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offer of Virginia, Mlced for Umo, and itshoold
' bo cranled. This is not tho time to hold suoh
a Conventions and especially It should not bo
till aflor Mr. Lincoln Is Inaugurated. It could
not bo concealed that there was a design to pro
, rent ihal inauguration by loroe. ,e4r'a,tht
(his Convention might be maao w
this scheme, Ho thought that this proposiUon
In the snbatltdte.wonldbe the best dlspoBtlioD to
.bo made of tbeeubjeot. .
" Mr. PARROTT offered tho following as a
substitute for Mr. Plants, series. .
, 'Whimcas, The Commonwealth ol Virginia
'has appointed five commissioners to meet in the
citv of Washington on tho 4th of February next,
with similar commissioners from other States,
and alter a full and free ooaforcnee, to agree tf
praoilcaile, upon some adjustment of the un
happy difficulties now dividing our oountrV,
which may be alike satisfactory and honorable
to the States concered; therelore if
' B it rnolvtd by the General Aitmbly of the
State of Ohio, That Thomas Ewlng, Ruben
Hitohoock.VV. S.Groonbeck, JohnMoLsno, and
Jos. R. Swan, be and are hereby constituted
commissioners on the part of the State of Ohio,
for the purpose recited In the foregoing pream-
Renlvtd, That in according to the Inf Uation
of the Legislature ot Virgium tuU Concral A,
sembly deems Itjunwise and inexpedient to sug
gest anp basis or plan for the adjustment ot the
..i.iir.n it;iF.ni.H, .nnfehmdine that the ac
tion of the commissoners and of the proposed
convention might be embarrassed thereby. .
Rnolwd, That the Governor be requested to
transmit without delay a copy of those reeolu
tlons to each of the Commissioners herein
named, to the end that they may repair to the
city of Washington, on tho day bereln-before
named, to meet such commissioners as may be
appointed by any of the States, in accordance
with the aforesaid propositions ol Virginia.
Reeohed, That in the opinion of the General
Assembly It will be wise and expedient to ad
journ the proposed Convention to a later day, and
that the Commissioners hereby appointed, are
requested to use their influence in procuring an
adjournment to the 4th day of April next. -
Mr. Pi supported hie amendment, as more
prsotic.il. After a few remarks, he demanded
the previous question.
Mr. H1LL3 moved that the House adjourn,
which motion was lost. - , .
The previous question was sustained yeas
55, najs43 .
The question then turned on the amendment
of Mr. l'arrott, which was agreed to yeas 52,
nays 49, as follows:
Thoso who voted In the affirmative, wore Messrs. An
dre,, Brown, of Putoam, Carliile, Chue, Oolllngs
Convsr, Coover, Oory,Dlckey,Devore, Fellows, Flagg,
Uaoblt, Uamilton, lions, Hughes, Uutchoson, Jsoobs,
.Imop, Jolly, Jonas, Jooes, of Hamilton, MoOonnell,
Mi Schooler, Moore, Myers, NiKh, Noblo, Ogle, Parrott,
Hrr. Patterson, Pearc, rowers, Bees, of franklin,
UeiilDger, RoKers,8haw, Skinner, Bluiter, Bnyder.Btlers,
Stout, Tanneyhlll, Taylor, Thompson, of Perry, Welsh,
Wcscott, Whits, Winner, Woods, Wright, ot Uamilton,
Those who toted in lit negative, were Messrs. Bald
wln,Blakcslce, tirown. of Miami! Brnff, Barr, Bun,
Carter, Ohoate, Olapp, Cox, Davis, Gore, Haddow, Her
rick, lllllt, Hitchcock, Howell, Jones, o( Seneca, Ken
nedy, Kerr, Krum, McO lung, MoCune, McOavran Mc
Pharaon, Monahsn, Wussou Plants, Bees, of Morrow;
Keid, Robinson, llukenbrod, Scott.uf Jefferson, Boott.
of Warren; Sears, Squire, Btedman, Steele, Btubbs,
Thompsin, of Summit; Trimble, Truesdell, Vincent,
Vorij, Walker, Walt, Wood,Wrlgbl, of Warren, and
Speaker, t ..!'
The Question then turned on agreeing to the
substitute of Mr. Plants, as amended by the
amendment of Mr. Parrott, and resulted, yeas
1)5, nays 35, as follows:
Those who voted in the affirmative, were Messrs. An
drews, Brown ol Futuau, Carlisle, drier, Oh, (Jol
tings, Converse, Ooover, dory, Dickey, Devote, yellows,
Viang, Gamble, Hamilton, House, Hughes, Hatcbeson,
Jacobs, Jeitup Jolly, Jonas, Jones of Hamilton, Jones
of Seneca, McOlung.iMoO onnell, McSshooler, Monahan,
Mo. Myers. Nijh, Noble, Ogle. Parrott. Parr, Patter
son, Pearoo, Powers, Kees of franklin. Held, Belsloger,
Robinson, Rogers, Bukenbrod, Boott of Jefferson, Bears,
Skinner. Bluster, Bnydoi, Stlers, Stout. Stnbbs, Tanney-hilj-
Taylor, Thompson of Perry, Trimble, Vincent,
wUker, W'lesh. Westcott, White, Winner Woods,
Wrigltt of Hamilton, Wrlghtof Warren.
Those who voted In the negative, were Messrs. Bald
win, Ulakeslee, Browne, of Miami, "ruff, Burr, Buss,
Ohoate, Olapp, Cox, Davis, Oore, Haddow, Herrlck,
Hills, Hitchcock, Howell, Kennedy, Kerr, Krom, Mo
Cune McOavran, MoPherson, Musson, Plants, Rees of
Morrow, Squire, Btedman. Bteele, Thompson, of Sum
mit, Truesdell, Vnrls, Watt, Wood, Speaker.
The question then turned upon the adoption
of the original resolution, as now amended by
the adoption of Mr. Parrott's series of reaolu
finnfl .
Mr." HITCHCOCK deminded a division of
the question. "-' i
The question being on agreeing to the flrsl
resolution, it as agreed to yeas 58, nayi 4a,
as follows:; j- -.-..'. i
Those who voled In the affirmatlvo, were Messrs. An
drews, Browne o( Miami, Brown of Putnam, Carlisle,
Converse, Coover, Cory, Dickey, Devore, fallows, Flagg,
(limbic, Oore, Hamilton, nonie, Hughes, Hutchsson,
Jaoobi, Jessop, Jolly. Jonas, Jones of Hamilton, Jones
of Seneca, Kerr, McConnell, McSchooler, Monahan,
Moore, Myers, Nigh, Noble, Ogle, Parrott Parr, Patter
son. Pearoe, Powers, Bees of Franklin, Relslnger, Rob
inson, Rogers, Bhaw, Skinner, Blusser, Snyder, Stlers,
u.... jr.,hin Tnin,. Thnmnionof Perry. Trimble,
Welsh, Westcott, White, Winner, Woods, Wright of
Thos? who voted In the negative, were Messrs, , Bald-
win. Blakselee, Bruff, llnrr. Buss, Carter, Ohoate, Clapp,
Cox, Iav1s, Usddow, Herrick, Ullls, Hltchoock, Howell,
Kennedy, Krum, MoOlnnif, MoCune, Mearavran, Mo
Phersnn, Musson, Plants, Rees, of Morrow, Held, Buk
enbrod, SootU of Jefferson, Scott, of Warren, Bears,
ai.Hm.r, aimir. gtubbs. Thompson, of Summit.
Trntsdell, Vincent, Vorie, Walker, Wat Wood, Wright,
of Warren; Speaker.. . :. .
TKAnneatton belns on the seoond resolution
of Mr. Panott's seriw it wsb agreed.tp yeas 55,
nwvs 45 as follows:
Those who voted in the affirmative, were Messrs. An
drews, Browne, of Miami, Brown, of Putnam. Carlisle,
n.... riniiinM. Converse. Coover, Cory, Dickey, De
vore, f ellowe. Plsffi. Gamble, Oore. Hamilton, House,
Hushes, Hntcheson, Jacobs, Jcssup, Jolly, Jonas, Jones.
.u.u.nn u..4..hrw,lr. Mooru. Mvers. n lib. Noble.
' Ot-le, Parrott, Parr, ratterson, Psaroe, Powers, Rees, of
o..kii. n.i.tnrr. Rnirera. Shaw. Skinner, Blusser,
Snyder, Stlers, Hiout, Tanneyhlll.Tsylor, Thompson, of
-perry, voris, noun, veetc, tui, ...uu.., ..-,
Wright, of Hamilton. ,
in th nentlre. were Messrs. Bald-
ui.viu. Hmir. Hnrr. Dun. Garter. Ohoate, Clapp,
Cox. Davis, Haddow Herrlck, Hills, Hitchcock, Howell,
Jones of Beneca, Kennedy. Kerr, Krum, MoOluns, Mo
Cune McOavran, MoUierson, Monahan, Musson, Plants.
Rees of Morrow, Rled, Robinson, Rukenbrod, Seottof
o...! r w.rren. Heirs. Baolre. Btedman,
Strele. Btubla, Thompson of Bummlt, TrimblsV Iruet
,?,Tl, Vlnoe.t, Walker, Vatt, Wood, w'right of Warren.
B.ieaker. . , , . n '
The vote was then oalled on the third resola
tin. which retulted veas 58, hays 43. " '
The question then turned upon the last reso
lution, when it was agreed to yeas 73, nays 28
as follows.'-"'
, .v.. ..tn.i in nfflrmfttive. were. Meisrs. An
draws. Baldwin. Blakeelee, Brown of Miami, Brown of
Putnam, Bmff, Carter. Chue, Cnoata,Clipp, uoiiinmi,
n...... pt. (Inx. Davis. Dickey, fellows.
flare. Gamble, Gore, Haddow. Hamilton, Herriok.Hills,
Hnnw. Howell. Jones of Seneca, Kerr,
Krum, McOlung, McOune, McGravan, MoPherson, Io
a.,... A Mn.h.n. Monro. Musson. Nigh, Noble, Par1
rot. Plants. Rees of Morrow, Held, Bellinger, Robinson,
Bukenbrod, Boott of Jetlerion, Bcott of Warren, Bears,
Skinner, Blusser, Snyder, Squlro, tjadroM, Bteelii,
Tu. Cm kin e?.inr. Thntntiiim of Perry. Thomp
. n'sonTt.it, Trimble, Trudcil, Vincent, Walker,
Watt, Welsh, nooa, noous, ninu. w
"Zl'""V"""r.-i-rri. were Messrs. Burr,
. - - n..u.i. Tv,n iinirhM. Hntcheson. Jaoobs, Jes-
n.Jollv.Jonss, Jones, of Hamilton. Konnedy, Mo-
Connell, Myers, Ogle. Parr, Patterson, Pearee, Powers,
5-2.. rWnkiin. Were. Bhaw. Stlers, Btont, Voria,
Waualt, White. Winner.
The preamble was ' then agreed to, and the
House took a recess. 1 " ' . -'
, Master Commissioner's ai&,
Miller At Donaldson) -' .
TI. V Buncrlot Court,
nvviwniw an ordek of alb
1 m . t aa . ft AM aV I a! VraJiTa,
Jl to m dlrsotea irom ui nupenvr yim,.,
county, Ohio, I will ofertor sal at th door of th
Oourtloute,lnth0.ityof Columbus, on--' .
Saturday, the 2d 1 day o( March,; A. D, 18C1,
. . n..v..Arino'clnckA.'if.'.anl4a'o1ock:y.ii.
ih. vrest half of th followlog described real sstate altuat
intr!.uuy"fPrankllnS State of Ohio, to wit: Sixty
" 1 ..lit.. ..a . h.if Inches in width by on hundred
twentvflvefeet In length or depth.lnth northttoorner
.roaiol number fifty on.,ln th. olty of Columbus, front
fug on th. north .Id. of frenklln av.nu., and bounded
lug on "T. 1U.. . ,,. , ull ... in. No. SI. and
"."....Tl'.ih. nnrthltn of said out lot. and onth
w.t by adlraot Una parallel with th.a.t Unhand
Tee tn and ahalf tnhet distant therefrom, the aaid
htlf being thirty foot and eleven and a quarter Inches
. '.!. i..,ij .ml th iti five feet deeD. . '
apPraled.tBW).00. flf w Btorlt,
ln89:lMk4tw. nd Master CommUslonr.
Printers' fe 50 " ' " ' " '
Master CommiBsioner's Sale.
Blckley JI,oth.r,; Court;; ' -.
rh.rlea 8iradteratal.l -t .' ", 'f '
D, dlrecwa .r ---"- -t - . rf
,i ..... ivhu,. 1 win naer iui -
, -" J. Onlnmhu. on , : . I
s.tn.wiiha find day of Moh,A. DlUol
. 7 " T. .-..1. in -'.ir-dr A M.: and 4 ft'oloc
M.th following described 'T
ty of franklin, and Btate of Ohio, to wit: Lot Ho.
Oeorge W .WiUld'a sabdtvkloa oftih wtt put of
Dos. S8 nd SM7 In the city ot voiui
Appraliadat f buu w.
O. W. nTJf t MAN, BhrlB
(Iljt (1)1)10 3Mtsmaxt
The Adams Express Company places us daily
under obligations to it for the very latest papers
irom the eastern cities,
The American Express Company has our
thanks for its daily favors in the shape of the
very latest eastern papers. . ,,
Th Union Mxxrmo. Pursuant tJ4djurn
ment.a large Union meeting Of citizens of Co
lumbus was held at the City Hall last evening.
A. G. Hibss was called to the Chair and J. J.
KuNSTON appointed Secretary.
After some preliminary remarks by Mat-
thus MiSTift, Mr. Hutchison, of the House of
Representatives, addressed tho meeting In a
brief speech, on the evils produced by the sec
tional agitation of the slavery question in the
North, awl Vuo iificssslty of csscUist'.on tied
compromise. ' , '' , ' ,
, He was followed by Gov. Mkdarv, who pain
ted In Vivid colors the dangers of the , present
crisis, and dwelt upon the efforts of the British
emissaries to produce, through the anti-slavery
exoltement, a sundering of our confederacy.
He showed that the design ol. Northern dliuu
ionlsts, now Is to keep np an excitement and Ir
ritation against the South, that shall render
reconciliation and union impracticable.
Judge Thdmn next addressed the meeting.
He declared that it was idle to think of preserv
ing the Union by force by coercion.' He
agreed with General Soon that It would be bet
ter to break np the Union into three or four
confederacies, than attempt to hold it together
by the sword. Civil war would make the pres
ervation of the Union an utter impossibil
ity. "
There had been a disunion party tn South
Carolina for the last thirty yearai bnt it would
have been utterly powerless, had it not been for
anti-slavery agitation in the ' North,
which gave the disunion party in the South
strength and vitality, and a controlling influence
over the minds of the people. . Judge T. dwelt
upon the great danger of sectional and geog-
phlcal parties, and referred.to the warnings
of Washington, Cut and Jickbon against cher-
shlng or countenancing such parties. Jndge
being asked by one of the audience what he
would favor as a plan for cementing the Union,
answered that he would prefer the Border State
propositions, the Crittenden resolutions, or any.
thing that an honorable man could agree to, to
disruption of the Union and civil war.
After the oonciuaion of Judge T's. remarks,
the following resolutions were unanimously
adopted, and the meeting adjourned i .:
Rctoltxi. That the Union of these States
was founded bv mutual compromise and con
cession, and it is neither unwise nor humiliating
preserve it by the same means.
2. - Rttolvtd. That we believe with Andrew
Jackson and Henry Clay, that the Union can
not be maintained by the sword, ana mat us
only sure foundation must be laid la fraternal
sentiments and mutual regard for each others'
rights and privileges. Ana we oeiiere tnas
what Andrew Jackson and.Henry Clay taught,
oannot be cowardly or base In us to lollow.
3. Uaalrxd. That a civil war, under what
ever specious name It might be waged wheth
er "the enforcement of the laws,'ror "the do-
fence of Southern rights" would, under exist
in circumstances, destroy the last hope of pre
serving the entirety of the Republic.
4. Kteoleta, That we ireoogmzo no oiguer
in ths 4th of February next, and that we re
nnd tha General Assembly to apooint im
mediately said Commissioners, to represent toe
State of Umo
nolitioAi DrinciDles tbaa me preflervmon oi our
- . - J At. 1:1 a:.. ( ska nAAr.U .1
j - J m - . ,w H t- -
g- TJ.-i.J 'I 's s a eawssi S B J an vawm HI inn
. " J,,! Ait.
adoption, for the settlement of out national cur-
Acuities, of the principles embodied in the
measures of adjustment presented to Congress,
. T-h i ritanAmn i a'
by the Hon. John J. Cnttenden.
6. Bnalaed . That we beartliv aoprovo tne ap
DOilttment of Commissioners as suggested by
the State of Virginia, to meet at Washington
Council Psocmsinos. The City Council
met last evening President Donaldson in the
chair. Present Moasrs. JJntier, buhisb, wm-
stock, Douty, Eberly, Stauring and Riley. Ab
sentMessrs. Mooller and Ogdcn,
The Clerk read a long opinion of tho City
Solicitor, in answer to the resolutions passed
bvthe Counoil Jan. 21, lHbi, requesting nis
, , i .k. aanlnftnn ianlarfrl nana
opinion -wue.uor - --.-.- r
ed, Deo. 1U, lOOU, contempianug uw ,uipiu-
ment of High Street with broken
Btunv, ouj.,
fths vote On said resolution having five in its
V . .
favor, and four against,) was passed by a legal
The City Solicitor after quoting several sec
tions of the charter applicable to the case, gives
It a hla onlnlon that to"pasS or adopt any by-1
" r. , .j
Ikws or ordmanoe or smy sue resolttf ts or order,
a eoneurrmc of m mtnonls tne wnou numuir
of mnmhara elected to the Council snail do re-
01 memDsrs cicvku v u
. , . U... , V, a nwrlalnn
nniMui." arnica m in buvdmuvw muw iui .n.vw
- ...
embodied In Section 1U J Ol tne cnarter.
On motion the report was accepted and tab-
ISO one wee..
Mr; Riliv offered the following resolution:
Ruolotd, By the City Council, that the reso
lntton for the Improvement oi mgn
nawedDeo. 10, 1860. beand the same Is hereby
.... -, ...
rcsvtuuuu. ...
On motion of Mr. Donaldson, the resolution
i.m th. table for one week.
Kr Dotrrt offered a resolution that the Stand-1
t .. .-j
Ing csmmlttee on ordinance, revision and print-
l. t. (..!,. nthnrlzed to nurcnase lOr m
log be hereby autnonzeu w purwu
of the citV, one OOpy of Johnson'a JNeW lllUStra-
. j ah - nnt to exceed the sum oftl2.
ted Atlas, at a 0O8t not to enceea tueaum 01
Laid upon the table.
Evarvbodv should remember the Sale oi
. . .
National Plotures, Oil Painting, Chromas, Wat
er colors ko., comptlsiDg, Clay m the senate,
WashlnKton and bis Generals, trial of patienoe,
It o . ! 1 a J ah aa
ifGreit Variety of Bsxter oil paints, and engrav
i. f Trr,Br - Arv Bchlffdr and Other eml-
IngS from Tamer, Ary, DCQinar ouu
neat artists. This 1 1 deaidedly the bestB
-Jr- tMafiltw. . Call
sea them Wednesdsy. .Sale on1 Wednesday
n!gM to continue until all are sold, by W ,
Kent. . at , Woods . Muslo , atore, ino. ao,
CentbalOhio Railboad. The following
the report ot tha receiver of the Central
Railroad for NoTember t Earnings irom
gangers $17,955 68 j from freights $32,825.70;
from express $3,087.23; Irom maiu ww.w',
total earnings $565i,Slf' r- iv: u
rrr Mr. Lincoln, wife of the President
acoomwmied by hersonRoifaf and a nephew,
returned home last eky from her journey
ihe East. .... ,...,;v... . r , ;r
TcMFUAitcx. The. Columbus Temperance
Associations iU neev In the Chapel ot
Second Presbyterian Church, this evening,
seven o'olosk.n : ,r,,v j-
ILTThe Governor's Guards wer out on
afs lasl night-- They art aiming; to
henselvel In the soldier's ana.' t
' rrloHit B. Oooan, Bleoor Blitz, and
and Uait. DoiXrt DoTOrt, ar entertaining
UT Welearn from W. S. V. Pswrrisi, Eiq.
of this city, that the Post Qi t Zanssvllte,
wss robbed last night, i J ; particulars are
given. 'T-v-'. j '
-nvr ; " ' ' i 1
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roe Co., N. Y., where It is for sale as wnoie
sale. The grocers and dealers generally have
it for sale. ' .' ' ,'" "'. :' .iV'irV
. ... . r.
Lina Complaint, Drsrersu, &c, are becom.
ing very prevalent . among oor citizens., We
would advise all who may be afflicted with those
distressing eomplaints to go at once and get
somoof McLean's STaiNQTRiNiNa CosoiAL, It
is j'j't th remedy to cure all diseases of the
Liver and Stomach. Try it. See advertise
ment. 1 ' ;v-
Goon Wish We wish that every family in
the land would keep Guernsey's- Balm in, the
house constantly. How much misery It would
prevet? . -
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Hair Invigorator in another column.
Tho President's Message wssreadj resolutions of too
Virginia Legislature were also read.
Mr. Mason addrersed the Senate, moving that the mes
sage be printed. He said Vlrglnlajoffered herself at a
meditator, and the resolutions request the President to
preventja collision, which if occurring no mortal arm
could remedy the evils t follow. Hs trusted the noble
effort of his SUte would be suMmful It was a delu
sion to think that coercion wonld nut lead to war. lie
said the seism of the foils was a measure of precau
tion. If peace was restored, every dollar of public property
would be accounted for. He believed the seceding States
were actuated by a desire to keep praoe, and the plan!of
Virginia was the only course which would avert ths evils
now threatening.
Mr. Hale asked If Virginia had made a similar appeal
to the seceding Stales.
Mr. Mason answered that a commissioner bad boon
tent to all the separating Btates. , . . ,
The motion to print was agreed to. ,
Mr. Hemphill made a lengthy address, arguing In fa
vor of secession, and that tho withdrawal of a Bute was
not rebellion and wu no cause for war.- Ha quoted the
opinions of the f ramers of the Constitution against co
ercion. Hesald Ifcivll war comes, blood will now at the
North aiwell as at the South. There was no fear of the
Insurrection of the slaves, who wonld fight for their
masters. Two confederacies would be snore powerful
than the present, in his Judgment. Texas will be con
strained to withdraw from the Union and resnma her glo
rious Independence.
The subjeot was postponed till Wednesdsy. Adjourned.
A resolution wsa adopted Instractlnc tha committee
an the District of Oolnmbia to Inquire Into the expedi
ency of retraced Ing to Maryland that portion of Ihe Dis
trict not neoessary for uia wants oi me aeuerai uovern-
ment. ,
The resolutions of the Tennessee legislator ware pre
sented, tabled and ordered to be printed.
HMr. Vandever offered Joint resolutions that no
grounas ensi lor m aiseoiutioD,ou mat ,6 i looipcai
ent to amend the Constitution, and that a government
which cannot execute lie own lawe la not nt to be main
tained. They were referred to the oommltte of fire.
On motion of Mr. Aldrioh, the committee on Ways
and Means, war Instructed to consider the expediency
of repealing the tariff on sugar.
Mr. Morris offered a resolution that tha members from
the siaveholding Btates be requested to present an ulti
matum nrooositlon: embraciaa their views, upon which
they will be willing to pledge their State U act np to
In the Uoion, as a final adjustment. He moved the pre
vious question, when the resolution wu tost; cniy xv
valine In the affirmative.
m. - U 1 ,.,1 ,w. nMBl,lAn..mMB. '. Th
i cniidUon of the meuatra waiDostDoned till io-mor
I mi., r Ilia ilAmm taa ttf Th rfw.)hia Mma tin
lUV iriuvit uw vwwauini.w wi ahiij-h'vv wu
' Poor vindicated tb. South. Assuming that the
0nion W BllW0y tint, ,h only alternative now
being peice and war. He argued that the Repnblisans,
by refusing concession, wer .boot plunging the country
llntoawar. sie aaiu ine nonn aione wouia nsxuwii-
pesierfty for th. calamities resulting from a elvll
l . j;h. a,K,.,ninriinff tor u. nrinoini.. ofon.
I lueutlonal freedom, and the muse of the South IB th
cause of liberty. The South sua would accept astlttM-
tnrv aliaraiiteira,
' Mr. Pryor deprecated a oonSlot, and nrged a peaceable
secession, and the establishment of two confederacies.-:
Sr. Orow moved a susDension oi in rnies to us np
the Senate's amendment to the Kansas bill, which was
E eased: 117 against 41. Both Kansas bill has pasted
nth Hauaes. - '
A resolution was adopted allowlog the eommittc oi
S to sit during the session.
On motion of Mr. Stanton, the Hons, under a sue
wemlon ol th rules. Passed th bill for mo re effectually
organising th militia of th District of Columbia, 119
against vi, Wlin saucn opposition irom uie vemocrais.
I mlttae on Mllltarv AlSalra.
---- - - 1Tduoed - bm f(), bett,, organlsa
i uon of the mllitlaof the untrutoi voiumuui, iwierrea w
Mr. Ring Introduced a bill anthorislng th employment
of volunteers . aid In the enforeementior the lawe, ana
protection of the public property. Beterrea to u von
I .ammlttMl nn BftlltarV Anair
i .n-arui rrenlutlnn that Oovarnor and Ex
I Governors of States be admitted to the Boor of the Bcntt
a I T.tA nvmr.
s j.,..!,,,!,,,!, presented a petition of toeioopi of wsb-
cS."' -
1 ajr. Bingham presented four petitions for th repeal
Th annual report of the Commissioner of Patents
received ana orderca to n
B ,M MoT9 th, HoBW lb. ,rlcnltural
portion nrm m m uiir , ru
If. hl Brftin. axtra eonie was referred.
I . - . . r . ... .1 . , .... T t
Aanan nresentea rnomunui pww vj miv raw
I K.v T.w. ,i,Hw,int a Arm attachment to
I and th duty of every good eitlten to sustain
it, and f.vo.inj : ,h. OHttend.- prepuon and th.
I table and oraerea to oe pnniea
The President's Special Message on the Virginia
lb ttoSmtomi
I tvasftHl otQie?
I T Jmhi, It m dutv to submit to Couarrsl a a series ol
r,,0UUoni adopted by th Leguistur of Virginia, on
. usa tot. ta.:''"'4.,!L!; LnKSS:
ms existing question wureu n- wuwv
ih,y were'dellvered to ai on Thursday, th IMth inst.
I h Ix-Pres dent Tyler, wno nu istt ni uigninea n
"".nf, 'th, hop. that b may rder r-
ue Tin a wnwj in ui 1 ., v. r" -
n,es resolutions It will bpreeived extend an lnvl-
(tlontoallsuoh State, whether siaveholding or non-
siaveholding. as an willing to unit with Vlrglnialnai
t t ,h4 pnt Bhappy oontro
nainla tha snlrit la which th oonttltution wu or
iginally formed and consistently witn its principles, e
tn atrord to th DOOOl Of th SlSVS holdlug BtStSS, SdS-
nn.te raarantees for security of their rights, t-i appoint
fine Oommtssionsrs to meet on th 4lh dVbrury asxt.
l llnth lty oi vrasnington, niiih www..i.
p0lnttasy virfinU,toooneiderand it praollosbl agree
w " rt of vimni. with great
Musfaction. Prom th put history ot this ancisi t and
I TalDOWDCQ GO VuluOn vTBswl oUa Ifu AlasTJ SISSJ luuoetsssuiauvw
""twt lh, hu u,dertan, th win acoompiith. if
can bdon oyabi. (nugnteneoana pereevenugeuor-.
"' u u rnfylng to know that oluar patrlOll States
tOOtt I h,T, (ppolnted, and are appointing, commltslonsrs
and sssH uiouof Virginia, ..vWh.ll
wlllfonstltute bodyntltled to th ooaiidene of th
ooBBlry. . . ,..,.,.' . . .,
Th Uenerai aasemoiy oi v irgiuia i.w i"""--
"That r-Presidenl John Tyler 1 hereby appointed
the concurrent vote ot each branch ot the Oonsral As-
seobly, a Commissioner to th President ol the United
States; and Judg John Bobertsen is hereby appointed
l. - itavsa wmvas st i nmrfiiuiriBir io Liiar saiwui uvuta saaa
ollna aad tha other Btate that hsv seceded, o shall
. iih tn.trnsUana raiuaotfullv to reouast th
Presldant oi in umteu onus, uu w -'--
u a,.,., ir. ure to ahataln. Mndlng oroosediog
eontemplated by action of this General Assembly, frosa
any and all acts calculated to produe a collision of arma
, a sits f'l . . h a , S Shaa llskirsan
between suon nates hh w u,uu,.u. v. ------
at How'sver strong may b my desire to ntr Into such
Tt.n!. I am convinced lust I do noUpossess th pow
er, and Congress aion, uuuer turn wm-iwui
iu ,k itiutntlnn f asrealna to abstain from
any and all acta calculated to prouuo ooumou m
betwean thia and any other government. It would there-
h. nrntln for th IxeCUtlV tO BtlOUut t
straln their bauds by aa egrsmi m a
ever whioa n hu n eonstitutionu rani.
iriut vrare ubiiaim. uibv miaut vh mna "'"v..
.k.H14 ha hnnnit ,a ,Kaw. thnn.h In Conflict With hi
iTeement. - Under txlsUng elroumstanoe, ay present
. ! t i .1,1.1. . . . Umtta. ,
aOIUBl pon". ta njuum n muu .j
Is my amy at an hum io aereno ana protect mm pmu
..r within tha eedln Btata. o far U may
prutlcabl, aad especially to employ th constitutional
mn to protect Ih property of the United Stare,
to preserve the public peace, at thia, th asat of
federal Government. ' i , , i ,- -
If th Mondlng Bakta abstain from any and all
calculated to prod oo a oelllilo of area than Ih danger
so muoh to b depreciated will n longer sUL . Pefense
us ..I aswassloB ha been the oollcy of ths Admlols-
i. fmm th beslnnio- But whilst I ean sater
. ukuniosst aa that aresoMd. I oovdially oommeod
It to Oonaress, With much onndno that It will
the their approbation, to abataln frosa pawing any law
tedto produoolllsloa of m,ndlng th proo-
of Vliwlala, and I am on of the whe will never dispel t
of th republic -1 yet cherish la belief that the Amor.
loan people will perpetual tn Ajnwn oi u Biato en
som Urau Just and bonorabl fan all seeuoas of the
oonntry. 4
I trust that th media 'Jon of Virginia, may be th
destined means, aader th providence of Qod, of ao
eomnliaainc this lneslimsble benefit. 01orlovsasattk
mu, at ker sst hlsterv. sesh an cuievcBnr,
both in relation to her own fame and th Welter of tit
JAMES BUCHANAN. Washington city, Jan. 28th 1861.
Washington News and Gossip.
- WAMUWOToa. Jan. SB.-th dlffleuity ;hts bssfl hon
orably arranged between Bust and Dunn.' v
It Is now certain that privet letters have been re
ceivedfromMr. Llnooln, urging his friends to concilia
tion and compromise, and It Is stated that he Indicates
th border Stat resolutions as a reasonable basis of d
Justmsnt .
Assurances are glvsn that this Information is reliable.
Soon after th electoral vol shall be counted, in th
presence of Congress, on th seoond Wednosday of Fob
ruary, h will acquaint th puUl with his views on th
pending crisis. .
He therefor has Dot felt It proper, la advance ot an
official declaration of hi election, for him to take a
prominent part In th direction of political -affairs.
The Union men are much encouraged by th prompt
response to th Invitation for commissioners to meet here
n the 4th of s'ebraary, and It Is believed that their ao
tion s illeommand the support of . a larg majority of
Congress. .'s ' '
The fugitive Slav law, lntreduted to day, Mr. Dou
glas, Is considered a thorough and otteotlvb measure, ob-vlatine-
theohieotlons to the present statue.
Blldell and Benjamin will formally vacate ts soon as
they reoelve official Information Of the secession of Lou
isiana. v -. ...; .' '
It Is not believed that a majority of secessionists will
be elected by any of th border State Oonventloni .
Th great poln t aimed at now by Union men, is to avert
all pretext for oollieion, by th ssoedlng Btates, in the
hop that the seoond sober thought of th people, of ad- -Justment
measures ar presented, W)U laeuoethein tn re
sume their plsoes tn the Union. -
The rape. 1 of the personal liberty Mils, by Rhode is
land, snaths notion of th Ohio Legislature, are hailed
a harbingers of peace. ',.
Affairs wear a more hopeful aspect.
Secretary Dix ha instructed th Command of rev
enue Outtsrs, if attacked, to make the ,lwet defence In
their power, and If assailed by a enperlor force to ran
their vessels sihoroand blow tbemnp. He hss also written
tn the eollector cf Sew Orleans to apply tulhe Governor
of Iionlsana, to revoke tb seizure of the Government
Hospital, and ordering 200 patients to o removed, Mr.
Dix denouncing its an aetof outrageous barbarity, dis
graceful to any age or country. - - - '
Th Mayor of Washington has been summoned before
th Belect Committee to testify relative to the conspira
cy to sslze the Capitol, lie positively leys hs knows
nothing about It.
Col. Hayn doe not believe In the truth of tha ilfs
patch from Charleston, as to th reported business which
oocapied the attention of th legislature, In secretoes
slen yesterdsy. II has received no despatch orcommu
nlcatton from Gov. Flokeji on the subject, -
The report Is believed to be equally erroneous, ss that
which recently represented that a - boat from Sumter,
had been fired into from on of th Charleston fort.
Col. Hun ha made n demand on the Vderal gov- '
etnmentfor the surrender of Vort Sumter, and is patient
ly awaiting the notion of the Southern Congress, at
Montgomery, which will assemble next week.
Th errand of th eloopof war Brooklyn, Itlbslleved
to be of a peaoaful character, with a view of Intercepting
hostile demonstrations on the part (of th Qulf Squad
ron. ....
Tb troops on boaad went destined to the works'at the
Tortugas which are still in possession of the Federal
authorities, but without adequate fore t hold Hum... .
Captain Barron was sent by land a week since, on a
similar errand, and has probably arrived there by this
time. His dispatches to fort Pickens and the naval
oommsoders In this Gulf were of a most Pacllic character.
The Chicago and Milwaukee boards of trade visited the
President, Mr. Be ward end others, to day.
, The President ssld In th Interview, If Mr. Lincoln
shall enjoy his accession to power as much as I shall re
Urement,tfi will be a happy man.
Mr. Seward eaid, herelotora the cry ''savetbe Union,'
has been raised when there wsa ne daager. I tell you
my friends, tho question of slavory will not now Je ta
ken into account. W are to aav the Union, then save
ajl the rest worth saving.
So many military eompanlesare arriving nere mat it
Is Impossible to find quarters. Additional troops are ex
pected to-morrow.
Senator Mallory, at Pensaoola, telegraphed to Senator
Blgler, last evening, that 1,700 men were on the ground,
to resist th reinforcement of fort Piekenav and that if
the Brooklyn attempted to rolUv Ihe'furt a bloody fight
vrillfollow. , -r-
Mr. Reynolds of New York, from the Committee on th
President message, will to-morrow report a MU, not
only giving th Executtv th power, bnt making It
mandatory upon him, to oall ont th volunteer malitla
for tb purpose of surpressing Insurrection,
uwtng to in argent ramonstranees oi nceroiary uix,
th Matin Hospital affair at Mew prlean has been aat-
lsraotoEiaiiTamsaca. - - . -
Capt. fauno of th Bevenue Cutter Harriot Lane, It
In Washington.
New York News.
Niw Ycsk. Jan. W. The Tammany Ball convention
last evening, paseea resolutions mstrucung toeir acre
gates to the Slat Coavention, to demand their unquali
fied reooimltion as th renraaentatlre of the reaalar or
ganization of theClty Democracy, and that If any other
delegate irom tne metropolis save seats accoroea usm,
the Tammany delegate withdraw, andtak aor-art in
the Drootodlnm. , -
A Urgemeeilngof th oltitens of 5w York was held
at tn uooper institute last evroingw sxpress in een
tlmentot tli people or inu city on in national crisis.
J. Ds Peveter Oaden waa appointed chairman, and a
lam nnatber cf prominent citlscnt were nameeT Seo-
retarlei. A lone preamble and resolution were read by
Mr. Appleton Oaksmiih, giving a oomprehensiv surrry
or tn past ana preesns eonaiuon oi to oouniry, bdu
ooncluaing, by-the recommendation 'Of th Crittenden
Compromise, as being In th opinion of th people of
this city, the best plan for th settlement of oor national
. Js. T. Brady sq., wu tneu introdneen ana snta
an elaborate and abl apecoh la support of tb Union.
tie wss followed by lion, uirara n aionage, uon.
Henry Hyde, and others. - - '
A resolution wu adopted to appoint three Commis
sioners from-this city to visit th Convention of the ss
ceding Btates, and confer with the delegates In regard
to a settlement or th secession quesuon, ana in ensir
man appointed u such commlsstonsra, James T. Brady,
Cornelius K. Garrison aad Appleton Oatsmltb. .
The Commissioners ar to proceed upon their minion
immediately, and to report th result of their labors at
th earliest practleabl moment.
New YoaK January, SO Capt. Bamnel 0. Reed, who
In the last war commanded the United Mates privateer
General Armstrong, died 1st this city last evening. ; .
Washington Items to the New York Tribune.
WisamoToii;' Jan. 29. Tb Trtim'e Wuhtngton
eoireipondant aaySithat arrangemat ware mad y ester
dsy, for th protection ot the oily which will teoore It
from sey hostile attack, sgainst conspiracy within and
Invasion without. ..
.A gentleman just irom ims, state mat tnexore cast
for thseenvantton. whloh was called by the rfffmbors of
th Legislature, over Qov. Houston's.head. will not ex
ceed over on third of th aggregate vote of th Stater
Mr. Howard' commute on in rreameni-a special
meaian. relative to aeoseaiODi wilt report Immediately
bills placing at th disposal of th executive, U th
neossssry fore to maintain th Government and execute
the laws. . - ' - - -
Th. President has nominated a Mr. Gllmor to be Post
msster at Marysvill, California, from and alter th 3d of
February. . , .-,--v
:-. CniaurroK. Jan. SB. Th Legislature to day unan-
momlv raaolvsd. that whll aoknowledslag th courte
sy of th Virginia Legislature, U sendleg Oommisslo-i-r,
they decline having any inttroonre with hint on th
subject proposed, regaraing tne separation ae uuai auu
Irrevocable. - -- ''""'" "i ' . ,
The correspenuenoe or nr. xiiyneana ricxens, wnue
the former waa at Washlni tonrwa aoaaldarad la Execu
tive seoesion. It appear that tb ultimatum of South
Carolina was th surrender of Port Sumter, and the
withdrawal of tb fedwal troop; that South Carolina
promised to pay for th folia and that Hayn In defer
ence tothwiahe of Boatsarn Congressmen withheld
(ha nranoaf tion. ' '"V t'-y " f .
Gov. Pickens now tell Hayn to teak a Snal demand
for the forts, repudiating the Preeidenl oosltkm, that
ha cot power to giv thsm. ap, sat matt leave it to won
- -
Pickens farther tall Hayn to wait a reasonable lime
for ananawer to th ttaal demand, then If refused, Sum
ter must bs taken
The Legislature endorse thlisctlon. i -r' j- l
Commissioner John B. PtMtda prl-vale nvoyfrom
South Carolina to Vltglnla, vat sent to Hichmoad
j '- t.N '. ... ' : .'z j U','iH ''n- J
I . - I y , - . - i , V - ' i I P-'
Drmovr, Jan. 29. A lrg muting of cltltens, favor
able to th plan ot th border Btates Oommltte, asesaa
blrd at th City Hall last, evening, pursuant to a call
th Mayor. "
Th Hall wu deneely packed, and hundreds were un
able to obtain admittance. . Th meeting was addressed
by prominent VemooratIO ana stepuoi isn speasere.
- -J . k.A.In. Ik. .Jnta.lM. nl
lieoiuiionBwviwauupuiTu.iM ...H..iwy.
ritory south of 30 deg. 30 min. u - State with or with
out slavery all north ef that line to b free; ttamad
msntof th fugltlv slv law to prevent hidnspplng-,
repeal of th Personal tiiusrty taws, imnuouw mwr
h cmnM, with slavsrv tn the Slav States.
Dock yards and Interstate trade, non-lnterfrene
rir,n.M.u with alavanr In th Diitrlct of Columbia,
oept wlth the consent ef ths people of Virginia aad Ma-
' . , n, ,h. -nrt.lM.1 w,v-.klKI,ln
ryiandanuot in uisinoi, uu .-- rtw.y.y
Delegate wr ppotniea to pretv i a-auni(,
urge the legislature to "pea't,,11" s' ","'
laws.- .
w ,narif i.a. Jan.SS. Th( ordluanoa! adopted
Saturday abolishing th fsdml Courts, wu reconsidered
and recommitted w-uay, tor " "!
II,-n,l. --'.i -
' 7 w . ,,, I . .n.n,A tn Ik. ftl.tf.l,Al,tln
commissioners win vm vvu.... - -w.ww..B
Delegates to noniruiurj "
provisional governmeni wu vu. mww v. m icusm
Th ordlnsnco continuing th existent revenue,
.... . i 4iwT
euhstantlally th santef-u that of
Caroline, was adopted, after a long and animated debate,
.l-ai.ln.tlla. . -'. ' - til I. ....-
HASRiscauBi W.-A. bill has been Introduced
it,. Hanabs. authorising nit against cities and counties,
to reeover from IndivlduoP reecura. Individual
w. ....i.h.bla bv a Sn of 1,000, or miliary Imprltorr-
" . . . 1 a lu fn. uttt.ri.laa Ik. OfttfArnAP
, .nnnlnt Sv oommlsiBr to-Waahlostan, forth
-. -I , -
I.I. .(D.kMlM. .
The select Uommill, to nijni, igraea so report
tn.marvow "' -rl ' i--- t- in ' ' 0
r. ,k ui,m tha annolutmmt of ooromlsslonsrs
discussed, and mad thaspaoiai order far t-saorro--lt
will probably pass.
. OSAStitrroiir Jan . .V-Th ttrn Corarlibla
th bar and earn Bp to tha city 'this morning.
i.h. mtn aa taken out. and sh will reload at
wharf. Th vesl ts strained omwhat, bat th
1 Jim 0uu, Jan, So'.-Judga MoCsled of United
State DittrfctCcurVsaelgMd toay, la eonasfueno
of th secession of Lonlsana.
Th steamer Tennessee fromiVera CrtiT, on 'th 3d,
and tb city of Mexico, on aha 10th, has arrived.
Th constitutional govei nment wa in full operation.
Passports hsv beentssnt to th Spanish Minister, the Pa
pol Nnnolo and the cbar!-"s from duatamala and Bucua-
o'orsslderiiiif eScltemtnt existed among th Spaniards.
IUAwi km ,Ugatioav had rumors t the olty of
Mexico, .
rrrr: . Jkv- - -
New York Market.
New York, Jan. 29.
vixiimraMilnra 17.147 'bbla. Market ts less- aetir
W Mvlnea am wtlhMt rhn : eel Wjm (5 10
V35 for superfine State, (5 305 4U fur extra State;
15:1093 ss supernno western; a wdd w tor commun
tanerilum extra Western: 85 0535 75 Inferior to good
shipping brands extra Bound Hoop Ohio. Osnadian
flour doll and drooping; sales are 4,000 bbls at 5 35
7S5, ' t 'VI ''' '
Bf 9 TLOUE-tUsdy at 3 4tKS4 an.
wniiATrrjint 7.1C0 bush, market in favor of pur?
cheraand with moderate" export demand; anles 65,000
bush at $119 for fslrOhlcaeo spring; $1 S712Sfor
good and choice Milwaukee Club and Amber Wisconsin
at 126. OanadaOlub 1 311 35 In store and Ideliv
ered, winter red western. Jl 4S5S1 49 for fair whit Indi
ana.'' - - ""--- -
HYII dull at 0770. , .
BARLEY quiet, sale 1,800 bash. Stat at 74.
rtnnu wiihnH, m,.,;.i hsr'-e. wlcfl .ono
bush, at WkSiO for mixed western In stor anddelivered.
OATS dull at 3C337KC for western, Canada and
state. '
PORK dull and heavy, sales of ViO M)U. at 117 7B
17S7 for mess, an am for prim.
una quiet ona uncnangea, sales smau, cut meats
tanii aull ana neavy saiei or nu trnisat iu;,ama.
BUTTER lu fair reuuest at lU314o for Ohio; 14lw
for state. '
OIIKESI steadvat 0S10M.
WHISKY firmer with a (air.desuna, saiei of 500 bbls
at ........... ....
Cleveland Market
January. 28.
PLOU B steady and qufet i ' Hales include small lots
of choio doubi extra red at ta.ii, and double extra
white at 90.00. '
WHEAT steady. Bales or v cars red on tracx at
1 00,1 ear from store at 1,11, and car white on track
CORN sale ol 8 cart on track at jc. . . .
OATS quiet at 85c.
RYB quiet, at IHKSOOe. -
11008 Ihe msrket basljeca very quiet to-day, and we
hear ol no sales. Buyers are unwilling to pay lb hi(h
figures of Batunlsy, add are offering only SU.Ui.
SKKUS sa'eoliu bush Clover at 4,i!i.
FRUIT dried apples are dull at 3Xc and Peaches at
1213e. Balsnnshav declined, and Mr. B are selling
ate2;C22.5,and layers at SJ.75it2.67.
COFfKK e quote Ri4 at a decline of ko fro form-
eroftielde Bguros
kuus have iiociinea and atlcs ore reported at n
cents. V -
LRD worth 0X10c.
POUtiTCY sal of 3tl0 lbs Turkeys Oc, and Chicken
at 7e.
Cincinnati Market.
Procuce market acquires nostlmuluafrcu the re
port given of either the New York er European markets,
but has afairauppart frcm the South. . ,-
VLOUB wss In rather better request; eoctien so to
allow of reporting n "little more doing" at list quota
tions: St 40 to t4 55 for fair to very tood superfine
Quod extra was sold atc4 OS.'Pruru this to 5a)'l25
range grades of extra to family.
WHEAT la taken at 81 for led wltlout mnrh hesna-
tlon, but there la no competition amongst huysrs. Whit
is steany at l iu. .
CORN on the ear Is still held at 35c. Shelled Is In
fair shipping demand, particularly the white, at 37040c.
OATS are still held very firmly at iilta.. though re
ceipts ire light. - .
hakley at best is consldsred no bargain by brewers
at?5o., whilst sellers aim to get 3 to 15j. per bush,
higher. - , . , '
ni a is slow at uio.
WHISKY was taken more frMlv at 14c Cln. Com.
January 59. -
Philadelphia Market.
Vroua uncLaneed. WMat firm; rale 3000 bnsh.
red l,S5-ai 30, white 1,45. Coax-qulet; old 63c
Ol. Wmsav 17kai8X.
f t i - -
For all TIIUOAT and
Inclndlnf WHtNIPIKG
COUGH, and every
Complaint the forerun
ner of and even actual
The- Orcnt IVTI'HAliA
oral OPIA'l l), adapted
to every apeciea of JVer
vona Cumplaint. Nor.
on and tJhronic
Iseadaehee'' Hhrnina-
tiaiu, !atHrrh, 'Sooth
and Ear Ac. lie, Losa of
Sileep. andKotvrl Com
plaiuts. , , . ,
No real Justice can be done the above preparations
but by procuring and rending descriptive pamphlets,.)
m inuna wun an ueaiera, or win ne sent ny rropnetor
on demand. Formula and Trial Bottles sent to PIjvsI
elans, who will find developments in both worthy tiuiit
acceptane and approval. -
Oorremondence solicited from all whose necessities or
cariosity prompts to a trial of th above reliable Kerne
dies. - .
Por sal by the nsnal whelesal and retail dealer
everywhere. . , t . - v
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p-i - . a , r n jr T t n-.u T t
jMimi. miiuci, u , v. m.iui ., i u
Deulg, Q. Penlg At Sons, A. J. Bchueller A; Son, Agent
ror Columbus, Ohio. myl-dly
. y-' RECEIPT. BOOK - 'i
This book contains Seulplit and Direction for ma
king all th most valuable Msdical praparatieu In as;
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00t30 d3t -.-. i- -
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nata h tad ache, and all general derangements of ksattn
the fills hav Invariably proved a certain and Speedy
remedy, ,A tingle trial fill plan the I0f rills aeyovd
tha reach ofoompttitlon In the eitimatloa cf-every p-
-, , t i. l'C.-i, 4) t. -4'-. n i5' Ml O.
Dr. Moffat's Phoenix fitters will bs found squally ef
ftcaclous In all cases ot aervoaa debility, dyspepsia, I
ache, th sickness Incident to females la delicate health,
and every kind of weakness of tha dlgestiva organs,
lor sale bv Dr. W. B. MOFFAT, 335, Broadway, N. Y.
and by art Dragglst. ' "" ' aayS-dwly
J)io foUowinj is an extract from,
letter! written by the Rev. J. 8. Holm, paster ot th
Plerr4polnt-atret Baptist Chorelv BrootlyBrkU-liU-the
Journal sodMassesirrr," Otsviratli O.t and-speak
volumes tn (ayor of that wo tli-renowned aedlcia, Mr
Wijukiw s Boothuio Br anr rea UHiLaamt luerwiaw .
' "Vi see an dvBrtlsmnt la yonr oalunm f Ma
Wimuow' tiooTl Svaovv- Noww sever said a word
In favor of a patent medicine before In oar me. pus
fel otmptlled to y to yoor reader that this Is no hnm
bugwa iiavb tib it, ami avow- tr . to aw At
claims. It It probably nof th maet sueoessfo I toedV
cines of ths dsy, baoaasott I n or th oesvv ' a tnose
of your readera whohav fables eanldo tetterthaei
lar Ina upplvt Vi - y cW:lydaeM
, r ..tin ii-Tj, -t-i - ,
. ft i i inn T.TtTraTO
i 1 (?-!, s-lif ,T-eoi? Vta. s d
I a 's,-,uiil AT 14 ! ''".
"'' .:'. "t siei-.u a ;.iJi.Ji.
Jan 89 dtf 0. WOODS-
City Fire Insurance Company
Of New Haven.
1860, made to the Auditor of Ohio, pursuant to th
dwwh oi iu Diate, vntiuea --an act to regulst lnsu
raac Companies, not Incorporated by th State of Ohio.'
n.Mnl An41 M 1AU. ,
The nem of th Company tstb "City Fir Intu-
eanowuonrpany- anal looateuatMtwHavsn Con
necticut,, , .
-w'-- I. capital. ';; '"'r' !.
2d. The amnunt of Its Capital Stock Is. . i 500 000
Jd. Ths amount of (j Capital Stock paid up U i"0 Out)
4th.; i ; v'.- . II ABBOTS. -
1. Cash of ihe Oomnany on hand 10,ad3 fc7 . ', , i
2. Cash In ths hamlsof and duo
from Agents 5,000 00
3. ' Real - Estate 'unincumbered , 731 05 110,094 03
4. Th Donds and stocks owned by .
, ... the Company per vouch-.
' era accompanying how ,d
eured, and the rate of lu-
j " ' terest thereon, to wit:....
Bonds (a per Schedule ' '
I Par Value, 0,500. Market Value, C 7,700 00
- Stocks (ss per Schedule)
Par Value I400, Market Value.... 227,753 00
5. Pebts due the Company, aecur
edbymorgage,onunincum. ' ' ' ' -V
, aered Steal kittate, as per
0 vouchers accompanying . . 40,308 50
7. Debts for premiums WW 25
8. All other securities eoi slstlng
m lntrrrst, tioas til calls,
' rents, Ao
TVuiWiiitscI the Oompany...
5th. Theajtountof llatjllitlesjdo
or sot due, to Bauks and oth-
' ' ' er creditors none
Oth. Losses adjusted and due, nono.
7th. Losses adjusted and not due
Mth. Losses retisted by tb Co., f 0,400 till
Oth. Losses in suspense, waiting .
for further proof 5,300 60
10th. All other claim against.,
the Company..... 300 Oo
28,777 34
0353,052 11
' Total liabllilie ( j 000 00
1 1 th. Ths greatest amount Insured In any
one risk asoally not to exceed., till (W) 00
IStli. The greatest amount allowed by the
rulo to bs Insured In any one city,
town or vlllaie. not limited
13th. Ihe greatest amount allowed to be
Insured in any on block nsually
not to exceed i, 10 00i 00
14th , Th amount of It capital or earnlog deposited
in any other State, ae security for losses there
in, nainiog them, with theamoant In. arh, and
.. , , , whether sueh eompeoy transmits any business
of insurance in ! said f Slat or State. ia.
I'.th. The Charter, or act of Incorporation of sa id Com-
St ati or OoHHtrnroT. I . '
County of New Haven. J
Wells Soulhwortb. President, and Levi B. Bradlev.
Secretary of the City fire Insu.ance Oommtnr.of New 1U-
ven, Connecticut, being severally sworn, depose and say,
mat tne loregoingisa run. true and oorreot statement
of the affairs of the said Compani that th said Inaur-
snc Company is the bona fide owner of at least On
Hundred Thousand Dollar of actual caih capital Inves
ted in Btooks and Bonds, or in Morlgsgtsjon Keailstat,
worth double the amount for which the earn I mort
gaged; that the shove described Investments, nor any
part thereof, are made for the benefit of any individual
exercising authority in the management of said Company,
either at President, Beoietary, Treasurer, Director, or
otnarwuei tint tne mortgage ahov described hsv not
been assiened, nor In any manner reltased or impaired by
raid Oompany; and that they are tb above described offi
cers of said Insurance
LEVI B. BRADLEY, Secretary.
Subscribed and sworn before me, the 21st day of Janu-
Justice of the Peace.
COLUMBUS, O., January 25, 1861.
I, Robert W. Taylor, Auditor of State, hereby ear
tlfy that th fornroioa Is a correct oodv of th statement
of Condliloo or ih City Fire-Insursnos Company, ,of
Nsw Haven, Connecticut, mad to this office for the
year 1681, and now on file herein.
Witness my hsndaod sealofflcilly. ' :
Auditor of State.
Certificate of Authority.
[To expire on the 31st day of January, 1862]
Columbus, Ohio, January 28, 1861.
NY, located at New Haven, rntheSrareof Connecticut.
his filed in this offices sworn statement of its condition,
as required by the first section of ths aot " To regulate
Intursnoc Companies not incorporated by the State of
Ohio,1' patted April 8, 1830; and Wnntiis, said company
has furnished th undersigned satisfactory evidence that it
is possessed of at least on Hundred thousand dollar or
actual eanital. invested in docks, or In bonds, or In mort
gages of real estates worth double th amount for which
the asm is nmrtgsgsd; and, Wmrus, said eompaoy has
-ated hi M t9ee wttttaw leaiawaiut under its corpo
rative seal, aiined by th President and Beoretav there
of, authorising aoy agent or agent of said company in
this Slate, to acknowledge service of process, for snd In
behalf of ssldcompsoy, consenting that such service of
process shall be taken and held to bs as valid as if seryed
upon tire company, according to ins laws or mis or any
other State, and waiving all claim or right of error, by
reason of snch acknowledgment of service.
Now, thererore, in purenaar or the first section of
the aforesaid act, I, Robert W. Tayler, Auditor of State
for the Stat of Ohio, do hereby certify that aaid City
tire insurance oompany or Mew Haven, Connecticut, la
authorised to transact th business of Fire Insurance
in this. Stat uutil tb thirty-fitst day of January,
n tb jean oae thousand , eight .hundred and aixly
tWO. : -: ';' -f -; . . - .- -
In Wit Ass Whereof, I hav. hereunto subscribed my
name and caused tho seal of my offios to be
affixed Ihe day andyrsbova written,
Auditor of State.
J. H. WHEELER, Agent.
NO. 81, South High Street.
Tr.wr.nTJT.Ti'.T-RV TiT.Asnnw
JU VA1 aV Vat Ja'a-U-VAV A J-M. W V 1 .
Liverpool, Mdratreal, (uebec, ,
Th Montreal Ooaan Steamship Company Srst-cVsss
fuli-oowered Olvde-bullt Steamers tail every Mata
tirtlay from roaTUANlr, carrying to uanadian ana
United States AUll ana. pusengers,
WOT A SCOTIA1T Ospt. McMuters,
BOnRMTAr? y....Cspt. Orange,
NORTH BRITON..... .Capt. Borland, '
CANADIAN ;. Capt, Graham,
, NORTH AMERI0 AN.. Capt. Alton,
ANGLO-SAXON Capt. Balantln,
"hortoalt Cbeapeat andQalckcatCon-
veraac arwass .
will sail from LIVERPOOL everr Wednesdav
and fronQIiBllKO erery Matarday, sailing
L0ND0NDHIIRV, to receive oa board ana laoa Alaiisana
Passengar, to and rrotn I re rend and Bcotiand.
' Obtsgow passenger are rnrnished with ran passage
tickets to ana rrom tionaonaerry. i.-
Return tiekots granted at reduoea rates.
Aa exoerleneed Sureeon attached to each steamer,
rriiAi-atiia lamed for eitirvinff to and brinwlnaout MS-
sengers from all th principal towns of Great Britain and
Ireland, at reduosd rate, by this Una of steamers, and
lMvlnv LimnwMil averw wee.
for passage, appry at in vmoo. j " " " .
WAV, new I orak, ana iw waiu si
ABETj KEARliEi General Agents,
Orto-l. j; R. ARMSTRONC.
,6tktesna OSloe, Oorambo, Ohio,
' :;BESlQIJAilTY;:;
r '
1 ' , , H im
J,RToany partof thecityfor..,, .,.;
'i,,-4in rAddrre' Wood for': " J,.''( :
Ah. nt differeni kinds ef Goal . ae Jpw!as any
nMct. and. iVsnapathuincwlBl th BMIo.-'li -Dow
awtUat., , ..J;,-, , r'.-.v.,! 'v f. l.lee "' t
C0At 'F0lV9 CTS., AND
Terdandoffio! 11J, Btxaah Third Strort, lh
ond Presbyterian Charon, j -, ,
J-' '
' . ,-i " ri
i Colnubuti JaavBlM o
-r i, disrs-,
T Th. aloot greosful J fffi
; ' Dr. j;n. KcLEAH'3 !
Strenjthciiin Cordial nr, j Blood
puiiipinii. V)
Tke Oyeateat netate1y-la Tf Wrld,
t A
most xmaov
piiow,'; i i t
clentiflo and
Vecetabl Oomuoond, ,
Procured b th distil-.
lation of Koots. MrU .
and Barks, Tellow,.
Dock, Blood Jioot, .
Saraaparilla, W I
Cherry Bark aad I
deiioa enters Into lias
Before JZZm Tatliiff
prlnclpl of ach tngredlmt It thoroughly extracted' by
my new method of distilling, Brodudns- a deliclona. ex
hilarating spirit, and th mot IMVALLIBLI remedy for
renovating th diseased system, and restoring th tlok.
suffering and debilitated 1MYAL1D to BBALTH aol
STMN&TH. " .
PUJb . . . , .-JigUi
Will tfKj sars
Chronic or H ervons Sebllitr. Disease of tha Kldnan.
and all disease arming from a disordered Liver or Btora
ach, Dyspepsia, Heartburn, Inward Pile, Aridity ar Btok-
nes oi us stomacn, faun or Blood to tn Head. Hull
pain or swimming la th bend. Psh,.tatlon of tha Heart,
Pnllnes or Weight In th Btomach. Soar IruetaUons,
Choking or nUfooatlnvfMlinf when lying down, Drmssi
rYellnwnesaof thelhlnand Eyes. Might Sweatsfla.
ward levers, Pain In th (mall of th baofc, chest or Shi.
Sudden Plushea of Beat, Depression or Spirits, Irtghtfal
Dreams, Languor, Despondency or any MerVons Disease,
Bore or Biotohe on the Skin, and lever and Agio of
Chills and Fever.) '---Tr,-
Over a nillloat ol Hottlea I'J- '
Bav been toll daring th last six asonihs, nu tn ao In '
stane has It failed In riving entire satisfaction. Who,
then, will suffer froas Weakness or Debility when MC
No language can convey an adequate Idea of th Imme
diate and almost miraculous change produced by taking
this Cordial in th diseaeed, debilitated and shattered ,
nervous system, whether broken down by excess, weak by
nature, or Impaired by siokness, the relaxed and anatswn ,
organisation la restored to Its prtsttns health and vigor.
Or other conscious of Inability, from whatever cause,
will find McLean a Strengthening Cordial a lboroyh
regenerator of th system; and all who may hav injured
themselves by improper Indulgene, will Snd la th Cor- '
dial a certain and speedy remedy.
To the Eaalea. 2i
McLean's Strcngtkning Cordial
It a sovereign and speedy curs for ' - " . , . -
Obstructed or Dlfflcalt Menstmarloo, IneontliMne -of
Urine or Involuntary Discharge thereof. Palling of the
Womb, Giddiness, Painting and all Disease incident to
lemales. .
Thsre Is no Ulstake About It.' : .
Suffer no longer. Take it according m Directions.- If '
will stimulate, strengthen and Invigorate yoa and cause
the bloom oi nealtn to mount yoar cheek again. - -
avsry Dome li warranted ts giv auatacuoti. -FOK
If your children are sleklv, nunv,oramictd,MeLaaV
Cordial will make them healthy, fat and roaaut. Delay
not a moment, try It, and yoa will b eonvtaosd. . i
Oaotioi. Beware of Dmrrists or Deaktre who sue- t
try to palm upon yoa oMslitssr or Saraaparilla trash
which they can bayoheap, by sssinf It la Jut a good.
atou sucn men. Asxror aaoueaa a Btrenguiping Uor
dlal, and take nothing else. It I th only reasedy that
will purify th blood thoroaghly and at th am '
strengthen th system.
On tablespoonful taken orary saornlng fasting, Is a
oertain preventive of Oholera, Chills And lfr, xeiico
lever, or any prevalent diseases. It is put an la larg '
Price oaly (1 per bottU, or ( bottle for i. ' '
Sol Proprietor of this Oordlal, .
Also McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment
Prlcelnal Deoot on the corner of Third and Pin atmr.
St. Louis. Mo.
McLean's Volcanic Oil Linirpent. ; ';
Tb best Llnlteent In th World. Th aoly safe aad .
certain cure for Canoe re, Pile, Swel lings aad Brost
ehltis, or Ooltre, Paralysis, Neuralgia, Weakness of th '
Mascies, Chronio or Inflammatory Bheuraatlssa, StuT
nes of the Joints, oontrseted Muscle er Ligaments
larache or Toothache, Bruise, Sprain, Wound, greek
Out, Ulcers, Fever Sore, Gated Breasts Sore Nipple, . -Bums,
Scalds, Son Thoat, or any Inflammation or Palo,
noduTereno how severe, or how Ion the fliiissimsj
hav xisted. McLean's Celebrated Llnunenl la a on
tain remedy. ,
Thousands of human beinn have been saved a life ot . '
decrepitude aad misery by the us of this Invaluable aad- ' :.
etas. . ; , !
r.TNlTMi7.WT r
- - uuiuuwia -M a- '
Will relieve pain almost Instantaneously, aad It WU 'Jar
leans, purify and heal the foulest (ore in aa tseredi 1 -ly
short time. .,..,
For Horace and Other Animals. - -"" a
r sl
" McLean t celebrated Liniment b th only safs met re
liable remedy for the care of Spavin, King Bono, Wind
galls, Splint, Unnatural Bump, Node or Swelling. It, ,'
will never tail to cure Big Head. Poll Bvll, Kstula. Old. ..
running Bore or Sweeny, If properly applied. far i
Sprains, Braise, Beretchos, Bore or Wound, Orarkvd .v. .
ateeis, unaie, oanai oruotiaruaiuit a aa intaiiiSM
remedy. Apply It aa directed, and a care la certaia la ..
(very instanoe. . - . .
Then trine no longer with tha man worthleaa IW -
saenta oflered to yoa. Obtain a supply of Dr. MoLeaa -t
celebrated Liniment. It will cur you.
J.H. jVIcLI-: An , Sole Proprietor,
Corner ot Third and Pina Stmts, Bt. Lonj, Mo. : .j '
for sals by all druggist. - i - ,
for sal by B0BIBTS a BAMTTtL, '
aagSo-ddtwly . . Oolnmbqa, Ohio.
s - - .7
v;', !
An experienced Nana and Female- Physician, p-reseata-.
to th attention of methera, her ' 5 ' " .iT
which greatly faoilltate the nroema of teething, by soft
ening the gams, redaolng all Inflammation wil 1 allay
ALu rain ana spasmodic action, ana is
Depend upon It, mothers, 1 1 will giv rest to yourselves
and , i. - -as-- "
W have put ap and sold this arrlel for over tea yotrf ,' ' '
wnu we navw nver seen aoi to say Of any outer nreai
ANCE, TO EFFECT A CURB, when timely Bed. Nev
er did we know an instanoe of dissatisfaction by any on
who used it. On th contrary, all are delighted with It
epe rations, and epaak in term of oommendatioa of iu
magical effects and medloal vlitues. "W speat In this
matter "WHAT WU DO KNOW;" fnr ten rwi ewe- t.
almost every Instano where lh Infant 1 sufferlng-frota -A
pain and exhaustion, reliaf will bo foand to fifteen or '
twenty minute after thecyrup U atlBtUiiMeiedr f
Thlavalnablo preparation Is th proscription of oaoot, f
New England, ana baa been used with ssvaa FA1L-
IN9 8DCCESB In - , - .
'AVtsuuHAreua ur vasts. j,
It not only relieve the child from pair avt KnlgotJaJC
ate th stomach and bowels, eorreek acidity, and ftvaS
ton and energy to the whole system, it will almost taf -vy-jr
stantiy relssv - - ..','. -u'mi- ' vv
and i
EST REMEDY, IN THE WORLD, m all erne of DVS-vC3-i
BNTHRY and PIAKRiltEA in uiiiluhhm, whether
Itsrlses from teething, or from any olhe caoa. W
would say to every mother who has a child anffottiia frosa
anyef the foregoing enmplelnts DO NOT LET VuOR.j'
between yon snd your suffering child, and the r-
lief that Will be SURE ye. ABBOLCTELY BORE to, ,
follow U ore of this medicine. If uaaly susdWEall At-- - V
rosUons for using will accompany each bttlr None .
muio unless th faa shnll of OOETIS A ;ittg4i,
Mew York, is on in outsm wrapper. . i ,
Sold by all DrnggtaU throughout th Wria 4 7 1
Principal Office, 13 Cedar Htrenttrf.T,,
ocl87xwly. , , i'ii
mrootnooonvalalons, whloh. If not speedily vema.T"-!
end Indeath. Wa bellav tt h BEST and 8UH' FKT
t WM. KNACE it CO., za
AT TIIFSH NEW ilSiE--'- -l
gooM, jfoK i4u BAiraoMss r.I rr. .
' awsi II t, a
1. . U- OffST foraal tarir oeiebrateir
; i '-ORAL
V ajA4 I
A VtX' rlS I tt n
(Was . v-m. W.. Mwaw. '
lit aaAlW4 V1V aV Alaska j- ,
f- BelD( highly rcrntumsandftd by Mio Wxttpm
nrjlitcal al.aAa7UrJ UI Ofj CUHUU, BLsau j-
'""instrtjmsntV ' r .-
Tha most fastidious customer may rely apo bsUig
pleased In every respeot. 7; i .
Termllwl. Wit, KKABB At Cfi. i ' . "
ct9S;lydw.. Ooluarbast !'. "
Tf tf -i.i
1 ' And Elaiilt-Eaok Sltsaufaritster, '
kokth cqh RSZST, coitTXSTra, os:a

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