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i Hie Adams Express Company places uB daily
nnder abligatiQiis to it for the Tery latest papers
.'from lie eastern cities.
Tbe ' Amerluau Eipreaa Company has of
' thanks for ita dally favors in the shape of the
very Uteat eaatern papers.
''11 Council PaoeMDiNas.-Tbe City Council
met last evening pursuant to adjournment. All
' tbe membera were preaeent. - .
j OnmolioB of Mr. Bdtlir," the ordiuanoe to
.. .-. . 1. 1 nntflknnn.
, aaaeiaa apeciai miwiiii! .u-
ing on the weat aide of Soloto atreet, from Uioh
,to Cherry street, wss taken from tbo table and
7 read tbe second time, and under a suspension of
' tbe rules, it was read tbe lliird time, and pass-
; ed. i-r' .--r'i v...
i On motion of Mr." Buti.icr, the ordlnanoe to
aases a spaclal tax upon the real estate bound'
, log on tbe eaat side ol Soloto street, from Cherry
to Friend street, was taken from the tablo, read
.' tbe teoond and tbird time, and passed.
On motion of Mr.'Ddfrrr, the ordinance to as
less a spocUl tax upon lot No. S3, In 8. Brush's
.". addition on Seventh street, was taken from the
table, read the second and third lime, and
passed '-;
Mr. BnuaiNO introduced an oidinance to as
'. aess a special tax upon tbo real estate bounding on
' tbe east side of New street from Second alley to
Fourth alley, excepting two half lots in block
No. 7, which waa read the first time, and under
a suspension of the rulea, was read the second
and third time and piasoJ. ,,. i ,, -.
On motion ol Mr. Riley, tbe resolution to
( ' -.rescind the resolution for the improvement of
High street, was taken from tbe table, aiter con
, '(iderable debate, the yeas and nays being or
' ; dered, resulted yeas 5, nays 5. Lost so the
former resolution to improve High street, is
sow In full force.
J The Clerk read the bill of W. Dickson, for
salary as Street Commissioner, for six months,
s fading the 31st of December, 1860, amounting
!h3oo.. ii ,,;: '' v ;..
I Mr. STaoaiNQ offered tbe following resolution:
iBttolotd, That the Chairman of the Commit
I on City Police be and be is hereby directed
audit an account in favor of Mr. Dickson,
Street Commissioner, fur six month's salary end
ing Dec. 31st, 18C0. The yeas aud nays being
Sailed for resulted: yoai ri j nays 4 passed. '
A Mr. Bo-tlxr reported back the bill of Robt N.
Pg, (or services, and asked that it be referred
to tie Committee on Ways and Means. Ad-
j earned
r t Jr '
' Tbe attention ot housekeepers is called
tola sale of dry goals at auction, at No. 249
htb High street, fur Thursday, January 17th,
byW. R. Kknt. This stock Is the neatest and
rartat aaiortment of linen and housekeeping
1 goods ever offered at auction in Columbus, and
la in admirable opportunity for all who .are jn
wint of such articles, to ; provide themselves
saw, when goods will be ofTiired and sold for tbe
bist price they will bring, to tbe highest bid
' tiers. Table linens of all kinds, woolen blank
ets, broadcloths and dress goods are comprised In
the stock, besides a good assortment of other
staple dry goods Ladies are respectfully in
vited to attend. Sales will be made at 10 A.
M, and 3 and If. M. Commencing on
Thuisdya January the 17th. ..'.
"Tut Daily Union." This la the title of a
dally paper at Zaoesville the first somber of
r which was issued yesterday morning. It is pub
Hsbed by Pf acock k MqGonaoxv. It is cona.
. vative in tone, and indicates that considerable
pace will be devoted to' local matters. This'
first number imkes a good showing for an in
ieresttrig'piper.' '
TiKriBANCi Tbe regular meeting of tbe
Temperance. Association will be held this eve
ning, Id the Chapel of the Second Presbyterian
Church, at seven o'clock, at which time, dele
gates will be appointed to attend the State Temperance-
Convention, to be held in this city, on
the 23i last. " '
i, i
Dcatb WaaaANT. The death warrant of
Jawia McUogh, eigne! and sealed by the Gov
ernor Jof j Ohio, was, on Saturday afternoon,
placed id Ihe hands oi Sheriff Armstbono, of
Hamilton county.: McHuoh is to be exeoutedon
t'riday, the 20th iust , for the murder of his
ST Thrte ' is a ' company of fifty "minute
girls,' ' belonging to a female school at Colum
bia, 8.' C,' .i.Tbey were serenaded one night last
week. . Tbe St. Louis Bulletin, ssys U Is not ad
yhci that the Maraellaise was translated and
suog aa follows "To arms! to arms! ye girls!"
IT The cfUocraof some forty Illinois banks
meet at Spriogfiald.tu .morrow, to consider the'
propriety of re establishing a mutual redemption
bank or agency at that place, or devise some
other mode, that will insures tiuiform rate of
exohaoge. ,
CTCost'umei and fancy dresses, of every kind
aud description for the ' Musquerade Ball this
evening, can be procured; of C. CnsBHiN at tbe
moDvgomerj nouec, onroerw ouumi uw wigu
.streets. "J'' " ' s:-u I..'X'' . '!
iTAttorncy General Muaaav was sworn into
offioe this morning by-Chief Justtce , BamuS'
Horr, and entered upon the discharge of his
cmolal duties. ..'.
jCTThe Uraad Masquerade Ballot the Thalia
Varreia Assoolatlon takes place at Ambo's Hall
. this evening, i It will be a ' splendid, amusing
and grotesque affair. - ,
.; U. LI. In
ITDr.' J.
, G. Holland lectures
evening at Odd Fellows! Hall," 2anesvllle, be
fore the Young Men's Literary Association
Sabject "Self Help."
ETMrs. LiifcoLN is , in .New, York? making
purchases f o?. tbe White Uoui e4 w (,T
DixTiric-.-Many" poople' have a 'prejudice
agalnet Saieratus, 'thinking, and with reason
too, thaC" this preparation Is unhealthful, and
; ought to De avoided; but the best chemists and
most learned physicians say,'' that Saleratut
whsnrwrcii (mpurititt, is not only oC i
ktalihfulnni provocative of dyspepsia, bu that
Jt, in .reality, promotes digestion ard strength'
ns the digestive organs.' A neW process of re
fining thls'srtiole. lately Introduqed. and in use
' only by Tf. Pe Land Scpo'., of tha" Falrport
i tuemicai noras, r airport, monroe VO. ri. X.
enables them to make a perfectly pure Salera
. tus, which should at once be In use In every
household, 'The parity and reliable quality
De Land a Cd.'s Saloratus should make it Im
mediately popular'.IVlB for sale by most gro
cere and storekeepers, ahd lha grocers. In the
D1S"ee' advertisement of Prof . ' Millm's
Hair Invigorator in another column.
Railroad Time Table.
M Mum It OSLDIIBOI fc XlHl E. B.
I - " -" wave.. 1
Accomodation1. f.i... t.W A. at.
No. Six., ...... S.30P.M.
, Wight Express........ A.M.
Ciavsukd, Colombo's at OiacnoiiTtR. R
h Hxpreu and Mall.-.. ....S.nuP.M..
) Might Bxpres.....i...':'M A. Al. :
OWTaaLOnisB." R ''''"'' : '
I Kiprew Train... 3.00 . M '
I Mali Train S.40 P.M.
:' iArrlva.
0.1.1 Pi M.
( J 311P.M.
S.46A. M.
f .) . ... .
1.40 P.M.
1:30 A. V-
m , .:
i so A. M.
! llxpreM Train 3:0OA.M.
I Mall Train 8.40 P.M.
Colombo! fc InDiiHiPouiE-R. '
tColumbut, Ptqua 4t Indiana R. R.J
, 1 RxpretiTraln
1 Rxpren Train 8:45 P.M.
3.30 P. M.
8-S0P. M.
11:10 A.M.
LiRoc SHimiNTs. It is astonlsbiog to see
the large amount of MoLun's STaiNOTHENiMo
Cordial that is shipped off dally to different
parts of the country. It is scarcely three months
since this artlole was first introduced, and now,
judging from ita rapid sale, It is known and ap
preciated all over tbe Western country.
Every druggist, dry goods or grocery mer
chant visiting our city should be sure to obtain
a supply of this Cordial. It is Just the thing
required to strengthen and invigorate the weak
and debilitated. Si. louts Democrat.
Guiunbet's Balm. Ongbt by this time to be
in jour ftouie. Almost every family uses it,
and knows its value, for Burns. Scalds, Bruises,
Fractures, Sprains, 'Neuralgia aad Rheuma
tism; it is tbe beat remedy known. .
MONDAY, Jan 14, 1861.
Mr. Blgler IntroJuced a bill proposing the following
amendments to the Constitution, to be voted on for re
jection or approval by tbe people on the 12th or Febru
ary. Mr. Wilion moved IU reference to the Judiciary com
mtttee. , ,
Mr. Tiumbull Thii bill propoiei to ohanie the Coa
titntion la an anconitltuUonal way. So important a
bill, changing the Ifundamental laws of the country,
ibould be referred to oommlttee. .
Mr. Pugh I don't understand the bill yet. '
Mr. Blgler wae unwilling to have the bill referred In
the abienoe of the Senator from Kentucky. It was not
an attempt to interfere with the rights of the people.
Mr. Brown laid tney were not J unified In considering
lucb a bill in the abienoe of Senators from aereral States.
Mr. Wilion withdrew his motion. . . .. -
Mr. Blttler's bill provide! for taking the lenie of the
people of the country on certain proposed amendments
to the Constitution. That territories held or hereafter
acquired be divided by a line on the parallel 38 deg. .10
nln., that In all territory norm or earn line involuntary
and all territory south of Melon and Dixon's (lino, and
south of said line Involuntary servitude as now existing In
States south of Mason and Dixon's line, is recognised and
shall be sustained and protected by all the deartments
fthe territorial governments. Any territory north or
south of the said line, to be admitted as a Bute with such
boundaries as Congress may prescribe, when it shall con
tain a population reqniite for on member of Oonercss
according to the reaerni ratio.
Congress shall not have power to abolish slavery In
plaoes under Its exclusive Jurisdiction, and situuta with
in the limits of the States holding slaves: nor the power
to abolish slavery In the District of Columbia as long aa
ttexiitsln Maryland or Virginia, or either of them,
wlthoatjusteomperisatton to the owners. It shall be
the duty of Congress to provide that the United Slates
shall pay the owner who applies for it, the full value of
his fugitive slave In all cases where the Marshal or other
omoer wnose duty it was to arrest me rugttive, is pre
vented by violence or IntlmldaUon, or when after arrest
the fugitive Is rescued by force and the owner prevented
or obstructed in the recovery of tho slave The United
States to have the light to sue the county In which tbe
said violence, intimidation or rescue was oommltted, and
recover, with' Interest, the amount thus paid; theoounty
to have power to recover from the wrong doers or res
cuers by whom the owner was prevented front recovering
nil fugitive. i
Congress shall have no power to prohibit au Inter
state) slave trade, but the African slave trade never to be
revived except by unanimous consent of both branches
of Congress. . Hereafter, the President to hold office six
yeara.snd be Inelllgible for re-election. The Osontltu
tion shall not hereafter re amended so as to authorize
Congress to Interfere with or destroy any domestic in
stitutions of the stale, without the consent of all tbe
Mr. Silmcs Introduced a resolution requesting the
President to communicate ! any information be may
have regarding attempts made or contemplated by any
laria oody ol men, to interten witn ine tree navigation
of the Mlooieelppl. and what efforts have been made to
suppress the same. Laid over.' -
Mr. Peesenden presented a memorial for a railway In
Pennsylvania AveotM, t weorgMeet, ivasse Uisuicl Of
Columbia. Laid over. - 1
Mr. Wilson introduced a resolution instraeung tne
maunttt on military and militia, to report wnemer tne
appropriation of last session, to complete the Washing
ton Aqueduet has been expended according to tbe plan
and estimate of Oapt. Meigs, giving the committee pow-
to send for persons and papers-
Mr. Pitch cresented memorials from the Representa
tive of the Choctaw Nation, and the Chamber of Com
merce of New York. ,
Mr. Iverson obtained leave to retire from the commit
tee, oa claim for the reason that the duties were too la
borious . . i . ,i ... i
air. Muoa called up the resolution asking tne secreta
ry of War to communicate Information of reinforcements
Charleston and other Southern rorts.
Mr. dark offered an amendment, substituting the
President of tbe United States be requested to commu
nicate, 11 not Incompatible, such information to tbe Sen
ate, tio.
A vote was taken an postponing the Kansas billyeas
94, nays ST.
Mr. Benjamin said tbe vote wu unworthy tne senate.
Mr. Crittenden did not suppose the Senate had com
mitted anything unworthy In the case.
sir. ureene proposed to postpone till Wednesday at i
'clock.- . . .. .
Mr. Clark moved to substitute half past three this
evening. ...
The nrst motion was carried.
Mr. Polk took the floor on Mr. Hunter's resolutions
for withdrawing! the forces from aacedlnx States.
Daring Mr. Polk's rejnarks a message from the Presi
dent wae received, air. folk alluded at some length to
the causes of tbe present crisis. There must be an ad-
guarantees that shall proteot not only the property Imt
tne uvea oi our wives ana children inwtBouw... me
Republican party ought to be reedy to grant concession
m order to remedy these evils. The people of Missouri
don't desire to leave the Union but perhap) It will be
forced upon them.
' xae President la bound to see tne laweraiimuuy exe
cuted and most do it bv means pointed out by the Con-
stitution. Tbe Constitution has provided the Judiciary
tor the purpose, lie cannot assume to be Judge, jury
and executioner. Coercion Is utterly Impraotloable.
The dUYorenoe botween nullification and secession Is, In
the former the state remains a member of the confedera
cy anj acknowledges the jarudlotloa of the United
States, and in the latter, refuses to remain under the
Jurisdiction of tba.United.8tats, and put herself front
the Union. - '
Mr. Polk considered the direfuloonstauences of wsr.
Let us separate In peace. Bouth Carolina Is out of the
Union; others have and will follow. . I would have De
ferred that she had counseled with other slaveholding
sister Btatee psiore taxing steps, lie aavocatta peacea
ble dissolution, and tbe Union reeOMtrocted..,..
Mr. Mavnard offered a resolution Intruding the select
oommlttee q the President's special message to oonslder
that portlon.Wnlcn recommends a vote of the people on
the Question at Issue betwear the different sections of Ihe
country now agitating tnejptailc mind, and that the cem
mtttee report tnereon at an eariy aay, ny bin orjoint re'
solution. The resolution waa adopted. , -
Mr. Holmaa offered a resolution declaring that Ihe
Wit of a State to withdraw from the Union Is not coun
tenanced by the House or reoognised by the Constitution,
but la wholly Inconsistent with tliat Instrument, and that
neither congress or the President is vetted with author
ity to recognise any Btste oacer admitted, except aa a
Stat of the Union; that power to protect the publle
property should be exercised; and that the oommlttee on
the udioiary inquire and report wnetner the laws are now
sufficient for this purpose; and tt not, they report a bill
living additional powers by tne employment oi the navy
or otherwise.
ear. uatreu wanted to oner a suostuuie.
Mr. Burnett desired to offer the Crittenden Oompro
mlse, that Uw Boose might decide between the two reso-
oluuone. - - -j - - - "
g Debate arising on the subject It lies over.
.- Mr.lnglish again offered his reiolntlon.ba! the Ilouie,
by several majority, refused to second tbe demand for
the previous question and vote thereon, i -."nr.. -
Mr. Stanton moved to make the special order for to
morrow, the bill to provide for organising and disciplin
ing uie mmim oi ns vismct er uoiumbla.
Mr. Btanton, in reply to a question of Mi. Burnett.stld
m piau iiwiurci iu year y board of army om
VA no mmnm nw suiting diffl-
Mr. Burnett said, aecSrdlog U but nnderstandlnr, the
Bill provides for a standing army of 6,000 men, to be
nailed Into service by the President, and in case of insur
rection to late possession 01 even wis oapltol Itself, if
tbe President thinks proper to do so. v . . .,.
Mr. Maynard said they oould get along without that
bill, It wu only adding fuel to the names.. ' . . . ,
Mr. Btantap's motion to suspend the rules for the re'
section of me resolution . wu negatived, one vote ante
being required to secure two-thirds.
xae lioute went into committee of the Whole on
sUteef tbs Union. 1 "
On tbaArmy appropriation bill, Mr. McOlemard
aae a union sveecu. ate oenieo tne riant 01 a state
to Moeds from ths Union. The great Northwest would
nevereoneent to share the Mississippi valley with a for
eign powr. He bad heard much of ceeralon, but wu
the laws and Constitution, and stay the violent hands
thatwenld tear down ths Oovernment. Were we to
submit to Bute spoliations. . No sueh submission would
tu disgraceful, fie urged generous sacrlSoes 'on all
aldea. - t 1, t-.v.gr-. u,i -w.-.i .'!
The eommlttes ansa.
' Mi. Corwln, from the committee of 33, made a report,
,Kn rT.KI.Vil;.. . ""Sr -
wrt? Adi- '" P" '" i
Among other preUralnawBusln.ia.M.. w..
3 Kr.'.iJlii K,'rnor1l lmd by 18,000 ettUens
tloa of the Crittenden compromUe. h, tatd it there
were a desire to tranqulliis tbe publlo mird, It eeuld not
be done mora effectually, than by the adoption of that
measure. Laid on tne table. 11
The House went Into eommlttes oa the army bill
Mr. Began, of Texas, said be came hither with the
hone that such measures selihl be brought forward by
those who liars the power to control the question, as
would (assure tne Bourn or ner iuture security, xne
Republicans have held suddenly hick and declare that
tney have no terms or peace to oner. j.
" ' i
iNOUMaroLis, Jan. 14. The Governor and Lieutenant
(loveruor elect were Inaugurated this afternoon. Tbe
Governors address favors measures for the purpose of
giving greator emcienoy to ine present very defective
militia laws or tne state. Tne importance or a well
drilled militia organiralion cannot be over estimated in
the present critical condition of national affairs.
Treating on national affairs, he says tbs novel alarm
ing and treasonable assumption that any State has a
right to secede under tho constitution, la a doctrine un
known to the constitution, at war with the principles on
which our governmeut was established , and destructive
to the high and stcred objects, sought to to be accom
plished by the confederation,
If the position assumed by tbe South is true, that the
result of a presldentl election, legally and constitution
ally conducted, la a good reason for the dissolution of
the Union,-then the Union can only be preserved by a
base surrender of the right of Ihe majority to rule.thus,
striking down that liberty which the Constitution guar
antees. He says the Immediate csuie of Ihe present crisis, was
the repeal of the Missouri Compromise, and deolares that
the people of Indiana, of all parties, are true to the cause,
and loyal to the Union; and they will be In future as
they have shown themselves in the vast, wlllint to yield
a ready and cheerful obedience to all the requirements of
tne constitution and tbe laws of the United Btates, and
to maintain and uphold, at all times, and under all cir
cumstances, and at all hszards, the glorious form of the
Government under which we lire. The people of our
noble State, with a very few exceptions, have resolved to
support the President of the United States In the free
exercise of all hie eonstltutlonsl powers, with Ihe manli
ness and courage of free people.
A voluntary and prompt repeal of all State legislation
North or South, oontrary to the spirit of the Constitu
tion, intended to defeat the execution of Ihe laws, would
be a peaee-offerlng worthy of a great, Intelllgentand free
Indiana has not now, aor ever had, any such legisla
tion upon her statute books. Winterer may be the con
dition of publlo sentiment In other sections, Indiana
would favor an amicable, permanent and final settlement,
based on measures alike honorable to all portions of our
eommon country. In her official relation with her sis
ter Suites, heroondnct will be characterised by courtesy
and fraternal feeling, cheerfully and prompt! yielding
an ineir just rignie, aeequsis unaer tne vonsilliiuon.
Washington Items.
dent say It la absolutely decided not to reinforce tort
Sumter, because sending more troops there would tend
to produce irritation, ana reiaiorcemonts are unnecessa
ry. : . .
The Bouth Carolina Commissioners now here, are ex
ceedingly conciliatory.
A telegraph was received from Oov. Mooro, by Sena
tors Pltrpatrick and Clay, to night, saying the oidlnano
of secession, unconditional and Immediate, had passed.
Militia field officers for the District of Columbia, re.
oently appointed, weie commissioned to-day, by the
It has been decided to lend Mr. Holt's name to the
Senate for Secretary of War, to morrow, and A. B. Green
woods, of Aikarsas, now Commisloner of Indian sffalis
for Secretary of the Interior. lie Is a decided Union
The Charleston papers state that a resolution
adopted on Monday in the Leglslsture, requesting the
nana oi nouin uaronna to aovaocc 9 lau.uuu for military
neas to comply. Theabove item of J 1150,01.0 la merely for
contingencies. The whole expenditures for military
purposes already Incurred amounts to 1 100,000 .
WasaiNOTON, Jan. IS. It is understood that the
Bouth Carolina agents, now here, demand the uncondi
tional evacuaUon of Port Sumter, with a view to avert
Ihe shedding of blood. The Administration hie not vat
considered the proposition. 1
Pennsylvania Legislature.
ItiaatssoBa, Jan. 14. Mr. Smith's Union resolu
tions were up as special order in the House this P.M.
Mr. Williams, of Aileirheny. made a stronr and now.
erful speech, averring the right of coercion, opposing
compromise, advocating a vigorous exercise of tbe pow
ers of the Government to suppress secession by force, as
sailing severely tho petitions for tlia repeal of the ttlh
section of the penal cods, holdina that all altemnta to
oompromiie are futile, past compromises having been
allures; saying that the Union must be reconstructed
ultimately by the re-admlailon of the conquered prov
inces, and that she shedding of a small amount of blood
now would save oceans hereafter.
There were vast numbers present, snd the eon lease
from tbegallerleswas frequent
sir. Duuield, or Philadelphia, (Oem.) replied briefly,
(treat importance is attached to Williams' aneech. he
being the exponent of radical Republicanism, and It be
Ing regarded as foreshadowing the action of that portion
of the Republicans of this Bute,
From Massachusetts.
B1ST0N, Jan. 15. In the House of Representatives
yesterdaf, M.Tyler; of Boston introduced a rosohstlon,
that in view of the great suffering in South Carolina, the
Immediate consequence of the citlxens of thas State act
ing under a mistaken Idea of their rights and obligations,
and In view of the abundance and prosperity of this
commonwealth, sum' be appropriated from the Slate
Treasury, to be Invested In provision, and stores for the
relief of our suffering follow countrymen In that State.
The Senate Committee on tbe Militia, yesterdav Dte-
sented a bill wliiob was read once, relative to increasing
uiv awwvc niuuiB i mo oiatv . '
tsov. Andrews sent In a communication, accompanied
, AMUtlvu nuiu Qvi iunMan 1 . . . v. .
reaolree of tne hew York Legislature, tenderlni- the
aid of that State to the President of the United States.
From Charleston.
CBiSLtsTOit, Jan. 14 It Is believed bv manv tbat
Major Anderson shot two mutineers at Port Sumter last
week, and there are rumors that several more are now
lu chains. It Is also said that one of thejmutlneers es
caped to the city, snd was returned to Port Sumpter by
two Slate authorities, inquiry, however, suows this to
be all fudge. There is no tnth in any of It.
Resolutions have unanimously pissed the Leclllaturs
declaring that any attempt -by the federal Government
to reinforce Fort Sumpter will be regarded as an act of
open hostility and a declaration of war; also approving
the act ana promptness of itne military In Bring on the
Btarcf the West. ,
tt. KiaRxv. Jan T4-The 0- 0. 0. St I . P. Express
pissed at P. M for Bt. Joseph with malts and 4,5W
In treasure.
Dtsria, January 10. Tbe dead body found on the
first instant, has been Identified as Capt. Lynn 0. Col
idge, a steamboat man, and formerly resident of Leba
non, Ohio. Be has been mining since the 5th of Sep
tember. His murderer Is believed to have been a man
named Pease.
lour cords of quartz, from Gregory lead, ground last
week, yielded eight hundred and twenty-six dollars and
sixty cents. A lead which hat been named tbe Michigan
City tTunnel lead, wu discovered near Gregory's lut
week, and proves very rich.
Nsw-Yoax. Jan. 14. The following dispatch bis been
reoelved by a. B. Lamar, President of the Bank of tbe
Republic: Sir Please have It authoritatively published
that no nag and no vessel will be disturbed or prevented
from entering our harbor, unless bearing hostile troops
or munitions of war for Port Sumter. All trade is de
and all
CHARLESTON, Jan 14th. 1861.
j.W. A. Batohelor'i Hair Dye! -
This splendid Hair Dye hu no equal loitaotaneoui in
effect Beautiful Black or Natural Brown no staining
the skin or Injuring the Hair remedial the absurd and II
effect of Bid Dyes, and Invigorates the hair for life.
Nona are gsnuine unlets signed "W. A. Batcbelor."
Bold everywhere. . - v .
I t ir -' ' - CH AS. BATCHILOR, Proprietor,
Jyiawly ' 81 Barclay Btreet. New Tort.
'Printing Office for Sale."
J. CHAT OFflOK is offered for sale on very rea
sonable terms. To a practical printer this is a chance
for a bargain. Three hundred dollara down and tbe
balance In two . years. Ths office bu a good run of job
wora and advertising patronage, ror particulars au
dress, . QUO. W, BALLOW,
. declD-.tww3w. . - , Carrollton, Ohio.
on the National Road, West of Columbus, within
from two to five miles from the city. The properly will
be sold in lots to suit purchasers, and on rarorai.ie terms.
Apply to JOHN W. ANDRKW8,
.. jaol0-d4o Agent for JobnO. Uolloway. .
. Columbus, January 10. - ,
Sheriff's Sale.'
Ilutalieth Wheeler '
Buntrlor Court;
Auraitna W. Owens. I
BV v tit a 1 a. U aiv 1'iiut.ia isc saLt.
to me directed from the Superior Court of frank
lin county, Ohio, I will offer for sale tu front of the
Court Uouse, In the city of Columbus, oa
Saturday the 19lh dav of January. A. D. 1861
,t 10 0.clw.k A. M, th, following described property, to
Wit; vne uray xtorsv, attacnes u ine property oi a-ugov
tus W. Owens.
By 0. W. nnrVMAN, Sheriff
houoav presents;.
) TAb&nuiBnnna uvuusno m. pusuias,
,'i .. i KMB'D MUSLIN ' do
1 ao , .
. do
' 1 Linisn 00
j . KOOATI B0S0X8 s
MOUHNINtJ., , , do . ..i. NUBIAS.
Forsalsby ,.T. . PETER BAIN,
declll. . V Ho. , South High Street
-arOTJKNlNU ODS-Black Kngllsh Crapes;
a.ix vrap. viun, wuua us Bieevesi L,ong ana BUorl
Crape Veils; Round Crape Veils: Lace Veils Craps
7 nmiuou, x-i.iu iicuinrou vuiiari) eie, tianaaercniera
Alexandres Biaca- aio o loves; trans Ribbons; Silks;
Bomllnei; Traveling and all other kind, of Press Ooodi
oonituitly on nana iciest vanety.-
v.ir ay83 , first door aorth of Nell Pnnw,
V All sises and colors Juit opened at BAINB.
No. W South nigh street.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Jan 15.
I LOUR receipts 4,230 bbls. Market dull and to.
lower, 7.000 bbls at i 30O5 35 far supsrfins state, sj5 43
(SIS 60 for extrastate.US 3033 31 for superfine western,
S3 5IK45 110 for common to medium extra western, 57u
OS 83 for Inferior to good shipping brands extra Round
Hoop Ohio. Canadian flour dull and drop Ing, sales 850
bbls. at 3 6.V37 S3.
KY fLOUR steady at 3 354 15.
WUSVT receipts S.S50 bush market less active and
a shade easier, sales 40 000 bush, at SI UK for rood
Ohio, spring) $1 !il 30 for Mil. olub; 'Mm 37 for
winter redlwestern; SI 5i white Ind.
BARI.BV dull, sales trifling at 660. W); receipts of
common 3,067 bush., market heavy and about lc lower,
with sales of 43,000 bush, at 7070K ; mlxod western in
store7l3)71X delivered.
uaia-quiet at nuc(etsj lot western uaniuiau auu
POUK-dull, small sales at s)17,?3 for mess, tl3913,
13 for prime.
BKKP-dull. 1 '
LARD quit and firm, sales SO bbls. at 100.
BDITBR fair request. lOcfSIS for Ohio, Hc9lfor
Bbtts- . .... i,l
CHKESK-eUadv, et9c19X.
WHISKY dull and lower, sales S00 bbls, at (19.
COTTON dull snd heavy at IKXOlWt,-OOPIEB-ateady.
900 bags Rio at 10KcfS13V; 150
Maracaboat 13X.
buuakb auu and neavy, ixu nnas. uuusuii;,cuj,
MOLASSES heavy and dull.
BTO0K8 active and better: money still plenty and
easier, and first class paper 7 10 per cent. Sterling
Exchange firm at lUiVatlOO, Bankers bills; Ch.fcR. I.
31M; Lao. St Mil., C, B. 4tQ;59X; Oal.etChlc.06X;
ill. U. BOrlprMiv; al. s-14 n. do. quoted 3jy,i a. b
M. 13; N.J. 130; Bar. 3d bonds OS; Mo. S'sOO; Va. 70;
N. 0. 74, term. 74; Treasury 13 percent, notes Iu2)fi;
U .B. .Vs of 65, 01 1 do. 6'S Of 67, t.
Cleveland Market.
January, 14.
ILOi; B firm and quiet.
WHB AT steady at l,Oi81,0. for seeds. No sales
OATS quiet at 35o.
HlQIlWINatS sales of SO bbls at 15Xc.
UOOS-sales of 17 bead heavy at :,W, aud 14 do at
HAMS sugar cured hams are selling at 10c. ghoul'
de e at So. and sides at same. . ..
SHOULDERS sales of eo tierces pickled shoulders at
BOOS quiet at 1.1c.
LAKD steady at V!)io.
EHATIIEKI small sales live eeese at Ms.
PRDIT8 Dried Apples remain very dull at 3o snd
Peeled Peaches at 13s)13o.
CROOERIBS the onlvchanre under this head, la In
Rio Coffee, which s selling at 14s)15e a decline of
CORN ME AT. Is selling at $1,00 psrows.
8EKDB Clover Is steady at t4,S0, and Timothy inac
HI DBS have declined.'
Cincinnati Market.
WHEAT is taken at 11 for red quite promptly ly lo
cal millers; but white is dull at SI OS. The receipts to
Saturday were 303,030 bush., a falling off of 130.803
busb. The experte were 95,017 bush., a falling off of
uu dusu., aa compared wun last pear.
CORN In the ear Is still ready at 35c, and shelled 1.
more marketable than it wu al 36837o.
O ATS are dull at Wo. - .
BARLEY Is unchanged, both as to the demand and
tqe quotations.
KY E-ls taken qulle readily at 633! 03s .
WHISKY sella at 13 freely, but the demand Is res-
BOOS had rather a spiritless Market to day. Borers
appeared to be quite Indinerent, and but little inclined
even to make offers to trade with those who were offering.
Sellers generally ask tS 50, but the scale ran below our
last selling quotations 5 100 per cwt., so that we now
ive 10 13 as the low extreme, leaving go S3 as the high
lut few of the packers have been cutttni to day, and at
present rates or arrivals nut rew can be Duty, since u di
vided to all the had would
Cin. Com. Jan 15.
HUXHEWELL'S 'r all Tit It OAT nnd
COCUit, and svsrr
COUGH Complaint tbafarernn
ner of, and even actual
tsa; at r. its k-. 11 a ana nat
ural OPIA'IK, adapted
to every sjpeciea of Ner
rrr-r i-r vsii uampiaiuii, ner.
1ULU jvous and Cbronle
neaaacue, itnensnaj.
turn. Vatarrbt Tooth
and Ear Actios I.oa of
ANODYNE, jplalntsj.
Ho real jostle can be aoasi tho atinve preparations .
but by procuring and reading descriptive pampblets.ls -be
found with all dealers, or will be sent by Proprietor
on demand. Fonnulu and Trial Bottles sent to Phyet
clans, who will Hod developments In both worthy their
acceptance and'approval.
Correspondence solicited from a!) whose necessities or
curiosity prompts to a trial of toe above reliable Berne
Par sale by the uiual wholesale and retail dealers.
everywhere. j r .
JOHN L.. HCNNEWEJLL, Proprietor.
' Vo. 9 Commsrolal Wharf, Boston, Mass.
Roberts ex Samuel. N. B. Mamie. J. R. Oook. J. M.
Denhr. Q. Denis: St Sons. A. J. Schneller Al San. Amati
for Ooluabus. Ohio. myl-diy
' ' ' THE AltlEKICAN
This book contains Btetlpti and JHrtettcmt for ma
king all tho most valuable Medical preparations la use;
also Recipes and full snd explicit directions for making
all the most popular and useful Cosmetics, Perfumes,
Unguents, Hair Restoratives, and all Toilet Articles. If
yon art suffering with any cbronle dfjease U you with a
beaatlful complexion, a fins head of hair, a smooth face,
clear skin, a luxuriant beard or mouitache or If you
wish to know s,ny thing and every thing to the Medical
and Toilet line; you should by all means penise a sopy
of this book. For full particulars aad a sample of the
work for perusal, (free) address the publisher, ' .
', 2i'it " ' uwAraiAW,
I Ko. 831 Broadway, New Vork
oo!30 dim
i ' Headache I Headaohe I '
Tkouianda of persons suffer from Headaches to tbs serl
ous detriment of their comfort, business, and health,
who might easily be cured by simply using Htmrasn's
HoatioFiUTio Srtcirio. Tbs Haaiucu Put. taken In
ths morning, and ths Biuors Piu, taken at night, rarely
fall to cur tbs most severe and obstinate east.' Thou
sands having tried them have been entirely freed of this
bans of their lives. Go and do likewise. ' r '
Price, S5 cents per box, with directions. Six boxes tl
Bent by mall or express, free of charge, r. eelptof
thsprlcs. Address. :.i ': '- !i.r;sV
. .' No. 589 Broadway, New 1 o
Wholesale and ttetaii Druggists. 4 N . High street.
8.K.. BAilUKLt CO.,
Janl-dAwlm , 81 8. High street, Columbus, 0.
Beeadveitlsementln another column. . ' , ,
la all eases of eosttveness, dyspepsia, billions and lives
affections, piles, rheumatism, fevers and agues, obstl
nate bead aches, and all general dorangeaMnts ot health
these Pills have Invariably proved a eertala and speedy
remedy. A single trial will plaoe the Life Pills beyond
the reach of competition la the estimation of every pa
tient. - l" ,' v . , s'VN
Dr. Moffat's Phoenta Bitters will bs found anally et
Bcaelous la all oases of nervous debility, Dyspepsia! head
aohs, the sickness Incident to females la dslloata health,
and every kind of weakness of ths dlgeetlva organs.
Tor sals byDr. W.B.MOFfAT, S3S, Broadway, N. T.
and by alt Drus-gists. : . - . mayaa-dawly ,
: The following1 it an extract from a
letter written by lbs Bev. J. B. Holme, paster ol the
Plerrepolnt-Btrett Baptist Church, Brooklyn, N. Y.,to
the "Journal and Metsenger," Cincinnati, 0-, and speaks
volumes In favor of that world-renowned medicine, Uu
WmsLow'e Soorama Ivan rea Oaitsan TsrraiM: .. -
"ffssnin advertlsment la' your aolumns of Has
Wims low's BooTBisa Byrup. Now ws never said a word
in favor of a patent medicine before hi our life, but we
feel compelled lo ear to your readers that this Is no hum
hue we nave Tito rr, asa xiow it to aa iu n
cum, It Is probably one of the moat suroeesful medr-
etnrsorthe du, beeauea it is on ei ins neet. Ana loose
of your readers who have babies ean'f do. better than
lay In a supply.'' " oc7:lydAw
ror the INSTANT BlLItr
'' and PBRMANINT OCBH of th
distressing eomplalnt ass
Hade by 0. B. BIVMODH k CO., IU7 Nassaa Bt.', M, T,
i Price II per box; sent free by pest. . . .
rOR BALI AT ALL D RO 00 1 1 tint,...
aay-dAwlyle - -
WIN A'EH VeLAlNES,,., , .VJ; t. - j
- v. WIIITKR DeLAINBB,- - , , ; ... v f
a . WINTia DeLAtNBd.
New style and very cheap at BAIN'S r
aov . No , S9 Bouth H Igh street.
Dr. J. E.lIcLEA.N'8
Strengttenii Cordial Vgd BIwd
TbeMJreateas Itosnedrln The
, AND TBI 1 .
- ' AND
ly a scientific and
Vegetable Compound,
procured by the distil
lation of Roots. Herbe
and Barks, Yellow
Dock, Blood Boot,
sarsaparllla, Wild
Oherrv Bark and Dan
delion enters Into its
The en
remedial Bcfoit Taklllttlre active'
Iftcr Taking.
principle of each Ingredient Is thoroughly extracted by
mv new method of distilling:. nroduclniT a delicious, ex-
hlleratlng spirit, and the moat INFALLIBLE remedy for
renovating tne meeaaea system, ana reetonng tne sic,
suffering and debilitated INVALID to HEALTH and
Will effectually cure -
Chronic or Nervous Debility. Pisceses of ths Kidneys
and all diseases analog from a disordered Liver or atom
sob. Dyspepsia, Heartburn, Inward Piles. Acidity or Bick-
ness or tne stomach, yuiiness or uiooa to tne need, uuu
pain or swimming In the head, Palv.tatlon of the Heart,
Pullness or Weicht In the Stomach. Sour Eructations
Choking or suffocating feeling when lying down, Drvness
or yellowness or toeakinsna jsyes, nignt Bweatt;in
ward levers. Pain In the small of the back, chest or side.
Sudden Plushes of Heat, Depression of Spirits, Prlghtful
Dreams. Lanraor. Despondency or any Nervous Disease.
Bone or Blotches on the Bkln, and Vever and Ague (or
Chins ana fever.)
Over a Million of atottlea
Ilave been sold during the lut six months and In no In
stance bu It failed in divine entire satisfaction. Who
then, will suffer from Weakness or Debility when Mo
no language oan convey an adequate Idea of tbs Imme
diate and almost miraculous change produced by taking
this cordial In ths diseased, debilltatea and shattered
nervous system, whether broken down by exooss, weak by
nature, or Impaired by sickness, the relaxed and unstrung
organisation ts restored to its pristine neaiin ana vigor.
Or others conscious of Inability, from whatever cause.
will find McLean s Strengthening Cordial a thorough
regenerator of tbe system; and all who may have Injured
themselves by Improper Indulgences, will find In the Cor
dial a certain end speedy remedy..
To tbe Ladles.
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
Is a sovereign and speedy cure for
Obstructed or Difficult Menstruation, Incontinence of
Urine or Involuntary Discharge thereof. Palling of the
Womb, Giddiness, Painting and all Diseases Incident to
Thar Is no Hiataks About it.
Buffer no longer. Take It according to Directions
win stimulate, atmgtnen anu invigorate you and
tbe bloom of health to mount your cheek again.
Every bottle Is warranted lo give utlstactton.
If your children ars sickly, puny, or afflicted, McLean's
uoraiai will mute them healthy, tat and robust. Delay
not a moment, try it, ana you will be convinced.
Oaotiox. Beware of Druggists or Dealers who may
' J pains upon yoa eoave utiier or aarsepamia train
which they can buy cheap, by sayint It is Just u good.
Avoid such men. Ask tor McLean's Btrenethenini Cor.
dial, and take nothing else It Is the only remedy that
win tuniy uio nioou worcvgaiy ana at tne same lime
strongmen tne system. -
One tablespoonful taken every morning fasting, Is a
certain preventive or cholera, chills and lever. Ye 01
Pever, or any prevalent diseases. It is put up In large
Price only 81 per bottle, or bottles for J.
' Sols Proprietor of this Cordial,
Also McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment,
Principal Denot en the corner of Third and Pine iinli
St. Louis, Mo.
McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment.
Tne best Liniment In the World. The only safe and
certain cure for Cancers. Piles. Bwelllnn and Bran.
chills, or Goitre, Paralysis, Neuralgia, Weakness of the
muscles, unronio or innammatory HheumaUsm, Stiff
ness of the Joints, contracted Husoles or Ligaments
Earache or Toothache, Bruises, Sprains, wounds, Preah
Cuts, Ulcers, Pever Bores, Caked Brents Bore Nipples,
jurns, ocaiue, sore moat, or any innammauon or fain.
no difference bowsevera, or ho long the disease may
have existed. McLean's Celebrated Liniment Is a cer
tain remedy. . -..
Thousands or human belnirs have beenuved a life of
decrepitude and misery by the tue of this Invaluable mod
Will relieve valsr almost iMtaatasMouerv. and It wll
eleanee, purify and bead the leases asm in sm limi II
1. ahnp Uwnm.
For Horace and Otbor Aalmala.
McLean s celebrated Liniment la the An In aani mnArm.
liable remedv for the ear ol SniTin. Rin. Bona. wimt.
galls. Splints, Unnatural Bumps, Nodes or Swellings. It
win never nui to cure nig uead, roll Evil, Fistula, Old
running Bores or Sweeny, If properly applied. Por
Sprains, Bruises, Bora tehee, Bona or Wounds, Cracked
Heels, Chafes, Saddle or Collar Galls It Is an Infallible
remedy. Apply It as directed, and a cure Is certain in
every Instance.
Then trine no longer with ths many worthless Lini
ments offered to you. Obtain a supply of Dr. MoLcan'e
selabrated Liniment. It will core you.
J. II. rtlcl.EAN, Sole Proprietor,
Corner of Third and Pine Streets, Bt. Louis, Mo
Por sale by ell druggists,
lor sale by ROBERTS A SAMUEL,
, aug-je-dfcwly Columbus. Obis.
' FOB THE . " '
is" a n A ir n t i-r,n -rv . -r r I
m.a.aiVhtiAl)h DALL,
O. CUSHItlAN, ! Detroit, has ar
rived la Colanabas, and will be foand at the
Corner of South and Hlarh atrectt.
" Where he has a larn varletc ot Oosbusm r ann.
description and character (er Ladles and fl.nti.m.n.
which will be loaned on Bederate tertni (or tut at the
. To be given by tbs ' 1 '
Thalia Dramatio Association,
A A M B O 8 IIA t, L ,
'J-OnTneidav evening text. . . J
JanlO-dtdr . . , . . ,
; . 'AND ,;.
. ' . - -! i; - . ' 'I v.v - a
. will attend to the ' '
as vr .
AU orders left at the Offlce of ths Statrtman will be
promptly attended to. ' Janll-tf
POB THE , ,7
Ho; 173, High St., bstwaaa Town aadBIcliBu.
a few doora south of tha Unitod Btatsa Hotsl,
1 10,000 Y0LTJKB8
Of Choice Books on svsry subject, snd ","
I: 10,000, Wertn of Jewelry, "'
To.be given to the purchasers of them at time of sale
d!6:dtf . gLOCUM a 00,
Sherifl's Sale.
Barber Jc Harrison
Buperlor Oomt. 1
Jesse B. Lake
to me directed, from the Buperlor Court of rraas
lin county, Ohio, I win offer for sal In the village of
loci not r no in saiu county in in warenouie bow oc
cupied by Vaviu barter, ob ' y i !
Monday, tbe 21at day ( January,; A. L. I8CI,
at 10 o'clock, A. M. the followlna property to wit: on
Derrick aad fixtures belonging thereto, two stoue shears,
r, t , i l. C . a qi.,iu A . -
W Vtvw wim . ww uvn. mm u , , u i vu , -w, ,iwa
wheeti. 9 SIumtsIs 1 Plot.. 1 ItoM Hook. 4 buck
hoTwli, littxfl) ibtat btafc, 1 bo, 1 drrkk fnime,
ormat irMBf i 9 9 rope,na nit hi onw Jogia
ft B i si a Da WaK. rt.H.a. T 1 a
uww .ot.uk . ivw F 1 , in .ii ouwr ainue
faahlooabl Nrs..j 1 1 VBTR BAN I, ,.,
eel. No, W South High it.
Scroftila; or Kings Eyil,
Is a conetitutional disease" a snmmiini r.r .)..
Mood,' by which this fluid becomes vitiated,
weak, and poor. - Being in tho circulation; it
pervades the whole body, and may bunt out
m disease on any part of it. No organ is frea
tiom its attaoks, nor is there one which it mav
uvnuuj,, . A.., uioiiuuust uauix u variously
cnitsod by, mercurial disease, low livino-. AL
onb-iptl or unhealthy food, impure air, filth
.m mill uisuii, uw uepiesaing vices, and,
shove nlli by the vonereal infection. What
ever do its oiimn, it la hereditarv in the eon.
stitution, diwoentling " from parents to children
unto inetmro ana fourth veneration:" indeed.
it swms to be the tod of Him who says, j
" ill visit the iniquities of the fathera upon
"ii'ir childiPii." .... ' , , ,
ltt effpcta commence by deposition from the
mimt 01 corrupt or uiceroua matter, which, in
the luiiK-i, liver mid internal organs, is termed
tubercle; in the glands, swellings; and on
(lie KUi facc, eruptions or sores. Thiafnnl
'ruction, which gendma in the blood, depresses)
11,1- rin-i ii me, so iimt acrotuioua constitu-
iioin not (imy Rimer from scrofulous oom-jiliimt-,
but they lwve tar leas power to with
.land tl! nttaeka of other diseases; conse-
iuuiifty vast numbers pensh by disorders
Mileli, utllioiliibj not SClOfuloua in thr-ir nntnro
(in- still rendered fatal by tills taint in tlie
cymem. modi 01 tne consumption which de
ninuteM the Inuuiui family has its origin directly
in thi-t scrofulous contamination: and num,
destructive diseases of tlie liver, kidneys, brain,
ami, indeed, of all Hie organs, arise from or
ire iurjp-avatt'U oy the snme cause. '
One quarter of nil our dcodIo ore serofulnna ,
their .pursona are invaded by tliis lurkinn; in
fectioii, and their health is undermined by it.
'I'd eleanse it from tlie system we must renovate
the blond by an alterative' medicine, and in
yiy,mate it by healthy food and exorcise.
Sueh a medicine we sunnlv in
t 4
Coin pou iiij Extract d Sarsaparilla,
the most efTectuiil remedy whicli the medical
skill of our times can devise for this every
whore prevailing and fatal malady. It is com
bined from the most activo remedlala that linvo
been discovered for the expurgation of this foul
uixnrtier irom tlie blood, and the rescue of tho
system from its destructive consequences.
Itenee it should be employed for the cure of
not only Scrofula, but also those other affec
tion winch nnse from it. such aa EnnvTirp
nnd Skin Diseases. St. Anthony' Finn.
Ut.otciiki, Hi.ains and Boii.s.TuMoim. TErrrm
and Salt ltnt:usf, Scald Head, Rikowoum,
Uni immism, SYi'iiiMTicandMEitcuitiAi.Dia
haskh, Dnoisv, Dyspepsia. Deiiility. and.
Ti n nit Imi'IIih Jii.ooi). Tho DODulor belief
imii'irUu of (lie Mood" is founded in truth.
tor t- ofiila is a degeneration of the blood. The
piiitienlar purpose and virtue of this Sarsapa-
lllit is to purity and rcirenernte this vital fluid.
without which sound health is impossible in
mii.'iiiiiiiiiii-u euusuiuuons. .. .
Ague Cure,
Iisfpt-iiilttent Pever, or Fewer antlAsruc,
Kt-siilltriit Fever, thill Fever, Dumb
Affile. Pi'i-lnllcnl Ilendaclif, or Tllllniia
llrniliu lir, aud lillloua Fcvrr,. ImU.il
for tlie tvliolt rlasa ofdlaeeiaea orltrluot
h " ..inni-y ncraiiKcmeni, cstssaea by
he Malaria of Kliasmatlo Couutrlea.
Wc nrc enalilrd here to otTcrthn cnmnumliv n
remedy which, while it cures tho above complaints'
with certainty, i still perfectly harmless in nny
qi.mitity, Such a remedy is invaluable in districts
wnerc tlioic iilllietintr disorders urcvail. 'IhU
Crim" cxiiels tho miasmatic doisou of Fkvku
ami Aul E from the svstcm. and Drcvcnta theiln.
M-loiiiniit of the disease, if taken on the first np
pruacli of its premonitory symptoms. It is not enly
the best remedy ever yet discovered for this cluss
of coiiipl iinis, Imt ulso tho cheapest. The Inrae
iiiantily nc supply for a dollar hriiifrs it within the
reach of e cry body ; and in bilious districts, whero
i' i:r.n ami AtiuE prevails, every bodv alioiJd
hare it and use it ficeJy both for cure and protec
tion. A srent superiority of this remedy over any
other ever discovered for tbe speedy and certain
cure of Intermittent is that it contains no Quinine
or mineral, consequently it produces no quinism or
other iniurioiH cH'cets whatever upon the constitu-'
tlon. -'those iiircd by ft arc left as healthy as if
thev had never had the disease.
i ever and Airue is not alone the eflnsennenr of
the mixsinntic poison. A event vaiietv of diir-
ricrs arise from its irritation, among which ere
.emmniii, uneumnusni, Uotit, Jlrwachc, Rliiid-
?, loitlhache, taracie. Catarrh. Asthma. 1'nU
pittiiion. Painful Affection of the Spleen, 1 1 inter
ns, Pain in the Hotoeli, folic, Paralyxi nnil -
raitqemmf oj ine niomuia, ail OI Which, when
orininatiuji in this cause, pot on the intermittent
type, or become periodical. Tliis " CuuE " cxpeis
tne poison hum the blood, and consequently curt
Ihciii all alike. It is an invaluuble protect iun to
immigrants and persons travelling or temporarily
residing in the malarious districts. If taken neeit
sionnlly or daily while exposed to the Infection,
that will be excreted from the svsteni. and rennot
-acciunulnte in sufficient quantity to ripen into ilis-
u.-. iit-iiee 11 is even more va lunlile tor iirntr n.
tion than cure, n-nd few will ever sufFcr fron, Im,.,.
mittrnts if they avail themselves of the pi'ci?,-tj m
this remedy ntlbnls.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYEH & CO., loweU, iuas.
ROBIRT8 St BAMCat. Oolnmhn.
And bv Crnmrlsta and Dealers srsrjwhere.
Liverpool, Montreal, Quebec,
and ... . . i
The Montreal Ocean Cteanuhln Oomnanv's' flrvt -class
tnll-noweredOlvde-bailt Steamer aait even Mas.
araajr from PORTLAND, eanrvlnf the Canadian and
United Btatsa Mall and passengers,
N0VA8C0TIAN......0spt. HcMasUrs,
600KMIAN Oapt. Orange,
NORTH BRITON..... Oapt. Borland.
CANADIAN ..Oapt. tjraham,
ANGLO 8AX0N Oapt. BalanUne,
IIIBRRNIAN, - , -, . t ,
NOBWBOIAN, ' 1 ' 1 1
Sborteatf Cbeapeat aodQalckcat Con
vsyaaea arosa
Will sail from LIVERPOOL ererv Wednesday
and fromQDBBKO every Saturday s ealllng at
liUauuniiaintti, to receive on board ana lana Malls ana
Paseeniters, to and front Ireland and Scotland
uoaeta to ana irons fconaoiMierry . - r,
D.,.-, tUI.ll mnlttl .1 mbmmIu i M
An experieneed Sorreon attached to each steamer.
Certincates Issued for carrying to and bringing out pas-
sentrers from all the principal towns of Great Britain and
Ireland, at reduced rates, by this line of steamers, and
leaving uverpooi every weea. .
For nassave. anniv at tne umee. v nnuatri
WAV, New York, and 19 WaTKH ST.,
aitweraaair- .in ikii y.i ei:n ,,i J-,-,
BABBL ft BEAUX, 8aral AgaaU,
Or to- J. R. ARMSTRONG '
nolO-lydtw " Statesman Office, Columbus, Ohio
XV nammauon ana pain, and heals the worst burn.
scald, bruise, cat, or fresh wound ot any kind, rmrnts
swelling and paia tnea bea stlogs, seeequtta bites, and
poisonous plan is, peuraira. - tneumatiam, ague la tne
Ore ait, sail rneua, .to, vbcb taa.a tntsroaiiy, it win
positively cure eroeip Inshlldrsn, and glvee uamedlete
relief In ths worst rase ot this terrible oomplalnt; also,
removes hoarseness and sore throat. Prise, 23 cents a
bottle. Should be In ovary he nee. ' Par sale by Drug
gist and Storekeepers. IllVlS BTONB,
ostadawlvl ' ' . .
LiAV. are hereby notified that a dividend of 3tX
per cent ass seen oraereu to n maae ny ine rrotete
Oaurt, of Franklin county, Ohle.and that on MONDAY
the Mlh day of January, 1MU1, et o'clock a. a., at tlie
ofGo of Warden t Ureeeel, In th City ot Columbus
Ohie, said dividend will be paid to the oreilltor entitled
mere to. 4 isib uiLuai,
Columbus, 0., I an. 11.3 Id. . , ' Anlgces
; ! Holiday Presents?.
A . ly S3 cents a yard., Bch Vancy Bilks at SO cent
tect lirT;.'C!irt;:K0.louih BlghltieelA
Hi Oold Bmboesed Tarlatan, the latest novaltsu Plain
White and Colored TarlsUos; White rails JlaitlnQtm-
I aumr ja.niiai w., ,tu v.iijr .
i,,, i; rl- .' "Jf," f AIWV
decfir ' ' ' ' ' No. B Bouth Ulgh street.
By State Authority. -
enOIOl CtAs7THSUAllO, T faM
lacerpttraud ibis. Charter Ferretnai.
oas ruriTAt,
01,000,0c o,
, ' hit sssrrs, T f
02,014442.07. ;
anatht prestlKe of ilr fs a!rf ,xINritoaet, '
$100,000 in Ohio Securities. -
The lareaat lna ... . . ' ' ' ' 1
Oosnpanr at one fire In OhlTf w .J'
oothe, ii AprUiena J3' l".tt!? , CbJIU- ,
?1,a "''f0' . smenntaA lo llu mi ? I
mor to ai stajs after the Are, ' V v
losses paid In ClnclnnaU Siring the past sit
Iarr, i
177,878.48. ,
Pronertv inuiMii .... .! .
DANGER8 OF FIRR turn arsua
"spscUl attention riven to the liana. -
Ani, .. fo'traofoiie, three or iver sar - '
ApplieaUons reoelved and Policies leaned by ' -' - 1
nXDKBlar J. riv a. " ' ' ''
117 atoatb Hl,h straet, uiaialu, T
seplSdtmla . ,
Tiro and Marino ;
-Etna Insurancse Col: . u
Of , -, .
Capital and Surplus - - $2,014442.,';
North American Fire Insnrance &
oi . ..-.,'... .
BAKTfOHD, COMM. ' - :.
Capital and Surplus - - - $351,084.
i . t
Norwich Fire Ins. Co..
Of . ,
Capital and Surplus - - - $222,228.'
Lamar Fire Insurance Co., :
or v ' '. '
, HEW TORE CITY. ,' ,' ".V
Capital and Surplus-- $348,049;.:
Providence Washington Ins. Co., "
or ',
Capital and Surplus - - - $345,780.
Of 1
nmriKLD, mass. ' ' jy
Capitaland Surplus - - - $206,926. '
FRED'K IUY, Agent,
I IT South Illgb Ht i ColMsaiksja.
sepl3-d4mls - - -
Dweiiiaga, HeusehoU Farssi tare mm
Insured bj ths
ta mz mmot to.; -
oPHASTPOito, oomr.f '
; For one, tare or fire yean, '
Cash Capital $1,500,000. ,
Apply to .. ,. ' .:
FREDERICK J. FAY, Aqint, ' .
Office in. Carpenter's Bniidins;
No. 117 South Hiah St.,
An aaperleseed ( Narwi aad renal Thystemo, preetuM
- to U attention of motlitvs, bar
oUO TlIINQ s yrttp:
Which greatly facilitates ths process of teething, by soft-
snlng the gums, ndudng all InflammaUon wll 1 allay 1 -
amraui anespasmoitloaotlon,andts ; - j ciij's
Depend upon It, Bathers, It will give rest to yourselves : V
snd ... .... ., , ,
WshavS nut nn anfnM thu iui.i..HUb. -1'''.'. '
and CAN BAT, IN OONf IDINOS AND TBCIai, oftt! '-i -
have never been able to say of any other saedi-,. .
w" uuuHHa oi oaiaauaraouoB by asty eoe ,
who used It. On the oontrary, all are delightad with la a t
operations, and apeak in terms of 1 tnstlira ef la i
magical effeots and medical vlrtuni. W speeik la thia -n.-
5"" .ZZVi SSB0 KN0 i" after ton yean' .ape , .,.,
C?,I??iA.1J2.,pL,tD0 BPOTATioNroati
almost every Instance where theiutast UetuTeruif nraaa , .
paia and exhaujUon, relief will be loud (a aitsea r :
twenty minutes after theSyrup Is adainlstend.
This valuable preparation Is the pnoerlpttea of on of- T
the moat BXPlkllNOKUand SKILLFUL UBlg la' ,1
New Borland, and ha been ased With MBTBA f A1X- . " '
Ilnotonly relieves the ehlld from nain ias i..n
ate th stomach and bowels, eorreetv acidity, end givew )s ' '
rgr vi uw wnoie systasa. 11 will alaaost la-
stantly relieve .
and overcome convulsions, which, if a ot speedily rem.,
died, end In death. We believe It the BUST and iUB- ' :
5lIl.5,",Y THB WOKtD.I" all oases fBVI
It arises from teething, or from any ther owes. W
would aay to every mother who heae child euffertng from
uyof the foregoing eomplalnt-DO NOT LBT YOOB '
between you and yoursuffering child, and ths re
Uef that will be BUIlar yes, ABSOLUTELY BUKB to ' -follow
ths use of this medicine, If lively aM4. -U ei
racttons for using will accompany each bottle. None
genuine unless Ihe fae-ehatle of OUKSIBAs PBIKlNS.l'r I
New Vorlt, U oa the oaukje wrappei. . TT i J' J
Bold by all Druggists throughout the world.' . ,
rrltclpal Office, is Cedar Street N.Y.
Rrawl15.LY S5.E1',T3 DOTTLE;,
"1 WM KNAfiB a, m '"Jo -
a K aa eu an van . -
ISO BAlTOtOSSaXji -.-v'h.-.I T-
NOB. "1,1, Sand TH. BDTAW T&k. 1
' ARB - - I I 41 I II
' Ouwr lev Sal their celebrated ''. ', ' ' -.
golden medal, ,"i:r' ;
1 .. f ..I . . 1 'i wJCAM it ..''.. -,. .t i i..ju
' ""-' ANP 8QARE -''
i PIAN0-F0RTE8. ' '.".', 'J."u
Belnr hiuhtr rtcoaiauuided bv Ihe Brat PrtlMmAti and'1"
SS!!fiB,teMw' fhe country, and,,, J
.,,.,- .WARRANTED 10 " ' U
The most fastidious eastoaer may rely upon being
pleseed In every reapeet.,. ,. . .., , ,
Terms Itheral. ", v Wat. R1TABS A CO.
BBLTZBa a WBBiTIB, Agauts,
ct3rl:lvilw. : i' , " .' Oolumbua Ohfi, -,y.
High, Crtct C:cro
I !
T k ui 1 I i . .. j BMi "M . M.' ...... . J .
' , fOta SALE. ''
1, STORY HuUnai, N lug, oceuDUd iy Aaia ILmm '
y,Biovetiaiera, compwuiy etird witniMa,ur
and Hoisting Jack, Jha 1st IS luu bv W. and Is otferv; T
mreaeaableuruii. ., Apply to ' u- - ' - J 'J
- , ' "" ; J . , ' sTM.aV BROWN ;
No M, North Third lirasi.'
J .

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