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:' Th Adams Exprcas Company plaoes u failv
' ' under obligation to It for the very Utast paper
I Irora the eastern clue. , t ,
vl'lte Atticrioan Express Company hall our
thank for it dally lavor. in the nuape oi the
L. taLjt uaotoMi nnnprn. l
. . . i i
BENicriT.4 of Advertibino. Oae of tbe mult
tucceealul business meo of England, who hag
; risen from small retail trade to extensive bus-
naaa nnintntttna: srhn has hflfiOmA A mm r,f
) ' , l.inm wealth: the DrODrletor of an extensive:
domain, tod whose experiment and rucccsi In
Y ' ' agricultural improvements, and In developing
7 the capacity of tie toll under intoil.'tjcnt oul
lore, baa mada bis came known throughout the
. United Kingdom and extensively known in the
Dn'.ted Sute3-AIdcrmaa Mechi, of London,
baj written tho ibllcirlug sensible words on the
virtues and advantage of advertising
"Allow bis to say a few word on the nbjsot
uf advertiting, became I think there is a false
dellcscy among some people on this matter. In
mv ODlulon. QdvertlsinK'is a legitimate moans
of nukiog kuuwo the wants and wishes of both
buyer aud eellur, whether they be for an es
tate worth halt a million of money, or for a pair
. pt "Meohl's bejtjrtzori." It is merely making
.' an extension of yonr shop front in the newspa
pers; whether the article be seen there or in the
window, In both cue its qualities remain to be
' tested, it never can answer to advertise a bad
arttole. By advertising; a good one you exetnd
. yonr connection, which might otherwise be Ilm
I. . J. . - f I 1
pened to pass your door, and tholr connections
For mv own rmrt. mv spirit iikos a wide ranee
. and I remember once receiving an order through
the Hudson Bsv Company, from poor Mr. Hi rap
, son, in his Polar expedition, while almost at
: , the same time 1 was supplying a missionary Irom
: the Sandwich isund.
, VMTioa. At the regular meeting of the Co
. Iambus Temperance Association held on Tues
: day Evening, the 15th inst, the following named
persons were seleoted as delegates to the State
Temperance Cauveotlon, to be held la this city,
on the 23 J lest:
v Bon. Wm. DctmiecD, Joalah Hajden, Thos.
; W'alktr.Dr. J.B.Thompson, Rev. Dr. Trimble,
H. S. Miller, A. A Stewert, Dr. John Dawson,
Dr R. N. Barr, Wm. Cox, Rev. E F. Goodwin,
. Rev. O Allen, M. B. Batebam, P. B. Wilcox,
Esq., Samuel Galloway, Rev. E. D. Morris,
Christian Brett, Lucian Batik, Iisao Dalton,
v Qeorge WilliaiJ, Rev. T. Gorman,' Isaac B.
Potts, II R. Bceson, John J. Janney, Dr. D. S
Ely, C. N. Olds, E. B. Batterson, J. R. Down
r, Dr. F. S. Fowler, J. F. Bartlett, Anson
Smytbe, Henry Miller
At the same time, following named persons
were appointed a Committee of Arrangements
A. A. Stewart, E. B. Bitteuon, H. S. Miller, M.
B Bateham, C. Bieis.
' O" The attention of housekeepers is called
to a sale of dry goods ct auction, at No. 249
South High street, for Thursday, January 17th,
by W. R Kemt. TbI stock Is tbe neatest and
: rarest as9orttneut of linen and housekeeping
goods ever offered at auction in Columbus, and
is an admirable opportunity for all whjo are in
want of such articles,' to provide themselves
now, when goods will be offered and sold for the
beat prices they will bring, to the highest bid-
: dera. , Table linens of all kinds, wsolen blank
ets,brodc!oths and dress goods are comprised In
the stock, besides a good aamdnt of other
taple dry goods Ladies aro respectfully in
vited to attend. Silea will hi mV.de at 10 A.
Ai., end 3 and 7 P. M. Commencing on
' Tb2rtlsy;Jmiary the 17th.
Coal Oil. Tbe coil oil trade, Is becoming
tbe great sensation of tbe day for men with short
' purses, as it requires but a small outlay of cap
ital to engage In it. The Warren, Trumbull
coanly, Chronicle, ys that new discoveries In
that region are of dally occurrence. It men.
tloas a new well just put in operation by J. F.
Asna, E sq , " of Warren, and three others,
which yielded in ten hours pumping, forty bar
rels of nil. "Ten (barrel) strikes" are too com
mon for special mention. The oil la worth ten
dollars per barrel at the wells.
STTbs.Iady whom we mentioned some days
ago, as lying in what was supposed to be a cit
aleptl o state at Wheeling, was buried on Sun.,
day. A piper of that city states that at the
time of her Interment, no evidecco oi decompo.
sition had taken place, the limbs were perfectly
flexible, and tbero wa a total absence of those
signs usually attendant on death. Rather a
mjaterious affair, all round!
17 Oa yesterday the trustees of tbe Ohio
State Asjium for Idiots, appointed Dr. O. A.
Dorin, (lately assistant in that institution) su
printndnt pro temper . la place of Dr. Pat.
Tiasoa resigned. Tbe Trustees havo been for.
.tunate in selecting a encceasor to Dr. P Dr. Do
axNis well qualified for tbe place, abd will, we
have no doubt, discharge tbe duties faithfully.
The CrcLORaMA of a Toon in Iiiland. This
(uttresting pauoramlo and musical entertain
ment opens at Montgomory Hall, this eveniog.
It will be well worth attending. .While the
ear will be charmed with (the sweetest songs and
melodies of the "Oreen Islo," the eye will be
delighted with views of the romantic ectnery
which gmthatt birth. . " . .
SaiciDE. Oa Sanday evening, Elder R. C.
. Rtcf , of Eminence Ky ,, a well-known minister
oC the "Cbristiaa" donominatioa, oommitted
suicide at tb Epcnoc? Hotae, Cincinnati, by
shootlng'blmself through the head with pistol.
Domestlo trouble teems to have weighed down
the mind of the &. ' " V ; '. ,
D"The : Masquerade Ball took place last
.'evening "according to tho bills." Afuch credit
is doe to the Thalia Association for this nnique
and imaging exhibition, and to Goodman's
Band for the One musio produced on the oc
casion. ' "" ' 1 f t ' .(-v
We learn that we are soon to be favored with
a dramatic rtadingjby Mlsa Vaoohn This young
lady comes with a high 'reputation, and hu the
further;olaim on our regard that she is a most
ttmable person, and a native of Ohio. , , ,
UT The Buffalo Cwtmarciai announces that
"Doesttcks" is to lecture at Sandusky on Sat
urday evening next. .The RtgUtv says that a
be has not advertised himself thoro, ,it' cannot
promiie him Ma full hons."; i
, C. D. LotitTi the late Dix(e8gent, was yes'
terday afternoon, ((quired byjhe Major to find
ball for his appearance at Court, In the sum of
$309, Not befog bl 0 find the bail, the quon.
dim agent was remanded to prison.
IT The Ohio pmologlcal Society meV-tll
uinoiBntl,tnis morninj;, in Bacon's bonding
corner of Sixth and Walnut streets..
HT Jo'sn'B, Gouoh will lecture In Clncionatl
on Sstnrdsy evening next1" - r
-SudDAvBoaooLCoKowT. The Concert and
Exhibition of tho Wesley Chapel Sunday School
tikes place to morrow (Thursday) evening at
the Cborcb. . It will be a rich entertainment for
the lovers of good, vooal and Instrumental
mtisle.' ' " " ' ',:,'u , -1'
Coal in Ohio. The amount of coal annually
takon from mine In Ohio, is estimated by the
Commissioners of Statistic to txoeed 60,000,
090 bushels or 2,000,000 ton'.
O A superb Festival and Supper will be giv
n by the Ladles of the Universale Soolety, at
Arabos Hall, tomorrow evening.
LOCAL MATTERS. Rail Road Time Table.
Littm Mum St Ooinaun Xxxu It. H.
8.15 P. M.
J 3D P.M.
1.40 P.M.
1:30 A. M.
31) A.M.
ilSWP. M.
2.30 P. M
2:20 P. M.
Accommodation 0.10 A. M, .
No. Sx 8.30 P.M.
Night Jixpress 3.43 A.M.
0l.BVU.4ND, COLDMUm fc ClMOlKriiTI U. II.
Bxpreii and Mall 3.00 P. M.
Might Cxpren.... 3:55 A. M.
Centra Ouio B. K ,
v xprauTnlB 3.00 K. M
- ' Mall Train 9.40 P. M.
Pimacnon, Oolomic It Cihcikhati B.n
; KxpreuTraiD 3:00A.M.
MallXralo 8. 4U P. M.
Oolcmbdi St IniAXArOLII E. B.
Oolumbui, Plqua k Indiana B. B.)
KxpreaaTniln 6:10A.M. 11:10 A. M
Kxpren Train P. M, 8 )0 P. M
Dictitio. Many people have a prejudic
against Saleratue. thinking, and with reason
too, that this preparation Is unheaUbful, am
ought to be avoided; but the best chemists and
most learned physicians say, that Saleratus
when free from imp untie, it not only not uw
healthful mi provocative of dyspepsia, but that
it, In reality, promotes digestion and strength'
ens tbe digestive organs. A now process of re
fining this artiole, lately introduced, and in use
only by D.B. Do Land Si Co., of tho Fairport
Chemical Works, Fairport, Monroe Co., N. Y
enables them to make a perfectly pure Sal era
tua, whioh should at once be in use in every
household. The purity and reliable quality of
Do Land A Co.' Saleratus should make it im
mediately popular. It is for tale by mos; gro
cers and storekeepers, and the grocers in the
large towns and villages wholesale it.
Laroe Shimints. It is astonishing to see
the large amount of MoLcan's Stbinothenino
Coidial that Is shipped off daily to different
parts of the country. It is scarcely three months
ince this article was first Introduced, and now,
judging from its rapid sale, it is known and ap
preciated all over the Western country.
Every druggist, dry goods or grocery mcr
chant visiting our city should be sure to obtain
asnpplyof this Cordial. It Is just the thing
required to strengthen and invigorate the weak
and debilitated. St. Louit Democrat.
GcMNPgY's Balm. Onght by this timo to be
in your houee. Almost every family uses it,
and knows its valuo, for Burns, Scalds, Bruises,
Fraotuns, Sprains, Neuralgia aad Rheuma
tism; it it the best remedy known. .
D" See advertisement of Prof. Miller's
Hair Iovigorator in another column. -
COITGIIa and every
COUGH Complaint the I orcrnn
ner of, and even actual
HtrmTFWELI'8 1 The Great NEMiAL.
civ nnnaui ana nat
ural OPIATK, adapted
to every species off ner
vous Complaint, ver.
vans and. Clironle
Headacbea ttheuma
Ham, Catarrha Tootli
and Ear Acbe, f.ona of
N O D Yl? E. I plaint.
Ko real Joitict can be duo th aiwv nrenaretioni
botby procnriniraTid reading dc3eriptlvepanipbleti.il
found with all dealer, or will be tent bv I'rmirletor
demand. Formnln and Trial Bottle tent to Phyil
elaua, who will And development in both wortliy th-ir
aoceptanee and approral.
uorrei nondence nlielted mm all whose Deceit tici or
cariosity prompt to trial of tbo above reliable Items
for aula bv th uiual whoiemls and retail dealera.
JOHN L. HCNNEWELL, Proprietor,
No. 9 Commercial Wharf, Boston, Kasa.
Roberta Jr. Samuel. N. B. Marole. J. It. Cnoi. 3. U.
Denle. G. Denli a aona. A. J. Schnellor Jt Son. Airanta
for Oolumbui, Ohio. myl-uly
Ihi book contain Etce&ptt and JXmftont fur ma
king til th most valuable Medical preparations In us";
also lUcipes and fall and explicit direction for making
all tha most popular and useful Cosmelics, rerromei,
Unguent, Hair Restorative, aad all Toilet Article. If
you arc s offering with any chronio disease if yon wish a
beautiful complexion, a fin brad of hair, a smooth face,
clear skin, a luxuriant beard or moustache or If you
wish to know any thing and very thing In th Medical
and Toilet line, you should by all meant perais a copy
this book. For full particular and aitmpl of the
work for perusal, (free) address th publisher, . ..
' . - 4 T. F. CHAPMAN,
No. R31 Broadway, New York.
Headache ! Headache !
Thoatandi of persons suffer from headaches to th seri
ous detriment of their comfort, business, and health,
who might aal!y b cured by simply using EimrnRcv's
BoatoraATio Bncwc. Tn IIkidacm Pili. taken In
the morning, and th Binocs Ptu. taken at night, rarely
fall to cur th most serers and obstinate case. Thou
sand bavins; tried them hav been entirely freed of thl
bane of their Uvea, do and do likewise.
Price, 85 Mats per box, with direction. . Six bore SI
Bent by mall or express, f re of charge, ,' , . csipt of
the price. Address,
, Da. HUMPiTBHYB It CO., f
, ho. Mi Droadway, New t a
old by ; ' KOBKUT8 at BAMUEL,
Wholesale tad Retail Druggist. 4 a. High street.
. 8. H. BAMUKLk CO..
janl-dkwlm ES B. High street, Columbus, 0.
Beeadveitisssnent In another oolurau. .. 1-
In all cases of costlm, dyspepsia, billion and lives
affections, pit, rheumatism, fever and tenet, obstl
Oat head ache, and all general derangement of health
th Pill have invariably proved a certain and speedy
remedy,. A single trial will plao th Life Pill beyond
tho reach efeoapeillisa In the estimation of very pa-
tlent. . . .......
Sr. Uoffat'i Phoenix Bitter will b found equally et
Bcaclous in all cue of Mrvon debility, dyspepsia, head
ach,th deknes Incident to female indtlleat health,
and I very kind of weakness of th dlgestlv organ,
for ale by Dr. W. D, MOIFAT, 83S, Broadway, V. Y.
And by til BruggUtHj . taayW-d&wly '
The following it an extract from a
letter written by the llev. J. B. Holme, putcr oi the
PierrepolntStrtet Baptist Church, Brooklyn, If.' T., to
th "Journal and Messenger," Cincinnati, O., and speaki
volumes In favot of that world-renowned medicine, Mrs .
Wnsww' Sootbdio Svaur roa Cmtniira Tirriit!?: " '
lrvTeseaii advertlsment In vonr column of SIR
Vftmurw' 8oomi Bvnur. Now we never said a word
la r.vor of a peWot medicine before in onr life, but wo
feel compelled to say to your reader that this is no hum
bug w Ravi tbiio it, add kiow it tA all rr
CUAIKS. ii ia prooaoiy on or sua moss ncoessrai meai
Cine of ths day, bacaus it is n ot the btst. And thos
of yonr reader who have table can't do better titan
my in a strppty . . , ocxr;iyomw
i HOU0AV pnESET$.'
now sailing at very low price, also all other kind
UahlOMMl ftti..W.A i ,. j,. . PItB BAM,
dc31. 1 i Ko. 80 BouthBlgh it.
A EANOitKsa Kilt OliSyVKH.
A. . an sizes ma color just opened at
ft. 11- Tl on
No. SO South filih street.
m 1
7 J
i j'iir.al;
Mr. Bayard presented a memorial from the oltlsena of
Delaware, without mpeot to party, prsylng for the pas-
una of the Crittenden resolutions.
Theia reaolutlona emhodv thi imnnrt Af nn mam ,.
luspuDiioienumeuior me Biaveholdma HUtei will H.
mand. I will Tote for the reiolutlone, and ipeak on
Mr. Seward uieieoted the memorial of Samuel V. n
Morae. the tllrjatrloua inwntAVAf th ieiA,iA u.n..i.
t,. " ' "7 - v "
ui paienie, wnicn cenitlluta ill title to th property In
that Inrentlon,
lie aek theexteiitlon of the on that expiree earlleat
uunicrui protect in property. Helerred to the Com
mlrtee on Patent.
Ur. Bevard alto presented memorial of oltUen of
He" ion concerDUK the itale of the Union.
Dir. Kennedy presented a'memorlal from the c Kir. tin
of rrederick County Maryland without regard to party,
Baking thaadopton of tha Crittenden reaolutiosi.
Mr. Cameron Introduced a reiclutlon changing the name
of the ateamboat John O. fremnnt, of Flitibargh, to
Mr. Blgler preiented elirht different 'meraorltili nrav.
log for tbe propoiltion of Mr. Crittenden to intanltaa
amenamcnti to toe uonitiiution, tabled rortMpreaent.
Mr. Wilson moved to take no the resolution nranoa.
ingoertaia amendments to the Constitution of the Uni
ted mates.
Mr. roell preiented the proceedings of the Demo
cratlo Convention at LoaliTllla on the Bih of Januarr.
containing a resolution favorable to the Crittenden
Mr. Hall objected to receiving matter not officially di
rccted to the Semite.
Mr. Powell the resolntiou express altaobment to
the Union add protest against coercion.
Mr. llall Inalsted upon his objeotlonand moul that
the do.'ument be laid on the table.
The special order on Mr. Crittenden's resolution was
taken up.
Mr. Clark.mored an amendment, striking out the pre
amble and the first resoultion and Inserting, that tb
provisions oi me uonsiuuuon are amply sulacient for
the preservation of tha Union.
Mr Green took the floor. The present Constitution in
its provlttona is good enough for the whole Union. I hold
that a State baa a right to secede. This is nota govern
ment of a unit; it is a mnllinllcatlon of nnlti. A coun
ty can't leced from a ctittet became It is not a unit of
sovereignty. A But has the light to go out a it
came to. There lino powerm tbe Government to nun
lib them. Tbey are sovereign, a unit. I am for lmme
diate secession, itmy State is not, unless there be arero'
lullon of Northern public sentiment.
(further consideration was postponed and the Pwiflo
lUilroaa Bill being the special order was taken up, A
vote waa iaa
aye 19, nays
The following Is the vot on Indefinitely postponing
th cod side ration of tho Pacific Hail Koad bill:
Aye. Messrs. Batard. Beoiamln. Brae?. Cllnirman.
Crittenden, Johnson, of Arkansas; Lane, Mason, Pearce.
Knit. Bnuiihnri and Sliiipll l!i
iv Baker Tttl.r ntn.h.n, n.r
(ii.m.Ig l.i.nn8 S'im
Kays, Messrs. Anthony,
eron. Chandler, Clark.
Uouglas, Durkee, Fessenden, Fitcb. Foote. Foster. Oreon.
Owln, llall, Hortln.Iiemphill, Lane, Johnson of Tennes
see; Kennedy, rung, justnam. Ktcnoljon, Polk, Pugh,
Dcuaaun, oewsru, oimmons, numner, ienilijCB. xrum'
bull, Wade, Wilkinson and rVlison. 39.
The vote on Mr. Bragg' motion to amend th Pacific
B. d. nut was asiolloas:
Yeas. Messrs. Btvard. Beniamin. Bra T7. Rrlnlit r.l.rlr
Clingman, Crittenden, Doolltlle, Durklo, Fessenden,
Fitcb, Oreen, Q rimes, Hunter, Johnson, of Tenn., Ken
nedy, ami, ijaue,, aiason, wicuolson. pearce. Po k. Pow
ell, Pugh, Kice, Saulsbury, 8ebastlan, Blmmons Dllilell,
TenSyck and Williamson. 31.
Nays, Messrs. Baker, Bingham, Cameron, Chandler,
Dixon, Foote. Foster, Owln. Horton, Latham. Beward
gumne,, Wade. Wlgf.ll and Wil,on. 15. .
xn roiiowiog u the vot on Mr. Crittenden's motion
to postpone the Pacific Katlroad bill, and take no his
juius tcaumtiuna to amend tue vonatttuiton; .
as. Messrs. Benjamin, Blgler. Br hthL Clinsman
Crittenden, Fitch, Oreen, Ilemphell, Lane, Johnson of
reonesses; nenueuy, mason, Nicholson, Pearce, Polk,
Powell, Pugh, Bice, Saulsbury and Blldell. SI,
NaYb Dakar, ftlnaham. Pamarnii. Ah.nill.. ni..b
Oollamer. DUon, Doollttle, Durkee, Fessenden, Foote,
roster, urtmes, win, lisle, nariaa, Latham, fiewatd.
Simmons. Sumner. Ten Evck. Trumbull. M'ada. Wilkin.
son 25.
Mr. Sumner called for the yeas and nays on the motion.
nr. it :cs ccjectea to mat.
Mr. Btauuton defended the Henubll,:an nsrti. IU
informed the gentleman from Texai that the'orinciDiea
uuhuku iuib KOTrDiaen was lounueo cannos ne aur
rendered under any thieitof civil war. The Kepubllcan
party has no purpose principle or polilcy not sanctioned
by m itepunuean sainora. from mis point tnoy could
not be driven. He said he knew of no Kepubllcan who
look to that organisation a designed to i Interfere di
rectly or Indirectly, tn tb remotest degre with slavery
the States.
During the coarse of hit remarks, Mr. Crawford said
that Georgia bad seized the forts becsus they were in
tended for protection and defense, and takes all the re-
Mr. Biauntonsata mat ueorgta taites on herself tin
inanimation of civil war. and makes no Dretense af con
stitutional justification for thct.
mr. sill i msciaimedtne act on the part of Okor. la a
Htnte. Itwasdoneby binds of soldiers without au
air. aiovc thought the position or both bit colliatntcs
wrong. The forti were seised as a defensive act, there
being a probability that tbe Government would send gar
risons to them. If the Convention of Georgia determines
not so sectne, tne loris win be surrendered
Mr. lierdemansaid If Peoritia should secede, he ntaa
determined to sustain the Governor In his act, for weal
woe. ...
nr. Staunton wa willing frr an amendment to th
Constitution to prevent .th Federal Government ever
Interfering with slavery inlthe Slates except by the unan
imous vote of States. He'waa also willing to remove
agitation of the territorial Questions l.v admitting:
New Mexico as a R tate.
Mr. Adrian, in the sours of his remarks said: If the
Union was to be dissolved, it would not be without an
effort by all patrlotlo men to prevent It by all constitu
tional means, xne people oi the worth will derend It
the last, lie urged it was the duty of every one to
llay, not ezclto the feeling, and not add fuel to the Ire
now Intensely burning. Mr. Lincoln, he said, was a
oonsarvativ man, Irom whom tt.e South have nothing to
fie concluded with patriotic appeal for concession and
compromise. Th doctrine of peaceful secession was
utterly fallacious.
Mr. Anderson of Missouri, favored a meeting of tho
border States, and said the Gulf Stales were too procipl
tate There should have been concert and union be twee n
the slave Ststes. He appealed to northern men to
yield amendment to the Constitution, so as to restore
Game tt git the floor.
The Vice Preiidrnt preiented a message from the Pres
ident, answering th donates resolution of Inquiry, as
his appointment of Hon. Joseph Holt, to perform the
duties of ths offlc of Secretary of War, mada vacant by
tbe resignation of Ployd. II fully sets forth th legal
Mr. Kiev, of Minnesota, Introduced a resolution pro
viding for the appointment of a speuial committee of
seven, by the Penato, with Instructions to Inqulr Into
expediency ot passing an act for the adjustmeut of
limit of California, Minnesota, and Ore. on, tit:
Fint. The admission el Mow Mexioo, to be bounded
north by 37 deg. lat , east by Texas, south by Texas.aad
Mexican boundary, west by the lMth deg of long.
Second. The admission of Kansas, to include the pres
ent Territories of Kansas and Utah east of the MOih deg.
long., and a small portion of New Mexico, north of
lat. 37 deg., and tbstportion of Nebraska which He
south of lat. 43 deg.
Third. An enlargement of th jurisdiction of Mln
nessota, to embrace the proposed Territory of Dacotah,
and that portion of Nebraska lying north of lat. 43 deg.
fourth, The enlargement of the jurisdiction of Or
egon touts Include the territory of Washington.
fifth, The readjustment of the State of California
as to Include that portion of Utah and New Mexico
lying west of the 114th degree.
Oa motion of Mr. Blgler, Mr. Crittenden ' resolution
was taken up
Mr. Latham, of California, opposed the amendment of
Mr. Powell. If lb amendment is accepted, thejconstltu
tlon will b to emended that tb extension of slavery
will be forever pieoluded. We will never gMjOuba, bedid
not want to take any step which would again precipitate
tbe question en th American people.
We understand the question tnoioughly, and if this
tmendment ahoald go before them, they would never
concui . , ,
Mr. Poot, of Vermont, decided that Ujflnlshed
hisint.l being the Pacific Ballroad bill, had prece
dence of tbe special order being the admission of Kansas.
Mr. Bigler of Pennsylvania, moved lo postpone all
other business to take up Mr. Crittenden' amendment.
Mr. MoWade.of Ohio, called for the yeas and nays,
motion was agreed to by vote of 87 jeas to JO nay.
WAsHitiOTOit, Jan. 16th. Mr. Cox. of Ohloi presented
resolutlcn passed by th legislature ot Ohio. nu,.
of attachment to the Union, against the right of secession,
deolalring that the laws should be executed, and against
on Diai inienneoaiiDg wiia mo laws or another, tto.
He laid that although tha legislature bad not ananrmoa.
pasted these resolutions, the Sttt ha already bsnin
the work of conciliation by giving a vital star, to the per
onal liberty bills, and he had been assured that th.
will go on till every obnoxious aot of legislation shall
be removed from tha statute books, and full justice don
to all sections. -
The resolution were laid on lb table and ordered to be
Mr. Brigs, of New York, presented
ouily ilgoed by citLuot of Ne Yerk. lo favor of the pi o-
jjivssiivM aasstuvivj ant sjvi uvi u taw VOUUltltT)
Th House on motlor went Into committee of the
wnoie on mo mio si tu union, ana took up th army
appropriation bill. .
Mr. Garnett thought the time hid com who they
uiuuiu WW., wrvuuujg uaogersciiniiy and with
out Dission.
Tn crisis l not tr.e mro election of Lincoln, but the
dominion of one section over another, differ lnt rhar.
acter. Institutions snd race. Th Rentihik,, ... ,..
teadlly advanced till they hav gained possession of
nearly all the northern ate. It control th House
now and cannot be long bef ore It will .have entire po
session of the Legislative and Exeeutlv (Department,
unlets that It turn great change which 1 not likely to
Th Republican part Is sn sintt'SiliTsp nurtu TVitiiT
out opposition to slavery li never could hav com Into
being, tnd without this it would rfi.ni... in,.
sectional, because no Southern
Unit With it. Th part ia naJa nn ,f AkilM..!.,.
.K . I ...J J .' . 7. r "..--v-..-"
veacrwi rroa th Demeratlc parly
, Portland, Me., Jan. IS. A mniniin.,. ihii,,i
In the UglsUtur to-day, setting forth th loyalltyof
Mala, accompanied by an ordr that th Committee on
mlllltary affairs be directed to enquire into the available
irengtn or tua military rorc or tne Btat with th view,
that an exigency may trlK for aid fro th General Govern'
Kkw To, Jan. 13 Ko nllabl Information In regard
to tb breadstuff market eua par tb Bremen.
Th London Time o( Tuesday, quotes IS advance on
the week, othor paper! quota market steady at Friday's
ratal. The latest per the Bremen, which did not sail
till th lit.
Pints, Jan. lit, leol Th Emperor or Austria haa
received Count Pelekl and a&nounoad that ho woold
(franc mm a run ana compute paraon on condition nr
conuucting nimseu inoneoiuria ai a rainiul subject
C2,,nt P'ekl proinlsed this and left the Imperial palace
mm: Tn Monlteur publishes a decree eonferlng
? aral Montalban th grand eroi of the legion f
London. Jan. 1. Ooneoll opened at Mk(02'.; for
money, and IW,!h!X for account; Grand Trunk Canada
Kallrod2S!X'Jc; lllinoii Central Ballroad 31
Liviarooi. Jau. l.Intelllfenca baa luit bean nmiv.
ed hereof Hie Ion of theOolden Btar, Stapleton, Irom
Mobil to Liverpool, with 3 750 bale af ntton. The
hi ... .i j ,,r-,
if r27.T " !fh , j hi if oni,on
the S4th ult. The captain, his wife and servant girl, and
o o, me crew pensuea. A mat ana s x rnun nn
The steamer Orett Britain, from Melbourne la rannrto.1
off Boelbtnt at B P. M.
Ohio date are to th 18th of NovemW. St. l.
tersburgh. Nothing new.
The King of Navies take rerun In a Suanlah vaa.i
very night, returning to Uaeta (very morning.
A party favoring the annexation of Roma in fUr.li.
nla, made a domonstritlon at St. Peter' cathedral on
tbe !ld.
The Kmperor of Austria aanotlons tha inoamorstinn f
Wolwodloa with Hungary.
Count Ueohborg, Austrian Premier. It la alatail. kaa
resigned. Mil resignation ha not yet b:n dtnnltelv ac
Count JlenaJorf, it Is said, 1 likely to suoeed htm.
Pennsylvania—Gov Curtin's Inaugural.
HiRntsBDRo, Jan. IS Th Inanejuratlon of Dm. rw-
tin occurred this mornlnc. Ilia address la fr.ar.ir
manly. He pledgee himself to aland by tbe Constitution
against encroachments Instigated by hatred or ambition,
fanaticism or folly. He say th election of President
has been mad a pretext for disturbing the peace of the
country, by wresting from the Federal Government the
powers um people conierrea npon it wnen the Constitu
tion was adopted. There wat nothlner in tha Ufa nr
of Mr. Lincoln to warrant that his administration would
ue uuiavoraoie 10 male or loeai institutions. Nothing
hu occurred Justifying th exciteoeotwhieh has blinded
theidgment of a part of the people.' and whlrhlannw
precipitating them into revolution. lie says if Pennsyl
vania has laws infringing the rights of any of the State
or which contravene, any federal law, or obstruct them.
Bho has never (altered' In tha recognition of all the
duties Imposed by tb national oomoacL aa wall h
every act consistent with devotion to tbe interestsof her
peopie to promote j laterally ana peso between the
When her trade su prostrated and her Industry par
alysed by legislation of tb General Government, favor
ing adverse interests, Pennsylvania Waited nallsnll.fnr
law. ui Bct priuuipia inscrioeo: on the banners
of his party. Yet she has no design tn Intnrf.n. i,k
ius rigis i otner state, tnougn tb Btat has suf-
.vicu iruiu wivvraa legislation.
No act of disloyalty or treason, nor arm haa'Wr. .i.
"rlk at th sacred fabrio of our National Union. It
wl" our dBt to Uh the rople of th. lo sal
.uoy.re just ana moacnw, in aanger may be averted.
Ours is a national Government, having all th attribute
of sovereignty, and among these is th right of seir-nra-servatton.
No State, nor comtinatlon of States. rn uuri.
usuivv tuciuseives irom ine oDiigauons or tit Union
Tp permit this without the content of th rest, is to
vi u uuioiuhiiui laiiurv
r.DDirlvanla will ntrer tcauietce In tnrh a flnnml.B.
cy, nor assent to a dectrln involving th destruction of
uie uurernmeat. ii it is to exist it must hav the pow
or adequate to the enforcement of the suprems law, In
'""7J"L A'V.
V", r.""''..""0'
.. " " ' sop.
The people intend to preserve th Integrity of the l'
ivu at ovary nataru.
Amendments to th Constitution' mada in a rmnifllM
tloial manner, our people will eonaider nnd art aa 4.i,h-
iraieiy upon a tneir importance demands.
WasmgOTon, Jan. 15 Mr. Cox'sspeech In th House
"t"""? uiscmata uieiouowing propattlons
let. That secession is not a rliht in an nmaiM ;..
2d. That it It revolution, though owlna- to onr necnllir
governments, not involving such consequences as other
3d. Every effort of conciliation should ba eThanai.
before threat or force is soDlied.
4th. That if ithe North does not do her nart full in
cvotsioo ircua aggression, li win oe impossible to unite
Northern or stay other portion of the Southern peo
ple in repressing revolution. j
5th. That II the South will make a patient endeavor
equal to in great interests involved, to secure her
ssieiy in mo union, sue win succeed either by the Orit
tenden, Douglas or Bice proposition, or a salutary prox.
unatlon to them.
If she desert her friends and tha Union, for nninattn.
causes, a the election of Lincoln, Sco., andseceedc
incuniiuoraoie, is win oe impossible ror th conser
vative elements of tbe country to prevent civil war.
ii sne remain Calient in tn Union, and la
denied, ah all! receive no determent and departure will
th. lhat In the present state of fact, sa Ion as the
iBLuwBa us coumeBcn una an u sea, or ships can
libelled, which have not the national elnaranm. ih.
federal Government, that I the novernment d fnrtn
well as de jure, and this statute, tha Executive is
oouno in maintain dt an tne leaai antnortt at iha .
ernment"he will support. For this proposition he (Mr.
had already voted.
Bih. Not until revolution becomes so fnrmlH.hla aa
be Irresistible, would it be proper to inquire whether
cmrruT aMaeuro wouia oe nota suicidal lo Use ITtrion
criminal to mankind.
From Washington.
WAfOiNOTON Jan. 15. Dispatches received in south
ern circles to-day say that Georgia will secede from tbe
union. ny aaiuniay. un tne Happening or this event the
delegates from South Carolina, S lorida, Mississippi and
Georgia, will repair to Millldgeville, to institute a pro
visional government, and electa President aod vice
ideut, pro tern, besides providing for a federal army
other defensive measures.
Ministers will at once be d ispatched to foreira sowers
negotiate treaties.
Tho conduct of Oast, Armstrong-, in aurronnrfinathe
Pensaeolt navy yard, It strongly disapproved of by the
Administration, for several months tbe workmen there
not been paid, and hav been subsisting on govern-
Messrs. Wuhburne, of Wiscousln. and Taonan of New
Hampshire, of the committee of 33, have iljued the fol
lowing as a minority report.
Huolttd, That the provlliona of th Constitution an
ample for the preservation of the Union and theprotect-
oi we national interests or in country; that II needs
be obeyed rather than amended, and that our aresant
diSlcultles are to be provided for Id effort to'preservc and
proteottbepublloproperty and enforce the laws, rather
new garantee t for particular Interests, or compro
mises or csnoasslons, to unreasonable demands.
It Is not true stated that th tloop of war, Macedonia
sailed with sealed orders, eh wtt nor than six week!
ordered to tbe Gulf tqutdrea and It on her way t hither
Virginia Legislature.
Hot'sr. tfr. Patterson offered a loint resolution to
appoint Hon. B. M. T. llunter, John J, Allen ,Wu. 0.
Rives, ana ueorge Yt. corners, Commisalonors to cor
respond with tbe Governors of all tb t tales, to ascer
tain on what terms. If any, tb present Union can be
preserved, and If it cannot, then upon what terms, and
what States, a new confederacy can be formed, which
secure the people of Virginia In the full enjoy
nivoti gi uiair ngnts; son report in mm to tn Btat
Constitution. Referred to the committee on Federal re
lations. The Commissioner from Alabama addressed
member of th Legislature, and their remarks were
New York, Jan. IS, A meeting of workmen and
others wis held In a hall on Brooklyn street to-night.
wss largely attended and much enthusiasm prevailed,
Speeches were nude by S. J. ChatSeld, Dr. Sayrea, and
Husled and others. '
Besolutlont were passed denouncing In ttrong terms
unconstitutional acts, and favoring the giving to tbe
noma an ner riguw, aiier wnion iney would uphold tb
Union at all hazards, and requesting th Governor to
a State Convention, to ascertain the tcsViofthe
people on the basis of the Crittenden propositions.
RauioH, N. C. Jan. 19. The Bentto hu been en
gaged all day on a bill providing for th calling of a State
convention. There wa considerable debate. No vote
taken yet. Th Mouse ha been coosldrlna- nearlv ill
th coercion resolution. Then was a split on de
tails; an amendment wss offend to th resolution, but
vote taken on It. All the member are aaalnat coer
cion, bat some areastlnst the right of secession.
A flre In Newburn last night burnt the coutt house and
ethei buildings. ,
Mn.UDoviLU.Qa.. Jan 15. A lant number of dels
Salea to the S ale Convention arrived to-day. Messrs.
ejmll, of Mscon, and Hall, of Athens, an spoken of as
candidate for tb Presidency of th Convention.
An unusual number of visitors an also here, Including
number of the ablest leading men of the State.
Xz Sneaker Orr. commissioner from South Carolina.
arrived here. . v,
MorTooxtav. January. IS. The Leziilatur organ
this morning. It will conform It action at far
possible durln tbe teuton, to builneii arlslnx from th
action of th convention. Tb Governor's message.nrge
necessity that Alabama b placid npon the most e&
dent war totting and ;the appointment of . illlltary
Board oy in legislature. - .. ,. , .
Wasbikotom, Jtn 16. Oeneral Dlz entered npon the
duties of his office, as Secretary of the Treasury, anil at
tended tne uaninet meeting yesieraay
Mr. Bobtoson, th Ohlel Clerk, hae been commissioned
Assistant Secretary, ad interim, In plac of Atr.
Clsyton, retired.-
Ktw Yobk. Jan. IS. Tht "Biomen" brought S3S0.C0O
specie. -
The i'ark Hand related to-aay, cy in iiivtc or coun
sel, to give up tbe City and County fnnd to Chamber
lain usaim. xuis win lean toiuruier litigation.
ItctroLK. Jan. 15 The United State sloonof war.
Brookljn, arrived at Hampton Roads thit morning. .
Caaaurroif, Jan. 15. Nothing of Importance hi
transpired hr to-day. , f i ; m .
High Sreet Store
rou SALE.
STORY H0U8B. No 102. oocuniad bv Akin l Kra-
oiy.Btov Dealers, completely fitted withOas, larnka
and Hoisting Jack. Th lot 1 100 by SO, tnd l'o?red
on rtatonam nrmi. Appiyio
. , i . wm. naowtr. i
Jaa7-dfclv " . : - tNo. 33, North Third 8trt. ;1
X-JAV- J X- '-IV.
Cincinnati Market.
FLOUB-dullaHsSO."- ' " " "
POBK mess pork In good demtmt .
BULK ViKATo-selllrr ut full pries.
LAUD firm at9,o.
WHISKY dull andaomiual.
H003 uuuianged; holders are liking S4lK98 50,
but bujt-.s refuse to pay over SO K&tti M; 4,000 ar
rival within the last 8 hours.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Jan 15.
t,0U It-dull, isleiof 8000 bbls. at $5 SOSSSOfor
state 570S5 80for Ohio; 3 SOiiS 10 for sou them.
WiiT heavy 13,W0 bush, sold at II 30 for Milwaukee
elnb. Coin heavy sales !0 000 bush, sold at 70. Lino
dull atH.VSlO.'j. WatsKV dull at 19.
Philadelphia Market.
Ftora sells closely at 3,50(5,59 for superfine. SS,
755,l)4 for exlra; 00 iS for extra family, and $0,50
(87 far fancy flour. Wbkat unchanged; salos of 8,000
bush red at $1 3031.33 and I 411,50 for white; then
Is not much coming forward. Cork sales of S.0QS bush
old yellow at 70971 and new at 0465e. Corrti-Klo
sales at 11H13, Jamacoa at 13 and Java at lOfton
months. Wuuky iulet at 104&19)tO.
Baltimore Market.
Ftoclt-dull; Howard street and Ohio at S62. and
Oity Mills at 1550. Wuiat firm; red 1 30138; white
14.VS18S. Coaa firm; yellow 67c. Paovistoa steady;
Lard 10c; Coffee quiet; Bio l2K)3c. Whiskv- steaiiy
Cleveland Market.
January 15.
PLOUB-Steidy, with saiei of 70 tbls choice extra at
$5 00.
WHEAT Sles of 1 car red from store at'$l,04.
BUCKWHEAT Sal of on ton at t'2,ti.
HIOUWINKS Sal of 30 bhil at line
I10Q3 Quiet and steady, tilth light sales of heavy at
$5 00.
BUTTER Very dull and be ivy. galti of Sbbls rull
EGaS-Quiet, at ISe.
POBK Steady at 15.00.
LAKD-Steady at mty.c.
;.lar.ufacliirer of all kind of For
iudic nna Hiavicnarr Steam En
sines, Saw mills, Uritt Mills,
cVcM &c.
ci CO. Beatcnltltt
Out Portable Engine and Bxv Kill
Was awarded ti first premium of (SO at th Indiana
tato Fair for lc00 over Lane fc Bodlej'e ca account of
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy of fuel
and superior character of lumber sawed.
Our Stationary Enilne wm ammbvt t ,. wi
the first premium of 8200.
Our Portable Knalne whs awanUit tn. Mt..
lOott the Fair at Memphis, Tenn., over Blandy' Du
Vall s, Columbus Machine (lo'a.. nri Rmirni m. n. ..
by a committee of practical Railroad Engineers. ''
tor price tii terms add resa
WiLLAKD TVAItSEB. Treasurer,
deoi-dfcwtyeola.- Newark, Ohio.
From the New Tt otk Observer. 1
Asallnarties mannfacturlo Sewlnv Manhlnaa ar nh.
Hied lo psy Mr. Hnsr a lioenae on aach msohlna aold.
and Ire a so compelled to make returns to him, under
oaui. as to inenumnersoia, nis book giv aoorrectsuta
ment. From this reliable sonroe we have obtained the
following statistics. Of tha machine mad la the year
there wer sold,
By Wheeler Ac Wilson Bl.SfU
I. M. Singer Co 10.US3
, " Grover Js Baker 10,8d0
f howini the sales of Wheeler sk Wilson to ba double,
those of any other Company."
Awarded th highest premium at ths
United State Vain of 1853, 18j'J and 136U;
alto at th
Ohio Stat Fair of 1K9 and 1800;
tnd at nearly all th County Fair in the State,
Our price, at th lat reduction, art as low at any
lode etich machine now sold, and bnt a tilde higher than
tha Interior two thread chain ttlch machine), now
forced noon tbe market.
Lock Stich the only one which cannot he leveled. It
Auit oa Both Smmof the goods, leaving no ridge or
ehainonthe under eide.
AU machine warranted 3 yeare, and Uttrudlon
given in their use, free of ehanei
H. CBARY, 81 nigh St., Colambos, O.
dec3 2awd3mltwAm Pike's Oj era House. Cincinnati.
Front 8tre9t, Between State and Town.
X SHOP is still rannin, and although
th pressure of late year hat set heavily
upon her running (can. she It still turn.'
eg out thos splendid PHOTONS, BOOK AW AYS, and
BUSES tnd BACKS. Twenty year Heady manufac
turing hu given cur work wlde-iperad reputaUon
throuch the Booth and Waat.
We therefore deem It unnecessary to tay any thing more
In regard to th quality of onr work. We waanairr
tvitv Vtmcu, We can tall oooa Tor Bocnit from
Dealers can be furnished with tny amonnt of work tl
snort notice, ana at prices lower tnaa can be bought any
when In the West. Second hand Buggies taken In ex
change for new work.'
QRepairlng done neatly and at short notlc. Fa
tory on Front, between Slat and Town streets, Colnm
buSjOhlo. v ,
lT'All communication will receive prompt attention.
Auz. 31-wly . . : . K. M. WILLIAMS At CO
distressing eomplalnt
Made by 0. B. IIYMOCR ft 00 , 107 Na B:., H. T.
Pric 1 per box; stnt (M by pott.
fOlt BALI AT All, DkCaOfSTB.
nayS-dltwlyl ' ,
Printing Office for Sale.
X CHAT OVVICB I offend for sal on vary rea-
sonaoie term, to a practical printer tnts I a chance
for abargtln. Three hundred dollar down and th
balance In two yean. Th offlc baa a good ran of job
won. and advertising patroasge. for particulars ad
dress, - ' "HBO. W. BARLOW,
decl9-tsw3w. Carrollton, Ohle.
Sheriff's Sale. . '
Jlliabcth Wheeler. ) . ' .., n
v. Superior Cenrt.'' 1 ', ' ' '
Anmutns W, Owem.v - " -
XJ to. me directed (roa the Sunerior Court of frank
lin coanty, Ohio, I will offer (or sal la front ot tn
Court Houi, in ths city of Columbus, on .
Saturday the 19th day of January, A, D. 1261,
at 10 o'cloek A. M. th following d sort bad property, to
wit; un uray itors, attaenei as me property el Angus
to vr. wwens.' - .
JaaS-lOtd : ' By g. W. HDPFMAN, Bhrt9
..-..d .Oolong Tea,
sep7 JiNHlghstreef
1 ?' vi'in .t: ' '
SCToflila, or Kind's Evil
a conetltuttonid disease, a corruption of the
blood, by which this fluid become vhJ.ti.rl
ivcnk, and poor. Beinjr in the circulation, it
ervadea the whole bodv, and may burst out
I ui-n-antT im Buy pmi oi it. Ho organ is ftce
fio:n it attaoka, nor is there one which it may
not destroy. The scrofulous taint is variously
cauwd by mercurial disease, low living, dii
ordered or unhealthy food, Impure air, filth
i lumy iimms, un acpressuig vices, and.
uiivu un, vy me venereal infection. What
ever bo its origin, it i hereditarv In the con.
ntituticHA, Uetcoudiug fromparentt to children
unto the third and fourth feneration : " inrliwxl
if fteenm to be the rod of Him who soys, "I
Tt ill viit the iniiiuUie of the -futhers upon
tiwir eiitidiin. i ... i. .
its effcets commence by deposition from the
Uotwl of corrupt or ulcerous matter, which, in
tin; luiiit-i, liver, ami internal orpmns, is termed
linn-reins; m tno ginnus, STvellines; and on
Hi.? surfim, ftupttoin or sore. . This foul cor
j iifiuii,. w hii li genders in the blood, depresses
mr n.-ii"i in hip, sn innt acromions constitu
ti'.;i iut only surl'er from scrofulous eom-plalut-.
but they have fur less power to with--Kiitrt
tli attneks of other diseases; conse-
iiu.iuiy v.vt numbers neriah bv rliiiordnra
wLit li, uMioiiuh not scrofulous in their nature,
i ril reitdcrwl-fittal by tliis taint in tho
:r-t m. Most of the consumption wliich de
cHitiuts the Immnn family has its origin directly
in tlii-i srrofuUma contamination; nnd many
ilttruetive (li-easci of the liver, kidneys, brain,
nnd, indi.Til, of nil the organs, arise from or
mv n.'rgriiVHteri ht the snmo causo.
One (jiiiu t. of nil our people are scrofulous ;
tln-ir ppisoua ore invaded by tikis lurking in
iwtion, and tlicir healtli is undermined by it.
T i clem k: it from tho system we must renovate
the blood by nn alterative medicine, and in
vig'irnte it by.healthv food and exercise.
!Stn li a incilirine wo supply in
Coiupoimd Extract of Sarsaparilla,
the most effectual remedy which the medical
tkill of our time can device for this evcry
where prevailing and fatal malady. It is com
lined from the most active remedial that have
been discovered for the expurgation of this foul
disorder from the blood, and the rescue of the
system from its destructive consequences,
llence it should be employed for the cure of
not only Scrofula, but also those other affec
tions which arise from it, such as Eruptive
nnd Skin Diseases, St. Anthony's Fhie,
JIosk, or Etivsii'r.T.AS, Pimpt.es, Pi-stvles,
Ui.o rcnrs. Ki.ains nnd iloiT.s.TuMons, Tetter
and Salt Kiii.cv, Scald IIeaii, JU.nowoiim,
KiinTit, SvriiiLiTicandMEitouuiALDis-i;m-,
Dnoi-sv, Dvsi'ErsiA, Dehilitv, nnd,
indcfii, all Complaints ahisino rito Vitla
Ti:i) an Imi'I'iie liiooi). The popular belief
in " tmjiiiritii of the blood" it founded in truth,
lor M i oiiilit is a degeneration of the blood. The
juulimlar purpose and virtue of this Sarsapa
nllii is to purify and regenerato this vital fluid,
without wliich sound health is impossible in
ir.niinittsu constitutions.
Ague Gure.
Intcrmitteut Pever, or Fever and Ague,
Rt'inlttrnt Fever, Chill Fever, Dumb
Ariic, Periodical Headache, or Billots
Jli-tvl.-.che, nud Blliou Fevar, Indeed
for the whole tins of disease originat
ing in biliary derangement, caused by
Ute .'lalaria of Miasmatic Countries.
V e nre raslM here to oiler the community a
rrmody which, while it cures the above complaint
with certainty, it still perfectly harmless in any
t;HRt:ti ty. ijiicli a remedy ia invaluable in districts
unerc thc:.o olliicting disorders prevail. Thi
"C' Ki: '' cvp,., the miasmatic poison of Fkveii
.i x i, Atiir from the system, and prevent the do-vobtn.i-i.t
of the disease, if taken on the first np
proach of its premonitory symptom. It i not only
ihc best remedy ever yet discovered for thi class
of co:r.;.!a:.i:5, but also tho cheapest. 1'he larpte
ii!it'ti.y we supply for a dollr.r briHtrs it within the
reach cl' ovcry body ; End in bilious districts, where
l'i:vrit and Aouis prevails, every body should
have i: and use it freely both for cure and protec
tion. A ttreat superiority of this remedy over ar.y
other ever discovered for the speedy and certain
cuie of Intcrmittents is that it contains no Quinine
or miner; J, consequently it produces no quinism or
other injurious cflects v.hntever upon the constitu
tion. 'Iliose cured by it are loft as licallhy se if
tlicy Lad never iiad tiie disease.
l-cver and Ague is not alono the cnr.seouenre of
the miasmatic poison. A great variety of disor
ders arise from its iiritatien, among whirli nra
Scuiahtiii, llhcumnttiin, Govt, Headache, Dliud
nisi, 2 oothiche. Earache, Catarrh, Asthma, Vtl
utation. Painful Ajfcrlion of the Spleen, U.stcr
ice, Pain in the Jloweh, Colic, Pamlyu anil he
ramiemeiit of the Stomach, all of which, wiien
miKinntinsr in this cause, put on the intermsttt ,t
t;;pf, or become periodical. This " Cure " expels
the poison from the blond, and consequently cure
tlrtm all alike. It is an invaluable protection to
iinmiffraiits and persona travelling or temporarily
residing; in the malarious districts. If taken occa
sionally or daily while exposed to the infection,
that will be excreted from the system, and cr.nntit
accumulate in sufficient quantity to ripen into dis
ease. .Hence it is even mora valuable for protec
tion than cure, and few will ever suffer from Iuter
mittents if tlirv avail themselves of the prctctir.n
this remedy atlords.
Prepared byTJr.X 0. ATEE & CO., Lowell, Masi
ROBEBTS k. SAMPBL, Columbus,
And bv Druggist and Dealers everywhere,
Liverpool, Montreal, Quebec,
Th Montreal Ocean Steamship Company's first olau
Clyde-built Steamers nil every ftata
sirdar from PORTLAND, carrying th Canadian and
United Btat Hall and passenger,
NOTA 8C0TIAN Capt. UcMuters,'
BOHKMUN Capt. Grange,
NOHTU BRITON Capt. Borland,
CANADIAN Capt. Graham,
ANGLO-SAXON ...... Capt. Balantln.
oawwiAK, . ,
Shortest, Cheapen andQaickcat Con
veyance from
Will sail from LIVERPOOL erery Wednsdv,
and from QUBUKO oyery eatarday.ealltDgat
liUnuusivainni , to neeiv on noara ana uwa aisiis ana
Passengers, to and from Ireland and Scotland.
Glasgow passenger era famished with ran passage
ticket to and from Londonderry.
Return tickets granted at redused rate.
An experienced Surgeon attached to each steamer.
Oertlnoatea Issued for carrying to and bringing out psa
stngsr from all th principal towns of Qreat Britain and
Inland, at reduced rate, by this line ot steamers, and
leaving Liverpool very weak. -
For passage, apply at th OflS-e-83 BHOAta
WAY, New Va-la and 19 WaTVU MXa,
a.ivorpi, ... . , .
. v : ! .j BABI k tVEARLt, Gnrl igute,
Or to- . J. R. ARMSTRONG,
nolO-lydW Statesman Oflloa, Celnmbas, Ohio.
flam matron and pain, aad heal the wont barn,
scald, bruise, cat, or fresh sround ( say kind, rrevenK
swelUng and pain from be stings, mosqnlta bite, and
poisonous plants, neuralgia, rheumatism, ague In the
breast, salt rherrm, to. - When taken Internally, It will
positively con essmp Inehildren, and give ladit
relleftnthe worst ras ol thl terrible complaint; also,
ninav hoars ants aad sore threat. Price, SS cents a
battle. Should be In every bouse. For sale by Drug
gists and Storekeepers. IRVIN BTONB,
Boie rropnesor, no. i cprBcest.,sicw sora
oeMdfcwhls ' "
LAY. an hereby notified that a dividend ef ZH
par cent kin been ordered to b Bad by the Probate
Court, of Franklin coanty, Ohio, and that oa MONDAY
Mtb day of January, 1861, at ('clock a, a., at the
ewe of Warden ex Dresl, In th City of Colombo
Ohio, laid dividend Will be paid to the creditor entitled
tnenw. , jam KB iiiLLai,
Columbus, 0., Ian 11 Jtd. . . . . Assignee.
Holiday presents.""
17 ly 25 cent a yard.. Web ssncy Bilks at SO cents
) South Hlth Rtraat.
Jl Gold Irabowwi Tarlatans, the Uteat povalty. Plain
Whit acdOolond Tarlatan; White Parts MuslinGren-
adlntlvenlsgXobc; Plain party Silk. ;
; r 2t
r Ko. 99 Booth High street.
rf ,
a ii 0,' .n.JstS v.-3 Cl
Strengthening Cordial and Blood
rueflreateat Beasetlrii. The War Id,
evee taken.-V
ly ecienUSe and
T(tahle Oosaponnit,
traeared by th diatli- "
tioa of Hoot. Herb
aad Dark, Yellow
Dock, Hloed Hoot,
Sarsaparilla. fill
Cherry Bark and Dan- I I
dslion ntr Into "Tfif, j&
Before TaklntZr' ZZaZ After laklne.
prlnclpl of ch Innsdlent l4horohl extraotad bv
my new method of distilling, producing a deucloua, cx
hileratlng spirit, and the moat INrALLIBLB lameds for
MHflnllna tV.s A-A ,. . . . .
-------a .u. uim.hu ,j.ma, aou rasioruif Htm SICK,
STRATH d8b"1Utal4 I1,VUD o BiiALTH aJ
Will fftually can
Chronio or Nervous DeMIItv.'niaaaaaa af ih
and all disease arising from a dlsorderej Liver or Etora
aoh, Dyspepsia, Heartburn, Inward Pile, Acidity or Sick
ne Of tha BtaraaAh. Vnllnaaa nt Hlniul a. h uuj Ti i .
fsJa or swimming In the head, Palt-.tatton of th Heart,
ullne or Weight In th Btomask. Una, lm.i.iun.
Choking or suffooatln nallng when lying down, Drrnes
or Yellowness of th Skin and I Tea, Might Sweaufln
wi. a-ran, raw in uus amau oi us oaoa, enest or aid.
Sudden Plashes of Heat, Depression of Spirit, frightful
Dreams, Languor, Despondency or any Nervous Disease,
Bores or Blotches cn th Skin, and fever tad Ague (or
Chills and fever.) .
Over a oilman af afattle
Have been sold darine tha laat air nrmil. .ns
stance has It failed in giving entlr satisfaction. Who,
then, will suffer from Weakoess or Debility wbn Ui
j..v Huiug. u cudttj mu aaeqnsiia lata or tn Imme
diate and almost miraculous change produced by taking
this Cordial In the diseased, debilitated and shattered
nervous system, whether broken down by exoese, weak by
uatura, or Impaired by sickness, the relaxed and unstrung
oiganttatton is restored to Its pristine health and vigor.
Or others conscious of Inability, from whatever cause,
will find McLean t Btrangthanlng Cordial a thorough
regenerator of th system; and all who may hav lajurad
themselves by improper Indulgences, will find la th Cor
dial a certain and speedy remedy.
Ta tba LaeUea. . .
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
Is sovereign snd speedy ear fee
Obstructed or Difficult Menstruation, Incontinence of
Urine or Involuntary Discharge thereof, falling of th
Womb, Giddiness, fainting and all Diseases incident to
female. r . ,
Zbert b ao KUuk About It.
Buffer no longer. Take It according to Dlractlona. 1 1
will stimulate, strengthen and Invigorate you and cause
sue uioomoi ceaiin so mount your cneek again.
Avery bottle I warranted to give satisfaction
If your children an aicklv. nun. nraJH triad. llr.an
Cordial will make them healthy, fat and robust. Delay
not a moment, try It, and you will be convinced.
Oxctiox. Bewan of Druggist or Sealer who may
try to pahs upon you some Hitter or &arsparill trau
which they can buy cheap, bysaytnt It Is just as good.
Avoid such men. Ask for McLean's Strengthening Cor
dial, and take nothing else. It is the only remedy that
will purify ths blcod thoroaghiy and at the sun thru
strengthen th system.
One tabletpoonful taken every morning lasting, is a
certain preventive of Cholera, Chills and fever, fellow
fever, or any prevalent disease. It 1 put us In lam
Price only 81 per bottla, or (bottle for 5. '
i. a. McLean,
Bole Proprietor of this Cordial,
Also McLeans Volcanic Oil Liniment.
Frtrdp&l Depot on the corner of Third and Piae streets,
St. L"dn, Mo.
McLean's VclotnioOil Llnlmesi.
ne best Liniment tn the World. Ths only sate and
oertaln rare for 0 sneers, Plica, Swellings and Bron
chitis, or Holtra, Paralysis, Neuralgia, Weakness of the
Muscles, Chronio or Inflammatory Rheumatism, Stiff
nes of the joints, contracted Muscles or Ligaments
Barache or Toothache, Braises, Sprains, Wonnrfs, fresh
Oats, Dicers, fever Sore, Oaked Breast Bon Nipples,
Burns, Scalds, Bon Tboat, or any Inflammation or Pais, "
no difference how (ever, or ho long the dlreaa may
hav existed. McLean's Celebrated Liniment Is a ecr
tain reaat-dy.
Thousands of human being hav been saved a Hfe cl
decrepitude and misery by the as of this invaluable xed
Will relieve pain almost Instantaneously, aad It wti
cleanse, purify and heal the foulest sores in an Incredl
ly short time.
For Hones and Oilier Animal.
McLean s celebrated Liniment Is the only aaf snd tb
liable remedy for tho cure of Bnavln. Ring- Bon, wi-a.
galls. Splints, Unnatural Bumps, Nodes or Swellings. It
wM never fail to ear Bit Bead. Poll Evil. tt.iui nu
rannlnc Son or Bweanv. If nnnli armliJkal Pna
Sprains, Braise, Sera tone, Soros or Wonnds, Cracked
Heel, Chafes, Saddls or Collar Galls it Is an Infallible
remedy. AddIt It aa direatad. and a ram la MriDi. i.
very iostanoe.
Then trifle no lonnr with the manv varthlm fjni.
aunt offered to sou. Obtain a annnl of Dr. alrl.. .
elebratad LlniraenU It will ran voa.
J. H. ITIcEEAN, Sole Proprietor, .
Corner of Third and Pin Strata, St. Louis, Mi,
for sal by all druggists,
for tale by ItOT3 A BAMTJKL,
augxo-dfcwly Oolumbns, OhW
An expsrlencad Nurs and female Physician, pretcua
a to the attention of saother, her
which greatly facilitates the process of teething, by soft
ening tbe-gums, reducing all Inflammation will allay
muu i am sua spasmaaic acuon, ana us
Depend upon It, mothers, It will give rest to yourselves
W have pat ap and sold this srtlcle for over tn years,
what we have never been able ts aar of in, nth ,si!
ANOB, TO f f BOT A 00BK,j,hen Umely sued. Nev-
m.uvw u insane oi aissatisnvettoa by any one
who used tt. On the contrary, all are delighted with lu
opentlons, aad speak In term of eommeodaUoa ef Its
magloal ereots and medical virtue. W apeak In Ihi
matter "WHAT WB DO KNOW;" after tea yean' expe
almost (vary Instanc when the infant i suffering frm
paiu nuu wuutuaunn, svlies will DO sosma US tl ILSSU Or
twenty minute after theByrap is administered. - .
This valnabl nnnanrlon la the nreanrlnHnn m am a.
th most ULPBRIBNCKVand SKILLfUL N0E-g l&
New Bngland, and hi been ased with NBVi'R fAllr-
It not only nlleve the child fran BaJn. rt u.l.
ates the stomach and bowels, cornets acidity, snd aires
ton and snergy to the whole system. It will almost in. .
atantly relieve '
and overoome oonvnlslons, which, If aot speedily rente-
JIakjl aaJ 1 A i WTT - l.ii. . a. it -j - J -
i ooaui. vre eeiieve it in a aer aod oub
K8T REMBDT IS THI WORLD, In all esses ef DVi
arises from teething, or from any other can. We
would say to evsnr mother whn haa a child auffiirinv tn.
any of the foiegolrg complaints DO NOT LMT YOCK
land between you and yoursurrertngchlid, and th re-
uei wu win oe duk . aobulu 1'KLI HUhMt to
follow the ase cf this medicine, if timely rued, fall di
rection for using will accompany each bottle. None
geoulo unless the ra-stell of CURTIS A PaBKtNeV
New York, Is cn the outside wrapper.
Sold by all Druggist throughout tlx wrld.r T JCr'i
Principal Of rice, 13 Cedar Street N.T.
oo'W-dAwly. - ,
BOOM, jYO. 150 BALTIMO&f tiT.
-J - . ana
N08. 1, t, 5 and 7 tt. IDT AW fllBK
CBKTw . -s
- fJnVv tnr mmm t.tm Mbhnlftl
(i- ...i i . GRANI -a
;"c" '" ' '; : ' 'AND SQARE
r!Z ",' PIANO-FORTES'., ' ; 4 , ' . ." j
Betas highly recommended by th Ant Professors as 4
Musical AmaUursof the country, and - i . , k. '
. .. INSTRUAIBNT i " t'V
. .. fiViTlAKS.,
Th mart fastldinas aslcmer snmy rly pon bebig'
pleased In (very reirtct. .1: -
Term liberal. - ' Wat .' Kit ABB k CO.
ect9ri:ydw. OolumHoe. OSfo. '
MOUMftlNU WVODB-. Black Bnglteh Orapes;
Crape Collar, Cuffs and Sleeves; Long and ahos
Crap Veils; Bonsd Crape Veilsr lace Veil Crap
Trimmed; Plain Hemmed Collars; Bets; PsndteroMels
Alexandre's Blsck Kid Glovee; fans; kooa( r-;lltr
Bombaaines; Trkvellog aod all other kinds of Drs rjlnnds '
constantly on bsnd In great variety. ,w ' v"
FBTBR ttl,
oayVl flrss ws awrth of Nl ttnn r
1 I
! '1 1 -0-1 'f,1 .
-J, -
.!f.o!l '

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