habits of theUer-t
mans, baling an argument thereon for the pas
sago ot the roaolution of Mr. Parish.
The House Joint Resolution tor a Joint Con-i
vention of the General Assembly on Thursday
at eleven o ciocs, to count tne ballots cast lor
Attorney General at the fall oleotion, was
adopted . .. it; . , ; i.
""Mr, JONES offered tho following:
' Rnolrxd, That the Standing Committee ou
the Penitentiary, lie, instructed to inquire into
tne expeuieiioj oi witndrawing tno proposals tor
lection of convict - lubor, as now advertised by
the Directors of the Institution, and that the
Committee report by bill or otherwise. , Adopt
ed.' ):.:(!' Mjf , -Mr.
COX, on leave, cave notice of bis inten
tion to introduce a bill for the erection or re
pair of county jails in certain oases .;
Mr. JONES said be bolievcd this is the eighth
of January. Ho would therefore move that the
Sergeant at arms be Instructed to procure a
National flag, to be erected over the Senate
CDamber, and tbat tne Senate adjourn until
to morrow, in bonor ot tuo day. Adopted.
TUESDAY, Jan. 8.
Pr)t( lj Iter. Mr. Morris. After the reading
oi ine .iourni, toe loiiowing roflmortais were
By Mr. Voria, from Kubt Alexander and
i!13 others of Summit, for the reduction of the
number of Common Pleas Judges, in the 4th
District, and the State at large.
By Mr POWERS, from Samuel Myers, and
!s"i others, against the passage of a pending bill
for a special tax in Madison Township Sandus
ky county.
By Mr. THOMPSON, of Summit, from E. T.
Ellsworth and 210 citizens of Summit, for a re
duction ol the number of Judges.
By Mr. CARTER, from Jacob Harrison and
il others of Morrow county for a prohibitory
liquor law,
By Mr, BLAKESLEEL, from ,
and others, of Cleveland, ior the organization
of minute men, which was laid on tho Clerk's
desk. '
Mr 'KRUM, ou leave, offered absolution
providing for a more complete organization of
the militia, which was laid over for discussion.
On motion of Mr. BROWiNE, a joint resolu
tion was adopted, fixing the hour of 11, A. M.,
on Thursday for counting the votes for State,
Uthoers. ... .
Noticeof tho" intention to introduce Bills' was
By Mr. RUKENBROD, to amend seetion 66
of the ast fur tbe incorporation ot religious so
cieties. ... By Mr. COLLING3, to allow slaveholders
to transmit their slaves through this State.
By Mr. FL AGO, to amend the GoneralCity
and Village Incorporating Act. ' i
By Mr. BLAKE3LEE, to amend the same
act, so as to require the setting up of notice of
the place of holding annual election, and the
receipts and expenditures ol Tillage.
Bills were introduced and read the first time.
By Mr. PARR H. B. No. S63 Providing
for the erection of a Lunatic Aajlum in Lick
log county.
By Mr. CONVERSE-H. B. No. 264-Oon-:
ceruiog fugitives from Justice and to repeal the
Aot of Much 24, 18S0, on tho subject.
By Mr:PATTERSON-H.B.No.2G5-Sup-plementary
to r.n act of May 1,1652, for the
erection of Incorporated companies. '
Mr. VORIS ottered a resolution which wae
adopted, requiring the Secretary of State to in
quire of the Clerk of the several Courts:
1. The number of cases, entered for trial in
their Courts, at each term. .: :
2. The number of days actually employed Id
the transaction of business, at each term.
3. The names of the Judges, who held said
Courts. , i . i
4. Tho number of second trial cases; and
report the same to this House.
Mr. FLAGG offered a resolution, that nntil
the State of Kentucky takes measures for arm
ing her militia, o , Ohio wilt not, which was
referred to tbe Committe on the Militia. .
Mr. FLAGG offered the following resolution,
which was laid over under the rule for discus
sion: , . r , . .
RaolvtibyihtQtncralAittmblyo) Ohio, That
Ooozreas la respectfully requested to call a can-
vention, to propose amendment to the Consti
tution ol the united state, pursuant to article
fifth of that Constitution so soon as the leglsla
tures of two thirds of the Statos shall cotcur i n
this application. , ... . i'., , " i, ,
tMr. MDSSEN offered a resolution that a Com
mittee of three be appointed to examine and re
port upon the condition of the Artesian Welti
trhloh was adopted.
MR. HITCHCOCK o Cured a resolution
wnloa was laid on the table, that all resolutions,
relating to secession or dissolution of the Union,
be referred withont debate, to' the Committee
on Federal Relatione. vj j.m.'-: b.iXt u- -. .-
MR. HUGHES rave notice of a bill to
amend Section 7, of the aot of Jan.. 27, 1853,
for the opening of Itoads, eto. i i t -
MR. STEDMAN offered a resolution re
quiring tbe Committee on Fubllo Works .to re
port a bill lor leasing tne ruDiic worua oi tne
State, which was laid on the table. -. .. . .
Mr. FLAGG offered tbe following resolutions,
vhlch were laid over for discussion:
that amendments to the Federal Constitution
embodying the ' following propositions would
meet the annroval of the naonle of this State: '
Recommending a repeal of all personal liber
ty bills; that the fugitive slave law bo amended
for the preventing of kldnaoDlng. and so .as to
provide for the equalization of the Commission
er's leo, eto; tnat tne constitution be) so amen
ded as to prohibit any interference with slavery
in anr of the States where it exists ; that, Con.
gress shall not abolish slavery In the Southern
dock-yards,arseaals,eto.inorIn the Dlstrlotof Co
lombia, without the coosentiof Marvland and the
consent of tbe Inhabitant of tho District, nor
without eompenBatlon that Congress shall aot
Interfere' with the Inter-State slave trade; that
there shall be a perpetual prohibition of the
African slave trade: that a lice ot 30 degrees
shall be run through all the existing Terrltorv
.... . . i , . . .11 . I . m . . 4
or tne united states; inas in u nonooi ine
line, slavery shall be prohlbtud,-and that
.south of that line neither Congress nor the
Territorial Legislatures shall? hereafter pass
any law .abolishing, prohibiting,-, nor in any
manner interfering with-African slavery; and
hat when anv Territory containing a suffl-
lsnt population lor one member of Congress
In an area of 60,000 square miles, shall apply for
admission as a State, it shall be admitted with
or without slavery as Its Constitution may if
termine. -.. . -...mi .- i-;
"Note.' To be referred to select committee
of T." ' ''"-:. ',- ' , - '
' Mr. , KRUM gave notice of Intent to dls
CUSS. i : - i ,-. . .
Mr. BROWN offered tbe following resolutions
which were laid over under the rule for dis
euaslon. , j
Ketolved. that In the onlnlon of thle House
the threatening aspect of our national affairs
demand the deliberate but prompt action of the
General Assembly, so far as it nas tne power,
In preparing this State for any omergenoy which
may result froni the attempted secession of
South Carolina , and the threatened secession of
other members of this confederacy, and for the
ouroose of affording each aid as may be de
.mended of us, after all peaceful measures shall
have failed, in preserving Intact tbe Union of
the States, and in cxeouting the lawe ot tbe
federal Government, be it further
Rttolvtd, That the Committee on the Militia
be and tbey are hereby instructed to Inquire
wuat lurther legislation maybe necessary to
render euicientand praoticat tne lunula evHtem
of this State, and report to this House by Bill or
otherwise. , '
Etio'.vrd, That to enable said Committee the
more effectually to discharge said duties, tbe
Governor, Adjutant Ueneral, sod tbe Quarter
Master Ge9eral,be end they are hereby request,
ed to furnish to said Committee all such infor
matlon ae they may have, on the condition of
tbe militia and public arms of tho State.
Mr. WELCH offered a resolution recom
mending the committee on tbe Public Works to
report a bin Jor the sale or tbe rubilo Works,
which was laid on the table. ,
Mr. CONVERSE offered tbe following, which
was laid.pver under a notloe to discuss:
Wherias, It has been currentlv reported that
there Is a military company of negroes at the
Capital of Ohio, armed with United States
muskets, and being drilled and disciplined for
active service, therefore,
Reulved, That the Quarter-Master General
be, and be Is hereby rtquUed to report forth
with to this House:
1. Whether there is such a military comrjanv
In existence at the Capital of Ohio.
2. Where and bow they got possession of
United States arms, and whether through Any
military offioer of this State.
i. What tbe ob set is of oreanlilne. at this
time, suob a company. ' ; ' . , -.,. ... '
A Message was received from the Governor,
transmitting, the annual reports of the Treas
urer of State, State Librarian, Directors of the
Penitentiary, Commissioners of Reform School.,
Comptroller of the Treasury, Blind Asylum,'
iNortnern iunaiio Asylum, ooutnern Lunatic
Asylum, Secretary of State, Superintendent oi
State House, Adutentent General.
On motion of Mr.: Robinson, as amendod hv
Mr. Flagg, all bills postponed from the last ses
sion or on the table, were referred to the Com
mittee of the whole. .
The House then resolved itself Into a Com
mute of tbe Whole, and took op the considera
tion of the bills In Committee, where several
bills were informally passed; and sundry of
them were amended, when the Committee rose
and reported. When H. B. 210 to prevent
Trustees of the Benevolent Institutions, and
Directors of the Penitentiary, from holding office
in tbe same, and H. B. 209 to further regulate
gas companies, were.orucrea to De read a third
time. .
H. B- 17 to prevent kldnapping.was reported
back wifh s recommendat'onthat it be indefinite
ly postponed.wben Mr. McCann moved that it be
referred to a select committee of tbreo, which
motion was lost, xeas so, navs oi ..
The question then being on the nostoonement
ot tne Dili, mr. mcuune opposed the postpone
ment oi me Din. iio was not prepared to speak
upon Its merits, as he could desire, but fait that
he could not allow It to be killed without Inter
posing an objection. The bill proposed to oro-
tect from tbe outrages and oppressions of tbe
kidnapper, the poorest and most defenceless
class of our population, it is tbe first end
highest duty ot government to protect those
least able to protect themselves. The property
of the black man Is taxed by tbe State for the
protection it assumes to furnish to bis person
and property, and bow do you fulfil your obliga
tions wnen you leave mm witnout adequate pro
tection from the kidnapper? Youwould punish
the man wbo would steal a garment from him.
but yon leave bim undefended against the man
wbo would strip him or his dearest rights.
This is not right. Tbe colored man la weighed
down already by a crushing weight of oppression
and prejudice, such ss rest on no other class.
Let us not leave him without defence for tho
rights we cherish for ourselves, so dearly and
tenaciously.' Let us do justice and that we
may do this, I ask you to spare the bill from
tbe fate threatened by this motion, that we mat
give to its claims an ample consideration.
Mr. VORIS moved the bill be referred to the
Committee on the Judiciary, which motion wae
lost yeas 34 nays 54. .- n:
I The question being on the postponement, -I
Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, asked to be excused
from voting, as he did not fully understand
tbe bill, which wasrefused.
Mr. RIED made a similar request, which was
also refused. . . , . .
Tbe bill was then indefinitely postponed veas
58, nays 31.
Mr. BKUWN, ol Miami, ottered the follow-
Rttowa, That the House co now adjourn In com
. .
memoration of the beros who, on the dav of
which this is the forty-sixth anniversary, made
the eto ot January one or our national Jubi
lees. Mr. r LAGG offered tbe following as a sub
stitute:-., .
Whsrias, This eib day ol January is tbe
Anniversary of the battle of New Orleans.
wherein the American forces, com posed in large
part of the men of Kentucky and Tenuersee,
under the banner of the Union, and command
ed by Andrew Jaokson, defeated a foreign foe,
who came to detaob a portion of our territory and
rob the West and North-west of the control of
tbe mouth of the Mississippi, a thina we can nmtr
ptrmit to bt done, therefore
1 Rttolvtd, That as a token of respect for the
day this house do now adjourn .'
Mr. STEADMAN opposed the Resolution.
not because be would not observe tbe dav. but
because be held that the best way .to observe
the day Is by sotlve doty, and he believed that
if the old hero whom we would honor bv ad
journment were hero to-day, he would recom
mend us to honor his memory by continuing at
our work lor this reason be opposed adjourn
mem. -x . t t .
After' a warm discussion of a few minutes on
Mr. Flaggs substitute, It wss adopted. Yeas 79
Nays 8; and the House was thereby adjourned.
Celebration the 8th of January.
At an impromptu meeting of a number of
members or ids Legislature ana others, held at
the American Hotel, on the evening of 7th
January, I860, for the purpose of getting ud a
festival and otherwise properly celebrating the
8th January, 1860. Muj. N. A. Dcvoaa .was
called to the Cbairv and Jl. P. J. Snyder, ap
pointed Secretary.., $ hS Pi -
lien. u. w. Andrews being called on, sta
ted the object of the m eating, in a neat and ap
propriate manner .-ty, - t- ... r'
' On motion of -Mr Chase, of Stark, thefol
lowing committe were appointed, to make the
proper arrangements.., ., ..,. i v .
' Messrs. VHA81, VYVNER,,lloiiics, Newman,
and Converse. ' ,,, .......
On motion of Mr. Hotcheson. a committee
of seven were appointed to prepare toagta for
The committee on arrangements, after a few
moments consultation, made the following re
port i Tbat they had arranged with the propri
etors of tbe American Hotel to get up a supper
sod tbe necessary accompaniments, and that
tbey had designated the following officers for
tho evening: u-.:vw. " .: . ..
Prmidtnt : Samuel Medary ,' ' ' ; '
'V, Prt$ident$r Aixin O. Tshjimaw, 1 -
I .-: .t.G.W. Holmes. .
Com, en.Teaif Geo. W Andrews, , ,
,v., vJj , , Gltp. W. MANYriNNY, .
')" C, A. Wbite;, i., ,n
j- mm t m )i Hotcheson, e , , ..
'SkriUrWrl N-. 8muK: ' '
il isni J. O. Risrr."iA.V";.(
- IRtadert --,r.G, L.- Converse, o -:
Matt. Mastin. .-,
On motion it was ordered that the proceedibgs
m m uote SKersenMS). t 7"
iua "wrong adjeuraed' ?Tr
N. A. DEVORE, Ch'rn. A. P. J. SNYDER, Sec.
The Adams ExpresB Company places us daily
under obligations to it for the very latest papers
irom tne eastern cities. ;
The American Expross Company has our
thanks for its daily favors in tbe shape of the
very latest eastern papers. ' ;
Old Soldiers Convention. The State Con
vention of the Soldiers of the War of 1812,met at
Armory Hall, at ten o'olock this morning, end
appointed the following officers President-
Col. Jams CoLUia,of Steubenvilte; Secretary
Col. G. B. Lewis, of Cleveland; Vloe Presidents
Col. J. B. W. Hatnis, Judge Phelps, and
Captain Stanton Suolks. m . ;
Gen. Crowel, Gen. Hughes, and Col. Lewis
were appointed a Committee on Resolutions.
rl IT . , rr j .t i ,t V. n . .
wui. utmta ouerrea me louoeing tiesouif
tion, whieh was adopted unanimously:
aeioitea, mac wnght or wrone. "sink or
swim, live or dlo," we are for the Union now
and for over we have fought to" preserve it.
and we will die defending it. . ... ; .-
Gen, Crowell, from tho Commtltoe on Res
olutions, reported the In substance' the follow
ing, which were unanimously adopted:
1st. That that tbe enrvtvlDg soldiers of the
war of 1813, and the widows of thox da.
ceased, are entitled to pensions, and to be placed
on the samo footing with those of tbe Revolu
2. That tbe bolts of the soldinra of tha ...
of 1812, should be placed, in regard to Bounty
Lands, on tbe same footing with the soldiers of
the Mexican war
3. Tbat the Pres ident annnint a. Mmmttt,A
of three to present a memorial to Congress, and
urge the passage of laws to secure "he forego
Ingobjocts. ; ..
The President appointed Gen; Crowell.
Gen HtWHC, end Col. Lewis, the abSve Com
mittee. .-
Alv. Burnett at Armor HaLL.-rMr. Boa-
nett s sppearanco at Armory Hall, last even-
ng was greeted Dy a fullhouso. Tbe enter
tainment was a rich one, and every one in tbe
Hall felt amply repaid for coming, in the ex
quisite gratification received. Mr. Bornett
excels, both in the pathetic and comic. Few
"eyes could remain dry uuder his beautiful ren
dering of the little poem. '' Will the New Year
come to night, Mamma?" But the great fea
ture of tbe evening, was bis repeated obango
from one comic character to another, which he
represented to the life, and with such exquisite
naturalness and drollory, tbat the laugh would
come of itself; it was perfectly irrealstblle. This
evening, Mr. Burnett gives bis second and last
entertainment, with an entire change of pro
ILTWtj invite the attention of our lady read
era to the sale of Fuss, to take place at Wood's
iuusio btore, No 16, East Broadway, on
Thursday morning at 10 o'clock. These Furs
are not such as are usually sold at auction, but
aro choice, goods, manufactured expreealy for
first class City retail trade, and are only of
fered at auction becauee the owner has an over
Death ot Jossm O'Harra. We regret to
learn that Joseth O'Harra, an old and respected
citizen of this county, died this morning, at bis
residence In Prairie township. He was CG years
of age. His funeral will take place at one
o'clock to-morrow afternoon, from his lato resi
dence. : Montgomery Guards. We are authorized to
state that the report about town that this Com
pany bad disbanded, is utterly without founda
tion. They have bad no Intention of tbe
Miss M' O. Gibbj Benefit. Miss Gisss will
give Readings at tho Congregational Church
this evening, at the Benefit tendered her by
citizens of Columbus. The lady's reputation
will doubtless secure a large houso.
; O" Thirteen Guns wero fired by the Artil
lery Company, at noon to day In bonor of the
day, and as a salute to tbe Old Soldiers now
holdisg a Convention in this city.
i - ' ' r
Leoislature The Ohio Legislature met
yesterday, pursuant to the adjournment '.last
spring Present 24 Senators and 73 Representa
tives. '
Good. We met one of our friends yesterday
on Broadway, and were astonished at the change
in his BDPearance. A few weeks aen ma mxm
id, be was pale, lean and dejected; complatn
iAg of weakness and debility, having been so
sfuicted all summer. Now he appears tolbe hi.
bcaltby scd strong. We learn he owed bis re
storation entirely to McLean's Strenothdnino
Cordial '
We advlBo all wbo are complaining of Gener
al Debilty to fry it; It Is certainly a very pleas
ant remedy. We learn (that there are large
quantities of it selling dally. Morning Herald.
In the Fields. You need not be in the least
fraid to walk in the fields wbero there are poi
sonous vines or plants, even to touch and handle
them. Guernsey's Balm will prevent any bad
fleets from following. . , i. . ',;.'
O". See advertisement of Prof. Miller's
Hair Iavigorator in another column.
Mississippi Convention.
JiCKSOH. JlD. 7. Tha Oenvantlon orminlurt at 13
thl morolnir. and I. Barry, of Lowndei, wai mada Pil
Ident on the 3d ballot. Frajar was ottered by Mr. Mar-
nau. , - 'it
Tha remark) of the Fraildentwaie In farar of Hoarate
Stata leoeuion. A reiolutloD that aeommlttaa ol U hi
appolutad by tin Proaident, with IcitiucUaoa la prepan
aua repori ai ipacauy aa powcie, an oraioanca or ncei-
lOD, providtoi ior tna mmediate withdrawal of llliaii
llppl from tha federal Union, with a view of eatabllih-
Ing a na Confedeiacy, to bo compowd of tha steadies.
Tha oommlttes will ta announctd to-morrow.
A committee of thrae was aoDotnied to wait on the
uevcraor. Aujournuu 1111 wnorrow. , -
From Washington.
WaaHixeroN, Jan. 7. Tha Oom mltteeof Thlitv-tbrae
tu-day, had, under oonildaratloD, Henry Winter Savla'
amandmant to tha fugitive alava law. An amasdmant
offend by tit. Waihburne, of Wlaonilo, guaranteeing
the trial by Jury In Ihe Stale where the fugitive was seiz
ed waa deleated
Mr. Derli' amendment was then adopted, guarantee
Iota trial by lory In the Statea where tha fuzitive m-
The senate. In Executive taiiton. referred the nomi
nation of Mr. Mclotyre, collector of Charleiton, to
uommitiee on Commerce.
Gov. Wise again in the Field.
from Gov. Win. Bla leadlna poiltloni are for an Im
mediate eallot a State OoBTentloat a prompt rnamptlon
by tbe OonrenUon ot all mob powerabllharto delegated
to the General Qovernment aa ma ba naeeaaarr for StaU
protaoilon, eipeelally the poateealon of forte, sic.; that
baring, been done, the Bute' ahall not declare nereelf
ont ot the Uolon,;bui aaipend all relatione with the of
fending SUtet till they ehall aeeeda to inch ultimatum
u tne vonveation anau anuait. ; r 7 .
Bomton, Jan. 7. A detachment from the t roe pa
ttatloned at lort Independence, Boston Harbor, are
allfor Florida, on WadneadaT atzt. A amall nnmbar
ot mar lnei from toe Charletown.Nav lard hart been
oruereaaoumi . . ...-..,..
The galleries were erowded to-day. '' '
M. CL4t of Alabama waa In hie eeat.
air. HAMua'areataoaUonwu reaaWed and read
Mr. laavics preaented a pellUoa of eltlaeos of Mew
Jeraty, requcttlog Oongreaa to paaa an act toantberlae
tbe people to elect delegatee on the Slid of February to a
convention to do neia at rnuaaeipuia toe em oi aierca
next, tooonaldar the welfare of tbe nation. Referred to
tbe eommlitteon Judlolary. ' -
Mr. ORiTTiHDan praeented thirty-four memorials
aaalug lliat the Crittenden reiolatlvnt be submitted to
the people of the eountry.
The Paclfle Railroad bill was made theapeoUl order at
9 o oloca on xueiaay. f
Mr. Oairnwoas moved to take up the reiolutlous of'
fared bv him a few data tlnce. '
The bill for the admluion of Raniai, waa made the
oeclal order forMondar next.
.Mr. CRiTTWDEHipokelfl favor ot thepaag af bli
reiolutlons to submit tne queation to tne people, it
termed to him neoenaary In the detracted into of the
pnblc oonooll. '
It would be bettor to aabmlt the aaestlon to tbe peo
ple thomitlvei, aid he saw nothing Improper la It. It
doea not eoufilct In any way with tha Constitution. lie
referred to the piopoaed amendments to tne uonititu
tion. and armed in favor of theu adoption lie con
tosded that the eatablUhment of a line dividing the ter
ritories was not so much a compromise as a fair adjust
ment itt rights. He asked If statesmen and Senators had
rather encounter civil war, with all its horrors, than
make a fair compromise, and recognise the existence of
slavery In a territory tin it Decomea a Btatai was it a
party dogma that no slave State ahall be admitted into
the union, ana will pesators aaortace tuo country ior a
mere nartv dosnuu ...
Xha territories waa aoquirea aa tue oommea property oi
all, and no a lew atlampt to cxcuiaea portion from
them, Just because tbey have oouaclentlos scruples on
the subject. Were Senators wining to eacrince tne conn
try rather than yield their scruples in a matter of right?
Have Senators anr riehl to exclude any property He
wae here to consider the aaoriUo of the country, and was
here aa an advocate for the Union, contending for what
he thought would save Ihe country '
This triumph una some ponton or tee souuiem states
Wiui alarm, win toe party now in prouq iriumpo oi vic
tory plant itself and pianorm ana aogmes, ana not yield
an Inch, or will they like generous men be not only Just
but liberal, lie appealed to mem at patriots and coun
trymen to Krant equal rights to all. lie did not think
he was asking Uifm to moke concessions butcnly to grant
equal ngnit. ueuio noioeiiovein uw aoctrine oi se
eesilon. It mi a new dootrlna and an attempt to secede
wae a bold front ot revolution, and la nothinc bot lawless
violation o; the law ana uonttitution; but be only want
ed to bear bis testimony to the Constitution, and to let
it bo known that tlie Constitution can't be broken. If a
State wishes to secede, let them proclaim revolution
boldly, and not attempt to hide themselves under little
subtleties of law, and claim the right ot secession. A
constitnUooal right to break tbe Constitution was a new
doctrine. i
He arKucd tint Mr. Webster always went against any
rliht of secession. On one side waa an aiked concession.
and on the other tide was civil war.
BMr. Trumbull asted If tbe Senator did not know that
one Slate claimed to be out of the Union already. How
would conoeaslon alter tbe case? ,
Mr. CaiTTtrx contended thai tbe adoption of a com
promise would put an end to all revolution. . ,
Mr. Toombs stld the Republicans had long been tawing
the dragon's teeth, and tbey now reaped a crop of armed
men The Union was already dissolved. South Coroll
sa bad boldly and nobly met the public danger. The
canoe of Booth Carolina waa the cause of the South , They
had appealed to the fraternity and j ustlce of the North In
rain, and sow they were rottog what was called revolu
tion, and were ready to appeal, If need be to the stern
arbitration of tbe sword, and the ground would echo
with the tramp of armed men from the Capital tbe Mto
Tbe South had proclaimed to the oivlliied world that
tbey had taken up arms because a power had been elera
ted to federal authority, which outlawed their property
and atlmnlates Insurrection within, and invasion without.
The Senator from Kentucky doubts the right of accession.
Ere long be will see it a thing accomplished. They take
It op both ways at the South regular, as In Bouth Car
olina, and irregular below that State; and there were
armed men to delend both. As the Bepublicans deemed
It treason, there stood before them as good a traitor and
as good a rebel aa ever descended from revolutionary
loins. (Blightapplause.)
lie reviewed the demands of the South, and contended
that such demands were only far an equality In the
Union; under a government tbat would not give protec
tion It could not expect obedience. This was a reason
for the armed men that now spring up everywhere. The
Senators from New-York and Ohio had sworn to observe
Ibe constitutional compact, but no oalht could bind
them; they take oaths aud break them. A professional
perjurer, bought for fifteen shillings by an Old Bailey
lawyer, would scarcely be lest flagrant. He quoted the
personal liberty bill of Vermont aa an illustration of the
aou passed in perjury, and continued hit detail of griev
ances, lie cited the tacit encouragement given to inva
sion of the slave Statos by the declaration of Republican
11a denied that blood bad been shed to establish the
Constitution, notone drop. Many of rue revolutionary
patriots voted against it; It waa adopted in Virginia by
10 majority; in New Jersey by 3; In Massachusetts try
iv. Tne people or ueorgia oaiierea tne constitution
was tne pest loim oi government wntcn could be devised .
For himself, he did not share in the opinion. Had he
been In the Convention, he would have voted with Henry
and Mason, against it. avery tribunal or tne govern
ment had decided in favor of Southern demands, ret
tney were not yielded, and now the only arbitor was the
lie argued that tho Chicago platform hd logically de
clared that the treaty which acquired Louisana and Vlor
Ida, aa well as the decisions of the Supreme Court, were
void and no law. lie himself waa willing to defend ihe
cause with a halter around hit neck lie quoted Mr.
Lincoln's declaration that he wonld rote to exclude
slavery from the territories, the Bred Scott decision
notwithstanding; to they abandoned the tribunal whi ch
tber themselves bad declared to be tne arbitrator of dis
putts between tbe States, and declared their purpose to
rule any low; tney win notanow nre tnousand minions
ot the proper'yof the people of the Bouth la the territo
ries of tbe United Stales Was this notcause for warr He
would not buy a shameful peace, lie would rather have
war. Georgia was on tbe war path, and she would have
final settlement. Mr. L-nrcrnji nau declared tbat the
lleclaratlon of Independence retorted to slavery yet
Madison and Jefferson owned slaves held the sum of all
rllllanlea; robbed the slave of hla wages, and at death left
them slaves to their descendants.
Ha ouoted vattel to show that the people or the North
bad violated the eomlty due the South by international
law. lie urged tne manner In wnicn John Brown's raid
Was received In the North, as a token of Northern feel-
log. The people of the South had taken up arms to pro
tect their rights under International laws, and would
never resign them unless tbey were wrenched from the
Iron grasp of freemen.
He ooncluded by an eloquent summing op of his
speech, that. If tho Bouth waa denied her rights, the
would Invoke the Cod of battles, aud trust to bim for se
eurlty and pease.
Mr. uiouamorea was we Donate go into sxteutire
session. Agreed to, ayet 30, naye S3
After the Executive session, the Senate idlonrned un
Mr. Cobb roie to a personal explanation. He sild he
was not present at the conference of tbe Alabama and
Mississippi delegations on Saturday, as reported In the
newsoauers. lie was responsible for hit own acts and
Judgment, but in thut remarking he did not wish to re
reel upon omen, ue represented a people wao were
competent to speak for themselves.
Mr. flocrroN said he understood that the conference
was on the psrtot Senators alone from several of Ibe
Southern Slates, and tbat no members of tbe House at
tended It.
Mr. Coat replied that he happened not to be there, and
sent no telkrnpu dispatch. Oodiknew hie Drarert were
for harmony In the land, and that In the event of war the
stripes should be carried into the midst of nur enemies.
He wanted ue nag to noai aa long as an tne stales can
remain ln.the Union ai equals. The majority ot hit peo
ple believe they cannot have thateqoality; but be was
for making another effort for adjustment. Gentlemen
with whom he had conversed aald tha Committee of
Thirty-Three will do something. He wished he could feel
this in his bones, lie would call on tne Monitor aa well
aa Representatives to come forward and rslleve our coun
try Irom Its embarrassea eonaiuon, etanuing on ue brink
of dissolution. He should raise hla humble voloe not
only to the North, but to Ihe South, to do something to
save us from our present troubles. If blood shall be shed
a reconstruction of the Union cannot Uka place. Ue
again besought gentlemen to do something for himself
tea nis people, ine slavery queeuonrwaa not tne only
otoe submitted by the Bepublicans to the people.
- Mr. HiHDauH rose to a point of order; that Mr. Cobb
was not eoafinlng himself to personal explanations.
Mr. Cobb aald be asked for no favors but what the
House bad granted bim. He stood "n his own rlKhts.
Mr. Hindu it again objected to Mr. Otbb's remarks
not being confined to personal expiations. (Cries from
the Republican tide, of "do onl")
Mr. Cobb I was endeavoring to show that the Repub
lican! can do something.
Mr. BiRKIdiLS Inquired whether Mr. Cobb obtained
permission to make a speech on general polltlot, or only
a personal explanation.
ine spetaer repnea oniy a personal explanation.
Mr. BiHWOAix Then the gentleman Is abusing the
privilege. ... . ..
- Mr. Houston appealed to Mr. Cobb lo let his explana
tion be of a personal character.
Mr. Cots was very much obliged to hit colleague, but
ne must do governea oy nis own juagmont.
The Speaker requested Mr. Cobb to restrict himself to
what Is necessary in the way of personal explanation
Mr. Cots said he would do to as near at possible. He
did not regard Ihe question of slavery as being settled In
tbe Presidential eleotion, and wascalliog on the Bepub
lkans to do what they tay they cannot do.
The tariff, Internal Improvement, Pacific railroad and
homestead questions extended into that contest.andhe was
very sorry to say tne corruptions or tne tdmlntatratton,
taough he hid defended the administration. After fur
tber remarks he appealed to gentlemen to bring In the
old ship and Me if they cannot repair her, If that oanoot
be done, if the equality of the States North and South
cannot be maintained or secured, then he wonld tay to
bit people, we win not remain in tne union.
Mr. BnnmB, irom tne vommitiee on nays ana
Meant) reported a naval appropriation bill.
Mr. Binohau, from the Judiciary Committee, reported
a bill to amend tbe Patent Office laws. Referred to tbe
Committee on patents.
Mr. KTBSBiDoa asked tne inauigenoe or tne uonse to
say a few words. He had a proposition to submit to the
House, and he deelred it to bt printed, He did sot ask
any action thereon to-day, bat would at tome future
time, llli object was to lay neiore tne members to do
considered by them. The proposition was that agreed
unon PS the committee representing me border states.
ilr.JONW objected to these propositions Which only
erred to entrsD and deceive die Bouth.
The House went into committee) of the Whole on the
state of the Union on tbe executive, legislative and Judi
cial appropriation bill. - i,
On motion oi mr enerroan an amennment was adopt
ed appropriating $20 000 In addition to the proceeds of
tne aaieorineoia lanunre.ior reiurnitntng tne rretf
dtnt't House; also, f 4,000 for Introducing Potomac wa
ter therein. He said four year ago the amount appro
priaieu ror tne rormer oojeot wae vo,uw. .
Mr. MiTHiin said he was In favor of doini for the In
coming Administration what had been done for the out'
going one.
Amone the amendments which were adooted era on
appropriating 1 135.006 for the purchase of a government
printing office, provided it be ascertained by the Attor
ney uenerei mat tner oe a vooa tine.
The committee rote, and the amendments were oonour
rea In by the House, and in bill passed .'
t: ni'.
Mr. iTHniDM agala asked for unanimous content t
- n.nnAilna nrMtSinv fot amendment to the Cott-
ttltuUon . He did not want It acted en to-day, but real
- Mr. KniiKioo moved the suspension of tee raise.
m. im.ii uid thai had a rliht te hat it lead
Mr. BTxrarjtsoK said be wanted to offer an amendment
to mike all territory north of 36.30 free, and that eolith,
Mr. BAsniLt sa'd tli.a was another attempt to patch
up a compromise, which would end in nomine.
Mr. Bnuitmai, In response to a question by Mr. Me
Clemard. uid hla oroDosltlon WM tabUoUally tbat
. .m. n K tV.. tarda fleatjia. -a . '
Mr. Stiuhidos'i motion to suspend th rule tor the
reception of his proposition, was auwgrcoa w y oj
against To, two-lbirdt oeing necessary. ,
Mr. Adrian asked leare to intrlduc a resolution ap
protlog of lb action of Major Anderson, and promising
to support the President la enforcing all oonttltatloual
laws to preserve the Union.
Mr. iiuawiu.it pealed to Mr. Adrian to withdraw the
Mr. Adrian replied that the wheit country spprovea
Of the action of Major Anderson.
Tne aree and nais were ordered on the suspension of
tbe rules, whleh wss agreed to.
Mr. BococK moved to lay th resolution en the
Mr. Lnvejnv stld we sustain the Qovernment.
Mr. HiMPKaM asked If II was In 'order to propound a
question to Mr. Adrian (.unes or oraer irom tne ue
Mr. HiHPHix sild 1 am not asking th opinion of th
Black llanublioan eentlemcn.
Ihe speaker said nothing waa in order cut tne can or
tne ron.
Several meoibtrs explained their rotes, and th reso
lution waa adopted try ii against ao. .
Washington Correspondence of the New York
Nxw York. Jan. special TTasbineton desnatch to
the says apprehensions of an attack on the Capitol
are generally aiminisnea. a mtlltarr eomoanr or eer-
aral hundred Baltimorlant. It Is said, haredeelaied their
willingness to escort Lincoln sa.ely to tbe White House.
ine ou siMippt aeiegation yesterday urged Secretary
Thompson to withdraw from tbe Cabinet, when his Butte
secedes, ne will probably yield, though Inclined to bold
on till tbe 4th of March. Beeedlnz Congressman are dis
cussing th question whether they shall telegraph to
tneir state conventions to let the onllnanoe of secession
take el! oct on the 4th of March. The object Is to blooc
the Government appropriations, esoeclallv tha armv hill.
New York, Jan. 8. The Timtt Washington correspon
dent ssys that Commodore Hbnbrlck, who bat Just arrived
from Charleston, states tnat the grea est anxiety and ter
ror prevails there, enhanced by everr fresh reoort of
movement at the North-
It is believed that a revolution of feeline aninit lha
dltunlonlsta must toon take place, unlets Georgia speedi
ly adopts course to infuse new life into lha eecnalon
movement, and give tbe already wavering people a new
vceatioD VI vuunrft
The correspondence between the Bouth Carolina Com.
mlsslonert (and President Buchanan, aonears in tha
Charleston paper of Saturday last, havlna been submit
ted to the commissioners in socretaestlon, theevenlng pre
vious. It consists of three letters; th first dated Dec.
29, from the Commissioners to the President, In which they
uemauu, mm m preliminary to an negotiations, a disappro
ral by the presldsnt of the act of MaJ . Anderson, In sell
ing It, Bumpier. The second dated Deo 30, from th
President, In which, while admitting tbat MaJ. Anderson
acted without express orders, he yet refute to repudiate
th act, and the third, dated January lat. In which th
Commissioners attempted to refute the allegations of the
President's letter, In which he Justifies MsJ. Anderson's
conuuci. xnie last tetter tne rretident returned to th
Commissioners with the following endorsement on the
back: "This psper, .presented to the President, It ol
each s character that he declines to receive It."
The first movement of Mr. U61L of th WarDansrt.
ment, waa to retaliate Col. Young as Inspector ef ordi
nance, a gentlonsn of acknowledged ability, removed bv
Floyd for polltlcalal reasons. Others of Vlovd'a e r
eppomuueoiB win oe remevea ior more trusty men.
The million bonds offered by the Irusteee to find seen
my ior uusseii will not be excepted. He is still In Jail.
Tbe Senate in executive session confirmed Mr. w.t.h
as Secretary of LegaUon to Paris, and a number of unim
portant postmasters. Tbe nomination of Wm. Mcln-
tyre as Collector st Charleston, went to the Cammin..
on ginanoe. No one asked for Immediate action.
The delegation from Mlsalsilnnl oalleil nn H.t...
Thompson yesterday, and desired to know his position la
tbe Cabinet, and bis views on the subject of tbe enforce
ment, He promptly pledged himself to resign if a sin
gle soldier Is ordered Bouth. with hie knowledge. If
done without such knowledge b will resign when the
fact Is atcertaiaed, on two (rounds: lirtt. haeaun n
would be a violation of aood lalth:and v h..u
of the act itself. This wai considered satisfaction .
Important from Mexico.
New Orleans. Jin. 7. The British iUuu, v.i. ..,..
from Vera Grus, boand for Pensacola, touched at South
nciirais lo ony, ana reports the following important
Intelligence. Merimon waa completely routed on the
d, and on Chrisasa Day th liberals occupied the city
of Mexico. rWv-
Puebla bad also csoltnlited. i
Juarex had been sent for and would leave on the Si
inst., ior tne capital. . xne city or Mexico was Iran
quii , i ,
Mayor Wood's Message.
Nsw Yob.k. Jan. 7. ilivor Wood'.
mends Ibe secession of the city of Near York from tbe
cutis, ana to lormauon or a free city. He Is not pre
pared, however, to recommend rloleat mmnm.
The steamer Star of the West, was chartered atltha or
der of Gen. Scott She took full provisions for Mtlor
Anderson, and S50 msn (under Lieut. Kartell. She will
ue ai uuarieeton io-morrow afternoon..
Alabama Convention.
The Convention tuet at noon.
Mr. Phillips, secessionist, was mad temporary Chaii
man, and Mr. Horn, temporary Secretary.
Delegations from all the counties wen, nmtni.
Mr. Brooke was elected permanent President, over Mr.
Jamison, ly 8 majority; and Mr. Fowler, secessionist,
iwwi Dwruiery. ah convention it very quiet.
IduriKwoRTii, Jsn 7. The troep from Ft. Leaven
worth left this morning for Baltimore, via Bt. Joseph,
Chicago and Pittsburgh. Tbe force consists of tiro tnn.
panles of light artillery, ocmprising S1U men with 130
horse. A fotce of 90 dragoons remaining at Ft. Leaven
Nsw OXLXins. Jsn. 7. Tha lmm,llot. mtr Miinniili
hr OA tried the city In lb eltotion to-day
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Jan. 3.
FLOUR receipts are e.SSObblt. market dull and Sa.
lower;talesof f.SUO bbla at $5 25,85 30 for superfine
State; $i ii&i ii for extra stale; as 30 for super
fine western; $i 45dgS 83 for common to medium extra
western; $5 758563 for Inferior to good shipping brands
extra Round Hoop Ohio.
RiK VLUUit iteadyat 13 3034 15.
WHEAT market dull and slightly In favor of buvora
with only limited export demand, shippers in view of
tne nrmnesa 01 ireigntt are aispoaea to await further ad
vices from Europe: sales Se.OtO bushels at SI 28.111 an
for Milwaukee Olob and amber Waseonsln and Iowa
S 1 50 for whit Michigan and Kentucky: ft il for white
RYB quiet at 7i7.
BARLkV qulet,and nominally unchanged.
CORN receipts none: market hravr and lower; aalea
41,000 bosh, at 63i70o for mixed western in sior and
OArs dull at 3437o for western Oaiada and State.
PORK quiet and Brm: talos SCO bbli. at am naaui .
75 for men; S 12,75313 for prim. ( '.
DKBr ami ana uncnangea.
OCT MEATS-sttady aud auiot. t'.eadt sJcnf 100
bblsat 10'iOlOX.
BUTTER In limited request at 10SI3, and H2ofor
0 H E 1 9 R steady at 03) 10X .
WBISKV-tctive and arm; tales of 1100 bbla. . '
Cincinnati Market.
Thete was aot mnoh aalmatlon In the rarlnni danart.
mantt of bossncss, though no change In th leading feat-
ui.. vi bu, vt tuviu - . l . r
Vlour is quiet though firm, and not Dressed nnon tha
market. Saturday's quotations prevail to-dav
74 for superfine. Ihe latter Ihe ralisw rate, far mi
shipping brands.
Wheat 11 offered sparingly. and remains firm at til 03
orred.lt 10 for white prime.
:.uuw continues 10 command 35c on fhtear, 98340c
for shelled lo bulk. The price for It tn sacks varle
considerably, bee iusf Ihe dlfferecce in the quality of
OATS are lot fully sustained at tha advance cmotn!
on Saturday, and art Irregularly reported at 27&k-.
Dari&jfl.i-uDcnangea. , . .
RYI unchanged.
WHISKY remains at 130, with steady market .
Host, had stlllan upward tendencw In th mornimr.
and teller were contending for td.SO, with tela at (tt,-
w uo a isir mriei v,xosvo,w ior good av
erages. . iuis eonaiuon 01 iu9 uao na atrmlnd aom
of the packers to stand off and lat thing take their !
conn, claiminig that It I entirely unwarranted. He
celple are light, but the weather la quit unfit for kill
ing, ana in prooaouiiy is mat tner it aa arrest of th
Eom. Dec. 8.
Cleveland Market.
FLOOR-isles of 160 bbla choice extra at tS,00, , ..
WHaAT advanced; tai ot 1 oar red at $1,04., .,.
CORN-quletata7o. , , ,. ., v ! ,'
OATS quiet at 8S0.
KYB Inactive at S&StOc. ,' . - . ,
HOQS eotlv and firm: tales of i hsad at ti.7i. and
73 do at 5,5tB3,75.
BKKUa Clover remains eteadv at 11.50. A lot of 30
bushels Timothy sold at ta.OO. . . .
utuu wia-aiee of so bole, and 80 do at 15 H -PORK-UlMldatU00
. 1 ..,. 7,
LARD ealet of 30 tiercel at Kc
BOTTtR sales of Sbbls roll at 13a.
VRC1T8 dried Apple remain van dull at SVc. A
sal of 8 bblsunpeeled Peaches Is reported at 6 ko. -
ORO0ERIE8-N. 0. ktolasse ha deollned lcfrom
our former outsid quotation, and tt.O. Bugarlsquoted
at a wiue range, uuivr articles are nncRanreo '
Baltimore Market.
Ftooa dull, Howard ttaect and Ohio t3,50, Otty Hills
15.00: WHATfim,rM l,S0l,3r), white I,40i$l,.
40)l,60; Coaa lrmatouaSuforid white; Psovreto
Srmi Ms Pox 17; Linn 10J OorrxweoUve a 18X
u; wstiaKT ouu as iifiw. -
High Sroet Storo
I btort aorjie, laa, occupied bv Akin a
oiy.Btov Dealer, completely etud wlthOas, Jamie
a noiaiing -au. -aa lot us iw rs Jtu, am la nqred
OB ONWUH Willi. uuu to ...... - .
. rr . I - WM.V BR0WrC
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T V. U 1 - I
' Common Pita.
Nov. term, A. D , 'CO.
to me directed, from the Court of Common Pleaa,
of franklin County, Ohio, I will offer for aala, at th
storeroom No. 335, opposite the Courl-tlous, In the city
of Oolnnbus, sal commencing on , .
Saturday, the 19th day of January, A, D 1861,
at 10 o'clock, A. it . . the;follow1ng deaoribed propei ty', to
Wit: Six sprit g seat ctuira; thirty-six bedjsnd mattrat'
ses, twenty six bedstead ?d bedding, six can seat arm
chairs, a lot of oemmon nu-le, ud washstands, six
dining-room table, two kitchen table, a lot of dinner
pistes, soup plate, pitcher and glaiaware; a lot of
knives and fork, tablespoon and teaspoons) two oook
stove and, pipe, a tot of carpeting, wash bowl and
pitcher looking glaaiea, tto.; on desk, two clock, or
lounge, two round table: a lot of birfurnltnre consist
ing of bottle, decanter, tumblers, drawers, Ac; on
barrel of whisky, and aamall lot of other liquor. Alto
three bureaus; one sprlog-wsgon; on horse and hirceif,
four coal stoves, and a lot of gta fixtures. .
0. W HTJVPMAir, Sheriff,
jeo8.-10td ,N By Jtd Pasw, Dep'ty.
-Ik' .
Otto laiikl
51 '5
'55 ft ?
or Court,
Jdlrtln Trent til
to aa directed from the above named Court I will
offer for asks at th door of th Orart Ham in th olty
of Colombo, on . , ,t , ,
Saturday tbe 9tbday ofiFabruary, A, D., 1861,
between the hours of 10 o'clock a. M., tad t o'clock . u.
th following dtaorlbed real estate situate In th county
m rranaius ana our unio, to Wit:tiOta Noe, lght,
(8) tan, (10) and twelve) (IS) In Born and Janaar'a Ad
dition to th city of Oolnmbua,. Ohio, aa per recorded
pisi oi sam Auaition, in piat recom no. one, (1) pages
mm i.o, m am Aeoorwer t mo or sail rranailn
county, Ohio; and also th west baf f in-lot eight hun
dred and forty-eight, (W. X at 848) In th city of Co-
inmDus. - ... . ...
Appraised at lot No. 8, $3M 00
" 10, 175 00
i ' " " 13. 175 00
The W; H of ln-lot 6. 88, 3t,0 00
' .. O...W. HCfEatAM, BherlB,
JanB dltwtw . , . By Eo. Divia. Dep't-. ;
Pilnteot fees tt 50. ' ",
Sheriff VSslff.
I ' . - I ,. T...U1,1M .1:
heeler . v v -. n ,-.,,) y;t
flunlrlar Oauvl.ii.f k
IllttUih Wheeler .
Augustus W. Owene.) -.. - . .
to me directed from th Supwior Court of f mnk-
11a county. Ohio. I will offer tor aala ah h.i .
Court Uouse, lath oily of Oolumlma, o ...,. '.,,
Saturday tha 19ih day of January, A. D. 1861,
at 10 o'clock A. il. th following described nroMrtv. to
wi wren aratniaa ionroprui augu
In. W. Oven..
i . . r. n .T - . . ...
i JaiUtdCLX By e.lHOFKMAlCjhieif
Holiday "Preseixts A
T)LAII-ii-AEil4 WOOt. E r.AMNtsr
a. W . 5 cents yard,. chjancy flllii el 5flcptt
m a a . r.sit v 4JJi-' i va
aeciei , a no. wvwhhi nigs irt;
By Stato Authority.
Incorporated 181. Chartar ferpetaaJ.
cash capital
hit asarre,
and th prestige of il years' sneeos and txputenc.
$100,000 in Ohio Securities.
AH Loom tquitably tdjuthd mnd promptly paid.
The larsrest In.. .H.t-i-.t
Oompanv at on fire In Ohio. k. ic.f. u,.,.
cotbe, in April,. If iS, and amounted lo s'lM.931 07.
aotly paid prior to 30 days after th fire..
Lot paid In Cincinnati during th pan six years.
W14 lltl.. i
Property insured against th
Especial attention given to th lotoruo of
for terms of en, threw or Bv years.
Applications received and Pcllcle issued by
117 South Hitrb streot, Colniatbne.
Fire and Marine
-altna Insurance Co..
Capital and Surplus - - $2,014,142.
North American Fire Insurance Co
Capital and Surplus - - - $351,084.
Norwich Fire Ins. Co ,
Capital and Surplus $222,228.
awawaansaaw j
Lamar Fire Insurance Co ,
Capital and Surplus - - $348,019
Providence Washington fns. Ci.',
Capital and Surplus - - - $345,786-
Capital and Surplus - - - $206,926.
Poltrles blued without delay, on all descriptions of
paid""' ,,0"e, equitably adjusted and promptly
FRED'K jTFAY, Agent,
117 South Hiirb St , Colnnibu.
Dwellings, Household Furaitnre suid
Insured by the
For one, three or Ay years,
Cash Capital $1,500,000.
NET ASSETS, $2,014,149 37.
Apply to
Office in Carpenter's Building,
No. 117 Bouth Utah St.,
Master Commissioner Sale.
Oeoi ge M Pirsons ; Er of 1
teauel Pirsons, deceased I fl.,. , - , .
rule by order of Court.
William f . Brack ot ol. J
to me directed, from the Superior Court af Vrankhn
county, Ohio, I will offer of sal at tha doorofth Oonrt
uouse in ine cuy oi uotumoua, oa
Thmaday, the 7th day of February, A. D 186J,
betsreen tha hour of 10 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p. m .
vum loiiowing ueourioeu real etraic, auuaie 10 toe-county
of Franklin and State of Ohio, to wiU
1. Lot number 13 of lh subJIrttion of innevNo
13t3, Virginia Military District, In Jackson township,
Vranklin county, Ohio, as said subdivision la reeorrld -
in Ihe plat thereof In Book vol. 17, par 154 of th re
cord tot said Franklin county; aald lot No. 13 being the
am conveyed to (aid Wm. r. Brack by Wm. Miller, by
deed recorded In Book vol. 40, pps. 3b3 nod 3M of Its
records of deeds of said county, containing 108 ior and
15 Stiuare poles. In the followtn subdivisions . aa nlaturf
and surveyed by W. W. Pollard, on the 30 th day of Sep
tember, A. U. IKo. Tii:
8. BubdlTlaion no. 8 of said lot. eomncln at a -
point In th centra of aald Tarnnik Road, 8 . W. earner
of subdivision No. 1 of said lot: these g. 89 dec. K. -withthag.
llneofeald subdivision No. I. g.rDdeg. M. .
W 60-100 pole to th 8. B. corner of lubrltTtikm tie It
theooe along the B. llnaof said lot No 13 g. 1 de-. 45 '-'
min. W.89S0l00pole;tbsic N 88 dec. W. llV Sir
100 poles to the centre of said Tatanike Road: thena
along It cntrN. 33 deg. 30 min. 1. 34 60-100 pole
to the beginning, con taiDlng SO acre.
I 3. guhdirislon No. of taid lot, commencing at a
point in the cenlr of said Turnpike Road. B. W. earner -
af subdivision No. 8 of said lot; thence B. 89 dcg. with
the south lino or said subdivision No. two B. 60 deg. .
117 SO-10U poles to Ihe 8. 1. corner of (aid subdivtsloo
No. 3; thence along the t. line of uid lot No. 13 g. I
deg. 55 min. VV . 85 68-100 pole; theno N. 88 deg. W. '
138 Dole lo th centre of (aid Tarnnik Raul: lhanoe
along It cenlr N. 33 deg. SO min. B. 30 13-1 W poles
to tne beRinniDg, containing 80 acre.
4 Subdivision No. 4 of aald lot, commencing it a point
la th centre of laid Turnpik Road, B. W. corner of
subdivision No. 3 of (aid lot: theno with sold g. lino of
of said subdivision No. 3 8. 88 deg, B. 138 polee I th g.
I. corner of subdivision No. 3; theno with th X. lis
of said lot No. 138. 1 deg. 53 min. W. 23 poles; these
89 dew. W. MS 50-100 Dole to th centra of smld
Turnpik Road theno along It centre M. 33 deg. 3U
in. m. xi poles to me Beginning, eoataising xu acre.
5. Subdivision No. 5 of aald lot. comaaanelna at
point in th centre of said Turnpik Rood, g. W. corner
of subdivision No. 4 f said lot; theno with th g tin
of sild subdivision No. 4 8; 8tf deg. B 140 50109 pole
t the B. . comer of subdivision No 4; thane with th.
. un or saimot no. in. i oeg. unla. W. 89 pole
t i atone B. B. corner of aald tot Mo. 13; thane If. 8
(teg.W.153501llOpoltoaitaklntocotrof (aid
Turnpik Road; thane along it centre N. 38 deg. W
in. X 34 poles to the beiinnlnsr. contain Ine 88 asive
and 15 sqoar poles. .
11. 'in ruitowtng parti of lota Hoi. 8 and 9 of th ,
Mine snbdlvlslnn of th sam num. bain tha thai af .
aald William t. Brock In said lots Nos. 8 and 8. ai .
signed and set off to him by th superior Court of frank
iin county, umo, at it xy turn, IBM), In a partitioia
madcfsaldlotabtwinhlaandhlwlfBIUaMth 0
Brack, to wit: Lot No. two (8) of aald partition, com-
menclng at th N W. corner of lot No. I of said part! '
tion; thence 8. 57 deg. 30 min. 168 86-100 pole t "
the center of tbe Columbu and Hairisbnrg Turnpik .
Road, thenr alvng the center of (aid road N. 31 dcg. 30
min. 10 . 35 poles to th g. B. comer of lot Wo; 3 ef aald. ' '
partition; theno N. 57 deg. 30 min. W. 190 pole to .
the 8. W. corner of aald lot No 3; theoc g, 1 deg So
min. W, 41 poles ta th b.g inning, contalnlug 38 acre ' '
trood. ' ,, . ' :
Also, tot No three (3j of aald portion, ommaclog it
thi N: W corner of lot No. 9; theno g. ST deg. jg
min S. 180 pole to th centra of th Columbu and '
Harrlsburg Turnpik Road; thenee along the centre of '
said reed It. 38 deg. 39 min. B. 54 pole to tbe g, a.
corner of lot No. 4 of aald partition; thane N. 57 leg.
30 min. W. 8:9 06-100 polee; these g. deg. 39 ml..
wtst 69 50-100 pole to th plaoa of beginnlsg, n tain '
ing 68 aerea. 9 roods, 0 porra. r
eubdlvitont of lot N. I3apprsu(ed MMliwiTV'.jTf
1 8ubdlvll No. mi HOW. arer..
1 Bubdlvlaleo N01 1 848 90.,
1 BubdlvteiooN. Aot 84509 . r , i,., V ;
I gubdlTleloa N. at 843 00 " - ' . ,
Lot Ne. t. eoaUaBUtg 3D or, together with Mm sieast 1
taillUla."M -
LotNa. a, coBtaluug 69acr, at 835 00 per aero. . .
o w. nvrtmmjf, Bhria, 1 1
I afester Commtsrlassr.' V
PrlsWefe,!! 59.

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