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the Books.
South Carolina V...
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Aatahwa ......
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Georgian. !
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Arf&nsa probably, Feb. 25.
Virginia, Fab. 13. r.
North Carolina, Feb. 18. -
TjmnMaM. Feb. 28.
Tht following 8mribM-ul j110' et
called Conve'ntttmt?" ,? ,V
Missouri TrfiSS
;v. '-'MarvtaatV vilw.
v antnck Leiilslatnrea are
..- .- i f'" - "-
The Convention to form Southern Cootea-
- , r . , 1 - "AlaHarna. -Ill,
ran IB to meet at MODMruinerv, "'-"- ,
thedthof Vebroarr.iOt-A -'; 1 ' ' r '
Rhode Wand repealed her Personal Liberty
or NnliiicaUoa ia the 25th last
tT TbvOi State Jaurnat and ita dlvistoa
of fliaTetniblieaa rartv are opposed to tbt Ha
tloaal ConrenUoa proposed by Virginia, and yet
it has npt th conrage to ay o, but tuggest!
variootraasoiii for proerMtinaUou and delay,
all of which' are.rno doubt, InUnded to, ,da
w ..' -,-iKt-ai-1 Othsr States appear to
be aotiog promptly, and why cannot Ohio! If
encfe a Co&y antiou be held, it ihoriia assemble
without one moment's delay, and thoea who
urge pretexU for time In the preliminaries, be
fore th Stati appointa ber Commiiaionera, are
namiaa to the meaaure, without the courage to
boldlT tir to.1' Te be of any talnej to be able
to i anything for the preaerration of the Union,
the Pelegte anouio; be appointea lonnwivn iau
promptly, repair to. Washington by the 4th of
BT tna recent speech la the United States
Senate; Mr JptK, of Mtssourt, alluded at some
leneth to the eausea of the present crisis, and
aid there must be an, adjustment of the diffi
culties by sufficient constitutional gauranties.
The Republican party .ooght to be ready to
srant eimeeselona in order ' to remedy tne evu.
The people of Missouri io not , dcalra to leave
the Unlf5 but perhaps thto step will be forced
noon tnem. me rresioeus i oouuu w c u.
thekweare' faithfully, executed, andmusldo
it by the means pointed out In" the Constitution. ,
Tbe Constrtation' hi provide! a Judiciary for
tht asd tbe P.-csidsot-oaaaot aasnme
to be judge, jury and executioner,' Coercion is
utterly Impracticable. '. '", .' ;s' ; ,
ITTbe psragraph Id tbe Journml of this morn
ing rebuking Mr. Niok for introducing Into the
Houio, oij " Siturday, a resolution appointing
Mssirs. Ewikq, Gaotssc, SwaivTiuitu and
ToD.Commlasiooers from this Staie.to the 4th of
Febraary National Convention at Washington
contains one truth, and that is, that Dahixl R
Taf" is net a lit person to eend on snch a
mUiion.Je has not- the qualifications and
character required for the occasion.- We join
with the Jturmd, and say, "for heaven's sake
strike, (jut '.the nime. of flon. D. R. Tiloch,"
not because he is a "Western Reserve Republi-
oin.'jliate.cause he' Is an unfit man strike
t . 7" . -
(7The' Nw-York.lfroU commends, the
propoaltlda made by Mc MonTooum, of Pcnn
svlvanla'. Itt -the House ef Representatives, on
Wfi.'.UVriiaiii8!V. that ..every 'member of
Cengjren sh'oiilJ resign, and tht their placet
ha nUad kv immediate election!. ..The Herald
taya. the , issue in these' elections would be,
"C&npi6i4lw.Nclsurea .'or ; not, to save the
Union; and' the people -would instruct thsir
repreaentetlvesl It rsfsrs' to '.the praotice in
Epgland,; Ijf qaestlo'ua 'of - groat difficnlty, of
dissolving the Parliament' and electing new
msmhraaotJar io .'enable the ppople (o pro-
The Pope's Allocution.
,f ha Aljoqufton, V address of the Pore In .the
Consistary of Deo, 17, about which much baa
beee.saii. embarcea three topics: .Firtt, the al
legei('mt!taktntf European governments in
treating the Chnrch as a mere institution deri-
vlnt; its corporate powers irom ma., state.
Seetnd. The recent 'martyrdom of Christians in
Cdrci,7,China; J Cochln-China and onqaia.
Tiiri. The robbery of convenU and" the im
pf&wneat ofXatholIc blihops in Italy, by the re-
Charleston Diversions.
fallowing paragraph from the Charleston
Jtfrrtf)rtiows bow the denizen of that bel
ligerent eity amuse tnemseivesr
A"Phasa Yesterdiiy afternoon
a earty of geotlemen took isata in tbe Wood
wards' fine spring wagon . which had bees fitted
up impromptu for the occasion, and proceeded
to the SchutzenplaU, where soms hours were
neat in testing the relative merits of the War
ner revolving 'rifle, the Maynard self-priming
rifie, the incomparable Lindsay pistols, and oth.--erermtof
tote model? i , . -A-., .1 ,
li tut l ',;(! i i i v.,
rtf In 1243,, there were In China one hundred
and thirty-five native Catholic priests, Indepen-
dantly of European , missionaries, fourteen col
leges and upwards of three hundred Catholic
ohurchet.'riEirnce that time these number! have
greately inereased, and now that Christianity in
China It under the protection of tbe most power
ful nation in Europe, kit expected that the
Cathollo chnrch in China will increase with ra -
., .pidity. .nixuo "r- .y.:
We have news from Brszll to December 8.
Goat part of the country, at it usual in the
tummer season, which takes place there during
our winter, were suffering severely ' from
drought. ' The Emperor bad subscribed $5,000
fot tbe relief V Bhia, where the suffering was
tbe Greatest. w u t
"BTEy the burt. Mendi which left' Liberia on
?.ht 29th of November, we learn that the recap
tared Africans, to ths number of 400, taken out
by the "Star of the UnionV had arrived and
wert doing weH--1 wv-
tT Negotiations are laid to be progressing
in Paris for the abolition of tbe passport system
thronhont Europe a measure whiifti ft strong
lyjftvorel by the Emperor WaroLioii. j .i . I
BTTke auuiversafy o4 Boolobo.ubs downfall
was oV rvi-a at Port' ad Prince, Ilaytl, on Do-J
oeiabr22, with great pomp, on which occaaioa
tbe Popt't legate delivered an address.
England and the Southern Confederacy.
the i'ew Toik Herald professes to have re
ceived by telegraph from Toronto, Canada
West, the very Important intelligence that tha
Toronto ' ludtr'; the Government ' paper," of
Thursday lust, deolared itself to be In a positleo
to announce in the most positive terms, tnai it
la the intention of the English government to
acknowledge the independence of tbe Southern
Confederacy as soon as U is formed. The
The Canada author ittM, iu view of the proba
blllty of all the British provinces or worm
America being aoon annexed to our Northern
States, take a deep Interest In our affairs. The
information has probably come airecc irom me
Eugllsh government, in reply to a question put
by the Canadian government, wblcn would do
naturally anxious to kno what part Itself should
nlif In hn event ot a disruDtion of our con-
fedetacv. Ill answer la mat weai ornam
wilt recognise the Independence of the South
era Union.
The Pensaoola Gazette of the 17th Inst., after
mentioning tbe arrival of, three hundred , addl
tional troops from Alabama.s ays ,
There is no doubt that within a week all the
strongholds to this part of the Stale will be in
wxueaifon of . the BMetnoss. ,We vet hope
this mav beaeooinDUshed withoutbloodshed. If
Lieut. Slimmer etill refuses to surrender Fort
Pickens, when be hat the assurance that we
have iuroa enoueh on the eround to overpower
any resistance he can possibly offer, tbe blood of
thousands will be upon msbeaa. ,
The same paper says in another place:
We are pleased to learn that Colonel Chase
has determinsa to gu&ra against tne contingen
cy of a blockade, by providing tlx months sup
Dlv of Movislons for this place. If we are to
have a orotraoted war (and it is tbe part of
wisdom to prepare for tbe worst,) this is a pre
caution Whloh la essentially necessary. We
hone everv one, to the extent ai his ability, will
contribute to mm praise worm y ooject.
ST The winter i very severe in Great Brit
ain.' The London papers say the heavy snow
storms and keen frosts now visiting tbe country
dud no parallel in the rememberance even of
that veracious Individual, "the oldest Inbabl
tant." No part of the kingdom appears to have
escaped the visitations of winter in Its severest
sspect: .'' . ..' :.' '
STIt Is stated upon good authority that the
Austrian force now la Venetia amounts to over
200,000 troops.,-
Annexation of Florida to
[From the Savannah Republican.]
' Tbis topio has been frequently diseussed of
late, it is true, by private individuals, but such
as are presumed to represent a considerable
publio sentiment in the State of Florida. We
hare no means of knowing the sentiment of tbe
great body of her people, and if we had tbe
Slightest Indication of their opposition to tbe
measure . proposed, we should refrain from all
allusion to the subject. .
It is proposed, aa before stated, to divide the
State of riorida by tne Apaiacnicoia Kiver, tbe
western-divulon tbeo lo be annexed to tbe state
of Alabama, and all east of the line, iucluJine
the islands, to be incorporated with tbe State of
! W bile such a division would straighten tbe
the line of Alabama and give symmetry to her
proportions, besides giving ber one of the best
seaports in sue union, lumisnea wlttt a navy
Yard and wall fortified, the accession to Geor
gia would make ber imperial in her domain,
and with a climate affording nearly every pro
duction of the world. We should raise ice in
our northern, and tophloal fruits io our southern
seotion. ihecenntry ennexsd, too. under the
bsw order of things, would settle up rapidly,
ana toon Become one or tne most proline seo
tiousofthe continent. Readily accessible sy
natural and artificial highways, in a few years
there would remain but little of ita tillable do
main nnapproprlated to .the wants of man
kind. , ' ..-'
Tbe new and independent existence upon
which both Florida and Georgia will probably
toon enter, will afford an excellent opportunity
for negotiation! on this subject, without any In
terference from any quarter whatever. They
csn arrange tbe matter to suit themselves, and
no one can rightly say wy. ,
The public debt of Florida maybe regarded
at, perhaps, the leading obstacle to the proposed
annexation; but we apprehend this will prove
more ot an imaginary than a real hinderenee
whatever may be ber debts, ber resources, well
managed as they would be in the hands of Geor
gia, are ample to meet them all. An arraage-
ment might readily be made with the bond-hold
ers for existing securities to remain in afsfa
gue, undisturbed by the act of annexation, only
that tbe administration of the asseta would
cast irom the bands of one State into ths bands
of another. Georgia and Alabama need not ln I
cur any addtional obligation by the movement
At a future day, e&onia tne project assume
snything of a serious practical aspect, we shall
recur to it and discuss the whole matter in de
tail. At present, we throw out only eneh re
flections as occur to nt on the first blush of tbe
question. .; . .; .-,',... .. .,.','-"-
Did the Black Republicans Want the Navy
There is now tome reason to believe that the
Black Republicans of this city let afloat the ru
mor aooni tne tenure or tbe xvavy yard, tor
the purpost or navlnc it garrisoned, or partly
garrisoned, by New York Bute troops. The
mist that hangs around the origin of the rumor
confirms this view. No one can trace' it.- Half
onr repotorial corps hare spent hoars endeavor
ing to find where It first leaked out;. but yon
might as well expect to discover who purchased
tbe ansavery butter in your boarding house.
Captain Foote taya Information waa received
which justified the hubbub, but we doubt it. Of
course soma sensation scribbler or talker may
bare tald or written mob and such thingti but
nothing short of a well authenticated statement
could place the Commander right before the
country, when be acted with such precipitation.
How did be know but be was vied as tht tool
of traitors? What could bit eighty marines
have done against the five hundred armed sol
diers about to form in the yard? The poliee
have work before them, to find the Black Re
publican tr alter who may hare thus conspired
to rob the Federal Government of iu best and
richest navy. yard. It the Metropolitan! bare
any eyei to tee Northern treason here it a
ohan.ee for them to ferret it out. We fearithev
somewhat resemble a well trained fox hound.
Their noses only take one sort of scent May
bt they, themselves, might bt caught napping.
Never be sore while yon stand on slippery
grounu. a, i. rutwti t j. h
mtJ . i
His First Surrender.
A Tallahassee correspondent of the Jackson.
villa Southern Conftdertey, gives the following
graphic account of the capture of a United
btatee arseoai: . .- -. ' ? i( -y -,-
"About 7 o'clock on the morning of tht 6tb
Inst., the arsenal at Apalachlcola, at the mouth
of the Chattahoochee River, was besieged by
the troops of the State of Florida. In conse
quence of tbt weaknese of the command an en
trance was gained. Mr,' Powell, who has been
in the service of the United States slnot 1840,
and had command of tht place, acted in a gal
lant manner. After the troops had entered, he
faced the lint and thus addressed tbemt , :
" Ornccas ihd Bourns: Fiva minutes sgo I
was tht commander of thit arsenal; but, in con
sequence of tbt weakness of my command, I
am obliged to surrender an act which I have
hitherto never had to do during my whole mili
tary career. Ii I had a force equal to or even
half the strength ef yonr own, I'll be damned,
if yon ever would have entered that gate until
on walked over my dead body. You see tbst
have but Arte men. These are laborers, and
cannot contend against you. I now consider
myself a prisoner fof war. Take my sword,
Csptain Jones " - , V.,
"Captain Jones of the Yonnc Guard of Q nt n.
ey received Mr: Powell's sword, and then re
turned it to mm, and addressed blm as fol
lows: ... ,-. 4 . ,. .,
"'My dear Sir! Take your sword .Yon are
too brave a man to disarm!' '"
"Tbe whole command then cave thru Attrt
tot tbe gallant Powell,
His First Surrender. OHIO LEGISLATURE.
SATURDAY, January 26, 1861.
Mr. CUPPY introduced S. B. 213 Amending
the act of Anrll 4. 1859. nrtscribint: the duties
of county auditora making the termination of
auditors' terms on tbe nrtt Monday in Septem
ber, and fixing the mode of giving bones.
Mr. JONES, Irom tbe committee on ruouc
Works, reported back S. B. 191 Being a bill
to enact the old standing rules for tbe manage
ment or the Publio Works, with sundry amend
ments, to which tbe Senate agreed, and the bill
was engrossed and paused yeas 20, nayt 1.
The Governor's message and Virginia resolu
tions were referred to the committee on Federal
The President signed S. J. R., for the pay
ment ot the State armorer.
A measaee was received from
enclosing certain resolutions on tbe crisis, pass
ed by tne Tennessee Legislature on the xxna
inst. Tht resolutions proposed a national con
stitutional convention at Nashville or some oth
er appointed nlaoe. and amendment! to tbe
Constitution, as a basis for adjustment of diffi
culties embodied in toe resolutions, l ne reso
lutlons areas follows:,
Reiolved by tht General Aitmbly of tht State
of Tenneetre, l bat a Convention 01 delegates
Irom all the slavetiolumit Htatee should aseem
ble at Nashville, Tennessee,, or snch other place
as a majority ot tbe btates co-operating may
designate, on tbe rourtn day or rebrurry,
to ditteet ana oenne a oasis upon wnioo, u pos
sibls, ths Federal Union and tbe Constitutional
rights or the Slave States may be perpetuated
and nreserved.
Rttolvtd. That the General Assembly of the
State of Tennessee, appoint a number of dele
gates to said Convention of our abieat and wis
est men, equal to our wnoie delegation in von-
s-ress, and that tbe Governor or Tennessee Im
mediately furnish copies of these resolutions to
tht Governors of the ttaveholding States, and
urce the participation of such States, In said
Convention. ' '
Rteolved, That In the opinion of this General
Assembly, such plan ot - adjustment' than em
brace the following propositions as amendments
to tbe Constitution of the United States-.
1. A declaratory amendment that African
slaves, as held under - the institutions of tbe
laveholdinir States shall be recoenized aa oroo
ertv.and entitled to the ttatue of other property
in the Statet where slavery exists, in all plaoea
within tbe exclusive jurisdiction of Congress in
the slave States, in all the Territories south ot
3G deg. 30 min., in the District of Columbia, in
transit and while temporarily sojourning with
the owner in the non-s!aveboldiog States and
Territories north of 36 deg. 30 min., and when
fugitivea from tht owner, in the teveral places
above named, as wen as in an placet, in mo ex
elusive jurisdiction of Congress, in the non
slaveholdine States. ,
2. That in all tht territory now owned, or
which may bt hsrealter acquired by the United
States, south of the parallel of 36 dee 30 min
African slavery shall be recognized as existing,
and be protected by all the departments of tbe
federal and territorial uovernineots, and in all
north of that line, now owned, or te be acquir
ed, it shall not be recognized as existing;
and whenever States formed out ot any ot
said territory south of said line, bavins; a
population equal to that of a Congressional dis
trict, shall apply for admission into ths Union,
the same shall be admitted as a U? Stites;
while States north ot the line, formed out
of said territory, and having a ' population
equal to a Congressional district, shall be s i
mitted without slavery; but the States formed
out of tald territory, north and south, having
been admitted as members of ths Uuion, shall
have all tht powers over tbt institution of slave
ry possessed by the other State of the Union.
3. Congress shall have no power to abolish
slavery io places under its exlusive jurisdiction,
and situate within the limits of States that per
mit tht holding of alaves.
4. Congress shall have no power to abolish
slavery witbln tbe District of Columbia, as long
as it exists In the adjoining States of Virginia
and Maryland or cither, nor without the con
tent of tht inhabitants, nor without just com
pensstlon made to such owners of slaves aa de
not consent to such abolishment. Nor shall
Congress at any time prohibit officers of the
federal government, or members of Congress
whose duties require tnem to be in tald Dls
trict, from bringing with them their slaves, and
holding tbemaa such, during the time their
duties msy require them to remain there, and
afterwards take tbem irom tbe District,
6. Congress shall have no power to prohibit
or hinder tbe transportation of slaves from one
Statet to anothar, or tht Territory in which
slaves are by law permitted to be held, wbetber
that transportatlon.be by land, navigable rivers
or bv teat. ...(-: .
6. In addition to the Fugitive Blavt clause
provide, that when a tlavt haa bten demanded
of the Executive authority of the State to which
he has Bed, if he it not delivered, and the owner
permitted to carry him out of the State in peace,
tbe State to falling to deliver, shall pay to the
owner the value of suoh slave.and such damaret
at be may have tnstained In attempting to re
claim bit Have, and secure his right or action In
tbe SupramelCourt of the United States, with
execution against tbe property of such State
and the individuals thereof.
7. ' No future amendment of the Constitution
shall afl'ect the six proceeding articles, nor the
third paragraph of the second section of the first
article ot tne constitution, nor tne tniro para
graph of the second section of the fourth article
of the ConstUntion; and noamendmentt shall be
mads to the Constitution which- will authorize
or rive Congress any power to abolish or inter
fere with slavery In any of the States by whose
law it is, or may be allowed or permitted. . j.
8. That slave property shall be rendered se
cure in transit tnrougb, or whilst temporarily
sojourning in non-tiavenoiding statet or i tr
ritories, or in tht District of Colurrfbia.
9' An amendment to the effect that all fugi
tives are to be deemed those offending tbt laws
within tbe jurisdiction of tbt state, and who et
cape therelrom into other States; and that it is
the duty of each State to suppress armed inva
sions of another State. ' - -Retolvtd,
That said Convention ef the slave
holding States having agreed upon a basis of
adjustment satisfactory to themselves, should.
in the opinion ot this General Assemblyrefer
it to a Convention or an tbe states, tlavebold
lag and non-slaveholdlog, in tbt manner fc'
lowinr: ,''
It should invite all States friendly to tuoh
plan of adjustment, to elect delegates in such
manner aa to reflect the popu!arwM,W assemble
la aConttMational Convention of ait tne states,
North and South, to bt held at Richmond, Vi
ginia,oatbe day of February, 18G1, to
revise and perfect such plsn of adjustment, for
itt reference for final ratification and adoption
bv a Convention of the Statet respectively.
Reeohed, That should a plan of adjustment,
satisfactory to tbt fcsoutb, not bt acceded to Dy
a reauislte number of Statet to perfect amend
ments to tht Constitution of the United States,
it is tht opinion of thit General Assembly that
the slsveholdlng States should adopt for them
selves tbe Constitution or the united states,
with such amendments as may be satisfactory to
tbe slaveholding Htatee, and that tfcey anouid
Invite into tbe Union with them all States of
tbt Vortb which art willing to abide by such
amended Constitution and frsmt of Govern
ment, fevering at once all connections with
States refusing such reasonable guarantees to
oar future safety : auch renewed condition! of
f ederal Union being first submitted for rat
ification to Conventions of all tbe Statci re-
Retolvtd, That the Governor of tbe State of
Tennessee furnish copies of tbsse resolutions
immediately to. tne uoveroors oi tne non
elaveholdlng States. - ' -
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
TAZ W. NEWMAN, Speaker of the Senate.
Passed January 22, 1861.
They were laid oo tbe table for printing, and
tne Senate adjourned. '
Mr. McSCHOOLEft, from the select com
mittee to whom waa referred H..B. 2U4 To
amend see. 23 of tbe general school law, re
ported the same back, and recommended Ita
passage. t . , .. . -. .-. J- nt
Mr. REES, of Morrow, opposed the bill 'at
unnecessary, and introducing too much macbln
ery into a part of the school system. ,
Mr. McSCHOOLER explained thtobjeot of I
the bill, and gave his vitwt of tht necessity for
suon a Din. . ' i : ?
Mr. HUGHES also regarded tht amendment
proposed, needless, and involving mora expenst
then advantage
Mr. WRIGHT. Of Hamilton, partially con
curred in thit view; and moved that it be re
ferred to the committee on Schools and School
lands, whloh was agreed to v i i V f : '
Mr. Bi UUT.lrom the select committee, to
whom was referred tht bill for tht aalt of sec
tion 16, In township seven, range seven, Mon
roe connty, reported the sams, back, when the
bill was rtad a third timt and passed yeas 71,
nays 5.
Tbe SPEAKER. laid before the House, tne
following report from the superintendent of
tne institution for tbe blind.
Hon. R. C. Parteas. Sneaker t
Sib: In oomDlianoe with tht resolution' of
tbt House, the undersigned presents the follow
: -'
The number of nunils enrolled in tbt Institu
tion tor tnsaiind during tnis session it m, oi
whom 51 art males, and 60 females. -
Seventeen of these (5 malst and a females)
had attended five years or more before the
present session. All but four of thit number
were under fifteen vean or age wben tbey en
teredthose who were over fifteen wert fe
males. - '
The followlnwli a list of tht persons above
erramcr&tod, with the number ef yean each hat
Mtaklel OanBell
Oharlet . I.llx
William Boovtr ,
ThMBu MoOw ,
WtnUl ShUld
nanaora Oaloln.
Mary A. tloLala
Sarah A. Raymond..,
Hannah 1. White....
Kllia J. staid
BarahA.Holt. ,
IrvillaO. Raad
Harriet 8, Balrar
Aon Bkangartiiir.
BArak M. OarptaUr
Mary Oraaer
Ezeklel Canfisld entered at the age-of aavan.
having beea absent for four or five years, be
reiumeu idii term io learn oroom making.
William Hooter having been absent for aar.
eral years, has returned to fit himself better for
teacbing muslo, and aids in instructing tbt
younger pupils In Instrumental music
Wendal Shield, having lost some time during
oi papnan, im conssquenoe ot tot circum
stances of his father, now' deceased,) is fitting
to teach muslo, and le employed as an assistant,
use Mr. noover; out neither receives compen
Misses Field, Holt and Read are here for the
purpose of learning tn braid Balm Unl !.
trade not taught till near tbe close of last vear.
All the above are retained In the Institution
with the approbation of tbe trustee!, In accord
ance with tbe sooond and third sestiont of an
act passed March Ilth, 1843: Vide Swan's Stat
utes, p. 132.
In addition to those above named, Michael
Kennedy, who hat attended seven rears, is still
lodging In the Institution, dally expecting funds
from a brothsr residing in Louisiana, who had
promised to establish him In business at a broom
A. D.
COLUMBUS, Jan. 25, 1861.
i Tbe SPEAKER laid before the House a spe-
-1.1 . f- . I r i . n . i. ... . r
uisi npura irum uie cuaru oi rUDIIO WorkS.re
iaung to toe condition or claims for water
rents, waicn was ordered to be printed.. -,
Mr. ROBINSON, from the Judiciary com
miltee, reported back H. B. 300 To amend
the laws for the protection of and regulating
u, uuun ui uivij umffcn ,u aaia oiate Hind re
commended that It be indefinitely postponed..
Mr. BURR explained the objects and necessi
ty for tbe provisions of the bills. - ; ,t f..w
The question being oo the indefinite postpone
ment, tbe House relused to postpone, wben -
ThebHl was ordered to be engrosed and rtad
a third time on Tuesday next.
Mr. PLANTS; from the Judiciarv committee.
reported back H. B. 250 and 302 fo amend the
laws regulating chattel mortaget and recom
mended the indefluite postponement of the
" .!.
H B. 250 wss postponed, when ...:',
Mr. DICKEY opposed . the postponement of
Mr. 1LANTS explained the workings of thit
bill st likelv to operate onnreaaival.
Mr. ANDREWS eas of opinion that the laws
on thit subject required amendment, tod there
fore opposed tbe postponement.
Mr. ROBINSON moved to lay the bill on the
taDie,wnico was sgreed to. . .
Mr. PLANTS, from tbe Judiolary commit
tee, reported back Senate Bill 123 To amend
the laws relating to Jcoanterfisll money wben
the bill was ordered to be read a third time on
Tueftdav next . .
Mr. NIGH offered the following ' resolution
wnicn was laid on tbe table tor discussion.
Rttolvtd by the General Aittmtly of tht State,
tf Ohio. That Thomas Ewinv. William 8?
Groesbeck. Daniel R. Tildsn. David Tod. and
Joseph R. Swan, be and they art hereby ap
pointed Commissioners to represent tht State of
Ohio, in tht conference proposed by the Legis
lature of tbe State of Virginia, to meet in tbe
citvot Washington on tbe 4th proximo.-,
Mr. BALDWIN introduped If. B. 312 To
provide lor tbe sale of tbe interest of the StaU
in the Ohio and Pennsylvania canal at a sum not
lest than $u,vuu, wbicb. was read, the firtt
time. ' ' l -
Mr. CONVERSE from, tbe Judiciary com
mittee, reported back H. B. 226 when tbe bill
was rerorred'to a Select committee of one, Mr,
Thompson, of Perry. . ' . ' . .
Mr. SCOTT, of Jefferaon. presented tlm me
morial of the county officers and citixene of
j en er son county, in relation to the distribution
of Swan and Critchfleld's statutes.
Mr. CHASE offered a resolution, (in view of
the proposition to diicootinua the school foridi.
ota,)requestlng the superintendent of that school
to make an exhibition of bis pupils before the
nouse wuicn was laid upon tbt table. ,
MONDAY, January 28th, 1861—10 A. M.
By Mr. MONROE, From Mary Harris and
athtrton thtsubjsct of Woman's Rights.- Ro
fsrred. .ii.-uu.-u . :;. i.i ,,- t ;
By Mr, FOSTER From- tht Pittsburg, Fort
Wayne and Chicago R. R. Co., for legislation
to sell tee rosd &o. Keferred to R. R, Com
m if ta
By Mr. EA80N: From' T.S.McEihnnle and
34 others ot Wayne Co., praying legislation to
pronimt tne immigration or free negroes, red'
etsl Relations. , , ' ' " ' J'
II. B. No. 269s To amend the set' of Msy
oa ioa, concerning ne orgsnization or el tie
ana Whole. s 1 .
-The Senate ' went - into oT
Whole oo the Above Jbill-Mr. Williams. In
tht chair, and after soipe timt the bill was re
ported back and rererred tq the, Judiciary com
nlttee. ' . ." .
II. B. No. 257 To amend section one of the
School Act of March 13th, 1850, .and tbe act of
February 21, 1843.. , Kelerred to tht Sobool
vommittet. . ..,.. ., -. .t . . r,.
. The Senate then took a recast.: ". .
Prayer by Rev. M.Goodwin.' ,?
Tht following memorials ware presented. -By
Mr. JACOBS from the Commissioners
and others of Allen county for a change in tbe
official term of County Auditors .
Tbt following Bills were read a second time
ana reierred. -1 -.
House Bill SOS To prevent banker! , broker!,
and other persons, from receiving or paying out
tbe notes or Issue of specie paying banks al a
loss rate than par .Currency. j
' House Bill 306 Defining tht jurisdiction of
tht probate coartof Champaign county In crim
inal oases, and to amend section two of an act
herein named Judiciarv. "I :
tl. li. mi to enable tbt Medical College or
Ubio to pay lie present Indebtedness ey renew
ing its bonds at a lower rate of interest. To tht
Hamilton County Delegation as a telect oom
mlttee.' " ' '"" '
Notice wat given of tbt Introduction of Bills.
By Mr. K RUM To establish and regulate
the fees of Countv Treasurers. - . -i- i . '
By. Mr. BLAKSLEETo amend aso.4 ot
tht act for ins incorporation or oitiet ana viir
Itget. -. ' i. . ,K .- . -'i. 1 i'f
Mr. BLAKESLEE presented tbe memorial
of the Bee Keeper I Association of Cleveland,
for tbe protection or Bees. i
Mr. CLAPP presented the memorial of Rob
ert Murray and 64 others of Lake eonnty. for
provision for the redemption of the notes of
the Canal Bank of Cleveland, and Seneca,
County Bank.
Tbe following bills were Introduced and read
me nrst lime
H. B. 313-by Mr. OGLErTo amend seo.
6 of the Justice's code. - . ' ' v , r t
B. 314 by Mr. KRUM-rTo tlx tbe com
petitation of mesr.bert of the genersl Assem-
11. 11. 310. By Air. H.KUM JO nx ana re
gulate i the salaries and fees ofCounty Audi
tors. f ( i , t ; : ?
Senate Bill 191 SuDDlementray to tht act for
the nroteclion of the Canals of tbe State of Ohio,
and'the regulation of the navigation and col
lection or tout on tne tame was react tne nrst
Mr. VINCENT, on leave. Introduced II. B.
316 Fixing the rate of interest, and repealing
certain acta therein named, which was read the
firsttime. -j . i 1 r..-
Mr. BLAKESLEE. oh leave, Introduced it
B. 317 To amend the act for the incorporation
of oitiet and villages, in relation to city iniir-
marles whion was read tbt nrst time. - i
1 UV UVH.V m avwvn.
CoMraomscs. Some of our Southern friends
are vet feeding noon the vain hope that the
present controversy between the North and tho
South may be compromised and the existing
difficulties honorably adjusted. We art of those
who believe that no honorable compromise can
be made. If tuch a result could be produced
we should have no faith In any suoh oompro-
misaa- Our Northern enemies are lost to every
tentt of honor and honesty, and we would not
believe in tbe sincerity or any ot tnsir prom
iset. Hence, we say, let tbem alone. If we
are deceived by Punlo faith, and recede from
onr present bold position, we are staves, and de
serve to be so. The ball is rolling gloriously
on. SMeailon from Abolitionism is the Order
of the dav. Let there be no baoking down. . If
we recede from our present position an is lost
Let the motto of every true hearted Southerner
be, "He that dallies It a dastard, he that doubts
is damned "Atlanta (Ot.) InUlUgenter, xisi
City Fire - Insurance Company,
Of Ne w Haven
18C0, made to the Auditor of Ohio, purauaot to ths
Btatuu or mat State, entitled "An act to regulate Inn
iboc uompamea. not incorporated Dy trie mate or Ohio,'
paaaea Apru a, ikm. .
' . KAMI AND L0CAL1TI0N. 1 .
Ut. The nam of the Company It the "City Flrt Insu
rance uompanj" ana u located nt Mtwuaven Oon-
nectlcat. , . ,
' ' - I. CAPITAL. ' ''' 1 ' 'I
2d. The amount of its Capital Block li.. ' 95(10 000
3d. The amount of Ita Capital Stock paid up la WO OIK)
4th.- . . . II A8SIU.. . .:'i.
1. Cash of the Company on hand (10,M9 07
9. Caih In the handiof and due
fromAgents ....' 5,000 00
3. Beat Bitats onlncnmbered
4. Ths Honda and stock owned by
731 03 tlt cM OS
i tn uompany a per vouch
er accompanying how M
enred, ad tht rat of in- .
tercat thereoa, to wit:....' -
Bond (a per fkhednle)
Par Valoe, i 0,500, Market Value,
tltocka (as por SotwJule)
7,700 CO
Par Value 121400, Wrkt Value.
5. Debt due th Company, teenr r s
; 'ed bymor)rag,onanincam-'
' ' bend Real Bttate, .ai per' 1
vonoher accompanying .,
7. DebteforpranlQine.. ' '
8. 411 other Mcaritii ooaaktlnfr ). .
1 of Intereat, Ioanaoncalla,
rent, ao. .......
827,783 00
. 1 10,308 SO
-2S,;7 34
i Total ft Met, of ths Company..
t353,US?. 11
, . 111. LIABILITIES. -. ..
3th. The amount o( liauilitle;due ,
or not due, to Banks and oth '
1 ' er creditor none
Slh. Lonadjutedaaddae.none.'
7th. LotHiailJuated and not due
non '
8th. Tjoiks retlated by the OS., $0,100 CO .
0th. Lone In auspenie, waiting
for further proof 5,300 OO
10th. All other claim again!
1 thOompany 300 00 -'
Total liabilities .,115,000 00
11th. Th vreateat amount intnred In anv
on riik usually not to exceed fill COO 00
r--ui. -in greatest amount allowed by th
rule to be Insured in any on city,
town or vtllag, not limited
13th. Th greatest amount allowed to be
Insured in any on block usually
not toaioeed.... a 1(1 non OO
14th . Th amount of It capital or earning deposited
in any oiner owie, as security tor losses there
'--: In, naming then, with tbaamoant las wch, and
wueuier buod company iraoeacu any ulnoa
oi iniurwroiniBBnainiavso niaier, Don.
15th. Th Charter, or act of Incorporation of aa id Com
pan' , ' '
Btitsof Oo-ixkticct.)
County of Nw Haven. ) '
Wills Bouthwotth. Pnsident.ana La'-rL . Srdln
Secretary of th City Fir Insurance Oompany.of New Ha
ven, Connecticut, being aerarally (worn, depose and aav.
fbat th foregoing is a full, true and oorrccl statement
of th auairs or w said Company that the said Insur
anc Company la th bona flil owner of at least Use
Hundred Thousand Dollar of actual cash capital Inves
ted In Block and Bonds, or In Uortgagesjou Real Ittate,
worm aonoie in amount tor wnicn tne same I mort
gaged; that the abor described Investment, nor any
rrt thereof, are made for ths fceoefit of as Indirldual
xrcilng authority In the management of aidCompaoy,
either a President, Baoietary, Treasurer, Director, or
otherwisei that the mortgage above described have not
seen aasignea, nor in any manner released or impaired by
iu vompany; snojuiac iney are tne above described oui
cer of (aid
, insurance Ucmsuiy,.
WKLL8 BOUIliWORTn. President.
LEVI B. llUAbLkV. Baoreur
' Subscribed sod sworn lefoie. me, the Slat day of Janu
nary, iooi, ., , v , ,. J0rl a. GHAVEB,
.. If-s 1 r ... r Justieseiths Peac
I 1 ' OKrics or ths AuntTon -or Btati, )
, t T7 . - ' Columbus, O., January 8rj,ieti. i
I; Robert W. Tavlsr. Auditor of Blate. herehv cer.
tify that th fsngoing I a eonrot eopy of th statement
ot Condition of lb City firejlnsurano Company, Of
new jiaren, vonnacucui, mad lo.uils onioe. lor the
year jcui, ana now on nie Herein. - r
i Witness tny hand ncd seal oinciliy. '' c -
l. . .. -,. i. ; M. W. TA1LKR, " :
- Auditor of Htnte .-
C'crtllieate ! Antkerlty.
(To expire on the 3 Itt day of January, 1BC9 )
- '' ,: ' 1 AontToaor trx-nft Oma, ''
' Iieauaaieca DKraSTMax v,
Cohimhus, Ohio, January , lbfcl. )
ni,iocata atnowuaven, in thejeuteof Connecticut,
has filed In this office a sworn statement of Its condition
as required by th tint seoNen of th act " To new late
Insurance Oompani ant incorporated by Ui State of
unto," paasea April , icao; and whssias, said company
hu furnished th undersigned satisfactory evidence that it
la possessed of at least n hundred thousand dollars of
actual capital Inverted la (lock, or In bonds, er In mort
gage or real estat, worm aouuie tn amount for which
th same is mortgaged; ana. VYheS-Kas. laid comnan haa
Hied in this office a written Instrument under lis conx-
retire seal, signed by ths President and Secretary there-
oi, auuioruing any agent or agents or sail company in
thi Butte, to acknowledge service of process, for and In
behalf of said company, consenting that such sarvlc of
prooaas ihall he taken and held to b as valid aa if served
upon tns company, according to th law of this or an
other BUta, and waiting all crafts or Tight or srror, by
reason of snch acknowledgment of service.
Now, tharafor. in pursuance of th first section of
th aforesaid act, I, Robert W Tayler, Auditor of Stat
loruientaseotunio, o hereby eertiry that aid City
Fir Insurance Company of New Haven, Connecticut, la
anuioniea to iranssci tne ousineu or rir Iniurancs
in this State uutll th thlrty-fltst day of January.
In the jeu one thousand eight hundred and sixty
two. ; ; " .. ....
In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto subscribed my
, . - name and eaueed th a! of my effie to be
I u.r. i-i smxi tne day and year above written.
J 1 -.i , , ..... B. W. TAV1.BH.
Auditoj- f State;
J. if. )VHEELER, Agent,1'
""tltt'.'pit Htptlt Ulvb Street.
jtnSSdiw - r... . ... .
.6?.i,.." 'I I:-' - 1 . ;s.
:'at. '
T !
FOU CASH oivtyFf V
For the Patronaareof t Puhiit.
'Ml f'4 il M K
90, loath High Street.
January Sfl, 1801.
Best Cough MeaiciDcin the Ydrld!
' fjv vg-'Wsti Hfc WHAV"
Remedy! pti th TAge !
l"AYEE'B 1
rORTHt 8HIDV AND CMTAIli custov " '
Coughs, , Coldn( Throat Pisessea, Hoarseaess,
Oroup, Broncliltis, Asthma, Early Stage
Consumption, Spitting Blood, Night "
Sweats, Feverish Condition, See.
- Price
.;;At,'''At'.' 'l-.vi.'i
Of (he great remedies whloh Dr. Ave (of th Throat
and Lang Institute, 30 West Fourth Street, Cincinnati,)
ha offered to the publio, then Is sons whloh ha given
such universal satisfaction In hi practice aa th "Pen,
OicCHsAC0AllUI..''-i v. ,'. f Q t rj f? S
It posietMs'-th most xtraordlnary power, and
sinong the points of marked superiorly of this favnrll
remedy are these:
BjitcesusUns st fflorabiae, or sinr
thins; vrblcla will deranire the (taw
ela ar Impair the Appetite. ;
ItTIt eemtalna at deleterlaus aub
stance whatever.
- KTThe effect la prompt and perma
JJ7Asst cure er preventative ef
It haa no equal. None who hare
r' ever aeetl it bsive leen." 'attacked.!
'- " ' a" : 1 '
.'. Do not. Confound it with toy other prepara
tlon pnt up by any ptrson ot similar nams.
This Cough Cordial has been thoroughly tested thou
and of times, and In no cut hat It ever failed) . -
. Bear la mind that this Cherry Cordial Is th prepara
tion of a regularly educated Practicing Phy.-lcian, a
point not to b lightly estimated by those who require
sterling medicine. ; !-. I -t :-V.'
Geo. W. Rice. Eld., of Cincinnati, certifies to a re
markable cute of Asthma, the patient being hit wife.
The remedy the cordial. ,i . . iv i .' ,
John H. Deters, Kic., of Cincinnati, tcstifles to a re
markable cure of ehrcnie throat disease by means of this
great remedy.,,. .ril , . .... ,- , ( . . -
Rv. Dr. J. F, Ohalfant, Presiding Xldsr. (M. E.
Church, Dayton District,) says: "I cordially recom
mend Dr. Aver'a wonderful preparation to thoaa who
may be suffering from chronic catarrh or diseases ef tho
Throat and Langs." ' '
Solomon Adness (of th well known Importing Dry
Goods House, HBRbess Adams As Co.,) Olnolsmati, aura:
"I heartily command Dr. Ayer's Cunlini as Justly de
serving th (celebrity it has attained-"
' Chas. Monroe, Ssq., Cincinnati, says: 'I cheerfully
express aiy fullest confidence la Dr. Ayer's medicine.
S. R. Bate, Esq. i writes form Fifth Avenue rioter,
New York: I shall always racommend my friend to th
use of your Cordial, feeling, that It has effected what
soma of the most eminent physician In New York and
Cincinnati failed to accomplish, vis: the oure ot Mr.
Bates' Throat." , . , .
T. J. Imsrsoo, Bsq., Professor of Vocal Mottojf CIn
clnatl, say: "All othsr remedies having failed to cur
or relieve my throat, I use Dr I. W Ayer'e Cordial,
and am happy to say, It effected an entire and perfect
cur.'' , ' , i - -
L. B. Eager, Constable, Cleveland, say: 'With th
use ot Dr. Ayer's Cordial Ijexperienced the most decided
roller, ana nave no doubt or Ita effecting a radical and
permanent cure."
- Rev. I. a. Tucker, Brookvllle, Indiana, was cured of
Consumption and testifies in the strongest terms to the
wonderful efficacy of th cordial. -
' Rev. J. B. Allen, Pastor of the Presbyterian Chnrch
Brooklin O.. eared of chronto bronchitis, savst "I am
now able to use my vole as well a at any time during
any minisiry ana wuu more eueci ana comrorc. snow
rejoice isaiiappnea teir. aisi.: i
Equally strong letter and testimonials from 8. J.
nurnton, pupt. oi Bridges, Cleveland: H. Ranney
Merchant; N. Sanford, Merchant: O. A Van Slvke.
Steamboat builder, Buffalo;' Col. Cramp, Hannibal,
Mo.; 0, P. Johnson, Bsq., City Attorney, Bt. Loais.
Rav. A. J. Kane, Bpiingfteld, Ills; Moses Chess,
Esq . .Civil Engineer, Pittsburgh,; and hundreds of others
nave peso received. ;.. ., ,; ., ., ,,
For sale in Cincinnati by "' " E. BOAVI.AV a an.
' Wholesale Agent, corner Fourth and Main Streets.
. '" : 'Corner of Fourth and Vine Street.
i Atto.Mvr. AXBiriiVffice, Wat fiurth Street,
ivROinnon, and by Druggist generally. .
Jan. S4;-deTaaThfcwly ..l7.." '
To any part of tht city for
$3,50 PER CORD,
Vi And 4, feet Wood for' li 'h
i tht different kind of Coal as'ow as any' othi
dealer, and, "sympathltlng with tue publiey'
la now
ollinf tf,.lui -..j. ;..
I , C'OAt"FOR 9 CTS.,! AND U
Yard and offios, 111, South Third Street, aesr th Bee
ond PretUrtertan Olutroh, i d' I lit .'li C Vl.1
. -:,c-f:-i.-r r-.i
BARLOW, Ajstent,
Colaubut, Jan. 81. t i
. i . dim
J Demoe ratio Printing Offloe, located la a Soarlahlng
town-In Southern Ohio, I for sale upon food terms, For
a good Printer, who can give sullabl references, a good
hnast I n 4 n av lav atfmwtM , i '. I
Aauess Bailor Btatesmaa, voiombnt. Ohio.
Jaa.SJ-dlw . v . . .
X All persons are hereby cautioned against purchas
ing an order dated Oct. 1BCO drawn by A. W. Shearer,
Clerk of Prairie Township, Franklin county, Ohio on
th Treasurer or said Township, psyahl to John Bplll
an or order, for (ISO, for ten seta of, Mitchell' out
line maps, xntnia order caving beta fraudulently ob
tains win not bw paid.
I A. W. BHIARRR. Clark
la behalf of the board of Rducatlon of Piairl Township.
i ' ' ,'!-'
Tne spring and stnanEB res.
alon will commence February 7th, 1801. Thi la
en of th beat Institution for th theroujh and ehris-
uan eancsnon or our daagntar, at a reasonable oost.
Addraa W. P. KRRR, Prlnolpal,
... . i -1 v r ranvlli, Ohio
. Refer to Col. O. W. MAXVPamnr.
JanSS dlw Aw3w Bon. A. L. Paaaux, Benate.
Printing , Office for Gale.
CKAT OFFI0R It offered for sale on wry rH
sonabl term. To a praotloal printer this Is a chanca
lor a bargain, xnreej nnnarea aoiiars oovm And th
balance In two years. Th office ha good run of lob
won and advertising patronaniJ- For portico lr ad.
ars, - -1 v utv. w alAKbOW,
deol-tww3w. , . Carw ton, Onto. .
i ' ADVRRTUIMlltT. - ....
; , For th inistant mm
nd FIRM ANINT 0001 of th
' distressing complaint ass
Made by (J. t. BaTMOtm k 00., 107 rTassau Bt., W.' Ti
xno wiper sozj twnirre by pott,
Wide, Long and Handsome. '
ed,a new lot Just received b;
Ko.W8ou.th Ulgh street.
dec. 1 1
for all THROAT and
iaelndlnsj WHOOPINC
COtOH, and everr
OemplalBt the fovervjti-f
mer of, and even actnal
. -i V !
V J A , V
The Oreat Ni:i7HAI.
CltTUKrtlKBV and Nal.-f
aval OPIATE, adapted. .
to every epeclea of rer-, .
veua Cosuulaiativ Nsr
voua and. Chronic
Headaches ttheunaa
Slams Catarrhs Tooth ;
and Ear Actio, f.owe ot
Nleep. and Bowel Corn.
Plainta.r Ai;i
Y. J j i, :
Mo (Ml iualVa mi. k IU .1. . .tln..
but by procuring and reading descriptive pamphleta.S
2 jUh " anln. r will be aenl by Proprietor
-- aunauia ana inti Bottles ssnt to rnyti
clans, who will find developments in both worthy their
acceptance and approval. . ...! -
VorrasponoMoe solicited from all who neeesitle or
cariosity prompteto trial of tl. above nllabla Rem
For S1 by th usual wholeaaU n,l i.ii Aif
everywhere. ) I
JOHN I,. IIirNNEVELL, Preorleto '
j .Mt. -u cHlMtBT AND rRAtMACtimST,
VS, 9 CfiBlnsf filal Ua'arir, Boston, JIass. - '
Roberta A Samuel. N. B. Harpl. J. R, Cook. J. Al
Danlgv O. Denlg A Son, A. J. Bchueller A Son, Agent
for Oolumbua, Ohio. myl-tlly -
This book contains Seeetpte and Direction! for ma
king all th most valuabls Medical preparation In use;
alio Rsctpea and full and axpliclt dlreciloas for making
all th moat popular and useful Cosmetios, Ptrfan,
Unguents, Bair Restorative, and all Toilet Articles. If
you are Buffering with any ohronle disease If you wish a t
beautiful eomplexlon, a line head of bair, a smooth face,
a clew skin, a luxuriant beard or moostacheor If you ,
wish to know any thing and every thing la th Medical
and Toilet line, yon should by all mean peruse a Vor-y
of Uiis book. For fUU particular and a svmpls of the .'
work for perusal, (free) address th publisher, ':'-.(
i : ..' " " . F. CHAPMAN, ' ' '
, No. 831 Broadway, Mew Vork. '
eetaa-dSav . .
i , Headache ! Headache i : . . ,
; Thousands of persons inffer from headache to th serK,
foul detriment ot their comfort, business, and health,
who might easily bt cured by sunply using BoHrnRBv'
HoaionuTto Bnciric. Th Bianicat PiU. taken In'
th morning, and th Bii.too Pru taken at night, rarely
fail to cure tht most ttvereand obsllnals ease. Thou
sands having tried them have been entirely freed of this '
ban of their live. Oo and do likewise.
Pries, 25 cent par box, with directions, tlx boxes l
' Bent by mall or express, f re of charge, eclptaf
th pries. Address, . . ., .
, ' Da. ' nosfpriRiTS t CO.,
No. 503 Broadway, Mew fo -,
: Wholesale and Retail Drngglete. B4 H. High strait.-' .
I i ... S. K. 8AMDRLA CO.,
I Janl-dAwlm . 85 S. High atreet, Oolumhua, O- --'
Bee adveitisement In another eolumn. ' -.
itlOti AI IS HfH PIMAI. '
! to all eases of costlveneas, dyspepsia, btlllons and lirev -aff
action, piles, rheumatism, fevers and agues, obetl " '
nate head ache, and all general derangement of health": j
the Pill have Invariably proved a oertaln and speedy
remedy. A single trial will place th Life Pill bejod
the reach o foomptltloe la the estimation of every pa
(lent, a- .. V '-..-r- r"5 V '
1 Dr. Moffat's Phsnis Bitter will bt found equally ef
tcaclou In all ease of nervous debility, dyspepsia, head
ache, the sickness Incident to females In delicate health, -and
every kind of weakness of tht dlgestlvs organ.
For sale by Dr. Tf.B. MOFFAT, S3S, Broadway, ft. T.
and by all Druggist. naySS-dAwly (
Tbe following is an extract from a
letter written by the Rev. 3. 8. Tlolma, patter oi the
Plerrepoint-Btreet Baptist Church, Brooklyn, H. T.,to
the'Journal and Hetsnger," Cincinnati, O., and (peaks
volumes In favor of that world yenowned medicine, Mat .
Wikslow' Sootbui Bracr roa Cbudsiw Ttrrnmo:
"Ws see n advert Itment In your eolnmnS of Maa
WnrsLow's Sootbih Strut. Now we never said a word
In favor of a patent medicine before In our life, bat we
feel compelled to aay to your reader that this Is no hum
bug wa haw tbi rr, a-sow it to a a la it
Claim. It 1 probably on of tht ami successful snedi
einee of tht day, because it is ont of ths best. And thott
of yonr readers who have babies can't do setter thu , , -'
lay In a supply." -, ocsraydatw1 '
Wm. A. Batcheioi'a Hair Dye! v .
Tht Orlgljal and Best in v tht WorU!
' All other an mere Imitations,' and Should b avoided
If you wish to escape ridicule. '
t GRAY, BID OS BUST HAIR. Dyed Instantly to a J
beautiful and Katnral Brown or Black, without Injury t
Hair or Skin. 1 : :. V r : i j ;
awarded toWm. A. Batehelor tine 1830, and over 80,00
Sppllcatlons hive been made to th Hair of hi patrons
of hit famoue dye " '
: WM. A. BATOHKLOR'S HAIR DTI produce a col
or not to bt distinguished from nature, and Is warranted
not to In) ure In tht least, however long It may to contin
ued, and th 111 effects of Bad Dyes remedied; th Hair
invigorated for life by thi splendid Dy. "
' Bold in all cities and towns of the United State
Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealers, ' ... i.1
i mTne Genuine ha tht name and aldte'si upon a steel,
plate engraving on four aids of each box, of WILLIAM "
A. BATCHHLOR, Address - Tr1""
CIIARLB8 BAT0HKL0R, Pioprietor,
JyI3-Wly tl Barclay street. New York.
.j. To Ooaauniptivea.
! Tht Advertiser, having bean res to red te health In a few
weeks by a Tery staple remedy, after havings offered
nil years with s ttvtro lung affection, and that dread
dleea, Consuoptlon li anxlout to make known UhU.)
fellow-snfferert the meant of cure. '
: To all who detlr It, he will itnd a copy of tht prescrl
flon used (fret of chart), with the directions for preps
tng and using th (am, which they will find a suaa On -for
CoitjorTiox,.AsTBiu, RaoMoaiTia, Ao. The only,
object of ths advettlMr Is sending tht Prescription Is IqJ
benefit th afflicted, and spread Information which he eon
eeives to bt Invaluable, and ht hopes every sufferer will
try his remedy, as it will cost them nothing, and may
prove a blessing. 1 '
t Parties wishing tht prescription wllf pleats tddreaa" ' 1
j " ' 1 J w - IUv. EDWARD A. WrtSOlf.-- kl
! -it'
' oct3:wly
JUngt County, New lur'k.
j " W. A. Batohelot'a Hair Dye! J ' ' 1
! This splendid Hair Dye bat no eqaal-lnstantanaons in
ffoct-Beautlful Black or Natural Brown-no staining
th tkin or injuring th Hair rtmtdlet the absurd and II
affect of Bad Dyes, and Invigorates ths hair for llf.
Hon ars genuine unless signed w.. A. Batchsior.''
CHAB. BAT0HIL0R, Proprietor,
' 81 Barclay Btrtet, New York.
r . - : TO AND JTUOItl (, . (;, .(.,.
' Liverpool,, Montreal, Quebec;, 1
Thfi HsMltlMl OMftfl fltMvnahtn 11 asm m..!. at i
" - vvwvatii aAiByT;
fall-powered Clyde-built Bteamer tail everr Vat.-,
nrdar from PORTLAND, carrying tht Canadian and
United State Mall and pastaogers, '
WOTA80BTIAN......Capt. McMattert,
BOHRMIAN ....Capt. Gramre-J . . ..
! BRITON......Capt.Bor.and,, . . " '-'
NORTH AMEMflAJT, . Cant Alton '
, fffigW C.St.Ba'-'O
. , NORWEGIAN. '''''
Shortest, Cbeapeat and anlck'cstVait
Will tall from LIVERPOOL everr WednesdaV, '
MMlSNniFR'nv80. 9rm. ",d"F,ealling.t
LONDONDRRRY, torecelronboardanduuiilMAlUand
rassenger. to and from Imi
Glasgow passengers sr furnished Wilh net PaVT
Hckte to and from Londonderry. .- . jl
Return ticket granted at reduced rat.
An experienced Burgeon attached toachttamr.' " -Oertiflcate
issued for carrying to and brlnglngout pe-'
nvert from all tAa nrinrlnal tnema orflrMt niain f
Ireland, at reduced rate, by thi line of stumer, nod
leaving Liverpool every week. - - - ' -
Forpaaa(j, apply at tho Offlr. 53 nflfAD.
WAT, New xark, and 1(1 WaTKH sj's;.,
UfirsNi,'t. .-.j.r...--, c.,;.a- tsarr
BABEL BSASIE, Oensral Jf-enU, x
Of to Hv J :
tw "- Bttoama.r OlBco. Qolnmbns. Ohloj.'T

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