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Tbe Adams Express Company place us daily
uuder obligations to it for the very latdbt papers
Irom the eastern cities. , ' ( . , .
OV. ml ' .. i j ' '
The AmtBoan Eipresa Uompny ban oar
thauks for its "dally favors In the shape of the
very latent eastern papors. ...
of a General Nature.tnforce August l.lrJtiO. Collated by
jooph h, BiviH. wim note oi ine icitons orttui
Supreme Court, by LuxniR J. OaiTCHFisi.D. Cin-
cinaall: Bobcrt CuRKS A Co., Law Bookseller.
This work is in two volumes, royal octave,
ooatuinlog about ufae' hundred and fifty pages
. each, handsomely and substantially bound, and
neatly printed on full and clear type. It con
tains all the statutes of Ohio In force at the date
mentioned la the title, with annotations tbereon,
' from the decisions of the Supreme Court, re'
ported li the first twenty-eight volumes of Ohio
; Reportt.; ! -:- '' '.
The arrangement of subject adopted by
Judge Swan in his former collations of the
Ohio statutes, and whioh has beoome familiar
to Uioae who are in the habit of consnlting the
, lit of the State, Is followed In this work; apd
the notes of decision appended, have been jointly
prepared by Judge Swan and L. J. Critohmld,
the present Reporter of the Supreme Court. , .
jiTlie well known ability and . long ezperlenoe
of Judge Swan as a jurief, are auflioieut guar
rantaes for tbo faithful eceoution and accuracy
of, this work.; ,Tbe General Assembly ot Ohio
us uown it appreciation of the work by aid'
log in its publication, and directing its distribu
tion to the State officers, and various County
officers, by the act of March 16, i860. , .
In these two volumes will be found all thesta
tutes of this State, of a general nature, in force.
including those passed at the last session of
the Legislature, the Constitution of the United
States, the old and new constitutions of Ohio
the" Naturalization laws of the United States,
with full and copious indexes to the Federal
Constitution, to our new State Constitution, and
to all the statutes In force. ' a ; . ;. ,,' ..'
This work should be In the hands of every
officer and, indeed, in the hands of every citi
zen of the State. To those who aspire to
knowledge of the law as it exists, or have any
thing to do with its administration, these vol
umes are jlodlnpenaable. , The prico of the two
volumes u $10.
.,. Atlaktic Monthly, The Atlantic for Feb'
ruary bat the following artiolcs Our Artists in
Italy, by Paul Akers, lo which an attempt is made
to do Justice to the genius oi the American paint
er, Wm. Page; Knitting Sale-Socks, a Yankee
' story, bylrilee Pr-scott; Scnppang; Cobblor Ke
r's Vision, ballad, by J. G.Whlttier; The First
Atlantle Tefpgreph', by Edward Spenaer; Lady
Bron, by Harriet Martineao, Getting Home
"Again; A Dry Goods Jobber in 1861 The Old
Homestead', a poem, by W.' D. Howells; The
Professor's Story, which grows In interest as
the narrative proceeds; The Great Lakes;
Fluribas Unum, by Jas, R. Lowell; Reviews and
Literary Notleen Recent American Publica-
. i t... ..... . ..
tions. , 4. .. .., . , .
This Is one of the freshest and most interest
ing numbers of the Atlantic, which is always
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- W Ti ' 1 .: "
?Buans Festivals.. The Cincinnati Burns
, Club,-with a numbor of invited friends, cole-
brated the one hundred and second anniversary
of the, birth .ol RoiitRT Eusns, at the Burnet
HouseLon Friday evening? All oountriea and
sections of the, Union were represented at the
Festival, and all present testified their1 devotion
,to the .'.'Stars and Stripes.", , i 7.: ;
There was also a.like celebration at Cleve
land on the same evening. The exercises con
sitted.of an oration, songs and a supper, clos
ing with a dance, at Chapin's Hall.
';'Stabjc Codntv Mariit Fair. The people of
Stark- county, have formed a Society for the
purposeof holding Monthly Stock Sales, much
like thos .which have proved so popular la
Msdlaon county- The Association has adopted
a constitution,' elected officers, and wilt hold
..the first publiosa;o on the first Wednesday in
. February. .... v . :t t. r, .. j
... ' m ' ' ' ,; '
' D";The Methodists In Newark are enjoying I
revival of religion. Services are held every
evening,' and quite a number have made an
.open avow) of .their Intentions to Itad a new
life. " ' '' i ' : i .' 4 .- ! ..- C l
; i
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ITT See advertisement of Prof. Miuir'
Flair Invigorator In another colamn.
WouiN's KiamiEiifr SlatumM: Please
aooept my thanks for the editorial comments
the Woman'e Rights Circular, which appeared
in tn tftetetiMn or innrsaay last.
An article oublished in 8aturdav'eSrn
from the pen of a pioneer in the Woman's
Right movement, indicates that the writer mis
takes the design of of the Circular ana tne lorm
of a class of petitions. Allow me to state for
the information of all Interested, that it was
not the intention to incorporate in the Circular
all the rights petitioned for, bnt to present to the
men ana women oi uoio, a unci epaupais oi me
laws whioh relate to widows'! dower, the ex
pense incurred In the practical administration
of the estates of deceased persons, and the cruol.
ty of laws whioh roo ana sena many widows to
the poor house, the : lunatic asylum and the
crave. J '
The petitions ask that the rights ol both
widows and married women be sepured more
fully. Relying, as we do and must, upon the
aolf evident juitice of our claims, and the lude
mens or our representatives, l deem the pre
sentation oi several forms of petitions advan
tageous, especially, as it proves that the move
ment in Denait or woman is not oonnned to a
clique. ' ... ,
As regards petitioning for the eleotive fran
chise, many of the citizens of this State believe
mat self representation is the onlv aafevnarri
lor juscioe, ana, it being an admitted pnnel
... - o
pie oi . our sovernment. that government
aenve - lueir just - power! irom tne con
sent of the governed, and that taxa
tion without representation is tyranny,
continue petitioning (as they have for manv
years) for the extension of the right of
mirage o woman. ' Judging irom tne past,
the effect of such action will not be detrimental
to the cause. Of the more than 18,000 sig
natures to woman's rights petitions presented
to the Legislature of 1856-7, nearly 7,000 de
manded the elective iranoblse for woman. Ex.
Governor Chase, in his annual message to that
body, recommended the consideration of the per
sonal rights of married women. The Senate com
mittee made a fs vorable report upon petitions for
tbo eleotive franchise. The House committee al-1
so reported in favor of the equality of the wife
witn ner nusband in tbo guardianship of cbil
dren, and property rights. Some important
amenamenie were msae to tne laws, which re
late to married women and widows. Tha law
of 1859 sec ores to the deserted wife and the wife
of man who from Intemperance or otherwise Is
inoapaoitated for Providian for bia familv. the
oontrol of'ber own earnings and the earnings of
ner minor cniidren. it also secures to all the
married women of Ohio, the control of the
whole personal property exempt from sale upon
Rail Road Time Table.
IiIttu Hum OoLOKiuifc XntiA K, R.
. Arrives.
Accommodation....... 6.10 A. M. "
No. 2 Ex S.30P.M.
Might Kxprefi... 2.45 A.M.
B.15 P. M
i 30P.M.
2.45 A. M
' I '
1.40 P. M.
Cuvn.An, CoLcmoi k Omcimiati E. B.
Kxprem and Mall....... 3.00 P.M.
Might Expnta 33S A. M.
Cxntral Onto R. R.
Jtrpren Train.......... 3.00 . U -
.Mall Train 8.41) P. 11.
9 30 A. M.
Pmmtxait, Ooinrora k. OntcnntATi B. B.
Bxpren Train 3:06 A: M. .. 2.30 P. M
Mill Train 2.4UP.M. 2:20 P. M
Ooi.ru o k. Iff DXAHAPOLif B . B.
luoiumbua, Piqua Indiana B. B.J
Expreat Train...'. 8:10 A.M. 11:10A.M.
nxpres Train........... S:45P.M. ' 8 10P M
Liver Complaint, Dupipsia, &c, are becom
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January 27. 1661. BKBSIE. lounraat rhlM of tin
Elixabelh Yargnaon, aged 3 jeara.
Funeral, on Tuaadav 80lk lint, at 10 nVlrv-v a xr
from her mother'a reeidenc. oa Town Street.
icrjAPP & co.'s
' From and after this date we shall
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NO. 119
t. jtV 4- 1.0
1.1 ') iul.
"'-' L'.n ,'-.1' ,-i:iL. v- .!, ..
i.'ajl:--st-t1:5. -st-i' .:t HI O ,
S Tohfof reatbrtasi4 so Tone ol
' .1 "I t T ft - - I-- - " ,, .
Bag-a Weisitcd.
KtS5-eairtllA-6oi T. ,,,, i
- "to f
' 1 (J " fUKNOH iIBOLOw.9 I
. , 75 eeeti per pair, fame , ai aoj eiMwhere for en
ov94. No. SO Seuth Hlf h street.
Several communications were received from tha de
nartmenta. . . - ... ,
Ur. Seward presented a petition from the citizens of
new xora. remonairatlni anainat auw Iriialation. oriW.
ins any protection to alavery in the Urrituriae: .no a
peuuonoi v.innioiuzenaorMew Voik, prajing for tome
axljuatmentof the preientdlHicqltlea. .
air. Douglas introduced a bill amendatory of tne act of
inn, ana ine aci or ituu, in re la '.Ion to fugitive slaves.
oeierreawine uonmuie on Judiciary.
Mr. Gwln preaented the memorial of Dr. Habe. Sern.
Urf of the Pactflo U. H. Convention, bald In California,
In Iflrj 1 k r. fl In.ttll .1 I: . .v. - n
ventlon, and a petition asking for the paaeaga of the B.
It. Bill. i ..,-.. n ,
Mr Wllion presented the netttlon of limn. Tterennart
auu uuiera, oi newDurjpori, aiau., in lavoror a apeedy
paaaage of the Crittenden reaolutiona.
Mr. Wilaon made aeme ironioal remarkijln favor of the
peiuion, whlcn waa laid on the table.
air. wzler preaented reaolutiona in favor of toe dm-
age of the Crittenden retolutlone. '
. ,
Ur. Bloe preaented petitions of 14.000 clliaeua of nam.
ton, of varloua pollllcal oniniona. aaklniforaneae.riii
jnetment of our National diUlcultlea.
Tne committee to whom it was entrusted, aikad It lo be
preaented to tfae Bouae, which wai accordingly done.
The petition waa encloied la the American lUg, and Ita
presentation eauaed applauaa on the Sonr und in the gal-
The Boiton Committee were in the imlierT durina theia
prnoeedinee. . -
The petition waa laid on the table Is order to ha ntlnt.
John Cochrane Introduced Mr. Blilar'a nronoaition for i
taking the aenae of the people of the aeveral Statu on
ceroun ameaamenia to tne uonatllutlon.
lie aald he would be williDi to tend it to anv commit
tee animated, provided he oould be aiaurad thev would
not etrangle It. Referred to the aelect cemmittee of S on
ue rreeidfnt'a Bpeciai ueaeage.
Mr. Campbell preaented the reaolnttoni of the Ponnrt I
vanla beglalatnre, expreiaing ardent attachment to tbe
Cooatltution and the Union, and renuirnanu to aecenlon.
and pledging the enpport of that State in inch a manner
ana 10 eaco an extent aa may be lequirid for the main'
icneiMjQ or ins uwa, eui. - - ....
L.aia on tne labia and ordered to be ni n nl. .
Mr. florenoe preaented a lolnt reialution Drona,lnir
amendmenta to the Constitution, fie wanted to paea It
to-usy, aa mere waa a neceaaiiy lor doing eomething
iijujuiBi.ijr, ,ur vi'ouui.uoii uu peeee.
Heferred to tbe Soleot Committee of 5. , , .
From Washington.
WiuuxoTon. Jan. 87. The rumor waa rife here to-day
that General Scott had receired new intelligence rata-
10 a aeaignon tne uapitoi, by aaceaion invadert,
which cauaee htm mnch anxletv.
Judge Robertson who waa diapatched to Uie Southern
Slatea by Virginia, to Induce them to keep the peace,
icicicrapuB toei. ii tue urooKiyD oe uestloed for f enaaco
la, hie mission will prove a failure. i
A diapatch to Beoa'ore Crittendan and Powell, aaya,
the Legislature of Kentucky baa appointed Jno. Y. Bell,
J. B. ulay, Mr. Guthrie, Kx-Qovarnort Moorhead and
WyckUHa Commissioners to proceed to Washington on
uioiw ui BKurumry.
The Grand Jurv baa made thivs hrMantment. nl
Secretary 1'loyd: Jlrit, for mal-admlsitratlon In office;
MBond, for complicity in the abstraction of bonda, and
third, for conspiracy against tbe Government. 1 1 Is ex
pected that tho Indictments will be ready for the notion
oi wo urj w-morrow .
The Senate's special Committee on the taiiff, will re
port Wednesday. The MorrUl bill afters oloaa inrei
ligation is pronounced to be excellent in trincirleand
general arrang.iuont. Nearly two-thirda of the Items
have already heen examined carefully, no change of
dutlea on iron la intended, though aome schedule may be
ordered to simplify the opcraUona of the law.
Effort have bean made to reduce the duty on pig iron
and steel, bnt without success. ,
Woolenslare to pay 18c per pound Instead of 16, i to
the Morrill bill, which conforms to the rates on raw ma
The committee will recommend that the law go into op
crntion on tha 1st of April, and the prepared modifies
tiona on the 1st ef July. All the duties to be paid within
30 daya after being entered.
Merchandize for re-shipment can ie stored for alx
It la estimated that this bill will produce a revenue of
o.vuu.uuv, wiin average import, -ine bill now con
tains a loan for 21.000.000 which la Intended to cover
outstanding treasury notes. Xhia will be Increased to
f ',uuu,uuu in order to provide for object of special le
gislation and other Items not included in Mr. Dix'a state
ment or the condition of the Treasury for the current fis
cal year.
Working Men's Convention.
fBiuotLraiA, Jan. SO. Althouahadeen enow an-reri
the streets to-night, rendering pedestrianlsm most un
comfortable, the maaa meeting of the workiug men of
tne city at independence square la largely attended.
Some fire or alx thouaand men, standing ankle deep In
me snow, are listening to tne sDeecnes. Tbe renreaent-
atirea of the employeea of all the brae manufactnriair
estaplishmenta of the county, inarched to the place of
meeting, Bearing wrcnea ana lanterns and accompanied
uy I'auu. ui uiusiu.
The mottoes Inscribed on the banners were moatlv auv-
geatlv of a peaceful conciliation of the present National
aimcuuiea, ana expressive oi approbation for the Grit-
tenaenpian ot uompromife. , . v. r .-
Mr. Isaac Tan Hongtos, SuDerlntendani ct tha Penn
sylvania Railroad Oar Works, presided over tbe del Der
ations of the meeting. - , . . . ,
A aerie of ably written resolutions were read and
unanimously adopted, taking tha a-round that the mea-
ent national troubles were inaugurated and foateredby
political demagogues; recommending the repeal by the
Dtaie Legitiatuieoi an onnoxtona laws, and tbe passsge
by Congress of the Crittenden plan of compromise, or
some olher measure to be submitted to the people, and
incaaathe present Congress find Itself unable to atrree
upon any such terms, requesting the member thereof
to resign their seats, that they may be HI led) w 1th com
potent rcpreienrativee oi tne popuiarwur.
The reaolutiona also deprecate any collision between
the fores of the General Oovemment and anv of the
Stale, as such a calamity would atrlke the death-blow to
an aope or a settlement. They pledge the working
men to sustain the Federal Government In the mainten
ance of Ita powers. Tttey provide for the appointment
or delegates to tne national convention or Working-men,
to meet at Philadelphia on the 'Jiti of February: and a
committee or si to preseul tbeae reaolatloni to the mem
hereof theLeglslatnr and Congress.
xne entnustasm manifested daring the proceedings,
(rare evidence of the anxiety of the working-men and
their determination to Interfere in the present crisis. :
From Independence, Mo.
Sr. I.oris, Jan . ST. A special dispatch from Indenen-
dence te the JitvuUiaa'n says: For weeks past. Messrs.
Waddle, Major, Jones, and other representative of their
different firms, have been here, making adjustment of
tneir anatrs, wnicn na resulted in tne assignment to
Messrs. Finis, Swing and Street Ac Allen, of St. Louis.
They purpose securing tht home creditor and endors
ers. - i
The assets available and otherwise, amount to a million
and a half, the liabilities are unknown. Mr. ' Majors
give up everything, even hi household furniture. ,
From Charleston.
Cuarlhton.' Jan. 28. The Iieglilatnra has acrreed
upon the sovereign flag of Booth Carolina. - It 1 to be
of a blue ground, with a white oval center-piece, and a
golden Palmetto tree therein. 1 -''
xne senate adopted a resolution to-day aatnorirpg
the Governor to send volunteers to the assistance of
Florida, If needed. In case of a reported Invasion. - Th
number of men is unlimited. - - -
The eteamer Columbia went ashore on Sollivaa's Isl
and beach yesterday morning, when going out. "; i .
-ine weatner nas neen lempestaeu lor a weex past.
Union Meeting in Portland, Me.
Ptlhd, Me., Jan. 86. An Immense TJnlon meet
ing was held here to-day, Bthan Shipley, Kx-Chlef
Juttlo, presided. The meeting was addressed by some
of our ablest speakers. Retolntion wire passed almost
unanimously, that the destruction of the Union waa th
greatest calamity that oould befell thenallon; and that
w doalr to perform faithfully all obligations Imposed
upon at by th Constitution and law ot th Doited
State. .--.jj ,
Kentucky Legislature.
tomsvata, Ky., Jan. 27. The Kentucky tecislatore
yeaterday almost unanimously adopted the Virginia res
olutlons, to oonatrued as to require tha Federal Govern
ment to protect alavery In all the Territories now held,
or hereafter to be acquired, tooth of Stdeg. 30 aoln ; ana
to guarantee tht right ot tranait of slaves through the
fret States.-' 1 ' - -'- . .
From Boston.
dietary committee were Instructed to report a bill author
izing tnt endoraament try the Btate of (tatloaal Treasu
ry not, to th amount of th larplut rtvtnut deposited
with her In 1836 and 1837, amounting to $3,300,000.
Tbe order was pasaad by a targe majority. (,
Commissioners from Kentucky.
VaANxroKT, Ky., Jan. ST. Th Legislature vesterdav
appointed tht following Commissioners, to meet the
Commissioner of Virginia at Washington, Februaty 4th:
Jameaa B' dry, Joshua F. Bell, Gov. Moorhead, Wm.
Butler, James Qotharit and Charles A Wlokliefe.
Virginia Legislature.
th Senate's bill, to relieve the bank of tht Btate from
the penalties incurred hy their autptntion of tptclt pay
ment. .. .. v . .
Th other proceedings of the Legiturtnr were unim
portant. .
-,-r . i
The Secession of Louisiana.
WATOW llottna. Jan. Oft A S ten mlnatM na.t am
ciock inn atternoon a vote wa taktn oa loamed ate aa-
cession, which resulted In yea 113, Bays 17.
NlW OKLCAIIb. Jan. OS. flannnn ia AWnir. mnA th.
n.i i n i . . . . .
,.nuu uu laevervwnera nnrariaa. Tner ia rreatex-
clterieht. - m.
North Carolina Legislature.
to.day paastd a
reioiuuoD ioduiub vommiationr to Washington, and
n imiouiirai vonvention at Montgomery Ala
bama. It will pessthe Sanat. : - (,,,,'. ,
a, Tht proceedlDgs otherwise are of an nniaterettlng char
acter. . . ,
, II H
Nrw YoK, Jan. 27. Uward Corning, for many year
on of onr moat prominent and upright merchant, and
President of th Hardware Trade Association, died on
patnraay euemoon.ei ins retiaenct at Brooklyn. "
Th Steamer John Bell, from Glasgow, has arrived.
m I 1 1 ' i ii . (
IwniANArott. Jan.W. The first Btntha Otinteh in
thi etty wa deetroyed by ore yetterday tmornlng. Lost
wo.wu y iv.wv. nv wsHntaw.
Washington Dispatch to the New York Herald.
WiaruaoToat, Jan. $8. The Herald' correspondent
sayt-I learn from a gentleman who had an lnterviewiwlth
Mr. Lincoln, at Springfield, within the past week, that
tue latter In discussing tne existing date ot auaire, ex
pressed himself as follows: "I will suffer death before
will content, or will advise my friends to consent to any
concession or compromise, which look like buying the
privilege or taking possession ot tin uovernment. to
which we aavea constitutional . right , because what
ever i might think of the menu or various proii
osltlons before Congress, I should regaid any con
oeaslon In the face of menace: the destruction
the Government Itself, and tbe consent of all handa that
our system slum be brought down to a level witn tne ex
laung disorganized slate of affairs In .Mexico, nut th i
thing will hereafter be as It is now, in the hands of the
people, and if they desire to cal 1 a convention to remove
any grievances complained or, or to give new guarantees
for the pennanenoe of vested right,, It 1 not mine to
-r- . .......
la tms conversation, air. Lincoln urged no objection
to tne border states or Etneridge propositions, es a fu
ture basis of agreement, if the Reuub licana, as a party,
desire it.
The most Intenio excltment exists tncertan Congress
ional clrclea In conaeauece of the fact breaking out that
me Howard celeot committee ot tne House, nas positive
evidence before them of a conspiracy existing In this city
ana vicenny, to overtnrow ine uove.-nraent. in which
certain prominent officials and citizens of Washlnton and
eiaewnere ngure; , ,.-, ...-,.... i . .
Hiciimomd. Va. . Jan. 7 Intelligence haa reached
bon, that previous to tbe passage or the Ueorgia orui
nanoe of secession, Harrison W. Klellv, a prominent
citizen of the mountain regions of that 8 tats, proclaim,
ed In another portion of Georgia, that he waa on hie way
nome and intended to raise a party and take possession
of the United Btate mint at Dahlognega, for the United
auta Government, in erne Georc la pasted a recession
orainanee. i . '
Bla dee Lara tion caused sonalderable excitement in Mil
ledgeville, and tha Governor uas requested to send a
military rorce to DahloguegOj but, hail not done so to
On the same authority as the above, we learn that
there la a considerable union element In the mountains
of Georgia, and an anti-secession meeting was held In
nemos county, wnen tney neara ot tne passage or the
secession ordinance, the;old stars and atripea were run
dp, and the demonstrations of resislance to secession
were empbatio and unequivocal,
Tha Impression, however, was at BlillidgeTille, that
the people of Georgia will generally auauiu the ordi
nance of sacesaion, and co-operate In the formation f a
ontnern eotlon.Btete Republic. " -. '
From Springfield.
[Special Dispatch to the New York Herald.]
' SpawariLD, Ilu., Jan. 27. It is now positively set
tled that Mr. Lincoln will dopart for Waihtrgton, on
the 11th of February. He will go hence, via Lafayette
to Inllanapolls. where he will lecelva the hoipltalltles
of the Indiana Legislature. Thence he will proceed by
way of Cincinnati to Columbus, Cleveland, Buffalo, and
Albany. From Albany he Intenda to make for Hnrrii-
burg, direct. . Thence to Baltimore and the Federal Cap
ital; but the tour to Mew York City and Philadelphia is
not Impossible. ' - -
arrangement ror special trains, all tha way throuirh.
art being made. No military escort will be accepted.
The entire journey is expected to te made inside of ten
days. i a.- -.- ii , ( s. , i ... ... -
- ' s .r. ...
Nw York. Jan. 28. A C. nstantinnnle letter at TW.
81st, in the World records Ibe utter route of the main
Persian army, 60,000 strong, by a large torce of the Turk
Ishjarmy. The greater parljbeing killed and Uken prison
ers. ThU may perhaps cause the everthrow of the Persian
dynasty. . -. . -. , .-A
NEW YORK, Jan. 28.
FLOUR receipta or S.eS71hbla.: market
lower; aalea of 15.010 bbls. at S,105 25 for superfine
State; t5,305,3S for extra State; 5.105.25 for su
perfine Western; S.3035.60 for common to medium ex
tra Western: t5.7U5.75 foi inferior In mi .hi..ni..
brands extaa Ronpd Hoop Ohio; Cutmrtian flour droonini
RYB FLOUR steady at 13,404,21).
WHEAT receipts 4.434 bu,h.: market a nh.,1. p..i.
274SI.29 for Millwaukeecluband amPer Wisconsin de'
llvered; l,3i(3l,W for red State; $1'303 1,5-1 while
Canada.. - . .. ., ... , -,
im muuoniiv vxpori uemaua: eaiea uuu im,h. . ai .
RIE quiet at 70c75. .
BARLB Y dull, aalea 40,000 bush. Canada Katt at 73c.
uurw receipts none, market about lr. iuii... ..i..
40,000 bush, at C'Jo.(S70 for mixed western In store and
uAin ami at jncmsj for weit.rn. rs.,i;. ...i
fUKR dull and hearv: aaloa SO hhl. .lair-vain
or mon, wu tor prime
quiet ana unchanged, small sale. J .
CUT MiATS-teady. . ... iS-
LARD dull and heavy, aalos 100 bbls. at lOVlglOX.
BUTTER in f.ir reouait at 1IKM fn.nhin i.iii7
for State. ,
CHBE9B steady at 9c10i. . , ' '
WHISKY shade better, sale S:0 bljii. at U18f;.
STOCKS doll and lower, ant i-lnuil v v
k Brie Was sold thlamorninB'bv nnhlii-anettm.. ao9ii .
000 over and above the bonda and mortgagee; It was
bought In by the oartlea. no ODooiitlon .,, .nri
exchange unchanged) CbStR. 1. 57W; K. Y. 0.7HW:
narl. 16; Del. L. k W. t0; Bel. c Hud. 01; 111. C.
bonds 90; Oal.7'f 87X; C. As l. 34; III. O. scrip 73;
8'.?':S?ilD4iP,8 M- B; Hud. 44Xi Harl.
prfd. 37X : Canton 15: Hanoi. Ac Hi. 3b hnnn. ai..
0108; Ya. Tenn. 74. ' ' - '
Cincinnati Market.
FLOUR in tht market there waa a littln tnnr. 'Mi
day, not such, however, as to effect quotatlona at all.
Aa things havt worked for a tew days, sellers have been
tha more willing operators, so that the first effect o( im-
........... . ,a uv, .....j iu ujjaa pricra.
WHB AT it offered only sparingly: 1 remains aa tbe
prevailing figure for red, and 81 10 for prime white.
u.um.u muaiiy irom uie looai millers, is chiefly
oonflned to red. and at present flguees for flour a meagre
nrnrlt nnlv I. untnvMl hv than, - D
CORN in the ear Is not quoted above 3.1c. . Shelled
remains ttcudy at 37;0c In; balk; tht latter price for
prime white. The receipts being mainly of the latter,
the demand from aheliera for tar la diminished for .the
OATS are held firmly at 87o., but are Inactive, '
J,ABi!.Yi". Ter ,ic ' "U'ng over 75c for
prime fall, and In but limited demanp at even that, r
RYE Is still quoted at 01c. ... I
WHISKY haa a good market at 14c.
Hoas, are but little thought or 'talked of now; The
few that comeln are handled very quietly at about the
last quotatlon-$65 to 6, 60-for -light and heavy.
will be stea from the- report of the Chicago market
that th receipt there continue to be large for the season
of the year. Cin. Votn. Jan. 28.
Cleveland Market.
January, 26.
- No nlei of Impor
tance. .; c ;, i, i t u c ) -
WHIAT tale 1 car red on .track at tl.fti, and I do
from store at 1,10, . . ,
CORN sal 1 ear from store at 38c. 1 ' 1
OATS tn good supply, and quiet atS5o. ' '' ' 5
HOQS have further advanced, nd heavy weights' to
brought a0,50,50. Bayers think tho top of tbe
market has been reached- .......
HIQHWINX8 sale 44 bbls at'Merso do at 15c;t50
do at same, and 65 do in prime cooperage!at 15Kc.
POULTRY-sI 200 lli turkeys at Do.
SEED buyer oj Clover on eastern- erdes are paybog
only 9i 00, but occasionally prrcels are taken by stray
purchasers at something better. A salt of 50 hush It
reported to-day at tf.SO, bat ih former figure it til
thateanbtrtiltdyon. ... i . -
BRANS several small lot of prime finality told it
75c. ...
MESS PORK-flrm at $16.
EQOS dull at 14fl. - i-vt,
CORN MEAL tt sellltig at eoptT cwt. forcosneat
$1,00 for prime bolted. - v'SJl .!! ,: ; ,
j -. it: -, j. - . . r . n v , t '
Baltimore Market.
Ftooa dull and heavy; Howard Street and Ohio 9550
City mills 5 15 no aalea. Whit firmer reottyed 81 30
S1 33 for white; 1 4501 CO. Coaa-steady, yellow
60S6I; white at 6370. Provisions firm met pork
ISM; romp (13 50. LiHO-lS. Corns-steady at
11X12X. Waisntv-dallatJiio;' t
fLora dull: superfine 5 25315 50.- Wbut aiait
1 401 45; red (1 S8(S1 30. Conn-arm; sales
S.OOo bushel new at 64c; old .70, fgorisiofls un
changed. WattKV declined.
, . ,v. 1 AND, ' ".'
JOHN h. stekLey
will attend to the
All orders left at the Office ef the Stateman will be
promptly attended to. , , . . lanll-tf .
MOURNING nODht-Black English Orapet;
Ompe Collars, Oaf's and Sleeves; Long and Short
Crap "Veils; Bound Crape Telle; Laoe Veil Crap
Trimmed; Plain Hemmed Collars; Sett; Handkerchiefs
Alexandre's Black Kid Glove; Fans; Ribbons; Bilks;
Bombasines; Traveling and all other kind of Dresa Goods
constantly on hand In great variety. - t . -. ,
- -v - - rsni BAin, . i
maytt . . Vint door north of Neil Hoot.
Jl Tht moat graceful and elegant tkirtt yet offered for
ale. Anew lot juaiopeneo. ty fSTKKBAlN, ,
dec. 11. No. 89 South High stroe
J. Mad In th most stylish and elecant manner.! A
new invoice Just opened by J '. PETER MAIN, ,
uto.ii.1 - ... 1,'t' tw Douin tiign streei
(. AlVtltetaadoolortJuitopened at BAINS,
deo.ll. Ma. m South nigh street.
irsaniigaclurcra of all klndrs of Par
anuiu nuu smtionary nieani
- ffiaek, taw ititiit, (.rlat AliU,
- dec, A:c.
IAXE& BODLETBtattnt a. e f. BLA1TD YBeatett,
MA Cm.Yff CO. Beatm 11 1 1 BBAVfOltfl
C CO. Beaten! Hit
.'. Onr Portable Engine and Btw Mill ;
Was awarded the first premium of t.lO at the Indiana
State Fair for lc00 over Lane AtBodley's on account of
Prloo, lightness, simplicity, eoonomy of fuel
auu euiicriur unnractcr or inmncr sawed.
Our StatlonarvEnilne was awinled at UiUMma Vat.
the first premium of Sj-200.
Our Portable Unfflne wna awanlril the flr.t nmmlnm i
v.uv mo .an at oiempnis, xenn., over isiantiy's Ptt
vall s, Columbus Machine Do's., and flout for, l a. n'.
&Mlt .1. .. T..I ... . I n, . .
.j wiuuiikq vi uniciicni rtaiiroaa unguicers.
.ur puce auu lenus auuress
.r. W1LLARU WARNER, Treasurer.
dec5-dkwlyeol. Newark, Ohio
enwors patent, ug. 3, isstTl
if V
The Newark Machine Works In nuhllshlntf ll. ahAv.
notice of having been victorious over
Tkeltlandr Portable Steam Saw HI ill
at any Fair whatever, knew they were pnhlhhlng a false
hood. Vie have pabtUlipd onr denial of the truth of
their statements in other papem, but they have not al
tered them, nor offered the public any evidence to sus
tain their untruthful assertion, We never hid a Mill or
Engine on exhibition at Memnhla. Tenn. ir. .tin
meetthemiA the OhlofState F.iir atZanesville.O., 1650,
where In the Sawing contest, they camo out behind all
others, we taking TWO FIRST PREMIUMS.
We met them again at the Ohio State Fair at Sandusky,
O., In 1S.W, with equal Machinery, and beat them, taking
At the DNITFiD BTATKS FAIR for 1300, at Cincin
nati, O., where all tha leading manutacturcre were repre
sented.: . .
The Blandy Mill teat Victorian
over all, catting 32 boards. 12 ft. 8 In. long, and 20
inches wide. In H mlnulea, seconds; all the machine
ry operated hy two hands only I! and of course, carried
Kot being present at Indianapolis, 1800, we do not
know what they did there, but we do know, that at the
Ohio State Fair for 1859, where tee did meet them, they
were to badly beaten as to be left entirely out of con
sideration in awarding premium. Though they had a
Mill and three Knglnea on the grounds; they did not get
Ann U...J Dm.I.i-. : 1 1. .. '
For circulars fuliv t'eacrihlnr Tills nr.ivnv si
M ILL, with reports of operator, Ac, all truthfully and
fairly tat forth, address
fllandy'a Steam Engine Works,
Jan Md-weo Zanesville, O.
.,.v' 1 "
From the New York Observer. 1 - '
Aa all parlie manufacturing Sewing Machinet art ob
liged to psy Mr. Howe a lioens on each machine sold,
and are a so compelled to make returns to him, under
oath, at to the number told, his hooka give acorrectatate
ment. From this reliable touroe we have obtained the
following statistics. Of tht machines mailt in the year
1959, there were told, .
. . : By Wheeler k Wilson 81,305 .
" I. M. Singer tCo.v, 10,903
Grover St Baker 10,280
Showing the talet of Wheeler Ac Wilton to be dovlit
those of tny other Company." -Awarded
the highest premiums at tha
, United States Fairs of lrJ58, IHjO and 13CII;
also at th
Ohio State Fairs of 1R19 and 1P00;
. and at nearly all the County Fairs In th State, 1
Our prices, at Hit late reduction, are at low at any
loch ttich machine now sold, and but a trifle higher than
the Interior itto thread cltain tticA machinet, now
forced uoon the market.
Lock Stich the only one which cannot be raveled., It
ia Alike ok Both Sinn of the mod.. Ira vino im r;,h,
chain on the under. Me. ' - -
All machines icavanted 3 yearn, and instruction
given in their use, free of charts.
M. UBAKY, SI High St.. Columbus, 0.
' ' v ' ' WM. SUMNER St CO.,
dec3-2awd3mtw0m Pike't Orera House. Cincinnati.
Front Street, Between State andTown
j. ouur is sun running, and although WOlTTj-
tne pressure ot late yean nas get heavily
upon her running teara. she la still turn.'
tg out those splendid PH.STONB, TtOCKAWAYB, tnd
BUSES and HACKS. Twenty years aleady manufac
turing ha glvea our work a wlde-sperod .reputation
through tbe Booth and West. .
Wt therefore deem it unnecessary to tay any thing mere
In regard to the quality of .our work. W warrant
(vaxv Viiiicu. W can tell soon Tot Booniu Im.
1S15 to !i50.
Dealer! can be furnished with anv uuinnt f wn.k
short notice, and at price lower than can be bought any
wherein the West. Second hand Buggies taken in tx
change for new work.
1L7" Repairing .done neatlv and at short bsHm.
tory on Front, between Slats and Town streets, Colum
bus, Ohio.
lO'Al! communications will receive prompt attention.
- Aug. 31 wly . M. WILLIAMS At Oft
Slauogany Saw-JJill
and "'.- ,'.
" ' ' 100 Pearl Street. V ' -. ' :
Black-Walnut Uoarda and Plank or v.rion. thb.
neat; Mahogany and Rosewood Log; Mahogany air
Rosewood Veneers; Zebra wood Veneer; Black-Walnut
and Oak Crotch Veneers; Line-mottled Mahogany; Walnat
and Oak Veneera; also, plain Veneers, at So. rev foot,
or iranwmaaera; l lano and Uablnet Mouldings; also,
Mahogany and Walnut Bannisters and Nxn-.n.. .ii.i.a.
and patterns; Mahogany Hand-rail Stuff for Stair-build-ere;
Spanish Cedarfor Cigar Boxes; cut and tawed Back
ing ror rntoret ana Looaing-glas Frame. . Also,
X inch Poplar, In large qnantitieti Lignnot Vitas, well
assorted for Block-makers and Ten-pin Balls; alto, cat
Walnat, Mahogany and Rosewood Veneers --
Raving built a Bedstead Factor adlolnin n, Vthnm.
any Baw mill, which it now in operation. I would re
tpectfully invite the trade to call and examine my as
sortment or Bedsteads, which I offer for ante at low rate
and, warranted a good article . ,
Jy31-8m r .. , , 108 Pearl ttreet,lnclnnatl, Ohio. ,
. . , Wholesale and Retail Sealer In
Foreign , & Domestic Cigars,
'. .'AWBatsraRign' . ;.
Smoking & Chewing Tobacco.
Also, the bsst quality of IHTjn"S aoiistantly
-.a -v H .... - . wit mana, ; , 7 ..,
- UTOountry Merohant art invited to call before pur
f , t
W ,W AI .;.' . V, vui . ii . . ,v a -i- m
elMunngeltawlierf. ,'!, -ri fit. r..vi vh . i"
Nt. 4 east third,)5TREET,
.1 i. Bet. Main and Bycamora,.'',;1 '
i ., ...... - ? C0HDIT1OH OV THI
Norwich Fire Insoranee Coiapany,
1800, made to the Auditor of Ohio, pursuant to th
piabuw ui mm Diaie, vnuiiou An actio regulate Inaa
ranct Companies, not incorporated by the State of Ohio"
passea iiprii p, cju.
1st. Tht name of tht Company ItlTbe Norwich fire In
surance Company, and it located at Norwich, Con
necticut. ...
. I. CAPITAL. . '
QJ. The amount of Its capital ttock Is....... $5(10 00 00
.'Id. The auiount of It capital stock paid up ia iM.i.O 00
1(11. 11 ASBAilS.
1. Caih of th Company on band.. g!),0M 1'.'
8 Cash In the hands of and due i .
from agents 5,000 00
5 Real Estate unincumbered none.
4. The bond and stuciia owned by
th Oompaoy at per icuchart
accompany inir ho secured,
aud the rate uf iutsrett there-v . ,,
on, to wlt ,
Sham, 3 pr
i Value.
Nniwick Dank Stock. Norwich SJ.UIO Oil .
Thame do do 17 OUO 00
Phienlx .
Union -Aiuerioan
do do l.WU 00
do Hartford Il.tilHI 00
do Allwoy . 10.WHI 110
do N. V. 10,000 00
d do fl.ODO 00
do do . 7.500 IN)
Corn Exchange do
Hanover .. do.
Ocean ' do
Metropolitan . d i
I do - 5,000 00
. .do .- .. . o.OUO 00.
.do 5.000 00 .
do , io ooo oo :
do, , 15.000 00 J
do . 5.000 00
do 10.000 00 :
do - 5.000 on
do OUO 00
do 10.000 00 .
do ' 5,000 00 -
150 Imp's k Traders do .
100 National do.
Merchant! - do
Shoe k Leather do
Tradei man's do
I'nion do
bank of Commtrce
do Republic
do S.Ot'O 00
50 U.S. Trust Company do
5.000 00
5,000 00 -
JO Rank of Kcntucky.Loulavllle
Total bond and ttokci
Debts dn the Company,
155,ie8 CO 198 335 00
cured bymortga,, on uu
iocumbered Reallttat. aa ;.
per voucher acconpaoy
' ,ct- - ' ''.
scitxnpiior MORTo.eis.
Amount Mortgage
of . Record.
Loan. Vol. Page.
The mortgage of Geo.
Frith k wife on farm in
Huron county. Ohio. II.Uuu
Total mortcsaea Al nin nn
0. Debta otherwise secured at per ;
voucnert acompaoying. none..
Debufor premiums... ........$ 53 44
All other Mcuiltles..
12,323 UU
Assets of the Company 1234,4115 5U
th. The amount of liabilities, due or not due
to liauka and other creditors, none.. ...
IHh. Losses adjuated and due, none - '
Ih. Losses arii usied and not due al sou nil
tn, liotses unadjusted .- n nnii mi
nn. i.-sies in auspenre, walling ror farther . .
proof '' 5 nnn nn
iuiii. ah oiner claims against tne uomnanv .
Total Liabilities $14. 10U (JO
vt- tirorn r 1 1: e-.-.ti j
11th. The greatest am't insured in any one risk,. 15,000
The greatest amount allowed hy the rulea to he
insured in any one city, town or villtge, tt dis
cretion of agent.
13th. The greateat amount allowed to be Insured In an.
one block a, dltcretion of agent, under rule of
ii in question
Mill The amount of Its capital or earnlnsa denoailed in
' any other Btate, assecurity for losses therein,
l aming them, with the amonnt In ..rh
' whether such company tranracta any business of
13th. The charter, or act of Incorporation of aald Cora-
uiauriuiv-Q in .am oiace or nuuea. none.
. piny, formerly sent.
Stats or OoMaamccT )' , , ,
County of New London,) es.
A Brewster, President, and Ebenuer I. r.rnril Ram
tary of the Norwich Fire Insurance Ooaananv. htinr
erally sworn, depose and say, that tbe foregoing is a full,
true 1 and correct statement of tho elfalrs of
the said Company that the said InsuranceOompan y ia
hi. wm iiw wwucr i in mn un nunared Thousand
uunani ui actual casu capital .inveeed la Stocks and
Bonda, or tn Mortgages on Real Estate, worth double
the amount for wh ich the same ta mormni ik.. .k.
above described Investment , nor any part thereof, are
made for the benefit of any individual exercising author
ity in the management of aald company, either as Presi
dent, Secretary, Treasurer, Director, or otherwise; that
the mortgagee above described hara not been assigned,
and that they are the abort described officer of said Ia-
ii"i iu au. wmjhci i citMtu ur imnaraa DT aair, rnmnma
unuiae tonipwuy .
A. BREWSTER, President. .
Subicrlbed and twom before rae this 15th day of Jan
uary, Itjfil, .. :. .
'- Justict of tht Pete.
; 1 Orrict or th Aonixoa or Statw, I '
,V! Colmbut,O.Janaary 17th, W6I.J
I, Bobtrt W.Tavler. Auditnrnf hi.iaHa a...,, .i,..
the foregoing I a correct copy of the (tateaent of the
sonditlon of th Norwich Fire Insurance Company, made
uu, vuioi iur mu jor ico i, ana now en at herein.
Witness my hand and teal officially,
fr. t., . R. W.TAVLER. ,!
. ' " ' .' ; . Auditor or State. !
Certificate of Aniborlty-. . ,
, . To Expire on the 31st of January , ISfiS
' AoniToac Btatb' Ortica, . 1
' ', IaaoBAWca DartRTMtNv, V !
, Columbus, Ohio, January 17, lbijl. J ;
Vt herees, the Norwich Fire Inau-ann.
tated at Norwich, In the State of Connecticut, nas filed
this office a eworn statement of Its condition, as re
quired by the flrat aectlon of the act "To regulate Insur
ance Companies not incorporated by the State of Ohio."
passed April Sth. 1830: and. Wham, -m w
furnished the undersigned atisfactory evidence that tt It
possessed of at least One Hundred Thousand Dollars ef
"' w.pimi, in nana in stootrs, or in bondt, or In mort
gages ef real estate worth double the amount for which
Uie same is mortgage,!; nd, Whereas, sail Company haa
filed In this office ia written Instrument under itacorpo
rate seal, signed by the President and Secretary thereof
authorising any agent or agents of aald Company in this
tate to acknowledge tervict of process for and In behalf
aaid Company, consenting that inch lervic of process
shall be taken and held to be aa valid a If served upon
the Company, according to the laaicf thltor any other
State, and waiving all claim er right of error, by reason
auch acknowledgment of service. -
Now, Therefore, in pursuance of the Drat section of the
aforesaid act, I, Robert W. Taylor. Auditor of State, for
Al Ql.tA A AklA Ja LauI . . . AI .
vuiu, uo ucreoy cartiry mat laid Norwich
tire Insurance Comuanv ia anthorlvM tn
business of Fire Insurance in this Btate until the thirty
first day of January. In the tear one ihuhhiuI .ik hi.
dred and sixty-two.
in witness Whereof, I hire hereunto tub-
, scribed my name, and caused the seal of ray
J . owe8 o affiled, the day and year above
j' written. w , - R. W. TAYLKR, i
' Audliorof Btate.
FRED'K J. FAY, Agent,' ' '
, Office in Carpenter 'a Building,
Wholesale and iRetail ;Depot for
. m,!au .i:-::'::r:.'. i.-.u i
tt l!" I ill HK'.-Ji is iJ- - ' - . . -, i-f.:l
No. 106 South "a Hifrh Ftrent..
. I 1- '-".!--) - f.J ' ' JoIa.qA
Wriit McDOlVALD, I
Ir-i vi"!
Tar awt mnn.n . . n .
( lit flAiU inLltl VAKHillfc. . j
Daily 'Arrival of Oed ! .
For the "Pali anil" Winter , Tiafie
TO THE PCBL1C for peat favors and patroa-
age, and being UIVlUUinsNEII to BIBIT
continuance of Sam by,' strict attetttlen tt
trade, and prompt dellverr at Goods.
would call the notice) f the publis to th fact tiat
having .al.argo and well Selected Stock on
hand, and being io'dtily receipt of goods bom the difrer
ent markets, I flatter myself that I cart offer try the rltt
aena of Columbus, or to any who may detlre to purclate.
attortsaent of articles appertaining to theOROOKRT
trade, IJNEQtJAI.EB by any boost la the city.
Tht price and quality ot tht goods offered, I gnar.
aateo la rire aatiaf action. i. ,-' , j
Goodi Delivered Free of Charge. .
nov97."' - WM. McDONALTJ.
OamtaaUon and pain, and heal tha ann. knn.
raid, bralae, cut, or fresh wound of any kind, M-venr
nreuing ana penn irom nee tltngt, tuttnaltt bites. And
pununoin pi.ira, .uraigie, 'fneanuttsm, age In 'the
breast, anlt rtaeana, etc. Whe take a Internal Ir. It Will
positively cur croup In children, and glvea immediate
relief In the wont rase of thit terrible complaint; also.
removes noaraeneai ana tore tnrost. rrtce, tt cents a
Dome, cnnuia ne in every house. For tale by Drar-
giswauu puriL.iun.- . latin PIUHB,'
- Sole I'roprktor, Ro.lSpntoett., Mew Tort
do . do Telnet,
' ' Bed Cords anil Candle Wick, -f'-. ;
-torsalelrr M'Kllls RrlgTI P.AIIT.
'oet7 fc-- :.'-, llltrhHlre-i
LYV White aad Rlack, just received at
uu . Dr. j. n. ncicArr3
Strewn " r"J:2! sW.f -nfSs
Tbe,ea(e.t Bemeirln Xtit fH4,
r v.vrif ,
ly a acientine and
, Vegetable Compound, 1 '
. prooured by tha distil-
. uu
Uon of Roots, Herb '
and Barks, fellow
Book, Blood Soot,
Sampan 11a. W III
Oherry Bark and Dau-rW t
delion enters into lit - 1 J3
prlnclpla of each Ingredient It thoroughly Mtraettd til
my new method of di.untn.. nnM.S 77.ZlTa'
hlieratlng spirit, and the moat INVALLIBLtl rea,. for
renovaUng the diseased system, and restoring Ui tick,
tnflerfna- and rf.hlllt.lArf mvAi.in d.1T.I
atr WKrivn w ana
.j t .. .... .... -t , , DLtVL -, .-,
J .'. '. WI1T effectually cars s ?
Ohronlo or Mervoat Debility, Dtnaan of taw aUdritys
and all disease arising from a disordered Liver or Start
ten, Dyspepsia, Heartburn, Inward Mia. AoMttyorfttok
nett of tht Stomach, Fullness ef Blood to th Head, Dull
pain or swimming In the head, Pelt-.tatlon of thiHeart, .
Fullne or Weight In the Stomach, Boor Bructatiooa
Choking f aoffocatlng feeling when lying down, Drmeaa
r?VrlPtln. lS f11 ' hac, chest or aid.
Vl'r" '"S'1 oprearlon ot Spirit, Frightful
O.KS0 1,Tn2" 0,,n Ktrvoos Disetaw,
Sum id'vrr.)" V-" u,(of
. Ovtra nillltn Huiet M
Have been alddnHntMiMtr f-
" " giving Ur tMacUosi. Wh'
oi.nuininrau UUUU1AL will ear roof
.1 im. i.ii,.y .d aqcqaaia iaea s in I
77 ...""""" wange proausea By taktnl
thi Cordial In th diseased, debilitated tad thattamd
nervous system, whether broken down
nature, or Impaired by sickness, the relaxed and aMtrwng
organisation I restored to it pristine health and vnror.
2f". ,0?,ok,M lnbill,T' frota whatever eaat.
wm find McLean t Strengthening Cordial a thorough
reteiierator of the ayatam; and all who atay aav Inlsrrad
Uamselve by Improper Indulgence, wUl And la the Cor
dial a certain and speedy remedy. ' - ' ,
,r Ta the Ladles'. '. ,
McLean's Strengthening! Cordial
Is a sovereign and speedy cure for "T'
Ohttructed or Dlffleult Menstruation, tncoetlnenea of
Urine or Involuntary Dlacharg thereof, railing ef the
Womb, Giddiness, ralotlug and all Dlteaeat Incident to
Female. . 'i ., i ..
Ttsrs is bo Mistake About it. r., ,
Suffer no longer. Take It according te Direction. It
will stimulate, strengthen and Invigorate yaa and nose
the bloom ol health to mount your cheek again.
very bottle la warranted togtvataUaiacuesi.-'.
If your children are sickly, puny, or afflicted, McLean 'e
Cordial will make them healthy, fat and robust, Dmitj
not a moment, try it, and you will bt convinced.
OacTioa Beware of Draexlttio- Dealers who mar
5 Plm 0DB VOU mtuittereiaaraapartlia trash
which they can buy cheap, fay aaytng It la joet a rood.
Avoid such men. Ak for McLean' BtrengthaningOor
dial, and take nothing els It it th only reaaedy that
will purify th blood thoroughly and at the tame tiat
strengthen the tyausn. .
One tabietpoonfui taken every morning retting, it a
certain preventive of Cholera, Oblllt and fever, fellow
Fever, or any prevalent diteate. It it eat ep ia lane
bottles. ,i - v i, ' i. -,
Price only 11 per bottle, or bottle for as.
J- H. MeLBAW, . t
" ' Sol Proprietor ef this Cordial,
Principal Dapot on the corner of Third and F me (treeta,
Bt. Irf uia. Mo.
McLean's Volcauic Oil Liniment
Tli beet Liniment In th World. The only safe aad
eertala cure for Cancer, Pile, Swelling and Bros- .
ehiti, or Goitre, Paralyti, Neuralgia, Wtakneseof th
Muscles, Cnronio or Inflammatory ithaumaont, gtlff
net of tht Joint, contracted U use let or Llramento
larache or Toothache, bruises, Sprains, WoruJaTgraah
Outs, Ulcere, Fever Bores, Caked Breast Bore hippies.
Barns, Scalds, Bora Tboat, er any laSasaaaattua er Pain
no difference how severe, or hoe long the daMoaaaur
have existed. McLean's Celebrated Ltaiaaeat it a esr
lain remedy. .
Thousand of human beingt hat beta (aved a HS ef
decrepitude and mieery by the are of thi invsleabl td
ein. McLeans volcanio
Will relieve pain almo-t btataataneeosly, and U wtl
clean, purify and heat the foaloat tore ia aa Icanedi
iy short time. .c . .
Far Horses and Other Aaltaale u
afcLeaa celebrated Llnhaent b the only aaft and re
liable remedy for tha rare ef Spavin, King Bone, Wind
galls, Splints, Unnatural Bumps, Nodes or Swelling. It
will never fail to care Big Bead, Poll Bvll, Fistula. Old
running Bore or Sweeny, if properly applied. For
?tJrVnVBre-t" B!rt0) Bo" of Wue-ds, Cracked
Heelt, Chafes, Saddle or Collar Gall It at aa Infallible
remedy. Apply U at 41 noted, and a can certain In
tvery instance. -.. . , . .. . ., . ..
Into trine no longer with the asany worthless lini
ment offered to you. Obtain a supply of Dr. Aicloan't
celebrated Liniment. It will care ywf. . . -Z
.. . J. H. McLEAfll. Sol Proprietor,
Oomer of Third and Pine Street. Bt. lisus Me.
For sal by all druggist. . . T " !
aug'JU-dAwly , Oolumbsrs, Ohio-
An (zperleneed Nurse and Female Physician, pretests
to the attention of mothers, her ' '
Which rreatly facilitate the process of teethlng.Tiy oft
ening the gums, reducing all lnrlarnauUoB wUl elkty
ALL PAIfl and spiaaaodie action, and ia i rj .
Depend upon it, mothers, lwlil giv rest to youreelvet
EEUsr. ahd EXAxra to ioxrluiiMu.
7?,7J,.pBlBna,0,d thl1 rUtl " ever tea yean,
What we have never been able to tay of any eUiernerii-elne-BBVKR
ANCB, TO BFFKOT A CURB, when tlaMlyesrd. Nev
er did we know aa Inataocs ofdittatUfaotlon by tny on
who used it. On tbe eontrary, all are delighted with lu
operations, and speak in terms of commendation of Ira
magical effeott and medical virtue. We sneak la abi.
matter 'WHAT WB DO KNOWj" after tenVW,!
auncet every Instance, where the Infant I sufftriu aroai
pain tnd exhaustion, relief will bt found In ttuemit
twenty minute after tbe Pyrap la adtalnAs tared.
Thl!!?lB!.?.EwI,n't,on to 0,8 preeertnilon efin of
New Bngland, and ha beta ased.WlUt HATIB FALL. -INaBCOOKSSIn
J . :".
. THousANni ov'tAiea.'O I
It not only relieve tbe child from pain, balbvLror
ate th ttomach and kowala, oevreoM eeldlty, end aires
tont and energy to the whole system. II 1U almost In
ttantly relitve - - ..... ..... . , ,i
aad overoemeoonvnlsloo, wklck. if nottpeedily r-j.-.
died, end In death. We believe It theJIBST and BUH
It arise from teethiaar, r fresa any other eatse wl
would say to every awlherwho haaaohlld twrrtot frnaa
any of the foregolcr complaints DO NOT L Vnml
PRIJDDICSS BOB TUB FkUniirnitn.o.'i!
atand letween yoe and year teffertng child, and t,
lief that will be 8URB ye. ABSDLUryTe?,,.! r?l
follow th net ef this medicine. If timely used. tuMAl.
notion fdr .using will accompany einbo it). iiZil
;nuuie unlets uie rao-thalla of CURTIS A PeRriwa
ew York. It on the ootaldt trrappit V " 8'
Bold by all DruggUt ibreocaout the werld.
Prl iclpai Office it Cottar Street n.Y.
rniuttUNLix aa. CENX3 PER BOTTLE
ocl7Mltwly. i .(.- ) .-,,.) , ,4 t
At tiihr rrrw mm n nam
.. .Mi . ' . . aira . 1 f J
I A ;l I . K08. 1, S, S and 7 It. BUTATF ITK IT
( I Offer for (tl their celebrated V.'
GOLDEN MEDAL, n :r;.-i'i
,u?.'jj GRAND-'-
.1 iaa ;i;,ir-:-l AND EQ ARE
... i ' . yj: PlANO-FORTES. j .
Being highly recoaaetuled bvthe first rtrdettor aad
Mosieal Aouturf taecoaatry, aad ----BVBBV
r -1 1 iiiv ,i ii. 'iA t
7uvi..IMtRUIBNT ,J f . -7
'i-'r rivi Veins
Ths ot faaHdionynttceae, , n" ,"eSg
pleaeed in very wapect. T . . Z.-
Terms liberal. , , - .. WM . RKAnn a m
sctailydw. , t ... ., ... Ooluatbn. Ohle.
:m:-.:L '. M C LI lalVE Y.
noor:; rjniun
And Blaik-Look KaaiiAiiur.iV
;r1foRTa men mzn, coLuzsra, cxna

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