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'.V7 ft.!,- A () .t. V.iii.v.V'X?,K"r
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VOL. VII. NO. 206.
-- - Iamltbly la A4Tts:ijS
; ivi
, .i-c-
OCT Offlo Dot. 86, 88 and 40, Vorth High It.
uaiiy " ,T " ."" $3 00 piff.
joy uit) burior, per w,
trl-WejVl? . . . .
lt ntt.
S 00 per yr.
1 00 . "
- ,7,u at. AdrertUlnff Sqr
' --..-.HI1!18 li'i...$20 00
' ia " l-uiu..Ui 10 00
54 M t f won tin 15 1)0
.... Jd , " , 3 monthf 10 0
1 )ue ' . Smontht.HOO
""in."" I month. 5 00
One iqur 1 wk. .4 00
Out " 8weck..3C0
One " 1 week.., 175
One " 3d&yt... 1 00
One . " 2dyi ... 73
One " 1 lmertlon 60
ball more tbsn the of
AdmrtUemenU leeded nd placed In the eolnmnof
ilr.srll Notlcei," aoutilt ina ordinary ram.
t'Ad uUci required to be pnbliehedby lew, legmlretei.
. r 11 orrtfu'd on the InaldeexcluslTcly after tbeflret week
IV ''' per cent, more thin the shore ratei; but all uch wil
-1 1pmr In the Trl-Weeklj without eharge. .
.-.-.. byeineHCanle, not exceeding flrellnH, per rear, In
1 il !, 42 50 per line; outside vl.
Notloes of meetlngi, charitable ocletlei.nre oompanlet,
IIU, hall prlre. 1 , , , ,
iw All trantltnt adttrHtemmU mutt M paidor In
. .'"j'twirMSe T.e rule will not beriedfrem.
Weekly, name price as the Dally, where the adrertlMi
eithe Weekly alone. Where 'h Dally an4 Weekly
a re both uied, then the charge It the Weekly will
' 'oil the rales ol the Dally . , m , .
No advertisement taken except for a definite period.
, j, , CoruerNprlnu V Wntor4.
.W. . B. ' POTTS & CO,
And Maauractarere of Bran and Composition Oaittnga,
klnUhtd Brut Work of all Deaorlptloni.
:1 Electro Plating and Gilding ! !
-4 1 t
J iiae of Dentinal, and fTorlnDr. B. with tbflr
patroDage amy rely ou havlnft aatltfaotloD gtrea. The
." fee will oe required en the completion of an operation,
i -0oi four Doors North of the American Hotel, over
' 1 lludliiU'f Hat Store. - , ,
;j Ootumbut Jan.'7-dly "
. F. A. E. 8HIKIS8,
VrLttor jxo-y txt Law
Oflloe Aai'o;'i Duildlig, opposite Capitol gqnars. 1
r--..', . . , ooLTjMBPH. omo;
;V Machine Mancfacturing Company
WJ Teat " o o a ujet i at o lranL.y
v .ii " Outtlnzt, KlIl-aMring,
ct l! I )'
i . H..llirortciT
- '...'ii: . or (mr Diaciimo. . . .!
y'., .... . COliUPlBCS, OHIOi
OKAS. AM BOB, Bap'i P. AMBOS,;Trtu.
deoll, 18i8-tf r
: . '
Winter Arrangement.
Little Miami Columbus & Xenia
For Cinoin&ati, Dayton St Indianapolia!
Through to IndianaDolis without Change of Cara
. and but One Change of Cars between
Columbus and St. Louis, ' ;.
v.. . -v BUS. '
(Dally, tlondaye exeepted.) ' -
NIQHT XXPRK83. via Dayton, at B:K a. m
nln at London. Xanla. Davtun. Uiddletown and Hamll.
i soa, arrlYlng at Cincinnati at 6:20 a. m.; Dayton t5:
a. B., Iwlttnopolli at 10:a a.m.irt. Louis at 11 SO
A000MM0DATI0N, St 0:10 a. m., stopping at all Bta
tlons between Oolombus and Cincinnati and Dayton, ar
rlTing at Cincinnati 11:08 a. m., Dayton at 9: 15 a. m.,
dlanopollsafS;!Bp. tn. .
. . THIRD TRAIN., ; .
' VAT IXPBKSa.ot S:30p. m., stopping 'at Alton,
Jefferson, London, Charleston, Cedarrllle, Xenla,
Spring Valley, Oorwln, Morrow. Desrfleld, Foster's.
Loreland, Hllirordand Plainville, arriving at Cincin
nati at 7:50 p. ra.; Bt. Loula at 18 a; Dayton at 5:33 p,
sa.j IsdUoopolUat 10:33 p. m.
Bloepinv Cara en all Nlflil Train l
Cinclnnatt and Indianapolis;.
-.' Si u... ,. ' '
f-...- -
for further reformation and Through Tickets, apply
Ticket Agent, Union Depot. Columbus, Ohio,
t . Haperlntendent, Cincinnati.
j13; . r ' ' 1 Agent, Oolnmbns,
-Inst Recolvedl ( ,;
lAAirr.' cii recp and black
llU TftlAS 1(10 bags prim Rio Conn.
1 60 peck eu old Dutch Qovernmenl Java Coffee.
M bsgsOeyloB OoSee. ( , i ." . k- -' '
' JOObbls. standard White Bngars, consisting of Pow
" dred.Ohrushed, Oranulated A and B Coffee, ,.
. 0 .nlntalsOeorgeBsnk Codfish.
.ObWe. Moss and No. 1 Mackerel. " ' "
tltos. Pick Balmon. . ; m l
100 bx. Layer Raisins.
ftO hf. box do do '
100 qr. box do ' d. ' M vi . . ,.
100 11 Clgari, different brands and grades.
ot - WM. McDONALP.
CIGARS, ' " ''' '
S0BA000. ' r .1
.SSIT3 JI !NS" nd iasoit Vktiolkb
Ko. 11 Faat State) Street, bolween High and
tn rost'Umce.Lioiuabus. unw. " . ooi:uum
GOLDRN I1II L, SlflHTSy , i .i ......
The Mttera of these shins are new. The Dadlea. Tokes.
sleeves and bosoms are formed to fit (he penea with ease
and comfort. The mark upon each designating
Site assy ne reneu ou ns uuiug oorreot, and eaeasnirs
guaranteed well made,
constantly for sale at -novSe.
full.steokof all aoallttes
. - BAIN'4,1
No. SO South Blga street.
iwcv dress Sie-ks, ;t. ;,,....t ... . :
We ate now offering onr immense stock of fancy Tjresa
Bilks at erlcei less lam ever before offered In this cltv.
-' - rtNny uhhihb hilhs. ir- ,
The attention of the ladles of tills eity and vicinity
eolWrtted, as oar stock Is very select and complete la
graees oi.toesle In this line, - rsrsa nam,
imr i i- . ..Wo. MBoath High street
. . ; ,For Rleelieal Parpooaa,
Ties, from 'Uonded Warehouse " ...
iu nouin itigo siren.
Jjl of elegant qualities for Ladles also, Misses' Mitts
great variety at i vaui'P.
J 1
.; .... ' ! ; t . i . i i ' ' " i ' ; . ..-
... , ; ,i: j Of THH I ''.I "!..
M A. iai'MO.T'H'fB S 33
It is an old and reliable Democratic Journal, and, as a political paper, ba . . 1
Ko Snperior in Ohio or any other State!
n addition to ita politioal character, it is a first class newspaper, furnishing it readers with the
An epitome of the stirring events constantly occurring at home and abroad, and choice miiocl
laneoas selections. It also gives the latest and most reliable .
From all the prinoipal marts of Trade and Commerce. . : ' j .,
The Business Nan, the Mechanic, the Farmer and the Laborer
Will each find their tastea and interests consulted and attended to in the columns of
THH1 XV3D3DIS.XjY statesman.
During the session of Congress and the Ohio Legislature, the readers of the Weekly States
man will be furnished with a concise report of the doings of eaoh of those bodies.
During the past year, the circulation of the Wi uxr Statesman has increased very rapidly,
being now more than double what it was twelve months ego. It is our desire to extend its cir
culation, not only in Ohio, :'
But in all the States and Territories West of TJs !
In proportion as it is diffused among the people, its usefulness will be increased;' and we invite
our political and personal fnends to aid us in giving to the WmtT Statbsman
The Largest' Possible Circulation
Among the people. The price of the paper is so low that no Democrat need be without it ' r As
an inducement to friends to aid ns in increasing the circulation of the Wieklt Statesman, we
will give '
. To the person who will, by, the 1st day of January, 1861, send us the largest Club of yearly
subscribers, with the cash for the same; TWENTY DOLLARS to the person who sends us the
second largest Club of subscribers as aforesaid; TEN DOLLARS to the person who sends us
the third largest Club of subscribers as aforesaid; and to each person who sends ns a Club of
: i , ten yearly subscribers, with the cash for the same, we will send a copy of the
Weekly Statesman One Year without Charge!
' T Those who ore willing to compete for the Premiums,' or solioit subscribers for the States
man, can cut this Prospectus out of the paper and attach to it a strip of writing paper, on which
to record the names of all persons who may become subscribers. : . .
1 : manypenny & miller' '."
, , I . -l K ' . . v7 I , PVBIBHBB8 OHIO STATESMAN.
FOR ; .CLUBS !:!
i .
)S"o. 4 Grwynn Block.
TER GOODS, and invite the publle to Inspect
them. No such stock of Goods has ever been brought to
this market. The South, In consequence of the failure
of the grain crop, has not been able to purchase the us
ual quantity or ncn gooas, ana uis lacinasiorcea uie
Importers to tell them at publle auction. Oar buyer
(Mr. Btone) being In New York at these large sales, took
advantage of them, and we can and will Mil our goods
here, at less) than any one who purchased two weeks since,
paid for them In New York. Onr stock la complete In
every department of ' ' - - - "
t i"-" '. i PRINTED MERINOS,
Five Thausand Dollars Worth
1 ' Bought in' One Day,
At one ball the Coat of Importation.
LADIES' Fliks,
In all Varlelloa, of the Celebrated
. Planntatare of C. O. Gun-
v snorsj oc sop.
Hen's, Ladles and Children's Under Shirts and Drawers;
Ladles, Mlssss and cnildren'S Hosiery oi an kinus, in
Wool and Lamb's Wool; Fleecy Lined and Cotton U lores
nr vrv tnftlra.
I ALSO.; f.
I v
A cemplet aisortment , of all the usual varie-
tlM,0f i . v.Zl-MICA .:i t
LADIES' CLOTHS, !,- "...'rT-'' 'A
CAS3IMEKC3, ' ' . ,,
... , TWEEDS.
FLANNELS, 1 ' ' '
, , RIBBONS, '! '
Ladies and Gent. Linen Cambric Hand-
.!-:.! kercbiefi, do.; &o. '
. - T Vf '
To' persons who call en as, we nledie our words to
show then the largest, best and ones peat stock of Ooods
ever seen In this market, oc pay them one dollar per
hour while looking. , ' .,
deol-fliyxtaviiw.' r " btonb a O'HAKRA. l
. - ,i
Importers and Wholesale Dealers m
Brandies,; Wine, Gini and
beg leave ta sail the eturattoa of the eltliens of the Uni
ted States to their Pure Wines and Liquors, pat up un
der their own supervision, lor seamy ana meaieai wse.
In saaea assorted U suit customers. .Clubs. Military tnd
other pabllo bodies, who require to pwohase in large or
small quanUties, la casks or bottles, will be liberally
dealt with. Prke List sent oa application
i Hjuonaundad hv the first ohvstdens as she best
dy known for Dyspepsia, Indigestion, DeMllty, ,snd all
nervoBS diseases. A I a nercragv, n is vara, .nun
some, and da lido US to the taste. Bold by all Druggists
; WM. B. MORBIICUBB fc CO., Prop'rs,
Sis 5 Bxcaaag riacav it
! t Jersey City, kt.i '
;P.i. The itttJctWrg i,h to engage a few active
seen, as Local and Traveling Agents for their house, to
wnom iinem inauoeuenu will be offered, Vor partis
aiars, aa.ira boot. ; t , - oeutHiim
AND Mlt.at vaiass IM
JL1 sew styles;
aRlbkoa Bond, Hxtenslen and In-
dlan Pans at
No, Bl Soath jih street
: ' 'Fire Insurance!
Fire & Life Insurance Go.
37 Cutis street. Liverpool. SO and 91 Poultry, London.
OOlce, So wall and Ul Fine streets, New York.
TE0MA8 HOODEB, Agent, Columhni, Ohio.
Paid np Capital, ffarplna
and Keeerved lands C,(KlfIi585
Invested In this Country over.. $00, (')O
leariy nevenue, over s,6UUUUU
in" The Bharcholders personally responsible for en
gagements of the Company. All 1 irecton must be Share
holders. , .......... i
Directors and Shareholders in New York:..' .
James Brown, Esq., Chairmin. , Vranoui Ooltenet, Esq.,
Deputy Chairman.
E. M. Archibald,!!. B. M. Consul. Eugene Datilh, Esq.
Joseph Qaillard, Jr., Esq 11. Urlnnell, Esq.
Alexander Usmilton. Jr., Esq. B. P. Bandsrsin,Esq.
ALU. IIaXiltoh. Jr., Esq.,
V 'l Counsel of the Boaid.
Altmo PrtL, Esq., Resident Becretary.
Local Board In Cincinnati:
N..W. Thomas. Esq. J. D.Jones, Esq. RufusKIng, Esq.
' Thompson Hears, Jtsq. Hob't Buchanan, Esq.
The nnderslgned, Agent in this city, will be hsnpy to
receive applications for Insurance In the above Company,
t -AT TUB 0IT7 BANK. '
lie tan recommend It with entire confidence to all desir
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No Charge for Policies.
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December, 18W). -- -
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JL BTORY HOUSE, No ICS, occupied tj Akin a Em-
oi y, Store Dealers, completely fitted with One. lurnie
and Hoisting Jack. ' The lot is 100 by 0, and If offered
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. . WM. B- BROWN,
JaTlT-dfel " ' - ' No. 33, North Third Street
Watcher and Jewelry.
A fine Assortment of dfatch
ies, Clocks, Jewelry, Silverware, lie., kept constant
yonhand af ' ' V, : " .
ii ..,! wrttwpitnTriir'a
- No. 185, ionth High Street, Columbus, Q.
ITT WatchMwd J,ir? repaired. (1
dect d3m.
GENTl.KITgKN'1 fii.VU. lh.r
The most desarahls axsurtmeatia the eity and alrninnl-
ly low prices., t.tr U. ' PsiTEBIAIN,
novl4. i .. Ho. 89 South High
Ei (Street Basques and Mantle,;, also. Rich Trlmmln
and Tawels toniaQh,t, Uili .t.w. aALN
i aaayS3 .T,"., ' j, hoM-f. J.i'l e ih itk h
i. 100 bbls, Choice Apples received oa eonilrmaeat
lor taie by Mcnnsi a hgbtibadz,
84 M. High street.
NAMES. The Ohio Statesman
i- i '
, i 1. L...., a A oil
Dallv. ner rear. ... ,..
I e ou
Irl Weekly, per .,.,..
3 UU
i to
Weekly, per yeai,-.".. ?,(
i it I V
Republican Policy.
"Touch it otTcntlv," (aid Pat standing be
fore tbs montn or oannoa ana supposing it
was only' primed, "Touso it off gently, and I'll
catch the ball in this basket." It was touched
off as gently as possible, bnt Pat and the basket
were never seen again, iuusug many oi tne
Republican leaders of thai present day blunder
along as they approach the terrible crisis of our
country's destiny. Tbey seem to think tbattbey
can manage the' explosive forces of human
passion and civil war, and pocket a net profit
npon the whole 'operation. Notwithstanding
the repeated declarations of Congressmen from
Southern States, notwithstanding the emphatic
declarations of a dozen' Gubernatorial messa
ges and the solemn acts and resolutions of a
majority of Southern Legislatures, notwith
standing a thousand unmistakable indications
of deep, strong, and unchangeable feeling in
the Southern Slates, a portion of the leaders
of the Republican party have gone on steadily
Ignoring all these portentous signs of the times
in a policy which they mutt bAve known, if
they bad capacity to understand the plainest
indications, would imperil the Union. Tbey
cooly rejected all propotltiors to unite upon
any recognized conservative national candi
date, and, while the bonds Ibat hold our
Union together were snapping under the strain,
they labored with zeal and power worthy of a
better cause to break asunder all the remain
ing links of Union by instilling into their fol
lowers the bitterest prejudice and hatred
against the slavebolding States. That infa
mous and vindictive libel written by the rene
gade Helper was circulated by the hundred
thousand as a campaign document of the Re
publican party, endorsed by some of its leading
After all this after deriding and depreciating
the power, tho character, and the resources ol
the Southern States, we should not perhaps, be
surprised at the votes cast by their dupes, but
we nave a rich' to expect . lrom tne leaders ol
the party a higher order of intelligence, whlcb
should rise above the tricks and deceptions of an
electioneering campaign and realize tbe true
condition of the country, since even their fol
lowers by hundreds of thousands have manifest
ed tbelr eager desire for an amicable and pat
riotic settlement of our national contest. We
are sorry to say, that, if such Intelligence ex
ists, it is very slow in coming forth to meet tho
crisis, if we are to judge from loading Republi
can newspapers. The paltry humbugs of the
late campaign are still kept op, until we are led
to doubt whether tbe language oi muoh of the
Republican press does not arise from such a nar
rowness of mind and ignorance of the people
ot tbe United States a utterly disqualify the
writers for the responaibilitlea ol political jour
nalism. We are tempted to believe that not a
very large portion of the Republican journalists
have sufficient knowledge of human nature or ol
the resources' and character of the Southern
States to make their opinions worth anything in
the present crisis.
' Just before the Presidential election we were
gravely assured by Mr. Oreely of tbe Tribune,
that the election of Lincoln would have a won
derfully quieting effect updp the country ; that it
would be Hk cil poured Upon the waters, and
would promptly remove all sectional excite-
ment. Not believlngG.reelejaltogcthar a fool,
we were compelled to suppose that he had
reconciled bis conscience to tbe necessity of
winning an election by transparently false
pretences. If be would now claim credit for
sincerity In that prediction, be would prove a
degree of ignorance or imbecility which would
excuse bis present transcende&t follies. . The
Tribunewtbe Times, and other leading Republi
oan papers are gravely urging thecoerciouoi all
tne teceaea states Dy an emoargo or Diocuaae,
which, they maintain, would gently switch
them back Into tbe Union without involving
tbe calamities of war or ioBicting any injury
upon tbe North Nay, they are even caloa
ting that air the commerce .of tho country
would be driven to Northern ports; that South
ern cotton would be sent North by land, and
that tbe Northern cities would make a band-
some speculation by thus playing gracefully
and daintily at the great game of war. To
such stuff as this, we would reply emphatically
gentlemen, unless yon are resolutely bent on
realizing all the horrors of war, you need not
deceive your readers any longer by auoh delus
ive assurances. If you know no better your
selves, If you really believe 1. hat your nice and
oomfortable calculations will be verified, and,
that tbe Southern States will succomb like mis
chievous children to a little fiigellation, we are
amazed at yonr tolly and can scarcely conceive
bow men of respectable . Intelligence on other
subjects could be so utterly deluded in refer
ence to this great questien. ; .
Can you for a moment doubt that the block
ado of tbe Southern States would be resisted by
all tbelr warlike energies ( surely jour parti
san prejudices have not wrought such self-deception.
Can you anticipate any other conse
quence than tbe annihilation of all American
commerce Dy privateers, except so tar as it
may be protected by the presence of men-of-war
T .':.:"..;'...!
Dou yon not plainly see that Northern manu
facturers would lose not only for a time but
perhaps forever their Southern market that
emigration to the North would be arrested by
the want of employment and by burdensome
taxes, and that the calamities ot war would ba
terribly realized by every inhabitant of the
Northern HtatesT . , ;., ,
If the nollcv of a deluded party should drive
the South into consolidated Union in defence of
its demanded rights, do you suppose that eleven
millions of as warlike population as tbe world
contains, laminar witn the, nee or arms and
oocopjing a country full of Innumerable strong
holds lurnisneaoy mature, wouia snriuk from a
war of invasion however desolate? That such
a war must produce immense suffering and de
vastation on both sides la self-evident; but to
anticipate the conquest of such a people at tbe
men of tbe South or to suppose that their proud
bearing and lofty spirit, could be lowered by any
such attempt at military ooeroion is but the do
lusion of a fanatic or the dream of a comfortable
crlbler who speculates at ease in his arm chair,
bnt knows nothing of tbe sternretlities of war.
You count npon tne macs, population as an
element of daneer and weakness only, fori et-
tlng, that, as agricultural laborers, they count
as euicicntiy in war as u tuey were in tne neia.
Perhaps you count upon the horrid policy of in
surrection If this enters largely into your es
timates you tre incapablo or prontlug by tbe
lesson which you might havt learned from the
failure of John Brown. . , .. .. ' . , ,, t
Do not. we pray yon, trine any laneon an
armed rebellion, converted Into unconquerable
revolut.on, proves that yon were mistaken in
all vour calculations auring tne late campaign
If vonr editorial language expresses your real
convictions, we assure you most solemnly that
vou Are still more mistaken now. . You know
that we nave laoorea wuu sent ana earnest
. . j ,,1. , . .
nets greater than jour own lor the preservation
of our glorious Union from perils wbjch you
have been so slow and so reluctant to recognize,
W speak to yon now plainly we cannot pol
ish our language and diminish Its force. : We
entreat you by your regard for our whole caua
rry, in all of which every citizen hits common
lDlCr(.BV IW l 11AO avust null AAAO V4'lBt
and to deludo jour readers no longer with the
rain hope that an, alternative remains but
prompt and manly conciliation, or wide-spread
ruin to our whole country.
:- We have doue nothing to bring on this crisis,
nnr have we expected to make any political
eanUal out of our country's misfortunes, ; We
kridrtM vou. Republican leaders, not as politi
elans, but io tbe name of humanity, in the
name of patriotism, when we ask you to forget,
as others havs done, the paltry Interests Of par
ty and give our country once more peace and
mosneritv. We need not repeat for the thous
andth time our expression of the conviction,
that the Southern Secessionists have aoted un
advisedly, rashly, flagrantly, acted in strange
and manifest disregard of the great interests
of tbelr own section and in violation of all loy
alty to the Constitution and the laws, but a
little calm and dispassionate reflection would
convince you that the sectional and aggressive
language and deeds of yourselves and your de
luded followers, continued and aireravattd
through a long series of years, conld in tbe na
ture ol tnings, have no other tendency than to
inflame and provoke the fiery spirits of the
South to such a course as tbey have taken.
You well know that wrong will generally be
rsviuged with wrong. Lwinille Journal,
Description of Niagara Falls Seventy Years Ago.
The following letter is taken' from the Co
lumbian Magazine for June, 1790, and is writ
ttn by Andrew Elliott, Esq., to Dr. Rush. ',
Dean Sir: Amornr the manv natural curios
ities which this country affords, the Cataract of
Niagara is incennlteiy tbe greatest. In order
to have a tolerable idea of this stunendous fall
of water, it will be necessary to conceive that
part of the country in which Lake Erie is situ
ated, to be elevated above Ibat wblch contains
Lako Ontario, about three hundred feet. Tbe
slope which separates tbe upper and lower coun
try is generally very sleep, and in many cases
almost perpendicular. It is formed by horizon
tal strata, of stone.a great part of which is what
we commonly call limeetone. Tho slope may
be traced from the north side of Lake Ontario,
near tbe bay of Toronto, (lie) round tbe west
end of tbe lake; thence its direction is general
ly east, between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie
it croesrs the strait of Niagara, and the Cue
neseco River, after which it becomes lost In
the conntry towards the Scncci Lako. It is to
thlsslopo that our ciuntry is indebted, both for
tbe Cataract of Niagara, and tbe Falls of tbe
The Cnraract of Niaeara was formerly down
at the northern side of the slope, near to that
place which Is now known by the name of tbe
landing: but from the creat leurth 'of tima ad
ded to the great quantity of water, and distance
wmcu it tans, tne solid stone is worn away, lor
about seven miles, un towards Lake Erie, and a
chasm is formed which no person can approach
wuDoui nnrror. uown this chasm the water
rushes with most astonishing velocity, after it
makes tbe great pitch. Ia going up the road
near the cbasm, the fancy is constantly engaged
in the contemplation of the most romantlo and
awful prospects Imaginable till at length tbe
ejo catches the Fulle ihe Imagination is In
stantly aroused, and jou admire in silenca! The
river Is about one hundred and thirty-five poles
wide, at the Falls, and the perpendicular pitch
one hundred and fifty feet. The fall of this
vast body of water produces a sound, which is
frequently heard at a distacco of twenty miles,
and a sensible tremulous motion in tho earth
for some poles round. A heavy fog or cloud
is constantly ascending from the Falls, in which
rainbows may always ba seen when the son
shines. Tnia fog or spray, in the winter season,
falls upon tbe neighboring trees, where it con
geals and produces a most beautiful chryf.tallne
nnABB AAA ' I ' I. i BAH.I. I. ..!, . ! . - L. I -
-uw. a ui. iciuars IB tu.Utt.uj oppiicauio
to the Falls of tbe Cbencteco.
The difficulty which would attend leveling the
rapids in the chasm, prevented my attempting
it; but I conjecture the water must descend at
least C5 lot tbe perpendicular pitch at the
cataract is 120 feet, to these add S3 feet, which
the water falls in the last half mile, Immediate
ly above the falls, ni we have 273 feet which
the water falls,- in a distance of about seven
miles and a half. - If either ducks or geese in
advertently allcht in the rapids above the great
cataract, they are incapable ot getting on the
wing again, and are instantly buriied to de
i There is one appearance at this cataract,
worthy of some attention, and which I do not
remember to have seen noted by any writer.
just Deiow tne great pitch, the water and roam
may be seen puffed up in spherical figures,
nearly as large as common cocks of bay, tbey
burst at the top, and project column of spray
to a prodigioos height, tbey then subside, and
are succeeded by others, whioh burst in like
niannner. This appearance it most conspicuous
about half way between tbe island that divides
tbe lulls and the west side of the strait, where
the largest columns of water descends;
Niagara, Dec. 10, 1789.
Christmas in Norway.
The followinc account of the Celebration of
Christmas In Norway occurs in a letter recent
ly received from an American lady now visit
ing that country. An extract from one of her
previous letters appeared in our columus some
weeks ago, and was widely copied: - .
"As lu moat or the mountain regions, old
customs and traditions have taken deeper root
nere ana require a longer .time to die out than
in any other countries; and In tbe interior of
Norway many distinct traces of Paganism and
ancient Catholicism are still to be found, es
pecially in the celebration ot Christmas, which
maybe said to. continue from Christmas eve
till two or threo days after New Year's,
though service is held in the churches on three
dajs only. Tbe dajs of the 'year consecrated
by the ancient Scandinavians to the cele
bratlon of their great Julo feast correspond ex
actly with our Christmas, whioh is sull called
by ns "Juul." A peculiar feature of their
celebration was the drinking of strong beer,
and when ineptrated to a suQioient de
gree, they fought as long as tbey wore able
to carry their sword and lance. The Juleol
(Christmas beer) and Juleksge (Christmas
cake) are still prepared, and in some plaoo
several superstitious signs and ceremonies are
observed to keep evil spirits away from the
homes. On the afternoon preceding Christmas
eve, when the church bells begin to "ring in tbe
feast" as we say all lay aside their work,
which Is not again resumed for several days.
Golden sheaves of corn are placed on the tops
of the bouses, or on long poles, that the birds
of heaven may share with ns in the abundance
of God's blessings. At dusk, children robed in
white, carrying illuminated stars of paper,' go
round from bouse to house, proclaiming the ad
vent of our Saviour. l' In the evening comes tbe
fuhristmas tree, loaded with presents for tbs dif
ferent members of the family, who gather round
the supper table to partake or the Kisengrvns-
grod, (boiled rice and milk) which Is as certain
to be found there as tbe turkey and plum pud
ding on your Thanksgiving Day dinner table.
Purine the days between Christmas and New
Year's, balls and other k!nds;of amusements ate
frequent.' ' ' 1 ' ' 1
Sherifl's ; Sale. 1
B.B. Bowman
vs. .
W. Slaughter el al.
! Superior Ooart.
to me directed from tho Superior Court of franklin
county, Ohio, I will oiler for sale on -
Thursday the 14th day of February, A. D. 1861,
at S o'clock P. M. In front of J. I. Bnoddy's Store, In
the village of Westervllle, Iranklin county, Ohio, tbe
following described property to wit: One bay horse, one
aorrell mare, one coil about two years old, and one red
and white steer, levld on as the property of P. Tabler.
u. w. uuvsJnAn. Bherlff.'i
febJ-lOtd ", ', . . ; by Ed. Davis, Deputy.
on the National Road, West ot Columbus, within
from two to fl.ro miles from the eity. The property will
be sold la lots to suit purchasers, and on favorable terms.
Apply 10 . . JUHH W. AHUHKWB, -,s
Jao10-d4W Agontfor JobnO. iiolloway.,
I-Ooluwihus, January 10.
book 33i2xrxmn
- And Blank-Book HanTifantttrer, ,
luri i-aiy , -.. .- - -. ..- i
FIENCI1 KID OliOVKSt t i . i
snvvnn vmni Awa
75 cent per pair, same as sold elsewhere for on
nar. rBifitt nam,
a oy9.4. Mo. S9 Bonth Illgh street
A compound remedy, designed to bo the n ot
effectual AUeratin that can be. made. It is
a concentrated extract of Para SarTOpntillii,
so combined with other substnnees .of Mill
greater alterative power as to afford an effec
tive antidote for tlio disease barsnparilla ii
reputed to cure. It w belittved that such a
remedy is wanted by thorn who suffer t orn
Strumous complaints, and tlint one which will
accomplish their cure roust prov? sf immense
service to this large class of our afflicted fellow-;
citizens. ' How completely this compound will"
do it has been proven by experiment on many
of the worst cases to bo found of the following
complaints: . -i . i.
Eiturxioss and Eitui'TivR Disearrs, Ui.cr.its,
1'lMI't.ES, Ur.OTCHF.S, Tl'MOIH, Sai.t Hiiru.m,
Scald Utah, Svrmi.m An Syphii.itio Af
fections, Mp.itccutAT. DistiASK, Dnoi'sr, N'r.f
1IA1.0IA ou Tic DouLouitticx, Dr.mf.tTT, Dys
pepsia AND iKUlOEMfOS, EltYSIl'nf.AS, lliOSB
on St. Anthony's Fine, and indeed tlio wtalr
class of complaints arising from Imsi'iiityI ov
THB l)r.don."'" '' -"B 1 f,.
This compound will bo found a grenfpro
motor of health, when tuken in the spring, to
expel the foul humors which fester in the
blood nt that mwil of the year, I5y tlio time
ly expulsion of them many rankling disorders
aro nlnped in the bud. Multitudes can, by
tho aid, of this remedy, spnre themselves fi-pm
the endurance of foul eruptions and ulcerous
tores, through which the system will utrivs to
rid itself of corruptions, if not assisted to do
this through the natural channels of die hotly
by an alterative medicine. CIciuto out ftia
vitiated blood whenever you iititl itshtipi.;itie
bursting through the skin in pimples, eruptions,
or sores; cleanse it when yo't lind it'w ob
structed and sluggish in the veins ; ck'im3 it
whenever it is foul, nud your feelings will tell
you when. Even where no particular disorder
is felt, people enjoy better health, and live
longer, for cleansing tho blood. Keep the
blood hcnlthy, and all ia well ; but with this
pabulum of life disordered, there can bo no
lasting health. Sooner or later something
must go wrong, and tho great machinery of
life is disordered or overthrown. , . '
Sarsnpaiilln ha3, nnd deserves much, the
reputation of accomplishing these ends, lint
tho world has been ogregiously deceived by
preparations of it, partly because the dru '
alono has not all tho virtue thut is claimed
for it, but moro because many preparation's
pretending to bs concentrated extracts of it,
contain but little of the virtue of Sarsaparillu,
or any thing else.
During Into years tlio public have been mil
led by large bottles, pretending to give a quart
of Extract of iSarsaparilla for one dollar, 2iot
of theso have been frauds upon the sick, for
they not only contain little, if nny, Sarsnpa
rilla, but often no curntive properties whatev
er. Hcucc, bitter and painful disappointment
has followed tlio use of the various extracts of
Sursiipuiilla which flood the market, until tho
name itself is justly despised, mid has become
synonymous with imposition and client. Still
we call this compound Sarsaparillu, end intend
. to supply such a remedy as d'.ibU rescue :hu
urae from the load of obloquy which rerts
upon it. And wo think wc have ground far
believing it has virtues which nro irresistible
.by the ordinary riu of tho diseases it is intend
ed to cure. Ii: order to secure their complete
eradication from the system, the rctnedy slio'.Ud
bo judiciously t..kcu uccording to directions on
the bottle. ' 1 ' " "
DR. J. C. AYEIi & CO.
Price, $1 per Bottles. Six Uotllcs tor $5.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral i
has won for itself such n renown for tho cure of
every variety of Throat and Lnnir Compbiitit, tlint
it is entirely unnecessary for us to recount tlio
evidence of ils virtue', wlicrovcr it has been cai,
ployed. As it lias long been iu constant iiio
throughout this serilon, we need not do more than
assure tbs people its fluidity is kept up to tlio best
it ever has been, mi that it may be relied on to
do for their relief all it has over been tumid to do.
Aycr-s , Cathartic Pills,
roa the cure or
Cosliveacss, Jaundice, Diyeisia, huliyettion,
Dieiileiy, I'm! Sfnmacfi, l.'risipclr.s, Ihailacie,
Pilci, Wieumatism, l'l iipiimnandSki Diseases,
Liver Complaint, l))-ojfiJ, Titles, . Tumor) and
Salt Wtenui, Vorm.i, .Gout, Xaralia, at a
Dinner Pill, aud for Purifying t!i Sloml'. . , j
Th-y are sngnr-contod, so tlint tho most ncnsl-j
tive can take ttirm Jil.risnitlv, and tbey arc Hie,
best nporicHt in the twi-M fur nil tho pm-poiei of a
family physic. ' .' - i.
Pries S3 cont 3 per Sax ; Flvo boxes for $1.00.
Great numbers of Clergymen, Physicians, States
men, 'and eminent personages, hnre lent their
names to eertify Uie uuiwrallcletLuscfulnesa of these
remedied, but our sjjsuc hero will not permit the
Insertion of them, The Agents below named fur.
nish gratis' our Amchican Almanac in which they
aregiv-n? with also full descriptions of the nh'nve
complaints, n ml the treatment that should be fl-1
lowed for their chi p, " ' .-
Do not bo put off by unprincipled denlers with
other - preparations lliey make moro profit nn.
Demand Ayf.u's, and tiita na others. The sick
want the best aid there is for Litem, and tbey jlimilil
have it, . ,
All our remedies are fur sale by
And bv Drugglstsand Dealers everywhere.
-.1 ..... . , Y.
7 H R
Than any other paper In Ohio, outside of Cincinnati
Offers Facilities lor Advertising
,i Which CAIINOT ,IAIL to bring s
Kneed y and Remuncratlwe Return
' To those who take advantage of them.
Distributed ai It la through every Post Office In Ohio,
Beaches a Large Class of Headers
Whose patronage Is valuable, and who aetdoni see the
' Dally Bdltloiuj of city Journals; and as only
A Limited Number of Advertisements
Aro Inserted In Its columns, appoprtately and
' Tngv oa tutor van, to ' '"' '
ZSLttrnot Attexitlox
iinj i"i;u o'Atir' ""'- ' '' ' '
Advertising in the WEEKLt BTATEBMASwHl, fln
j-'. r: It s4vmntjyioui to :.0- ,3-,-!.!,!
Which Is almost certain to follow an oxtenalv tlssemla
; ' l' atlon of i knowltdg pf their business' ,',
,. -. . ' ' . - r ' i'v).u'
Tlio "Weekly, Btatemai
a t Should bs banded In before f rlo nooa.j
Democratic Printing Oflloe, located in a nourishing
town In 8oeth.ro Ohio, ia for aale upon good terms.
a good Printer, who can give su liable references, a good
openlnlng Is offered.
Addeec Editor Statesman, Cotumbus. Ohio.
Jan. 3-dlw
1 V g . i.ri ei. .eg-!,
- 1 . .. . o j..r aUdA'g
! ' " jl .8 .-. 2ts H
a cd 1 B ''''"'H i-sit!, a
t . -t- Pi , l EC- -S . . 5
H . jj -.. , a - , p: . j i jjj tjv
g , g Tj,W,M.9..X
JJ w . 13 .-q
"!; P-4 ' '- ,' i.O I i ftt.nv
aj '-' '-' ," 9 '' b;j-v It f. a .-;
.U Q Hula ft, faa.D.u.aM.
' ..:. s, i ,.,.. ,. ... p -h
, ETI 1NTITI AIT OTTOS to torn of tb
traordlnsryennebymy ' t c-
- 'PECTCJSALj syrup.-
They are at home, and an ana vhn has Annkta -
4alre ol tb perron who hare beaa caml by It. i
DR. KBV8ER IS PRIP.ncn ar lir tui m
ATTIND TO TOtJB COLDS case of flvo years'
tending oared by DR. KB If BUR'S PECTORAL BYRCf .
Da. Ksrsu : Mr wife- bast hsms afllataA aHih a h.4
cough and difficulty of breathing, (or flvo or eta years,
which, for several years back, had gradually increased in
vui.uu.. ineeompiaininao been BSiMKarr, sad she
ut rMed D veral physicians without any ro-
..... .u -..- asr caae. x procure- sosno Of your
Pectoral Oough Bynip. I boaght, tbe first time, a fltty
cent bottle, which relieved her very much ; I then called
and got a dollar bottle, wblch oared her entirely, and
she has now no trace of the former disease, exeept weak
ness. I would also state that I imI the mtiM. ...
self to a eold and oough. t he snedlclne estred sue by tak
tog one aose 1 express my entire salisfartlon with the
medicine, nnd you are at liberty to publish this if son
desire to do so. , WM. WILSON.
" AldsmumPifthWart.
' aaa 5, ..-r-'fn.iJ 'J'. '
PiTTsaoaoa, Nov. 18, lBSB.
Da. Ksrsu Although not an Mau - p.,..t
Iledlrlnee, In general. It affords me o lessors InAaaeriba
bla to recommend your Pectoral Byrep.. As -t-int
It Is well worthy the sttentlon of any person he sasy la
any manner be afflicted with oonghs, eold, and hoarseness
of any hind, and for tho peculiar qaaUncatlona for re
moving all that disagreeable sensation attending a se
veresokl. ' . . .. . . .
1 have been, mors or less. In mw life, affee'ad with iba
severest of eoids and hoaisenese. At times my throat
would become aoclueed as to Dieveat savsneaklnv akon
a whisper, and by taking a few doeea of the above Syrup
I, .vuiu r.ii.T.Bwiinir,' . . ... w ..
In reoommendina this medicine. I Bast aahealtaUnal.
say that it lathe best remedy I ever found, purporting to
oars the above, nor should any family bau without this
remedy for diseases so prevalent. u r
Yours, most respectfully, 1 " ' -
' - i : BDWA&9 J. JuKSo, -t 'i i i
( Cuhier Clilieos' Cepo sit Bank.
STscaonrnua, 0., Atarch It. KB
- I have used Dr. Reiser's Cough Siruo for a bad aou.h
of several years stsndbi. and eon ebeerfoilv at M i.
the best medicine for the saiuo that 1 nave ever taken .
i. . i -.-aa u :-....:....
8YRUP. D. Ksvssa Dear Bin Bxcuao tba a-i a
my acknowledging the excellence ef your Pectoral Coaih
Byrup sooner. I take great pleasure in saying that it Is
all you say It Is. ' Itknodctdth notte out of my tovak
wvib. ... . wa. .nr anaiotca wun; x -nare not
used more than one-half of tho bottle, and I can and do
wish that all who are afflloted wonld eire it ai f.ir a u.i
as I have done, and they will bo proud to soy, "It as no -quack
medicine." I would not suffer snother such an
attack for any consideration, or at any cost, u I am con
fident I oan breathe mora freely than I evr did. I shall
always acknowledge a debt of grmUtudo forteventtngso
excellent a remedy. - Ten are at liberty to as my name
in tnss regard, as yon think proper H. P. PaZT
at-sKoger vommon Uouocll, rr.Ubunh, Pa. .
Plttbargh,Myll, l6tf. - i I,.-.,. 5..'."-,
N. B I am no atranger to my f.llow-elUiana.asd -who
entertain doubts can consult mepersonslly. '
. . u .- .,.-CittI.
"' PiTTSBtmos, April S4,i837.'
READ THE TBUTH. Dn. Anns; Ihavo a daugh
ter who has taken several medicines for a bad cough,
without benefit among them Ayer's 0 berry Pectoral.
I purchased from yen a bottle of yont PKCTOstAL
BYRUP, and before she had used half bottle aho was
relieved. Tho second bottle eared her entirelT nt h
cough. .. .. . , , JOUNDAJUif.-
Koblnson street, Allegheny.
-i l ...; ; r'.. -m-m .i ,i a. . .
PiTTsnoitOH, Drcomker, Jl, 1S5J.
BYRUP. I live In Peebles township, Allegheny county.
I had a ooaghlng and spitting, which oemnwnoed about
tne m or reoruary last, and continued eight months. I
employed tho best physicians In the eountn. aad.a.
cough continued unabated natll early In October. At
mat ume I was advissa to try your PBCTORAL COUGH
BYRUP, wblch did, and after 1 had taken no bottle I
was entirely free from tho oonghing and spitting. I had
despaired of aver getting well, and I ihlnk 11 should ko
known that this valuable restedy will do for others what
It has dono In my case. JOHN 0. LITTLE,
Witness B. At. Km. - Peebles towship.
' PaTTOM Tr., April 14. 1657.
: A WONDKRPUL CDR. Bomo tlma ao an M
neighbor ot mine was very 111, with a bad -oa.hwbiak
every one supposed to be consumption. Ills relaUvas
told mo that ho had taken every remedy lhy hoard of
without benefit; his brother came to see him die, and all
were oonfirmed In tbe belief that he could not lire. A
had aboal the third of a bottle- of yoar Pectoral Byrap.
which I gave bun, and It entirely cured him, to the uIao
ishmentof all. What makes tbe ease moro remarkable,
Is the extreme age of the man, he beiog about i(hcyyeaa
wiu, wti. iw unvt iu, rwwmana nil life.
7. i : J -, c::i v :vr :d a iOBHH QUillU. '
VILLB. Please send mo another supple of a m.-
ablo "Peotoral Byrup." Almost everybody around oa
has the cold and are inquiring for "Dr.Keysert Pectoral
nyrap." w e nave sola sixteen mmios tas week, and an
now entirely out. Air. A. Alter and Sir. p. kiaber, actb
of Bialrovlllo, Pa , tell no they would not bo without It
in their families, la fact, all who ass it anea aaat K
again. ' Yours, respectfully, '
January 30. 1860. .,..sn U
PEOTORAL BYRUP, I bad been troubled with aeough
and eold tor several weeks eo bad was It that I sou 14 not
sleep, 1 had the advice and prescriptions frata three of
the best physlclaasia the city, whom leeuldjuuU.bntdo
uos ua sa. a nuany proeurea a eottl. of roar Pectoral
Byrap, which aumd (
k cured me oaUralf. ' aimad; - --
J- tOt Liberty street, Pittsburgh, Pa , Jan. U, 1800,
STOP THATj00UGHraO."-'Howwni I do ttn 0o
to Keysor'son Wood Street and get a bottle of his Oough
Psctoial. and if that don't onto yont year oaos SMst be
desperate Indeed," This Is a specimen of the oollequy
one hears almost every day in eold eatcniag periods of
tho year. And we can, from actual experiment, shees
fully concur In the adviser's admonition as ebevo. for a
have Mod tho Psotoral," tn a asost siubborn ran, with
entire success. Near two weeks ago we went to Pittsbargb,
with one of the most distressing, contrary, mulish, un
sabduablo ooughs wo evor oxperlaneod sloes ear advent
upon this mundane sphere. Wo ooughed tteodily and
laboriously for ons whole week, in hopes of ttrino tt out,
but It was no go.- In foot 1 eoemsd rather to havohn
P roved by pnwUos. and to hare acquired atresgth.poten
cy and dittrtMiiUity by tba operation. In this stageof
the siege, wo oou bed our way to Keysm's, 140 Wood Bt.
procured a fifty cent bottle of tho -Pectoral;1' took It
according to directions, and In forty-eight hours wa went
master of tho field, the enemy having Unconditionally
surrendered, after a brief hut tuMqual oootUclwtlh as
formidable an adrersary as Keyser's famous "Oough.
Pcotora) . "Proumnm CUpptr, D6. 14, 1849.
v..;i hj.1T s&'esssssac.-..;;iviv Ji I.-acs
sold by Dr GEORQB B. &KYSKR, HO Whatnot.
Pltrslmrgh.Pa. . .. .. i.l
t 1LT. wld in UQItunbns by ROBERTS ( AMUEL, ;
v ' i r.-ri i )',
'.-ji i-.f OM'Sti
Prepared and Sold byt ., ,o a-.' :," off': tot t.I il
. Pries, cents. 1 i 110 Wood sti, PlttsUrgb, ta.
'"1IT "old In Ooweibas by ROBERTS It lMUII,'jiJ
ocu7:luwd. - j ; . , I ... . ' j
.JAi. Af. M'EJi. l-.tii'xi m H. stlBriEAUX.
,1 6'J
N. St NrtU il(iaau-t,
J.t,,'! i J t t ooLnmia, ohio,
AVeOlltNO AT tt fSft-tTK '
and euu, UNKtir riTAI'l R OHUOIf HH;s. a
..r,u S1I T S-a X L.Dax, ainiiii ...... . .. .
SKSARB, Era , Etc. Our Buck has been purchased la :
Kastern Cities during tbe Paulo,
jspotl OAnn,
and our main endeavor will bs to offer thducemwls to
CASH S lil'SSH which aro not sxcVltd by any liouse In
tbe Oily. deoW

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