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The Ohio Statesman
rrVnb- .w.J M ("' '
I tW " qjPauam"
The Public Works and Mr. Commissioner Martin.
Oo the ?lat ol January we published an ar
.i.i. i- tti Sfa(.mi. referring to tho Pnblli
IIU1I east w ' TJ ' -
w.k.. thiir revemiee and expenditures, which
we were oved to "do, from the (act. that being
lo the Honst on the'dev before, when Dr. Boorr,
or WtRa,wu ou the floor, suDmiiiiDg bop.?
..!,. .1.1 oh we than thought and still think,
were not made lo elncerlt end good falthtend
with a view to elicit Inforoatlon to enlighten
th. in.mimt f the lenlslaturo. In that nficle
tha fnllnln naratreDh appears:'
t. ....t f arrad to. Mr. Martin and Mr.
Gregory ask (appropriations (Inolading some
unexpended balances, which are claimed to ex
let) for the MPEOttof their two dlM,
amounting, o n auiu ui pr'T
At the end of nearly one
It... tn. nfnnr aTttaltvMrt JoMS L, v.
the Board of Pnbtto "WoiliMhougM It Incum
bent on him te reply to It, And purpoee
f arnlshed ui with the Whole wblob we published
on TMa4ayUet.tr ta. it ;n-V.i
It ia 5S asterb! "Jb e .'sets to 'be elicited,
and therefore,not neoeasaryito reply epeolally to
hie itrteturMbb what ho,4eemiourunfairnee,or
to bis Intimation that we dealre to' depreciate
tbe Taluerof 'the Public Workl ' for the benent
of IndlyldbiVrapeonUt are w.iuog
to trust our eondoet and motlvse ia all that we
publUbed oa the 3Ut ultimo, at veil at U i
Lava eVer laid on the wbieot, In the Kateimav,
to the judgment of twao? ow fellow etttaos,
at ha?e ead, vhe'puial aiticlei whlpli v'e, itom
time to time, bare vrttteo and prloted. '
Mr. Mtui Ukta ittae with and declare!
that our atatemeat I erroneoui to the amount of
116441 S0f that be bat only asked, aa he no
aye, for appropriatione oa the Miami & Erie
Canal to the amount of 138,000 (which mr
typee oa Tuesday erroneously made $182,000)
for the three qdsrtere of the current fiscal year,
and the first quarter ot 18C3; and that Mr.
Gaioaoaf only aked for the same period, for
bledlrWoa of the Publle Works, the sum ot
$117,150. making tb thole Amonnt asked for
by both gentlemen, only $245,150, and being
therefore, lees than the aum stated by as ($409.
391 90) by this amount, tlx: $164,291 90.,.' .
Following this statement, Mr. Xabtin oon
eedes that appropriaaona veto "recommended"
for the purchase of land at tteJLewistown and
the Meroer county BeaerToirs, amounting to the
of sum $38,500, made necessary as he alleges,
by mal democratic, legislation, but still declares
that the sum Is not properly phargeable to ex
pendltnres for the maintenance of the canals;
hut ffranttae that'll be chargedand. Still ,bqr
statement, be says, is Ineomot, to tho amount
of 4125..41 aO.i Inr." Slaanis tisca sv-
Agaln and .to inclnde erery Item or appro
DfUUon recommended, not only far the the two
difisions of whh you so elaborately treat, but
also ths contingent expenses of the office ofthe
Board of rubuo.voiKi, saiuisi
Und dam&ies. attorneys
tees, ew .amounting to the aum of $1700,
.-X..U1 1. ainbencs- contradict the old adage
that figures can't lie." to the moderate extent
of or tlOS.OOO.
Ia that portion of osr article, of the 31st of
January, to which Mr. Matoi ttKee exoepwons,
and wherein U denies the truth of our figures,
It Is proper, to state, that we bad no intention to
carade the estimates 01 U. nrnui aau r.
fiooiT before th world, for unkind criticism,
but our object was to ahow how much tbe Report
of the Board asked for, to b appropriated and
expended. In the three quarters of the present
nd the first quarter f the next fiscal year,1n
wnnectioB with the management of our Publle
worxs. ,. ,i. . i..,-, ;
Mr. Bacnoa had made no estunato for (he
amount required for the division In hit charge,
and hMoe in sneaking or the appropriations ask-
cd. and the moneys stated to be necessary for
the superintendence, construction and repairs
the Poblta Werks, tor "0 tarss quarien m una,
and the first quarter of the next fiscal year, we
ooke at the estimates and required approprla-
. e i
lions, as asked lor and recommenaea oj mr.
MstW and Mr. Gaiooar, but we did not In
tend to' "confine ourselres to the simple eitf
mates made under tbe head of general saperin
teadence, construction and repairs, en their di
visions, but all else, recommended, by them, or
by the Board, and fcerelore by them thus lea
in, nothing lo estimate, or "guess at," but (he
apposed amount that would be required Ukeep
Mr. Baoiue' dirisloo, through the period refer
.i u.! aj for'wMiS be bad sabmittad no es
timates. We placed this supposed sum at $60,
000, ead'to connection vlth it, laid:.
Mr. Backus hu made no estimate for hisdi-
Ttolon but we will suppose ll will wJe less
than $60,000 when made and It will most like
ly exceed that sum considerably and this leg-
Ulatmrewlll beeaiUdupoa to appropriate tbe
urn ef $46991 90, lor the eupport or tbe Ca
..i. r ihm nt twelvemonths. ' ' "
Weaovnreoeed to show that fas oar hands
the eld saw that "figures caaH lie,' ' a good yet,
however mack Mr. MalTta and the Board of
PubUe Woxki maj essay to prove to the conn-
try, and however Ingeniously they snay labor to
Impel the publle conadeooe, la this old and
popular1 bdagOf '7, i''.'t s. T."t.
Wo ask tbe reader to go with us to the re
sort of the Board of Foblle Works', and there
we will cull the various Items out, page by page,
and place them oonspioaously ia this article.
Wa win firat take Mr. Martiu's divisfon-the
Miami fc Erie Canal. " " -Tho
ea&BaUs oro feHows: "
tarM. eortC Boar. Tor ftlUt
totaa ntr
Baaofaaa. for tka Mantr Coaoty
Y4r w .
Pan 40. UatxpD4 kalaaaH, uNirad to
paeiallr, aad U1m4 oa
pMnt 41. Qaaonl laDatiBtaDawea, neatn.
Total .,"?
There la another work which ve believe U to
Mr. MaaTinl division, but fe wbichwe do not
find Ithat ny estimate 'i asked.' " Last yew
the expendltnrei were between 300i and 3000
dollars more than (ho tolls, which excess was
taken from the General Revenue, and we sup
na. thls'vear.theeipenditures for repair! wlU
-Z. k. 1ms than, tho tolls. Thai work U (he
National Road, and the tolls collected on It
the yea eding November 15.18C3, were $18,-
The Public Works and Mr. Commissioner Martin. MR. GREGORY'S DIVISION—OHIO CANAL.
The estimates are as foUowsi v-.,.
pu, IS of Ox laport. Oanerai laferlateaJajias ,
aoohorlillwiwor)i ,87-!5?
ftf 17- Baei' Orwk OulwrS.
SI IS.- '' nnOohrart,.- ---J.OM
rtft " . ... T
ran 18. Llokloi Iull Boa...
FaaalV-' Datlaat rortamootk.
. in TsadSaulem QSJ tUI
t 'I ' ,
I f
total... .."
feSM vV aai 83. Uaoaral W1? Vs'ooV
Ioiai.l. "
81.,, well at
oVaenll iprinUndc end repair!
p 47 ud 48. Bptetel estimates (Has U
"?.r.S'zr, f ,h. so.ni. ui claims
"tordMMt).-- ' n" :
Page 48.
Im A U U P.I ..floni
T .4 ' I i
ftSfflSaV:; ! J
Mr. QiaoM'i estimates, Ohio Canal. ..... "
da , i do Hocking uanai.. ,vw w
do,,t If,,- Momi.f . r, ;
innmnl...-.! i.i.i.'.m ,C 3B,UW W
IitlmttM by the totti..-'-""'"'""
da do ioUH"
50,000 OU
a.413 43 SO
Add estimate for Mr. Bacacs' dltleion...
... : w.wu w
Totat...,...............M.'.-.lV !4T3,4M SO
We mfcht add several thousand do"iirs to
this exhibit, but as It is already $4,043 60 great
er than the sum stated by us in the article from
which Mr, Manna so confidently and oetento-
tlsusly dissented,1 ve will desist from further
gleanings of matter still to be found In tbe
ponderous report of tbe Board; having proved,
we think, that however much tho Board may
distort the facto . and confuse (be figures, yet
when appropriately and fairly . used, they "can
not lie." 1 1. , .....:'' . i:ivi..i
r We aald on (ho 31st of January,' that We
vould not give a pinch of snuff for all the re
ports which tbe Board Cjnla maaeiruui
time until tho legislature adjourned, because
(hey vould not bo reliable. After the exhibit
we have made In this article, wba( candid man
will say that ve vere not Justified' In what we
said al that timet
. Air. Mabtih intimates that wo have sought to
depreciate the canals for the benefit of Indlvid-
al speculators. In reply to tblscnarge ve nave
to say, that the assertion is not oniy unwar
ranted and without foundation, but tbe files of
teSiaterwev will show that we have repeatedly
declared (hat (hey were a valuable property, an!
our efforts have been to impress the. General
Assembly with the necessity of doing something
to rescue them from the utter decay and des
truction, to which they were rapidly tending.
under Mr. Ma Co's " Btate manage
ment." Neither Mr. Maitm nor tbe Board pro
pose any change In the policy of the manage
ment of these Works. They prophesy and
promise,, that at some, future time,, "(be
nt tear." and for a series of the "next
years" they will make a "set revenue to the
W J w
State." Bat without reform, that day will nev
er come, and Mr. Maitm mast be an exceeding
ly sanguine man to believe, under tbe present
system of management, that it ever will.
We do not mean to assanlt tbe particular
members of tbe Board now In ofiioe. The same
thing which is now occurring, will continue to
oecur, no matter who may manage the Canals.
Ten years ago there was a Board of Public
Works In office, wbo In one year turned over to
the treasury some $450,000, net revenue, after
keeping the canals In good repair. The same
men could not now, If in the Board, do the same
thing; and it is. shameful and wicked In Mr.
Maitm and all others guilty of such conduct,
to seek to embarrass (he Judgment of the mem
bers ofthe legislature, and to confute and con
found them; on the subjaot cf these eaaa!!; a
subject on whioh, unfortunately for the State,
there Is but little practical knowledge among
the great mass of the members.
Mr. Maitm was elected to tbe office he now
fills In Oetober 1858, and took his seat in (he
Board (wo years ago. We took charge of tbe
SUttmau some six weeks before be assumed
thejdatiee of his office. He was here, however,
most of tbe time from (he beginlng of (he ses
sion until be assumed ths duties of a member of
tbe Board. This canal questions ; was (hen up.
A bill to sell (be canals had passed the House,
ths previous winter, and wae then pending , in
the Senate. Gov. Chasi in his message to the
Legislature had thrown bis influence in favor
of a tale. We took the subject up, opposed tbe
sale, and suggested what ve deemed . the best
poliey to be adopted at tbe time, to. extricate
the State from her complications vlth tbe canal
contractors, and effeetualy take care of the ca
nals for tvo years to come, during vhloh t.me,
ve suggested that the question could be duly
considered, and a definite policy adopted.
Mr. Mabtm opposed our vie vs. He was im
pressed vlth the importance of his new position,
and inflated vlth tbe Idea that he vas to be the
dispenser.ofoftlcialpatronagendoould not brook
the idea of having taken from him the power to
let jobs and contracts, and appoint men to office.
"State management" end "proper economy"
vsre to work wonders, and tbe canals were not
only to sustain themselves, but to pay into the
treasury a bsndsomo revenue. The two years
have expired, and tbe treasury can (eetlfy to tbe
result. Mr. Maitm and bis colleagues have
had during this whole time, their "State man
agement," and it would be unkind to sy that
they bad not used all "proper economy;" but
the mainUinanca of the cassis has cost (he
State some $350,000 more than they would
have cost, had the policy we?them recommended
been adopted, Instead of that urged by Mr.
Maxtim, and which hu been pursued during the
time referred tov
Last Tear the question was again up, but re
lieved from the complication with the old'oon
tractora. We then vrged the poliey of leasing
the Publio Works, (which the Jawaai had urg
ed the year before) under just and proper law,
to be enacted for that purpose. A responsible
company offered to pay the State a specifio sum
($30,000) per year, for tbe canals, end to bind
themselves to keep (hem te good repair, and in
navigable order, to the eatisfaetion of the Board
of Public Works.' Mr. Maitm, and ethers op
posed the teasing policy, and iaSsted that by
- State management" and " proper economy,'
tbe canals vould sustain themselves and pay
eome revenue Into the treasury... They vere
again triumphant, and the reeelt Is ascertained.
The Board reports the gross revenue from the
Public Works lor the year (page 46 of their re
port) at $303,935. , .The Treasurer of State re
port tbe payments out of the Treasury for their
support for the same time, (page 6 of bis report)
431425 M making the expenditure ex
eesel the reveenes.to the amount of $112,190 64,
to vfeUfc atM the $30,000 rent offered for the ca.
I Jvmm, Miun and Rosmsoh, and
weWcSi f $132,150 64, Which would
but bias eerie Is the'Bute, in the jear just
closed, bad It pnUey we advocated been adopt.
ed, instead or Mr. Mattsj's State manage
ment " and " proper seooossy," vhloh did pro-
tail.';';:. ;
It addition to tbe amount paid ont of (be
treasury, daring (ha year, the Auditor states on
psge 17, of bis report, that (here vat unredeem
ed oil the checks drawn by the members of (he
Board, at the end of (he year, the sum of $121,
438 37.''.'." i''.":.Y'.,'5r? r.:" '
The troth ia, it is Mr. Maktm and those who act
with bin, who are depreciating the value 0.
Ibis property, whether for the ultimate benefi(
of nrivaupecalators" or aot,ve will not toy:
but that their policy Is hastening (he rapid de
struction ef these works, no man who earefully
examinee the' ftdeetfcw, wnr-vtm-
aooU- Clihzt b& xpe&dd, (be
reporto of the Board ww fbal (he cftrei ere
1 M fj :
going to decay, whereas, by our polloy,
would have been placed within the power of
Board to have made the most thorough and
complete replrs,and to have renewed structures
andKbullt dams and locks to any extent they
deemed necessary, and yet have kept the ex-
ninditnrawlthlo a sDecino sum, ana savca a
Unra amonnt of monev to the Treaiurj.
o . -
Jn SlaBng inq invum anaeu iut iu buj.ii.
Mr. Gsraosi'a division, (and which we have
shown la (his article tobo . much greater sum
tnan Mr. masti places it ,190 m biu
tlemansays: -, r,:,.. .
"Of tbe above sum $30,000 Is estimated as
'necessary for new atruoturee and Iheir comple
tion Is not contemplated, nor will it be aeoeast
ry until tbe year following.'? a .. ',
0 This parsgraph Is a sample of the reckless
and unwatraotsd statements which emanate
from the Office of the Board of Public Works,
in tbe discussion of this question, and because
ef which, ire have said, and now repeat, that no
reliance can be placed on the special reports or
newspaper articles which come from that quar
ter, whenever this cnal question Is discussed.
.Turning to page 13 of tbe last annual reportof
the Board, we cxtraot the following paragraph
from that document, in relation to the (division
under Mr. Gaxooav's charge. ' It shews that
there is a necessity for the speedy expenditure
of tho moneys estimated for on that divlson, by
the condition of the canals and structures con
swuted '& ths issis:, ,'Th Board say: ... u-
During the past year this division ot tbe Pub
lic Works, owing in a great extent to the ex.
posed condition by tbe limited amount of work
done for several previous years, suffered great
er damages than at any time siuce tbe oon
atructioa of the works, bv the extraordinary,
and perhaps unprecedented flood on tbe 10th of
Aoril: . ooneeauentiv Urge expenditures have
been made to repair these .breeches which rend
ered It neccesary to defer tbe rebuilding of va
rious attuoturvs that should bare, received at
tention. in,1
; And yet in the face of this statement ia the
annual report, Mr1. Mirtm his no hesitation to
declare in his letter to us, that' $30,000 of tho
sum estimated for Mr. Gaioaoi's division, is for
work not necessary to be 'completed during the
year, but may be deferred antll 1862;
We must bring this article to a clooe, al
though there is a world of faots which suggest
themselves to us, as applicable to this question,
and which, if produced would have a crushing
effect upou tbe Board, and its "State manage
ment" and "proper economy," by which the
Public Worki are rapidly running their down
ward course, and If not soon checked, and some
reform introduced Into their management, and a
change lor tho better Inaugnrated, this valuable
property will in a very few years became utter
iy worthless.
COLUMBUS, Feb'y 7, 1861.
Eorroa Ohio Statcsman Sir; I notice In
your paper of last evening, that the telegraph
saya (hat Gov. Cbasx had anred Mr. Trua,
of Virginia, that he was ready to follow in
measures of compromise and concession, as a
Commissioner to the peace Congress, wherever
Virginia led. ".'. i
There must be some mistake in this, for Uov.
Chase, as I am informed, bad an interview, be
fore be left this city, with Mr. I. N. Cotant,
the supply agent of tbe C. C. k C. R. R. Co., at
the Columbus depot, and the chief manager oi
the Kepubucan politic in ine nrs warn in iqu
eity. Mr. Cotant is opposed to any com pro
miae, and favors coercion, and so Informed Gov.
Chasi, who after bearing what Mr. C. thought
of tbe matter, said that be (the Governor,)
never started on any mission, in which he bad
as little oonndence ot aeoompiisning gooa, ana
that he too, vas opposed to compromise. After
this interview, and the Governor being advised
of the opinions of Mr. Cotant, I do not think
ha would dare to chance front and go with
John Trua, for a compromise to save the
Union. He would not act in opposition to the
riawa and ooinions of one so influential and
judicious ia tbe Republican ranks as Mr. Cot
ant, wno IS not oniy xeaiois eipuuuuer 01
Renublicanism in the firat ward, but a promi
nent, and may probably be a successful appli
cant for Post Master in this oity. The telegraph
must be wrong, for Gov. Chasi will hardly act
contrary tojwuat was said in tbe Interview be
ana nr. uotant. '
Blondin Outdone.
Evclvn. In bis account of tbe feats of walk
ing on the tight rope which be saw performed
by a Turk, at Bartholomew Fair, In 1657, states
tbat tbess were not, even at in at time, unpre
cedented. - When' Edward VI. passed through
London ths day before bis corcation, (r ebruary
19. 1547.) a Spaniard descended on a rope
stretched from tbe battlements of St. Paul'i
steeple and fastened to an anchor near tbe gate
of tbe denery, "lying on the repe with his head
forward," says an old chronicle, n casting bis
arms and legs abroad, running on his breast on
the rope from the battlements to the ground as
if it bad been an arrow out of a bow." Tbe
same exnloit wat repeated on the entry of Phil
Ho and Msrv Into London after their marriage,
(August ,19, 1554.) at the same place, or, ac
cording to one authority, "from the Chapter
bowse Tbe performer, on the last occasion
met, soon afterwards, with the fate too common
to such persons, and paid tor his rooiisn termer.
Ut with his life- A man subsequently perform
ed similar feati In 1750, in varioos part of
Eneland. amonsT others, at Hartford, where be
descended "a rone stretched from the top of
the tower of All Saint cWcb, and brought
obliquely to the ground, about four score yards
from to Bottom or me tower.-
A White Girl Sued by a Negro for Breach of
The Boston Trivtltr, of Saturday i 'tayt:' '
A case la estlgned for trial in (he Superior
Court, next week , wnicb has some peculiar lea
ti,M. Kanrr L. W. Thaoker. a colored een-
tlcmanof some note. sued Miss Ellen L. M.S.
ThomMon. a wbite cirl. for breach of promise
of Harrises. JMiss Tbompsoa was for several
years a servant or hoose keeper for Mr. Thack
ar. and when in tbat cipicity, aa she claims,
lent him money, and trusted him fur wages.
After leavios! his tinnier? sbe sued him for
iha maner. when he . retaliated by bring
ing this suit against her, and her suit Is await
ing tbe decision , of this- Able and sealous
council have been empleyed on either side, and
the trial will probably ocoupy two or three days,
as many witoesees will be called, to show the re
lations which these parties have bold to each
other. Should the verdict oe civen zcr. in
cable suitor, it will be a novel precedent.
Thi PstjiDiirr abd So. The Springfield
correspondent of tbe New York Herald says:
"Boo," the heir apparent of the President
elect, has been the observed of all tbe observing
Springfield girls to-day. tie waisea tne streets
tnis morning or iuK'uS ur (E"r v
The effect of aruiidence within the Improving
Influences of well dreeeed , genteel and veil be
hind Boston is nlainlv noticeable In bis out
ward appearance, the comparative elegance
wnicn certainly present sinaiug cuira.i
(be loose, careless, awxwara nggiug uum ro
aideot'.ai ia;nev. : , . . : .,,
I. ;
. ( a', 1 -.1 v. - . ? . .i i j -
Aiotbm Sum er Insms Annezpo it no-
t.ao The Eosrlish authorities have lately an'
nexed fire hundred square miles of territory
the Himalaya region, including tthe highest
pek of tbat tarnovs mountain rager 1
1 ! i:.V 't''"' m ''"' r ' ' ' 'J :'" "
' 'Ths steamer Jfone'pa Wbltney, whicn tailed
from Boston on the 10th Inst., with eighty Unl
ted States troops for tbe relief of Fort Jeffer
son, at Tortugas, bat beea: heard from. She
succeeded la her mission ;j
:-l? :,' ' ' ' ' 1 " D). "1 t'U:
r. A splendid - gold vesi wae given to eacB
cember ef tbe Louisiana Coaveatloo, with
which to el gn tbe teceeaion ordlnanes. -"!
SENATE. WEDNESDAY, February 6th.
i Mr. MONROE introduced v8B. 833-To
amnd sec. 3 of the corporation act of May 1st,'
1069,'relatWe to railroad oempnctc. 7 1 1 ' I
wr. km raovcu to.tsKo; rrom tne (abip me
resolution of Mr. Brewer, relative to the ca
pacity of the public works to sustain themselves
during 18lil. Lost.
On motion of Mr. BONAR, S.B. Nq. 195J
tbe resMTed militia bill, wae taken from tbe
table. The bill was engrossed, read a third
time and nassed veaa 18. nava 7.
inose wno voted in tbe affirmative were
Messrs. Breck, Brewer, Bonar, ' Collins, Cox,
Garfield, Harsh, Holmes. Laskev, MoCall, Mon
roe, Moore, Morse, Parish, Potts, Schleloh,
Smith and StonlcT 18. ,
- Those who voted In the negative were Messrs.
Foster, Harrison,, JKey, Newman, Orr, Ready
and White 7.
Absent Cuppy, Cummins, Eason, Ferguson,
Fisher, Glass, Jones. Perrill Potvin, Spragoe
Mr. SPRAGUE, from tbe enrolling commit
tee, reported the ' enrolment of sundry bills,
kt. " ' "' "
. My. PARISH presented tus petition of A. P.
Stone, W. B. Thrall, and 500 other legal to
ters of Columbus, praying for the restoration of
woman's rights. Special committee. ...
Mr. COLLINS presented a similar potttion
from Mrs. A. Jones and 157 others of Boss
county. Similar referenoe. " ' ' - '"
. The Senate havJac, no, .more busioesa ad
journed. ; 1:1 ;! 1. "t--h-i :
' f ,-'X amaNooN sssbion ?? t
A call ofthe House was had when 80 mem
bars answered to their names. -: : - 1
The question being on agreeing to the amend
ments of the oommiuee to the Auditor's fee
bill ihey were agreed tov ' " ", ' ' "
' The question then . turned upon bgreeing to
tbe amendment offared by Mr. Iiil!s. -:" ' "
Mr. SCOTT of Warren, moved tbat the bill
and pending amendments be referred to the
committee on Una nee. , ,-;. -j v
Mr. WELSH said tnis bill had certainly been
long enough before the House, and he thought
we might as well come to a vote upon It now.
It was not probable that any tblng more will be
done to perfect the bill, and he would urge the
House to dispose of tbe matter at once.- . . '
Mr. SEARS moved the previous question,
which was sustained. . :i 1 1-". vi
Thequestion then turned on (he amendment
of Mr. HILLS, on which the yeas and nays
were called and resulted yeas 9, nava 77.
The vote vas then called on tbe passage cf
tbe bill, wbicb resulted yeas l nays y.
On motion of Mr. KRUM, H. B. No. 314
Relating to the compensation of members of
tbe General Assembly, was taken from the
committee of the Whole and referred to -the
committee 00 Fees and Salaries. 1 1 ' -
On motion of Mr. HITCHCOCK, the House
resolved itself Into committee of the Whole, on
the orders of the dav, Mr. NIGH inthecbair.
After eome time spent in the consideration
thereof, tbe Committee rose and reported back
B. No. aui To provide lor tne leasing ot
rublic works, witn sundry amendments,
when the bill and pending amendment were
referred to a select committee of seyen.Jconsiet
ins of Messrs. Woods, Soott of Jefferson, Hitch-
cock,Btldirin, Gamble, Steadmsn and Vincent.
The Senate joint resolution, relating to tne
Seneoa County Bank, was referred to tbe com
mittee on finance.
S. B No. 193 Relating to appeals to tbo Dis
trict Court, was read the first time
8. B. No. B15 To repeal tbe first section or
the act regulating the election of Presidential
electors, was read the first time.
S.B. No. IB! ror the protection or bees,
was read a first time-
8. B. No. 192 Further to resrulate the duties
of township assessors, wss read a first time.'
S. B. 205 To amend tbe general Incorpora
tloa act, was read a first time. ' '
8. B. 19& To enroll the militia ot tne state,
was read a first time.- ;
Tbe superintendent of the public printing
made tbe following report to tne nv)e, waicn
was laid on the table to be -printed r .
fYasj. R. C. Psrrens. Speaker, tee., '
Sia: 1 havs before me tbe resolution ortnc
House of Representatives, calling upon the su
pervisor ofthe public printing, "to report to this
House.lif. In his opinion, tbe State printing can
be connected with the deaf and dumb Asylum,
with due regard to the execution of said printing,
economy to tbe State, and benefit the pnpils In
said institution.'' -i ..v. 1 ' ' '
The three points embraced in tho foregoing
inadlrv. will be considered oonsecutiveiv. ,
.. Jf irst as tojtne pracucADiiiiy 01 exeouung
the public printing, In connection with the deaf
and dumDASvium. . , ' , -.
It mieht be sufficient to say, mat printins
hu been successfully introduced into other
Deaf and Dumb Asylums, and therefore, in all
probability, ia practicable la ours. By a report
made to the General Assembly in lti53, by the
present Superintendent ot our ioaf and Dumb
Asvlum. it anpers tnat primmer, as a uaae, was
at that time, carried on id ins veai ana f umo
AstIuids of two States In this country, and el
four of tbe nations 01 Europe, uooa-oioaing
Is carried on in stiu more 01 tnose institutions
In a document now before me, from tbe press
of the Yorkshire Institution for deaf and dumb,
at Donctster, England, giving a statement of
the facilitv with which two hundred and thirty
seven pupils at tbat Institution, acquired the
trades oarried on . tbsirin, as compared . viib
those vho vere In possession 01 all tbe natural
faculties, those employed as "compositors," aro
all marked "as wtll," or "nearly as ueU,',' thus
Indicating (bat the absence of tbe faculty of
hearing, la but a slight disqualification to tbe
acaulaition ana practice 01 tuat proteesion,
. in some respects, tne dear and dumb wno are
In posscasios, te en ordinary degree, of the oth
er faculties, are peculiarly qualified to become
good compositors. Tbey are proverbially, the
beet $veuer$ tneir acquisition . 01 tne an 01
spelling being entirely through tbe eye, without
distraction irom tne diversity ana jumoie 01
sounds sod spelling, peculiar English
lanffaas-e. Tne deaf and dumb. 1 believe, sei.
dam make mistakes la spelling:. And again
averv printer understands how It la that the deaf
and dumb enlov an Immunity from one . of the
greatest hindrances to good and .facile compo
sition, enabling tbem to concentrate tbeir atten
lion upan the work before them, vithout the dis
turbing element of sound through the ear.
Quietness In tbe composition room, is always
in a cood nrintint? office."
Tbe other principal branoh of the printing
hnalneas sresswork Deintr aicoeetner meon
anioal, the vant Of atarlng vould, of coarse, be
of leas account tnan in tne otner aepartmeiu.
There are . oertoiirdisabllltles, which will
reauire unusual care In lnruotlng and oversee
lag tbe deaf and dumb, that are apparent to
ail, and need not be specially recited In thit
communication. ... : .1-0 :':.
In regard to tie second point of -inquiry
"economy to (he State," it seems to me more
difficult toloome to a oeanite oonciusioa.. ery
mnnh will deoend in that regard upon the man
nr in which the basinets . shall be conducted
by those baring the oversight and control of it
oa the part of tbe State, and upon tbe perma
nency of the arrangements for conducting it. It
is very safe to say that nnlese it be placed be-
nnd the uontinrenot 01 party suocesie ana
defeats, and our periodical changes of the
powers that be," it viU be nnvise to enter up
on it, solely with a view of "economy to the
State. Uonduoted vitn toe oraiuarr care ana
inhalant with whlob private' Individuals eon
duot tbeir own business, there seems to be no
....A whv thai But should not be ordinarily
successful in It; aud as the State does not, or
nnht not to desire its ousinesa ro dc aone wun
out affording a margin for reasonable profits, so
she might expect a use advantage in ajuuicious
prosecution OI ensinbss uirougn managers aui
gents of her own. Tbe prices and profits of the
n.Thila nrintinc have been so various at differ
ent times, tbal no estimate oan be made to as
certain tbe pronts or loss mat wouio oe nxeiy
to accrue to Uhe State. ' Bat Indirectly there
would doqbtlnsstiee great advantage arise to
tha nasnla of the State, that could not be ap-.
pliedte tbe soore of economy, directly estimated
10 giving m purtiun ui ur oemt uiu uuuiw
pulation the means of a livelihood when thev go
fotth Iron the Institution, thus saving them
from becoming a barthen to their friend os the
people of tbeir respective localities- i
U wnrd to the third and last point of inqul-
n. I bare no hesitation In savins: that tbe pre
posed arrangement would be a great "benefit
to the pupils fat Mid Institution it' -The great
want of that Institution, In the estimation of all
who feel an iaterest In the welfare of tbe untor
(unate inmates, is the Introduction of trades, to
amolov a portion of their time, while beneficia
ries there, and to qualify them for usefulness
to themselves ana tne community, auer. tne
State has discharged its obligations to them.
As has been already shown, the trade is a prac
ticable one. for at least a norton of that class,
wbo possess tbe usual mental and physical fao-
ultiea, with a single cxoeption, vnicn 01 itseu,
is not an essential disqualification. 1 Discrimina
tion. doubtleBl, vould be' requisite, In selecting
subjects; some, among the Deaf and Dumb, as
in other classes, oeing aaaptea 10 omer iraues
in preference. ?, t Vs i" "rcTf J '
. The foregoing temarcs - appiy oniy to ia
printing department of the vork which comes
under the jurisdiction of the supervisor of pub
lio printing. Tbe department of binding, with
out doubt, is still better, adapted to tbe capaci
ty of the deaf and dumb, and to the benefit of
the pupils of the Institution, than that of print
ing. ) I think it would be Impossible to select
employment for the girls there, better adapted
to tbeir capacities and wants than the folding,
stitching, collating, iio., connected with tbe
nublio bindine. And in considering the wants
of the institution, and seeking the best inter
ests of the State, thev are olaea. that should
by no means bo overlooked. From my knowl
edge of the prices usually paid for the binding,
I have no doubt that that department can be
oarried on In connection with the deaf and
dumb asylum, with the promise of creator ad'
vantage to the State,, than the department of
nrtniino,. ' JRflnntfiillw anhmtttari. L . L!
- ..,
of Public Printing.
COLUMBUS, February 5, 1861.
' Mr. BUSS from tho committee on Fees and
salaries, reported uck K. B, 166 S!!pp'mH
tarT to tho act reirulatine the duties of Coro
ners with' an amendment, which was agreed
to. when tbe bill vas passed yeas 73, nays 15
Mr. McCUNE offered a resolution directing
a select committee of fire to enquire Into the
expediency of reporting a bill to appropriate a
sum of money to aid in tho relief ot. tbe sutler
ers.from famine in Kansas. He also presented
a letter from one of his constituents en -the
sunject wnicn was read to tne House.
Mr. ANDREWS remarked upon this anbjeot
that be was willing to aid In tbe relief 01 sur
ferers in thisoausa, and would freely contribute
from hit ptr diem, if satisfied Of its proper ap
plication.. But he. could not consent to vote
money out of the treasury for this, or any sim
ilar purpose. a n r"..jr "'c
Mr. HUGHES cave notice teat ne'wouid dis
cuss (he resolution, the effect of which was to
put tbe resolution on the table.- . ; .1 .
M. McCUNE. moved that the rules be sus
pended for the consideration of the resolution,
which was agreed to. ' " - .
Mr. STEDMAN presented a letter from
Kansas, which was read, t t
Mr. BALDWIN said be hoped the committee
would be appointed, and it nothing else he
hoped tbat members would subscribe liberally
on their own account, l Of an appropriation be
wss not so well prepared to speak. . Kansas is
now7 a State, and be believed she bad the power
to issue bonds, for tbeir reliei'j and he would
be willing to loan to Kansas a sum say $50,
000, for tbat purpose.
Mr. SCUTT of Warren, opposed the idea ol
an appropriation, as ne said if would snat on
private contributions: tbe people will regard the
charity of tbe State aa exbansted by an appro
priation, and will cease to - give, as tbey would
otherwise do-
Mr. BRUFF concurred in this opinion, yet he
desired tbe appointment of the committee, be
cause there are oootlioting reports from Kansas
00 inie euDjeot. - .; );
Tbe resolution was then adopted.
Mr. STIERS, from the select committee, to
whom was relerred 11. U. Viva To exempt aizri
cultural fair grounds from taxation, was amend
ed according to instructions, so as to Include
grounds held by lease. ' 1 ) M i."U
. When, after some discussion, Mr, BALD-
WIN suggested tht ench'a'praviaion would be
in violation ofthe constitution, and read from
that instrument In eJpport of that view. .' ;
fending this, the House adjourned.
THURSDAY, February 7, 1861—10 A. M.
V.i Mr. MORSE, of J. R. Giddinga and 27
others; also of Martha B. French and 67 others;
also of Jane u. uuriie ana ov otners; aiso 01
Mrs. H. E. Handy and 45 others; also of T. B.
Bridteman and 73 others; also ot Lewis. Colby
and 40 others, of Ashtabula county, for the res
toration of Woman's Kigbts. (special commit
tee. '.V..'."" ......
H. B. 247 Bv. Mr. CONVERSE, from tbs
Judiciary committee To amend section 602, of
the act to establish a, code of civil procedure,
passed March 11,1853. Whole -
I II. B. No 2G2; By Mr. NOBLE To amend
aemion four of an act passed April 16.' 1857.
entitled "n act for tne execution 01 .deeds (or
lands sold by tbe btate 01 unio, ana tor other
purposes,'.' and to repeal- tne section so amend
ed. Passed yeas 26, nays none.
:. The bill simply authorizes tbe Governor to
exacnta deeds for such lands, " 1
8. B. No. 194 Supplementary to tne act to
provide for tbe organization 01 cities and Incar,
norated village, passed May 3, 1852, Passed
Teas 25. nava none. ' '
- Tho bill enables special road districts to be
come incorporated villages upon a vote ofi tbe
people of tbe respective localities. .
f S- B. 217; For tbe relief ef Alexanders. Lat-
te. Passed. Xeas ; ttays"--i '
The bill relates to Injuries sustained by Latta
in reference to water power oa thi canals by
reason of failure of contraots Tot water power.
1 H. B. No. 303; By Mr. B TOU r To extend
the time of payment of .Section sixteen, town-
ibip seven, range sevec, (cnooi mnas in monroe
8 ' B. No. 32-"To.'iefenlstofidnioia the
compensations of County Auditors1 as amend-
W VIM aas v v
H. B. No-168 Supplementary -to the Coro
ner's act. Read first time. 1 ' , r;'-
Bv Mr. KEY. (bat the Committee on (be Ju
dietary be discharged from further consideration
of the petition of Ellis, McAlpin &.Co.,'and oth
er of Cincinnati, for legislation, to, prohibit
sale of goods by sample. lie reported that the
matter is of long standing in tne uenerai a
sembly, and tbat the legislature has'no con
atitutional power to tax tbe persons or property
of those so selling bv samples. The only way
to prevent this, would be to prohibit ;a!es in
thU manner, and we bav no power td do this.
The Committee was unanimous. Report agreed
to. 1 "
' By Mr. HARRISON from the same Commit-
1 n mm - - J . . . 1
tee, reported naca. n. o- w a amouueu - ou
cernlne tbe apportioment of Senators and Rep
resentatives, for tbe next denlnal period," with
a reooomuendatlon' that the bill pass. Agreed
to and tbe bill passed. 1 . 1 . , :u
'.. Bv Mr. HARRISON from the stme Commit
(ee recommondlng tbe paeaugs cf :B, ;No.
ana ' ' ' ' '
, . By Mr: McCl.UNG-Td amend section, fivt
or an act entiued an aot to provioe lor tne semi
... 1 !.. -mrt .....
Mr. HOLMES objected, because the penalty
facilitated collection, of taxes. Tbe bill propo
sed to reduce tbe psnalty for delinquency from
30 to 20 per cent. .The present rale has worked
wall in Hamilton County for many years. Last
year the duplicate in that oounty amounted to
(998,000, and over .$996,000 were collected,
leaving a delinquency of less than $2000 to be
attributed to tale penalty. v - -v i -1
Mr. HARRISON said that the committee
held that penalties are odious. They reported
in favor of reduction, because 20 per cent is
sufficient for nit useful purposes, but it seemed
wise and Jatt to relieve poverty and bsrasMp in
this cae ,1. -,,5. f i-
Mr. HOLMES admitted the propriety . and
justice of relieving 1 hardships in suoh cases, but
objected mat tne collection 01 isxea on person
ality 18 dlincuic, unies tne reuaiiy ia ueayj.- -.
, Mr. KEY concurred with Mr. Harrison. He
thought t penalty of SO per . cent.' a sufllclent
stimulent to secure the payment ef taxes.
There are SO many cases in which tbe parties
are unable to pay tbeir taxes wben due, that
tbey ought to be relieved.
. Tbe Report was agreed to and tbe bill parsed,.
It, Mr. HARRISON, from tbe lame Com
mittee, recommending tbe passage of 0. B. No.
203 For the relief of all Institutions for the
purpose of promoting education, which bare or
rnsj Qereatter Deoome Domes-corporate unaer
!.'. . ..'-1 y ;l7"; .
. k ia, ,i' ': '
the act entitled "an not to enable the trustees
of colleges, noademiea, universities, and other
institution! for tbe purpose of nromotiorcduca
lion, to become bodies corporate, passed, April
tlons to fix the share of liabilities of oaob stock
holder, and maKes tnis a acionse 01 nou-aelin-quontt
against doltaHtients ln-osse of notions.-'
Mr. COX from the same Committee reported
back S. B. No. aiO.M'o tmcn4 the act smiled
"an act to authorise associations 01 persona lor
carrying freight on any of the navigable waters
of tbe State ol Ohio,- end the lakes-end oa-
icable rivers borderlnevthereon,". passea April
$,l3" 1659 with femd.ryi finendments, recom
mending tbeir adoption ana passage 01 iuo uiu
thus amended. Agreed to aud tho bill passed
Yeas 26, nays 0.
Tbe bill enables such companios to expand or
reduce their cifital stoclt upon a, .woio .qi
.. . 1 .11.1. . V 11
tctriB 01 toe flnnre noiuera. 1 ' 1.' I
Mr. HAK.RI30N from the same Com nil
recommended (he indefinite, postponement ot
i B. Nn. 900: Bv Mr. Nicb. to Brant rliocu-
ses in certain cases, to improve the breed ot
horses. Report agreed to.
Mr. HARRISON from the same Committee
recommended the passage of H B. No. 325; By
MC Blakeslee, to amend the act entitle Vn act
tnnrovida teethe eleolibtt.aualific.iU ou and re
moval from office of tbe clerks of the courts of
common nleas, and to prescribe tbe manner of
filling vanenndes in said office," pissed Janu
ary 31, 1852. Agreed to and bill engrossed for
third reading to moitowVT R K? rff s UT
y By Mr. HARRISON, from ttettniepomml
tec. askine to bo discharged from further con
sideration of a petition from Geauga county, to
amend the Constitution, so as to aooitsn uis
ticotions in citiaanship' oa account of color; al
ku, tu abolish the death penalty." Agreed to.
,Bv theamerkfosn-44io samocomuittee, ro
oommeuding' tbe passage' of- H- B-No. P.39; By
Mr HQ WELL Amendatory to an act to fur
ther amend the act entitled "an act to preserve
the purity of elections," passed April l&, 1du7.
Report agreed to and tb'e bifl was eugroiacd for
a third reading tojniirWO. 'J,
By Mr. MOORE, from the committee on
Corporations other than Municipal, recommend
ing tbe Indefinite postponement of H.B 136
Amending tbe road law Agreed to. 'Also, re
f erring H. B.$3 to tUu committee ofths Wholo..
Agreed (0.: 4 J 8JJ 'itVW (
' By llltl COPPY, From Rcv.:T. Wf Conrad
and matyflthers, oa the; robjeottf Woman's
RighU Special Committee. - --'
. B COLLINS. From John. Collins and four
other creditors, etc., oi the P., F.y.'.iC R R.,
for legislation for sale of the franchises of
said road. Also, from SB.'Coe aud 8 others,
stockholders "of thesSme corporRtion, fcfR!!i!l
Inr purpose.!' Railroad Committee.
The Senate went intd Committee of. tbo
Whole, Mr. BRECK In the chairi " ' "
After some time tbe Committee reported back
the following, which were referfed as deeigua-'
ted.Tiz: ' "".'Wltn'-' lo :"" ''''J i.
- H.rB. 2C5jBy -Mr.- PATTEftSON Supple
meiitary to an' hot to provide for the Creation
and regulation of incorporated companies in the
State of Ohio, passed May 1, 1852- Ordered
for third reading to-morrow, -r . . t, ,7
H. B.-327 By Mr.- CONVERSE, from the
Judiciary committee To amend sectiou 602,of
the aot to estaDiisn a cous. ox .civil procedure,
nassed March 11. 1853. Judiciary."
Mr. COX moved to reconsider H. B 274, and
(hat motion was laid on tbe tabled 1 1 1 i
H. ii. 275 To amend section 7 of tbe act of
Fib.' 9ih, 1853, to provide lor the organiziti'
of the General Assembly.'1 Read firat time
..The Senate took a recesj., , .
:IH i-J !..'.'. :? A
Prayer bv Rev. Mr. Woods.1--'"' ;vi b-'i
'Mr.'JACOB? offered tbe following resttlatlon
which was adopted: . . !3 -r T--r,
"That the Auditor of State be requeated tore-
. . . i : ri . 1 u e . .
porf w luia iiuuae luouuiuutirui uuuudeaio tue
8tato tbat bave paid into the Slate Treasury .'the
sarpluss revenue' due ths State. Also he coun
ties that not pave so paid. ' 1 icen i t
Mr. CAttLlbjjc. presented the memorial of
George Hosbier and 21 others of r airfield coun
ty, for a change in the regulation of apprais-
mente aoaer exccuuon, so as include personal
property. , ,
Air. KLt,s, ot niorrorrpreaented the mem
orlal of J.. R. Andrews and others or Greene
county, for? bstttf .provision ,;4n, tbi ',S(jhotl
law, lor suD-distnots lying Jn.dillerent town-ebipt-
- r ... rs v
The followinz Villa erMni i eeftond tim!
and referred.
S.B. 189-For (ho protection of, beea. An
rlculture. ' -"-'l .i
S.B. 192 Further.toi.tsgulale and presoiibt
the duties of township assessors and bounty Au
ditors.. Ordered , for,., a third, reading to mor
row. -..-I V ' 'Wri ,4 t-,iu )' ' , :1 ( ai
S. B. 193 To amend no set entitled "an aot
to amend tha'ant entitled an act retrulatiotf an
peals to the .Distric .Court," pawed MiCh
1U, 1V3I. judiciary, -.iv..-. . '.
S. B. 195 To enrol tbe militia of the Slate.
Militia. '
S. B. 205 To amend the act entitled: "an
act supplementary to the act entitled an act to
provide for tbe creation and regulation of tticor
porated companies in Oblo,"i pasiod jlay 1st,
lo!. Air. liaiawin,. 1 1 . i .: ;
. a. uioio' repeaune nrst seotion ot an
act entitled an act to provide tor the . 'election
of electors of President and Vice President of
(be. Uoited States, passed and took.' effect' Feb
ruary 10th,' 1830,' Federal relatione
Jl-.D. No;27&iBy Mr.MsCUNE To amond
seotion T ef'.'sn act to provide for the oreanl
zation 01 tne uencrai Asscmoiy," passed reb.
tf, itai, was reid a inird -tune, whea 1 M
- Mr VUB.13 reminded tho House tbat the Ju
diciary committee bad recommeuded that it be
indefiuitely postponed.! I o( 1 jtr.'Jr (?v
Mr. McCUNE defended the bill, which dto-
vides that the -Chief Sergeants afr-arms, and
Celrks may.appoint tbeir asittaula. , II pointed
out tho advantages of the proposed change, and
called upon the, lloasei to judge for, them
selves. - i-w .iur..i
Mr HILL supported the bill as a xofuraa u
vue rigut uircuuuu, ,uu, aKJuiieu jjijSjye JJl
HA.NigiM mti.ti KaftAw Ikon fi r. I
"Mr. BALDWIN also supported the bill and
pointed out it advantages. The bill was then
passed voa 58, nas 32. j ( V 'A ' ! I A
. Mr. CONVERSE moved to amend (he title
ot the bill, so aa-to call Ittfn act tb'shift the
responsibility of electing clerks npbU 1hQ Chief.
yiera, wuiuu wan uiBngreeu iu. -j, t1 .
H, B. 2U8-By Mr. ANDREWS To amend
section 14 of an act to authorize the incornora
tion of Mutual Insurance Companies passed
April 14, 1B57, was read a third time, whea
Mr. Andrews explained tho objects of the bill.,
Mr. ROBINSON moved, to amend the bill
by striking out all after the enacting clause, and
inserting The act to authorize the Incorpora
tion of Mutual Insurance Companies, be aud, is
hereby repealed.
Mr. BLAKEEE offered a' Bimlur amend-
Mr.:ANDREWS objeoted to the amendment.
He was not very favorable to Mutual Insurance
Companies; but while the system continues, he
would like to make it as perfect aa possible,.--.!
. Mr. BLAKESLEE said he Wished to test
the sense of The House upon tho question of re
pealing tbo whole system of Mutual Insurauco,
which from all he had seen of it, was-ouly
nuisance. .'! i V i j 1 f I' J ' i ) ;I
Mr. WELCH hoped tho bill would pass; so far
as he had seen tbe mutual Insurance system tried
in his part df tbe State, II had frorkbd well. Hf
properly conducted it ia a good system and must
b useful. .crf4-- zf.M r-rt:-al
.' Mr. COX said so. fat as he knew he must con
cur with Mr. Welsh, though he did not see the
necessity for tbe change' proposed -in the bill
" He spoke of the advantages of the" motnal
plan, whioh experience proved aa Uttlo likely to
fail aslstock oompanids.r V ; , ,, M
, Mr. 8EAR8 said be was opposed to (he pre
mium bote (system ' It generally -cost ' more
than half of aU.tbat It wal WdYln, to cpllet toer
He would note for this &ill;JJ he- was docLiei
Iv oonosed to premium votes. . , . . .
. Mr. ANDRE W3 said he should not make it
a point to discussed this subject of mutual tin
suranoe; but he thought he could give a list of
the failures of af marry, and. greater losses by
the failure ef Stock companies and fraudulent
ones toe. But this Bill is only an Improvement
in xne system. a mew ,,ivr -" 3 tt
Mr. JONAS pointed at (he Varieties in the
different Insurance svstemsi and lifter looklntf
oven them all he was satisfied that . thi mtasli
fjfltsia proper! vedmlnllteted wasmltirgBthcttbe
tv.w f-itu i'-n ,ft?
...Mr."" BALDWIN admitted that there hxd
been swindling mutual companies; but they
wcrto those tbat had extended their business all
over tha country. But those tbat con Dae tbeir
business to their own localities, did well, and be
would fa Vor a limit, to tbem, so tbat they would
do-no buDlness out of their respective localities.
" MiCSEARS mousd that the bill be referred
to a committee, with Instructions to amend, by
providing for abolishing tho premium note ss
ton. W1 , . j vi r. -i
Mr! WELCH objected to this motion, aifibi '1
would ddiiiroT ihe usefulness lof the svstearf '
He Insisted tbat the mutual system bud only
failed- when extended v beyond a legitimate
range. There was a manifest encouraging lb
mutual kystem.r j s ( . f f , i
mr, vuitio taia no was ciaa to near 1
that y -
therd Was a nlacn wh,,, llm avnt.ini worked
Welll'fbi. id Lin OiUnt. tha arara Ihi rrleat-' '
swindling; machines known.-. ..
Mr, r LAOli said be was sorry to see this at-;- j
tempt to destroj'tbo 'premium plan; for it waa
the basis of tho1 matual systom.' Tbe exper-' " 1 11
lenoa of the world had well -established the ad
fantagss of the system. If there was swlodiinfr; ' 1
in tbe neighborhood of Mr- V. H was the fault
ofthe men, not of the system. ,
MC COX further illustrated the mutual sys- .'
tern and its itdVautagss, and insisted that noth- . ,., ,
ing but mismanaccment could cause losses. t.,..
Mr. BUOWNE, of Miami, said he was op
posed to cruqifting (be righteous for tbe sake of'.. , ,
tbe wicked. .'There are numorous mutual com n
panios that aw.honcBt; but tbo swindling oper- '
atlons of tbe few was no roason for repudiating 1
thfim all.1 .
" :Mr. I1ERRICK moved to further instruct tbe
committee to amend, so as to limit tho opera- . M
tions of all future mutual oompanles to their . -1 t
respective eountiss;..' Thus he would out off the' 1
mismanagamentetuplalnedof.'-' V'.". ',',
M(. KRUM said be could n'eCs'eq how they .
managed to swindle st large!; iu ouuiuiil with ; . ,
these companies, unless they performed on one " ' '"'
another,' like the old Mohawk Dutchman's two , .', ,
sons, wbo cheated each other out of a huudrcd -dollars
swapping jackots. But they were a sharp - .-- '
people In Summit, sod bo would wait to learn 1
more about it. '.: ',, : ; , '
MMlERRlCK'SainendmcntaDd thatof Mr. :
Sears were disagreed to. i-'-.
The amendmont of Mr. ROBINSON was
disagreed to-ycaS 9, nays 71.' :. , . , .
"The vote waa then taken on the bill, when it
fas passed yoas 57,najs 27. i ' -: ; J
Mr. STIERS moved Jhat tho vote by which
the House refuse to pass II. B. 236 providing a v,
for a chance in tbe time of boldinc tho meetlns: ' '
of tbe State Board of . Agriculture bo reconsid
ered., .. .
Mr. BRUFF-'remarked thst he' had stated '
heretofore that tbo Board waa onnoscd to tho
change hi time, as he was then informed. - He '
was now assured that the Board was in favor of ,,
the change.'' This, he said did not change bis -own
cpiuion.-i aud he was still opposed to the " '
change. " 1 '-'' l.s 1 i- . . .
mr.nuuiiLq earn ue naa tne names or tne r
entire Board signed to a .statement that tbey ; , ) J
were In favor of tbo cbango
- Mr. CARLISLE confirmed ' this statement,
tnd as a statement that the Board was opposed , .
bad Influenced many votes against the bill, be -hoped
U would be reconsidered. 1 . "' '"
. Mr, lUtUM remarked that as the Board was -in
the habit of meeting when tbe Legislature is "
in seaaion. thev can hare thoadvantapps of anoh
a meeting.' This Iff not a eonclulve reason for
tho meeting of the Convention."' " .," .
Mr. HERRICK waa in favor of the reoonpld-
eration, and alo of tbe bill J
it Mr. McCLUNG insisted that the action of ;
the House in refnjing to pass tho bill wae
right.--' ' -.-.'-.-j . .-i - "i
,mt. uurv of warren, tlioucbl tbat tbe, ,f
Met t nat tne statement of tbe expression or tbe
Bsard In favor of tbe change, was regarded as
reason for reoonslderatlon. wal thebest reason
agaidst changing the time; for it proved tho
power or tne uoard to Influence legislation. .
,. ivir. vuttia was in favor ot tbe reconsidera
tion; abd thoneh he voted aeainst the bill be- i
fore, he would vote for it now.
Mr. STIERS said that not only tbe Board of
Agriculture proper were in favor of tbecbanire:
but tbe Convention on Agriculture, at its last
meeting, ordered a memorial to be prepared
asking for the change.
mr. opposed the reconsideration,
because ho was opposed to the bill, since its ef
feet would be to place the Agricultural inter.. .
est Under the influence ot politician. -; -
Mr. STEDMAN said that as many bad voted
against it Decause oi tho statement of tbe opin
ions of tbe Board, he thought il eminently prop
er to reconsiaer. ...
Mr. BURR favored the reconsideration, and
pointed out amendments that could be advan
tageously made to the bill.
Bantam mm urn waa lur me Din Because
ft might bring eome influence from tbe farmers
of the State to bear upon the Legislature.
me voco was reconsidered, x eas 74, nays 0,
when "- ' ' ' , ',.'
Mi. BURR moved that tha bill hsinimM '
by Striking , out the second Section, which was?
agresd to. '-
1 ho Jlouse then took a recess. . , 7 1
hi 1 1 11 i '. :,i li. ',.
11. .1
34 Btatetman BulldlDK-
In store fur aleb;
Dinolution of Co-partnership.
lithUdaydlstolTwl by mutual. content. . : , ,
..H(.i,j A ... i.r-- " unarm. ,
.fcWtdliao, j,,,!;,, . . , A. C- BJIU3U,,
I in jA. vmt raoriTaBts HaNuracTvaiNQ . and-;: -j,
ttrillOH (RETAlfi TRADF) IS 8CC-
VV Cli38FUf,Ly eitablUhad at different point in .,j
inn Diaie anu tuewuer. lo supply rarcnaMri of Tr-.
rllory, Farmers, Shwk-nisera, and Mill owners with aa . , ',
almott Indiiprniikle Implument for tconumui ami nrm, ' '".
ey liKing.- Che bniloaii requires do aaultal to conduct .
It, ana could be Increased to an almost unlimited axtant. - V I
Tha Proprietor retldes in another State, and cannot'
give it lufficient peraonl attention; thoreroro, to a suit- .
able person, a very low figure would be named fora half
Interest, parable In such properly or manner as may be'
agreed upon . -
Addreaa D.t1.' T'"I,titws,'6lnmbqf,0.; staHnteat- If
denca or Pest office addreaa, which will recelre attention.
.irSaMtftwit. ;-,;,-. r i, ,. ..,,,,.. : .:,r-,, -j
" TJirPremidm Horsc for. Sale
lANnOK8B,CHARLle,ls offered for Mle.
ThU Hone is four years; old, darf bay Color, and waa
He'll sound and oerfeot In evan nuriln'n lur. ' ' ' '
Retarding the merits of the Ilone, I am permitted to-'-refer
to the following gentlemen: Barid Taylor. Km.,U
Robert Ne l.in..R.. Kpin.. c. n.i u aiI.n.V.UV
. 8. Hotel; Dr. J. Williams, Clerk of tne Horse Del.,
pertinent of the Board of Agriculture; . M. Willlan.'o
WK Williams, J. O'B. Rennick, Eiqis.; W. A, PlaU,
Euq., 8tata Home Commissioner; A P. Eton, Treaaur- a ,
er orstate; R. H. Oeary, Ksq.; J. O. Besmy, Proseov,.1
ting AttorneyjOol. N. U. Bwayne, Hon. O. II. Parsons, ,r
Fiti J. Matthews, Judge Superior Court; Joaepb Jiolr,,,
lenback, Pr. Akin, floodsle House; Hon. Bam. (Julio- ; '
Way, A. W. Dolsoa, Buckeye Uoaaat Uh.J. Wakmt, '.'1.
Col. Korthmp, L. B.-AVllsoB. r
Z. V,ik:an "onthe sabserlber; at his Boa Fao. ,i'
wij iwi vi sKicuu sircei. vniumrms, unio.
, leui-aiw -v
EBNltr XMRIOII, ProprletoM
oo i
made In the the olHoors of this Bank, January SKth'
lH01,.to wit: Wm. A. Platt President, and TBOMsa TJ
Moodw, Cashier, resigned tlieir offlefs. DaTin Tatmr.
Ksq.; was thed elected President and W. A. Put SD'i rt
pointed Oashter. i Mil i . - 1 : ,, , . . y im'my-1
By arter of the Board of Plreotori. i ' .iw..-t i o
febs, leni-dtr. j . .. - w. a. platt, Cwhier. "' .
H A L lv R I C E
la Sd tit
i ,u I
1 ts
.3. 0. tVOQPB. r'
1 1 a.
i aU4. BlBoo'k tanafantorer, M'E
urlllla ' 1 'i " - - " '
X Al lJidoolorstFTs,nHl liATNi. A T
dfalUj- ? -Hoi 99 eoitb 2ih utmU to 171
Koi 99 fioith High tttmU to

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