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The Ohio Statesman
"iuarmrr mug rawaaara. V
t? iLTThe Legtaleture waa not
ia eeeslon this
EHls article to be found elsewhere In our
wlnmM. fro- tbe Cioclnnati iw, o -
f .,. RmnbliMM to fT0f t dissolution
of the Union, earning as U dm from tne lead-
. ivt. Stele, la worthy ol
lag ABnnu jp1
perusal. . :., ; -;
? STTSerssdsr wM nd on the nnt page of
fee AktM candid and Interring article ed
dressed to the Republican poUticlene of the Ire.
W States, h r W-vor .u-
The Ue wu tbco Ue lugg""""-
- tti!,i Pm-tici bad great weight with m7
v. el i, Ohio, who now act wua.
l -ld b wolUf .llch were now
bd to what he ..J. o prn con-
aitUw of oot national arisira.
The Fourth of February, 1861.
itiibiV MB bJfomMltabte In the annals of
.. ,.. inv r initiation of three
nisior iot u vreu-" .....
"meat sventa ' - '; . ' . ,,,,
i tk. -..tin. at the Capital of the Unl
?ted State., of n ConTontton'of delegate, from
' trorderelae Statee .nd .nob North.
c v... .dadtn consult with them, for
in. pnrpoee of agreeing, if possible, opon ch
term. ofcompromlM ma, keep tb. Union
Whole wdnndirided.". ........ ., . .
lJl i,. at Montgomery, Alabamt,
Con"wntio. ef delegate, from the South
Jera Sweded States to errangsthe basis or an
Ins' i-A.TnAit Southern Confederscr.
tVV, The opening to tbe pnbUoof thediscus-
atona In th LegUlaUf a Assembly of France, by
kte deereo of tht Emperor, ana . -
I? of the , French prew. by a like decree, from
many of tho.4 restrictions which hare hereto
1 fore hampered it and restricted Its liberty.
fore hampered
'irrwr. !n that the Reuublicans haft con-
veoctad ici
iheme lor redtotrlcUng tn. sw i
u OUo,'and thai it will shortly make 1U appear-
i ance It tht u inert i abwiuoi. j
' It Is said that 0t BtaU Is so "gerrfmudmi"
u to fcakt all the eontemplaUd Congressional
distrioM, bnt three, Republican. La winter
tt was ooceded by leading Republicans that It
-.'? the duty of, this General Assembly to
iidlstrlot this SUte, but we suppose the km
gershart corns to tht eoncluslon that "a bird
la the hand Is worth two in tht bush," and
hence that sJl will go Jn for the measure, pro
Tided tht scheme teonret district to suit the
- Tisws of tit tariOM aspirau.
.'.Any bill, for rtdUtriotlng the Butt which
this leglslatura may adopt and enact Into a law,
i'-wOI, wa presume, ba so much labor lost,' as ths
same willla" all probability be repealed next
lntcf . br "the legislature which will be elected
on the second Tuesday of next October. It is
generally admitted, wa beBere, that the pres.
tntls the last KepuDiioaD, ieginmre w. ...
l.' lo tare ta tht SuU of Ohio. ,
'IT Tha Washingtoa Conference ol delegates
,raVaaamlatloners from Terloua SUtes, appointed
k. tnviutlon of Vbeinla, assembled In
InrlUUon of. Virginia,
Washlnrton to day
i " s;
.Wa hose it may forge out soma plan of ad-
iostmenl which wUllt aocepUblt to all Union
. Joring eitisena both North and South, and that
through Its agency peace and harmony may be
-eestored, all ear difficulties composed, ana tn.
I State, cemented together mora firmly than erer
before- - Such is onr ardent wish, but we con
fess to a fear that tha efforts of the conference
will nrore fruitless. Wa do not sea In the char-
' actet of tha Commissioners from tha free Sates
: with bnt few exceptions those elements of
'sonsetTallsm and tonoession, without whioh
It were rain to suppose any satisfactory adjust
ment can be made. If our fears in this respect
Lshall prore groundless, wa shall be most hap
gTTht leading Republican politioians, both
national, ataU and local, hare their minds so
act on tht pursuit of office, and art all so busy
'in seeking ' recommendations for the various
places to which they aspire, that the troubles of
tha country appear to be lost sight or by went
They do not appear to know that the Union Is
in a rapid process of disintegration, and that
there ia danger that Mr. Lihcoui may not have
any government ovef which to preeide., They
are after office i office ! 1 office 1 ! ! and they
wan think of nothing bat office. ,'vJt might be the
part ef wisdom for them to tura in and lend their
aid toward effecting soms fair compromise for
the settlement of onr natienat difficulties, so that
there may be a country left for their President
Co preside over
CT Toe Washington dispatches of the Phila
delphia Press, under date of the Slat nit., state
that the Hons. Select Committee of fire had
examined twelve witnesses as to tha alleged con
.piracy to seize tha Federal Capitol. : Nothing
atartlioc or convincing had been elicited
i Lieutenant General Soott had been before
Commit for snore thsa two boors He
aid there was abundant etldence tn his mind to
justify him in making- military preparatloee,
though It was not of the strongest character.
There was certainly nothing to show that an
Organisation for that purpose existed in the
District of Colombla.'V . . X.:'-
Free Negroes Coming North.
'Sixty tret nsgroea, from North Carolina,
bound North, passed through Maryland the
oiler day. Causa tha Southern ecoeesloa ex
citement. Ws may expect tundreds and thou
sands of such visitors Wore long. The New
York lltrtli talis upon enr Abolition phllan
throplstato make their arrangements accord
ingly, and enquire hU (b poor negro,
unless ha ba a .fugitive, be allowed to etarvet
What says Parson BkchtiJ. l
IT At tht late Catholic Fair In FrOTldence
R. I., for tht erection of an Orphan Asylum
for boys, the largt aw a of eight thousand dol
lars was realised.
At a Fair lately held in Buffalo, N. Y-, for
tht benefit of tht Cathollo Asylums, tht sum
of tJ.500 18 ws realixed. Tht Christmas col
lections In the Catholit Churchea of Buffalo for
tha Orphans amounted to ?154,04,
CTA resolution declaring it inexpedient to
Ukt fartliur acUoa at present la relation to
tailing a BtaU Coorentton, passed the Kentus-
Icy Pfimte en the first Inst., by a wte of 35 to
fTA ro at Chisfigo on tht night of tht 1st
in:'., ! "cred tit furniture store of Mann.
tit -:h & Eothtf.' Un $15,000.; Full In
sured,. '.: '"
Late Foreign News.
Ths steamer UtiUd Kingdom, which StUed
from Glargow on tht 30th ult., passed Cape
Eact on (the morning f ",tho 30th, ult The
Glasgow iapera, handed by the ' officers, ol the
Vnittd, Kingdom to the lighthouse keeper, oon
Ubd ft? fnllowlnc intelligence: " ''
Tha Pull aorrMBonilant of the MormnO Fi
expresses the belief that tht bombardment of
GeU would be resumed on the 21st, and that
an attack would b commenced witnoui e
lay. The new ministry at Naples possesses , ths
confidence or the people. - -
The Freooh army ia lobs Increased by .ereral
regiment, of Infantry. ' . , . ' '
i a Kinnk. u nrenkfiDH ior m tuiuk
The trials of lbs Beirut assassins had been
concluded. The Druse prisoners naa oeen sea
i.nl ,n il..th mnA tha Tnrtlsh to exile.
All a nulat at Oau. but it was reported
that the fire would reopen on the 91st., and that
the Sardinians would attack ny sea wiinom as
lay . The latest datea from Gaeta any that only
one French veesel remained.
Oaribaidi had announced his intention to go
to Constantinople shortly.
The tendency to war in the spring Is reported
to be slackening in Italy.
It is rumored that a ssmi official article is
about to appear, declaring that if Piedmont
Kukas war on Austria, sne must expect no
fram TranAS. ... - "' '
The drain of gold from the Bank of France
Arrangements had been made with the Impe
rial Bank at St. Petersburg similar to that with
England, for the exchange or au.uuu.wui,, su
r A
tut iur kuiu. ,
Warlike preparations were aotive in Denmark.
A a addraai tn tha Kins was belnr signed,
calling oo him to resist external pressure, and
not abandon the Danish Nationallty.to Sohless-
wte. . ....
knuli nrotsta aeainst German menaces
suveiinsift DAnttlmraT.
l.n 19 Tha Courier Meroantile
publishes a letter from Naples, dated the 15th
Inst., stating that several thousand Bourbonlsts,
under the command of General Loora, bad en
tered the Neapolitan Provinces tnrougn me
Roman Territorv. and defeated the less nume
rous Italian forces near Taglesio, compelling
them to retire on Areuaro.
Gen. Tourez ha left with reinforcements ior
Nord. .
It ia stated that a treat! between rrusaia ana
Austria guarantees Venetia to Austria.
The King of Prussia's address to the Gene
ral un ha has been called to the throne at an
epoch of dangers, and with a prospect of com
bat, in wnicn ne .nan pernaps ueeu an jur t
rotedness. If I do not succeed In turning aside
tha alarm which is rising. I shall btve need of
all our forces to defend ourt elves.
Tha loeech caused sensation In raris, wnero
it was reported that the King wa aware that
Denmark was only a nominal enemy.
The real question is, wnetner r ranee is w
hav. the Rhine. ' . .
Troops hare left Genoa for nipies.
Two frigates have also left for GseU.
Tha death of Lord Elphinstone was an
0lt is said that Benjamin Esolistom who
was at Springfield. Illinois, a few days since,
stated at that plaoe, that Gjv. Chasc was the
author of the Disunion article which appeared
in the editorial columns of the Cincinnati Com-
wureitl on tbe31st of January, and that quite
a sensation was produced by it among those who
move in the circle of the President elect. It Is
the general opinion that the article was pre
pared outside of tha Csimrcie( office, and it
may be that Mr. EooursTow attributes its pater.
oity to the proper source. Republicans are rap
idly giving in their adhesion to the views ex
pressed in the article in (be Cemmerciel, and
thirtv davs will not roll 'round until all the
leaders of the Republican party will be ontspo
ken for Disunion.
E7lt ia said that Mr. Limcolm is not only op
posed to any and all compromises, bnt that be
waa decidedly opposed to the State of Illinois
sending Commissioners to the Washington
Convention. If such be the fact in relation to
Mr. Limcoln's views and position, and he should
continue to maintain his ground, no living man
can conjecture the evils whioh are in store for
the people of the United States.
[Correspondence of the Baltimore Sun.]
Presentation of the New York Memorial to the
Senate—Interesting Discussion—Mr. Seward's
Views—Bad Effect of Discussion in Both
Houses—The Peace Congress—Pacific Railroad
Bill—The Tariff, &c.
A verv Interesting discussion arose lo tha
Senate to-day, upon the occasion of the presen
tatlon of the memorial of citizens of New-
Tork In behalf of the adoption of tha Critten
den eomoromlse br Mr. Seward. Jn the coarse
of some introductory remarks, Mr. Seward said
that he had advised the memoralisU to go
home, and make everv effort to aave toe Union
He expected them to speak for the Union, to
vote for the Union, to Eire their money for the
Union, and, in the last resort, to fight for the
Mr. Mason inferred from tbess remarks tnat
the republicans, rejecting terms oi adjustment,
were determined to resort to force tor tne sub
jection of the South as conquered provinces.
rness compromise aiscusaious in oou nous
es art well calculated to promote revolution
If Congress could sit two montns longer, It
would involve tht country in a war, particularly
If tha uncompromising compromisers continued
to assist in it. I ne union committees nave ai
readv done their best to effect disunion.
The Peace uongress, wnicn is to ne neia cere
next week will probably partake or tne war
Dlrlt which thev find here The best bone from
Its labors must ne iouna in ine prospect inai h
will be very thinly attended.
Tho Pacific Railroad bill, as It passed the
Senate, nrovldes for three roads, acd tbe agcre
gate amount of money appropriated for their
execution is a hundred and twenty one mil
Tha select commitU on the tariff have agreed
to a number of change in the House bill. The
lime for paying duties on goods entered for
home eonsumntioa is extended to ninety days.
Goods for remain six months
longer. ION.
i i
tinder the caotion. "The Northern State.
Looking Round tor help," the Toronto Loader
Hiaoniaea the Drobabilitv of the British provin
ces renouncing tbeir allegiance to tne urown
and uniting tbeir deeiinea wun tno united
States. It says that U England were to give
Canadians the choice of a connection with the
Northern States, and a vote were to be taken
anon the ouestion within three months, it be
lima, a laree msiorltv of British America would
vote against it. I ne largest Tine m isror oi
the project would come from the peninsula of
mu i.anaaa. wneremcroia a iscjiuk uiat tun
connection with New-York is the natural one,
and that it is mors profitable than any other
that eoold be formed. Below Dobourg a differ,
ant feeling Is predominant; and in Central as
kell as in Lower Canada tbe reeling against
any eonnecnun win
universal, ine oanu wi . uawrcuvn, iu
Upper Canada, were settled by United Empire
Loyalists, wno weni oer ui w ghibw wi his
Revolutionary war, and accepted of free grants
of land. The eld feeling of loyalty, tbe Leader
says, is as strong as ever in the descendant, ol
these settlers j ana it has spreea among me en
tire population In tnat quarter, in lower Can
ada, the opposition af the French Canadians to
a connection with republican States amount to
a perfect horror. '- la tbeir ease tbe motive is
partly religious and partly national. Norn
Scotia, too, it thinks, would ba nearly as diffi
cult to move. Tbe revolution ol sentiment
necessary to Induce Lower Canada to jcln the
United State, could not ba effected in less than
half a eentory. . . : - ....
Wa regret to learn that tha Cathedral and
adjoining ecclesiastloal buildings, at St- Boni
face, In tbe British American possession., on
tht Bed River of the North, near tbe line of
Minnesota, were burnt down about the middle
of last wonih. These bpildi ngs were valued at
gi25,ouu. ; ? ; " :.
[From the Cincinnati Times, February 1.]
The New Programme at Home.
' Tha sodden resurrection of the Young Men'a
National Republican Association I explained.
It is the Instrument through which the procla
mation is to be made, that tha Repulicans ot
Southern Ohio are ready to display the whita
feather. They are not to yield -the Chicago
platform, or ana jot or .tittle of the dogmas of
the party not a bit of that; but are to peacea
bly surrender the Union, and all its blessings
to. the armed traitors o( the South. Warl on,
how horrible now, to those men who, a few
months ago, were ready to shed their last drop
of blood, to conquer and subdue the .eml-clvtl-iaed
slave oligarchy of the Sooth!
They have created tha whirlwind and now flee
form tbe storm. They have battled for national
supremacy, and dare not seize the nower tbey
have won. They prefer, it seems, to rule over
half the naticn, than to defend the whole.
Peaceable separation of the North and the South !
That is the future policy of the Republican, of
Hamilton oounty, Wide-Awakee, ana an. at
so let tbem bang their heads, lik kicked does,
as tbey pass through the streets, and acknowl
edge that the pressure of the last campaign bas
squeezed the. last drop of patriotism out of
saca.i J - ....... .
This is a Cnasb movement out-and-out.
The Governor wa. In tht city the other day,
and while here waa busy. Oat comet a call for
a meeting of the Yonng Men's National Re
publican Association, signed by Attorney Hes
seurek, one of the Governor's bantlings. Sim-uluuiec-usly
appears an editorial, sdvocating a
peaceable separation of the Stater. The Y. M.
N. R. A. met. The orator wa on hand, hi
speech fully prepared. He present, the whole
question "with vigor and ability," closing with
aa appeal In favor of peaceable separation. The
Association was so delighted that a way had
been pointed out by whlcb the Republican par
ty could hold the reins of power without run
ning the risk of battle, that it appointed a com
mittee on resolutions, tbe everlasting Jobson at
the head and the brilliant orator at the tail,
with Instructions to report a written expression
at the next meeting.
And then Gov. Chase went to Columbus, as
sisted to whip In a few refractory Republicans,
and had himself appointed a Commissioner to
the Virginia Convention. The programme con
tinues. Gov. Ch6e will go to Washington as
a Commissioner from Ohio next weeks he will
insist on peaceable separation, and .he Young
Men' national Republican Association ot utn-
cinnati will back him ! And, perhaps, Gov.
Dennison will back him, and, perhaps, under a
strong party pressure, tbe Republican Legisla
ture ol Ohio will back him. And uov. (Jbaae
will Immortalize himself by producing a peace
fal dissolution of the Union ! That, probably
is the programme in full.
Last fallj tne Republicans lound it necessary
to soppreis the Y. M. N. R. A.. It wa. pro
ductive only of mischief. The patriotism and
sound sense in the party ought to be directed to
a repetition or the same tbing now, or, at least,
the conrage of the Association should, by some
means, be screwed up to the sticking point.
[From the National Intelligencer.]
Mr. Ashmore in a Slight Dilemma.
The following correspondence between the
lion. John U. Aahmore, the Representative from
the Fifth Congressional District ot South Caro
lina, and tbe acting rostmaster General will
convey to onr reader, information important at
this time to t&e Pontnern estates claiming to
have withdrawn from tbe Union:
ANDERSON, S. C. Jan. 24.
Mr Dear Sir, I have in my possession some
1.000 to 1.200 volume, of "publio documents,"
being my proportion of the same as a member
of the Thirty sixth Congress Tbey w ere for
warded me in mall sacks and are now lying in
my library. Since tho date of the ordlnanoe ol
secession (December SO, I860,) of South Caro
lina, I have not used tne iranking privilege, nor
will I attempt to do ao witnout tbe special per
mission of tbe Department. To pay the postage on
these books, to., would cost me a largesum, and
one that I am not prepared to expend. The
books are of no ust to me, but might be to my
constituents, for whom they were ir tended, if
distributed amongst them. Have I tha right to
frank and distribute tbem under existing rela
tionsT If ao, please lntorm me. Uavinir aaid
that I have not used the franking privilege .ince
the 20th of December, I need hardly add that
I .hall not do so, even on a "public document."
unless yon authorize it. I am, with great re
Hon. Horatio King, Acting Postmaster General.
Sir: In answer to your letter of the 24th inst.,
askine if von hare tho right, "under existing
relations." to frank and distribute certain nub-
lio documents, l bare tne nonor to state tnat
the theory of tbe Administration is that the
relation, of south uarounato tne uenerai govern
ment have been in nothing changed by her re
cent act of secession: and, this being so, yon
are of coarse entitiled to the franking privilege
until the first Monday in December next. If,
however, as I learn ia tha case, yon sincerely, and
decided! r entertain the conviction tnat by that
act of South Carolina she ceased to be a member
oi the Confederacy and is now a foreign State, it
will be for you to determine bow far you
can conscientiously exercise a privilege, the ex
ercise of which assumes that your own convio-
tion Is erroneous, and plainly declares that
South Carolina is still in tbe Union, and that
ton are still a member of tbe Congress of the
'nlted States.
I am, very respectfully your obedient servant
Acting Postmaster General.
Hon. JOHN D. ASHMORE, Anderson. S. C.
'. The act to raise supplies for the year com
meocine October, 1860, bas been perfected by
the South Carolina Legislature,, Tbe entire
amount proposed to be raised is abont $1,800,.
000. This includes certain extraordinary con.
tingencie. which may arite for military and
other exgenclea of the Stste, amounting to
about $900,000. The amount necessary to meet
the pressing demands ot the State, about $850,.
uuu, is proriuea ior vj uirai taxation, ireas
ury notes and bills receivable in amounts of $50,
tlOO and $500 for about $700,000 are to be lean
ed. bearing interest at the rate of 7 per cent.-r-
The rata of taxation above that of tbe preceding
year, according to tbe ttmrier, 1. 3d per cent
In addition to the usual appropriation., $50,000
his been set apart to meet the contingencies of
mail service. , v . .
A strange affair has occurred in Turin
The Municipal Council resolved to present to
King Victor umanuei, on nis return, a gold cir
clet, representing; oak and laurel leaves. But
there were only six days to prepare one, and
Italian workmen were not active toougb to
make it in eo short a time. A Jew presented
himself, and offered, for 6,000'., a magnificent
crown which he bad by him. Hi. offer was ao-'
tented and the money paid: but lo, the discov
ery was afterward made that tht circlet in
question bad been bought at a sale of the effects
of Fanny Elssler, tha celebrated danoeute, and,
and as proved by an inscription Inside, that it
was given to her, after a performance in London,
by an tnciianman wno was a sanaucai admi
rer of her dancing. Judge of the effect this
Foet Ci.mca. The Feroandins Floridian
says: .
Wt learn that tht work upon tht above for
tification, which guards the enterances to the
Amelia and Bt Alary rivers, and which Is si mat
ed about two miles from tbe city of Fernandina,
has by order or the United states Government,
been suspended. Capt. Whiting, the officer in
command, is now enclosing such portions of the
work aa require protection, preparatory to leav
Ine. A small euard will remain lo the iort for
the preservation of the property. Fort Clinch,
in it prennt condition, is of very little value to
the State, and will require considerable outlay
be lor. it can ba made a mean, or defence.
A LtAota. Dr. Scott Is actually the leader
of the 'irrepressibiee" in th. House of Reyrt
leutatives those who think tht Union Is not
worth preserving in eoonection with tne ooutn.
Some persons about here are disposed to doub t
. . ' i i . . 1. . I,: I .
that tbt UOCtor noiue toie posmuu, uut we van
tell then that aacb ia tbe fact, for wa have aeen
hi. operation, and tpeak kno singly. Moreo
ver, the Dootor said 10 a gentleman oi tnis piaoe,
that he "intended to lead the floast this win
ter," and alto that whenever Gov. Dennlsion
wanted any partieular measure carried through
ba "always came to him." 8o It will be seen
that that tha Doctor realizes his position. ire
anon CUl,Fth. ., .
' '"i '
i. ... . .'.,; a -. ,.
... 'i : r ' .-. , : -
Minor News Items.
William Curtis Noyes,of New York, owns
and carries Washlngton'a watoh. .
Tha correspondent of tha London Times
has been ordered to suit Rome. j
: Three ladles fell on tht slippery sidewalk
at New Haven, Ct., laat week, and broke their
leg. ;
The Japanese claims in New York have
been reduoed down still further to ine sum -
$57,600. The bills originally amounted tqs ome
A bill has bsen introduced Into the Leg!
lature of Illinois, which provides that all the
real and personal property of a woman, on mar
rying, enau remain hex own. ; . .
--It Is rumored that Mr. and Mrs. Buroh,
whose divorce suit recently treated so much
excltoment, are about to come together again,
m jar. ana Mrs. sickles.
A member of the Missouri Legislature re
cently proposed to have tht publio printing done
by convict labor, but it waa found there waa no
printer, and sever bad been in the Penitent!
ary. .TV..,,-, --.if i
The Canadian, da not like the ieterference
of the English Courts with the east of Ander-
osj ts Jsglfivt !?.. Tht Toronto Leader
denounce, it as en outrage upon a fret people,
wnion can never be submitted to.
f Major Anderson is considered one of the
beet artillerists in the army. He is tht author
of the standard book on that arm of tht service,
usea at w est foint, and in ths army. -
Cabo Oil. The yield of tbe wells and
springs in Pennsylvania, since the first discov
eries, abont a year ago, amounts to 22,119 bar
rens, lound principally in Venango and tbe ad
jacent counties. There has been a steady in
crease each month, tbe ammout for December
being b,43I barrels.
When one., remembers the herculean toils
oi v niter soott, to purchase and adorn Abbots
ford, as the future home of his family for many
generations, it is melancholy to reflect that bis
lamuy is nearly extinct, nod tbe place fast go
log to decay.
rTfl M lan n .
- ineoavannan, u., Kepuoitcan, opposes
the formation of a Provisional Government at
the present time. It can see no present neoe
sity ior to movement, and such a step, if taken
by the six State, wbioh have seceded, might
prejudioe the other Slave State, againet them.
The Rev. Dr. Hawks, of New York, at
tended Lola Monies, during her last illness,
and administered spiritual consolation. Air.
Hawks said at her funeral, that he had never
known a case of mora sinoere repentance than
that of Lola.
Prrta's Pihcx in Cuba Fiftv-six'thousand
dollars have been subscribed for the aid of the
Pope in tbe diocese of Havana, Cuba, and six
teen thousand dollar In the diocese of St. Jago
deCuba, together with seventy two thonsand
oouats, wnicn amount na been remitted to the
Nuncio of Plus IX., at Madrid. , .
Tbe Committee of Conference of tha Sooth
Carolina Legislature, to whioh was referred the
matter of dredging Ma Bit's Channel, has finally
sgreed to appropriate $30,000 for this purpose,
provided the work shall not be resumed until
Fort Sumter shall pas. into the possession of
the authorities of the State, and all tbe troops
of the Uoited States shall be removed from the
harbor of Charleston. .
The Fernandina Floridian states that the
work on Fort Clinch, which guards the entran
ces to tbt Amelia and St. Mary's Rivers has
been suspended by order of the Uoited States
Government, and that Capt. Whitwo. the offi
cer in command, is inolosing such part of the
work aa require protection preparatory to leav
ing. Fortunately tha work is not so tar advanc
ed as to be of mucb value to the State. I
John North Fenwlok.bart. now of Fenwlck
hall, England, la the subject of a atrangely ro
mantic story, in tne unicago vemocrat, from
which we condense an account of the fortunes
and misfortunes connected with his wanderings
N. I enwick, who, In 1837, married Clara Sey.
moor, a poor clergyman's daughter, against the
wishes of his two sisters. The latter revenged
themselves by faleely accusing Lady Feowick
of Infidelity with a certain French count, whom
Sir John bad Introduced to her at Venice, during
the honeymooa. Lady Clara swooned at the
charge, and her husband, oompletly carried
away by passion, and convinced that the story
told him by bl sisters waa true, ordered her and
her boy to be expelled from tbe hall, and imme
diately hurried to tbe sea-board and embarked
for tbe continent. .......
The unfortunate wife became insane, nassed
some time In an asylum, ulimately recovering
under the careful kindness of a Captain O'Nell,
wno naa long wvea ner, ana now oeeougbt her
to leave her cruel husband and share his for
tunes. For a long ttme she resisted hi. appeal.,
but finally, ascertaining that her husband had
taken steps to obtain a dimes from her, and
that Captain O'Neil was her only friend, she
consented. They went to Gal way, Ireland,
where they were married privately, and took np
their residence. Her son, in tbe meantime, man
ifested a desire to travel, and his mother
furnished him with one thonsand pounds,
which she obtained by tbe sale of her jewels,
and placed bim on board the steamer Adriatic,
with Instructions to sail to New York, and from
thence to Texas, to visit a cousin of hers named
Somervllle, who resided there as a wealthy vlan
ter. Without any misfortune our youth arrived
his cousinee ranche, situated on the frontier of
Texas, where he received a cordial welcome.
His cousin had a daughter, named Estella of
about bis own age, and very handsome, with
whom ha fell in love, and in whose society be
passed six months. But one fatal night the
rancba was attccked by a part jj of Camanoba
Indians, bis cousin and Eetelle were murder
ed, and he corried off into captivity. He remain
ed a captive for tbree months, when seizing a
favorable opportunity and a tommyhawk, be
killed the Indian with whom he was, and made
his escape to Brownsville, Texas. After many
subsequent adventures, be determined to return
to Feowick hall, and claim his rights as ton and
heir of iu lordly ocenpant. By the aid of the
Brlthb consul at Chicago, he became intro
duced to the Prince of Wales during the
letter's stay in that rlty. The prince took an
interest in young Fenwlck, allowed him to
accompany him through the States, and to re
turn with him to England. Tha wanderer re
turned home at a most opportune time last
as one of bis aunts, seized with remorse, bad
made a death-bed acknowledgment of bis moth
er's Innocence, thus establishing his legitima
cy. Sir John folded bis long-lost son to bis
heart, shedding tears of Joy over him. . The
health ot Lady Clara greatly failed after the
departure of her son for America, and Captain
O'Neil took her to the south of France, In tbe
hope of restoring it. But she coon died, and
not long afterward the captain was killed in a
duel. By a will bt bequeathed bis property,
which was of great value, to his wife's son,
John N. Fenwlck. The youns man is now in
Fenwlck hall, from wtence he has written to his
American friends, thanking them for their
many kindnesses, and sending remembrances to
his former companions and sweetheart. With
each a varied experience of life, aristocratic
and democratic, Sir John North and Fenwlck,
Bart, may yet be a man of mark among bis
compeers. , ;. . . , :
The Charlestos Courier, which, like tbe
Mercury, tried to speak of Washington and
New York Intelligence as "Foreign News," has
given up the practice. It says: . . . ,
Under any conceivable posture of affairs, the
term "American" must ever bear to and'for tbe
Southero States a sense essentially distinct from
... . ....... , i
-loreign." . , v .. .
May it not become proper, la the organization
ot legislative bodies lo ths Southern States
hereafter lo have a "Committee on American
Relations," ss well ss a "Committee on Federal
Relations. . ,- , ' . ..
- Commcice or Chaslkston. On tbe 25th nit.
there were in tha port of Charleston tbrea
etearaahlps, six ships, thirteen barks, three terns,
and eighteen brig, and schooners, exclusive of
ecnooners nnaer one Hundred toot', ui uese
nine were ready for sea, thirteen were recelv
inu freight, and tha remainder were either dis
charging tbeir cargoes or awaiting orders. A
majority of those enumerated are lore! cn ves
sels bailing from Great Britain, Sweden, Pen
mark and Spain. . , . . ;',.., ,(..-
la Georgetown, Okie, February tat, LION B. DOREV
this airy.. 9, ,,. ,,. ,n
,. :. . T'l i.'.'it: 'i.t
I I-
'. . I
ii! I)-"
Durinc our visit to Lowell' wa were shown
through tht Labratoryof oar celebrated! oouu.
tryman, Dr. J. C. Ana. Scarcely could wa
have believed without proof what la scon were
beyond disputing, i . : ' - ,
Tbey make a barrel of aolld Pills, about 15,
000 doses, and three barrels of Cherry Pectoral
12U.UUU doses, per diem. To wbat an incon
ceivable amount of bnman .offering does this
point! 170,000 doies a day 1 ! Fifty millions of
doses per yearill .. What acre, and thousands oi
acres of sick beds dona this spread before the
immaglnatlon! And what sympathies and woe!
True, not all of this I. taken by tbe very sick,
but alas, much of It Is. Tbl. Cherry Drop and
thi. sugared Pill are to ba the companion of
pain and anguish and sinking sorrow tbe in
heritance our mother Eva Bequeathed to the
whole family -of man.' Here tbe Infant darling
has been touched too early by the blight which
withers half our race. Its little lung are al-
feotad. and onlv watching and waltlns shall tell
wbiah way its breath shall turn. This red drop
on Its table Is ths talisman on which its lllle
shall hang. There ths blossom of tbe world,
iust bursting Into womanhood, is stricken also.
Affection's most assiduons care avails not, she
is stilltfading away. The wan messenger comes
nearer and nearer every week. This little med
icament shall go tbsre, their last, perhaps their
onlv hooe. The strong man has planted In bl.
vitai. this same disease. Thi. red drop by hi.
side Is helping him wrestle with the Inexorable
enemy; the wife of his bosom and the cherubs
of his heart are waiting in sick sorrow and fear
lest the rod on which they lean In this world, be
O, Doctor! Spare no skill, nor cost, nor toil
to give the perishing sick tbe best that human
art can give. Uaiveston, Texas, Aiie. "
Partnor Wanted!
in a vzar rsoriTABLi MtNcrACTURiNO ' and
V V CKSSrULLIf cs tablithed at dlflerent point in
thti State antl eliewhere, to supply Furchuers of Ter
rltory, farmers, Btock-nlaeri, andWIl owneif wlthen
almo.t Indiipenitble Implement for economy and num
ey eaving. The btulneia require! ao eapltal to conduot
lt.tnd oould belnoreated loan almoat unlimited extent.
The Proprietor resides In another Bute, and cannot
(it it sufficient pertonel attention; tnereiore, loarait-
tble penon, a Yry low figure would be mined (era ball
intereat, payable in inch property or manner niy be
agreed npon.
Addrete D. V. Tar Liiws, Oolumbui.O., statin; mi.
dence or Vni office address, which will Motive attention.
Master Commissioner's Sale.
George McDonald
- aninit
. - I Superior Court ..
lers.J rnklln County.
Obailea Bobbin) and others
laiued from the Superior Court of Franklin coun
ty, Ohio, to m directed In the above entitled action, I
aliall offer for aale tt public auction, to the highest bid
der, on
' Saturday, March 16, 18C1,
between the hours of 10 o'clock A. II. and IS o'clock XI.
at the door of the Cenrt Henae of aaid oounty, in the city
of Oolnmbna, the following described premlaea, vir. Lot
Ho. 33, in John UorrUon a addition to the city of Oo
iambus, Ohio, as per recorded plat of said addition, also
IS feet off the eaat aide of lot No. 3S of aaid Morriion's
Let No. 33 appraised at 1300.
15 feet off eaat aide lot 34, at 100.
feMdllkwta ' Ulster Oommlaaloner-
Master Commissioner's Sale.
Buttlei A Oomatock , , " - . -.
' aninit ' Common Plea Franklin
JoahuaO.Keoyonaidotberi.) Oounty
iaaued from the Court of Common Pleas ot Franklia
county Ohio, tome directed in the above entitled action,
will oner ior aaie at publio auction to the nigneat bid
der . , , .:- .....' f i .
...... On Saturday, March 1C, 1661...
between thefhoan ot 10 o'clock A. M. and IS o'clock, M .
at the door of the Oourt Houee of aaid county, in the
city of Oolumbue, the following described pitmiaea, vii:
Lot No. 4 of the snb-divlston of tbe west half of In
to! No. 73, and the South half of In lot No. 7S,ln the
city of Oolumbue, Franklin oounty Ohio, aa ahown by
the recorded plat of aaid subdivision. .. .- , ;
ApptaM attest... ... .-' v '
feMdltAwts Muter Commlaaioner.
Master Commissioner's Sale."
Hlckley A Brother ) ' "
vs. I Superior Oourt.
Peter Harrington, e. el. ) .,
to bm directed, from the Superior Oourt
of Franklin county, Ohio, I will offer for sale at the door
of the Court Ilouae, In the city of Oolnmbna, on
SatQrday, the 9th day of March, A. D. 1661,
between the boure of 10 o'clock A. SC., and 4 o'clock P.
U., the following deacrlbed real estate, to wit: Jn lota
Noa, 99, 30, and 31, tn the .town of Alton, county of
Franklin, and Btate of Ohio. -
Appraltedat, for lot No. ss, am. .j . .. i
" i' 341, aao
' ' ' 31, 15C0.'
O. W. HOFFMAN, Sheriff,
feb4.1tdfc4tw and Master Oommiuionrr.
Printera's Fete f 3. - - ;
Sheriff's Sale.
George Wejgandt; .;. --.
ye. madlson uommoa rieaa.
Baty Clark
to me directed, from the Court of Common Pleas of
Madieon county, Ohio, I will offer for sale at the door
of the vonrt Houee, in the city of oolnmbna, on
Friday tbe 8th day of March, A. D. 1861,
between the hours of 10 o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock P.
at., tbe following deacrlbed Baal Eatato, altnate In the
county of Franklin, and Btate ef Ohio, to wit: Lot No.
'31.) inttroye Oity. ... , , -
Appraieed at 173. Q. W. HUFFMAN,
febt-ltdfctw . --, . ' '-Sheriff.
Printer' fees 93 00.
Tho Premium Horse for Sale.
GAN HOBSI, OaABXIt, is offered for aale.
Thla Hone la four years old, a dark bay color, and was
aired by the celebrated
He is aonod and perfect In every purlieu Ian
Regarding the merits of the Horae, I am permitted to
refer lo the following gentlemen: David Taylor, Eeq.,
Kobert Neil, Eeq.,R. Nerlnj, Uq., Ool. N. Simontoo,
U. B. Hotel; Or. J. Williams, Clerk of the Horae !)
partmentof the Beard of Agriculture; E, M. Williams,
W. Williams, J. O'B. Bennlck, Eiqfe.i W. A. Piatt,
Esq., State Home Oommlaaloner; A P. Stone. Treasur
er of Bute; . U. Geary, aq.; J, O.Jteamy, Proeecn
ting Attornry;0ol. N. II. Swayne, Hon. O. M. Parsnna,
Flu J. Matthews, Judge Superior Court; Jneeph Hol
lenback, Dr. Akin, Goods le Houaaj Hon. Bam. Gallo
way, A W. Doleon, Buckeye Ilouae: Hon, i. Walcut,
Col. Northrop, L. E. Wilson.
For particulars call on the subscriber, at his Soap Far
tory, foot of Friend atreet, Columhua, Ohio. .
lebl-dlw HENRY KMRICH, Proprietor.
will attend to tbe '
All orders left at ths Office ef the SlaUeman will be
promptly attended to. ' ' '."'. Janll-tf
flammation and fain, and heals the worat burn,
acald, brutae,cat, or fnah wound of any kind, prerente
availing and pain from bee stlnga, moeqalto bltee, and
poiaonous plants, neuralgia, rheomatlam, agne In the
breast, eo.lt rheum, etc. When taken internally, It will
poatUTciy cure croup in children, and giree Immediate
relief In the worat eaae of this terrible complaint: also.
remoTee hoarseness and sore throat. Price, US eents a
bottle. Bhoaid be In erery nous. For aaie by Drag.
gisieean oioirawpera. ,. ' ,aun oiuni,
. Sole Proprietor, No. 1 Spruce it., Mew York
eetedAwlyls , . 1
XJt atoct of CRY irom no. in South High
etretto hat old stand. No. 46 North High atreet, In
Tbompeon'e Building, where he will be pleased to see all
his old customers, and all new ones that may come, where
he will sell them cheap roods.
A large lot of CARPETS on hand, which will be sold
st cost, for cash, so close tbe etoek. ..
, ' D.H.tAFT,
JanlBdlie Comer HJlh and Oayats., Columbus. O.
Hade la tbe most stylish and elerant manner. A
new Invoice just opened by PETER BAIN,
dec. 11. No. TO South High etreet. .'
(V. AllsUosaadeolorsJuetopenodet BAINS, "
deo.ll. - o. W South High slreet,
,.Jr. II - r -'
Best Conch Meflicine ia tho Worldl
Great Remedy of the Age!
pdSmc cherry cordial
Coughs, Colds, Throat Diseases, Hoarseness,
Oroup, Bronchitis, Asthma, Early Stage
i Consumption, Spitting Blood, Night
f i 8weat8, Feverish Condition, &o.
' Of the great remedies whl:h Dr. Ayes (of the Throat
and Lung Inetllnte, 30 Wait Fourth Street, Cincinnati,)
hss offered t ths public, there Is hone which hae given
snohanlyeraal satisfaction In bis practice a the "P?i
Momc Cnnsv Cosdial."
It poaaetsei lbs moat extraordinary powers, and
among ths points of marked anteriority of thle favorite
remedy are theasi (, -. . - r-. ;.! r- ,j ,v
.Itf omSAtna n JtlorpMtlr!, or Any
tUlnn- wbicb wilt derange the) siw
els or Impair tne Appetite.
jrjj( centatlna delcterlona snb-
lance whatever.
JJj'Tbe ef fact la prempt and perms
nent. 1
JjAa a cure r pre ventatlre of
It has Sio' tonslr None Who bare
'ever used It. have been attacked.
; Da sot Confonnd It with any other prspsra
tlon pnt np by any person' ot similar name. (
Thli Cough Cordial has been thoroughly tested thona
sndi of tlmea, and In no case has it ever failed! ';
Bear In mind that this Cherry Cordial Is tbe prepara
tion .of a regularly educated Practicing Phy lclan, s
point not to be lightly estimated by those who require a
sterling medicine. : "
' Ota. W. Rice: En., of Cincinnati. certiBea to a re
markable cure of Asthma, I lie patient being hia wile.
The remedy the eordial. ' . '
Jnhn R. Cetera Kia .'. of Cincinnati, testlfles lo a re
markable cure of chrcnic throat disease by means of tlila
great remedy.
Ray. Dr. J. F. Ch&lfant, Preaidlng Klder. (U. K.
nhnrr.h. Davtnn District.) aau: "I cordially recom
mend Dr. Ayer's wonderful preparation to those who
may be suffering from cbionlc catarrh or dlaeaaea of the
Throat and lungs."
Solomon Adams (ef ths well known Importing Dry
Oooda House, Hughes. Adams at uo.,; uioetniiati, aaya.
"I heartily oommena vr. Ayer e uoroiii as, jusuy o,
seiTing the leclebhty flUSJ attained-" - ,
Chu. H unroa, Esq. .Cincinnati, aaya: ' 'l cheerfully
ezpreaa my fullest conndence lo ut. Ajers medicine.
8. R. Bates, Eeq., writes form Fifth Avenue Hotel,
New York; "I shall always recommend my frienda to the
aae of your Cordial, feeling, that It hae effected what
some of tne moot eminent pnyaicians in new tore ana
Cincinnati failed to aecompiun, yit: tne cure or sirs.
Bates' Throat." i-a - - ' -
T. J. Imereon. Kaq., Professor of Vocal Muilc, Cln
clnatl, says: "All other remedies having failed to cure
or relieve my throat, I need Dr I.' W. Ayer's Cordial,
and am happy to aay. It effected an . entire and. perfect
L. B. Eager," Conslable, Cleveland, aaya: "With the
use of Dr. Ayer's Cordial experienced the moeideelded
relief, and have ne doubt of its effecting a radical and
permanent cure. ' 4-.-,-v: i e '
' Rev. l.'a. Tncker, Brookyille.'tndlsna, waa cured of
Consumption and testlfles In tbe strongest terms to tbe
wonderful enicacy oi we cordial.
Rev. J. B. Allen. Pa, tor of the Preabyterlan Church,
Brookllse 0., cured of curonlo bronchitis, aaya: "I am
now able to nae my voice as well as at any time during
my ministry and with more effect and comfort. I now
rejoice that I applied to Dr. Aver." , ,
Equally atrang letters and testimonials from 8. J.
Borllson, Bept. ef Bridges, Cleveland; A. Banney,
nercnant; n. sanioru, meronanti u. a van Biyn,
Steamboat builder, BufTalo; Ool. Cramp, Hannibal,
Mo.; 0. P. Johoeon, Esq., City Attorney,' Bt. Louts.
Key. A. J. Kane, npringneld, ills; closes Oheas,
Esq. , Civil Bnglneer, l'itlaburgh; and hundreds of others
nave been received. -1. , i f ' 'I
For sale In Cincinnati by E. 80ANLAN A CO..
Wholesale Agents, corner Fourth and (lain Streets.
. . 6UIRE, ECKBIEld A CO.,
rnrnerof Fourth and Vine Streets.
, of Dr. A YFR'B Office, 30 Wat fourth Street,
Vinctnnan, and by Druygista generally.
For aaie by DR. O. DEKIO A SOS, NorthF.astOor
ner of High and Rich streets. " ' ,'
Jan. S4;-deTnAThAwly ;' '-' !
' C.TI.i !
.., .. i . i
jj.i'y.i 01 -:tl AT . f- ,j
-) ' ' l
' I i i-i V -t '- AFTER WHIOU -& I J'
' A' 3STEV ! 17IRM '
For the atvonnge. of,, the Public.
.'v "i - ' 1 '"--
.... , P-BAIS.. .
' JanusrySM.Ol. '. , '20, Soulh High Street.
r r " ir - ii i ir - - mm i i
and examine onr Beer snake of
manufactured by E. HOWARD A CO . Boston. Mass.
These Watches are far superior to Saything ever offered
to the public, heretofore. Having the exclusive agency,
I can sell them at prices to suit the times. I havejuat
receivca a large aioca ot
manufactured by APPLETON, TRACT, A CO ; alto, a
fine assortment of ''-
In Cold and Silver Cases, st Panic prices.
Jn3 " W. J. SAVAGE
. Emplovmeht.
s as svsvwavss win lurviffo tjmpityjvimji io
ft few active men to act u agents for their houe.J A
jrioivioucv Will 1W K1TOQ 1(1 WObW WDO lil WC11 eVXlOeUOC
ed Id the district for which they -pply.
For which lervlcea they ire willing to pay a talary
of from j ... ,v .'jfriliKJl .:i .I:,,;
$600 to $800 par rear, and Expiates.
For further particulars address (
- - ' W. B. fcOBMOCBE k tib'."'"'
, , j o and v, Exchange PJace
Jao30-d3m. .
Jersey Oity, R. J.
.ir ;r--: i3 AT. .ut tt 14
JeaMdlf " " ' 'f v -i $: O. WOODS. '
Statesmaa Building, hom aa extra, article of Hon
ey Syrup, Wholesale and Retail.
Jan 31.
Yedde lea (Japan.) ?i,i.t.i.
' -'- oo - Twines. '.:
Bed Cordssnd Candle Wick, "v "
for "It by ;4 T. M'?EKABI!STn!!AnXr ",
ast7 Jt N. High Street.
: ff.i
Catarrhl Catarrh! Catarrh! Catarrh!
What io it? How cured f
Thousands of persona suffer all anrta f ...,,.
from Catarrh. Moat oeoole know mh.i n. i -.-i--.
sad results are, yet bnt few know how It can be eared.
It Is simply a chronic Irritation, and often .nlargtment
offollicles snd cjnsequent thickening of the mucous
urmurane, lining ine nasal cavities, irontal alnuaes, and
sometimes extending Into the throat and lungs. From
thla result tightness ssd often vcitigs of the head,
structed nose, or a profuse flow of mucai, lose of smell,
nasal voice, and often impaired hearing and taste.
i am oia aonooi remedlea nave never been able te do say
thlnl for It. Naaal Inlmllnna ..J Inh.l.lln ... ..
painful and sxpensive aa Ihey generally are worthless.
HBSTHBer s ViT (recirio, a simple - Sugar
Pill taken two or three tlmea a tins, nromnll. n. it,.
milder cases; cures at once all colds in the bead, snd rad
ically cures, by perse rerlng use. the moat ibttlnals oases,
as is proved by the experience of hundreds. '
rrice wtm mu directions 50 eents per box.
Sent by mall or express, free of eham. Vm r.int.r
the price. Address, .
, Da. F. HOUPHREYS tCO., '
Sold by ROBERTS Si SAMdli..
.- . Wholeaals and Retail DruvgUts. 84 N. High street.
i B. B. SAMUEL fc CO.,
febl-dfcwlm m S. Illith street, Qnlnmt.a. O.
Ferail S kesiuAT mmi
lucludlusx WIIOOPIFIf
COCOII, and overr
Complaint the foratnn
ner af, and even actual
The ;reat NEfJHAU
GIC HKIUuuv and Nat
ural UP1A1F., adapted
ie ererr apeelea mt Ner
vona Compltalnte. Nan
rone and Chronic
Headache, Hhenma
tlam. Catarrh, 'J'aatb
and Ear Ache, I.aes eI
Sleep, and Howel Cam
' Ne real Justice can he done the shove preparations
but by procuring and reading descriptive pamphlet.,',
be found with all dealers, or will be sent by Proprietor
en demand. Formulas and Trral Bottles aent to Phyal
ciena, who will find developments in both worthy their
acceptance and approval.
Correspondence solicited from all whose necessities or
enrloslty prompts to a trial of the above reliable Heme
die.. ,
For sale by the usual wholesale and retail dealer
JOHN L. mmitEWEM, Propriety
No. 9 Commercial Wharf, Boston, Uass
Boberts A Samuel, N. B. Harple, J. E. Oook,J. M
Denig, O. Penig A Sons, A. J. Kchueller A Bon, Agents
for Colombne, Ohio. myl-dly
XflOrt'AT'S lilFfj PILL.B. '
In all cases of ooetlveness, dyspepsia, Ulllona and livei
affections, piles, rheumatism, fevers and agues, obsti
aate bead aches, and all general derangement of health
these Pills have invariably proved a certain and speedy
remedy. A dngle trial will place ths Life Pills beyond
the reach ofeompetltlon In the estimation of every pa
Kent. - "
Dr. Moffat's Phcenls Bitters will be found equally t
acaclons in all cases of nervous debility, dyspepsia, head
achs, th. sickness Incident te females In delicate health,
and .very kind of weakness of the digeetlrs organs.
For aale by Dr. WB. MOFFAT, 331, Broadway, if. T.
snd by all Pingglals. mayaS-dkWls
The following1 It an extract from a
letter written by tha Key. J. 8. Holme, paster ot ths
Plerrepoint-Btreet Baptist Church, Brooklyn, N. T., to
the "Journal and Memgr," Cincinnati, 0.,and speaks
volumes In favor of that world-renowned medicine, Ala .
Wikslow's SooTdise Srarr fob Chilcux Trthiro:
"We see an advertlsment In your columns of Mas
Wikjlow's Booth we Bvsur. Now we never said a word
in favor of a patent medicine before In onr life, but we
feel compelled lo aay to your readers that this is no hum
bug ws iuva Tin it, ado Ktow rr to is all it
claims. It is probably one of the most successful medi
cine, of the day, because it Is one of the best, and those
of yonr readers who have babies can't dt belter than
lay Ins supply." ecS7:lydAtr
This book contains Jteeetpto and Directum for Ba
king all the most valuable Medical preparations la use;
also Beclpes and full and explicit direction, fer making
all th. moat popular and nsefnl Cosmetics, Perfumes,
Unguents, Hair Restoratives, and all Toilet Arlloje. If
you are suffering with any chronic disease ff yon with a
beautiful complexion, a Una bead of hair, a smooth face,
a elesr skin, a luxuriant beard or moustache or If yon
wish to know any thing and every thing in tbe Medical
and Toilet line, yon should by all means peruse a eopy
of thla book. For full particulars and a sempls of the
work for pernstl, (free) address the publisher,
" - No. 831 Broadway, New Tork.
octMdHm ......
,Wm. A. Batchelor'i Hair Dye! i
'Tha Original and Best la tha Worldl
all ethers are mere Imitations, snd should be avoided
If yon wish to escape ridicule. -
GRAY, BID OH BTJBTT HAtB Py'ed instantly to a
beautiful and Natural Brown or Black, without injury to
HelroiSklm .........
awarded to Wm. A. Batchelor since 1839, and over 80,00
applications bare been made to the Hair of his patrons
of his famons dye,'
WM. A. BATCHELOR'S HAIR PYl produces a col
or not to be distinguished from bstars, and Is warranted
not to Injure In tbe least, however long it may be eon tin
ned, and the 111 effects ef Bad Dyes remedied; the Hair
Invigorated for life by this splendid Dye.
Bold In all cities snd towns of the United States.
Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealers, , ; -,
, RjTbe Genuine hat the name and address npon a steel
plate engraving on four sides or each box, of WILLIAM
A. BATOilRLOH, Addres. -
01IARLK8 BATCnELOR, Pjoprlstor,
Jytg wly 81 Barclay .treat, Wew York.
T' ....... . i t. X Conennapttvee.
The Advertiser, having been restored to health in a few
weeks by a very simple remedy, aHer htytngt uffereds
eral years with a levers lung affection, and that dread
disease. Consumption Is anxious to make known tehis
fHllow-auffarers the means nf enre. ' ' ' t '"'
- Toatl who desire It, he will send a copy of thepreseri)
Hon ued (free of charge), with the directions for ptepav.
Ing and using the same, which they will Snd a acts On
for ComtrarrioM, Arrna. BRorKntna, ate.',' Ths bnfy
object of the edvertlserln ssndlng tbe Prescription Is to
benefit ths afflicted, snd spread Information which Jteeoa
celves to be invaluable, and be hopes every snfferer will
try hU remedy, salt will cost them nothing, sad nay
prove a blessing. '
Parties wishing ths prescription will please address .
.' .. v': . .-i-: AST. IDWARD A. WILSON,
i,r.-i .. Wllllamabureh,
!,:: J. - Kings County, New York.
(.',,W, A. Batohelor'i Hair Dye!,
Thla splendid Hair Dye has no equal instantaneous In
effect Beautlf a 1 Black or Natural Brown Bo staining
the akin erinjuiing tits Iiair mneaiestne atsmr aa
effect of Bad Dyes, snd Invigorates the hair fee life.'
None are genuine unless signed "W. A. Batchelor."
Sold everywhere. - ,
CHAS. BA.TCHXT.iOB, Proprietor,'
Jyl2:wly 81 Barclay Street, Net Tors'.
distressing ootnplalnt naia , j.,
Hade by 0. B. S1YM0DB at CO., 107 Nassau St.'N. T.
SUV. en A uui UUAI SEI IFVel www IMF wuir
At Alt. p VLV 0 T IlaTTr
- Sal Soda and Balanitis; ' ' '
ureaia lanar pure and 1st qualltyf
' .! I ii . t .l
". , v.rt 9,"
Bala Petra and Rrimn.
No. 1 Mackerel and Herring;
Prime Bio Coffee:
Old Government Java Coffee;
Pure Ground Coffee; . , -.r.
Backets, Tnbi, Brooms, Washboards Sic, . For ul t3
Jsnj31. 34 Statesmao Building.
nEHHT KtEDLEB,.'..,'
(Lets of Phalon's Esrabllsbment, N. Y.,) onrietofai
ine new lorv uuumuis euaruig, 11 air Outtlnt"1,
Bhsapoonlng, Curling and Dressing Saloon, last Btate
street, orer the Poh Office, where satisfaction will "
na mirm In all the Tarleus hranchaa.. ia: .. .
Children's Hair Dressing done In the best style, .'it
X The moat graceful and elegant skirts v.t rJi LT
' i4"' '"Just opened by. . PUTEABAIN, f
, w.aouin Jiign sties, J'a
r fi dt

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