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Ttie Adams Express Company places us dally
undf r obligations to it for the very latest papers
Irom the i(Hm cities.
i t. American Kinross Company liaB or
lUiika lur He d'iily lavora lo the ehapeoi the
fij latest eastern paper. V';
lowiug bids for supplying the Penitentiary with
beef, pork and.oorn, w ere opened laat week, and
the awards made according to tbe advertisement
for pro osalg;; ' . '
Rusisl Bpcnct' bid.'... V50 per 100 11m
' William Uoxe'i ota. ........ w
9. A. Thatcher' old...; 4,(0
Awarded to Mr. Thatcher.
idi rot roan
perotl. JuOlbs,
Henry Millar for Men Pork
. Prima "
(JlJeon Van If mar. Mm Pork..
' Prime"
David Ml ohsll Mass Pork
Prime '
Awarded to David Mitchell.
114 05
, n is
14 00
19 80
13 88
11 67
There were fire bide to supply the prison with
Ono bid at .' M V par bushel.
Io biila at JiK "
One Md at .' IB "
On bid at t 30, "
Which being above) the arerage market price,
were rejected,, and the Warden has since bought
1,500 bushels, at 25 cts. per bushel
'Not Oil But Salt A company who bad
been for socse time boring for oil, on the bank
of the M&houJng river, opposite Youogstown,
oa Monday Uit, struck a prolific stilt spring.
When the -drills- were drawn up, tho saline
treara flowed copiously over the top of the well
into the river.
But a man not o( the company, la digging a
well on bis premises near tbe same spot, struck,
on the same day, about nine feet below tbe sur
face a vein of oil, pronounced to be of 'a superior
quality. ' .':
Case op Soskndkd Animation. A Wheel,
tag paper relates the case of a lady In that city,
who to all appearance died on ' Saturday night
last. Every arrangement was made for tho fu
neral, when before the body was placed in the
coffin, tbe discovery was made that it still re
tained Its natural warmth. Every effort was
then made to restore animation, bat without
uccepa. She still remains In the same appar
ently lifelu64 condition, and opinions aro con
filotlog ti !) chethcr she h really alive or
Faii.uri i Nicwamt.. Oo Monday last, toe
banking bouie of Gxokoe W. Pinnit, of New
ark, stopped payment Mr. P. having made an
aesixnooeut for tbe benefit of bit creditors. The
liabilities of tho oon-.crn are about $25,000, and
tut comical value ot: its assets about 250,000,
which will probtbely pay abor.i 40 per cent, of
tbe liabilities. The Advocate, states that more
than half of tbe iodcbtnee is in sums, of leas
tbaa $800.
Infohmatio Wantid. Of a nun by the
name of Geo. Wheeler, resident of Newark,
who left there about the first of June, at an
agent fur the Sale of Washing Maehiaes, in In
diana and Illinois. When last beard from be
w In WaehiDgton, III. Editors throughout
tbe west will confer great favor on ah afflicted
family by cjpyiog this article. Any information
ay be addressed to the "Voter of the Pcoph,"
ZTewi-k.O. ": 1 ' y
- jus MaSQcsftADK Ball of tho Tiulla Assoo
latbu coin es off at Ambus' Hal! on Tuesday
night- It creates ' quite a sensation In the
0U7, an 1 will bi the trnd AtTiir ia the miie
ment line this cohjq.
Call on C. jCdsBUAN, at the Montgomery
House, for euoh fancy and grotesque dresses
und dligaises as you may want,
Madame Yam; Jaum.--Gavo ber Uat Con
cert at Armory Hfill, last evening. That finely
moulded form, and those soft, mellifluous tones,
will long linger : In the memory of those who
were present at ber Concerts. Who oould
think of living under ny other than tbe "flag
of our Unloe," after .bearing this "Goddess of
Liberty" extol'Tbe Star-Spingled Banner?"
ETTbe Tiflli Tribunt givea an appilllng
iccouat of the burning to death of a little child
faer yean oUL thai was locked up in the bouse,
while its parents were attending to somo work
out of doora-... The horrible accident took place
in Wood count y, 1 t week,
Firs in CLtvrLtno. Yesterday morning,
three frame buildings on the South aide of the
' Canal Basin, and one on West street, Cleve
land, were consumed by Ore. Lose about $5,000,
The fire h eeppeeed to have been couaed by an
tnceadlary,: v .
. ITT The eorpie'of a youug man by the name
of Suovct, was ycatcrday taken from the depot
in this city", ft Lancaster., He waa a carpenter,
end was kiUtd In Arkansas, by fulilDg from a
building. . ...... ;
"T A can by the name of Huohes, was ar
rested yesterday, morning ia Springfield, charg
ed with forgery. :,' He was taken to Cincinnati.
The arrest waa made fcy Offloee Thokas, of
Clnciocati, and-Mrcbal Brooks, of Newcrk
( M ' I i- !. ,; :
UTTbere are twenyboys from Jinesvllle In
the Reform School Farm nor Lancaster. The
paper of the former city are In favor of tend
ing a few more to the same locality.' r' 'u' 1 .
Tm InootAiLC iMtanc.tlon. Wm Pahs, of
Llckieg county, bat Introduaed Joto the House
of Representatives a bill 'providing ' for : the
erection of Asylums for the Incurable Iotane."
It locates tbt Asylum at or coar Newark. ,
ETOne man ,last week killed eleven flat
large deer in Henry county. . Game of all spec
ies la very plenty In that section of the coun
try. I ' - i -i!.,-.. t.: ; t. ,. .: ,, ,.
' ' " - ' ; ' - " . .. ' -.
' BT. We art '. under "obllgationa lo , Richard
NtTMa Esq , Stato Printer, for a copy of tbe
nepers oiine myc piubiio Workl for 15G0.,
tTk letjtkm Is In circulation in Carrolfcoun
ft ftlhoT! bf tht county aeat. ; . ,
I DTht celebrated Teocerance orator.loMii
B. Gooon.leaturee la Toledo, on Saturday, tbt
CT jEe Ohio Editorial Convention meets at
rlnaIIlt,on Wedneidayiiext. u
UTO.SkFowlii, tbe phrenologist, lectured
In Cleveland on Thursday evening last. ' ' '
t Ia Tat F;iLDt. Yon oeod not be la the least
Afraid to. wajk in tbt field wbera ttrer are pot
. t rcoua vlnea or plants, even to touch and bandit
them;; Jafrmej.'a Balm will, prevent tny bad
ujw irom iouowing. a rytji
f"-"7,-rs."dTerttaemnt 'f Pf.- Mittti'a
lr Invlgorator in another colnmn.V i-'.:
Rail Road Time Table.
9.H P. M.
2 311 P.M.
ii.A. M.
AcoommodatioB 0.10 A. M.
' No.SBx S.JO P.M.
Might Express ..a. 8.43 A.M.
CurviiajtD, Coluhsui ft decuman R. R
1.40 P.M.
i-.uia. M.
' Express and Moll... .
! Night Repress
.1.00 P. M.
,.3;'M A. JI.
CsiraaxOuto R. 11
, Express Trln
i Mall Train
. 3 00 .. M
11.40 P. M.
9 30 A. M.
.HOP. M.
2.30 P. M
2-.2U V. M.
Jtxpreii Tralu 3:00 A.M.
Mail Train 11.40 P. M.
OoLnMRrt ft iNDUNiPOI.UI P . It.
' Columbus, 1'liiua ft Indiana B. R.
. Einresi Train :10A.M.
11:10 A.M.
B: 1(1 P.M.
Impress Train. ...
Rouancc. But poor JVIiss Squeers! iler an
ger, rago, and vexations the rapid succession of
bitter and pastionate feelings that whirled
through ber mind, as she surveyed, first, the
bit-cult, then the paBtry, Ac, which was epread
before tho gaze of her fastidious guests! How
sbe vowed that Siilaratus had been ber ruin;
that but for the eccentric and unaccouutable pe
culiarities of tbls preparation, she abould at
that moment have astonished the assembled
company with creamy cakes autl delicious
pastry. If she had only used D. B. De Land Sc
Go's. Salaratns, which is perfectly pure and
reliable, she would have been spared all this
mortification. She procured De Land's Saluratua
the very nest day, of ber grocer, andnaabad no
such trouble since! It can be purchased from
any good grocer, and is sold at Wholesale by
tho Manufacturers, tat Falrport, Monroe County,
N. Y., and by the principal grocers iu all parts
of the country.
. Good .We met one cf our friends yesterday
on Broadway, and were astonished at the change
in bis appearance. A few weeks ago we saw
him, he was pale, lean and dejected; complain'
ing of weakness and debility, having been so
afflicted all summer. Now be appears lojbeiit,
healthy and strong. We learn be owed bis re
storation entirely to McLean's STat.iOTiioNiNo
We advise all who are complalnlug of Gener
al Dcbllty to try it; It ia oertainly a very pleas
act remedy. We . learn that there are large
quantities of it selling daily. Morning Herald,
Don't Read This! For it tells you truly that
Jamea Pyle's peculiarly manufactured Dietetic
Salcr&tus ia absolutely pure, end Is the only
genuine Sileratus to be found. Look out for
counterfeits! Depot, 315 Washington Street,
New York. Sold by grocers everywhere.
The Alabama Ordinance.
AceraTA.Ceorala, Jan. 11. The follavlnj ur.utd the
Alabtma buia Ooanotion, to day.
AsoRoiNAirciTO DiaioLva tat Loto.1 BiTWUMTBa
8Tier auab.m ahdoibis 8rTa cnitao cbdkk ma
uoMf act ill H-rvcaor tji vmtta t tatjcs or auu
ici -
WniacAS, Tlie elaotioaof Llncola and Hamlin, by
aactioaal party, auwdly hot HI to tna Uonuatla inaiu
tlona and veaov and aeourlljr of Uie peepl of the 8tu of
Alabama, following npou tua brola of many and danger
ona lufraollona of the OonaiKutton of Iho Cultad 'tatea,
bvuany of tbafltateaRnd people ofthe No tberaBtaios
la apolitical wronn, et ao lotuitlne a character aa tojui
tlly ihe rwop'e of the eute of A Winma in 'lie adoption of
prompt and decided meaaarea for their future peace and
ecccrltt ; therefore.
It it at flared and ordained by th Ptojit of Ala
bama, in VvhVtntlm attembltd, That the Bute of
Alabama now withdraws fmm the Union known ai the
United Statee of America, and henceforth ceaaes to be
one of the said Uolted 8u:Mnd ia and ef right ought to
be s auvereien Indcuendent Stale.
eraonD tn.Tioi .tna o furtttr declared and
ordaiwd hy the PtopU of the State of Alabama, in
uommaon Anemuiea, inns an powora over tne territo
ries of the said Mute, and over the people thereof, her,
tnfore delegated to the Government of the United States,
by the titato of Alabama, be and they ire heiehy with
drawn from Ihe laid Coverntrect, and are hereby resum
ed and vested In Ihe people of the State of Alibma, and
as It li the desire and purpose of tbe people o' Alabama
to meet the ilavthold-ng State! of the Bouth, who ap
run of tuch a purpnjo, In order to frame a revlsiosal,
u a permanent government. Loon tu y,uivi.at tm
Qovernment of the United States.
. Be it also rcsolnd by tlu people qf Alabama in con
vention atnembUd. That the peuplo of the States of Del
aware Maryland. Virginia, North Carolina, South Caro
lina, Florida, Georgia. Mississippi Lonlsiina, Texaj,
Arkansas. Tennessee, Kin tuck v and Missaurl, be, and
hey are hereby invit d to meet the State cf Alabama, by
their delegates. In convention, on the Slh day of Febru
ary next, lo Montgomery, Alabama, for the purpose of
consultation with other States, as to t' most effectual
mode of aecuring concerted action In whatever measures
msy be deemed tlie most desirable for the common peace
and security, and
Se it further reio!ved. That the President of the
convention be, and li hereby Instructed, to transmit
forthwith, a copy of Ihe foreirolug preamble, ordinance,
and resolutions to the Coventors of the several Btates
named In the last resolution.
Done bv the pe.-ple of Alabama, In convention assem
bled, at Montgomery, this 11th day of Jan., lt-CI.
The preamble ordinance, acd resolution were adopted
by ayes 01, nays 39.
After the adoptloa of the ordinance, the Hall was
opened to visitors- - A iplemlid flag presented by the la
dles of Alabama, wss eonvyad lo the President's stand
and formally presented to the Convention in a handsome
and eloquent address .
Mr. Smith, del&gate from Tuscaloosa, followed In a
feeling reference to the stars and atripes, and then In
voked the blessing of heaven on thtrew flag. Appla sc.
Paker, of Eu'alla, than returned tha thanki of the
Convention to tbe ladles, In the most eloquent terms '
The ordinance of acces.lonwill be ratified next Mon
day, when it is believed that many other dclegites will
lgn It. An immeu Mass Melting Is now being held
In front of the Capitol, and distinguished co-operation
delegates, are pledging'thelr -constituents as a unit to
sustain the action of the Convention. The leoession
Dig presemted by the ladles Is now waiving over the Cap
itol, amid tbe ringing of balls, the firing of cannon, and
the cheering of the people. Tbs most lnteose enthusi
asm prevail!. . . . t
Washington Items.
WiFHttaroN Jan. 11. Gen. D'z was to-dav nominat
ed and unanimously confirmed as Secretary of tbe Tnusu
. ine uaoiuei n now a unit. - '
The President hs mule a formal order dtrectlne the
heads of the Department! to withdraw all their advertls-
leg patronage from the UcnulttbUo newsnar-er. Tha
liumcdlste cause of this aot Is supposed to be the cenanres
of that J onroM regarding tbe sending of troops to C barlis-
Fz-Sacretiry Thompson has replied to his letter of
loeeptaoee of hli resignation. While adhering to bis
opinions rormaiiy expressed, implying a breach of Cabi
net faith, he spesks ia the kindest terms of the President
A private letter from Florid, dated jannary 7th sivs:.
A number of delegates from Went tflo.-ida, express them
selves to the effect that If the State abould secede with
out a proper guarantee nndentandiog, tbey will secede
from tne other part of the Bute, and allTrest of the
Apaiacnoeo la river will annex them Mitel to Alabama.
xne arsenal at cnataboochie has been se ted hv order
f the governor, under the nretext that the United Statu
officer was about to remove arms
Mr. Sherman said tvday in the Housi that after the
navy and army bills ihaU-have been disposed of. the op-
pnriuotiy uesirea ny eouineru meu lur aeuet will be
It ts aaid that Mr. Taylor, chief elerk of the New York
Pest-offlce, will be appointed Poasnaster. -
At a dinner puny yesterday, high words passed be-1
tween Senator Tombi and Lieut General "celt . Accord
ing to relation! In congressional circles, the conversation
turnea oa in senntng or t.oops to Charleston, when Mr.
Tombs cxpres-etl the luu that the peosle there would sink
the Star ot th West. Then the General with much ear
neatness asked whether It eat possible that he li an Amer
ican aeairea suca an evenl. -
Mr. Toombs rrDlled aiHrmathwtv. anil that Ih.ira rhi,
sent th vesseltther should be aunk with her
Gen. Seott thereupon aaid he was responsible for what
he said, and Mr, Toombs remarked, "vou have known
me for J years, and are aware that I too am restwnsibl."
lb. matter her. ended, but the VuWec', I ! li aaid, la iow
In th. hand, ef frlendi. It is prXb lo hit the MlZdi.
Ippl delegation will formally ritir f ? OoMressTtt
v"", "
Lieut. Tabot ha arrived front Hal. Anderson, wfth it.
patcheitotbaovernment. ', T
senator ttanwr speecn to-UAJ nrducd a romfourd
sensation .
sufficient lawful fore her, to dfy all Vlrglaia and
aaaryiaou eo-ruiDou, at auy aueoaps at invaaion.
it i in purpoe or sir. Bucbaoan to veto th Pecifle
Ratlrold b.ll if It li sent to him. His objection ii not to
the ssesanr Itself, but to what b calls ereatlna' a e,t
debt to thepreanit condition of th country.
Special Dispatches to the York Press.
NXW TOBK. Jan. .11. A Waahlnrton dlanatnh lo tha
Oommeroiai saya an earnest effort will b maie In the
aenau to order the Inves'lgatloo throne rt th JudL-lar
eommilte Into th charge of a Iraaioaabi plot to stab-
tun weoutasra coaieoenacv., wttn llaaaat ori-orarnment
at Washington ...
' sar- Trewwtt naeoahr with pacino evt Wre from
8ov Jioken'i of Booth Oarolina ,-....
' As angry iDttrview ts aaid to have taken place between
(Isoeral Scott and Senator Coomb, In which tbe former
used some plain but not dlgnlSed laosnsge.
A dpatcb te the Pott saya th TJ. B. ateamer Fulton
r-"".Jf ,n " se th Star ot th Wit eaf
u. ,,uiWrVi vuariaaton. i.i
i --.I -- "I.
Secession Meeting in Missouri.
It!,. Mo.. J.n . 11 A. .
J w"". mo., Jan. 11. Aa nltraieceuloa meeting
Sld hira laa nfffht J VT. ".lUl
olng the St. to.s Mtmecrat and forbidding Its elroule
loo- - tv ... ;
Llneoln'i efflgy was bemrjmLS ak.
torch-llghtt, musln, t.,,,l " " """
...rsrt.iw.-i'v w t
" 7" y -- , I If f
Mr. Dark, from the committee on Military affaire, ro
ported a bill pravldluK the expernw lor Uieullltarestnh-
llanmentaanii lorifi
I 'r- Crittenden'a reiolutlona were taken up, and Mr.
, Trumbull proposed an amendment atvrovis of the con-
liluct of Major Andenon and the determination of the
I rreaidenl to aupport him, and avowi that we anpport tbe
I Prealdnnt in all conititulional meaaum for the enforce
ment of all lows ftr the preiervallon of the Union.
Mr. Hunter aaid before the end of Ihe month six or
, seven Btatea would li tre looeded The old Union can
not now be laved. We enn't rtatore the dead; we will
roconitruct a no Kovernment. a oi-ff Union, which we
propoto making permanent. Since 16 JO warfare against
tlie limal system of the Houth has been earned on, and a
President la now coming to power who has decl'red that
all etates must be free or ill slave. The Bouth has all
the eleaents of an empire He laid the only thing to
presorvo peace now was tho adoption of amendment! to
me uonautution.
In. Oongrmshai nopoper to abolish slavery In any
Slate, the Ul9tilct ol Columbia, dock yarda, forts, and
arseneis or (lie uovnrnmenl.
2nd Congress shall do nothing to obstruct the Inter
State Slave trade
3rd. lhatlt Is the duty of each Stato to suppress arm
ed Invasion of another Stale.
4th. That any nta-e shall be admitted Intp the Union,
will) or wllhcut slavery, according to the votes of iho
Sib. All States shall restore fugitive slaves, or pay
their value t thor owners
0th. All fugitives are to be deemed to hi offending
tbe laws of 4he Bute they eccape from
7 h Congress shall decisis the rliiht of the Oovsrn
meat to nrugnize and protect the publto properly,
whercverthe OuTernmeot rhall harejuiisdlctlon.
fcuch lavs must be parsed by mnjoiMei of the Benators
of b th nun sliV'holiling am alave-holdln Btatea
Alu, that tbe Supreme Court shall bere-a1Juited, and
ball cnnsist t five udcs from tach section.
Mr. llunter then ar uel against co-nlun, predicating
bia remarks on hit osierilon that the UuhD waa not now
exlstlng,and held that ooerclon was celthsr right nor pos
sible, a, well aa destruollv of all chancel of a re con
ssructlon of a new Union.
Mr. lluutir c.n.tiuued. laying, Knglandand other
forslnt powers would not consent to a blocsade of the
Cuttoo pons, acd argurd in taror of returning the forts
in vnarieson harbor tu Bouth Carolina. By coercion the
North aould only bauau a civil war which they with to
prevent: and ,ha eenat'ir then pictured the horrors of a
civil which wou'd meet the detestation of mankind, and
there will be aucn a resuta- c to coercive nieaiurcs aa
never belore wis known In the world,
lie asked that the people should have time for consid
eration, and concluded with an sueal to 0 ingress tu
see If the aca tered rtaai ts uf tbe Union could not onco
njuie be brought together. Let u, set if we cannot have
some pence, some place, .me common ground, and tl en
Whea the columns couie from Uut North and South, let
them meet each other In peiire, and from tbe rising to
ihe setting sua. tske uart In a srand review that Kill
shake tbe heavens with such gladness as to b Ing the
very birds from flight, ai.d there will be proclaimed at
ieai mat we are orotuers in war, brotnore In peace and
ready to take our pUce In the grand march of human
said. Congress reniwaililed this winter. In
the presetxe o( deianceroent of builness eud the disturb
ance of public as well as private credit and In the face
of sedttluuicoislilt,allons to overthrow the Uoion. The
alarm li apat ling, fur the Union Is not more thabody
thau llhsrtv Is the suul of the nation. Ha avowed his
adherence to the Uukn, and Its integrity In all Its parts,
nun uiy ineiius, wttn my prty, witn mv utile, with my
coantry, or without either, in every event, whether of
iea or war. w in every consequence, or honor or dis
honor, of life or death.
Alter atatlog that the Union cannot be lived bv mutual
recrlmmlnailoniorcoiitlnuaneeof dotato on the oanitt
tutioual power of Congress over the snbjest of ittrery,
in the territory, or discussing the right of the Federal
Govermoent to coerce a acceding Btates Into obedience,
he sajs If the Union Is to go on the latter questlou will
glvo way to a more practicable one, whether m.iny lece
dlug States have the right to coerce the remaining mem
bers to acqulcica in dissolution . He abboriel civil war,
tld not know what the Union would b- worth If saved b
tbe sword, yet he did not agree with those who desire to
avert the calamity by advising conve ntloral or nnoppoi
ed separation, with a view to what they call a re cn-
structlon of the Union . TLe Unlun can be dissolved, not
hv seco-sion. but bv the Vuliint&r cament nf tlia nHnnl
of the United States.
Conarcss ouubt nut to remain tnmaaifva. f I nttuht tr
It can, redress any real zrlcvancds to the r ffsmli-il ina.
and Ihen itoujht to supply the Prcsltientwl h til means
necessary to maintain tbe Union la the full exhibition
and diacreet exercise of Its authority. Beyond this, with
proper activity on the part of the Kxocatlve. the ninnn.
Ibllliy of saving ti Union, bslonns to ine people, end
they are abundantly competent to discharge Li-
Mr. be ward aifnedat length on that advantage) of thai
union, and ttaeenecl of dissolution froos alt points of
view, and proceeded: what ia the uruund of discontent?
is that the disunionlals did no: recent inconclusive the
argumenta urged tu behtlf ol tbe successful caudidate in
the la-e canvass; denied their own arguments ugalnat
hiji were more aailsUctory to blssupp irters.
He said ihe Constitution didn't require the arguments
of one party to be itttafactnrv to another, and said tha
coniiltutlonal remedy for tbls Inevitable dlaaa.lsfaotlon
in renewed debate and ultimate lehearini. In a subse-
qusnt election. lie denied thst lha Nei,u:iiinn ,,r.
verted power tor tbe puryose of oppreusion, for thty
never hmd power.
After further remarks, !: said he r.nreed that at con
cerns tha bondsmen, the Lairs of the staie within which a
man is property, are supreme, and that on his esoape to
auwucr Quaie, iue i;oKsiuuuon regarus ntm aouudamau,
who shall be delivered up on claim, to th: party to whom
is service li da.
Wlitl thinking that act ' Congress on the subject
abould be moJlUed to protect frcctniu from bmog carried
into slavery, he agrees that all the laws of Bbstei. freoir
slave, relating to tnli.oliss of persons, contravening tho
ouuu-.. - ,fc. n. A. .mh: lo be re:icaled, aod wh!
willing to vota foramenduunt to tit Co&3iiiui!,u. tl.t
Congress should cever have the power to aoollsh or la
terfere with slavery within the Btites
If Kansas were admitted under lha Wyandotte cos3tl
tulion and thu organic Uws or other terrilorlci could Ls
repraled, be could vote to nu thorite the admission of Ihe
new Stales which ihould , include them, reserving the
right lo alter the lub divlaions, whenever necessary, Into
sevoral convenient Statti; but he did not tiud that such
rvservstlons could be conatltuUooallyoiaite Without
them, the ulterior etnbarrassmeuts womd outtreib all
tlie Immediate advautag, i of audi a measure. I prefer
when the angry Uxc.ttments of tho hour shall have
subsided, oue, two or three years hence, a comouiiun of
tbe peoyle, lo deckle whether any, and what amendments
the organic national l.iw ought to be made, li waa
ready to vote for any poperly guaranteed laws to prevent
mutual Invasion! of tbs States, by , citizen! of other
States, and punish those who shall aid or abet them.
Lastly he was In favor of the l'a.lfio Hvllroad. - '
Mr 8eward concluded by tiylng I ihall cbecfully sup
po.t the Government In whatever prudent yet energetic
effort It shall make, to preserve publto pctce and main
tain the Union, advising only, moderation, forliearaoce
and conciliation, and by expressing lha convkllon that
tbe hour was not yet come for this grout ration to rail.
Mr. Clark, of Minaourl, after reading a telegraphic ac
count that the fost othc sub Treasury and Cusiotsi
House bed been taken possession of by United Btates
troops, under an order from Gen. Bcolt explained, lest
account might deceive the country, thtit all these of
fice! are located In Ihe same building. As lo what ttai
the condition of thing at St. Louis, to Justify such an
account, he knew not. The people there io far, have
beeu quiet and loyal to the Union.
Tbe Legislature of Missouri lsnow In session, and will
censider what measure are necei.ary for the peruetua
tion of th Union.
Missouri made no threats, while sue it determined to
take such steps, as her honor, interest and aafaty re
quire, and this she will ds io lur uwn way and time.
Mr. Kenton aud other upon th Bepubllcan side, ob
After-farther remarks, Mr Clark esksd leave to of-'
fer a resolution, calling, on the Secretary of War ti ooa
muBlcai whethor tha Post Office, Bub Treasury, and
Custom House, sltua etl la bt. Louli. have been ta
ken possesion of by the U. d. troops, aod If so, by whote
order, and whether there has been any attempt by th
it or muntciiial au'borltees, to Improperly Interfere
with sold buildings, vr whether the public piipcty ha,
been threatened.
' He raid he did not believe th report. He wu again
called to older on the Uepubllcanside, and ebjectionwas
Biado to the'rooeptlon of the resolution. '
Mr. Clark ask.-tl whether he coaid move lusosntlun
efUhe ru!. '
Th Speaker replied that could b dsn only on SIoil
dav. Mr. Clark hoped th majority of ib Home would cot
continue to object to the resolution, end countenance
military oespotiim.
Th Uyeaker said obleotion having bean suds, th rcio
lution ooald not b (otertained,
Th Speaker lald.fcefor th House a letter ilgnid by
tin Miss sslppl Delegation statlDg that they had received
ufliclel luformatlon that their State nad u-aaed All nriil-
nance throurh a Ctnventlon, repntenting tee sover-
eignty ot mo peopt, oy vnitn uie atata has withdrawn
fiom the federal Uovernmetit all powers heretofore dele
gated to It; et.d that ihty thougit It their duty to lay the
fact before tit Hsu e, and wlthd aw themselves fr ra
the further dellberallons of ihatbody. While tbey regret
tbs necessity for this action, tbey approbate It and will
reinrn nome.
Arrival of the Star of the West at New York.
oar over weuaesday tight. That
NtwYoBB. Jan. 12 Th gttrof tb West, Oaptala
MiGowao, ha arrlv. d. She repori Wednesday eve, A.
M , mUo Charleston Bar; laid to to till daylight, hen
th proceeded to enter th harbor. ' Wheu .off Morris'
uianti, was urea into oy in oa.tury on the Point. Bev
,a,rn ... 6,,Dg J,r,d "5"' 0-M ,k,D' ,UBl atet
Jn ?" po,t ?ow' tB2 4 eoon1 M tat ,Broed to ' "
Jrt'B sUtboard quarter. One ball passed between
''I m?)? 'lKk aod !Blln" be- .r!od'n' " '"P"'1'"
to land th troona. ah eras raturnlnir tn au .mi.u
:.B ul. com nuea eeverat snots jjeing Bred.
nnen inesuoceeuea la getting to tea, without lurthar
""r'"w. wwa
un coming ouiover um bar she struck twice. Bheie-
riigntsawiwajner coming out ol the harbor, and up-
f , i , , , -r -"uiiwirii wet
r" - w l ir
.,.... .,M,.v.. ,1, (u,ij ot rterre, oi
and for Charleatou, at . anchor, who had boen refused
admittance, for having tb American Flaa- flvlm,.
The troop, will remalu on board antil order, am ra
celved from Waahlngton. She lay at anchor at the foot
oi uuamuer street, In tb North liver.
The Btsr of tha Waat alia rem,, I. lti! Ant. ...i.t. .
light draught of water thatoan got wl-hln any distance of !
Charleston harbor, to do serrU, tnd also that those In
charge of Ibe batterieacn Uorrts' Island ar sot lnx
prlnid gunner that they wr supposed, whloh was
""" ui uaair soots, WbtcbUew lively about
the vessel. Th ganral fesliug among th troopa and
erew on board U In favor of being landed at Fort tump-
.... -... .u.iow w riurn wim proper
meahtfot ofTeDee and dfne. v - ,
" ' -- r a i i i i.'i
North Carolina.
hk,n en any.. It lath apsclal cider for
I Moor. Worth Carolina IS conservative, aad would re-
.poDdtoth proposition for an eqoluble adlastmentof
BaiJielt, H. 0., Jan. U.a.Both Denies wer. .rtgtgsd
reu-ruay aadto-cay oa tie State Oonventlor, quosu'a,
,l...l ..I,k ..' ---,-'
wu.wu.Mv.www .....Mm in mixiE, n .u-n tn.tun.
i ,iUB,,..uiw u , i r. . skt-cnament for s&
opBndfora restricted convention were oHered. but
. ..!.. . - . . "V .
tn dURcAlrl, bat will hv hr rlghta at all haaard
Shit 1 th pablle seDtimnthr,
Message Governor Hammond of Indiana.
1HUIIRAIVU,, u. iii-uuii uiuouiia oi,thiu
message at tl P., M., to-day te tlie LegisUtUtre In joint
convention, , . '
The message relates mainly to Stat affairs. Ife stys
the law lor the protection of the ballot-box sgtlnst fraud
is defective, and recommends the Dsasace of a law Inflict-
in heavy penalties for Illegal voting, lie recommends
the establishment of a luo-irersuiy lystem, to prevent
loss from the depreciated condition of aeoarillcs upon
which our f.ee bank circulation Is based.
Itslerrlng: to the present condition of the country, lio
ay,: "tbe strength of the Federel Aovernment rests
with the affectiona of the people of the several States,
and la one of sfTecllon, and not of force. An nlienatlon
of affectiona of North and Bouth exists, attributable to
the atiitation of tlie slaverv auestion at Ihe North, which
agitation has been materially intensified by the realous
erf.irtofa class of political teachers, belonging to the
This has produced ultralsmat the Bouth, resulting In
a division of tlie country Into sectional parties. Bcpa-
Mini i.b fu..HiililMt llnjia itnB, tliAUl uitraiama Nurth
tnil Ontt.k I, Im tha tn'nf f li A n..nrffatlvll vilHIIPnt fif
me whole country to lolerrere, anil tins mast ne anneal
once, or disunion it Inevitable, ir It is not atrcatiy ac
complished, poind of difference between ilaveholdlng and oon
laveholding Slates, aro few. and they are more imaginary
than real. The North baa as much interest In the wel
fare an1 prosperity of tha Smth, at our southern breth
ren. Tha Conslitution demandi th it their fugitive Haves
be returned to them, kqultyand common honesty re
quire that they shall have full and equal rlphts In all
Territories belonging to tbe General Government.
The fu'ure condition ol the territories, so far as the ex
tension of slaver Is concerned, Will Ultimately be de
termined by the natural laws of climate, soil and pro
duction!. Any question that can new be made upon It, must be
moreanaoiiraction than a living vital principle. The
Immediate cause of the fearful political cmmotlon which
has produced a panln 1 all our c mmercial relations. Is
sue result or the late contest lor j-ro iuni.
The South reeaidinr tbecle, tion or a Northern sec
tional candidate aa the icqnence of antl ilaveiy agltat on
as tee solemn verdict of the ie Dle of the free Stales
agin,t tha South aod her Institutions, aatl the tnitluct
or aelf preservatl'n his produord that cnaru.cr or action
at the routh which ihreatena tu deatroviiur lovernm-nt.
The Southern mnd hns become impresaed w h t- e b'lief
that there Is no looser ani- safety for them or their pro
perty la a nnlon with non slavehohllog atatrs; that belief
rest not upon any act or the prevailing patty, out in toe
chain or events ihttcoaosota together tue history of the
antl- slavery eg'.tatlnn.
'mere oan only be permanent peace teiween tease lec
tions, when we of the free States are realy to tt.ip the
dlscusslun ol the question of morels conn-cted w.th Ibis
nu jict, and lok upgn It only as a p lll.cal quettioj.
Wliat Is most needed is a restoration of kinuly feeling, aod
I then He may hope that an honest aod lalttilul discharge
vi iiiuur vubsuiutioaai ou igauons id -aru, eacu uiuer
will result In be.llug tbe pre.eui breach.
lie points wl.hp Itle to toibefact that Indiana, at a
State, has hith-rty fully kept the bond of Unlen with her
I inter rltatoj; her record 1 nnslalned by any act of Wd
tilth, she bis never attempted to evade or av i Lany of
the requirements of th; fe.ieral i onstliutlon, aory-if Ihe
same could be aaid of every Stale, peace an I harmony
would reign throughout our border. This position, if
mainta ned. although It may not affect the aotlon of tbe
extieme southern btates, may do much to bring about a
convention of border Hta'e, in ooLSUltatl n, and their
conservative action might Induce tt.s extremists of the
North and Couth to panic and reflect upon the coi se
quences wiiica must necessarily result irom meir lasau
cal c urss.
The Mi as to-dey naisod a reiolatlon to display the
American Has from the Caplt-1 dome, and the firing of
a salute or aj gum in nouor or tbs union, wntie tne U'g
la being noutttU
New York Legislature.
Aosany, Jan. 11. In the Asssmbly, alter ths read
log of the journal this morning. Mr. Lltt ejohn, Speak
er, took the flj r, Mr Blngnam In the Chair. Mr Lit
tlrioht, said: Mr. Chsirnau. the information we have
received over the telegraph wire this mornlog points out
tue period wnen tne partisan should be iwallowea np in
the patriot. I tiiero'ore ask tbe consent of the House lo
oiler at this time the following preamble and resolution
which 1 btg leave to read In ay plr.ee, and which I hore
may be passed without cebate:
Wbxxa. The Insurgent State of South Carolina after
selling ine rostGince, custom House, moneys, and lor
tlUcatlons of the Federal Government, has by firing Into
a vessel ordered by the Government to orry troops aad
prxvisi tnsto Fort Sumter, virtually decla ed war.
Wnxitius, The forts and propert, of the United Stated
Government In Ucurgia. Alabama and Florida, have been
unlawfully telsedwi h hosill is, cations, and whereas,
further, Senators and Cor.gr, twutn avow vxi salstaln
tnrlr treasonnbls acts, thereiore
i Jieeolted, If the Senate concur, that the- legisla
ture of New l'ork. nrofoundlv tmorerstd with th valce
of tha Colon, and deUnnuisd to preserve it unimpaired,
hail with lot, thsre.ent firm, ditrnifitfd e.nd uatrlotic Kne-
oiiil meMegeol the President of the Ucl ei states that
we ttneer to Dim. turougn ue (jblet Uiiglatraut or our
own State, whatever aid, in Ben and uonev. mav be re-.
quired to enable him to enforce the laws and uphold the
authority of of th federal Qovernment, In defence ot the
more perfect aolon which baa conferred Drosnerlt? and
happiness on the ameriran people, resetting the pledge
givvn anu reuo-:meu uy our latn-srs, we are reauy to ue
vote our fortunes, oar lives, an i our sacred hon-jrs, In
uphoidlnglhs Union and the Constitution.
Iletalecd, If the Senate concur that the union loving
cltixeci and representative of Delaware, Maryland,
New York Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky. Micsourl
and Tennessee, who lalnr with devotional courage and
sr-trioiium to withhold their States from Ihe vortex of st-
session, are emitted to tn g.atitude and admlntlon of
in wnoi nenpie.
P.ailrid, If the Senate concur, that Hi Governor be
respectfully requested to forward forthwith, coplesof (lis
!orgotng resolutions to tne t resident or the nation end
tbe Uoyamori of all tbe dtttes of the Union.
The question was then taken on th adoption of the
proamb. and resolutions, and they were adopted, by 1:7
Messrs. Coiacs and Tarlan aiked Icava to be excused
from, voting, vu th around that white approving th firm
- - ' B "-" UTruiMVl W7 Ultl nOV WWW IV
wl e or patriotic for th btale of Mew l'ork to deoiare la
ravorolcce'clon, or do any act to hasten the unsheathing
oi uie sToru.
From Louisiana.
Ntw OgLiaiff , Jan. II. All thefortlflcatioas arc now
la poosoislon ofth Louiiiaua troops. ,The U. 8. arsenal
at Baton P.ouge, In command of M Jur llaskln, and two
cozpanieaief used to surrender. Tlui morning she arse
nal was surrounded by OtO Suite troops, rnd a parley wi
held between Gov. Moore snd Major llasklns, which
finally resulted In th surrender of the garrison at IS
o'clock tp-day. There was no opposition In taking the
other forte.
The Crusader has not entered the M:-iilnni. Th; .
clicmont continue! very great.
From Virginia.
BtCHKoxn, Jan. 11. A Joint resolution from the Hours
relative to the pretervatlon of the etatu ouo, was receiv
ed by the Sanate to day.- A inbstitute was offered asking
of me Piesltlent an assurance of the pretervatlon of the
alnolut etatu quo tor 00 day except to repel hostile In
vasion. This wss adopted and the sub ject Anally wis re
ferred to a select cn.mtttee. The House, after a hot
debet, acVpted an amendment to Convention bill, au
thorising the opening of the polls at the time of the elec
tion of delegates, to tike th sense of voters theieupon
hefore any aotlon of the Convention relative lo tha fed
eral Union sluill b submitted to Ihe people for ra'lika-
uon or rejection, py yaw vr nayi ov. -
Southern Forts Seized by Troops from New Orleans.
- leant. -.-
Ran OKLaii, Jan. 11. Fort Jackson and Fort Phil
lip, at th entrance of Lake Ponehetrain, were seised by
Ns Orieses troops to-day.
' Troopa from New Orleani also took posi'iilon cf the
Arsenal at Baton Bogus to day, at U o'clock, - No resis
tance being offered , '
Lieut. Talbot at Washington.
WasniNOTon, J in- 1 1 . Lieuf. Talbot reports thit
the oondlttoo of Fort Sumter II not so favorable as wr.s
bollived by - th government. Twenty-seven gen are
mounted ia the first t er, eight, on the third tier, aud
thev ar mourning others. I ks second tier of embers--curei
blocked up the fort II th nks they can hold
it. . .... . . ..
The Custom House, Post Office and Sub Treasury
in St. Louis Mo., Taken Possession of by Order
of Gen. Scott.
St, Loot. Jan. 11 By order of Gen. Soott, adetaoh
memt of SO Federal troops, under Lieut. Robinson, took
possasslon of tb Son-Treasury, Custom House and Post
USce but Id togs, early taut mornlog. Kverytblog quiet.
Mississippi Convention.
JacxioK, Mli., Jisa. 11. Kr. 8nrt, Ctemljilonsr
from South Oarolina, is now tpeaklsg, while the Lune
Star ut I siuuenucu in tne nail.
The convention occupied tue morotcg la thed:3ce.!on
or unitayortaat local autiera. .... , ,
CuaBUStom, Jan 10 Tbe excitement has been some
what abated In ranaequtno of pacific, aaws trom Wash
ington .
The enlistment of soldiers gees on bolall It quist,,
The Legislature did nothing to-day.
PniLaniiJBtA, Jan. II. Thehigh prl-e obalned for
coal at Charleston bait Induced personi in this city to at
tempt sending a tblp load of It tber,but ship owners i.
fuse to tak It, though &v dollar! a ton freight Is offer
el. . : v.-v.
CnararsTon.Jan. 11. A prlvit despatch to tb dour
ler lays that th Federal troops have ab-andoaed ail th
fort sin Pensaoola harbor, siTot fort Pickles, where they
are concentrated, and that S00 men have left Mobile to
turprls firt Plckeol.
Henry W. Connor, a meaner of the South Oarolina
Conveutlon, died at 0 o'clock this evening. He was a
broker, doinj business at Charlsiton and t'ew Orleans.
MoHTooatav. Jan. 11. The city Is brll'-iantly lllnat
sated, to'tilaht from the capitol to tne river, while the
treats are filled with enthusiastic people. An farnien,
crowd stnblea ia Montgomery Hall, and were address
d by Congressmen Carry and others. . . -
From Florida.
TAtLaDAaiEXt Jan. 11. The FlorlJ etate Convention
pissed the ordinance of secesilon yesterday, by a vote ef
wi0i- .
,uartidy for Florida. aadlW) more for AUbamt.
'. .i n ,
. No rout, Va -Be'ore daylight thit morning, a steam,
er went to the Federal Magazine wharf, loaled with puW
der,andleta Her dejtlnatlnatlon l unknown. ,
. Aeeetta, Jan. 11 ""A salute of IPO uni wis ftred
Vwosise Tikiii catssna
II ri, n,,ll. Puff. nA Bl u. 1 x Dk :
t raa - - bkiuu vram.
' . . . . . , uwu. ,uu duo,,
P V1'" c",P,,.Vell" lce Veils Orape
FrtmmA Plain Immi1 flnll.-.. SU... r, - - f
Trln" ? I"'? "eB:,n?,0"r5ls,i nndxveileni
Alexndr'i Black Kid Glove.; Fan.: Ribbons) Silk;
' Bombasine; TraveHng snd all other Uaaiof Dress Goods
' constantly on band In great variety
. Firat door etjtb of Nell Boa,
t w-",
l.'A , I
1 ;:
New York Cattle Market.
Fob the Wan Bnoir WumiKav, J.tu. 9, 1-201.
total nansipiiov ca-rruiorau, xisoa, vobthi wmc
- According to the report! from the several market
place In the city, there have hi en reratvtel t Ms week. .
8 heep and
h'ves. Cot ,. Veals. Lamli twine. Total.
At Allcrton'j, 3,:i'.W
1 3jj
llrownin;; ..... HI
O linen's, 40
Cha:nl)Orlln'a.. 3)
Bold bu'rf, Ber. 7ol
ToUl 4 'M
T'l pr'iweeait,7Tl
Aveiae No,
2,0' 0
ir,.-, 'a o.trro cm ai.ws
A. M. Allerton At Co.. Proprietor of the Washington
urore-yarus, 4stb-at, report the Cattle in
Market Iron
int following mates:
New York
.... ICenr.eotlcdt,,
.... 740 New Jersey...,
... I(i7l Massachusetts,
.... V73 Missouri
.... SJ3S Michigan
.... '.'SCaoada.-.. -.
Number reported for this market at 44th St., 3s46(t-
The priees to-day are quoted aa follows:
Firatquulity I!l0 Ordluary 78
Medium b&iy4 Borne extra sood 1(S
The general average of th market t8o.
Th most of the anles range from 8 to Oj.
Total number uf Beeves reoeived la tb city tlu week.
iiii, is l w uesnmore in in last week, and M head
mor than th average of last year. Th avenue number
at eaub Wednesday market last ytar was 1491 head,
anlla th uumbor to-day, being 3.4W.shows 8S head
leas than tb average, and 1,801 head moi thanjtals day
'I oisDaT, Jan 8. The market oreni tilt week with
30 iO bead or bullocit on Sil, at a deoiJed dsclln from
to rate of lest week aod all lb salaiuiett acd owner
complaining or an extremely dull market. Top prlcee
are abjut half a cunt a pound net lower than our laat
quotations, which were made up on the bails' of th sales
of the first half of th market, wblcb declined before the
close, and left ab ut 70 head of bullocks unsold. The
market to-duy opens mucu ai the trade closed laat watt.
WaCKEsnaV, Jan. 9. The asking prices ai about th
am a yesterday, but th prospect of selling uut at
moss ratti Is very dun. The qua.ityof the nock la not
as good on th average, as last week, aud the price, we
th nk averages full half a cent less on corieaponding
qualities. Soma of the buyers of flrst-olass oattUo tu
plain tour ef the Inability to find the right sort than
tbey do of the price. 'J lie moat of thsfattrit bullock
ar too heavy lur ready iale to retail butcien; end most
or tne cuern steers are too coarse, or nut lat enouiih
to suit Drat class bud hers. Tbli has mads such as are
tn maiket sell better In proportion than any other class.
We have no gro,t encouragement to effer the Cow
merchant upon the conlltlou of the market thit week.
There was atter the little advance anon beef last week a
tllgl t!y Increased demand for Cowa to replace a.m fat
one! sold by the 1111 leederi to the butcher, but that de
maod has subsliied. and tbe market Is again uqulet ai
ever, nominally me price ci Common Cowl 1 Irnm
e-X'at;iu, and tnoseol rather extra quality from (400
Veal Calves of good quality have beon selling tbls week
more Ireely than tbey did laat week, at 7 ft live
wetgni, ana a lew extra at ftc; but Calve or mere or
dinary quality, men. as usually sellatSOc 9 ft, do net
go en quite at tnai price, and Bobs are deoluedly dull at
any price. Th supply of Calves this week is larger than
last week and quite as largo as the market will bear un
less the quality Improves.
Reeellps for the week, 5 904.
For om-e In a loDg Ime.we can offer a word of encouixge-
meat to farmers ant! sheep-drovers The markot this week
saows a cecided Improvement. Butchers buv more free
ly, and willingly nay higher prices. The cause of this ia
a decided Improvement In th price of peltav A gjod,
fair lot of rather Cne medium wool neli. such ti we saw
upon o drove of Mich!gao Sheep to-eta ,wlll now brlogSl,.
Soeaoh. This ados nearly or quire JO cenU per bead to
price oi suca ra ep ana enaoies tne broker to Mil
them at prices euulvulent to llo net 9 ti,. In feet, sever
al extra good Ims har been sold at price! equivalent to
w jsc any ajo u& fj so, a Bead.
Jl-celpti cf the week, 13.05D.
Tioj foilowlne are the nuotatfor tawfnvAf T7nra rt.
Orsnt, feupsrlntendent ui th market: Good enra-fed
U- gs, gros3 weight, SSe. per lb.. anditOCOin the
neos, celling raplily. ontng to the large receipts on
Monday and Tuesday, there was a decline io th price of
,1. - . L . . . . .. '
.. u,.Bs, vi, vne average rquai io c. perm we are
cognitant of tlie aale of loll on Tuesday st IS 30 per
cel.. of better quality than lots which sold on Baturdav
at Si ouws 00. This was partly owing to th cat of
ine we-tuer, as wel u to Uie large number arriving.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Jan 11.
FLOUR receipts of 4,077 Lbls; market searoeiy as ac-
uve. ana rnoiaers are tamer more disposed to ree.1!:;
aa ,r e vuu hbls at li;Mt5X auperfln state at
9a ovi.3.'-V, extra rat at fi WS5 40: sup. wester,
85 SO to OS. common to medium extra western 83 73
(9I.V-I9. inferior to good shipping braudi. extra Round
Ohio Hoop. Cmadlan flour qulat Bad unshaaged; sale I
KYB FLOUH Sieady; (3 S04 13.
WJJB AT Heoeips S42. Market 1 c better, with mod
erahe export demand; sales of 48.000 bushel t 1 1 S3.
Good Cnican-o Bprlog, st tl 30; choice Milwaukee Club,
i! fb&!'.J,t Wisconsin, red state,
01 35sSl3?tf; Winter redwestera, at
O ITS steady at 303? for western Canadian and
l'OBS firmer and mure active, talei of 700 bbii at
5l717 20for mesa; JI3 forprimo.
r. t tF steady, sales of 733 bhij.
OUT MKATH dull and unchanged.
LBI firm; sales of 300 bills at I0iins.
BUTTER ia (air request at 10315c for Ohio, and It
SiO for state.
CilUKSR-steady at 9i0K.
WHISKY without material chanee- aalca nf arm kl.i.
STOCKS hlsher with a moderatn
Money eay and plenty at 4 aid percent on call. South
ern exchange closn dull; O et R I33V:0 tT33)4;
O Scrip 77; M S qnotel at 34; M 0 Harl pre
ferr;d 33; Erie 3"j; Pao Mall 89; M St M 19; Pan
143: MB 14K: O B tQ 68: N YO 77: N 3 19ft r V.
ua 4ji aena u: tuo u,tt, n u 74ta: ual 7'a
Brooklyn Water Loan K:0,.
Cincinnati Market.
FLOUR has a fair marset for the snnolv of shltftlne
orders running nolnly on the beet suoerflna at uiWs
ranging from 8i,C0 to 4,C0. A large lot of tufts
wheat. 1 OOObbls. wasreDorted at ', on-na nf
900 bbls, at $(.73. Operations appear not to be Interes
ted In It, except for the filling of orders mainly from th
WHEAT is held firmlv at 1 1 for red, but doei not
meet with ready buyers ncna of. coosequenco for ship
ping CORN on the ear is still taken at 3jo, but shelled li
quite abundant and rather dull at 37c, Ibougb the amount
of isles does nel decrease
OATS area trifle better than yesterday, bring had
generally at SBciu bulk.
BARLEY et 7jo for prime fall Is taken pretty resdl.
lv; efforts are strongly made to get 80.-, tat ar not suc
cessful. RY1' Isjrood request atC2S63c.
WIlISKt-droppedagaiu to 13 and it rather ilow at
the ueclina.
HOGS ar offering pretty freely for tlie prnt aed
future delivery at about the twige of yesterday' price.
Packer arc How about bli'ding up to them, however, and
seem to manifest but little interest ts tu trade, nev
erthelessdrovers lnalst upon their 6ure. Tbe market
prices we qunt-wsm,,, . au 95HIS 30 for heavy averages;
telling, 90,90S.35. Th receipts were avala a lltt'
aimv thiiarttnt average and areexe ted to be mil
atraln lo to-morrow resort. Tbe market ha no spring
or snap toltyet la maintained by sailers wHbiarprlsicf
Cleveland Market.
January 11.
FLOUB-iilet of 100 bbis extra at s)4,7J. Buckwhtat
quiet ar e ana ry at t3,U0.
W H rSAT unchanged; bo sales reported
CORN sal of 1 car -.a track at 27c.
OATS quiet at 85o. .
BARLEY quiet at 60c.
JblOHWINfie sale et 30 bbls at 15iac.
PORK sales of 300 bbl at 815 M).
CQSS utohanted and quiet at 13c. -
'rest-, novr hvcccmmfcij pain cch
1 EH known, is coir posed solely of healing Oils,
Balsams and Oums. Actual observation and tb cartiH
catet of nspecwsl persons warrant ni in stating posi-
SmiV VagntUo OB ewts BhoumaH tn;
feed's Magnetic OH ourte Upmal Afeetton; '
P.etd'e Magnttio OU cvrte tfturaLjut:
lUed't Magnetic Oil outee VlctraUd 8-rts;
Htede Ungnetie O lottree rVewai B adacA;
Eted'e Mignttlo OU ewrv FroMtd Pert;
Jietd't Magnetic OU ourte WM Cosmo's;
Rti'e Magnetic OU evroo SurUtnae;
Jietd't M gnetio OU ourte Paint It iht Batl;
Xeed't Mignetia OU tnret Kermmt Affection; ;
Jteed't Magrutia 0il cvret Stroxho TboUacvU.
For sals by SI1ION JOHNSON. Darrnar.T. Plt..hnn.l,.
Pa., loll agent; aold alio bv B. A gAtlNKRTfi.iK Ar
CO., R. S SalLLGRS tt CO., and Druggists generally,
Wholesale and Retail Dealer la
Foreign ft Domestic Cigais,
Smoking & Chewing Tobaoco.
Also, the btst quality of emrFP'S eonstantly
OO IIIU '-.!
IXirOonntry Merchant are iovlted to ealt bafore par
cnsjimg eisewnere. i . j . t ,
''Bet, Msioand Sycamore,-.- , - . ,
eortl-won , CCNCINNATl. O.
Bow selling at Vrj low prices, tho all other kinds
fashionable fur. . " PBTR BANS.
White and Black, J cat reoeived at .
.77 .0
't l.:j
Jt'.c'J :
Dr. J.H. McLEA.N'S
Strengthening Cordial and Blood
'flew Oreateal Hensaelr It Tlie lVrld
K08T imiCIOTJf
ly a KlentiAo arid
Vegeubl Compound,
procured try the distil
lation nf HoouJ, Herb
and Barks, fellow
Dock, Blood Hoot,
Hnraanarilla. Wild
Cherry Bark and Dan
delion tnten into III
Hefore TakJnjtlre tive' teioedlalinftTaMlLJ.
principle of riaoh Ingrstlient Is thoroughly txrreeted tv
my new method of distilling, producing a deilcloo, ex-
hllM.,lnrt .nl.l I ,1.. RW.I rNITAI.f.TRI.A ..-l. tnm
rvnovatin the rtiaoaaed system, and res'oring fhe tek.
ufferlng nd debilitated INVALID to UEALTfl and
i'l'HEN nTII lilM INC
Will efloetually oue.
Ohroclo or Nervooi Dtbtllty, Dlseasct cf th Kidney
and all disease arislnx from a disordered Liver or atom
acii, Dyspepsia, Heartburn, inward Pllss, Aclditv orSiek
ncs of U Btomaa'a, Fullnew of Blood to th Head, Dull
pain or swimming In Uie head, Paik.tafioB of the Heart,
Fuilnesa or Weight Id tbe Stomaon, Sour Broctatloct
vnoktng or atTucx'.iCir reeling waen lying aown . urate
or x ciiowuva? ci u:.-earn ecu ayes, nirui nwaau,; in
ward Fevers. Piur In Ihe email of the back, chest or side
Sudden Flusbe cf Heat. Deurauion of Spirit, Frishtf ul
Dream, Lanimor, Dtsuocdncy or any Nervous Disraa,
Sores or Klotchea oa .the Skin, and levex and Ago! (ot
vsi'isana nwt.) . , , , , ,
Overt Milliou ol of o tile
Ilsve been sold darlnc the last six month and in n.t ln-
Itanco has it failed iu giving entire BAtlstaciicn Who,
then, will siilferfr-im Weak-ea or Debility ahen Mo-
LliAn'B cITilki'iaTlLKMiSia CUttDIAL will cute yonl
No laniiuaire can eonvev an adeoual Idea of the tmma-
diaisandslmoat miraculous change produced by takiig
int uordial lo tue diseased, debilitated and shattered
nervous s; item, whether broken down by excess, weak by
nature, or impaired by sickness, tbe relaxed and unstruna
orgnniAsltoa Is restored to it pristla health and vigor.
Or others cncKloiii of Inabtlltv. from whaUvar naie.
will Bnd McLean i Strengtbenug Cordial a tboreuirb
regenerator ol the lyitem ; and all who may nave Injured
themselves by Improper Indulgences, will find In tM Cor
dial a certain and speedy remedy.
Vm the Ladies.
McLfaii's Strengthening Cordial
Is a sovereign aed speedy car lor
Obstructed or D!cult Henstraatlon, lncoatlejesec
orDiiEciilt Henitraatlon, IncootlaeBO ol
r.-o!untary DlKharg thereof, Falling of th
dlaea. Fainting and all Disease Incident to I
L rhie or Inv
Womb, Giddiness, fainting
Thart la no KlsUkt Abont It.
Suffer no longer. Take It according to Dlrccllont. It
wlllatimnlate. smsgthea and Invigorate yon and caua
tbe bloom of health to moaat yuar cheek again.
very pottle is warranted to give satisfaction
If your cblldrea ire alckly, punv, or afflicted, McLean'
Cordial will make them healthy, rat and robust. Velaf
ntamossaot, try It, and you will u convinced.
OacTtox. Beware ef Drngglst or Dealers who may
try to palm upon y:n acne Bitter or Sarsaparilla trash
which ui.:y can bej tir, by sayisf It I Just as good.
Avoid such men. Ask lor McLean's Strengthening Car
dial, and take nothing else It i the or-'y remedy that
will purify the blood thoroughly and at the same Urn
Strengthen the lyitem.
Cne utbieapoonrci taren ever morning raiting, is a
certain preventive of Cholera, Chill and Fever, Yellow
rever, or any prevalent diaeaae. it I put op lo large
Price only f- lei bottle, or 6 bottles for IS,
J. D. McXr.AH,
iiuie Proprietor of this Oortia,
Also McLean1! Volcanic Oil LinimenL
Priccinal Denot oa ti-corrr of Third and Pine streets.
St. Louis, 31o.
KcLrac's Volcanic Oil Llnlmeat.
Tne bst Li-li-er. In the World. Trie only aaft and
certain oare Cor Cancers, a lie. Eweillnva and Crca-
ehltlp, or Uoltre. Pen.:ls, Nearalgla, Weakness of the
iami-i, vxvm o, Auujauuua'.-jrj nu;aaia.Liai buh
ness of the Icints. coatrac'xd liascle r L'.rameota
starache or TooUaxht, Bruuwe, Spralc, Woucus, Prsh
Cute, Ulcers, (ever Sore, Caked Breasts Sere Hippies,
Cams, Scald. 8ore Thont, or-wy Infiuasaca or fain,
bo d'lierence now severe, or no v long tne a'seaa msy
bare ex If el. McLeaa's Cerebrated Liniment Is a cer
tain remedy.
Thousands ofhuiaia Mrt" have been saved a 1" of
deerepits-i: ard misery by tee see of tail Invaluable med
Will relieve pain almost Initanbuieously. and it wil
cieacce, purify and heal tbe foulest sores !n an iscredi
ly short time. -
- For Morgan andOttser AmtsisaU.
M' I -d c cc!eh.-it:J Liabceet Is the cr!v aarb and re
liable remerly for the core of Spavin. Ring Bon. Wind-
galls, Splints, Unnatural Bumps, Node! or Swcillozs. It
will never fall to rmro Big Head, Poll Fvil, Fistula, Old
running Sorei or Bweeny, If properly applied. For
Sprains, Bruises, Scratches, Bore or Wcunds, Orvked
neeia, Uuaies, Eaaats or collar uaus it is an tnrallibu
remedy. Apply it as directed, and a core is curt, m Id
very instance.
Then trice do longer wttn the many worthless Lin!
mem oOred to you. Obtain a supply of Dr. McL"n't
cclebKwd Llnimtnt. It will cure yea.
J. U. MCI.EAN, Bole Proprietor,
Corner of Third and Pine Streets, St. Louis, Ho
Fcr Silo by all druggists.
For sale by ROBERTS it 8AMTJKL,
sugf-dJtwly Columb'j. Ohio.
Liverpool, Montreal, Quebec.
Th Montreal Ocean Steamship Company' first -class
full-powred Clyde-built Steamer aail every Mat
relay from puktlanv, carrying ttt oaoad&a aaa
United States Mall and passengers.
NOVA BC0TIAS Capt. McMai'.en,
BOHEMIAN Capt. Grange,
NORTH BRITON Capt. Borland,
CANADIAN Capt. Graham,
AXQ',0 SAXON Capt- Salantiae,
Shorteet, Clieapeat and Qalckcat Cou
veyauco irom ;
Will sail from L1VSRPODL ewerw WedneadatT.
tnd from QUKBKO ewer batarda) a SMllIng at
LONDONDERRY, to receive on boar i and lai d Mails and
Pssengra, u. and from Ireland and Scotland.
Olasgow pasMnirsn are furnished with ranpaasag
tlcacta to ana trom iiooaonaerry.
Re urn tick' granted at reduced nttet
An xprlaeed Su rgeoa attached toeachstesmsr.
Certldcates lasasd for aarrytng to and bilngingoat pas
MDgr from all the principal town! of Qreat Biiisln and
Inland, at related rates, by this line of steamers, and
leaving Liverpool evsry week.
For passage, apply at th Office - C3 IWKOAP
WAY, MeTrVerk, and 13 WaTIK K'A'.,
siverpoei, - .
BADXt A SZABIS, General Agsnis,
Or to- J. R. ARM3TRONC.
calO-lydatw ,f . Sttteiman Office, Oolumbuj, Ohio
fiammation and pain, aad seal th worst barn.
scald, braise, cut, or frsah weund of any kind, i raven ts
swelling and pain from be itingi, mciqnito bite, aod
poisonous plants, Biaralgla, rheumatism, agn la Ihe
breast, salt rswam, etc. - V.'hea lakan laumally, It will
poilllvely cur eroap lnohlUren..and give immediate
relief in th woratras of this terrible complaint; also,
remove hoarseness and sor throat. Price, St seats a
bottle. Should be ia every boas. - - For sale by Drug
gist aad Storekeepers. .. IRVIN .'IIONI,
soie rropneior, no. sprue st., nsw Tore
Mt4i&wlvls j j , . . .
LA V , are brby noUfled that a dividend of 3H
per cent has rjnorderd to be- nade by th Prohat
Court, of FranWlaooonty, Ohio, end that oa -10N5AX
in -tin aay oi January, ioi, at o ctoox a. at., as in
oce of Warden A Dreenl, In 4be Oily of Ootuabaa
Ohio, aaid dividend wlil b paid to th creditors entitled
mere to. - .4 . jAaaas hullm, i
Ceiombof, O.,' sn.ll:3td, -i . Assigce. t
Printing Office for Sale.
OK AT OFFICE Is offered for sale en very rw-
onabi terms. Tea rraejcal printer tbls 1st eliance
for a bargain. Three hundred, dollar down and u,a
balance In two years The 3ic has a good ran of lob
won. and advertising patronsire. For particular adV
areas, -van, vr, BARLOW, i
decl9-ttt3w. '.. . . . OarrollloB, Ohio..
Holiday Presents. s
JL ly - Ue snu a yard. Blch Fancy SU-i at 5U cents
la--. . , ft V ,
irclQ nv. OT South lllrfi ntrt.
TEAinubKt:?sofoii9, blsuamt
Sold Embosted Taratane. the ktarsravveltr. tlaln
Whit aad Colored Tariataa; WBlt Farts xiuilut area
adlaelverjlnf Rol); FIlar Sil- v ;
rar.n omm,
T 2."?: K.Jth High street.: .
'i!j icM
V if s
- 1 u ..-...,
.' it i Vt .'1HV
Bv State AnfTirsf
er -
oirorM fibst class isiubanci, ir tui
IIerP.r.,td w. F.r-i,,,.,,
oi,ooo,oco, .
xst Ajjarrs,
and lie prntlm,., iltncc. .
$100,000 in Ohio Securities
AllLoe. quitoN, mfaud and promptly faii
Th Urgt
I Oosnnanv inn. n.. V. . 'JI"d by any Ir.su ranc
I othe, u, April. isS JLS'"" fc tna-t OhlJIl.
oU, paid W "tullre! 1"9,, 67'
to-e. paid ta ainnai, iMDg tt, '
IIIT.nva ,o rre,
n a tin p 6 4 - "
""uitno r r IKE Awn VCaita
INUND nIvioation. '
CmacUi ,(-
I ''waw attntlo given to the insaraaee of
, , for Ura" t one, three or fir nan
.PPUcaUonireclMd h).Wes tsl!,
Piro and Marino
-tna Insurance Co.,
Capital and Surplus - - 2,014442.
INorlh American Fire Insorance Co
p.r'i.i -.-jo i -
vapitai aCtl OUrpIU3 - - - 084.
. r , v vvu
Norwich Fire Ins. Co.,
Capital and Surplus - - - $222,228.
Lamar Fire Insurance Co..
Capital and Surplus - - $348,049.
Providence Washington Ins. Co,,
Capital and Surplus - - - $345,780.
OF 1
Capital and Surplus . - - $200,926.
FflED'I J7FAY, Agent,
I IT loath IUKts St., Celntubne.
tepH-dsm Is
Dwellings, Houeelsold ( urnlluro and
Iniured by tbe
For one, three or five yean,
ITyAT VIRY LOW ratbs. j-rr
Cash OaDital Si snnnnn
NET ASSETS, t3,0l.14S37.
Apply to
Office iu Carpenter's Bnilding,
No. 117 South High SU,
An experienced Norse and FemaU Physician, pre sec II
to th attenl-on of mothers, bar -
Which greatly facilitates tbe process of teething, by left
V;?,47?IU,B, """"clng all laaasunaUon will allay
ALL . AIM aad spasmodic action, and li
Depad apon It,aothert, It will give rest to voarwlws
..y.!!Jri,.0i,r.?f'l,old thl' arUcle fof onr rears,
'Jy?.DnI " sb s toaay of aay other medr
ANCS, TO IFFK0T A CURB, ba timely used. Sev
sr did wt know aa Instance of dissatisfaction by any on
who used It. Oa the contrary, ail ar delighted with iu
operation, acd apeak In terns of cmmeadatloa ef it
laal eoeois and medical virtue. spaa la thai
mattr '-WHAT W Dj tINOWi" afst tea years' .spe
almost every uutano wbar tb Infant 1 sailer ing frees
Data and anrJaausUoo. nllef will be roand la uitea or
twsaty minus after taceyrap la adatuilateRd. ...
Tbii valnabl preparation Is the prerrfitloB of en of
J,!;S"r1, auaeatoMB Bate with NaVRtt IAIa
It not only relieves th eh tld from naln. ut lawtnn.
ate the stomach and bowel, oorracai eddlty, aad air
ton and en rat to th whole nateaa. It will almnat in.
etantly relieve . .. , ,
and evercom convulsion, wbhth. If not pdlly resee
cied, end In death. We believe it tb BleT and BUR-
It aria from tettblng, or from amy oiaier as. We
would say to vry molherwho huaahlld sulfating from
any of th foregolrg ooaoplalnts DO NOT LET FOUR :
stand between you and yoar sufforlng child, and th ro
ller that will be BOHR y- ARoOLUKLY SURA to
follow the use of this medicine, If timely uaad. full ai
nxtUoos for using will floampany each oortte. . Non
Ssouln unless th fac simile of CCRl'IS A FkRSINl,
lew York, Is oa sbe eattld wrapper. - . ,..
Bold by all Druggist throughout tb world. - -Prl
iclpal Office, 3 Cedar Street N. Y.
oelW-dAwly. r ...
BOOM. AU 190 BAlTUta&JT.Ts I
a .
Iff I It
ritKlV :-r
ROS. 1, S, I aad 7 N. IDTAW ITktl
' " Offtf tor sale ttwlr elbrt ' 'J '
. UKAflU - -
- Oilng highly recoaorsNudsd by th first Proftnorl and
llnslral Asaateuraof she sjouBjtry, aod , '
evbrv .,.., , , , ivr,;.'il;r
-in ;hitrcmst ,',!;;';
;;; : ' ttu.
Tha most fastldioa eoatoasti aaaj rJy upoB being
plrd la every rpt. i'.v .
Tttme liberal. WM. IN AB Cf.
8LERWWWB,4gont. v'."l:T
eerflf:ldw. " Oolmm, Otto.
- High Sreet Store
FOH SALE. l , '"t'
STORT 110USK, No Itii, ecsupM ry Akia lot- -oiy,
Store Dealers, or-mpletoly tiled with Cra, Farnlc
and Hoisting Jack. Th lot 1 IvV y Sd, aud It lfrd.:
arawn.S.r- Applyso --rr.v;
Jn7-lfl ' '-'-V 5. 3X North ThU4tiwi.
-' t -v X

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