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1) (filjia Statesman
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r-wow wlit UMll 1861 r
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s-itt. . otv ,t-'OLUiiasiCs
Oa,WedBSsdsythe 83d dsy of Januuyy 1861,
... I . .hnJd votes, and ti additional ons
...-.. JldZS. St lh Ut BUM
crauc gBuiu ui p-.j- .u.to In
slsotW I would also recommend that the A In
'hTTvarnl .. pp.l4 the P-
'-Tli i-ll-tet-f the SUM will
appreciate ths Importance of. the.-eonventlon proposed,
rpTT . . .-J-- -ii m, full delegations cf
-1I1U1UC911V " " .
good end true .. who deliberations .111 ra.au
and oar
W. MOUNT, Chr'n Dem. State Cen. Com.
W. MOUNT, Chr'n Dem. State Cen. Com. Cumminsville, O., January 8, 1861.
Lincoln in the Hands of the "Irrepressibles."
Ow thing .pp.i la ba aettJeJ at re
sard to Mr. LiKCOw'B cabinet, and IMtli,
Tk.. W,.m. U. Sewaid, o( Nr York, la to
bt Secretary of Bute. ThM, the eotlior oi we
"Irrepreasible coBfiiet" doctrine, plaoee ite ex-
poander and promulgator, in the chief eeat of
power next to himself, in the admiplBtration of
the Government. , 1 , .
Thle U a mo! nafbrtuaate ielcotioa in the
preeent poeture of our national affaire No
publla man haa done more to exasperate the
Sooth, end rooeo the anti-slavery faaaticlim of
North, than Wm. H. Siwabd. Hie appoint
ment will, therefore, be regarded by the South
ern people aia declaration of war by the In
coming administration opon their righto, and
make the secession, fires already kindled and
bluing, burn brighter than ever. For that very
reason, it will bo bailed by Northern radioala
as a pledge thut Liscout's administration will
bo committed to their hobby of aggression
against slarery.
It is said tht Mr. Bswabo has, since the
Presidential election, becomo more conservative
than of late years,' and espeoisliy daring his
electioneering tour lssl MI. There is talk of
ble msking a conservative speech ia the Senate
to-morrow. No doubt he ia wily politician,
and wiil trim his Balls to wren the most favora
ble breeze.. Bat no conservative or union sen
tlmeisu that he may now express, can wipe out
ble past record. His name is indelibly associa
tad la the minds of men, both North and South.
a .
with the ' Higher Law " and the Irrepressible
Conflict." These phrases tlx bis enarscw ana
Doiltlon as a DUblic mas.. . . . :, v . .
. No Southern man no conservative man of
high character and standing, can be expected to
toko a seat in a Cabinet, in which Wm. H. Siw.
abd has charge of the mart Important bureau,
We may, therefore, expect that the new Ad.
ministration will be controlled by those who.
Instead of lessening, will aggravate existing dif.
ftealties, carry cn a oivil war, and finally Dnng
about a separation of the States. Witp sucn
politicians as Linooui and Sswaio at the helm,
what else can ba reasonably anticipated? As
aooa might ww expect conciliation and peace
with suoh mea as Tochbj and Wwrti at the
head of affairs. .v; . . i ',-, 1 ."'.!
The recent neifS from Mexico Is of the bigh
tst Importanco. It U stated that Mibamoh was
routed on th S24 of December, that ho fled
from the capltol on the 24ib, which was taken
possession of without resistance, by the Liberal
chiefs, on Christmas day. The triumph was re
garded as complete, and It was hoped that peace
would follow. President Juawx was to leave
Vera Cruis on the 3d Inst, for the city of M
too. - ' if
The Liberal army bad, however, been unfor
tunate la the loss oi several officers by' the ty
phus fever, whleh had been raging for sometime
at ftaadalaiara: among them a Mexican doctor,
with the title of General,' who fell while at bis
cast. aUendlne the sick in that unfortunate eity
another was a young French officer of great
promise, nd a third, Col. Chimm am, b native
at the United States. wno naa oisnnguisnsa
himself In our war with Mexico.
ttTIt appears from the proceedings in the U
8. Senate, that Mr. Davjs, Mr. Blidiix and oth.
r extreme Southern men, have commenced
war uoon Mr. Bcohawam. The Con$Mulwn
heretofore regarded as the organ of the Admin
istration. Is violent to its denunciations or Air
Hai. tnA inm not snare the President. Coss
Futd and THOHrsoN have alfleft the Cabinet
la disgust, and are now In hostility to an admin'
Istration, of whloh.buta short time ago, they
were the ehief pillars and controlling spirits.
Oooosltion to the administration from the quar
ters indicated, is one of the most unexpected
and unnatural things In the world, and Is
stooge sort of reoompense to Mr. Boobaxax, for
the efforts which he has made to sutwerve we in
nf th Sonth. even at the cost of the
good will of alsrgo msjwity of the Northern
Democracy. . , .
O The Columbus 0ttU of this morning
says that the $137,40, in the' pretended
exhibitof the expenditures of this county for the
vear ending September,' I, 18C0, which Spar
row & Co published in that paper, wae for ad
vertlelug the forfeited list of lands and town lots
la the OttUt sad rvtsi6sf, and not for adver
tising the delinquent list as stated by the Com
missioners. If the statement of the OesrKe be
true, tt onlv oes to shew thai there is no confl.
dene to bo placed in the pretended exhibit,
atd confirms all that we have said about it
The editor of thf?sffs has very good rea-
mhl to know that we have bad no desire to i
s peach bis Integrity! but the etatement made
Svabbow. & Co. was calculated to mislead,
that it stated that tho money wee paid on bo
ooBQt of work that never was performed.
nTha bombardment of Gaeta, at the last
advices, still continued, and still the garrison
. held oat. It must bo allowed that there is seme
plack la Fbabcm II. and his devoted followers.
Thara la a oromuea rising in nis lavor
r.i.fcria. There wero - rumors that Lotw
' HaroutoH Intend ewetlng Southern Italy Into
kingdom by itself, of which Viotob tuums. I
nottobotbB ruler. '""
Democratic State Convention.
Va rbcelved'ob vesterdav evening, after the
Sioiesmaa bad gone to press, the cud of Ww.
MowtT, E-q , Chulrown of the Democratic State
Central Committee, to the Democracy of Ohio,
call'iug t SUU"JCouventtofl to assemble la Co
lumbus, on lFfffj, 2M Ja of tht prst
month ( J.nuarj), for "the purpose of counsoiwg
oeether on the alarming condition ol the coun
try, as well si to adopi'suon a line of policy as
l. k.o, flu. Ihm nrfiatuitV Of 0r
Goverouant and the prosperity of our people.
It Is recommended In the call that tue con
vention be composed of one delegate for each
live hundred votes, and au additional one lor
the fraction, wbore It exceeds tao hundred and
fifty votes, cast in the counties, respectively,
for Thomas J. J. Smith, Esq or Supreme Judge.
It Js also recommended that the JS
cboaen dn'Saturdayrthe 19th fhstant.'
The ' call will be found in the appropriate
nlace lo our columns. It i made on the au-
thorltyTaf the Chairman alone, so far Bl we sre
adviied, and without oonsuiuuou wa
members of the committee, he betug moved
thereto, 'by the urgency of the press and ptlvate
eorieaDOodanoa. . Had the committee been call.
1 tnoather. we think It nrobable a diftrence of
oninlon would have existed among the mem
bers ae to the propriety of the measure; bnt the
Convention having been oalled, we hope that
every county In Ohio will promptly respond, and
end up to tbe Capitol on the 23 J of thle month,
adoleraifcun of the most - sagacious, prudent
and experienced men within its limits. Let us
have on the occasion a full convention of able
and natriotie men. devoted to the Union and
to the right of all seotioae of the Republic.
ST In referring to the working men's con
TMitlone recently held In Cincinnati and Cleve
Und, the OauUt, of this city, attempts to make
a point ia favor of Gov. Dinhisow and the Re
nublican partv. The Oatttlt underrates the In
telligence of the working men, when it as
sumes that thev can be gulled by such nonsense
They know and understand tbe true cause oi
tbe present difficulties, which fall so heavily
upon them, and all the arts which the Otzelte
can resort to, will fail in deceiving them. They
know tbat it Is the monstrous and fatal doc
trines of tbe Republican party, that have unset-
,ii .11 thm hiiaineta affairs of the country, and
brought pecuniary ruin upon the whole land.
' ICT Bv late arrivals, we have new
of the
terms of the treaty of peace between the Al
Ilea and China, and of the fate of the prisoners
taken by the Chinese previous to the capture of
Pckin and the sacking of the bmpsror s paiaco.
The indemnity to be paid by China has been
fixed at eight million Uels (about twelve mil
lion dollars), in addition to which half a mil
lion dollars are claimed by the families of the
English officers who were wantonly put todeatn
by the Chinese.
CTOua of the strongest objections that the
Republican leaders and members of Congress
mtke to agreeing to toy concession or com-
oromlsa. is that It will break op tne party
What will the country think or the patriotism
of men who would sooner break up the Union
than disband their party! And again, we might
ask What sort of a party that is, and bow
worth? the name of RrpMlean, which cannot be
kont together without oauslne a dissolution of
r - u
the Republic.
Democratic State Convention. OHIO LEGISLATURE.
THURSDAY, January 10th, 1861—2. P. M.
Mr. LASKEY offered a joint resolution,
whnh van adorned, to Boooiot a committee ol
threa on the oarl of tbe Senate and on tht
part of the House, to wait upon tbe Hon. Jai
Mnrrav. and noiifv blm of bU election as
torn mineral of Ohio. The President appoint
ed Messrs. Laskey, Monroe and Bomee.
A resolution by Mr. GARtlELD, dlreoting
tho eergeant-at-arms to procure 300 skeleton
maps Of tbO State OI VUio, irou ma ocursvar;
of th state board of Agriculture, for the use
nf tha Snata. was adopted '
On motion of MOriKUi., tue senate went
into Committee of tbe whole, Mr. Cox In tho
After some time the committee reportea oscx
sundry bills, which were disposed or as follows,
8. B. No. 177 To amena an act concerning
fees injustices courts. Judiciary,
a. B No. 179 To amend section 9 of an aot
aonoernlnc election of magistrates. , Judic
H. B. No. 210 To probibit directors of oer
tain Inatitutions from holding office therein.
Th CM Mtlon was stricken out. Judlciarv.
. H. B. No. 3U9 TO rurtner regulate gas tigut
and coke ompanles. Judiciary.
8. B. No. ISO ror the building or repair
county Jsile in eertaln oases. Judiciary.
8. a. 182 wncerniog snrnpixe ana pianx
mada. Judldarv.
8. B. 181 Partial appropriation bill.
for third reading to morrow.
. A mesfaee wu received from the House an
nonaoing tbe Introduction of sundry bllis,
titles ot which win do jouna ia too nouio re
port. Adjourned.
legfg and Election, reported thst they had
minad and fonnd correct the certificates
election of Messrs. Brown, of Putnam, Ried
Greene, and Dicky, or Highland, to nil vacan
cies from those countiee.
On motion of Mr. HILLS, the resolution of-
rrA h him. Drovidlna- thatrthe stsndioe com
mittaa on Publio Works be composed of 31 mem
birs one from each congressional district
token up
Mr. SLUSSER moved to amend the resolu
tlon so as to direct the Speaker to appoint
elect committee of 81 to take Into considera
tion the subject of sale or lease of the public
mmVm. - ' . ' '
Mr. ANDREWS supported an appointment
a committee ot 81 , either select or stanaing.
Mr. HILLS supported the resolution as
nririnall Stood.
Mr. V0RI3 opposed the appointment of such
a rnmmttt.ee.
Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, concurred with
Vorie, and msved to amena Dy strixtng oat
and lmertlne 83 the number oi counties.
Mr. TANNKTHILL opposed the resolution
aa nnnacasaav.
Mr. DEVORE favored the appointment
the committee as a means ol reoiiitatlng bust
n pM. . .
Mr. PARROTT feared that the effect of each
an appointment would reflect upon tbe preeent
standing committee without expediting wora.
Mr.' ROBINSON thought tho proper
for the appointment of such a committee would
be at toe reierenco or a qui on vd auoject.
On leave of the Hoase, Mr. HILLd with
drew the resolution. '
The SPEAKER laid before the House
following eommunicatlon rem the Qaarter-
Master General: : '. ' ' "
COLUMBUS, January 9th, 1861.
T tht HwrntbU Bmm BrfTMtiMlvttt
I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt
this afternoon, of a copy of the following pre
amble and resolutions of your honorable body
"WautAS. It baa been currently reported
that there is a military company of negroes
tho capltol of Ohio, armed with United States
muskets, and being drilled and disciplined,
active servicer therefore,
11 Rutlvtd, That tbe Qaarter-Masttr General
be, and ba is hereby required . to- report forth
rich to this Hones . :, . ', ' '
"1st. - Whether there Is such military com
psny in existence at the espltoi or unjo.
nli. Wharo and how they got possession
of United States arms, and whether through
anv military pffloer ot the State. '
r.m. i.t i .i . j r . .
JO. yv oat too uujcoi ia ut urgauiisiuK
this time such a company."
In response thereto, I beg leave to state that
there ie no foundation whatever for tho rumor
that a eompany ol negroes in this city has been
organised or armed by State authority, or tbat
they bare any arms whatever. I am advised,
and' know, that the Eveouttve of the State, and
the department responsible for the organize
tlon of tbe militia, aa well as this department,
would not, under any circumstances, place pub
lio arms In the lianas oi negroes, or enoourage
them to purchase
An inquiry made by some of that class wheth
er, la cisetncy snonia get up a company, me;
could bnv or tne btate its eooaemnea arm
was met bv a prompt and decided negative
I have the honor to Do. your moil ODeaiei
servant. .
D. L. WOOD, Qr.Mast Gen. ol Uhlo.
The House concurred In the Joint resolution of
of the Senate, appointing a committee to wait
upon James Murrey and Inform him of his elec
tion to the office ot Attorney General, where
upon Mers. Burr, Thompson, ot Perry, Steele,
Wood and Chacc, were appointed on eaid com
mittee. ' -
Mr. STOUT offered a resolution Instructing
the committee on Benevolent Institutions to en
quire Into tbe expediency of discontinuing the
school for idiots. .,.' V. .
Mr. OARLISLE moved that it bo laid on tho
table, which disposition was made of it, under a
motion to OiscufB.
The Senate lolnt resolution lu relation to pla
cing flags on the State House, was referred to
the committee on Public Buildings
' Senate Billl 16 To amend tbe aot regula
ting the procedure before justices of the peace,
was reaa trie nrst time.
- The Senate Joint resolution relating to the
salary of the Quarter Master General as Armo
rer, was referred to the militia commute.
Mr. HITCHCOCK offered the following reso
lution, which was ltld over for discussion under
the rules: ' .
Wesieas tde present ooudition of our nation
al affairs makes proper an expression of senti
ment upon tbe questions which agitate tbe
country, therefore:
Rtiolvtd, By the General Assembly nf the
State of Ohio, That Ohio is loyal to tbe Union,
and pledged to Its perpeloitj to tbat Union,
with the Conatitutinu as made and administered
by its authors. That ebe seeks no amendment
or change of tbat instrument, bat is ready to
abide by and sustain It as it is, with all its pro
visions and compromises Thst so far as these
may refer to the subject of slavery, she con
cedes the want of p)wer, and disclaims any dis
position or intention to interfere with slavery
in any of the States of this Union where it now
exists by law, whilo at the same time the de
clares her fiztd and unallarablt determination
tbat slavery nor involuntary servitude, except
as a punishment for crime, shall be permitted or
extended over any territory now free, or bere-afte-
to be acquired bv the United States- Sao
also concedes the right or any citizen of any
other Bute, having a claim to labor or service
from any person escaping Into this Stale, to fol
low after, take and remove such person to the
state and condition In which the laior or service
is due , giving them the protection of the State
in the exercise of that right, while at the same
time, she demands like protection for her own
citizens who may go into any other 8tste of
this Union, guarsnted by tbat provision of the
Constltuton of the United States which declares
that "tbe citizen of each state shall be entitled
to tbe privileges and immunities of the citizens
of the several states."
Rtiolvtd, That the Union is a confederacy of
States, forming a government under a common
aonatltntloo. and Ohio denies and will not in
any way assent to the right of a State to seoede
and dissolve that coufederacy b withdrawing
thoMifmm. -.
Rtiolvtd, Tbat Uhlo is for tue supremacy oi
the Constitution and the laws She knows no
statute of bers In eonntot with tbat constitution
If there be each, she assents to its repeal, at the
same time tnai sne eaus upon an uer nmcc
Statca toreoeal all laws open to the ssmeoD
taction. In their respective States: and aha here
bv. bv tier reoressntauves, ocoarca mat auuer
resources, moral and pbysioal, are at the ser
vices of tbe Federal Government for the pres
arvatlon of the iafeorifv of the Union and the
enforcament of eoa(if(ionaJ late ia all the
Statca of this Union. South and North.
Da motion oi Mr. STOUT, the House resolved
Itself Into Commltteo of tbe Whole, Mr. Stout
In tho Chair. After a general review of the
greater part of tbe calendar, the committee rose
and reported bsck a number of bills, which
wero referred to various atanding committees
The consideration of Senate bill 82 relating
to pauper children was postpone to i oursaay
Tbe Honse then adjourned.
' Friday, January 11th, 186110, A. M.
Senate opened with prayer by Rev. Dr.
Minutes of vesterdar read and approved.
The partial apDropriatioa bill was referred to
Br Mr. COX A bill to amend an aot supple
menlarv to the aot of March 7, 1835, for tbe
nnniahment of crimes.
By Mr. BREWER A bill to sell or dispose
ot tbe ruDiio rroras.
Bv Mr. BREWER S. B. No. 183-To
amend section 13 of the aot of February SI,
1849, for the better regulation of publio ecbools
in elties, towns, ana villages.
B Mr. JON La A bill to amend tne assien
ment act of April 6;h, 1859, so as to enable ao
Aaalirnor of a Trust Estate to sell desperate
claims, ss administrators are now authorized
Mr. GARFIELD offered a resolution Instruot'
ins a committee of three to report a bill amend-
lnir tne law constructing uiwaea, uroiue auu
water courses. Adopted. Messrs. Garfield
jaMijud Eason were appointed suoh commlttfe.
Jrlr. KE X offered tbe following Joint Resolu
tion! - -
Rtiolvtd, by the General Assembly of tbe
State of Ohio, Tbat tbe General Assembly does
hereby make application to Uwgress, to call
Convention for proposing amendments to the
Constitution of the United States, pursuant
tbe Fifth Article tbereol.
Rtiolvtd, tbat the Governor oi this State
requested to communioate the above resolution
to tbe President of the United 8tates, with the
rsoueat that be lav tbe same before Congress
Mr. KEY explained tbat the resolution
slrio'Jy iu conformity with the 5th article of the
Constitution. He did not desire to debits it
H thonsht suoh a resolution would do mueh to
allav and Quiet publio feeling. Ic was offered
with this belief.
- Mr. GARFIELD hoped the resolution would
ba referred to tbe Committee on Federal Rela
tione, and moved eo to dispose of it for the
oresent. AU are deliberating upon this mo
mentous tteme.and be thought some proposition
would finally be presented, to which we shall
Mr. MONROE sympathised strongly with
the resolution, and with the sentiment of the
Senator who offered it. He would be far from
even hinting at party at this momentous timo
Ha could not feel as a partisan, but as a patriot
but this is b Question npon which tbe wisest
men differ. It is better tbat we should deliber
ate carefully upon it. We are all endeavoring
to settle our minds upon this sublect. A few
hours hence we may all agree. Let this question
therefore be deferred for the present
Mr. 8CHLEICII sa'.d: "These Mr. President,
are fearful moments moments which threaten
the destruction of our country, Its prosperity and
ciorv. . Tbe resolution pending- was introduced
bv the Senator from Hamilton, as a means
averting tne wreatenea evns, ana oi rescuing
the country from the impending pnile. I know
it wis introduced by tbe Senator, not aa
member of any parly, but as a lover ol bis
country. I can say lor myself, and I think
oan Bay for all tbe Senators of too party
wbloh I belong, that we propose to consider this
resolution ia no party sp.rit, but In the spirit
members of a common country, earnestly anx
ious to save tbe Uaion from tbe destruction
which threatens to overwhelm it. We believe
tbat something must bo done, and done speedily
and we believe also, tbat tbe means proposed
In tbe resolution may accomplish the object
Bat If the Senate ie not ready now to aot. let
the oeoessary time be taken, but let action
speedy, and If possible, unanimous.
Mr. EASON offered th following:
Rtiolvtd, Thai the Secretary of State te re-
Quested to report to tbe Senate, at his earliest
ronVenleooe, a statement of the distribution of
Swan & Crltchfleld's Revised Statutes of 18G0,
together with a statement of the number of
lee remaining in bis custody.' Adopted.
mr. nAKKisuH oiiored the following,
which was adopted, vis: .
Rtnltti. That tbe Judiolarv Commltteo be
instructed to carefully examine the statutes of
this State, and report, at as early a day as prao
bm, whether there are anv acts la foroe in con-
fljot with the Constitution ot the United States,
or which hsve a tendency todlsturb the domestio
tranquility between Ohio and the other States of
the Union. Adopted. ' , .
Mr. COX offered the followinir: ' .
Rtiolvtd, Tbat the Committe on the Militia
be Instructed to inquire what arms and accou
trements aro needed to put the State of Ohio In
a reasonable condition of preparation for any
possible exigencies which may arise, and that
they report at an early day by bill or other
wise. Mr. HARRISON sld substantially: - Tills Is
a resolution of positive instructions. Iu the
present eoodition of publio affalrs,U becomes tbe
State of Ohio to not carefully, prudently- and
wisely, that no false Impressions be made, and
suggested that it would be better to refrr the
resolution to a select committee. - '-''' ' " '"
m Mr. COXthrought it merely a prudential
measure, justified by circumstancos. It convoy
ed no intimation of hostility, but was aimply an
inquiry Into the condition of the State of Ohio,
In reepeot to herClPacitv tor self defence. He
believed Ohio ." fa' a bsd condition In that
respect. ' ly -i '
Mr. JONES ciwlcurred entirely with Mr. Har
rlson. .These are times when men should move
oarefully. Ohio occupies a position of peculiar
Importance, and no act should now be done by
her which oan be misconstrued . He thought it
a subject for quiet and calm deliberation. What
aver Is done oan be done quietly, so that no un
due impressions shall be conveyed to the publla.
JSe would, therefore, move the reference of the
solution to a select committee ot one.
And it was accordingly referred to Mr. Cox.
Mr. STANLEYS partial appropriation bill
Tbe several bills ou the calendar, standing
over from last session wore, upon motion of
Mr Parish, Ukea up sad roferrei u commit
wet, when the Senate took a recess.
FRIDAY, January 11, 1861.
Prayer by Rev. E. D. MORRIS.
Tbe following memorials were presented
which were referred to appropriate committees.
By Mr. JONES of Scueca from 11. L. Mo
Kee and sixty other citizens of Seneoa, for a
change in tbe official term of tbe Auditor.
Also from J. H. Pettlger aud fifty sixty others,
for the same object. AUo from William Swim
and ninety four others of tbe same couoty, to
prevent the running st large of domestio snl
By Mr. OGLE -from William Bricgs and
164 other of Rims county, for a restoration of
the ten per oent law.
Senate Bill No. 110 lo amend beo. 'Ml ol
the Justice's code, wu read a second time and
referred to the Judiciary Committee. ,
Notice of tbe Introduction of bills was given.
Br. Mr. COREY to more tffeotuallv protect
Wool Growers against loss by dogs.
Br Mr. BKUrr to authorize married per
sona to sell and convey real estate In certain
M FARR introduced II. B. 272-to amend
Section I ol the Act of March S26, 1860, in rela
tion to the confinement of United States pris
oners in tbe jails of this State.
Mr THOMPSON, Of ferry, Introilucea n.
B. 273 to authorizo the formation of com
pan lea for the mineral lands.
- Vt A nn ni.inA aV Kill Ia.Ka1i.1i
all laws relatlne to corporations other than uuu-
loipal, passed since tne adoption ot tne present
constitution ana emooay tne same in au ao..
Mr. DEVOttt; offered tbe ioiiowiae resolu
tion, which wu laid over lor discussion.
jRetofoerf, etc, Tbat our benatore and Repre
sentatives In Congress be advised to use tnelr
Influence to orocure a convention oi states in
oonformity to tbe provision of the 5ih Article of
tbe Constitution or tne unitea states.
Mr. HAMILTON offered the following Res
olution, whioh was laid on the table for discus
sion. Wbibeas, Intelligence has been received th at
the Star ot the West, bearing supplies oi men
snd provisions for Major Aoderson, stationed at
Fort Sumpter, near Charleston, S. C, has, by
forces from citizens of South Carolina, been
orerented from delivering said supplies.
Tkatfort, bt it rtiolvtd by the Central A-
itmblu ol the State tf Ohio, 'I bat we an most
solemnly croteat against such traitorous aud
rebellious acts by any portion of citizens of this
Republic, and that we win sustain tue arm oi
tbe Federal Government In the enforcement and
execution of all its laws.
Mr. MYERS offered a resolution Instructing
the committee oa Schools and School Ltcd to
renort a bill abolishing School Boards of Educa
tion, ana to again give vnw- ouu-tin-cvure iue
control of the primary and sub-dlstrlot schools,
and the township Trustees tbe control of the
graded or higher schools, and In cities tbe Board
of Trustees tbe control of tbe common schools,
which wu laid over for discussion.
S. B. No. 178 for the preservation and re
pair of tbe Notional Koad, wu read a Drat time;
also a. Hill no lei matting partial appropria
tions for tbe veir 1861.
House bill 167, bv Mr. callings lo prevent
the setting on fool of Military expeditions
against other States, wss re! erred to too com
mittee on federal relations.
Honse bill 133 relating to marriages, was re
ferred to a select committee, of which Mr. Fel
lows ts Chairman .
Honse bill 6 To repeal sec. S3 of tho civil
oode, was referred to Mr. Vorls ts a committee
of one.
The Speaker announced some changes In the
committees, occasioned by the resignation and
death of members of the House, since they wore
first organized.
Mr. PLANTS Is added to the Judiciary Com
mittee; Mr. Dickey to tbat on Claims; Mr
Brown, of Putnam, to tbat oa Publio L.nd
Mr, Ried to tbat on Boids and Highways; Mr.
Brown, or rutnsm, oa Lunacy; Messrs. itiea
Dickey and Bruff,on New Countlea;and Mr Vo
ris on Federal Relations.
A communication wu received from the Aud
itor of State in response to a resolution ot In
quiry, as to tbe necessary appropriations, wmcn
wss rererredto tne committee on ninanco
The House then took a recess.
Sad, but True.
How often has the church bell tolled forth
solemn notes, and the waitings of kindred, and
the lamentations of friends arisen, as tbe body
of some loved one has been borne to a prema
ture grave, who died throngh Ignorance of their
disease by tbese who attenuea tnem, or tne sa
ministration of deleterious and Ineffectual rem
edies. We write this In all soberness and sin-
eerltr, snd In thus al'alns to the dead would
try and benefit the living. What are some
most fatal messengers that beckon to the tomb?
We answer, Scrotum, Erysipelas, ana similar
diseases Now, although Providenoe has or
dained that suoh diseases shall exist, It has
provided a remedy, distilled from tbe herb
the field, and its name is Kennedv's Medical
Discovery. Invalid, reject It not.
Holloway's Pills.
Fesuli CoitruiNTS No other medicines
the dav vossesses tbe Dronerty of restraining
those Inordinate Sows Inqidental to tbe gentler
sex, and which are tbe Bid results or nervous
debility or enfeebled constitution. Thousands
nf females In America owe their existence
the actual CDioyment of health to the U3C
these celebrated remedies. Their nature is
slmnle tbat thev mat be taken by tho most del
icate female with perfect freedom and safety,
Sold by all Druggists, atwuc, mj , ana
per box.
Sheriff's Sale.
Illiabetk Wheeler
Superior Court.
Anfltna W Owene
s. 1
By. VIHI Vti VI An nuiicn vi oaam
to me directed from the Superior Court of frank
11a county, Ohio, I will offer for sals la front of
n . T. - l .L.-l. a HH
f .7 . (, j . " VT : . v
saturaaj we swu usy ui January, n. v. b,
at 10 o'olook A. M. tbe following described property,
will Ous 0 ray Bores, attached as lbs property of Angus
las W. Oweos. t ' ' ' ' '
Janl-lOtd By 0. W. UCffMAN, Sheriff,
AH D -
will attend to th
AU orders loft at tba Office ot th. Stattman wilt I
promptly attended to. ; I :' I ..' I ;! ; Janll-tf
Master Commissioner's
Sale, j
Sams! Parson's xocutTM
a , . ; 1 ti i.
Fopurior Court.
JohuK. Btyl, et si. )
to ma directed, from the superior Court of
Franklin county, Ohio, I will offer for talt st Uio door
of the uourt tluaao, in lbs ally or .uoiamous. oa i t
Saturday, the 16th day of February, A. D. 1861
between tbt honre of 10 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'olock P
m.. the followlna dncrlbed real estate, situate In tbe
eounur of Franklin, and Btate of Ohio, to wit; toll
Nue. eeren. (7) elicht IU) nlue (9) and leu (10) of J;hn
and Heory uliler'i lubiiliUlon of lots Not. eighty nine
(8V) Dlnetv. (90) and nloetv one, (91) of Oroeuj'e addl-
tlnn to ontlota mt of Culumbaa. aa delineated on the
plat thereof, recorded In volume one, page set eaty of
tne rtcoru oi piau oi mm couniy.
AppnlMd at Lot Not. 7, 6, and 0 at 300 00 each.
' Lot No, 10. 400 00
Janll-dltAswSt. ' ' Muter Cammlnlooer
..- Master Commissioner's Sale.'
Amoe McXatm
yi. Superior Court.
II. Orarjr. et ai. )
to me directed, from the Snperlor Court of franklin
oounty, Ohio, I will offer for eale at tbedooi of tbe Court
House, In the cltj of Oolumboa, on
Saturday the 16tb day of February, A. D. 1861,
between the boura of 10 o'olock a. m aud i o'olook p.
m., tbe following described real eitate iltiule In the
count? of Franklla and State of Oblo, to wit: Lot No.
i S lo H. Crar snd others addition to the city of Colom
bo,, Ohio.
Appraised at 17S,00. ....
Janll-dltw4t. , and Master Commissioner.
Sheriff's Sale.
.Turns, Tucker and l'e
ti. Common Picas.
Bliss I. Hushes,
to me directed, from the Court of Common Pleas, Of
Franklin Counir. Ohio, I will oiler for sale, at the door
of ths Court Houso, in Ihe city of Columbas, on
Saturday, the 16th day of rebrurtry
A. D.. 1801. between the hours of lOo'elook, A. si., and
4 o'clock, P. M., the Mliwiog described real estate, sit
uate In tba County of franklin, ana stats or unio, to
ll: Lot No. xv In John ana Henry miner s aaaition to
the olty of Colombo!.
Appraised at e'-OU
0. W. IIUffrMall, Sheriff,
janll:ltd4tw. Br Ed. Divis, Dep't.
Sheriff's Sale.
Baty Clark- )
to me directed, from ths Court of Common Pleas of
kiadison county, Ohio, I will offer for sale at ths door
of ths Court Housa, In ths city of Columbas, on
Saturday the 16tb day of February, A. D. 1SC1,
botween ths hears of 10 o'olock A. M. and 4 o'clock P.
M.. tbe following- described Beal Estate, sltnate in ths
oounty of Franklin, and State of Ohio, to wit: J-ot No.
48, in Grove City. .
i on. uurrnin,
Janll-ltdfc4tw Sheriff.
rnour1 (es 3 OS.' .
Piobate Hotlos Bet tie ment of Ateoants.
Jl been filed In the Probata Court, of franklin county,
Uhlo. and will be heard for aettement, on Wednesday,
Oie w.n day or jrtbrusry, &. u. iwi, to wit:
I The final aocoaot ol William Norton, administrator,
with the will annexed, of Thomas C. Story, deceased;
the Dual account of Mary etory guardtao ot trancnai.
Story: the &na account of Qeorge f . O'Harra, guardian
of John Lindner: the final acouuntof 8. D C turn aud
John Hart, executors of ths will of John Hart, deceased:
tbe float acouuntof Virgil D. Moore, executor of tbe
will ef Penjamin Moore, deceased; ths first account ot
Vt'illlsm I. Decker, guardian of Jemima TV eltont the
second account of Thomas Oroom. auardUn of the minor
heirs of Mo.ss Oroom, deceased, and the first acouuntof
Suaan Eelm, administratrix, . with ths will annexed,
rump ttelm, deceased. u. B. alukhx.
Jaultidlifcwlt Probate J udje
A LAW. are herebt notlflnl tbat a dividend of 2H
per cent ha, been ordered to ba made by tbe Probate
Court, or Franklin oonoty, Ohio, and tbat on MUN1AK
the 14th day of January, 1801, at 9 o'clock a. a., at the
office of Warden & Uresael, In the City oS Columbus.
Ohio, said dividend will ba paid to the sraditora entitled
thereto. i AUKB miLbat,
Columbus, 0., ao.ll;3ld. Assignee
2V on tba National Koad, West of Columbus, within
from two to five miles from ths city. Tba property will
be sold In lots to suit purchasers, and on favorable terms,
Apply to juiin w. anvasAs,
JiulO-dssv Agent for John Q. llolloway
Columbus, January 10.
roa THB
ir a a A TT tt n A Ti V T T T
d. CDSIIMAN of Detroit, lias ar
rlVod In Colnmbne, and will be found sttlis
Corner of Mouth and High street,
Where he has a large variety of Costumes of every
description and character fer Ladies and Gentlemen,
which will be loaned on moderate terms fcr uso at the
To be given try the
. . Thalia Dramatic Association,
A T A PI. U O 8 UA L 1, ,
Oa Tuesday evening text,
Vo. 178, Bign St., between Town and Eicb Bti.
B few floors south, of tbe TJslled States Hotel,
10,000 VOLUMES
Of Choice Books on every subject, and
10,000 Worth of Jewelry,
To.be given to the purchasers of them st time of sale
dec2U:dtf BLOCUM fc CO.
IX tlammatlon snd rain, and heals the worst burn.
scald, braise, cut, or fresh wound of any kind, r rtvcnU
swelling and pain from bee stings, mosquito bites,
poisonous plants, neuralgia, rheumatism, ague la
breast, aalt rheum, etc. when taken internally, It
positively cure eroup in cniiurrn.ana gives immediate
relief In the worst rasa of this terrible complaint: also.
removes hoarseness and sore throat. Price, SS cents
bottle. Should be In every nous, ror sale by Drag.
gUts and Storekeepers. IKVIN BTONB,
Bole Propiletor, Ko. 1 Bpruce St., Kew York
ova: i3LGr-ij:m,.rxo oil.
X Etc known, Is composed eolely of healing
rsitams ana uums. actual ooservauoa ana too certia
cites of rcspeouule persons warrant us ia staling posi
tively that
Iietd'e ifagiuUe OU ourel Hhtwnait'm;
Hetd'i Uagnttle Oil eurte Spinal Aftction;
Retd'i Magmtlo Oil cures Iftwaluia;
Xeed'l Matmtio Otlcurti Wtakolnti;
Sttd'e M.giutia Oil eures CletraltdSme;
itftd I MugnHc O'lcurn Ktrvmn B-adacAi;
JttedCl Ktgiutlc OU cures FrotUd Ftrt;
, Mttd'e MatmeUe Oil oares Fruh Woundi;
Jited'e Magnttle OU eurte Svctltinoi;
Jtttd't Migrutla OU eurte Paine In th Sack;
Jleed'e Mignitle OU curt Xtrvou AftcUm;
Rtd'i llaqnttie OU oures Ejroxto at Toothache,
Tor sals by SIMON JOHNSON, Paooairr, Plttsbargh,
Ps..soleairentt sold aleo by B. A. f AUNB8T00K
CO., K. S. 8ELLBBB sk 00., and Druggist generally,
at v eta. per rra'.tie.. omwi
Holiday iPrtssents. .
ly 3 oeute a yard. Elch fancy EUksatsO cenU
dec?0 Ko. 99 South High Dtreet.'
xu Gold Embossed Tarlatans, tne latest novelty, rial!
White anauoioreaiariaiansj rrmie rans Junius urea-
adlna Bvmlnv Bobes: Plain BSTty lllks.
. decSl - Ko. 90 South High street.
NEW advertisements;
Dr. J. H. McLEAN'S
Strengthening Cordial and Blood
r !vk PUlUFIEIl.
I tie Greatest Hemedrin Tbe
AND Till
ever taken.
JL ly a sclentlBo and
Vegetable Compound,
procured uy tne aiiiu
lation of Kooia. Ilorla
and Barke, fellow
Dock, Blood Hoot,
ftuMparllla, W I 1 A
Cborry'Bark sod Dan
dallan anters InW 1U
ru ffiM Toklnaure'aoii' waduiifttr TaMnfr
orimloleef each ingredient It thoroughly extracted by
HalZ. Snd lebllltated'lN VALID, JUSALTH and
Will sffeotuaUy care
Chronloor Barvoue DeUlir, Blaaans of the Eltoerys
and all diseaaaa arising from a disorders! Liver or Stem
Soh, y spepela, HeartEum. Inward Piles, Acidity or Blckj
nets ofthe Stomach, f ullnesa of Blood to tbe Head, Dull
pain or swimming, In the head, Palt-.tatlon Heart,
Sullnaaa or Weight In the Stomach, Sour Broctatlone
Onoklog or sutoeatlag feeling when lytaR dan, TV"?!?
or Yellowneseof the Skin and Byee. Hlght Bweauf lo
ward fevers, Pain la th small of the back, chest or s Ida.
Sudden f Inabes of Heat, Depression of Bplrlta, frflthUnl
p reams, Languor, Deepomlency or any Nervous DUesae,
BoreVor Blotohes on the BWIn, and fever and Ague (or
OWlls and fever.)
over a. ITJIUlon of liottles
Have been sold during the last six sunths. and la no In
etaaoehae It failed In giving enure W,5
then, will aufferfrom Weakoese or Debility when Moj
No language can convey an adeqnala Idea of the Imma.
dlata and almost miraculous change produced by taking
this Cordial In the diaeased, deblUtated and shattered
nervous system, whether broken down by excess, weak by
nature, or impaired by sickness, the relaxed and unstrung
organisation restored to Its pristine beolth and vigor.
Or ethers oonsctous of lnabllltyi fromwhatsvar causa,
will find McLean a Strengthening Cordial a thorough
regenerator of the system) and all who may nave Wore
themselves by Improper Indulgences, will find In the Cor
dial a certain and speedy remedy.
To tlte LaeUes.
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
" " la a sovereign and speedy cure for
Obstructed orDlffloult Menstruation, Inoontlnenea of
CrtaYor Involuntary Dlsoharga thereof, f al log of th.
Womb, Qlddinese, fainting and all Diseases Incldeot to
females, '"
' " There U no Kistake About it-
Suffer no longer. Take It according to Directions. It
wlllstlmnlate, itrengthe. and invlgorata you and causa
the bloom of health 10 mount your cheek again. .... ,
Bvery cottle is warranted w give aausiaotion.
roil CHILHN .
If your children are sickly, puny, or afflicted, MLean'
Cordial will make them heallhy, fat and robust. Delay
not a moment, try It, and you will be convinced.
OitmoM.-Bewu of tragrlstaor Dealers who may
try to palm npon you some Bitter or Barsaparilla trash,
which they oan buy cheap, by aayln, it ts just as good.
Avoid such men. Aak tor McLean's Strengthening Cor
dial, and take nothing else It Is the only remedy that
will purify the blood thoroagbly and at the same timo
.n.iliMi thj, avatam.
i.kiMmnnnrnl taken ererv morning fastlag. Is a
eertaln preventive of Cholera, Chilli and fever, Valsow
fever, or any prevalent diseases. It Is pat op la Urge
PrleeonlrBl irbolU(!,or9botlleiiforB5.
J . H. StoLKAIt,
' Bole Proprietor of this Cordial,
Alao McLean's Volcank) Oil Liniment.
V riicipal Depot on tbe aorner of Third and Pine streets,
Bt. uii, mo. . ......
MoLoan'a Volcanic Oil Liniment
Ye best Llnuxent la the World. The only sals and
iin m rxv Oannera. Piles. Swellings and Bron
chitis, or flottre, ParaWeli, Neuralgia, Weakness of the
Musctea, Unronio or inflammatory Bbeumatitm, Stiff-
nesa of tne joints, ooniracioa uueuia ur uikuucuw
Karache or Toothache, Cruises, Sprains, Wounds, f resb
Cuts, Ulcere, fever Sores, Caked Breasts Bore Nipples,
Burns. Scalds, Sore Thoat, or any Inflammation or Pain,
no difference bow severe, or bo long tba disease may
have existed. McLean's Celebrated Liniment la a oer
lain remedy.
Thousands of human beings have been saved a lira ol
decrepitude and misery by the ase of this Invaluable med
cine. McLEAN'S
Will relieve pain almost Instantaneously, and It wll
eleanee, purify and beal the foalett sores in an lnsradl
ly short time.
for Horaee and Other Animals.
Hctjeaii s oelebratad tlnhacnt le the only eafa and re
liable remedy tor the our of Spavin, King Bone, Wind
galls, Splints, Unnatural Bumps, Nodeo or Swellings. - It
will never fall to rare Big Head, Poll Bvll, fistula, Old
rannln Rnn or Sweeuv. tf properly applied, for
Sprains, Braises, Scratches, Bone or Wunnds, Orscked
Heela, Chafes, Saddle ar Collar Galls It la an Infallible
remedy. Apply it at directed, and a care is certain In
avery Instance. .....
Thn trifl. nn lnnrar with the man7 worthless Lini
ments offered to you. Obtain a supply of Dr. McLean's
selefcratod Liniment. It will cure you.
J. If. IQcLEANs Sola Proprietor,
Corner of Third aad Pine Btreets, St. Louis, Mo.
f or sals by all druggists. -
for sale by ROBKItTB SAMUEL.
aug38-dawly Oolnmbcs. Ohio-
Master Commissioner's Sale.
. Larenio S
Court of Common Plear,
Henry Seldlns, et si
to me dl rsctcd, from the Court of Common Pless,
of franklin Ooonty. Ohio, 1 will offer for sale, at the
door of ths Court-Housa, la the city of Columbas, Oblo,
on Saturday, tbe 9th da; of February, A. D. 1861(
st ons o'clock, P. M., the following described real estate
situate Inj? ranktln Oounty, Ohio, to-wlt: Part of a tract
of 660 acres, surveyed for sod la the Bams of Wm, Price,
being No. of entry 3,003, beginning at two sugar trees
snd a beech, North-west corner: tbenos Booth Id deg.,
Beat lis poles to asuute, near two mcaones ana a ncecn,
(marked); thence North 80 deg , B.iat 150 poles, to two
beechee and an Iron wood tree; thenos north 18 deg.,
West 117 poles to three beeches and a stake; thanes B.
N deg., West 133 poles, to tbe beginning, containing ss
Hundred aoresmora or lass, the eme being part of tor.
vex 8,(03, surveyed In the name of Wm. Pr.ce.
Also, ons other paroslot land, bounded and described
as follows, and situate In Norwich toanahlp, Franklin
County, Ohio, to wlu A part of survey No. sons, la tbe
name of Barksdale, beginning at the Norlh-weat oornerof
a tract of ona hundred acres, eonveyed byComp'onto
Pavidson, being tbe snme premises described In the for
going; from thence 581 deg. West, i2 poles to a stake,
and corner to Landscre's line; thence 39 deg. East, 110
poles to Landscre's line; thence North SI deg., Salt
4QX poles; thence North0 deg., West 110 poles, con
taining thirty acres, mors or less, snd embraolng all that
oartalo lot of land eonveyed by Lyne Starling and wife,
to lald-Savldton, by deed, dated January Hih, 1841; ex
ception always that Dart conveyed by aatd Davidson and
wife te Landsacre, or yet to bs conveyed, which it
record. In Book 01, ps;es wi and wv, la Mecorder'e of
flee, of franklin County, Oblo.
Appraised at, for the ons Hundred Acre tract, 135,00
peracie. ininy Acre iraci, xo,uv per acre.
0. W. HUf fisAN, Sheriff
Ja-91td-ws.w and Atalt.r tkmmiiihntr.
Printer's fees, ST 50.
Sherifl's Sale.
Otto Zhkls i
vs. Buperior Court.
, Martin Trent e tsl )
XJ to ma directed from the above Darned Court I will
offer for aals at tbe door of the Court Hbuss In- ths city
or Loiumous, on ...
Saturday tbe 9th day of, February, A.D. 18G1,
between the boars of 10 o'clock a. St., and 4 o'olock r. at.
the following described real estate situate In tba county
of franklin and State of Ohio, to wit: Lots Nos. sight.
(8 ten, (10) and twelve (IS) in Born and Jenner's Ad
dition to the city of Columbus, Ohio, as per recorded
plat of said Addition, In plat record No. one, (1) pages
158 and 150, In tba Recorder 'a oOoe of aald franklin
county, Oblo; and also the west half of In-lot eight bun
dred aud forty-eight, (W. . of 848) In ths city of Co
lumbus. Appraised at Lot No. A, ?50 00
" " 10, 173 00
" " 12, 17100
- The W. X of In-lot No. 843, 8300 00.
0. W. HTJfFMAM, BUerlir,
Jao8 dltwtw By Id. Davis, Dep'ty.
Prloteos fees 4 SO. '
. Sheriff's Sale.
Sarber Ac narrlson ) .'.
vs. 1 I Superior Court. : -
Jests B. Lake
JJto ma dlreettd, from ths Superior Ooart of f rank
lln oounty, Ohio, I will oiler for sale In tba village
locaoourne in earn ooumy at us warenouie now oc
eipltd by David Sarber, on ,
Mooday, the 21st day ef Jannary, A. 0.1861,
at 10 o'clock, A. H . ths following property ts wit: ons
Dsrrlck and fixture belonging thereto, two etone shears,
t crow bars. 1 Jack Serewand Lever, Sledges. 4 track
wheels, 3 Sbeeves, 1 Pick, 1 Stone Hook, 4 buckets
shovels, 1 single shleva block, 1 b-e, 1 derrick frame,
orans frame, a lot of ropt. and the canal boat Logan.
. ... ,O.W. HOFFMAN, Sheriff. .
Jss9 dlOt. , By En. Dawe, Dep'ty.
i. All sues and oolers Just opened at ' BAIItfl.
- - - - ,,v, h uu a 10 nniL
Whits end Black, jnst received at
l'88 BAIK'S.
ft sv: .
Headavoha ! Headache !
Thousands of persons suffer from bsadsobss to lbs lert
ous detriment of tnelr comfort, bnilnew, snd health,
who might easily be cured bj simply uilug Hoiirnsn's
BoasoraxTio Brsoirics. Ths Hiabaobi PittUkanla
the morning, and ths Bilious Pux taken at night, rarely
trail ts curs ths moit severe snd obBllnats case. Thou
sands bavtaf tried them bars been spumy ireca
base of their llres. OoanddoHkewlie,
Price, SS cents per.box, with directions. Bis boxes II
Bent by mall or ssprsss, Ires of cbsrgs, i celpt of
the price. , Addms. ; ' -
Da. BnUPnRITB At 00.,
Mo. S6 Broadway, Newf
old by :'' ROUBBTS St BAUDBL,
Wboleeale and Retail Progglite ? N. Hlghi itre.t.
t. E. BABUU vv.i
Jaal-dttwW ... 65 8. High street, Columbus, It.
Besadmtlaemaotbi another column.
For all THROAT rind
ootjoHs and ererr
Complaint tba forerun
ner of, and wren actual
Git) HK1TH-.UY and Nat;,
ural oPlA'f D, adapted
to wvery spaoles ( nor
vans Complaint Nor
voue and Olarwnla
Headache, Htaeutna
slant, Catarrh, Tootti
and Car Aches Lwse f
Sleep, andBosvel Com
plaints. TOLU
Ho real Justice oaa ba dons tba above preparations
bat by procuring and readlDgdescrlptlTepampblets.il
be found with all dealera, or will be sent by proprietor
on demand, formulas and Trial Bottles sent to Fhyel
clans, who will find developments In both worthy their
acceptance and approval.
OorretpondOBOe solicited from all whose necessities or
curiosity prompts to a trial of the above reliable Berne
dies. . ...
for aals by ths usual wholesale and retail dealers,
JOHN I.. Ht7NNEWEE.Lt Proprietor,
No. 9 Commercial Wharf, Boston, Mass
Roberta tt Samuel. N. B. Marple. J. B. Cook, J. M
Denlg, O. Denig a Sons, A. J. Schneller Bon, Agents
for Oolumboa. Ohio. my l-dl t
This book contains Rtoetpt and Direction for ma
king sli ths most valuable Medical preparations la use,
also Reclpts and full and explicit directions for making .
all ths most popular and useful Cosmetics, Perfumes,
Unguents, Hair Bestoratlves, and all Toilet Artloles. If
you are suffering with any ehronlo disease If yon wish a
beautiful complexion, a Una head of hair, a smooth face,
a clear skin, a luxuriant beard or moustache or If you
wish to know any thing and every thug la ths Medical
and Toilet line, you should by all meant peruse a eopy
of Ibis book, for full particulars and a sample af tba
work for perusal, (free) address the publisher,
No. 831 Broadway, tiew Tork
oct30d3aa - -
lo all ease of asatlveness, dyspepsia, billions aad live:
affections, piles, rheumatism, fevers snd sgues, obeu
oats head aches, and all general derangements of health
these Pills have Invariably proved a certain aad spetdy
remedy. A single trial will place the Life Pills beyond
the reach ofoompstlllOD In the estimation of avery pa
Dr. Moffat's Phosnla Bitters will be found equally el
ftcactous la all oaasa of nervous debility, dyspepsia, hsaA
ache, tba sickness Incident to females In delicate health,
and every kind of weakness of ths digestive ergaae
for sals by Dr. W. B. MO TP AT, 355, Broadway, H. V .
sad by all Druggists. mayleMfcwl
Tbe following: it an extract from a
letter written by ths Rev. J. 8. Holme, patter e th
Plerrepotnt-Street Baptist Church, Brooklyn, N. Y.,to
the" Journal and Messenger," Cincinnati, 0., and speaks
volumes In favor of that world-renowned medicine, llaa
Wisslow's tooTiwa Svarr roa Caiuian Tenuisa:
"We eea an advertlament to yonr columns of Ma
Wutsuw's SooTBwa Bvaor. Now ws never said a word
In favor of a patent medicine before in oar lire, but we
feel compelled to say to yonr readers that this Is no bum
bug ws Slavs Tkixo it, aim iow it to sa au. it
tuiai. It la probably ona of ths most surceMfal medl
cioes of the day, because It Is ons of the best. And those
of your readers who have babies can't do better than,
lay in a supply. " oc'tfilydfcw
Wm. A. Batohelor's Hair Dyel
Tba Original and Boat la tbt Worldl
All others are mere Imitations, acd should bs avoided
If you wish to escape ridicule.
GRAY, BED OB BUST? HAIR Dyed instantly to a
beautiful and Natural Brown or Black, without injury to
Hair or Skin.
awarded to Wm. A. Datchelor sines 1830, snd over 80,0b
applications hava bean auade to ths Hair of his patrons.
of bis famous dye.
WH. A. BATCHKLOB'B HAIR DYE produces a sol
or not to bs distinguished from nature, and Is warranted
not to Injure In ths least, however long It may bs eonUn
nstl,and ths 111 sffeots ot Bad Dyes remedied; ths Halt
invigorated for life by this splendid Dys.
Sold In all cities and towns of the United States
Druggists and fancy Goods Dealers. '
JTjThe Genuine has ths namsand address npon a steel)
plata engraving on four sides of each box, of WILLIAM
JylS wly 81 Barolay Slraet, New York.
To Consumptives.
Ths Advertiser, h7lng bean restored to health in a few
weeks by s very simple remedy, after baring suffersds '
srsl years with a sevaas lung affection, and that drsal
disease. Consumption Is anxious to make known to his
fellow-sufferers ths means of snra.
Toall who desire It, bs will Nad a copy of the presort,
tlon used (free of charge), with ths directions for prepa
tng and using the same, which thev will find a suae Os
for CoKsonmoa, Aanuu, Baoxcams, As. Ths only
object of ths advertiser In sending ths Prescription Is to
benefit ths affile tad, snd spread information which he con
ceives to bs Invaluable, snd bs hopes every sufferer will
try bis remedy, as it will cost them nothing, and may
prove a blessing.
Parlies wishing ths prescription will please address
Wllllamabvrgh. -J
Kings County, New York .'
oct3 wly
W. A. Batchelor's Hair Dje!
This splendid Hair Dys has ns equal instantaneous In
effeot BeanUfal Black or Natural Brown ao staining
ths skin or Injuring the Hair remedies ths absurd and Ik
effect of Bad Dyes, sod Invigorates the hair far Ufa.
Hons sr genuine unless signed "W. A. Batohelor."
Sold sverywhera-, ' '
, CnAS. BATOHILOR, Proprietor,
Jyl&wly - -81 Barclay Street. New York.
for ths INSTANT BBLItf
snd PERMANENT C0RB of th
distressing eomplalnt use -
Made by 0. B. BBYUOUR 00., 107 Nassau St., N. Y
Prion 81 par box; sent frea by pott.
SltK AlVO FAKCy DI.V; G00D3,
Embroideries and Lace Goods,
Street, Is now exhibiting tbe newest sad most select
assortment In ths city, of
Blob fancy Dress Bilks,
Silk Robes,
1. Pompadour Silks,
. Blsohoffs Black Silas, 1
Evening Silks, ..
Party Dresses, ; ' ,-'.-'
, Winter BrtssfJoodf.
.. seal Point Laces snd Collars,
Elegant Embroideries of every description, ' "
YalenclenneslLaeessndSete, '
Ualtess Laos Collars and Bets, : t -black
Laos Yells, Oolffuresand Oollars
Alexander's Kid Oloves, .
English Hosisry and '
, " tader.gwents,
Balmoral Skirts.
Erefl Trlmmlnil and Ribbons.
Japaneea Una Collars, cum ana sets, :
gasve oeme ana duj
C leaks and Cloak Cloths.
- Vrsnch Woven Corsets, - -
.. Pine Apple Haodeitsnhlsfsv r ,-
- BeeepUon Uoon Skirts. 1 1
All at very lovrsit prices.
rjtiait BAIN.
JanO No. 99 South High street.

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