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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, January 29, 1861, Image 1

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D Offis JHoi. 30, 81 and 40, Korth High It.
lly - - $a 00 per year.
By the Carrier, tor week, III. cent.
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i ri t Advertlkins; jr tb Kan
nuie 1 yea,.., (20 00
One " 0 month 18 00
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.h:t - I month. 3 00
On iqur I WMk. . 4 00
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Notice of meetings, charitable ocletlM.flr eompulat,
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All trantlunt adurtitmmlt mm( b paid or in
j.fainc The rule will not be rarled from. -,
Weekly, name price a the Dally, when th adrrtlr
letth Weekly alone. Where 'a Dally and Weekly
a i both ad, then the charre ICTth WMkly Will b
a,n the rati'iof the Dally
No advertliement taken txeept for a definite period.
Corner Spring ot Water Sts.t 1
Oolvtxaaitotia , Olalo.
W. B. POTTS & CO.,
And mnafaetnrer of Braat and Oompotttlon Oajtlngf,
riniaiieu vren nora oi an veionpuone.
Electro Plating and Gilding ! !
;Dr. J.' B, Bcaaman,,
XX vice oi a Uentlnit, aud tavortni Ur. . wtu
patronise may rely on having nUiuotlon riven
witb UMir
fe will be reqn'.red on th oomplvlion of an operation
umce roar Doom norm or tne Amerloan uocel,
Kudiilll'f Hat Btor.
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F. A. B. 8mKIK3,
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Machine MaRafactcring Company
' Cwtlagi, IfUl-Crwlng, Maohlawy..
;: Of miT. DUeURIOH. i
OHA8. AM BOB, Bup't P. AMB0fl,.Tra.
dMll, 1858-tf
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c- ' 1 1 ; 3
Winter Arrangement.
Little Miami Columbus & Xenia
Little Miami Columbus & Xenia —AND—
for Cincinnati, Dayton & Indianapolis!
Through to Indianapolis withoat Change of Can
and but One Change of Can between '.
Columbus and St. Louis.
;. BUS. ! , : ,
: (Dally. Monday soptd.) : t
. MlOIIt EXPRK88, via Dayton, at 8:J a. mytop
plnj at London, Xania, Daytoa, Ulddletown and Bamll
tsa.arriviofatOlucinnatlatBiiOa. m. j Dayton at&tf
a.B.,Iadlanopollat WM a m. I el. Leulcat 11:40
p "' ;T second' train.:. ' .',
ACCOMMODATION, at 6:10 a. m.,toppln at all 8tt
Uon. between Colunbiu and Cinotnnatl and Dayton, arriving-
at Cincinnati 11:03 a. m., Dayton at ft IS a. m.,
IndlanopolUaf 9,p. '.
SAT BXPBE88,at S:30p. ,, ttopptcr at Alton,
JeOerton, London, Charleaton, . Oedarvllle, Xenla,
Bprlnc Valley, Corwlo, Morrow, Deerdeld. Joetar'a,
Lvland. MillforJand rlainvill, arrivin at Olcwln-
nati at 7.S0 p. at.; Bt. I.onu at iv n vayton at : p.
,1 Isdlanopollaa
I at tuijop. mi
SleeplHaT Oara en all Night1 Trains to
CiaclniAatt and lnMtnaplt. j
for farther tnformatlon aud through Tlcrt apply to
: j M. L. DOUiRTY,
Tkoktt Arali Onloa Depot. Onlnmtm, Ohio.
? Bnperlntendent, Cincinnati. .
lnJ3 i ' ' i , Agent, Columbnl,
Juit Received!
1AA nr. Oil ORE Elf and BLACK
1U J : IOO baj prim Bin Oonee.
lfto pookeUold Datob OaranuBwit Java Coffee.
75 or 0ylon Ooffe. . .
SOObbla. (tandard Whit Borart, eontlttlnr of Pow
dr4,CbraBd, 8rnnllelAa4B Coffee. '
AO qulnlali Qorf Bank OodSsb. j (
80 boll. Men and No, 1 Mackerel. , , , , . i : i .
S to. Pick Salmon. , .
100 b. Layer Haitln. ' . ' '
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. . UOLDkN HILL iHlRTrt. . ' i
Th patera of thmblriar otw- Th Bodls, Yokes,
aleevee and bosom an formed to fit th txrton with eae
and eomfort. Th mark noon ch on deaiinatlng th
iu ma be relied oa a btln oorreot, and-aaob eblrt la
guaranteed wall aud. . A full stock! sll qnaittie
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ANOV DBE8H IaK8, 1 t.i.-i i.'kv.if
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We ar now (frlnr onr Immene took of fancy tresi
anw. ..-im i... ihu nu beler offered in thl eliy.
Ib attention of th indie of thl city and vlotnlty b
allotted, u nrtecklTr Hleot and .eooplele il all
grade 6f good In this line. . PKT?.R . ,
BQTltt. ' HQ. W BOntn Mlgn wro.
"For medical Parvoeeo., . ;i,
X Taaa, from "Vonded Warebonaa
novW : 1
vrai, noiiunaiiv,
.. 100 Booth Ulgti ttrt.
1V1 of tlegant qmllUi-i for Ladle; abra, ktlm' MUU
a groat variety at . AWI.
;. ..r j ., , ,. . -.- !,... ... j. .... ' .... ,.: .. ; - iv i ....
i ..if: ... ' 1 ' ttn " " ' wy.''; c :'
-4.. M A'MM O T IX m H E E T,
i' 1 AT THE LOW RATE OP; " ' .'
It is an old tai reliable Domooratio Journal, and, u political paper, has . ; ; j
No Superior in Ohio or any other State!
n addition to iti politioal character, it b a first olaas nowtpaper, furnishing its readers with th
An epitome of the stirring erenU eonstantly occurring at home and abroad, and ohoioe miseel
' i laneous selections. It also gives the latest and moat reliable
, From all the principal marts of Trade and Commerce.
The Business Man, the Mechanic, the Farmer and the Laborer
Will each find their tastes and interests oonaulUd and attended to in the columns of
During the session of Congress and the Ohio Legislature, the readers of the Weekly Statu
afAN will be furnished with a coneise report of the ooings of caoh of those bodies.
' Durintr the oast Tear, the circulation of the Wkxxly (Statcsmah has increased rerv raoidlr.
' being now more than doable what it was twelre
eutiUon, not only in Ohio,
; But in all th9 States and Territories West of TJs!
.... i
In proportion as it is diffused among the people, Its usefulness will be increased; and we invite
our political and personal friends to aid ns in giving to the Wukit STAwaitAS j
The Largest Possible Circulation
Among the people. The prioe of the paper is so low that no Democrat need be without it As
an Inducement to friends to aid ns in increasing the ciroulfition of the Whjclt Stattsxait, we
will give
To th ivtninn ttflin will, hvi th Imt Attxr rvf Jftnnftrv. 1861- Mnd th lart7-fc CAnh nf vMrlv
ubecriberm, with th AaU for the same; TWENTY DOLLARS to the person who sends as the
second largest Club of subscribers as aforesaid; TEN DOLLARS to the person who sends us
the third largest Club of subscribers as aforesaid; and to each person who sends ns a Club of
; ten yearly subscribers, with the cash for the same, we will send a copy of the
Weekly Statesman One Year without Charge!
83 Those who are willing to compete for the Premiums, or tolioit subscribers ibr the States
man, can eat this Prospectus oat of the paper and attach to it a strip of writing paper, on which
to record the names of all persons who may become subscribers.
'!;;': .v " ' MANYPENNY & MILLER,
. ' ' 1 ' .'..I I ,, ITOJBUM OHIO BATWIIAJI. ,.
A -i
months ago. It is our desire to extend its oir-
No. 4: Grwvnno : Block.
XV ISK GOODS, and Invtt th pnbll to lnepeet
them. : No inch itoek ol oood na ever mb brougnt to
thia markrt. Th Booth, in ooaqanc of th fallar
or the grain crop, na not ben abi to pareoae tn n
nalanantlty of rich (ooda, and thl faothaiforoad th
Importar to sell tbn at poblio anollon. Oar noyer
(Mn Btone) oelnx tn New xork at lb larn sau. took
advantaa of them, and w can and will ail onr good
hen, at low than any on who pnrohaaed two WMka aiac,
paid for them in Mew York. Oar itook Uooaiplete In
every department el - '
! Rve Thauaand ' Dollars Worth
Bought in Ono Day,
At one halt the Coat of Impoitatiom
In all; Varieties, of the. Celebrated
' . nannfatstro of C. O. Gnn ....
1 "' then 4c Son.
hosiery liMraffiNrt
Men VL"s an Cnlldrn'S TJnar 8hlrt and Drawer;
Lad lea, mime ana uouaren nowry or an mam, m
Wool and Lamb' Wool; rlcy Lined and Cotton Olore
of very atak. ! . . ,t ,
1 ... , ALSO - ' '
A complete assortment of all the usual varie
ties of, ,,,. ...
-' . . , TWEEDS,
Ladiei and Q&nt'i Linen Catnoric Hand
I ,: ikarohiea, Ao., &o.. . i : -
n f!i:j; , "7 . i
T MBMsawhs eall oa na, we pltdc out word to
how them th rarfwi, bnt and cheapt ttoclt of Good
ever mb la ikia markat, or pay tbera on dollar per
honr will looking. .. ,uW : i
deot-eiyntawuw. . otun t u uttn.
' ' tapeiriandWhlalJaUrfln', : ' '
BrandloaV ;Winei, - Gini and. Began,
teg lean t oall th attention of the oitltnis of tn Uni
ted Stat to their Par Wine and Liquor, pat ap vo
ter thlrwa snpwirralon, to fatally and Medical .
In Mrtd to nit euitonxra. Clobe, Military and
ether pnbll bodl. WBrqntrto puicnaw in irg. or
mall uabUtlea,to oaak or kotilei, will b llbarally
dealt with- rl llt tnt a applloaUoa. i
old, mokehquseT! Birxias.
aUsorond4 by thnrtphylelaaa at thbt reme
dy kaewn for Dyipeptla, Indlgeation. Debility,, and all
t(erTOUHee. : A baverage. It Is pure, who!
son, and aeUeloat t lb taste.- SoM by all Draggisti.
' WK. t. H0KIHCDBM a 09k, Frop'ra,'
i ,': ;,,..-.'.! ; fa I Xxhang Fttoaf V
V. i-Tha kttbrrlben wlrt u engar a Uw aotiv
men, a Local nd TraveUtig A rent tor thir hou, to
wboa liberal lnevmeni mm w ouertn. ror panie
niar, addrebov. .n: ' ' ' ' " ot30-dam !:
r nwtylt
llllWwn Bound, Vxtaoalon and In'
dlan Tan at ';. ,
tJsoath BlgB stmt
Fire Insurance! ,
Fire & Lite Insurance Co.
37 Oaatl trt Liverpool. SO and tl Poultry, London.
Office, H Wall and 01 Pin itreeu, New York.
TR0MA8 K00DIE, Agent, Columbus, Obis.
' j '.
Paid np Capitol, ttarpla
and Heserwed t'nnda S0,008,5SA
InTeated inthls Country OTr--80O,li'0
tear If Hevenue, over 3oOO,000
TTPTh Bharaholdtr ptnonally reeoooilbl for n
gagement of the Company. All Director! moat b 8hara-
nlilr . , j i . .
: DIreotor and 8harholdn In New York :
James Brown, Kiq., Chairman. I rancb Cottenet, Baq.,
Deputy Ohalnnn. .
I. If. Archibald, TJ. B. M. Coninl. Xngen Dntilb, Beq.
Joaeph Qalllard. Jr.,ia. , , B. Orinnell, Bra.
Alexander Hamilton. Jr., Bq.' B. t. Bandtnon, tta.
- i -.. Auut. lUaaTOX Jr., laq.,
OonoMl of lb Board.
- 1ms Pax, Xq .', Bldnt Beoreury. . , . ,
- . - '. Local Board In Cincinnati; ' ' : ' -
M.W. Thomas. Xa J,D. Jodh. Etq. RufoKlog,Eiq.
xnompaoa near. Jtiq. Jlob BocUaoan, Alaq.
Th nndnlgnit. Agent In thl dtr, will b happ to
receive appllcaUon for Iniuranoa In th above Company,
B can recommend It with entire eonSdnr to all dalr
on of obtaining proteotion agabut LOaS BY JIBB. .
No Cltargo fwPollcica. m .,
novl8-tf : IHOB. M00DH. '
Bach artisles as yoa duirt for your HXTSDAND , ,
BohaiyoaMrlforyourWIFB '!
Bahaarewoir for your DATJGHTJErl.
Such uyonrBIBTBB will praln you for. ,'. .' .'
iuohatyonr BBOTBSBeantM. '. .
Each u yoa waerf for " IBB ONB YOU L0VB BKiT.'
Bacb a will to good for th u BLBB3EO BABY." ; : ,
Eaah a all nek for. . -.,..; : i
Hay k found In variety, in my nw itock of - r -'
And general aawrunentof . - , '
: . Taney and Useful Articles. '
No. to Backevo alack.
December, I860. . .
. .( FAiniLV fLOVH.
, ; "SNOWPLAKB." ,t
from "Baruett Mill," SprtDgfleld, O.-th beat brand of
Floor brourht to ouraaarket. BatUfattlon aoaraatetd.
For tale only at . . WM. McDON ALD'8,
novV7 . ' " - loo gpnth High trel.
HoJidav Presents.
iiaijivuni eajairvE9, ificmno
LKN, and all
kinds of laaulonabl
"Winter 13rMa Ooodav.
w ar now offriug at vry low price. '
. . . i ruin Bii.i,
decgl.1 ' No. MBonih Hlohitreet.
1 High Sreet Store
i'u. FOB SALE, i .:.'':-
BTO&Y B0U8B. Mo 168. ooeanted t Akin At Em.
ly.Biov Dealer, completely flttedwlth Qaa. tornic
and Boiatlng Jack. The lot 1 100 by SO, and Is offend
en reaisnabl term. Apply to
.: , ., WM 1- BROWN, : ' f
Jan7-dfl No. S3, North third 8trt.
.'; ; Watches and Jewelry. V
lt. Clock, Jewelry, Bilverware, kc, kept eanatant
j v nMia ae
, ...) 3,1 ,., i.' VTRKPATBTOK'B.
' 1 i Now IM, loath High Street, Oolnmbu. 0.
TftTa.BMErf!i NEtlK t IE8, h. ..
VJT OENTLKMIIN'B nbok tibu. . . , v
not desmble aaaortmant la th city and at nritual
l.lAwnrlMa. n .... . i pavaft aiiK ..
, BOvt4. - ' ') - Ko, ragoatn High itrt.
4 BtrMtiwqaeaaauatlea al, Eich Trlmmla, '
ion aiiniB wwifi) ,,;jf
,,-t AWT.)
XX 100 bblsv Chelo Apple rfnthred aa eenvlirr-taSBt
for ale by
3t M. High ttiwwt.
....... ...f...,.,,.fw lie p
Trl weekly, pr;ear...
Wkly, pryat ....................-.. 100
. Dally, per yew.
The Cotton States.
[From The Boston Courier. ]
We u;; about' ta pert' company with South
Carolina and b ecrgta. we nave oeen bound
to those States, ever since' their existence an
States, by associations and ivmpathles of vari
ous torts by mutual struggles sua victories,
ana oy mutual aaversuv ana prosperity; out by
no practical ties strongs tuau tuuie oi cotton .
Our relations in this respect have not been me
rely commercial.' We had tn agency in crea
ting these ties which gave them a farce beyond
their pecuniary' value, and which of itself might
nave conatituiea a oonu uj cuuuriog leiiowsnip.
Our State had tbe honor, not to Initiate the
oniture of cotton la that rsslon. but to fumUh
tbe means, without which tbe culture never
could have been successfully conducted. With
out tbe cotton gin of Whitney, th cotton plant,
.., I. tb.. ...m.hI.1 .nil l,M t. I I ,
vtvu iu tuni, .uu, ".iu unro lolueu
bat SMDty return:,' &sd tbe present prapsrity
and wealth, and social tod police il aud com
merelal importance of what are now distin
guished as tbe Cotton States, would never have
oeen realises:, v -. , , . .
It will be IntcreBtiDtr, 'if not nrofitahla. on
the present occasion, to revive tbe biatnrv at
tbe cotton gio,and of Its wonderful tlfeots up-
vu ue BKncuiiwrai pruepvn ly 01 tUS SOUlbetn
portion of our country, tbo commerce and In
dustry ol tbe nortn, and tbe manufacturing in
terests of the world. We propose to da ihi.
briefly. Our limits would not allow us even, to
touch npon all the bearings of a subject of such
extended importance. We bare no purpose of
seii-iauaation or locai price in view, nor of dis
paragement toward those, or any of those, who
btve more than ourselves been benefitted bv
the great invention of which we have spoken.
Massachusetts baa derived great advantage, as
well at ereat honor from this invention. Th
greater advantage, however, has accrued to
South Carolina and Georgia, and to those States,
their children, as it were, which have followed
tbem in tbe successful culture of what now con
stitutes their creat staple. We cannot bain
sensible ' to tbee advantages, although those
States have failed to recognlte or to appreciate
tne true source irom wnion tney were derived.
The ootton sin was invented in 1793. Tha
culture of cotton in this country wat commenced
in 1 uu. in I7c4, tbe year after tbe close of the
Revolutionary War, a vessel that carried els-ht
bales of cotton to Liverpool from tbe United
States was seized in that port, on the ground
that so large a quantity of oottoa, could not be
tbe product of the United States In 1791 tbe
whole amonnt of cotton exported from the Uai-
tea tstates was lBS.ait pounds. In 1792. th
year preceding the Invention of the cotton gin,
uc luuunt ezpurtca was less oj OU.VUU pounds
tuau mat 01 tne year oeiore.. iflera . in
fact, from 1770 to 1733, tbe yoar of the Inven
tion, 00 indication of any tendenoy to an ino. ease
In the production.. .. .. . .u. ,.,
1 tie (treat difficulty and the exLremel. ain.
process of cleaning, tbe green-seed cotton, or
separating it from the seed, was regarded as an
lueuperaoiu oojection to an attempt to raise it
for tbe market, The ereen seed ooiton i. th.t
which Is now commonly known as the bowed
Georgia or upland cotton, to dutinguisli it from
tbe produoe of tbe islands and low districts
near tne snores, eaiiea sea island or black-seed
cotton. The latter is the finest kind, and rf
rivet its name from the ciroumauneaof It hr.
ing been first oultltated in this country on the
low sandy islands on the coast of 8;uth Caro
lina. It will not flourish at a distance from tbe
sea, and its Quality gradually deteriorates in
portion as it Is removed from "the salutary ae-
tlnn it h. ni.an'a hn... I T. I i .
www w. mw w bw. y.. . UW .IVUUr U
uw mau own- cottons, ana is or aa even and
silky texture, trhlob qualities give it its peculiar
VBIUO. , I ( f
The expression "bowed," which is applied to
tbe upland oottoa, is desoriptlve of tbe means
wnicn were empioyea lor cleaning it, or loosen
ing tbe filaments from tbe seed, before tbe
Invention of the cotton gin. The process was
similar to that employed by batters for beating
up wuui iu mjb prupcruunaiateucyrortnsir felts
Strings attached to a bow were brought in
contaot with a heap of unoleaned cotton, and
iru u no hi uaueu . vioieu viofauoDB, and
thus to open the locki of cotton aud permit the
easy separation of tbe seed from the filaments.
Tbe work of cleaning Was alto done by hand.
In either ease the process was tedious and slow,
Whitney's cotton, tin overcame all this dtffl.
culty, and furnished the means of separating
the seed and oleaning the eotten with such
economy of labor and time as at once to give a
spring to the agriculture of the South and an
impetus to what In a few years comparatively
became one of the most imnortant branch.
of the commerce and, the, manufacture of the
woriav , r ..,;..., ,rvi ,t . . : .
The first year ol tbe invention ef the ln th
cotton erop increased to 6,000,000 pounds, and
the exportation to about 600,000 pounds. Tbe
next year (1794) tbe crop was 8.000,000, and
tbe export,. 1,600.000 pounds.,. In ISUO, when
tie machine had bean throws - open to tbe peo
ple, without limitation, from regard to the legal
righta Of the patentee, the total, nmrlnmlnn
amounted to 35,000,000 pounds, of which about
18,000,001) were exported, la 1830 the crop
reached 476 ,000,000 pounds, and tbe exporta
tion, 300.000.0UO. In 1846 the crop was 1 JB29,.
660,000 pounds, and the exportation, 8CU,680,
000, tbe domestic encsumotion beina- 167.270..
000 pounds- We have not on hand the means
of stating precisely what, tbe cotton crop waa
law. yonr, uu. tne upurtauvn waa not far Irom
1,600,000,000 pounds of upland and 14,000,000
pounds of sea island the value of the amnnnt
exported being $161,434,903. i. . 1 ..... .
in 17.1, tbe total production of oottoa in the
world wa 490,000,000 pounds of which the Uni
ted States produced only 8,000 000, India 160 -000,000,
other parte of Alia, 190,000,000, Mex
ico and South America (rxolusive of Braall)
63 000,000, Africa, 46.000.0u0. Braall 22.000 -
000, and tbe West Indict 19,000,000. In 1834,
tbe total prodnction was 900,000,000 ponnda,
tbe quantities grown In tbeeountriee mentioned
above being as followsi United Btataa 460.000 .
000, India 185.000.000, other parts of Asia 110,
000,000, Mexico, to , 35.000,000, Atrioa 31,.
000.000, Uracil 30.000,000, and the West In
dies 8,000,000. It will thus be seen that In tbe
course of forty years from the time of Whit
ney's invention, the producooa of eotton in tbe
United; States inoreased till it wqualed, very
nearly, the production of the avhole world in
1791 while the quantities grown In other coun
tries oiminisnea or very slightly leoreased. 'r. 1
'IbisremarxaDie tact Is attributable malnlv
to the improvement made in cleaninc eotton bv
means of Whitney's machine. Tberultaof
this wonderful mtohino, as affecting not merely 1
tbe interests of tbe Southern States, bnt the
prosperity of the country at large, of tbe whole
world indeed, are sucn as to entitle tbe inventor
to a very high rank, among tbe benefaolora of
mankind. And yet, aa we all know, he was des
tined to experience the grossest neglect and
wroojt and injustice at the hands of tboso who
were more immediately and materially bene
fited by hia labors. v)li;rh, hitirii ,
Horrors of Civil War.
k ii. ; - -
Yesterday, on board of one of the 'Brooklyn
ferry-boate, two Republicans Wer. talking in
very bombastic style 0 j tbe necessity of sub
duing the Southern States, &p., whereupon a
stranger of stalwart form ' Confronted tbem ia
manner somewhat excited, and disoloslng the'
marits 01 wnat-wa once a terrrioie wound in
his breast,' tald that wag received while bat-t
tllng for liberty In Italy j and that If the gentle
men whom be then addressed had had any ac
tual experience in eivll war, they would speak
less flippantly of plunging the United States
Into horrors or mis aeaeription. There waa
truth in the remark- 1 It were' well if the peo
ple of tbie eeuntry ' eould bettor fanderetand
what civil war Is, without learning it bytbeir
own bitter experience. , They would stand Bp
palled before doing on act which might trr
cipltitat it. Something may be learned by
turning to tbe history of tbe Ame'loan war
independence. From beginning to end, the
Slots of tbe whigs and torics were marked
tote of surpassing atrocity. . .
' Of the teiee of Port Stanwfx' nn tha Ma
hawk river, in the year 1777, It is recorded that
ueoerai neraimer raised the rulliua la
neigbborbood to relieve the fort, but fell into
an- ambuscade or Tories snd Iudlans, and
neighbor met neighbor la deadly conflict.''
toe encounter wag exoeea ueIv desoeratft
quarter was neither given nor asked. "There
were instances," says tbe historian, "when
was over, when the death grate stilt held th
knife plunged into a neighbor's heart. It seems
as it tne. ogut naa been presided over by de
mon . .
Another Instance ehowiosr tbe intenio ani
mosity which actuated men In tboee trying
timer, occurred at tne caoture or rort lir two
near we w louood, Cioou, Alter an obslltute
resistance, tbe Americaus laid down their arms
to their assailant) but tbe maneacre continued,
led on by Maj. Bromfleld, a New Jersey Tory
At tbe story goes, when ho entered tbe fort he
inquired who commanded. . Cul. Ledyardcsme
lorwaro saying 1 1 Qiu, eif , out you do now,"
at the same time delivering up his sword. There
upon, Bromfleld plunged (bo iuitrumoot into
Ledyard'a breast Sixty of the yeomuory of
Connecticut whom bo bad lately commanded
were at once slaughtered la o:ld blood.
Again,' at the maesucre of Wyoming, iu the
valley of tho Sucqueuauiia, the torics took ad
vantage of the absence of neatly all tho able
bodied men, who were then iu tlie army under
Washington, and led on a party of 1.1U0 white
men and savages. Tbe whole valley was doso-
iatea,ana toe tew women oud children wnoea-
oped to the mountains, afterwards perlisbed un
der incredible suffering.
Oa another occasion.- when the British wnrn
la possegelon of Long Island, Washington being
anxious to learn tbe designs of the enemy, Na
than Hale (a graduate of Yale College, who bad
previously oantemolated studvliiir lor the min.
ietry,) uudertook tbe perilon J)0 bf procuring
the desired information. Wbilereturniug from
lhisduty.be was "recognized by a tory rela
tive," taken to Howe's beadauitrtera. and nn
ceremoniously ordered to be executed tbe next
morning.. . .
rour years later, la 1730, the battle of Kiug's
Mountain took nlaoe In Nnrth r ir,,li r. i
Ferpuscn, who eommiindcd cec of Ccn. wallia
divitlons was attacked and surrounds! in . f.-.r
midable body of backwoodmnm, m.iny of them
Irom Kentucky snd Tennessee, and afttr a se
vere ttruRKlo they were utterly defeated, afier
turee uunureu oau oeen Blalo. Ten of tbe torics
noted for their cruelty to their tountnrmn
'were banned uoon tbo soot." '
Many. other soul harrowintr tli ennrm.e.
islloof those "daye which tried men's souls"
mignt oe collated, but tbey would faiutly depict
the horrors of a fratricidal war taking place at
this more advanced ntaeo of Our htat'lrv. with .
population ten times more numerous, and act
ing under tbe Influence of pissiocs engendered
bv protracted sections I controversy .Journal of
Military Position of Fort Sumter.
[Correspondent of New York Tribune.]
I wish to say few words of the military po
sition of. Fort Sumter, as derived from sound
military authorities. Tuereis.of course, great
anxioty in regard to the fort, and there are
many contradictory accounts re ppecticg It. The
following are the acts, as far as tbey go.
Fort Sumter has as near to one hundred men,
of all sorts, as need be. ' They bave had hard
work to get their guns Into position from the
want of hoisting apparatus, but have ocverthe
.ess lone it-, As to provisions, 'they are well
enough off for three or four months. Of course,
tbey have not the luxuries of life, but those are
not usually deemed easential in such cfs.
They are, however, now fully prepared for what,
ever may comet- ... , . 1 . ... ?
Can the fort be token by the Chtrlcstonlane
by an assault in overwhelming
rouDdiDgitsftDdgcal.Uff its w.li.T Tho oninlnn
Of military men, and the deduotion of all' ei
petienco, are, that this oacnot be done bv raw
troops. It might be accomplished by regulars,
thoroughly drilled, used to aervic. ar.iml. aK..
dient to orders, and wiih perfect confidence in
their officers. A foroe or 9,000 men or this
oharacter might tffeot its capture, but then only
with a prodigious sacrifice of life. But It Is
confidently believed that rate frays are wholly
inoapable of the eervtoet and. mnrnvr. th.e
they would be more certain to fall h . niohr
than by a day attack, aiooe a surprise Is ont of
tue question. t 10 nreaob na tha fort from
tbe shore, tbe distance Is too great.
Tbe resources of the foil for defense are nu
merous and vast. First, it has a hiihlv irmm.
plisbed officer of Engineers, in Captain Foster,
wuui wi veracu io nis proission, and who
hoe made Ibis particular auction hla anonibi
study for several months. ' He has seen service,
and is known tob,e fully mtrof his poitlon.
The imaip defense agaiost the suggested
assault ia the band grenade. Tbis is a most
deadly Instrument, thrown by hand, and deals
death and destruction wherever it alight.. Do.
of tbem thrown into a boat tears it to nieces
and destroys all on board. They can be thrown
by tbd garrison from, under aver, where the
men can neither be reached or seen Captain
Foster ia known to have been practising bis
men in the practice of this weapon, snd their
proficiency is perfect. , V i : 14 .... .
But a great security against attsok Is the ca
pacity of tbe fortref to shell und destroy the
city of Charleston. It oin readily do this, and
It Is a danger the authorities will not incur.
It is better to let the furl alone than to take It
at tuch a cost, even if ibis wero possible. But
Charleston might be destroyed and the attack
fall at th same time. Can tbe fort be relieved
by sending supplies Io its assistance' by water t
This does not seem postlble unlets by stealth.
The passage into Charleston (harbor is guard
ed now by suoh formidable batteries that no
vessel, not even a shlp-ot-war could foroe lta
way. Ships are no match for Und batt.ri.a.
The gun on hor. With a fair chance, can sink
a seventy-four. Neither otn Fott Sompterdo
much of anything in the way of attack upon
these batteries.- They are, to be euro, not too
far to be reached, both by shot and shell. But,
notwithstanding, all that otn be done would b
to kill a few men, and now and then dialodga a
gun. Nothing like at destructive attack ctu be
made by tbe fort upon th batteries.-1 Ia what
wsy, then, eon Fort Sumter be relieved T In no
way, except byi Investlne- Charleston b a auffi-
cleot ford to ereroome ail the troops that otn'
be brought to it defense., . :,. 1 . . ,
In this way only oan the garrison be protected
against being finally starved out and compelled
to surrender, - Whether thia conr.e will n ..
dopted is a question to be dooided hereafter,
ike ail otber questions, in peace as well as ia
war, by tbe answer of another) Will it navT 1
WASHINGTON, Jan. 19. A Man Killed by a Lion at Astley's Theater.
[From the London Times, Jan. 8.]
festerday morolntr analarmina eircumaunca
occurred at Astley'a Royal Amphitheater, awing
tu uio oavapo ui turn waoie 01 tne - UO0S, the
property of MrCrooketi, from their den, which
occupied a place very near the stage. At about
a quarter, before, eight, the men who . usually
attend to eart away the manure wer startled
by the loud roaring of the lions, but aa tbey had
on former occasions heard, somewhat ticailar
sounds, they proceeded with their work aa usual.
The noise, however did not subside, but, on the
contrary, Inoreased, and in a few minutee the
men where horror atruek at beholding on of tb
Hons struggling with a man. named Jarvey, a
yard helper in the establishment. ..'! Mr. Crook
ett's animal keeper was immediately sent for,
and he arrived in a very few minutes, but he
not having the power over the infuriated beast
that Mr. Crookelt bad, immediately sent for
that gentleman - On the arrival of Mr. Crock
ett be rushed on to the stage, where the lion
was running: about with the .unfortunate man
Jarvey Jn, hi mouth, tot all appearanco : quite
dead. ' ' !
.IMVCrockett instantly seized ft ttabl fork.
au uuan ii hod m oeavy mow on toe aid OI
th head), which otused it to let the man cot
but Instead of running away, he turned round
and Seemed innllned tosorlnc unon hla m..L..
Aoothsr powerful blow, however, made the en
raged animal turn and ran away. - Medical aid
was Immediately brought for poor . Jarvey, but
on tbe arrival of the surgeon life was found to
oe cxiiDot. Alter the body or Jarvty bad been
removed, Mr. Crockett went in aeaich of the
turee lions, w 110 were now roaming about the
theatre. One was seen running about al a re
mote oiroer 01 tue stage, another was In the
arena, ana tne other could not be seen. Tbe
lioness was toe ant that wai attempted to be
cuureu, um iDia was a work of extreme dan
ger and difficulty, as tbo assistant were all
afraid of even sddto, chine tha h..t rtn
iog mr. ivrocxett the lioness mad dash
through the pit solooo, whence ah rushed np
boxes, and took up a most threatening attitude.
' Nothing daunted. Mr. Orr-V.tt .n,M.rf .v,.
box, plaotda leathern collar round her neck,
and having secured herhaad.aha v. h.nl.jt
out of the place by ropes and finally placed in
eecarity. From the nrivate bos. ftfr.Crook.it
taw another of tbesn'mtla playing 00 tbe stage
with a quantity of ribbons aud stage properties,
and with comparatively little difficulty it was
placed again in tbe cage, snd after a few min
utes eearcn tne third was recaptured. At half.
past seven yesterday morniog, the watchman of
tbe theater, who Is tn duty all night, left, at
whkh hour, he savs, all was ner'eatl anlatand
safe Io consequence of the large lion being
unwell, It bod been prtei f om its companion?,
ai d it Is supposed that in endeavoring to join
it one of tbe three liom In tbe other compart
ment of tbe case must bave broken down the
rartition snd thus displaced tbe firon barsr
1 ue greatest exoitement and consternation pre
vailed for s .me time In the theater, and it re
quired Mr. Crockett's utmost persuasion to
convicce tbe attendants that no furiher danger
need be apprehended.
Scrofula, or King's Evil,
is a constitutional disease, a corruption of the
blood, by which this fluid becomes vitiated,
venk, mid poor. Being in the circulation, it
jiorvndss tho whole body, and may burst out
m disease on any part of it. No organ is free
from its attneks, nor is there ono which it may
not destroy. The scrofulous taint is variously
caused by mercurial disease, low living, dis
ordered or unhealthy food, impure air, filth
ana iiiiny lmuiu, tiio depressing vices, and,
above all, by tho venereal infection. What
ever bo its origin, it is hereditary in the con
stitution, descending from parents to children
uuto tho third mid fourth generation 5 " indeed,
it seems to be the rod of Him who says, "I
will viiit the iniquities of the Cither upon
their cliildrcn."
Its effects commence by deposition from the
Mood of corrupt or tdcerou matter, which, ia
the lungs, liver, and internal organs, is termed
tvbsrcles; in tho glands, awellings; and on
the tui fucv, eruptions or sores. This foul cor.
mptioii, which genders in tho blood, depresses
the energies of life, so tlint: scrofulous constitu
tion not only suffer from scrofulous com
plnintH, Imt they have fur less power to with
btimd the attacks of other diseases 1 conse
quently vast numbers perish by disorder
whic'.i, although not scrofulous in their nature,
nro Btill rendered futal by tliis taint in the
nystcm. Most of tlio consumption which de
cimates the human family has its origin directly
in this scrofulous contamination ; and many
destructive diseases of tha liver, kidneys, brain,
find, indeed, of all the organs, arise from or
nro aggravated by the same cause. .
One quarter of all our people are scrofulous j
their persons are invnded by thia lurking in
fection, mid their health ia Undermined by it.
To cleanse it from the system we must renovate
the blood by an alterative medicine, and in
vigorato it by healthy fond nnd exercise.
Such a medicine we supply in , .
V" ayer's .
Coinpound Extract of Sarsaparilla,
the most effectual remedy which the medical
skill of out times can devise for tins every
where prevailing and fatal malady. It is com
bined from the most active remedial that hnve
been discovered for the expurgation of tills foul
disorder from the blood, and the rescue of the
system fiom its destructive consequences.
Hence it should be employed for the euro of
not only Scrofula, but also those other affec
tions which arise from it, such as Ervptivb
end Skix Diseases, St. Anthony's Finn,
EosE,or J2uYsirsijts, Pmrr.rs, Pustblbs,
Blotches, Blaixs and Boas, Tuitons, Tittbb
nnd Salt IIiikijx, Scald Hbat, Rnvowoiui,
Rheumatism, SvHiiii.iTicajidMnHCtitiALDis
r.Asr.s, Ditoi-sr, JJrsPEraiA,' Dbiiiutt, end,
indeed, am. Comi'Laihts abistno fxok Vitia
ted ott Ijipuitn Blood. The popular belief
in " impiuitif of thi blood " is founded in truth,
for ftcroful a is a degeneration of the blood. The
particular purpose and virtue of this Snnmno-
j iun 1 10 puruy una regenerate wis viral nuia,
without vh!cli sound health is impossible in
contaminated constitutions. '
Ague Cure,
- Jl i L. 'ton tub srxsn coax 0 ' '
Intermittent Fewer, or Power and Ague,
Remltteut Fever, Chill Fewer, Dumb
Ague, Periodical Headateh, or BUioaa
Headache, and Qllloa Fevers, Indeed
for the whole cla of dlaea originat
ing tn lilllary deranareraent, canted by
the Malaria of ailanuatts Countries.
We are enabled hero to offer thri community a
remedy which, while it cures the above complaints
with tcrtninty, is still perfectly harmless in any
quantity, Such a nmeuy i invaluable in diitricts
where theso afflicting diiorder prevail. This
"Club" expels tlie miaamatie poiaon of Fbvbr
and AOL'F. from the system, and prevents the de
velopment of tlie disease, if taken on the first ap
proach of its premonitory symptoms. It is not only
tho beet remedy ever yet discovered for this data
of complaint, nut olto the cheapest. The large
quantity we wiipply for a dollar brintrs it within the
reach of every body and in bilious districts, where
FKVEn akb Aoub prevails, every body should
havo it nnd use it freely both for eur ana proteo
tion. A (treat superiority of thia remedy over any
other ever discovered for the speedy and certain
cure of Intermittent is that it contains no Quinine
or mineral, consequently it produces no quinism or
other injurious cllecta whatever upon the constitu
tion, 'lhoso cured by it ore left as healthy as if
they had never had the disease.
" i ever and Ague is not alone the eonaequence of
the miasmatic poison. A great variety of disor
ders arise from its irritation, among which ar
Nturalqia, Bliewmtim, Govt, Hcadacht, MimU
nets, 'l'aotnaeha, Earache, Catarrh, Aithma, Pulr
jiitation, Painful Affection of tin Spleen, ifyrrac
irr, Pain in the Dovxk, V0U0, Paralytit and De
rang em tut of the Stomach, all of which, when
originating In this cause, put on the intermittent
type, or become periodical. This CcitE " expels
the poison from the blood, and consequently cure
them all alike. It Is an invaluable protection to
immigrants and perrons travelling or temporarily
residing in th malarious district. It taken ocsav
aionally or daily while exposed to the infection,
that will be excreted from th ytem, and cannot
acoumulato insufficient quantity to ripen into ilia
ease. Hence it is even more valuable for proteo
tion than eure, and few will ever luffer from Inter
mittcnu if thev avail themselve of tho proteotion
this remedy affords. -( ' ' ; '
Prepared by Dr. J. C. AIED, A Ca, lowell, Kas.
... . . , . ROBERTS BAUUBL. Oolaobas.
Acd bv Prnggl't and .Dealer ytrywbr. .... .
novv.jya.twaw , , -
; : REMOVAb.-vie
TV ,11. XAFf n.A" REMOVED ni
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treet, to hi' old stand. No. 46 Korth lllph tre,lii
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at, old eu.tomers, andall new on tbatmay ooaw, wnr
he will tell them cheao good.
a isrjrw 101 oi u&nt-Ais on nana, wnicn win oe eoia
at ot, tor cam, to oiomtneatocsw. ..-1
S v- ' , I 1 . . H. TATT U
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TTHEfvCIt KID OM)VES,i ,1 .-m
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a ovSi. Ko. Beath Blgh etrcot.
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. pectoral syuupj;,.
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taadlng urd by OH, KBXajsa-B M3WaJsS. u ,
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Da, Xiyaaa :My wlf bat bn aflliat olik a atd 1 5 a i i
vloreoe. J be complaint nu a radliry, ead , , V1i
' by evral pbytktao wlUmat ar i
''r; 1? "U itat of br , I araoar. tome ef yW . : : o
retorl Ooogh Byrnp. 1 bought, the flrM time, a an ...
cnt bottle, wtHob reUwd bee ..yTt "?t : J'
ud got dollar botti. irkbt tan aw a,7a,
be bai now no trM, of Ih. furrn,, dlmM, uow vmZ? , 7
oeaa. . I would alaoaiat that I and lb mdtola 1 ' ":
air to a cold and staga. Tim mediclw erW i L1,rnl
logomido. Ixpreeemy.nUreatl,fail wlThd
medicine, and yoa ar t liberty to pablUh Ikl tf sou- s '
Oelntodoio. wj. WILSOW. ' " .
, (' AldraaatinaWal 0 3
' ' .., PlTtaWRea, Hov. 18, 1858. . .. .
... ,!;Kxm:"h",ta BO so advoeat oi patent '
alMlcico,, in general, It aford m ylraar liiimenlla
bl to recommend yonr Pectoral Byrup.. AjaawdlciM
It U well worthy tbe attention of any peraoa bo m.y fc ' " i
any manner b Qltoted with eoayha, oabu Md bnaieiaaaa
oi any nun, ann Icr tne prullr qaallnoatlone Icr r
movlog all that disagreeable sanaatiaa "-fH m- '
venoold. TV
I bar ben, more r In. In my life, effee'ed wlti the
evret of Midi and bcaiaeoea... At tin mm. tanat
. i. i
OXlV funll. h. Bithant
rmdy for dlaeue o pmalan t. b
Yonr. moat reprfllyk "'
' '.' iDWAKDJ. JONES. , -Oor-
. Caii.ler CliUi,Cfr-'Mdr t
a. 7 . & mat am
In.l. d Dr. KSTOUfeellow "
of everal yeara alanding, and oan ohawfu ..u" .. .
th beat medlcin fur tL. um. that r I,... . " la
AH I r, hu im .... . . . . . .
awbiaMr.aadbytakmgafMmUlbboSyraB-: ' jJ
It would rell.vMnUrly. , . .(.,...
In ieommndlQ, thia modicln, I meet BiJiaalUUiutly
ay that it I th beet remedy 1 ever foaad, parnmlas ' .
ear ta abov. nor ahonid anv funll. h. ..ihnJi-
: j J. VV :
SYKUP.-Da. Kavwa Bear Btr. Kaetn tb iata m
my acanowladglBg thexoeiioo of yonr Peetoraj Qoagh , .
Byrup toour. 1 take gnat plearar in ay log that 1. 1
all you aay It Is. JthicfMthenoieeeuteJ woaA J- ;.j
and th worat on I waa ver tffllcud .lib; 1 Lave uut
atmd mora tha on half of th bottle, and I can acd do ' "
wlab ttiat all who ar afflioUd would glv lta, fair a trial
aal bar don. and they will b proud to aay, -It 1 m '
quack medlolne." I would not Mfraoou, Mob aa
wca ror any connaerauon, or Many eoel. lamaea
Bdot lean breath mora freely than I ev-r did. X ahaJI
alwayaaoknowledg a debt of graUtad foruvantsaaa
zoUent a remedy. ? on ar at liberty to aa my um
la thl regard, yoa think proper B. P. PBaTT.
... i 1?mlr" Common OoaasU, rutaburgh, Pa.
Pltubntgh, May 11, USD. r
V. Bi I am no atranger to my felww-cUi). and
who anbrlala donbu oan eosialt m ptnonally .
, . JL.S.X
,.-(. ;
rTsAprUBt.lSS7. V -
READ TH! TnCTri. km. Krvto; 1 bavw a 4ub- '
Ur wo ba til. en (vrl medicln., for a bad o, fc: J '
without braeBt-tmoncthmAyK- Cherry Peoi:Ci.f.a s ,
I parohated from yon a bottl of yoar tmQtOeJkL'Ji ZJ li
BIBUt, and before ah had od half a bottl be wm
relieved. Tb eond bottl ourad br ntlraly of bar '
oougb.l , t JORMBAatUf,
- : , - Abiaa Mraet, AileglMay.
SYBCIf . I llv la Pteble township, Allegbeay couaty.
had aeoogbiog and epittlng, whleh eommnd abaat
lb 4th of rebruary mat, and oonUcued eight monlba. f
employed th nt Dbtaletaa tn th. a.
oough eontlnued aoabawd uaUl tarlyin 0kbr.' At
uw. uu, i wmm .utiotq. w itj jout rauxuaAa, OtrUtJH
BXltUP,bichIdid.andaftrI luduluaa h.uul
waa enttraly fr from tb eoughlng and pitting, fjiad
detpalred of ever getting well, and 1 inlak itabo!A b
known that thia i
vaiaabl noedy will do for other what
It hudoolnmyca.
iOHH 0. Liri Lalv ,
Wltnem-B. U. K. .
0; t PtMOwtowaMtt,, a i.,w
A WONDIBPUL CTJBB Bom tin.. o7 a old
ntlghcorof min waa very 111. with a bad comh.hir
ry n uppod to b oontuaptioa. Bl niattv
told m that he bad aim mn - !5 ' 1
without benefit; hi brother earn to aehiadta, and alt -r ,i
wr eenflnaed. In thblif tau .,t ti.. T'-t. "
bad about th. third ol a bottl. of yoa Frl aynv..'. Lt','
wbleh I gav. Mm, and II anuraly MMd Vim, to i1-- s
hhment of all. Wbal rnaae tha aa man Mmarkabia, T
Ut ratrun tg of tbma,abeuigaboutJbbiiBn.
old. I hav a doubt uw Peetenl m7dl Of We. 0!V"
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nwini ayiap. aiam cverinoay anaad ear. 1 - .
bM tbaaoldaadanimaalrin. Cmo E-.ah. b..-, t p
jrup." WbvoldaUtMBbtUeletwek,Dr,') th )
now enttraly out. Mr. A. Alter and Mr. P. Maber. both
irfBlalravl W.Pa,tUu they would awt bwufcial ii' V '
la tbair f aalliea. Id fact, U wb a it team wmX
gain. : Yoara, ratpeotfully, - - " R,iC
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