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The Ohio Statesman
i . '
the Adams Express Company places us dally
under' obligations to it for tlie very latest papers
from the eastern cities. . -
Tho American ' Express Company has our
thanks lor its daily favors In the shape oi the
verjy latot eastern papers. ? .
P.-n.'isiaia OS RlCEfTION 0 TBI rUBlDBNT
EHOT 0 TH Unitid 8tatm, KDNMDT, Fl
kuv 13th, 1801 I,', The Presidentelect anil
salts, accompanied by the Committees appoint
ed on' the part o tho General Assembly and the
Executive, will reach Columbus about 2 o'clock:.
P. M., WednesdHy, the 13th Inst., and will pro
need at once to the Slate Capitol in carriages,
under escort of the 1st Batalllon, 3d Regiment,
Lieut. Col. Mills, commanding. .
2. The Governor will receive ibe President
elect at the Executive Rooms; thence, accom-
,1 Kv tha r.nmmlUnA of eflOOft, thOV Wil1
nroceed to the Hall of tho House of Repreaen
tatives. when the Governor will present the l'res
idont elect to the General Assembly, through
Lieut. Gov. Kirk, Us presiding offlcor; after
which, the President elect will proceed to the
Rotunda of. the Capitol, where be will receive
the citizens until 5 o'clock, P, M.
3. From, 8)4 o'clock to 10 P. M., there will
be Levee at the Hoaae of Ripresetatlves, for
Ladles, aud their escorts. This Levee, and all
ceremonies, will oloso-at 10 o'clock, precisely
4. The President elect will be the guest ol
the Governor during his stay In the city, and with
bis suite, acoompanled by tho Governor 'a aids
and tho proper Committees, will leave for Ueve.
land, by special train at 8 o'clook, A. M., the
14th instant.--
5. The exeoullon of this Programme will be
entrusted to Brig. Gen. Ldciin Buttles, who ia
appointed Marshaliof the day. .
6. Proper salutes wil bo fired on the arrival
and departure of the President elect.
Senati Commi Itet James Monroe, F. P. Cup
py, Geo'. W. Holmes.
Home Committee Samuel Brown, G. W.. An
drews, E. Parrott, J. Scott, William J. Flagg,
Isaac Welsh, JcBae Baldwin.
CsmrniMte of Cit Council A. B. Buttles, J.
11. Riloy, S. E. Ogden.
Columbus, O. Feb. 9, 1861.
Quarter Master General D. L. Wood will
make nroper provision for the s&lutesiand Litut
Col. Mills will furnish the Infantry escort,
contemplated in tho ollicial programme lor the
reception of the President elect of the United
States at the uttpitai oi unto, reD. u, ibdi,
announced by the Joint Committee ot toe Gen.
eral Assembly this day. By order,
H. B. CARRINGTON, Adjutant Gen'l.
Circleville Watchman of the 8lb
in it. The
inat-i relates
the following: .
On Wednesday last a gentleman procured a
buggy in this city to go to Cbilllcothie. In
order to have company he lit' his smoke pipe,
and started off pulling away at a fine rate. It
is supposed that a4 spark from the pipe caught
in tbe back part of the top which was covered
with oil cloth, and before he was aware of it,
tbe entire top was in a fl.mo. He bad got
about half a mile from tbe city, when he discov
ered the Uro. Ho Jumped out, unhitched the
home, and ran tbe buggy luto a pond by the sido
of the road, and with bis bat tot a bucket he
succeeded in putting out the fire; but not nnCil
the entire tup of the buggy was consumed and
tbe bed of thd' boggy was considerably char
rod. Had it not been fur tho fortunate
circumstance that a gentleman passing Informed
him that bis buggy was qn fire, it . 1b feared by
some that the buggy, man and borse, would all
have ' boon destroyed.' What nartow escapes
we sometimes mako in this world. Whoever
beard the liko?
Tuc Irish Amcrican' Litcratt Association
This Is tbe name given to a Society who have
opened a Reading Rcom in Ridgeway's block,
on High street, in the apartments reoently oo-
.... t r ti
oupied by the Loiumtjus ana luaianapoiis uau-
roaa company, a nis s an enterprise uu iuu
of our Irish follow-citizens which commends It
self to the enoouragemont and patronage of ev
ery man ia the community. Donations of books
and documents are respectfully and earnestly so
licited for tbe use of those who may resort to
the reading toom for entertainment and instruo
HT At a recent Union meotingin Wellsville
Columbiana County, tbe following resolutions
were!nn&nJmouflly adopted:. ,, - '.,', ' -Raolvd,
That Congress bo recommended to
pass the Crittenden Compromise Resolutions.
Retolmd, That onr Representative ill Con
gress, Hon. John A. Bingham, is requested and
instructed to support the Crittenden Comprom
io Rnsolutions. and if he cannot conscientious
ly do so, to resign , that we may fill bis place with
ono who will carry our. wo wmnes oi dib cuu
titucnls. '.
UTA most gracious work, says the Dayton
Oatttte, is now in progress in that ci.y, at tbe
Sears'. Street Chapel Methodist : Episcopal
Church- The Pastor, Rev. Maxwell P. Gad
dis, Informs the Gazette that, since the com
mencement of his labors there in November
last, "he has received by letter and from tbe
world 'one hundred and Blxtand that the good
work coos steadily forward with increasing in-
terest every week. " , I
HT Post office robberies seem to be .getting
common.- It is stated that the Post otuce at I
Van Wert was broken into on the nlijht of tbe
Bth Inst, an entrance havinit been effeoted
through tho window. No trace of the robbers
has been discovered. .This is the usual conclu-
. . ' . - I
ainn to nnh Items. - : l i .1 ... I
- i
OCT A flriespan of horses belonging to Mr. Pens
HatdK bebattie frightened on Saturday e ven
ing,' at the Depot, and ran away. . In running
cross the railrftad bridge on Front Street, one
oi tne norscs came ia contact win. iuw p.r.iuu
in the centre ot the bridge, ana was:instanuy
killed -
PiAiswoRTiiT. The city government of Roi
bury, Mass,, recently made an order appropri
ating ten-thousand dollars for the repair! of
highways, in order to give employment to men,
who wouia otherwise need pecuniary . am irom
tha olty for the eMpport of themselves and tbelr
families., . . , . ,' v
O" lit ' consequence ef the straitened condl -
tlon or the merchants and business men of Lou-
Kv.ithe Circuit Court ot that oountv I
(Jeffersou), on petition of the lawyers,' was re-
oently adjourned till May, so that judgments
might not be rendered till then.
Baeoains in Real' Estatx. Those who wish
to purchase valuable city property or exchange
land in the country for the same, should call on
Mr. Thomas Walkcr, whose advertisement will
be found In this paper. By an early attention
to bla otters, good bargains may be secured.
U-The brightest dreams awake to the dark
est reallties.V .Maywe nbt say with', equal
truth that the darkest dreams awake to the
brightest realities? .
Orphan's Home. There la a premium offer
ed for the best Union sentiment, and tbe best
Conundrum, at the Orphans' Festival, whloh
comes off next Thursday evening, at Armory
Hall. Wo trust the wits and savans of this
our pleasant city, will send us some of their
most brilliant scintillations (or the occasion.
We trust, also, that the friends of this truly
worthy institution will make' euoh efforts for Its
good, that the Festival will prove a success.
Little blue faoes look out beseechingly from
thin appearal on such cold days as thtBe, and our
own hearth fires are made brighter and warmer,
when wo can remember charities which have
mado other hearths warm, and other faces
bright. Surely It is "more blessed to give than
to recelvo," and "God lovotb a cheerful giver."
Then come up to the work, kind friends all.
Next Thursday night, remember there is work
to do for the poor and needy. If only a little,
lot all give something of their abundance, and
like tbe bdow that falls flake by flake but at
last covers tho bills; bo shall your charities,
mingling and wldeniug, cover with a mantle as
pure and bright tho wilderness of our neccssl
"He that glvith to the poor, lendotb to the
Sec. pro tem. Committee of
Ways and Means.
Gross Outrage. Yesterday morning about
half-past d o'clock, some person or persons tied
a rone to a neavv sign on tbe roof ot the Jour
nal Building, belonging to Messrs. Seltzer &
Webster, and pulled it down, in tailing l
came In contact with their front window, break'
ing the glass and tbe sign was also broken to
nieces. The perpetrators of this outrage should
be ferretted out and punished to the extent of
the law. Journal.
tablishment, places them in position to suc
lsvllle. eessfully compete in point of quality with any
OTThe Now York HeraWt Spriugllcld, 111
correspondent states that Mrs. Lincoln has
been presented with a sewing machine. The
Herald askes wby some ingenious Inventor does
not offer bcr an improved washing machine.
knows of nothing that will be more needed at
the White House.
Or. John W. Francis, an eminent physician
of Now York City, and distinguished for his
contributions to medical literature, died on the
afternoon of Friday, tbe 8th Inst., after a pain.
ful and protractod illness. He was seventy-two
years oi age.
07 The Firemen's Convention at Circleville,
on Wednesday next, will be held In tho Court
House. A large attendance ia anticipated. A
supper will be given at the Pickaway House In
ID The present winter has been a hard one
wheat fields. The Zinesville Timet states
that the growing wheat in that (Muskingum)
county Is supposed to be very seriously damag
a large portion being frozen out and killed.
ErA convention of those engaged In tbe spin
ning of our great southern staple, Is to be held
the city of Atlanta on the 13th Inst. The
object of the contemplated Convention is to en
courage and promote the cotton-ppinninj, Inter
est. .,
STThe working men of Indianapolis and vi
cinity have issued a call for a meeting on the
13th Inst., to appoint Jelegates to the working
mens convention In Philadelphia, on tbe -iaa
(ETThe members of the Episcopal Church In
Circleville have resolved to erect a new Church
edifice the coming season. It is to be located
tho site of the old church, and built in the
Norman style of architecture. ' ; "
. 1 1 . .
DTThe Marietta Republican notices a religious
revival in progress In that city. Eleven per
sons were baptized on Sunday, the 4th Inst., by
Rev. Mr. Lionaud, of the Baptist Church-
Cla Bath England, on the 12ib, ult., k. wo
man beat her husband to death, because ho bad
fonod fault with tho beefsteak she bad cooked
rjTTho n,ght of ,ho ieventh of janrJary was
th() O0,degt of th(J JtUf ,n London. Tho ,hw.
tnometor was four degreca below zero.
Lent. This word, old English Saxon, means
spring so the forty days of the Spring -t,imo
fast came to be called Lent.
1 1 1 1
ETThe Cyolorama of Ireland is on exhibi
tion in Cincinnati, at the Catholic Institute on
Vine street. ' - .
- i i .,
Never look sad there's nothing so bad ,
A getting ramlliar wltn sorrow; . .
Treat him to-day In a cavalier way,
, And he'll seek otherquarter to-morrow. .
CT Hinrv Ward Biichm, cleared $1,000 in
Boston recently, by tho delivery Of four lec-
At Auction. Thos. Tirrma, will sell at
auotionon Wednesday Feb . 13th, 1861, com
menclog at 10 o'clock, A. M. his fine assortmct
French Broad Cloths, Cassimcres, Vestlngs,
Gents furnishing- coods, &c, &c, in order to
mike room for his stook of Spring and Summer
good. Call'at No. 7 North High Street where
the goods may be seen.
LOT Professor Rakkv is creating a Rreat furor
Philadelphia, illustrating his method of train
log vioioos norses out me exciiemeni mere
will not compare with that ceased by tbe prices
0f dethlog at J. B.Clark's, New York clothing
store No. 121 South Utah St. Ht
Th GaiaTcsrCoDoHMcDiciNciNTHC World
We take great pleasure in calling the'attcn-
tlon of our readers andthepublio to tbe won
, r 1 , . . , . . . i! tl. r
aenui virtues nu niiniuruua tcsuaiuuiiiia u
I, V . Aycr's PoijionioChehv Cordial. This
Is anquestionably the greittet cough preparation
ia tke World! It has been used in the Doctor's
extensive practice in various pat ts of the coun
for ieyeral ,Mra) Bnd ,9 a ipeedy Bnd cer
taln cnre for Magha, colds, bronchitis, thra,
nRht sweats, difficulty of breathing, &0..&0
He who aids in Introducing this great prepara
tion to the community, U benefactor to man-
O We bcllove that D. B. De Lsnd k Co.. of
th, Falrport Chemical Works, Falrport, Monroe
Co N y ftre manufacturing as good, if not
th beflt Salaratus that has been ever produced
tag country. -A. new discovery In refining,
end not used In this country, exoeptatthii es
manufacturers of this article In the world.
Their Saleratui is perfectly pure, of uniform
quality, and perfectly healthful. It is now for
sale by most of the grocers throughout the coun-
Batisvactort. We believe that before many
I weeks shall have gone by , every family In the
Ulate will constantlv keep GoisjtST'e Balm in
the house,, ever ready to bt applied at a mo
ment's notice.-, Who .oan estimate the amount
of good It hatjand will acrompllsht TJ? 5,f ;
i . : ,.- ry ; -' i mt
DT See advertisement of Prof. Millie's
Ilalr Invlgorawr ia another column. .
Mr. Crittenden presented a memorial from cllliens
OI Kentucky, In ravor of the Urittenden resolution.
Alio the roiolulloni of tho Democratic State Oor.ven-
tlon ot Connecticut, and a large number of petltioni
irom chiisds oi me etateoi new rork, earnestly remon
strating against any legislation for extending slavery In
we territories.
Mr. Sen Eyck preaented the reiolutlons of til Repub
lican memoera oi me new jersey liCgisiatue.
The Indian appropriation bill wai taken up.
.'ending the debate on the amendments, Mr. Gwln
made a report from Ihe Committee of Conference on the
aeuciencyiMll that the Committee were unable to agree,
and asked to be diacharu-ed.
The Committee wa discharged, and Mr. Hale made a
mouon mat me senate recede from Ita amendment!,
wmon waa laid over.
The discussion was then continued on the Indian ap
proprlatlon bill.
The naval annronrlatlon bill waa taken mi and
liuaicu, vracD me senate adjourned till aionaay
retary oi we ireaaurv to Inform tue House wna.1 Inform
ation haa been received by the department, relative to
recent alleged seizure of the New York vessels at the
port ofiBavannab, and It aelied, by whom, and by what
II r. Iiraaeh would not object to the resolution, If tho
gentleman would amend it so ai to call for Information
officially received.
Mr. Cochran resiled, certainly.
Mr. Pryor suggested that Inquiry also be Included, as
I any property belonging tetteorgla, being arrested or
by tue Bute or olty authorltes or New York.
Mr. Cochrane had no objection, if such Information
In the possession of the Treasury Department.
The resolution waa thus amended.
Mr. Ifolman oblected to its consideration.
Mr. Cochrane irave notice that he would strain oflVr It
Mi. Ilindman aa!d their was groia criminality In one of
Executive Department of Hie Government, and aakad
leave to offer a resolution for the appointment of a Select
committee of three, with Instructions to Inquire whethea
officer or oflieer of the Executive Department have
iaieiy neen aunty of improper interference witu an elec
tion pending In any State, and the committee have power
kiiu iur persona ana papera, ana report al any time.
Objections were made to the resolutions by the Repub
lican side.
Mr. Corwln moved to fnrther nnstnnn the tftlrlnvnf a
uireci vote on ine-report of me committee of till next
Thursday. He believed thepnbllo Interests would not
Mr. Burnett thought action and not speeches would be
better for the country
Mr. Corwin aald he was duly Impressed with Mr. Bur
nett'! suggestion, but he thought tbe Peace Convention
before Thursday agree on something, or afford light
the subject so as to enable the House to come to a
better conclusion.
Mr. Cruise of North Carolina, had no hone from the
conference, and opposed postponement. As Repub
licans had been so generally heard, he thought tboae
the other aide ought to have an opportunity to mike
Mr. Burnett was nerfectlv willing to nostnone the de
until within five minutes of the time of taking Ihe
Mr. Corwln said he would not rartnlnlv n far
vote until the gentlemen en tie other side con id he
Mr. Washburne.of Illinois, said his vote on thenend.
question would be governed by tbe condition of the
public business. It thlacould be closed np In the mean
time, he had no objection.
mr. urage, or North Carolina, was willing to vote
Several gentlemen on his side said they preferred
Mr. Corwin renlled. It wsa far from his Intention tn .In
injustice to any gentlemen.
r. uinaman said he Had made no speech. lie pro
a compromise, via: to take a vote now.
The House postnoned the consideration of tha rannrt
mo commune mi innrsiiay next, ana then resumed
consideration of the report.
Mr. Hutchensof Ohio, armed avalnat ,nmnmmlu
vera id oi me American people nau been fairly ob-
taiucu, sou juuCTneni suouiu ue renaerea unon it.
Mr. glmms of Kv.. advocated the Crittenden nlan nf
Mr. Cox of Ohio, renlled ta soma rematka nf Mr.
Hutchens concerning himself, which he characterised as
Indecent. The renegade of John Drown had tha pro
tecting n'jls of the constituents of his colleague, who
elected becauiio hm wi, mnm muIIim.! than .InjKita II
llutchena responded, suing Mr. Cox would nra-
the Union If he could do so by exciting prejudice
the Republican party.
nar. vox retorted ilia oolleague was for Union If
was a power to crush out slavery In th state or
Territories; he, Cox, was for Union without qualification
After timber remarks tho House adjourned.
Mr. Brlgga nreaented a memnriml from th rlHcin. nr
rails, New kork, In favor of the Border State
r. Craig, of North Carolina, trie red th follnwini: '
VfuxKEaa. South Carolina. Geornia. Alabama. Mluli-
Louisiana and Floi ida have weeded from the con
feddrocyof th United States, and established a Bouthern
confederaoy, and,
WiiUKAay It la deilrahlo that thS moat amicable re
latione should exist between them, snd war averted, a
greateet calamity that can result; therefore, '
lutoivta, py ue senate and House of Representatives,
the President be renutred to acknowledge lha Inde
pendence of tt said Southern confederacy icon a ofB
oial information of it estahlishment shall be received..
From Washington.
AtlliMrtTOII. Feb. 10. Col. Jndm he had on Inter.
with the President, who received him a a distin-
citieen or aiakama, but not In an official capaci
ty, nor woald he enter into a discussion of th object of
mission, to treat for th surrender of arsenals and
public property In that Slat.
lima of receiving testimony trom tn extension of
McOormack patent ha been extended three months.
The Peaoe Conference committee will nrobablv renort
Tuesday. Various plan are under consideration.
Indication are that th border State resolutions
meet with most favor.
general Impression 1 that th Conference will
soma such plan, including a divlslan of the terrt
torie by th Una of 30 deg. 30 mln., north of which
slavery will be prohibited, and south of which, to be de
termined by th people, without congressional or legis
The member of th Montgomery Congress have ad
thair friend her that Minister liav been appoint
ed to represent th Interests of tbe Sonthern Confedera
cy In Europe.
WAUtiasToa, rabruary u. rumen are afloat rela
ting to some new schem for re opening lbs Tehannte
nee route to California. '
la said that several millions of eapltal have already
sunsenceu in Kew-iork, ana tlutl JJuncan, ciier
St Co., are In aom way engaged in th matter. '
The Tennetse delegation are In receipt of despatches
showing tha result of th leotlon In that State
Saturday. Th Uuion men ban carried tvtrythieg be
fore them, by overwhelming majorities.
Gen. Scott has ordered the force of th district to be
to perform duty on th 19th Inst., tha day previous
th counting of th Electoral vote In the House. No
dlfllculty I anticipated however.
Kx-Ooy. Floyd will b her next week, to submit him
to the orlminal law of thl dlstriot. - II pronoun
the charge frlvllous and malicious, and Instigated
Vw fla,'. -h.ainain .1.1.1 k .l.a a.lll-. .1
Gen. Wightmanof tha district militia, rafnacd a com
mission to Oapt. Scbafferwho is not considered sound on
Union question. ,.
WAinraoToR, Fb. 11 A proposition Is likely tab
offered in th Compromise Convention, under Re
publican auspice, proposing an accommodation on the
ef a National Convention for the oontideratlon of
amendment to th Constitution, to be called by the
Stales, on the recommendation of Congress.
lett. Davia telegraphed here to-day, advising against
attack on ft Sumter. He supposed Col. llayn was
nere, ana expected nil counsel wouia produce some
in snaping nis ! correspondence wun me rreat
Movements of Mr. Lincoln and Suite.
vr.:A- I . : -i ,. , . -
SpatHorin.B, III., Feb. 11. Mr. Lincoln left hi hotel
V 30 a. m., accompanied by a large concourse to the
depot, wnsr nearly 1,000 eititens had already coi
Afler he had ahaken hand with a number of friend
took th atand on th platform ot a ear, and and apoka
BIT r'airitnt No on not In mr poslllr n ran aoure-
Ihe sadness I feel at this parting. To this people
owe an mat 1 am. tier 1 nave uvea mote titan
quarter of a century. Here my children wer born
hereon of them lies buried. I know not how
soon I shall aea you again. A duty devolve
upon m, which, perhaps, It greater than that which ha
devolved upon any otner man tine tn day or washing-
ton, lie never would have succeeded, exoept for tne
of Divine Providence, upon which he, at all
timet, relied.- I feel that I cannot succeed without
same Divine aid which sustained him. and in the same
Almighty Being I place my reliance for rapport. I hop
you. my friend, will all pray that I may receive utat ill
vine assistance, without which, I cannot auocedt but
with which suocess I certain. I bid yon all an affection
farewell. (Loud applause.) Cries of w will pray
yon. - 1
Purine th pcn sir. Lincoln betrayed much emo
tion, and tn crowd wa aneciea to tear.
Th train left precisely at half past eight.
The following persona accompany Ur Lincoln:
of the prealdont
J.U. Moollay, rrivate secretary 01
elect. John Hay, RobeaiT. Lincoln, Ma
tjor Hunter, U. 8.
A., Col. Sumner, U.S. A., Col. K. K. Ellsworth, Hon
K.Dubois, State Auditor, Col. H. 11. Lamon, aid to
(lov. Yates, Judge David Davi. O. U. Browning, . L
Baker, Kdltor Springfield Journal, Bobert Jrwin, M.
Judd. Geoiv Lai ham.
Mrs. Lincoln rema'na In Springfield until next week,
and win meet air. Lincoln in new lora.
From New York.
Kttv To:, I eb. 10. Th muskets Kited by the po
nce recently, were yesterday placed in tne hand of u
B. Lamar, unconditionally, who immediately telegraph
ed the fact to the Collector of Savannah.
Lieutenant Roger and Schumakar, of the cutter Lewis
Cass, arrived thla morning. The eommanSerof the cut
ter wa re-appointed by the Georgia auinoritiei, after the
tenure. i .' i .-, .:
Ntvr York, Feb, 11. Th ah In If Muael Angelo, trom
New Orleans, for Barv- went to shore on the Great
Bahamas on the -night of January U5th, and beoaa
total wreck. Th crew wa saved and taken into Nassau,
hv wrecksrs. Th whaling baric Massachusetts arrived
atJanlere on Daoembtr the 14th, In charge of theflret
mat, who stated that th Captain left th bark, with 3
boats, with their crewa, eighteen person, on Dec. the 3th,
In ehas of a larg sperm whale, Miaht eomlnf on and a
heavy gal at th time, h lost light ot th boat, and
laid the bark to during th night; but th boat did not
return to th vessel. B then oruised several day in
search of them, and not falling In with them, eenoluded
that the were all lost. We then put into Rio, but at th
ami avonlna of th day th Hamaohutti arrived, news
waa received from Santo, thtt th captain with hi boats
and crew all arrived safe at that port on th loth Inst.
utter being five oeyi In the boats without provisions.
From the South.
Raw Oblsaks, Feb. 9. Th commltte on postal af
fairs have reported U lnexpsdient to change the present
poital system that it 1 Impossible for a single Stat to
establish postal arrangements adequate to th wants of
Ui peopla. Th report recognizes the central govern
mental Waahlngton forth present, until th Southern
Congress, hereafter, called, shall form postal arrange
ment. A resolution pasted approving the action and election
of the Montgomery Oonvertion.
A sulute of 100 gun was fired to-day In honor of the
President and Vice President of the Southern Confed
Montooiiirv, Ala. Feb. fl. Unusual interest wia
manifested in the proceedings of Ihe Southern Congress
to-dav. The hall of the Convention and the eallerv! were
Mr. Mamlnger.presented a beautiful model lisg. made I y
the ladles of South Carolina. This flag haa a building of
blue Cross on a red field. 7 stars are on th flag. It waa
highly admired. He also presented another, model Hag,
by a gentleman of Charleston. It haa a Cross and IS
ttnra on a field of itrlpoa. A committee wa appointed
to report on a flag, a seal and a ooat of arms and a mot
to for the Southern Confederacy. Hie president wa
directed to appoint Commissioners on foreign affairs,
ah .1 n ! i : t ,. - .-I .A-aiVB.
on finance: on military ard naval affair; on postal af
fairs, on commerce and on patents, lion, Jetr, Davis
wa then elected President, and Hon Alexander II.
Stephen of Georgia, Vice President ot tbe Southern
Confederal y.
A resolution wasadonted for appointing a sommltte
three to inquire and report on what term suitable
buildings could be built In Montgomery, for the aseof
the several Kxecntlve department of the Confederacy
under the provisional Government. .
An ordinance wa passed, continuing In force until re
pealed or altered by the Southern Congress, all Iswsot
the United States In force, or In us on the 1st of No
vember last. It 1 understood that under this law a
tariff will be laid on all good! brought from the United
A resolution was adonted Instructing the commit!
Finance to report promptly a tariff for ralsiug reve
nue for the support of the Government
Also reaolutionauthorizlngtheappolntmentofaoom
mitten to report a constitution for the permanent gov
ernment of the Confederacy.
The Oongresa waa about two hours In secret session.
th rest of the proceedings were conducted openly.
It Is sufficient to Sny that Ihleday a new Republic ha
been formed. The Confederated State of America, have
been ushered Into existence, to Uk their plaoe a-
mongst the nation of th Earth: under a temporary or
Provisional Government.
It Is soon to be followed by one of a permanent!charac-
acter, which while it surrenders none of oiirtnciaut right
liberties, will secure them more perfectly, we trust
peace, security, anaaomeanc tranquility, that ought
ht the abjtot ot all government.
What Is the f iture ot this new Government th f.'
this new ltepublic, will depend upon ourtelvea. Six
states only at present constitute n; but six yet appear
our constellation and Constitution. The permanent
government may tmve a greater numner thin the origi
nal 13 of the original Union; with more thun three times
tneir population, wealth and power.
Witn such a beginlng lb prospect of the future nre-
Jtmta .trnnn linniM , r t tia natrlnt'a hvt f, l-.l-l..
in eur career. But what the future shall be, de
pends upon ourselves and those who shall come after us.
- -- Huj.ua w ...v K...vw a u. a. , ,v. VIIMU, urna'
uur itepuoiio ana our nepunucs, t k permanently
prosperous, muaine aupportea uy in virtue, inlelli
genee, lntegrlto and patriotism of the people These
tha Corner Stones upon which the Temple of Liberty
u constructed, to aiauu securely ana permanently.
utting our trust in tnuse wo neeu not lear.
MoxTOOMiaY. Ala.. Feb. n Jefferson Davis, nf
Mississippi, wn unanimously elected President of tha
Confederate States or Norm Ameilca to day, and Alex
ander II. Stephen Vic President.
CluLirron, Feb. 10. A dlsoatch from Savannah
that th New lork vessels havj been releaied.
MoNToostsjiY, Ala. Feb. 10. The Hon. A. B. Blenhens
said, In response to a serenade last evening: "for thougli
met a aarnngers from different and Independent
states, we are onee more citizens in a common country.
Allow m briefly and sincerely to return my thanks, for
compliment. Th stste or my health and voice, and
midulghtair, apart from other considratlons, prevent
from doing more, xni is not tn tlm nor plaoe to
discuss th great question now pressing on th public
Pennsylvania Legislature.
n.xaisa.ao. Feb. 9 A bill guaranteenlg .,800,000
bonds of the new 1-20,000,000 loun, passed both
uouse to -a ay.
A letter from Maj , Anderson, In response, to th reso
lution of the. Legislature, congratulating his bravery,
read in the House. It is a well written though
expression of bis profound gratitude.
Tke Committee of Ways and Means have agreed to re
port favorably to the bill for the relief of the Sunbury
Iri Railroad, and for the appointment of a committee
Surrender of the Little Rock, Ark., Arsenal.
Minimis, Feb. 9'h The Little Rock Arsenal, contain
ing DtHMI stand of arm and a large amount of ammunition
40 cannon, incluaiu. Captain Bragg' battery, sur
rendered to the 8 tate authorities yeaterday, and haa been
garrisoned by 1000 volunteers.
Philadilfuia, Feb. 11 The ship John Truck, from
Liverpool waa.cut through by the ice when coming up the
last night, opposite Arch street. The steward,
nam wa Wilcox, waa drowned In the cabin. . Sb
In 50 feet of water.
KoaroLX. Feb. 10. The Ephrlam Williams put In
one man frocen to death, and five of her crew frost
bitten. -
IUur.x.Feb. 9. Thenamonf Sellers appear In the
Canada's list or passengers. It is miapellea, aud I said
be Tom Bayers, the greit English pugilist.
American Cast Steel Bell Works,
November 15, 18C0.
HAVING recently made very great Improvements In
what la called "Amalgam Bell." I beg to call at
tention of corporation a and Individual who may want a
to tha fact, that for 10 cent pr pound I can furn
ish good bells for any purpose, mounted in superior style
warranted for twelve months. Term, cash, or ap
proval not, payable atBank.witn Interest and exchange
added. Ramittance of money by (xpras, mustb In
par at Cincinnati, and th carriag prepaid, a th
price, for the quality of bell here spoken of, ad-
nf no drawbacks or discount. Add
American Cast Steel Bell Works,
dtc8 w3m Cincinnati Ohio.
Sheriff's Sale,
Madison Common Fleas.
Baty Clark
to me directed, from the Court of Common Plea of
Madison county, hlo, I will offer for aal at tha door
tus tour, uouse, in tn city 01 voiumoua, on
Friday the 8ih day of March, A. D. 1861,
between the hour of 10 o'clock A. H. and 4 o'clock?.
the following described Beat Estate, situste in the
county of Franklin, and Stat of Ohio, to wit: Lot No
'31.) in orove uity. .,' '
Appraised at )!;. . u. n.nurrnaB,
feb4-ltdt4tw . Sheriff.
Printer' fee 3 00. . :. 4
Master-Commissioner's Sale.'
Bickley St Brother
ither t
r, etal.)
Superior Court.
Charles Bltoedler
to au directed from the Superior Court ol frank
lin county, Ohio, I will offer for aale at th door of the
Court Uouse, In th city of Columbus, on
Saturday, the 2nd day of March, A. D. 18GI,
betwaen th hours of 10 o'clock AH., and 4 o'olock P.
ii,. following described real estate, situate In the conn
nf r.nklln. and Stat of Ohio, to wit : Lot No. S at
No.- 580 and 5e7 In the clly of (Joiumoui.
" " a. W. nTJFPMAIf, Sheriff
Jn29:ltdA4tw - and Hastar Commllsioner
Granville) Ohio, Female Academy.
Ion will eommnc February 7th, 18U1. Thl I
en pt the beat Institutions for th thorough and chris
tian education or our uattgntera, n a reasnnaoi cost.
, ,i . Address w. r. n.r.nrt, rnnoipni,
, . tiranvllle, Ohio.
Refer to Ool. 0. W. MAirtPMrrr..
jmiW dlwStwHw 1 Hon. A. L. Pmrill, tenat."
MOURNIN4 OOOD8 Black Ingllsh Crapes;
Crepe Collar, Cuffs and Sleeve; Long and Short
Crap Veils; Round Crap Veils: Lace Veil Crap
Trimmed; Plain Hemmed Collars; Beta; Handkerchief
Aleiandre'l Black Kid moves; ran; Hlbbon) Bilk;
Bomliesinea; Traveling ana an outer ainuaoi tires uoou
constantly on band in great variety.
, I . l on Slin, ,
Pint doer north of Hell Hons.
Oolong Toa,v
a x 40 CEieJTsI VM mis HI IS
r.n rvvnviAi
34 N High street.
-niMilillUI, NKIIITS.
Jj Wide. Long and Handsome. Th beat style Import'
d, a new lot lust reosireu nv rusaasin,
deo.ll. No. 99 South High street
New York Market.
New York, Feb. 13.
COTTON dull, with a downward tendency; sale 500
ILOCB-rvc'ipl 4 55 bbls. Market dull and heavy
at 5luc lower; sale 8,000 bbls at : 13 for super
fine Bute, i tS&i 85 for extra Stat, ti&i 10 for su
perfine Western, 15 1SS5 35 fr common to medium
extra Western, and $5 45Ci)5 50for Inferior to good
hipping brands Round Hoop Ohin. Canadian Hour dull
and lower; sales 200 bbls. at (5 2OS0 75.
HYB FIjOUB steady at t3 35(s4 15.
WHS AT receipt V.41H bush.; maraet auu ana un
settled, and lc. lower; the flrmnes In freight, and th
difficulty in ihe selliog exchange haa almost stopped.
Sales 10,0110 bush, at f 1 10 for Chicago spring ana in II
WaukieClubln Port.
UAKLEV steady: sale 50 000 bush at 75c
OOHN receipts 09 bash.) market dull and declining
ales 2i. 000 bush, at 85s. for old mlxd western in atom,
OATS iteady at 35 37 for western Canadian and
PORK ouiet for mess and and nominal fer prim
117 s for mess, i.i for prime.
HREF quiet and unchanged.
OUT MEATS quiet and unsteady. . -LARD
dull and heavy: ales7! bbls at8c419U'
BUTTER In lair request at 10c H for Ohio, 14c.(t
10 for State.
CHE KS 8 steady.
WHISKEY without Important change; sale 800 bbls
a 1Q
CO F FBI unchanged and iteady; sale 240 bags Rlol
at m- - J
SUGARS dull and heavy; sales cu nnus. uun a
MOLASSES continue quiet, but unchanged; Jle
2J bbls New Orleans at US).
STOCKS dull and heavy; Sterling F.icbange without
any Important change. Chic, t K. I. at); v. T. ax-", ;
I. 0. serin 76: Reading .?.. B. 30: Hari. is?.; do. prer
3S':; Hud. 13; N.N.0.7O.'; I. 0. bonds OS; Hod. 2d
IOo; N. Y. 0. bonds, of '76, 100X; Hari. 1st 99).; Hon
fc 8f Jo. UX; Sri 31i; rl. 34i M. 0. 34; 0., 0
It fl. 04: fl.i. a- chin, mi'-.: Pan. 112: 8. 30: N. Y. C.
O'l 97; Va. "4tf; Ohio 70; Tenn.i C3; Oal. 7' 88;
U. S. 5's, of 71, 8cH; coupons U. 8. C's of '68,99; cou
pons 0 per cent. Treasury note 1HJ 'i .
Cincinnati Market.
Our Grocery mtrket I very satisfactorily maintained
In good working condition, demand for goods being staaa
y, and Justifying price which pay a reasonable profit on
current business. Below will be found a very Interest
ing account of the Sugar trad of the United State for
There I very little life In the Produce market. Flour
is maintained in price, but mora by the nerve of holder
than by tha business doing.
WHEAT is a little easier, or rather miller are lea
disposed to pay th face ot late quotations. $1.00 for
Red Is tbelr offering nrice. though seller bold at 11,03
White has but little demand for shipment, and none from
local miller.
CORK is Inactive at laat quotations; at 34c for ear,
34 37 for shelled. Th latter figures are net more than
nominal, sine sale have been made below them.
OATS are more ready at 27o, and teller usually hold
leperbushel higher.
BARLEY Is very Irregular, at to quotation. The
demand 1 11m I red, and those who are compelled to sell
have to submit to a decline. The figure are nominally
held at 70 to75o. Th Brewer report a considerable re
duction In their order from lha South for beer, and
hence are restricted In their oporatlons.
BYE li still quoted at CO. CVn. Oom. let. 11.
Cleveland Market.
February, 9.
FLOUR dull. There 1 not enough doing to Indicate
the market- Th report I nominal at our quotatlone.
WHB AT extremely heavy. Offers were made at (1,
05, but fount no buyer.
COKN-sales of 4 car at 38c.
OATS quiet at 24o.
BABLEY sales of 1 car prime atGOj.
HOUB quiet. Bale were at 6,13)i for heavy.
HIGn WINES sale of 33 bbls and 50 do at 15o.
PORK sales of of 200 bbls mess at 10 OO.
FRUIT sale of 4 bbls dried Apple at Ko.
BUTTER sal ot fair quality, in barrel lot, at 11
KU(13-salosat 11c.
SALT sale of 30 bbls delivered on ears, at (1,48.
Philadelphia Market.
Fiona drooping, 45 for aunerln. Whist dull;
salts of 3.000 bush, red tl,25l,2S; whit 1 1,35.91,40.
CoK dull, sales 3.000 bush at 50060c Provision
-s Pork 1 18,25 18,50; Lard lOKc. WntaKT steady
Rail Road Time Table.
Littu Ml XI St Oolciko k Xittia R. B.
0.15 P. M.
1 30 P.M.
2.45 A.M.
Accommodation S.10 A. M.
No. 2 Ex 2.30 P.M.
Night Express 2.45 A.M. .
CuviLAxn, Columbus Cmcihkati B. R.
Express and MaU 3.00 P.M.
Night Express 3:25 A. M.
CditralOiiio R. R.
,. Express Train 3.00 .. M
Mail Train 8.40 P. M.
Pittsburgh, Ooumatr It Cihcdixati B. R.
1.40 P.M.
1:30 A. M.
4 30 A.
Kxpres Train.
Mail Train
3:00 A.M.
8.40 P. M.
9.30 P. M
8:20 P. M
Columns t Indianapolis B . B.
Columbus, Piqua St Indiana B. B.
Express Train 8:10A.M.
Bxprea Train S.45P.M,
11:10 A.M.
8 10P.M.
From the New York Observer.
A all parties manufacturing Sewing Machine are ob
liged to pay Mr. Eowea license on each machin ld,
and are a'to compelled to make return to him, under
oath, a to th number sold, hi books give a corrects! la
ment. From thl reliable source we have obtained th
following statistic. Ot the machines mad In th year
irw.i, tnere were told,
By Wheeler 4k Wilson 21,305
' I. M. Singer st Co lO.tej
" Crover at Baker K.itbO
Showing the aale of Wheeler It Wilson to be douUe
thos of any other Company."
Awarded the highest premiums at th
United State fair of 158, lHjtf and 1S60;
alio at th
Ohio Stat fair of 1850 and 1860;
and at nearly all th County Fair In th State.
Our price, at Ihe late redueUon, art at low at any
lock ttich machine now sold, and but a trifle higher than
the interior too thread chain (ficA machintt, now
forced upon the market.
Lock Bticb the only one which cannot be raveled . It
la Alike 0 Both Sinn of the goods, leavloa no rlda or
chain m tie undtr.tid.
All macAirut vowantta 3 yeart, and innruauon
given In thair use, free of charge.
u. UatAllx,. uign n. uoiumpv, w.
WM. SUMNER fc CO., .
dcc3-2wd3mtw6m Pike's Opera House, Cincinnati.
Sheriff's Sale,
Windsor Atcheson
Superior Court.
Thomas Brockaway.
to m directed from the Superior Conrt of frank
lin county. Ohio. I will oiler for sal at th door or
the Court Bourse, In th city of Columbus, on
Saturday the 9th day of Marob, A. D. ltSGl,
between the hours ot 10 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'olock p. m.
th following described real estate, situate in th county
nf Vrmnklln. Truro townshln. and State of Ohio, to wit:
Bevlnnln at a point In the centre of the Oolumbu and
Granville plank road, where It erotstt th west Una of
half section No. 9, thence with said half notion snth
1 deg. west, 95 77-100 poles to a pott, thence south 88
deg. and 50 min. east 104 73-10U to a poat; thence
north 1 deg-east 4 1 54-100 pole to a- post In the south
line of land formerly owned by George Wilson, thenc
with said line north 88 deg. 50 min. west, lltt 3S-100
poles to a post, south west comer to said Wilson' land,
1 hence with another of aald Wilson's line' north 1 deg.
85 mln., east 70 S8-100 pole to stone In th centre ef
aid Columbus and Granville Plank Road, thenc with
th centre of laid road south 70 deg. west 80 03-100
pole to the place of beginning, containing 81 acre and
07 poles, b in sime more or less.
Appraised at $35 00 per aere.
0. W. HUFFMAN, Sheriff,
feh5 lld4tw By Ed. Difis, Dep'ty
Printer's fees, 95,00.
. LINEN do . do
For sal by PETER BAIH,
dec31. No. 89, South High Street.
JL Th most graceful and elegant akirt yet offered for
al. Anew lot just openoa ty rirsassu,
dec. 11. , No.MSoulhlllahatre
JL ly S5 cents a yard. Rich Pny Bilks at 50 cent
' PETER BATtt, 1
No. 89 South UlghStrtet.
nrW" BLAINE!,-"'.
Nsw style and very cheap '.
ovM. Mo, 89 South High stmt.
i Dr.J.ILIIcLEAIi'S'- 1
Strengthening Cordial and Blood
TbeUreateat Henaeelr In Tk Urlt
ly a selenllno and
Vegetable Compound,
procured by th distil
lation ot Boot. Herb
and Barks, Yellow
Dock, blood Root,
baraaparllla, St I 1 a
Cherry Bark and Dan-,
delion enter Into It
a,....nnatt inn Tha til' .a. . .
fore Taldnsur.'otive rem.duancrTaKing.
principle of each Ingredient I thoroughly extracted by
my new method of distilling, producing: a aencioua, ex
hlleretlng spirit, and th most INFALLIBLH remedy for
renovation the diseased yatem, and reatortng th lick,
suffering and debilitated INVALID to HEALTH and
Will affeotsally Mr , '
Chronic or Nervous Debility. Disease of the Kklney
and all diseaaoa arising from a disordered l lvei or Stem
acn. Dyspepsia. Ilewtbum. Inward Pile, Acidify or Sick
new or me stomach, yulineaa or mooa to me iiea, uuu
in or swimming in the head. rait, station of tne ueart
'ullneas or Welgbt In the Stomach, Sour Iructatlons
Choking or uffocating feeling when lying down, Drvneu
orreiiowneasof th Skin and Jtye, Bigot Bweaur u
ward Fever, Pais In th small of th hack, chest or side
Sadden Fluahe of Heat, Depression of Spirit, Frightful
Dream. Lanauor. DesDondenct or any Nervoas Diaea.
Sore or Blotche on the Skin, and Fiver and Agu (ot
unuiaana if ever.)
Overs Irllllion of sismiee
Have been sold during the laat six months, and In no tn
stance has It failed In giving entire satisfaction. Who,
then, will ufferfrflra Weakness or Debility when Mc
No language can convey an adenuat Idea of the Imm-
dlato and almost miraculous change produced by taking
mis uordlal In th dlseaaed, debilitated and spattered
nervous system, whether broken down by exoea. weak by
nature, or Impaired by tiokoes, th relaxed and unstrung
organisation ia restored to its pristine neaiinanu vigor.
Or other conacions of Inability, from whatever cause,
will find McLean s Strengthening Cordial a thorough
regenerator of th system: and all who may have Inlured
themselves by Improper Indulgence, will find In th Cor
dial a certain and speedy remedy.
To tlie Ladles.
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
I a sovereign and speedy cure for
Obstructed orDlfftoalt Menstruation, Incontinence of
Urine or Involuntary Discharge thereof, Falling of th
Womb, Giddiness, Fainting and all Diaeaw incident to
There is no Mistake About It.
Suffer no longer. Take It according to Directions. It
stimulate, strengthen and Invigorate you and cam
nioomor neaun to mount yourcneex again.
k very botti I warranter! to give eaturacucn.
If your children are ilcklv. vuny, or afflicted, McLean'
Cordial will max them healthy, fat and robust. Delay
not a moment, try It, and you will be convinced.
Oaotiow. Beware of Druggist or sealer who may
try to palm npon yon om Bitter or Saraaparllla trash
which they can bay cheap, by eaytni it I Justs good.
Avoid such men. Ask lor McLean's Strengthening Cor
dial, and take nothing !. It 1 the only remedy that
will purify the blood thoroughly and at tbe same time
strengthen the system.
one tanietpoonrul taken every morning fasting, It a
certain preventive ot Cholera, Chilli and Fever, Yellow
rever, or any prevalent diseases. It 1 put bp in larg
Prlo only tl per bottle, or 0 bottle for 95.
J. a. McLBAN,
Sole Proprietor ot thl Cordial, I
Also McLean' Volcanie Oil Liniment.
Principal Depot on the corner of Third and Pine street.
Lrola. Mo.
McLean's Volcanlo Oil Liniment.
Th beat Liniment In th World. Th only sat and
certain our for Cancer, Pile, Swelling and Bron
chitis, or Goitre, Paralysis, Neuralgia, Weakness of th
Muscle, Chronlo or Inflammatory Rheumatism, Stiff
ness of the joint, eontracted Muscle or Ligament
Earache or Toothache, Bruises, Sprain, Wounds, f reh
Outs, U loo re, Fever Sore, Caked Breast Bore Nipple,
Burn. Scald, Bore Thoat, or any Inflammation or Pain.
difference how severe, or bow long th disease may
have existed. McLean's Celebrated Liniment ia a eer
tain remedy.
Thousand of human being hav been saved a life of
decrepitude and misery by th as of thl invaliabl saed
Will relieve pain almost Instantaneously, and It wil
cleanse, purify and heal the foalost lore in aa insredl
ly short time.
- fr Ilorse and Other Animals.
McLean s celebrated Liniment I the only f and re
liable remedy for tbe cure of Spavin, Ring Bone, Wind
gall, Splint, Unnatural Bumps, Node or Swelling. It
will never fall to cure Big Head, Poll Nvtl, fistula. Old
running Bore or Sweeny, If properly applied, for
Sprain. Braises, Scratches, Bore or Wounds, Cracked
Heel, Chafe, Saddl or Collar Gall It la an Infallible
remedy. Apply it a directed, and a cur it certain in
vary Instance.
Then trifle no longer with th many worthies Lini
ment offered to you. Obtain a supply of Dr, McLean'
celebrated Liniment. It will cure you.
J. If. IflcEiEANs Sol Proprietor,
Corner of Third and Pin Streets, St. Louis, tto.
f or sale by all druggist.
augSO-dskwly Columbus, Obi.
NBWAS.lt OHIO, ' ' '
Iflannfactarera ef all kinds of Por
table and Mtationary steam a.u-
Kinet, saw rains, una hiiis,
eVc. eVc.
V4.0BJKS CO. Beatenllll BRAVIOXD
at ?0. BeaUntlltt
Oar Portable Engine and Saw Kill
Wit awarded th tint premium ot 50 at th Indiana
. ,CrtA&MaaVaa aVll-ll 1. M MMHH. flf
saw s air wr it i. . . .-.. . I
n , . , . . l 1 r
rrlOO. alKOtneSB. BimpHCliV, VUUUVUIV VI lUC.I
' o ' I
nod superior character of lumber sawed.
Our Stationary Knelne was awarded at the same Fair
K HnI rtMmlnm nf A400. ... .
unr fortabie singine waa awwraca turn im pcvaiwu. v,
1100 at the Fair at Memphis, Tenn., over Blandy's Du
vkll'a. Oolumbu Machine Oo'., and Bradford 4s Co'.,
by a oommltte of praotical Kallroaa j.ngineora. .
for price aa terms wrares
dec5-dStwlyeo.ls. . ' - - Newark, Ohio.
Front Street, Between State and Town.
8UOP l still rnnning. and althongh (
the nrassnreor late vtara oa set naaviiy
npon her running gear, hel still ""1-
it out those mlendid PII J!TON8, KOOKAWAB,ad
prino albbrt's enirriNe mr "a.""-"r
BUOQIK9, OARRIAUKS, S-rnnsa, .anusiv-,
SaniTll" .nd OROOSRf WAQ0N8, BMALt OMNI.
uiibbb ..s HAfiKH. Twenty years sited y maanfae-
taring haa given enr work a vrtde-aperad repatatioe
thmn.h iha South and West.
We therefore deem nneeeaaary 10 say any wing aaere
In regard to tbe quality ef onr work. We wa.aa-.aT
irnT Tcmcut. , Ws can sell oo To Booait trom
eiM In aSSO. ' - ' - i -
nmlen ean be furnished with any assoant ot work al
short notice, and at price lower thaw eaa be bought any
where in tn west, aeeona nana neggie iuh in z
nhjinffe for newwork. - v "
If I'lteDalrtn' clone neaiiy ana anon notice, rao
tory on front, between Stat and Town streets, Colum
bus, Ohio. 1 ' .
irrAll oommunteilon win recerv prmnT'i w.
Aug. 31-wly
" ' V I.,V
FnEivrn kid oi.ovf,, , j.- ,
lAItNCH EID QLOVBS, i , ,,r-
75 eents pet pair, tame a told elsewhere if or en
I ilea.- -.- - FBTKK. HA191.
efti. '(:"H,l,i - Sfamghtrei.
nlllf r-lillKI AND PALETOTS.
I IT Mad. la th mit stylish and tleg.nl
new tnvoio tut opvn ,.7 r . ' '
dse.U. No. W South High street.
v-.k.j jaaaj a AU V lAf
is a conatitutlonnl d'isease, a corruption of the H
blood, by which this fluid become vlUated.
weak, and poor. Being ia tha circulation, It
pcrvadee tha whole body, and may burst out
in disease on any part of it. No organ it tm ,
from its attack, nor ia them on wkinh
nocaestroy. ineCTofukiutairitls variously
caused by mercurial diaeasc, low living, die-. ;
ordered or unhealthy food, impure air, fllth"
'and filthy habits, tlie depressing vices, and,
above all, by tlio venoreal infection. What-' '
ever be its origin, it is hereditary in the con
stitution, descending" from parents to chUdren
unto tlie third and fourth generation ; " indeed, t .
it Becms to ne the rod of Jinn who says, "I it
will visit the iniquities of the fathers upon- t
their children." '. : T .-
Its effects commence by deposition from the) "'
blood of corrupt or ulcerous matter, which, is
thn lungs liver, and internal orvans, is termed ','
tubercles; in the glands, swellings; and on
the stii'iiice, eruptions or sores. This foul cor.
ruption, which genders in the blood, depreatea
the energies of life, to that scrofulous constitu
tions not only suffer from scrofulous com
plaint, but they have far less power to with
stand the attacks of other diseases; come- t
quently vast numbers perish by disorders
which, although not scrofulous in their nature,
are still rendered fatal by this taint in the -system.
Most of tho consumption which de- '.
cimates the human family has its Origin directly
in this scrofulous contamination; and many
destructive diseases of tlie liver, kidneys, brain, :
and, indeed, of -all the organs, arise from or
nre aggravated by the some cause. . ,'!
One quarter of all our people are scrofulous ;
their persons are invaded by this lurking in- , ,
fection, and their health is undmnined by it.,:'-.
To elennse it from the system we must renovate
tho blood by an alterative medicine, and in-'
viurum k uj neauny iooa anu exercise.
Such a medicine we supply In -; ' '
Compound Extract of Sarsaparilla, ,
the most effectual remedy which the medical ,
skill of our timet can devise for this every
where nrevailint? and fatal malad v. It ia com
bined from the most active remedials that have '
been discovered for the expurgation of this foul
disorder from the blood, and tne rescue of the i
system from, its destructive consequence.
Ilence it should be employed for the cure of
not only Scrofula, but also those other affec
tions which arise from it, such as Encrriva
and Skix Diseases, St. nthont's Fins,
Hose, or Erysipelas, Pimples, Pustules,
Dlotches, Blains and Boils, Tumors, Tama "
and Salt Hiikuk, Scald Hbad, Kimowoem.
Hiikumatisu, Syphilitic andMsBOvniAi. Dis- .
easus, SitopsY, Dyspepsia, Debility, and.
indeed, all Complaints auisino raotc Vjtia- . '
tf.d ott Impurb Blood. The popular belief,;
in " impurity of the blood" is founded in truth, '
for scrofula is a degeneration of the blood. The
particular purpose and virtue of thia Sarsapa
rilla is to purify and regenerate this vital fluid, -
without which sound health is impossible in .
contaminated constitutions.
Ague Cure,
Intermittent Fever, or Fever and Ague,
Remitteist Fever, Chill Favor, Dumb
Anne, Periodical Ileadneho, r BUIotsa
Headache, and Blllou Fever. Indeed
for the whole cla of Slseestt rltjtnat- .
In ff In biliary 'leratasfement, earned by
the Malaria of Mlaamatle Countries. .
V'e are enabled here to offer the community a
remedy which, while it cure th above complaints
with certainty, is still perfectly harmless in any
quantity. Such a remedy is invaluable in district
where these afflicting disorders prevail. Thi
"Cuub" expels the miasmatic poison of Fiver
ash Aocb from the system, and prevents the de
velopment of the disease, if taken on the first ap
proach of its premonitory symptoms. It is not only -tlie
best remedy ever yet discovered for thi class
of complaints, but also the cheapest. Th large ".'
quantity we supply for a dollar bring it within the .'
reach of every body ; and in biiiou district, where . .t
Fever and Aocb prevail, every body should .
have it and use it freely both for cure ana pro tec- '-
tion. A great auperionty of thii remedy over any '
other ever discovered for the speedy and certain
cure of Intermittent i that it contains no Quinine '
or mineral, consequently it produces no qtunism at
other injurious effects whatever upon the constitu
tion. Those cured by it are left at healthy aa if
they had never had the disease. ..
1 ever and Ague is not alone the consequence of
the miasmatio poison. A great variety of disor
ders arise from its irritation, among which are
Neuralgia, Iiheumatitm, Gout, Headache, blind- .
tna, Toothache, Earache, Catarrh, Aslhma, Pal
pitation, Painful Affection of tht Spltm, Uytter- i
ici, Pain in tht Botcels, Colic, Paralyrit and D- .
rangemmi oj tne otomacn, an or wnicn, when '
originating in this cause, put on the trifrrmiffffif
tipe, or become periodical. This " Curb " expel
tne poison trom tne Dioott, and consequently cures
them all alike. It it an invaluable protection to ' .
immigrants and persons travelling or temporarily '
residing in the malarious districts. If taken occa
sionally or doily while exposed to the infection,
that will be excreted from th syitem, and cannot
accumulate in sufficient quantity to ripen into dis
ease. Ilence it is even more valuable for protec
tion than cure, and few will ever suffer from Inter
mittent if they avail themselves of the croteltion
this remedy anbrds. -
Prepared byDr.J.C. AYEB&, CO., Lowell, Mas y.
B0BIRT8 k. SAMTJIL. Coluaba.
And bv DroKKlsreand Dealer everywhere. -
novu: iya,twtw ,
An experienced Nan and female Physician, presents
to tbe attention of mothers, her.
which RveaUv facilitate the prorees of taethlnft, by soft-
enlng the (um, reducing all InBammaUoD will allav
Depend npoa It, mothers, 1 1 will lire rest re yrarselvt
We hav put np and sold this article for ever tea vears," '
what we have evet beea able to say of any othe modi-
ANCB, 10 alKslUT A OUBB, whan timely used. Hav '
r did we know an Instance of diaaatlaftcNoa by any ta '
who need it. On th eontvary, all are delighted with it ,1
operaUon, and apeak In term of eommedatloa ef Its
BUIKIl vumil UIH mrami titiucs. w mH IB HIS'
matterWHAT WI DO KNOW;" after tea year' xpe-.M
atia ti.iiuia nna n!Pii-iTinii svinTfi- .-
.nirnu ... urui wa UBDBI nvnil .S Y. -
IIUIU...-, " n -.-,vaau,
.1mi( .nr. InatanM Imm ll.a tnf.nl 1. ai n
n.in end ft km. nation, sallaf will b fsaad la Sfteea e..'?
twenty minute alter weByrnp it aanuaiawrea.
Thlivalnable preparation I th prescription of en of
Mew Bniland. and ba b ased with KBVKlt lAJIr-
Ttnotanlv relieve tbaehill from Pais, taut Invleor-
ate the atoaoach and bowels, corrects aoldlty, and givet
tone and enerty to tn whole . It will almost In-
tan tie relieve
and overcome eonvslilona, whloa, if not speedily rata.
dleil, end in aeain, w believe it tn us si and BUS-
BHT HBHIUI TUB WUK1.D. In all ease f Dis
It ah sea from teething, or from any otlie cease. - We
would say to very uolberwhoh ehildaaSeringfroia
any of th foregoing oonplatnt DU mux lbt toub
stand between ron and your afferlnf child, and the re
lief that will be Sbtta ye. Aoi.yrai.ir suaa o
follow the ne of thlsmedicine, If timely ased. rail dt-
rertiona for nslce will aMomnanV earn bottle. None
enulrj nnlsaa to taoettali ot ULiataesa saavaaiarj. x
ew York, I on th oulskl wrapper.
Hold by all DraggUt thrwubaut tn woria.
Prl iclpaiuff.ee- IS Cedar Street If.
price only 25 quN ja r wji Ln.
Jeetn-skwir.. ' " r: "' .-yj
SaasmatloB and pais, and aeala tlie worst bora. .
Iiral-LML nr fr-.h Wound of an kind, i.r-v-aita f
scald, l
ewelling and pelu from be etlngs, mosquito bit)-., and 'r
poiaonoaa plants, n-arslc'a, rheumatism, aptie la the
LreMt, salt rheum, ete. Wba taken internally, It will '
positively cure eroup Inablldren.nnd give Inai-diste
relief in th worst sue ef this terrible eomplalot; elw. J
remove boareenev ana sore uiroet.. rna, ce.ta a
bottle. Shoald be In every house. ' rr sale by brag.
gist and BKirr keeper-1 . . ikvir biuih m, -j
t 0l -:rvirieHir, no. s epniee mmw bwiw
loetta'fcwiyla - i.j : .
BLACK HTHAV. UOltSk. l At l Kit,
stat Ribbons, la great variety at MAla'a,
eetS Mo. W.Elg burnt.

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