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'Tie Adams Express Company plaoes us" dally
Wider obligations to U for the Tory latest papers
trom tbe eanern cities. , , r ,.,
. - --A BBaBBBmWm.a Ml .- f
The " American Express Company haa our
thanks for Its dally favor In the Bhape of the
ery latest eastern papers. .
' Mcohanios' Hall. At a ipeolal meeting,
held on Sunday at one o'clock P. M., the Preal
- dent, Wm. Hied, , in the ; chair, stated the
object of the meeting to be, to make arrange
inenta for the f nncral of Brother Joiiph Ridoi
wat, ar.i - 1 ; ' ' '
, On motion, a committee of three member
was appointed to a drait preamble and reaola
tioni, expressive of the feelings of - the Society
on tho death of Brother Ridgxwat. ' '
The chair appointed Isaac S. Bky, John
Oawrr and J. P. Bmtck, for that purpose, who
reported the following to the regular meeting on
Feb. 5,1861;
Wuitf.,. It haa eleaaed the Supreme Dii
poser of events to remove from among ui by
.Win nnr Aftteomed brother Joseph Kiageway,
8r, who was a member of our society ever since
its formation in l3i, ana lor nis nprigat ana
honorable walk through life, and his useful-
ness as a citizen, universally esteemed and be
loved. . , ' .- i .- ' ' ' '
We the members of the Mechanics' Beneflo
lal Society of the City .of Columbus, feel It our
duty to manifest on ibis occasion, In the usual
farms of our, 8oolety, our veneration for his
character, believing that a proper respect for
the memories of worthy men after death ia tbe
duty of tbe the living, and wnue Hsoouee me
(ceiling of bereaved friend, ia the best method
or enucouraglng aii.io me imivauuu oi tuvir yir
tnAfl. Thnrafore.
Retained, bu ihe Mechanic' Beneficial Soeiity
of ihe City of Columbia, That in the death of our
departed brother Kicigeway, we teei mat a use
ful nd valuable citizen has been removed from
amooar us. : ,. '
Raioloed, That as a sooiety anxious for the
happiness of tbe community we live in, and in
terested in its prosperity, we reel it our uuiy to
recommend the exanmle of his moderation, in
tegrity, industry and perseverance to our fellow
citiaensi and tu imitate it ourselves.
Retained. That we will retain a erateful re
..lla: ' . ..a rmtAmtlt, anrl nihiua nA f K m r
in hi aselul life, and in his death, toothed
and comforted as it was by religious consola
tion, ha was a brother worthy to be Imitated in
hia whole character, both as a citizen and as a
Christiau. ' ' '
On motion the above preamble and resolu
tions wcro directed to be handed to Thomas
Ridqiwat, tbe brother of the deceased, with
'the request to have thorn read by the Rev. J. E.
GaAUkua, Pastor ef the Trinity congregation,
nsxtSabbilh. " ' ' ' - - ! ; '
Retohtd, That the Secretary -furnish a copy
of these resolutions to the Press of tbe oity.wlth
the request to publish the same. .
We certify the foregoing to bv a trne copy
of the proceedings from our journal.
WM. HERD, Pres't.
J. P. Bbdck, S.so'y. -
Columbus, Feb. 5, 18CI, .
Citt Council Proceedings. The City Coun
cil held a special meeting last evening. Tbe
President laid before the Council the following
COLUMBUS, Feb. 8, 1861.
L Donaldson, Esq , Prtident of the City
Council of Ctlumbut,
Dtar Sir: The General Assembly of the
State of Ohio, would be most happy to have the
City ot Columbus co-operate with them in fur
nishing a proper escort and reception to Hou.
Abraham Lincoln, President elect of the United
States, in his progress Irom Indianapolis to
Chairman Joint Com.
Chairman House Com.
Mr. Butler offered a preamble and resolu
tions whleh wore adopted as follows: . 1
Whereas,'' A communication addressed to
the President oi tbe City Council, by the Chair
man of the Legislative Committees, inviting
the eo operation of our Council id the contem
plated arrangement for tbe reception of tbe
President elect of the United States. There
fore, '
JtoefaeVlstr That the City Council, on be
half of theoity of Columbus, cordially acoept
the Invitation. -''- '
Reeohed, 2d. That a committee of Invitation,
consisting of three, add the Mayor and the
President of (be Council, be appointed, whose
duty it shall be on our behalf and that of the
eity.to extend to the President eleot, the cordial
hospitalities of the city, and to aot in unison
with the Legislative Committees, as an escort
trom Indianapolis to this city. , .' '
Retohid, 3J. Tint a committee of .arrange
ments, consisting of three members of the City
Council, be appointed, whose duty it shall be to
maka all suitable orenarationa for the reception
of our expected and distinguished guest, and to
co-operate with the Legislative committee In all
measure oaloulated to give dignity and in
terest to tbe occasion. "i .,
Tbe following gentlemen were designated as
tbe Committee f Invitation Mayor L, En
glish, President L. Donaldson, and Messrs.
Coihtocic, Butler and Staubino. Committee
of Arrangements Messrs. Buttles, Rarr and
. Adjourned.: m' ';. ' ;
ClothiQ Store. One ofHhe most splendid
eeteblishmenU of this kind ever located in our
city,'.hs . Jiat .been opened at the" Northwest
corner of ' High and Pearl streets, under the
name oi "The New iYork. Clothing . Store,''
Here Mr J. B. Clare, the proprietor bas on
hand large and superior stock of Ready Made
Clothini!-of"e8tern manufacture, and also
Children's Clothing and i Gents' Furnishing
Goods. For the aicomodolation of customers
he has employed an ' experienced Jand, skilful
cutter from NevtYork eUy, sot that'; garments
of any ktol arid' pattern required carl be made
to fit in a suDerlor manner and upon snort u no
tice.' For ehsapooss, durability' abd eacslleooe
of the workniahehir) in" the articles he offertfor
ale1, Mr. Clark expects to distance' all compe
tition, and therefore' the public) are invited, .to
call, examine and become satisfied that the New
xork Homing ptore ine ua f(vk
Bood bargains,
RemsmberJhat no is,: the; time -tar strike
. while "the irpp. i ho(,",,and the neweetabllsh
' ment U anxious tp eooure custom ,by disposing
of good and wall made clothing at low prices.
Let no one neglect the golden opportunity offor-
d at 121 South High Street.' .V.', C. 'i
Tin Nut Statu Faia.wThe State "Board ot
Agriculture have ordered:", -''' '.' ';' f; f
1. . That the State Fair for 18C1 be held at
Dayton, provided the oltlzsns of Dayton execute
and deliver on or before the 22d Inst., to tbe
Ohio Bute Board of Agriculture afcoudguerr
anteeing the payment of five thousand dollars,
also the use of the Fair grounds without charge,
and secure the usual Railroad facilities, V
3. That if Dayton falls- to comply with these
conditions that the proposition from Cleveland
ak atVUin(r1 .'"'.' 1 ' ' ' . ' ' '
3. That the Fair be held on the 10th, 11th,
' 12th and 3th days of 'September next.'.,
- ' i no '.l,r t :'
. IT, telegrsn from the Posmaster at Beret I
Cuyahoga county, to United States Marshall
Johnson at Cleveland, states that on the" event
I ig of Thursday, the, 6th liaC, lh5 iBerea fast.
office wa entered bv bursters and robbed. No
otlief particulars are given.
OarHANs Home. There Is a premium offer
ed for the best Union sentiment, and the best
Conundrum, at the Orphans' Festival, which
comes off next Thursday evening, at Armory
Hall. We trust the wits and savans of this
our pleasant olty, will send us some of their
most brilliant scintillations for tbe occasion.
We trust, also, that the friends of this truly
worthy institution will make suoh efforts for Its
sood. that the Festival will prove a success.
Little blue faces look out beseechingly from
thin appcaral on such oold days as these, and our
own hearth fires are made brighter and warmer,
when wa nan remember eharities whioh have
made other hearths warm, and other faces
bright. Surely it Is "more blessed to give than
to receive," and "God loveth a chterful giver."
Then come up to the work, kind friends all.
Next Thursday night, remember' there Is work
to do for the poor and needy. If only a little,
let all give something of their abundance, and
like the snow that falls flake by flake but at
last covers the hills; so shall your .charities,
mingling and widening, cover with a mantle as
pure and bright the wilderness of our necessl
"He that gtvith to the poor, lendeth to the
Sec. pro tem. Committee of
Ways and Means.
CoMHiTTits or Invitation. The following
are the CommtUeea of Invitation, appointed on
behalf of the State, for the escort of tbe Pres
ident elect from the capltol of Indiana, and his
reception at the capital of Ohio. ' -
The Senate CommitteeMessrs. Mumsobi
Corn and Homes.
The House Committee Messrs. Brown,
Flaoo, Andrews, Pariott, Scott, Baldwin and
Wilsh. '
Committee on the part of the State Execu
tiveAdjutant General Carinoton and Colonel
Committee on the part of the City of Colum
L. English. Mayors L. Donaldson, Pres
ident of the City Council, and Councilmcn
BnTTLta, Rilit and Ooden.
I. 0. 0. F- Anniversary. The eleventh an
niversary o! Excelsior Lodge, No. 145, 1. 0. 0
will be held at their Hall In Carpenter's
block, on Wednesday evening, Feb. 20th. Ad
dresses will be delivered by Hon. Mr. Currr, of
Dayton, and P. G- E. F. Jennings. Tbe publio
invited to attend.
Tbe marine losses by the insurance com
panies in Boston have been very heavy within
past few weeks,, several first class ships,
with valuable cargoes, having been lost. One
office has lost $115,000, end another $80,000
within a month.
ILTRev. Mr. Weight will deliver a discourse
the Universalis! Church, on Sabbath (to-mor
row) evening, Feb. 10th. Subject: The inter
of youDg Business Men in the formation of
Moral character of the age more especial
ly In relation to Temperance.
ID Officer Db Witt yesterday arrested Ed
ward Reeo and Jefferson Long, charged with
assaulting Conductor Gale, ou the Cleveland
Columbus Railroad. They were both held
ball for an assault with intent to kill.
IT A religious revival is in progress ia the
Methodist churches in Springfield. It
said that abont forty persons have signified
their intention of connecting themselves with
CTHesr Priesrach, tbe celebrated lion-tamer,
made an engagement with Barnch to train
lot of wild animals recently imported for the
York Museum.
117 During the month of Januory last, thirty-
marriage llnceoses were Issued from the
offioe of the Probate Judge of Muskingum
oounty. ' ' . .
O At Renoldaburgh, on Thursday night, the
Presbyterian ohuroh caught fire from a stove
and was bufned.'as was also Mr. Given's
earriage shop.
- - - '
UTThe citizens of Newark are making ar-
rangements for a publio supper at the Preston
House on the evening of tbe 22d Inst.
icTRevivals of religion are progressing In the
Methodist Church at London, Newport and
other places In Madison county,
UTRev. Mr. Fish, ot Springfield, has accep
0pted the SUperlntendency of Publio Instruction
Rail Road Time Table.
Mum Av OetcusDsk Xixia B. B.
' Arrives.
9.15 P. M.
3 30 P.M.
3.45 A. M-
1.40 P.M.
No. SBx
6.10 A. M.
. 8.30P.M.
9.45 A.M.
(jLBVILAirn, Ooldmshs fc CmciKXATi B.R.I
Bxpress snd Mall 3 00 P. M.
Might Kxpress 3:35 A. M.
OnrraALOmoB. B.
Bxpress Train 3.00 ,. M
30 a
a go P.
Mall Train .x.w r. at.
PtTTsecaoH, OoLUJsaos St Cikciiviiatt B, K
iutms Train.. 3:00 A.M.
Mail Train 3.40 P.M.
OomMscst InniAHAroLrsE.B. ' "
(Columbus, VI qua x Indiana . . j
XxpreasTraln...... e:iUA.m.
Bxpress Train 0:45 P
11:11) A.M.
... ,
take great pleasure In calling tne aiten-
tlnn f anrraadere and the DUbllO to the WOO-
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darful virtues and numerous testimonials of
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U ncure. for coughs, colds, bronchitis. asthma,
nicht sweats, difficulty of breathing, ' 0., 0.l
He who aids in, Introducing this great prepara
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Laer Was. In the laet Anglo-American
war, the enemies of our liberties were bidly
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against our health with adulterate! compounds
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Sirest, New York.
t ' , 1
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Ida Will give perfect BatlBiaOtlOn to Itie most
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tease of the Skirl, wbon'.such certain remldles
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merougmy, aija mo
ore. See IhO advertllO
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vj . i- -) ; r t " K
meat- will cere any
tienv"t'!L ,.V
BT Sea adTertlsement of Prof. loin's
u.. I.Min. I. ...ika. M..
Hair Invlgorator In another column.
Tbs Vloa President announced that ha had woel?d th
retolntlom of th Dauaorauo Stat OonTenUou or onto
ObjMtloni wen made to their reoeption on th ground
that iktf were not ipedally addrtned to the Senate.
Afteraomo dlwuiilon the resolutions were received
Tell 3.1. dkti 14.
Mr. Seward pmented a petition for the settlement or
tne dloteuitiM or the country; alio resolutions oi we ieg
iilatureofNewYork. '
Mr. Crittenden presented a memorial from clUwns of
neniuoay in favor or urmenarn s resolutions.
On motion of Mr. Boteler, a resolution was adopted'
nauestins the President to eommunlcate to the House
the correspondence between our Government and that of
Peru since 1853, on the subject of tbe fret navigation of
we Amazon and Its tributaries.
Mr. Oox offered an imxndnent to the Senate bill for a
temporary covernmest for the Territory of Colorado,
It proposes to allow the people to assemble-and form for
uiemsnires an orgama law ana ierrtioruu government
to consist or a Legislature, Judical, sto., suoeunuaiij
Douglas substitute offered In the Senate. Ordered to bs
Mr. Curtis, from the HUltarv Oomlttee. reported a sub'
stltute bill appropriating 1 1,150 to pay musicians and
soldiers for loss of instruments and clothing, In removal
irom jrori Moultrie to Sort Bumter.
Mr. Thomas objected to Its consideration.
WAtHiKnTort.VeV 8. The following Is a synopsis Of
e corresponuence Between me rresiaeni
The President, In a message transmitted to both noos
es to-day, gives the coriespoodenos between himself and
Col. Hayne, much of It already published. The follow
ing Is a substance of the eono ludiog part. Bayne's let
ter of Jan. 31st, after slating the refusal to surrender
Fort Sumter, to be an occasion of war, and stating the
question to be one of mere property, he lays:
If the evils ot war are to be encountered, especially
calamitous, civil war, elevated statesmanship would seem
to require that it should be accepted aa an unavoidable al
ternative: as something still more dlaastroussnch ss Na
tional dishonor, or meaturee materially affecting the
safety or permanent Interests of the people, that should
oe aeiioerateiy made and entered upon, ana oi set par
pose; but that war should be theinoldent or accident at
tendant on a polity professedly peiceful, and not re
quired to effect the obJert,which, avoided ss the only end
Intended, can only be excused, wheie fair warning has
seen given as to tne eonseqnence.
Boutn Carolina cannot, by her silence, appearto scqul
ewe in tho Infatuation that she Is guilty of the act of no-
provoked aggression, In firing on the Star of th West;
though unarmed, she waa filled with armed men entering
ner territory against ner consent.
Gov. Pickens' Instructions to him'accomnenvlni Ool.
Ilaynes' letter, Secretary Holt replied to on the 81b, ac
knowledging the President's receipt of Col. Ilaynes' let
ter, and Bret gives the aummaryof his Instructions, which
are to the effect:
I do not come as a military man to demand th surren
der of a fortress, but as a legal officer of tbe State, its
attorney Ueneral, to claim for the State tho exercise of
Its undoubted right of eminent domain, and to pledge
tne stale to maka good all injury M rights or property
which arise from the exercise of Ihe claim. The propo
sition, therefore, is to buy Fort Bumter, sustained try
the declaration In effect, that ft Carolina is not permitted
to make purchase, she will seise the Fort by force of
arms. As an Invitation for the negotiation for the
transfer of property between governments, this propasal
Impresses the President , as having assumed most unusu
al form.
He bat however Investigated the claim on which It pro
fesses to be based, apart from the declaration that so-
oompanies It. The title of the United States to the forts
Is complete and lnconteatible. Were Its Interests In the
paapertyin ordinary acceptation of the term, It might
probably be subjected to the exercise of the act of eminent
domain, but It has political relations to It of much higher
and more Imposing character tbnn those of mere proprie
torship. It has sbaolutejurisdlctlon over the fort and soil on
Whlchlt stands, which Is olerely Incompatible with the
alalms of eminent domain. This authority la derived
from the peaceful cession of South Carolina herself.
Under the. provision of the Constitution of th United
States. South Carolina can no more assert the right of
imlnent domain over Bamter, than Maryland over the
XMstrlct of Columbia. Tho President, however, Is relieved
the further neoessity of pursuing this Inquiry, by the
fket, that he has not th constitutional power t cede or
surrender it.
The auest on of reinforcing Tort Bumter was so fully
disposed of la my letter of the S2d of January, to Sena
tor Slidell, a copy of which accompanies this, tbat its
disouaaion need not be renewed. 1 then said, "at the
resent moment It la not deemed necessary to reinforce
sin J. Anderson, because h makes no such request.
Should hie safety, however, require reinforcements,
every effort will I ' made to supply them."
i lean add nothing to the eipllcitness of this language,
blch still seniles to th existing status.
In letters of Senator Davis, and others to yourself,
hey say It is especially due from South Carolina to our
Vtata, to say nothing or otner siavenoiaing Btaies. sue
should, as far as eonslstent with her honor, avoid Inltlm
ting hostilities between her and the United States, or any
other power, and you now give th President gratifying
insurance that South Carolina has every disposition to
preserve put 11c peace, (and since, he Is sinoereiy animated
by the same desire, it would seem tbat this common and
patriotic object most be of certain attainment.
It ia difficult, however, to reconcile this with the declara
tion on your part, that South Carolina's owafdlgnlty and
the sovereignty and safety other people pnehpta her to de
mand this property, not any longer to unised a a milita
ry poet by tho Government. rt an IfeTraracknowledges
after stating that In oase of an attempt by a foreign power
to eaptur uoarienon, in natwries or vort Bumter
irould be exerted for her protection. U says, how the
presence of eo small a garrlye aotoated by such a spirit,
cko compromise th dignltyr honor of South Carolina,
the President 1 at a loiao understand.
The attitude tbat 111 Government has often declared
neither menanolBg, defiant nor unfriendly. If an
nouncement so repntedly mad of the President's pacl
ftc purpose in continuing the occupation of Fort Bump
ter, until the Question is settled, by competent author
ity, has failed to impress the government of South Car
olina with the forbearing oonduot of his administration
fr the last three months. It should 0 received a con
clusive evidence ef his sincerity; and It this forbearance
b net accepted then neither language nor conduct can
Dossiblv furnish such pledge. If. with all Ihe multiplied
proofs of the present anxiety for peace, the authorities
of South Carolina aball assault Fort Bumpter and peril
the lives of a handful of brave and loyal men shut up
within Its walla, and thus plunge oar common country
into the horrors or oivuwar,inen upntnem,ana loose
thev represent must rest the responsibility.
Ool. Usyne, In reply to the President, to-day says,
although his emphatio refusal of my demand closes the
mission, he wisne to oorrect in impression inas uaro
Una wished to nurchsa Sumter. Carolina would make
compensation for Injury dene to th property; but the
idea of purchase is entirely inconsistent with th asser
tion 4r paramount ngni in we purcoasvr.
: Carolina claims to have dissolved political connection
and destroyed all political relation with the United
States ttovernmeul. nitn ererytniog wiinm ner nor
eM0g sovereignty over very foot of hor soil except
dere, she is a separata and Independent uovernment, ex-
Th avowed Intention to hold Ft. Bumter as a military
post, try foreign government, leaves th authorities
then to determine th proper course to be pursued. II
asks the President, If he is awara that the holding of
fortress by a foreign power, against th will of th au
thorities. Is the highest Insult that cVi h offered. II
saya Bouth Carolina bu not taken Ft. Bumter because
oftmisDlaced oonfldeno in th government, that has de
ceived her, and thinks th reply to hia demand, that the
occupation ,o! vt. Bumter is no cause ror irriiauon, out
fr Ihe protection of Bouth Carolina,-- Is lrronloal for a
nave sublrct. He concludes that If Ihe responsiiblllty
rests on eoutn uarouna,inat government is unconcious oi
tho fact.
Washington News and Gossip.
Despatches received by dlstlnrul.ked iMsioa lead
WAsaisoTOK. Feb. 8. Ths Impression her among
gentlemen who ar now acquainted with th subject, is
tnat no appreneusions uceu nrownvnn reur m. mu
immediate attack on xort eumter. aa u win o ratrm
a tha Southern Congress. Meanwhile the Bouth Caro
lina authorities will keep the strictest guard to th Fort,
to Intercept any reinforcements to Hsj. anuerson.
.I, annn, lu AnX n, , I1EIM mwm in wm am-
rjed, and all posslblo measures taken to staivs out the
"Th oommitie of thPeac Congress wr engaged to-
day on matters looking to an adjustment, nearly mi u
Commissioners hav arrtvd, including those rrom Mas-
A large number of Influential gentlemen rrom nearly an
pP)rU,Ul,eoun,ry,aracoiistnUrrivlng, embracing
BUoy member of the Virginia Legislature.
OapUIn Tlllon, of Maryland, attached to the navy, and
ol y.. L,.n. Hoat, uo. oommitted suiotd
tkie P. M.. bv blowing hi brains out with a pistol. II
: . ; , .,.j.i ..i..i.ih..
.,, .tMOt thaoountrr.
M December S4th, and the Babln January 8th, erthre
leaving th other vessels to eompose that squadron, lb
tnahAttAn.Poohnntaa. and Cumberland.
Tn ohtaln nroviaions. tne sioresnip "ouppijr mu
hv order of flag officer Pendegras, to Pensacola, and
by uupt, Armstrong, toen as uia. piaov, ww vruvivu w
nil,,, to tha souadron: but Instead of doing so, Cent.
Walker, her commander, took on board th parolled offl-
cen and men ana women irom son r uncus, buu pruvowu-
d to New York, by wnlcn aisorjcying oi orusra n is
a Mnnrtnurtlaled.
The Cumberland has bMn ordered to Hampt jn Boads,
and th PowhatUn to New xork.
Whuver or dirratrecuon nas exmea in in uuu susaa-
mn. waa on board th latter vessel. When ordered to
proceed oisewuore, porupn vi ur uiuuvr., .u. mv
oumern men, suijmjuuk mum wm nw wkuww.b,
nonireited dlsoontenti Tb 1st Lieutenant sent In hia
resignation, th aooeptanc of whioh will depend upon
hi being exonerated from blame, to be ascertained when
th vessel shall arrlv at New YorkiJothorwlM, be will b
nAnvtmAVtimlMla ' -
1 nnh. .nnlher at Tortures
Tberfi an eleven naval vessels on our coast, ana one at
Th. Maoedonlan and Brooklyn hav arrlvd in th
I neighborhood of Fort Plcken
While th Mexican ovmmnt was in a more nnsot
I HmA .ji,i ,t,.n AlniMAtit. and then wab A nroaDBct
I 0f a dcmoaatraUon by Bpain against Vara Crus, it wa
I the policy ot th government to keep a strong flwt In tha
air. for tb nrotecUun of American interest, Bino
tb Juras government has been established, th necss-1
ror the aoBllnuAnee at aslronrr fore in that Quarter
has oeased, and bene th Sect bu been distributed in
tha aaanncr abov stated. -
A dispatch from Washington announces that
flherokees hav rebelled and Mixed fort Gibton.
Th testimony of Bx Senator Benjamin, before th
,j rt-in-ioatoreurv riovd. Hesatert that when
- hatooam aocidantally aware of Sloyd'a mann.r of giv-
I rng aoeeptanoes, ne warned nimagainn mana sioya
1 promiaed to desist. Attcrward vioyd ltsotd than to in
I Amnnntnl four million. .
espatcherolvedby distinguished stMssioa lea
l r,lndlclthatxport duty will bs laid oa Cotton v
l'b OTntlrmaUon of HoraUo Kins' nomination
I otmstr General Is delayed la tb Broat by Repab
I cans, antll It I sacrtaind wbethar h wllleaecuta Co.
I It Is anderstood that th nomine Will execute th pro
' vitlono(BiatwUr.Uwtotter. .
- Wm. O. Bldgely, clerk In the Navy department, died
auddanly of heart disease, last evening ,
Tha Oonrtof Inaulrv In th ease of Com. Armstrong.
-touching th surrender of tb Penaaoola Navy Yard,
consists of Com. stoaer, uavaietie, ana uapt. ner
oell; and Mr. Creasy, Judge Advocate. They met to
day and adjourned till to-morrow.
Geo. Wool, the New-York delegate to the Psaoe Con
vention, will demand guarantees that the Capitol shall
net be attacked, before he will "astent to any plan f re
conciliation. -
Maj. Bitch! and Qov. Andrew of Massacnusstfai. hav
tendered to Mr. Buchanan S63 regiments of Massachu
setts troops, ready to march at a momenta notice, for tha
protection of th Capital.
Th special tender of these troops, It Is understood has
been in consequence of Information pointing to the Im
minent danger of an attack on Washington prior to Feb.
WeniiraToir. Feb. O. Th President bas approved
and signed the '25,0o0,eoe loan bill which pasesd both
Houses, as originally reporwa, wiia auciiuuMut provi
ding that the revenue from the loan, authorised by th
aot of June 18. 1H60, or so much as may be deemed ne
cessary, provided It o appiiea to nuempuon oi
Treasury notes issuea unaer mo bub wi m umnnr,
and for no other purpose. The Secretary of th Treasu
ry Is authorised to exchange at par, th bonds of th
United States, for said Treasury notes, at legal Interest,
and shall not bs obliged to acoept the most favorable bids,
as provided for, unless he shall consider them advanta
geous to tbe United States, and any porUon of said loan
not tjtlren nnder tne nrss sareniwiiKui, m mmr aiatn
dvarilu f.Anrriln til his discretion.
Parties here have telegraphed Gov. Pickens, requesting
Dim still to forbear assaulting von oumver. lum uov-
arnnr nniied tht he would take Into respectful contid
(ration any suggestions from them, but he oould not
. - - ... 1- - - V. . 1 1 uutH 1 V. I) I
give a aeUDite answer unui ue vusu iwit. mo uni
dent's communication, and ascertain tbe grounds of tb
tatter's refusal to surrender ion numier.
Tha latter nf Ool. Havn In rejoinder to th Presi
dent's reply through the Secretary of war. was not received
b the Pmldent till after the sirlal messsge and accom
panying document Were yesieraay rauy iur irauamu-
slon to Congress. By reason of receipt of Information
to-day of the seliur of New York shins at Savannah, to
rather with the recent action of the New Orleans Custom
InndA. In ohalruetlnir the interior commerce, In effect
levying tribute, and the declaration of the Montgomery
Congress, In openiog Sourthern forts ire to foreign
commerce. Jolin Cochrane or new ion, win can up on
Monday, and press to a passage me nui miroauceu nere
tofore by him, providing for a thoiongh execution of th
federal revenue lawa,for the protection of Ihe commercial
Interests of the nation, against attacks upon them by th
Washington Correspondence of the N. Y. Press.
NiwTori. Feb. U The "Herald's Washington Cor
respondent," says: I am satisfied, from positive Infor
mation received direct from Charleston, that the attack
has been postponed until they can erect a sufficient num.
ber of batteries to aooompllib their purpose. Tbe time
for withholding reinforcements to Maior Anderson will
cease th moment l.laut. Hall returns to Ft, Sumutor. I
learn from s reliable source I hat Wednesday next has
been fixer) upon as abont tbe time when tbe secessionists
win be ready to eommeno tne auuauit upon vt. nump
ter. -
The New Confederacy.
MoHTaoMrtr, Ala., Feb. 0 The Congrats last night
unanimously agreed to a constitutional provisional uov
ernment. A strong and vigorous government will go In
to Immediate operation, witn full powers and funds. No
proposition for oompromise or re-construction will be
entertained. The Congress will remain In session to
make all necessary laws.
Seizure of Vessels.
SiViKNiii, da. , Feb. 9. Gov. Brown seized yesterday
Ave Vessels owned In New York, vli: The brig R. W.
Kibble and Golden Lead, and barks D. Golden Murray
and Adjuster, and th schooner Julia A. Hallock.
GiMimuTt, Feb. 0. Messrs. Heffren At Moody, of th
Indiana legislature, left the city last night, for Kentucky,
for the purpose of fighting a duel. Weapons, knives
Th duel was expected to come off at an early hour this
morning. The polio are on their track.
Portland. Heine. Feb. v. Cent. John A.Holmes,
ssntenced to the States Prison for IK, for murder on th
High Beaa, has been unconditionally pardoned by th
President at Washington.
Montreal, Feb. 9. The roads are sll blocked, snd
will probably remain so for two or three days, wllh snow.
no mans come in or nave gone out since last tv canes-
Boston. Feb. 9. The Traveller states tbat bankers
her will not tak loans ot th new Administration, un
less affairs at tne eoutn are sauiiacioriiy settled.
New York Cattle Market.
Total Ricsirrsor cattuofau. xikds, forth wkxx.
According to the reports from the several market
places In tbe city, than hav been received this week:
Sheep and
B'ves. flow.
Teals. Lambs Bwlne. Total.
370 3n
35 4.344
37 771
33 iU50 , ...
At Allerton's, 3,501 S3
Browning's.... 59 26
O'Brien's, 31 33
Ohamberlin's.. 43 31
Sunday sales
Sold bu'rs, Ber. 4BS
TW1 4 001 119
370 7,734
311 7,874
8.673 90, tm
T'l pr'sweVk 3,993 SO
Average No,
w'k,l'tyr.i,i io
758 9,976 6.339 31,405
A. M. Allsrton at Co., Proprietors of the Washington
Drove-yards, 44th-st, report th Cattle in Market from
the following States:
New York 391 Iowa 314
Pennsylvania. 501 Connecticut 18
Ohio 625 New Jersey
Indiana 430 Massachusetts '
Illlnol v J, 4Kti! Missouri 89
Kentuoky 133, Michigan 44
Number reported for this market at 44th St., 3,501.
Th prices to-day ar quoted is follows:
First quality , 99 1 Ordinary 67
Medium 7 I Some extra good 8)4
The general average of the market at 7Hs.
Tbe most of th sale rang from 7 to 8)o.
Prices V bead and V lb, or omerent weights, win D
In accounts of salee of sundry drovesr
Total number of Beeves received In th city this week,
' . . . . .
This is VB neta mora men last weex, ana x. s neaa less
than the average of last year. Th average number at
each Wednesday market last year waa 3,491 bead, while
th number to-day being J,aui snows iu head mora than
th averager and 88 uead mor than this day week,
Wcdnboiv, Feb. 8. Ths 'market apened npon a
bright, clear, mild morning, not cold (nough to encour
age butchers to buy largely, but still with a better show
Ot 111 man IB usual tu koodu ujj, pariicuiariy nwr
such larga incraas to the stock aa occurred last nlgbt,
making up a total oi j.auu neau, wnicu ia nearly uuneaa
mora than last week, and 600 head mora than was ex
pected at lb openiog of th market. This, of course,
naa naa rooeneoioi rawvinx priueeeuiuvTfaat, ma uiai.
on the whole, th mark! I no better than last week, and
to-day Is not as good aa last Wednesday, and, of course,
all In owners of tb droves that arrived to-day wil 1 feel
satisfied that the market this week 'is decidedly worse
than it was last week. Perhaps it Is, bat not materially
a. anmrding lo our observation. Our readers, however.
will b able to get at the truth 'bettar than from our
opinion, by looking over th account of sales of most
f th principal droves as given below.
Undoubtedly some nunareua oi puiiogbb win sen very
law toward the close of th day, and th p respect of all
sold look a little auu at nignt actus
W hav nothing Interesting to report about tha Cow
market. Tueprtos I nominally fJ to45for a fair
looking cow and cair, ana eoov inxi, aaco ruing to gooa
looks, good quality, or fancy. Wa know some dealers
who have bad lots on hand for a week without finding
nu rr.hAMr.lt prices which they oould afford to take.
Caivsaofth beat sort sell readily at 7c V tti.llv
weight, but we notice soms lust about as good, but not
nnlia ma smooth Selling t SXC.
There was a sudden fall of Calves at Forty-fourth
AtmaL. on Tuesday. A stupid German, driving past a
street excavation some ten feet deep, upset hi wagon and
tumbled himself and his load of oatvas all la a neap at
the bottom. Fortunately, neither biped nor quadruped
ealf had hi nack broken.
Th receipt of Calves continue at th Winter standard;
In about three weeas toe numoer win uegio so inere,
.n .ii hut the bast will sail at lower rates. Will farm
ers think whether It will not pay t fat veal at th
present rats, wntcn w no not exprn win aecnn very
much, even with a vary Urg Inoreae of th number in
n u DOt likely to be any wore man it is now, and cer
It I .i.i. will ha. If tb (took Is crowded forward faster then
: ninta ihl. wtek. 7.734.
Th most nmarkabl feature In th Shop market this
week I th larg number arriving rrom Oblo. This is
indicated by tn report iron nrowuiog e, wuicu is in
i,tinr market DlAO cur. it n aio ratnaraaoi tnat
hi receipt In tb month of January war nuoh larger
lhan tn any previous January. In 1859 tb January re
oelpUwere7,5e3t In I860, 10,032! in 1B01, W.817. These
lastoorae from tb follawlng States! - Mew tork 4,718,
Ohio 3M, New Jrssy u.YOi, nicmgaa axo, Keniacay
rsnusyivAuui -- - - - - -
Tn receipts jowuiji . Mt i..bwii
throughtbwelt on Saturday over l,3Wt yet tbat did
not appear to glut tb marsst vary badly, bat It gotd
it on sionaay ana
broters willing to li t quit a redaotloo My equal
to Ko nst t ri It wa dimenlt to get buyer on Tues
day to Uke lot at 5 a head, which would not dree 50 lb
ach. It I trn that a few lot of vary ohelc well
fad sheep sold at prl equivalent to Ho B , but aach
lots wr lew ano rar wi
Th ivarag qnallty of tb sheep continues good. It
never wu better in any previous winter. We near from
reliable autnomy wbhuj w rj r w oi imwi
,heep ia Ohio, Indiana. Illinois, Matnefcy, mlelilgan and
ri.n,iA. Uur aavke to arovera, ia aot to crow taem
.rArd too fast- Tbr U spring eaon coming, and
I the regular order of things can us It up.- It will only
I ..v. n. or two such weeks' supply aa tb present
break down the market about a t
down It will be hard to get It up i
dollar a head; and nce
down It will be Bant to ge it up again wnue newi ooniiu-
hab aa low a II l, aau ia iiaii w vm.
At Browning's west . Hart sold 707 head, most
them larg. fat tt sheep at an averag ot S,5 each.
B. H. Hum OIU l,uou TrAgvi w ww
Kent Mullen told MJ at an average of BS,(U oh.
McOtrty ft Miller sold 451 at an average, of ft
aacb. ' ':
. AtO'BrUa'r-aUOraw report 771 sold at aa average
efjM '....Aui'' ,..i.aJ.'
Tbe range OI prices rcvunwu, vuuujiih
A7 a baadi ' '
-7 . , l.a a. , AIwk.SM i. V.
I p. ,"' w y
jitner,n. a.
snwe.tipwrw. , -" -"""-: --,- al
lm rw. ..rwianff,
Retptsof th week, 8,673. -.'.
. Henry D. Qraat, Superintendent of the roaafcet, gives
th following quotations par pound gross for ImtK Corn
fed, SK6c; Dlitlllery fed ai5,s.'o.
It haabeen rather a naa weex lor uio arovera, owing u
th ehang of weather. Wednesday, Tnnrsaay, ana n
day, were fine days for bufinees, and rather warmer than
packers prefer at ihl stiun. Fridty night a warm rain
fall, and Salurdav wu cxtremaly foggy, and Sunday
quit warm, aud Monday and Tuesday not cold enough
toneourg luvr to mak larg purchases. Fortun
ately th supply wa not larg, and moot of the stock
rather light,
Th was. ana remarkable Hog sold her this week
It wa a aow, about 3 years eld, which had 31 pigs, at
two litters, In one year, and wa then ratted Of Messrs.
Allaiton. Wattermlr At HlMrodt, ''at th Dykemao
farm." near Hingsbrtdge, within the etiy limit. This
extraordinary bog weighed, dressed, 963 lbs,, and Mid
for 9100, to John Fink, corner of Kighth avsnu and
Forty-first sireet, where Ui eareat will be kept some
days ror a snow. j
Live weight Dead weight,
First quality corn fed larg slie....6)t'4oJi'
Secoad quality corn-red SAtwO
First quality small site fat 4t prim
for market butchers tXBX
Large slae, still-fed fat
Beoond quality till fed 5iS,i
Western dressed Hogs, 7 Wo.
Although tbe figures currespond wllh last weak, th
market is canea slow.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Feb. 9.
FLOUR receipt 3 347 Lbls. market dull and hsavr
anddfdlnlnj; aalrs ofUUObbls. at 5 105 )6forsupsr
fln state; IS SUS 35 for extra state: tS lOusS IS lor
superfine western; IS SS for Inferior to good shipping
oraous extra nouna nonp unio vanaaiaa anil ana
drooping ?50 bbls. S5 S5(4 75.
BY1 FLOUE steady at S3 30-214 IS common to
WHIAT receipts 900 busb. mrkt dull and heavr
and dcolinlng: 10,000 bosh, at l 82 in store for Amber
BYE-qulet atflS67.
BaRLY-dollatU7e0. .
CORN 51.147 bush, market without manifest change,
35,000 Ibushels 65307 ; old mixed Western In stor and
delivered: G3Sfi4 new do at B.. R. denot.
OATS-qulit X,&Mic, tor western, .Canadian sod
PORK-steadr for mess: 719 bbls. 17 SO for mes.'.13
VKsr quletsnd unchanged.
CCT HEATs-steady.
LAUD dull and bnw. sties of SOObhls. at SWA
BUTTBB In fair reueit: 10S14 for Ohio: US 18 for
OH EESK steady; 9310,'.
WHISKY dull and Prices droonlnc: sales of 90S kfal.
at I8e.
COTTOSdull and heavy at UK formldllngnDiands
sales 500 bales.
COIFBK unchingcd; sales 400 bags of Bio at IS
BL GAK-dulI; by auction 318 hhds. sold at4',(S0i
MOLASSRH dull but uni-hAiiil: aaIpa 11X1 hhla. N
0. sold at 26 34 M.
BTO0KS dull and lower: money rates unchanged and
suppiy good, witn not very active enquiry; a. K. very
dull at 105108 for hankers bills; O. 4c H. I. UK; M.
C. 54V; Hud. 42V; Del L. St W.9IK: N. Y.C. 70:
P. It 0. C. 8. 5's B5; Uarl, pifd. 8b?4 ; 8. 10; Kri33;
Pao. Mail 62V: N. Y. Chonda ennvartlhla At M.
Cincinnati Market.
WfJIAT Is very sparingly offered, but W. nM im.
prove in price above 1 03 for Prim Red, and SI 10 for
CORN ha yielded a notch after .(.naino- nn.,,.ii.
long at on figure. Ws quote Ear at 34s.: nhmld .tr,
VT. for Mixed and White. A sale of Mixed was made
at 34Kc. Th demtnd from shippers is at th present
time, quit light, and shelled is vary little, If any uor
iiiuirm ,v ui.i.iiier uaau in ear.
OATS though In better raclot. an firmer, and saIm
were made at an advsnc of Ho. per per bu.hel.
BAULKY-1 held by many at 75o., but buyars era not
disposed to pay over 70c. for the best prime fall. There
is no grain sold here that is so oloselvclasitflerl aa t),i
and quotation consequently are ncssarily often very
RYK dull atCOo.
Cin. Com. Feb. 8.
Cleveland Market.
February, 8.
FLOUR doll, and selling- onlv in asmsll w.v. AaIm
of a small lot of extra at $3 00.
wheat Tfry ami m heavy. There are no buyers
and price ar wholly nominal.
uokm salee or 1 sar on track at 38c.
RYE ! of 1 oar at 50c.
BABLBY salea of 1 car at GOc- Inn hn.h m mmmm
1 car inferior at Wo. .
HOCJJ dull and lower. Bnvers muirt nAmb.am .1
c ... I r r --
HIOHWINKS sales of SObblsatlSe.
H AMU sales of City cured at 10c.
XUOS lewer. Sale of 8 bbls at 1 lo. and 1 do at 11-c.
xuAAin aaiCBOixsoiS roil at 119.
Philadelphia Markets.
FLom drooping tS for snnerfina. Wtrv. 4nU-
Saleeof2.000bu.il. red tl.S5l,27; white tl,30l,40.
Coarr dull at 5ti(6So Paovisioxs dull; coBae !2.i(S
.wu .ws iiv. iTfluai-aieauy at A3A0.
Philadelphia Cattle Market.
February 5, 1861.
There wasaultsalargesunnlref tmmt rmitm i-
ket this week, the offerings amounting In all to nearly
1,000 head. Prices remained about th same: prime
Beeves selling at from it9 ll 100 ft,. Ordinary
and good were dl.poeed of at from S7 to $3.
A&Hr Th supply of sheep was not very larg,
amounting to only 4.S00 head. These were alt sold at
from 4 5 12c ) 9. gros weight. This Is a slight ad
vance over previous prices. ,
Boss The sal of Hog amounted to over 3.C00 head,
Stprice ranging from S7 50JB18 SO tt) 100 ft. . Th.
mand wa brisk, notwithstanding th large supply.
vir-vuij uu uaa ot uows were sold at rront mxxB
160 each, according to quality and condition.
From th New York Observer. 1 -As
all parties manufacturing Sewing Machine ar ob
liged lo piy Mr. How a license on each machine Mid.
and ar a so compelled to mak returns to him, under
oath, aa to the number sold, hia books give a correct state
ment. From this rallabl source we hav obtained th
following tatlstlc. Of th machine mad in th year
is&y, then were sold, -
By Wheeler Ss Wilson... 21.305
" I. M. Singer at Oo 10,953
" drover Sr. Biker...". 10,280
Showing the sale of Wheeler 4k Wilson to ha doubla
those of any other Company."
Awarded th highest premiums at th
United State Fairs of 1858, 18j9 and 18G0; ,
aim at th
Ohio Stat Fair of 1859 snd 1809; -and
at nearly all th Oounty Fairs in th Btat.
Our prices, at th late reduction, arm aa lot a onv
lock ttich machine now sold, and but s trine higher than
the Interior two throod cAam McA snacAfft, now
forced upon th mark. . ...
Th WHBELBK Jr. Wit BOX MACHINE! makes th
loca Stiob th only on which cannot be raveled. It
Is Aliki on Born Bin of th goods, leaving no rWgt or
thainontht vndtr.Hdt. .
AU wtacAtna warranted 3 vor. and intUrucUon
given In their nse, free of ebarge.
.-. - ' at. sjttAAX.cl High t.. Columbes, O.
WM. 8UMNBR aa CO.,
dec3-2awd3mltwfim Pike's Opera Hons, Cincinnati.
. KMB'D MUSLIN do- do i
" LINCN do ! do
I For sale by .... PETKR BAIN,
l decSl, No. sr, Sooth High Street; ,'
iirOIJKNINO GOO DN Black Inglum Oraoa
11 Crap Collar, Onffs and Sleeve; Long and Shot rt
Orane Vails; Round Aran Veil; Lace Veil Ore
Trimmed; flam Hemmed uellare; Bet; llndkrcblrt J
Alexandre's Black Kid UIoto: ran: Klboon: Bilk t:
Bombesin; Traveling and all other kinds of Drew Sogi Is
constantly on hand in great variety.
ataySS . flsst door aorta of Neil Ho,
Oolong Tea,
sepT ' : ' 34 N High street.-
Tb most graceful and elegant skirts yet offered Si
bbi. a new WLjuab upeuou oy rsi.nDAini , f
, qo. ii. A - ( wo. Bonin mgBtre
A. ly IU cent a yarn, men fancy nuaaai av ea
yard. !-"'". --
' deoW. wo. nsBonta uigti
TfJINTEK DeR.AIlE!l ; ",-,, "! rpM A"
aV .....,B.r... 1
New ttvles and verr cheaii at .. - BA1NV f t
I BoyiM.' i - Wo. loalh Blghtre.-
X Wide, Long and Hudson. The best styh Imp!.
d, a new lot Just received by PBTIR BAIN,
dee.ll. No. S9BoathUistreo.
; Dr.J.H.M:cLEAN'3
Strengthening Cordial and Blood
The Clremteet Henaetly 1st Use Wrll
most Dixiaoui
ly soieotlao and
V age labia Oompound,
procured by tb distil
kUMof Boot. Herbs
ad Bark, Yellow
Dock, Blood Boot,
Baraaparilla, If I I d
Cherry Bark and Dan
delion nter Into lu
Before Taklnsfrs aouv remedy iiwr nuung.
principle of each in gradient Is thoroughly extracted by
my new method of distilling, producing delicious, ex
onerating eplrit, and th mort 1BFALLIBLB remedy for
renovating tb diseased yslem, and restoring the sick,
suffering and debilitated INVALID to BKALTH sod
WIU tffectaally Mr
Chronic or Nervous Debility, DuaaasMsf the Kidney
Snd sll dlsaa arising from a dkwrdend Livr of Stom
eh, Dyspepam, Heartburn, Inward Pile, Acidity or Siok.
nes of th Stomach, Fnllnee of Blood to th Head, Call
pain or swimming in th bead, Palpaatlon of th Heart
Fullness or Weight In the Stomach, Sour Kraetatlons
Choking or suffocating feeling when lying down, Drraea
or Yellowness of th Skin and Bye. Might Sweaufln
ward Fevers, Pain In th small of th back, ehest or id
Sudden Flushe of But, Depression of Spirit, Frightful
Dream, Languor, Deepondancy or any Nervous Disease,
Bores or Blotche oa the Skin, and Fever and' Ago (ot
Chills end Fever.) . ' ' . . " r
over a lauiiem mt Ulee , '
Bav been nld during th last six month, end la no la
stance has it failed in giving nUr aatisfaction. Who,
then, will Buffer from Weakoea or Debility whew Mo
No language can convey an adequate Idea of the imm
dlate and almost miraculous change produced by taking
this Cordial in th diseased, debilitated and shattered
nervous system, whether broken down by xc, weak by
nature, or Impaired by sickness, tb relaxed and ntrun
organisation is restored to its pristine haalthaad vigor.
Or others conscious of inability, from whatever cause,
will find McLean Strengthening Cordial a thorough
regentrstor of the system; and all who may hav Injured
themselves by Improper Indulgence, will find in th Cor
dial a certain ind speedy remedy.
T the Jbstdlee.
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
Is a sovereign and speedy cur for . ..
nmnAlLlnn. Tn SU m.i.
Obstructed orDiOoult Menstruation, Ineontlnrac of
Crine or Involuntary Dlsonarg tncraor, railing ot to
Womb, Giddlne, Fainting and alt Dlnaaw Incident to
There Is ne Mistake About It.
Suffer no longer. Take It according to Directions. It
will stimulate, strengthen and invlgorat you and caat
Ihe bloom of health to mount your cnw again,
very bottle Is warranted to gin lilaetloB.
If vour children ar sickly, puny, or afflicted, McLean's
Cordial will mak them healthy, tat and robust. Delay
not a moment, try It, and you fill bs convinced.
Oao-nos. Bewtr ( Druggists or Dealer wh may
try to palm apon you soms Bitter or Baraaparilla trash
which they can buy cheap, by savins It is Just a good.
Avoid such man. Ak for McLean s Strengthening Cor
dial, and take nothing els It hi th only remedy that
will purify th blood thoroughly and at th aam ths
strengthen th system.
On eablespoonrul oxen every morning naang, ia a
certain preventive of Cholera, Chills and Fever, Yellow
Fever, or any prevalent disease. It is pat up In Urg
rrice only SI pr sttn, v e sortie iotj.
l. J.H.McLBAH,
Sol Proprietor of this Cordial,
Also McLean1 Volcanic Oil Liniment.
Principal Dtpot on th eomar of Third and Pin (tracts,
SI. Louts, Mo.
McLean's Volcanic Oil liniment. .
the best Liniment la th World. The only sal and
aartAln sura for Oanosn. File, Swelling and Broo-
chitis, or Goitre, Paralysis, Neuralgia, Waoknee of th
Muse lea, unronie r Anuammatory juieuaaauam, sun
ns of ttas joint, vontracted Muscle or Ligament
Xarach or Toothache, Bruin, Sprain, Wounds, Freeh
Cuts, Ulcer, Fever Bora, Caked Breast Bore Nipple,
Burns. Scald. Sore Thoat. or any Inflammation or Pain,
nodlffereoo how sever, or how long th disease may
(nave existed. McLean's ,oMbraid Ltnuaaot m a er
nousanaa oinaman Ming nav neon Bavva me oi
decrepitude and misery by tn use ol Uii invaiuacia mo
TTlll relieve tai S'most lnstantneusly, and It wil
cleanse, purify and heal tb foulest sore lo en inoredl
ly short turn.
, . Fer Hersee sut44ther Aatlosals. .
BU..an a celebrated Iihrbnent Is th only sar and rs
IlAtile r.emedy lor in nre s ensnn, aung skw, bum
mil. Belint, Unnatural Bump, Node or Dwellings. It
wulDsnrnui w wiDrntivii w
running Sra or Sweeny, If prppxly applied. For
lipraina, B raise, Bcretche, Bona or Wounds, Crarkad
UealsTobafae, Baddk) or Ool lar 011 It i aa infalllkl
remedy . Apply II aa airaowo, ana pui ,a saruua n
vi7 lostano.
Thn trill a longw wlthth many worthies Llnl
men offered to yo. Obtain a supply of fir. MaUao's
teletTatedidntsrnot. It wiU enra yo. -i
H. JVIcsVEAN.8olPioprltor,
Ooraer of THrd snd Pin turaeta, Bl. iiouis, mo.
lor t wl by ell druggists.
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:newarkiachine woris,
Newark omo,
jnamntactarere f stll klnde ! Pr
tstkler mtssl sjttl)nrr Stesun ; E
Klmes, Haw Mllle, Urlat Mill,
ZAKSJb BODlETBiatml B. T. BLAM TBeatenl
aT. A J. B. DV7ML State 11 f COLUMBV&
lUCBfSB CO. Btatmltli BRADtQfiD
at CO. Beatmtttll
Our Portable Hoglne' ud Saw Mill
'Vfat awarded tk first premlom ef $5 at th Indiana
Stat fair tor lSiO over Lao JtBodUy's oa account or
lightness, simplicity, economy oi iuei
andaperlorcharacer.ef jumber sawed.
Oar aaatlonan Kngia W swarded at. ths earn, fair
ti , .Mnlim nf 20Q.
Onr rortaw ingin wa awairra am an i",1"
iibi a! tha VAlrat Slemnnia. xnn.i owr oianoya umr
wmiVm. Oa!nmbniHohine0o'.,nd Bradford It Cos.
by a committee ef practical tUilrMd girsiers. a v
gor prio ana wii"
, , wiLLABil WARN I R, Treasurer,
decS-dJtwlyeoU: Newark, Ohio.
E. M.muiAMsi co.r
Front Street, Between State and Town.
SHOP is still running, and alUioagh
the praennot lata years eas st neaTiiy
upon ber running geara, she la still tarn
ngont those splendid PHJSTONS.-BOOJtAWAYa.imd
ndium iihviti anirTiNH- ri-wnir
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" i b. . -tea. ayar. Till SB atTWltmrl wt)RtBtkak
;riD,r ..d walT ' .",,",lU,
through th 8oota nd Wst.
W therefore is ennujusaeiy mm mmj wn j uiioaj
In regard to tb quality ef eur work. Wcwaaaawr
TBHIOU. TTV.naw mnmvym Avr wu-ws .ivm
TiAAlAM AAA ha famishes with KB amoant of work at
short aoUo. and at price krwte thaa can be bonght any
whr in tn west., eeeona nana Bwggne sn wm
eliange for new work. '. ' '
- ti j'KAminna- none neaiir enu a anenaoircw. VBV
tory on front, between Stat and Town street, Colum
bus, Ohio. " ' '
ITTAIl communication win ijerepToip
Aug. 11-wly
TRENCll Kit eirBTKS,!
il rs- in S .
. a'ffA.--' if')
TSentpW pair, same sold lewher for on
II - - -!.
aT84.-Ji -a f .l IT He. t Seatlt High (treat
X- Mule In the bituab a '"J"' Jrv;
.ABB lrmjr. I stmt n nam wad b
?9 South High trt.
Scrofula; brKins Evil,
is a constitutional disease, i eorrrptio?t of tlix.
blood," by which this fluid" become vitiated, '
weak, and poor, lfeing in the circulation, it
pervades the whole body, and may burst out -in
diataao on any part of it, , Na orjm is free
from iu attacks, nor is there one whiv.li it t -y ,
not destroy. The scrofulous taint U via iy, '"
coiisod by mercurial disease, low lir'uv;, '
ordered or. tmhsfdthy food fasjrare airA liltK'
and filthy habits, the dirpreesine; tices, andV
above all, by the venereai infeotion. Wiat- ,
ever be its origin, it is hereditary in the can- -stitution,
descending " from parents to cbildrea
unto the tliird and fourth sreneration " indeed, '
It' seems to be the rod of Ilim who says, I
will visit the iniquities of the father tipcm
their children." : ' ' ; ' 1 ' ' i.'.
Its effects commence by deposition irom the"
blood of corrupt or ulcerous matter, which, In.
the lungs, liver, and internal organs, i termed '
tubercles; in the glands, swellings; and on '
the surface, eruptions or sore. This foul cor
ruption, which genders in the blood, depresses
the energies of life, so that scrofulous constitu
tions not only suffer from acrofuioua com
plaints, but they have far less power to with-
stand the attacks of other diseases; conse
quently vast numbers perish by disorders
which, although not scrofulous la their nature,
ore still rendered fatal by this taint in the -system.
Most of the consumption whioh de
cimates the human family has its origin directly
in tliis scrofulous contamination; and msny
destructive diseases of the liver, kidneys, brain,
and, indeed, of all the organs, arise from or
ore aggravated by the same cause. ' ;
One quarter of all our people are scrofulous ;
their person are invaded by this lurking in
fection, and their health ia undermined by it.
To cleanse it from the system we must renovate
the blood by an alterative medioine, and in
vigornte it by healthy food and exercise.
Such a medicine we supply In :, -r" -
: AYER'S -. y
Compound Extract of SaKaptirilla,
the most effectual remedy which the medical
skill of our times can deviser for' this every
where nrevailino- end fatal maladr. It ia ram.
bined from the most active) raneuials that hav
been discovered for the expurgation of this foul
disorder trom tne Diood, ana the rescue of the
system from its destructive consequence.
Hence It should be employed for the cure of
not only Scrofula, but also those other affec
tions which arise from it, such aa EaVFTrva
and Skin Diseases, St, Anthony's Puu,
Kosk, or Erysipelas, Pimples, Pustules,
Blotches, Blains and Boils, Tumors. Txmia
and Salt Biiecx, Scald Head, Rinqwobm,
IChkumatibu, Syphilitic and MecvbuL Dis
eases, Dropsy, Dyspepsia, Debility, and.
indeed, all Complaints arising most Vitia-
tD ou iMri'EB Blood. ITio popular belief
in " impurity of Hit Hood " is founded in trath,
for scrofula is a degeneration of tlie blood. - The
particular purpose and virtue of this Barsap
rilla is to purify and regenerate this vital fluid,
without which sound health is impossible, in
Contaminated constitutions.
Agne Onre,
roa the sPEEor curb or
Intermlttctit Perer, orPcver indAgas,
Remittent Fewer, Chill Frvr, Dasnb
gu; Periodical Headache, or Bllioa ,
Headache, and Bllloea Fevers, Indeed
for th whole class ot dUeaiesortgtnat
Infjr In biliary derangement, canned by
the Malaria of Sliasinatlo Countries
We are enabled here to offer the community a
remedy which, while it cures the above complaints
with certainty, is still perfectly harmless in any
quantity. Such a remedy is invaluable in districts
where these afflicting disorders prevail. This
" Clkh " expels the miasmatic poison of Fever
and Aoub from the system, and prevents the de
velopment of the disease, if token on the first ap
proach of its premonitory symptoms. It is not only
the best remedy ever yet discovered for thi clas
of complaints, but also the cheapest, The large
quantity we supply for a dollar brings it within the
reach of every body ; and in bilious districts, where
Fever and Aoub prevails, every body should
have it and use it freely both for cur ana protec
tion. A great superiority of this remedy cvet any -other
ever discovered for the speedy and certain
cure of Intermittent is that it contains no Quinine
or mineral, consequently it produces no quinism or
other injurious edects whatever upon the constitu
tion. Those cured by it are left as healthy as if
they had never had the disease.
- Fever and Ague is not alone the consequence of
the miasmatic poison. - A great variety of disor
ders arise from its irritation, among which are
Nturahria, Rieumatim, Govt, Hcadach, BUni
nett, loothache, Earache, Catarrh, Atthma, Pal
pitation, Painful Affection of tha Splem, IJysUr-
rvnn tv rwwni, i.umc, I army JIM ana xsc
rangtment of Vie Stomach, all ot which, when
uiiKl,laillle u jiufc ud uio inHrrrnTcrcrrs;
type, or become periodical. This M C?re " expels
the poison from the blood, and consequently cures
them all alike. It is an invaluable protection lo
immigrants and persons travelling or temporarily
residing in the malarious districts. If taken occa
sionally or uauy wnno exposed to tbe imcction,
that wdl be excreted from the system, and sannot
accumulate in sufficient quantity to ripen into dis
ease. Hence it m even more valuable for protec
tion than cure, snd few will ever suffer from Inter
mittent, if they avail themselves of the protection
thi remedy affords. - - .
Prepared by Dr. J. C. ATEB V CO., towel), Xaaa.
ROBERTS At lAMTTEL. Oolnnfaai.
And by Dragrln sad Dealer everywhere.
Dm:ijn.iwKv . . . .
la sxperimced Nurse and Temale Physician, prases a
so in anaation oi meioer, ar .
which greatly facilitate the precees of teeth leg, by ot
enlng the gums, reducing alt Innammatloa wil 1 allay
all raua anasiisiaridiaetsoa,anais t
Depend apoa it, mother, it will gtv rest to yoareetre
and I,..: i ,. . - . ,
eT have ot an and M this (rtM fa earee tea yean.
what we hare never been able to say of any other mdt
AMOS, TO BVIBOT A CURB, whn-tlmely sard. Nev
er did ws know an butane of dkaaUtfaction by any on
who used it. On th contrary, all are delighted with tta
operation, and speak la term of ecmmesdatiea ef II.
ateal en eels and medical virtus. We speak in this
saUer w u a r WBUvanuwi 'imr ten years- expc
. nan ...nA An. n.t,nim mvm mtim
i pulillhbnt ot what wb ebrb dbolabb ie
alsaett vry instance where tbe infant la suffering from
pain and exhaustion, roller will be roend In nrteen or
twenty minute after theByrap ia admlalemied. t--. i
Thai vataaule preparation Is tb preecttptie f ef
New Knglsnd. and ha been tund with aivss f AIL-
lNBUCCB89ln "" '
.""IJaJlvilBjei war tiaess, .
It Aotonlr relieve th child from pain, katlavtgov
at tb stosnca and bowel, eorreet acidity, and give
tone and energy to Die whol system. It will almost In
stantly feliv . ,. ; :.')
and anreomeeonvalaloaa, which. If aot speedily reme
rile, and la death. We hellera it tha BBBT and ansi-
BUT RBtaBDV IN TUB WORLD, la all case ef DY
it rls f rem teethbag , or from any ether esse. We
would say to every mother who baa child suffering from
any of th foregoing complaints DO NOT LBT YOUR
aland between you and jeer suffering child, nd the re
Iter tnat will beeurlB , ABBUi.urai.1 euaa to
follow ths as ef Ibtssaeawle, M timely ased. full dl
Ktion lor asiog will aoaampay arh bottle. None
I ITew Verb, I tfa. eauvlde trnpj-r.
I nu h. il Drailata throaahoat th
genuine anleM th faeeimll of C0RTUt PBRKlNSi
Sold by sll Draggiat throaghoat tn worlds ,
Prl vclBstleffiry 13 3e)staMswtll.
1 !
aAmBaatioa and Bala, and heals th wont bare.
scald, btal, cut, or fresh wound of any kind, prewnta
swelling and paio from bee stlnga, mosqatt Mum, and
poisonous pianm, nevrmiKia. rneunusm, ago in in
breast, salt rheum, etc. When taken tnternaliy. It WIU
positively cure croup in nuimren, ana give lumeditta
telle mane 1 vi uia vamue oompiriiub; eur.
remoTta boueeaesa and aor throat, Prloa, a eeata a
bottle.. Should be In every bout, tor sale by Drug
guAaadBtorekeepets. IRVIN 8TONB, '-
, Sol Proprietor, Ho. 1 Sprwo t., Hew fork '
e4dkls a . ... ..
-it .Ii A. .
BfcASJft IlltAW Uiinirr.isAi' fcs
egant (.itioooe. In great rsririy at BAIN'S.
ecu no. w, uigbMreet.

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