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SJjje 2)I)X0 Statesman
FB1DA Y EVENING, JAN. 18, 1861.
.. .... th Bute Q.u-
tmi OirrAaltlee, thro.Kh th. Bm.oot.tlo Pa. en
novate crretpondenc, to call a State Convention of lb.
.,, of 0Ue.4 Mimtfc at-Col.mbu., "
day for, tUeporpow of counselling togemer
f .V,. .nnMrt. .1 Well .4 tO I
a, -.. Zl :. rj-ZT tot for m, perpetuity
I hreby call a State Convention
Ohio, to Mumble at th ? '"..i.lr i
W ' JciXY 'O 1 COLl!MBllS, J
,t.. 9.31 da of January
b. . delegate C.vcntion, to be eomposed " '
nu foriv.ry f bundrrf vote end .
? : r osn-Mit fori. J. 8. Smith, u
Suprem. W , -t
nid .no recommend tht th delegate In
. t several eountle. b. rrolnte4
Ylouteth convention.;. :. ...
. ., rnt ih.t the Democracy of th State win
approlt th. taport.net f tb -convention propoted,
. . . -i k..J nn fall delegations Of
Chr'n Dem State Cen. Com.
Cumminsville, O., January 8, 1861.
The Spirit of the Radical Republican Press.
i i. . ( nd temoer manifested by such
Republic, papm a. the New Yo.k 2VifaM,
that prevents Congws from agreeing upon such
mn. u would at once restore peace and
harmony to thi country. In Is in the po of
the Republican members of Congress, by uniting
Democratlo and conservaUve mem-
u . ni. n mevent the tecesslon of
anymore States, but to bring back into th
Union those that have already seceded, nut
this cannot be done without laying aside some
of tha more radical Tiewa of tne uepuou.
can party. Such a course tho TriiBae and other
papers of the radical stamp tear woum uisrup
the party, and therefore, they ore constantly
warning the Republican members of Congress
against agreeing to any compromise or conces
sion that may, in the least, infringe upon the
' most radical antl slavery principles. They
want Southern men ' to come over to them, and
threaten them with Ere and aword, if they re
fuse to 'yield. They are not willing to meet
them half way for the sake of peace-for the
take of the Union; but Insist that they must
U... th.!. nmn Cll. JllSt SO it U With the
flerv secessionists of the South. Both they and
the radical Republicans seem determined to
destroy the Union and involve tie country in
civil war. If war should result from the in
na course these madmen are , pursuing, the
whole countrv will eay: "Let them fight it
out by themselves." .
We auote the following article from the7Vi'
H of Wednesday, as a sample of the efforts of
the Republican diseunioniete, to prevent any
compromise from being agreed on in Congress:
Certain men at Washington, of whom the Re
publican party has a right to demand better
things, are doing their utmost to induce Repub
lican members of Congreei, to vote for the adop
tion of Compromise measures, which will hum
ble the Free Spirit of the country. And cer
tain Senators and Representatives, whose con
stituents do not dream of their lack of fidelity
to principle and duty, are yielding graollJ to
these seductions. Let the People of the North
ply their servants at Washington with borne In
fluences, that shall encourage the faithful,
strengthen the faltering, and recall to their
senses those who mediate defection. Theontis
D A corresiondent in Daike county aks ns
to explain what la meant ny we verm - mmou
Liberty Billa,,"tBePreri ,ooe a ama
enoe ol opinion in the locality of the writer, as
i..v.ii,mnnt therebv. In reply we state
that the term " Personal Liberty Bill " Is a
title or designation given to certain laws passed
in a number of the States of the North, through
the Influence of rabid Abolitionists, since the
enactment by Congress of the fugitive slave law
of 1850,and which, under the pretence of guard
ing and protecting the personal liberty of the
citizens in the States passing eucn taws, were
In fact, designed and intended as laws under
which to resist the execution of . tne fugi
tir. ilin l.v. and to render it void and
of no effect, within the limits of such States.
Iostead of being called "Liberty VtntnalU
their titles should be Acta to nullify the Constitu
tion of theUnited States and the lawunade in pur
suance thereof, The Republican Legislature of
this State passed one of those odious iaws in
1856-7, under which the Clark county rescuers
pretended to act, In the seizure of the fugitive
alave in the charge of the Deputy U. S. Mar
hal and his assistants, whioh will, no doubt, be
remembered by our correspondent. - -
The Democratic Legislature of 1858-9 re
pealed the odious and obnoxious act. Many of
tha Abolition Bute still have those detestable
acts on their statute books, and It is one of the
real Rrievancei of which the South nas Just
right to ccmplain.'' ' ' ,
IT The Sew York Tribune threatens that if
certain proposed amendments to the Constitu
tion art adopted, with a view to the settlement
of the slavery question, the agitation on that
aublect will be kept alive aa long as the oonsti
to tion endures. Such la the spirit of radical
n .nnhiin.nl.ni. What nope for the Union at
long at this spirit It suffered to be rampant and
tow the seeds of disunion in the XNortn (
JTThe New York Tribune it exultant- It
' aaya that tha withdrawal of the eight Senator!
from the font seceded States, enabled toe Ke-
publlcaneon Tuesday, to lay what it stigmatises
aa die Crittenden stirreader, on tne tame. I at
abtemie of these gentlemen, It jojfully records,
a one good effect of secession, and tayt that
more Will follows Traitors are by no meant
confined to the South. . -
BTThe Republican members of the New
York Leeislatnre, oo Tuesday, nominated Bin
j.mir F. Btoca at their candidate for Canal
Commissioner .""The Democratlo candidate is
W. W. Wiiot "
tT la th Hoate, on yesterday afternoon, Mr,
PaaaoTT, on tendering his thanks for the honor
conferred on him, by bit election aa Speaker
pre frsa, proved himself a wag, in bit reference,
In that oonneetioo, to Mr. Speaker Futons.
IT There It oonsiderabl inquiry just now,
tayt a Boston paper, whether Mr. Wilson has
itiU got his heels on the necks ot the South.
Wbere't SomnibT ' Leeturlne, on La Farim.
tTItis noticed at a remarkable occurrence
that the Queen of England, with' the Princest
Auci , took a tleigh ride on the 29th ult.
IT A Vkrii letter tbe 30th tjU states1
that delegates had jnit corn o,tht city, -from
the working men in some parts of Eoglaud, with
tb vie of afraogltt,; a tr.nQ txour.lon or rim
to their fellow workmen In the f reach uepuai.
It mi ant to have any aoUlioal aignifioanoet
but to be designed limply to Introduce the Eog-
lUh operatives to the aoqualnt.ooe of their frj
lelan brethren with a view to mutual improre'
ment and the advaaoement ef the more triesdlj
leellne which my result from a personal ao
qualntance. . It is proposed that the visit shall
take place about Easter tr Whitsuntide, and that
the married men shall be accompanied by their
wires, and the time allowed no more ib.nwill
enable the strangers to 'see the curiosities' of
Paris. ,
BTThe passport system, as regards British
travellers In France, totally ceased on New
Year's day, by order cf the French Emperor.
i BTThe entste of Glengarry, belonging to
Mr. Ellis, M. P., has been purchased for the
Prince of Wales.
THURSDAY, January 17, 1861.
Mr. SMITH moved the Seoateeo Into com
mittee of the Whole. Agreed, and Mr. Jones
was called to the Chair. After some time the
oommlttee reported back the following bills:
Senate Bill 106 -To amend Section 525 of
the civil code. Ordered lor its reading to
Senate Bill 189 For the protection of bees
with amendments. Referred to the committee
on Agriculture.
Mr. BONAR from the Militia committee pre
sented Senate Bill 195 To amend the militia
aot of March 97th, 1857. It revises Sections
four and five of that aot, which were repealed by
the act of March 3d, loa, providing tor enroll
ing the militia, and it provides also lor reserved
Mr. SCHLEICH, from a Select committee on
Militia, reported back n. B. No. 146 To en
courage and secure the safe keeping of the pub
lio arms in the hands of volunteer companies
with certain amendments. The original bill
nnrorirlated for organised and nnlformed mill
tary companies $5 for each sober, uniformed
member of a military company, to pay armory
expenses. If 3,000 snch are reported, and fro
rata from said 11U.UUU, u a greater number
thftc 2.000 are reported.
The amendment provides: See. 8 That no
payment shall be made before November 1st of
- . . . i i r 1 1 j
each year, ana in ease iuo ouoiuer oi enrouea
trooM) then reported by the Adjutant General
shall not exceed the aggregate of lit thtutani
men by more than forty men, or one company,
the total number so reported shall be entitled
to the benefit of this act, and shall" be paid In
the order of their organisation. Aa soon as
practicable after this aot, the Adjutant General
shall report to the commander-in-chief the
number ot existing organised and uniformed
companies, and their aggregates of officers and
men, and the new companies shall be constitu
ted of infantry, oavalrv, or artillery, as the best
interests of the service shall, in the judgment
of the Commander-in-Chief, require; and, upon
the passage of thia act, the Commander to
Chief shall apportion through the State the
eompanies to make said aggregate of 6,000, sub -
stantialiy as iouows:
To counties having a population of 100,030
inhabitants and upwards, not exceeding two re
giments of infantry, taking the minimum com
pany standard ot loriy men as a oasis.
To counties having a population of 50,000
and upwards, but lest than 100,000,not toexceed
one regiment of infantry.
To counties oi 4u,uuu ana over, not to exceed
a battalion of five oompaniet of infantry.
To counties orau.uuu ana over, not to exceed
.. . .1 ! . J ...
. b.ttalion OI tares compumw: uuu to oiaer
counties in proportion to number and density of
population, bated upon tne-eensus oi low, ana
in such manner as to secure regimental or bat
talion organizations to eaeh of the divisions, to
f.r aa nracticable; and provided that after
April 1st, 1861, when the returns contemplated
hr this act are received by the Adjutat Gener
al. In case no county has organized its maxi
mum number of companies, and applications!
are made lor tne organization oi aaoitionat
Romnanies.ln counties not having a lull battel;
inn nre-inization. such additional companies may
be to organized! until a complete oanaiioq is
formed. .
See. 9. In the return or artillery companies.
consisting of a full complement of twenty men.
if the company and other legal parades
have been made, with full complement of horses,
neh oomnanv shall receive the mm allowed to
the minimum numner oi men neceeaary ior an
Inf.ntrv oomoanv. and in proportion, if their
numbers are lest than twenty men, to meet the
Increased exDeneses incident to care of cannon,
rent of armorv and gun room, and the oare of
small arms to them issued.
Laid on the table to be printed.
Mr. LASKEY moved to reconsider S. B. No.
180. by Mr. Cox whioh was lost yesterday
. . ., liii i r
Agreed to, ana tne Dili was reierrni 10 i
Cox. ; ' ,
The Senate adjourned.
WEDNESDAY, January 17, 1861—21/2 P. M.
Mr. BRUFF was serving oh
elect committee of nine, on the tubject of bank
circulation, and Mr. Herriok appointed in bis
Notices of the introduction of billt was given.
: Bv Mr. MONAHAN To authorize the eale
of sect. 16, town six, range twelve, of the Ohio
snmtwn v nurohase. -
By Mr. DAVIS To amend the act relating
tn th dntlee of nrobate judges.
By Mr. HERRICK To protect sheep against
dOgS. '' ' '
By Mr. OGLE To amend sect. S06 of the
justice's coae. '
The following billt were introduced, and read
the first time.
H. H. 296. bv Mr. THOMPSON, of Perr
To amend the aot for the punishment o
H. B. 297, by Mr STIERS To exempt'J
county and district agricultural mir ground;
from taxation. '
H. B. 898. bt Mr. ANDREWS To amend
tee. 14 of the act relating to the incorporation
of mutual Insurance companies..
Mr. RUKENBROD, from the committee on
Benevolent Institutions, reported back the res
olution for the admission ot James Keboe to
the asylum for the blind, recommending that It
ha not Adonted.
Mr. CONVEKSU moved to laytne report
nnon the table, which was disagreed to
Mr. SCOTT, ot Warren, said the tame ap
plication wae made last winter, and denied for
hat wsa deemed good reason; and as he wasl
judged amply qualified to go out into the world
and support himself, be would (discourage bis
re-admission, and that or any others, when
those who bad received no advantages, were
waiting for admission,
on motion of Mr. BROWNE, of Miami, the
report was laid on the table, that the House
might proceed 10 tne epeciai uruer ui uie uj
tha .lection oi a D Dealer srw w .- m
the temporary absence of the Speaker, ,.
: Mr. wuuus nominatea w. w. adotbwi ui
Aoglsze, at a eondidate for that office, and :
Mr. BROWNE, of .Miami, nominated E. A
Parrott, of Montgomery, at a candidate for that
office. ..... ..
The House then proceed to vote for speaker
ere tempore, when Mr. Andrews received
votee. Mr. rerrou received oa votes, air
P.rrott having received a majority of all the
votes cast, wat declared duly elected Speaker
On the announcement of the vote Mr. Parrott
taidt ,j i i. . ' ' '
Mr 4 Speaker' andUentUmen e M Home of
Repraentadvttf - '
I euim vour attention for a tingle moment,
not in mere formal compliance with the custom
Mrh Mndn it nroDCfon cwcaslona like this to
pronounce one's acknowledgements, but becauie
am reallv and deeply sensible of the generous
oompiiment Just tendered me.
ft ii sorerBfni u not eimiomompari
Ive ttrangera, ht frbin thoee whom by' months
of familiar lnteroun I have learned 'to es
tem, and who in turn ctn have no misapprehen
sion oi my pouuoai smius. .. ,
The position of the presiding oilloes ot the
House at all times reoulree a combination of
rare qualities j butlt Is a doubly delicate one
now, wnen even unwittingly a companion win
be Instituted between (be distinguished gentle
man who now occapiea the Chalr.fand any other
who mav temnorari v take his his nlace.
' Him I cannot hope to eqnal, but distrusting
my own abilities properly . to discbarge the luno
lions of the Chair, I shall lean heavily upon
your kindness when called for a time to that
On motion of Mr. BROWNE, of Miami,
the following resolution wae taken from the
Retained, That when thia House adj'ourns on
rilday next, it will adjourn, till Monday alter
noon at 3 o'clock.
Mr. DEVORE opposed this resolution at it
would only favor those who live near the lapi
tol, while it could be of no benefit to those at
more distant points. He did not oppose a rea
sonable arrangement for occasional adjourn
ments, but this did not seem to him. to be the
case, .
Mr. BROWNE, of Miami,' eaid he bad no In
tcrest in the matter, for be would go home
whenever it suited him.
Mr, VORIS said we have been here for only
two working days, when It Is deliberately pro
posed to adjourn over two working days, thus
leaving the business of this body for that period
of time to take care of itself I do not ap
prove of such action. An honest discharge of
our duties here demands the deloatol the whole
proposition. j ,
What is the ex juse offered for this procee
dure? i We are told it is to go home to confer
with our constituency; this is hardly an excuse.
now many oi our constituency could we corner
with if we did go home? .We were not sent
here with the view (but we should go from the
place or duty so soon, upon such a weak pre
text as this. Such conference would most likely
indicate that we hod better stay here and at
tend to our duties aud discharge them speedily
and faithfully. We were sunt here to labor for
and look after the interests of the State, but
the resolution proposes to take a holiday Irom
Friday till Monday at 3 o'clock p. m., which in
effect would be till Tuendav morning, thus iu
terrupting the busincw of this body before we
have fairly got at work.
We felt the evil effects of such a course last
winter, when we adjourned over every third
Saturday and Monday, yet every Saturday and
Monday we were in session It was almost
impossible to transact business on account of
the absence of members. I confess that I am
not entirely free from blame for the evils of
that session, but having seen the evils, I shall
not consent to the adoption of a course that
will bring the same evils upon us at this sit
ting. Our constituency expect us to be here they
expect a faithful uttuntion to our duties which
Is In direct Incompatibility ith this resolution.
Mr. sTEDMAN moved to amend by saying
Friday the 25th instead of the 18ib, which was
disagreed to yeas 41, nays 54
Mr. HILLS proposed that Friday, February
1, should be fixed as (be day for adjournment
Mr. STEDMAN made a motion to that ef
fect, whieh was negatived.
The question then turned on tho resolution,
which was disagreed to yeas 43, nays 51.
The Standing Co a mittee on Roads and
Highways reported back, House Bill 267 re
lating to Roads and Highways, with a verbal
amendment which was agreed to, when the bill
was ordered to be engrossed, and read a third
time on Thursday next.
Mr. COLLINU3, Irom the Committee on
Public Works, repotted back the claim of Sam
uei voyie, wbicn was referred to the commit
tee on Claims
Mr. WALKER, from tho Committee on Pub
lie Buildings, tp whom was referred the Reso
lution relating to flags to be placed over the
State House, reported the same back, and re
commended that flags be raieed over eaoh house,
to be kept np when either House is in session,
Slo., which was adopted;
MrFLAGG offered the following resolutions,
tahich were laid on the table and ordered to be
ifetoieed, isy the Ueneral Assembly of the
State of Ohio, That this General Assembly does
hsreby make application to Congress to call a
convention for proposing amendments to the
Constitution or tne united states, pursuant to
the fifth article thereof.
Retolxxd, That the Goverorof the State be
requested to communicate the above resolution
to the President of the United States, with the
request that be lay the same before Congress.
Mr. WKIGni , of Hamilton, ottered the fol-
lowingiWhioh was laid on the table and ordered
to be printed.
Whmjcas, the present distracted condition of
si net Annntra rlema nAm tVisf nn Vi nnnM Kl a manna
of pacification shall be left untried, and where-
as tun ueuerei asbcuiuij ui vrmu wuuiu evir
dence, by every honorable act, its tincerity if
purpose aad desire for an adjustment of Dura
tional troubles, therefore be it
Rteolved, By the General Assembly of the
State of Ohio, That the Governor, by and with
the advict and consent of the Senate, be, and
it herebv authorized and requested to appoint a
commission, consisting of three clt!zena;of the
State, who shall proceed without delay to the
capitals or Kentucky, Missonn, v irginia, Mary
land and Tennessee, to confer with the respec
tive Executive officers thereof, and the leglsla-
tores ot mob at shall be in session, upon the
perilous condition of the country, and endeavor
to persuade them from uniting in the attempt
now being made to disrupt tne union
Mr. SCOTT, of Jefferson, called up bis reso
lution of inquiry relating to the damages tut
tained on the Publio Works during the past
summer. .
Mr. BROWNE, of Miami, deemed the reso
lution unnecessary, as the report of the Board of
Fublto Works contained what he supposed to be
the Informaiion sought.
Mr. SCOTT, fo Jefferson, pointed out the
particulars that he wished to reach, not found
there. ,
The resolution was then adopted.
Mr. JONES, of Hamilton, offered a resolu
tion for a select committee to inquire into the
condition of the Ohio Medical College, which
was referred to the committee on Medical
Mr. HITCHCOCK offered a resolution In re
lation to stated adjournments which was laid
over nnder the rule.
Mi) CONVERSE offered the following resolu
Won, which was adopted. Yeas 63, nays 26.
Rceolved, That the Governor be requested to
communicate to this House copies ot ell docu
ments and correspondence that have passed be
tween bim and the Uovernor ot Kentucky in re
lailoo to the retaro of WUHe Lago, a fugitive
from justice. Also copies ot documents and
correspondence that have passed between him
and the Governor of Virginia in relation to the
return of the fugitives from justice, Brown and
Merriam. - - " i
Mr. FLAGG offered the following resolution,
which was laid over ior discussion nnder the
rule. . .- ' ,
Rctoloed. That the committee on the Judi cl-
rv be requested to report a bill for an aot to
take forthwith the vote of the people of this
State npon a plan for compromising our national
tne Sutt propositions
u. viurcNT nitH it,
trouoies Dasea upon tne propositions Known aa
e border State propositions.
Mr. VINCENT offered the followingTseW.
tion whioh was adopted. .
Rcolved, That the Principal of tho1 Blind
Asylum report to this House as soon aa may
The number of blind persons now in said
Asylum who have remained there as pupiU or
otherwise lor over nve years anq nnaerwnat
circumstances such persons have remained, and
by what authority they have been so retained.
H. B. 257 To amend the school law, was set
for a third reading, on Wedneseay next.
Mr. HAMILTON offered a resolution in fa
vor of vacating the Lewistown Reservoir, wbieh
was referred to the committee on rubilc works.
8. B.183 To amend sec. 13 of the school
law of February 21, 1848, was read the first
Th flfln.ta having refused to concur in
House amendment to senate oiu 101 maaiDgi
partial appropriations,-" " """ "" t
Mr. BROWNE, of Miami, moved that the
Insist on Its amendment. ' 1
Mr. VORIS supported .this motion, on tbel
onnd that the Item providing ior tne peniien
tiary enlargement was an overdraft be wonld not
vote ior. ...
; Mr. ANDREWS hoped tbe House would in
slst on their .meadment, for the same reasons.
This Item was to provide for an overdraft nn
warranted by the oonstltntion. '
r. H&tttUGK favored the amendment, be
pause It would be an economical apolicatlon of
means. : , , - i v , it .
Mr. BALDWIN explained that the money
was not expended, bnt only asked for. - v
Mr. VINCENT objected to the item, because
it was a bad precedent that be wished to avoid;
and ha hoped the House would take a position
now, not to . appropriate, when expenses have
been incurred bevond the provision of law. ,
ine House insisted on its amendment yeas
82, nays 10; when a committee of conference
was asked. --
The request of the Senate for a committee of
ormlerence on the House amendment, to tho
House reeolution relative to printing documents
in German, was acceded to when Messrs.
Hitchcock, Converse and Robinson were made
said committee.
The Speaker laid before the House the reso
lutions adopted by tho State military asaooia
tion, whioh were read at the clerk's desk.
On motion, the House adjourned.
FRIDAY January 18th, 1861—10 A. M.
The Senate opened with Prayer by Rev
G. W. Brush. .
Minutes of yesterday read and approved.
By Mr. HARSH Petition from Lydia A .
Fitcpatriek and 82 others of Stark County, on
the subject of Woman's Rights.
By Mr. MONROE Petition of Rev. Alex
ander Bartelle and 232 others, of Wellington
Lorain county, on the tame subject, both peti'
tiout were referred to the Committee on Wo
man's Rights.
II B No. 72 For the protection of sureties
in certain cases. Judiciary.
By Mr. HARRISON, S B. 186 -To amend
section 525 of the ci vil code The bill pasted
Yeas 97 nays 0.
Messrs GARFIELD and FOSTER were ap
pointed a Committee of Conference on II- J. R
No. 80, relative to printing documents.
The House amendment to the Senate resolu
tion relative to a flag on the State House was
not aereed to
Messrs. STANLEY and HARRISON were
adpoioted a Committee of Conference on the
part of the Senate on the partial appropriation
By Mr. CUMMINS to amend the School Act
or March 14th 1BWS.
By Mr. HARRISON, S. B. No. 196 -To re
peal all special acts of incorporation which have
not been accepted or acted on. The rulus were
suspended, and the bill was read a second time
and referred to the Judiciary committee.
Bv Mr. PARISH, S. B. No. 197. Supple
montarr to the aot of May 3d 1852, for the or
ganization ol cities and incorporated villages,
and to amend several sections of eaid act, and
of the amenditory act tberof, passed March 29tb
Mr. JONES, from the Judiciary Committee,
reported in favor of the passage of S. B. No.
104, by Mr. Jones: Supplementary to the As
signment act of April 6ih, 1859. It authorizes
assignees to sell desperate claims, the same as
administrators do. Agreed to, and the bill wss
read a third time, and pasted.
Mr. hakkisun, from toe same committee,
reported adversely to the memorial of officers
of Hamilton county, for copies of Swan and
Critchfield'e, Revised Statutes, at the expense
of the State'. Agreed to.
Mr. FERGUSON, from the Select Commit
tee, reported back S. B. No. 35 concerning Long
View Asylum, with recommendation to disagree
to the House amendment. Agreed to.
.Mr. GARFIELD rose to a question of privi
lege in reference to the translation of documents
into uerman, saying tnat ne naa an tne tesa
many of others alleged that such traaslations had
been bungling. He read a communication from
cltl sens of Columbus, endorsing the ability of
the translator. Mr. U.wat glad to make the
Mr. PARISH said his testimony on the sub
ject was that of a German whom he could name
Mr. SPRAUUE, from the committee on en
rollment, reported the enrollment of sundry
bills and resolutions.
Mr. HARSH wat granted leive of ubieooe
untill Monday alter noon.
Mr. FISHER moved that when the Senate
adionrn, it adjourn until Monday afternoon.
Those who voted io tuo amruutive. were
Bonar, rerguson, risher, Glass, Harrison,
Harsh, Holmes, Key, Moore, Newman, Orr,
Perrill, Smith, Bprsgue, White, President lu
Those who voted in the negative, were
Breck, Collins, Cox, Cuppy, Cummins, Foi
ter, Garfield, Jones, Laskey, Monroe, Morse,
Parish, Potts, Fotwin, Stanley 15.
The Senate took a recess
The following were presented to the Senate
yesterday, and were referred to the militia
committee, viz:
COLUMBUS, January 17, 1861.
To the Hon.thi Senate of Ohio: At a meet
ing of tbe state Military Association of Uhio,
held In Columbus, January 16, 1861, the fol
lowing resolutions were adopted, viz:
Rttohtd, That tbe volunteer miiitla of Ohio,
sincerely anxious as oltizens for the continuance
of peaoe, not only within our own borders, but
with all tbe world, nevertheless hold them
selves bound by all their obligations as soldiers,
as well as by the promptings ot patriotism, to
defend, nnder subordination to the civil power.
the Union of the States as well as the State of
Ohio, against all their enemies, whenever called
npon so to do by tbe proper authority.
Retained, That we nrge npon tbe General
Assembly tbe passage of a law compensating
the volunteer militia, for the oare and preser
vation of the publio arms, committed to their
keeping, and for a sufficiency of camp equipage
to supply the organized force oi me state.
Retained, That tbe President transmit a copy
of these resolutions to both branches or tbe Gen
J. W. FITCH, Brig. Gen., President.
D. L. WOOD, Q. M. Gen., Secretary.
FRIDAY, January 18, 1861.
tbernthp. of OnW.
troops, etc.
rBJ Mr. VORI9, from Gen. L. V. Bierce, of
fiammlt, recommending the enlistment of con
House fyicts In tbs Penitentiary, in ease of a call for
Prayer by Rev. Doctor Davis.
Tbe following memorials were presented and
appropriately reierrea.
Br Mr. COX.from Joseph Gregg and 51 others
of Knox county, tor an act to prohibit tbe sale
and manufacture of intoxicating liquors, as a
Br Mr. RUKENBROD, from R. II Gar
rigues and 50 others of Columbiana, for the same
Br Mr MoCUNE. from D. T. Brown and
47 others or Huron and oneca, ior the same
Bv Mr. McGAVRAiN; from Hiram Worstoll
and 26 others of Deersville, Harrison county,
for the same object.
By Mr. BUSS, from Jane McGaw and 100
other ladles of Carroll, for the same obleot.
By Mr. REI3INGER, from Sarah J. Slick
and 41 other ladies; and from John Jones and
117 others, of Buouyrus, Crawford, for the same
purpose. .
Br Mr. STEELE, from John F. Ketchnm
and 32 othersof Fulton, for the same object.
By Mr. HADDOW, from the lessees of sec
tion 29, of Warren township, in Washington
coantv. for the sale of the same. '
By Mr. MONAHAN.from tbe Commissioners
sod others of Athens county, for a change in the
official term ot Couutv Auditors. - f "
By Mr. STEELE, from Adam Young and 16
other Attorneys, for a change of tbe exemption
Jlswe' " ...
Vf the Speaker, from R. P. Spauldingand 29
for tne enrollment oi
troops is made upon tbe State, and offering to
6Vi t regiment or snob recruits.
Mr. ANDREWS moved that the memorial
was insnlttng to the Honse. - ' '
Mr. STEADMAN replied and assured the
House that the petitioner wat serious, and from
his blgb character at,home, It it Impossible that
he could intend an Insult to the House.
Mr. VORI3 made tha earn assurance, and
defended the right of petition aa saored, and
attributed tbe treatment or petitions to con
gress, muoh of the trebles now threatening tne
country. : : t
Mr. BRUFF thought the memorial not pro
per to be received, as It asked the House to as
sume the prerogatives of the executives.
Mr. BROWNE, of Miami, thought tbe me
morial was rsspectlul, and the eharacter of tbe
memorialist, he thought forbid It.
Mr. FLAGG depreoated tbe object of this
memorial. He said there waa enough of inoen
Sisrv materia.! nranoaed to be used acaintt the
unhappy people or tne ooutn, now in oreaa oii
tbt auxiliaries ol the abolitionists and'those whd
sympathize with tbem here, and make them-l
. - , .
selves the Iricnos oi jonn Drown. i
Mr. BROWNE. of Miami, resented the ohargeM
from tbe Democracy, that Republicans were in
sympathy with the John Brown raid, or any
Who would resort to revolutionary vr iruaouua
ble acts against tbs country; while tbeii party
warn in .vmoathV ana D.nv leuowsaip witu
the traitors of the South, who are the source of
to much trouble to tbe oountry.
Mr. BURR thought It was a simple matter ot
right to accept this petition, as it was perfectly
respectful in its language ana meaner.
Mr. STEDMAM read the memorial and de
fended its author from any attempt to insult any
party or the Legislature.
Mr. VINCENT said, without the discosaion
wbloh bad beeu had, be would bave the memo
rial reoeived : but since tbe matter bad taken
the turn it had; be should record hie vote against
it most gladly. He could but regard it as in
tended a burlesque upon tbe resolutions adopt
ed, on Saturday last, and otbor efforts to raise
military force in the State.
Mr. VORIS reassured the House that ben.
Bierce was serious, and did not intend a bur
lesque. He thought the vote on receiving this
memorial, involved the right of petition more
directly than the quality or object of tbe memo
rial Itself, lie was ior tne reception, ior me
sake of the right of petition. .
M. FLAGG regarded the proposition of the
memorial as an intuit to the people of the South
who are remotely supposed to become tbe ene
my against wbom the convicts might be em
nloved. It would be an insult to any foreign
nower with whom we might be at war. He de-
deprecated the effeot of entertaining such a
subject, here at this time, npon the pacifications
of tbe South.
Mr. MYERS obiected to the proposition of
this memorial as unjustifiable and worthy of
what discountenance we can give it.
Mr. HILLS thought there was merit in the
suggestion of Mr. Flagg as to the effect on the
South, now so excitable; yet ne wouia receive
'.be petili on, and report decidedly against it.
Mr. JOiNrJS. ot Hamilton, regarded tne
right of petition as eminently seored. But
the effect of receiving tbe petition was to be
avoided now; and he must vote against it.'
Mr. THOMPSON of summit defended lieno
rs! Bierce from any intention to insult the
House or to do anything wrong in the premises.
Mr. PLANTS said this memorial only pro
posed to raise such a regiment in case revolt
and treason made it necetsary. i or nis part ne
would not regard men ot tbe south who are ar
rayed against tbe governmeut, as his brethren.
In the South there are good men, whom he was
prond to call themselves as brothers. They are
for tho country. But those who were in treason
against it are not his brothers, and not entitled
to his sympathies. And be would say here,
that be believed that those traitors would not be
so bold now, If they did not believe that they
had sympathies here. He did cot propose to
adopt the suggestions of (the memorial, but it
should be respectiuiiy beard tor the ngnt oi
Mr. DEVORE opposed tbe memoriel as offer
ing to employ a force that is not needed, and
which all good citizens mus,t deprecate. - it was
not known that we snail neea troops, it is too
soon to talk of it; and when it does beoome
necessary, we can bave a volunteer foroe to do
all that is necessary.
Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, said be did not ap
prove tbe object of tbe petition, but be regarded
the right ot petition too sacred to be violated by
tbe rejection ot a memorial couched in respect-
mi language, and onered in good uitb.
Tbe Speaker, (Mr. PARROTT in the chair)
regretted that this petition had come before the
House, but since it had been presented, be
could uot vote lot its rejection; though be would
in no CA9e vote lor the object or the memorial
It was in bis view an Improper object, and should
not be favored; but tbe right of every citizen to
respectfully petition tbisHcuse, be must always
sustain by his vote.
Mr. iJRUrr, having moved tbe previous
question,' tbe vote was taken upon sustaining it,
whioh resulted yeas.a, nays 4U.
The vote then being on receiving the memo
rials, tbe jaes and nays were demanded, and
resulted yeas 53, nays 42.
Mr. KOBINSUN said be voted ror tbe recep.
tion of the memorial, but disapproved of its ob
jeot. He therefore moved that it lie on the
table. The yeas and nays were demanded and
resulted yeas 52, nays 43. '
Mr. NIGH presented the proceedings of a
meeting of the working men of Lawrence coun
ty.ln relation to the condition of the Union,
wbloh were read at the clerk's desk, and refer
red to the committee on Federal relations.
Mr. FLAGG moved that tbe rules be bus
pended, that he might move that the House
adjourn till noon on Monday next, at 3, P. M.
on which the yeas and nayB were demanded and
resulted yeas 39, nays 41.
Mr. FLAGG Insisted afterwards that thiB mo
tion was not necessary and took an appeal
from tbe chair which was not sustained.
The same motion was put again and lost.
Mr. FLAGG then moved that the House ad
journwhich wonld be till to morrow which
motion was rejected yeas 18, nays 71.
Mr. PARROTT took the oath of office as
Speaker pro tempore, which was administered by
Mr. Converse, who Is a notary publio for
Franklin County.
Tbe House then took a recess.
How to Makc Whitc Doos Usiful. Your
San Franciscan seizes upon his white our, and
with stencil plate and black Ink, inscribes bis
business card npon each side of the wretched
pop, and sends him forth, a quadrupedal loco
motive advertisement. It is reckoned that a
lively doe will be worth at least five dollars per
day. If they can't get a white dog, they re
verse tbe process, and try white paint on a black
!Mr. Merrlman, colleotor of the port of
Georgetown, S. C, and, bis deputy, have been
arrested on the charge of high treason against
the State of South Carolina. Mr. Merriman
had written a letter to Mr. Buchanan, giving
information touching the progress of tbe work
of the insurgents at that place.. He also had
cleared vessels in tbe name or tbe United estates
and promised to do it in future.
Ooe of the city poor of St racuso died on
Sunday, the bib Inst, ehe was a lady ofeauca
tion, once possessed of great personal beauty,
and at tbe time ot her death was about ninety
years of age. She was the widow of Obadlah
German, of Norwiob, Chenango county, who
represented tbe Btate or new xorK la the L nit
ed States Senate from 1809 to 1813.
Mr. J. Robellng, of Trenton, builder of
the Niagara Falls Suspension Bridge, is now
eogaged upon a work almost equally great, on
the Danville and Lexington Railroad, Kentucky.
That road is building a bridge on tne suspen
sion principle, which will be 1,324 feet long,
and which will conneot tbe sides of a gorge 300
feet deep. ' 1 ' '
.. ' " a" ' '
Rev. II. W. Beecher, lectured at New
Haven on Friday night. ' He wae biseed during
bis lecture, and when he came out, a volley of
rotten eggs was fired at his carriage. He drove
off amid the groans of a large crowd, who after
wards followed him to his hotel, and repeated
tbe compliment of hearty groans. N. Y. Ex-
Tbe oltizens of Taunton, Mass , bave de
cided to present a aword to Major Robert An
derson, and a subscription for that purpose is
folly raised. Tbe sword is to be manufactured
by Messrs. Ames, of Cblcopee, and tbe letter of
presentation will be written by the venerable
ex Governor Morton, of Taunton.
Col. David Page, a member of the Maine
legislature, from the Aroostook region, on bis
way from his home to tbe capital, walked fifteen
miles on foot, and ten miles on snow shoes, 'the
enow being two and a half leet deep and unbro
ken. .'. ...
Supreme Court of Ohio.
TUESDAY, Jan. 15. 1861.
Hon.Jaoob Brlnk.rhoff, Chief Juittcw H.o. Joalah
Scott, Bon. Ullto. Sntllff, Hoa. Wau V. P. and Bon.
', ' .
L. J. CRITCHFIELD, Reporter.
Mr. Attorn.? O.n.r.1 .Woloott upon introituelnf to
th. Court hmueew.nr, Mr. llurraj, ndurith Court
u follow,:
May it pleatt yourMHori: ...
I ukpermlMioB to introdac to th. Court my me
ce.wr, air. Murray, tb. Attorney Oeneml .loot of toll
But., wnon.Ting quaunra uiiukii iu oinr mDeoi. u
no ready to Uk. th. oath of office tod therewith to .n-
Ur on tn. anonirg. oi iw " -
Ai ay last official act, I t Iwt. to pray for him a
annilnntnca of tha urn. kludoee. Md the tun. forbt.r
anMio uniformly aocordd to myMlf, and which, whit.
11 hu largely aided m. ID in. oiacoargo oi ny onoui la
bora, ha. alao laid m. perionally under a debt of grat
itnriMtn mn, Hnnon. (hat lean never rovrot.
Thereupon the Ghl.f Juallo aaoiDiit.na w. oaiu oi
ouice to Mr- Murray.
Wa49.' Malh Rirchard t. O.ornA. Edward! and
William V. tdwardf Vrror to tb. Diitrlct Court of
Trumbull oo.tity. , , '.
Whan a will declared certain truat. a. to a tract of
land, to .upport whioh th. whole legal eel.M oi inher
itance might b. required, bnt tb. l.gal tltl. waa l.ft to
detoend to th. helra at law, who in the event tb. truiti
of lhe;wlll ehould be aocompliebed, or .honld fail, would
bar. a beneficial Intereat, either lo money or.ln th. land:
H.ld That th. leeal tltl. waa held bv th bain
tmitMi. and that a creditor who bad obtained a Judge
ment agalnet on. of th. helri, did not thereby wennUe.'a
lien on the land, wmcn wouiu .nun. mm o nmrn
againat a conveyance of the Intereat of the heir made In
rood MM. alter ins oaieoi ana luuacuicui, uu. uriui.
the commencement of th. action
T..U...n( mfHrmed
Nn. 100 eeore Jackaon v. The State of Ohio. Irror
to Belmont Common Pleai. ; ' ' ;
Pmf J . . Held
Th.i tha ml. of th. common law that thing, eavorlng
of the reality at not tb.iubjecteof larceny, only appllei
to thlDga it aulnf out of or growing upon lande and auch
aa "aaktrt" to th. freehold, but not toperaonal chatteli
which are oonatructlr.ly annexed thereto ea gra: a
leathern belt connecting ee.tain wbe.li in a .aw-mlll,
and which may be removed readily and without injury
.Tnitirment affirmed.
No. 40. Wm. Nell fe. Kinney, Burnell, et. al. Be
served tn the Dlatrlot Court ot franklin county,
fln-rt.irv J
W. purchased of K. and paid for a town lot, the title
haina halrf b 1 . . the wife of H. It wm agreed that tt
ahould tell the lot for W., and that the title should be
flnnnvad b R. Jr. J. to th. puichaier when .old. B.
contracted with K. St B. to i.ll th. lot to them, took
their note, for the purchaia mon.y, and gave Ihem po.
....inn Ami). 1815. Mechanic, employed by K. at u
proceeded to erect a building on the lot, and reapectlrely
perfected their lien, under the Statute. R. W. con
nvad th. lot bv deed of Oct. 8th, ( recorded Dee. S2d,) to
K. k. B who. Oct. 13th, executed a mortgage left for
record Nov. lat, to aecur. th note, for tb. purehaee
money. It did not appear that th mechanic bad any
notice aa to the title, i no noise ana mongag won al
ter arda tranaferred lo W. who brougnt lull agaioil a
a. a matin the mechanic! nartiee.
Held lit. That to. vendor', lien aroie at the time
f a.la h nnntnot and (iTiOC DO.W.U01. '
Sod That th lien was not impend either by the
A am A m.rtnMI.
3d. That th lot aad purehaee mocr-y having reipcct-
ively belonged intgvuy to w. in vttmior lien, ano,
.n inrMnnt. in savilv belonged to him, both before
and attar th. transfer end delivery to him of th. notea
and mnrtMrt
4th. Tb mechanic'. Hens at iheir Inception! were
tine onlr unon the eitate or Intereat of ft. ek B. and
neceiearliy eubjeot to any prior liana upon tb earn lot,
l,,,ltfmnt fornlafntlff.
No. 29. Jamea Rog.nfcOo. v.. Nile fc Co. In er
rnr tn the Bunerlor Court of Cincinnati.
wrr. J K. at Co. .greed with R. Sr. Co. to maou
f.,.,...ml deliver to the lalt.r. t a future time, three
team boiler to run the engine In their rolling mill, for
hih R. Al Co. agreed to D.v a (Deolfled price. Held
That It waa aa Im oiled atlpuUtlon of the contract, that
hniinra ahould b free from all auch defect, of mat.
.i.i ami wnrkmanihlo. whether latent or otherwlae, ai
would render tbem unfit for tb lual purpoie of ich
Jn.i.mant reraraed and caua remanded.
Pica and Guolooh, J. J., dltsentod, on th ground thtt
the fact, of th. com brougt it withlr ihf rule itaU 4 jf at ap
nllcabl. to tb. order of gooda from a manufacturer, tn a
. .. . . . . . 1 1 V I.
reoent oeeiaion ny me uounoi apjwi ,u i ivii-
Ho. v. Sanborn. 8 Am. law Reg,, 740-754. "The vender
la 1 1. Ma In each oatee for nv latent defect not diicloted
to th. purchaMr, arising from lb. manner in which the
einla waa manufactured: or if he knototnalv used Im
proper materiale, be ii liable for that alto, but not for
any wren ueieci in wo nmcnu, .uim v w. auwnw
a . k. hva.hmaJ . h.w knnwn ' '
No. A,',. R. B. Bowler, et .1 . v. Jacob Koehne. et el
Irror to tbe District Court ot MooUomery county. De
creejnveried .nd decree foreomplaloanta to be entered.
No further report will be made of tbe ease.
No. SO, Th C.ntral Ohio Railroad Company v. Alex
ander O. Moore. Krror to tb Dlatrtc Court of Quern
tey county. Dltmliied for want of promotion.
No 48. Henry C Bouton v. tbe Hoard of Education In
Defianea. Motion to ditto It icj one tion. Overrulted
for want of jurisdiction.
No. S3. Kit-bard Minor, v. th. P. It. W. at 0. R. R
Co. Motion for leave to fil petition in error. Patted
for notice of motion.
No. 7S. Elijah Bigdon v. Noah Berry. Motion to
docket reiervcdeaae and take tame out of it order for
hearing. Granted.
No 74. JohnNordgower v The Slat.. Motion for
for th. allowance of a writ of error. Overruled.
No. e4. Nancy Bwarta et al v. Pet. rBeltt. Leave
c ranted tdflle petition in error.
No. 85. William Vising v. Ohrlttopher O. BilckeJ.
Motion fo r leav. to HI. petition in error to th Common
Plea. Loav. granted lo withdraw paper and ge to th
Diitrlct Court.
No. 86. Daniel Btopklnav. William WaylantVs ad
min, et al. Motion for leav to HI petition in error.
Pateed for notloe of motion.
No. 87. Edward Howard etal v. the BlaU. Writ of
error allowed, and case ordered to be taken out of itt
order for bearlog.
No. S3. John L. Gill v. Knot ilopkin, admin. Mo
tion for leave to file petition la error, eta. Leave grant
ed, and to bear the ease now on its meritt, upon term
limiting th oral argument.
Adjourned until Thursday morning at 10 o'clock.
No Fiction, but Truth
We are aware that It is customary to speak of
many of the remedies of the day In a light and
frivolus manner. This may answer where tbe
case to be cured is of a trifling character, and
the remedy preseu d simple, although perhaps
adequate to the case required. But when we
are called npon to prescribe for disease, endur
ed only by excruciating pain, and whoee termi
nation is often fatal, we leave jesting aside, and
proceed with earn eat noes to utter faots that will
perhaps resoue a fellow-being from a bed of
sickness or the grave. It is thus that we would
introduce to our readers Kennedy' i Medical i
cetwry, and state that for the cure of humors
there is nothing in the world can equal this pop
ular and extensively used medicine. ,
Holloway's Pills and Ointment.
Smains, Dislocations, Slo. Neither opodel
doc liniment, nor any other embrocation oan
equal the effioacy which characterise these es.
sentlal vegetable extracts in the oures of sprains,
strains, wounds, bruises, contusions, or disloca
tions, io. Tbey are unequalled for alleviating
pain, rsduolng local inflammation, and promot
ing a rapid cure. Sold by all Druggists, at
2jc, vi , and fl per box or pot.
At UarrUkuri, in this county, on Friday night, the
Uth lntt., Dr. 0. W. HELMIcn, of chronic affection of
the lungi.
Democratic State Convention.
In pursuAnce of a call mad by th Chairman of tbe
Democratic State Central Committee, for a Democratic
Stat. Convention, to be held In th city of Columbus, on
Wednesday, January 23d 1861.
for the purpose of counselling; together on the alarming
condition f the country, aa well aa to adopt auch a line
of policy as they may deem belt for the perpetuity of our
Government, and the prosperity of our people, I hereby
cell upon the Semocrauo voters ot the several Town
hipi to meet at their uiual place of holding elections
(except aa noted below) at 3 o'clock, P. M.. and the
Democratlo voter! of th aevaral Wards of th eity of
Uoinmbue, to meet at weir ntnai piaee oi noiaiog elec
tions, at 7 o'clock, P. M., on BATUKDAT, the 19th day
of January, 1801, and then and there appoint Delegates
at nerematter aetignateo, ana tne ueicgaie inut ap
pointed, will meet at th. City Hall, la C.lumbut, on
MONDAY, tne ant flay or january.ieoi, at io o'clock, A.
M , to appoint Delegates to represent ton oountry in
mid state convention
1st Ward.
...3 Delegate!.
2nd "
31 ' .
4th " .
5th " '.
Clinton ....
Parry .,
Jaorton Townthlp will meet at Grove City. ''
Norwich Townablp will meet at llllllard'i Station..
WM. DOMIGAN. Chairman.
Columbus, January 15th, 1861.
J. itook of DBT GOODS from No
131 SeuthHIth
itrlto hi eld stand. Me. 40 North High street, In
Thompson'. Building, where b will be platted to e all
hit old euatomers, and all n.w on that may com, whan
b. will ell them cheap good. -
A tan lot of OABPEIS a band, which will b sold
at ooet, for oath, t clot, th stock.
B. H. TAYT,. f-.
Janll dlm Corner High and Gay ate., Oolumhui, 0. ,
North American Fire Insurance Co.
I8S0, mad. to th. Auditor of tb. Stat of Ohio ,
pursuant to the statute of that Blate.
lit. The .am of ibli Company U th. North Amerlr.n
I'll Insurance Company, Incorporate 1 May, iai , .
and located In the city of Hartlord, Connecticut
3d. Theamo.utof III oapltal alock It 9300.00 Oil
3d. Tb amount ot it! capital alook actually
paid up in cash It ju w uw
4h. ABSEir.
Caab on hand and la bank, viz:
In Company' offlc fl.KIS UO
In Phoenix Bank 17,233 34
In Ixohang Bank kO.1100 VII
Oath In hand, of agent, and la
courae of transmission, re
ceived for premiuai. tb.li
tear 13 WW 00 gVJ.3a7 ti
3. Real aVitat none
Bond! owned by tb Company,
ParVal. Market Val.
Ohio BUt. 8 p.r cot Bond. tlO.OOU (10,000 00
Michigan Btaiav pet cent sonde 6,000 3.100 OU
Hartford City 0 per cent Bonda 7.0U0 7,280 09
do do do do do 13,( 011 13 520 0U
Mlasouri BlaU 0 per cant Bond 10 U00 6 WK) 00
Tennessee State 6 per cent Bonds 10,000 7.450 00
jd,uw (3u,:uo 00
Total Uondl SSOaiO 00
5, Ball Boad Stosk. owned by th.
uompsoy, via:
lOOiharei Hartford and New ParVal. Market Val
Haven U. B. Co 10,000 00 14.000 00
.75 tharei O.T. Central B K
Company 7,500 00 5,7f0 00
Total H.B. Stock! 1 17,500 00 1 19,700 00
S. Debts to the Company aeeured by mort
gages, being firat lien of reoord on un
incumbered Real Kttat In the State
of Connecticut worth at least (8,000
on which there la le. than on. year's
intereat due and owning
4,100 00
7, Debt otherwise secured loant on itock
NoBharet. P.r Market
Value. Value.
i Parm;nlt Mech't
Bank, Hartlord... $500 00 1500 00
14 Mercantile Bank of
Hartford 1,400 00 1,373 00
' 5 Merchant Bank of '
Hartford 5C0 00 400 00
10 City Baok of
Hartford 1,000 00 1,130 00
S3 Charter Oak Bank
narti-ord 8.300 00 3,310 00 j
15 Phoenix Bank of
Hartlord 1,500 00 1,500 00
18 Hartord County
Bank 000 00 900 CO
50 Hartford County
Bank 3,500 00 8,500 00
17 Merchant! at Man-
afaciurer. Batk 1,700 CO 1,700 00
10 Merchants at M.n-
nfaclurer Hsnk 1,000 00 1,010 03
S ftn.Baok Hart
ford 500 00 540 00
21 Btate Bank Hart
ford 9,100 00 8.4 U tO
8 Mercantile Balk
Hartlord 300 00 S04 00
10 Phoenix Insurance
Oo. Hartford.... 1,000 00 1,150 0)
5 Horn Bask Merl-
den 500 00 500 CO
900 Btnk Ohio Valley
Cincinnati Ohio 10,000 00 11,000 00
B500 00
1,250 00
4C0 00
1,000 0U
3.715 OU
' 459 00
8,440 9S
1.S34 80
491 04
500 00
8.453 80
300 00
400 00
7,537 01
Total amount loaoed on above itock.... $23,782 91
8. All other localities are, Bank
Block owned by tb Co.,
No Share! Par Val Market Val,
350 Phoenix Bank New York $5,000 OU $4,800 00
50 Merchanta Bank " 300 SO 3.400 OO
; oo
Metropolitan bank " J 000 OU
Continental Bank " 5,000 00
Bank of Amerloa " 5 000 OO
American Exchange " 5 000 00
3,400 00
4,550 00
5.100 00
4,700 60
8.700 00
11,000 00
5,100 00
8000 00
19,800 10
7.4V5 Oil
10,000 00
8,800 09
4,050 00
11,805 OS
11 M4 OO
3,083 00
11 887 SO
11 413 00
4,410 00
11,100 00
11,340 00
80,000 00
Merchant. Exchange ' ' 3,000 00
Atlantie Bank Bolton 10,000 00
Blackstone Bank
5,000 00
National Bank
Bank of tbe Republic
Maverick Baok
Hid. at Leather
Safety Fund Back
10,000 00
80.000 i0
7,500 OO
10,000 0U
10 000 OO
Cambridfce Market
s, ooe oo
Charter Oak Bank Hartford 11,300 OO
Mercantile Bank
11.B0O 00
City Bank
Varmere Mechanics
Hartford Bank
Merc hand At Mft'.
tna Bank
Phoenix Bank
4.500 OO
10,750 00
10,100 00
3,800 00
11,100 00
10.500 00
90,000 00
Total Bank Stock 201,250 00 9204,045 50
S. Amount of Interest (except on mortga
ges, accrued but uot due 1 1,369 33
10. Amount accrued but not due on mort
gages, le (44 71
11. Amount of premiums due and unpaid
wntcn art entirely good flu so
Total aiieti of the Company $350.49 80
(Memorandum) Th toregolng are Deoemoer panic
pricee, and tbow an aggregate reduction line Novem
ber lit, 1860, of 12,2' 50. Prom th reliable char
ter of th Aseeti we hare enUre confidence that tbey will
speedily rally to former prices.
12. Th amount of th liabilities, due or not
due, to bank! and other creditor of
the Co. none.
13. Loin adjuited and due none.
14. do do do not due 96,845 31
15. do unadjusted 15,635 0
IS. All other elalmi againat the Company,
none, excepting a imall amount for
Tolal amount of liabilities 939,690 31
17, Amount of risk In force, Deo. 31, 1860,
having by averag about 0 month, to
run 9in,3W.4O0 00
18. Amount of premium! received thereon 1527,371 5
10. The greatest amount insured in any on
rltk It S3, 000 00
Excepting In ipeclal catei.
80. Tb grsaleet amount allowed by Ui , -
rule of th Company to be Insured
In any on elty, town or Tillage
No rule bav been adopted D.
pends upon It sis and character.
91. The greatest amount allowed to be In
sured In any one block no rule!
adopted depend upon contraction
of premise.
93. Th amount depoelttd in other 8 lata,
and countlee under the lawe thereof,
for tb. security of tb Policy Hold
ers nothing.
33 Th OharUr Aot of Incorporation of
th. Company a certified copy sent
81. Pow.rof Attorney authorising agent.
of th Company to acknowledge
eervictof procsss fcc, Is sent here
with. A. F. HASTINGS, President,
(l. !. WM. 0. HASTINGS, Secretary.
Hartford County, (
UaaTroao Conn ,j
January nth, lefll. (
Perionally appeared, A. F. HatUnga, Praaldent, and
Wm. 0. Heatings, BeoreUry, of th North American
Fir Insurance Company, and made oath that th fore
going ttatement by them eubecrlbed, ii a true, full and
correct ttatement of tb affair of laid Company, and ex
hibit! to far aaoan be ascertained at thia data, Its actual
eonditioa on th thirty-Brit day of December, 1860.
In witness whereof, I hav harauuto aet my hud and
affixed my cfflolal teal, at my offlc la Hartford, Stat of
EDWIN GOODMAN, Commissioner,
Appointed by tb Governor of Ohio and
mi residing tn theclty of Hartford and State
of Connecticut.
Ornci or ne AupiToa or Btatc, (
Columbus, Ohio, Jan. 14, lefll. (
I, Robert W. Tayltr. Auditor of State, do hereoy cer
tify that tn foregoing Is a correct copy of tn etatement
of th condition of th North American 1 Ire Insurance
Company of Hartford, Conn., mad to this office for tb
year 1861, aad now on file herein.
Witneti my band and Seal omelalty..
iiai. Auditor of State;
By 0. Cou, Chief Clerk. ,
- Certificate of Authority.
(To expire on th Slst day of January, 18CS-)
Avprroa of Btats Ornci, .
ItwoaaJica Dxrajttatnrr,
uoiumpue, vaio, .unwary a, tcoi,j
ANOE COMPANY, located at Hartford la th State of
Connecticut, hai.Swd la tola ofSota sworn statemea tof
it condition, as required by th Brat sec ton ef the aet
'-To revnlata Inataranoa OnmnanuM ant Inainvtffatad hv
th State.of Ohio," pawed April 8, 1W3; and, Waaaaae,
aid oempaay ha furnished th und.rtlgn.d aalitfaotory
Tidenoe that It I poimeed of at least on hundred
tnoasans dollars of actual capital lnvta la itoeki, or
In bonds, or lnmortxa.ee of real eitate. worth doubl to
amount for which th samel, mortgaged; and, Wauotua
aid company baa filed la this office written ln.traa.nt
under It corporate seal, lirod by th President and
Secretary thereof, authorising any sgnt or axsnt. of
aid company In this state, to acknowledge aarrto. of
P root as, for and In behalf of said eemptny, consenting
that inch aarrlo. of prooeee shall b itn and held to
be a valid a it rvd upon th. oempaay, according to
th laws of thi or any other State, and waiving all claim
or right of error, by reason of rack acevledgesaeat f
Now, therefor, In purtuanc of lb flnt section ef th
aforesaid aet, I, Robert W. Tayltr. Auditor of State f.r
th State of Oblo, do hereby ocrtlfy, that said North
American Fir Insurance Company, of Hartford, It au
thorised to transact th u lints, of Fir and Marin In-
uranea, In thi State, until th thirty-Brat day of Jan
uary, la th. year on thousand tight hundred and sixty
two. In Wltnes Whereof, I bav hereunto subscribed ay
nam and caused th seal of my office to be
f ( affixed the day and year above written.
j"1 j ...... K. W.TAiXBa.
' ' - Auditor cf Btate. -. ,
.. By 0. Cols, Chief dark.
J FEED'K J. FAY, Agtat,
." Office In Cerp.nter'i Building, ,

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