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. a a ,n i
- The AtUms EinreeB Company places us dally
under obl-Kutiooo to it for the very latast papers
Irom tbe eastern cities.
Th Ami.rionn EiDrBB Company lias our
ibauks for ltd iWily favors In the shape of tho
cry latest eastern papers.
rUvgaTisiP-o. "Tber are but few people,"
nay! tbe Boston Courier, "who understand the
law of . advertising. Tbe feir wbo do under
stand ' it Invariably sucoed and amass fortunes
There Is not a solitary exception to this rule.
Tbe law of advertising, clearly understood and
obeved. enables tbe advertiser . to realize the
abounding truth there U in one of tbe proverbs
of Solomon: "there Is that scattered and yet
. inoreaseth '.' And he Who misunderstands the
Jaw of advertising, or fails to give obedienoe
to It, will soroly realize the other half ol the
lam prompt "There is that withboldeth more
. than is meet, but It tendeth to poverty." Ad
vertising to be snooenful as a means of busi
ness, should not be spasmodlo and intermittent,
but continuous , Persevered In, it ai.vaya yields
reward. There is no such word as fail to the
presistent advertiser."
m aaaaaar.aaaaaaaaaaB.,.rjaaaaaaa.aaaa,
I'hk Neoso Miutaai' CoNi-aiir Tho Quar
ter-Maater General, while denying in. bis re-
spouse to the resolutions of inquiry adopted by
the House of Representatives, that any military
eompany of negroes organised in this city, has
.received United States arms, omits to state
whether there is any such eompany In existence,
as he was requlrod to do by the House resolu
tions- Tbe t7acr( of to day affirms that there
is "in existence a military company of colored
men at the Capitol of Ohio," but tries to make
11 ght of the matter, by saylog that the members
of the company have organized it "for no other
purpose, under the sun, than for their own
amusement." . .
MiMM Jamb at Armory Hall.. Go to
Armory 1111 to-night, and hear, for tbe last
time thiH season, that unrivalled singer, Mad
ame Jamsj. Every one who has beard her, will
bo pleased te learn that she has consented to
' give another Concert this evening. Those who
have not enjoyed tbe gratification of lititening
to the. rich harmony and melody of her sweet
and trained voice, should avail themselves of
this opportunity, as It will be positively the last
they will have during the present season. We
expect to see Armory Hall crowded tonight,
for such a perfect artiste as Madame Jams
cannot fail to bo more appreciated the oftener
she is heard.
CTThe nsme of tbe Limit National is to be
changed to Allen County Democrat. With the
exception of the Western Standard, published at
Celina, Mercer county, every Demooratio pa
per In that Congreftsion.il district, will then be
called Democrat, with tbe name of the county
O0q Monday morning .last, the body oft
man, Thomas Davis, Sr., wbo had been missing
for three or four day?, was found at Delaware,
near the east bank of the river. -Vetdlct of the
Jury cime to his death by Intemperance ajid
exposure. .
0"Tbe Mansfield Shield mud Banner says there
are some nineteen otndidates for the office of
Foetmaster in that city, all claiming the honor
-due a great amount of work for the "ifow-SJlt
' iter. The election Is to take place on theSd
of Marth.
ET Tbe Western Star notices tbe prevalence
of tbe small-pox in Washington township, Mer
ger county. It does not appear to have proved
latal in any cues yet , though It has spread over
large neighborhood- ' ,
fT The Clermont Sun has been enlarged and
taproved In Us appearance. Col. Ltios, lts.able
editor, deserves, as we have no deubt he will
reoelve, a large and increasing patronage in old
JTOur thanks are due to the Hon. B. L. Riei,
member of tho House of Representatives from
this county, for copies of the annual reports of
tbe various Departments of our State Govern
ment. JTThe WeslcyCbspel Sunday School will give
an Exhibition and Concert, on Tuesday eve
ning next, at their Church on High street, be
tween Gav and Luce streets. Admission S5
.uents; children 10 cents.
Bill Posting, The attention of our business
teadtrs, Is directed to the adrertlsment of Mr,
John H. Stxklxy, tn another column. Orders
maybe left at this office.
JTThe malicious cen-urea of our enemies, If
wo make a right ue ot" them, may prove of
greater a dvantago to us thsa the civilities of
our beat friends.
1 1 1 1
ST That GiLLtsnc wbo was noticed, a few
days ago, bs arrested for the crime of forgery,
was not the son of J- A.Gillmfic of our city
or any connection ot bis.
S7DurIng the year 1860, 131 persons were nat
uralized In Muskingum county, and 19 declared
their intention of becoming io.
ETExohsDge on New York Is quoted in this
ity at 1 per cent. premium; Gold at 1 to pre
mium. "
Rail Road Time Table
Lures. Arrives
Accommodation.. 0.10 A. M. 0.15 P. M.
llo.SXl..... 8.30P.M. 2 30 P.M.
Bigot .express. S. 44 A.M. . B.43 A. U
Cisvium, Oolomscs k OiitcimuTi B. B.
Sxprsss sr.! Mall 3.00 P.M. 1.40 P.M.
Night Express A. Al. I'-JO A. St
C tarsal Onto B. B.
Xmreta Train... 3.00 A. H B38A.M
stall Train 8.40 P.M. 8 HO P.M.
Ptrrsscsai, Ooumics fc GntcnnuTi B. B.
Xxprese Train 3:00 A.M. 9.30P.M
Mall Train ....... S.4UP.M. i.0P.M.
OotoHses Indiakafous H. B.
tOolumbus, Plqua Indiana B. B.l
' mreeeTrala. 8:10A.M. 11:10 A. M
' eUsretsTrala 11:15 P.M. 8:10P.M.
G6o.iWe met one of our friends jtsteriay
on Broadway, and were astonished at the change
m us appearance. A few weeks sgo ws saw
tt Lee, - 1 ,.. . .
mm, u w pain, ican ana aejooterj complain
ing of weakness and debility, having been so
anuctea an summer. Now he armours tothe Ut.
..A . :r . . '
B"Kr vye learn ne owed his re
storation entirely to MoLian's Stxikothdmno
Coxwal. " '
We advise all who arecomulainlng of Gener
al Deblity to try It It is certainly a very pleas
ant remedy; We learn that there are large
quantities of It selling dally. Morning Herald,
. . Rhiumatiem and pains of all kinds conquered
-at last. Bee card of "Msgnetio Oil ".In to
day's paper. ; -
HT See advertisement of Prof. Mam'
Hair Invlgorator In another column.
Romanos. Hut poof Miss Saucers! Her an
ger, rago, and vexatiom tbe rapid sucotsslon of
bitter, and passionate feelings that whirled
through her mind, aa she surveyed, first, the
biscuit, then tbe pastry, &o., which waa spread
before the mm of her fastidious auests! How
she vowed that Salaratus had been ber ruin
that but for the ecoenttlc and unaccountable pe
culiarities of this preparation, she should at
that moment have astonished the assembloo
oomnanv with oreamv cakes and delicious
pastry. If she had only used D. B. De Land Si
Co'. Salaratus, whloh is perfectly pure and
reliable, she would have been spared all this
mortifloation. She procured De Land's Salaratus
the very next day, of bergroocr, and has had no
such trouble since I It can be purchased from
any good grocer, and Is sold at Wholesale by
tbe Manufacturers, at Fairport, Monroe County,
N. Y., and by tho principal grocers in all parts
of tho country.
In the Finos. You need not be la tho least
afraid to walk In tbe fields where there ore pol
sonous vices or plants, even to touch and handle
them. Guernsey's Balm -will prevent any bad
effects from following. . .
Prajm tu oord by Bv. Mr, Ourltr. . .
After ths rtullot ot Uw Journal,
Mr. 8wrd prtsent d ins msmorlsl of the cl:ssns of
Rsr York pmilut for tns adoption or fflis, 1 uit anu to ult
sbls iLUiursi tor ths preiorrailon ot ths Union.
Lali oo ins tault lor tbt present.
Mi . Snmnsr preienUd a mtmorlal of the Synod of the
Presbyterian ennron, nowbsing neia at Allegheny City,
Pa , asking that proylsloe) be made for tbe tiprtis ac-
xnowieatmeni or ins dciok ana auuoniy or uod.
Secondly, for tbe aeknowledxment of tbe authority of
uoa ana vnrut.
Thirdly, for recoiroltlon of the firm obllzatlon to obn
God's lair.
fourthly, Uut the principles of God's law are olearly
adverse to siiiory. nsisrrco. o iu juaiciary uom
mlttee. Mr. Bice presented a petition praying for the post
ponement of the Pacific lull road bil.on ine ground that
It Is Injudicious to increase tne public debt. Tabled for
tbe prsenu
Mr. Kennedy presented a memorial from 13,000 eltl
teni of Beltlmoie, pray log fur measures to restore peace
and harmony. Tabled for tbe present.
Mr. li.lt presented tbe petition of his colleague, San
lei Clark, as Senator for six years after the 4th of March
Mr. Blgler ptetentid a memorial of cltliena of Phlla
delphia a.klng for the pensioning of the survivors, aod
of tho children end widows of the soldiers of tbe war ol
1818; also a memorial of eltlseniof Naw Jersey praying
for the adoption of meaenrea for the Slates calllni a oon.
venllon to amend tbe Constitution) tabled fjr the pres
ent. Also a memorial from eltticns or Philadelphia
praying for the adoption of the resolution of the Senator
tram itentncsy, proposing amendments to the Constitu
tion . Tabled fur me present.
Mr. Blldsll called np ble resolution of yesterday, rel
ative ti the appointment by the President of a Secretary
of War.
Mr. Blldell said there his been a groie violation. The
President of the United Stat-e has not acted right In ap
pointing an officer to hold offioe onlr tvaivo or fourteen
daye without tne fact being made known to the Senate,
aod without Its being submitted to their approbation
Tne power eai only intended to be exercised when tbe
Benaie wis not In session.
lie said what Is the use or garrisoning States when
there is no nse of defense. The message bad character
istlcaof diplomacy . The Constitution gave no power to
ooeroe a Utate It gave the army merely for deleose
When Major Anderson dismantled the xuna and burnt
the gun carriages he put riouth Carolina In tbe attitude
of bis enemy. The forte were not built to war On bouih
Oarmlna, but for the protection of Charleston harbor,
and to make that protection complete. The Insurrection
In Pennsylvania In Washington a administration Is not
like tbe vresent Instance. Tbe government then assist-.
ed the State In quelling It 1'ort Washington, near
where the ashes or Washington repose, is garrisoned by a
force sent from ths Washington Navy Yard for fear ot a
Mr. Green would veto for tne resolution without cen
suring anybody.
air. eauistmry caiieu ror tne yeas ana nays, wnica were
Mr. Davis addressed the Senate oo tbe state of tbe
At the con.-luilon of the speech of Mr. Davis, Mr.
Trumbull rose and said, that the Senator from Mississip
pi had aslgned the very reasons for maintaining the lae
and preeerviog tbe Union. Mr ben therenator from Miul
slppl was secretly Informed, as It seems he wee, long sgo
that tbe putillo propeity at Charleston was not to be pro
tected he should bare advised at Uut time; as arallittrj
man, the Presidentof the United etates to put the public
progeny at onarieeton in si ueiiton to no aeiendea. sr
cession then would never have prog-sued so far; but li
seems tbafaaiurances were given iht the United States
would notprotsct ltaeir. useems tnat it naa oeen eata,
"Good, you seceedlng Statts, and gather strength; the
United Sttaee will do nothing to protect itself from your
asaault." ...
Mr. Davis I never neara or tnat.
Mr. Trumbull I understood the Seoator to say that a
pledge bad been given that the fortificatlcna of Charles
ton should remain aa they were.
Mr. Davis Where did you get your inrormsnonT
M r. Trumbull I don't know.
Mr. Davis In the newspapers?
Mr. Trumbull I take It all beck If It Is not reinontt-
ble, but I arojuit Imformed, by the Senators around me,
that the Senator from Mississippi did say so. In fact, 1
am Informed that ataj. Anderson will shell Charleston
aad burn it to tne ground anotner gun is nred at the
Star of the West. She waa permitted to pus, through
the noble conduct of MaJ. Anderson, wbo savel tbe shed-dine-
of blood thereby.
Mr. Green Does Senator Trumbull know on whit
ground and whet cause of just apprehension tbe Major
had In leaving fort Moultrie and going to fort eumpter7
Mr. Trumbull 1 suppose in wnoiecountry kuows.
Mr. Green I do not want snppositlous, I want facta
Mr. Trumbull The Senator knows very well that
South Carolina pretended to assume eovereignty It has
been publlcally talked abeul; ehewlll be compelled) If
her eovereignty u denied, to assert ner jurisaietion.
Mr. Green Does her eeceislon Imply ber right of Ju
risdiction over tbe wnole Territory.
Mr. Bloklss presented the reiolutlani of ibe Common
Oouncll of Hew York, ezpreislveof eympatby with the
grievances of tbe South and approving of Major Ander
son's conduct and the determination of tbe president to
execute the lawa
On motion of Mr. Sickles they were laid on tbe table
and ordered to be printed.
The House proceeded to the consideration of the mes
ial order of tbe day, vis: The District of Columbia
The bill for tbe construction el a raliwsy tbrsub
Washington was taken up.
Mr. De Jarnet commenced a speech on national policy
and read the ordinance of seoesslon ot South Carolina-
Mr. Carter raised a point or order on the ground that
the Slttrlot of Columbia business was especially assign'
ed for to-day.
marks were pertinent to thle bill, this bill proposes not
nr. Da jernei wonin convince tne eent eman mat ma re
only tocoDiirucia rauroaa in ineuisinotoi uoiumcta,
but in Virginia, ncnoe tne Question or Btato sovereignty
arlsee. B ghteen Northern States deny tbe existence of
tbe right to secede, while tbe other fifteen bold to that
Mr. Btokei Inquired whether Mr. De Jarnet mads a
statement that Tennessee nolds the right of se.-eiilon,
Mr. De Jamet replica mat ne never presumed it.
Mr. Stokes you said 15 Southern States.
Mr. De Jarnet wished to ask Mr. Stokes a Question
Mr. Grow objected . If thle coune wu permitted BO
district business would be done.
Tbe Speaker pro Um decided Mr. De Jarnet out of
Mr. De Jarnet said that It wss apparent thit South
ern representaUvei were subject to the operations of the
ne law.
Mr. Btoifei tald hs bad no disposition to prevent Mr.
De Jarnet from making a speech but bad only deslied to
nut Tennessse where be believed sbe stands.
Mr. Do Jarnet Then I lay fourteen Southern States
hold the right to seoede. On the solution of this question
may depend tne luturf peace) o' tne country
Mr. Urow raised anoiner point or order.
Mr. Cox sueiesird that Mr. De Jarnet have leave to
print the remainder of his reoisrks
sr. urow naa do onjecuou to an genuexen prinnng
ineir speecnee.
air. emitn or -Virginia omecica
The Home resumed the consideration of the Rillrsoi
bill, and Itwas finally recommitted.
Aojourned. .
nasuinoYvn, nan. it. nr. cigier presented tne
memorial of cltliena of Lancaster county, Pa., for the
lesioiaiion oi pence ana tne preservation of ths union
and tn favor of the proposition of tbe Senator from Ey.
also tnree memorials oi similar import rrcra Pblladel'
nhla. tabled for present.'
rur. uamoran pnsouieu eignt memorials rrom eitiions
of Pa., la favor of the passage tf Mr. Crittenden's
resolution, an taoica lor me present
, . .
John Cochrane presented ths memorial of the New
York Chamber of Commerce for mall facilities', through
subsidies to steamer lines between San Franoiscoand
Shanghai, China. Beferred to the committee on Cim
Mr. Lovejov asked leave to offer a resolution that, in
the ludsmeut of the House. In the present state of tbe
country, it would be wise and patriotic for ths President
to oonfer, temporarily, toe power or commander in enter
of tne army ana navy on Lieut, uen. Boon, ana to charge
him to see tnat in nepuoito receive no detrlawnt.
Mr. Jones end others objected.
Mr. Curtis suggested that the President eould delegate
no suon power .
The Speaker said the resolution was not received bat
merely read for Information, besides objections were
Mr. Branch hoped that ths resolutions would bs voted
on oy yeas ana nays.
There wore no farther nraeoodlnes en the enfclect
t' Hlekma e.ked and was excused frees, serving on
us seieoteosaaittes to which was referred the President
meesaxe. . .v :
He said be had s treat tusy reasons for ths request,
; . . '"j to roe peat una .
Private tosisages were then considered.
[Important Correspondence.
To Hit Exotlltnov, tht Governor of &u(A Carolina:
Sir Two of your naileries fired tuls morning on an
unarmed vessel bearing the flag of my goiernmeut. As
I have not been notified thai war baa been declared by
donih Carolina against the United States, I cannot but
think thli a hostile act, committed without your aanotlon
or authority Under that hope I refrain trom opening s
nre on your nitteries
On your bltterleS
I have tbe honor therefore, respectfnlly to ask whether
the above mentioned aot, one which I believe Is without
a parallel In the history or our country, or or any omer
civilised government, ws committed In obedience to
jour Instructions, and to notify you that If It la not die
c aimed that I regard It as an act of war, and 1 shall not
liter loasoneble time fur the return ol my messenger,
pennlt any vessel tupass within the range of tne guns of
uxiori. inoiuerioseveaaiarBauiuinjiuuneruiou.u-
dtngofblood. I beg you will lake due notification of my
decision, forthe good of all concerned. .1 hope, however,
tnat your answer may juatuy a luriner oouiuiuanca oi
forbearance on my part
1 remain, respeoiruiiy.
GOV. PlcVenS. after Stating the position Of South Oar
ollaa to the UnLed States, says that any attempt to send
U. 8. troops Into Clurle.ton harbor to reinforce tne
forts would be regarded as an act of boitlUty; and la
jonolution adds that any attempt to reinforce the troops
at Fort Bumpter, or to retake add resume posesstoo of
iu aoria wuuin um vrawre ui buuiu uarmuw, wu
lldlor Anderson abandoned after spiking the guns end
doing other damage,, cannot but be regerded aa Indica
tive of auv other purpose than tbe ouvrclen of tbe State
by tbe armed force ol the government.
Sprolal agents have, th refore, been off tbe bar to warn
vea cla, armed or unarmed, having traops to reinforce
fort bumter aboard, not to enter Ihe bar or. Special
ordere have beeu given to coitmaodeis not to firs oo such
vessoic till a shut across insir Duwa lunula warn uiu or
lbs prohibition of the Bute.
Under these circumstances, the Stir of the West this
morning attempted to enter tbe harbor with troops, attar
nanus; peen notiueu sue oouia not onier, stuu, coasw
.ii- tlv, she was fired into- The act Upeiteclly Justi
fied by as,
lu ird to your inreai aoom vessel- in tne naioor,
it is only necessary for me lo say that v ou alone must be
thejudge of your responsibility. Your position In the
harbor baa been tolerated by tbe authorities of the State,
aod while the aot of which I'l oomplaln la In perfect
consistency with the ilnhts and duty of the State, It ie
net perceived how far the oonduct you propose to adopt,
can find a parallel In the history of any country, or be
reconciled with any other purpose than tliat ot your gov
ernment on lbs Slate the condition cf an ac
Gov. PicxtNt Hit: 1 hare the honor to acknowledge
the receiptor you. communication, and say that und-r
the circumstances I have deemed It proper to refer the
hole matter to my Government, and Intend deferring
tbe cour-e I Indicated In my note, this morning, until the
arrival from Waihltglua of such lnsiruc.lotis as I may
receive. I have the honor also to express tbe hope that
no obstructions will be placed In ths way, and that you
will dome the favor of giving every facility for the de
parture and return of the t carer, Lieut. I. Talbot, whole
Charleston. Deo. 10. Lleuter ant Talbot left Charles
ton late last nisht, with dispatches from Major AnJer.
son. to the President of the United Slates.
Lieutenant Talbot goes to Washington for further in
structions Irom tbe President.
A party of gentlemen entertained him at the Charles
ton Motel previous to his departure. There Is no excite
ment here.
Gov. Plckeni Immediately granted the permission d
sired, and directed that Lkut. Talhot have every facility
and courtesy extended to him. as bearer of dlspitches lo
he United States Government, both in going and return
CniRLisTon, Jan. 10. Dispatches stating that the
. 8. Sloop of war Brooklyn, la coming herewith an
armed force, creates In tence excitement. Great prepar
ationa are being made In the harbor to receive her.
A larve steamoroilled the Marlon, of the Charleston
and New-York line, has been purchased bv South Caro
na, and ordered io be raxed for a man-of war. Her up
per cabin is to be taken oil and ahe la to be supplied
wiio a complete armament. The buoys In the harbor
nave been removed
The Brooklvnwill be fired In'o. and Fort Humnter will
then open on the South Carolina fortification i. and the
fia-bt will become general. The people are preparing for
m ana ror tne worst ine Brooklyn cannot come in
without a great fluht. MaJ . Anderson will protect her.
lie only pledged himself not to prevent communleition
otween the south Carolina forts, uutll Lieut. Talbot
same taek.
A ste-untue called the Aid. left the wharf to nlubt, for
the purpose of reconolterlng. Fhe is mounted with one
gun, and Is under command of Lieut. Hamilton, former
ly of the Federal navy. There Is much talk of sending
to Savannah for tug boati to take the place ot the gun
From Washington.
WiSHiNOToir. Jan 10. A despatch from Mr. Keltt to
the secessionists gives the details of the firing, and icyi
that four balls struok the eteamer's hull.
A portion of the despatch was confidential to Southern
Senators, bnt It Is understood that It nrgea tbem to re
main In their seats, to defeat obieollonable legislation.
and tho confirmation ot Mclutyre us Collector ol tbe port
Of Charleston.
Senator Wijfal publicly declares that the palmetto
fivgwlll be able to waive at Obarleston untill every gun
of Port Moultrie it dismounted.
Sellable authority says that the Btarof the West will
be lent to Charleston, uuleae the Preiident changes his
mind, with ample naval force to engage the several bat
terles.whlle the runs In and lands ber men and cargo. It
tnttnia'ed In oiucial circles, that rue imer Hi venue
Cutter Harriet Lsne, and the Frigate Brooklyn-
will a-company her on her next effort. Senator
Plaice bis yielded to outside pressure and until lu a re
naeat far eonveninx Lekliilatnre uf Mil.. Qov, lllcks
still resists, luis risumoft luuveweut lu Bauiuiim ,e
headed by Custom House oBiors who are special friends
uf Mr. Thimaa, SecreUry ol ilia Treasury.
Much remark is ex:lted by the tranaier of SS0 000 In
specie from tbe sub Treasury, In New York, to this city,
without any sufficient reason being a-signed , This unu
sual proceeding ia not underatood lu financial circles,
and tne pretenuea explanations are ny no means.tatis
Last night, Mrs. Foster and Mn. Doubleday, wires of
officers In Ft. Humpter, arrived by the Southern boat. It i
s stated tht the Uhaneston people refused to harbor
them In that city.
It Is generally credited thit General Dlx wi't to ap-
pointed Secretary of the Interior, If, Indeed, bis appoint. !
ment be not already made.
The President It not disposed to select any southern ;
tto. ... - I
It li well understood tnat senator uiay does not in. ,
tend to call a meeting of the Committee on Commerce
to consider the appointment of Mr. Mclntyre, si Collec
tor of Charleston. '
The Senate Territorial Committee have suthortrerl genr i
s'or Green to report a bill organising tbe territory o I
Pikes Peak.
s...in, Amen has anlimltfeff a hill tn ftanarnr Reeraril.
for the purpose of petting his approval.
There are two amendments to tnis Din wntcn nave not
heratofoio beeen Incorporated In tbe territorial bills-
One Is gusranteeln the rigbte of private property. The
other prohibiting the territorial legislature from Interfer
ing with, or legis'atlng against private property, Th-se
amendments are supposeu io dq orjecuouaoie to me ne
ublicani, and hence, the bill has been submitted to Mr.
The national volunteers held a meeting to-nljht for
the purpose of protecting and extending their military
one of ihe resolutions silopted Is se follows: We will
set In ibe event of tbowl'hdiawal of Maryland and Vir
ginia from the Union, In euoh manner aa ahall beat jo
euro ourselves and those States from the evils of a for-
gn and hostile government within sod pear their
Union Meeting at Baltimore.
BiLTiMoRe, Jan. 10 The Union meeting to-nlchtwas
Immense and enthuslatlc. and unequalled by any demon
stration in Biiiimoro lor many yen.
Not less than ten tnousand were present, and the par
ties who attempted to disturb tbe meeting by disunion
erles were; hustled out In double qnlok time, amid cheers
ror the Union and major Anderson, and immense cheen
for Governor Hlckl.
A proposition for cheers for Yancey, caniol s tush for
the proposer, that caused the police to proteot the party
from violence. The eecesilonlsts soon abandoned their
purpose of disturbing the meeting, and speeches from H.
Collins, Beverdy Johnson and A W. Bradford, abound
ing in Union sentlmenle, were listened to and applauded
to the echo. The resolutions embodied the sentiments
of Wsshlugbn'e Farewell Address. They were as fol
Hnolttd, That the present condition of ourcouotry,
demands of all who love ber, a spirit of fairness, candor.
conciliation, concession and self sacrifice, and that we
ball with thankful and hopeful hearts, the patriotic of
forte now being made In Congress, for a settlement, as we
trust, forever of the daogeroua question at Issue, on
some constitutional, Jutand equitable principle, and
that such of our itaUsmen and States, whether of the
North or the South, as may contribute most to this holy
end; will challenge Ihe hlsbeit place In tbe affections uf
tbe country, and those wbo may refute to lend their aid
to this holy purpose, ma? Justly expect, as they will be
lure to receive, tbe eondemnatlon and reprobation of tbe
present, as well si the future ages
Buolvtd, That various Nothern States hsve pas.'fd lawi
usually called personal liberty lawa, which we believe to
be In violation of tbs Conetltutton of the United States,
ot a;ts of Congress passed pursuant thereto, and with
the saerea obligations wnicn tnose states owe to the com
mon country, and that we appeal to the constitutions!
duty, patriotism honor, Justice and the brotherhood of ths
people or those suites, respectively, to repeal those laws,
and by every means In tbsir power to put down the eg
gresilons of their people on thepeculiar Institution of the
Southern States, at O.o only way to remove the well
founded discontent end complaint! ol their brethren ofv
the Southern States, and which, it not removed, will
prove fatal to our Union, aa well as those vital Interests
wnicn ougnt to uina ui togeuier as one people.
From Georgia.
f to da,; Vi'tbsra-houi rSo'" 3;;
. t n mu. ml...... r. ....
morning, ine steamer wen. uiiccn discovered tne Btar
of the West, and slgnAUed tbe fact of ber approach to
tbe occupants of tbe ba Itery on Morris Island.
As soon as tne signals were eeen rry tnose on guard
there, Morris' Island was sstlr with men at their posts,
before the order eould bs given 10 prepare for ac Ion.
Tbey remained Inaxlety and suspense, but ready fur
what they tnlteved was lurs to oomo, a volley from
The Star of Ihe West rounded the point, took the ship
channel Inside the boat, and proceeded straight forward
until opposite Mortis Island, about three-quarters of a
mile from the-battery. a ball was then fired athwart the
bows of the steamer. Tbe Star r f the West displayed Ihe
stars and stripes. Al soon aa the fiag was unfurled Ihe
fortification fired a succession of heavy shots. The ves
sel continued on heroouree with Increased speed, buttwo
sums ueing ruec, open nor ine oonciuaetl 10 retire.
Fort Moultrie fired a few ehote at her. hut sbe was out
other range. Tbe damage to tbe Btar of tbe Weet waa
trifling is only two out of seventeen shots took effect
upon be.-. Sort Bumpter made no demonstration at a
a.rf hnla aliira atina war -tin a . K..ln uA..i.
AtetisTA. Job. I0.-Ons handred guns were fired her
i ttrtay in honor of tbe passage of ths ordinance of sees -
slon 17 Misalsslppl.
Special Dispatches to the New York Press.
, New Tori, Jan . 10. A special Washington despatch
to the Post says: Moses Kelley, lata O.llef Clerk In the
i Department of tbe Interior, under Secretary Thompson,
II his successor, and Is now In discharge of the duties.
I General Dix, of New York, Is reported to bare been
offered the War Department.
I A special despatch to tbs Mew York Commerciat
Tbe dispatches from the South have thrown the
Southerners here Into a great state of excitement The
Southern members of Congress declare that the Presl
,lMnt n.l nnnvr... tnnit nuairnlze the riff lit and fact of
iecesslo. and order the tvacua'lonof the forts and
the surrender of tbe other public property at tbe
Tne Tics President abandons all hope of peace unless
the Crittenden propositions are adopted.
In some quarters a Southern Provisional Government
Is talked of, and Senator Hunter la mentioned aa Presl-
dent.Jed. Davis, as Oommander-ln-Oh'ef of the army,
nd Hanator Hnon ae neoretarv or soreien anilrs.
N.w v.,, j.n. n.Ti, TWoune states aa faot that
Mr. Lincoln baa tendered Uenry Winter Davie if Belli-
more a seat In ble Cabinet.
w MrretM0aM. Weshlneton 10th sets:
The following dispatch hu Jnst been received here
fmal ch!,ni j.lVclock at night, too late to get an
answer reaulrerl. the Brouklrn ordered to Ch.r.
1-itnnl if an me will hvar to-morrow of aecena of Mood.
shed uoparalleled In a civilised ooantry. If the President
Is in earnest be oaa prevent it by a dispatch to the Gov.
troor or Major Auder.on. . Th'ougb him will end all
compromise It It goes on, and ihe beet blood of the couu
try will make a gull time cannot neai. j.c( me near irom
you at once.
Further News by the Nova Scotia.
8 aa din i a Is purchasing iteamers In France to convert
them into men-of-war aod trn-portl.
A Berlin letter eiatee tbvt. f.r lome weeks oast, the
purchase of hones bad been made for the French aod
piedmontese governments
Ths salos of cotton at Liverpool, i Tb'J were 19,000
rjoies inciuaing a.ouu to-aayto parti .,ma epculators,
mareet closing firm. '7
Advioes from Manchester ars favoraMe. The market
Was firm and good, suitable for China market, and slight
y higher, though business was reetrioted in consequence
of the holidays.
LtvkRFooL, Friday. Rlohardaon, Sparse It Co. quote
xiournrm anu advancing; quoua at xue WAJVe nd;
wbeatadvar.clog ar,d partially alitbtlv blither, red llsSd
13s., white 13-14,; corn quiet anil Od higher, mixed
r'd yellow 39. ai3vs 3n; whlto 40i41s. Wakefield,
Nash 4k Oo. report flour advanced 6d. wheat la and 2a.
anu uoiuers oi corn uemana an auvance mat Is aot con'
LivxarocL, Saturday BRCADsTcrrs Steady and firm.
Provi.ion market dull,
London Mourr MaREax. Balance in the In tne Bank
of n(land had decreased 533 000 pound,. Money mar-
aei was neciueuiy more stringent vritb, a Presalng de
mand, Concols closed on Friday, ViY. c B2 for ao
couutitxtradlvidond, and on Saturday oc the same rates
dui prices were nrmer, in., o unaies, Saturday 2X;
.11,71 v IVUQV
KiwYori, Jan. 10. The steamship Boanake, Cast.
Couch, from Bichmon4, arrived yestertlav evor.lni. anrl
reports January 8tb, 3 p.m., orj Cape Henry, she passed
the U. S. steam frigate Brooklyn steering South.
She also brings to the port tbe first and second mate
ana fourteen eeamen belonging to the British ship Em
ma, wrecked at New Jelet. N, O , Deo. 19.
A despatch to Spafford, Tllli.ton Sr. Co , agents of tbe
teamship line between this city and Charleston sava the
steamship Marlon h s been seised by the Government of
nouin uaronna roe etates' service. Capt. Whiting is on
his way to Ibis city by railroad.
New Tori, Jan. II. Captain O. 9. Taylor, captain
of the United states Marloe Corps, has beer detac-ed
from the Brooklyn Marine Barrvks, and ordered to tbe
Washington Marine Barrseks. Vic-M, J or Geo H Ter
rl 11. ordered to tbe command of Fort Wasliinston, on
me rotomao,wnereaoompaoy or rorty-ave marines have
been temporarily stationed. '-.
From Alabama.
MoxTaoMnty, Ala. Jan. 10. Tbe Convention which
has been In secret session all day. adjourned till 10 o'
clock to-morrow. No ordinance of secession has passed
yet. The sahjectli freely discussed. It Is almost cer
tain tha sn ordinance will be passed to-morrow.
Two Companies of men left thle afternoon for Mo
bile. Montoomihy, Jan. 10. It li understood that the com
mittee of Thirteen reported an ordinance of eecesslon
this morning, It will bo debated and and perhaps adopt
ed to day. It Is reported here on reliable authorities
that Florida will pa, a the secession ordinance to-day.
Kentucky and Ohio.
WasttiNSTOif, Jan. 11. The ease of Kentueky against
the Governor of Ohio, who refused to issue his writ for the
arrest or Lago.cbarged with havlne enticed a slave from
Kentucky into Ohio, wu let for to-day In the Supreme
Court, but the Attorney General of Ohio having forward
ed an affidavit, that a professional engiutement prevented
his attendance. The case was postponed till the 8th of
seoruary. svemucxy waa reaay py counsel.
CtuctxmTTi, Jan. )1. Constance and Bomain Lohar.
who stabbed Policemen Long and Hatlam, In a house of
in-lame on Wednesday night, were arrested yesterday
and taken to prison. There was considerable excitement
In thecity yeeterdsy In regard to the affair, and an at
tempt was made to take the prisoners from the Jail by force,
put it waa prevented py tne uutnrio ureje, who had been
called out to protect the Jail. Uallamdled yesterday
Nxw ORLtAKe, Jan. 10. Military expedMoni have
left the city within tbe last 4 hours to scire Fort Jack-
ion and Pike and Baten Booge Arsenal.
Private letters from Mexico, lay that MIramon left the
Capital on the KJtn nit. It Is supposed he will endeav
or to forms Junction with-Vlcurro, and make a stand at
BaLTiHoas Jan -10. It la undent that the reason why
nuiiiaiuiH aeaeaeionieia uuuvvnilOD Here, toot DO vole on
these proposed resolutions, waa because they discovered
that there waa a majority In the Convention, who were
not In favor of sustaining Gov. Hicks.
.Tlannlnciurore of nil kinds of Por
table and MtHtionar' Steam En?
g;inos, uuw mills, urlst Mills,
Sic., cVOa
LAyE&BQDLSTBtaUnl B. fi T. SLA1VD TSeatml
J. dtS. a. DUTAIL Beaten II I 00LUMBU3
MS CSimS CO. Beaten II 1 1 SRADtOBD
& CO. BeaU-1 1 lit
Oar rortable Engine end Saw Hill
Was awarded the fint premium of 150 at ths Indiana
State Fair for la60 over Lane It Dudley's on account of
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy of fuel
and superior character of lumber sawed.
Our Stationary Engine was awarded at the same Fair
the first premium of tirOO.
Our Portable Kngine waa awardrd tbe (list premium of
I UK) at the lair at Memphis, Tenn., over iilandy'i Du
villi's, Columbus Machine Go's., and Bradford It Co'i.,
by a committee of praotical Railroad Engineers.
For price aod terms eddrees
W1LLAKO WARNER, Treasurer,
decS diwljeols. Newark, Ohio.
Front Street, Between State and Town.
X B HOP Is still running, and although (Ayv
the pressure of late years has set heavily
nnon her rannlne tears, shell still turn-
it out those splendid PUf-TUNS, BOO SAW ATS, and
buggies, carriages, kxprkbs, skeleton,
BUSES and HA0B8. Twenty yean Heady manufac
turing hoe given our work a wlde-iperad reputation
through the South and West.
We therefore deem It unnecessary to say any thing mere
regard to the quality of our work. We warr&ht
vxrv vaiircii. ne can sou soon aor udmin from
91.15 to $iW.
Deal; re con be furnished with any amount of work at
short notice, and at prices lower than can be bought any
where In Ihe West. Second band Uugglei taken In ex
change for new work.
li r'lienainnff none neativ ana at anon noim. va
f'rt. U 8.i To street Co.um-
,-r: ,: . .,,. .i. , .... .,
f?A! ce'lo'" UK-i 7f"i. r0"'
Aug. 31-wly B. M. WILLIAMS CO
Tsssr.iia new nai.i-ai-
N08. 1, 3, 5 snd 7 N. EOT AW STEET,
Offer for sals their celebrated
Being highly recommended by ths first Profeitors and
Musloal Amstenn oi tne country, and
KV rtY ,' '
: 'Tbs most faitldloui cuitomer may rely upon being
i P,r,i'n.!!"Mp,t , L i
! sjbltzBR at WEBSTER. AhT
eetSfiilydw. Columbus, Olio.
Columbus Retail Market.
Columbus Retail Market. FRIDAY, Jan. 11, 1861.
The following are the retatl quotatt-.a'Corrected by
U.U.. m UuiUn. ali.l.iiln nml ma Km 1 .
Statesman Building:
Oata S bu . .
Cornt bu. .
Battel e, . .
...0$c31M!"f O. Engar V SJ, . . .ti jraOe
. ...vu' -. iiiapie do ivo
2 Uolusea if 'gal 409S0o
Bvrnn fUXSfi&m
Lard ft...
Xa13 Tea S ....Svce.rBl 00
T.lln A m, .
IK Yeddo Tea t 00
TmimA innln. It l,n.. 7.i
Klo Coffee 9 H16o
favadn SUa
n.l.,1 Pn.nh.l.. .1 'JS
White Beans bu..5cx$7vl
Bice DO
Potatoes f bu i!f4k3U
I rooms e aos..!l Krijneo
Ui ton ....17 00
Salt In sack l
Salt e bid 1,751,8S
Soap (box) .... 08c
Beef f cwt Sn '
RrmuSa lOfiHSKr
e-lour f bbl..... Si uwaou
Thlte Wheat do 3)4i 7S
vinH- ia v.v.l m t rul
flhoulrlrra e B. HSU
!.jw ,u u . IV,,-, W -
Sal t Pork f ewU ... $77 H c
Wood e eord f xo
Mackerel No. lhfbbl (9h
Mai-karr-l No 1 or 1.1,1 Sj
uanoies, upai, pox.. too
Oheese t lOtSISe
tpples 9 bu lUAWo
ilomloy per bush f 1 10
Mackerel No 1 kits.. $1 7S
White Fish perh'fbbl $i OU
Cod Fleb 6 I, ?-
Herring 9 bbl $5 75
Bunkobeatfiour per ft,.. 3c
wniaev r.ar. i, .. ....sir
dalsins, MB. Box....s w
- , Layers " 00
" Sultsn 9 D lXo
Vl SO Hl 19ul(
Corn Heal ? bu.... 4U
Ihi SB Hoe.....
12K IS Prunes 9 t ltlo
Dried veer
FLOna Salol at S4.75224 00 far red. and al Ul M
... .hi.-
Wbt -But little has been offered Demand active st
Cord One house reports receipts of 3.12a bushels
. nm
OaTS Recelptl light bout at lRfOo
n .. T") .. V. .a r 1 1 , .... - . J . . r.
Boas J. L. Zsttub, reio.t 1,334 head purchased
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Jan. 11.
ASHES steady, fair demand 30 bbls pots end
prnrrn MAtni.o ooa M.t. , c w., . - -
SK3 5.60 for extra State: ui 20(35.49 (or suner eain-
3'av5.lS for medium extra we.tern, and $5 SOSS.SO
for Inferior to good shipping b ands extra Bound Hoop
Ohio. Canada Sour a shade better; 3oO bbls. at 15 SS
RVK TLODB steady at fi3.35wit.t;.
WBE AT receipts 958 bush.; market a shade firmer
with moderate export drmand; sake 60.000 bush , at
$1,18 for No. 9 Chicago spring; I,7K130 for lnfe-
Ia In n.ln,.UIIv.LI. I OT 1 . . 1.1 . ,
.- k"".- -"..'" v.mw, TS'U 1,00 iur winter
red; tl,50 for white Michigan; 91,60 for choice white
BRK-quletat 7075e.
HARLEV quiet end nominally unchanged.
COHN firm, with a moderate demand; sales 49,000
hn.hela at 7t:rai71a for mtva-l iaM, I ..... A
- ------- - . .u ..VI KUV. UU11T'
OATS steady at 30i537c for Western, Canada add
PORK nnlflt annl Srm, aala. 0n
and $l33S13l2forprlme. '
Urir quiet and steady; sales 50 bbls.
CUT MKATS-quietand firm,
LARB quiet and steady; sales 100 I bis, at lOkdtllc.
BfJTTRR In fair rann.a, at inM r- Aku .
20c for State.
CHEESE steady ut 1KB 10 10 .
WillnKV wltiiniie mat.Eal Mlian . -. t nnn , i , .
t 100 -. ..,,. mrj uvib.
flrOfllffi htohAV atllh .... .-H-l... , .
------ o . - wv.i.iij. aiuua, rutev
without farther variation, and theiupplv Is ample, with
only ample oall. Merlins, exchange mrst business In
hunker's oil's, at 103105j; O Sr. u I 54V: M fc M IS;
O k. I 94i. in. n la m a 7 ... m.'
nd 47; Brie3; B M 87J! Brie asserted i7); HI
o ,; i:umu. ej,; Canton Mtft Cal. seven's 87; III.
0 bonds 94; Mo. sixe's ; Va. elxos 75 1 S; N O 76
Cincinnati Market.
Thera la no phinm tn haIIm i a-
- - - - uiureuivnie or our
Grocery market. The trade I. r.tr mnA ., ,k. .
. ,7 - .u. m vl um,
or riour the demand is very moderate, and If loti are
pressed on the market, they will not command over 14 -50
for Superfine, and 14.75 for Extra.
W1IE AT of prime quality can he had at 11. The
demand being mostly Irom local millers, Is not exposed
u ui 1UUUCU6V ui very active competition.
Pfl R V V... . .. 1 . 'n-
.... ........ u,.a.,i hoc. in tne Ear. but
bnt not quite ae muob nerve ae to shell as heretofore.
" - ' n,v mm ,cnuny al xoatouxVC
Changerirn prle,: ' " " " """"'0
nv b is situ quoted at e;63j.
WHISKY-WMdall to day at 14o.
U08S had a slow market to-day and prices are low.
ptcltert, ud they are not frta to mtk offri that sr en
!,r?fTirIiT6ri' wflaotPrilranginf from 9080
I A Mtl 4t fnp Tm I aa S rm WabS b , . -
Cincinnati Market. Cin. Com. Dec 11.
Philadelphia Market.
Floor firm at 15.51) for superfine. Wbrat ouleti
mmmm OA IWlA k .k m-A -. I -) 11 -C I mm I. , . . . tmm. ..'
iv Www uuu iru i, eiIVSII, Willie 91,S3(aVl,M ,
Ccrn scarce at 60967. Cn'rxe rto at 11X913.
Watsn firm at 19o.
Cleveland Market.
January, 10.
Tbe market has been extremely dull to-dey, and ths
only Item worth reporting wu a sals ol 600 lbs mesa pork
.1 Sit Pri..,,,.n.,k..J
An experienced Nuree and Female Physician, presents
to the sttentlon of mothers, her
which greatly facilitates ths process of teething, by soft
suing the gums, rednelng all Inflammation wll 1 alloy
alij 1-a.iM ana spasmodic acuon, sta is
Depend upon It, mothers. It will sirs rest to yourselves
atd ... . -
We have put up and sold this article for over ten vaara.
wua, w never pcvd aD to say or any oiner modi
ANCE, TO KFf KOT A CUBS, when timely used. Nsv
er did we know on Instance of dissatisfaction by any one
wbo used It. On the contrary, all arc delighted with Its
operations- and speak In terms of ojommendation of Its
magical eoecis ana meaioai virtuee. we speak in this
nutter "WHAT WB Du KNOW;" after ten years' expe
almost every Initanoe where the Infant Is suffering from
pain and exhaustion, relief will be found In fifteen or
twenty minutes after thehyrup la administered.
This valuable preparation Is the prescription of one of
New England, and has been used with NKVER f AlL
It not only rslleves the child front palp, but invigor
ates the stomach and bowels, corrects acidity, and elves
Ions end energy to ths whole system . It will almost In
stantly relieve
and overcome convulsions, which. If not speedily reme
died, end In death. We believe It the BfiriT and SUB
It arises from teething, or from any other oauae. Ws
would say to every mother who bssa child suffering from
any of (lis foregolr g complaints DO NOT LIT YOUR
stand between you and your suffering child, and the re
lief that will befiURB jes. ABSOLUTELY SURE to
follow the nsa of this medicine. If timely rued, full di
rections for using will accompany earh bottle. None
genuine unless the fao stmlle of OUKIIB PERKINS,
New York, le on tbe outside snapper.
Sold by all Druggists throughout tbs world.
Prliclpal Office, it Cedr Street PI .Y.
TO ANU vitesmr
"W i -m at a . y
wverpooi, JMontreai, Quebec,
KT3377" YORK.
The Montreal Ocean Stekmahln
fc.ii a m "ia r.i ir r,r r".,m"
luiriivw-iiwMvijuv-iiHiis oic am n nu avnrr Hit
ll-DOweradOUtlftwhallt Otiimari nil mvw
ssbJisv nniiTt aur. I .a
i - ' nnuriti . ms. , "sss-
,. a7J, , lTLNI'' ea"JtntU Canadian snd
nlted Statei Mall and passengers,
Nfitra RriaTTiw n.-i u.u...
N0VABC0TIAN Cent. HcMaatera.
K0KT1I BRITON Capt. Borland,
CANADIAN Oapt. Oraham,
ANGLO-SAXON Capt. BalanUne,
Sltortest, Cheapest andaalokcst Con
w j eaaawu maTWBU
Will sill fmo LIVERPOOL everr Wedneselar,
!nAIS5uCEDJ0. ,r aturdttl,e.lllntat
I.ONDONDKiiay, to receive on board and land MalUand
Passengers, to and from Ireland and Scotland.
Glasgow paasenitsn ar fnrnlshed with raapaesage
tickets to and from Londonderry.
Return tickets (ranted at reduced rates.
An experienced Surgeon attached to each iteamsr.
Certiorates Issued for carrying to aad brlnglngout pas
engcre from all the principal towni of Great Britain and
Ireland, at re'need rates, hy this line ef steamers, and
leaTing llrerpool every week.
Por paasage. apply at ths Offloe. ?8 PIROADe,
JT AY, New Ik ork, and 10 WaTKK six.,
LilTerpoel, - - ,
BABXt ft &XASLS, Osisral Afsnts,
Orto- .; 41, R. ARMSTRONC
nolO-lyrjfcw Btatesmaa OlBce, Oolambns, Ohio,
1 ui
I of
A compound remedy, designed to lie tbo mort
effectual Alterative that can he made. ' It
o concentrated extract of Para Sarnaparill'i.
so combined with other substances of still
greater alterative power tw to afford an r-flec.
tive antidote for the
Tfputed to cure. It is believed that huc-li a
xtmtay is wantea by tlione who luffcr fiom
StrumoUH roinn1ninta. mnti Y. u:..u ...hi
I e, uuu n im i wm
ficromplwlr their cure must prove of immense
ens. An Ka. 1 A m in..
tUiPna-r HnwrnmnlntAlv thim
do rt has been proven by experiment on ninny
u .iiu ori uuci u, wo louaaoi ine iimowmg
complaints! , ...
ficUOPirr 1 AVti lBnmt r,,-a P,,-,.,
PlMMTS, Ut.OTCIIB, TtlUCOlW, fiiW ItllEt M,
SCAT.D IIsu, Svi inf.ii ad fjfPiittiTro Ar-
rrciiosa. iIr.iini:;itAr n, a,-, n. v-..
, - w -. , jawrei, .1 l.t
BAtoi.1 on Tic DouioiiMEOx, Dehihtv, Dys-
PEfiU AWI l!ft)I0E1TIO!f, EllTSIPEtAI, IloSE
on Sr. Asiuo.w's fiue, and bideod the l;ole
class of complaints arising from Iiii-iuity or
the Br.oon.
Tllia COinnOUnd IVIII hr fmm.l r-rn-.f r,. n
moter of health, when taken in the spring, to
expel the foul humors which fost?r to ths
blood ot thnt season of the year. By the time
ly expulsion cf them trtnuy Mukling disorders
ore nioped in the bud. Multitudes can, by
the aid of this remedy, spare themselves from
the endurance of foul eruptions and ulcerous
sores, through which the system will strive to
rid itself of corruptions, if not assisted to do
this through the natural channels of the body
by an alterative 'medicine. Cleanse out the
vitiated blood whenever you find iuimputitics
bursting through the skin in pimples, eruptions,
or sores j cleanso it when yon find it is ob
structed and sluggish in tho veins ; cbanso it
Whenever it is foul, and your feelings M ill tell
you when. Even where no particular disorder
is felt, people enjoy better health, and live
longer, for cleansing the blood. Keep tho
blood healthy, and all is well ; but with this
pabulum of life disordered, there can bs no
lasting health. Sooner or later something
must go wrong, and the great machinery of
life is disoidorod or overthrown.
Sarsaparilla has, and deserves mu.-h, the
reputation of accomplishing these ends. Hut
the world has been egregiously deceived by
preparations of it, partly because the drug
alono has not all the virtue that is claimed
for it, but more because many preparation?,
pretending to be concentrated extracts of it,
contain but little of the virtua of Snrnpatiila,
nf anv thine? else.
. a -
During late years tho public have bi-ut u., .
led by largo bottles, pretending to give a imiiu ;
of Extract of Sarsapurillu for one dollar, il j ,t
of Oxruo have been frauds upon the sick, for'
they not only contain little, if any, Sarstipa
villa, but often no curative properties whatev
er. IL nee, bitter and painful disappointment
lias followed tho use of the various extracts of
Sarsaparilla which flood tho market, until the
nimu itsalf is justly despised, and has become
synonymous with imposition mul cheat. Siiil
w f cull this compound Sarsaparilla, and intend
to Mtpply such a remedy as shall rescue the
miiuu fioin the load of obloquy which tests
upon if. And we think wc have ground for
believing it has virtues which tire irresistible
by tit'.' ordinary run of the diseases it is intend
ed to ruve. In order to secure their complete
eradication from the system, the remedy .should
be judiciously taken according to directions on
the botttc.
DR. J. C. AVER & 0.
Price, SlpcrUottiei Six Oottlca for $3.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
has won fur itself auch n renown fortlio curt-of
every variety of Turout mid Lung CuiiipMut. timt
it is entirely iiniieecsary fir us tn recount Hie
evidence of its virtues, wherever it hns been in,,
ployed. As it lias long linen in constant nsa
throughout this section, we need not do more titan
nssuro the people its quality is kept up to tlic bet
it ever lms Iwen, snd that it may be relied on lo
do for their relief ull it lias evei beou futtnU to dj.
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
L'otlieencsM, JuiunUce, Dy iiepsia, lu Viji.Im.
Dysentery, 1'oul Islanmvh, KnjuijteUta, lleadin-l,.-.
Piles, lihmimatimi. Eruptions and S'.in Ijisrnsr.,
Liver Complaint, Vropnj, Teiter, Tmn.'.rt ui!
Salt RImim, Worms, Gout, 'ei,-iil:iin, n
Dinner Pill, rmt for Pir.-if,ii'iy ! Vfo"l.
They arc stigarOiiled, so lli.it tlic niosi hum
tive can take tlicm pleusaiitlv, antl thoy me Ihe
best aperient in the world for (ill ilie purposM ol' a
family nhvslc.
Prlce25 cents par ri; Tlva biiaa fo;- H.oo.
Orc.it numbers of Clerymen, I'livsuimis.Rinii a
men, and eminrtit poronnires, liuve lent in
names to certify tho unrmrnlletcil itsefnlne ot'tht s
remetlies, Imt our space herp will not prrntt lu
insertion of tlicm. Tlie Agents Mow iismiil r.u
nish pr.itis our Ami!Wcan Alm.,xac in wiiit 1. they
are given; wuh alo full Uewriptions f the -nun-complaints,
and the tie ittr.Qnt Unit should ou f.J
lowed for Iheir cure.
Tlo not he nut nff l,r iinn,-:,.;..in.i j...i .. - .
j. .... ... ,...,,,llv,,lva u..in-i ,.,tir
other preparations they maka mora pv-itr- rv.
Demand AVKH'-s, and take no others. The
want the bet aid thrrc is fur tlicm, and lliey u.u-il l
hive it.
All our reinr-dit-s are fur sale hy
nnnvneia a. a.arrrnT ,..
be prorirlsti and Dealers ererjwhere.
uwvtn JU,lssjw
Prom tbe New 1 ork Obsemr.
i a .11 ..all.- mKmmmt-mm U.-V. L
- mm iu.uvwiiiHnFg nam? Haooiuea are oo
lleeA A n.w II,. U.m, 1 lu.a ...v
are a so compelled to auks returns to Mm, uryler
mm ... Hi.aMaiu.rwia, ura nwuai aiTe aeorTeciscaie.
anu.. W 1,1. ...... . . ...
. nvai ma leiiaois Buurc we Dare otnainta tne
rntlnmrlna .t.,1. ttmm A ik.n..ki.u i.i. . . .
1369, there ere sold, '
By Wheeler h TTllson Bl.Sia
" I. M. Sn(er at Oo KI.UU
" Giorer at Baker 10.SS0
Shaarlne (ha aalaa .if Vhul,, av ITI1. A k. .1-..' -
those of any other Companj."
Awarded the highest premlue-s at the
lilted States fairs ol l&H, 18a and 1800;
also at ths
Ohio State Mrs or IK9 ud 1860;
and at nearly all the County Pairs In tbs State, -
vm, y -vc. ,u Mva miuBuuii, nrv ue ow va evir
lode sMeA saaoMce now sold, aad bat s tilSe higher tbstri
Interior two (Areatt OrWia stcA maeXin,; now
forced anon the market.
oTivniue onir one wnica cancel oeraTeieo, it
Aliu o Both a uw of ths goods, learici eto r4a or
w maownee varrantea 3 yiari, ana inttrueHon
given la their ose, free of ebarse.
u uAa.x,oi nign n. voinmpirs, tl.
i VU. 8UUNKR at CO.,
deoS-SawdJaialwflai Pike's Oj,er Bouse. Olncinnatl.
Sheriffs Sale.
Vetierlein sod Truanbowtr,
Common Pleas,
John Vaala. at al
Mot. terns. A. D., W
ftA AHA rilratetPawl rVnm I Vim. ntntB mb flfiH Dla.a
r.t..i.i .L Vi... . . . - . 71
issuevnu vwnniT, VUW, a will OBCT iur H10, mi UM
storeroom Ko.SM, opposite the Court- House, to lbs city
Columbus, sale oummenolnf oa
. ...... .
Saturday, ma im day of January, a. u.,iboi
, . - r
10 o'clock, A. M., thelfollowing dr eerlbed propeity, to-
wit: SIX spring seat chairs; thlrtyiU; beds and ajattree-1
chairs, lot ef eemmon stands, ud waahstande. elx I
see, twenty-six bedsteads ana Deautng, eiz cane seat arm
,.!-. A. a.am.. aiar-rla mmA a....... I. .l
a iweiw.ln IHSUaiCaUia MI1U IKUU1IIBT. B1A tSDI SBHI 11111 I
dining-room tables, two kitchen tables, a lot ot dinner
plaUs, eooe- putes, pitchers ud glaasirare a lot of
Intves and forts, tablespoons and teaspoons! two cook
pltchere looking glastee, :o. one desk, twoelocis, ore
w"B. . -u .v.iu n iw. vi laarmrnuma LODS1
Irnm-mi kA.tlu m . .1. J .
uBv, w..,, unwui.ih laiavnra, unuaerv, ace, J c
m 1 ml vlt.l,w mmA - . 1 1 ... I ,. .
w....v. uu.ua.il wviavHiir liuueni a I SO
tkaaa knaaatia, ft . mmmtmm a.w.n. . . k it..
u, w uu r shan, Bfterirr.
JanS.-lOtd By sa. Daiis, Dep'tr
MOCHNINU fcOOIlM-Black Xoglteh Orapea;
Crape Collars, Cuffs and Sleeeeet Long and Short
... v.,,., D a n ar... . 1..,.. r .
vi.,.. , ana, h-juui, vmp, sella; laacvi lens I' imymj
Trimmed; Pmln Hemmed Oollan; 8et; llandaerchiefe
lavar-rlr... Mul. A Olaaa.. . . Dlkknaal kllk-a-
Bombulnee; Trvvellngand all other kinds of Dreee flood!
constantly oa hand In great variety.
Pta BAIM, i
mayra Writ ttnoe nertb 1 well Hn.
OnlriTirr Ttsjiri. . il
. I
A 40 CEHXtJai:HroCr1D,,Aw-J -I
A ; r , m wncis a, assTiKitrt.
r4sisV T 2 7 mm. rs.
eep7 34 N High street.
By State Authority.
Incorporated I8i. Cbarter Ferpetual.
nt sssrrs,
and tbs prestige of 41 years' erueeM ui esperleace.
$100,000 in Ohio SecuriUea.
-riff losses equitably edjuiud and promptly paif.
The largest lose ever saetauied t anv rnamanrj,
toiHi paid In piaotaoatl daring tbs past six nan,
m,673.48. -
Frcpertj Insured against the
Sspedal atUntlon (iTso to tbe In sn ranee of
for terns of oas, three or On rears .
Application! received snd Policies lasted by
moSRICK J. FAT, Agent,
in 8oth High tr.eti clmbll,. '
KplSd troll
Fire and Marine
-Etna Insurance Co..
Capital and Surplus - - $2,014,142.
North American Fire Insurance Co
Capital and Surplus - - - $351,084.
Norwich Fire Ins. Co.,
Capital and Surplus - - - $222,228.
Lamar Fire Insurance Co.,
OP i .
Capital and Surplus - - $348,049.
Providence Washington Ins. IV,
Capital and Surplus - - - $345,786.
OP '
Capital and Surplus - -. $206,926.
Policlei issued without delay, oa all deecrlstloni at
pI'J"'" lessee equitably adjusted and prompt!
FfiED'K jTIaY, Agent,
117 South High St., Colnsmbna.
Dwelllnsxe, Mouaebold I'uraltDre stad
Insured by tbs
op habitoed. oomr..
For one, tares or five yean,
ITT AT VERY T AW atiajisiai r-rr
Cash Capital $1,500,000.
NET ASSETS, i2.014.ld2 n
Apply to
Office in Carpenter's Building,
o. a Houtra nian st
COlVaUVB, 0.
Master Commissioner's Sale.
OeoigeH Persons; Ex'r ofl
amaiua, ranone, aeoeasea I
Sale by order of Court
William P. Breck et al.
torn, ill Ha4at h .v.. a i .,
ACi i ... "."t-nor toon or s rant Ha
jonnty, Oblo, I will offer of eale at the doorof tbe Court
House to tbe city of Columbus, oa
TtmisdaT, tb 7lh da? of Fehrnar.. A . T) iftfll
. . L7, . Tr ,u r" estate, situate in tbe county
PrsnkUo and State of Ohio, to wit:
1888, Virginia, Mmtary District, U Jackson townslilp.
iVS! i .t?alT' .OWy.-aasatd eubdlelsloo Is record l
tbe pUt tbereoi In Book ol. 17, pane lie of the re
eorosof said Prankllo ecunty; said liTVo. I3bel! the
!S'L!!2.!3T!r1,t0o,",W,n r-BreckbyWm Miller, by
SLJwi0 !,0.T0, fl.PPS.3t3 snd SMof'tbi
records of deeds of said county, sontalnlog 1U8 acres and
it- square poles. In tbe follo-rlog inbdlebloni , at pUtUd
aed sunrcyedby W. W. Pollard, oa the 30tb du of Ben-
tenner, . u, isatj. t: ' '
8. MUhrMH.Ion V... O m.,t : ,
. . , r - w- a.ua ,Wa. WUIOIVUCLU B ml S,
WmmlP? f said Turnpike Road. 8 . W. oWr
With the) ft. Una ar aimM eMttuti v. a .
BO-IUO pole, to the 8. S. ooAi ,t.Mi-Moa T
"00!,'2S.M 'Ineef said lot No 11 8. 1 dee. tai
w.xujg loupclesi thence M BO deg. W. U7 Hi
100 nolea to tba rinti..f ..m e.HB
the beginning, containing S acres.
S. BubdiTlslon Ko. 1 of said let, commencing st a
"'J?. 0"t'0' ' tnrnplke Boad. 8. W. corner
eubdlTlsioo Mo. 9 of said lot; thence 8. BP dee. t. with
tbe south line or said snbdlrlslon Ne. two 8. W dee. si.
. ' a a- a., w.u. VI " UI-JlVISln
No. S; thence along the I line of said lot Ko. 13 B . 1
dec. as mm. it . K5 S6.IO0 polea: thence N. Bu d. sr.
lUpoleetotbeoentraer said Turnpike Road; thence
, ..aiou. 1Qi iki lot, eoaunetwlnir at anoint
"f "ct" of said Turnpike Road 8. w"oqrnir of
lubdlTtelon No. of said lot; thence with said line oi
said subdivision No. aS. SB deg, I. lit poles lo tbe 8
E. oorner of lubdlrislon No. I; trjence with the S. line
said JotNj. U . deg. U mlo. W. S3 poles) tbenrs
N. BS deg. W. 146 SO-lOO nolea t ih. Zr,,-. t
Turnpike Road; thence along lu centre N. 3. deg. Xi
v"lt ,0 beginning, containing 10 acres.
5. Hnlwllwtalnn Va .u . .. . .
polut In the centre of said Turnpike Road, g. W. corner
nf a ii vl I trial U. Am : J ..... i . .
nf said suhdiTtston No. 4 8:89deg a lea So-lUO poles
to the 8. X. corner of euhditfainn Vn a- ),.. an,!, n..
a... iw. , Ml, III, utonj VIU1 UIB H .If,.
K. line of said lot No. ila. ldrer. ilnla. w so
to a stone 8. I- onrnerofaald lot Mo. 13- tr.aa.aa. Wi lmi
deg. W. l3SO-liiO poles to a stake tn toe centra of -iei
Turnpike Road; thence along lta centre N. Ui deg. 'M
min S 34 polea to the lesinniae. aonutnlr. OH
and LSaouana BMllea.
Tbe fullowloe rrta of Iota Mm. a miOS Jr
--- --a a.a w, iv.nvi. esuurnuiB
f 10 kin hy Um superior Oort of Vnuk
Ho ronntv. ithlA. ia .1- .- ,.ra - . .
, , ' ; . . . '. ' "mj ,v,iai, ioni, u a partition
made of aald Iota between him and hu wife IlUabetb 0.
w.ik koi no. two (H or said pvtiUon. coaa
menclng tt the N W. turner of lot No. Uf eald parti
tlon; thence 8. 57 deg. 30 min. B. 108 8H-10O poles to
-" " a. .-a vviwaim BUU DVI.ajLl turnpUO
"f ll,n cvt' ef said road N. 3S dec. su
' .P01" tiu,;8-.- iDorof lot No! 3 of said
Dartitlon: tbenaa M. !17 rl mi mil., wr. itai
e ' - mw mmm a -a euv HVIH S1 1'
, BL.W ' M N Uu!nc 8. 1 deg 30
f lnT ?l P"' 10 b glnning, contalnlnj ,18 gcres
1 rJ . , . ..
Also, lot No tbreo 3i of aald narfttna,. r.m...u. a.
the N. V. corner of lot No. 8; thenoe 8. 57 deg. 3H
anln E. I9U poles to ths centre ot the Columbus aad
llerrlshare Turnpike Road; thence along tbe centre of
eaid read N. S-J deg. 30 min. X. Si poles te the 8. K.
twiner rtf lilt No. 4 Af mmtA a,.a,l1r.n. ih.... 1 7 a...
Wain f. t via -100 pole; thence 8. t deg. 30 anln.
west G2 50-100 poles to the place or beginning, contain
ing eem 8 Node, CO poke.
Buhdlrtsone of lot No. IS appraised ss follows:
ruoaivisnn no. a at sow per acre. -
Subdivision No. 1 at 840(8
Bubdivleton No. 4 at tee OS " - a
Bubdlvltlon No. J at 40 00 .
lot No. 8. eontaloiag 38 aorea, tegttther with lie iuaea
sawmill, ,W. . :
. Iot.a.eontainlsg09acr-e,at 8M 00 .-r acra.
. O. W. HUS-kHAN.Soerlt.
dccS3-dllw4w. - - and Master Comavlaalener.
Printer'.fees,ia 50,
The most graoefalud elegant iklrte set tJr-r-4oi
sale. Anew lotJust opened by PXTER B.tlrf,
dec.ll. No.MSostthllihs-T-t.

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