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Zl)t8)o Statesman
KAxmanrr imua, Publish.
TUESDAY ,raiIitfA(dlil
rrrADrxMnoitxKKTg, to txsvsm txskm-
w... ..'J l"...f iu Aem6cn(irf Itat Ilea-
trel OoUBllle,UiroBsrtl('." tletuoer.nj trti, ahd ty
. privet oorrejpopdj.-ni,, ji cm BUtA OonventWaf th
Democracy of Ohio, to iwnibli at Columbus, at a tally
day,' for th parpn orcofjuuUlnrf "MhnoD the alarm-
lac condition of th country? Mil at adopt sueh -a
Una of policy U r y" deem Vit for th perpetuity
oT ear govrmnri,hd the- prosperity 'of oar people,
I hnebv oall a I tit Oonventlon f the Democracy of
Ohio, to aitembl at the 1 ' " " '
wrir or hniltMlllJiii rtit'
0o Wednesday th m dsy of Janaary. oGl
for the porpoeeSebove tailleaUd. said Convention 'to
be a delegate Convention, to be oompoted or one dele
gate for ovary fire, hundred votes, and an' additional os
forerery fraoUorfof'S5lrtforT.?. 8. amtth. Demo
emtketndldatefM Saprara Judge, at 4t last BUM
lection. I woald alee Mammtut that tt delegate! la
the several eoantlei be appointed on mSt,urday pre-
vloa w UoavdB)atW 'KJv.v.i
I tinotrely trait that the Democracy uf the Bute will
appreciate the Importance" of the convention proposed,
and that each county will tend -up. fall, ielegatieai of
end aad tree men, whoee dtlikesatlons will remit la
Chr'n. Dem State Cen. Com.
Cumminsville. O., January 8, 1861.
Appointment by the Governor.
Hon. Christopher P. WoloQtt was appointed
Judge Advocate Generator the State orpin o
with tha rank of Culouel' .This la an appoint
ment eminently fit to be made. .The distin
ffnUhxl Uffal ahllitv 'of Mr. Wolcott, as d-
ni..l in hi brilliant eareer as Attorney Gen
-rl nf Ohio, has madu him a repetition second
to no lawyer in" the 'State. In these times of
trouble his services as the legal adviser In the
military department of tbe btate, will oe nauea
witn pleasure oy our peopie m an parties.
We copy the above from, the Obti Sinl Jeur-
a of this morning. , It Is dimsnit to read ue
extraomlnary puff of Mr. Wolcott with grav
ity. His " brillUnt eatcet at - Attorney Gen
eral." has been a" series bfblunderi whioh bare
no parallel in ihe rmreatVf an other ontoer of
the State of Ohio. , , . ,
By following tis ill conoeivsd and udlawful
advice In the canal contract cases, tbe treasury
has lost at laaat $500,000, and is bow Involved
in troublesome litigation wfth the cintraetors.
By pursuing bis advice in the various rescue
cases, in whld 1t was attempted to put the-fo-
gitlve slave law at defiance, the State baa per
formed a part in tbe sectional strife, wbiub nas
bad great influence in exciting and jinflamlng
tbe people ol tbe soutnern states..
By punning his advice la the extradition cas
es, the Executive of theSutea hal acted inbad
laltb, and is now dragged beforer the Supreme
Court of the United States.to show cause why his
constitutional duty was not performed to Ken
tucky, In ' tbe.renditlpn of ,n fugitive from Jus
tice, on tbe denied ef the Governor of .that
State. ::t F. -J, r! i I '
Tha truth ia the administration of Mr. W'ol-
cott bas been awerievof blundora t)f the gra
vest character, and we may expeot In his new
office, a continuation of the same line of policy
What U there la the condition of onr military
denar tmenl vetiulrlb v tweb aa "advieer" at tail
tlmel We coulees to our ignorance, and hope
our cotemporary may enlighten 'us -on tbe enb
ject, confident, however, that Instead of bailing
the appoiotmeoi Ic.WotiDi.'at this, time,
and to the place referred to, "with pleasure.
the people of the State will look tiporf it as i
AC' Mn nil r nn the nart of GOV. VVV
i j. i. ii, !t
Putting Republicans to the Test.
The Republics os are now all at onoe smitten
with greailove for tt tfoiqafb Alttle ' vbfle
ago, they were wllllng,.if heir Chicago -platform
could not be oarried oat, to "let the Union
slide." as Gov. Baaxe expreeaed 4t. - But now
tbey quote Jactabrf and cry albnd-"Tt Union
mnat ha rweawrved!" ' Yet what do they offer to
do to preserve it? ' Simply nothing at all. Their
professions of attachment to the Constitution
nd tn ftooatlmtlonal right are as hollow as the
sounding bread and tinkling eymbol.'!
Baooxs, the able editor of the Qulney, III,
Herald, who baa juat Ukes. hi seat is tbe Sen
s.U of that State, 'to which he was eleeted last
fall, put theae fJaioa-Ieniiiy Republicans to tbe
test after the following fashion; . . , u . , , ,
It is admitted by everybody that the Union
in danger of s speedy and inevitable dissolution,
wi.. it In Unvnr? Slmnlv bemuse the Re
publican patty demands Coagreaaiopal Jegiala
tion against the institution of negro slavery,
while tbe.radical and nnreaaonable men of the
South, doaaaad oagreasionat wgnuanuu iu i
vor of slavery. It is tbe fight of these two ex
tremee that eodaBeers the Union,' . Al a Pam
oerat, w we opposed to both extremes we are
opposed to any legislation by Congress for or
.alinmt niaveiv la" the Territories or State.
yet, snch is our 'love for .the" I'nion, and so
mat is onr desire to see if preserved, that we
atand roadio glv np obi, party platform and
priacipl wpoo ' 1 ubieot' H i( wU1 000
triboMtothepreeerWationof the Union. With as
the Union itands abovrpsrtyrHSstisfy n that
it will preserve the Union to enact law rn Con
mee agalnat. slavery la the Territoriesand
that It can be prteerved in no other way, and
we are for It. Or, satisfy as that it will preserve
the Union to enact laws In Congress, in favor of
slavery In tbe Territories, ana mat u an oe
nMunml in no other wav. and wa are for that.
We are tbr anything; thai can be done peaoaful
ly to praaerve the Union and it can be preserved
ia no other way bat peacefully. ,. It doesn't mat-
tec if we have to give up every principle that
wo ever advweated a Democrat, on the slave
ry qneation-tf- that W oeoeesery to preserve
the Union, we are ready to give them all np.
And neb, wo boUovei la tbe patrlotlo sentiment
of every Democrat in tbe Union. How 1 it
with the Repubiioanaf Can they say aa much?
Dare they say U? , Or. do they love their party
more than they love tne union i
IT The Columbu correspondent of the Cin
cinnati Pre, (a Rpflblie paper)-, ha not
mnoh faith In the alnoeritj.of the Repoblicaa
Senators and Representative In tfif Ohio Leg
Ulatnrewlthj reference t their action on Sat
urday last, in passing "a batch of resoliiUom to
save tha Union'.'"' Hit ' letter on tha subject,
written to ft'e Prr on-' Saturday ovealng, U a
rich and am"'g production," Indication In tha
House, oil yesterday, when tbe WUW M Moa.
bob wMy.a'notiooa to' Indefinitely poetpoo
o refer it. leave room tof-iht Inference that
with reference to ome otihi membert, the eon.
elusion o( fhe po'respondent of Ue P.r.
tT id tha'TennBee Legislature, the House,
on Saturday last, unanimously passed a WII call
. log a Stata CoavenUoa'on' the 8th of Febru
ary tha alectlon of -delegate take plaoa on
tha 9th' oi February. thi Conrentlon bould
jmtnefe Bccei from the UiilonrthelraeioB
U to b ubltted,to tb people for approval or
rsjectloo. raf'JiJi'i oka matuj1) af f
Th Mm tl3 i&e& k aecond readinaT la th
Sonata.' wa exptoted to pa a third read
lag yesterday. 1
lU Tbe pftot'iu partyl to nayr teaW
llblc for
try, auu l ie UlBrupiH": oi uiara (""
ojratfo p'psaejiid MlUtoiwi averbr 7tF4
warned the people of the danger to our InitKu
Uoi ectroallaMheold -til4k peaat
and control or the federal government. They
have InoesMntly besought the people to ponder
and rcfleot on tbe oonaequenora which would In
evitably result If AboUUontantiboBld an fortu
nately, at any time,, triumph, and sucoaei- ip.
electing a regional Preaicnt.g ir thev,b4
beeo inspired " with prophecy, they could not
have more certainly foretold the present aad con
dition (t the oountry . Hence, we Bay, the Dem
ocratic party is not reeponaible for tha evils that
are upon the land.
' ITXThe Democracy of the eounty and city are
referred to the call of the' County Contmlttee. Jo
be found elaewhere.for the election of delegates on
Saturday next, to a county Convention, to meet
in tWioity on Monday nest, to appoint ten del
egate to the State Convention U 1 '! i ' J A '
CTThe Virginia Uouaeof Delegates baa paw
the Convention Billf but amended to aa to refer
any action looking to accession,", to the" people.
The Senate baa not yet acted on the eubject.
h ... aontvad nn ditli oi the Bonn-
For the Statesman.
Celebration, 8th January 1861.
Col- MiNrriNNv: Agreeably to notice the
Democracy of Jefferson township, assembled at
the house of John M. Albery, to honor the
hero of New Orleans, Andrew Jackson. The
day 'was ushered in by firing a ealute and the
beat of the reveille. At 6 o'ejock P. M. the
Democracy, with the War Eagle Band , were
addressed by Gen. R. Putnam. . fie was listen
ed to for one hour with marked attention The
Wr Eagles discoursed excellent music. Thir
teen salutes were fired on the occassion. We
had an old fashioned Jackson jubilee. Tbe fol
lowing persons were created officers and com
mittee: A. Blovelt, of Truro, Prerident; The
odore Carpenter, ot Jefferson, Secretary; J
Gelger, A-Fravil, J.Edgar, Wm. Armstead,
Eeij-i J. Painter, Esq., A. Souders, S. Mann,
Etq ; Wm. Headley, committee. The meeting
adjourned at an early hour, all highly pleased.
It was resolved that the proceedings b publish
ed In the Statemt and Tk$ Voice of (hi Ptople,
Letter from Mr. Hutcheson—Correction.
Columbus, O., Jan 15. 1861.
Eoiroa Statuhan: An error occurs In tbe
report of my remarks in tbe House, on Satur
day afternoon. 1 did cot say tbe t ederai uov
erament, had no right to enforoe the federal
laws over tbe cltiieos of the eeceedina States:
but that their execution should be suspended for
tbe present, to avoid civil war, with ajview to a
Extract Jrom th Addr of Aroh-Blshop Fur
til at tha Inauguration . pi tb Cathgllo
,t Instltnto.Claclanati.-' tnui J-.
Everywhere throughout the world the cloud
bang In darknessv It would eeem as . if the
death knell of our glorious ' Union had . already
been heard; that it was to bo dismembered
and torn into fragments, that State would part
from State, and oltle from tha State to which
thev belona.
Ob! what ia the treason of those mea who
thus sacrifice the noblest hope of man?.. And
who is there that would not lay down bla life a
wllllnr tacrifice, to preserve the Union of these
States? A Union that la modeled after that of
our Church, which allows every man the lar-
gest liberty in doing right, and only restrain
blm when be attempta evil.
The Catholic Church la conservative, and
around the ona idea of union, all itsfrinoiplee
revolve and gravitate,' What is th principle of
secession, but the carrying ont of the principles
of private judgement? There I an incident
recorded in Holy Writ, in which, it ia stated
that whenever a dead body wa foabd upon tbe
highway, all whose step led from the spot
were brought to the corpse and made to w.'
that tbey werot-th aarderri yif it should
so be, that onr Union i to be severed, every
Catholio In the land may come, and extending
hi hand over the bier, say "I am guiltless of
its death." - When vow look around thia hall,
and tee the beautiful stars and etrtpea whioh
adwer It.Drav. oh pray! that th hldeoo rattle-
soak may never Ring them, bnt that th rat-
- m I . 1 ... J .1.
tlesnaa OI secession -nay om oruauaa eu amis,
even as the Ever Bleated Mary crushed tbe Mr-
pent that caused onr fall. - (TnmuJtuon ap-
ptaoa.) UU-'.1:S7 .i.'s;.--a
MONDAY, January 14.
; Mr. COX lntrodncod 9. B. 185 "To amend
an act anrjrjlementarT to the act of March V th,
1835, providing for tbe punishment of crime."
It amends Section 5 of, the rapplementary aoi
It provide for tbe prosecution and conduct of
ofleneea mention a inerem, in spo same mmw
aa nrovidad for the prosecution of similar offen
ce la the different countle of the State; except
ihai wh anv animal mentioned In tbia aot
ahall be poisoned In any enclosed field, In more
than one county, prosecution may bo made in
' Mr. COLLINS presented the remonstrance
of John J. Van Meetre of, Ross county against
the removal of the oountv seat -or ria county
to Waverly. Referred to committee on New
Comities. ...
-By Mr. NEWMAN Petition from eltisens
oi Pike county reqnestiog the1 extension of tbe
tetovof county Auditors to the expiration of the
flaeal year. Committee on:rinoc. mj -i , .
The Senate then adjourned. 4 ftM )(
MONDAY, JAN. 14. 2 1/2 P.M.
Mr SCOTT, of Jefferson,
leave to record hi vote on tneeuuuon oi oai
urday afternoon. ancLTOteq yea. ,
Tbe question oeiua; tun rwwwuB vi wwr
hill tn nraventslaveholdine, &0"'' )' ' "
4 Mr. PARROTT aaid there was a difference
f nninton amone Republicana on aertala sub.
iect which he would willingly waive, aoi bar-
mm u nn rjmara."- iiv wh uv wh w w -
en to any poaitlon; but for tbe ak of harmony
he would favor (he friends of the bill and permit
it reference that 11 may do examined, son r
ported upon after due Investigation.
. in. ef Afin nmvMfld the refermoe. and eon
tended that tbe bill should' be postponed; be-
nania ha thoniht it wu one ol tbese personal
hill, an offunslra and so Irrltatlne to a
nr tha eoantr. - It was iood for tbe fire-
eater, acd calculated to widen the breaoh al-
reaiv open between us oi inewuom uauuuj auu
became or mis n ie,roi u
- . . ... r i i Aim .
.iiinn r tha hill, t neatseu uo rtepuoucaos
why they could not tok care of tha Union, and
n,.n. tha United States, tbat tbey may have
ovetmng ior tneir new rcMou. w
n did not anaak for South Carolina. She wa
nt mnnMakwa. But ba apbka to ih jotter
men of the horde State. . The men , who are
tn ha emnloved bv the cottoa State to cut our
throata, at Ui extrem men of th North would
molov n to ont their throat- For thm be
would (peak. They war anr brother, and for
Ihea he would ask eoncetion. H eharaeter.
ixed tha cooduot of South Carolina ae wrong
and unwarrantable, in' very strong and graphic
But he thoueht th cause of this
trouble wu to be found tn thrtatermeddling of
lb abolition lata M u nprtn in inair oomasue
affair. He advocated the postponement of the bill
a k peao measure, and hoped l would b to
rl. ""-x '
7&. CLAPF would not, In th ptaaent agita
ted Ut of tha publlo mind, add anytbina; to
tb xcitemnU He woald oorreot hettata
m r Mr. F. that tb derev had been en
gaged la a armada again, ale vary for thirty
year. titnongn it wa u
M7gy aad p. ovd taemaelvaa a eonwva-
ou'' ""!" "Pf"" Kw O"
attaint alaverv
till tbe Kaunas itroub e. tie
eit0. the) fat thaw Garrioo Theodora Parker,
and bit frlendi, and their denunciation! of the
- Mr. ROBINSON called the' attention "bf "the
JHome to the question under discussion, which
was tbal the. biU be jfelerted , t the, Jodioiary
oommltte.artib InsfuetW to!i.quir
legislation Is necessary for the protection of
n of the
i of tills
ion.. t
personal liberty or tne citizens of tbe estate,
Mr. BALDWIN said that th friends ol
bill are not responsible for thi discussion
had been caused by the enemies ot the bill.
He analyzed the bill and oited it provision.
Tbey were only those tbat. any civilised State
would adopt. Virginia herself bad a law con
taining tho same provision. He cited the ne
cessity for each a bill to provide for the protec
tion of such a were not provided for in term by
our present statutes.. -Virginia punished tbe
kidoapping of all persons alike. He repudiat
ed the assumption tbat this bill, because moot
ed to the,, protection of personal liberty, iwas
in conflict with the constitution and law of tbe
United State, lie moved to amend the in
structions to th committee, so; as to prohibit
slavcholdlng by ore sad" violence, and to make
the provisions of the cS of 1835, against kid
napping white persons, apply to all persona ir
respective Ol COlor.i ' , i . ,, i. :
This amendment was disagreed to yeas 14,
nay 73 - .. , . .,, - , ,
Mr. RIED, with leave, withdrew hi motion
ot instiuouons to the committee then pending
wbn tbe vote was taken on tbe question ot ret
ernce, which resulted yeaa all, nays 41
On leave, Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, and Mr
FELLOWS recorded their votes 'upon the reso
lutions adopted on Isalurday atternoon, and vot
ed vea.
On motion of Mr. STOUT, the Sergeant-at
arms was instructed-to procure a map of North
America, to be suspended in the Hall
Mr. BRUFF offered the following resolution
which was laid over for discussBion:
Whibkas. The Legislature of Ohio bas la
bored for many years to perfect a aafe banking
system for the State, in which they have been
measurably successful. And whereas, a aystem
of money sorting has grown up for tbe purpose
ot returning tbe issues ol OUio bank lor xe'
demotion. Therefore, ..
Ruolntd, That a select committee of U be
appointed and instructed to report what leelsla
tion is necessary, if auy , to protect the circula
tion p(; Ohio currency is Ubio.i , , ,. j .
On motion of Mr. CHASE, the various Bet
of resolutiona relating to federal matters,
were taken from the table and referred to tbe
committee on Federal Relations.,
Mr. HUGGES rose ' to a Question , of privi
lege, with a copy of tbe Wttttrn Star, published
by Dr. ooott, irom wnicn no read an editorial to
show that tbe Doctor was guilty of Inconsisten.-
cy when be voted for the. eighth resolution in
tbe Senate, endorsing Mr. JJuubanan. , it reads
aa follows:
"There can remain co doubt in .the minds of
the American people lnrelation to Buchanan s
complicity with the secession movements; and
that he ought to bo Impeached, we think, will
find a response in tho heart of -every true and
loyal American citizen, ilisaending Secretary
Thompson, a tborougn-blooded traitor, to North
Carolina, with tbe publio portfolio in his band,
is, of itself, ' a sufficient ground, lor impeach
ment, outside of the immense amount ol other
testimony against him. We doubt whether God
didn't make that crook in the old traitor's neck
for some wise purpose, and U will be the eln of
the government if the purpose is not carried
ont. It would make tbe.oUl chair of Washing
ton, Madison, Jefferson, -Monroe and Jackson
laugh, if one of Its degenerate' occupants were
taken out aad strung up by tbe neck, occasion
ally, and we don't know, of a better subject to i
commence oo, than tais ee.f-ssrue Jame JtJuon
anan. It would, at least, make bis successors
think oi their neck vhen they contemplated
treason against their Country."..",''....'
Dr. SCOTT said-he was one of the commit
tee which formed the resolutions for which be
bad jnat now voted, and the gentleman from
Butler would see by examining the 8tb resolu
tion, In the series, tbat It doe not endorse James
Buchanan,' but hU special message. Dr. Scott
bad not a word of bis editorial, In rotation to
Mr. Buchanan', to take back.. That itwasjut to
his administration, tljl within' the laettbreeor
four weeks, no one on the floor will pretend to
deny. But as the President, since the dismissal
or withdrawal or nis treasonaoie uaDio?i, nao
exhibited some back bone, and was willing to
sustain the Constitation and enfosce the law,
he wa willing to endorse thar much bf James
Buchanan. ' .'"' ' '.' ', ,7
TbDie'erNi!2ib&t MVI'IIuru'es, who he
understood voted for Mr. Breckinridge, was tbe
onlv gentleman on' the floor who would be
guilty of endorsing!) whole administration of
James Bachanan. He came from the District
of "Bloody Body.''Val." ' ; " . .
On motion, the House aojonrnea
TUESDAY, January 15th, 1861—10 A.M.
The Senate opened with prayer by Rev. Dr.
Minutes of yesterday read and approved.
By Mr. FURGU30N Petition from County
Officer, and mseistratee or Hamilton oonnty.
tbat .they may b e supplied with Swan and
Crltchfield'a Revised Statutes. Judiciary Com
mittee. a ' ' '''
By Mr. MoCALL A series of resolution on
federal matter adopted by citizen of Bellealre,
O. Tbey denounce seoeesion and Insist upon
the maiatainane of tho Union, and recommend
compromise bv wav of amendment to the Coo
stitutlone - Referred to tbe Committee on Fede
ral relations. ' - ' '" '-''' .-'.-
fiMr. MONROE petition of N. W. Fay
and 165 others,' of Lorain county, praying for
laws conferlog upon women certain rigbta in re
gard to property and tbe guardianship of child
ren. '. ' " i- . .
By Mr. GLASS petition on the same sub
ject, from J. W Osbnrn and 63 others, of Rich
land county; alto from Mr. Bushnell aad other
of Ashland county, on tha same sublect.
Tbe above were referred to the speoiat eotn-
mittee oniWoman' Right.'- r , ,-,
' Si B. 184, Mr. JONES to amend tbe act of
April 6th 1859,regulaling th,e mode of admin is
teriotr aesienmenta in trust. , Judiciary.
, 8., B. 183, Mr. BREWER to amend tbe act
of February 21st, 1859, for tbe better regulation
of in clues, town,
Mr. SCHLE1CH, from the Standing Com
mute on tbe Jodioiary, made the following r
Bort: ' 1 1 r.j ,.':. t ui . , t
Th Standing Commute on th Judiciary, to
waich wa referred Senate bill No. 183, report
theiam back with one amendment, and, with
the adoption Of tbe amendment recommend th
passage of trre same. - --?-
r Strike 'put all after the enacting clause, and
maart: ..... , , .... -
That Motion one of an act entitled "an aot to
nrovide for the surrender or transfer of turn
pikes and plank roads," passed April 17, 1857,
he so amended as to read as follows: That any
turnpike or plank road company, having their
road located or contiructeu, or naving me cor
porate rights to conttt net any ub road through
or Into any county or counties of . thia State,
may, with the content of three-fourth of the
stock-holders, and with, th like content of all
tha Commissioners of such county, or countle,
relinquish and transfer to the Commlsioners of
any suoh county, oroounties, the whole or any
part oftbelr said road, together with all rights
and nrlvlleires appertaining thereto: Provided,
tbat any suob transfer to tbe Commissioners of
any county shall be limited to the part of such 1
road within th boundaries of (oon oounttee re
spectively: Provided, that such transfer shall
h without consideration, and tbat no toll shall
be collected on such road within tuch county or
oountle., ,.-., v . . ....
, Tbat section two of the above recited act, be
amended to to read as follow: Section S.
Such tr inafer shall b evidenced bv tbe execu
tion of a written declaratloo.tigned by the Pres
ident or other principal officer, and under th
seal ofeaid Company, and ahall take effeet and
have full force, on depositing with the Auditor
of tbe county within which i aaid . relinquished
road may lie, tbe , Mid written declaration;
for a oopy thereof, and upon tbe entry upon
tha lonmal of the Commissioners of sucb
eountr. an acceptance signed " by all of
aid . Comm1sioner, of . ,ucb . relinquish
ment or transfer; which' written " declara
tion so deposited aa aforesaid, shall there pan be
entered by Mid Audltor npon hi record of road
and hie-hwav. and thereafter ucb . road or part
of road bll b under th control of th county
Commissioners of tha oonnty 4a which the same
may ue, wno enau, by proper order, provide
that the tame shall beafpublia bighway,and
that no tolls aia oolleoted thereon within the
limlu of such county ... rv ;j
dio. a.- imiaot ebail Ube ffcot upon its
passage. " i
- The report was agreed Hi and the bill was en
grosses ior uiuq reading to-morrow. ...
Air. iua, to whom Was referred hi reso
tion lostractioa- the military committee to mak
certain inquiries concerning' tbe necessity of
putting tna ocaie in preparation ior oerenoe ror
any emergoncy,' iSta., reported it back, recom
mending its passage.
Mr. WHITE moved it reference to tbe com
mittee on lederal relationa.
Mr. SCIILL.ICII eureested the nrorirletv of
oeiajiDK aouon.
j-i i .! r--w
Mr. COX felt obliged, bv a flense of duty, to
press It. He thought If the people knew their
aeienceiese condition, tney would demand prep
aratlons of a defensive character.; t .'e't
. Mr. WHITE thought it an imprudent meas
ure at this junction, hud sister States - would
regard it a menaces i Although it may be (im
ply defensive In desien. it would be misoon
etnied and would therefore bare an evil effect.
It would be sounded as a declaration of hostil
ity. He would prefer that the standing com
mittee on federal relations should take charge
or ue subject.
Mr. FISHER thought there wa an undue
delicacy on thi aubiect. It Is wise and owner
whether in peaoe or war to look at the defences
of the btate.- He did not think tbe aotion nro
posed to be taken, would have the effect sug
gested by the Senator from Brown. Tbe Militia
Committee does not aot upon this lubjeot be
cause tnis revolution wu pending. Therefore
this resolution "should pass. He wa out of
p&tiencawith tbi sensitiveness. The Senate
appear to be afraid of doing anything, while
tbe people are waiting for them to act, and the
uenerai Assembly should aot promptly. Mr
F. went on to describe how the Militia of the
State bad beea culpably neglected by the Leg
Islatnre, and held there -should be reform. If
the Senate will proceed with tbia business, and
will not talk so much about it, nothing will be
aaid ol 1L We ought to go at it and do the
work promptly, becaiwe it ia proper and right.
We ' simply inquire what is the eondition of
our own bouse, and if it ain't sale we baro a
right to make it so, and it oan't be offensive to
our neighbors.
Mr. SCHLEICU eaid be could not permit
tbe positiou ot benators to ba misconstrued even
by implication. Nobody is afraid. Senators of
Ohio do not fear, the people of Ohio are not
atrald .' U hey are patriotic, and should there be
war, they will do their whole duty. He thought
if we display our preparations in the eyes and
shake them m tbe ears of other States, it will
give offence.. It is our doty to discharge our
own obligations properly, so our conduot cannot
be misconstrued, tie proposed to modify the
word "defense" in tbe resolution, so tbat the
general sense might be adopted, which ..would
convey tbe fact thut we are reducing all our de
partments to order. He would not have any
thing In the resolution which anybody could
misconstrue into war preparations. . . ... .
Mr.1 MONROE wa a peaoe. man, but be
thought that whatever a State nudertook to do,
should be done well or not al all. The Consti
tution and laws of the State, recognise a Mili
tary system, and we should therelore, keep up
a proper organiaation. He had always main
tained such maxims, and be saw no reason
why It ibonld not be done now.. He thought
It proper to vote on such a measure as that now
pending. Ho wa not particular about tbe lan
guage of the resolution, if he could get the sub.
stance in any other form. He thought th less
talk we bare about it, tha better the effect.
Mr. STANLEY held that when guns arc
planted upon the Banks of the Mississippi to
intercept steamboats and require them to "come
to" like vessels of a foreign nation with which
we are at war, It ts a bad time to talk about
tbe fear ol excitement. The country ia full of
excitement, ine resolution is timely and
proper, and should be adopted.
Mr. HOLMES wa favorable to the object
of tbe resolution upon general principles, but
thought It unwise at this time.; He supposed it
wouio cause excitement in our sister. states.
The resolution come from a mild, peaceful
man, and it therefore has more significance.
Had It came from a brilliant distinguished mill
tary man It might have been different. .
Mr. SCHLEICH Interrupted that he could
not allow tbe service to be misrepresented.' Mr.
Cox Is a Brigadier General of (he 0. V. M
Mr. HOLMES backed, and said ho bad re
garded Mr. Cox a peaceful man, not a warrior.
Laughter The committee on Militia Affairs
waa named to' Mr. Holme, when he Mid be was
satisfied tbe State was safe in its bands. Laugh
.Mr. GARFIELD advocated th resolution as
eminently proper, and proceeded to compare the
iieeoie armament oi umo witn mat oi otner
I States, and reviewed generally thesubiectof ar
maments In the country to show the duty of
this state to reiorm it military arm. He
thought it a matter of no consequence whether
Ohio action upon this subjeot causes excitement
or not. It bas been tbe policy of the South
ever since 1832 to get excited, so that all means
of defence should be taken from one side, and
that the other side should be strengthened.
Mr. Garfield went on to say that it would be
weakness, pusillanimity in Ohio, to neglect her
duty in tms matter.
' Mr. JONES rose to a point ol order. He ob
jected that the Senator bad no right to charge
the Senate with belngpuslllaminous.
Mr. GARFIELD did not recognize the right
of the Senator to call him to order for snch' lan
guage. But he desired to explain that he did
not mean to characterize any Senator or the Se
nate as polBillanlmon. He had not designed
to use bard words but to express what seemed
to him to be the true ltite of the chc ' He fa
vored the resolution. " ' ' '
-. Mr. WHITE thought It proper tbatquestlocs
should be discussed in the light cf circumstances.
Tbe Republican party Is responsible for tbe con
duct of the publlo affairs. The question bas ar
rived shall (the Republican party or the Con
stltution, go to the wall. The dominant portion
ot the Republican party are unwilling to make
concession. "Tbey are aconstomed to construe
the Constitution In one way, and We in anoth-
Mr. FISHER called the Speaker to order, re
questing that be be confined to the question. '
Mr. WHITE said if tbe gentleman would be
patient he would come to iu . Tbe question Is
one ot war whether by force of arms, we shall
go . down and force our Southern brethren to
acquiesce in our views He would ' not do
any act that looks directly or remotely Into
ooercing our Southern brethren into an acqui
escence In our views of the Constitution upon
tbe question which divides parties.. This reso
lution look' to coerolon. It Would use the
strong arm of the sword to compel tbe South to
accede to us. He would not endorse it, ' It pre
tends to be a resolution looking to prCparatlob
for defence; We didn't cecd such preparations.
Nou of tha Slave State propose to invade us.
Mr. WHITE in reviewing tbe crisis remark
ed concerning the controversy between the
North and tbe South, at one of tbe grievance
of th latter, that Ohio had been guilty of nul
lifying law. One of the Judge ofber Supreme
Court had shown himself incapable of apprecia
ting tbe obligations of ah oath, and the people
bad endorsed him. " ' '.', " ," '
Mr. GARFIELD Will thi 'gentleman in
tern ns how he reconciler his vote on the eight
resolution (Mr. Harrison') with hi ' present1
peecht , ".':' ';'.; '-'
. tttrttitin vin .a a a .
; jnr. wni ic wnentD legany constituted
authority of tbe law call upon me I will res-1'
pood to tbe law, and will follow it to any Issue.
. Mr. SMITH-Is it not the duty of th State
of Ohio to defend it citizen s wherever they got
Have not cannon been planted on me Dank or
tbe Mississippi to interfere with onr citizens.
-Mr. WHITE replied that the strong arm of
tbe tword should follow the civil authority. Let
tho civil authority be applied to those who have
violated tbe law, and let the power or tbe gov
ernmeot be Invoked In tbe name of tbe law
Let tbose who violate the law b taken op and
tried by the civil law. ... ' . . -
: Jtfr. SMITH How ire you going to take
up those men 7 ,
Mr, w nu u i nr;ugn lb power or th gov
ernment,": . - 1 . v '
Mr. SMITH Where will you try themt "
Mr. WHITE Befor th regularly constitu
ted authotitle. Let the power of the govern
ment be invoked. Do s Jackson did at New
Orlesnt., Declar martial law.. There Is no
power to declare war against a State. .
Mr. COX said tbe subject matter of the res.
lutioe Is strictly wilbio tbe scop of the com
mittee to whom It It directed. He wa turprlsed
at th rang Of the debate., ,W are 'Informed
tbat tbe people of Ohio., (n a )et courageous
manner than the people of Mississippi, and in at
wanton and recklessa manner as tba South,
hav disregarded the Constitution. It ls laid
a Jade of tbe Supreme Court of unto nao done
to. (Mr. White referred toModg Brlnkerboff
decision noon the Fugitive Slave Law.) Thi
language ii extr a regent. When we examine this
subject, we find - that he" arraign a dissenting
opinion of n judgi, when tbe Ceurf has done
precisely what' the gentleman desired andre-
L-l I I. I 1 Jt J." M KUAA.JA4 m Ann.
demn tbe partir.au prejudice wmon wouiq
Improperly arraign the people of tbe State
when; tbey bare peaceably , and lawmuy ac
quleced in the decision . of ithe Court. The
people are not seoeoers, or traitors, i ney nave
nullified no law. He regarded the remarks of
Mr. White as proof of the treason of the se
ceding States, and a justification of any aot the
other States may deem necessary and proper to
defeat it. -,'; i a 1 1 1 I
Mr. COX. proceeded to vindicate and press
bis resolution) holding it due to tbe Stata of
Ohio. It ,ia a peculiarly appropriate question
for the militia committee, just as a purely legal
question belongs to the judiciary. It propose
simply to instruot this committee to Inquire and
report. We are told the people of Ohio are in a
different condition from tbe South end -we do
not need preparations for defence. ! He did not
know what are the relationa of the Senator
from Btown, with tbe Soutb, but from hi de
claring tbat the people of Ohio have acted In a
cowardly and traitorous manner, he thought his
reiatisns were closer than witn nis ,own people.-
'. a- .... ; f'i
Mr? COX discussed the condition of the
country, when
Mr. WHITE Inauired whether Mr. Cox be
lieved in the power of the Government to make
war on a State? v
' Mr. COX No air, but I do bolleve in tho
power and the duty of the Government to en
force tbe law.
Mr. WHITE Precisely the ground I as
sumed. Tho civil power should be invoked,
and if that is not sufficient, martial law should
be proclaimed, z. l-? . r
Mr. COX continued, tbat it is because of tho
probable necessity of the contingency here allu
ded to, that Ohio Bhould be prepared for it.
He was not disposed to believe there Is olvil
war, but be would not by bis vote consent to al
low Ohio, to remain in a defenceless state, so
that ahe will be unprepared when the govern
ment calls for our services. It Is not for us to
inquire whether, what we do in this matter will
cause excitement. Our duty is to put ourselves
in a state of preparation: Mr. Cox reviewed
tbe progress of eventa in the. South, suggested
tbat such facts indicate the probability tbat wa
will be oalled upon to defend ourselves here in
Ohio, and held that this people ought to calmly,
deliberately prepare for any event that may
come. While Ohio is willing to bold out the
olive branch it is still her duty to prepare for
tbe worst. Ho closed by remarking that when
a Senator, for whom we have so much personal
respect, as we have for the gentleman from
Brown, declares that a Judge ol -th Supreme
Court kad been gulltyjof deliberate perjury, and
tbat tbe people are cowardly and traitors, it be
comes os to look well to it that Ohio is prepar
ed for any emergency. . H;-; . 1. I
' The question recurring upon the motion of
Mr. White to refer to the committee on Fede
ral Relatione, It was lost, vit ; . ', t
Those who voted in tbe alternative, were
Messrs. Easoo, Foster, Holmes, Newman, Orr,
Perrill, Schleich and Whlte-8. i
- Tbose who voted in tbe negative, were Messrs.
Brtck, Brewer, Donor, Collins, Cox, Cummins,
Fisher, Garfield, Glass, Harsh, 'Jones, Laskey,
McCall, Monroe; Morse, Parish, Potwin, Ready,
Smith, Spragne and Stanley 21.
Absent Alessrs. uuppy, rerguson, Har
rison, Key, Moore and Potta 6. ;.- 11
The question recurring upon the resolution,
It was adopted by the following vote, viz:
' Those wbo voted in tne amrmattre, mmart
Breck, Brewer, Bonar, Collin, - Cox, Fisher,
Garfield, Glass, Hanh, Jones, Laskey, McCall,
S Monroe, Morse, Parish, Potwin, Ready,
chletcb, Smith. Spragne, Stanley-r32
Tbose wbo voted in the negative,, were Mes
srs Eacon, Foster, Holmes, Newman, Orr, Per
rill, White 7. , : , ;.. ..
The Senate took a recess. ,
TUESDAY, January 15.
Prayer by Rev. Mr: DA VIS.
Tbe following memorials were presented and
appropriately relerred.
Bv. Mr. WRIGHT. of Hamilton, from tha
couoty officer of Hamilton county and nine
Justice of tbe feaoe, in relation to tbe distri
bution oi Swan and Critchfield' Statutes.
By Mr. OGLE, from Addison Pearson and 19
other of Ross county, for a provision giving to
certain cities tbe use-ot the Independent Militia
Law of March 26, 1859. ..
By Mr. McCAVRAN, from W. Clark and 15
others, of Harrison county, against any change
In the Liquor Law. ... . . . ,
Tbe follwing Bills were read a' second time
and refered
II. B. 270 To amend the law for tbe settle
ment ot estates of deceased persons. Judiciary
Committee. ' .
H. B. 271 Relating to the sale of School
Section '2'J, In Warren township, In Washing
ton oounty. Committee on Schools 'and School
H. B. 273 For the inprovement of Mineral
Land. Committee on Corporation' other
than municipal. ,""',':
H. B. 274 Relating to the record of Re
ligious Societies. Committee ot the Whole.
Notice of the introduction of bill wa giv
en: . " """,'
- By Mr. GORE-To prevent th taking of II
legal interest by private Banker. '.' , ...
ByDEVORE to amend Seotion 32 aad 35
of the General Road Law. ...
By Mr. 8TUBB3-to amend Seotion 203 of
the Justices Code, u . , ,, ; ,
By Mr. WOODS for leasing the. Poblio
Works. ' "' f -r '
By Mr HITCHCOCK for the sale of the
Publio Works. -
.. By Mr. STOUT to prevent bringing persons
to the Penitentiary previously affected by small
pox. ; ;
. The foilowiug Bill were Introduced and read
for the first time. ' ' -f-
House Bill 284-by Mr. HUGHES (0 amend
Section 3, 5 end 0 of the Act for' the encour
agement of agriculture. - ' '' - ' i i
, House Bill 285 by Mr. JONAS to amend
Section 157 of tbe Justice Coda; - v - - :
, .II, B. 2d6-by Mr. REES, of Morrow to
provide for the distribution of publio document
and their preservation in obool libraries. ,.
Mr. CONVERSE, from the Judiciary Com -mitte,
reported back Senate bill 116 to amend
section 217 of (he justice code without amend
ment, and recommended its passage. . .
, This bill provides for requiring bail for costs
in certain esse not specified in the present law.
He explained the objects of the bill. - -.
. Mr .PLANTS thought the bill unnecessary. It
might be a slight improvement; but b objected
to the frequent change in the law.' '
Mr. ANDREWS lavered the bill a necessa
ry and nefnl.'iMe n f-'-s "i"''.''.!:,.'- -:
. Mr. KRUM suggested that It might work
Inconveniences in many cases, especially after
proceedings have been commenced.
-, Mr. CONVERSE referred to tba nr actios of
tbe higher courts, wnere additional security Is
requireu in auer atagee oi tue proceeding.
Mr. VORI3 also supported the bill as a need
ed improvement-' , t- rtf .. ,
y The bill wa then read a. third time and pass
ed yets do, pays i
- Mr. WOODS, from th Judiciary Committee
reported back 11. u t o prevent tbe inter mar-
...w . yw.i,Mi- w 1,11
verbal amendment, .'which waa agreed to
when --I -i.-.i-T r -i -i.i..-n-.. 'j. -i -.-r; ,
Mr. VORI3-movd that the bill be inde
finitely, postponed. ' '. ; ',' :, '
. Mr. IX AGO hoped tbe lill would not be
postponed.' He wa opposed to thi mixture of
to races; and be did not want it legitimatized
abov all thing. v lie (incerely hoped tbe bill
would pas. ''' - f - w'
t Mr. CL APP tbongbt w had no contlitntional
right to pats snch a bill.- At any rata it would
not meet tbe object in view.,. He did not desire
to make a political qneation of tbi matter; but
it occurred to him tbat tbe Democratic party
not many year ago, mpported a man for the
Tic Presidenoy'wbo had lived a life tim with
a black women as bl wife. He said this in re
ference to the snxiety in the party now, upon
toe nbieot. iff
Mr, PLANTS did not know, in the Stata of
Ohio, of toy necessity for th passage of (uoh
an act. It would not arrest th praotio of amal-
gamation among n. It only affect would a
o render llligitimate a few of tbe product tbat
uignt omerwise oe iawiui.ir.il saw no -elty
for It; tt there might b om ia whom
to impulse to such tqarrltget waa 10 strong a
to make them feol the noed ol such a law. If t,
tka ifa anv ennh. ha vnnM vnta lat aaneolal
provision ior tuem. lie would not oast a iidoi nr.-
on th Dtata of unto oy maxiog uca a statute.
Mr.'. JONAS alluded to th raptdi lnllux of
the blacks, that a general amalgamation ti tha
race wa liabl to take place. He did not
want tbe- mlaed offspring of uch a miatur to
be arrayed at the polls, with tbe balsnoe of ,
power to turn an eieotioo eitoer way, lie re
ferred to tbe aubjeel in a religious and ethnolo-
gioal point or view, ana saia ne regarded tne
negroes a of an Interior raoa not of Adam,
and their mixture Witn too uiguer racea as ior
MAAm at dorl. " . 'i. "ii!. f A
Mr. SCOTT of Warren regretted that the last
gentleman np bad rsneoted upon tne rengious
rinse or other. Boiomau. wno was oanuuuiaeu
in tbe gentleman' churoh, bad said he;was
black' 11 thought thi law unnecessary i bnt
t.h fact ia. that the case of amalgamation
which do occur, ttake plao without marnge,
and in a few cue of marriage occur for tne
purpoio legitlmtalzing tbe oirtrrlng or previous
wrong. His remedy would be this, when the
wrong intercourse of the races can be proved
upon a white man, be would oblige bim to make it
lawlul bv marrying tbe woman of color. This
h thoueht would reach Ihe caso. Ha did not
want it to appear abroad tbat such a bill is
necessary in Ohio,' """' "" --,
Mr. MONAIIAN hoped the gas to be ex
pended on the negro question, would b ex
hausted on thia bill, tbat we might be done
with it. . He laid that the offspring of mixture
waa unhealthy, and would soon die out. i He
had no objection to their dying out - He also
thought that tbe man or the woman who was so
degraded as to marry a colored person was tit
to marry no other. .
Mr. BRUFF said the proposed object of the
bill wa not provided lor 4u It.. JNOt one in ten
ot tbe mulatto of tbe country are tbe offspring
of marriage, wbioh the bill forbids; hot It pro
vides no penalty for illicit mixture. II tbe
mixture does taka place, is it better that it
should b unlawful? Thi bill encourage snch
mixture rather than otherwise. ; .:
Mr. VORIS moved the previoua question ,
whioh was sustained. I Yeas 49: nnvs 44.
, The question then turned on ordering the bill
engrossed, whion waa decided, yeas ov, nay4u.
Mr PARROTT moved that tbe bill be re
committed to th Judlclsry Committee, with In
structions to amend the last section so a to
make the penalty a fine. . , . - . .,,-.,-.
Mr. FLAGO said he was glad the question
wu still ooeo.i He felt the Importance of oppo
sing tbi mixturelof race ;and be would Impret
upon tne House tne necessity oi wo niu- very
little argument had been offered a faot which
he regretted and Instead of argument, be bad
beard chitdj insult to the friends of the bill.
We ought to aarlouaiv provide against ino de
grading mixture, by whioh we may debase our-
ourselves, witnoul eievauna; ma coiorea race.
It.ls a much as the Anglo Baxon can do- to
progress on bis own legs, without taking to
Alrioanoubla back. Jtlwaa time for us to
protect onrselvee from the hordes of th color
ed race tbat may soon oe preoiaitatediupoa lui.
He ha,seen ite effects enongh already. . i ,
- Mr. BRUFF moved lurtber to instruct tbe
oommlttee to amend the bill , so aa to prohibit
illicit mixture or the eclors a well aa luter
marriage. ; Mr. VORIS supported thi mr.tloo, and said h
thought,, this was a provision that would maka
the bill mora generally acceptable, it aot en
tirely so.J ' i .'!. ;'---
Mr. HlUH tbought tbe bill would be ot use
to prevent amalgamation.: H could not tx
peot it to be effectual. He regretted that tbe
discussion bad taken a political torn. ' Tbi wa
a question of State policy merely, that did o
affect national qncstion. He opposed the re
fereoc and Instrooliun. ''The amendment pro
posed would only weaken the bill lie was op
pesedto amalgamation, od said the Republi
cans were, as a party.- He bepad they would
vote on tbi subject, o a not to verify tbe
charge made by the other party that thoy were
so. Ue hoped this bill would do carwuiiy con
sidered and passed. . . . . . .?-$ .,f !
The Housebea took a receea - i
Democratic State Convention.
In parinanco of a call made by the Chairman ol the
Domocrallc Bute Central Committee, for a Democratic
SUte Convention, to be held la theetly of Columbus, oa
Wednesday Janemtr 3d, 1861
for th yai D i eMMtllng tnaetlnt on tbe alarming
condition ef tbe country, it well as to adopt inch a line
of policy at they may deem beet for the perpetaity of oar
Government and the protperity of our people, I hereby
call upon Ihe Democratta vaUr of the evprBl Tnwn
thioi to meet at their niual ulacee of holding elections.
(except as noted below) at 3 o'clock, P. M. and the
Democratic voters of the several Wards of the city of
Colnmbnt, to meet at Uieir anal pieces of holdine flec
tion, at 7 o'clock, P. V., oa SATURDAY, the 10th day
of Jannary, 1801, and then and there appoint Delegates
as Hereinafter designated, ami tne veiegaiet mas ap
pointed, will meet al tne Ulty nail, in ueiamDBt,
MONDAY, th9ltt day ot January. 1H81, at 10 o'clock,
M , to appoint Delegates to repreeent this cooatry
said State Convention, i i .:
1 3i
5 th
.. . . j
: Clinton
Plain. ......
. BlianD...u-
,-' ,"" l ,
t i '.i
j.,.,.... i
; 3
JickionTowninipwiiimoeia urove uiiy. - ,
KnF.l.k T-.kl ! ml at llilllant'l Sltl(w '
By order of the CO0NTT CBNT't COMMITTEE '
WM. DOMIGAN. Chairman.
Columbus, January 15th, 1861.
Conimencln; WedneOday, JaatV 16th
An Exhibition lllaitratloc the scenery ofl that beauti-
fal country in a series of vlewt painted from nature, rep
repreientlng tn principal vines, uaeuet, axe,
Oburchet, Natural QurloilUes, ttlvert, o.
- Xachioenel accompanied by vocal and Inttrutnental
muilc. selected from the immortal Irish Melodies and
executed by a oompany of artists, including
Mitt RATI MAO EYOY, Ths gifted Bophrano,
Mitt MARIE, Tho accomplished Harpist, " 1
.... Hatter JOHN SPALDING, the Ulealed delineator
- ; of Irish Oharaoler. .'' k'. XV.XI ";
i Mils TBEBBLA, thayoBthfateomedttane.
ff j , , CHAS, MAO EVd? , th Pianltt.
Admission ' - - - 25 cts. , -,
rjanlt-41w- .. if; it '
Salt? of Useful & Fancy 'Articles
' , i ON TBCBBDAT 1VENINQ, JAN. 17. r'- ,
: nvrrrB tinra o n -
Universalist Church in 'this City;
' ln'mtlilni fhUanaoaaoetttnt, th Ladles promts that
they IU endeavor to make this entertainment equal at
leait to thote of former year, and hop to at all of their
Mendilpresent..' , .. . - "j -,i,it"
' The proceeds will b applied towards rtDOvatinf th
church eJlflc and la liquidation of thtlr church debt. ' '
- Single Tickets, 50 cent. 4 Tioktt admltUng a Gentle
man and two Ladle, 1100. ..--rr,,; ,. janUdld
thk mvrr uvcoessfcl pa in cuh
X H known. Is composed Solely of healing Oil.
Vauumi and uumt. -aeuui oootrvattoa ana tn cert Id
oatet of retpectasle pertoa warrant a la slating poet-
Uvelytnat '""i ,
- Aeerf'e ifagnttU (Ml curt KXttmattimf . ,
d' MagtuUa Oil murm Spinal Aftction; , ., f
Jtted'i McumtUt OU mr WtakJoW.; . , ,
,. feed's Magnetic OU our VtotraUd Both; '' '
, , ; X-d'l MaffmUtOU ewe Jfereont BtadaoU;
. ' li-d t MoffntUe OU eta-ee JVoefed Hut;
-Aeed's MitgmUe OU ourte We Wimndr,
V. 'HexVt Jfjfftuth OU ewree BueUmot; :, :
' . KfTt XagntM Oil cure i'oHe tte Ms Mad: -
r ' f'i Maanetia OU owrwt Jfertvut AiTteMim.- . - -.
XttdiMuiinttieQUottrMXmaoM i TtxUocie.
Tor tale by SIMOK JOUNBON, Dleeeirr, Pittsburgh,
Fa.,Mlswnt sold alia by B. A. lAUNKBToOK a
CO., B. B.8ILLBB4; CO., and Prugglttt generally,
atSSott.perbottl. 1 itw iv. i decl4d9w
a - ... -
City ""Fire Insurance Company,
OW tE h'lsl DAY OF DECEMtJEa, -1860,
aiade te toe auditor of Ohio, aureuaat to Ihe
ttatuu of tbe Stale, entitled "An aot to refnlatt Iran
ranee Companies, not Incorporated by ihe Htate of Ohio,"
paaeed April 8, 1630. .
Tbe name of the Company la "City Vlre Iniuur.se
Company cfUartford" aoi I located at Marlf ,rj, '
1 i 1. I. CAPITAL.' -. '...'.
Tbe amount of Hi Oaollal Stock le. . t3ii iliU
3. he amount of Its CaplUI 8 took paid up it ?3U UiKl
4th. , '""lt AB8MT8.' ' ' "' 4 " 1 '
1. Cub of ibt Company oa hand ' "'I
, : and In Bank $U 057 U , . v ..
S. Otahin the hands of and doe .
from Agents or In Tranilt 51,183 1H J9,8 IT "
S.Real Jiute anlnouabered noae ,
4. Tbe Bonds and ttocka owned by '
me uompany ae pet vouon- -
en accompanying bow te i.- - -
cured, aad the rate of in-
tercet thereon, to wit:.,..
No. Shares
100 Park Bank Stock N. V.
ParVal. afarketVal.
110,000 00 flO.TOO 0J
UK) Continental . ' "
KHI Metropolitan " "
1110 Impertert it Traders'
IV uuu uu - ,3UU UU
10,000 110
10,000 oo
10,700 ou
10 500 00
s.soo SO
)o,ouo oo
io.xoo on
5.100 00
3,150 to
0,500 00
10,000 uu
10.0U0 00
10.0H6 00
5,050 00
5,4)0 00
5,000 00
8,875 00
S 500 00
7,801 00
5,15 00
50 Bank of Bepublio '
" . 5,000 00
' , 10,000 00
- 10.100 00
" ' S.000 00
BJItoa 5,0110 00
100 Market Bank
100. Shoe Jt Leather
100 Merchants Bank
Bank of 0 minence
Hide c Leather
Safety fund
. ;'W
- SO
eoo oo
, " 10,0110 00
" i 10.000 00
Hartford 10 40) 00
10,000 00
' 3,000 00
9.000 00
Mercantile Bank
Charter Oak
Fhcsnlx '
Merch'ti k tranufts "
City Bank Stock " '
Bank of Hartford Oo. "
Rxcbauge ' 1
Union Bank Stock Albany
5,1100 00
,sno oo
5 500 0
7,500 0
5,000 Ul
Brooklyn City Wateer Bonds
Hartford City Bonds fl.000
each. ,.,.
Indiana Central B. B.
Bonds 11,000 eaoh
Certificate of Ohio State
Ilartford fcfttnrbamB. B.
10,000 00 10,000 80
11 000 00
10,000 00
5.000 00
4,000 00
11,330 00
10,000 00
5,000 00
Total Bonds and Stocks Mar
ket Valne
S. Debts due the Company, aecur
ed by morgsye, on uolncum -
bercd Beal Batata, tas per
'J01,453 00
voticnera accompanying . . -6.
vonchireaecompaoylngvii; 1
Total amount loaned oo
Collaterals .'. '
'.'1,11(1 00
' i7,0?0 UU
Aocrod lntemt I payable Jan.
uery 1, 1801
7. Debto for premloma none...,
8. Oflice furniture a Library...
o,o H
i is8
3,196 79
' .-,
Total uieti of tha Oompany..v . ; ,
r,th. Tbeanonntof llabilltieeidue .
or not due, to Banbsand olh
' ' eroredilort none
9th. Iioeeesadjutlrd and doe, none
7th. Louts adjusted and wt due 2,n-0 W
8th. Losses nnadjueted and....
Olh. Looko In uepeoae, waiting
for further proof loelodlog
20(1 teamed -. 34,010 W
10th. All other elolms against . ,
, .. the Company none ......
Total lUbilltlee......
3C,S99 9
Uth. Tbe greataet amount Iniured In any
- oe rttk (he rata of the Company llm.
. Its to .1
13th. The greateet amoant allowed by the
' rule to be laewwd ba asy oneelty.
! ' . . town or villaga, varies all owing to
the else and claaa of Bronert
10,060 00
; 1. 1
The greateet amount allowed' to be 1
, iniured la,any ooe block varies at
In the preoteding
The amoant of luj capital or earnlei
u auu ouwr aiaie, ae eeoanty ror lotees Lot re
in, naming them, with the amoant In each, aad ,
woeuier eacn oompany traoaactt any business
of Imuran la eaid Slate or Slate, none
15 th. The Charter, or act of iBeorpoiattoaofsald Cent-.
pany i th same as heretvOr (led. -
Btt or ComticnccT.f
County of Ilartford. (
C. B. Bownte, Pretldent, and C. 0. vTam, Secre
tary of the Olty fir Iooaraooo Oompany, being severally
sworn, depose and toy, tbat tbe foregoing It a foil, tree
and correct statement of the affatii of the eaid Oompaoy
that the ta d Ineanuwe Oompany H the bona fld oww
ofectnalcaehetpilallnveetedla Bteekeeod Bonder of"
InHortgageton KeaiBeUM, worth doable the amoant
for which the tern is mortgaged; that Ihe above described
Invettmentt, nor any part thereof, are mad for the ben-
eut i any inamauai exercuing aatnot Ity id tbe
utement or aaid Company, either at Pretlueot, jMcretarv, ,
Treasurer, Pireotor, or otherwise; that th mortgages
above drecribed hav not beea eloigned, aorta any maa
mr meejeu or iptra by eaidOvwipeny. an tbat tae
I Ovawenv : an that the
are the
, anv
ve dctiribed effloere of id lotaraao CoeV- . , ..
0. B. BOWIRS, Preetdeat. " '
0. O. WAIT B. biiMin.
Subecrihcd tod sworn before me, this 7th day of Jan
uary, 18UI. - .- - '-I. DODD,
( 0 Notary PubUc.
I Orrici or twi AooiToa or IraTa.) . ."
l L 0,la,bu.0., January M. 18C1.) , 1 - .
, I, Robert W. Taylor, Auditor of State, do hereby oa ii
tily that the foregoing le a correct ocpy of Ihe itateaMat
of condition of th City Fir Iniuiacce Oompany of
Ilartford, Oonnecrlcat, mad to thli efbc for lb year
If 61 and now on fll herein.
Wltaeti my band and aeal officially.
1 1 Audltorof State-
' ,ByO. CouHOhietOlerr-jdjj.
.; .; 1 ! Ccrtillcate f AnUaarltT- r
I To expire oa th Slit day of Jena ary, IF 41.)
Acni-roa or Btits's Ones, 1
i Iatotuaca DtTtr.TMnT . .-1 .
1 1. 1 Cslumbns, Ohio, January 14, It.-. ) , , . j
HY.lociteS at Hartford, In the Slat of Connect teat, .
bat filed In this office a iworn tutemenl of It condition,
a required by the Brat section of Ihe act ' To regulate
Iniuranw Companies sot Incorporated by the gtate of
Ohio,' pined April 8, 1858; aad Wanaaa, eaid ompnv
his furoiihtd the nnderslgoed taUifectory evidence that It
la poteeiaed of at least one hundred theaiaad dollar oc
actual capital Invetted la ilooko, or ia bond, or la mort
gage! of nal attate, with doublt the amount for which
the tarn i mortgaged; and, Wmul, aaid eoeayany La -. .
tied in this edict a written Inetrament under Itieorpe- - .'
rativ teal, signed by the Pretldent and Secretary there
of, authorising aoy agent or agents of aaid oompany in
th State, to acknowledge rvie of promt, for and In
behalf of aaid company, contenting that tuch service of
procoti thall he taken and held to be aa vail a It served
upon tbe tompaoy, according to the lawt of this or any
other Slate, aad wurlag all claim or writ f error, Ly, C
reason of each ackpowledgmnit of nrrle. : - ii-'J.
Now, therefore. In punnanre of tbe Srtt taction ot
th aforesaid act, I. Bobert W. Tayler, .Aodilor of Stat
for the Bute of Ohio, do hereby certify tbat aaid City
lira Inioraco Oomnaav of Hartford.
authorized to t ran tact the bueloett of Fir aad Marin
Iniuraco la thli Btat nulil the lhlrty fl,tt day or Jan-
nary, in lb year one thousand tight hundred and' sixty
In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto subtorlbed my
nam ana tsasea to seal of my offlot to be
j, afBxi the day and year above written. .
'"'- - - . W. TAILBB, f" S J
1 . Auditor of 8UU,
' ' ByO. Oout,0hlf Clerk.
H. WHlLEIi, Agent,
.-1 "
. , , ,. COLUMBUS, OHIO,
' t -.1 '
No. 81, (tenth Islam Street.
" JatiU dlw
1 '
In vltw cf making a cbangt In our concern, we will
Monday, the 14th day bf January
r-e - a
C3 'a53 ...TB"''' f
i Thia ttaelr nfiOoaJJa la no admitted a ka h ui
usirasia in inuniroi tn wait, aad frsarara .. i .
portunlty to Ilouie Keepers and other for pnrchaghif
their supplies. .. ;; ;, . ,.. . . - " 1
The whole stock '
k will ii sold without reserve, except-
log -,
:i S.-.-J,
to a. I '
Columbat, Jannary 13, IS61.'
t. BAI.
,V. Attachments
Matthias Trott, PlalnUff . , .
a. I
Befor Samatl Kln-
Itephea W. texura Defendant.)
township, franklin county, Ohio, -
near, Juttlo ef tha
reece, of Clinton
Oq tbe 8th day of January'. A. D. 1861 ,3 4 '
said JoiUo blud an order of attachment la lh.
action for the turn of i7 9Q, ,
janwwi,., i m ATTHAIs TROTT.
fpijE REOEirrioi hoop aiiiH rr
m. auo mott gnwetni and elegant tklrt ei oflaiwd fori f, f
"ew ibj epenea oy - rarcHDAIN, io fr
(io.79 South High ttreet- v :,,, ,
r - 'I
L.V. 1

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