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D)io Statesman
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tii fc uH noon teDemocratlo State Cen-
Committee. tV tV oratld
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u.. prosperity ot out people.
. ..-.1 . tn Convenf.on of the Democracy
Onto, to assemble at then Q , .'''. 0
a WidnMaa? the 231 4aj o January, 1881.
tor fre.purpoM. abor. todicated.-aaloO
b. t delcgat. Convention, Jo U composed o one dele
gat, for .very five hundred, v.us. od an additional one
csatteesndldaUfor Supreme Judge, at lM tat Bute
!. r m .,, recommend that the delegate, to
ZinX oonntle. P. W M4f ;
Tloua.fneanvenUon. . B' M
I sincerely trass tha the Demooracy of th SUuneUl
theto.port.ne. of the eonventton proved,
SapWOiawuw 1 ... ,-,,10,,. ,f
n4H1,!- .hoMdeilberalioo will reeultln
Chr'n Dem State Cen. Com.
Chr'n Dem State Cen. Com. Cumminsville, O., January 8, 1861.
Chr'n Dem State Cen. Com. Cumminsville, O., January 8, 1861. Mr. Seward's Speech.
tUnata'SBWAWsMf. LlHCOLrl's prospective
Secretary ot 8tate,; delivered a speech In the
a..t-n- Saturday last. It to interesting, as
teaahadowlBB the policy of the incoming Ad.
ministration. He sets forth la eloquent terms
ty. wm, of civil wm and the disastrous . con
..m fif hresitae up of, the Confederacy.
Bat the country is moat intereited io knowing
hat he oroD0ea to do to avert the Impending
Tile. Thla U all that It of any teal Importance
In hit lona speech. Bat pa thl pint be if very
hlaf and not very explicit.
Mr. Snr ao delineates the policy of himself
aad hie party under the five following neaas:
1. Ai to Fuziti?e Slaree. He ta for modi
tying the acta ct Congrew oa that subject, eo
.. not ta obUse oriTftte peieone to assist In their
execution, and to protect free met, by aboee of
the laws, from being carried Into slavery. Be
agrees that all laws, whether in free or slave
States, which contravene the Coastutlon of the
United States, ought to be repealed. Heex
r,, nntnion ai to whether the "Personal
Liberty bllle" do or do ot contravene tbe Fed
ral Constitution."
9. ExperiencehuconnrmedhisoFinioathatthe
Constitution has wisely left the care, manage
ment and diapoaltlon of domestic slavery exdu
ta tha State in which it exist. He
would not alter the Constitution In that respect.
if nliapprehnaloa of his position required eo
strong a remedy, be would be willing to vote
for an amendment to the Constitution, mat it
shall not in future be eo amended as to confer
on Conirraia the cower to' abolish or interfere
with slavery in any Slate. ; ' : , '
3. As to slavery ia the Teftitorie. Mr.
Sswaiodcelareethat be certainly never will
rote directly or indirectly to establish or sanc
tion elaverv in the Tcrritorlet or anywhere else
ia the world. Csder this head, he ejs that If
the measure were practicable, he would cheer
fully vote, after the present angry excitement
hall have eubaided eay two or three years
hence for a Convention of the people toeon
ttder and decile whether any and what amend
ments ought to bo made to the Constitution.
Bat he does cot propose any mode for settling
the territorial question.
4. Mr. Sxwad holds himself ready, as al
ways heretofore, to vote for any properly guard
ed laws, which shall be deemed necessary to
prevent matual invaalon of States, by citizen
cf other States, and punish those who shall aid
na abet them. Ho would then vote for
conspiracy bill, similar to that for which Mr.
DooeLaS was so vehemently denounced.- - '
5. He la ia favor of the Pacific railways as
a means of uniting the different pr ts of tbe
coustry, by strong physical bands. , . ,
It will be teen that Mr. Scwaao proposes
nothing that can operate as an adjustment of
tha neat aectional controversy now raging, at
might aa well remain silent on the subject of a
National Convention, . for amending tie urn
eutatlon, at to talk of one that is to be pott'
caned for two or three rears. Mr. Siwaan
is in favor of .coercing obedience to tha Consti
tution and laws of the Union; but tbe secession
movement, if not speedily arretted by coaoilia
tory measures, it likely soon tot asume so bold
a front, that an an attempt to conqaor me eeced
.Dg States, into aubmlaaloa. will lead to such a
prolonged, bloody and damaging war, that the
people of tbe loyal States will aever content to
If Mr. SawatB't speech, at it teems to be
generally regarded, is to be taken at indicating
the policy of the -IiinooLN administration, we
thall have'war to the-knlte. There is nothing
that we can' ate to prevent', this retult, but an
immediate and alinultaneoui rising of the peo
ple ia cash way, that thote whe have the com
trol of publio affairs, will be compelled to yield
to the demand for conciliation snd peace.
Tha aneaoh of Mr. StwiiD appears la the
Jturnal of this morning in exteneo, and the ed
itot submit his opinion of it in a lengthy edito
rial. He admits that it do" not jneet the case
by soy "erecett ihrtugl wMca (At frtbtrm of our
digicultiu ( fe tolxxd," aad turns away from
this effort of Ur. IrfiMoui's.rremier, and admit
tint the Inability of ills party 40 meet tbe exi
gency, be consols himself "(e know that thtrt i$
n OtmUinff Ptver that, through our ooltmluo
ai trituUHam, ptrhtft will bring much good out
of rrmnt wrong ! lnrewJ " . .
We copy the closing paragraph of the article
from the Jewnuf, and place it on record, aa tbe
frank admltaioa of the Republican State orgaa.
that its party ia incompetent to meet the issues
of the day, and bring tbe country out of lb
troubles: v ' " - ,
Thla last speech ia probably one of Mr. Sew.
ard meet flotebed efforts. At times tbe elo
of tbe rifted Senator rites to anblimitv.
"XH we explore in vain all its brilliant patta
ges to find even Wctlv intimated the prooett
tbroagh which the problem of our difflcnitlet It
tA ha melrtA. It is otlnful to rcaect that the
great men of our nation are unequal to present
ememncieet that thote In whotettateemanthip
luTa been wout to implicitly relv, and npon
wboaa we have been led to depend in perlodt ef
dtsger and doabt, turn from tntmfgea reeraree
of the istus preeenttd, and by silenoa tonfttt
their Ignorance of the meant by which tha tbock
la to be aneceesfully met- . At tha same time it
eonsolee us to know that there is aa Overruling
Powtr thai, through our eaiamiues ana triouia
tlon, perhaps, wiU bring much good cut of pree
at wrsngs and turmoil; and that will at the
proper time, raise up aa Instrumentality which
thall ride tbe storm-and lead se from the dark
Dees af out national tine tba oppression of our
fellow men, our undue pride, our oovetousoets,
our corruptions Into the light, of day. We
.it tha ordeal. Even be it bloody and
full of vroe, we csDnot.deBj that It Is just and
deterred., rr-. r w i o.J i
tit A I JW 'It V I Bl tH
f ' '' ,wt
ID The proposition of Mr. Trtta. ottered
yesterday In the Maetaohuaetia legislature, to
make t a appropriation from the treasury of that
State, to. buy provttloasrk&b.t to tend to
Charleston, Sooth Carotioa, is about one of the
eooleet pieces bf Republican bjpocrley, that
haa shown itself U any quarter." ' "V S-
With the laboring men In MasMehuaelU in
absolute want," the legitimate effect of the doc
trines of the triumphant party ln that State
the "irreDreeaible" war udou slavery.-i-lnstead
of proposing measures of peaco, which would as
sure . tba, people of the -South, of a returning
sense of iustice on the part of SMaaaaobaeelta,
it is byDocrltloallv proposed to boy some bread
and meat io'tend to Chtrletton while thou
sands ot men, women Snd cbildrtn, in Boston,
Linn. Nawberrnort. dto. to., are in ataolute
. - Y i
want! Comment li heedless
!DTlie Republlcana In the General Assem
bly are now undergoing a sort of private drill
Joshua R. Giddinoi It on band, ana is puwing
them tbroueh their faciuzt. .The old man was
epprebeoeive that some of the members might
hDDn io love tbeir countrv more thao their
party, and that in this State of feelios; (which
Mr. Corrr described as a sort of class meeting)
they might go in for some measures of com
promise aodooncetsion.by which the Union might
be preferred and harmony restored ana nence
he boats himself for Columbus; aad straight
way comes down here to lay down the law to
them, as it is in Republicanism. We suppose
tha ReoBblican family, -"nominal" and "ir
rertresiible." will henceforth be found a unit in
the General Assembly, for Joshua Is the chief
Priest, and to him it Is given to expound the
faith aud prescribe the practice of tbe party
i BTThe Republicans In the House of Reprs
tentatlret, appear to be much opposed to any
legal measure! to prevent the Intermarriage of
. .. . ..' . .! I-
the white and biacic races. Amaigauauou
tin "Joe Watter," of old Joshua R. Giddincs,
and he it now oa hand to tee that it meet with
n detriment from the Leeiilature. When
Democrats bare charged, through tbe prett sad
on the stump, that the Republican policy, if
carried oat. would result in the mixture of the
races, It has been indignsntly denied, and yet a
verv lores number of the members of tbe
House,' of that party, appear to be obstinately
opposed to any enactment to prevent it, and
hence must be regarded as ia favor of Amolf
motion- -ST
From indications in the New York Til
bun and other like quarters, wo sra inclined to
believe that Gov. Oust It to be a member of
the Cabinet of Mr. Lwoolb, and that be will
take the keys of the treasury, snd serve as tbe
Chancellor of , tha Exchequor. Anticipating
the fact to be aa we have stated, many Repub'
Iican gentlemen are beginning to put themselves
in their fullest proportions, and to take on the
airs of a Senatcr,lniv!ew of stepping into
tbe vscaat slippers which Gov. Chass will leave,
tbould be go into the treasury. It ha beca ia
timated to ut by a kaowing Republican that
Mr. Gincmot is already booked for the vacant
place. ' " ' .
IOIf no compromise or adjustment between
tbe slaveholdioz and non-slaveboldlng States ia
effected before Congress adjourns on the 4 th of
March next, II it probable that all tbe slave
States will, by that time or soon after, have se
ceded from the Union. Ia that event, Northern
Republicans will find themselves ia no condition
to dictate terms for the re-cocstroctloo of tbe
Union. ' " ' '
UT The Louisville Journal thinks it a pity
Aao Bona bad not lived to see this day. . If
he were now alive and in fall po3sees!oa of his
faculties, he would find a fine field for tha ex.
ereue of bis political cunning and treasonable
proclivities. He would doubtless be a rabid
Secessionist; or a radical Republican it would
make little differeace which either wonld aa-
ewer his purpose equally well.
iry It was remarked by one of the speakers
st the late Constitutional Union Convention that
there was hardly family ia Kentucky which
had not its brancnes inrougnoui uuio, iutu.ua,
and Illinois. This is certainly true, aad tnoee
branches, intertwined by marriage, are the
strongest bonds to noia togeuer ine union, sac
the roots ot tbe parent bees have shot further
than the Border States along the Ohio river i
they bare penetrated to tbe northern chain et
lakes, and to tbe Golf of Mexico, and from ocean
toocesn- It It computed by tbe Baltimore Amtt
icn that at least one million of the citizens ef
the South are,natives of tbe Northern States,
who have tettled in the South, and in many in
ttancee intermarried with Southern famillet,
and are amour the most loyal and public-
spirited of the population. Tola Is especially
true of Ueorgia, aouia iaroui,sua Liuuuwua.
Charleston has a large proportion of natives of
the Northern States among her population,
and the city of Savannah ia, la Its habit aad
aspect, more like a sober, business New Eug
laad town than a Southern eity. New Orleans
aad Augusta have each a Urge Northern ele
ment, and there as elsewhere Northern adopted
eitlxeos are among the moat valuable and reli
able men in the community. The number of
eituens of tbs North, of Southern birth, is also
very large. They mey be found everywhere
la toe most remote portions of New England,
aad are scattered all over the ortb-Western
fitata. There are more natives of Virginia
do v resident in New York than of New York
erireadentla Virginia. In many instance they,
too. have intermarried Into families ia tbe land
of their adoption. .. Thus linked together by the
moat sacred ties, wall may our Baltimore eotem-
porary ask what naw and unspeakable horrors
are Involved in the Idea of civil war! Does it
not become all cood men, all mea who have hu
manity, all mea who are not given over to bard-
nets of heart ana acmomaoai mauoe ana cruet'
it. to labor with their whole souls, and to
baaleee the throne of Heaven with their suppli
eatlooa, that this, hitherto, tha happiest of all
be saved from such an unnatural
nations, may
eolllaiou and fearful catastrophs?.aMBif
Jfwrwsf -
Mr. Gaianoti Stbiuim Hakm wits 8octh
r.i.m fwi. In the Iiisersfer of January 4, Mr
Garrison closes a review of his thirty yeare of
editorial services to that Journal wit a toe lot
lowing exultaat prophecy of disunion sa event
to .inch he baa anoeasinely directed his ener
gies. "At last 'tha eoveneat with death' Is so-
nulled and tha 'agreement with neU' broken
at lout, be the action of South Carolina, and,
era long, by all the elaveholdlng States, but
tbelr doom is one. 'The dissolntioa of tbs Uni
on is the abolition of slavery,' said Mr. Arnold,
of Tennessee, it) tha United 8tatee floote of
Representatives, a few years ago. Hall the
approaching Jubilee, ye millions who are wear
log the galling ctralns of slavery, for, esaurdly,
the day of your redemption, draws nigh, bring
ing liberty to you and salvation to too wnoie
land.", . t-.- ..
Phicst to ComfoDOBS Paulding. Com
modors Pacldino, one of our most efBeient and
bravest naval effioera, has received a -puDiio
vote of thanks, a sword of honor, and twenty
caballertas of tba national lands from the Re
public of Nicaraugua, as tokens of tbs high
regard felt for bin personally, and in acknowl
edgment ot tha important service ha has ren
dered that country by his coble conduct in cap
turing W ALUs, at fonts da CastllL and Ban
Joan del Norte, on the 6th day of December,
1857. The Inecrlptloa on the sword it: "La
Republics de - Nicaragua al Commodore H.
PAPuiwa."i . ! v -. " , , . ; . ; ' , ,:
" ' Jewish Exomrs to Amxiica. Seven thousand
Polish Jews recently passed through Posen.oa
their wsy to the United States. - Tha German
papers say that such aa exodus of the children
ef Israel bw sot been witnessed since tba( oat
.of Egypt "' ' '
A ... (;.: ..Ity.
hi ' t
TUESDAY, January 15.
Mr. HARRISON, from the Judloiary Com
mittee, offered 8. B. No. 186 To amend sec
tion 525 of tbs Civil Code. The bill is to amend
two denote in section oxa, so inai n snail reau:
Elocutions of any judgment or final order, or
other than thoto enumerated in this title, - or
an j judicial tribunal, ' may be stayed on such
terms, as may do prescriDea oj lae uuuri ur b
judge thereof, In which the petition la error Is
tiled." oeoilon oint is nereny repeaita.
Mr HARSH offered the following; which
wAra .dmiLi-d. via ! - i.'
Raolttd, luat tbe Judiciary commutes ia
hereby requested to examine and inqiilro into
the expediency of enacting a law regulating the
ninuin uani' insolvent incorDorated companies
organized unisr the statutes of Ohio, and if no
tullicient aw on ttut snnjeci, report vj uu y
otherwise. . ' - ,
V I r TY.t tlm nnmm!ttiu nil LjUrrdUUT
f horslir ronuuted to Inauire into the expeVl
dience of eoaoting a law to prevent the circular
tloo within the atate oi unw oi au auapeuuou
R.rlt n.,t. niakiuff tbd nivlog out of all suob
notes he anv aorooratlon or person within the
Statecf Ohio a forfeiture, and nO payment to
tho payee and thaj all Bints or JUabkers in
thi St.tn shall not dsv out at their counters or
otherwise any notes but these of the specie pay
ing lianks oi tne oiaie oi uaioi u tcur. vj
bill or otherwise. - ;
Mr. COLLINS offered tbe following jilut res
nlntlnn. tI!
That tbe Auditor sna Treaturer oi vnio oe
authorized and requested to pay Allen mmaui
(, ri,k nf 7 OUU fflvcn to him bv J. L. Mar
tin aotlng Commiesioner ol tbe Board oi Pnblio
Works, with interest thereon from it date, be
ing la oonnideratioa of 833 acres of land within
the Lewiaton Reservoir, deeded by said La
tham to tbe Stto Committee on Publio Works.
Mr. McCALL offered on leave, the memorial
of James Emmett, of Pike county. In snswerto
tbcremonstrsncsof John J. Van Meter, against
the remoTal of tbe county seat oi i ike cuuaij
Mr. GARFIELD presented the petitions of
Mrs. Wilson and Mis. ratroanxs oi ronsge
nnnt.fnr tha restoration of certain rights to
women. Referred to tbe committee on Wo
Mr. HARRISON from tbe Judiciary Coo
mittee reports as follows;
In favor of the indefinite postponement of S
R Nn. 171). auDolemectarv to an act of March
20th, 18C0, further to regulate the practice of
the Supreme and District Courts in tnis eta:e
Agreed to. ' ''
M,. HARRISON said the bill proposed to ex
tend that act to Railroad Compauka The act
appeared specially designed to promote eome
special interest.
S.B 179 To amend section S of an set to
resulato tbe election, contest cf election snd re-
. .. m 1 .1 A J
ligcation oi jusucea. ngieuu vj.
Tbe Senate went Into Committee of the
Whole, Mr. GARFIELD in the chair aud sfier
omatime. resorted backs. B 18J," lo smena
a sobool act passed February 521, 1849," without
amendment, and it was referred to the School
By Mr. BREWER S. B No. I37-"To
amend ao act of April 8, 1356, for amending
tbs road act of January S7, 13S3."
By Mr. BREWER S B No- 18S-" Sup
elemental to the aot of April 6, 18.VJ, rezuiat-
Ing the mode of sdministering agsignmcnts lo
truet for ths benefit of creditora."
By Mr. BONAR S. B. J89 ' roi the pro
tection of bees" making the stealing of such
property, vslued at f 35, penal. I lie of $100, or
imprisonment In tne county jaw
to tbe township echool fund.
Mr. POTTS, from the committee on f'riaticg,
to whom was referred tbe several measures for
printing tho Governor s massage and-depart'
ment documents. irenor ted in favor of tbe Indefi
nite postponement of ail except the Home J. R-,
which tne committee recorsmenuea to do smena-
el as follows: -
Print 3.00!) messages la Eagiiah aad 1,500 ia
German; one lonrth of each for the Governor,
tbe remainder lor the General Assembly.
Also recommending 1,500 copies of tbe audi
tor 'i report.
Recommitted until it is determined whether
the Senate resolution has passed the House.
Mr. SPRAGVE, from too 11 ara-Working
committee, (Enrolling,) reported the enrollment
of sundry joint resolutions and bills.
The Senate adjourned.
A call of tho House was bad, when 73 mem
bers answered to their names.
Mr. VAN V0RRI3 wss excused on account
of indisposition.
Tae Question pending wnen tne tiouse took a
recess, beicg tbe reference of the bill to prevent
inter marriage of white and colored persons,
Mr. Woods demanded tbe previous question, on
which the vets and nays wers damsnded and re
sulted yeas 38, nays 43.
Toe question men mrneq opon me reierence
of the bill with instructions.
Mr. HILLS said tbe bill might be passed, but
It woiHd make no difference. The courts had
decided that persons less than half black are
citizens and voters. Was it proposed to forbid
citizens to marry whom they chooso. He
thought the best way to avert tbe evil com
plained of. It should begin by forbiding tbe
Issue of license to sncb persons. The bill was
defective In Its detaits.
Mr. MYERS thonght it was no goed ressoa
to refa?e,to pass tbe bill, that it would be me
lon. He hoped tbe blilmight be passed to pre
vent an amalgstion, a condition of things ol all
others to be deprecated, as unnatural aad re
pugnant to all our sense of propriety.
r. McvUBb remarxea mat ine irrepressi
ble negro was up again. Bat it was not bis
fault. He was brought here contrary . to bis
wish, sod eaaluet bis will. Hs may be oflVu
sirs to us. but be is not to blame, and it was on-
lust and cruel to heap degradations epea him
AU tbis came oi a council motive, ana not
from anv real hatred of amalgamation itself.
If that were the motive they would be against
slavery, tbe means by which, of all others, it
was promoted, by placing tha virtue of the slave
in tbe power ot hie maeur. This, bill Is wrong
because it proposes to Interlerewith an institu
tion which is above our control. Tbe marriage
relation must be left to the tastes, consciences
and good sense of men. He would not marry so
as lo degrade himself and bis offspring. It was
a crime to do so But these mixed marriigee
are too rare to need any law against It. He did
jtotbaiievatbsse-waa-eMCssees" tba kind to a
congress local district. If gentlemen would pre
vent amalgamation, let tbem direct tbeir ener
gies sgalnsl slavery, that knowa no virtue, no
justice, no right . '
Mr. STOUTia'.d tha negro bsd been brought
hereby the abolitionists and tbeir friend. Ho
objected to the reference of the bill, became it
would or even I us passage.
Mr. BROWNE, of Miami, here atked what
objection be bsd to Mr. Biutf'a smendments to
which be replied that the present .laws treat
that ease. He further went on to speak sgalnsl
amalgamation, aad desired the passage of the
bill to prevent it , . ? . - -
Mr. FLAG Q opposed tbe reference sod the
amendments, as both were unnecessary. Tba
bill Is good enough aa it it. He would do all
that can be dono to protect the wblte raee from
deterioration. He dreaded intermixture. .He
wouToTbppose mixture with .the Chinese. Us
set a vaiue upon blood, and every stock grower
knew the value of it Lt us preserve tbe pun
ty of tbs. white race, that It m'gbt fulfil its des-
tiny, sna not loea ti uown mm in acma-.T euc
thuaolnred raea. ...., . - .,
. Mr. DEVORE said he thought the objects of
the bill had been lost sight of lu this discussion
This wss cot a bill to effeot slavery. It was
eona! In Its bearing upon the whites and blacke
alike. Tbit bill proposed only to ilirgitlmatlxe
the offapring of suob Intermsrriage. wai tnsra
anything wrot-g la that 1 God never designed
mixture of the races. He said raca provis
ions as tha bill contained were needed la bia
section of the State, and be hoped tho bill would
paps without any amendment. t
Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, said hs desired a
bill passed to prevent all mixture of tba races,
and he desired the bill to be so amended, and
passed, as to prevent ailcobabiUtioavf whites
,. v'lTif-H'; s-.'.T '.'J.i.-. sxi -'
wUh blacks. It wss not a party measure, and '
bo oast back to tha gentleman from Brow, the
charge that the Republican party was a negro-
lovmg parry. r , . j
Mr. iiKUWPJrj, or Miami, urged too refe
rence In order that it might be so amended that
he could vote for it. v , , 4 v i
Mr. CON VER8E suggested that the proposed
smendments would unite two subjects in one
bill, contrary to tbe Constitution. , . . ...
Mr. V0RI3 said the real effect of this bill
would bs to bastardise the issue of the mixed
marriages. SuyrrtegWaUon was only a part of
tha system of slavery which disregards all rights
uat ims bill proposes to rob tbe Innocent out
eprlng of tbe natural protection of their parents,
and parents of the right to their children. If
amalgamation was to be prevented, tbe true
remedy is in the adoption of the amendment
offered by Mr. Bruff.
ai. rLAW jy showed the present laws against
adultery, &t wers not sufficient to meet tbe
objeets of this amendment. , . ,
The question was then taken on tbe amend
ment ot Mr, Bruff, and resulted yeas 54, nays
3-,. ..:-i.:'V'-J;' v "'
The question thenbsiniron the amendment
offered by Mr. Parrott, the vote resulted yeas
oo nays 41. Bo the bill was referred
. Tbe Uniieethrn adiournail
"fWon la yesterday's prooeedinRS,
was an omission la tbe report of a motion by
Mr. Converss to correct the journal of Satur
day, in refereooe to he ' noon recess. Mr. C.
made such motion which was dieagrced to by a
voto of joss snd nays.
" Widxiudav, "January lOib, 186110 A. M.
r The Senate opened with prayer by Rev. Dr.
Trimble. . ,.. .
Minutes of yesterday read and approved- -
- By. MONROE: Petition of Hon. Josiah Halns
and 44 othort, of Lnraine oouoty, praying tor a
law conferring certain property rights npon wo
men, ana guardianship of children.
- By Mr. BONAR: of Mr. Bedell, and Mr.
Kingston snd others, of Knox county, petition
on tbe saxs subject. Women's Rights Com
mittee- ' "
By Mr. MORSE of E. D. Slow tad others
for ths enfranchisement of womeu. Same
By Mr. PARISH-Potition of Elisha Sey
mour and 119 others; of Huron eounty, for tbe
restoration of the legal rights ol women. Same
committee. ,,,.,
: S. B. 185 to amend the crimes act of March
7ib, 1835. - Committee of the Whole.
S. B 182 by Mr. SCHLEIGH to amend
the first and eeoond sections of the road act of
April 17th, 1857, and repeal other original seo
tlons i tie Din was puDiisned yesterday. The
bill pts'ed unanimously. -j - .
Bj Mr. BREWER, S. B. No. 190-"To
empt from attachment tbe personal earnings of
debtors " Tbe rules were suspended, snd tbe
bill was read a second time by title, and referred
to to the Juaiciary committee.
Mr.-Cox, from the Judiciary Committee, re
pot ttd back S B No. 180, for the repair or ereo
tioa of County Jails, 6co., with aa amendment
that erection or repairs shall not exceed $10,000,
ana witn a recommendation that it pass.
Amendmentdisagreed to, and the bill wss lost
Ayes 17, navs 12
The existing law requires that submission to
popular vote of all sums exceeding $5000 for
public onuaing purposes sna requires a major
ity of all the votes oast at an election to past it.
Tbis bill makes an exception ia cases where
jails have been twice indicted st a nuiaauce,
and authorizes tbe County Commissioner! to
expend not exceeding $10,000 witbont tuboi'.t
tins tbe Question to tbe people. -
'f ho bill aa osnoaed bT Messrs. McCa.ll. r.rA
Ready on tbe grrmad that tbe (people ought to
decide wnet.ler tney emu oe tsxei lor such pur
Messrs. COX and KEY explained the diffi
culties of getting so expression of (be public will
nnder the existing law, because tne public at
tention could not be properly attended to the
subject, ana arguea tne Dai es a necessity.
Mr. KEY, from the same committee, report
ed in favor of tbe indeflcito postponement of II
B. No. 207, authorising tbs recording ocbattal
mortgegrs. Agreed to.
Mr. HARRISON, f.-otn thesiue committee,
reported back H. B. No. 121, relating to tbe
Mount Pleasant bwudinir snhool, and it was re
ferred to Mr. Brewer.
Mr. SCflLEICfi, fron tbe wrao committee.
reported back S. B. 177. To amend section 1
of an aot regulating payment of costs in crose-
CvtioEtfor minor olTcuses.
Mr. MONROE appealed to the comuiittce.lo
further consider the bill, alledging its import
ance to some portions cf the State. He moved
to recommit the bill.
Mr. HARRISON took tbe ground, substan
tially, that tho bill would bo more Intolerable
than the evils It proposes to correct-
After a protracted aitoassion, Mr. MUfiKOE
withdrew his motion snd the bill was recommit
ed to him.''
Mr. J0NE3 from tbe Public Works Com
mittee reported a bill S B. 191 supplementary
to the canal ad. It le designed to enact the
rules by which tbo Board of Public Works have
long been governed, but which the Courts hare
decided are not legal because they bare not
been enaotsd by legislative authority. ..
Mr. POTTS from the Committee on printing,
reonrted the insertion of an amendment to 11.
J. R. No. 80,80 as to print 1,500 extra copies of
the Auditors Keport in bagiisb, lor tbe Uenersl
Aesetubly, and 1,500 extras of tbo Governor's
metsscs In German, one-fourth for tbe Gover
nor, and the remainder for tbe General Assem
bly; and recommended the Indefinite postpone
ment of otner resolutions opou toe suojeoi
to yaea at nays 4.. , .
By Mr. GARFIELD, S. B. 192: Requiring
Township Assessors to tske the census of Lu
natic and Insane persons In their districts, and
require County Auditors to report an abstract
of the ssme to tbe State Auditor.
Tee Senate then took a recess. ; ' ,
Prajer by Rev. Doctor Davis.
. Tbe following bills were resd a second time
and referred to ths committees Indicated:
II. B 2C7 to amend section sevoa of the set
of Jao 27 th, 1853, for oproiog roads and high
ways. H. E 275 to amend section seven, of the act
ot Feb. 9ih, 1853, for tha organization ot the
General Assembly. Committee of the Whole.
. H. B. 276 supplimentary to an act to provide
against tne evils resulting irom tae aale of In
toxicating llqoort. Com mitt eo on Temperance.
II. B. 277 To amend Section 1 of tba aot
rerouting the levy of Road Taxes. Roads sod
H. B. 278 To amend the act regulating the
exemption ol property mm ssie oa execution.
Judlclarv. " '
H. B. 279 To amend the act of March 26,
1860, for tba protection of Railroads. Com
mittee of tbe Whole. .- v .
Senate Bill 181 Making partial appropria
tions for tbe year 1861 1 : was read a third time.
Mr. BaOWE, of Miami, made aetatement
of a claim of Mr. Claypqole, as receiver of tbe
Seneca county Bank, and-asked that the bill
might be delayed a abort time, to ascertain the
propriety of amending tba bill so as to provide
for that claim. He then moved that the bill be
referred to a select committee, to enquire into
tne nature or ine claim, etc.
. Mr. ANDREWS preferred that the subject be
acted upon subsequently by toe committee oa
Finance, snd that it should cot be attached to
tblS bill. - r . i -
Mr. BURR was in favor of a careful exsml
nation of tbe matter by the Finance Committee,
wsicn ae said would bs mods in a short time. '
The motion of Mr. BROWNE was disagreed
to; when tbe bill was passed yeat 90, nsyt 1.
Tbe following notices wers given of Intention
to Introduce bill: . . .
By Mr. HOWELL; to emend the act regula
ting Iospectlona. " -i - ,
By Mr. JONAS: 'to amend section 77 and 92
of tbe Justice code. '
Of Mr. THOMPSON, of Pern to amead
Section 12 of tbe act of Maroh7, 1835, for tbe
pootebrpent of crimes, i . ' r . ,
Br Mr. VORIS-tO prohibit the elronlatlon ot
toralgn Bipk notes of less than $10 denomina
By Mr. ANDREWS to amend tha act ree-
ulatlng Insurance companloi.. 4. . , '.. .(,
Tie Mr. BTJRRt-to amend Seotlons 9. 11, 14. 1
15 aud 24 ot tbe Act of March 8, 1831, fur thai
pumsnmeoioi oriuca,
i ne tOUOWpg oius were mirouucca ana rv4
a first time. ' i ' . 1
H. B. 287 by Mr. STOUT defining 1 the
duties of Sheriffs as to prisoners affected with
small pox. i '
li. B. 288 B y Mr. GORE To prevent the
taking of illogal IntcfeBt by private bankers.
II. B. 280 -b? Mr..I10WELL Tosmsnd the
sot to preserve tbe purity of elections, passed
March 15, 1857. - ' : . l. .
, It B.: 230-by Mr. DEVORE For opeolng
nrt rrrnUtinir Roads and HichirafS.
H. B. 291 by Mr. WOODS To provido for
loaatnir tha Pablio Works of Ohio.
. ? mm II- HI. DDnUTIUP aP Xflaml
Relative to Receivers of Insolvent Incorpora
ted Companies, requiring them to reside in tbis
Mr. VORIS. from the Committee on the
Judiciary, reported bsck, House Bill NO'18
To amend the lavs for tbe settlement of estates
and recommended its lndennlto postponement
which was sgreeu to.
Mr. VORIS, from tbe sarue committee, re-
norted the H. B . No Defining tbe meaning of
the words uhitt and colored in the Constitution;
of Ohio, and recommended its Indefinite post
Mr. vuKm saia oa tnis suDiec..- - i
As I am instructed by a majority of the stand
ing committee on the Judiciary, to report back H.
II. no. Vi, witn pending smenament, recom
mending the Indefinite postponement of tbe
same. I desire to state briefly a few conslde
rations relating to our aatiou-oa the bill.
So fares mv action is concerned, 1 hare no
desire to force measures npon tbe consideration
of tbe House that will not be productive oi prac
tical and beneficial results to the State, and es
pecially to tbe persons directly sought to be ben
The theoretio sentiment of the bill meets wilb
my approval. I am decidedly opposed toolass
legislation and will not lend my vote or approval
to any measure that tends to do injustice to a
olaes and did this bill present a well dunned
and practicable scheme for reliovlog against
such distinctions. I should feel myself compell
ed to euutnin it But the bill before us does
no such thing. It simply proposes to give con
struction to a variety of enactments already ia
foroe. To pass this bill would be an assump
tion oa the part of tbe House, of judicial powers
a proceeding of very questionable right, at
least' of propriety as ample authority Is con
ferred upon the oourta of the State by tbo Cou
stltutlon, and, it it also true tbat the Supreme
Court of the State has already given judicial
construction to the enactments sought to be
qualified by tbis bill. Acquiescence in the
decisions of the courts, authoritatively made, is
a duty of the citizen, till the Legislature repeals,
alters, or amends the law so announced. As
this bill does not propose to amend tbe laws in
force, by well denned provision!, tbat win re'
move the evils said to be inherent ia them, bat
oa the contrary would add complications to the
statutory enactments already in fores, I can
see no subitantial objection to tbo recommends
tion of the majority of tbe committee.
Mr. BALDWIN, tbe aotbor of the bill re
marked, that as a declnion of tbe proper
court bad beea given upou. tho eubiect ot tbo
bill since itt introduction, be was theiefore
indifferent now ss to its passage.
Mr. ANDREWS said he would vote for tbe
postponement for other reasons than those giv
en, but mainly because the bill would declare
an untruth, saying that is white whioh Is some
other color. The bill was then Indefinitely
postponed yeat 8b, nsyt 6.
Mr. ROBINSON, from the Judiciary Commit
teo, reported back Senate Bill No. 10 To pre
vent slavebolding and kidnaping in Uhio and
recommended its indefinite postponement, which
was agreed to yeas iv, nays XI.
Mr. ROBINSON, from tbe simo Committee,
reported back House Bill No. 72 To protect
sureties with some verbal amendments which
were agreed to, when the bill was ordered to be
Mr. M0NAI1AN, from tbe Military Com
mittee, reported back tbe Senato Joint Resolu
tion for the payment of tba Quarter-Master
General, bis salary ns Aimorer, when the reso
tion was adopted yeas 82, nays 9.
. Mr. MONAHAN.from the ssme Committee,
reported adversely to tho petition of George
Arnold and others, lor a cnauge in tae manner
Of disiubuting public arms, winca was agreed lu.
Mr. BROWNE, of Miami, oa leave, intro
duced II B. No. 233 Making, approprlotlons
for the protection and repairs of tbo Miami canal,
iralcb was resd the first time.
Mr. STEDMAN cffeied tbe folloiricg reso
lution, which was adopted: ,
Reiohtd, That tbo Auditor of State, sod
Comptroller of tho Treasury, report to tbis
House at tbe earliest possible day, whet amount
af money tack department annually expends for
clerk hire, examiners of collections, accounts,
books, stationary, and incidentals, that would
not be required to be expended, it the State dis
posed ot br Interest la tbe "publio works,"
elthe rby safe or (ease. - '
Mr. VINCENT offered a resolution relating
lo tne clerks of the House, which was laid oa
the table under the rule. '
Mr. bUU 1' 1 ot Jellersoo, ouvered a resolution
of inquiry into certain expenditures, for re
pair ot the canals, which was laid en the table.
Mr, t,UA roee ana said, tbat aa many bills,
appearing to be personal liberty bills, snd tbat
many members of tbis House may thereby be
placed In a falaa light, be therefore offered the
following reiolutioo, which was- hid . on the
table under tbe rule :
Resclvtd, That when the members of this
branch of the General Assembly of Ohio ad
vocate the repeal of personal liberty laws, they
do not Intend to Include all laws on tbat sub
ject, but those alone that are in conflict with the
laws or Constitution ot the United Statee, and
that In order to be clearly understood on tbis
subject, we do hereby declare ourselves to ba ia
favor ot a personal liberty law, that will effect
ually protect overt citiiea of Ohio, either black
or white, la his or tbeir rights.
F The) resolution of Mr. BRUFF, relating to tha
suojcci oi tne causing system oi unio, appoint
ing a committee of inqiiry, was taken from tho
table and adopted.
Oo motion of Mr. ROBINION the House re
solved to go into the election of a Speaker pro
tern, on to-morrow at hlf put two P. AL :
Mr. MuSCHOOLER, on lesve. Introduced
H. B. 2114 To amend section 23 of the general
ecbooi law wdicd was read tbe nrat time.
The resolutioo of Mr. STEDMAN, relating
to the sale of certain arms sold by Quarter-Mas
ter General Andrews, wss tckea from the ta
Mr. CONVERSE said he thought tho tub ect
bad Deed provided for by some action of tbo le
gislature U3t winter.
.After eome general remarks the resolution
was adopted.
Tbe following gonllemea were appointed un
der Mr. Brufi's resolution relating to tho sub
ject of Backing. - Messrs. Broff, Vincent,
Woodj, nigh, - tlagg, Browne, or Miami,
BlskesU'O, Wiuaer and Robinson.
The resolution of Mr. NIGH. directed to tho
judiciary committee, enquiring what enactments
re on tbe btatuto Hook contrary to tbe United
States Constitution was taken from the tablo
and adopted. ''..-
Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, " offerred a resolu
tion of inquiry at lo the necessity for further
legislation lor ine encouragement or agricul
ture which was adopted, when the Houie took
a recess, .- .- . - i ,. : r
The Hot Srantos or Asiahsas. Of tba
Hot Springs, there are some fifty -four distinct
ly recognizable, besides a considerable number
ia tbe bed of the creek. With one exception,
tbeir temperature ranges from 120. to 148 de
grees of F., and tbeir composition is nearly tha
same. . Tbe exception is a warm spring (tem
perature 109 degrees) dissorered a year ego on
tha bank of tbe creek, beneath tbe others. It
has a strong odor and taste of sulphur, and ia
believed to have considerable virtues. ..
-The quantity Of water discharged by tha vari
ous hot springs is estimated at 350 gallons per
minute (one spritig affjrdlng 60 gallons,) or
(ty) about 5OQ.00U gdhnt per diem. .
' The Raleigh Standard reports more expul
sions from South Carolina. It says:
"We learn that on Tuesday morning list some
eight or nine persons pasted through this place
oil their way North from South Carolina, la
charge of Adam's Express, with their heads
shared. We understand these persons presented
a forlorn appearance everyway. They laid tbey
wore terved thutoa account of tbeir Union sen
timents, bat this cannot be trus. They oust
have used tome expressions againtt tbe Institu
tion of slavery" -. -,. , ;
'The Back of Kentucky has mads a dona
tloa of five hundred dollars for tha relief of tba
poor of Louisville,
. J J
..Great anxieti ex'sti at Roma on tha part
the Pontlfioial Government, arising from
the movements of tha French snd Sardinians,
who evidently understand each other, and act In
concert General Kansler, aotlng for General
Lamoriolere, atill recognised as its chief, is or
ganising the new Pontiflclal army. Tbe King
Portugal has placed a steam frigate at the
tho service of ills Holiness, but It Is understood
that tbe rope win take refuge In Bavaria,
should bis departure be decided on. . r-'".
A mall carrier in Crawford county. Iowa,
was chased by wolves a few nights alnca, and
finally compelled to taxo reiuge in a tree
where ba remained until morning, half froseo
and frightened nearly to death The savsge
beasts growled around him until about daylight,
when thev took tbeir departure. Tbe carrier's
horse was pursued by a portion of the pack, and
is supposed to uavebeen eaten ny inem
A Vine maker in Bordeuax, France, struck
with theant that the maturity of wine depended
' . i .... , t t 1. -. a
on tbe temperature oi tee centra iu wuicu it wan
tnlored. mads a series of experiments by regu
Atlng tbe pressure of the atmosphere upon the
barrels, which resulted in the production of wine
ia as ruanv davs as it formerly took months.
A im ilianp. U nnt ffiffcasaarT
ngv, auuuruiuK " L - j I
lor tbo perfection oi wine.
Th a : PraaoMlnanian. a Breckinridge journal.
we are glad to see, pronounces tba lost speech
nf Tnrtirn Donffks. which we have already com
mended, at "ono of tbe ablest, best oootldered
and heat timed efforts ever made by tbe dlstln
snUbed Illinois Senator." Certainly nothing
has been uttered in the Senate that meota the
issue before tbe country more in harmony with
tbe spirit, principles and etatosmansmp oi me
f athers ol tbe Kepuoue. notion rati-
Tha Montour Iron works, at Danville, Pa.
have suspended operations, thus throwing out of
employment several nunarea nanas in miu
winter. The InUlligtnctr says, inconsequence
of the hard times, tbe company proposed a re
duction of wages, which the workmen refused
to accede to, and nenoe tne stoppage. : ,
Tweritv natriots of the Revolution died da
ring tbe past year. Eigbty-two are au tnat are
now leit. .. i
Democratic State Convention.
In purauanctof a call mule bj the Chairman of the
Democratic state Central Committee, for a Democratic
Stele Convention, to be held In tbe cliy cf Oolumbae, on
, Wednesday, January 83d, iSSle
for the purooee of ernnNllbig together en thealanaing
-r ,k. ..M.m. nil u to odoot eueb a line
nt ..li.. uui mi deem bait for the perpetuity of our
Government and the proeperlty of our people, 1 hereby
n Ti.mm-r.Ho voters of the several Town-
hive to meet at their aenal plecee of holding elcctlope,
(except oa noted below) at 3o;cloek,P. si., and the
Democratic voters of the eeveral Wards of the city of
Oolnbimi, to meet at their uinal plioea sf holding elee-m--;7
'.iX.i,.p. M.. on SATURDAY". the 19th day
of January, 1801, and then and there appoint Delegates
as hereinafter deilgnaten, ana ine umpm m
pointed, will meet at the City IU11. In Oolnmbae, on
MON DAY, tbeSlst day ot jaouary.u'oi, ei iu e euro, m.
M , to appoint Delegatea to repreeeoi thla country la
eaidcteic uonveniiuu.
.3 Delegates
2nd " ....
3d ....
4th " ....
iStb ....
, Jftckeoa
, 2
3 '
' 1
Jackson Townihlp will meet at Orove City-'
Norwich Townihip will meet at UUliard'e Station.
WM. DOMIGAN, Chairman.
Columbus, January 15th, 1861.
Commencing Wtdaesdny, Jan. 16th
An Exhibition Illustrating the scenery of! thtt beautl'
ful country In a seriee of vtews paintad from nature, rep.
KDreseutlne the nnneipal uiues. casuas, Jjbkoo.
Churches, atural Curiosities, Rlfere, etc.
Each scene Is accompanied by vocal and lustrnmentsl
music, selected from the immortal Irish Melodies and
executed by a eorapany or artists, isciautng
Mlse KAT1 MAO XYOY, The gifted Sophrano,
Mist MABIE, The accomplished Ilarpltt,
Master JOHN EPALDINO, th Uleated delineator
of Irish Character.
'- ' Mis TIIIRELA, the youthful eomed'eoce
CUA3. MAO rVOY, lb Pianist.
. Admi3ioo - - -, So ots.
Sale of Useful & Fancy Articles,
Universalist' Church in this City.
In making this announcement, th Ladles promiee that
they lll endeavor to male this entertainment equal at
least to those of former years, and hope to te atl of tbelr
friendspreaent. - .
Th proceeds will be applied tovaid renovatlnf ft
church edlflce and In ltqutdatlon of their church debt.
Bingl Tickets, SO oenta . A Ticket admitting a Gentle-
manand two I.adlee, (A. ' - - en14 did
' will attend to the !
All orders left at ths CCce of th tattta will be
promptly sttendid to. Janll-tf
, AT Till
Ho. 173, Hlgn St., between Vown and Bleb Ett.
a ferr dons sovth of tbs Unitcfl States Hotel,
; 10,000 VOLUMES
Of Choice Books on every suy ect. and
lO.OOO. Warth ol Jewelry, ' '
Toabs given to tha pnrchasen of them at tlm of sat.
dec20:dtf ' - - BLOOtJM At 00
X EH known, is compoeed solely ef healing Oils,
uaisean ana uums. Aotaai eeearvauoa boo to earus
oateaf-respectttilprMns warnnt B in stating potl-
ureiy mat ;: r. .
KMd'o Mrtputlo oa etwee Btoumatlm; ..,,,
Jittd't MaylHtto Oil 0ree &PiaiAfitlm; . i i
AmI'i MatmtUo Oil mrtl imtraltHa: .... ...
Aetd'l MaintUo Oilttmt WeaiJotntt; - -
Uttd'o Haftuttc OU ouret VlctraUd thru;
' Ketd'o MafMtie OU onree Jhnou HuukadM .
M'l Mafiutto OU cttru FroHt Put;
Hfd'o HagoMia OU eares Prtth WotuuU;
Sttd't UagntUe OU ewret Swrtltngt: -1
Std'tMtgiuHoOUmmirainolnaBaok-, "
r Sd'0 MagnrUa OU ewree Aervrtw JJTtcUon; '
T Area's MaffiMtic OU ouret AvaeA .4 JbofAoeA.
For tal by SIMON JOHNSON, SaoeoieT. Tltfsbargh,
Pa., eole ejrenti sold also by B. A. tAHctasToairai
CO., R. S. BELLEUS st 00., and DraggUU generally,
w vim. yw aeoieovw
. WIHTER DeLAINKB, '" ' 11 1 '
WINTER DeLiHTES. ' '''' ' ; "
New ttyles tnl very cheap at ' BilN'S '
aovKS. .- t n, t j i tTa SI loulh Blgh street.
:s w.ji
City Fire Iosnrance Company,
1HWI, made to the Auditor of Ohlo.nutwuint to lha
Statute of the State, entitled "As aot to regulate -Inn-,
ranee Companies, not lncorp1"!' br 1'" ''late ol Oub.'.
pawed April 8, 1839. . '
lit. Ths same of the Company b "Oily Fire Iuiuraiu-e -
' Company cfliartford" and ia located at lianf,rtl. 4 .
Oounecticat. , t ,
if r, :-;. I. CAPHAL. . '., ' i ..
2,1. The amouoV of Its Capital Stock is. . Sl OuO
3d. .The amount of Its Cauttal Stookpald tip Is Wu UU0
4tn. H A88ITS. '
Cash of the Company on btod '
and In Beak )1 M7 , J
Cash In the hands of and dne
irom Agent or in Transit 21,183 03 1,5, si I 17
Heal Ksute anlnoumbered none - - -.
Tbe Bonds and stocks owned by
th Company as per vonah-
ere accompanying how ee-, i.
cured, and th rate of In- '
tereat thereon, to lf
No.'Bhare ' . - Par Val. Market Val.
10U rail! Bank rto;k N. Y. 410,000 OK 810 709 W
Metropolltas "
Importers Oi Traders
Bank of BepoMio , '
10 000 00
9,m Oti
10,000 CO
10,000 00
5,000 00
10,000 00
io too oo
9.0U0 oo
S.OjO 00
6,200 00
10,700 OU
10 500 00
5,500 OU
10,000 Oh
10.UO0 00
6,100 00
5.15tl 10
6,500 00
10,000 00
10,000 00
10,088 00
10,600 GO
5,030 00
5,460 00
6,000 00
S.67J 00
5 500 00
7. 80) 00
5,151 l!0
market Bank
Shoe St Leather '
Merchaiits hank '
Bank of (! eminence Bistoa
Hide A Leather
Hafety Fund "
Revere "
" 10,000 00
" 10.000 00
Hartford 10 40J 00
" lo.ouo oo
Mercantile Bank
Charter Oak "
Phoenix i '
&.ID " ' '
Merch'U A Manuft "
City Bank Stock
Bank of llartford Co. 1
Bxchange "
SO Phoenix " S.00O (10
?0 toa ' ' " 5,000 00
SO Merch'U A Manuft " 5,001 00
VS City Bank Stock 3,500 00
110 Bank of llartford Co. 1 5 500 00
ISO Exchange " 708 00
50 Colon Bsnk Stock AILanr 5.000 iO
Colon Bsnk Stock Albany
10 Brooklyn City Water Bonds
1,000 each 10. WW 00
10 BarMord City Bonds 11,000
each 11009 00
10 Indiana Central R, B.
Bonds 11,000 ea:h 10,000 00
Certificate of Ohio State
Hock 5 000 00
4 Hartford A N liana B. B.
Bonds,., , 4.000 CO
10,000 to
11,339 CO
10.030 00
5.000 66
4 000 00
Total Bonds snd Stock Mar
ket Value
Debt due th Company, eecar
201,453 CO
, ea cy morgspe, onuoincom
bored Beal Estate, Las per
voachers aceompanilnr . .
31,110 GO
6. Debt otherwise secured, as per
. vonontrs accompanying vu:
I Total amount loaned en
- Collaterals
Aooraed Interest payaeloJJais. '
nary 1, 1801 S'.'.C.W ii
Debts for premiums none....
Office Vuraltuie Library... ' 1 123 37
57.020 GO
3,180 70
(335,033 SC
total assets of the CompiLy . .
Sth. Theaooontof liabilities; due ,
r creditors none
6th. Loeseoadjustedanddae,nooe
7th. Losses adjusted and not due 64 Still SO
Sth. Loases unadjusted and....
9th. Losses In suspense, waiting
i for further proof Including
3S00reslsted 34,0)3 W '
10th. All other olalms against
tbe Company non .......
. Total liabilities.... $36,099 S9
Uth. Th greatest amount Insared In any
on resk the rule of th Company 11m.
Ite to 10,OCO 00
12th. The greatest amount allowed by tbo
rale to be Insared In any on city,
town or village, varle allowing to
tbe size and class of proptrtr
13th. Th greatest amount allowed' to be
insured In any on block varies as
In th proceeding
14th. The amount of It capital or earnings deposited
In and other Slate, as security for lots there
in, namiog them, with the amount in each, and
whether such eompany transact any business
of lnturanc In said States or Btilea. none
15th. Th Oharur, or act of Incorpoiation of said Ga
paoy 1 th same as htretof jre filed.
Stats or Coiwbcticct, '
County of llartford. j
0. B. Sown, President, and C. 0. Waits, Becre
tary of th City Sire Ineurance Oempany, being eeverally
sworn, depose aod say, that tbe forcgolog I a full, true
and correct statement of the aualr of th eald Company
that the s d Insurance Company Is the bona fide own
of actual cash capital Invested in Blocks and Bonds, or
In Mongers on Heal Estate, worth double th amount
for whioh th tame la mortgaged; thit the above described
Investments, nor any parU hereof, an made for lb ben
efit ef any individual exercising authority In the nan
tgementofaald Company, either as President, Secretary,
Treasurer, birector, or otherwise; that th mortgegc
above described have not been assigned, nor In any man
ner nleased or lapalfed by said Company; aad that th: j
are the ebove described officers of eald Insurance Co,-
iany. 0. B, BOWERS, President.
0. 0. WAIT a, Secretary.
Subscribed and sworn before me, thit 7th day of Jan
nary, 1861. E. DODD,
U e. Notary Public.
Crric or tiii AdoitoS or State,) .
Oolumbua.O.. January 14. 1B&1.(
I, Robert W. Tsylcr, Auditor of Btate.do hereby cer
tliy tbat lb foregoing ie a correct ocpy of the statement
of condition of the City Fir Insuiarc Comrany of
Hartford, Connecticut, made to this olfic for th year
lr6l and now on file herein.
Witness my hind so l seal officially.
I" 8.) K.W.TAYLEB.
Auditor of flute.
UyO. Cole, Chief Clerk.
sjartlllcate mt Anlharlly.
(To explr on tbe 31st day of January, 1663 )
AtmiToa or State's Orris, )
Iiui-aAx-a DmaiutnT J
Columbus, Ohio, January 14, 1&6.
NY, located at Hartford, In th Stat of Connecticut, '
has Ald In this office a sworn statement of its condition, -at
required by the first section of the ect To regulate
Iosurano Companies aot Incorporated by th But of
Ohio," paeied April 8, 1B55; and WRntais, said eompany
h;s furnished the onderslgoed satisfactory evidence that It
Is possessed of at least on hundred thousand dollars ol
actual capital Invested In elocke, or In bonds, or In mort
gagee of real estate, worth double th amount for whi fa
th same la mortgaged; and, W units, amid ooaspany-hae
filed In this office a written Instrument nnder Its oorpo.
ratlve eeal, algned by th President and Secretary there
of, authorising any sgent or agents of sail company la
the State, to acknowledge seivlc of process, for and li
behalf of eald company, consenting that such sertlce of
process (hall be taken and held to be u valid aa if (erved
upon th company, according to lb law of this or aiy
other Bute, and waiving all claim or right cf error, hy
reason of such acknowltdgnent of service.
Now, therefor, In pursuance of th first section ot
the aforeseldact, I, Robert W. Taylor, Auditor of Stat
for the Btat of Ohio, do hereby certify that laid City
Sin Insurance Company of Hartford, Connecticut, 1
authorised to trantaot the business of Fir and Alarlne
Insurance In this Stat until I he Ihirty-flist day of Jan
uary, la the ear one thousand eight hundred aud sixty
In Witness Whereof, I hare hereunto subscribed my
iw. - nam and caused the seal of aiy office to bt .
a.., affixed the day aod year ebove written.
" B. W. TAYLBR, . ,
' ..... Auditor of State;
By 0. Cou. Chief Oleik.
J. H. WHEELER, Agent,
K o. 8 1, Houtb Ulfb Street.
In view cf aiaklng a change In our concern, we Willi
' ' offer oar
Hondfty, the 14th day of January,
. -. - - - ;- at ' r '"
.This Stock of Ooods Is sow admitted to be th saort
desirable In tbs Centre of tae State, and offers a ran op
portunity lo House Keepers and others for purchasing
their soppliet. . v : J , ...j .' .
The whole Stock Willi) sell without reserve,' tsccpt
l ' V, ziif nta wousiEiis, ' ' v .' ' . !
Oolurabut, January 13, 1801.
fi BAIN, -
ntthlaa Trott, Plaintiff'
Before samuet Kta-'.'"
near. Justloe of the - '
Ktephen Tf . Sextea Defendant. ) Peso, of ' Clinton "
township, Franklin county, Ohio, - . . "' " - - "
Oo tbe 8th day of January, A. D. 1861.1 v"'
said Jaatlea lalaad an oHer of attackment In thea,bava
action for tli um of i87 S. '
janin-wat.- - 1 aiTaaisiauw. : -cr
mnn receptioii hoop bkiht.
X Th aaost graceful and elegant skirt yet offered foe- ,
sale. A BW lot J oat opened by - - VBTER BAIN,
dec.ll. , - ? j t ao.i'8outhilgti street. . y f r
1 ;.kt . al

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