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Sl) (91)10 Statesman;
K1BY7KHHY MILLER, Publisher!.
rrrjfiiijtTmitXATx, to jxslks jxskr-
yiOH, eiouUU Undid . hy TWKLXE O'CLOCK
orsMe day yfpuMtwt'on. ' " ; "
l hen m.V irpoti the Dorllrt int. Cm'
lrl Committee, thmuyh II Democrslic press, and ty
private cotresot.d.-ne.i. w " Convention of tb
Democracy of Ohi, toetsemhtaet Onlanbns, at an early
,' tor shepurpeae of roenselllDg to?elheron the alarm
iBf condition of the country. a. well ai to adopt such
line ofpitjlwestlley may 'Vent K-it for the perpet"y
0fourgoyn.uinM.dthe. prosperity of our people.'
T kin.br oil a at its Convention of the Democracy of
Ohio, to assemble at the
niY for. ruicinini
On T57tflnpaa Ihfi 236 fa7 of fOQi;. 1861,
"jor the purple saVitt ln'icated,-sald Convenllon to
be a dslqpte Cnveniion.,to bs composed of one dele
gate for every Ova buhtfred votes, and an Jdltlonal ore
tor every fraction of 550 oast forT. J. B. Smith. Demo
itn candidate for 8anreme Judjre, at the hit Stale
election, 1 would alio recommend (bat the delegates lo
the several counties be appointed ea Ihe Saturday pre
vious t the convention. .
1 ainoeroly treat that the Pemocracy of the State will
.-..i. ike Imnortano of the convention propoted,
and that earheounty will lend Hp full delegations of
ennn end troe meu, wnoa uenueraiiuna win hh
Chr'n Dem State Cen. Com.
Chr'n Dem State Cen. Com. Cumminsville, O., January 8, 1861.
The Auditor of State's Report.
, , We sre under obligations to Col. Nsvcns, the
1 State Printer, for an advance copy of the Re
rort of the Auditor of State, laid on oar table
to day. ; - -. . t
The Speech of Mr Cox.
We commence to-dnj the publication of the
itV.e speech of Mr. Cos, delivered la the House
of Representatives on the Mth instant, from
Its length we shall be compelled to divide it into
parte foronr Dally, and will tranefer it unbroken
to tho columns of cur tri weekly and wcewj
editions It will bo perused who interest by ell
our readers.
Capt. Reamy's Speech.
The Journal Wing omitted tho publication
of the remarks of Cipt. Reamv, at what was
called the typogr-ipuical banquet, ou Friday
evenlcf, a brief synaps! of the cime has been
furniehod us far peb'toatioa. '.Ve will Insert it
' on Monday.
Theeoncern termi the tjpograpb.cai union
of thi9 city, Is a hombag; and, althoogh, a few
good printer! and respectable men are members
of it, the ruling ec'.rits areaaetof unworthy
men. nnCt to associate with ?rortb members of
theoraft, and are the more tools of the Repub
lics Abolition politicians of this city. The
banquet was got op, no doubt, to subaeive the
interests and promote the objects of tho Repub
liean party, just as the Union was rati by these
unprincipled politicians In the last campaign,
in this county.
In the progress cf tha evening the cloven foot
was made manifest, in the speeches of Gmld,
Carsligtok, and ethers, to such a degree, that
'Cipt. Riamt felt compelled to reply to their
partisan r emails. Hence his speech does not
appear in the Jovrnil.
Our onlr wonder id that after the ecaudatcus
sasdoot of. this Unionist fall, and its aubeervi
ency to the Republican managers in the cam'
paign, that any Democrat, conversant with the
" facts, attended the banquet.
Union Meeting at Steubenville
'- ?A Union meeting, irrespective of party, was
Held at bteuoenvuie oa luesanj lave.
-Jamis Cou.ua officiated as Chairman, andDr.
. Wostiunoton, John Siubjpan and David Don
otan as Secretariea. The committee chosen for
that purpose reported a series of patrlotio reso
lotions, discarding, as citizens of Ohio, all par
ty feelings and passions, declaring an unchang
ing attachment to the perpetual union of these
States, a firm reliance upon the Constitution of
' onr oDUQtry as the bond ot onion, and the faith'
fal enforcement of the laws, without which the
one cannot be maintained or the other preser
. The re'joJntions in a spirit of com promise and
conscession. approve and recommend the
; propositions known as the Border Stateom
promise, and request our Senators and Repre
ten tali ves In Coogres to favor their immediate
adoption, They also express a cordial approval
of President Buouanan's late special message,
and a warm commendation of the patriotic oon
I Samter. !"."'
Oa motion of Geo. W. McCook, the report
"of the Committee was received, and after
brief end harmonious discussion, the resolutions
were adopted with great enthusiasm by an over
whelming majority. Throe oheers were given
for Edwin M. Stanton, Maj. Andibson, and
the Union, and tbe meeting adjourned.
The Home Organ of Mr. Giddings.
Tbe Ashtabula Stntinrlol the Huh instant,
'hat an article on "The Timti," from which wo
make the following extract:
' ' War is inevitable. The South Is preparing
in every ooesiblo manner to reaiat coercion.
Tbey will attempt to seize Washington, when
tb fight will begin. All must kuur now it
-4 will end; No one is foolish enounh tosuppoeo
' that a peace will ever be concluded while the
" States remain in their present positions, viz;
Slavery in Ihe South and Freedom in the North
What would be te use of all this fuss if sucb
- should be the Cnaie. me result win eitner ds.
slavery errrywbere, or its total abolition. Tbe
watchword will be "your head or mine." The
hater of alavery will look at the present state of
t . things as a special act or rrovmence, icai tee
war should be begun at Ibis time.
- The South'ie ia a comparative state of star
vatioo; the North ia full to overflowing: we
, need cot raise a single grain for a year to come
nud still nave plenty, uur people win oe a
unit, when one half of theirs will be their dead
liest and most vengefnl enemies.
. ' "This brief extract contains food for reflection,
w It discloses tho Inveterate hatred of the Re
'publican leaders toward tho South, and their
-'J determination to adhere to the "Irrepressiblo"
doctrine. Slavery oust be wiped out, and in
the war which is declared to be inevitable, the
v .servant Is to have revenge on bis master. The
article breathes the spirit of a deamon F
; natios are to regard tbe events now transpiring
and which are to bring. on the war,as "a special
act of Providence," and to be excited and In
-- flamed with the idea that they are ealied upon
to go to war,"' as tho special avengers of the
- wrath of God, against the Southern people.
J. Bnoh Is Rcpublioanlam, and sucb tho terrible
alternative which it presents for the contempla
tlon of the people of theso Sutes.'" If It sur
r'.ve, tbt Unlon of course must perish. '
, .-irjr.The' B.cnafo, on, Wednesdsy, confirmed
tho appolntment'of MrTanoa, Chief Clork
In tho New York Post OfBoe, as Postmaster la
Mass Convection of Working Men in Philadelphia.
A C juvt-prtuo ol represeotativea from the Ya
rloua manufaotuiiug' eaUbliahnouta In -ibiia-delphia.
was held on Wednesday evening, al the
Spring Garden Hall. ' About two hom'red pee-
Dona were Dreaent. reoresentiue Deatlr all tho
trades of tbe city. A S. Kennedy, b q .
oboscn Preuldeut.
Tb Prealdeat, tn a brief addiesa, thanked tho
noallm Inr Iha onmnllmont Dld blffl, and
"We have met, not for tbe purpose of 'denonn
olne antbody, but lor ooneiuauou.
We mean
to manirrat our devotion to the American Union
as it Is. Applause. Those who naveoope
tbe most to organize our country, were Benja
min Franklin, Printer; and Roger Sherman,
Shoemaker, and from the day we took a staud
among nations, the wot king classes nave bwuu
foremost in tnetr enaeavoraio inaiuiaw
teerity ahd honor of Ihe Union."
While waiting for tbe report ol tbe Committee
on credentials, tbe Secretly read tbe following
verses, whlob bad been sent to the meeting)
Mass Convection of Working Men in Philadelphia. SAVE THE UNION
Boni of Columbia, your conntry sowcalle yu;
arlie In jour maohood, prepare for the fight;
Repel the bold tralloie their falae pride aiid treaeon
Aod teach tben thit rreemen wilt dare to do right.
Oh! tlnk party spirit for once In oblivion
Let Peace be yonr motto, In Oad be your truit;
Let thoee who would wage civil war In their madness.
In angnlih of spirit, repent tn the dust.
Oo hack to Ihedaye of the dark Revolution
When son and when aire to tbe battle did go.
With garments all tattered, and feet bare and bleed'
Each foot-pilot was left In the cold winter enow.
Tk.. ii not in linhtlv this boon dearly rnrchased.
By the blood of our Fathers, the good and the brave
Who fought, blfd and died 'neath the Banner of Free-
Wb?oh', in Olorf and ZlrlumpA, fortvtr abould
1 ike true Bone ef Freedom, now rash to the rescue,
As tbe sons of one sire, be ye firm to your trust;
Stand np for the Union, be true to your country,
Nor let her proud Dinners be trailed tn the dust.
After settling soma preliminaries and ap
pointing a Committee on Resolutions, the moet
Ing adjourned until to-day.
ETA gentleman in Washington writing to a
friend in this city. In speaking of the present
condition of our national affiirs, says:
I hose tbe Southern States will all go out of
tbe Union, in time lo save the country from a
civil war. . , . ,
The Republicans are very ossirousoi cringing
.hnnt a ennflict between the North and South,
with the expectation of involving tbe elaves In
ih rnnteat: there ia nodoubt ot this being their
Intention, and the earnett hope of that party in
Congress. Of this I am certain, whatever may
be the opinion of (belr constituents, and this
fact is known to every one here. The northern
people must speak out for themselves now, if
they have any other desire in the matter than
civil war. They said before the election that
secession was all talk and buncombe, and that
there was no fear of a commercial crisis, i noy
even now sneer at secession, and tbe prospect of
war. i bey wouia line noiaingiuB-aer lumu ku occ
the whole country involved in a bloody revolu
tion, adding to it horrors, by inciting thestaves
to cutting their master's tnroaw
Tbe Southern States will all secede, sni tbe
North will be obliged to settle tbe difficulty with
their Abolitionists among themselves. People
in Washington are sending their families out of
town in expectation or some ngoung nere ou
tho 4ih of Match, but 1 am tn Dopes tne bouio
will take a bold stand before that time, and
show the North tho folly of fighting them into
an aoknowledement ot Abolition sentiments,
end also a willingness to give op fonr millions
of slaves lo gratify tho whim or wonnern una
tlce, who are concerning themselves in a matter
.fh mhirh thev have no business or interest.
The result of all this will probably be a revi
sion of tbe Constitution and perhaps a change
in our form ol Government.
HTMajor General Sanford has tendered the
whole of the First Division of the New-York
Militia, to tbe Commander-in Chief. Tbe
General states, tn making tba tender, that the
uniformed militia of bis division, consists of
upwards of eighty-live thousand men. Gov.
Moioan has accepted the offer provisionally.
Sjr The vacancy In the New York Board of
Canal Commissioners was filled by the Leglsla
ture ef that State, on Wednesday, by the eleo
tion of Bznjami F. Bacct, the Republican can
H7Tha Demooratlo members ef the New
York Legislature are disoussing the propriety
of calling a Stat Convention. It Is thought
they will Issue a call forthwith.
Proceedings of A Democratic Meeting in Delhi
Hamilton County Ohio. Wednesday January
16th, 1861
The Demooratlo oitlsens of Delhi, pursuant
to notioe, assembled at the residence' of Colonel
William 8. Hatob, late of the Slate Senate,
with a view to a consultation and interchage of
opinion In regard to the great questions now be
fore the country, fanolriny in thtir lolutlon Ihe
further eeatintMnce ,f the Unit of the Statte,
and after mature) consideration,' came to
unanimous opinio that tht following prop isitions
contain a far as they extend, a correct consti
tutional view of Ihe subject:
1st. That It Is quite olear that the power of
the Government over the territories ot tbe Unt
ted States, is that of a trustee: tbe first and
great object of which trust Is, for tbe future
creation of eo-equal elates t and the next ob
ject is, the holding and protecting the public
domain comprised In suoh territories; for tbe
nsesnd benefit of att the citizens of 'all the
Sutes. And
3d. It Is equally olear, that the citizens of
II the States, have an eqnal constitutional
right of emigration to, or settling in, or paaeing
through any such territory of taking with them
anv nrooerty of which they are lawfully pos
sessed lo the State from whence tbey come; and
tbere is no power in tne reoerai uovemmemj
or in the people of swob, territory, to prevent tbe
Introduction or, ana tne noiaiog ana enjoying
of, any one description of property, more than
any other.
- 3d. Sovereign power must of necessity re
aide with tbe people: a esteer uu tneve no $u
verier, and we guel. They cannot alienate II
it stands first ana at tne naaaoi an nnman
powers, and most remain inalienable, otherwise
we have no republican government. t
4. The esereie of sovereignty Is another
matter. A majority or all the people oan ex
erclse it, or they can delegate Its exercise, or
eaoh parts of it as they may deem proper
Tbey have delegated tbe txtrdu of certain
treat powers to tho Federal Government, and
the) exercise of al) other powers necessary to
good government, they have delegated to the
State organizations. f .
o. Tbese delegated powere iney may moony
in tbe way and manner agreed moon in their ar
tides of compact or orsanio law; and if from
any eauee, the existing government eball fail lo
eeonretneobieotot its creation, ana we people
shall from any cause be unable to obtain sucb
just and equitable alteration as may be needed.
in the manner or mode ao pointed oat or aeeiz
nated, tbe pfenarw right or retotutien is very
properly resorted to, to revise, amend, Or recon
struct their form of government.'
6. All government is mado by the people.and
for the people. Tbe people are not made for
tba government, and tbe only object of govern
ment is seenrity for person and property. These
ar ths origin of all government.. The object
hae never ehaeged. . ....... ,
7. AstiaiOANCmztNimlirratiuato. andsot-
tllne In a territory, nnoocapied. and unclaimed
by any government, (if saeh a thing were pos
sible,) would, on arriving, nave run and oom
nlete sower and ownership. They would be
supreme arbiters over everything-. They eould
divide the land, and adopt snob government as
tney might tblnkproperr
No one eould Interfere with themt and their
sovereignty wonld be complete so long as they
maintained their Independence of all other
power But In respect to our own territories a
totally iiffftnt eft of thing exiile.
I. i n) property ,or lana on wnton tney settle,
ie owned by every other eitizen of the United
State, est well as themselves. They art but
tenants lu eooimon. 1 hey go on to a property
held In trust for all. And until a division takes
place through the agouoy of tbe United States
government, in ner disposition or tne puouo
domain, by virtue onier trust powers, no In
dividual ettisen tuistitlo to that wmouiie ocou-
P'- . '.
Mad. No citizen so emigrating and occupying!
has any power to question the right of any olh
er citizen as to the description of property he
shall bring into tbe territory; nor can he do
anything to lessen the value of auch property
Aud as to the question of proteetionof property,
we need not recur to In at tact, aa no govern
ment, whether State or Territorial, oan bare
any proper existence without the protection of
all property, and on a failure of suoh protection,
whether in state or Territory, it becomes neees
sary for a free people lo resort to the exercise
of their sovereignty, to secure that which their
nolitical organization has failed to afford.
Slh. We bold it to be erroneous to any that a
Territorial Government baa power to legislate
adversely to tbe possession and protection of
property in slaves.-
9tb. We bold It to be equally erroneous, If not
absurd, to say that the Congress ot tne United
States has power, under tbe Constitution, to
legislate slavery out ol a Territory without tbe
corresponding power to recognize -its existence
op security, within such Territory.
10th. We hold tbat tbe Congress of the
United States, possessing but a part even of the
trust power, bus oo control whatever over the
subject of negro eltrery Id any territory of the
United States.
11 lb Tbe question hs arisen as to what time
the people of a territory of the United States,
should have the right to exercise suoh rights of
sovereignty , as are adequate to tne eeiaoiisn
ment ol a State government for territories.
The Constitution fixes no time, or evvnt, or
epoch. Aud wo can see no just reason why
thev should have tbe right to exeroise that pow
er until tbey are competent in numbers to meet
tbe constitutional rtquiremeuts oi a state.
A late Attorney General advances an opin
ion which we cannot adopt: It is
"That the neoulo of a territory mutt wait umil the
greet powers of a toverolsn Stale are repulaily ''confer
red upon men, ana property --nmuea, - so 10 pre
vent the iross abases, which alwais accompany unie-
strlcled power In human hsods!"
lie evidently looks souiewnere eise man to
tbe people for tbe residence of sovereign power.
We liiiuk tbat tbe period for the exorcise ol
this sovereignty, might very properly be fixed
by population; and to arrive, whenever tbe peo
ple of a territory snail oe in numoere, equal to
the ratio of represeutatioi in tbe House oi
Reoresentatives of the Congress of tbe I'niledf
States; and having created, and adopted an oil
ganio law, conforming to tbe requirement of
tbe Uonsttiauon, wouiu toen,anu not tut inei,j
be of right, in the full xercise ol eovereigo
power, equal to tbat or tbe people ol any oto
er ot the Statee of he Union.
13 It would be against all Constitutional
right, and repugnant to every pnuciple of jus
tice, if in the creation of such State Govern
ment, the people in convention having decided
that the holding ol negro elaves lo tbe Sute,
should be prohibited, bhould fail to make the
adequate provision far tbe protection of the own
er of such slaves, thi n cziv.ine within ibe lim
its of such State, against all loos, or linbility of
loss, in cjnsequeuce ol such determination.
13. The Constitution of the United Sutes,
and the laws of Congress, are rquilly in force
in a Territory as in a Slate; end consequently,
the same proiectlou of slave property exists in a
Territory as iu a Sute. Ti e operations of the
fugitive law are equal, a. d too duties of tbe
Marshal and the Court arc identical; and,
whenever the Federal Government shall have
afforded protection to person aud property in
a Territory, and nave providea tor tne execu
tion of her trust, aa here set forth, the has per
formed her duties, and exhausted ber powers.
11. All crooerly known saauch to the Coostl
tutton and laws ot the United States, or lo tbe
Constitation and laws o. any bUlo, can be ta
ken by the emigrant to any teiritory,aod there
held under tho protection of tbe Constitution
and laws of the United states; and no power
exists on the part of a Territorial Government
or the people, to prevent the introduction and
holding ot such property whilst such Territorial
Government exists.
15. Ws think that our Democratic Mends In
some of the elaveholding States have committed
error lo not bavins: sought relief irom tne griev
anoee of which they complain, by a demand upon
the Federal Government for a rigid enforcement
of the Fugitive laws, and by proposing and ad
voaatine auch amendment to the Constitution
as would specifically remedy existing defects,
and make plain all doubtful rights and powers
and duties, previous to their having resorted to
the last great remedy for politloal and personal
injustice. It would surely have looked better
in history, It they had exhausted the conatitu
tional means of redress, bofore they bad appeal
ed to the ever existing power of revolution.
The Democracy of Delhi la placing these
views before their fellow citiiens at this time,
ssek not to urge upon their consideration any
new Constitutional doctrine, but tbey fully be
lieve that their judgement as. herein expressed,
will, whenever cases Involving tba legal and
Constitutional questions noted, are brought be
fore the Supreme Court of the United States for
adjudication, be ooonrtned and austained.
Tbe startling events that are now rising Into
being, and forming on of the moat appalling
epochs of the world's history, are but the inevit
able conteqnences of the aggressive actions of a
political party, apparently reekless of all conse
quences resulting from 'the indulgence of a fa
natical treed blended with a criminal ambition.
And it now rests with Ibe Demooraoy of tbe
Sute ol Ohio, acting, we trast, in nnison with
onr patrlotio neighbors of .Kentucky and Vir
ginia, and the Democratic maaaea of tba border
Sutes. and uniting with every true man whore-
ever fonnd, to allay the storm and tarn aside its
angry waves; not by tbe Impotent threat ol vio
lence, bet by tbe Irristible power of truth and
FRIDAY, January 18
Mr. HARRISON, from the Judiciary com
mktefl. renorted back
S. B- No. 198 To repeal all special acts of
Incorporation which have not been accepted or
acted on.
On motion, the rules were suspended and said
bill was cassed.
. A message was received from the Governor,
transmitting tne resolution or tne new xora
Legislature, relative to national anairs, winoa
were laid upon tne tame ana oracrea to oe print
Air. GARFIELD presented the following
lution. which was unanimously adopted:
RteoXnri. by the General Assembly of the
State of Ohio, Tbat tbe Governor la hereby an
thorizrd and requested to tender an Invitation to
Abraham Lincoln, President elect, of tbe United
Sutes, to visit tbe Capital of this State, on his
way to Washington to enter upon the duties of
bis office.
Mr HOLMES, from a majority of the special
committee to whom was referred the petition of
certain Trustees of Cincinnati churches relative
to tho sale of the Catherine street burying
ground, reported by bill In accordance with the
request of said petitioners. '
Mr. GLASS moved to reconsider the Vote by
which tbe Senate decided last wben it adjourn
ed it should be nntil 3 o'clock Monday after
noon, on which motion the ayes and noea were
demandod and resulted, ayes 13, noes 12. The
President voted aye, so eaid motion prevailed .
A call of the Senate was aenvtnaei ana m
Senators answered to tbelr names. Several ab
sent members were excused
On the original motion, that when the Senate
adjourns It be till 3 o'olock on Monday, the vote
was, yeas II, nats 13.
On motion of Mr. COLLINS, the Senate
agreed tbat when It adjonrnrd It should be nntil
3 o'clock on Monday yess 13, tsys 8 ..'
It was ordered that tho resolutions lntraauced
by Mr. KEY, Hat'.f e to national anMrs, be
printed. ' ' " ' '-
Senate aojonrrea , ,...
A call of tbe House waa had, when 76 mem
bers answered to their names.
Mmari.VOCI3.iid DEVORE were appointed
on Ibe part of the House, on the committee of
uonlerenoe on tne matter oi ainsrence oo o- o.
No. J81- soaking partial appropriations for 1861.
Tbe following bills were read a second time,
and referred as indicated t
H. B No.SC4Td amend sections 3. 5 and 6
ot the aet for the encouragement of Agricultu
ral Societies Committee on Agriculture.
ii n. no. voo to amend section 157 or tbe
Justices' Code Judiciary.
u. is. mo, lieu tor the distribution of docu
ments to school libraries Schools and School
Lauds. '': . . ... .
S. B. No. 183 -To amend section 13 of the
School law of February 31, 1848 Schools and
School Lands.. . . ,
Tbe following notices of intention to intro
duce bills were given:
By Mr. DEVORE To regulate Banks and
By Mr. Musson To confer criminal iurisdlo
tion in minor caBes on the Probate Court of
Champaign county.
Tbe following"bills were introduced and read
tbe nrst time:
II. B. 299 by Mr. MONAHAN For the
surrender of the leases on See. 16, Brown town
ship in Athens county, and granting a deed
for the same.
' II. B. 300-by Mr. BURR To amend Seats
9,11, 14, and 15 of an act to punish oertain
Crimea. '
H.B. 301 To amend the aotof Feb. 17, '57,
relating to Inspections. - -
. Mr. DAVIS from tbe committee on Roads
and Highways, reported back H. B., relating to
tbe dutioa ot supervisors of Koads and recom
mended tbat the same be indefinitely postponed,
wnicn alter a motion to reter, was adopted, and
tne mn inaenniteiy postponed.
Mr. Piiuti, irom tbe oommitlee oa corpora'
tious othtr than municipal, reported back
House Bill relating to the organization of
churches, and recommended that itbe engross
ed tor a intra reading.
This bill provides tbat in incorporated religi
ous societies, votes involving secular corporate
action shall be Ihe adult male members ouly.
Mr. RUKENBROD explained tbe objects of
tne bin, and the necessity for its passage.
Mr. BL'RR objected tbat it prohibited female
members from voting, and moved that it be
referred to a select emnmittoeof three.
Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, favored the refer
ence, and hoped tho committee would so shape
It aa to admit females uf legal age to vote.'
Mr. STEADMAN concurred In favoring tbe
relorm. .
Mr. RUKENB.tOD maJe no objeotion lo the
tight to vote being given females; but lie would
like to arrive at some definite point on the sub -
ITie bill was tften referred
Mr. BROWNE, of Miami, offered a resolu
tion directing the committee on Publie Build
ings to report a bill lor removing all buildings
and materials used in boring the Artesian Well,
which was laid over lor discussion,
' Mr. HILLS offered the following resolution,
which was laid over for discussion.
Whirsas: The Legielature of this State did.
on the twelfth Inst , in passing, almost unani
mously, a series of resolutions setting forth the
views! and position of Ohio oo the present state
of national affairs, array itself on tbe siJe of
the Constitution end perpetuation ot the Union,
Then-tore be it
Rnohed, That we deem it inexpedient at this
time to eutertein propositions of any kind, seek
ing to entuuglH our Slato in Joint action or com
promise tni'. States entertaining views and arms
h'.'Biile.nr at varience with the purposes set forth
in said series of resolutions, but tbe friends of the
Union everywhere may rest assured they shall
find in the hearts of Ohio's sons and daughters
a kindly fraternal response to their love and de
votion, of that other eaying dear to every true
American heart, "Union and Liberty, now and
forever, one and inseperable."
Mr. Hl'l UHCUCK offered tbe following res
olution, which was laid over for discussion.
WniaXAB, By the annual report of tho Quit
ter Master General, it appears that there are
puUio armsot any description in the State, less
than autncient lor tee arming ot eight thousand
men, and,
Whkxaas, Tbe present threatening clmds
which lower around our national political hori
aon, warn u, however unwillingly we may give
heed to it, to the speedy development of the
military resources of the State, and,
W usaEAS, There are said to be a large number
of convicts in tbe Ohio Penitentiary, idle, for
want of aoy employment In manufacturing, at
wmen tney can ne prontsDiy engaged,
Therifore, Rtedvtd, That tbe committee on
the Penitentiary be instructed to Inquire into
tbe propriety ol making such provision and ar
rangements aa shall be necessary to provide for
the employment of suoh oooviots ss are not other
wise profitably employed In the manufacture of
fire arms for the use of tho State, end what will
bo tbo probable extra expense for machinery, in
oronrto wore; two nunarea nanas
Mr. MYERS offered Ihe following resolution
which was laid over for discussion.
WmagAS, tbe -Constitution of the United
Statee, article 3d, lections 1, provides tbat each
State ahall appoint, In such manner as the Lei?.
islature thereof may direct, a number of elect-
tors equal to tbe whole number of senators and
representatives to which the Mtate may be en
titled in the Congress, and
Whisias, the laws of tbe State of Ohio pro
vide that the several electors for President and
Vice President shall be chosen by the people of
tbe State collectively ; and
VVuiaxis, believing It to be more democratic
to apportion tne btate for electors lor Presl
dent and Vice President, as it is now apportion'
ed ferjmembeis of Congress,
Be it therefore resolved:
That the Judiciary committee are hereby re
quested to inquire into the expediency of the
above contemplated changes in tbe manner of
choosing eleotors for frentdent aud Vioe Presi
dent iu this State, and report their conclusions
to this House at their earliest convenience, by
bill or otherwise. s. i .'
Mr. BALDWIN offered a resolution provi
ding tor meeting at nine O'cioot a. iu , which
waa laid over for discussion .-
Mr. SCOTT of Warren, offered a resolution
to dispense with the printing of a daily ealleo
der lor tne nous, wnion was laid over for dis
On motion of Mr. CHASE, the resolution of
Mr. Hitchcock, providing stated adjournments
during tbe session which provides for adjourn'
ment to-day till Monday next, from Fil iey,
rob. lath, till tbe Monday following, and on
Friday, March 1st, till tbe following Monday,
waa taaen up.
Mr. CARLISLE demanded a division ol tbo
question, so ss to provide only for tbe first ad
jonrnment, on which tho yeas and nays were
demanded, which resulted yeas VJ, nsysol.
. Tbe second part of tbe resolution was adopted
yeas 41, nays 33.
Tbe third part of the resolution was disagreed
to yeas 33, nays 57. , . ,
The House concurred with tbe Senate In the
adoption of tbe resolution invitng Abraham
Lincoln, to call at this Capital, ou his way to
Washington City yeas 56, nays 18.
The House then adjourned. .. . ,,t
On Friday evening, Inst., too
S. and Elisabeth H. rtunter, aged S yoars and 3 months.
Funeral to take place at their residence, No. 128, West
Third street, on Sunday the Mth Inst., at 9 oclock P. M.
Prioo of Goal Reduced!
LOW as snv other dealer. I therefore will an
nounce to tlie elitiens of Columbus, that I will furnish
the best quality of coals at die following prices:
flocking.... 10 cents per Btuh
Cambridge , 10 do do da
Zsnesvllle v do do do
Tard and oICi. Ill, South Third Street, neir (be See
oud t resbterlao Church.
i a. DariuvVT, egeni
Oaluubus, Jan. 10. dlw
Sirs nillUnil V AND XUI'SDV V EVIlft'
J IX4JS. ntT. o'clock. Temperance addresses will be
delivered ty J. Oeddes Esq , of Cincinnati, at llieOon
gregiUional church. On Tuesday evening, members of the
the Temple of Honor, will attend in loll regalia, and the
feature and oljerte, of, their order will l presented,
leaving tneir Han at v o clock jirciseiy.
jan. iv. uxt. - .
. stock of DRY GOODS from No. 121 Sooth High
street, lo his old stand. No. 40 North High street, in
Thompson's Building, where he will be pleased to see all
hi old customers, and all new ones that may come, where
be will sell them cheap goods.
A large lot of CARPETS on hand, which will he sold
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v. U- TArT,
Jnl8:dlm Corner Tilth and Pay sts., Columbus, 0,
High Sreet Store
. rou sale.
STOP.? IIODSK. No ICS. occupied ty Akin St Em
ory Stove Dealers, completely fitted with (Gas, Furnlce
and Bolsltng Jack. The lot ia 100 by 80, end is ctfertd
on reasonable terms. Apply to . . ...
Jan7-dfel No. 33, North Third Street.
Norwich Fire Insurance Company,
tut o.l at in tha Auditor of stlito. nuraUaVllt to tfa
itfttut of that Sute, entitled "An Mtto reguUW Idbu-
... s l.....AMsu.l a., ska iliala Af 11 iln1
f&OOej UMnpftlllCH. nut mt.iivrpu vj ui ft"
passed April 8, 1KII.
1st. The name of the Company Is.The Norwich Fire In
surance Company, and Is located at Norwich, Uon-
2J, The amount of Its capital stock Is $200 00 00
ad. The amount of it capital stork paia up is aiu.mi wi
4th. 11 A88GTT3.
i . Cash of the Company on udu.
2. Oasn m tne nanae w, u
from agents
3. Beal Estate unincumbered none.
4. The bonds and stocks owned by
the Company as per voucnera
accompanying how secured,
and the rate of interest there
on, to wit:
Shares, -
NorwlckBnkBtock,Norwlchr,000 00 ,3,700
l?ll Thames
do do 17 000 00 19.550
7 Merchant
Sii Phoenix
liiO Union
J 00 American Ks
SO Atlantio
7t rnntinental
do do l.llcO 00 I.
rt H.rtford 3.600 UO 3 600
rt Aimnv lo.ouoeo IU 000
do N. Y. 10,000 00 fl,5U
do do S.OtMJ UO 3.500
do 7,500 w 8.05
do 5,UUU 00 4.750
do 5.000 00 4,000
do 5.1(00 00 4,000
do 10 000 00 10,500
do 15 000 00 15.000
do 5.000 110 4 750
,M 111 (KM 00 10.000
50 Corn Kxcnacge do
SU Uanovei do
100 Ocean do
ino Metropolitan do
lfiO Imn'i Trader! do
100 National do
Merchants 110
Bhoe Si Lesther do
Tradesman's do
Union do
Bank of Commerce
do 5.000 00 4,1100
do 0 000 00 S.500
do 10.000 00 8,500
rir 5.000 00 4.750
do Hepublic
do 5.0110 00 5,350
U. 8. Trust Company do
5,000 00 0,000
50 Bank or Kontucky.Louisville 5,000 00
Total bonds and stokes.. C155,lr8 tO 190 335
Debts due the Company, se
cured by mortgage, ou un
locumberel Real Kstste, as
per vouohers accompany
ing. scfiEDOLE or MoaTeaess.
Amount tfortgago '
of Becord.
Loan. Vol. Page.
3 ?i3rt
I. The mortgage of Geo.
Frith fcwifeon farm in
Huron connty.Ohlo.
11X00 im
.it.CKO 00
Total morifge-....
8. Debts otherwise secured ss per
vnnnhen scomnanying, none.
7. nrhtafYir-nremtums
S3 44
U. Allotheriecuillies.
12 302 00
Total AsKtsof Ihe Company 1324.405 55
111. 1.IABIUTII8.
5th. The amount of liabilities, due ornot due
to banks and other creditors, none.. ...
Glh. Losses adjusted aud due, none
?lh I .nam dluited and notdue
81500 00
cth. Losses unadjusted..
0 000 00
5,000 00
91b. Losses in suspense, womug
10th. All other claims against the Company
Total Liabilities 114.500 00
Uth. The grestrst am't insured in any oue risk,. (5,000
i'-iih. The greatest amount allowed by the rules to be
insureu in any one vik, &unu u, village, b u.
.tinn of aaent
iiih. Th. nitest amouot allowed to be Insured In any
One l)IO0Kai ulKraiwu wt gcut, uuuer iti vi
li,h miMtlan.
H!h. 1
The amount of its capital or earnlns deposiled in
aoy other Btaie, as security ior losses tiuoreiu,
,..mlne them, with the amount In each, and
whelhersuch company transacts any business of
insurance in eatd Bute or tstates, none.
The charter, or act nf incorporation of said Com
pany, formerly seni.
Etatz or OniisacTiorT I
County of New London,) ss
A Brewster. F resident, and Ebeneser Learned, Secre
tary of the Norwich Fire Insurance Company, being sev
erally sworn, depose and say, that the foregoing is a fall,
true ana correct ,in,ni wt .? saitm v,
tbe said Oompany that the said InsaraooeCorapany is
tfc kn, fliia owner oi ai lean une nunarea -i aousan u
tinii.r. of actual cash capital Jnvesed in Stocks and
Bonds, or in Mortgages on Keai ssiaie, worm aouoie
the amountfur which the same is mortgaged; that Ike
above described Investments, nor any pan ineroor.are
made for the benent oi any inaivrauai exercising auiuui
n iu the manscemenl of said company, either as Presi
dent, Secretary, Treasurer, Director, or otherwise; that
the mortgage, above uescnoea nave not ueeu bibikucu,
nor In in, mxnnsr released or impired bv said Company,
and that they are the aboTe desoiibed officers of said In
surance Company.
A. BREWSTER, resident.
Subscribed and sworn before me this 15th day of Jan
UAry.iSCl. ....... BAV,DV0tJ(!Oi
Justice of the Peace.
O.-rice or thc AcniToa or Stat, j
Columbus, 0. January 17th, IrJCt )
r. nnbart ff.Tavler. Auditor of State do certify that
ih (nroine is correct cony of the statement of the
condition of the Norwich Fire Insurance Oompany, made
lo this office for tbe year mi.anu now on niencrem,
Witness my bsad and seal officially,
l.t.l U W.TATLER,
Auditor of State
Certitlcate of Aulborlty.
- To Exutre on the 31it of January, 1B03 )
Auditor c r 8 iiti's Orrici,
icx, 1
m. )
Cnlnmlus, Ohio, January 17, 1W1
Whereas, the Norwich fire Insurance Oompany. loca
cated at Norwich, In the Bute of Oonneetlcut, lit died
In this office a sworn statement of its condition, as re
quired by the Srt section of the act "To regulate Iusur
ance Comnsnles not incorporated by the State of Ohio."
pasted April 8th, 1850; and, Whereas, said Company has
furnished the undersigned ratisfactory evidence that It is
possessed of at least One Uundred Thousand Dollars f
actual capital, inresiea in stocus, gr in douus, or in mori
nues of real estate worlh double tbe amount for which
the same Is mortgaged; and, Whereas, said Company has
filed In this office a written Instrument under its corpo
rate seal, signed hy the President and Secretary thereof,
authorising any agent oraisnts of said Company in this
State to acknowledge service of process for and In behalf
of said Company, consenting that such service of process
shall be taken and held to be as valid as If served upon
the fjeopany, according to the laascf this or any other
nunc, ana waiving ail cisim vr rigiu ui errur, vj reason
of such acknowledgment of service.
Now, Therefore, in pursuance of the first section of the
aforesaid acl, I, Robert W. Tayler, Auditor of Stale, for
the State of Ohio, do heretiy certify that uld Norwich
Fire Insurance Company Is anlhuraed to transact the
business of fire insurance in mis Bute unut me tnirty
flrst day of Jannary, lo the year one theusand eight bun
dred and sixty-two.
In Witness Whereof. I bare hereunto sub
scribed my nsmg, and caused the teal ef my
oujoe to be afuxed, the dsy and year above
written. : K. W. TAlLSn,
Audi or of State.
FRED'K J. FAY, Agent,
Office In Carpenter's Building,
In view ct mailag a change In our concern, we will
eser o;ir
Monday, tie Uth da; of January,
'AT '
O: O -S T1 S
Tljls Stock of Coeds ii now admitted to be (he most
desirable In Ihe Centre of the Stat-:, and offers a rare op
portunity to Home Keepers and others for pnrehulng
their supplies. .
The whole Stock will be sold without reserve, sxctpt
los - "
, Columbos. January 12, ISC,"' ' p. BAIN.
johnh. stekLev
will attend lo the
All orders left at the OIEce of th Stattima will be
promptly attended to: , " ' Janll-tf
Holiday Presents.
ly 26 cent a yard. Rich Fancy Bilks at 50 cents
yard. : : ,.ci .. . .
dertO No. 99 South High Street..
North American Fire Insurance Co,
I860, mule to the Auditor of the Stale of Ohio,
pursuant to the natute of thai state. -
1st. The name of this Company le the North American
fire Insurance Company, Incorporate! May, 1H57,
" " and located in the city of Hartford, Connecticut.
2d. The amount of Its capital stock is 1300,00 00
'i i. The mouni ot in ciDital stock actually
DSld un In cash Is 300 (KO 00
4h. ASSETTd.
1. Cash on hand and lo bank, viz:
In Company's nffloe 92,103 90
In Fhieulx Bank ... 17,833 31
In Exchange Bank 20,000 00
I. Cash tn bands of agent and in
course of transmission, re-
foAiAA tnr nmmluma thlB
,er U.WM 00 !4
3. Real Kstate none
4. Bonds owned hy the Company,
- viz:
ParVal. ilnrketVal
Ohio State 6 percent Bo.ids $10,000 10,000 00
Mihmn HikiaD ner cent Bonds 5.000 5.100 00
Hartford City 6 per oent Bonds 7.000 7,280 OO
do do do do do 13,100 13,520 00
Missouri State 0 per cent Bonds 10.000 6 000 00
Ht.l. fi ner cent Honill 10.000 7.550 00
$55,0011 $50,350 00
Total Bonds ..$50,350 00
5, Bail Road Stocks owned by the
flomDanv. viz:.. ..........
100 shares Hartford and New Par Vat. Market Vl
Haven R. B. Co $10,000 00 14 ,000 00
75 shares I.Y. Central R R .
Company 7,500 00 5.7C0 00
Total R. R. Stocks $17,500 00 $10,700 00
0. Debts to the Oompany secured by mort
gages, being first lien of record on un
incumbered Real Estate in Ihe State
of Connecticut worth at least $8,000
on whioh there Is less than one lear'a
Interest due and owning $4,100 00
7, Debts otherwise secured loans on stocks
No Shares. Par Market Amount
Value. Value. Loaned.
n Samun Ac Mech's
Bank, Hertford... $500 00 $500 00 $500 00
IA Mercantile Bank of
Hartford 1,400 00 1,378 00 1,350 00
S Merchants Bank of
Hartford 5(0 00 400 00. 4r0 00
10 CM Bank of
Hartford 1,000 00 1,130 00 1,000 00
S3 Charter Oak nana
Hartford 2 200 00 2.310 00
15 Phccnlx Bank of i 3.735 00
Uartlord 1,500 00 1,500 00 )
IP. Hartford CoUDtv
Dank 900 OO 900 GO 450 00
.'Jl TTartfnril Oountv
Bank 2,500 00 2,500 OU 2,440.90
1? aiA.u.hanta Ac Man
ufacturers Bunk 1,700 00 1,700 00 1,224 80
10 Merchants et Man
ufacturers Bank 1,000 00 l.OtOOO 40104
fi .T'.lna Hank Hart
ford 500 00 S40 00 500 00
21 Stats Bank Hart
ford 3,100 00 3,415 00 3 453 20
3 Mercantile Bank
Hartford 300 00 S04 00 300 00
10 Plicenix Insurance
Oo. Hartford.... 1,000 00 1,150 03 OGO 00
5 Homo Bank Merl-
den 500 00 500 00 400 00
QUO Dank Ohio Vallev
Cincinnati Ohio 10,000 00 11,000 00 7,537 91
Total amount loaned on above itocks. ... $23,782 91
8. All other securities ere, Bank
Stock owned by the Co.,
No Shares Tar Val. Jlarket Val
Phccnlx Bank New York $5,000 00
4,b00 00
Me i chants Bank
2,500 60
2,400 00
5,400 00
4,550 00
5,100 OU
4,700 60
Metropolitan Bank
Continental Bank
Bank of America
American Exchango
5.000 00
5,000 00
S 000 00
5 OoO (10
3.OU0 00
2.700 00
0,000 OO
5.100 00
U.WM) 00
19.800 10
Atlantic Baok
rJlarkatone Bank
Boston 10,000 00
5,000 00
10.IIOO 00
20.000 CO
7,600 00
10,000 00
10 000 00
National Bank ' "
Bank of the Republic "
Maverick Bank "
Hide at Leather "
Safety Fund Bank 11
7,425 Oil
10,000 00
9,900 00
4,850 00
11,803 00
11504 00
5,000 OO
Charter Osk Baok Hertford 1 1.300 00
Mercantile Bank
ii,w) tw
City Bank
Exchange Btnk
Farmer St Mechanics
Hartford Bank
Merchants Ss Mft'a
JEtna Bank
FhceolxBank '
4,51(0 00
10,750 00
10,100 00
3,00 00
11,100 00
10.500 00
30,000 00
5,085 00
II Vo l 00
11413 00
4,416 00
11,100 00
11.340 00
20,000 00
Total Bank Stock $:01,250 00 $204,045 50
9. Amount of Interest' (except on mortga
ges,) accrued but not due $1,309 33
10. Amount accrued cut not due on mort
gagee, 1. $44 78
II. Amount of premiums due and unpaid
which are entirely good.... $112 50
Total a:sete of the Company......;..... "$356,493 26
(Memorandum) The loregoing an December panio
prices, and show an atrrrecete reduction since Novem-
lair 1st, 1800, of $12,22 50. From the reliable char
ter of the Assets we have entire confidence that they will
spceuny rauy to former prices.
The amount of the liabilities, due or not
due, to banks and other creditors of
the Co. none.
Losses adiusted and due none.
do do do notdue $0,845 31
do unadjusted 15,815 00
All other claims against the Company,
none, excepting a suull amount for .
Total amount of liabilities $22,080 31
Amouot of risks in force, Dec. 31, 1800,
having by average about C months to
run $10,50-3.400 00
Amount of premiums received thereon 127,371 53
The greatest amouot huured in any one
risk is ,.. $3,000 00
lxceptiDg in special cases. J
The greatest amount allowed by tne
rules of the Oompany to be Insured
to any one city, town or village
No rule have been adopted De
pends upon its site and character. .
The greatest amount allowed to be in
eured in any one block no rules
adopted depends upon construction
oi prestisss.
The amount deposited in other State
and counties under the law tbeieni,
' for the security of Ihe Pulley liold-
eis nothing.
The Charter Acl of Incorporation of
tne Uompany a certified copy sent
21. Power of Attorney authorizing agente
of the Company to acknowledge '
lerrioeof process Ave., Is sent hete
wllh. - - A F. HASTINOB. President.
.... WM. 0. HASTINUS, Secretary
Hartford County, j ' .
IlaRrroin Conn ,
. Janusn Olh. Itdi.
Personally appeared, A. F, UasUnK. President, and
Wo O. liastiugs, Secretary, of the North American
Fire Insurance Company, and made oath that the fore
going statement by mem subscribed, Is a true, full and
correct statement of the affairs of said Oomnany. and ex-
hlblts sofar asoan be ascertained at this date, it actual
nonunion on uie tnirty-nrstaay oi irecemoer, louu. -In
witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hud and
affixed my cfflolal seal, at my office In Uartfjrd, Stat of
EDWIN GOODUAN, Commissioner.
Appointed hy the Governor of Otib aud
sial . residing in theelty of Hartford and Blabs
or Vouuectlcut.
Orrici or tui Auditor or Stats.
Columbus. Ohio. Jan. 14. 111.
I, Robert W. Tayler, Auditor of State, do hereby cer
tify that the foregoing ia a correct oopy of the statement
of the condition of lb North American lire Insurance
Company of Hartford, Conn., made to this office for the
year 80l, and now on file herein.
Witness my hand and Seal officially.
it. W. TAYLER,
am. Auditor of Slate;
Dy 0. Culi, Chief Clerk
Certificate of Authority.
(To expire on the 31st day of January, 18G2 )
Auditor of Statx's Orrici, j
Columbus. Ohio. Junuarv 14. 1801. 1
ANCE COMPANY, located at Hartford in the State of
Connecticut, has filed In this office a sworn statement of
in condition, as required ny tne Brat sec ton of the aet
"lo regulate insureuc companies not Incorporated by
tne ntate.oi uuio," passea April s, km; ana, w marts,
said company has furnished ths undersigned satisfactory
evidence that It is possessed of. at least on hundrei
thousand dollars of actual capital Invested In itasks, or
in bonds, or In mortgages of real estate, worth double the
smount for which the sane mortcaaed: and, Wonkas
saia oompany nas niea in misotuce written instrument
under iu corporate seal, signed by the President and
Secretary thereof, authorirlog any agent or agent of
said company in thit (Mate, lo acknowledge service of
process, for and In behalf of said oompany, eonsootlnc
that such servlc of process shall be taken and held to
be as valid a If serred upon the company, eooordins to
III law of this or any other State, and waiving all claim
or right of error, by reason ot such acknowledgement of
service, ''...-
Now, therefor, In pnrtutnee of lh first section of the
aforesaid set, I, Robert w", Tayler, Auditor of Stat for
the Btat or Ohio, do hereby certify, that said North
American ' Fir Insurance Oompany, of Hartford, Is au
thorised to transact the Dullness of Fire nd Mario In
surance, In till State, until In thirty -first day of Jan
uary, ia ths year one thousand eight hundred and sixty
two. .
In Witness Whereof, I hive hereunto subscribed my
" i name and caused th seal of toy office lo b
i alQxed Ihe day and year above written.
" ' ' ' Auditor ot State. ,
V,'1 11 ' By 0. Coca, CuM Clerk.
l -., ' ' ." OntaCarpntr'f BulUleg', '
Jhl$llw'r' ' '" C0lcHBCt,OHI0
rr all THHO.t r aod
inclndlD WIIOOriNU
COVOI,, ana sverr
Cemplalnt tbe farernsa
ner of, and even actual
ural OPIAFKi adapted
to every speclea of Nsr.
TSUI i;e,viaie"T
TOLU Uoue osid Chronic
v 1 mm . as Isall ana aa
and Car Ach, Lo ol
ANODYHE. plaluta.
No real Justice can ha dona the sliore n reparation l
but by procuring and reading descriptive pamphlets.;
be found with all dealers, or will be sent by Proprietor
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clans, who will find development In both worthy their
acceptance and approval.
- uorresponaence solicited from all whose necessities or
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For sal hy Ihe usual wholesale and ratal! dealer
No. 9 Commercial Wharf, Bastes, Mass
Roberta St Samuel. N. B. Mamie, J. R. Cook. J. Al
Denlir, G. Deniv Si Sons, A. J. Bchueller fc Bon, Agent
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the reach of competition in (he estimation cf every pa
tient. Dr. MoCat's Phoenix Bitten will be found equally ct
flcaclous In all cases of nervous debility, dyspepsia, bead
ache, the sickness Incident to females tn delicate health.
aod every kind of weskneu ct th digestive organs.
For sale by Dr. W. B. MOFFAT, 335, Broadway, N. Y.
and by ail Druggist. myi3-dtwU
The fallowing ii an exttaot frcm a
letter written by Ihelev. J. 8. Holm, paster o. the
Plerrepolnt-Streat Baptist Church,' Brooklyn, N. Y.,tc
the "Journal and Messenger," Cincinnati, 0. , acd speaks
volume Id favor of that world-renowned medicine, Mas
Wihslow's Soothhio STarr roa Chujjrdi Taxthino:
"W see an advertlsment la your columns of Mai
WtrisLow' BooTnuio Btrvf. Now we never said a word
In favor of a patent medicin before In our life, but we
feel compelled lo say to your readers that this Is no hum
bug wihavxtriid it, ad a iow it to si all it
claims. It Is probably one of the most successful medi
cine of the dsy, kecause it is one of the best. And those
of your reader who hare bable can't do better than
lay In a supply." . oc37:lyd-'
Wm. A. Eatcheler'i Hair Dye!
The Original and Best In tne Worldl
All others ar mere Imitations, asd should be avoided
If you wish to escape ridicule.
CRAY, RED OR RCSTY HAIR Dyed Instantly to a
beautiful and Natural Brows or Black, without Injury to.
awaided to Wm. A. Batcholor since 1839, sod over 80,00
application have been mad (o th Hair of his patron
of bis famous dye.
WM. A. BATCUBI.OR'S HAIR DY1 produces a ool
or not to be distinguished from nature, and I warranted,
not lo injur in the least, however long it may be contin
ued, and th 111 effect of Bad Dye remedied; thtHMi
Invigorated for Ufa by (hi splendid Dy.
Bold In all cities and town of th United State
Druggist and Fancy floods Dealers.
llJTh Genuine has th nam and address upon a iteel
plat engraving on four side of eaoh box, of WILLIAM
JyH wly b 1 Barclay street. Mew York.
To Consumptives.
The Advertiser, having been restored to health In a few
weeks by a very simple remedy, after havings uffereds.
ral years with a severe lung affection, sod tbat dread
disease. Consumption Is anxious to make known to hi
fellow sufferer tbe mean of sure.
To all who desire it, he will send s copy of tbe p resell)
tlon used (free of charge), with th direction for preps
Ing and using the same, which they will And a scan f)B
for CoxsoMmoK, Astiiiu, Broxchitts, lie. The only
object of the advertiser la sending tbe Prescription 1 to
benefit the afflicted, and spread Information which he con
ceives lo be Invaluablo, and he hope every sufferer will
try bis remedy, as It will eost them nothing, and may
prove a blessing.
Parties wishing the prescription will please address
William sbuWh,
King County, New York.
W. A. Batchelor'i Hair Dye!
This splendid Hsir Dye ha no equal Instantaneous In
effect Beautiful Black or Natural Brown no atalnlng
Ihe skin or InJ urfng th Hair remedies the absurd and II
effect of Did Dye, and Invigorate th hair for life.
Nona are genuine unless signed "W. A. Batchelor."
Sold everywhere.
CHAS. BATOHELOR, Proprietor,
Jyl2:wl7 81 Barclay Street, New York.
for the INSTANT RBLntF'
distressing complaint a
' lEW DT'S
Made by 0. B. B1YMOUR CO., 107 Naaaa SU, M. Y-
we i par roi, sent iree by post.
eaai-a-datwlyt ,,r;
Saturday Evening, January 19th'.
LAUD otherwise called EVENING: IN I BELAUD.
"An Exhibition lllnstrntlnw the semen fl that beaut!-
ful (ouotry in s aerie of views painted from nature, rep.
representing th principal Cities, Castle! Lakes.
Churches, Natural Curiosities, Rivtrs,' Ac
Each seen is aecomDanlarl he vocal and Instrumental
music selected from the Immortal Irish Melodies and
executed by a company of artiste, Including . ... i-t
Miss KATE MAO iiVOY, She gifted Bophrano, .
Mlit MARIN, The accomplished Harpist, "-. . 4
Master JOHN SPALDING, (he talented, delineator
, of Irish Character. , . (
vim TIIIBCLA, tbS youthful eomrrilM.t.
' CHAS. AO SVOY.thspanUt
i. '-' - i '"'f
Admission . - - , xo ots,
New styles and very sheapat fiAIN'B",
ov. no. xv Sontanighetrtet.

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