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9, 1861.
Printing by the Deaf Mutes.
The idea It breached In the General Assem
bly, and.the opinion of the Supervisor of Public
Printlna iiked end eotajned npon it, of doing
the StttrPr Inling' In tha Deaf and Dumb' As
svlum,b)r'the pupils In ibat IristltntioflS We
nave not now and U U not probable we ever
shall here any Interest In the printing Tor the
State, end hence we may speak of this matter
with the lime freedom that we did in 1835, in
the Wttr Hewvikm we opposed, the
Introduction intd the present, Penitentiary,
which wm then just finished so far as to be oo
oipied, of U euch branches of labor as would
oime in eomnetioe with the meohanies of thl
0lth.8ntaJf mDDOrttar the-State Iratltu
tiooe, whether Benevolent or1 otherwise, should
fall alike on ell the oltien;sB,nd any -policy
which looke to making' any or tnenrseu sustain
- in;, by using the labor of the inmates in branches
thatoomo directly ilnto.ompetltio -with the
builneea of oue class of ol U ena-the mechanics
Is partial and unjust, and therefore indefensi-
. - - .. 1 , ' ' . . 0 -ma - .v Ll7
ble and ihoald not DO proeecuiea. ii n were
proposed to throw the burden, of the support of
these 8tate: Institutions , directly "on any class,
by the levy upon It, and apon It alone, of a tai
for that trarpose, the proposition w6old not Dear
examigatwiweiidiwottld be eo ooldiy reoeiewd by
all olssses, asto cense fte speedy ajjondonraent.
Practically, the effect of introducing tndee" Into
Iheee Sute lasiiXulioije, and thus bringing them
in direst competition jwlth "the mechanics en
gaged X 4he Lke iprtulla, i the eame, as
though the legislature were by law to impose a
tax for b rapport of these Institutoni, np
on the differed trades and occnpations thns af
fected. Biitbeilieihe objecUom to the :ljtem to
which w hare referred", Hhwe are!i we think,
constitutional dbjectlone to the plan of introdu
cing the State piloting Intone Deaf, and Dumb
Asylum Art.. XV., see. 8,'aaye tbe printing
of the laws, journals, bills,- .legislative doeu
mente mod papers for each branch of the Gen
eral Ateedably, with the printing required for
the Executive and . other departments of the
State, thaU be Ut ctnlriet to tie leieett rttpon-
libit Wider', 4-c, 4c. With this eUuse f the
Constitution staring them in the face, it is diffi
cult to imagine bo the legislature could enter
tain the proposition for, doing the State printing
in the asylum, so Car ae to call on the Super
visor of printing, Obo la crotchety enough to
get any queer ides Into his head) for his opin
ion on the subject, r n
After tbie e&bibition of intelligent inquiry, it
would not surprise, us to see a resolution .pass
through, ceiling o Dr.- Hills to give his opin
ion as to the praotuubllUy and expediency ef
doing the State legislation la the Lunatic
lnm. Tb CansUtatioa presents a slight im
pediment to ' be sore, but no more than it does
In the matter of printing, and the State would
probably lose nothing, If the law-making power
were transferred, until fanaticism shall cease to
reign in out legislative departments i i
Webb vs. Greeley.
Gen- Wiraos Wnij ofthe New York
Covritr and Emprirtr, in his paper of the bin inst
thus opens a battery upon Hobaci Gaauir of
the 7Vtiw. We extract the first paragraph of
a long leader ia the Count md Enquirer.
The Tribune, as was to be expected, hascom
menoed its knanlts npon William H. Reward.
If the editor of that Prese' had been sueeeasful
in his MDirauons fur the SmatersAfe, he would
nrobaUv.' have made the-Tribune somewhat
conservative m Its character; but falling la that
enort to nut Bimecii pwr w uo umom
ment. It i meairestha lie paper hereafter is
to be devoted to the amiable purpose of break-lng-p'tb
Republican party or of converting it
into an AbtluioM party. Hence ite attack In yes
terday's iaeoer spoa Governor 8ewerd.'- That
attack is as much directed af atnst the President
elect as it la aralnet Mr. Seward, because, ae is
well known'. Mr. Seward has been selected as
lbs chief of Mr. Lincoln's Cabinet. And it fol
lows, that this declaration of war against the in
coming Administration, is significant of a fore
gone conclusion, which is, that everything like
eoneerTatieoa, must be repudiated by the Repub
lican party, which must be made to stand forth
in all the deformity of AbolUtonitm, or fall to
receive the suiwort of the New York Tribune.
Hence this attack in advance- pon Mr. Lincoln
for having presumed to place Mr. Seward in the
State Dtnaetment. .--"-- " ; '
A Remarkable Discovery.
The London A&enmum publishes letter from
a correspondent 1nr Jerusalem", dated Not, 17,
18C0, which, after referring to the SamarlUn
researehee ef Dr! Basrurs Lrvitssoli. , of jfit
Rossiao pTwopeto, s J fusalm,ttys:
But not the least ImporUat part of Ala sub
ject to ba ; mentioned is bia snore reoaot pur
ehasa of a M9. rellum Peotateueh of remark-
able antiquity. He believes it to have . been
written during the dme of. the First Temple
in Jerusalem, and bis gratitude for the disposes
lion orTrovuleace wbisa btwagbt tbie - wttfela
his reach partakea vt atoog teligloos cher-
aatar .nit:i ' :. ( '
The rCaaont fd jtssSgnlng so remote e date to
tnie preoioue book arei a. t he rxtmne reserve
with wbioh the prinoely family In Nablui hare
guarded it from the knowledge of even their
own sect,' and the assertion of, .the priest from
whom it waa obtained. 2 Tha fact ef its not
being divided into' chapters or sections of any
aina, ezcopi as dooks. sucn, as tepesis,juxoaue,
4o. 3. The names of the several priests feaad
in marginal scrape abevt tbw volume, recordftig
oocurreoeea connected with its preserrttlon
the aames;ooTuclding frith the priestly geoeale
ty ia hie poaseuloa. , The et press statement
in a
marginal ebecreatloa that theTohnnw had
eacapea a petu Of Bra Onrinr tne tune 01 Zerub
hahsl In lamulan.
.. l .
ITThyMs somewhat angry wlli.os)
andiattempu a reply to our tiele on the canals
and Mr. Miitin, We shall not attempt to fof
Inv tha anhiMt fnrthsr at thla lima.
perienoebaa satisfied is that tVie "matter of
the utmost convenience for tha Jeamel aad a)L.
those who jastlly and defend the mismanage
stent of the canals," to alstlff, misrepresent and
faUlfy, la every article they prepare on that -ab
ject. We have given the page in fhe report of
the Board and the figures as they there appearr
and wlth-those who chooffe to doub myslTTf
aad deny them, we shall not attempt to ifasoo.J
IT Tha NcwYork n-W Tftttl thulb,
Southsrn Secessionist wughttoieel,1 as (hey
do, very thankful for the aid and comfort prom
ised tbera- Iff fW jR ilbfjaa Mj,)ij,tjrlff1
bill. The to.i4 ..,,ifi)( r,. f ,
- With a Southern free trade confederacy pro
claimed on the one baud, end a Northern United
Statee protective; tariff or tax "ir;jlBg front
twenty to filty or sit'y per cetit. on the other
band npoq imported Silks, cottons, woolens and
ircr., is it -likely that England add r tauoe eriil
bsltate In ebooslT); thirssrlrett jfZGT'T
t -j fviimooii siaeioa.
A call of the IIoue was had, When 48 mem
ber answered to their name. v
Mwfli A N T-vrtrTd ehsrtbe Heeee -
lours,' which was disagreed to yeas 13, nays
35. ftiV'T
The Sergeant-at-Arms was sent Wrabsen
. Mr. BRUFF moved that all further prqeeea-
inira nndnr th call ba dlaDenied with. , . . .
Mr. 3 I t fcl.eS movea that tne iiouae aujoutii.
wbioh wu disagreed to yeas 14; nays 37,
The Serireant-at Arms returned, ana report
1 that tha absentees had taken the trains lor
home, when v I .
A motion to adjourn wu then put and lost.
A call of the House was had, when S3 mem
bere answered to their names, and all further
oroeeedinee under the call were dispensed wiin
Mr. VORIS eubmltted ft minority report on
Dm hill tn amend tha laws reiatlns? to kidnap
ping, wbioh was read at the clerk's desk, and
was laid on the table to be printed.
..Messrs. ANDREWS and PARROTT were
appointed on the committee of escort, to wait
upon the President elect, and welcome him to
this city. .S.Vv.v i . v i; I ' ''
On motion, the House adjourned.
Newspapers in Constantinople.
A correspondent of the' New' York World,
writing from Constantinople, gives the following
account of the newspapers published in the
Turkish capital:
. "He says that there are now published in
Constantinople more than twenty newspapers;
one in English a well conducted weekly, with
a dally bulletin; having a large circulation;
three In French one dally owned by the gov
ernment; one semi werkly, with a dally bulle
tinan ably conducted paper, which ia very apt
io expose all the weak points of the govern
ment; one monthly medical paper; three in
Turkish-one official, oaeseml, official, and one
altogether Independent; one In Greek, having
a large circulation, representing Greek influen
oes; ten in Armenian, one owned oy the Amer
ican mission, and edited by Rev.. Dr. Dwight,
which is partly religious and partly secular;
one or two of the others are able papers, but
most of thsm are of a rather low order, and
devote themselves especially to slandering the
American' missionaries. ' There are also two
Bulgarian papers, which hava a good circula
tion and much Influence, especially at this ex:
citing crisis: of the Bulgarian churetu There
waa also a small German paper, bat it has died
out. altboota amoag a Germaa population of
about 7.000.
At a whole, there is a steady improvement
noticeable in the character of these papers, ana,
within a month or two, a nsw liberty has been
riven to the Turkish nanera. .which - thev im
prove by publishing free criticisms on the inter
nal attain ot tne empire.
The State of the Case in Missouri.
We copy fr POl the Si." Louis Herald of Feb
ruary 6:
" In Missouri the Secessionists are but a hand-
full; so are the Black Republicans. The vast
majority of our people, slue-tenths of them,
are attached to the Dniaa, and-mean to asjert
their rights in the Uo'on and not out of it. At
the same time, they eee that wrongs have been
done to the elave-holdlng States; they see that
some oi tbose States ere.fftt ontof the Uni
on; thev consider that a breach that Is evident
may possibly be healed by somelmeasuree of ac
commodation, and tbey are therefore in favor
of any and all each measures. -1 . , x , -
--Above alitnings, tms great Union party de
precates civil war the most horrible of all
ware If it can be avoided.. Our citlsens, who
ware born in the .United Statea, are from both
boatnand nortn. 1 bey nave become so mine-
led ;here that Southern-born men feel kindly
wwara tne xxorca, ana vne nortaem-aorn men
toward tbeSonth. ' They therefore revolt at the
idea of striking a blow at either Northers or
Southern men. Ws yet hope our nahappvdiifi
oulties will bs healed. But in a possible con
tingency, the Union party if that may be call
ed a party which numbers nine-tenths of onr
peoplewould have it that, should Missouri go
with tbe soutn, ebe sbonia noAUit-e Hostile Ba
ser against the North; and that should Missouri
eo with the North, she should not lift a hostile
finger egalnst the.South. ......
A Sign of Progress in Austria.
Fifty-six of the Lower aetrian landed pro
prietors met recently In tha pa lacs of tha ee-
tatee, and signed a politioaj programme, which
i In substance as follows:?, j $ fcf.? I
' We look on tbe Imperial diploma of the
win ot October as tne pout or cepartnre tor tne
necessary change ia tne form of government.
Ween the aovereign and bis people are firmly
aatited , were ere Jer dimcuiae wblcb cannot
be overoome.' ' :
8. Weeoosider e proper representation of the
people tbe fundamental principle or a constitu-
Hnnal firm lit aivH1HIMf.
WWUM w .va n . v. v .....
' 9. We hereCdeclare that the former system
of estates, and. the special, privileges .derived
from tbe eame, are to keeping neiberwtth the
spirit nor tbs necassiUes of the tiaies. c - i
. we an are u 4piniona oxpreassa oy tne
Minister of State in "his circular relative to the
freedom of the press, Judicial reform, publio ed
ucation, self government, and civil, eonfeeeion-
al, and aeAkmal equality"-rr -r-r r rrv
5. In' consideration of the dancers which me
aace the empire-dangers which dally become
mora immineot we must express a wish that a
general j asaembiy.l wbtcp ebaii. represent tbe
whole empire, nay be eonrokeo aa early as pos
ljle-. T,.f. ...... 'f rt
"It is a Poor Rule that Wont Work Both
..The following fro.-he Loulaville, Demur
is WeU aaM:. t v-t- i: . jf 'jt'i t .'-
r-a ara for the Union, nrovided we can
thereby obtain our rigbts 1 bis Is tbe claptrap
aow earvont ataoflgsl preeipltatorSraiHl well
evjaagn In its proper meaning and application.
This proviso should be. appended to any meas
ure we adopt. Let the precipitators point this
proviso in aaotner eureouou.? A tbem be lot
see ss si on provicunft tbey can tberebv Obtain
tnetr rKitertAre tueyror tbe union wub a
proviso, akl for seceasioa wltboatoaet Haa this
Union been ao onbanDv in Ue eiTac ts and eonee-
qaeaoee, thatsSteeetien to be preferrjd get $e.
Let bot a man profeee to be for tbe Union,
when le'aat have provisoes in MJeUbien, or
aeoession without' oonditlons Ws grant' that
aa meondtuoaal Unloa masewd) dm trneoncU
tlonat secession is equally eo. . Let us see about
these rights wo ansa aevwdatbe .Unioorand
wbeihea we .can, get them oat pf it, ,,rnil
i'- ' ' '." .11 i) w'j i. h J.ii ( i. I :
COLUMBUS, February 9th, 1861.
" .Tiroa r Okio StifrisaliiStrri- A cor-
Neveadent of joafsf 'or ha attatnra ?of
"Firit Tway ' aeeWalarmed at a Ulegraphlc3
reportjldtha Mrsmm of tna Cth lnstaht; stat
ing thatGovChaas'hsd aeeand Joha Tyler, of
Virginia, that he wu ready io follow In meaa
ares of oomerpmlse-f n4 coneeetioo, whenever
Virginia kdstn&TM'J " JiZVCJta
To allay tba iars pf,Jr-.WW,'J, aa a
Rentiblioaacan say, that there will bo Bo com
promise, and that. Gov. Cbase will not prove
recreant io uim pari, mi, uuwui in opposeu
to compronrtse. er any atnaf ana tiow; Uaase
knows tbat faslocJaOuargea ttm troteeMr so
stand firm, end eras asemred in sepiy that be
would da eo. The 4eleovaph baa been gnlltv
of an enoria sending forth the ramor of -wbatJ
Gov. Chasa would- do in the way of following
Virginia. Aa a RepuUlcaa, the Governor eau-
pot compromise, ana win not, while be bears in
mind, the wise counsel ha received from Mr'.
Cotant. at the Columbus deoor. before ha lait
for WashDgtoD., " -1' J
I will acknewledKelCaClTr. Cotant was a lit
tle Indiscreet In auklng public bis oooversatioti
witlwand advioe teethe Governor. -which tha
latter promised lmpticltiytto follow.' Mr. CoTa
is aa acknowledged expounder of our DrlneiDlee.
and controls tha wast to a -Ttrv7ret astaatln
the first Ward, and Is there spoken of among ns
a&ov Po fester tHe is truly wrtHyot
Snf ffp6iutniiit, knd'-wa are very deuiroushe
should suoceed.,for bale a real live RepubHcaa,.
without any back down or compromise in him.
[From the Baltimore Sun, Feb. 7.]
The Mayor Washington Repels the Idea of
the Civil Subservient to the
Power—Munchausenism of the Whole
Story, &c.
We received last evening coplee of the fol
lowing correspondence between Major General
Weighfmaa, commander of the military of the
District of Columbia, and 1 Mayor Berret, of
Washington City, involving, aa will be seen,
the matter of preparation for frustrating the al
leged conspiracy to seiee the Federal capital for
the prevention of tha inauguration of the Presi
dentelect. Tbe Mayor regards theapplication for certain
Information by tbe military commander In re
gard to the polioe of, the city, as the Initiative
tor rendering the civil power of the city govern
ment subservient to tbe military, and repels the
Idea in a Just and vicorous tone, while at tbe
same time he ia ready with his force to preserve
order and protect all, though alter dilligent In
quiry naving no tattn in tbe alleged conspiracy
1 ne is tne
FEBRUARY 1, 1861.
Dear Sir 1 Be pleased to send me, at your
earliest convenience, a list of the names and re.
sidences of your police force, for day and night
service. '.' ? -t i:.--
If tbe assistance of the police should be re
quired, it is Important to have the means of
reaohlng them as early a practicable.
" '"
R. C. Gen, &c.
His Honor Jas G. Berret.
Mayor of Washington.
MAYOR'S OFFICE, City of Washington,
February 4, 1861.
Dcaa Sin: 1 fiav the honor to acknowledge
tne receipt 01 yonr tetter 01 tne 1st instant, re
queetlDg me to send you, at my earliest con
venience, a list ox tbe names and residences of
tbe police force of this city, for day and night
service. , , ' ' ' .
The reason aeaigned by you for making this
requeet is, that "if the assistance of the po
nce oe required, 11 is important to nave tbe
means of reaching tbem as eaily as practica
ble." - .. " . . , . ,1,,v
When, by whom, or upon the occurrence of
wbet contingency tbe service of the notice
force may be required, yon do not stale, but I
am left to Infer that some extraordinary emer
gency is, in your Judgment, likely to arise,
wben It will be mmmbent npon me to divest
myself or my omolal 1 unctions as chief Magis
trate ot tbe oily, and to transfer to you. aa
Major General of the District militia, tbe con
trol of tbe police force, placed bv tbe laws
exclusively under my diiection. In other
words, I am gravely requested by you, iu tbe
aosence 01 any reason wnaiever tbereior, vir
tually to relinquish one of tho moat important
prerogatives 01 tne major's omce, and, in do
ing so, to subordinate tbe civil authority of the
city of Washington to the military power of the
fiHtrict or coiumoia.
Tbe police of the city has been constituted and
organized for the sole purpose of maintaining
the publio peace, of entoreing the laws, and ol
affording adequate security and protection to
tbe persons and property of our citl
sens. lotbisend its control bas beeoassiec
ed exclusively to the mayor, aud I know of no
act of Congress or ordinance or tbe corporation
which clothes him with discretion to place the
police iorce, in any emergency, under the or
dors of any officer or person, civil or military,
other than those to whose charge it is express
ly confined by law. ' Still less am I eenslole of
tbe existence of any legal provision which em
sowers a milltay efflcer, however bieh iu rank.
even tn the presence of the most imminent dan
ger, to assume command of the police, or to
mane requisition npon me mayor lor its service.
. On tbe contrary, 1 bave understood It to be
universally conceded that the military is txoec
ted and required, except only wben martial law
Is proclaimed, to be held In strict subordination
to tbe elvlo authority; and it is only in cases
where tbe latter Is inadequate to maintain Ibe
publio peace or to enforce tbe laws, that the
aid of the former can be lawfully invoked. ,
With sack views of the relations between the
civic and military establishments, and of mv
own powers and duties, you will readily discover
the impossibility of a compliance on my part
with your request, without a violation of what I
hold to be a paramount official obligation, even
bad yon furnished me with probable evidence oi
a contemplated violation of the laws, or an in
tended Invasion of the peace of the city by com
binations of lawless men.or by organised bodies,
under eoior or pretense 01 lawrui autnorlty,
. At tbe same time I feel that I should be
wanting in candor and render myself Justly liable
to tne imputation 01 aisingeouousness, were I in
this connection to affect entire ignorance of tbe
causes which have probably Impelled von to
look to the services of the police force of the city
upon the occurrence of the contingency to which,
1 presume, your tetter reiere. 1 am not igno
rant of tbe reports which hava been extensively
circulated and are still rife throughout the
land, to the effect that secret organizations
have been set oa foot and are now in existence
in this city, and in tb adjoining Statee of Ma
ryland and Virginia, lor tne purpose or seizing
npon the District of Columbia by force of arms.
with a view, by preventing the inauguration of
the Prerident elect on the 4th of March next, of
enacting a revolution in tne federal Govern
ment. Nor am I wholly Insensibto to,- tbe fsct that
in certain high quarters no small measure of
credence seems to nave been accorded to these
reports; and that to oppose and thwart the sun-
posed conspirators in tbe exeoutlon of their un
holy designs, orders nave been issued acd are
io process of execution, for enrolling, arming,
and disciplining tbe militia of the District.
while, lor the same purpose, unusual numbers of
federal troops are being concentrated at th is
point, and quartered in various eectiona of tbe
city. As its chief magistrate, charred with the
I malntalnancs ot the public peace, it became mv
Hicmu pu.j, ui iuo vreseoc 01 au inese sur
roundings, to employ every means of which I
was possessed, to ascertain upon what founda
tion of fact tbe reports in question may bars
rested, and, if satisfied of tbeir troth, to exert
the whole power of my office to ferret out and
expose tne Individuals engaged in the nefar-
ions plot, to prevent the perpetration of their
wicked designs, and to subject the in to the just
pannumcut awaraeu uj ine law 10 so Demons
In performance of this duty, no arcane to
Information has been left unexplored; no indi
vidual, at all likely to be possessed of knowl.
edge on the eubjeot, baa remained uoQueetlon-
ea; every agency at my command, whether se
eret oi open, haa been put Into requisition, and
men in high places equally interestedjwUh my
self in opposing tbe alledged conspiracy, have
oeen invoaeu 10 lurniau me witn sncn proofs as
might be in tbeir poesession. Up to tbie mo
ment every effort to obtain . lubwmatum haa
proved vain and abortive, and aot 00a tittle of
evidence 01 tois stupenaooua and wicked plot
naa neea ouciiau, or van oe .gieanea even Iron
tbose who affect to attach credit to its rumored
existence., 7 ... r ,
Under such aa extraordinary state of drenm
stances, I sm compelled to declare, as I now
most solemnly do, my entire disbelief In tbe ex
Istenoe of any. .combination whatever, either
here or elsewhere, to interfere with or obstrnet
the ordinary operation of the laws wltbia the
District of Columbia, before or at the time ae
sigfaed for tbe inauguration of tbe President
elect of the United States, or for tbe purpose of
disturbing in any manner tne peace of the city
of Washington,' and I entertain the .moat en
tire unsnaten coondenoe In my ability; throat h
the agency of the established police force of the
city, with suck additions thereto as I am author
lied to mase; to vindicate tbe majesty of tbe
laws, to maintain peace and order,, and to afford
tba most effectual protection to the persons
and property, as well of resident citizens aa of
etrangera wko may visit tbe eapitol before or
upon toe nay wnen,nnaer toe . constitution, tbe
factions Of the executive government will be
transferred (rom the bands ol tbe present locum
bent to those of ble elected successor. '
' Should, however, the confidence which I thus
entertain and hava ventured toaiprees, Breve to
be, in any degree,.mlstaken or delusive, I take
occasion to say thaf every preparation will be
made by me to control and avert any untoward
event tbat mar possibly arise; and while I can
not consent to 'place tbe police force under tbe
order ot a military commander! I ehall be pre
pared to call to the aid of the civil authorities
of tbe city Such of Ibe military force aa may
be wKain my reach . should circumstances in m v
Jutl(,mtut render tbeir interposition, either dvei-
rableotntceeaary.., ,..! ., ,,, .-..,,-, t u
I am, very respectfully, yoor ob't sew V
Major General R. C. Weightman, &c.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 4, 1861.
Dsns Sia:- Yon must have atraneelv mis
understood the nature of my request to be fur
nished with the namee and residences of your
police force. It was simply to know, jn case of
emergency, wnere 1 could eet the services ot
one or two officials In tbe shortest time.
I assure you I have no wish to enterfere with
your duties,, or to take out of your bands the
control or command of your nollce.
-Bepleased to state whether you will or will not
lurnisu me tbe information 1 bava reoueatcd.
' L Very respectfully, yours,"
R. C. WEIGHTMAN, Major, Gen'l.
R. C. WEIGHTMAN, Major, Gen'l. His Hon. Mayor of Washington, City Hall.
February 5, 1861.
Dear Sir: I am In recelnt of vnnr InttBr nf
At. J.L. f. ,
ids iiu lusiam. in remv to min or the iim.
date, in which you state that I most have
strangely misunderstood the nature of your re-
. . L . .... ... . . " .
queni, 10 os lurnisnea wun toe names and resi
dences of tba police force, and that your pur
pose was -simpiy to snow, in case or emergen
cy, where" you "could get the services of one
or two officials in the shortest time." While
you now assure me that vou bave no wish to in
tenere wun my duties, or to take out of my
hands the control of the police, vou. never
theless, at the same time repeat the request
cuuiAiueu in youriormer leuer or Banner me to
sun wneiner 1 win or win not lurmsn the in
lormauon required. :
w natever may bave been your real purpose
In addressing to me your letter of tbe 1st Inst.,
I submit that the language therein employed to
oonyey your wishes, the scope of the informa
tion you sought to gain, and tbe reason assigned
for desiring to obtain it, warranted fully the In
terpretation wbioh 1 placed upon it, and led in
evitably to the conclusion that upon the happen
ing of a coutemplatedlcootlngency, it waa yonr
purpose to assume command of tho police force
Called upon by tbe Major General command
ing In chief the militia of the District of Cnlnm
bi, la aa official communication, to furnish him
at my earliest convenience, a list of the namee
and residences, not of a part; not of one or two,
but of themllre poliei force for day) and night
eerviee, because you say, if the assistance of the
police should be required it is important to have
tbe means of reachiogi them as early as practi
cable, what else could i understand such lan
guage to Import, tban that you apprehend the
occurrence of some disturbance ol the publio
peace, or an attempt to obstruct the execution
of the Uwb, requiriog your interposition as a
military cominauder, to the exclusion of any
agency of the Mayor, and that for this purpose
you meant to enlist the whole police force of tbe
city, and not "simply to know where" you could
get the aervices of one or two officials at the
shortest time."
1, therefore, respectfully insist that the lan
guage and tone of your letter justified tbe in
ference as to its meaning which 1 deduced from
It, aud that by no possibility eould it have
been limited to a simple desire to know In case
of emergency wbero the services of one er tw
officiate could be found at tbe- shortest notice,
and that, consequently, from the face of the let
ter Itself, 1 did not "strangely misunderstand"
tbe nature of your request. .1 -
Accepting, however, as I do with great plea
sure, the explanation which you have given as
to your meaning and intentions, while I should
not hesitate to cause, .to be detailed, at your
request as a pnvate citizen, any number of
tho police force that might be deemed nec
essary for tbe protection of yourself or your
property, or that of any other citizen, or
to maintain order and enlorce tbe laws, e ther
of which you might have just gounds to believe
were likely to be endangered, I cannot consent
tOifurnhh you, in your military character, tbe
information requested; because 1 do not Der-
ceive tbat the great principle which requires the
military 10 oe Kept in strict subordination to the
civil authority, would be the lees violated by
placing under the command or subject to -the
orders of a military officer, a portion instead of
the whole police force. 1
Aralliug myself of the occasion to assure you
of tbe high esteem and regard which, personal
ly, I entertain for you, I am, with great respect,
Patents a Source of Wealth.
Probablj but few of onr readers are aware of
the amount or bueiness annually transacted at
tbe bureau or patents, in the city of Washing
ton, and the profile realised bj tbe inventors
from tbe sale of their patents. According to
tbe recent report of the Secretary'of the In
terior, it appears tbat, during the year 18G0,
4,781 patents were issued to citizens or the
United States, 21 to subjects of Great Britain,
& to subjects of France, and 6Jto subjects of
other nations. . . i- ,.1
The government fee to a citizen of the United
States is $30, to a subject of Great Britain $500,
to subjeots of alt other foreign couuQ-ies $300.
It is not every patentee who is successful In
coining money I rom bis invention as McCor
mick on reaping machines, Morse on the tele
graph Goodyear on India rubber Peeler on a
plow Howe on tbe aewlng maohlne Bigelow
on carpet looms Burr on hat machines, or Colt
on fire arma, and many others we might name
who hare amassed Immense fortunes from their
patents, but as a general thing the patentee who
manages bis Invention with any ordinary degree
of enterprise, can usually realize a competence
from bis patent. .:':'
We are led, in connection with these remarks
concerning patents, to refer to the extensive es
tablishment of Messrs. Mnnn St Co., proprietors
of the Scientific American, a weekly newspaper,
which la especially devoted to mechanical sub
jecteand Inventions, located at 37 in Park row,
In New York. - .1 r . '
Messrs. Muon k Co. hava been engaged in
procureiog patents for more tban fourteen years,
and we learn, Upon inquiring at their Office, that
they bava been employed as attorneys by more
than fifteen thousand applicants' for patents In
tbe United States, and tbat more than three
fourths of all tbe business dona In foreign conn
tries, by American inventors, is transacted
thioogh their home and forelgh offices: 1 '
nin ordinary tlmea this firm petition for about
800 patents a month, and from tha number of
employees engaged in their offices, as draughts
men, specification writers, and clerks, and the
hundreds of models displayed tinder glass esses
around the walls of tboir office, a vMtor would
think himself in the United States Patent office.
Persons having a taste for inventions, and me
chanical subjects, will nod tbe office of tba Sci
entific American, No. 37 Park row. a olace worth
visiting, whether they have patents to secure or
not. ; .. c i ,': . . :.. . . ;
Joan W. Gaaarrr, Biq., president of the
Baltimore and Ohio railroad, in reply to a Bote
01 inquiry irom mavor .Berret, or Washington,
states that it It true that Mr. Lincoln has aban
doned the Idea of. comine to Washlncton via
Wheeling, ia consequence of certain alleged
threats of violence; from parties In Virginia
ana maryiaa.,arurrett, nowerer, assures
tha mayor that there haa not been tbe least
foundation for any of the rumor referred to.
bat that they are simply Inventions of those who
are agents .in tha Weet for other lines, and are
set on foot for the aola purpose of interfering
with Ike trade and travel on the shortest ronte
to the seaboard, that tbey ' might secure it for
themselves, lie aaya tna safety of. tbe Presi
dent eleet would have been perfectly -assured
from the Ohio river to Washington.: Mr. Gar
rett farther sdds (a '- i n: ) '. .wi- -.
"Our road is regarded, both in Maryland and
Virginia, ae a monument of the common enter
prise of tbeir people, and a. the means of
common prosperity. : Thia feeling is of itself
sumcient to protect tna travel ana freight of the
road from all aunoyanoe. I oan only regret tbat
tne purpose 01 too Jtresiaent elect to travel by
another route should serve to give countenance
to tbe stories which are,, in very reaped-unfounded,
Yon may be, assured that whatever
ia done in. Maryland and Virginia will be done
with a iiteady regard to all the rights of persons
and property 01 all sections ot tbs Jas 17 , (
How can you be Healed without a Remedy?
- i .I:. ." r -ui'ii ) ''.! .1 '.:.i.: I
Many persons, when overtaken bv a disease.
use no exertion whatever to core themselves,
but refusing all proffered remedies, seem to be
waiting for some supernatural agency to oonie
to their aid. 1 na result . is, that tho diseates
become confirmed and much harder it cure,
Kennedy' Medical Dieee now amone the
most popular medloiues of tba day, and may be
said to oe tne oniy sure cure for humors in cxia
teucal ! And we would eoeeest to any who mav
ba suffering with - 8orofula, - Erysipelas, or any
61 tha long catalogue of humors, to try an arti
cle that comes to them laden with the tesllroo
awi of (honsanas who bar been cured.- r n 9
j:) j; t.fj rff ! ')iir t!- fit ,
Dr. Hall's Balsam.
Thla mnltnlnaljafliantlfiaremedvforCON'
SUMPTION In all Ita various staeee: and is
Mniwlallw sfWnlnim fnr a conimoa i Cold OT
Cough. Wben taken according to directions,
gives immediate relief, 1 and In a short time ei
lects a permanent cure.
" On the 9th day or Vebraaiy, 1861,' Anna, daughter of
Doct. Jons and Anzua Oawaoa, in her 16th yea(i , .
Tha friends and acquaintances ol the family an re
quested to attend liar Funeral from tha Weatmlnater
Church, to morrow, (Sunday,) at S o'clook, P. M.
-M ,.. . January 81st, 1881. I
O f the Ohio Stats Treamiry, at the close of builneis,
tn thm month Aflilinv JinnftrT Tilt. IBttI :
R.l.wa nnrAl lUvanna Vund a72.301.25
" Canal Fond ....,- 4,910
" Binding fund ....4R6.71S 51
State Common School Fund.
DUtriot School Library "
National Koad "
Three per cent. " .
Heneca Co. Bank " .
Canal B'k,Cleve'd, " .
,CitjlS'k,0incln'lt,, " . .
37.703 SS
,135 73
S3 68
18 04
1,319 75
1,713 67
1.220 74
Balaace In tha Treaiurr.
.1009,030 S8
Th abov named balanoeooniUui of tb fol
lowing itema:
By Coin
By Currency
New York iCxchange
0mp. Drafts in Treasury
' " ' - intrauiUo
By Coupons M. B. 4t L. K. B.B
... SJ.377 70
. 0,188,465 00
...,10iSu3 54
.... 80,500 00
...302,700 00
Co 1,990 00
uy national uoaa Bonue. .
ou Hi
Due from Free and IdU. Banks...
03 61
$609,020 28
A. . P BTON'E, Treae- of Slate.
B. W. TAHLSa, Aud. of Stn!e.-
By O. Ooli. Chief Olert.
;l m CHANCE! : -FOR
good FABM, the undivided half of BTOBB BUILD
1ND Nn. so. North Ilinh Street Corner Blah Street and
Lynn Alley. Knot disponed ot by th Int of April, th
gtorawiiiberor rent. ,, ,.. ' '
, . j 'aiso, . , '. i
on the earn terms, or for desirable CITY PROPERTY,
a well selected stock of FAMILY OR00ERIBS. ,
. , ALSO,
Twenty very dralrabla BUILDINGS LOTS, situated on
Tt aemngton Avenue, norm 01 oroau street.
rrTIennstosBitpnrchaiers. , ' '
. lct0 d4iT THOMAS WALKER.
To Our ,rati"orua ,
X Uklna account of Stock, we shall be eoromselled to
oloie curator on Monday, Taeiday, aud Wedneaday, of.
the coming week,
feb'l . P. BANE, 89 High St
.Tho Preminm Horseior Sale,
UANUOR8K.OHABLia.ls offered for tale.
Thfe Horse is four years old, a dark hay color, and was
sirca by the celesrated
.;"! - ... BLACK DAWK MORGAN. ,
' lie if sound and berfeot In every nartlcalar.
Re garding the merits of tba Hone, I am permitted to
roiar.io tne rouowint; frenuemrn; javia xayior, xaq-,
Hubert Neil, iq.,B. Nerlna, Jtsq., Col. S. Blmonton,
V. 8. Hotel; Dr. J. Williams, Clerk of the Hon Da
partraentof the Board of Aarieultur; JS. M. William,
W. Williama. J. O'B. Rtanlck, Eaqia.; W. A. Piatt,
Km.. State Houa Uommiuioner'. A r. Blon. Treasur
er of Stat: B. U. Geary, Kiq.; J. O, Beamy, Prosecu
ting; Attorney-.col. M. U. Bwavne. lion. Q. M. Paraona,
FttzJ. Matthews, Judg Superior Court; Joseph llol-
lenback. Dr. Akin, Ooodala House; lion. Ham. Oallo-
way, A.W. Doljon, Buckeye House: Hon. J. Walcut,
Col. Northrop, L. . Wilson. . : ..
Yoj particulars call on the subscribe, at his Soap Fsc
tory, root or t raroa street, uniomrms, unio.-fcbl-dlw
-, - HENRI KMRI0H, Proprietor
made in the the officers of this Bank, January 30th,
18CI, to wlu W. A. Flitt, President, and TnoatAS
Moumr, Cashier, resigned their offices. David Tatlos,
Esq., vras then elected President and Wm. A. Putt ap
palnird Cashier. ; ,'
Bty onler of the Board of Directors.
fcbB, lcl-dtf. - W. A. PL ATT, Csthier.
! , Emplojrment.
a. ntaple Articles will furnish employment to
a few active men to aot as agent for their house.
preference will be Riven to those who are well acquaint
ed In the district for which they apply.:
For which aervices they ar willing to pay a salary
of from-).
600 to $800 . par year, and : Ixpsnsta.
, ' ... 1 . . , ,
i. Tor further particulars address
- ; j W. B. M0 EI HOUSE St. CO.
J ...- B and 5, Exchante Place,
. JanW dSm. Jersey City, N. J.
Jan SO dlf
J. 0. WOODS.
u Dissolution of Co-partnership.
Tun FiHin of J. 11. oiniTii v co.
is this day dissolved by mutual consent.
'fcbCrdlmo ! ; ( -. '. V A. O. llhl'BU."
- 01llliD-PElHEll
. v 1 34 Statesman Building,'
In store for sale by
Probate Kotles Settlement of Aeeonnts.
been filed In th Probate Court, of Frankli county,
Ohio, and will be hoard for settement, on Thursday,
tbe 7th day of March,' A. D. lfctll, to wit :
The final account of I. L. Smith, administrator ef
Marcus Boyce, deceased; the final account of Louis Ag
Isr, guardian of Andrew Kteoitifrer; the final accounts
Ann td. Chester, guanUaa of Esora K. Cluster and Hu
bert Chester; tbe final account of John Xandes. adminis
trator of Samuel Uoughn. deceased; th final account of
William IHowe, guardian of lellaia Oherry and Alary
Oherry (now deeeaaed); the first account of John T.
Britton, guardian of Blicabeth A. Fullz; the first account
of William Backer, guardian of Wartka Bnalae; the first
account, of AnnM. Chester, guardian of Uomer W. and
Mar tbs A. Chester; th first account of Jacob Major, ad
ministrator of John Major deceased; thr first accounts
of John Uelpman, guardian of Levi Benton, Jams aad
David Kramer; th first accounts of J)m Hoiirock, guar
dian ot William If. and Milton P. Bchrock; the third ao
coantsof Jacob Kafer, guardian of George, Catharine,
and Conrad Siegle; th first account of I W. Pegg,
guardian of Johafiornel; and theood and final ac
count of David Graham, administrator of William O
Onhara deceased, '1 : 1 ." r 'f 1,. ', j
1 feb8 dlSLWlw.', .1 iH.tf. iLBIBT.IrobaU Jadge.
"iH , .,, ' TO ANA fliOIW ., .i 7lf..f.i
;.. Liverriobl, Montreal, (joelieir,'
J '"'353" JJ VV,i
ei. U 1 r ki n . '' ; .
full-powered Clyde-built Steamers sail every M a a.
nrday from PORTLAND, carrying the Oanadiaa and
.u. .witim wmu Dwuuuiip uunnanT , nnr .i ...
unueu niaiea man ana paasengers,
a .'.J10VASC0TUN....Cspt. McUasUrs,
"' ' NORTU BRIT0NvM..0pt. Borland.'
At t-i ;
uahaviai, .....uapt uraham..
;:u . - KORTH AMKRI0AN..Capt. A)lon7 .',
, a ANO!,0-SAXON Capt. Balantlna.
,, JIITIKRNIAN, ' v " '
HOttWHOtAWj '' .-''ij '
8.0.He,t Cheapest a'ndQalcktt'tCstn.
Will U from T.IVERPOOI, ererr Wedneedav.
and from qdisbko. cverr "atnrdavTealline.t
tUNDONDMKUV. to racelre a hn.M .XV.Zl Jf ' D !
u.. . .r.-.-iisanu
OIwKowpaaaeag! an furnished with nnrwu,
tlcVeUtt) and from Londonderry. : Pg
aenirn iicsets rrantcu at reduced rates. -
bin ??ei1,o Surgeon attached to each steamer. '
OertiScates issued for carrying to and brlnglngout pas-
KELI! 'I!11- P'H " of Great Britain and
Ireland, at reduced rates, bvthi. r x
WAV, New Vojk, and itt U'AltU T.t
Llverp.ol, - , , v - Mlf r "f 'A t
, , , ( j aaajii, m BifcAitu, eeaeral igsnta, :
0rto4 . .1 IV AnseTnAtjr
: nvjiw-iynir.w
Btntertnaii OBfColnmtns, Ohio. .
j ii t ux
fi !
i ,i:r'i
Tfosi-. Couch Meflicindia the (World!
r ' c -ill
G Kit Rem
of thV-Age!
Coughs, .Colds, Throat, Dlsoases, Hoarseness,
. ... ... wl-l Ot art at i'
TOroup, BroncbiUs, Astnma, Janj,
; ' Consumption, Spitting Blood, Night ,
:; , Sweats, Feverish CondiUoO.'&e.!
Irioo 81.
, Of the great remedlas which Dr. AxalUof the lnroas
and Lung Institute, 30 West Fourth Street, Olaslunatl.)
bas offered to the public, there Is non wbioh has given
such universal satisfaction In his practice as ths "Pot-
momu) Oiirnar Cordiai.." '
it nnMaa the most extraordinary powers, and
among tha points of marked superiority of this tavorlte
remedy ar tbess: - ; ' . ' li - M.-7 '"'
jrplt contain no rflorptolne, or any
thlna; wblcli will deranRO tho Bow
els or Impair tbe Appetite.
jjjit contalna no deleterloue ius
etance wbateTer. i . : v
ICpThecIleet la prompt and perma
IEJAs a care or preventative o
a. a... oattsal. Nono WUO haV
ever need It bave been attacked
Do not Confound It with any other prepara
tlon pnt up by any person of similar name.
Thli Cough Cordial ha been thoroughly tested thous
ands of times, and In no case has It ever raiieai
Beat In mind that thlt Oherry Cordial Is th prepara
tion of a regularly aucatea practicing roytwiau, a
nolnt nut to b Hlthtly estimated by those who require a
sterling medicine. ; "7 I " "
iir nii-i. in.. of Cincinnati, certifies to a
marknble cure of Asthma, th patient being hi wire.
Ih remedy th cordial.
i.k. it n.t.m r,n.. of Cincinnati, teetlftea to a re
m.rL.hi i-nre of chrcnic throat disease by means of Ibis
great remedy.
n... nr. J, v. Chalfant PreaidlnK llder, (B.
nt,..h n..ion DistricLt aava: "1 rordlaliy reoom-
mend Dr. Ayer'a wonderful preparation to Uios who
may besuaering from chronic catarrh or disease of th
Throat ami iungs.
Bninmon Adams (of the well known Importing Sty
Ooods Uoust, unanes. Auams k vo.,j viuuiuu.u,
'I heartily commend Dr. Ayer'a Cordial as Justly de
serving tlx icelehrity it haa attained-" , . 1 : . 1
rh.M. Mnnroe. Bsa..Oinclnnall. mvr ' 't cheerfully
expross my fullest ooufldenco la Dr. Ayer a medlctn.
a. R. Ram. Eao.. write form fifth Arena Hotel
N.w York: "I shall always recommend my friends to th
nee of your Cordial, feeling, tbat 11 naa tceetea wnat
some of tbe most eminent physicians In Hew kork and
Cincinnati failed to accomplish, via: in cur 01 airs
Bates inroai. ,
T. 1. Imerson. Em.. Professor of Vocal Maaic, Oin
clnatl, aays. vAII other remedies having failed to cure
or relieve my throat, I used Dr I. W. Ayer's Cordial,
and am happy to aay, It effected an astir and perfect
L. B. Eager, Constable, Cleveland, aays: "With th
naa of Dr. Aier'a Oordial IexMrlenoed the moat decided
relief, and bar no donbt of Its effecting a radical and
permanent cure."
P.ev. K. (1. Tncker, Brookvllle, Indiana, was cured of
Consumption and testifies in tbe atrongeal Uim to the
wonderful efficacy of th cordial.
Bev. J, B. Allen, Pastor of lb Presbyterian Church
Brookllna O.. cured of chronto bronchitis, say: "I an
now able to use my voice as well as at any tin during
my ministry and with more effect and comfort.- I now
rejoice that I applied toDr.Aytr." .-,, ' f
Squally strong letters and testimonials from 8. J
Burlison, Snpt. of Bridges, Cleveland: H. Banner,
Merchant; M. Sanford, Merchant; O. A Tan Clyka,
Bteamboat builder, Buffalo; Col. Cramp, Hannibal,
Mo.; O. P.Johnson, Ksq., City Attorney, Bu Lout.
Rev. A. J. Kane, Springfield, Ills;' Moss Chest,
F.sq. .Civil BDglwer, Pittsburgh; and hundred ototbera
have bean received. - ... :-.,,:;;:
For sale in Cincinnati by - ' E. 60ANLAN A OO.i,
Wholetal Agents, oomav fourth and Mala Streets.
, 0.1 eUXEB, KCK8IBIM StCO.,
-j- ' Corner of Fourth and Vine Street.
Alio, at Dr. A TSH'S Office, 3 Weet fourth titreet,
Cincinnati, and bv lirarulsta aenerallr. 1 , ..,..-
ForsaiobyDB. O. DKN1Q es SON, North-Bast ear
ner of High and nice street. -j , t . ..
Jan. Sit-dalufcXhitwly t : cr! .. u ' s -I
Sheriff's Sale, -r
Windsor AtcMton )
i 1
Snuarior CoarLH'.r 1
Thomas Brookaway.-J t - 1 t
t ma directed from tb Superior Court of frank
lin county, Ohio, I will offer for sal at the door of
lb Court House, in in city of Columbus, on '
Saturday the 9th day of March, A. t. 1861
between the hour of 10 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock D. sn
the following deecribed real esiato, siluatS In the county
of Franklin, Trur township, and Stat of Ohio, to wit:
Beginning at a point in th centra of the Colombo and
Oranville plaok road, wher it erosars tbwest Jin of
half section No. 0, thence with said half aeotion south
1 deg. west, 65 77 100 pole tn a post, thsnn aouih 88
deg. and 50 mln. east M 73100 tea peat; the no
north 1 deg. east 41 M-100 pole to a -poet In Ih south
line or laud rormeriy owned by ueorge Wilson, tbeoce
with said line north B8 deg. SO nin. west, 11 Sti-lOO
poles to a post, aoulh west comer to said Wilson 'a land,
tneac wun anottier or amid Wilson's no s aorta 1 deg
SJ mln., east 70 iiS-1 00 poles to a stone In Ih centra a
aid Columbu and 8raavlll Plank Boad, lbno with
th centre of said road aoulh 7U deg. west MO W-IO0
poles to th place 01 beginning, containing HI. iyp and
07 poles, be the stme more or less. Hylf7--i
. appraised at m uu per acre.
a. w rnrriUAit, ghrur, '
feh5.1Ul4tw .... , By Xd. lMtn Dep'ty.
Printer's foes, $S,00
raairtn-or Wautod
IS BUOOKSSfULLY catabliahad at Hlff.,,
,i ,uw nwauu vuvwuviv. to auppiy rurcnsMrs or Ter
ritory, farmers, Stoek-raleera. and Mill
almost Indlsprnslble Implement for economy and mon
ey laving. The business require so capital to conduct
ii, mm coma oe increase 10 an almost unlimited extent.
th Proprietor reside In another Slate, aad cannot
giro It sufflolant panonal attention: tharefora. tn . ,.
able penon, very low flgur would ba ntmed fora half
inurewi, paiaoH ia sucn property or Banner a may b
AJdresa D. P. Tan tnrwa, Oolumbus,0.. stating reel
uein, io.i uiuce auurcee, auwu wm reosire attention
' .''.-, i i .., . Wholesale and Betall Dealer In , c i7
Foreign' 1 & Doniestic
aire sar utm
Also, tha hist quality af nTrrt'l eonstantly
. i , ",",1Mrl'!l!MWr
lTTCountry Merchants ere Invited to call actor pY
chasing elsewher. - " -- - ' ' a '-
nJ. 1 BAST Ttl4ltU.BAKsiliX',.l . I'
. , ' Bet. Mala and Bvcamor. J" J fct
B0V91- wera' - - cijv ci N jsr ATI, o
; r.i.
All persons r hereby cautioned against rare ha.
inc anoruer oaien uct, irwj drawn bv a. w. aha.
dark er Prairie Township, tranklin county, Ohio en
wie Treasurer oi saifl Townaatn. Tjarabla toJahn anin.
an or order, for 1 120, for tea act of, Mitchell' oat-
nnvaeape. xnesaia oruer oar mg utea Ixauauraatu oa
talsad will not b paid. 1 f ; , .-. xJit.t
' i a. rr. oueahsb, cark
In Mhatf of tb baud of IduoaUonoX Piaiii Tewuhlp.
.Jan. ilJ,w3t',Ji) t er iynu tii -tt . .
i AoAderay,
TnE "PKrae'Awiy'htjjrtni,,.
-loo will oommaaca Vcbrohry 7. ISu; ?m. tk
one of tba beat Institutions for tb tbortraeS all I .hlii!
tUn .duello, of on, daught., at .Tbl,
v,.v.j .n Addrasew. P. BIBB, Princlp!
. iiff 4lww3w - Hon. A. b. raastm Mmi'-'l
; I Otsnd bj tha riag of" Oar Talea .
ar 'raTaioncA.
There Is no lime for prellmlnaUon,
With th men who ar foes of our nation)
-' ' Onr Union haa oast too much thuntUr "'
f II Then stand by onr I la-,
J I ' Let no f naman la
. !0, staad by the Hog qlheVn
J uat ouw vu tm fifiD MBOunr,
. Bad time have w fat ln upoa lndd;
'Tis enough to make a freeman's heart toUaJ,
To se so much lack of devotion, .. .
. In men of th highest promotion - , .
Bat, stand by our nag,
Let no patriot lac,
: 0. stand by Ui Jlaj of the Union ,
All la man of our Stat Legislator,
And wis men of whate'er nomenclature,
Of each honest profession and grade,
' Go to Capital Citv Aicadk,
Whsre I hey find th flag,
e Is not left to drag.
ButBoatsasaaJptoOs Union
MABOTJS 0HTLDS Is a friend of th Union, sure,
Of whom a fooa nn you can all procure,
, In accord an oa with "late advioe," .
At the lowest of Union prices.
' By which h can lire
And a good trade give,
. Topreaarv UktF.'agof the Union.
93 and as", South Utah Street.
Is the place where OHILDS his customers meets,
, "In accordance with lata advices,"
Regardless of secession V loos, -'
frW Clothing to sell,
I That will fit men wall.
And honor hi love of th Union.
A union of buyer and seller h seeks,
At his store Just between Broad andStati Street,
1 Where non ar allowed to leave th Store,
With bargains they will ever deplore;
I ' Than, go, one aud all,
. ' tllve at A ROUS a tail,
' And stand by ht flag eth Vnioni
Foe all THROAT sand
COCOHi aal every
Coaasplalmt the f orarnn
ner or, and even eaclHat
The Oreat NEUBAI
OIC KHneuV and Nat
ural OPIATB, adapted
t every epeclee ! Nr
voua Complaint, Ner'
vena and lihrsalo
HeadaetaOe stiaeainaa
Ham, Catarrhs Tooth
and Ear Ache Lmaa mt
Mieep, and Hewsl Cwsna
1 . . .1 '
1 --.r-xii
No ml Jostle oan be don th abov preparations
but by procuring and reading deeerlptlre pamphlats.ta
be found witn all dealers, or will he sent by Proprietor
on demand, form u la and Trial Bottles sent to Pbytl
clan, who will And developments In both worthy tbeir
aeoeptanc and approval.
Uorresponaano toiicitea rrom an wnose necessiiiee or
cnrioelty prompts to a trial of th abov reliable Bern
lor sal by the usual wnolasai end retail dealer
' to. 9 Cemmarslal Wharf, Boston, Kasa.
BobsrtS at Bamnel, N. B. afarple, j. B. Cook, J. M
Denlg, 0. Dent ea Sons, A, J. Schnellor t Bon, Agent
for Oolumbu. Ohio. myl-dly
In all eases of eostlveaaas, dyspepsia, billion and liver
affections, pile, rbeainatlssa, fever and agaes, ebstl
Bate head achee, and all general tenuigenents of health
then Pills bar Invariably proved a oertaln and speedy
remedy. A sing! trial will plan th Llf Pills beyond
th reach ofcompatitlon la the est)mation ef every pa
tient. Sr. Moffat's Pbesnuc Bitters will be found equally ef
ftcadoue In all oases of nervous debility, dyspepsia, bead
ache, th sicknsa Incident to female la dalleaM health,
and every kind ef weakness ef th digestive organ,
lor Sale by Dr. W. B. MOfFAT, 33S, Broadway, It. T.
end ky all Drargiets. aayir-dAwly
f Tha fbllowing ii an extract from a
letter wrlttea by lb Bev. J. 8. Holme, paster ot the
Plancpolnt-Btreet Baptist Church, Brooklyn, B. T.,to
th "Journal and Messenger," Cincinnati, O., and speaks
volumes In favor of that world-renowned medicine, Ku .
Wmskow's Bootbius avacr roa Oatueaw Tmane:
"W setan advertlsment tn yonr eoloans of Ha
Wnrstow' Soothihs Hvaor. Now we oarer said a word
in favor ota patent medicine before in our llf. but wo
feel ooapelled tony to your reader that thl is no bun
bug ws siavi Tauui it, and Iwv it to n au. rr
OLaiiu. Ill probably en ot th eaoet aurosnfal mdl
cines of the day, becaase it is one of the best. And those
of yor readers who bare babie can't do better than
lay In a supply." ocX7:lydtw
' Wm. A. Sateltelor'a Hair Dyel
, Tha Original, and . Bast la tha WorUI
' All others are mere Imitation, asd should basrotae)
If you wish to escape ridicule. "
.; CBAT, RID OB BUBTT BAIB Dyed Instantly to a
beauttful and Natural Brown or Black, without Injury to
Bah- Or Skin. : -
' i trriBit MBDAxa And vmcuxs. bar b
awarded to Wm. A. Batchelor stnc 1839, and over 80,00
sppllratloas bare aeon made t th Hair of bis patrons
of Mi famous dyo
'.'.Wat. A. BATCBX LOB'S BAIB DTI products col
or not to be distinguished from nature, and I warranted
not to injur In th least, however king It may be oontln
aed.and tha HI effects of Bad Eyas remedied; tbtHalr ,
Invlgoratod for lit by this splendid Dy.
old ta all eitln and towns ef th United State '
DrugrJaU and fancy Oooda Dealer.
UjTh Omnia has the nam and address npoa a steel
plate engraving oa four ridn of each box, tt WILUAaJ
A Bieiinui ab a a ' " "
0HABLB8 BAT0HBL0B, Pioprletor,
Baaolay street, Wew Tork,
. ... Ve Coasusuptlvea.
The Aivartlnr, baring been re to red t bulth la a few
weeks hp a very slmpk remedy, after havings cfrardsv '.
rti years with a sere re lung affection, sod that dread
dls, Consumption I anxious to mak kaowa to hi
ailow sufertrs th means ot our.-
'ToaliahoaMre It, be will send a copy of thepnecrla '
tlon and (free of charge), with tb direction for pre pa
log anl uaUig the asm, which tbey will find a anas Co
for Cowrjamox, Aarsnia, Baoxoam, A. The only
objnt of th advertiser In Mndlng lb Preacrlptloa Is to
be&ent th afllkrted, and spread Information which aaoon
eiva to be lavalaabra, sad h hope eTery tafferer will
try hi remedy, as it will net thsa xothlng, aad may
prove a blessing,
Partis wiahlng th preserlptloa will plain add rasa
,' ! BaVj XDWARD A- WftSON, i
i Wllllaaisburgh,'
' ., . Khig Ooanty.Bew Tork.
'CtaiileTly . ' 1 - . s . . , ..
u. y. A. Batohelor'a HairDyel
This splendid Hair Dye ha no equai-fawtaataiMou la' '
ff9t-jBnutlfal Black or Natural Brown no itaioluj 5
thi ski rlujuiing tu Pair romcOiM t&eacear aa . .' ' .
ffattol Bid DyeS, aad Invigorate the hair far lit',
BVaeisre geouln anleea signed W. A. Batcbelot,""
Bold sverywbere. '
CHiJ. BAT(miI0B,J?roprWtor.' "
. ' M Barclay Street, 'New Von. . .
Vow the WSTAJnr BltlBf
stain, ! ig oaiplalnl ns " ''
EN DDI i ;
I Te AwaMWrv a . . .
saaoeirjw. a. siiiuux C CO., 107 Kaeaaa It- . Tiu I
- - . rnce ai pw box) lent tree hp past, , ' . " .. ,' r
J WM. KMARff ji no"
i 1 '"sTBatWa SBS m-rm aa e er,- t
eUVVM, ettV. IMP A-4ATJMQ&M liTe
Off.r for sale their celebrated
orat highly reconmenfe., k ,k. ...... . .
SXAmm -n, and TAT"
aiail r ri---r ... -j ...
it HPiauaLnT . - - . . - .
1 mt t aaiv ,.,..r) ,
awry respect. TTT
lermal aeral. . .' '
XetsMllkeral. -' '-r-' WM', Bit ABB A 00.-' "
aaLTzew a? wwnarxit. am.
estSBilydw. Ooiuabn,' Ohio!
- ' ' i
-.Aata Elaai-Eook KanuJaaoreif - i
"'m-r,l-w rr. ' 1
AS.baiia.HLB) Kin SaLOVtiT"
All Janaodoolors Just opeortu VaIBB
. L. '
. Y 1 . rf ." i r W- aoutl High strait.
ri.'t'' v "? rH
yt .7

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