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lLUmZMirt MILLER. PnWUbiri
UI-.U. U'. ntANVt-fcrtlvV, Kitltar.
TfltJRiSMV'BTKJAN. 10. W61.
The Statesman for the Session of the Legislature.
, UrW xzt lJ ' ' 1
in.tl WJiTlt M,i.iinaii Will j furnished for
-Vb W moaelui, oreriBg: the period occupied by
hi lariilativt (ressitm, for the sum of Tuw
'.ui.rA 4h,Vrl-VVlT Sfefrfwiaa for the
-4v)- --
&ai lWt':, :for Vuni off'" Dollar. All
J , . , a r
V partcms
who dcoicq W b 0rei7 IRiurnieu ui
rtdo'mc of thcOeuiffil Assembly, should take
The Southern People are our Brethren.
J. Tail fct s&ould toadity be borne In mind at
l tMi etqltins'momeot. ' WhteM error tney
' !,, ..AmmiUfd'or maf coojoilt, we should re-
r.d brother. As eneh we should
t eeek to eearlliate, out to drive tbetu into ueu-
or,,jfi-j " . ", .' ':
,k IIgh"jiiU)ding wbtdi maj bo uttered about
!nilii our right at all bawrdt and aub-
V touting to no wroDj;. This language maybe
t-ery proper ud patriotlu toward a loieigo na-
;,;tlori; but Itta not prndcot or eafo to addres to
: Vuoso of tie asiae household, who are firmly
persuaded that their dearest rights hare been
, i and will bo etill further invaded, unless there if
"an Immeaiato change in the behavior of a large
, ,' portlou of the members ol the family.
I a ye wo hava not come to aa optn rupture
1'pbysical fotco has not yet been employed by
either aide.1 But every day the conflict seems
to grow more Inevitable and to draw nearer
With tho first blow that Is gtrock.the day of
feeonclliatloa will be paat-perhap, forever.
. : Hare we the heart to go to war with onr
brethren and wound and murder them in mer
oile buttle, or to expose ourselves and onr chll-
' ' dren to the Muse dread , peril? If not, let nt
agree immediately to eome tetnn ol compro-
' mleeand nuton thai ab all avert the terrible
danger of civil war. If our brethren at the South
aee in as at the North a disposition to concede to
them every riht they are entitled to under the
, old Compact of Union whioh our rubers and
theirs made, It ctooM be thit their nuoly
and generous natures will allow them to de-
: mand anjtbing which we ought not to gr-to t.
JTli is amusing to witness tbe shuffling,
' eaui vocation and effarts at dodging, amscg tbe
' Repablicinpoliticiacs Is. ssd out ol the Legisla
ture, oa the eanal question, . Jn tfceir manage
ment ol the Pnblle Wotks, they aro annually
absoruiDg the cnil revenue , acd in addition
thereto drawing out of tbe pockeu of the people
ia the shape of taxes, about $ 100,000 per annum,
ta ujo ioaume unknowi way, under the pretense
of keeping the Poblia Works in repair. They
' havetbus acted "ever since the Republican party
obtained power In the State, aid in their brief
reign have H3edail tbeeaaal eirninge and about
! one half million of dollars of the general reve-
nae, ostensibly to' preserve and keep in repair
the Publlo Works. -
It is evident that the ruling spirits cf the pir-
' ty are determined to throw every obitacle in
the way or any reform in the canal manage-
ment, and hecca the singular course of Messrs.
crr, Hitoboock, Csowms and others, ia tbe
House yesterday, when the subject of the can
als was before it. 'The party press Is also be
V gianieg its annual misrepresentation and mysti
" fieition of the question, osd making false czhib
' its of the condition cf the Satnoea of the ci
' Dale; and in the message of tbe Governor just
submitted to the Legislature, there ia a very in
accurate statement about tho receipt and ex
penditures on the cmU for the year ending
' Sov. 15, 1$S3, that faiiciioanry etv.ing that the
expenditures of the yesr were only $76,964,
more than the receipts, when tbe report of the
Bjard of Publio Works, which must have been
before him when he prepared his message,
shows that the expenditures of tho yew exceed
cd the revenue to the amount of One Hundrtd
mi Twnty liee ihtutani Stvt Hundrtd and
Thirty Tire Dollar end itrty-for etnti to
' aay nothing of claim still outstanding and un
settled.- ; x. '
1 Tbe truth Is the Republican management of
the canals ia a diagraoe to Ohio, and tbe efforts
systematically made to misrepresent the actual
'condition of .he c&m! rercnaea asd expendi
tures, is a orlmo. - " '- - "
It is apparent to" the meet essu&l observer
that there is now, and has been for several
' yews, lofloences at work to destroy the value
of this property, so that it may pass from the
possession of tbe people into the ban3 of those
rhooovot it, for a mere song
The Late Marquis of Dalhousie.
The Maxquii of DjaHODiix, who died at Dal
housle Castle, MidlothianScstland, on the 19th
of December, 1d the 49lh year of bis age, was
one of the most populir governor-genernls of
' India. '1 He possessed great administrative ablil
ties, nnitcd with great good nature. . In politics,
ho was follower of Sir RoataT Put. lie
was successively Vice President and President
of the Board of Trade. ' As Lord Rsmsit, be
erred In the House of Commons, for the Conn
v of Haddington. In 1818, he accepted the
post of Governor General of India. His an
nexations of territory were rapid and unexam
sled in extent His health failed; but the Court
of Directors required him to remain and finish
. his work by annexing OuJe. Of ibis stroke of
policy, 8ir Cnaau Nama, tho military com
mander, wrote "We have no right to annex
Oude, yet we hall do so, and a Tory advanta
geous, humane piece of rascality it will be!"
ITTbere ie some prospect that Boston may
yet become a conservative city. At, a meeting
of the Common Council, one evening last week,
resolutions were unanimously adopted, express
ing national sentiment, and requesting their
v RepresentoUm In fA Legislature to st tbelr
Influence for the Mpial&f the Personal Liberty
, bill." ; " " ' ! ; ' 1
y ' ITTlio Republican" Stale Treasurer "of the
State of Michigan has decamped, leaving the
State minus about $135,000. lie was a first
rate freedom ahrleker and a strong advocate of
the Irrepressible" doctrine of the .higher law
fanatic. -.-V, UJ-'-
"koa. tVhtEsst, son cf "th. laU Chancellor
' KtnT,'andfor some time Cirouit Judge la New-
Yorki and afterwards, Professot of Law In Cam
' bridge University-, died athls retldenoe In fish
'kill, N. Y , cn FrldayTasfc j Hla funeral took
place on Monday, Tn consctjnence of which, the
i New York City Conrta adjourned for thai day.
ill " Aii' I'll I:
Who will be Mr. Chase's Successor.
'. MrrCHAac was elected last winter to (tie V .
S. Selilte, and has nol jet been sworn into of-
flcesor Uken Ms seat la tnat wwyr. neverme
lass, It seems', there to "great agitation Id the
Republican camp here as to who shall be bis
mnrtior. In. case "Old Abe" ippolnw him to a
poet in his Cabinet. The Cincinnati Csromer
eiaef yesterday, haa the following' ap;pi
from Its Columbus correspondent
J'Thr' probability- that Mr.T Chaao will bo U
Lincoln'e eabieet, exoitee peoultion eonaern
log hie tnoceesor. The opinion is prevaieat
that Hea. John Sherman Utheoaly man who
stands chance of such promotlou, nevertheless
other gentlemen are mentioned, to wn: Judge
Swan, Hon. Thos Corwln, Hon. Columbus De
lano, Hon. R. C. Schenrk, Governor Dennlson,
and Attorney General Wolcott.
Moderate Concession.
A special despatch fiom Washingtou to tbe
New York Ttibun says under flate or too tin
intent: . 1 ' " i
"Trustworthy iuforiaaliuu is here that Alt
bima could be retained by any moderate eon
oeMious.and the same reeling Is known to ex
tend over Georgia." , . s
' Then why do not the Republicaa membeis of
Congress agree to make the "moderate oonoes
sions" required T Upon their heads will rest the
reflponsiblUty.il Alabama and Georgia should
follow the lead of South Carolina and Mississippi..
CParsou Browmlow's paper printed at Knox
vllle, Tenn., has the. following item In Its last
week's issues . - . " ,
: A fellow recently passed through Roane cuun
ty, talking Disunion talk, and enttine up eon
aldarablv. as w have been told. The Union
men laid hold of him. and bung him with a
rrane vine, and so choked him thai be had like
r ' . . J - L l
not to nave recovereu. iucj muo mm
an oath to support the. Constitution ana cgnt lor
the General Uovorament, as weu as icjk in iu
ture on the aide of the Union!
We desire to hear of some Disunlonist going
into Sreirr county, and talking simmr talk.
WEDNESDAY, January 9th, 1861.
Mr. FISHER offered the following rowlutJou,
via: ' -
Ruolttd, That the Reoelver ol the Seneca
County Bank be directed to receive all out
standing notes of said Bank and Issue his cer
tificate therefor, in the same manner as though
the time for receiving said notes bad not ex
pired as per tbe nrst notice; ana saia Keceirer
is also directed, upon the final payment, or part
payment of the certificates given for notes ot
the Back, to place the certificates given for
said notes upon the same footing as those orig
inally given by him before his printed notice;
Prottidtd, that this resolution shall not author
ise said Receiver to extend the time beyond the
first of August next of which due notice shall
be given in two or more oewspipers of the city
of Columbus. Referred to tbe Committee on
Judiciary. -
Mr. HARRISON, on leave, reported back S.
B. 120, from the Judicary Committee: To amend
aee. 15 of tbe assignment act ol 1859, recom
mending its peerage, lbat section provided
that assignors ahall be entitled to the benefit of
the laws exempting property from execution,
but dcea not provide the mode by whioh rights
shall be secured to them. The amendment al
lows assignor the benefit of a set off under the
homestead lav of Marcb Zd, ltuu. tsm read
the third time and passed.
Mr. HARRISON also recommended the In
definite postponement of S. B. 143, for the re
lief of George W . Aluiigao, ol Belmont county
because its passage would be a Daa precedent
Agreed to.
Also, H. B No. 209 to further regulate gas
light and coke companies.
Also Indefinite poutponement of H. B. No.
97: To amend tbe second section of aa act
relating to jurors, passed March 30, 1S59
Agreed to.
Also, to indefinitely postpone H. B. No. 133:
To amend section 43 of the law for tbe settle
ment of tbe estate of deceased person. Agreed
Also, adversely to the prayer of certain peti
tioners for the extension of the terms of County
'Auuiivro, au ium miv tctut uij capirv wim toe
fiscal year. Report agreed to.
Also, recommendea lnaenmto postponement
of H. B. No. 183: To amend an act supplemen
terv to tbe act of April 12, 1858, definite tbe
jurisdiction, &c. of Probate Court In Erie and
other counties, ana extenaing tne operation or tbe
same act to Meigs and other counties, a jd to re
peal a certain clause of tbe act or April 4, ISW.
Agreed to. -
Also, the indefinite postponementof S.B.No.
J20: Concerning the printing ot law la news
papers. Agreed to.
The Joint Resolution from the Hons author
ising the printioir of 1500 eopiea each of cert sin
documents in German, wae referred to tbe
Printing Committee.
. H. B No. 210: To prevent officer and dl
rector of Benevolent Institution and the Pen!
tentiary, from holding office therein, was read
lor tne nrst um.
Mr. FISHER offered a resolution "That tbe
standing committee on Publio Work be instruo
ted to inquire Into the expediency of offering for
eale the canal ana otner ruono wotks or
Ohio, and report at an early day by bill or oth
wlee. . '.
Mr. HARRISON moved to amend by Insert
log "or lease" o that the whole subject may
be considered by tne uommittea.
Tbe amendment waa accepted, and the reso
lution wan agreed to. '
The rules being suspended, Mr. PARISH of'
fered the following amendment to Senate stand
lne rule 61, viz:
Executive session Executive appointments
hall be considered witn open floors prtmoed,
en rtauest of env two or mora Senators, the
doors shall be closed for consideration of any
prrtloular appointment or appointments. In
which latter case the President shall caiue the
chamber ' and lobby to be closed, and tbe doors
hall remain olosed during the particular exe
cutive lession, or until otherwise ordered by tbe
Senate. ',,., ' .' 7'
Mr. PARISH did not see any good reason for
the prevalent custom or secrecy. According to
the therory of our government, publio business
should be done In publio. The custom of secret
session! a relioof other time, borrowed from
tbe mother country, and there la no sound reason
for it here. '
Mr. FISHER saw no good reason for innova
tion. He thought there were times when be felt
as If there were some thing whioh It I not n
cessarv to tell the public In can there are ob-
ieetlona to appointee, Senator desire to ex
pre their opinions freely, and do not car, for
obvious reasons, t nave tueir reasons tor onjeo
tion to appointment made public. He thought
the change would operate mischievously. . The
timidity of some men might prevent them from
expressing their opinions of men freely, and tbe
boldest are not maepeuaent ot repugnance to
the creation of enemies unnecessarily. ' v.!
. Mr. PARISH Iterated bl conviction that ev
ervtbioa dona by their representative should
be know to the public. A thought this a
sound principle. He oould alway express his
opinion of friend or foe- . He wanted, rather,
that they should know hew ha did vote, and
what wev his opinion, because ka thought
frankness and cpeonee preferable to the suspi
cion which follow secrecy. (The resolution
was lost) 4 1 - ' 1 ';'-:" .
Mr. HOLMES, of Hamilton, offereiMfot
Invlnffl - y . rv
Reaalvtd, By the General Assembly , of the
State ot Ohio. That tbe Baperlntendent of tbe
8tat House ie hereby directed to have a flag-staff
of sufficient height paced upon tneaoaaeor tbe
Capitol, and to have suspended from tho top
of the eame tb American Flat (the Btars aad
during the tsenon or tn x-egwatur,
ana on u jmum i. '- -. i .
Col. HOLMES sald.hdepradeot of any feel. 1
ings wo may bare upon tbe 'subject presented to ;
our miuJS nuaer tne existin-g trouoies or tbe na
lion, the adoption ol suoh resolution is In ao
oordanoe with the praotioi) of other Btatee, and
is eutlrely appropriate. Hut it seems peculiarly
appropriate at this junctire.' It oertalnly seems
fit that we should display the symbol ol our
common cquntry tbe stars and stripes indioa,
ttve that we are under the protection' of our
hope that every i
it t , i -t;
y stars?' fia,
common country. - l therefore bop
tftnator will rcoora Die vote tor i
Cil IIOLME9 The American flur la ililr-
tythree stars.- We want all the stars.- I call
fur tbe yeas ana nays, ana tbe vote was uoani-
r . . . .u , u-..-.. .,
Mr. MaCALL Glory enough for one day
Preoidrnt, I move we adjourn. ' Carried
WEDNESDAY, January 9.
Mr. 8'1'OUT moved that the several resolu
tions now on tbe table, relating to secession, be
taken from the tabic and printed which was
disagreed to. -; i. ' .
Mr. MGH offered the following: . '
Rtiolvtd, That tbe Judiolary comndttce are
hereby instraoted to examine tbe statutee of
this State and . see if any of them tare In
eoofliot with tbe Constitution ol the United
States; and if there be, report bill for their re
peal, i '. i
Mr.' BALDWIN moved to amend by insert
ing "and the Constitution of this State."
i Air. WOODS demanded a division of - the
question, when tbe eas and nays were called
on tbe first proposition, which resulted yeas
8T; nays 2
-The vote wis ll.en taken ou tbe amend
ment of Mr. Bildwiu; reaulting yeas 53; uaja
34 ' . . f ..('
Mr. MONAIIAN moved that tbe Judiciary
ODmmlttee be lm t uotei to enqoire into the pro
priety of .amending the law regulating the tut-.
Ilement of estates, so as to secure au early set
tlement of euatcs, which was disagreed to.
On motion of Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, the
resolution providing 'for the purchase of a Na
tional Flag to bo placed ever tbe Hall of the
Houne and Senate chamber, wai taken from the
table, and after some Uinousaioa, was re ferrod
to the Committee on t ublie Umiding.
Tbe House then rescilvcd Ittalf ium contmiitee
of Whole, Mr VO&1S iu tho obair. . Atter the
informal parsing by of several bills and a run
log dlecueslon on several others, the committee
rose and reported back sundry bills. .
A motion was made that, U. B 45 to pro
hibit 'be intermarriage of colored aud white
persons be .indefinitely postponed yeas 42,
navs 63 a nearly party vote Air. TANNEY
HILL being the only Democrat voting yea. Tbe
bill wis then referred to tbe committee on the
Several other bills wereieleried to suudry
On motion oi Mr. fARKOlT, Senate Bill
No. 10 To prevent slave holding and kiduap
ping In Ohio was taken from committee of the
whole, when Air. PARROTT moved tha'. the
bill bo indefinitely postponed, when Air.
HITCHCOCK asked that the bill be referred
to a select committee of one.
Mr. BLAKESLEbi supported tu.s motion ol
reference because it was too hasty a dipoiiion '
to make of so important a measure.
Mr. BROWNE, of Muml.oppos.d tne reler-
ence, and advocated tbe pcstpuLCment bectuse
he thoueht such a disposition of the bill would
be calculated to conclli.ite the Southern States.
Ha regarded the bill aa connoting Hi a O in
stitutional act of Congress, and we should be
partiojlarly careful not to adopt any course that
would prevent national nmmonj.
Air. HILLS saia be couia not e wn? we
should be ia hot bat-te to lay down our self re
speot on tho altar of our feara. He siid this bill
did not prevent the-execution of the Fugitive
Slave Act, lor it exprias y exoep-.s tne op ration
of that act.
Mr. PARROTT said be was not innuenoed to
make the motion be had offered, by any fears on
the one hand, o a disposition to yield tbe
least iota of what is right. He deemed it to be
unnecessary, since the Constitution prohibited
slavery of all kinds; snd we have ample stit
ntes aninst kidnapping. He simply desired to
postpone the bill, that Its pitsaae would be
misconstrued bv other state into bravado.
Mr. VORIS opposed postponement.. He
thought such a bl.l necessary. It was not
against any constitutional provision of the fu
gitive slave act. it was oniy lor tne proper
protection of personal rights a dearer cause
tnaa all otner. never snouia it oeiaiainai
by hi rote be assisted lu retrograding upon this
all-abrorblng subject of personal rights.
Mr. BRUfF hoped the bill would be referred.
He counseled Republicans to look wbitbor they
are drifting and what is to be tbe effort of their
course. They bad postponed a bill yesterday of
a like character, but lets guarded. He was
prepared to vote for this bill, but he domanded
that it be fairly investigated before we so sum
marily dispose of it.
Mr. COX appejled to his Republican friends
to beware lest, in obedience to an overweening
disposition that had manifested Itself, they dis
gust those whom they sought to propitiate. He
would staua up oexoro tne woria in aeience oi
tbe right; and in o doing he expected the es
teem ol all high Qinded men and cited the
case of a Southern man, at the close ot Wade's
late speech In the Senate, who told him that be
respected his manly avowal of hi '.principle.
He regarded tbe protection of personal rights as
above all other. '
Mr. KRUM followed In the eame attain as
Mr. COX, and warned the Republicans that they
were treading upon dangerous ground in this
baity proceeding. When, said he, you aban
don the principles on which the Republicans
have organised, you will have nothing left
worth contending for; and you will have no
party to act with.
Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, moved that the bill
be referred to the Judiciary committee. He
made this motion, because it would give the
friends of the bill a fair bearing. He waa dis
posed to do aa much a any to oonoilitate our
Sjuthren brethren; but be was not ready to bow
down into the duet, at a time when It was de
manded ofu that weyield what our people sup
posed to be our rights. He would conciliate;
but would not vinld ti foree. -.
Mr. HITCHCOCK hoped the motion to refer
would prevail. This bill came from the Senate
at a lata hour of the last session, bad never, an
til this day, been considered by the' House, or
before any of ite Committees. Tbe Judiciary
Committee la a very proper one for Its reference.
It baa this day been charged with tbe supervls
Ion oi tbe ststutes of the State, to see If there
be any thing conflicting with the Constitution
of the United States.- There is a law upon the
statute book eonttlaing provision of tbe same
character aa those contained in this bill. '.That
Committee will be able to determine whether
that law or tbla bill will be the better. He
thought no Representative of Ohio, here or else
where, would desire to wipe from the statutes
all provision for tbe protection tf, the frt nun
of tbe free State of Ohio. : He hoped the mo
tion to refer would prevail.
Mr. NIGH tu a subject of personal liberty
bills, etc, was well understood. He desired to
have tb whole matter disposed of, that we
might proceed at ones to other bu3ioeie, that
we may be prepared to adjourn as soon as pos
sible. Be referred to the present statutes on tbe
subject, and said ha thought there was ample
protection against kidnapping. He regarded
tha Introduction of this class of bills a the re
mit of fanatioiam, and a vindictive splitj Bad
ha counseled tha postponement of tbe bill be
cause it Waa unnecessary and would only lead to
further agitation. """" "
Mr. RIED moveJ that tb 'committee be in
structed to report what legislation may be. pe
cetsary upon the subject of tbe bill.-; . v?V
Mr. PLANTS hoped the ameadueut would
be adopted." He regretted tbe course tbe dis
cussion 4n tbla bill has takeo. He wanted no
appeal to party.. W should, Bet a members
of tbi House and as citizens of this once great
nation.. .We sbonld act upon the merits of tbie
bill, and nothing,, else. He did not know but
the present law afforded sufficient protection
of tboa the bill proposes to protect., He want
ed to examine the matter calmly, and act Inde
pendently of all fear or favor. If this bill was
particular effect np&n Gsorgta or South Carol i- a
He would 0 verr far to conciliate; but it;
la cot the tima to eoeolllate when threatened by!
tha enemie of aor cwntry. Tbe eetimata that
would baplacegppoa oar coouui woum o.ui
concaeaiona to a bully, whsn he had not to bo
lower than ever. "It we are to take a flagging-.
he wae for taking It standing np. . . , , -- 1
aa. ftnnim.TAM x u -1 it,,tl,..
.rM.k diasMt aai nvtwarsilMUIOI'.
Jonrn , on jbich tie jeas ao ajt f
jwandedand reRltoeV-yes 64 . 7 1
t r:1"! -J.:JlM.;!'4 -l .e"H"f J
v'W.v, teed f cl
IN SENATE. THURSDAY, January 10th, 1861—10, A. M.
Senate opened with Rev. Dr.
Minutes of yesterday read and
' f"" " i. """"" meooaies oi aeceasea per
mou.. eons, buried In, the Catharine street Cemetery,
j ".- eeu tne grounds or said Cemete
r. ' rT wben cleared of the remains of the dead,
MrV KE Y presented copies of tbe Tenth
nlRPort of the Dlrepiors -o( tbe
House of Refuge ? ' - 4 1 1
. Mr, HOLMES pti W pe6
i Cincinnati
I V . .
itlon of the
Jrusteesof Weslev Chanel. Morris Chanel. and
7,ioU, M Ei- Church, of Cincinnati, praying
, ... iuin iuo pruueeas tor tne beueut oi tne
I Weslevau temale ColWa. nt rin..inn.tl. R.
lerrea to tue Hamilton County Delegation
- 8. B. No. 179. To amend Sec. 2 of an act
regulhting elections of Magistrates. i
& B. No. 177. .To amend Sec 1 of the ac
regulating payment of cost in proseoatlous for
minor elfences. ,. .
8. B. No. 180. To provide for the erection
and repair of County jails In certain cases.
o. p. sso, tot. fartlal appropriation bill.
8. B. No. 182. To repeal certain aeotlons of
aa eel therein named being a turnpike bill.
H. B No. 209. To fur Lher rppulftta Gas
I uiim sua voce tympanies. . .
I H. B. No. 210. To nrohihit Dirwntnranf Hi n
T ! L. i .
evolent Institutions and of Penitentiaries from
holding office therein
All the foregoing bills were referred to tbe
committee or the Whole:
By Air. JONES, from the Committee on Pub
lie Works, recommending theeaosaeeof S. B
178: "for the preservation of the National Road
aua collection or tolls tbereon." This bill pass
ed both Houses last winte., but was mislaid and
notslgned, so tbnt it did not become a law. It
was again put though iu several stages and
Mr. GAIIF1ELD offered the folio wiu:
Rtiolvtd, By the General Assembly of Ohio,
that the Auditor of State.be aud is herebv au-
thorixed and direeted to grant an order for pay
ment to me quarter master uenera!, isuen sum
ana rate per Hum, us wua appropriated for pay
ment ol Armorer lu an act entitled an Act
malting appropriations tor tbe Ver 1860 and for
the first quarter of 1861 passed March 24th,
1860. Adopted.
On motion of Mc MONROE. Mr. Parish was
placed on tne committee to whom was referred
tbe petition ot ladies ol Tuscan wasounty.
Mr. GA RFlELD.offered a resolution instruct'
ing the Committee on Benevolent Institutions
to report on the propriety of making an appfo-
i , . L . r ii .... i rr .,
yiiabiuii iut iu, lawny oi ,ne employee recently
killed at the Northern Lunatic Aesvlnm.
Mr. MOORE, upon motion of Mr. Holmes,
was added to tne xpecial committee on Women'i
On motion the Senate proceeded to the Hall
of the House to count the ballots for Attorney
ueuerai at me fan election. .
After tbe joint eonventiou adjourned the Sen
ate returned to its Chamber, and took a recess
nnta 3 o'clock r. M.
THURSDAY, January 10.
Prajet by Rev. E D.MORRIS.
Tbe following memorials were presented and
B Air. BLAKESLEE, from James A. Thome
and 100 othera of Cuyahoga .county, praying for
a more stringent liquor law, .
By Air. VUK.13.irom Lewis Allen and 2U5
others, and Hector Taylor and 109 others of
Summit county, for a reduction of the Com
mon Pleas Judges In the 4th district and the
State at large.
By Air. COX, from N..F. Strong and 181 oth
era of Knox county, for a law to prohibit tbe eale
and use or Intoxicating liquors as a beverage.
By Mr. RIED, tiom Charles Crane and
77 other of Greeie County, for the same
J3y Mr. Trimble, from John K. Hinge!, and
ll5 others for amendment to tbe Militia laws.
By Air. PARROTT, from the Commissioners
or Montgomery County, for a change ot tbe
official term 4f the County Auditor.
Mr. WELCH presented tbe proceedings of
the Union Meeting at Belleire, Belmont county,
which reie read at the clerk a deck.
The Speaker laid belore the Home the me
morial of tbe Bjard of Education of Cuyahoga
Countv, for a cbauae Lu the manner of distribu
ting Publio Documents, so as to place them In
tbe School District Libraries.
Mr. HOUSE presented tbe memorial of the
school teachers of Gallia county, for a law
providing for jaint tt-icbnrs luatituuijcl differ
ent counties.
The following bills were read a second time
and referred: , . ,
II. B. 863 for the erection of a Lunatic A-iy-
lnm in Licking county.
H. B. V!b4 toncurniug lugitives from justice.
H. B. 265 to amend the act of Alty 1, 1853,
relating to roads. -Notice
of the introduction of bills wa given.
Br Mr- REE3.0 Fraoklio, respectiuz tbe
act establishing a Superior Court of Franklin
countv - t
By Air. I liUMroU.N or ferry, to authorise
companies lor. the improvement ot mineral
By Air. HUGHEa, to change the law relating
to road tax
By Mr. BROWNE, of Miami Supplement
ary to the act authorizing joint stock insurance
companies. - . . -
By Mr. HERRICK Requiring county audi
tors to -report to tha Auditor of State the
amount oi fees aud salaries received by their
countv officer, i ' ' - . .
Bv Air. PARR Providiec for the' use of the
jail or mis niaut ror ins confinement oi pris
oner under laws ot tne united mates.
The hour fixed for a Joint convention to count
tbe votes for Attorney General having arrived.
a message was sent to tbe Senate Informing
that body, that the .House, was ready to receive
men. ....... i i
, Tbe Ssuatori and their officer appeared In
the Hall of 'the House, when tbe Convention
cam to order and proceeded to oouat tbe vote
Tho vote was then reported by counties, when
tbe aggregate vote wasdeclaraa as follows; .
For Jimes Murray - , - ;, , 215.234
' ' , David W.Stambeugh 189,993
E. E. ilutcbeson 8.653
, James Murray having received tb greatest
number oi votes cast, was declared amy elected
Attorney Ginertl of tho State of Ohio, for the
ensuiAg oouiai term ol two years.
The Collection then adjourned, a Lea the
House can to order, and resumed tb first
readiozof bills, amotg which were:
H.B. 2Wl-by Mr. NOBLE For the erection
of bridge ever the Aoglalxe river, by a special
tax. . -. . ,
H.B. JG7-by Mr.HUGtlES To amend seo
7, of tb Act oi January 27, ,1853, rotating to
Roads snd Highway.. -
H. B. 268-by Mr. SCOTT, of Jtfferson,
, To reduce Into on tbe several acts prescribing
the rates of taxes, and the amount to bo levied
for all purposes.
H.E26i)-by Mr. BLAKE3LEE , to amend
the general City Incorporation Aot, so a to re
quire the publication of certain tax rales and
receln and expenditure! of fvlllage.
H.B. 270-by Mr. BLAKE3LEE, to amend
tue set or Marcb ia, law, tot tne settlement
of tie estate of deceased persons. '
II B. 27I-bv Mr. HADDOW. to authorize
the lossees of Beo, '29, In Warren township,
wtsbingtoa county,, to surreoaer tbcirieiset
an receive deeds for tbeiame.
Tbe House then took a recess.
flaNILI! BilHAtllill, BOIU
, W Whit, and Bjaek, Just received at , , .
Ir? ' ' ' ' . ' BAnr, I
4 .'..,,!. e)f -JA
r ' "
' Wholetalsan Betall Dealer In
Torclgn & Domestic : Cigars,
'r. Bmoking & Chewing Tobacco.' '
lso tk ktst quality of KTUTT'S onitantly
" v i on nana.' 1-.'1
TTPCeuntrir Heiehtntt arslavltedtoealt Men par
chirtniiehr. '; 4 ' ' ' 1 -
- - , ; ' t. JJaln inl Siramore,
'iv8i-8 ; ciNciNNA'yi. o. ;
use. II
tisesandoolOTi just opened at BAIB8, 1
, . - No. South High street.
Supreme Court of Ohio.
TUESDAY, Jan. 8, 1861.
Dan. Jacob Brlnkarhoff. Chief Juitloe; Una.
Bcott, Bon. Ulllon MatllS Hon. Wa. V. FtoXandHon.
Wn. V. OhoUoa, Jadgoa. .
L. J. CRITCHFIELD, Reporter.
' No. 30.' Andrew StjTritton v. Blachley St llmptan.
Krror to tho Superior Court of Clnolnnatl.
Bamujuiorr Q.J , Uvedtti opinion of ths Court.
H.U1 , , 1 . --1.
Tua olrocmiliito that a draft for bomv, otherwlto
In tho usual form 01 a check, la payable on a (utoro apa
Ifltd dajr, la prima foeU, but not eondtorttw, avldanos
that tha loitrumeul I, bill of oichunjo, aud aa auch en
titled to diva of rract. ... : . .
S. But when mob, lustrumant la draws Upon a bank or
banktr, and la aeugoea oy me partita aa an abaoiata
tranafer and appropriation to tho bolder, of to much
of an actually exUtlng fund, belonging to tha dravar In
tha handa of tha drawee, it la navertheleee a check
and not a bill of axohange, and la not entitled to days
cf grace. 8- '', 1 1 : 1 '
8. the langutir of tha Court In tha aua of Horrttoa
at ol. v. Bally at oZ,, O. St. K. 13, limited and ex
plalnad. 1 t yi
, Judgment afflrmed, .: 1 . K y.
Ho, V. George Uyersatal. v. NaadhaB U. Btaadari
at al. Ileaenred tn tha Dlatrlot Court of Ouyahoga.
fJuoLaoH J. Held
1. Under tha averment, In a declaration, of due de
mand and noUcs of the dishonor of a bill of axohange,
the declaration, of tha defendant ahowing an acknowl
edgment of liability upon, and a promise to pay tha
amount f the bill, are admlsiibl avldtnoa.
8. A bill of xehanga addressed, generally, to tha
drawee In a city, may ba aocsptad payable at a pattlonlar
bank In the same city, and a presentment for payment
may be made at tbe counter of auch bank, without a pre
vious notice to. or the assent of, tho drawer.
3. The drawers of a bill, being partaers,dlasolved their
partnership after tho maturity and protest of lha bill, bat
gavt so notice thereof to the payees of tha bill. Soma
time after the dissolution tha agent of tha payees called
on one of the partners for settlement of tha bill, who re
ferred him to another, and by him declarations wore made
that, althousb there had been a defect in the mods of glr
Ins notice, which discharged tha drawers, they would no
take advantage of It, but would aattlo when thaw were
aatlaflaj notntog could made from tha acceptors. Tba
acceptors were wholly Insolvent, and tha action Was not
brought on the bill until after a considerable lapse of
time. On tha trial tha other partners objected to lha ad'
minion In evidence' of tha deolanUona. Held that they
wen properly admitted in evidence, as ahowing that
there had been due notice of dishonor of lbs bill, and
charging all tbe partita with liability thereon.
Motion for anew trial overruled. - -Mo
25. - Jtdward Wade, v. 8. B. Comatoct'i Admtnli
trator. Reserved In Lucas County .
Pica J. j
O. having a perfect title to a tract of land lu 1830,
Slid and conveyed tbe eine with covenant of general
warranty, to tt. at w ., woo negioctea to bare the deed
recorded. In lots said tract was seised In execution
and sold as the property of O. to D.. who had no notice
ol tho unrecorded deed, and O. in lnitHexeeutad a null
claim with a epeclaJ warranty, and for the consideration
of 10, to D. for aald tract and two others whioh had
been putchased hj D. The deeds of the Sheriff, and of
O. to V., were all recorded before the deed of o. to H. u
That auch subsequent conveyance by O. was not a
breach of tbo covenant of warranty In the deed to B. St
TV., and their remedy. If any, la an acUon for the dam'
ancaactually sustained, or, aa the case may bo, for money
paid 10 we use or u.
judgment lor ino aeiemuni.
Hath Gibson and wife v. Uotilton k. Lorlng et al. In
Error to the Superior Court of Cincinnati.
rcoTT.j. . .
8. devised certain rati estate In Cincinnati, to the
children of hla sister H. W. for and durkg the term of
their natural lives, share and share alike, and at the
decease of any of such devisees, the share of the devisee
so dilng was given to tbo Issue of suoh devisee, ahare
and scare alike, for the term of their lives respectively.
and again, at toe decaaa of the Issue Iut aforesaid or
auy of them, trie snares 01 tne issue so dying wen given
to the Issue of such issue or or any of them for ths term
of their natural Uvea, "and in this manner down In en
tailment aa fares may bo allowed by the statute in such
case made and provided."
The will was made ia ibm, ana me testator died In
1847. At his death his sister N. W. had three children
living to wit, N. J. and W. who were hlrHhelrs at law
and of whom N. died in 1819. leaving at. an Illegitimate
daughter her hair at law. W. died In 18S0, leaving a
danghter M. W. who died In 1"55, wlthcat fttber.mother,
brother, sister, or cnlld. The desoendanla of N. W.
were bar seaaest blood kin. J. la still living with Issue.
That the will gave to N-, J.. and W.. the children
of teotator'e sister, each, a life estate In the undivided
tblrd part of the premises derlieil, remainder, for life.
of each one's share to his or her Issue In telrg at the date
of the will, remainder In tall to tha unborn Issue. , .
8. That the reversionary fee simple, of which the en
joyment was expeatant on the failure of Issue in the line
oi ettner or tne uevi ees, oetore in estate.- tail devised
oould be converted Into an absolute fee simple under the
statute ol emails, waa unaitpowa or ny the will, and piec
ed by descent to N. J ., and W., the heirs at law of tes
tator, aa tenants in common.
3. That M., tha illegitimate daughter ofN.. eouldnot
take unJerthe will aa the iinn" other mother, nor
oould the Inherit coll totally from H. W., but mother's
4. That M. It entitled, by Inheritance from her mother,
to one third of the reversionary fee in the premises; and
the particular estates under the will having terminated,
as to two-thirds of the property devised, by the failure
of issue, M. is entitled to the poatettloa of one-third of
these two-thirds; that it, to two-ninths of the whole
Judgment of Court below affirmed
Hutlill J. dissented aa to lha third and fourth dtooo-
No. 37. Androw MoAlphiav. IJward Woodruff, Ad
ministrator Ac. or Michael Can illy, deceieed, et al.
Error to the Superior Court of Cincinnati
EumxutBoir, 0. J. ,
Where A took a leas of real estate from C. for ninety
nine years renewable forever, the only consideration for
which was a fixed annual rent, and which contained a
covenant for quiet enjoyment; and after 0't death, bit
widow, by lenlprov-eedlogs, obtained an assignment of
dower m the tents, laeueo and profits of the premises
In an aotion on tha eovenaut ty A against the adminis
trators 01 u. ueiu.
1. That A was entitled to recover his costs and reason
able fees of counsel In defending against the widow's
claim for dower. .
8. That those holding the reversionary Interest of C
In the promises, and bis rishtt under the leaae, bavin
been made parties in the case, they were properly en
joined against collecting any more than two-thirds of the
rent due under the leas during tat life-time of the
3. That the assignment of dower In rents, Issues and
profits, wjiacoottrncttveevictton of the leaae to thatx
tent of one-third of the demited premiaes; thai for
each evicUon the measure of daaagea ia the one third of
the rent payable under the lease; and that A. having
never, since the commencement of proceedings for dower
by the wfdow, psid more than two-ttiirde of auch rent to
those who succeeded to the rights of 0 , he was entitled
to no fnrther recovery. .
Judgment affirmed. -
No. 3d. Oarlord McFall v. John rieehartv et al.
Judgagntafflnnod No farther rtport will be made of
utscase. ....
No. 40. J. O. Blmmontand wife v. Simeon Jennings
Error. Keterved In Uedloaeounty. Dismissed for want
of prosecution.
lio. 51. Bennett N. lextoa v. Otorn W. Powers tt
al. Error to the District Court ot Ouyhoga county.
PlsmUned for want of prosecution
No. 52. Jacob Wolf V. Jacob Meyer. Dismissed for
want of prosecution.
No. 330. Jacob Parker v. The State of Ohio. This
case Is, In effect, decided by tb ease of LeoBner v. The
State, not yet reportel, but which will appear in HI Ohio
cut reports. -
Jamel burey v. Bllnn and Letcher, Motion far leavt
to Ole a petition In error, t , 1 V.1 .
Pxa Omuls-
alien and Lttchtr wtre eng'tjol as eontractort In ths
construction of a railroad bed hi Williams county In this
Butte, and. at inch, had In their employ a number of hired
bands, with teame. wag out asd other Implement. Sarev
told to a part of such hands. Intoxicating Itquort in vio
lation or tne act or may t, ifoi, "to prvviae against tbe
evllt resulting from the tale of Intoxicating llquort"Ae.,
whereby they became drunk, unable themselves to work,
prevented the other hinds and teams from working to ad
vantsie. and tb progress of tb Job Wat hindered and
delayed; and the roolraetori watt thus Injured In their
property atid meant 01 tupport.
Bllnn tnd Letcher brought tult against Snrey under
tbe seventh eee lion o( eaid act, and tbe Common Pleas
of W Hams Bounty held that they were, entitled to recov.
er;and ,by a verdict of a Jury, they did recover 103 IS) j
actual, ana sou exemplary oamagei; in ail, bjioj ittx.
The District Court of that county on error affirmed tbe
Judgmentof tb Common Plena and Ibis It assigned for
error here. We think there it ao error; and the moUon
it, therefore, otarruUd .
No. 7). Ltvlna Brown v. Dinlel and Joseph OriffiUie,
executors, Ac. MoMoa for lea7e to Bit a ptUtloa tn
error. ;
Psa Ci'SUM . neli.
In a proceeding for the contest of the validity of a Will.
the contestants are at liberty to proceed either acoordlag
to tne lorme ov boh in unanovry or oy petition unutr
the Code of Civil Proeeedur. Bat in either oase, ao
lesu, tn tome form, most o made ap, "Whether tbe wrl
tine nrodaosd be the last will of the taatator or aot:"and
In either case, on the trial of auch Issue, the party or par
ties tatting ap in win noia in smjmtuv ana art enti
tled 10 open and close ths cat. ' - 1 ;
Motion overruled. "
In the following oases motion! for leave tofil pttltlott
m error were overruicu aivo. - - '
No 71. Henry ilerron v. Micheel Wendlong. ' .
No 64. Edward A Bra-ton, etsi-r . John R. Allston.'
- No 17. John Cook's Executor, v. Jonaa llnngar, el al
No 77. Alexander Ingram, et l, v. Samuel Bpsllman,
Stat. . ,. .v 1
NoT8. Isaw H. Hetttr, v. JaneTlbhlea. I
No 70. David Dick,- v, Maria (Hffln't Administrator.
No 80. Bebra H. Waldy, Beth A. Abbey. 1
. N(tt. Jaaee Hogg. v. John Soott. . ' V . 7
. N,5. Luclen Buttles, v. John field, t " j s ;
Na TB, InvUl Jenk Administrator v. Keslah Jeakt
Adaaiaittrator- She coeetten in shut oase Ie decided by
Conger v.- ltakert Administrator, and Buaaacker v.
White, decided at the prntent termt . .. . . j .
Leave vu granted in the following cat to tt petition
loenror. .' . . .1. .
Nofil.OeorgeB. Btnythe v." William BtaDhetry.'' '
No. 75. Ell Uadley, et al. The Clinton County Im
porting Company.
Ia the case of the grate of Ohio v. Albert Pang
horn, tbe motion for tbe allowance of writ of error is
overruled. - - t h
In tbe case of John M. Oreen v. Benjamin Elliott, the
moUca for leave to plead releaae It granted.
;p6h sale;'''S?
i V on tht National Boad, Weet of Columbua, withla
from two to five miles from tht city. Th property will
be tois in Mta to suit purehaaora, and on ravomnte lermt.
.o , ,
JaoiWfcw4w- : Ag
r r Ooluttbus, January W.
V -1 if
1 ;'- lz
John w. invnaffo, .
Agent for John . Uolltway.
".; N fOR TIM. A j. '
O. ticsnilia.iv, of Detroit, baa ar
rived In Celamkas, ana will to found atlhe
Corner of Sontb and High, a tracts,
When he hat a large variety of Cottumet of every
description and character far Lad let and Gentlemen,
which will be loaned on moderstt terms for us at the
To be given by tht
. I Tbalia Di-amatio Aasociation,
'? AT AltlBOl' HALL,
. ; " " On Taeadtv eronfno? siaxl. ''
L: JaalO-dtd. I :- '! I t t
. b k t . .
(whose success through the last, South and West hu
beta unparaltllcil for years by any fonnsr artlsto) hu
tht honor of announcing
at above, on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, January
9th and 10th, on. which occasions ahe will be assisted by
othar Eminent Artlttti under the direction of
Tbe DleUnguisbed Pianist
The entertainment will coaolad ea4h evening with
the STAB SPANGLED BANNER, In costume at the
donoxit or LiSaJtTV, by
Beeelved everywhere with Triple Bneoret. . ' '
JQT No extra charge for securing ttatt. ' 1
Ticks ts 50c.
Doors open at 7. Commence at 9.
. wives, or four tlogle gentlemen, can be aecommo
dated with good rooms and board In a private family by
making Immediate application, for further Information
apply at the office of this paper. Jano-d3t
' AT TBE ' '
" NOW 0PENINO AT .. ' " '
No. 173, High St., between Town and Bleb St.
a few door south of th TJnlted Stat Etl,
10,000 yOLTJMES
Of Ohoic Books on every sutject and
. a 10,000. Worth of Jewelry,
To.bt given to the purchasers of them at time of tale.
8LO0UM k CO.
Embroideries and Lace Goods,
Street, la now exhibiting the newttt and most seltct
assortment in tb city, ol -. - :
Klcn taocy Ureas Silks, ' ' '
Bilk Kobet,
, Pompadour fills,
iiiachofit Ulack Bilks, .
' Evening gilka. , '
Perty Dretaet, :
Wlnur Drtsdoo.t,.
Beat Pclnt Laces and Collara,
Elegant Embroideries of every detctlpllon, '.
ValenctenneslLacaa and Sett,
Uaitest Lac Collars and Seta.
aiaefc In VeDa, Oolirnree and Colhiri
Alexander's slid Slovee,
English Hosiery and
.... -- Cnder-garaMnta,
; BaUueral SkirU. '
Brest Trimming) tod Blbbona.
Jtpaneee Linen Collara, CuJtand Sets,
. . i ,' Coav Boeoma and Set
- Cloakaand Cloak Clotht.
French Woven Corsets.
, . , i , i Pine Apple Handerktrehltft,
' ' ' I BeoopUon Hoop Sklru.
AU at Very lowest prices. .
. - : - . . y PITER B4IS. C
JanO - . . Mo. 89 South High street.
Master Commissioner's Sale.
Lsreoto D. ninkley
Henry Deidlne, tt al
Court of Common Pleat.
to me dl reeled, from the Court of Common Pleat,
of franklin County. Ohio, I will offer for tale, at tht
door of the Court-Bouts, In th city of Colnmbus, Ohio,
on Saturday, the 9th day of February, A. D. 1861,
tt on o'clock, P. M ., tht following described real estate
aitnat lnFracktin County, Ohio, to-wit: Part of a tract
of 560 acraa, turveyed for and in tbe name of Win. Price,
being No. of entry 1,009, beginning at two augar trees
and a beech, North-west corner; thence South 10 dcg.,
Batt 116 poles to a stake, near two hickoriei and a beech,
(marked); thence North 80 deg , last UO poles, to two
beeches and an Iron wood tree; thence North 18 deg.,
West 117 pole to three beeches and a ttaka; thence i.
Wldeg., West 135 poles, to the beginning, containing n
Hundred tore more or lest, tbe tame being part of sur
vey 3,002, tuneyed in th name of Wm. Price.
Alao. one other parcel of land, bounded and described
as follows, and tltuate In Norwich townahip. Franklin
County, Ohio, to-wit: A part of lurvey No. BOOS, In th
nam of Barktdale, beginning at. the North-west corner of
a tract of on hundred acres, conveyed by Comp'on to
Davidson, being the aame premises described In tht fort
going; from theno 581 'deg. Weet, 42X poles to a stake,
and corner to Landacre's line; thence 59 dcg. Kail, US
polet to Landaore'a line; theno North 61 deg., East
t1)i poles; thence North 9 deg., Welt 116 polet, eon
Ulnlng thirty cores, more or leaa, and embracing all that
certain lot of land conveyed by Lyne Burling and wife,
to said Davldaon, by deed, dated January 14th, lSsl ; ex
cepting always that part conveyed by aald Davidson and
wife t Landatora, or yet to be conveyed, which It of
record, In Book 83, paes SOI and Wi, la Recorder's of
flee, of Franklin County, Ohio.
Appraised at, for tht one Hundred Acie tract, $35.00
per acre. Thirty Acre tract, 25,00 per acre.
O. W. HUPP MAN, Sheriff
Je g ltd w4.w . and Muttr CemmitHonir.'
Printer's feet, 7,59, i )
Sberifl's Sale..
Otto ZUkle . ; ,
Martin Trent e lal
Superior Court.
tome directed from the above named Court I will
offer for tale at the door or th Court House In the city
of Columbus, on t -
Saturday the 9th day of .February, A.D. 1861,
between the houn of 10 o'clock . and 4 o'olock r. a.
the followlngjieecrlbed real estate tltuate In tht county
of franklin and Bute of Ohio, to wit: Lots Not. tight,
() tan, (10) and twelve (IS) In Born and Jenner't Ad
dition to tb oity of Oolumbut, Ohio, a per reoorded
Jlat of eaid Addition, In plat record No. one, (1) pages
58 and 159, In tht Becorder't effloe of tali Franklin
county, ooio; and alto th west bair or ln-lot tight bun
dred aud forty-eight. (W. Si at 648) in th city of Co.
lumbne. --. .
Appraised at Lot No. , 250 00
" " 10, 175 00
, ., a, .. Ui i7j 00 '
Th W. H of In-lot No. S48, 300 00. ;
i ; . v . 0. W HTJIPMAM, Hheriff,
JanBHjltw4w By Be. Davis, Dep'cy.
. Pilnteoe feet t 50.
Barber A Uarrlson
' t Jms B. Laks
Superior Court.
AJto ms directed, froa the Superior Ooart of frank
lin county, Ohio, I will oBer for sale In th vlllag of
siecaoourne in eaia eonnty et ur nareaew new 00
cupltd by David Barber, on 1
Monday, theSlstdarat January, A. D. 1861,
at 10 o'clock. 'A. M. th fbUowtag property to wit': on
Derrick aad fixture, belonging thereto, two lloct shears,
crow ban, I Jaok Screw and Lever, S Stedg, 4 tntok
wheels, SBh.eves, 1 Pick, 1 , Stone Book, 4 bucket 8
shoveli,' 1 single abler block, 1 he, 1 derrick frame, 1
eran f ram, a lot cf. rope, and th canal boat Logan,
, . -.,r rt .. yr. uurrjnan, )neritr.
JanydlOt.' , " , j - jQ . By Ba. Pavh, Pp'ty.
Damon tion and wain, and heal the worst N,
oald, bruit, cut, or fresh wound of any kind, pravtnts
welling and pain froa be sUngi, moeqalto biles, and
aitotwat panut, neorairia, rheumatism, ago la tht
breast, salt rheum, etc. . When taken lnternallr. It win
positively cure oroop In children, and give Immediate
reiieiintn womnue tn nmow oompiaratt also,
remove hotrneness aad tore throat. Price, ag eemts a
bottle. , Bhould bi la vsrj house. . y6T i, D
gUteaaaStorekwptri. . , . IRVJN ilOSB. x ,
: ' . fropiU'o's Ho. l Bprneert.,Brw TorkT .
ewMdswIrn ' 1 , !
Headschs! EeBdaohat
Thousands of persons taffer from headaohet to tht seri
ous dttrimtnt of their comfort, business, and health,
who might easily be cured by limply using HuMraast's
BoaaonuTio Bnsinc. Tb HaaBasaa Piu taken In
th morning, and tht Biuoni Piu taken at night, rarely
fall to cur the most severe and obttlnatt eat. Thou-
aandi having tried thtm havt been entirely freed of thit
bane of their lives. Qo and do likewise.
Prlo, SSoenUper bos, with directions. JUiboisil
Bent by mall or express, free of charge,' eelptof
th prlc. Addrets, t - ' ,
" ''Da. IIDMPHRBV8 at CO., ' "
No. 509 Broadway, Newt o
Sold by. BOBBRT8 at 8AMCEL,
' WhoLiaal and Retail Druggist. 94 N. High street
B. . BAllUKL A 00..
Janl-dAwlai 65 8. High itreet, Oolnobui, O
Bee adveitlaeosnt in another oolnmn '
ror all TIIBOA l' nn
Includlna; tVHOOFINO
coraii, and tveif
Complaint tba lorernn
er of, and oren actual
Tbo Oreut NKUHSL.
OIC HKItlUKV and Nat
ural OPIAl t;, adapted
to owerjr opejolee ol Nora
won Complaint, Her
roue and Chronic
Headache, iJkennaa
linu. Catarrh, 'I'ootis
aud Ear Ache, Loam of
Nleep, and Kowtl Com
plaints. No real Justice can be doc th above preparation,
but by procuring and reading descriptive ptmpblati.ii
be found with all dealer!, or will be sent by Proprietor
oa demand. Formulas and Trial Bottles tent to Pbyal
olaas, wh will flBd development In both worthy their
acceptance and approval. , - .
Correspondence solloited from nil wheat necessities or
curiosity prompts to a trial of tht abov reliable Aesrn
dies. x r -.. , .
tor sal by the usual wholesale aid retail lsn.
everywhere. j
JOHN L. HCNNEWELf,, JProprletar,
, No. 9 Commercial Wharf, Boston, Mass
Roberto at Samuel, N. B. Marple, J. R. Oook, J. Al
Denlg, A. Denlg A
for Ootumbae, Ohio.
Denlg A Sons, A. 1. Bchueiler A Bon, Anentt
! 'I HE AlflEKICAN ,.
., -: RECEIPT BOOK . .
Shit book contains Btcalpt and Dlnctlvni iut wa
king all th most raluablt ModlceV prtparatlons in utu;
alto Recipes and full and explicit directions for making
all th mutt popular and useful Cosmetics, Perfumes,
CngnenU, Hair Restorative, end all Toilet Article, if
yon are suffering with any chronic disease If you wlah a
beautiful somplerion, a So head of hair, a smooth fare,
a clear skin, a luxuriant board or moustache or If you
wish to know any thing and every thing In the Uedloal
and Toilet line, yoa ehould by all meant peruse a copy
of this book. For full particulars and erraple of the
work for perusal, (free) addrets the publisher, '
No. 8.11 Broadway, New lor.
" ocl30 d3m
, BlOf FAT'S Llf ti PILL.
In all case of eostlveneit, dyspepsia, bullous and livei
affections, piles, rheumatism, fevers and agues, obeli
nat head aches, and all general darangtawnti of health
the Pills hare Invariably proved a oertaln and speedy
remedy. A tlngl trial will plan tb Lift Pills beyoi,!
th reach o 'competition la the estimation of every i..
Dr. Hoffat't Phoenix Bitters will be found equally tt
floacious la all cases of nirvoat debility, dyspepsia, head
ache, tht alcknest incident to female indelicate health,
and every kind of weakness of the digestive organs
for sate by Dr. W. B. MOFIAT, 335, Broadway, M. Y.
maA k all Tk em jswla M-4Klst V eawl m
ewasaa V a sa,ftasea awaaej tawa.w mjy
Tht following is an extiaot from a
letter written by th Rev. 3. B, Holme, patter oi tht
Plerrepolnt-Btreet Baptist Church, Brooklyn, N. Y.,to
the "Journal and llaetenger," Cincinnati, 0.,and ipeaks
volume In favor of that world-renowned medicine, Hat
Wnuiow'i 8oothiho Srarr roa CaiLoau Trrrwixo;
"W see an ad vert lament In yonr column of Hat
Wmslow'i BooTBut Braor. Now we never said a word
la favor of a patent medicine before In our life, but we
feel compelled to asy to your readers that this Is no hum
CLuatt. It It piobably on of the most turcetefal medi
cine of the day, beoause it It on of the belt. And those
of your reedere wh batve bahlea eaa1! do better than,
lay to a supply." 0cS7:IydAw
Wm. A. Batchelor'i Hair Dye!
Th Original and Best ia th Woria!
All others are mart Imitations, and should be avoided
If you wish to esctpt rldicol.
OBAT, BBD OR BUST? HATE Dyed Instantly to a
beautiful and Natural Brown or Black, without Injury to
awarded to Wm.A. Batohelor since 1839, and over 80,00
applications have been made to th Rair of bis patrons
of bit famous dye.
WM.A. BATCH! LOB'S HAIR DTI produce a col
or not to bt distinguished from natnr, and It warranted
aot to Injure In th least, however long It may be contin
ued, and tb Ul effect of Bad Ityec remedied; the Bait
Invigorated for lift by thit splendid Dyt. - "
Bold In all cities and town of tht United States.
Druggists and fancy Goods Dealers.
HZJThe Genulae has th name and address upon a steel
plate tngravlng oa four tides of each box, of WILLIAM
lyU wly 91 Barclay street. Hew fork.
To Cansumptivee.
Th Advertiser, having been restored te health In a few
weeks by a very simple remedy, after having severed
eral years with a severe long affection, and that dread
disease. Consumption ft anxious to maks known to hit
fellow sufferers the means of cure.
Toallwho dealt It, h wilt send a copy of thepreacrl
lion Used (frt of charge), with th directions for prep,
lug aad atlng tht tame, whioh they will Bnd a soaa Co
for ConscMPTioit, AmiaU, BaoNcanrnr, Ac. Th only
object of the advertiser In tending tht Prescription Is to
benefit the afflicted, and tprtad Information which be con
ceives to be Invaluable, and he hopes every sufferer wilt
try bis remedy, si It will cost them nothing, and may
prove a blessing '
Parties wishing the prescription will please addrem
, . Wlllleeieburgb,
; . Kings County, New xort-
octlwly ' "
W. A. Batchelor'i Hair Dye!
This splendid Hair Dye hat no equal instantaneous In.
effect Beautiful Blacker Natural Brawn no atainlng
th skin or Injuring th Balr remedies the tbeurd and II
affect of Bid Dye, and Invigorate the hair fer lift.
None an genuine unlet ilgnsd "W. A. Bafchalor."'
SoliJ everywhere. ' .'-".rii! .Ji.-
CBAS. BATOBILOR, Proprietor,
JylShwly ' ' 81 Barclay Street, New York.
distressing eoaplalnt aa
Mad hy 0. B. 8BTMOUB CO., 107 Naasaa St., M. I.
fries SI per box; seat free by pott.
Printing Office for Oale.
CllAT OVVIOB la atTarad hrall tivm mu.
Aoaabt terms.. To a aracHoal printer this tea chance
for a bargain. Thre taodred dollars down and tb
balano In two years. She offlce.Jia a good na if Job
work and advertising patrwnagew- for particulars ad
dress, , " s. , ,oso. W. BARLOW,
aeoin-twatwaw. Carrollton, Obto.
Sheriff's Sale,"'-"
Iliiabtth Wheeler
Tt..' .
Superior Court.
Anrattna W. Aeni
xj to mt airected from tb Superior Qturt og frank
lln eonnty, Ohio. I will offer tor tali U front of tht
Court Houte, in th city of Columbus,.
Saturday th 19th day of January, A. D. 1861,
at 10 o'eloek A. M. tk following Seeer! bed property, 0
wit; On Cray Bora, attach as th preperty H Angus
mm r, . vwena. , , ' ' - ' ,
ian.iotd - " If f, w. uuriMAjT, Bnerlff.
v High 1 Sreet Stor
,:.' 'I WOtt BALK. t"
row SALE.
I g-roRY HOCSB. No 162. occupied It Akin A- r-
oiy.Btor Dealers, completely fitted with Idas. Sumlce
and Hoisting Jack. Tb lot I 100 by SO, and It offered
oa reasonable terms. Apply to
- - wm. B- BROWN, f "
JanT-3t. . i No. 33, North Third Street.

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