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VOL. VII. NO. 208. newseries;
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3V (Ohifl Stuttemflir
j -
sauiaBeeBaaaauaMeBa ,,.. i nvw . -. - -, ,
CTOfflM Rot- 80, 88 and 40, Forth High It.
Daily '"."'' ' $8 00 per year.
" Br the Carrier, per weak, 12 cants.
frl-WejklT - - 00 peryer
tot. .1.1- . ' ' ' ' Afl
inn Adverlialnff f the qnre.
of square 1 ycai..'.30 00
Ono " . U motthe IS 00
One " i 0 month 15 0U
One " 3 month iu uu
One , '-' month! 8 00
Jne '1 month, i 00
One square 8 week!. . 4 00
One " wkl.. 3 00
One ".. lweek... 1 73
One '. " tKUyl... 1 09
Ona " Sdavl-.. 75
One " ltnaertlon 60
Displayed advertisement hell more than ine eoove
...I-, i - I .
Advertisement, loaded and placed In the eolttmn of
Jneclal Notice, auuou ft oraxnary trow.
All untlees required to be published by law, legal rate.
11 ord:rcd en tS-ltwneMoinsiveivaiiar ine nrai wees
per cent, ia'ora than-the above nice; bat all inch wll
nn.1T In lha Trl-Weeklv without charge.
Business Card, not exceeding Jlta lines, per year, In
il de, t'2 60 per line; outside iT.
Motlcoaof meetltig,hritblocltl,flreomint,
All triuitirnt advtrtlttmtnis mint b paid for in
tivanet Tl rule will not bevarled from. .
Weekly," same price aa Hie Dally, where the advertiser
scathe Weekly alone. Where 'he Dally andWeeklf
a hnth Died, then the oharg Iw the Weekly will be
a H the ratci of the Daily
No advertisement taken except for a definite period,
Corner Spring 4c Water Bte.,
Ool-mxxTD-tua . Ohio.
W. B. , POTTS & CO.,
And Manufacture of Braaa and Oompoiltlon Calling!,
kiumlivd Brail Work o( all Deaerlptlon!
Electro Plating and Gilding ! !
lebl 00-dly ' ' ; ' ' - ' '' '
DrJ. B. Bcanman,
iV vicea of a Dentlnit. aod favorlniDr. B. with thalr
Dentlnit, and favoring Vt. v. witn tnair
patronise may rely on having aatlttactloo given, in
fee will be required en the oomplellon of an operation,
Offlce four Doora North of the American Hotel, over
Hudlull'a Bui Store.
OolumhuaJan 7-ily
Attorney .t Xia-w
Offlre Auiboi bulWlna, ctinoilte Capitol Bnanre. '
Ihc hiiifi Manufactsriug Company
r- HANuAorukr&a or .
Ceetlnai, mU-OearlBg, Machinery.
ALSO , ' :
Xt.etilxOAd Worlt
or ntn dmctuptioii.
0HA8. AMB08, Bap'l P- AMD0B,',TreM.
deell, lHM-tf ' '
Winter Arrangement.
Little Miami Columbus & Xenia
For Cincinnati, Dayton & Indianapolis!
Through to Indianapolis without Change of Carl
and but One Change of Can between j.
; Columbus and 8t. Louis. '
(Daily, Mondnyaexeepted.V - : ' '
NIGHT EXr?KKS3, Wa Dayton, at M a. B.,fton
ping at London, Xonla, Dayton, Middlefwo nd Hamil
ton, arriving at Cincinnati at 8:?0 a. m.i Dayton t
a. m.,Inaianopollaat 10:4 a m.;rt. Louiaat 11:50
ACCOMMODATION, at 0:10 a. rfl., Itoppfng at all Bl
Hon i between Columtme and CUidntntl and Dayton, a
riving at Cincinnati 11:02 a. m., Dayton at 9. li a. m
Udi.n.p0,!i.fp.mbTRMN ,
DAY KXIBB8S,at :30p. m., ptopplng at Alton,
JeSeraon, London, Cbarleaton, Oedarville, XrniU,
Spring Valley, Oorwln, Morrow, Deerfleld, loater'a
loveland, Mlllford and Plalnvllle, arriving at Olneln.
naU at 7:30 p. m.( ft- toula at 18 m; Dajtun at 5:35 p.
m.; Iadlaaopolliat 10:3Bp. ,.,,. t: .'
Sleeplna- bare en all Nlffnt Tralne to
ClnclnnaU ana lnaunapelii r: ..
for farther Information and Through Tlcketa. apply to
. . - U. L. DOHBKIY,
.-j. Irii. finperlntenrtret, ClnclnnaU.
v. .v.-rru. J MO. W. DOHBRTT
Jnl3 ..... - - - Agvnt, QolunKH,
.v ;j . Jut Beealvedl .1. ; tzsV,
t aa nr. CII eSREEW and 'BLACK
IUv l'KA HOO bag prime Bio Oonee
1 SO pocketa did Dutch Government Java Coffee.
ttagrmeiiuii Dm . .
20Obbl!MMderd White Bugars, eomtattng of Fow-
drea, unruanen, uraouiavru a hdu vuue.
COqulntal!fleorgeBnkOodfltb.-'aTa .-.t
SObbll. aien ana no, nnwni
K bn-Piek Salmon. .
10O bx. Layer Raialni. -
60 hf. box do. do , .
louqr. mm. vo - u , -
nVvsrV" 7.f.rc: rwwMTwoDOWAtPv'
M, l7POWEIt3 & BRO
Diawaa la laroaTio-ahd 'DoiaTio' -n
SOBAOOO,- ' - "-'-rs
dv4 jaHCff.-" '" '-' ''"
Ho. 1 1 Past Stale ' Street, between 'High and
GOIjDRM HII Ij shirts,
Tha pattern ot thaao ahtrta are now. Th Bodies, Tokea,
aleeves and boioma are formed to fit tha penon with eno
and comfort. The mark anon each ono deaignatlag too
alu may be relied on. M Ming correct, and eachablrtli
guaranteed well nude.' 'A .full slock. o( ell ouallUes
ooniunuy tor aaia av . , ; uAina,,,,.
nov4. -' " ' ' No.MBoalhBlghatreet;;
FANCY KKSS SIEKS, ,,,,,, ' ,
We are now offering our immenie stock of Fancy Brtn
Bilks at nrleaa leu than ever before offered In tbla eliv.
The attenUon of the ladlea of tlili city and vicinity
aoliolted, aa our stock li very select and complete In
gradeaof good! In this line. f aian sain,
aovM. . . No. St) Booth High street.
For medical Pnroeeee.n '
L Tim, iroa "Bonded wurenoute
f Will HoDORALD,' . ; ,t
nor87 . , , 108 Bouth High strtet.
1V1 of elegant qvaUtlea (or Ladles aio, aliaaes' Mltti
great vaneiy , , jAHifc
-t'"; '''"at the lott rate of; -
.... i i - . - v . . .i m . ,i .... ,
' "' r !' " ":' ' ".' PAYABLE IU ADVANCE. ' : ' ' ' '
. ! . i. i ' ' :' ' '
.. It is an old and reliable Democratic Journal, and, aa a political paper, hne . :
m AieS aw It
llU . ,3UpcilUl ill
n addition to ita politioal oharaoter, It la first elasa newspaper, funsishing iU readers with the
An epitome of the stirring event constantly occurring at home and abroad, and choice miscel-'
. lftneous selections. It also gires the latest and most reliable '
From all the principal marts of Trade and Commerce. ; .
The ; Business Man, the Mechanic, the Farmer and the Laborer
Will each find their tastes and interests consulted and attended to in the columns of"';.'
. Curing the session of Congress and the Ohio Legislature, the readers of the Wceklt States
man will be furnished with a concise report of the doings of each of those bodies.
During the past year, the circulation of the Wcutxy Statksicah hag increased very rapidly,
beinpj now more than double what it was twelve months ago. It is our desire to extend ita cir
culation, not only in Ohio, ". . '. , .. ' , .. ' ) ,; . i
, ; But in all the States and Territories West of Us7 ,
In proportion as it is diffused among the people, ita usefulness will be Increased; and we invite
our politioal and personal friends to aid t in giving to the Wimur Statesman J, '- -
The Largest' Possible ; Circulation
A mono1 the neonle. The orice of the paper is so low that no Democrat need be without it. As
an inducement to friends to aid us in increasing
"To tfie person who will.byjthe 1st dayof Jsnnary, 1861, send us th largest Club of yearly
subscribers, with the eash for the same; TWENTY DOLLARS to the person who sends us the
second largest Club of subscribe as aforesaid; TEN DOLLAR3 to the person who Bends us
the third largest Club of subscribers aa aforesaid; and to each person who sends m VClub of
ten yearly subscribers, with the cash for the same, wo will send a copy of thS.
Weekly Statesman One Year without Charge!
D Those who are willing to compete for the Premiums, or solicit subscribers fortho Slates
man, can cut this Prospectus out of the paper and attach to it a strip of writing paper, on which
to record the namea of all persona who may become subscribers. ., .
juiJjl13. II
Ti l I ' 4 iO tt
33. 33 235
i .it
auj wiuw iuMe
the circulation of the Weksxt Statesman, wi
rcBLnaias onto btatisuax.
j ,i J I
.. ; i- ...t
t .1 i.! I .
)No. 4: Gwvnne Block.
XBR GOODS, and Invito the publie to intnect
then... No such stoek of Oooda baa ever been brought to
thU market. The South, In oonaeqoenoa at uw ranun
of the grain crop, baa not been able to pnrohaae tha u
nalqaantlty of rich good!, and this fact baa forcod ths
Importer! to sell tnem ai puouo auoiioa. ut vujvw
(Mr. Stone) being la New Tork at theto largo salea, took
advantage of them, and we oan and will tall oar goods
here, at leal than any one who purchaaed two week! liac,
paid for them In New Tork. Oar stock . U complete in
every department of n '
i" - . .. ... DYED COBOOSj
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At one half the Coat ot Impoitatton,
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Hen's, tadlea and Children's Under Shirts and Drawer!!
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tleaof; . . T."1' IV'l'-
Ladies' cLOTns, ' . j ;., .,! -. ,
I ,, PASSIM -!(..: "I,:,
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i.'-r :') i TWEEDS,
FLA-NNEI.S, - ... r ,.. .j : ' -
tadiei and Gent's Linen Cambric Hand-
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To MiaoasWhe n on nt,we pledge" our word! to
anot thena the iugoii,. boat and cboaaoot i took of ttooda
over soonio uus Bf!x pr ,yr umoi ot ,-aonar. per
hour While looain. , , ,
deol-dlyltawitw. piuwg v uan.nn.
liju si ("( ii, j.,,-! . o(n) r';;i t'
.;jB0RousBl & :co;
" r . J I 'toperrteraaBBW
Brandiei;;lin?it, ..andlSegari,
be leave to oalt the attention Bf the elUsensof IhoCnU
tod States to their Fore Wa and Idqaora, put an aa
der tholrown supervlatoa, for Family and Medioal ate.
i. aamrted to ault ouitomen. Clubo, atiliury and
other pnbllo bodies, who rtqelre to pnrchaao In large or
small auanUttes, to eaiki w koMloa, wHI be lltorally
dealt with. Fries Lujtunt.OB appUoauon.
' wn.m.r.AI thaBinhvirlcrani as the belt reiae
brum far Dwanmala. IndlaeiUon. Debility, ant all
riervona Dlanum., As a bevofage. It at pure, whole
some, and deltcloos, to the taste. Bold by au Dnutuilt.
I W. M0B,EH0C81 QO. ProP'rt, 7( ,
' !; Tihnir Tr.- -,Ja Iiekanga Flade,,iw.
1 J . ! --.Si U: ')o w-& adj'enayeiUr, B.
r P.B.-The aabattrrtort wkh to1 engagH a' feWacWr
men, as Looal aad Traveling Ata (or taalr aoata, to
whom liberal loduoeawn wiu i .iiMed,-For porta,
Blara, addroWM abovo ' oot30-d3ia ,
I newltyl,, , ojtlbkoa BoanoV JUtoneionana !
. n . iMa.
Me, t loath V ,i itwi'
f i. tk
tl i
Fire Insurance!
. Fire & Life Insurance Co.
37 Caitle itreeU tiverpool. 20 and 31 Poultry, London.
Office, o wall and ui fine itreeli, New Xork. .
THOMAS HOODIE, Agent, Columbus, Ohio.'
Paid np Capital, Nnrplua
and Keierved I'nndi CGCG0,5S5
Inreaitedlnimla Country over.. 800,000
Yearly He wane, over. -2, 600,000
TT7Tho Bhareholdert penonally reipoBilbla for on-
gaRemontaof iheCompany. All Hlrectori miut be 8hart
holdera,, , .... ...
' Directors and Bharebolderiln New Xork; ,
James Brown, Xaq,, Chairman. , francli Cottenet, Eq.,
Deputy Chairman.
M. Archibald, II. B. M. Oontul Kugena Dutilb, Kiq.
lenh Qaillard. Jr..Eiq. ; . H. Urlnnell. In. .
Alexander Uamtltoa. Jr., Kkj. - B. f. Banderfon.Eiq.
. iju i AiU. UaMiltom, Jr., Kiq., .
' - ' ' ' ' Oountel of the Board.' ' "
ALraxP Pan, Btq , Xosldent Seoretary. -
. Looal Board wClocmaaUl: ;;. .
N..W. Thomai. Esq. J. D.Jonei.Biq- RufnaKIog.Etq.
Thompson Neave, Kiq. Hob't Uuchauan, Etq fl
The onderalttnedi Agent In this eltv, will bo hanov to
receive appllcaUona for Iniurance In toe above Company,
lie ran recommend It with entire conlWeuca'to all dcilo
omof obtalniogproteetlonagalnttLOHS BY KIKE.
No Charce fof Policies. ,1
nov18-tf ' JU08. JIOODIB.
v- l'ANCIEi ::a, . r
Such arlhlei ai yon tfturfra for your HUSBAND
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December, 1800. ' - ' '
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e are now enering at very low prices. ; .
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deetl. .ii. .' .-""No. MSon(hHlhitr-.
-r. High" Sreet Store
t r:
X' BTOKY H0C8B, No I6J, occupied by Akin a Em.
oiy.Hteve Dealers, completely fitted with tOaa, rarnlee
and Uolitlng Jack-, The let a 100 by 80, sad la offered
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iJSM-dfel v. oil e No.'M, North Third Stre.J'
' Watches land 'Jewelry.1'
e. Clocks, Jewelry, Bllverware, Ao- kept ooaataat
wop band at," ..juiu..'i . - t c . - i, k- .
. .. .i i . (,t - I "1 i R. KIRKPATRIOK'a. J
' No. ICS, Bouth High Street, Columbia, 0 o
,4-M - " 'tl rxo -rot ai...
TEPITI.Ri'iErq'is jF.t:n''a ii;s v, . '
Ili.l, (IKMTI.aMKW wyriK irvra ' e:
-. .;:-.. . t ..i" rjBNTLEHKN'a NBOk'tTRB. ;0 nl
The Best dearable auortmaol k Ui elty and atotrosaV-
- ninii eet,vHiuivaiin:ui
LEtlAKT VA.A1N HL.AUH. kll.li.ii F0
n tree I nasquei aau wantic; auo. auca inmmin
j fjMtjilji .yjiti.ei-..i-tilC.''D 10 lOliil'.A :u IJ 68
1 1 ' i . ' tii i a 1 11' ! II, ti
a pjfLjr APPttaj ;f ,.
2. MO bblgi ,T9holce Applei rewtreol or! eWfrnmeiit
lor sal bj
,:'U 1 K J lleKIB Sr. REBTIBAUX..-
Jtsfi J30." 'i:vm 3i M.HlgBretv
NAMES. The Ohio Statesman
Dallv. ner rear. .....'.''
.16 00
! Trl-Woek ly.pat icar. ..,. ...,
Weekly, poiyaai.hvrf",",vfT"
' - " ,i ' :
a (to
l o
Letter from Hon. H. V. Johnson.
Country, Georgia,
Dec. 28, 1860.
My Dear Str:1 duly received yourvery kind letter
of the Uth init, tor which pleuo accept my grateful ac
knowledgment!. '
I thank you sincerely for the very eomprimentary
terms, in which yoa refer to my eanvuii In ths North,
durlog the late Preaidentlal caopalga. Yoa do me no
mora than Justice, when you aactlho to ae the motive of
aceeptingthe nomination for the Vice Presidency, from
purely patrlotlo oonsideratlona. I was Indeed sctnated
by a strong sonvicUon of duty... 1 believed that odn-la-Mmotinn
hv Oonffreu. on the aubjeot of slavery In tha
torritorlea, was the only prlooiplo upon Which the agita
tion could be quletted and the Union aavedr the very
beat built of Compromise, on Wbloh 'he North and South
Could harmonise andlllvo in peace. I belleveo that it had
been solemnly agreed upon, by both looltcns, aa a final
adjustment and that each waa hound In honor, toiland
by It, la goodfaUh. I believed the Breckinridge move
ment w&s directly ond palpably la violation or that prln
oiple; that it would destroy tb. HeUuiil Demooaatie
party, lead to tha election v( Lincoln, "and perhepe, liie
dissolution of the Union. I had refuted the use of any
name, as my friends know, In eonncotion with the n'omf
nation in Baltimore! I was gratified when that diitlno
tlon waa tendered to Gov. Fittpatrick of Alabama, and
greatly surprised when ho declined it. JIis declension
wai very embarrassing to the National Democracy, be
cause ao unexpeotod. The executive committee called
nponmo to accept the nomination." I did so, because 1
was unwilling to aee the National Demooratlo party em
bar railed; because I thought that the principle of non
intervention waa in tho utmost peril; because I was anx
ious to preserve a fragment, at least, of the Southern
Democracy, organized upon that principle, In tho hope,
tint the national organisation might be maintained, for
future usefulness to tbe country. I bad no idea of being
elected. I knew that the rupture In the Charleston
Convention, was fatal to the triumph of the national de
mocracy and secured the election of Lincoln. I labored
as aealously however, as IU expected success. Bat I
labored for what I regarded a moat important pricciple,
I lelwred to heal tbe break In the national democratic
rank!. ! I labored to remove sectional prejudices
between the Northern and Southern people.
I atrove to inform my fellow clliieu, of the North of
lha real condition ot the liavea of the Soulli, their posi
tion in our a Klal atructure, and their true rotation to
capital, as our laboring class. I endeavored to Illustrate
our right! under tho constitution ind to show that their
recognition and observance were indispensiblo to the per
manent existence of tbe Union. To the best of my poor
ability, I attacked, without reserve, the principle! and
policy of tho Republican party, showed their unconsti
tutionally and hostility to the rights, equality, peae
and safety of fifteen B tales of tha Uuion. I faithfully
warned my countrymen of Ihe perils that were gatharing
thick and threateniogly over tbe temple of our lllrerty.
I was traduced at home; abused by tho Republicans of
the North; whilst overwhelmiug defeat stared mo folly
in ths face. I have met that defeat, aly wont fore
boding! are milled. Tha National Democraey is over
thrown. Llnooln Is eleoted and the Union ii dissolved,
tor what I have done, I have no regrets; for I feel I
have done right. I have no apology to nuke to any party,
north or soma; for conscious rectitude of purpose lis
shield, knpenetrahle ai braes, agaloit tbe vulgar abuse of
HepuDiicaos,ana ine unconcealed eensumor the Charles
tondisruptloolsti. You heard f-rnifmiapaareksuoae jia
know how sternly Ilglsiafo Northern audiences,
upon the full uishiITii of the Constitutional right of my
nion. Ann a should do injutilo to niv
nio of gratitude and violence to the truth. If I
failed to record the loud and tumultuous applause with
wnKo. mO'irue ncarieu uemooracy veiaonuea to my ap
peal!, in favor ot Southern rights aad Southern equality.
Most cheerfully do I endorse the following language o(
your letter. Bpeaklng of your own State, you remark,
"Although wo are beaten, we are aot enna uereii. umi
there are yet two hundred Ihosnnd National Democrats
in Ohio, who refuie to bow the knee to Black Kenuhlf ri.
Ism, and who stand ready tn do battle for the oodsi Itti-f
iiouai riguw vi uiv eunui'- Tvrjaiyou aay or umd is
truk of the North and West. There are a mUlHnand a
hair 61 true and brave spltits, who, In--the face of every
obstacle, are ready to do the South Justice. They are
overpowered now, by circumstances, which they could
not control. But I do veryllv believe that the
tlve rate of tho North, it time could be allowed them to
rally, would drive Black Republicanism to the wall, and
save ths Union by doing Justice to their Southern breth
ren. 1 iu tliis with sincere pleasure, and I think, from
personal intercuare with thtm, laal summer, I can lay it
This, nr dear sir. lead ru to sneak of tha crl.l.
tnrougn wmcn we are pawing, i am not going toTarguo
the right of secession, tho one way or the other. The
revolution naabeguo sad argument tela train. South
Carolina has aoceeded. I believe riorlda, Georgia, Ala
bama, Mississippi and Louisiana will follow as loon as
Ibeir resDoetiv conventions assemble and can act. Texu
and Arkansa will Join them, and, Indeed, I em prepared
io sea fourteen oi tue aoutnern otatea an levered from
the Confederacy tn a few brief months. Ot tho secession
of the cotton growing BtM.s, I scarcely entertain a
doubt. 1 am couoseliog delay for two purposes: first to
give the conservative element of tho nen slaveholdiDg
Btates time to rally, to organise and to act. Aa I have
Juat laid above, I had strong hope that It would bo able
to do the Bouth J ustice, and glee such guarantee of fu
ture security as would save the Union. I advise delay in
tho eeoond place in order to obtain co-operation among
Ihi lUrt-noldIng Btates, both in making lha appeal to
that conservatism, and devising the best line of action,
la the event the appeal should be unavailing. But, sir, I
have but Utile hope of any inch delay, fur any purpose.
There Is a settled resolve, by a mtjorlty a largemajority
of the people of the eolon-grewlng Btatoii never to re
cognise Lincoln aj;thslr President never to be ah In
tegral pan oi a'L'oweaeracy over wmcn Be may rule ne
ver to tolerate for an hour allegiance to a Union of which
he Is chief. This la tho truth In all aobernesa and aad
nes. Disunion might poaalbly have been averted, if two
months aro. Immediately after itheeleetlon. tha Kennhli.
can bad indicated any disposition to abandon their hoe-
tile polley.'ano give mil lore to tne Constitutional pro
visions for the extradition of fugitive slaves. But in
stead of this, they taunted, Insulted. Jeered and abused
the Bouui; gtonea ta tneir own aname, ibcoausa their
treasoa was triumphant; hectored because thev ware mad.
dened by power, threatened because they were iotoaica
ted by tae orignt prospects or pooira plunder and the
poll of office. But tho Rablcen ti passed, and I do not
believe any power on earth can save the Union. Indeed,
tha Union ll dissolved already. What is to be doner
What can be dona! What ought to be done? In my judg
ment nothing bat for patriots. North and Bouth, to ex
or' tho greatest prudence and forbearance. In order to
avert thecalamlty of civil war and bloodshed, let ttctt
tioniptaxl'f peulblt. ....
. I know that many good men, North 'and a few, Booth,
advocate tho policy of coercion. Bar I apprehend they
have net ooniidered all tho oonwquenen of such a poli
cy. They are awful to contemplate. . When men are
exasperated and feel that great calamities are about to he
brought opoa them, they are apt to consider that some
body ought to bo puniihed and that thmfare, government
la clothed with power to intlict it. The Bouth, on lb
oa hand are ao enraged at Lincoln's election and tbe
prospect of an enforcement of the Republican policy,
that they will not even Make an effort, nor give time to
obtain a reoonolllatrea. They precipitately secede from
the Uulot. . Ihe North, on Ihe ether head, regarding
Ihti as rash and ruinous, are aroused to a spirit of re
venge and are, In considerable number, for coercion.
Till will not do. It Is fraught with woo and nothing
else pregnant with unmixed evil. r Look at 41 dispaa
aionamly. r-r.-,..,
-Would coercion save the TTnlonT No man ean believe
It for on moment. The first blow itrlcken, for luch a
purpose, would kindle a blaae which would never be ex
tinguished, but by the last 'drop of life blood from the
heart of every Southern man. A braver or aor desper
ate people never lived on tho face of the earth. The
Souther Btates may possibly re red back and the Union
rsooncfrtiotect, by tho manifestation of friendship aod an
Unreserved return to Constitutional obligations by the
Kepublitan majorities ot the North. But they will (ni
ter extermination, sooner than to bo forced to abide a
political association wita tho whs us the Union! aa
lmtrament of injustice and oppretiion. . .
' Bnt luppoe the non-slaveboldlng States iter ta tuo
-eeed In conquering tha Southern Btates, whet sort of
Union would il ba l A lialon or role re a Uuion of op
preislon; freedom Is gone self-government is annihila
ted. Would the oonquored State be the egualt of the
oonqnorlng State? Then Stat equality la destroyed
All these are of the essence of that liberty which our
form of government wa intended to perpetuate thry
are it constituent element, i What beoomea'of liberty.
if those elements are rubd by military power! - Yoa
mav nunlah maitxduat wio on tnnr own rttnonti
biltty, vioUth fate; but to ootnpti Utatn to adhere to
a political association agamic tneir win, ta to aooiisn
freedom, tieaoe, yoa perceive, mat cocreioa is eurers
to the very tenlus and spirit of our federal system.
' There are a thousand oo aside rations, more easy to be
Imagined than described, which render the vary idea of o
aioion revolting to an in oetterana nouier seniimenu
of the heart.- flow strong nd tender are th ties of
marriage relation! between Uie sections. - ra there and
naetaen, in tne noiio,ay.oo ana tuvugassr and
ranaohlldren In tb Boulhi and cic eoraa: how could
Uiey ooncrnt to take np arm! agalnat their own ttesh and
blood? 1 ne re are tnouaaoue oi men in uie noutn woo
honestly deprecate secession; but they would be base
recreants. If they refuse to share th. fortune at
their respective Btates. How oould the true Demoerscy
ot the Berth, ever get their own consent to attempt to
ut them to in swora, or nang mem upon tn gibbets
'has ara horn oueslions; bnt they must b answered
where oercin II urged, and they are questlool that will
breed stril Noitaot aaoa aaa utxon a una.- xbr are
thouaaoda there, who would never oonsent to take un
arms against their Southern brethren. If fight they
must, Uiey WUI rainar give tneir energy aau courage to
drive beak the invading force of federal power.
However deplorable saoaniou Ii, the true Dcmoeraqr of
thl North anderatand full wall, that Lb South 1 not
animated by any deeire to strike a blow at them. They
have stood by oi faithfully through too many hard fought
politioal campaign!; they have aaoriOoed too much, tn
vindicating the Constitution Uiey have beta loo tru
to all tbslr ongsgementsdts be made the ebJeeU Of leulh-
ra eengenoe. No, no; let me assure you that the great
aa ot tb people. In this section of the Union, cherish
sentiment of the liveliest gratitude to their well tried
allies ol tnNrtb't-Bat It a theeonvtellon Uiatthev
allii have lost the now to save eve tbeaasslve. moeh
lea tfeMr Bouibera krathree. f rota tbeeerrnpl, relent has
nA , loathsome ODDression ot the Black Jleimbltoan
hoards;, the ennvtctton that they are permanently in the
majority la all' the-noa-tlavehoMing Stat aad that
henceforward, in ronerai guveruent as r ow aaminiat
: mttA la acaordano with taelr avowed oollott It Is toll
oaTlsUoa that I driving the Bouth out f the Clo,
mil twaJaJgarat v, that the oonearvaflv, tlenitut t ths.
North would rise In It mslsatr and nut down Black Re.
publioanlam; and that firmly united with the Booth, aa
In other aayi. upon uio principle or non intervention,
they would rescue tho Constitution from the hand of Ihe
Qo'bJ and Vandals, and pet our old ship of Stat upon
tho same track on which she has so long sailed, under
Demoeratlo colors. But the great mast or our people
think differently they believe that there Is no hope for
Southern safety in the Union; that our great property
institution or slavery lain imminent pern; was ine gov
ernment will be used for Its destruction; that domeslio
Insurrection and servile revolt will be encouraged; that
the right to recover thrMr- fugitive property, in the non
ilaveholdlng Btates, la already irrevocably nullified and
abolished! that tna paramount law of solf-preoervation
demands the immediate resumption of Slate sovereignty
and separate Independence- If you will comtemplate
the volition of tho Bouth, friMn tho Hand point which
th occupies, the men of the North will understand and
appreciate, ibougn luey may regret, deplore and ailap.
prove. They cannot fail to discover, that a people thus
situated and tlioi viewing the future before them, oould
not hi deterred from anv course, which their judgment or
tneir safety mignt indicate, by Uie threat or coercion.
Why, sir, such a threat will drive them into a consolida
ted unit for resistance; It will arouse an indignation.
fearful and terrific a the throes of Vesuviui. No, my
dear air, rat not the true men of the North beoomo exas
perated; let them keep cool,, with their iwonla over
drawn and glittering ktfilr.it the tcpubllcms. Tby are
tae worst enemiea to ine union, iney are enemies to
the best interest of humanilv and the henea of Ihe world.
Though severed by our political tie, let the feellntr of
mutual inenuiinip oeiween me uoostituuonai men or tne
North and Ihebuulu, be preserved and cherished. It
may be the basis of a glorious reconstruction of our Un
ion al a future time. Let the true Constitutional men
ot Uut North, forever refsn to become surDle tools
Ihe obedient tioopi of Black Bepuulwan poi y, U sub
due and conquer a brave brotherhood at the South, who
are animated by a heroic deteimlnatlon to protect them
selves against Bfrgreflslon upon their rights, Interest and
domeitle peace and security. If our Northern friend!
should think Ihe Bouth precipitate, hot-headed and rash,
let them bear in mind that the wrongs of wh'eh thry com
plain, are admitted to be vnecnutimtionui wrongs, by
all true men, of both seot'ons, and that upou every con
sideration of sound statesmanship, of truth. Justice and
humanity, ills better for tie Union to be severed, than
fur liberty to perish, liie Union Ii a policy, liborty, a
necessity; the Union may be reconstructed, but lllwrty
lost, cannot be regained; theUnlon is the body, but liber
ty Is the soul, that Inspires society with ita energy, it ac
tivity, Ita enterprise. In life,
Coercion, therefore, mutt fail to save lbs Union. It
cannot possibly produce good. It will bo the parent of
otnro woe than stains the annals of all recorded time.
in win w ratal to republican Institutions, rounded upon
'flbe consent or thegoverneed." Coercion must be either
ruocesiful or unsuccessful; that Is to say, it must either
conquer the seeding Btateior fail to do 10. If luecesi-
rut tne seoedlng Btates are no lonf or free and sovereign,
but subjugated provinces. This, tberefore, would be fa
tal to liberty, as I hare abowu in a foregoing paragraph.
If unsacccaful, then our civil strife will destroy our
greatness and we shall fall in oaay prey to foreign invas
ion, or become the restless victims of ceaseless aevolu
tioni, lit liie unhappy people of Mexico and Central
America. In eilhercuae tuesunof lilertyuiut go down
in blood. The Black Republicans, Influenced by ihe
wretched fanatic! of BxelerUall, may contemplate such
picture with pleasure; but the traefrjeodsof humanity,
and freedom, of civilization and religion, will turn from
it with sickened hearts. Despots everywhere will re
joice over,our downfall, as evidence of Ihe Incapacity ot
man to govern nimneii: aa tne evidence tnui popular in
stltutlonsare a failure; as ths avldeuoe that orowna and
thronei ire necersary to Ihe existence of society and lite
well-being of mankind; as evidence of Ihe "Divine right
of King!."
lull is wise dispensation, Ood has commuted to the peo
die of tha United States, tbe conservation of an Inesti
mable boon to mankind-' That boon Is Popular Sover
eignty. Our fatheia vindicated it I y the sword and bap
tized It In the blood of the revolution. After thev had
achieved the independence of Ihe colonies. Ihe momen-
ilftui question for them io solve was, how could they best
enrnsyiiis great iron oonnueu 10 ineir keeping!
hey wSagweili, each belm incompetent to maintain
itself aa mseparate power. Therefore, they forael a
federal ooApact, for defence against foreign at
tack and invisiou. ToreodertheCoofederacy etttolent.
an aimy ant imvywere necessary; foreign commerce
must be maintained and defended: treaty relations es
tablished an the proper emha'iles created. Hence tli ;y
organized Ueneral Government for tho Union and
cloibeditwilh the war making. and laalnt nower: and to
prevaeu the Injury to foreign commerce, trhich might be
Dvounced by conflicting resulaiions of the various hUtoi.
they also clothed It with the power to regulaio commerce
among tne etaiea. euon was tne great purpose of the
Federal Government. It was established mainly for lite
auminieiraiion a-.a conduct oi loreign attalrs and rela
tions. It was never designed that it should interfere
with the great doctrln of popular sovereltrn'v. but
every restraint ia laid upon it, neeeasaryto prevent Its
tranenmg upon it, aod every power delegated, was to be
exercised for the protecUon of every Btale, In tbe full en
joyment of this lundamental principle of Amerlcin lib
erty. In fine, they decided, that a federal Uuion waa
the bait form, In which the principle could be embodied
for its preservation. But it does not follow, that tb
malntalnanc of tbe form of the Union, la necessarily
ihtoonservatlon of the principle. That Union may be
uscu as an instrument to oestroy tn prtnctpis; and
werwiore wnen tnus useu, a termination or liie Union
may be the best and only way to save the principle. Are
not tn platform and policy of the Republican party of tb
norm uirecuy anuuronistio to ine doctrine ol Vonul.r Ho.
eielgnty, and are they not striving to us the Federal
Government, a Ihe instrument of enforcing their nrtn-
ciples, and policy? It permitted to proceed, without
opposition, where will It land us? It will bury us
beneath the ruloi ot the tonititution, and tract over our
dishonored political grave acolassal structure f consol
idated empire. I do not make these remarks to In.tlfv
hasty and precipitate secession. I think every conill
tntional means of redress in tbe Union, should be ex
hausted before resortinz to the ultima ralio renium
uu iu mo caav now (Anting, a nave strong nope, that
such redresk might be had. if the Sooth would wait for
tne enort. nut 1 make three remarks, tint, to draw
special attention to the great duty of considering, aa a
permanent consideration, the prko ple of Popular Sove
reignty, which Ood has committed Io us. for the benefit
of our posterity and Uie wurld; andsecondlv to show.
that dissolution I not necessarily a destruction of, but
peruaps tue oniy meoe ny wnun mat important trust
can be faithfully excuted. Therefore, let not friends
of liberty despair. Popular Sovereignty rosy be safe
In itrm other form than that of the federal Union- It
la our duty to aee toil, that It shall be; If within the
scope of possibility. Let ua not get Into an uaoontrolla
bl paasion with each "other, North and South, axd go ta
fighting and ehedd tag each, other'sblood. That will des
troy popular sovereignty, a i nave snown ; bat let as
rather cast anund. In all utr neatness and fid lit, to as
certain how It may be crjitallied into other formi more
enduring, if possible, and less liable to be ahuaod by fa-.
I am treating dim. lutlon as a fixed fact. " It i difficult
to realii it; itla painful to confess it.. Therefore, tb
future concerns ui most. - A new order ot thlut must
inevitably supervene. The deiideralum ia to adi uat our
selves to It, with the least possible shock Io trade, Indus
try, lahor, capital and social relations. I yield to Ihe
temptation ta make a, Home remark on this head. and
then I shall eluse this loug rambling communication.
Ihe present crisis will certainly eventuate in two new
governmental organisations itmay, In several. There
must inevitably oe one norm and one Bouth. There
may be an Eastern, Western, Northern. Southern. Pao
Ulc and Middle. The present Federal Union I the out
growth the form, which. In III vital energy and instinc
tive enort, ropuiar sovereignty naa elaborated for lis
own preservaUon. The destruction of that Union Is not
death to tbe principle, for it la Immortal;-bat it will, if
permitted to aot, in accordance with the great law of or
der, enshrine itself in other appropriate form, equally
efficient and perhaps nor ondurlng. It may, as I have
said, beget two or several new Republic from ths mate-
lerial ot tn old. tienoe ine great duty of a wise states
manehlp will be. Ant and above all tilings, to permit this
great principle to energise without restraint; to work
without hlnderance; to aot without obstruction; to per
arm Its own mighty funoliona, In aoonrdanoa with the
noimal forces of being. Sagacious and obeerving mea
will aoon detect the direction of Its actlvllie! and ten
dencies to organisation. Then, It will be the second
great duty of a wise (tatmanhp, eordlally, to co-operate
with and aid Jt in woiking out ita heneflreot pur
pose. We may not see ths movements of the principle,
nor understand It! lllent and acute motfue opera)
df, any aor than we anderatand tha mjeetrloue
chemical agency, thy Which crystals are -wrought, in
th dark oaverns ot the earth. But w shall see
the result Sod we may iooio it will be liaht, be
cause the laws or order when left free to act. are as unar.
ring as Oatniscien,. for they are ordained of God.
Hence, ItswtMr not, now sxany governmental organi
tlon. may be oonstructedlfrom the material of tb ores-
eat crumbling confederacy; we may rest satisfied, that all
will be for liw best, it we nave been wis enough toco-1
operate with. Instead of aeklng to ouorrol and direct
the great law of oruat to which 1 have alluded. - They
will be but the houses which Popular Sovereignty will
have erected for it own preservation. Why then, should
not suoh new government live in harmony and friend
shlpp? iBpeaklng th earns language, holding to the earns
hrtst'anlty, desoendetit from tho same amnesty aod ntoti.j
orlly linked to th same destiny, why may Uiey not foina
treaties of friendship among themselves and outer Into a
league for eommon defense and the promotion ot all the
Intereils that are coupled with foreign relation aad eoa
merial and political intercourse? If tho temper of the
peopi b right, these results may be expected and popu
lar liberty perhaps, more tmpregnably Intrenched. Bat
alt will be lost, if we tall to fighting and spilling each
other blood. An attempt at coercion, will be uttal to
hope and humanity, law and liberty. It will 111 back
h tar of civilization i and Chriatlanlty heraelf, clad In
V weed! of woe," will weep over th folly of th tune and
(he Inconsiderate rasbmss ef her.favored people.- Tim
ta ranlill unrolltne the aaroll nf nbrhtv avrania: av.rw
(day I pregnaat with destiny. May Sod give us oourag
taaal I in crisis; nuaniy, equal to duly; fortitude com.
nuMumlewtlh trial! and at last may w bring order out
Of contusion ana iiguiaai oc aarznes. - '
-Wi!.f rallhfully aad truly V O.
y i ... ; i our ou itnenu, ,
JOHN P. JEFFRIES, Esq. Wooster, O.
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five ontidote for the diseases Sarsapaiilla is
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FEPstA and Indigestion, EitYaipr.r.AS, ltosa
on St. Anthony's I'mn, and indeed tho whole
class of complaints arising from JLipuuity of
TUB BbOOD. ' 1 ' "-' '
This compound will be found a groat pro
moter of health, wlien taken In the "print?;, to
expel tho foul humor which fester in the
blood nt that sermon of the year. By the time
ly expulsion of them many rankling disord?rs
aro nipped in the bud. Multitudes can, by
the aid of this remedy, spare themselves from
the endurance of foul eruptions and ulcerous
sores, through which the system will strive to
lid itself of corruptions, if not assisted to do
tlus through the natural channels of the body
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vitiated blood whenever you find its mipuvitica
bursting through the skin in pimples, eruptions,
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structed and sluggish in the veins ; cleanse it
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blood healthy, and all Li well ; but witn this
imhtiluiu of life disoidcrcd, there can bo no
asting health. Sooner or lator soinethins
must go wrong, and the great machinery of
life is disordered or overthrown,
Barsnparilla lias, and deserve much, the
reputation of accomplishing thcae eudn. ltut
the world lias been egregiounly deceived by
preparations of it, partly because the diui
alone bus not all tho virtue that is claimed
for It, but more because many preparations
pretending to bo concentrated extracts of it,
contain but little of tho virtue of Sarsaparilla,
or any thing else.
During luto years the public have been mis
led by large bottles, pretending to give a qtiiut
of Extract of Sarsapurillu for one dollar. Mott
of theso liuve been frauds upon the sick, fur
they not only contain little, if any, Sarsapa
rilla, but often no curative properties whatev
er. Hence, bitter and painful disappointment
has followed tho use of the various extracts of
Sarsaiuniila which flood tho market, until the
nuinu itself i justly despised, and has become
synonymouu with imposition nnd cheat. Still
we call this compound rMrBnpnriflit, and Intend
to aupj.ly Buch n remedy its shall rescue the
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believing it bus virtues which are irresistible
by the ordinary rim of tbe diseases it is intend
ed to cure. 1 In order to secure their complete
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lie judicioiwiy taken according to direction on
tlio bottle.
DR. J. C. AYER & CO.
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ployed. As it ha lung boon in constant uo
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SO, Bonth High Btreetr
Jaauarjr28, 1861,
- SherlllVtSale.'
u rsa i . si.
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,. , . Coiumbus, Jtnnary W- ' , 1 .' - ' . "'
" :a i uk
MaaaaTTaa, Bx:tiaiTV, and lavii.0 Via 1ms. Co.;
Bw Iota; WBtcwam' and litt l m. " aiaTviaT
Haw toa LiraaadOewa. AfWTOaa, Liv: m li in vu
Of flceV 81 HlTh aVatra'e
il t!oT-j et-ri th n
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" fctvla'.-ej
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h :
i jj"ir rTn,
-rticert la
1 L oic
' sv.Y.'f."
5W 8 - 3
P4 - :" f
... .
' T j"'? JIV TI
-'-''J to b3 tii
' ICJ1 INVITl ATTBMTimr to nf aha mnai '" '
truoruiary cures by my . .. . .....3 I'iUll
TlftTPATl AT'- olf II IT iJi.l'a !t"-.
T 'S:;ir t ;w -
They art at home, and an ana who hu dukt ant ti J t
quire ot la person who have been oared by.lU j ( l1s;3
SXAMtNa 1. 1 1 una wivhiiiit on Attain ma ii.L...c
, - - . wi, K-ia i'i
ATTIHD TO TOTJR COLDB A ease of Bye yean'-,, .x - ,
landing cured by DR. KL YttkhVS FBC10BAL SVBUP. ,
- " . il9".T
'' ' . PiWMeaeH, Jan. H, 1880.
Da. Kits: My wife ha been afflicted with a bad 11
cough and d!tticlty or breathing, for five or atx year, , -which,
tor several years back, bod gradually increased ia "'
violence. TheotoplaInth been herediuu-S aad ai-yv L
had been treated by aeveral physician without any ia- ''
Kef. I this tat of her cast, I procured some of yoar '
Pectoral Cough Syrup. I bought, th first Una, a Sfty , . , ,
cent bottle, which relieved her very much ; I then called " "
and got s dollar bottle, which eared bet entirety, aad, : ,
she ha now no trace of the former dlsesae, except weak- .
nH. 1 would also state that I need the medicine mr '-' '
lelf toaooldudeough. , Tb median cuiwd so by tafc . .L.
tng one dose .1 expres my entire atisreUon with th
medicine, and yon are at liberty to publish this If eon t v . l
desire to do so. : , . WM.. WILBOfv. , . ,
.. ( AldraaaUUi Ward.
1 PiTTsacaaa, Nov. lfi, 1858.
Ba. KsviuBt: Although not an advooat af I'aleot
aledlrines, in eeneral. It affords me slcaaur: Icdcserlha
bl te recommend your Pectoral Syrup. A a medicine
it ll well worthy tbe attention of any veraon a he mav In
ny manner be afflicted with oough. eUs aad hoareeuia , - .
or any oina, ana for the peculiar quallUcatlons for re
moving all that disagreeabl sensation attending a so- ' '. :. ...
vereoold, r
I have been, more or less, In my life, affected with the - 5 11 '
overeat of cold aad hoanemas. . At time ny throat - ,a
would become toclosed aa to prevent my speaklnr above
whisper, and by taking a few dose of th above Byrap - . '
itwoaia relieve me eoureiy. .
. In leoommendln this medicine. I most nnheillatlnil ' ' " '
say that it I th beet remedy I ver foand, parpottiag to
cure the above, nor should any family bo. without this
rcmegy loruiacaecs so prevalent.
Your, most respectfully,
KDWAttDJ. J0NE4, - ;. ;.
Cashier Oltkerur' Deposit Bask.
BTCCsmrviUBiO , If arch 14, IB59 .
I have used Dr. Eevser' Coneh Svrno for a bad eearh
of several yean standing, and can cheerfully say It il '
the belt medicn for the same that I hare ever taken; ' "
BY HUP. Dr. Knaca Dear Bin Xxcus the delay ef
ay acknowledging th excellence of yoar Pectoral Oough
Syrup sooner. 1 take great pleasure In saying that ita . .
a:; yoa say it is. a xnecsf" v.e mm tmi , tymgii
aad th wont one I was ever alBlcUd alth; I hav lot '
usl more tlian one-hair of t ho bottle, and I can and do
Wish that all who are afflicted Would tlv ltaa fair a trial
a 1 have done, and tbe will b preud lo say, "It lane
quack medicine." I would not uzr auotlitr uch an '
attack for any consideration, or at any cost. I am con
fident I oan breathe more freely than I er r did. I ahail
alway acknowledge a debt of gratitude forlnveauagao rr:. .
excellent a remedy- Voei are at liberty to sua aa namrtr . A
In this regard, as yoa think proper X. t. VRaTT, .i r i y -
aieaseuger Uommoa ajeaatll, Pituborgh, Pa.
Pittsburgh, May 11, UsS. . . -N.
B I am no stranger lo my fellow-cltUena. and
who estcrtain doubt can consult mc personally. N
1L,...r ,
READ IHI TflTJTH. Da. Kavesa: I have a daugh
ter who haa taken aeveral attdieiae for a bad aauga, '
without benefit among then Ayer' Cherry Pectoral.
I parehaaed from you a botti of yoar PEO fo HAL 1
BYEUP.and before ahe had used half a kottl b waa
relieved. The tecond bottle cured her entlrelv of hav
oough. JOUN DARIN,
Roblnaon street, Allegbaay. . -
PtTTSKJtotr, December, SI, MJS.'
BYUCP. I live ia Peebles township, Allegheny county.
I had a oonghing and spitting, which commenced about
th 4th ot Pobruary last, aad continued ight month. I .. ."
employed tho best physician la th untry, and ay
oouga continued unabated uaui tarly In October. At
that Urn I wa advised to try your PBOTORAL COTJOU
BYRUP.whlchldid, and after I had taken on bottl I
w a entirely tie from th coughing and spitting. I had r .
despaired of ever getUng well, aad I think it abeakt.hen -known
that this valuable reaedy will do for others abet
Ithasdonelnmycaa. JOHN 0. LITTLE, .'i ,r
Witnes B. H.Raaa, Peeble townbip .
' ' Parroa Tr., April 14, 1857. -
A WONDERFUL CURB. Some Urn aeo. an old '
neighbor of mtn was very ill, with a bad eoiua which
very oae nippoeed to be consumption. Hi relative
toM a that ho had taken every remedy thry beard of
without benefit: hi brother cam ta aee him da, and u -
were eoafirmed In th belief that he oould aot live, i r j ,
had about the third of a bottle at yoar l'fiisl Byrap, '
wuicu a gave uun, ana it entirely eureuJUm, SO la aston
ishment of all. What auke th ease more remarkable,
the rxtrem age of the man, he being about eighty year -old..
I have no doubt th Peotoral eared hi lire. - - -
, , t : JOHMN'iaiNNIS.
VILLB. Pleaae land m another supply of your vala- T' .'
abk "Pectoral Syrup." Aim oat everybody arc and at " ''
has the cold and are Inquiring for "Dr. Kyer'i Pectoral
Syrup." ' W hav aold alxteea bottle last weak, and are "
now entirely out. Mr. A. Alteraad Mr. P. Maher, both
of Blalrrvlile, Pa., tell u they weuld ae b without It
la their faaalllto, Ia fact, all who ut U oc want It
again, j Toun, respectfully, .
JannarySO, 1860. -- - i ..
- ' - - ' - H f ...
PEOTORAL SYRUP I had been troubled wltk aanu.h Ov -V: : .
and cold tor e re ral Weeks so bad was It LhatlsouU not- ..
sieepi 1 naa taedvK ana prescriptions from thre of
the bea physicians la tbeetty, whoa 1 eoold oaaae, batde !;'J ,5 .i
not do so. I finally procured a bottle of yoar Pectoral
Syrup, which oured mo entirely. Signed,
: J - W fixArUoIZVN, J tit
836 Libtrty trect, PItubargh, Pa Jaa. 9, I860.
.'8T0P THATiCOUaiirNO." 'How can 1 do Itr "flo
te Keyetr'ioa Wood street and get a bottle of his Cough
Pectoial,aad If that doa't cure yoa, your oaee aaa :, .r -desncna
indeed." This is a specimen ot th collaan
one near aiatoet every day m eol eatohleg p'axlof ' -th
yea. And we aanv from actual experiment, cheer , A
fully ooacur In tho adviser's admonition as above, for we ' ' A '
have tried the Pectoral," in a moet stubborn case, with Irt
entire luoces. Near two weeks ago we went to Pittsburgh,,
with one of th most distressing, oontrary, mulish, an- '' '
suDauaote oougn w ever xpeanoM skioe our advent
upon ina annaana apnera. vtr oougbed ibradily and ,
laboriously for one wbol week, la hope of tirino U nd,' ,
bnt It was no go. In tact It teemed rather to have to v '."'
proved by pmotlee. and to have acquired ttrength.pote-, ' "
ay aad dlttrtttMUly by th operation. In this stage of
the ieg, we oouibed our way to Kcyser's, 10 Wood St.
procured a fifty oent bottl of trPeotoral;', took it
accdrtKog to dlraotiona, aad la. forty -tight hour w were. . ,. ,
master of tho field, the enemy havitar lauMondluonallv
surrendered, altar a brief but unequal oooflict with ao
tormldabl an adversary a Keyser ramou "Cough
Pectoral, "lrmcnPiU4) CHpptr, M, 14, MSSt - ... jS
in ' . , sbk -:wt,):i
sold by Dr KOMla U KRX8KR, 140 Wood areat.' -.
Uf- Bold iu voiumou uy ituoanTB m BaaUBL. .
. .i , ....... , . ... i:iti4 . nr-ot.
l.rjkS .?v.i.'V
- Prepared aad M by '
Ik';3 l.i.
'T I .-t:- v . .r- .-riVfX .Z .'.
Pr!ee,ES cent. 40 WdCj Ptttsburgh, I.
' s' ' i .--..-.-'. rwrna
T O Bold lo Columbia hy ROBERTS BAUTJJUnr .
, cOT;gujriim.9
i-.' r-rtiic ,..T, ;, M ,a
',.'.( 1 I ' ' " ' 1 at J
tn era
;. ru .ao-iT-jn. t..yA ut ,1vvti
i- ,AnTD -- v . .
j& it!2 er!i Ir.di ' tiatt!tfKr!'ttmAt .nlatir
I tern
HAVt Oft ' MArt.aTr'tflinr,FAT-,-v 4a
anil Rctsuy fiFT TAPi.a.aMin.'Bluii, a
SKfl ARB, Eto , Etc. Our Block Las been purchased la
BMlernOIMeedurtiglrj) Paow,, ,0 .--Tf,ro t ;7rr
' J .... L.lae, aaawlaatavyam Ball I taaa aa alVaa laaliiaaHnakla
iallU I1U Vinci vmivaiwi - in aa- iiraviiuvii tut.
CA6J1 iCl'S&J waleh are not txceled by any House re ' "
.f fiKJjri.li.irr a i,,deeSlg r jj
Hi. l !',"
.i'?W li
t-? a

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