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oat A
The Democratic State Convention.
The DeiuoemliuFvei,ti"n Bel t,,U
mortal, Ann. iJ. ..,!? l"tk
Oo,r.treiernhrta.v lormer .xcislou in be
.... ;;L:.-.B. i.d we lave attended
SB! tw-' J , ,
r ... .1- rwnnioiis tf ilio parly during
uoai ui t .
that time) to liv seen' so mny ai.lenU.I true
reor-rwUO?4 tnn uf the eni.veu.l lo-
Sthr In S'ate eounr.il.. . ( ,
X,ll' utiiver.tl nJ oidwit trrliug
areor,g..Jve Delegate, fnr so anjortiiieel f our
preeut national lroiiWe., ""'s ""
do justice lo all eer.liun..nd P'"' oor
on Union.. , - . - ... i.i
The predlop M.fr hJ UUT
when our paper went to rrewillbefco. io,b
.opropriai. place la o..r oolurm- A full report
of the doings of the Convention will be jmb
llshr d tomorrow.' ' .i
The Democratic State Convention. Trouble in the Republican Camp at Springfield
Illinois—The President Elect in the
Illinois—The President Elect in the Hands of His Friends—They are likely to
Kill him off Before the 4th of March.
YVe take the JollovflDK article from the Cin
cinnati fnfrCflof yesterday morning, which
shows that the aituioa of 'f Honest Old Abe
Is perilous Indeed :. .'' ' .
Oat correspondence from Springfield, II inois,
.howl that the President elect to more loselv
Garnered by office-seeker., than Myw An-;
usTbyste Secessionists. Every section o
th" North seems to nave iu oUjh.og cliques of
. Ihose who were supporter, of
who ere now urgently seeking luclr rewara.
The State, of llW. Indiana. 01
svlvania, ere most troublesome. Ibe Judd and
3 e en&Judd cliqu,. of Illinois are rend,Dg
each other. The Caleb Smith and the antt Ca
Ub 8kh delegation, from Ind ana, ere in pur
suit of each other in the street o. hprmg
held. The Chase and anti-Chase em
imrin from Ohio are in v.goron. opton
The Cameron and anti-Cameron cohorts of
Pennsylvania are in full career against each
other.' The diap.tch which we rece.ved from
oar eor-wpondent at Springfield lust niht, In
S?cates that the cr.eh of clique, and the wreck
or the hope, of ambitions prtiMM, about Mr.
Lincoln. 1. becom.ng nlmoH tnauffcrable. Mr.
L. is called upon to instruct bis Iriendi in Con
Krees what to do in this crisis, and towta
choice between half a dozen competitors for
Cabinet eppointments. at one aud the jsanie
time. Hemightas well proceed to Washing
ton at once, for there is evidently to be no peace
for him at home henceforth. He might not be
so sorely beset in Washington, where they
know bow to manage the bore, of distinguished
men, a. in Springfield, where the solitary great
man is considered uoderobliRations to graut in
terviews to all comers. We learn tnae Mr.
Lincoln has alreidy lost .omething of that elas
ticity of spirit for which he ba. been distin
BuUhed, and that be is pale, anxious end ab
itrac ed, thongh cheerful in his cowc.ousness
or rleht intentions, and bopefnl of returning
reason in nia eonmryraru. . --
rcsponsibiUlios of his eituaiion and the perils
nd trial or the unknown but poteutoos luture
ioinedtotbeharraiooutof offios hunters and
crowds of the earione, bear heivily upon him,
oporess his miod with th deepest cnocern, and
tax bis capacities for endurance severely.
Kill him off Before the 4th of March. Seizure of United States Forts and their Cost.
The following forte have been seized by the
order or the respective State, in which tney are
severally lonted and are now In trie possession
or the secessionists:
- . iifi at
v - ttntrue- Oottof
-" lion and Armor
Fort Pelukl, Hivaddab.
Vort Ju lMon, Harannnb.
Fort MorRU MoMle.."
Itijxtin. mmt.
i?3 om ii
,.V.ii 1,S!I2 550
Kort uaiom, uooii
Fort Min. Unanfort, N. O....
Fort CMell, Oak ItUnd. N. C
Fort Moultrie, Uliarluloo
..I Di..bn.r. (lhflefltOQ...
Fort 8t. Fhilip, I,oaiilua....'- J-
Fort JtckwD, LouiAiu .......lu
fort Fik, LoolnUiA
ToUI. 4.IW,.W 77T.
ToUlcwitof Ut ilv elevso forliUcatiooi. .Sj5,,u.,i(.w
104 47S
41)0 01 0 4tJ 920
571 2-1 7 TH
73 301
43 K 33 MM
S03 VH 101 960
bl7 CIW 123 6ti'J
472 001 M i'ii)
DThe resent visit of Joihoa R. Giuuinos
to this city ba had its effeet upon many of the
Republican members or the Legislature, and
made them much more decided in Ibeir hostility
to any juat .ettlement, indeed any settlement
at all, of the difficulties that environ, n, short
of the complete recognition of the "rugged
U.ue," the "Irrepressible conflict," which is
nothing more nor lees in Its political operation
eodjeffect, than to insure the moat speedy dlseo
lution of the Union.- The country is rapidly
settling down in tbe opinion, that the men or the
North wh are opposed to concession and com
promise, upon some jnst and fair basis, are a.
much secs.sloni.ts and diaunionista, as tbe
chief actors in the South Carolina drama, and
when the day of reckoning come, all snob men
will be consigned to oblivion.
IT W. T. Bascom, Eq Chairman of the
Republican State Central Committee of Ohio,
is at Springfield, 111. Probably bo has gone to
lnnk fW Baieb. who is trying to prejudice
'Honest Abe'J sgainst Mr. Chase as too much
of an Abolitionist for a Cabinet appointment.
Baiib, aocordiog to the Cincinnati Commtreial,
is cutting no high.'' He has not only laid eelge
to Lincoln! but has invested U Illinois Leg
islature, and actually proposed to that body a
series of resolutions made "out of hie own
bead," for the paclfiation of the Union.' Great
is Bases! Bascom must look after him, or theie
is no telling what mischief be may do.
CT Fire States, South parolina, Mississippi,
Florida, Alabama and Georgia, have declared
themselves' out of the1 Union; Louisiana may
be expected to follow In a few days. Soon a
Southern .Centederacy will be formed, and a
President and Vice-President elected. Can
nothing be done to arrest this movement, which
is rapidly hurrying the Union to inevitable and
permanent dissolution t ': The Republicans in
Congress and in tbe State Legislatures of tbe
North, who stand still and doggedly refuse to do
anything In the way ot concession and compro
mise, will have fearful acoeaot to settle with
tbe people. : 1
1 ? " ' -
CT The Pari, correspondent of the New York
HrrwM states that, by the beginning of March,
France will possue an army of 140,000 men
ready to march at a few hours 'not ice. Betides,
tbe Imperial Guard, 40,000 strong, Is kept on a
war footing. , In addition, 400,000 men are rea
der arms lathe garrisons of the Empire.
UTTbe notorious ': Abolitionist, Wendell
Phillin, made a speech on Sunday afternoon
t tbe Music 1111, Boston. He avowed himself
disonionlst, and was glad that South Carolina
and other Southern States had practiaatly Initi
ated the disunion movement. , ; '.4 ,..., ' ,' ',, ,
i i . i -
CT The Senate haa nauimouI sonfirmed
the appolntmer jjt. M. Maaaaw, Esq., of
Maryland, Meul o Xlrpool, In place of
Beteilt Tdcxee recalled.
Large Number of Delegates in Attendance.
The Dmocraoy or Ohio met la Convention,
to dayat ton, o'clock, in Armory Hall, in tlii.
city, pursuaut to a call or the Chairman of the
Democratic State Central Cpmuiittee Df.
Mount who exiled the Couvendou to order In
a brief and appropriate speech as follows:
Fillow CiTi.tNs As chairman of the Dem
ocratic Central Committee, of the Bute of
Ohio, I, on the rcqueat of many friends from
different parts of tho State, and on consultation
with many friends of tb Union, have nailed this
Convention of Representative, of the Demo
cratic Citizens together, in these troublesome
and perilous time, in which the security of the
Union i. Involved. to eichango views wiih
each oiher, and rt fleet and deliberate, aud de
vice pome ways aud means by which the glorl
ous Union of Stales, under which we have so
loog and so well prospered, might be saved for
nnrai 1tp aud our posterity.
We have waited lone;, anxiously and patieutlr.
from some expression of purpose, aud wisdom of
action, Irom the rccentiv dominant party oi me
North, as to how tbie Unlou sbaii be preserved
aud nerneliiatcd: but as ret nothing comes from
them of difinile shape, nothiug is offered by
them bv which the citizen, of thi. Great Ke
public can have hope, in the preservation of the
Union aud the maintenance of the insti'ution.
of the conntrv.
They, then, doing nothing, proposing nothing,
I. it not wise that the great Democratic party
true lovers of the Union, should now be called
upon to act, and .to do something definite and
practical to avert the terrible evil of civil war,
and the calamity of a permanent separation of
these Statist
Gentlemen, this i. the object of the call of tbie
Convention, and may your deiiDeratioos ana
action becharaoterized by patriotism and love of
this'Uoion, and not by partisan difference, .nd
Ou motion of , Judge Thomas J. S.
Smith, of Montgomery county, was elected to
preside over the temporary organization. He
wa. conducted to the chair, and thanked the
Convention for the honor conferred upon him.
The following gentlemen were appointed tem
porary Secretaries, viz:
Jusifm Smith, of Richland county.
J. F. Wiight, of Hamilton county.
Gzo. W. Cochran, of Crawford couuty.
B. R. Runkli, of Logan county.
On motion of Gen. Powell of Hamilton
county, the Districts were called in their orJer
and reported the following committee men.
1. Tbos. Powell.
2. J. M. Dougherty.
:i. David A. Houck.
4. S. A. Leckey.
5. John Wescott.
6 T. L Ashburn. '
7. W. M.Staik.
8. Wm. Reed.
9 John Berry.
10. S. W. Shaw.
13. Steroe Chittenden.
13. W. C. Durbio.
14: D. L.Sampsel.
15. J. II. Newton.
16. John M. Henna.
17. Wm. P. Richardson
13. L. Slusser.
19. Arthur Hughes.
21. B. F. Potts.
11. Joseph Thompson,
District!. Dlltrlcti.
1. Jere Kiersted. 12. R B. Warden.
2. C. J. W. Smith 13.
3. Judge Gilmtn. 14. H. Ames.
4. A. Leckey. 15. Col. Gamble
5. D.J. Brown. 16 Amos Layman.
6. Moses J. ratterson.17. J. H. White.
7. A. R. Vancleaf.
18 J J Huffman-
8. Diuiel Synder.
9. W. E. Scbofield.
10. Wm. Newman.
19. H B Payne
21. James P. Cjllier
12. Samuel Medary. '
13 Birnabus Burns.
14. Wm. Givo.
1. Tho. M. Key.
2. A.G. W. Carter.
3. Wm. II. Miller.
4. Frauk McKinney.
f. W.J. Jackson.
6. J.J. McDowell.
7. W. H Baldwin.
8. John H. Young.
9. N. M. Jackson.
10. W. II. Ssftord.
15, Cbas. H. Mitchner.
16. C. W.Searle.
17. John Ferguson.
18. Samuel Lihra.
19. R. P. Rtnney.
21. C N.Allen
11. M. A. Dougherty.
1. Jos. E. Egley,
2. Joo. H. Gerrard,
3. Isaao Robinson,
4. Evan Baker,
5. C. L. Noble,
C. J.F. Thompson,
7. Jacob Teaty,
8. David Robb,
9. M. P. Skinner,
10. H.M.Onderdouk
11. P.Murdock,
13. Cbas. Follett,
H.W. Patterson,
O. F. Jones,
Wm. Dunbar,
A. Ball,
17. B. F. Sprlggs, '
18. 8.W. Harrlngtou
19. J. M. Coffiberry,
21. James Houston,
Appropriate places were announced lor tbe
meeting of the various committees above named,
and the Convention then took a recess until two
o'clock, P.M.
The Convention was called to order at two
o'clook, by Judge Smith, President of tbe tem
porary organization.
Judge Warden, Chairman of the Committee
oe Credentials, reported, on behalf of that Com
mittee, the names of tbe delegates In atteu
dence. They are as follows:
The names of the Delegates, with the names
of the County will be Inserted in the fall pro
ceedings to-morrow.
The Commltteee on rules and regulations
submitted the following report, which (was adop
ted: 1st The Rules regulating tho House of Rep.
resentatlves shall govern this body In Its de
liberations so far as they may be applicable.
2nd Every Resolution offered shall be refered
to the Committee on uesomtiona without de
bate. '- - " '
3d. All votes shall be by vies wt, and by
counties a majority, to'govern.
The Commit'ee on Permanent Organizitioa
presented tbe following report, which was
unanimously adopted, and the gentlemen named
were doclared elected as the officers of tbe
Convention: '
1. John K. Ridgway, 12. B. D. Sanford,
. m a ft. . , f . 1 ri. ft. C-
2. Jobn MoMakm,
13. Dr. McEwen,
3. Henry Sbldeler, .
4. F. C. La Blood,
5. James Manning,
6. James Louden,
7. Jobn Harkradtr,
8. D.Bixton,
9. Col. CablU,
10. A. Cushing,
11. C. W.Gonld,
14. C. Lake, ;
15. Jno. D. Stewart,
16 Joseph Kelly,
17. J. M. Howey,
18. J. E. Chase,
H. B. Payne,
M, Burchard,
21. James Huston,
1. Joe.F. Wright,,
3. John A. Sick ey,
13. J.W.Kees,
13. Jonas Smith,
U. J.J. J.cobs, '
15. J. A. Estill.
16. Amos Layman,
.17. J. Williams,
18 J.J. Hoffman,
19. A. Hoghes,
Morgan Sbaefer,
G. N.M. Preble,
7. Jobn Gibney, '
8. B. P. Ruckle,
!). R. Riblet,
J. P. Collier,
11. D. W. Carlisle,
' Judge A. G. Thobiian and Dr. G. 'VuLNXr
Doasiv, were appointed a Committee to wait
upon Hon. IIvoh J. Jtwrrr, and inform him of
bis election to tha Presidency of the Conven
tion, and request his presence.' ' 1 '
The hour having arrived for the SlaUima
going to press, we are compelled to defer the
remainder of tbe proceedings until to-morrow.
' 1 " ,' - ..' . -' j .
A Fashion Lows Nirdib. It Is stated that
tbe latest "fashion" announced from Europe is
thst of dressing very plainly when going to
church. Some of tbe ladle of the first circle
go up to worship In plain calico. It Is thns
sought to encourage the attendance of fie poor
who have hitherto withheld their presence for
lack of "Sunday clothes." O
Lola Montez.
, Thi.' remarkable pereonage died iu New ork
city lest. week. Varlon., and oonuiouog are
tie account, given by herself and ptben of her
birth and parentage. She was probably at the
time of her decease about forty year, or age.
She acquired a world wide notoriety as s lun-
d wide notoriety m
d latterly,, a leHurer. lei
ituie. an actrfsj, an
tin latter capacity, .he cerUlnl excelled both
In nutter and manner. '" '
Tae followlug ac:ouut or the Ciuse of Lola's
death, whioh we extract from the Philadelphia
Prut, Is calculated to make ui forgot the error
of her past life, and waken the deepest sym
pathy for her sd fate:
When Lola weot to California as an actre.,
sho engaged au agent. This geutleuaa was a
married man, with tuocbiliiruu.aud seelrg him
unhappy In their absence, she presented him
with sufficient mouey t bring tlieui and their
mother on. Shortly after tlieir arrival, the
huabaud died. Lola then adopted the widow
and orphans educating the latter at Mr. rVil
lard's seminary at Troy. Au officer iu the
United H tales uary fell iu love with one of these
girls, aud Lola, literally acting in lira parentii,
approved oi hi. suit Duriug her last vliit to
Engtftid the marriago look place. Lola did
not again encounter her porttgi, (who accom
panied ber husband to a distant State, where
he was detailed for public duty,) until a recent
period, when she mother walking down Broad
way, in compauy with a Udy of the highest (on.
With her Uhiial Impulse, Lola rushed tq her
youug friend literally the child of her chaiity
a. to embrace ber. Tae youog lady coldly
drew bick and .aid, "Madnm, (do not know
yon!" "Not know me? 1 am Lola Lola
Montez." "Madam," she exclaimed, as sbo
turnd coldly away, "1 know you not, 1 never
saw you before, aud If you poreist in epcik;ng
to me I will call a policemiu," and walked
away. Lola went home, "More in sorrow than
In auger," and that same day had tho first at
tack of paralysis, which, a few days ago, de
stroyed ber. LoU Montez was littrally mur
dered by ingraliludr.
The Attitude of Austria.
The Paris c rrtspondent of rhe London llrr-
aid writes:
I am informed that negotiations are still be
ing attempted for the sale ef Venetia. They
are, aoeording to private letters from a well in
formed soureo at Vienna, mere waste of lime
The Austrian government, it is moreover sta
ted, has sent a note to rans anu i.onoon, inn
matioe; that she will only give up Vcaetis when
driven out of the quadrilateral by force of arms
We may, tberefr-e, consider war in trio spring
as inevitable, .ccording to private letters from
Berlin, one bnndred and twenty rilled guns are
being made for tho Austrian government One
half of the order is to be completed and deliv
ered by the 15th of Jin., and the remainder by
the 1st or Mch.
ETBy late arrivals from California, it ap
pears that a severe struggle is going on in that
State among tbe aspirtuts to fill tbe vacancy in
tbe United States Senate, that will occur by the
expiration of Senttor Cwin's term on the 4'h
of Much next.
[For the Ohio Statesman.]
LANCASTER, O., Jan. 19, 1861.
of tbe Democracy or Faiifisld county, met at
the Mayor's cilice, io the ci'y of Lmcaster, to
appoint delegates to atter.d the Democratic
State Convention, to be held at Columbus,
Ohio, on the 23d of January, 1PG1
The meeting came to order, end Ssmuel
Ewing, Eq , was called to the chair, and C. S
Forsman was appointed Seretary.
On motion-the loilowlug resolutions were
Retolved, That the Democracy of Fairfield
county are horeby invited to attend tbe Demo
cratic State Convention, to be held at the city
of Columbus, Obio, on the 23J instant, a dele
gates, and that a majority of those who shall
attend, in caucus, shall have the authority to
oast the vote of F.iirCeld county In said Con
On motion a committee of five, consisting of
the iollowide gentlemen: Messrs. M. A. Uaugn
erty, K. Fritter, J. M. Conn ell, A. D. Dildine,
and John See, were appointed to draft resolu
tions expressive ot the sentiments or tb meet
ing, which committee reported the following:
Hetohtd, That tbe Democracy here assem
bled are in favor of tbe Crittenden amendments
to the Constitution, as modified by the border
State cauous.aa a measure or adjusting tbe pres
ent difficulties. .
Rtiolved, That we are in favor of euforclcg
tbe laws as they now exist, and sustaining tbe
Executive of the Nation in the maintenance or
the same.
Remarks were then made by several gentle
men responsive to the above resolutions, after
which tney were unouimously adopted. When
by unanimous desire Col. P. Van Trump ad
dressed the meeting as a Union man, and forci
bly and eloquently sustained the resolutions, as
covering grounds upon which Union men or all
parties could stand. '
J. M.Connell, Esq., then offered the follow
ing which was unanimously and moat emphati
cally endorsed.
Resolved, That if our Soulhera brethren will
consent to remain in the Union for oneyear, we
will demonstrate to them, that the National
Democracy of the North, have, power eaough
by triumphing over and burying Aliolitioxitm,
to show that tbe Union can be maintained witb
equal rights to all sections of tbe country.
Tbe proceedings were then ordered to be pub
lished in the Ohio Esgle, Cincinnati Enquirer,
and Obio Statesman. Thereupon adjourned.
C. S. FORSMAN, Sec'y.
"Thirty-Six Thirty."
Tbe reader who Is curious to know exactly
where lunsthis oft mentioned line, will get a
elear Idea of it by taking tho map and tracing
It as follows: It commences at the point on
the Atlantio coast where the dividing line be
tween Virginia and North Carolina commenoes;
passes along the line dividing those States; along
the line between Tennessee and Kentucky;
along the line between the States of Missouri
and Arkansas; thence through Ibe Territory of
tbe Cherokee Mat ion, tbrnngh New Mexico.
striking the eastern boundary of the State of
California a short distance south of the middle,
strikiog the Pacific a short distance south of
Monterey bay. un tne soutn oi mat line there
are about 300,000 square miles of territory, In
cluding Indian reservations, whi. e on the north
there are about 1,300,000 square miles. Of the
300,030 square miles south of 36:30 there is
not the slightest probability that there could be
carved out more thnn one slave State. All
New Mexico, comprising about 210.000 square
mile., would never become slave territory, from
tbe fact that it Is not adapted to slave labor.
It produces neither cotton nor ear.e. North of
that line, though slavery were to be legalised,
It could never exiet. Neu York Neat. ; ; ;
President Lincoln' Escort to Washinoton.
The President elect will be escorted to Wash
intonbrthe Springfield (111 ) Zouaves. . This
company is composed of young men who have
for some months past been under tbe Instruction
ot Col. Ellsworth, and in drill they are said to
be fully equal to tbe genuine original Ziaavei
A correspondent writing to tne uavenport
(III ) Ottellt says t This company intends to
do escort duty to the President elect on the 4th
of March next, accompanying him to washing
ton, and returning by Philadelphia, New York,
Albany, etc.. They number over sixty, and are
In a perfect state of drill, having already taken
several prises, and surprised the famous Cbioa
go boys in their efficiency. They are command
ed bv Capt. Cook, a gentleman who understands
the Zouave practice, and I doubt not will create
a ssnsation while In Washington.
. wThe Austrian Ministry has drawn up a bill
relative to the liberty of the Protestant Cburob
in the non-Hungarian provinces. Several en
actments of it are absolutely contrary to the
stipulations of the Concordat, so that a revision
of tbe latter Is indispensable-' .'
Tan Cocrse or Trace. The Savannah Re
publican reports the arrival at that port of four
ships and one bark, which had been prevented
from going Into Charleston.barbor by the sink
ing ot three Teasels in the ship channel by tbe
TUESDAY, January 22d, 1861.
j afternoon session. , .
Utliseilll of ciaciuaati. iucloaing i of The
proceeding, of tbe"Uolou MoelinK" at Hmlth
,The PrrsiJcut presented a memorial from
ii Nixon's Hall, In that city, some tlnio ago. It
wa. read to tbe Senate, and referred to the
committee on Federal Relations.
The following from tbe House were read
first time, viz:
U. rj. 2b7 To amend the road aot of
uary 27th, 1853.
H. B. 46 The Amalgamation bill.
II. U. Sal To amend the aot of Marob 4ih,
1858, for tho regulation of Incorporated Compa
nies. . Mr. READY, from tho select cnrnink( nn
Woman's Rights, reported that the number of
petitions presented upon the subject of Woman's
Right, require that it ehonld be thoroughly ex
amined. The committee tbonght tbe subject
should be placed In tbe bands nf Its friends.
Some members of the committee are not friend
ly to the subject. For himself he desired to bo
eicneed from serving on the committee, If tho
Senate would not excuse him be would act con
cientiously, but ho desired to be excused.
Agreed to.
Mr. HOLMES, from the same committee,
then desired to be excused npon similar ground
Tbe request was granted.
Mr MOORE said be believed he wa. put up
on tbe committee because it was known be
would rldjcole It. Somo of the rcpuest. of me
morialists were reasonable and he should treat
them respectfully; but that the marrird women
of Obio should request a legal, separate exist
ence, and tbe right of sull'rage, is too ridiculous
for him to consider. He therefore hoped he
would be excused. Agreed to;
Mesew.' MONROE, MOORE and KEY were
appointed tq fill the vacancies
Mr. MONROE said too much must not be
expected nf him Some of thepraversof pe
titions upon property right, he was disposed to
favor. There were other prayer which he did
not favor.
On motion or Mr. STANLEY, the Senate
went into committee or the Whole on the Mi
litia bill, Mr. Monroe iu ihcrhiir.
Aftrr some time the committee rose and re
ported it back with sundry amendments, when
it was referred to tbe Militia committee.
Mr. MONROE said that he understood that
two important conventions will be held in the
city to morrow, which Senators desire to at
tend. He therefore moved that when the Sen
ate adjourn it will adjourn until Thursday morn
log. Adopted.
Messrs. B I AINLL i and HOLMES were ap
pointed a committee of conference on the disa
greement between the two 'branches of the
General Assembly, relative to tbe resolution
concerning a flig ou the Stale House.
1 be Hamilton conoty delegation were ap
pointed a committee of conference in relation
to the bill concerning the Long View Asylum.
Mr. SPRAGUE, presented a petition from
Either Wood and 39 others, relative to woman's
rights. Referred to the special committee.
Mr. 6CHLEICH, from the Select committee
to whom wa. relvrrrd II. R. lfi. hin h
r-'Acuve militia" diii, reported it bark witu
ameudinenis berctotore published. The
smondments were agreed to and the bill was
engrossed for a third reading on Thursday.
Tbe Senate then adjourned until Tbusday
A special report was received from the Bjard
of Public Work in answer to a resolution of In
quiry. Tbe report contained tbe copy of tbe
order which parsed the Bjard under wbicb (he
repaiia of damages done to the canals by tbe
April u joas were maoe. tisio en tbe table and
ordered to be printed.
A communication was receieved from tbe Su
periuteodent of tbe Blind Assylum, in answer
to a resolution or inquiry calling lor statistics,
which was also tabled tor punting.
Mr. MoSCHOOLER, ou leave, Introduced
H. B. 304: To amend see. 3 of an aot to pro
vine lor tne porcnase and oistriDution ot swan
and Critchfleld's Revised Statute, paised
March 16ib, 1860.
The committee on Reform School asked and
obtained leave of absence.
Mr.TATTERSON offered a resolution that
a committee of even be ajipoloted whose duty
it shall be to prepare at an early day, a bill'
with suitable restrictions and guarantees, lor
the sale or lease of the Public Works. Tbe
bill to embrace two propositions, one for re
ceiving bids for the sale of the Public Works,
tbe other tor tbe lease thereof. The acceptance
or rejection of the bids to be determined by tbe
The resolution further provide that for tbe
purpose of affording the committee time
draft tbe bill, tbe members thereof be excused
Irom attendance during ten days, and that the
bill when introduced be made tbe special order
of each day at 11 o'clock, till disposed of.
Mr. SCOTT gave notice of discussion and
the bill was laid over under tbe rule.
Oa motion of Mr. VORIS tbe House resolv
ed itself into a committee or tbe whole, Air
Browne, of Miami, iu the chair. After some
time spent In theirconsiderstlon,tbe committee
rose sod reported:
II. B No. 172 For the relief of Alice Maho
ney, was referred to a select committee ot one
Mr. Converse.
II. B. No. 201 For the abandonment of
much or the Wabash and Erie oanal as lies east
erly of Swan' creek In Toledo, was reerred
a select committee of one Mr. Steele,
II. B 268jTorcduce iutojooe the several set
for prescribing the rates and amounts to be le
vied for elite, couuty, township, city, town and
borough purposes, in the state or Ohio, was re
ferred to tbe committee on Finacce.
H. B. No. 274 To secure to churches and
other voluntary (associations the benefits of
their records, was reported back, with a rec
ommendalion that it be engrossed for a third
reading, which was agreed to. The bill will
be read a third time on Thursday.
On motion of Mr. McCUNE.lt was resolved,
that lo consideration of the Temperance and
Democratic Conventions, which are to be held
In this city to-morrow, when tbe House adjourn
it be to Tbursday morning.
Therefore, the House, on motion of Mr
WRIGHT of Hamilton, adjourned.
A pamphlet has been published at Vienna
on tbe Austrian navy, tne authority or which
is attributed to the Archduke Maxmiliao, broth
er of the Emperor, and Superior Commandant
of the Austrian navy. lis proposes a vote
3b,UUU,UUU norlns to create a navy equal to that
of Italy, in urglngMbia proposition be says
thai he regard tbe loss of Venetia as very pos
sible; that he hta familiarized himself to the
idea of a united Italy, and that Austria ought
to seek to form an alliance with England.
"Austria," be says, "ought so to relorm ber
Internal system that Eagland would not fear,
In the presence of public opinion, to take the
hand whioh we stretch out to her.
The last known blood relation living in this
country of tbe old statesman and soldier, Gen
eral Jackson, is dead. His came was James
Thomas Jackson MoCullough. He died
Lake Providence.' La . on tbe 1st of January
The deceased was the son of James McCnllough
and Mary Caffery, and wo born near tbe tier
mitsge, In Tennessee. His father was cousin
to General Andrew Jackson, and his mother
was tbe niece of Mrs. Rachel Jacksoo, wife
tbe Gensral. He Is represented to have heenja
man of eminent excellence and worth.
PiTrsBuaaH, Jan. 20, A Unton meeting as
sembled here last night, which was largest ever
beld In this city- it was excedlngiy disorderly
and Inharmonious, and a large proportion
tbe meeting was opposed to the unttenden reo
Le Nord, referrioe to reports of Russian
soDoort to Francis II. of Naples, says: Wbat
ever may be tbe present svmpatho felt for bis
mialortnne, tne Lit has not ooerea nim any
material support-" .
Tbe small pot I prevalent In Montreal
an unusual extant. In soms circles it Is crea
ting something like a pinto, and a large notn
ol persons are booming reracoinated. , t
T, ! nAftV atati.fi lliat th Ppnr.h annajfrAn a
Gaeta will continue to oocnpy ill preseat station
till the early part of February.
Different New When this country was at
war with Mexico, the same Republioao who
are now so ferouious for a light with the South,
approved or Tom Corwln's plan of the Mexi-
. cans weloomlnf the American soldisr with
"bloody rands tolinbosnitable Braves." and rob
ing to stop tbe supplies. That was the kind of
patriotism they exhibited In those days) not
now, when It comes to shooting down their own
brothers, they are eogrr for the fray. Buffalo
hussday Evening Next
at :, ,
Vail far a Union jneelltiar on Oouicr
vutlve anil lactllc lrlciille.
We, the uiiilerflijued, clUzfoi of Ooliamlius, Ohio, trt
la favor of calliDKli public run-ling Irri-ipputivn nl jir
ly to be hflil In Hi City Uallon .
for the purpote of xprciilng approbation of the meas
ure, knowuM the Crittenden Conjpromite.
R. I'. Dellei .1. (J. I.. II. Cbiain
II. J. llrnirL W. Dickinson
C. A. Plstt W. A. W. Uiuht
W. filckiou William Tohlu
U. r.,Srhf U. B. Demlus
W. D. Alien 11. W. Milieu
John II. Stirling James Wright
, H. W. Park A. II. Zlgler
8. Q. Knode M. Wllny
John Lake J.Ii.Kilny
U. Urenu Horatio Wilion
John 0. lllftly V. MrUuire
Jacob V. Alehraian . Ji. McOuiro
Rohert ktufjau f. Krfanur
Ch. gymonda JohnT. Bliln
llauletA. Hilar Miner Cole
I.H Bldleniau Willi.m Tray
Brces James aloooey
W. M. Savage . , .1. Ohurcblll - -
W. A. McCoy Oeorfre Taieoce
Jno. W. Hevion W. Boyd
Oh. II. Olmaiead W. Home
Wroy Thoraai Knoa Heller
U. I,, lleea James Kane
Ed. UvluK'Uu Louis Peak
Jno. I'hilhpa M. Ilannau
W. t'alllng N. V.HeUley
Wm. Keiicy John Norica
II. Crarey 1 P. Monlhao " '-
A. J. Davis James Bheridan
John Dawaun t. Sheridan
Marcus Child John HcQoldrick
James Leameu A. h. Bancroft
.lua. Chllda ' O. H. Bancroft
8. V. Prentiis II. Uiildle
P.. llall W. B. Preston
Wm. llorftau - U, Krone
H. II. ttaowden Henry O. Doren
II. D. Teller rt. B. Webnte
A. W. Ayrea J.llannyhim
1). K. hnwviu J. JI. Klnn-y
O C.Cox O. T Banlie
A. Brlor 8. Rose
U Walkup , 1 bos. Miller
Alex. A. Uleou H. Hatcheaon
O. A. Wapier U. Havelaul -
Jas Bradbell L. Huropbiey
8. Johnsou II. Lewie '
Kd. LI I ley II. Creates
James LeM K.J. Davit
llueh (Irani 11. C, lllear
II. J. Bwocpu A. B. Williams
Wm. Arthur U. D. Motttr
Oi-d. W. Johntou 8. Taylor
Wm. Domtfran II. J. Abb It
Iaaae H . Marrow O. P Chancy
JohnM. Pngh W.R.Kent
H. fought II. Bromly
Jobn fought hirvault Watt
D. I). Maonor David Da v lee
David tiravener M. Chamber!
Riohard Kennedy M. Bcheletinger
John Joyce K. O. Stall
H. It. Cobot. . J. L. Champ
A.O.King " A.O. llibhe
N. Steel ' B. Bradford
M at Ihlaa Martin O. Smith
Allen Puke A. V. Birrengcr
Jobn f. linnet W. II. A. Stuart
O. W- Zoilluicr J. B- Smith
A. O. Hal'tch W. Cullck
J. II. field W. B. Havket '
C. Orhman Jacob Y. Freeland .
J. O Coleman O. Brett
JfihnW. Tbonneo T. V. Miles
John Oear N. Woodberry
JobnQ. A. Robinson U W. Klmniini;
J. W. Worrell J. II. Bell
D It. IlaUiavay R. H deary
W-. W, llarrltjii V. u. Winner
JonephOaena U. L Houghton
Samuel Doylr Lewlt tloeter
A. K. Beuler P. T. Hnyder
C.Cooke T. W. Tallmadgc
O hat. G . Doihlor J. A. Lelnk
K. Mcfrintoe D. L. Morae
Blarlin B. Petcnnor John Reighter
Henry Zipp Thorn at Legg.
Ch Boplander A. W. Brown
Itaae Bplndler J. V. Armttrong
Jamra K. Walcutt John Gore
John O. Howard James P. Gardner
- John Keya John Doll
M.Conlln P. W. Lewis
V. Howard . Thoe. Bergen
J.M. Keener Da Id Joyce
VeltKucruer M O'Neal
N. Keener O. M frtettell '
K.Jaeger O. Bren
Phillip Sklller Michael Farlin
Ourtlt Tweed Bdward Leenan
Jacob Roll Jamea MoMarer
John Ladhler Thoe. Oho ran
Henry Te ber M. Trenar
I. Zollinger H. Linlman
B. O. Kenig - John Bearny
W. C. Waiehaui U. II. GrlawolJ
John Lltle AG. .Surer .
Jacob Blyb , K. Main
W. H. Jamet J. Orren
Jamea Atkew A. D. Stomp
Joieph Kcnahaw V. Fitch
t homuSaunderain W. B. Robirtt
W. MeFarland O Kirk
Andrew Wagner i. P. UcKlvain
Javei Moonay A. Chittenden.
William Troy W. W. Riley
John MrGoldri.il H. M. Neil
J. W. Coffin W. K. Herthiker
J. R. llughet D. Frltzpatrtck
y Anniun an. nTT'arn an u -m
r- J m aw v t QaJf wS 1IIUU af.
manufactured by K. IIOWARD St CO . Boston. Maae.
Then Watchee are far superior t) anythtog ever offered
to the public, heretofore. Ilavieg the xeluair agency,
I can sell them at prices to suit th timet. I harejuit
received isrg iioca oi
manufactured by APPLF.TOK, TRACY, a 00 ; also,
Bne aitortment of
i:n(.lihanuiwis!i watches,
In Gold and Silver Cue,, at Pauk priest.
Jan33 W. J. SAVAGB.
AH persons are hereby cautioned againat Durohei
In an order dated Oct. IbUO drawn bv A. W. Shearar.
Clerk of Prairie Township, Franklin county, Ohio e
tiraimtnrerorsaia Towntnip, payable to John Bplll
an or order, for $1!0, for ten eel ofj Mitchell't out
line mnpi. Thettld order having been fraudulently ob
tained will not be paid.
A. W. SHBARHR, Clerk
In behalf of the board of Education of Prairie Townihlp.
Jan. S3,w3t
KJ Democratic Printing Office, located In Aouritblng
town In Southern Ohio, it for sal npon good terms. For
a good Printer, who oan give suitable references, a good
openiuwg la onere I.
Adder, Kdltor Statesman, Colitmbui, Ohio.
Granville Ohio, Female Academy
slon will commence February 7th, 1HU1. This I
en of th beat Institutions for th thorough and chris
tian education of our daughters, at reaionable ooit.
Addrett W. P. KERR, Principal,
" flranvllle, Ohio.
Refer to Col. 0. W. MiSTraanv. ., -; f
JanM dlwAwSw Hon. A. L. PtaaiiL, Senate.
WINUS, at 7, o'clock. Tern oe ranee addretta will be
dolivered t-y J, Geddet Itq., of Cinolnnatl, at the Con
gregational onurcn. on Taetday evening, members of tbe
tne Ttapieoi Honor, win attend la tail regalia, and tbe
nature and ohjectt, of, thtlr order will be presented,
leaving their Hall at T o'clook prcieely.
Jaa. HI. d'-lt. .', i ,- , - .. :; . .
Greet Store
rou SALE.
X 8T0RT HO08B, Mo m, occupied ty Akia Eoa
oi y, Hi ore Dealers, completely fitted with Oa, Farnlce
na Homing jack. In lot I liv by i!0, and 1 offered
on raatonable terms. Apply to , .
Jan7-dfel , No. 33, North Third etreet.
, POH flAWJ : : '
on tbe National Rood. Wett of Columbua, within
from two to fiv mile from the eity. The properly will
be told lo lots to salt purchateit, and on favorable termi.
Apply to ;, . , . JOHN W. ANDRCWS,
i Jaol0-44w Agent for John U.IIolloway.
Colombo, January 10.
Norwich Fire Inscrancc Company,
lHiid, made to the Auditor or Ohio, purauant to the
Biatute of tint But, entitlod "Au actio regulate low
ranee companies, not incrrpvnueo. oy tne lute of umo
potted April B, 1050. ..! . i
lit. Tha nam of the Company Is Tb Norwich Fir In-'
luranct Cnmpany, and It locate at Norwlob, Con
' neolicul. . i i
2J. The amount or IU capital stock la $200 ,00 00
UJ. The amount of IU capital atock paid up It ViiO.MI no
tlh. II ABBKtTs.
I . Caih of the Company on hand. .19,0113 12
8 . Cash bi the baoilt of Bad due -'
from agenU S.IHHI Oil -.
3 Real KtUM unincumbered none. ;
4. Thebonde and Itoekt owned Ly- J .
. the Company at per louchert, . " - -tcoonipaoylng
how aecured. ' 'i .
aud the rate of loterett there - - '
on, to wit:
Sharet, Par Market
Value. Value.
Norwlrt Bank Block, NorwU-h 15,000 on (5,700 OU
Thames do do 17.000 00 ltf,.V0 00
Merchant . jt u do .
Phoeoli . . do Hartford
Union do Albany
American Kx do N. Y.
I .(ISO 00
l.ioo oo
3,60V IHI
10,000 on
10,000 00
5 0110 00
7, KM) 00
3.600 00
10 000 00
0,M) 00
3.500 OO
6.W5 no
AtUntlc do do
Continental do lo
Corn Kxchange do do
Hanover Jo do
Ocean - C do do
Metrbpolilau du do
4.750 no
6,000 00 r 4.000 00
S.UOO 00 ' 4,000 00
. 10 OOO 00
15,000 00
5,000 00
10,000 00
5.000 00
6 000 00
10.000 00
5,000 00
. 5.000 00
5.000 00
10,500 00
u.ooo oo
4 750 110
10,000 0
4,(O0 00
0,500 00
y,soo oo
4,750 00
6,350 00
0,000 00
5,500 00
l.'iO Imp's tt Trader! do do
100 National do do
Merchants do do
Sho t Leather do do
Tradeeman'a do do
Union do do
Bank of Commerce - do
do Repnblio do
U. B. Trust Company do
Bank cf Kentucky, Loultvlll
5,000 00
Total bond! and itckci. .. flW.lfS CO BIOS 3 00
5. Debt due the Company, w j,
cored byinortgate, on un
incumbered Real Kstate, at
pel vouchers a.cotnpany
Amount Morbag
of , Record.,
. r " Loan. Vol. Page, J
I. Th mortgage of Geo. , u
Frith tt. wife on farm in 3
Huron county, Ohio. 1,600
Total mortgagee
.at mo no
6. Debit otherwit aecured a per
. vonchara acomoanvln. Done
7, Debu for premium! " 53 4-1
8. All other securities 14,3 00
Total AaieU of the Company OT4.4('5.W
:: . - " III. LIABILITIES. ' , f
5th. The amount of liabilities, due or not du "
to banks and other creditor!, none
Oth. Loaeea adjusted and due, none
7lh. Loiteiadjuited and notdue
8th. Lotaet unadjutted
Uth. Losict In suspenie, watting for further
proof .
10th. All other cUImt against the Company
. . noue
(3.500 00
. 0,000 00
s.otio no
Total Liabilities (14,500 00
Uth, The greatrst am't Insured in any one risk,. 5,000
lith. Tbe greateit amount allowed by th rules to be
insured in any on cily, town or village, at dis
cretion of agent.
13th. The greatest amount allowed to be Insured in any
on block at diicretinn of agent, under rule of
1 1 th question
Hth Tbe amount of its capital r earoinia deposited in
any other State, a security for loeaes therein,
naming them, with the amount in each, and
whether such company tramscts any business of
Insurance In told state or Btaiei, noco.
15th. The charter, or act of Incorporation of laid Com
pany, formerly sent.
8tat or OomrecTiooT
County of New London , ( u
A Brewster, Prcildeot, and Kbenc:cr Lrarned, Secre
tarv of the Norwich fire Inaurance Company, being tev
erally (worn, depot and lay, that the foregoing it a full.
true and correct statement of the tHain of
the aald Company that the laid loanranoeOompan y 1
the bona fid owner of at leaet One Hundred Tbouiand
Dollar of actual caih capital Inveied In Btnck and
Bond!, or In Mortgage on Beat Sttat. worth double
the amount for which lb tame it mortgaged; that the
above described Invettmcnta, nor any part thereof, are
made for the beoeut of any Individual exercising autnoi
In In th management of aald oompany. either a Free!
dent. Secretary, Treaaurer, Director, or otherwtte; that
the mortgagee above described have not been aaelgned,
nor in any manner releaeed or Imnired bv said Oompany .
and that they are the above described officers of aald In
aurance Company.
A BREWSTER, Preiidcnt
Subscribed and sworn before me this I5lh day of Jan'
uary, 1WI.
Juatlc of th Peace.
Orrto or Tiir Acditow or Stati, j
Cotumbut, 0. January 17th, 1861.) "
I. Bobert W. Tayler. Auditor of Stat do certify that
the foregoing I a correct copy of the atatement of the
condition of the Norwich Fire Inanranc Company, made
to una omce tor me year iroi, ana now on Die Hereto.
Witneu my hand and aeal offlcially,
, .- ; Auditor or Stat.
Certificate of Authority-.
' To Ixptr on the 3 lit of January, 1863
. Auditor r Btatc' Orrici, l
iNioaaNc DiraaTtMT, J-'
Columbut, Ohio, January 17, 1801 . )
Whereaa, the Norwich Fire Inturance Oompany. loca
ited at Norwich, In th But of Connecticut, has filed
in thi! office a tworn atatement of it oonditioo. a re
quired by the Sritaection of the act "To regulate Inaur
ance uompaniea not Incorporated by tb State or Ohio."
puted April 8tb, IHjfl; and, Whereas, said Company ha
furntahed the underalgned tatiifactory evidence that It is
potseieedof at leaat One Hundred Thoutand Dollar cf
actual capital, lnveated Id Itecki, or In bonds, or In mort
gaget of real ettate worth double tb amount for which
the aame la mortgaged; and, Whereat, said Oompany baa
filed in this office a written Inttrument under lit corpo
rate teal, aigned by the President and Secretary thereof,
authorising any agent or agent! of aald Company In this
Htat to acknowledge eervio of prooeaa for aod lo behalf
of said Company, contenting that enoh oervlce of prooeaa
ball be token and bald to be at valid a If aerved upon
the Oompany, aoeording to th laai cf thi or any other
Btate, and waiving all claim or right of error, by region
of tuch acknowledgment of aervice.
Now, Therefore, in pnrtnance of the firetaection of the
aforesaid act, I, Robert W. Tayler, Auditor of Slate, for
the SMt of Ohio, do hereby certify that laid Norwloh
Pire Inaurano Company la anthoriied to transact the
buiinettof Fire Insurance in this State until the thirty
Brat day of January, la th year oa thousand eight hun
dred and sixty-two.
In Wltoest Whereof, I have hereunto tub-
, r (crlbed my name, and caused tbe seal ef my
t ; ( office to be affixed, Ibe day and year a bo re
,,u"t written.- R. WYTAYLIR,
. ' J- Audi or of State.
; FRED'K J, FAY, Agent,
Office In Carpenter'! Building,'
JanlO-dlw ' . COLUMBUS, OHIO.
'I . r
In view cf making a change lo our concern, w will
offer oar ' ''
Monday, the 14th day of January,
This Stock of Ooods I now admitted to be th most
deslrabl hi th Centre of th Stats, and offtr a ran op
portunity to House Keeper and other for purchasing
their suppllei. , y. ,1 -r -.
Tha whole Btock will be told without rets rv, except-
YANKB1 NOTIONS, . . . , .
Columbus, January 13, 186U.I , . ft. BAIN. :
. h 'at- .
re notified that th Third Be Union for th aeasoa,
will be ea Thursday, tb Sth inat. , Invited friend of
member can bar ticket by calling oa H. Lnqtrntox,
or at th Store of LiMoaif aw, Im at Oo.
jaaSltW; iff i C . F. QLOOK, Uanageri I
XJ stock of DRr UOODB from No.
ttroet. tohii ld stand, Ne. 48 North
stock of DRY GOODS from No. 121 South High
to hi eld I tend. Ne. 48 North Hlh ,i.il
Tbompaon'i Building, Where b will be pleased to tee ail
bit old customer!, and all now one that an anu.
k : ( I 1 1 ih ah... '
11 them cheap good!
A hnr lot of CARPS
TS oa hand, which will ha M
t cm t, for caih to oloa the stock
Janiedla CornerHIhndOaysti.,Oolumbot.'o.
.. . tK joions 'xea,
4 i.
S4 X High etrtet
Including WHOOPINU
COVOHi sat ererr
Complaint the forerun;
nerofau1 even actual
; i i
The Sireut NEirilAl.a
ural OF1ATE, adapted "
to erery epeciee )I Ner .
van Uwsnplalut! Ner '
roue and Chrwulr.
Headache, talieunta
tlain, t!atarrh Tooth
and Ear Achat Lou of
Mleept aud Bowel Com.
Y.l , ."
No real Juttlc ran be don the above preparation!
but by procuring end reading deeciiptive pamphlets.: .
be found with all dealers, or will be aent by Proprietor
oo demand. Formula! and Trial Bnltlea aaot to Pbvtl
riant, who will Sod developments In both worthy tbrtr
occepUnc and approval. .
Oorretpondence tollclted from all whose necetiltiet or
curiosity prompts to trial of the above reliable Bern
For tale by the uiuil wholeaale anil retail dtaldr
IIUNNEWKLI,, Fraprlete
9 Commsrsial Wharf, Boston, lias
KoberU Si Samuel, N. B. tlarple, J. R. Cook, J U
suig. O. Deolg tt Hon. A. J. Schueiler A Bon. Agent
for Columbut, Ohio. myl-dly
Thlt book eonttlos titcelptt and DlrectUmt for ma
king all the most valuable Medical preparations In use;
also Recipes and fall and explicit directions for making
all th most popular and useful Ooimetlci, Perfume,
Unguent, Hair Rettoratlvet, aid all Toilet Artloltt. If
you are tufferlng with any chronic d'.Mtse If you wish a
beautiful complexion, a fine bead of balr, a smooth face,
a lcar akin, a luxuriant beard or moustache or If you
wish to know any thing and etery thing tu th Medical
and Toilet line, you should by all means peruse t opy
of thlt book. For full particular and aaatupla of the
work for perusal, (free) address the publisher,
! -. T. F. OnAPMAN, '
' No. 831 Broadway, New York.
Headache! Headache!
Thousand! of pertons tnfTer from headaches to the seri
ous detriment of their comfort, business, and health.
who might easily be cured by simply using Huwrnan's
Houiopiutic Brscmct. Th IIkadaoh Pill taken la
the morning, and th Bn.ioni Fill taken at night, rarely
fall to cur the moit eevere and obitlnate eta. Thoa
sond having tried litem have been entirely freed of thi
ban of theirlires. Oo and do likewise.
Price, 25 cent per box, witb directions. Six boxes l
Bent by mall or express, free of ohsrgs. ' , relpt of
tb prlc. AdJrea,
Da. HUMPHREYS fc 00,, . .
No. Broadway, New Y o
Wholesale and Retail Druggittt. V4 N . High street
8. At. SAMUEL at 00..
Janl-dkwlm ' 85 8. High street, Oolnmboa, 0,
Seeodveitlaexient In another oolumn.
Id all cases of cottlveneae, dytptptla, billlout and Uyer '
affection!, pile, rheumatiam, fever and agu, obtti
not bead aches, and all general derangement of health
these Pill have Invariably proved a certain and ipeedy
remedy. A (ingle trial will place the Life Fills beyond
the reach of oompttitlon in the eitlmatlon of every pa
tient. Dr. Moffat's Photnlx Bitters will b found qually ef '.
floadous In all oases of nervous debHity, dyapepiia, bead
ache, the stcknes Incident to females In dellcat health,
and every kind of weaknea of tbe digestive organ.
For aale by Dr. W. B- MOFFAT. 33S, Broadway, N. Y
and by all Drugglat. autySS-dAwly'
The following; ii an extract from a
letter written by lh Rev. J. 8. Holme, potter oi the
Plerrepoint-Btreet Baptlit Church, Brooklyn, M. Y., to
the "Journal aud Meteenger," Cincinnati, 0., and apeak
volume In favor of that world-renowned medicine, Ma
Winilow' SooTawo Irnvr roa Cniuatw Tirnmra:
"We tee an adrertbment la your column ot Mas
WmiLow't BooTUia Svaur. Now we never aaida word
In favor of a patent medicine before In our lit, but we
feel compelled to y to your reader that thi la no bum
bug wa Have txiid it, adb in it all it
claims. It It probably one of the most sureetsfnl medi
cines of the day, becauaa it It on of th belt. And thoee
of your reader who hav babie can't de better than
lay in a aopply." ec27:lydetW 1 ,
Wm. A. Batohelor'i Hair Dye!
Th Origiaal and Best in the Woridl v
AU other art mere Imitations, and should be (voided
If you wish to eecepe ridicule.
ORAY, BED Oft RUSTY HAIR Dyed lnstaotly to a
beautiful and Natural Brown or Black, without Injury to
Hair or Skin.
awarded to Wm. A. Batcheloralnc 1839, and over 60,00
applications have been made to lh Hay of bis patrons
Of hi famous dyei -
WM. A. BATCH BLOB'S HAIR DY1 produces col
or not to be distinguished from nature, and Is warranted
not to Injure In th lent, however long tt may bl pontic- -nod,
and the 111 effects of Bad Dyes remedied; In Hair
Invigorated fnr life by thi splendid Dy. ,r
Bold in all title and town of tb United State
Drugglat and Fancy Ooods Dealer.
HLpThe Genuine bo the noma and addreas apoa a steel j
plate engraving on four aide of each bos, of WILLIAM
A. BATOUELOR, Addreta .
Iria wly t Barclay etreet. New York.
Xo (Josaauaupiivee. ,
Th Advtrtlur, bsvlog been mtoied to health In a few
week by a very simple remedy, after bavlngi uBeredi
tral year with severe lung affection, and that draaJ
disc, Oonsumptlon Is anxious to make known to bit
fellow sufferers the mean of our. :
To all who desire it, b will Mod copy of lb preterit.
Hon used (free of charge), with th direction for prepa
log and uilng the same, which they will find a sua On
for CoKsnumo, Amnfa. Bsmositu, Ac, Tb only
object of th odvertiier In lending tha Prescription 1 to -benefit
the afflicted, and spread information which he con
celve to b invaluable, and h hope every sufferer will '
try bl rwmsdy, a It will eott them nothing, and may
prove aliening. .
Parties wishing the prescilptlon will please tddres
. . ' ; ! ""V- WARD A. WILION.
t Kings County, New
Willlamebunrh, '
: W; A. Batohelor'i Hair Dye! ., t v
Thi iplendld Dalr Dye bu no equal InitontaMou la
effect Beautiful Black or Natural Brown do Staining
th kln or Injuring th Hair remedies th absurd and a
sffect of Bid Dye, and Invigorate tb balr for life.
Non are genuine unless signed "W. A. Batchelor."
Sold everywhere, ' , . .
I ! CHAB. BAT0H1L0R, Proprietor,
Jyl9:wly BlBareloy Street, New York.
,;: BEST QUALITY, '.::'
' To any part of th oily for -
, 83,50 PER CORD,:, .
! And 4 feet Wood for ' '
82,50 PER CORD..
Alto th different kind of Coal a low a any other
dealer, and, "sympathising with lb public,! now
ln ' :';.,' '. ,;
:(Zsiii23vij;iB oa mzaavm
; , .. . . ,;coa.foh; 9 CTs.;"AND.r
I Yard and offloe, lit, South Third Street, bear th Sec 1 i
ond Preibyterian Church.
At ".w
A. BAEIOW, Ajent, ,'
Coluubus, Jan. 81.
ADTiansiMim ! : ? .
equ farttbe INBTAIH BJLIIF
i -..i aadPllUiUNXiriOUBJtora.i
' vleteaMelt.M aua,iK1.I.A -
lUde by 0. IB YMOU1 CO , W7 Ifaaaau tvJrlL
t . . f JPrto. II per bt snt free by ptwt. . 7
1 FOB IAL1 AT All DUJailf.' "

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