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The Ohio Statesman
KAxrrsxxT mua, publisher.
UFO. W. mAHtfllBH, Editor.
tkovutt hannea ti "r .1 "-
a M day opuNleatlon
To Correspondents.
lie pc'f 'legislative nd he mMi
Of Important ne that aauy crowuing uFu
hl renders ittaposaltiU to puul'wh the name-
fonMmmonIotlon with whlA we are favor-
ad bT'onv friends. We regret that we neve
not the pc to publish some halfdozMior more
tatf Interesting end able communication", new
on mt table, but It I out of tbe question to do
o. (.. ;
Disunion Boldly Proclaimed
Trie' Cincinnati ComwwtiuJ ot yesterday,.
out boldly sgslnst compromise, sgalnst cjerciou,
..j . . i.'oMnUnn of the Uuioii. Its leader
V ob the iubjeet U prepsred with tour thn ordl
nuj care, end wss the theme of conversation
and cbmment; last evening,' ui the political clr
olee of this city.
The CWmereUT. whlqh at ell times ecU in.
harmony wttn the viewV and opinions of Gov.
Csuwj to t th hesd of the Lincoln' press of
Ohio, and the article bus a signifiosnce and
bearing, teaching-far bejond the mcic opinions
of ihi editotof that papet. .
It seU out with the declaration that the sen-
tlm.nt of the North, which but a snort time
slnoewes so twanlmou "for tbe preservation
of the Federal Union,", exists no longer."
Th.t revolution In the public sentiment of
the free States has been accomplished within
ixtvdavs." and that it Is not now "Ihtuttied
opinion rt ptopU of tht Ntnh, that our Ftde
rat Union mutt It ftutrntd at all latardt."
It declare, that the disunion sentiment of the
Oalf States, and tbe universal enuoreemeo. m
the Border States "of the inadmissible demands
upon the North," and the action of Virginia
and Kentucky, and their pledge to resist all Ex
cative efforts to preserve the Integrity and the
honor of the Union, ''have not fired tbe North
ern heart, but bare chilled It " The Commercial
then says: .. "
Wo say to tbe gentlemen of the border slave
State, toot they mistake us, if thy suppose
w bold onion with the disnnionists to be more
desirable tban.the preservation of our own man
hood. Gentlemen, your doctrine of contingent
disunion, as thrust upon us, is worse than dis
union per it. Political capital enough has been
mode out of the Union sentiment of the North,
It cannot bo speculated in any further. If the
union of the sections ean only be preserved by
the submission I the majority (o the m'noritj
Motion, If the Union is to be forever contingent
up jo tbe political subjugation of tbe whole coun
try to the master class of the South ; If tbe Con
stitution Is to be first interpreted and then
amended at tbe call of the politicians of a sec
tion according to their abstract theories
and Insane psssioua?-all that is excellent
boot the Union ie at an end, and the
sooner we recognize the fact the better. Gen
tlemen of Virginia and Kentucky, there will be
no coercion. Set aside all fears on that point.
Wo could and would readily sacrifice men and
mosey by thousands and tnillloor, to put down
factions, to vindicate the Government against
mofaa: but we do not want to eonqoer a people,
and w will not try to do it. Tbe magnificent
outlines of the American Republic have been
contemplated by us with pride but we would
not sacrifice its people to preserve its symmetry.
Wo would stand by the Union still, if you would
permit us. Wo would observe every stipula
tion of tie compact our fathers made, wherein
yon have guarantees that it were lunacy' for
Sou to eaennco, n you wouiu go mo mo. out
'. you will have it so the Union must be dls-
jired. .: :. .,'
The-GriUenden Compromise is an impossi
bility, end those wbo insist upon n as tneoniv
escape-from disunion, are annihilating the last
hope of saving the Union. The Republican
nartv is on the eve of becoming the Administra
tion oaxtv. The necessity that it should take
an affirmative and conciliatory position Is too
osnlzed bv all its statesman-like leaders and
reasoning masse. " The nearly two million
ntaa cut for its candidate for the Presi
dmf. meant Dreciselv this: That the General
Qaventment theuld no loager be the implement of
tht lUvorf propogandnUrand employed to inereaot
their political power. I ms is aimpiy wnat me
olaotkm of Mr. Lincoln means. Those wbo
voted for Mr. Lincoln cannot consent that
' hie election shall be made a . pretext for
tba amendment of tbe Constitution, so as
ti defeat tbo very purpose they had In ro
t ag fat Jblm. The Crittenden Compromise
pledges tho protection of slavery in the
only territory where there is a possibility of its
existence, and in all territory to be acquired
. . . jeotrth. Jt wonld therefore inaugurate a system
of filibustering for tbe extension of slavery,
and hold the Government bound by the its or
gan! law to protect slavery la all conquered
territory. Let It bo understood at once in the
thrvw State those on the border as well as
those on the gulfthat tbe North never will
concent to this never. If Virginia, and Ken
tucky, and alt the teat of the slave States, are
. only waiting to see wneiner tne uruienaen pro
position will be accepted by tbe North, we as
sure them there 1 no chance whatever of Its ao
cantance. It is an impossibility, and they might
a well make that fact a stand point now. If
this ie disunion we have only tofcavlwe are pro
fouodly sensible of tbe solemnity of the fact
and Intensely sorry lor it, out cannot noip it.
Thero will be no ooercion and therecan be no
comprpralge, according to the Commercial, and
throfoT"th Union most b dissolved." We
kvlnthlrtlelof th leading Lincoln pa
.per of tha North West, a tru index to theseu
timonts, views and wishes of the chief Repub
llcaa manager, in all the Northern States
ot, however, th result of a revolution in their
opinion brought about In the Ust sixty days,
but that which they have been secretly, though
diligently laboring for, from the day their party
war first organised until the present hour.
They are now, and have been heretofore, dis-
uhloalsta, par it, although unwilling to noneatly
- and candidly admit the fact. Tbe ruling men
1a that party, ' are a ardent disnnionUta a
. Rafen and Yaacv, and all that school of ex
treme Southern politicians, .and they only seek
the occasion which thsy pretend to find in th
autim of th Border State, all of whom desire
to prescrv the government, by tome term of
- Jbonorable compromise, as a pretext for aban
doning th Union, and declaring In favor of it
dissolution. Th Csmmevdai In the article re
ferred to, hypocritically says:
' To Question come It I asked every hour
and is pertinent every bour what would the
Republican do to eav th Union? what would
everybody in th North do to preserve or restore
th Integrity of the Union 7 we anawer.aii tnings
that would become men. Party tie are notbinc
la such a crisis. Periah all parties and all those
miserable platforms, which are but expression
of th tunning of th das of professional poll
tletass who operate in conventions. But there
are principle that cannot be sacrificed . There
r instincts of manhood that cannot and mnst
CJt b pat down. A '
1"h idea of th Republidho party abandoning
price'"'' I well calculated to crest .a smile,
tf'b&t principle ha it to abandon J. . Are they
tob fbvmd in the Chicago platform, and If so,
whit "ir User, or what are the principle or
plii!. of any party, when compared. to the
oral Covernment T Thil idoa of abandoning
principle vai the fcstlscH Of mahood,ls sheer
nonoer'ge, which ormo but trslfowms demo
- ... , . v.t-;-f( " ''
gogues would use at such a tim of gloom as
the present.' Our father dil not think it un
manly or dishonorable to nuke compromises
and concessions when the government was orig
inally formed, and a honorable man and pa
triots, tbey were at least equal to the men of
the present day. . The Uuion was formed in
concessiou aud compromise, by the good and true
men who constructed our government, and
now after enjoying its benefits and blessing
during onr whole lives. If a disturbing element
has arisen among us cilculated to destroy it,
what honest man, good citizen and trne patriot,
will it Is dishonorable, or that it is a sac
rifice of manhood.to meet together, from all sec
tions of th Republic, and by compromise com
pose the difficulty, by concessions of extreme
opinions on all sides? None but traitors to tbe
countrv and those wbo are for disunion at all
hazards, will interpose such objections.
The Commercial, In the conclusion of its ar
ticlo. thin abandons the government and the
If there are any-unconditional Union men in
the South, thev must fisht the battle in their
own way. The North will not interpose 1U
military power between the South and tha es
tablishment of any sort of government that
may be tbe pleasure of Its people. If tbe Bor
der Slavs States have resolved upon aceompa
nylng the Cotton States, we hope they will make
thefaui kaon iasmcdisMlj, and then are
in favor of a convention of. all , the States, that
we mav trv the exnerlment of peaceable sepa
ration. We have no ereat confidence In the
success of the experiment It is as hazardous
as it la distasteful; yet we will, in the contin
gency named, earnestly advocate giving it a
fair trial. But we charge Southern men, who
are now hesltatinir as to their course, not to in
dulgo tbe vain theory, that the Union can be re
constructed upon a basis that they will dictate.
Tbe presumption tnat tbere may oe a re-con-Btrurtlnn
nnon the baaia of a Cotton State Con
stitution, is the most vain and dangerous of all
th dreadful delusions of tbe times. The States
that now desert tbe Union can never Knever re
enter it, unless by submission to the Constitu
tion as it la.
The mass of the people of Ohio, of all par
ties, who are ardently attached to tbe Union,
and In favor of every honorable effort, and any
just and fair compromise to preserve it, should
take warning. That the Republican leaders In
tend to aid the extreme men of the South, in
the overthrow and permanent destruction of the
Federal Union, is now beyond question, and un
less the voics of the masses is raised in fiery In
dignation, and hurled at them in tones of thun
der, thev will continue to maintain such an
attitude, and pursue such a policy, as will speed
ily .work the complete and final destruotion of
tho Union. That is the point the leaders have
been driving at for several years past, and the
work is well nigh, and will soon be accomplish
ed.Ifthe people do not by some means, and
that speedily, interpose with a united, bold and
corageous effort to cave the Country.
"Recussant Republicans."
The Journal is beginning to have some re
sponses from the homes of somo of tbe Repub
lican members, whom it denounced a few morn
ing's since, as "recussant Kepunncans," c-ecauae
they had the Independence and boldness to rise
above party, lu this honr of out country 's peril,
and knock the bottom out of the "tin pan'
determination of tbs "skim mill" member of
the party, not to send Commissioners to the
Washington conference, which was In fact what
was meant by the manoeuvre of th Chatt
wing. Th Dayton Journal comes back at our
Columbus cotemporary, with the following re
ply to the attack on Mr. Paaaorr:
we no ticea yesterday Drienythat tbere was
some difference of opinion among the Republi
cans of tbe Legislature In regard to the confer
ence suggested by Virginia, and to be held at
Washington on tne 4 in day or tebrnary. fur
ther information show that the objection on
one side are to tbe time or tbe meeting and to
the manner in which tbecommisiioner were to
be appointed. The Republicans canenssed the
matter and determined tbat tbe 4tb of April or
some more distant day should be named, and
tbat the Governor should appoint the commis
sioner!. This proposition was not acceptable to
a number of tbe Representatives, and Mr. Par
.rott of this county introduced resolution which
are given in another column, appointing the
commissioner to meet tne otner state at
Washington on the 4 th of February. This move
ment ot Mr. rarrott and the Republicans who
acted with him, it appear gave great offense to
the Columbus Journal, and that paper gravely
proposed to read the Republican supporter ot
them out of the party l Of course the threat
was disregarded, aud on Tuesday the resolu
tions offered by Mr. Parrott were adopted by
tbe Honse.
It is cot understood down this wsy, by what J
.... .1 .1 Pi... T I ( I ... H
Buuiwitj uio,nni cAcruiBOB me .lu
prerae dictatorship, and undertake to deter
mine who shall remain In the Republican partv
and who shall go out. After the many whole
some and truthful declarations that action in
regard to this secession mania is to be regula
ted by motive altogether aiew partizanism, it
is a little curious that the Columbus Journal
ahould insist upon bringing It down to that
standard. If th Jenntai is snxtoui to do the
party service by purging it of defective materl
al, we would suggest that its band be tried on
the member of tho House who declared in a
speecn tue oiner aay, tnat ne was an AooiitiotH
ist, and like the man who was "snake-bit,"
didn't are wbo knew it" Vat Capital cotem-
porary should abdicate th dictatorship which it
has assumed without authority, and permit the
xercis of liberty of conscience and freedom
of soeecblby tbe Republicans of tbe Legislator.
CofQei aud hobble ar not suited to the present
emergency ana we are glad to notice that elev
en Republican ot the House enacted a Person
al Liberty Bill, and put it In operation in spit
ot tne veto oi tne voiumous journal.
The Anti-Amalgamation Law.
The following is the bill introduced by Mr,
Stout Into the House, and which In It journey
through that branch at well a in It consideration
In th Senate, has! io mnch worried th "eklm
milk" leader of the Republican party. W
publish it for" general information. '
To prevent tbe amalgamation of th Will and Colored
Kacei. -
f tenon. 1 . St it tnacttd by On Gtntra I Attmhly
vjtnmofuievj vaw, iu. Birau w it wail D uaiAWTQl
(or any person of pure wh.te blood, to Intamwrry with,
or nan Illicit, caraal inleruoom with, anyDCfro, or
ponon uaTiDg a auuDn ana tuiow lantucrar or Amcan
blood; or for any aegra, or ptrton baying a dlftloct end
Tlilbl, Admixture of African blood, to intermarry with,
or htr Illicit, earnal lnterooorM with aor neroon of onra
white blood, and any person offtndlsg again! alitor of
ina proTMtons or tnu tecuon, aaau u deemed guilty of a
miiaaneanor, ana on ooovietioa manor, shall be Ooed
In any aom not axcatdinc on bandnd dollar, or ba
lmprltoned la thtjatl of th county, for any period not
exeat ding three month, or both, at thddUKretloa ot th
Bsctiow S. That any penon who ahall knowingly
Soltmnite a marriage, fordtddan by this aot, or any Pro.
bat Jodie, who shall koowlnaly ttra a llrneefor the
oltmntiitloo of any mania forbidden by thie act, ahall
M seemed gouty or a miumnr, and on pwnTiotion
thereof, ibabl be fined Io any aumlnot txct-edlna- on nun
dred dollar, or Imprisoned la th eoanty Jail for any pe-
nea not exoteaiof in re nonini, or botn, el toe dlaore
Uoa of th eourt. -
Sicmux I. Thli act hall tiki eOfbt and b In rocra
irom and altar It ptaMg. ...,
Th abov bill passed the Senate on yesterday
by the following vote. .
Tea Henrs. Brewer. Bonar, Collin. Saim. Fercu-
on, lojirr, uian, narnaon, iiartn, Holme, Jones, Hay,
McCall, Moore, Newman, Orr, PerrlU, Potwln, Ready,
vpraaue, aiuiey 21.
Hart Menn. Breck. Cox. Garfield. Monroe. Mane.
Prlh, Polta, Bmllp-8. , ,
Lincoln's Inaugural.
Tbe Springfield, III., correspondent of th
New York Tribune, thus telegraph to tbat
paper, nnder date of January 23:
i The first draft of tbe Inaugural Message it
now being made by th President elect. The
Chloago platform will be tbe basil of it rtfleo
tiont and recommendation, in reference to tb
Internal affair of tb nation. It will not be fir
Isbrd until after consultation with tbe Republl- j
?an leaders In Washington. - ; u 1 ' - i
Lincoln's Inaugural. Suit against Rarey, the Horse Tamer.
An action ha been commenoed In New York
City, in the Supreme Court, by Dzhton Orrtrrr,
of New Orleans, against John S. Raacr, the
famous horse tamer, for an alleged violation of
a contract. , Mr. Orrtrrr olalm that ho 1 th
originator of this system of bors taming, and
that In the year 1850 he taught It to Raair,
who bound himself in th penalty of $50 for
each case In which he should Impart th secret
to any other person ; that he gave Raair a book
of the system, which he (Raatv) ha line re
published, and has further violated the contract
by imparting the secret of the system to diver
persons In Europe and In the United State.
Lincoln not Favorable to a Compromise.
Tbe Springfield III., Journal, Mr. Lincoln'
home organ, says nnder date of Tuesday Jan
uary 29: . '
"The countrv mav rest assured tbat In Abra
ham Lincoln they have a Republican President
on wbo will give mem a Kepunuoan Adminis
tration. Mr. Lincoln Is not committed to the
border Stat compromise, nor to any other. lie
standi Immovably upon the Chloago platform,
and be will neither acquiesce, nor counsel his
friends to acquiesce, in any compromise that
surrenders one iota of It."
ii.ii 1 :
ID. The Radical Abolitionist arranged for a
convention at Syracuse, New York, on Tact
day, January S'.lth. Syracuse 1 a place where
these Incendiaries have had the largest liberty
for year past. But the citizens, determined to
tolerate them no longer, assembled at the ball,
organized a meeting, and compelled the Aboil
tlonists to beat a retreat.
UTThe editor of the Washington Cosiiiiud'oa
announces in his paper of tit 30th January,
tbat after the issue of another number he will
cease to publish tbe paper in Washington, and
that it publication will tben be suspended nntll
he completes arrangements now in progress, for
It Issue at some print within tbe limit of the
Southern Coofederoy a at present constituted. "
- ITAcconiing to the City Inspector' report
there were four hundred and three deaths In
the city of New York during the weekending
January 26, being a decrease of eleven, com
pared with the week previous, and serenty-sev
en less than occurred during the corresponding
week hat year.
ST The fint duel resulting from the pre
ent political complications, took plaoe, January
29th, on the Pennsylvania border, between Dr
Jones and a Mr. Wilion, both resident ol
XT Lie
Washington City. Wilson was wounded in th
Lieutenant Slimhzr, who la loommand
Of Fort Pickens,' at Pensacola, Is a native of
Montgomery county, Pennsylvania, as 1 also
his wife, who is with him.
[For the Ohio Statesman.]
Granville Female Academy.
.The semiannual Examination commenced
on Friday the 25th", and closed on the 30th of
January. The classes, about thirty, all acquit
ted themselves honorably, showing tbat both
Pupils and Teacher bad been faithful. The
compositions which were read during the xr
clses, had unusual merit. They were distin
guished for 'originality, clearness and concise
ness of Style, a well as beauty of expression-
The vocal and Instrumental muelo reflected
great credit on both Teacher and Pupil. Th
oias in instrumental mnslo number over fifty,
On Tuesday evening th young ladie gave a
Musioai tutertaiment, wnicn was received witb
marked satisfaction. Th spacious Seminary
Hall was packed to it utmost capacity, so that
there was not even standing room left f or anoth
er one. Bom or tn pieces cad unusual merit,
especially one overture on three piano, and
three young ladies at each piano. Mr, S. B,
Hamlin, Mis Linn and Miss Llttlo, th Instruc
tors in music deserve great credit, and showed
tbat they have but faw uperlora In their depart
ment, and it l not surprising, tnat o large
number of young ladie ar improving th ad
vantage here afforded in vocal and instrumen
tal music.
The specimens of oil painting, French cray
oning, and pencil drawing, all executed by the
pupils, were the finest productions w have ever
seen in any school. Toe teacher in this depart
ment, Miss Humphrey, is both competent aad
This Seminary baa for a quarter of a century
been distinguished for making thorough schol
ars and inccesslul teachers, and the late exam-
Ination shows that it has lost none of it vigor.
and tbat under it present management, it is
fully sustaining the reputation it has so long
Parent wishing to educate their daughter
away from home, will do well to Investigate the
claims and advantages of this Institution. Tha
next terra will begin tbe 7th of February.
The Canada Extradition Case.
case of the negro Anderson, a fugitive
from tha State of Missouri, now in jail In To
ronto, Casada, teems likely to beoom on of
national importance. v bar already ttated
tbat the Canadian Court have decided that be
ought to be surrendered, on the requisition of
the Governor of Missouri, but that th surren
der is delayed for such further legal proceeding
a are applicable to tbe caie.
Lata English papeis announce tbat In th
Court of Queen' Bench, application wa mad
for a writ of habtai eorpui on th affidavit of th
British and Foreign Antl Slavery Society, and
that tbe Judge, after consultation determined
that tb writ must lata. If this shall hav th
effect to remove the prisoner to England and
to discharge him from custody, It mav beoom a
subject of diplomatic currespoodenc between
the two countries-
The principle Involved is similar to that in
the case-of Kentucky against Ohio. Tbe of
fence committed Is against the law of th Stat
from which tb fugitive fled, but a slavery doe
not exist in tb British dominions, it cannot ba
a crime there for a negro to kill th person at
tempting to prevent hi escape from slavery.
ii tne junuso uovernment tntenoea to limit tbe
operation of tbe treaty to crimes pronounced
such by English and not by American law, it
snouia nave aon o ny express terms, instead
of seeking to tvad what appear to b a plain
agreement between the two countries. Journal
of Ommerct. . -
iMrosTurr AaiiT OaDzas. General Soott ha
issued order to th following effect:
1. Officer onleav of abno wbo hav
been absent from duty for a period of eight
mooini, win immediately proceea to join tbeir
respective companies or station. Umcer ab
sent for a lava period, but whoa leave of ab
sence exceeds eight months, will. In Ilk man
ner, return to duty at tbe expiration or that nam
ber of month. '
2. Officers absent on account of aloknes will
present themselve to a medical officer of the
army lor examination, wbo In hi report for
warded to army headquarter for decision will
give a minute history of the cue, distinctly ta-
ting whether tb officer can, witbeul inturr to
his health, travel to Jiio station i whether the
station I in a Motion or country likely to retard
bis restoration to health; and, also, whether
proper medical attention, in every respect, can
mere d renaerea. .
Savannah, and Charuston. A significant
caricature is exhibited in th (hop window of
eavennen.ua. it represent tb uoosututlon
a a cow, witb South Carolina pulling at th
tail, tb animal threatening to kick that State
into the Atlantio Ocean, if it doe not .stop;
whila Georgia, meantime, Is coolly dinting to
tb udders. . The Georgian bare too much
worldly wisdom to nlac their commerce be
yond the protection of th Federal power, and,
do doubt, smli complacently a they eo th
ooutn utrounisns turning au to rraae over to '
them. ' ':. " ' i ' ' .
f-.'F ,
IN SENATE. THURSDAY, January 31, 1861.
The amalgamation bill wa taken from the
table, Mr. GARFIELD'S amendment pending.
uu in question it was lost. J ; j , '
Mr. UAKr ittLD moved the indefinite cost.
ponement of the bill, and proceeded to express
his opposition to the bill.
I be question recurring on tbo motion it was
lost, vis: - i ,
Those wbo voted in th affirmative were "
Messrs. Breck, Collins, Cox, Fisher, Gar
field, Glaai, Monroe, Morse, Pariah, Pott and
Smith 1L
Those who voted In the negative were
' Messrs. Brewer, Bonar, Eason, Ferguson,
Foster, Harrison, Harsh, Holmes, Jones, Key,
McCall, Moore, Newman, Orr, PerrlU, Potwln,
Ready, Sprarue and Stanley 19.
Absent Cuppy, Cummins, Laskey, Schleich
and White.
Mr. COX moved to strik out the second
section. Lost, vea 11. nay 19. .
Th question recurrlag upon the' passage of
the bill,
Mr. SMITH moved to strike out tbe present
bill and insert tbo original House bill offered
bp Mr. STOUT.
Mr ORR advocated the bill at length, and
charged upon th Republican th responsibili
ties or our national disturbance.
The question recurring on Mr. -SMITH'S
amendment, it was lost yes 11, csys 18,
The question reourring upon the third read
ing of tbe bill, It was so ordered yea 20, nays
9, . - , '
The question recurring upon the pusageof
tbe bill, it passed yea 21 , nays 8.
Those who voted in the aOirmatlve were
Messrs. Brewer, Bonar, Collins, Eason, Fergu
son, Foster, Glass, Harrison, Uarsb, Holmes,
Jones, Key, MoCall, Moore, Newman, Orr,
PerrlU, Potwln, Ready, Sprague, Stanley 21.
Tbose wbo voted lu tbe negative were
Messrs. Breck, Cox, Garfield, Monroe, Morse,
Parish, Potta, Smith -8
Mr. PARISH moved to amend the title ao
as to make it more expreaalveof tbe contents
of tbe bill, io it will read. "To prevent the
Inter-marriage and 11 Holt Intercourse of white
persons, and blaok aud visibly mixed persons."
Lost Yeas 7, nay 21. Tbe title was agreed
to, aud tbe Senate adjourned. -
CoaaicTioN There waa an error n tbe
report of the remark of Mr. - Parish
yesterday, upon the report of the committee on
Federal Relation, on the conference question.
He said tbe appointment of tho commissioners
by the Governor wonld be more in harmony
with the tpirit of the new constitution, yet their
election by the General Assembly might not be
In conflict with it provision.
, . -. arrizNooN szssion.
Messrs. Brown, of Miami, Baldwin, Soott, of
Warren, Welsh and rlagg were appointed on
tbe part of the House, on the committee, nnder
joint resolution of the General Assembly, to
wait on tbe (resident elect.
II. B. 262 To amend Motion four of an act
pasted April 16, 1857, entitled "an act for the
execution of deeds for lands sold by tbe State
of Ohio, and for other purpose," and to repeal
tbe Motion to amended, wa read a third tim
nd passed yeae 70, nay noes.
H. B. 207 To exempt agricultural fair
roond from taxation wa sead a third time.
Mr. STIERS explained the object of th bill,
On motion of Mr. ROBINSON th bill wa
laid on the tabl for further examination.
The following notice wet givn of the In
troduction of bills-
By Mr. BLAKESLEE To more effectually
protect sneep ana tax dog.
tit ait. MiCKs To authorltt notary public
to solemnize marriages.
By Mr. THOMPSON, of Perry To amend
Motion 45 and 46 of the general achool law.
Mr. COX introduced H. B. 333 To nconr-
ag th organ.zation of fir companies, whioh
wa read tne nrst tim.
Mr. BLAKESLEE introduced HrB.No. 324
oTo reffcal a portion of the general city and
village incorporation act, wnlon wa read the
fir! time. ;.-'.
Mr KRUM, from the Committee on Agrl
culture, reported back H. B No. 284 Relating
to th Stat Board of Agriculture, with an
amendment, prohibiting member of the legis
lature from acting a a member of th Board,
unices they be President of County Agrioui.
tural BoarCj, which wa disagreed to, when the
Dill wa ordered to be read a third time cm Tues
day next.
Mr. DAVIS, from the committee on Fee
and Salaries, to whom wa referred the memo
rial of G-W. Sweigart and other, for a law
requiring seour I ty for coat in certain cue, re
ported adversely to the prayer of th petition
ers. Tbe Select committee, to whom was referred
H. B.No.266, Foripecial bridge tax lew. re
ported tne cam back, wnen tbe bill was or
dered to be read a third time on Tuesday next.
Mr. RODGERS gav notice that he would in
troduoe a bill to repeal th aot of last session,
to regulate tbreeponaiDinty or inn keepers.
After some tim spent in consideration, oi the
bill to leas tbo public works, in commute of
the Whole, the House adjourned.
FRIDAY, February 1, 1861—10 A. M.
- " 'rrrnioN and mxhosials.
Bv Mr. MONROE From Mr. Jtfnnev and
Other of Columbus, praying the repeal of seo
tion , oi tn Kidnapping act or lUJi, aud tb
enactment of th Tannest ee law on that sub
ject. Judiolary.
- . war aeAWM at WH v . . .
jjyjur. rauntiuis rrom reter a. uark
and other colored penon of Cincinnati, re-
monstrating against tn passage of any law
Intending witu tueir rignt. Judiciary.
By Mr. MORSE From Wm. B. Smith and
116 other of Ashtabula Co., on tbo subject of
woman's nigni. - -
' By Mr. HARSH Of Ezra Branon and 20
other of Stark Co., on the earn sublect. s
By Mr. SMITH Of Beth Linton and other
of Clinton Co , on the same inb ect.
By Mr. BRECK Of Hon. J. P. Bishop and
71 other nd of E. T. Stntevant and 63 other
ofCayahoga Co., restraining live stock from
running ai large. Agricultural.
By Mr. KEY From Hon. W. B. Caldwell
and other of Cincinnati, praying ao adlcttonal
jnogeorinesaperinr uourt of. vmelnuati Ju
H. B. No. 289 Amending th elsotion act
of April 15th, 1857. Whole.
II. B. No. 214-To repeal tb act ol May 1st,
1859, to prevent awin . rrom running at large.
ngricu.'tur. - , ; ,
mar alanine.
H. B. No. 262 Amandine th aotof Anril
16th, 1857, for th execution of deed for lands
by tht But.
ILL INTaODaClb. t ,
By Mr. PARISH, 8. B. No. S16-Amndlng
tne transportation aot oi April sta toav.
By Mr, FOSTER For th relief of Alex S,
Latta. . .; - .- . t .:.. :; :
airotT or micT coMMrmrs.
By Mr. READS' An amendment to 8. B
No. 2C6 -Fixing th time of holding the Court
of Common Plea In Tuscarawas and Noble
oountles, for 1861 recommending It passage
Amendment egreed to. . Th bill passed. , .
Th 8enaU went into Committee of tb
Wool on th order of th day Mr. Potwln in
the Chair, and after wm tim rose and repor-
tea Dtcx tne following!
an. To aotborlz tb ai or tb Cath
erine Street Cemetry, Cincinnati. Judiciary.
S. B. 205. To amend th act concerning in
corpopated companies, passed Msv 1st, 1853
Corporation other than municipal. '
S. B. 210 To montf'th School act of Feb.
911849;.! Common School. -. --
The Commute had leav to tit again, and
tho Senata took a reeoa. .
FRIDAY, February 1, 1861.
by Rev. Mr. Goodwin. i i -Mr.REES.
of Franklin, presented the m
mortal of G. S. Tonl, and 70 other of Frank
lin eoanty, foe the repeal of tb aot establishing
tb Superior Court of Franklin county. .','
TB foiiowiog tim war Mad a econa tim,
an ratdtna to tha foiinwtn mmmitua. i . .
Hon Bill 8WWT amend th act firlnif th
compenaatton of members of tbe General As
sembly Committee of th Whole. - - -
House mil am ruing tne rat ot interest
and repealing a certain act therein named
Finance, H, B. 337 Supplementary to the various aots
In relation to the organization of cities and In
corporated villages. Judiolary.
H. B. 318. To repeal an act therein named.
Schools and School Lands. . v
I . 11. B. 319. To prevent the harboring or se
creting of fugitive naves, and to prevent assist
ing tbeir eeoapo. Mr. Converse as a select
Mr. RUKENBROD gave notice of a bill To
repeal section 43 of the act presoriblng tbe du
ties or county Auditors.
Mr. BLAKESLEE, on leave, introduced II
B. 325 To amend the act regulating tbe man
ner ot eleatlng cletks of the Court of Common
fleas which wa reaa tne nrst time.
Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, Introduced II. B,
32C supplementary to the act for the encor-
agement of Agriculture which was read the
first time.
Mr. WOODS from tbe Judisary committee,
reported back S. B. 184 Amending the act re
lating to assignments witb an ameudment by a
new bill, wblcn was agreed to, wnen the bill
wa ordered to be read a third time on Tuesday
Mr, VORIS, from the Judiciary Committee,
reported back H. Ii 7I Kelating to tbe an
pointment of Clerks and Sergeant at arms
and recommended its indefinite postponement-
Mr. Tori explained tbat the Committee had
decided againet the bill, because they thought
tbe House quite competent to make the selec
tion or Asaiswnt tJlerk". .
Mr. MoCune said he had Introduced this bill
in reference to the Assistant Clerk of the
House, with a view to the fact that tbe Chief
Clerk was usually a better judge of tbo qualifi
cations ot assistants than the House collective
lyj so be would like to have the Assistant
Clerks of the House appointed either by the
House or umei uierK, as seems Deal. .
Mr. BRUFF explained that this bill provides
that assistant clerks may be appointed by the
Clcik when the House shall direct him to do
I'.oi wbich he thought a very proper provision
Mr. BROWNE, of Miami, was in favorjof
the bill as providing for an excellent measure
pi ret or m. - - ;
Mr. FLAGG said he might vote for this bill.
If be had bis way, he would have the Clerk
elected for ten years and give him a good con
tingent fund, out of which to pay all bis aasiat.
ants, aud make bis own selection of them, and
conduot tbe business on his own account. This
would have the advantage of connecting the re
cords or old and newjLeglslatures,
. The bill was then referred to Mr. McCune a
a select commitee. -
Mr. VORIS, lrora tbe Judiciary Committee,
reported back 11. H. JIU 1 o relieve tbe sure
ties of Township Treasurer, and recommended
Ue indefinite postponement.
. Mr. ROBINSON delended the bill, as neces
sary, and explained the provisions of it, when
tbe bill was read lor iniormation.
Mr. WOODS thought the bill ought to em
brace the sureties of all officers.
. Tb House tben postponed tbe bill.
: Mr. RUKENBRHD reported adversely to a
petition that incurable insanity be made a cause
of divoroe. . . . k ..
Mr. FLAGG opposed the report, because he
thought it wa good caune. when tbe oase is
made out properly. Jt was made a cause for
divorce in other States, with great propriety.
Mr. HERRICK moved that tbe report be
laid upon th table to be printed. - ;
Mr. BROWNE, of Miami, favored the Re
port. iVieu took their wives for better, and for
worse. It affliction fell upon them we arc only
the more bound to lore and cherish them.. - .
Mr. BLAKESLEE said tbat this petition had
it origin with a case be knew of, which was
on of a 01 io tion, which he pitied, but which he
thought sbould not bo relieved in this way.
AKiouou or one party to a marriage only in
creases tbe obligation to faithfulness lu the
Mr. BRUFF thought tbere wis some propicty
in tb memorial. Public opinion did justify
xhi a cms in many cases. He new of one
case where as a man was tolerated in a second
marriage in such a case, without divorce. Such
toleration was at least some reason for consid
ering the petition.
Mr. SCOTT of Jefferson, cited aciseio point
tnat sustained tne Kepori. .
Mr. CLAPP also , supported, tbo report as
eminetly proper.
Tbe report was then ordered to be printed.
8'B. 207-Fixlng the terms of Court for
Tuscarawas and Noble counties, was read the
first time, when . ..
Mr. DAVIS moved that constitutional rule
be stupeoded and the bill be read a second and
third time now, wbich wa agreed to, when tbe
bill was read a second and third time, when
Mr. VINCENT oppoied tbe passage of the
bill at introducing a bad precedent, wbich he
would not sanction by his vote.
Mr STOUT moved to strike out tbe county
of Noble from tbe bill. - - - : - '.
Mr. DAVIS then moved that the bill be re
referred to Mr. Vincent a a select committee,
wbich was agreed to.
Kit. JM1UH, rrom tbe committee on corpora
tions, reported back II. B. 301 To amend the
laws relating to inspections when the bill was
read a third time and passed, yeas 74, nays
V. :
Mr. SCOTT, of -Warren, from the Commit
tee on Benevolent Institutions, reported back
tbe bill in relation to an Asylum lor tbe incur
able insane, at Newark, and recommended that
whenever special provisions for tbe incurable
insane are made, they be made by additions to
tne pretent Asylums, and therefore recom
mended Its Indefinite Doatoonffcent.
. Mr. WOODS moved that the report and bill
bo referred to a select committee of three, which
wa agreed to.
The Committee on Corporations, reported
pace n. c.ieo iteiating to corporations, when
the bill wa ordered to be read a third time on
Tuesday neaa.
The House then took a recess.
Domestic Ddtiu. A knowledge of domestic
duties is beyond all price to a women. . Every
one of our sex ought to know how to lew, and
knit, and mend, aud coik, and superintend a
honsehold. In every situation of life, high or
low, this sort of knowledge is of great advan
tage. There is no necessity that tbe gaining of
sues iniormation should mtenere with in-
tiilectual acquirement or elegant accomrllsh-
ment A well regulated mind can find time to
attend to all. When a girl Is nlpe or ten years
bid, she sbould be accustomed to take some reg
ular (bar la hoeehold duties, and to feel re
sponsible for the manner lu which her part is per
formed, such as her own mending, washing the
cops and putting them in place, cleaning silver,
or dusting and arranging- tbe parlor. This
should not be done occasionally, and neglected
whenever she feels It convenient: she sbould
consider it ber department. Wnen older than
twet-" irl ahould begin to take turns in super.
fnw J tho household, making puddings, pies,
cake, 4ti to learn effectually to do these things
and not stand and see others
Mrs. Child.
IT The community of Maury county, Ten
nessee, hav been ubotd to a wholesale
iwlndl by 8am. Jonei, Deputy Sheriff, who ab
sconded on tb suth or January, with over one
hundred thousand dollars.. The Louisville
Journal saysi '-' 1 N- 1 -
Tbe means adopted by the swindler were very
novel and deliberate, He forged judgments up
on good men in the county, nd sold ' them to
capitalists at a discount ot twenty-five per
cent., at tbe lame time agreeing to colleot
them witho.it charge.' ne was engaged for
several weeks in selling these fictitious judg.
menti. Shortly before be left, he also borrowed
moaty from several parties. . '
Joins abandoned a wife and six children, No
clue ba been obtained to the direction be bas
taken. The fraud, indeed, wa not discovered
nntll he bod been gone three days. - .'
Tb unanimous tpproval by fho railroad rep
resentatives recently assembled at Washington
of the Crittenden plan of compromise, is a tes
timonial mors valuable than any from partlzan
sources, to tbe Justice and equity of that mode of
adjustment. - Composed as tbe meeting wa or
th ablest business men from many different
State, largely acquainted with public senti
ment, it unanimous expression gives Impor
tance to th opinions embodied jn the resolu
tions, and ahould bar a good influence upon
Coogret aod the country. Journal Cmmerei.
There ar In th Penitentiary at Frankfort.
Kentucky, three hundred Kod sixteen cosvict.
of whom twenty two are Degrees. ' Th term of
lghty-ssven convict will expire during tb
prBn$ yean :' i:;
' A Not roa th Abolitionists The Colum
bus (Ga.) JSsjuirer bas the following: ;
We loam that Joe Clark, a colored barber of
this city, bos written a letter to Governor
Brown, offering to raise a company, of free
colored men to be enlisted In tbe service of tbe
State of Georgia in the present crisis, What
ever may be thought of the policy ot enlisting
soldiers of tbat cast, the offer is a patriotic one,
Yanii nnoht til nhnw the "Dhllanthrorjhiata" of the
hNorth tbat the free colored population of the
uSouth do not appreciate their efforts in behalf
or tbe Negro race. Joe served in tne inaian
lir. t 1 QIC J 1 1 1 1 It m n...BlAn.ll ftin. m
wound received in that campaign. .
Fort Monroi. Fort Monroe, which is In
tended to defend. Norfolk, Va., Is the largest
in the CJuutry. Tbe wall arc more than a
mile In circuit, very thick and high, surround
ed by a moat which is from 50 to 100 feet wide
with 8 feet of water, drawbridges and outer bat
teries. .. It mounts some 300 heavy guns, has
mortars for throwing sholle, furnaces for beat
ing balls, d&o. Tbe wails inclose some seven
ty-five seres. In tbe center Is the parade
ground, and all around are quarters for the
troops. Live oak and other trees make it very
pleasant in summer. Outside the moat Is fine
walk, with a view of the sea.
Tux Slave Trade The prompt and nnan
imous action of the Georgia Convention in on-
position to this trafQo, completely put to flight
all the slanders and ingenious theories ot se
cession that hav been so Industriously promul
gated bv the northern Black Republican press
It completely takes the wind out of their sails,
and deprives them of a moat potent argument
they have beeo using to Influence the Euro
pean mind against the South. We have no
doubt this action of tha Convention will meet
the approval of nineteen-twentieth) of the peo
ple of theState. Savanah Rtp. Jan, 24.
The Chines Rebellion.- Tbe rebels con
tinue to occupy all the country around Sbang
hffi, and at the latest dates wore near the city.
i nere can De no danger to our countrymen
there at present as tha allies hare a large force
there now, and which will soon be Increased by
two thontand French troops. Trade, however,
cannot be as usual tbero under existing cir
cumstances. At present there appears to be
out utile nopeoi a better state ot things until
the tebela are expelled, or they acquire posses
sion ot snangcte. xn tne latter event baDDCn-
Ing, one third of the empire, now under rulo of
tne rebels would be opened to trade. ,
.mii a i '
Mondav, February fourth is tha time-fixed
for tbe meeting of delegates from the aeoeeding
States, to organize a Southern confederacy, Tbe
same day bas been chosen tor the meeting of
Commissioners from such of the States as re
spocd so th call of Virginia, for a oonlerenc
to save tbe Union. Tbe day will tuns be me
morable in a double sense- How few of our
people appreciate tbe importance of the events
tnu rapidly pressing upon each other. Journal
oj vom. . i i ,
The War in the East. Tbe Persians have
been for some time carrying on a war with the
Turkomans, end were generally successful
against those predatory and warlike people.
But it appear tbat tbe Persian army, 60,000
strong, unaer uaczt wuzx, nas sustained a ter
rible defeat, and tbe army was totally routed
alter mucn aiangnter. The particulars ot tbe
affair have not any further transpired Tbe re
port a far a given come in letters to '.his
country from Constantinople
Tbe fort at Ship Island, Mississippi, some
twelve miles from Biloxl, waa taken possession
oi on tne num nit., oy Uaptaln Howard, and
aoout nity men Irom Biloxi. Tbere were at
tne lort several United states officers and about
fifty laborers, who offered no resistance This
is tbe only fort In Mississippi, and was designed
to be one of tbe strongest on the Southern
coast. .
test vote, savs the1 Vicksbunr IVhio. nf
Jan. 24th, was taken lu the MisaiasiDoi State
Convention on Friday last, upon the question of
lorever excluding the non siaveholdlog States
irom any uuion wnicn mignt be lormed by the
seceding States. It was, unon a motion or
Judge tjtbolson, of Monroe, to prescribe the new
Union within siaveholdlog limits. Tbe vote
stood ayes 23, nays 67. .a..
The citizen of Gloucester. Mass . were
astonished, oh Monday morning. Jan. 28th. at
eeeicg a large Palmetto flag waving over old
fort Defiance. The revenue cutter lu the har
bor cent a boat's crew wbo cut it down. Tber
said to be over thirty-thousand barrel of
mackerel stored in Oloucester, wailing lale, the
southern market for fish being closed. ,
It It staled that from the free Statea alr,n
petition containing tbe name? of three hundred
thousand citisen have been received in both
Houses of ConeresB. urging an arrangement on
the basis of Mr Crittenden's resolutions. What
the response? "Stand firm!" ('No com
promiseno concessions to the slave power no
backing down "Whip them, aye, whip them
mm Buujcc.iuo. .
' It is reported that Major Anderson ha de
termined to allow the wires and famllci of th
soldier under hi command to b removed
to New York. A the men have been unable
to receive any pay from the South Carolina
sud 1 reasury, they cannot well support these
- .
The number of emigrants to this country
! TOrn tnn mn . . . J
ui xovv was auo.uuu m round numbers, or whom
47,000 were from Ireland, and 37.000 from Ger
many. The Irish emigration now exceeds the
uerman. ine emigrants brought with them
to tnis country nearly eight milUom of dollar
Tbe failure of Pierce Bros. & Flander.
ury ptu looDPie, in rranxiin treet, Boston,
iur ioi,uuu, was announced on mondav, Jan
28th. .
During our visit to Lowell we were shown
tnroognthe Labratofyof our celebrated) coun
tryman.-ur. j. u. ATI. Scarcely could we
have bolieved without proof what Is seen there
oeyono disputing.
Thev make a barrel of solid Pilln. ahnut 15..
000 doses, and three barrel of Cherry Peotoral
120,000 dotes, per diem. To what en Incon
ceivable amount of human (offering does this
point! 170,000 doses a day ! 5 Fifty millions of
aosea per year::! w nat acre and thousands of
acres or sick beds does this spread befor tb
immagioation ! And what svmnathles and woe!
True, not all of this I taken by tbe very tick,
bnt alas, much of it Is. This Cherry Dron and
this sugared Pill are to be tb oompaulon of
pain and anguish and sinking sorrow tbe in
heritance our mother Ev bequeathed to the
wnoie lamtiy or man. Here tbe infant darling
ba been touched too early by the blight which
wither half out taoe. It little lunsa are af
fected, and'only watching and waiting shall tell
whiah way It breath shall turn. This red drop
on us taoieiBtne tausman on 'which Its I HI
. , , l m, ..... , ...
ru nang.- a nere tne Diossom ot tb world,
fttflt bursting into womanhood, I stricken also.
Affection's most assiduous car avails not, she
Is atllltfdiog away. Th wan messenger comes
nearer and nearer every week. This little med
icament shall go there, their last, perhaps tbeir
only hope, The strong man ha planted in hi
vital this same disease. This red dron bv hi
side I helping him wrestle with the Inexorable
enemyf tbe wife of tils bosom and th cherubs
of bis heart are waiting In sick sorrow and fear
lest th rod on which they lean la this world, be
O, Doctor! Spare no skill, hot cott, nor toll
to give the perishing sick the best that human
art can give. uaiveton,.iexai, JVrte. "
I Holleway' Pill and OIntnt. '
rutCRisv. Do you wish to curtail vour medi
oal expense and retain sound health! Use
tbes medicines they aro adapted to every
disease for all Inflammatory affection of the
cnesi, ss piurisy,- asthma, bronchitis, coughs,
colds, &o, Tbe sanativ properties of tbe
uintment hav never been r questioned br all
wbo have used it tbe Pill materially expedite
th operation of the Ointment; Sold bv all
Druggists, at 25., 63a., and 1 per box or pot.
r, . ; ,-i To Consumptive.
r. :. . . --
t Every sufferer from CONSUMPTION In
whatever (tag, should try Dr. Half BAL
SAM, and prore to their own aatUfaoilon that
this dlscas ean be curtd, even if th ivmctoma!
are very discouraging This medlcipe apt Ilk
charm in subduing tbe uoogb, and restofle"
health to th whole system. "
'.. LoisofBletp
If tbere Is anv thine mere Ai.lni, ,A k.n
mind and body than loss of sleep, or if any diffl
culty or disease can be- oftner traced to other
than loss of sleep, tben experience has lost its
puwer, ur uiuuey omim, tne great English
Physiologist, is not to be relied upon. Of this
!?' xPerlene of thousands answer, and try
the Tola Anodyne, and they will be ready to en
dorse the remark of one of the friends of tbe
proprietors, who writes, "were the directions to
be covered with sovereigns to purchase, I would
ir. w"oou' ln'S an will experience by
phleta' adMllement, and cll for pam'
Why will you Delay!
Wo are sorry to have to rcoord tbe faot, but
there are persona who will suffer on day by
doy, month after month, and year after year,
with diseases, when their friends and neigh
bors have been cured of the same malady tbat
afflict them by a certain remedy. Now, it has
been proved by substantial evidence that Ken
nedy't Medical Diicovery will cure tbe worst
cases of Sorofula, Canker, Rheumatism, Neu
ralgia, &c-i yet Btill there are those who will
neglect this sure and valuable remedy. To
such we say, try the Discovery and be convinced.
Tho Premium Horse for Sale. .
. OA" HORBU, CHABXIB, is offered for le.
Thl Hone la four year old, a dark bay color, and wa
lied by th eelckratrd
He Is souod and perfect In eycry particular.
Regarding th merit of th Hone, I am permitted to'
rcior am louornng gaautmins uavid Taylor, m.,
Robert Neil, X,q B. Kerlm, K,q., Col. N. Straontoo,
U. 8. Hotel; Dr. J. Williams, Clark of tha Burs !) .
putmentof the Board of Agriculture) J3. M. William.
W. William. J. O'D. Btonlck, Esqia.; W. A. Piatt,
Esq., Ktat Home Commiulonar: A P. fltnna. Tr.rir.
erof State; B. U. Deary. Kn.il. O. Baamr. Proiacu "
tins AttorDy;Ool. N. II. Swijrnt, Hon. O. U. Parsons,
Fits J. Uaithaa-a, Judge Superior Court; Joseph Hol
lenback, Sr. Akin, Uoodal Home; lion. Sua Gallo
way, A W. Dalson. Buckeia llouia- Hon. J. fSlnt
Col. Northrop, L. K. Wilson.
n or particular eall on the (nbscrlber, at hi Boap !tj '
lory, foot of Vrltnd ttreet, Oolumbui, Ohio,
febl-dl 11ENBV KUllIQH, Proprietor, '
Sheriffs Sale.
AUr L. Backus )
-vs. l superior Court.
Wm. Burdell
to m directed from the BnDeriorOnnrt nf Vi-.ni, tit.
county Ohio, I will oHer for sal atjth door of th Court
own iu iik cii- oi uoiumtmton .
Saturday, the 9ih day of. March, A. D'., 1861 ;
between th bonrs of 10 o'clock A. if. and t o'clock P.
M., th following real estat innate lu th county of
Pr.nklin andiStat of Ohio to wit: fienlnninir atth. .w .
corner of toe tfj I i of Wm r"iv:i l iltl.m to th airy
of Oolumbv,; thence with th 8. line of said lot, North
79X Kasttoastakeln said line, 33 64-100 feet dutant '
from th S. E- eorner of said lot No. IS; thence at right
angle to west lin of Stat arenne, South 46iwratto
margin 01 nciuio rircr a. towwtter mark; thence np the
margin of Mid Scioto river at low water mark to th beginning-.
Appraised at U5 CO,
O. W. HUFFMAN, Bhtrlff.
febl-lldttlw. By Bo. Davis, Pep'ty
Printer' feet, t 50. .
to tb Olio Faasra ImraiKCa Cdk,t at Vut.
Held. Uedina oonoty, Ohio, for the prompt adj tutmcot aad
payment by the hand ofJ V. K. Seeley, agent, of my has
umiucu ur sro so tne morning oi January ath 1801.
I also takt pleasure la announcing In tht, mis
tier to th tiublic. and would nenmmond aald (loin
pany to th Farmer of Ohio, as worthy of thalr eotia
denceand patronage.
Mifflin, Jan. S3. It61, -.
Catarrh! Catarrh! Catarrh! Catarrh!
What it it? How cured?
Thousands of.parsont suffer all aorta of aandtanca
from Catarrh. Host peopl know what Itslncatavtnlnca
and result, an, yet but few know how It can be cured.
It la simply a fhronlo Irritation, and often entaMtsMu
offollioles and consequent thickening of the mucous
membrane, lining the nasal oaylttta, frontal sinuses, at0
sometimes extending Into th throat and lungs. From
this result tightness and often vertigo of the head, ob- '
structcd nose, or a profuse Dow of mucoi, loss of smell,
nasal vole, and often Impaired bearing and last .
The old school remedies bar never been able to do as v
thing for It. Nasal injections and inhalations ail I
painful and axpeniiv aa they generally an worthless
Tet BuMraasv's CATAJtaa . (ncinc, a simple Sugar
PlU taken two or three times a day, promptly sure tb
milder cases; cures at once all colds In th bead, and rad
ically cures, by perse wring use. the most obstinate oasts,
a Is proved by th experience of hundreds.
Price with full dliaotlons 50 cents per box. .
lent by mall or txpmt, free of charge, en roelj tcf
the price. Address.. .
Da. F. HUHPHRBT8 as CO., '
. , No. 569 Broadway, New Tork '
Bold by R0BBRT8 k 8AHOB1 .
Wholesale and Retail Druggist. 24 N. Hlrhairett.
o. m. BAtnuaii at CO.,
85 B. High street, Columbus, 0.
For all THROAT and
luvrta coinpi.AiFfTs,
inclndlna; WHOOPING
COVJOH, and. every
Uompialsn tbe irraa
ner of, and even actual
nral OPIATE, adapted .
to every specie of Ner
vous Complainta, Ner-
ou and Chronic
Headache, sthenms.
tlam, Catarrh, Tooth
and Ear-Ache, I.oa) off
Sleep, and Uovwel Com
No ral Justice can be done the above preparation
but by procuring and reading deKrlpUTpampblt.;
be found with all dealer, or will be sent by Proprietor
on demand. Formula and trial Bottle sent to Physi
clan, who will find derelopments In both worthy their
acceptance and approTal.
Correspondence ollclted from all whose necessities or
curiosity prompt, to a trial ot th above reliable Men
die. - .
For sal by the usual wholesale and retail dealer '
Ho. 9 Commsrelal Wharf, Boston, Kss. . '
Bobert 4c Bmnuel, N. B, Msrple, J. B. Oook, t. U
?nfng,iK-enJ?l,. br"' A' J' 'buller A Bon. Agent
for Oolumba, Ohio. mvl.Slr
T . '
invirAT'S tire PILLS. -la
all case of eoatlvtness, dyspepsia, billion aad llret'
affections, piles, rheumatism, fevers and agues, obsU
nate head aches, and all general derangement of health
the Pills have Invariably proved a oercala and speedy,
remedy. A tingle trial will plaoe tb life Pills boyonrt -the
reach of competition In the estimation of every ra
Sr. Moffat's Phoenix Bitters will b found equally f
tcaciout In all case of nemos debility, dyspepsia, bead
ache, tbs ttcknen incident to females in delicate health,,
and erery kind of weakness of th digestif rgan.
For sale by Br. W. B. klOFFAT, 335, Broadway, H. !'
and by all Pragglila. my29-dwlf ,-
.mvnui mu VAUav, AAV U W
letter written by the Rev. 3. 8. Holm, patter ot ta
Plrrepolnt-8trt BaptUt Church, Brook)ya,N. I.,to
th Journal and UasMnger," CloelnnaU, O., aad spsaka' "
volumes In favor of that world-renowned nedlclss, Use.
WtWSLOW'a BooTttiaa iTan sa ftltn.rtan, Vmm M.
"We m an adrartlsmmt in your polumna ef Via t
Wikslow's BoOTame Brair. KnL,.u. r. .
iu ,.Tor oi a pawn. neaicme Derore In oar Ilf. batw.
feel oompelled to y to your readers that tkb I tt tw r ,
bug-ws Bay Titan it, akb i-ow it to w ail rr(
protmbljr ODaortho most swfui mod"
olne. of the day. becauM It u od of the bestTod Um -of
yonr readers who bay bsUes can't da battar th.. .
layinasnpply.r' , ecK7:Iyd7,. ,
. THE AITIEUICAN . . ,: , .. .
This book contains Xeoelpte and iHrectlon ft ma
king all tbe most valuabl Uedlcal preparation tn m- " ,
also Recipes and full and explicit direction for maiin .
ill th tnnaft snAnn ltf tnrl naafrtl af1u.uu a
Unguents, Hair Restoratives, anl all Toilet Articles. If "
- - 1 .. vajnsaanjuiTxia r srrin rntrtt.
yoa ar suffering with any ehronle dlsee--U yea with
beautiful complexion, a fin head of hair, a smooth face.
w lam, m luaiinaui nam or mouatcnor If yot -'
With to know any thing and tvarr thing la tb Uedlcal '
and Toltet Una, yoa ahould by all means perns oe y :
-. r.w ana raupis W in
Wrk for pewwil, tfl-eej address Uiepobllsher,. '.
oe"t:d3m . No. Wl Bwadway, NewTorki-..,

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