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Attention Republicans of Ohio!
II would be wsltX.r the oonattUefjs of eertain Repub
liana aUi)Neentatiti and Sinatnn ffi the Ohio Leglila-
ton, uiirt ;h eloMly lb lejlilatl-$iroceedlnge. They
my dl: -vet theanevime things lbtlrill iereiae thra.
Vhr npoa alUeeuet uaniy Qvidlng ihv-t.artiee,
then .epblloMe who fi;unirriftnly wiltJSe Dem
mlt, a watut Mm niatoMy of lliSSr own fmir, It U
oMnla lit either they, (bl mailftity era! whom
Uiey yore, an wwwg Ae (Je acknowledged Of of eet
tUug euietlorajtn pi reorganisations la by the ma
jorities. It awl noKlake lung to determine fkjeb Is at
IMil. neep en eyapon W sen-'S-y'n1
The Wove arsioW ha
a cou-ftiouou
ace in
'.. the CiXsStstt JjZrnal ihieornif-a-
- n ir
eral oik article, of tlrHler htjjort wtfrHisso-
dated Qb it lae same papof. SotuVnt the
Repablioaa nie&beri lu both rancbeiof tire T
General Anmb, appear to ngaiocereiy au-,js
lone that all ho&drable effort a bould be maddT
to preawTe th-qwiuuinm iiiu MjB yUuipji
Their noofV-uLU vhifitf
with the .14 oOheJHpcratjo fffVWf uo
re read; to ettdtftlfWrMfoT'eaolu.
to hitroui!irW wetittfjr
view itaiiaiul
oee meaaorwa vj
posed to j tfojwiHiAiJkStterer, bat is wll-
1 nc se4itxt iiwfcatraM to veien'bMTTin.'
soea oflu A it4rt t 'u-e xoljr toting, in
this ""li HS5?'S?vitl1 1 Prees re
oodbimumI fi&t. Dxmtsox, n embodied
U hU Jpf .TriaAj' last. the 23th of
Januasjf,;" : t,.J",'.; ,...'!'
The" jropoeltton to eeod CooimlMloners to
Washing toa,!s notas the Journal oncandidly in
tlmatee.a Demcratio mcaure,bat is io response
to the reeonuneiidatiori in the Governor'e mes
sage, sad. the reeolutioa prorMing for the ap
pointment of iaoh Coaioner was introduced
bf a Republican tBember.-1 " J '
TheUutb,of. the mauer "is that after Gov.
DtNMisoH had sect in his message, urging the
appoints, and takiog n exception as to time,
be reeelred Ifilegrams from the abolition Gt
n of Illinois, Iodiana, New York and Maa-
laalsting that there should be a post
f f the matter until after theinaugu
Ktyjioou, which would, of course, be
" Tot Mt' M 'hereupon, the mass
i - WBiim unio Legislature, turn round
, wise! hBt which.on Friday even
i9"" 21 1 00 qn9'ln', of, difference
:rroid, at this time, a turn at theee
ft? Goieiuoia who prefer -the dlesolu-
doa df the Union w the peaceful 'settlement
of the slarety question, they would wace them
up from, their saif-lQfflUient security, and borl
rery one of them from offioe. r The following
dispatche wilt "jhow why (hie change of front
ha taken place atnobif Ked'ubKcns iu the Ohio
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iSStSr PSToiliray y-t be
Attention Republicans of Ohio! FROM THE GOVERNOR OF ILLINOIS.
Attention Republicans of Ohio! FROM THE GOVERNOR OF ILLINOIS. SPRINGEIELD, ILL., Jan 26, 1861.
How. W. Draintnir! ''" '
Not ittHatt tht rneltnrt to ppnin t' Commliilonr
HARRISBURG, Jan. 26, 1861.
.Oafc-iii-Th VIiwIbH rwolntlou will b bt
ion rw trtir'sltMre on MoudT ' I uocot determlse
nniit ToffUr or Wednfsljr- I wfl telegraph feu,
Thrrs an atroar reiloai wby weahoald appolDt in Po
INDIANAPOLIS, Jan. 26, 1861.
Oov. W. DiHWiaon I think Indfana will appoint.
We an aoxfeoa to pottpon tb 0 on Ten II on till aftor the
imrun ¬
ALBANY, Jan. 26, 1861.
Oot. Wai. TJawnim: I think Oommlnloneri will be
appointed, v The UaM araat of nectaiitr be dvlaad.
ALBANY, Jan. 26, 1861. E. D. MORGAN.
BOSTON, Jan. 26, 1861.
Oot. W. Sawmow : We hire do! appointed not de
etdoa to apf atat- I aw poatpoae till after the Inango
Americans in Italy.
CoL Esjum Caiml Hicn, or the army of
Italy.reeently irrtveoT.In New Tork direct from
Naplet. H left New York onJ.the .l9th of
SmiambaiiUatf auL aturad at GailiLOi'a
amp, at Caaerta ,' on eve of. the baUle oi
the Volrorno,ad CbCaiiui received him
and the two Americant who aocompanied him,
immediately apon their awl val.evnoraceibg them
a If they hadbeen, brothers, and aeot !tihm
their eossmiaaloo tba tame evening. .Theext
day they were, hard at- work at -the y-oltarno
Tba New York Hrfald of Saturday says ;',;:'; .
vomm ciCTrr ujpimaua in iaeaiao,tn itns-w, uo
AorOoloaal W hlu wbm, In a cam palm of eeren aHintha,
aaanayMtwaira anaana aten waa NitnnM toons bun-
ana aaa nv ium am is wom nad,aa n waa an-
potnteS the ehlaf af General inum i ataff.'.Ia tbia
poHim ne waa enirafea annua u satwa or Oupna, when
the forte rained belle and abella nuaa tba Oaritaldiana
for day after day, nnUl at Uet, ew the lat e( Serwktr,
' Araanaa'a batter; waicoapleUd, aa4 at daybevak Ca
paasaplMUUd. Ooleost Hicki is now -opoo leare of
aoeem, ara win imra m iter psxt March to nsnms
uw warwltn tut apriugciupaifav 'w.i I ,".-.
Besides Colonel Bicka. seTeral American nntlraim
look part 1b the war, and will eonUoits with Uarribaldl
nm rearir i.icninant rrant ileney, aaa ef Uw Ho.
JodfwHaaer ef Kanrllle, Tenn.. resigned bis miei
ehlpalWeet Point, ditUnitjIshsd binuelf In ararw
(aeaisat,nd te bow at Naples, preferring to await Iks
opening oltbSBircnripli;n there. Lieutenant Uaaey
an MeawnaBtliniTyWardliencer,tbeBaaofUeB.H.
W. IpSBeer, -United ttatot (Jomnl Ueneral at Pails,
Wen attaebed 1o6arna's battalion of riflemen. . iu.
HlokSBerrwteeaa Incident In which J nensee dinW.rf
tke gnatett daring. On tb SOtb of Octubor, baton tbs
walls wf Oiepna, OnTTla ni holding bis battalion la re
serve, Wbea tb tieapotitu Infantry and emvalry aaia
sal In rnatfttrew to drlr the tiulialiliane from ih
sittoawhicb they hid gained between Baa Angelo and
vapuat neowt twerr nnnarea yarns iron ins saaia kni
terr. rea. ATWtrsnaordorel Oarda to adrano auk
his whole battalion, but Garcia Ihetead sent en Spenser,
a SHnboy-of nineteen, with a coxnpany f thirty smb.
owBeaawineTBaiaiiaTBcnarire. iui a wim aanak
read hie men daehed forward: Uis anesis'a mil
ry rate Uhb down; Spencsr (ring; prcttraUaad trodden
town bv tbs bones, rolled over, sicked, apa rUte lylnc
Mar, shot dowa tbs dragrooa that was menacing h!m,
" "F"" ""P "' "ug only tare men
MMWwmirwy, j K J e.wi
LrMteaant Alcaadsr HsorS, baecsBpanM Oofo
1 Btrksts this eountry, and Oepteln A. VanBenthay
a, ef Mew Orleansa aepbew of aanatsr Jeff. Da Tie
enatteshed, with Colonel Bulks, tetieaeral Areaaan
ssteaT. IbaAmertoans wen tret faroriut la the ar
y ef Italy and with tbs Italians, tloet of the leaders
I Um Italians had been In America, and felt a sort of
cilierbood towards Amaricaas.-, Ueaides Able, tbs
oerlcane all had poaitione In Ine aray, and Instead of
wasting time, like tbs Bngllih Legion, In dinenetons
one themselves, wen ready and eager for hot work,
teral Hubert Wheat, of Mexican notoriety, bad bo
imieelonia aribsUi'saray.jtat fought with Aves-
' dlTlslon, as an amateur, at Oauna. All Italy
jadaa Ameriran Legion, aod-tbe Italians alaays
tie bi mm anwncaos ta uis most nattsriog lams
CTThe CharlestoalTtrtur- rafutos theslan-
i of the Northern presld relation to the cdn-
M of affairs lit that ottyJT la aommentlbg np-
t itatetuent that Ex-Governor ikm bad
I eompelled reluctantlr to disgorge 110,000,
Vercarf pronoonoes it "an absued lie, made
C whole cloth, and containing net one word
nth from beginning to end."
Th MassacliusetU AoU Slavery Society
ooovehed in Coetoa oa ThoracUy Lut, ap
Q lie use of the Represents Uvee' Hall, in
I ito ll.iJ.o, On Friday evening.' But their
at wsa refused by a vote, of p yeas to 136
l-i HVTA-
,iw v..
l '
:' I -I . i vi
.! it''
TU ' IrresresalMi" In tht leglslatora.
to iniml .i) vjrge j dy- i)l V p RAbl! ido
V. 1 Obi Lei Hath . i r he are iur T war w
very be banished frb'm the' land. We reproduce
from the jaLAsb tgtn
below, which we suggest ehould be iuifc.'WClfr
Hall of the House, by Messrs. ScoTTiAVti-
ttprestrte-.-icntioi7i ne seniiroeui Wy w ,
" .-if hsa flint lumiu. b'l
Americans in Italy. FREEDOM'S RALLY
y! whll tM;''itrpt(iglbnoar. ' j,.,fl ,0
a HHMIinHifiuoiiM prior. (,,,,,
,Ufaitf,Pp4MJoe1iaUMniis3l:b ti"4
EilinHliUbHmUBJitwtli't'i') 1i tl
Cetfthasryraae.an abendi!'! l1'Jtl,"
ff-'(WirMBltB.io'sri. 0i;Si X d
"AM (hVe wbQjo jtilenhavs sJu(lrl bfti ,'
tnerr, FroTl)ers or Freedom awaken j b.onl.i ,
kJrrMrrettrtivWu'por'pV night,' ' " ,1
sArtowlm'yewsWimre Irtthtt'Pc( Sul';
4-.).. i J.H
fh stsWUppreuiontk.ncttt, niui
t:Vrtfll rr-ib America a so j, ,, , .... ...
Cbawwadd erth:rrian It itroiLer .
lfbaorranyTWaokenln rudl X1'
,1 .jt.i
0. i p
iU.1rAkwff aMv a . ' ',7'."
"The Crisis"
o harmeoag tabtaitha first number of
TSrur MulaV'41ve pM,"T)w Crisis." It is
euibtnawmsB'eri( or, aoabie super-royal sue,
iu Uiui
tiiKtf jyj3,r4 1 UH wi'h choice matter.
JlVkwtPVaw all have the vigor and energy,
for nihieh Gov; Mroui't writings are prover
hl.l ' ' 'I 'C-
" In 1835, Gor. Mioakv and the present editor
of the.arma,becAma associated in this city,
in the publishing and editing the, '- We$tem
HemitpJure," which, after our retirement, waa
changed by him, to tho Oii Sateewna. With
bat a brief Interval Gov., Mxdasv continued to
edit tho S'orrtno'it'rintltrthe spring 'of 1857,
when he left it, to discharge the duties of Gov
ernor ol Miooesota, to which poet he wat ap
pointed by Mr. Boohama. : -
Having eondocted that new State into tL
Union, and brbnghVtrjaa to the threshold, hi
returns again among us, and engages in his oli
and favorite, vocation. .
We wish him the moat abundant success, in
hit new enterprise, and hope that "Tht Criiit,"
may be liberally supported. ;
" BTAteleg'rapbic correapondenct bas passed
between SeuatonTooain, of Georgia, and May
or Woon of New York, relative to the recent
leisure of arms in. that city. Mr. Toombs in
quired it 1 it war true that the arms bad been
seized by 'tho' public,, authorities. : The Mayor
replied, tbst the; arms bad been ' idsed by the
police; tut thai tbVcil? of New York should in
no way "be held responsible for the outrage. He
furthermore itated that if be had the power, he
would immediately punish the actors of the il
legal and unjustifiable seliure. -
! I .-aL ' ' '
CTThe bids for tba: half million New-York
State loan,' were ' sorntlhlted at. Albany, on
Friday.., The oners reached nearly five million
dollar!.: It was taken within a fraction of two
par cent, per annum .While tho Federal gov
ernment hat been eotnpelled to pay twelve per
cent: interest, New; York', obtain over two per
cent, prtaiiamon a tic per cant, stock.
'. UTROsitkT P." LrrcHTB, x-Governorof Ken
tucky, died at Fcaokfort,n. Thursday laat. Re
served la Congress several term, was elected
Governor in 1840, and was Minister to Mexico
dnriog President FiLUtoaa'a administration.
He was one of the mottTromioent men in Ken
tacky. j:.t:! .:. -
' ETA New Orleans despatch of Saturday atatea
that the returns from' the Texas eleotion lodi-
cate an overwhelming majority for the seces
sion is te. " '
Address to the People of Virginia from their
' The following it the addreee to tha people of
Virginia, adwptea by me two senator and eight
of the thirteen or the Representatives In Con
rress.' The psper wat not preaeoted to Hon
Wm. Smith, he being deUined in Virginia by
lllnest..:-ir - -.- . . .
' 2'fAPePpie'Fryfni1 We deem it our
duty, at yoor Kepreaeotativea at Washington,
to lay before yon such information as we may
passea ia regard to the probable action of Con
gress in the present ahjtrining condition of the
eonntry .. r-.-j - r
. At the beginning of this aasaion, now mora
Mian nau over, committees were appointed io
both Houses of Congress to consider the state
of the' Union. Neither committee ha been
able to agree noon any. mode of Battlement of
the pending issnea between tba North and the
Booth. .
The Republican members in both ooamUteet
rejected proposition .acknowledging the right
oi propety in slaves, or recommending the di
vision of the territories between the alavehold-
ing and non-slavehplding States by ageograph
ical line.. ...'.-, . r : t . -
In tha Senate , thw propoeltlon eommonlv
known as Mr. Crittenden' were voted against
by evert Egaiica Stnttor; aad the House, on
a vote oy yea ana Bays, reioaea to eonaider
certain propoiitloue moved by Mr. Elherldge
which were even less favorable to the South
than Mr. Crittenden's-, . ..
. A resolution giving a pledge to sustain the
fresideot In the aaa of toroe against eeeeding
ptatea wat adopted in ue l loose or Keoresen
Utive by a large majority i and la tba Senate
every KepoDiiean votea to snoetttnte Tor Air,
Crittenden' propositions, resolutions offered by
lr.Jlart. oi nw tiampsnire, aecianng mat
ne new concessions, gn&ranteea or amendments
to the Constitution were necessary: that tbede
mand of , the Bontn were unraaeonable, and
that the- remedy for. the V0 danger was
simply to enforce the lawa-ria other words, oa.
eretaa and tear. ' : o ; - t .
Ia this ttate of facta our doty la to warn yon
that it is vain to hope for any measures of
conciliation or adjustment from Congress which
you eould accept. We are. alto nmfled that
tha republican party designs, by civil war alone,
to coerce tbe siuthera States, under toe pro
text of enforolog tbe' law, unlet it hall be
come speedily apparent that the seceding State
are to numerous, determined and united at to
make aoch an attempt hopel
r -We are confirmed in these conclusions by onr
general Intercourse here, oy the tpetsnet of the
republican leaders here and elsewhere, by the
recent refusals of the Legislatures of Vermont,
Ohio, and Pennsylvania to repeal tbelr oboox
lout pertoaal liberty laws, by the action of tha
Illinois Legislature on resolutions approving the
Crittenden propositions, and by tbe adoption of
resolutions in tbe New-York and Massachusetts
Leeitlatureo. (doubtless to b followed by
others,) offering men and money for tbe war of
coercion. .
u Wa have thus placed before you tha. faota
and conclusions which have, become manifest
tons from tbia post of observation where
you have placed us. There ia nothing to be
hoped Irom Congress; tbe remedy is with yon
alone, when you assemble In sovereign conven
tion. " "
W conclude by expressing our aolemn con
viction that prompt and decided action by the
people of Virginia, In convention, will afford tbe
surest meant, under tba provldenoe of God, of
averting an Impending elvil war, ead preserv
ing the nope of reconstructing $ Union already
dissolved. ..,- .'
J. M. Mason,
E.S. Martin, . : ,
H. A. Edmnndsoo,
Roger A. Pryor, . '
Tbomsa 8. Boeocki - .
R. M.T; Hunter,
D. C. Dejsrnctte, '.
M. R. H. Uarnett,
Sbelton F. Leake,
A, U. Jenkins, .: '
Washington city, 22d January, 1861.
MONDAY, January 28, 1861.
repeal the nrst section or toe act PJalDA'.lrib4j
Mf."3t.lNT;a,' IfoM the standing opnjaiiUa.
on trie jaaiciarT, rportea jn laror ol,tt8 ,lode3
BoixrpqaiponemTOi oi o lo.iQa io amepftwt
r s'a' Are,,
Iff t1!' JONES, frptd.'tbo commltfea on PuUlluJ
. .. I l. ..Iinilrlm
Workj, reebmnfeoded the, Indefiuite, sotttqna,,
rhent of it resdlutloq of Inqulrjorihe pajweitt.
f felrVeet oti a elaltti of Allen lthaia, for land
KATOffi -""-' odJ norf.iw s.
., Mi. GAKFlELD offered tha frflnfWhilr!srtl
R.',CiJ, That tha Judiciary iiiiiuUs U
atructod to report to the-'-eenato 'whether it
would bo he expedient xoVeduM the" minimum
time oiimprtaoninentin the penitentiary, of per
sons oooYtetea oi various nnmes, and particu
larly tajnaulre whether tbe section ofthe crlm
inal (U deflwDg.ths crime of burglary should
not be to amended at to restrict that term to a
higher claae of misdemeanor. Adopted.
&uodry messaged from tha House were read.
Tbe Senate went Into committee of tbe whole
Mr. UREWER In tba chair, and after tome
time rote and reported back S. B. 303. To
amend tbe University act or April 9, 1869, and
the amenditory act of 1853. Referred to tbe
Judiciary committee. ,
MONDAY, January 28, 1861.
A call of the House wae bad, and 81 mem
bers answered to their nimr t. j
Mr. VINCENT presented tbe memorials of
Jonathan Myert ana 73 others, and of Alexan
der H. Reddington and 54 others of Lorain
county, againut cattle running at large. . -
Mr. ROBINSON from the Judiciary com
mittee, reported back H. B. 274 To secura to
religious and other societies the benefit of tbefr
records amended by tbe substitution of a new
bill, which amendment waa agreed to, when
tha bill was passed yeas 84, nays 2. , p
Mr. NIGH moved that tha resolution 'offered
by him on Saturday, for the appointment .of five
commissioners to meet in . Washington on tbe
4th of February, be taken from the table, oa
which the yeas and nayt were demanded, and
resulted yeas 46, nays 45, when
Mr. MUSSEN moved that tbe resolution be
referred to the Judiciary committee.
Mr. N IG H opposed the reference, because the
time waa short, aad such a relereoce would
cause delay. He said the only question was how
tha commission should be appointed. Tba Leg
islature had appelated Commiasioaer. He
tbonght If a reference was made, it ehould be
to tbe committee on Federal Relations; but ha
wat opposed to reference uow. It would cause
delay, and this motion waa to cause delay. . If
lime would permit, ne would prefer to submit
the question of electing this com mission, to tha
people. In presenting this resolution, he did
not expect to satisfy disunion men, ia ar sail of
toil House. It was for union men that be
proposed it. He appealed to the members of tbe
House to eonaider tbe condition of tb country,
and tea that delay doea not work ruin.
Mr. PARROT hoped the motion would not
prevail. The only object of the motion wat
delay; bnt the true reason for that delay It that
all the 8tate may be represented, whloh it not
practicable now. Tha day itself waa an Im
portant one, and the proper one for tha meetin g
of the proposed convention, when it would have
the beet poeeible effeot upon the two secession
conventions to meet on that day, in Nashville
and Montgomery. .... i
Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, defended tha ft.
erenoe aa proper aad right, at this time, whan it
waa of tbe moat importance that we act with
caution. Tbe charge that the motion wat for
delay waa unfair and not courteous . Ha waa
not oppo9ea io tne oommiseloa, whan properly
gotten np, and at a proper timet where all the
States can be represented. Ue gloried In the
Union; bnt ha did not measure bit fidelity to
. . f t ; L I . . ,
toe uoiou vj civm-pins; to uintrs power.- He
would thow bit fidelity by obedience to tha laws
and the constitution. He wanted a convention
of all tha States, if we have one. Virginia
bad laid down her basis of action. It Is propos
ed hereto meet Virginia on this basis. Like
the stork, he wat not ready to pnt hit head into
the wolFe mouth to have it doeed npoa him.
Virginia had called this convention and fixed her
own time. Wa bad noma aay In this matter,
and be wa for our having ourjeay. He thought
delav proper; and he thought the. Jiiriim.r.
committee the best one to consider tbe matter
Mr. CLAPP said there waa no haste about
this matter. There wa nothing to hurry the
matter. - Tha beet thing we could do was to let
the hot bead of tb south alone, and tha het
oold breath wa could blow upon their proceed
ings, waa to attend to onr own btrtineat, and let
them alona.
Mr. NIUU contended against tha motion to
refer, that this resolution ia not in conflict
with the constitution of tb State, and had suf
ficient precedent in the appointment ofthe cotm
mission to examine tne treasory; by tbe last
Legislature. .......
Mr. PLANTS moved that tha refenmnah.
accompanied by Instructions, which be would
Indicate. Ha aaid there are two other disunion
eonventlona to meet oa tha 4th of February.
. . L. . A 1 1 I .LI. .( ... '
Virginia nau wureuuua on tne same
day, not without concert nor withoota purpose.
He said tba basis proposed by Virginia was not
mere soggtation, but an ultimatum, and read
tha resolutions of tbe Virginia Legislature to
show that they were aa ultimatum. He taid he
waa a Union- man, but be waa for tha Union
with the Constitution. All who prorjote these
convention!, propose at the earn time a change
in tbe LOnaiiiuuiui. us auowea war, to onange
the Constitution, it would require tba concur
rence of all tbe free States. Surely, no man
out of a lunatic assylum could believe that tuoh
concurrence could be bad i ..
There waa an ulterior purpose behind this.
Tha border State did not expect it, and It waa
only a contrived pretext to excuse tbe accession
of all the slave States. , He aaid Democrat! In
Charleston, in April last, wonld not aoosde to
the demanda of tbe South. Are te to accede
to greater demands? The people of the free
States will not yield these points. Wonld the
South truat us If we yield tbem under these eir
cumslanoesT Men who would atrike down tha
present Constitution are not to be trusted. It
not a new constitution that we need. It is pa-
. . . A a. l . . a . .
trlotism to aianu oy toe ona wa nave, witb an
the blessings and glorious memories crowding
around It. ; He would not treat with traitor,
witb arms in tneir nanoa. cut u wey will lay
down " their arms, he would forgive and take
tbem back, but not till then. He believed the
greatest encouragement theee traitors have, la
tha eoovlotioa that they have abettors her
amoog nt. - . . ? :. : ?
Mr. ROBINSON would vote for a reference :
beeaese be desired sn amendment authorlxlna
the Governor to make tbe appointment of the
Commissiooere. nc would ultimately rote for
the appointment of Commissioners at a meant
coooillatlon, becanae many believe tome
good may come of such a conference. As for
himself he did no nope oi any gcoa retuit:
lib' Because the South will not agree to anv
change of theonatUutioa, which the north can
will aooept. i . ' "
2d. Becanae If tba north wonld accept the
Crittenden amendment, which Is a full surren
der bribe north, tbe gulf or eotton State wouldr
reject it- . I ney are oeternunea to eaiaousn a
southern confederacy, and have made tbe elec
tion of Mr. Lincoln , the iccasloa and not tba
cause of Beceeswn.. ... . - ,j '
31 A anrrender ol the majority to the mi
nority under tbe threat oi disunion, could not be
permanent, bnt must finally aggravate our diffl
culties, and would tot give permanent peace ta
country. i -..' v .. . -
Bataa there are maov others who believe
national difficulties may be removed by ne
gotiation, ha would not throw any Impediment
tb way. , ; j-. , r. - . t. -
Mr. MONAHAN favored the reference, and
in favor or tba oomr&iasion; and then bt
in favor ot instructing those commissioners
tell the Convention that we era prepared to
bv the Constitution. He would da all
1 . t ;i: -I ' 1 . V- . 9 ( .1
they wanted to settle tbe dlfflci. Jen, .it I e was
nnwminff -ra yieia. WMypr'icii p. t Ihe
bavejun .pol ta oi, .bis . ..ibje-. i a? t'l"m'
phatioal t ha-, . the; decl red f it tirera
no axieE ion r Slav vw. a id nc Irai
through onr dtor 1 4 L
Mr. PAIviiOTTfVsaidilf tha moUouto refer
waa voted down, be wonldnnove a substitute
nTIBt bMIbb) iinlaUiaiav
Mwmawemawil nil L I llll'lt lllll' lll'H
referrean$the7eB6Tutlons from Weinfa. and 1
ernor, becai
AS it Is. HethoucKSputhwaa alto. Ilia
abieot waa to place Ha construction beyond dia
Jjate. It had been' amen.(lfla Wore, and can be
gain, jjiie said na am not counsel submission!
pur Tie -wouiq vonciiiate ana meet cpnoiliation
ui rMHreeptrii.'; Ue would tend Commission-
wltBont tnitrnctlOM. . ., V(J '
jKr. HILLS would say little about the matter
ot avuuiug uuuiuiiaaiuuor.' u, Ivemi wao wulwu
and hie country; and it was because heloved it
that he mutt speak. He did not believe thie wat
an olive branch from Virginia It was aprpjac
tile from the extreme South. . It was not pro
poeed by Virginia to meet us on equal terms.
They laid down their terms, and it is proposed
to send Commissioners to meet on their own
terms without Instructions, to yield every point;
to them. It waa a diplomatic net, and gentle-
men are falling into it. : He repelled all charge
of disunion, and charged that tha Democratic,
party of the North ia io oonoert with those trait-,
on of tha South, to-day at it was months ago.
. Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, offered adilional iu
ttructiont to those proposed by Mr. .Plants,
which were to amend tha resolution by instruct-,
lng the Commissioners to make such proposl
tloct at are ia accordance with tbe ntimanu
of the people of this State, so as to make tbe
following a substitute for tbe pending resolu
tion: : - t ' :
Whibias, Our lister State of Virginia bat
invited the State of Ohio to tend Commission
era to Washington, on ihe 4th proximo, to inaht
like Commissioners of the State of Virginia, and
tbe other States in the Union, whether slavehold-
lng or non tlaveholdlng, to unite with Virginia
In an earnest effort to adjust the present unhap
py controversies, In the spirit in which the con
stitution wat originally formed, and consistent
ly wun its principles, ana, wnereas, we bail
with pleasure any possible mode of adjusting the
existing difficulties, that will not compromise
tbe rights and dignlt y ot our State, therefore,
Raolttd, That the Governor of the State of
Ohio be, and he is hereby authorized to appoint
five Commissioners, whose duty it shall be to
repair to Washington city, on the 4th day of
April, o any earlier dav. designated bv two-
tbirds of tbe States in the Union, and there and
then discharge the function! of Commissioners
of Ohio tn said Convention. ,J
Mr. S. said soft hearts bad been eulogised.
He had a soft heart, and it melted At the sight
of the slave driven across the land la caffiet,
and all tbe miseries attendant!' - Ha contended
that all we can do, la only to compromise away
manhood and the constitution. It baa been tbe
practice of the democracy to.talk about the laws,
and the constitution and tbe union.' That is
what wa are for now, and nothing more or lost.
He could tec eo hurry about this' matter: and
ha would therefore counsel deliberation and
time. Heated the democratic assertion that
tbia contest and thie fight I and must -be. be
tween the republican party and the south: If
then, tha fight ie between them; what business
haa any Democrat on tbia commission? Lot
tbe fight be batween the repobllcana and the
aontb :and let tba eompromlica be made between
the republicans and the south. 'The democracy
uau irieu hi oarswuiie, at VDariestoo, out tuey
couia not. me dssis wat not to onentive at it
U now. - -I !.' - . - ,
Mr. S concluded, and moved that the House
adjourn, on which the yeaa and nave were don
mended and resulted yeaa 49; nays 49.- So
tha matlnn area lnat. ' 1 " 4
Mr. 6TEUMAN aaid the subject of slavery
had been alluded to. ' All that he bad to aay
waa, that he waa an abolitionist; and if aay teim
could be found mora expressive ' of intensified
abhorance of the infernal Institution, he want
ed tba term applied to nim. Ha wanted no
more compromlsee. He waa for nutting th
government en aeafe and firm basis. He would
run tbe old ship of 8tate ' close by the buoys,
ana ancnor ner in tne naven saieiy, and then
hang evert traitor to the yard-arm. "
Mr. MUSSON moved that tha Hcuseadjourp,
which waa negatived yeaa 44, nayt 50, .
A call of the Houto waa had, when 96 mem-
bcnl answered to their namea.
Mr. BALDWIN then moved that the Ser-
geant-at-Armi be dispatched for the abseatces;
on which the yeat and nays were demanded,
and resulted, yeat 44, nayt 51.
Mr. CARLISLE moved that all farther pro-
ceediagt unaer me ctu ne dispensed witb,
which waa agreed to yeat oi, nays JU.
Tbe House then too!
ook a
recesa till to morrow
at 10 A?
ue nm tnougofca uornmuinioner, arH
DOlDlads Lki-JtBrxIaJtnD. Wniilt tAt kuuAn I
governor occnnied an important tttrtuda towarus
them";-iiTOrtenaw:tha did
ot prohibit tbe anrnrtnthrtnt' The Commla-1
tmiseionera na -named,- werwrTnos. Hwirttri .wri
asajuage awaiu- ue wa lor tba- Constitution
TUESDAY, January 29th 1851—10. A. M.
Mr. BRECK presented the petition of
man Miller and 43 other citizens of Brecksvtlle,
Cuyahoga Co., and or ueorge breenway and CI
other citizens of Brecksville, Cuyahoga countv.
on tha subject of Woman'a Rights, which , were
reterrea to mo proper committee. ' ,
Mr. ORR presented sundry petitions from clt
Izentol Baoyvai; Crawford Co.,' and Upper
Sandusky, i Wyandot coonty, on the subject of
Woman's Rights, wbkh wera referred to Ibe
select committee on that subject. " " -
Mr. MOORE presented threeipetitiont from
citizetaof Morrow, Warren cannty.on tbeaub.
Ject of Woman' Rlghte.lwhlch were properly re
ferred. C'-i.i on '.'''!'"- t .u .
Mr.! MoCALLt prctented vthe memorial of
Tnomaa Micuodson, or namavnie, Harrison
county, praying for a law to prohibit tbe prao
tlce of using a tall loot, fia an official capacity)
on the publio hlahwayt, which wat referred to
the ttandiog oommluoe on Roads and High
ways. ' " '-"-" " ;
. Mr. EASON presented the petitions of Mrs
D. L. King and 16 other oitlzeot of Akron, Sum
mit county, ana or Kev. c. M, Keiter aad 48
other citixeaa of Wayne oouoty, oa tbe aubiect
of Womnn'i Rightt, whloh were properly refer-
ted. i ..'.x .).:- jrw . , -
Mr.' G LASS prweutad the Million of S.John
lton,(Etq.4and 38J other' citizens of Alhland
coonty; ...r. 'J J.i -a--- i-
Alt) of E. T. Raaaom, Jalec, Cook, add -CO
other citizen of Mansfield; !- .- a- - ' -"
Also, of L. Miliar, Sarah Bull, W. C. Wet
ton and 35 other citizens of Ashland and Rich-'
land conntiet: . . 1 ' m '. . j. - : "
Also oi A- B. Wolf and SO other oitizens' of
Alhland and Wayne eountles; tn ;
AUO.of H.B.8toaxBaand26otKcvoirireri6f
Ashland aad Kiohlana countieej j e .-
Also, of Rosalia Rica and 3a other eitltent of
Ashland and JUohlsod aoonUca, eh Ik lubirct
or weraan' Kignu.wcicn were properly-' reier
red. '. ' v r., ci. .Ji-4ia i :' t "-a: -
Mr. ORR nretented tha memorial of 106 clt
liens of Wyandot county, relative to the trana.
fer or th franchise oi tbe ritttburgb, Fort
Wayna aad Chicago. railroad looaipaay, which
waa referred to tbe committee on railroada.
Mr. ORR also artaented tha memorial-of the
Auditor and Commlaslonaa of Crawford contrty,
representing 3,608 ibarwa Ot (took in tbe Pitta-
hurirri. r nrt w avna ana umcago Kairroaa t
Also, of William Meniman, and others, own
ig 497 abaraa of atook In aaid Railroad, pray
ing lor a general law tor tne transier oi ina cor
porate franchises of tha Pittsburg, Fort Wayne
Chicago Kauroao, anaotner itaiiroaa comDa-
olea, which were referred io ihe Standing Com-
m R&llrrMfla. ... t . i
Mr., BREWER prctented the petition of
Hogh Blenkly and 3U other oitizens ol WU
vuit; j , ' 'i'. o't
Also, of C J. Sears and 75 other oitizens af
Eaat Liverpool, Columbiana Co j T . m
Also, ol Rebecca Henderson and C4 other
clt it ens of East Liverpool, Colnmbiana Co., on
tba anblect of Woman's Rights, all of whloh
ware referred to tbs Select Committee oq that
aubiect. ,',', ','. t " .. .km ef .;;
Mr. SCIILEIGH presented tha memorial of
Creditor ; and tstockboiden or, the Bcioto A-
Hocktna- Vallev Railroad, nraylna for a seReral
law for tha transfer bf tba corporate franchises
embarrassed Railroad and other corpora
tions, which wat referreovtq tift Standing Cop.
mlttcebaailrpada i-ift.,.,,, ,.V -.hu 9;f.
i;n'x.i ,b-ry.fil tfS t"4 :!';!? 3? .11 f
Mr. PERRILL present J the petitltlon o
Also, of BrJ & ton f iid 1 othM cVfmna;
of Pickawavtapnty;' N : ) t - Ml
Also, of Mat lHL"-JWJj6V
citizens of Pioklwity cudty
Also, of H.ar.'S.MtmpRon and 9 other citizens
elect com-
dtjiirj of
and lb
.Vnman'A RtehtAabich. jiraa ornnnrl referred.
Mr. FISHERcrl frfae tetitifm of Rev;
:R. Kost and 41oTb citizens of Kenton;
Iso. of Wm. Phillips, M. D., Marv Sharp,
iimi 41 other citizens of Kenton;
lso. of Margaret Johnson and 22 other citi
zens or HuntaviUef Jgan county;; k m
Also, of (Jeo Williams,, (Mayor.1T ltiu(l 65
Other cltizeta) of West Liberty: i jj
Also, of Jaa. Woolenheim and 33 other citizens
of .HuutBvilleJ Loganl County, on Woman's
Rights, which" were referred to the select com
mittee on that subject.
Mr. MONROE presented the petition ot Mr.
Bruoe anb 170 others, and Samuel Henry and
248 others of Lorain eonntyr-on tbe subject of
Woman's KigBta,wbicD were properly reierroa
51,. MORSE presented thpMtlnn of Rnmsey
Resse and 23 other citizens of Ashtabula Co.,
on the tame subject. Same reference.
, wuiuu wero rBierrea ta tne e
Jas. F. rinden, Kev. j. c. Kingalev,
1 S. B.'JJo. 209 To rogulata the tale of Rail
roada and tbe reorganization oftho same, whole,
- 8. B. 198 To authorize the sale of the Cath
erine street Cemetrv, Cinolnnati. Whole.
- 8. B. 204 Defining the jurisdiction of the
Probate Court of Selby cbnnty In criminal cases
II. B, No. 3U3 To extend the time ot Dy-
meut lur scuuut muun iu iriuiiruo t:uunj."'
y' Mr. FOSTER gave notloe of a bill lo author.
l.t the Governor to execute a deed to Alex: S.
Latty for certaiu intids In Paulding cousty.
, j Mr. HARRISON, from the maorrty bf the
oommittoa on Federal Relatione to which were
referred the Virginia Resolutions, presented the
xoiiowing repurt:
: Whereas, a oopy oi a preamble ana resolu
tions adopted by tho Legislature of tho Com
monwealth of Virginia, proposing the holding of
a conference to be composed ot commissioners
appointed by the Several States, to assemble on
tha 4th day of February, 1861, In tbe city of
Washington, to. consider, and, if practicable, to
agree upon some adjustment of the unhappy
controversy which now disturbs tho tranquility
of tbe several States, hat been communicated
to this General Assembly; and ....
Warn,' "e believe the pcoplo of Ohio aro
willing to contribute all in their power toward
bringlug about a peaoel'ul and honorable adjust
men inconsistent with tha principles and spirit
in which the Constitution waa formed,! of . the
existing difi'ereaces between- the several States;
therefore, ... .. I v.- v.-
Beit Kaolted by IM Uenerai A'tcmbly tj the
State tf Ohio, That tbe Governor, by and with
tbe advice and consent of tbe.Senato, be . and
he is hereby authorized and empowered", ta ap
point five Commissioners to represet the State
of Ohio In aaid Conference. . -. ' 4 ' 1
. Raofotd, Further That in thus acceding
to tbe proposition of the Legislature. of Virginia,
this General Assembly refrains from suggesting
any baela Or plan fof the adjustment ot the ex
isting differences, apprehending that tht lotion
of alia Commissioners hereby appointed, and Of
tbe proposed conterence, mignt bo embaraseed
bv auch aucreeation. ' '.1 A I ! ;'M1 V "i 1"
. Jteioivtd, further: That tbe Governor be re
queated to transmit to each of the Com mutmonera
to be appointed aa aforesaid, a copy of these res
olutions, to the cod, that they may repttlr to the
City ot wasmngton nereinberore Earned,
meet such commiislpnera" aa may be appointed
by any of tbe State, in accordance with, .the
aforesaid proposition oi virgima- a . '
" Mr CUPP Y, from the' Minority ofthe Commit
tee on federal Keutioos, presented the, follow
ing, via :
Whuias, the State of Virginia "has' sent'
epecial measage to tho State of Ohio, inviting
, . . L . i- r.: . -j i . ri
ner iu ipwiut wuuiunonm, tu meet tom-
missioBora'apooinlexl by thfttatw arV4rglnlt
on the 4th day ot rebruary next, at the city
Washington, to take Into consideration, and
Bomible to settle the unhappy differences no
existing between different portions of oar coun
try: and whereat the State of-trirtnIa bas dl
reeled it Executive to extend the same invita
tion to each of our sister States, tbarefore .,,;"
Bs if Rtnlvid bif-ihe'Generttl Atttmbly of the
Siau of Ohi, Thatrwe accept with pleasure the
invitation extmded to us by onr sister State of
Virginia, in tbe same fraternal spirit in which
Is olferedisnd the Governor of tbia State
hereby directed and empowered to - appoint fire
vommiasioners in oeoau oi tne mate, whose da
ly it Khali be to moet the Commissioners appoia
tea Dy me onto' oi Virginia, and our -sister
States, at tbe dry of Washington, at a day not
earlier than the fourth day ol April next.i i j
I Resolved, That in a Convention of Delegates
eon poeed of members from onr own and sister
States, coiled lor tne purposa or settling If not
alble, all difficulties and differences,, between
tbem, it it vitally Important and necessarv.and
joatioe. impartially demands,, that entry Siste of
.i- ,T;. -1 -II f - . j ,. ...
rue unwn enau ie yerceewrcs,. 1 JJ ta - aenrei;
and to effect thia end, wa earnestly recommend
that the time for holding ealrt Convention be
n , . if 1 1: .T l . i i - .
nxeo not earner . tuna tue tin taay Ot April
next, in order that our sister States of the Pa-
clflo, as well as those of tbe Atlantic coast,
may bava notice of the holding of said Convert
tlonjand be allowed time toappoint delegates
to -represent tnemseives tocrain. - -
i Rttolvtd, That while wo are Hot-prepared lo
asaaot to the terms of settlement proposed by
Virginia, ana arc luitytatiiued tba the Const!
tution ot tne united states, as It is, if fairly ia
ternreted'and obeved bv ait section, nf
try contains ampie provmona witnin itatil lot the
oorreotion ot all evils complained of; yet a dis
position to reciprocate the natrlotia anirit.of i
sister State, and a sincere duairp to have, har
moniously aojustea, an oiuereoce sexisluig but-
worn ui, induoes u? to favor tlio ftppoiotmout of
tba.Commission aa Teqaested, provided the time
for holding tbe Convention" be postponed in the
manner indieatea in our tecona resolution: .
- Retained, That the Governor of fh r State I
hereby directed to inclose to the Execntivet ot
ail our sister states, a espy ot those resolution!
and he it hereby directed to Correspond with the
U.overooi t of the several b tales, and, II possible
to agree with tbem to extend the time proposed
by Vrrginlt, for holding said Convcntian, toauch
time a will allow uelogationa-from-.al) h
Statea to be oreeent In said Convention .' '
. Mr. MONROE moved MTwfor thetwo rooorts
Mue commiitee, wita instructiona. ta. endOa
vor to agree upon one report, t ::, i'i
Mr. GARFIELD thuKht the aubiect atlavad
nfflclently long, and' thought the Senate might
i . : .Ll I . . ' ' - "
now proceed to auposw ui mm ooujeci. - - -
Hn MOOatl thought) it- Atiperfluana to re
commit, tlDoe there was a, wide diirereuce of
viewa between tbe members or tbe Committee
He thought it the duty of the. General Aaacm
biy to appoint. these -c0umissiopcTi,.bathe had
given way to meet tbe viewa oft the majority of
the Committee. , Besides, there it a wido dif
ference in the time proposed for the conference
tie favored the ma orit rowon-d -tr-ics
w. Mr. SMITH held thaiOhiouthotrld have her
dav ia Court' 'It wat her duty and orivilege to
aay where the could meet Yugtiua -Titaraar-
no sound reasont why wt shouu appoint. Com
miasiotiers to a conference on the' 4th proximo,
while there are many roasoltf Vhy w should
tot do to.?. - He 'Wat deal root to meet ' Virginia
frankly but could, not 'content fte,J the faasti'
wbiah her Invitation proposes. lie favored the
Hiiuviey rcuur,. ) .1 .'tw 1
Mr. PARISH laid be mlgbt agree for the
take of harmony, to a Conrercueo; between, the
4tb of February, and 4(h of April,, but he never
would tgree -to - any day ehorl ofthe 4th of
March, Abraham JUueoIn moBt first be iaaug-
nratea. i ne minority report ' it snort "or the
mark of hit view. .. They say list than he de
sired to say. nt would not tgree, aa member
Ihe Committee, to anything, Which : expre
ssed lees than that report.
Mr. COX was opposed to a recommittal, and
would sustain the minority renort. He concur
red entirely with Mr., Parish," The minority ex.
pcfJtci little enough, and he wanted immediate
action, because i tampering with the subject is
undignified. . , , , , v4 ', f ,."
,,m, UAKKISON was disposed to 'allow a
otelo be taken on tbe motion without debate,'
nd wonld have sustained It. It waa nrnnnr to
madet, "He admired the spirit ot the motive
whipti lnaaoedtha moeVi' hiwii a gntve and
rt.' - to , .iji a-U .ai IS
fnomrimna subject.
It is desirable to Itaveja jl
i vote upon it, ir-poMiwo. ai
Jtm Committee W Av I
U) r v
hafti )D
hoki d t
We tbonght the
ut in
ne, 11 A intnqlVM
ave tbe
i appoiptict I po i,t ?i .
O It I F.a.l1t.
'er,flc!''33iiet views. HoVb" bo linwilling to
depaU iroi the uniform Wo'TeBpectlDg ap-nnintraaBAwc-that
tlicv should be made' by and
STS5nentof the Sen&toCHa
was willing' to recommit the resolutions and
make another sftwt to. present a unanimous re
port from the Committee J ;.1 .. 1 1
Mr. BMl l n was wining mo ocuaiur irum
Madison desired It, te reoommlt Under, the tap
position that, the Seuator hao.rcuson to believe
the Committee wlllagre. ! 'l K
'"Mr." FISHER'favored recoiu'miUl, and
argued that the Seuate should exercise the right
tocontrol all appointments by tbe Governor.
He also favored a modification of the reports so es
(o ldtve tho date of tlift'conrercflceto the Oilcre
tifn cf thb States. Jf ) f( M M 4 I
1 'Mr. CUFPY was gratified with the doncifta-
a , S a.-i-.r;.t..
amendment lo the mihoritr report! tuget'tted
especially that qualifying the appointment of
Commissioners were acceptable, but ne could
not acoedo to any .amendment looking to a Con
ference before April 4th. There is one point
however, upon wbiah hedispalred of agreement
wun mo majority tif. iiib avomniittetri V rv niie na
endorsed tne late special mcsaage oi tne uover
nor ofUblo, on tne Virginia nesomnoue, tun
majority-disagreed The minority report de
clares tbat the people of Ohio do not, will not,
and cannot pree--tor the imeasurtr for ; ad
joitment, anggcated ia (the; Virginia Keso-
lations. 'Tne minority wur not recede
ffom-tbat position. We feel It to bt
due to Ohio, we feel it to be due to the North
we. fool it to be due, to -the Union to disagree
to tucn propositions. Anyagreement upon any
proposition modifying out report upon this point
it utterly liopeleis.- Tha people of the North
never will, upon any consideration whatever,
accede to the extension of slavery to any terri
tory, whether South of 36 30 or elsewhere.-
Nor Will UM0 recognize slavery by any impli
cation in free States or Territories., Policy de
demanda that publio sentiment shall be openly
expressed, tiiruugu the representatives of the
people, and the minority of tho committee
deemed It their duty to report npoa the subject
emboaied ta the resolutions) ana we CAnnpt con,
sent to any modification thereof; (t jj . v f
Mr. JONES dissented entirely from the sue
goation that there should be no discussion, and
ruin private cuubuim&uuu. ai uure ever was
a tublccC" which should ha? bpeulv ' discussed,
that which involves tho common wi.fr.ire of the
couolry la the aubjech Yosterd ty ihe country
was one of the proudest in the world. To dav
treasQU iwec.pt-over tbe land oud shakes it to
the oeutro. Is this a time when wc ihould be
subject to"T)arty drill. ' Shall we' surrender
onr ' conscience to-party clnims. He never
would eurender ,the bonor oi the country-
He understood tha condition of tbe coun
try.- .lie -knew , tuat , tne treason . ol the
South ia. exaspemting Ho waa surpriaad
tbat wo did not- break throngh nil trammels of
law,. and vindicate tba outraged majesty of tbe
nation. What would be not (Jo to tavebli coun
try .Ilia blood should flaw .like-water in its de
fence. But tho question 91 preserving it it uor
on us. Ia this tho time to talk of party Delay
is suggested. Is it cot agreed that the country
must be saved br irretricvib)y IobIU We have
a ray af light from Virginia. Here she proposes
a convention to aaastourtroabies.: she pro
poses we shall meet on tbe 4th-Of February ,-
They first ask the Southern States to meet
rhemoTben invito Ul.Htid filial we refuse "4--
Tbig It to be a mere inlormal meeting, Virginia
offvft a propocitioa.; fist itia'.cotansfimavsm.
It it were wa never could accept It. But there It
something in the character of the Commission
ers the hw appointed,' fli'afgives reason to hope
for lometGing which may bring neace. It is
matter of the 'greatest Importance" 'that ' we
should all agree at this time upon Much a ques:
tion.; In -the discoaston of a principle like' this,
1 am not a partlzan.- I am prOtid tb acknowl
edge my allegiance to the Republican party, but
on tuis qoeBtioa 1 must exercise my judgment.
He would also appeal, to hi! Deoocratid friends
to be faithful to tbe country. They bad this
session- manifested, at spirit of. -patriotism
ue i appealed 1 ,to. jrtsem " at patriotex'to
stand., firm, but . warned them to - refrain
from criminating the Republicans. If they want
anything conciliating from us, they must desist
irom aucn abuse, ue leared there was reason
to believe that word had gone forth from leading
DcThorjratMatWsshIor?ton,lhat.the Republicans
shall be denounced- How el'e to account for the
lata Democratic Con veotioa bea-Hew aeeotrat
for their bitterness of denunciation 7 Democrats
must desist from this If thejf hope for reconcili
atioa from us, ,And to bis IfenulUjn friends
ho would counsel moderaiofi.WlMiad been
thrown oat as a matk of distinction between
Republicans-thai some of onr f'rirndvare 'file
brewt of Hobrewsi'.' he knew that meant that
those who were old Liberty prty men were bet
ter Republicans than those who were old Whigs,
He begged to dissent. True, one is more' ex
treme than . the other, but not more true lo
onr-princlplci of organisation. V, , , - y'.i.
, It Is proposed to delay tbat the PaoiGo States
may be represented !n the Cotferenco. Call
fofnia bas no difficulties to settle .with' The bor
der States. Why, then, ehould she bo repre
foflted? The trouble it upon nn, and we must
settle it now, or it will be too rate.- He did not
oeneve tne contorence could accomplish any
thing, yet be desired to pot ourowa "section'
iu tbe right. If they will not acqept such termi
aa we can . concede, it, will unite, us all, and we
can stand aoquittod before the world.
- A message was received from tho Governor.
inclosing papers giving rcasoDa for pardoning
cuuvicts during me past year. ? v V
to oia-l
1 ili '
TUESDAY, January 29, 1861.
Pravir bv RVl nfr.'Gnoilnin. ' ii f ' 1
iur. un.nii iuutcu a can di
the House
when 97 members answered to their namer .
'The Sergoant ht-Arms wag dHpitchcd for the
absentee!. r-ri
?:V) rf tazvou
Air. CLAPP asked and obtained leave to-re
core bia vote In favor of tha passage of tht bil
t secure to religious spcicticrbu-jipncfit o
their records . , -7 ' i J j . J i
, ---, . - - w - , u -. ,u.iu.uhdu
House Bill 818-jTo amend the lawTptrulat!nir
i cicia auaiituioB wnion was reva -tne nral
time, i .' - ri"nt
Wf. COLLING3 was excused from serving
on mo comminee on ruDitc.vvotKs. n -n r-
int. . iHvuw i -inmw iuak hh lurtow pro
ceedings. nader tb oaU ba ditpontad with, whioh
was aiBsgroea to, " .-- - u e''Ni,! ifa.ej
Mr. HUTCHESON On leave introH'uced II
B 319 To prevent the harboring or assisting
lueiuve slaves, wn cn waa reaa tne nrst t m.
Mr. STEADMAN presented a memorial of
u. a. Clark Ana as others of Kavtnna, for the
reiiet or the Union bebool of Kevenna.
- Mr. McCUNE offered the memorial 6? K
Lockwood and 61 others of Huron codtrty: for a
more nrmgent nquor law.i '
Mr. BROWNE, of Miami, offered the follow
log resolution, whioh were laid on the table for
discttSBlon: . . Oj .iii
' ReulvtrUht fliilGsharal Assembly of- Ui
State ot UhloThat a Joint Select Committee
or rive on the partof the House , and ef cb
the part of the Senate, be appointed, whose duty
ivnumiue tp repair tu juuibubjtoiib, at top prop
er tlmo, nrga Ihe President cleat .to accept the
invitation tendered to mm oy tne Uoveraor to
become the truest of this Statu, whon r,.,i.
throngh on Wb fay rom hit residence to Wuh.
Ipgton City, and to arias a Committee of ea
orl from thence to the capital of Ohio, U . 1
Ucioivea, i hat the Commiuea on Finance be
and they are hereby instructed to .reoort a hill
appropriating dollars ttf pay the' expense
Mr. BLAKE3LEE' prelsntcJ the" mpmorlals
Ol A. 11., ABompson. and 76 othert: :A. Odall
and 190 others; William Coleman and C8 othera;
and D. R. TUdoa 4ud. 69 others, for an act es
tablinbing Woman's riehta to errual control of
property and children.'-" J .imm-.jj iim,-. f"i
Jurthei- bfoceodlnet tjndof thd' cill 'LolriV SV
pvneau wiiu.niequuauuu turuciAOa IQO rtttrence
Of Mr. NlRh't Resolution, wbea -
..M ir,t-iL ..ll i -r
Mr. NIGH" laid be bd lutrodnced the:Rdrib4
ntinn baoauna ne believml It Mw.ni. ii,;
Srlshea of the honest Uplon loving men bf the
ne um pot oust it as a party measure,
aw.bt dene so, ht'.should. bava consulted hia
party frlenda upon the tubieot, , He said ha nn.
deratood the position of tb conservative portion
of 4be people of Ohio, He thought with the
Oot Ctnor of Ohio, that the nronositiona nf Vir.
ginla, areirjtldmlataMci 'He, did not regard
therri ssaa ultimatum.. If he did, he would not
entertain the consideration of them. Nor wonld
he adopt the Crltteaflcn nmnnaiirnr r,n,i,,r .,,
cltotqtstaboca; tor ttfuii he couacnt for a nio-
tnpnf th 'aov compromise,
that ji-nld contra-
. I l-we tr
vsprfrae position taken in tha Republicin plat-
viruij, ue unu aupporiea mr. JUlucuin, oeuev
ws fog ri m to be ooniervatlvei JDut not holding the
a:..,... -r .i . . i i , v.i..
position of the extreme antl slaverv wim of tbe
Republican ptrty. He spoke of the oocatltu-
..ir a - . ..
tional question of the power of the Legislature
to appoint the commission, and held such ap
pointing to be perfectly proper and consistent
With tno constitution, lia opposed . xb appolut
meptby the Governor, becauae it would in hit .
hatdt f. tke a political bias, which he deprecate J,
holdibg that all parties ought to be roprtiented
In the commission. Ho quoted the Cincinnati
CffrmterTciol in support of his position. ' He bold- '-J
that tbe people sympathized with his poaltion; ' '
pie repudiated their action, the onsequoncos
must do upon tbem. . He said be was tno
faHbeBt. 'possible, from, sympathizing in any
manner with disunlonlste;.. but tho who op- i
posea mm conciliatory move, did lend aid and
oomfort to disoblonlsta.' He waa not particular '
aa to tha man named, He would vote for any '
man who was not a dlsonlonlst. - '
lu answer to Mr: Hills, at to what he held
to be a disunlonlet, be said a maq who was op
posed to all compromises.
Td MriTorls,, Mr. Nigh Answered that be " '
stood upori the Republican platform, holding ,
it to be conservative and providing support to. ' .
'the constitution and all tbe laws, not excepting .
the fugitive slave law. - , , -." "
Mr. 5?-0WJ?E. nf MiaruU -aald ba aliaald'
-examiua tuia nuujiui uwgui aim not as a
paytv man.. - He was known to be In favor of -
appointing inis oommisaioa, auu mat Dy ine .
Legislature. He knew at the same time that
many members, of this House supposed the
proposition of Virginia to be a trick or trap, ' '
and were opposed to any appointment of ;
Commissioner '' He could not eo regard it. . ,
He had confidence In that glorious "old State,
and )t was not right to act in this way towards
her till there was positive (evidence of eucb -
trick.' He wat la favor of appointing tbe com- .
mission ora; but ho was not in (favor of any -'
thing else Virginia proposed He did not ua- ;
demand the proposed basis at- any thing more .
than a proposition wlthour any idea of an ultl- '
ruatum. lie epoke of tbe question whother tbe .
Legislature had the power u&dor tha ccastitu- : . - -tion
to appoint tbe Commission; and taid he . '
preferred that method to appointment by the ...
UovernorJjftcau he was opposed - to one-man - -'
power thus exorcised, but a oareful Investiga
tion of this enbjcct, had satisfied him that tbe ' .
Legislature bad aot tbe power to make tbe sp. :
pointment, which position he supported with ' '
authorities and precedent', bearing- upon the
subjects, showing that the appointment of such . .
a commission is entirely oot of the power of .
tho General Assembly. Ue had been iujavcr
of the appointment by the Assembly, but with i
the plain provisions of the constitution staring ;
him ia tbe face, be would not think of it.- -
Mr. CALLINGS tbcught tbe question of '
slavery wat not pertinent to this suuject. He ,
did not think the Union wns to bo saved by
spread-eagle speeches. But the question wai
shall we accede to the proposition of Virginia, '
aud this Is tha whole question' . He had not
much faith in any of the Union saving movt-
Bents. Uut ho was in favor of thia commission '
as a moan that might lead to some settlement -, '
of etiatlng diflicalties. He was for the appoint- T
meat by the Legislature aa more directly rep
resenting the people, and expressing their wish
ea. He thought too, that the oommisslor. i.'r-vild
represent the two great parties of tbe State.
He thought the term office could not apply to'-, .
these commheloiiers, within the meaning of the .
ConttitutioD, tnd thorefore that It wat proper . i
that they should be appointed by the Assembly. - .
He was in favor or the appointment, and lu fa
vor of this appointment to ifod on. the 4th of
February. ' 1 " ' -
, Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, asked Mr.' C' if, in .
the adjustment contemplated, the CCmmlsalon- '
era nf tha South should insist that a oroteoilve
l.plfT.liAilM ka Mnt IKll&A U . r. . I J l
' f --.... uv.b...v., " . 1 . UV
be willing to trust Mr. Groesbcck npon ' the
commission to represent him on this question. "'
Mr. -C. said he did not expect that question to
come up; bat he would be willing to trust him. , ,
-.Mr. MUSSEN then moved tbat the resolution '
and pending amendment be laid on the table
on which the yeas and nayt were demanded, '
which resulted yest 49, flays 61, at follows :
Thow who voted la the affirmative, wen Mesm.
Baldwin,- Blakeelee, Browne of Miami, BrnfT, Bnrr,
Bum, Darter. Oboate,Olapp, Oox, Davie, flora, Uadclor,
Uerrick, Jlills, illtoboock, n owe II, Jones of teneea, '.
Kennedy, lie rr, Krum, alcOlong. aioOune, McOtvron,
alcFhenon, tdonahan, Huison, Plants. Hen o( Morrow, " "
Rled, iloblDeon, Hukenbrod, tcott of Jeffer-ion, gcott ot
'Warren. Hiiai-a. flnuln. fttjutm.t-i . BImI. niAklM tr,l..K.. V- i
son ot Bnromlt, -Trimble, t.t.i.11, yinBwrir 'mHt i
Walker, Watt, Wood, Wright of W alrnn, bpeaker , T
""Those who voted in the negative, wen Messn. in- " !
4row, Brown, of Putnam, t!srltle, Ohaio, Oolllnss, ' ( '
......... .....h,,,,,,, wtmwtfvamon.
Hamilton, Home, Hughes, Hatcbeaon, Jacobs, Jhhd,
Joiry, Jonas, Jones, olUaoilton,'UcOonnell,Mc8ehool-' --. -or,
Moore. Myen,, Nigh, Noble, Ogle, Parrot, Parr, Pat -terson,
Pearce, poweie, Rees, Beiitnaer, Hogen,, thaw,
Skinner, BlusaerlSnyder, btlers, Btont, Tannyhlll Tay
lor, Thompson of Perry, Wchfh, Westcott, While, Wia- . ,
ner, Woods) Wright of Hamilton. . , . . ,".
Rlr.SCrOTT. of Warreri. thcn'' wlthdretv hlt
amendmcnt, and Mr,' Muiwv withdrew hi mo v
tion to refer the resolutiOrrt,-iihh -. . i
Mr, PLANTS offcretf the following ietolu- ' I
tion as a substitute for the resolutions' of Mtv''
Nigh: - ., ; -"-' ;v:'r !";'
. Whesxas, The State of Virginia haa aenl a 'S I '
special message to too state ot: Unlo, inviting
her' to' appoint commissioners, to meet Commi.
sloucre ap'pohjted by the State of Virginia, on
em him uaj 0 K&nunTj next, at tbe uity of
Wasliogtori,-ito Wfc:lnto consideration, and if
possible, to settle the. unhappy difi'erencee now !
existing between diffctept portions of' our couri- 1
tryiaud,' "' 1
HtaiAS, The State of Virginia haa dlrecttd, .
itp Executive to extend rher tame invitation to
oftchf our sister states; therefore, ;
7 Be, if re$oloedby the Ventral Aliembly of the
Suite of Ohio That we receipt with pleasure,
the invitation extended to as by onr sister State .
of Virginia In the same fraternal splrltln which ' '' ,
it It oflerod and , the Governor' of thii State is '. , J
hereby-directed and empowered to appoint five :
eommisssrooert ,On behalf of, this State, whoro- " -duty
it shall. te4Q meet the commissioners ap
pointed by the'Statr-af Virginia, and our1 lister
Statos, at the City of Washington, at a day hot 1
earlier than the fourth day1 of April ndxV.'.i ' ,.' j v i
-. Eetalofd, Tbat In a Convent ion-rj Delegatetj'. ' '
composed of members from our own and siijrtv .,
State,. .called for -the purpose of totlri;Vif.-'- V
possiblo, all difficulties and differanMa hatwatr. i r:
them, it-tt vitally Important and necessary1, and';
lustlna ImnarLiaflv flamamla' il.l n r.ti.-f
... vw.vr. ". vc rricacriieii f It S0 HSSIfff ,
and to effeot tbia end, we earnestly recommend
that the time for . holding aaid Convention bo
fixed for the fourth day of April next, In order
that oar Bister States of the Paclfio, as well as'
the Atlantic coast, may hava nntio nf tha knM.
,t - rr-.- -I n : . t . . - . . - -
. r j .... , ... . uv, a imhiih,. . .-
log of said Convention, and be allowed tlmo to '
appoint Delegates to represent themselves there
in. I , i - !'!.. iV. .'" ..- ' .'
Reeolced, That wt are not prepared to assent
to tba terms of settlement proposed by Virginia,'
aad art fully satisfied that the Constitution of "
ihe, United States as it is, if fairly interpreted
and obeyed in all sections of our country, coo. )(, '
tains ample provisions within itself for tbe cor-' ' di
rection of all evils ComDlaintd of: VBtndimnal.l ' "
tion to reciprdVatc the patriotic tplritpf a stater jc
State,' and a elnoere desire to have harmonious
ly adjusted all differences existing; between ns, f
Induce ut to favor tbe snnolntment of tha Can. ' 'l-1
mission at requested, provided the time-fat iVi-u .
holding the Convention shall ba. ooatnanad iu .1 .
tbe manner Indicated In our second resolotfon. ' J "'' '
'"AMofaedTbat the Governor of this Htata t.-'J !"
hereby directed to enolose to the teeoutivo of
ail out titter Siatct, A oopy of these resolution-Tj
and he is horeby directed to corrcipond with the "
Governors of th several State, and if romlbla :
agree fwlth tbem to extend Ihe time proposed -by
Virginia, for holding laid convention, to ench
jiime.as wil allow, delegate from all the Statea
woe present at am. convention .
Air. tt ANTS' eunnorted the anbslitnta nn i J:
tbe ground that this matter should not ha dU. T...
posed of, in inch hot haste Other Statet bad ' O
asked for time, and hi thought It proper tbat
Ohio ahould nbt wolniute the matter. And of '' ' r
all timet, thtt propo3cd time Is the mostlmprop. ' "A.
err beoauie other convention will ba In aessktii-i . -then,
that aro bound to promote -disunion, and " '
wuqaeinnuence wonta do exorted ovor this com- -mission.
BctUlot, be laid, tbe tlaveState com: ''
mhslonert would have every-advantage over J ' r,t
our eommissloners, luatrnoted as they are pro-'
posed to be, la, the proposed convention. lho.v,.r
muss tuner aoosue to the proposed asis, anu qj., i- ,f
thereby take nnon tliamaelvaa to do what their-
people will aot sanctionor by Voting against1 v
them, take thd rcspoosibllty of provoking die-1 tl!
nnlon. He Lad heard with a thrill of pleasure,:- -
the declaration of ho"fr4eDda of Mr. INIchV' '
neolsltioBl that ' they 'wonld ' not ' accede to"'
fho 'proposition of T Virginia. That la tho' ""
mlnyiannrw-ilioiihl' doi be - sent -where- they
nny compelled to do what Ihey must repudiate. -' ' 7
Mm h14 tcvarat elates had, lu response to IhU,; ;"
lai-nmi . oi Hi Bn'Cii, nuu tuesa tjom- -.

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