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The Ohio Statesman
...kkiiiv. Editor.
. ..... .... ' ' 7 . -j- -rftn '''
'day of I'Mnaon.
"rmAY EVEN IN G," FEB. 12, 1861.'
The Ohio Statesman A Complimentary Notice.
t a -ut number ol the Marietta IittWgtn-
A a-narsffreoh ff on. the Meigs county
nlt.. .Jiud bvMr. Plan oUfce House
of Repetitive., filch we republish, as fol
m.- ei--.. Keii-4iwt ihft COD(lJon06 of the
p ..well a. o( the public The Demoor.U
ht that by the ntter- recklessness of Its fale-
Klt he's done more than "7 'e
.v.- ..,. in ihi State- -aheyeaj,
OTerturuw i v " ,.ul, M6rtar. c.o
than Manjpenny.and that he w
dieguet the belter pornuu
f ill not bo utterly
f hia readers ny
l"""""- " j..f., their
makine hia Ilea ao roouatroua a i
intended cft."
iho InlcWjltnttr, as we
derstand it,tr.cte from ft
, t:.1S..-.hat has Induced ;the mem
.... af.t tnMmnliment oa ao highly, ana
we think It qtJlte frobable oof ootemporary of
.. ..n -.11 anitAl lenOrAUt
lit "lTHH Wl" ---j -a-
reason; , 'why he." la made ' tb ol. , ?
. p, la a member of the House, wit
'n : i.i--, n th.eommittee on com
1" Xlm. M . gentleman and
"Zre ue. and would desire tp pas.
for wb deals truth. I. Pbltoh.g
- s:;,.htfl .nretenaer,- n
of, courae
' - . aaehoode. amg
thtdiotf the wawsmen
The Ohio Legislature
Tha nreacnt General A.sembly of Ohio does
x .... Kih-in the opinion of observing
men 'who nave watched IU course from its first
meeting In Jnar, 1860. until the presen Ume.
r. iKa nntvrflall ODinlODWi WM
dead falnre.' The Cincinnati Duly IVeet,
act tarda ys hu a leader of upwards ol a column
i,n.ogth.oaVTbe OMo Ltgislatore." which
well worth perusing. The first jwiagraph or the
"This body Is flouoderiog in constantly ao
r , nnnsovaaarv. lnconsideratei
cumulating maoo u nr.
w....ih aad atrocious legiBlation. we
re weighing our words, and mean what we saj;
ind could jasr add several more qualifying
terms eqnauy uiaBreui',r...
That la orettv severe language to come from
Ik .taunch- a Reoublican as the editor uf the
p,i ' tn eonverslnir. on yesterday evening
with genUeman oCjiTtelligtnce, and who,
presume, had examined the matter, he said that
ik. Uwsnassed by the legislature, at its pres
ent; pesaloii.xrnde and mostly unimportant
they are, had cost the State about $4,000
each Jaw I . ; -t -- ,
IT The . SDeech of Mr. Lincuk, at Irullsna
' polls on yesterday, to be found under our tele
..".nh'ifl head. must, whe'thef considered as
iia manner or matter.be very mortifying to
political friends. If tbis.his fiwtffortrUopen
hia mnnlh to the people, and to speak to them
on the grave and momentous qneations of
dav. with which it will soon be nis lot to grappie.
Is to be regarded asassmple of the man
HU oerfermanoes, in the grand tour which
f,!. hate marked out for him In his journey
to Washington, we may all feel mortified at
intellectual imbecility, and alarmed lor tnesaie
ty of the ewBtry, because of the strange, In
coherent and silly questions which be propounds,
diieloainir. as thev do, the fearful fact tha
Lincoln is a dead failure, and that he does
In the least reallte the condition of things
urroand hia. .:'.
. . L d ..... M I
' tr The Journal of this morning notices
articles of onr correspondents touching the
veraation alleged to hiie taken place between
' Gov.' CHst"and Me.1 Cotant at the Columbus
Jannt. ht ii la to be" observed that it does
denv that '. such eobversat!on did take place,
In Ilea of that it only denies that Mr. Cotajtv
'nrsine tua claims lor appointment as Fostmas.
ter tinder the new Administration," which
, thinks plaaee that gentlemen in a false position
and "U In exceedingly bad taste." The
of the faot that Mr. Cotaht ia
td applicant, will bTeceived by those who
Uborinr for the ofnoe. witn great .ausiacuon
ami ;n matica'to Mr'C. we note the denial
Hhe Jotrmef, and thus aid In doing a MrriMto
,'that gentleman..- !'. ) ; . '
of Commercial Men to the Tariff
.is .-The New York Chamber of Commerce
ivagreed'upon a protest against the Republican
'Tariff Bill now1: pending In the United
''Senate! on the ground that it abolishes the ware
house siatcm, which la Intended to promote
eign commerce; that it institutes a system
double dntleB, thus augmenting tne cost or
leoting revenue, and Impairing the sources
-. revenue by eureiemg a depressing bflaence
foreign commetcei and that the passage of
o bill would, when a part of the Southern
'"ire not epresensed,.V'sect. it! jettons pbstade
[For the Ohio Statesman.]
A New Penitentiary.
u ... M. KorvoB Tbe Bubiect f theiocatioa
erectloe. bf a New Penitentiary has engrossed
mora or 1aa of the attention or tbe UMO Legis-
.latnre. for aeveral Mssions, and ia my judgment
eboald U definitely acted on before tbe present
Legislature adjourns"
U ' It is very clear, I think, that the wants of
State require aw institution, now, at
very time, and it is false economy to delay
a i. TV . .
DCEIOD1UK u, ,uui:w, tune arw uuw
convicts in tbe Ohio Penitentiary thaa
be eooeregated iu one place, or than can be
itably employed in one Institution, and when
ennaider tbe constant and rapid increase
crime, and consequent increase In the number
nnnwieti. and the further fact that the
uPrlson is filled to overflowing, it does seem
' uo argument is nece?sary to urge members
.mot on t hla Imnortant Question. , ,- . - i
Tbe location of a new prison should be
.at nftfi. aod a moderate appropriatioa provided
before the adjournment, to that the work
' "trecting the edifice may be commenced In
anrinv. If out off. the wants of thWState
Vomrel ft work, when commenced, to bo
'"ecuted in such baste, as to make it more
and le - a tt-bsUntially built, than if commenced
now, Bud eontlDUcd with thatregatd to economy
and durability, which ought to be considered
IDC araoiiun ui ua uuuuiu,-. rr"-r - t--
. Jiui.M, . w f A Tax Patiji.
ETTlie Northern fanatics and the Southern
'' T)iimonuit8 are laboring alike for tbe abolition
'? r of p'svfry. ' But the Northern abolitionists are
jrs fully iinpoteni in comparison witn me douiu-
aa . .. i
V I'
Tboim agents Jrom Alabama and Loutsla
pa -who i!ve been In the' Northwest buying
' ji j ic Bad wain, wcjreprob&blv emlasarieB orte
rovUional government. vw, v.
Michigan Democratic State Convention.
1' . L ' ..' ,..T..T:.. At . ..min.
.nil ijnveutiJD. iur w.e nwn - j
f -? - - . ... t-i . i
th . Judrre of the Surname Court, met at ie-
1 u . . . 1
troll en ttie un Jut..' AUino counutu iu
s..u feDreiented.'wilh' the exception ei
w"'."' " . . alt
h oh were aci-yeu
the delecates from w
by the heavy snows on the hues ei we
tee and Detroit and Grand Trunk tKauway.
The Convention wae organize! by. V P
polntment of F. S. Fitch, of Ingbam county, "
The, Gdluwiufc Testations unanimously
adopted by me uonyeoiioir.
1. AerfeHf, Thai the
gan.by the.r delegate. Xun-
bled, .gain .olemnly renew their pled g i ol un
reaervea aneouon aou iuj...
Conatltulion and linion. ' DeJ ."Hft tt and
a. the great charter of W , "?2r?f,
the loidUft 1 ouf np...-. r-r--j
c i
preaemtlon. They, therefore i.ic '''W," J .
nouncement not
.. j
, i ..lul.l nriwnaritv.
jhe fo.daHot tJ ffl n.
They brieve that not only ""B1 h.
teresta.but the best fflfft,",
pending disunion, declare s- -
uvn. ,NW. - r r . . .
unite ib -""sasnrcs WZL.
fraternity In behalf of oui mmmm wnnfrj-
3. That we shonld ever bear inm nd thatims
Union wa. formed from many distiool iBtatca
W-lf " . f T Z0W T7, HZ fathe laid It.
different institutions! that our falben !
original foundations in a P'r" -""w
patriotio forbearance and compromises that tne
bondsof thU Union were netuef
navies, nor any form of Pof free-
fraternal feeling and natural sympathy onree
MiJMNtpeetlor num "8"
a uniua a. wuuuo. v.- win back
n,i. matiuut. that pnomion can nevrr Win oaca
. T"i.4 mnfiilADce-
lost affection nor restore '"P""' f D.h '
a conrtent respect ta ; each i section for the
rlghti ma iDNinuw oi tse '---"
loeter aseni meMoiioya. . c
and of sffectlon between all sect ions of lbs lUon
federacv. which wIU make tne union. -
'"?'J!t".l",bM1 B? 'cslal.n, StatMfrom
the Union if not a constitutional, but on y a rev-
"'." '"". : "".v. :
.light causes, but only wnen
airigniaar, impaireu ur r; "',.
the rightui constitutional metnou i
ha. faitedi that we. therefore, the
n1na tha ravnltltinn ao haatllV DrCCIDItaieU 10 lue
admooiah : ns
.......--.- - , . . .j,.
Cotton States; tmt the unanimity and rapidi y
which have marked this great
that whole communtucs never
admooisn; ns ;d"",
? ...,.e,T. 0.tl. S'ir tha?SS!
Wi Rtc...u-. . "v-v-- -
ace and coercion can only aggravate and arouse
the spirit of a people who believe their rignts,
their honor, or domostio safety imperiled; and
th.t. thrrefore. It ia the first dutv of the gov
ernment and of the people to regard and respect
tho complaints of any State, promptly to remove
all grievance, or causes of alarm, and, whenevr
iKwlfnl. to rive such renewed assurances and
guaranties as msy be necessary to restore the
nnnfi.lance of anv disaffected Motion of the
Itnlna " -
4. That, while we shall steadfastly npnoio
and support the constitutional autborlticsof the
Ronnhiin. irrenrMwtive of nartv. and while we
affirm the duty of every section of the country
to join in anob support, we nereoy ueciare but
mnnntion that, in the ttresent condition ol the
country.Jthe only path of safety Is that of eon
eillatlon and justice: that coercion by arms
rivil war that civil war Is disunion, absolute!
aud forever; and we therefore earnestly coun-
set against all menaces or sets of coercion
States by arms, as not only vain tor any good,
but certain to yieut a Diooay Jtarvesi oi puDirc
and nrlvate woes " "" "
. ... . , .
a. Tbe nltu protests against oe cnw
Petaonal Liberty Bills, and appeals to those
who have the power, to erase tbem wholly lrom
the statute books.
r That, nntaithatandinar our nartv difTeren-l
ees, we commend tbe late declaration of Senator
Seward, In tbe U. S. Senate, that all party plat-
forms must yield to the safety of the Republic
th.t avarr ana who shall stand in the wej of the
nnumiit nn nf tha Union, must tn tne eno
. i 3 t I. Ihi):..
swepi away in we wniriwiuu oi jwpmar iuui-
nation; and in the present treat peril of
Union and Constitution, tbe Democracy oi nucn-
i,rn. ..twins- all other difTereneca. will Stand
ahnnliW to ahoulder with alt men wbonoblvsac
.;n.rtitn nninlnnaand Intereala to the in-
: . . . r. ... .. . i
tegrity or tbe Union, tnatour tuancs are aue
the eminent sUteamen of every party who have
advanced measures r sentiments r compro-
mlse and conciliation; and that we believe that
if all partisan feeling shall be put behind
tbe people of tbe country will readily find in the
propositions of either Senator Crittenden, Sen
ator Douglas, or ot the Border States Com
mittee, the elements of aq nonoraoie ana ade
quate adjustment of all our present unhappy
strifes.' 1 ' " -
7. Thai Virginia by her proposition for a con
vention to devise measures of conciliation,
acted worthy of her ancient renown;
while our sister States are so unanimously bear
ing their offerings of peace and amity to that
great fraternal council, we feel profoundly in
dignant and mortified at the false position
which Miobiuan is ntaced by the fanaticism
of a majority of her rnlers; that we believe
that this action does foul wrong to a large ma
jority of our people, and is a stain that must
and shall be washed away from tbe good name
of ourotate. , , ; i ij . t, , ; '
The following resolution was also unanimous
ly adopted: ' "
Retohotd, That tho resolutions adopted by
convention be ewgrossed and signed by the f
ident, Vice Premdenta, and Secretaries, and
warded to the President ef tbe eonventioa
assembled at Washington by-invitation of
State of Virginia, to be presented to said con
vention as tbe voice of the majority of the peo
ple or Michigan.
The Convention - then adjourned to meet
Detroit on the 7th of March or at
other time as the State Central poeumittee
deem advisible. y " rp ;
What it Means.
ReDublican prints have exulted over the
sult of the election in Virginia for delegates
her convention.' Thleexultatlon ia well If
same prints are ready to targe their pertisaM
Washington ana every wnere eise. to takeeucn
action as will make tbe Virginia result indeed
a triumph for the Union. The real meaning
of that result It ittted by various authorities.
A Washington correspondent ol toe yew
Wortf, republican, states i as follows: ,
- The only difference between the Union a
egatea in Virginia and the secessionists la,
the lormer preier w wait aou see u me Dtate'S
ultimatum Is adopted. . If it should not be,
are for eecession, , , , ,
f A WaehiogtoB. correspondent of the Cincin
nati Gatftte, republican, states it as follows:
'"The Virginia election has greatly elevated
the hopes of Union men; but it is Important
this time that the result should net be misun
derstood. 'Tne great bulk of those elected
Unionists are for ' secession in case eertain
MMinm rtf anmnramlaa ara not ednntpd
How far their demands go cannot now be
but they will require some action by
gress before tne 1st of ftlarob looking to a :
elUement of exlating ' trouble! li This I
tain from a well informed, source, (tod it
be relied pon."i" ..vji.tji uji
A ..Washington . correeponuent ot tbe
York 'Herald, nondescript states it. as follows:
".The Virginia election bas been -the topio
the day. ' There is no doubt that the straight
secessionists nave oeen largely defeated in
State, nut there is luit at little doubt that
olasa. otnen baa. been cboaau Of 4. tar
daogeroue character ta, tho -exieUnce of
Union unless prompt canccsslons are made.
Nine-tenths of those elected ran on tbe
of tho Crittenden proposition,-to
adopted by Congress before tbe 4th of March.
If tbat is rejected by Ceegresetbey are pledged
to ecceeslon. immediate and unconditional,
that all the Virginia election meana la
wresting from the bauds of the nresent
managers the destiny of the State, and outline-
it under the control of calm, firm men, who
the eoofidenoe'of the people. The Repub
licans nave now io act iu goou earnest, Or,
deed, all is lost; for as goes Virgiuia so
follow all the remaining slave States. It
curious fact that a lsrge number of the
deputies were Vpsglaa jam Jo l&e lata
r r--- ,. ., r,
"JUeauing conservative men irom Virginia,
wboacfived In .the city to-nignt, declare
, ..,--.
there will not be ten men la the contention
who will not make the Crittenden plan an urn-
.1 : t
7. .. . . , . n.:n..
me rcauit iu v ircinia mean mw win'
. . Tmii wtmont. We
uvu VI nwea v v waive . J
wUn e eouU faei tDe agBUriinoe mat we n.e-
Publion leaders In WanhlnRton wouiojoin
1 !iL XT! t - at---,, a-.ma
uuU w...u , .B.u.
We wish
turn the Union tri
umph in Virginia to good account. But we con
foes thatoiir bone is smaiiie inairecaru.. i:r
Rrniublican leaders at Waaliliigton seem to be
.till resolved to hold on to their Chicago plat
form, whatever the consequences, Yet, let ua
not despair. Uttmtf rte rrti. , , t
Garibaldi and the Vigilance Committees in Italy.
General Garibaldi has addre.sed the following
imporUnt letter to the Cental Committee ot
yjF TBr,Qt 4 . ..
CAPRERA, Jan. 13, 1861.
Uohoiaiu CoMMiTT.K-Considering the note
of the Sth of thia month, which, ha. been eent
taJ i., ih8 Central Committee. I Bum od mr
manner: in accenting
aaaoclation of the Vlg-
i nnrH i,nmmiLiPPi. mill in I'lviuif ill uucdivu
to three article, drawn no bj the General A-
Ol me QUI pi iQia muuvu, w
tn bj lhe Central Comml
repiy In the' lollowlng man
the Presidency of the asao
iknee Commutes. and in.
mb, j , -GcDefRl Bix,0 M
reprccnutlv. onPPthe said' Committee,
aiuhorlz nc tiim at the same lime to bumihuic
for himself, when necesaarv, Rome other person
8i hla lite conalenee. Tne Central
v u .ppealing to Italian patriotism,
.,.,..,..,,?-othcr committees to
call forth freah uon.tions among our fellow oit
of !.. .-d to oroenre all the neceesarv meana
Emanuel the enfran-
. -Another of the
prlncipel duties of theCentrafCommitteeshould
be to form committees upon all the pointeof the
now exist. In order that
one ,Itremitry of Italy to the other, not
excepting Venice and Kome, tne association may
i r a ...... . i ........
ot organizea ana sci simunanTOusij m nuw"i
and promptly obeying one Impulse. ; - -while
P 8 mjJ
tf , day and every Instant, uncess-
tagly to repeat to all the oommittees, and seen
v Mnetr.t evert Italian with
,,.,',K. lafii. Iu
aly must have a million of ptriots under arms
- means or making ua powerful, meters of
,,.,.,. .,, ,,, nf th. rt!lI,He, 0, th.
wor d Wboae evci are lixra nno.l us i ocneve
,t ,sht to war'n (!,, ro!,mtccrs that no enroll
ment is formed or advised bv me fo the mo-
t'7rDB.eut - -
A Journal entitled '-Rome .nd Venice" should
I . 4 . .
the above Ideas It ahould preach a holy war, and
db at once estaoiisnca ai uenoa. luspncu w,n.
. fc . Bod
-- - .htehWelBh. noon Italv. It
WAV;::-:a I" ,h ,intn. . one
should also Incnlcate tpon the electors, as one
of the best mean, of a'ttainlng .hi. object, the
choice of deputies
ho. bavin e as their first
thought the enfranchisement and integrity of
Italy, eball obtiln trom tne government me arm
arming of the nation. G. GARIBALDI.
[From the Paris Moniteur, Jan. 19.]
The Bonaparte Legitimacy Case.
Several ionrnils have announced that the
Tribunal of Premiere Iustance of the Sche has
under consideration a demand lor partition, in
oonseauence of tbe death of Prince Jerome,
I brought forward by AI. Jerome Bonapute Pat
erson and bis mother against Prince Napoleon
the solo heir of his lather These journals
i ntvo eutereu inu incuuiii-ui auu nrouwut m
plauaiiona on the subject. . The First Chamber
of the Tribunal of the Seine baa in fact before
is lit (the application alluded to, which again
raises the question of the validity ol tbe mar
riage contracted in Americi In tbe year 18U3 by
Prince Jerome a marriage which was protested
against by his mother on the 3 Ventose, An
i aiu; annuueu oj o urureen , mo fmiui
Napoleon l.i and of the 11 and 3(1 Ventose, An
ii.jIvtii j . ... .r it,. r.n..:i
aiu., uiii w wuitu nuuanira. ,u vuuni
de Famille Imperial, of the 4th July, 1856, and
&tb July, lew, reiused an euecc. aeciaringmai
the union or isuj was nun and voia, ana mat it
could not. under the circumstances of tbe ease,
permit the applicant to take the benefit of Arts.
201 and 202 of the code Napoleon, attributing
to a nullified marriage, the civil effects of mar
tlaee when it has been contracted In good faith.
DO I A memoir. DV m. ueirrer, wwuiuu preuiBvurc
I ..v. V. a l.m ma.,, AwtA nn I V. a In. wn nf
, puunuikj use uwu t,"vu, uiU v.
the I which we shall not give an opinion, has been
aistriDuiea; ii conimus uocumeuie, tun amucn-
ticltv of which Is disputed. M. Allen, the ad-
vocate of his imperial highness, has confined
himself to distributing a simple collection of
...Ii . . . j .- :.k
mi leuera auu uiucai uuiumtun iwiuwku w,m
the affair. Prince Napoleon- refused to decline
tbe competency of tne oroinarj wiuudsib, oj
Invoking the special jurisdiction applicable to
th Imm-rlal familv. in this start of the nues-
tion, it will be understood that a feeling of tbe
most BlmDleorotirietycommendt the greatest
reserve, and imooses the neoessity of awaiting
both the discussions, which will completely
clear np the question, and the new decision of
The Seige of Gaeta.
Tlia Mnnittur de VArmet. a semi-official nsDcr,
nubliahes the fallowing letter from Gaeta,
which contains some special facts of more than
ordinary interest ander existing circamstaneee:
Tho fortress or uaeta nae received immense
euDDliea within the laot twenty days. All the
. . . , . , .
sick and wounuea nsvo, morcorer. ubcb nent
away, bo that all the troops that remain are ef
fective. Un tbe ixtn oi January, tne luog, ao
comoanied by the Queen, reviewed tbe troops
lie told them that in a short time tbe struggle
would recommence more warmly than ever. He
added tbat he did not wish any (man to serve
against hla will and that anybody who wished
quit the fortress was freejto do so. I am assured
. .. rr urn ' . . . . I f
that tbrce oiucers ana iao men accepted tne oi
fer and quitted Gaeta the lollowlng day. There
remain 8,600 excellent troops, which are more
than sufficient for the defences on the land side
There are more than 4UU guns mounted. Tbe
Monte Secco, which performed so important
part during tbe eelge in the year 1806, no longer
exiBts. me monie oocco wan um uwv Hun
dred yards from Gaeta, and commanded it.
Tbe French, under the command ol Massena
o-ot noasesaion of the hill, established their bat
. .. ... . J.I...--. l,L....L
terteeon ll,ana ospitn-eu iue turtrew. i ue auava
by sea ia only practicable from the roads that
is, from a erees: on me ten oi in oy. jsuco
an attack oannot produce euch a serious effect
as is generally supposed. , me sea is always
heavy on tbat cost until spring. No bombard
ment is possible, excettlduring a profound c&lm
Again, tbe anchoring ground it exposed- to
fire of numerous batteries, which must have
advantage ever ships, for these, being in motion
cannot Ure witn tue same prevujian as oatseriea
The fleet, however, ean interrupt tbe commu
nications with Ccata,snd force it by famine
aurrender alter a certain time. ,00 the other
band, the Piedmontese by bringing 150 of their
nni on the land side to bear on one part, must
inwlthlw rfMtrnV tha- town. ' ' - " "
The Office-Seekers and the War.
ted, Con
matum t The blatant politicians who now prate
vigorously about coercion, will, soon alter
fourth of Alaron, ne suenceu. .mneteeo twen
tieths of the ofliee-seelcers who keep np a per
petual howl against tbe Booth and ite institu
tions, and who are apparently anxious to precip
itate the country into civil wae, will be struck
dumb by the jurat waive of Old Abe's official
hand. In this city, as in others, there are
leaet twenty o(Hceseekers to every oflice.
. the nineteen twentieths who believe that
their only salvation, rests In .fierce tirades
against the true Union men ot tue Forth,
left out in the cold, we shall have quiet restor
ed. If a willingnees to fight against the South
an evidence ot patriotism, we soau iooe in vain
for patriotism in the Republican party after
Lincoln has made hie appointments. ' '
- We would euccest to certain ranters la
city, that their vocal organs are of altogether
more value to tbem than the chances of secur
ing office under tMr. Lincoln'! administration.
Keen nerfcctly cooL gentlemen-' Ia a
weeks we shall have (be opportunity of congrat
nlatlnc yon upon yo.tr success in being excused
from civil serried Jin'ler Undo Sam. Buffalo
Republic.,! j .( ; - "' ;!--
tm 11 i
joy in
1b a
IaTiNT raotf Srsu. Letters from Syria
tat that hew crnifTjIracles have been discover-
ed there, and another explosion of Mahomme
dan fanaticism is now feared.' A pioi n as oeen
discovered at Aleppo, and fourteen persons have
been arrested. It is evident, if tne European
troops were withdrawn, tbat there would be be
safety lor Christians in the land. But the moaM
Important fact la, that the trench Emperor re
fuses to withdraw his army at the end ol the six
months agreed upon, and it is thought may In-
alBt upon a permanent ooeuuatioo ol the conn
tnat. try. 1
TUESDAY, Feb. 12th, 1861.
By Mr. READY, from John Judy, and 5J82
oiaerB,o( new rnuaaolpnia, luscarawaa oonu-1
tv Aaklnc an annrnnriation of 125.000. for the
relief of tbe people in Kansas. Finance. ' I
uy iur- MUKSE, of David Jenkins f-or an I
amendment 6f tbe school law, for the benefit of
colored otuidren. Kobool committee. "
By. Mr. BREWER, ot John Fox and 65 oth
ers, of Columbiana county. - On Woman's
By Mr. PARISH; Of T. M. Gibson and 6
others of Huron countv. aeklnu that lurlsdlotion
be vested in justices of the peace, in minor of
fences. Judiciarv.
By Mr. PARISH, Of J. S. Berry and 53 oth
era On the same subject. Judioiary.
P; Mr. PARISH, Ot L. D. Allen and 134 oth
ers, on tne same subject. Judiciary
1 W ..(-. tn..' asm.
ojr. i Anion ut jna. varpomor auu
r,o nth... f. t.nm ,nw at
lare. Agriculture, , .
By Mr. GARFIELD Of J. M. Pelt and 85
others of Summit county, on Woman' Rights.
By Mr. EASON Of O. T. Jones and oth
ers of Wayne county, for an act requiring re
moval or drift from streams. Agriculture
A menage was received from tbe Governor,
and on motion of Mr. Jones, the rulos were sub
ponded, and It was read.
February 11, 1861.
To the General Attmbly of Ohio:
I transmit to vou herewith copies of letters
received from the Secretary of the Treasury of
the united Btates, and lion. John Bberman,
Chairman of the Committee of Wave and Means
relative to tbe surplus revenue deposited with
tbe utate lor sale keeping, under tbe act or Don.
eress of June 23, 1836. and accepted bv the Gen'
eral Awtmbly of Ohio by Its act of December
i'j, 13Ju; and l respectfully recommend tbe
paasugeof a law authorizing the Commissioners
of the Sinking Fund to guaranty the payment
of the interest and principal of an amount of
tbe bonds ot tne United states equal to tbe por
tion of the Surplus Revenue, riceived bv this
State, as requested bv tbe Secretary of the
Washington, 4th Feb., 1861.
Hi Exctllency, William D'nniion, Governor
of the State of Ohio x
bit In a letter to the Chairman of the com
mittee of Ways and Means, ol the House of
Representatives, of tbe 18th ult , I suggested
that the deposits of money with the States by
tbe redcral Uovernment, made under tbe aot
olCongreas of the 83d June, 1836, might be
made instrumental to tbe support of the publio
credit by pledging them as security, for tbe re
payment of a loan by tbe United States. Such
a loan will be necessary In a few days, and the
State of Ob 10 would, greatly Ucllitate tbe ob
ject bv aeteointt to guaranty bonds of the Uni
ted Sutes to tbe amount of money she bae re
ceived, and pledged ber raitb to repay. As tbe
loan niUBt be advertised in a few days, prompt
action is indispensable. I take the liberty of
enclosing a preamble and resolutions giving tbe
requisite authority to the principal officer of
vour State. A similar preamble and resolution
bare been introduced Into tbe Legislature of
New York, and I am assured will be speedily
adopted. As tbe Secretary of tho Treasury is
designated by the act of the 23d June, 1836, as
tbe agent of the Federal Government to call
for the re navment ot tne moneys aepoauea
with the States, wben directed by tongress,
have thought it not Improper to address this
communication, In regard tp the use of the ored
it of your State in sustaining tnat of tne feder
al Government, in tbe manner suggested
I am, respectfully, yourob't. servant.
Secretary of the Treasury.
Committee of and Means,
Washington, Feb. 5, 1861.
Dcab Sib: I am requested by the Secretary
of the Treaaury, to urge immediate action by
the Legislature of Ohio, on the accompanying
. . . , .. . rr-L T1
joint reeoiuiioun. ue uewMuiw m wo ""a
ury are now so pressing, tuat me uovernment
most resort to every avauaoie measure
maintaiu toe duuwu urcun. i oo uu urauut.i
objection to his plea, and it ia not at all likely
that tbe stale ot unio win ever do caucq upon
to make good its guarantee. Tbe Surplus Re-
venue was deposited witn tne otaies, upon tne
express condition that it ebould be restored,
called lor Dy the uenerai uovernment. tne
loval States should be willing, to the extent
tbe deposit, at least, to austaiu the Govern
ment. i very truiy youw,
Mr. JONES on leave, introduced S. B. 224
(from the Finance Committee) "To authorize
the guarantee of TJ. 8. Bonds." Tbe bill sets
rerth in a preamoie, mat oy tne uin bsouoooi
enact of Congress, approved JuoeSMd, milt,
"to regelate the deposits of tbe publio money,"!
$2,007,260 34 wae deposited with Ohio tor safe
keeping, and tnat tne state oi umo oy an aot
Dee. 19h, 1836, accepted said deposit,
pledged the faith of the State for its repayment
wben required by tbe Secretary of the Treasury,
aud orovidea"that upon the request of the Secre-
tarv ef the U. S. Treat ury.the Commissioners
. . r... , , .
tbe Sinking t una, do ana are nereoy autnor-1
ixed and required, under their hands and
treat seal of tbe State, to guarantee the pay
ment of the principal and interest of any bondsof
the U. a. to tbe amount ot tne moneys belong
ing to the U. S., which were received cVo
this State." '-.-. - .... ,:
The rulos were suspended, and the bill passed
unanimously. ' j. -
' SECOND RIlOlNd' '3 1
' S. B. No. 218; To provide for the purohaBe
and distribution of additional copies at Swan
& Critehfleld's Revised Statutes of. Qh1or
. S. B. No. 220; To provide for tho com pen
sation of commlaioners appointed by the
of Ohio, to meet with commlaeioners of
Sutes at Washington city, February 4, 1861
Whole. ,
S. U. No. 221; To amend section eight of
act entitled an aot provldiog for the recording,
printing and distributing the Journals of
General Assembly, and the laws and publio
documents. Whole. . ' '"' '
6. B. Ne. S3 To amend section three
an act entitled "an aot to amend tbe act
an act to provide , for tbe creation
regulation of incorporated companies in
State of Ohio," passed May 1, 1852. and
regulate railroad companies. Whole.
- " . kirOBTS OF STAND1NO ooMuirrxea
- Mr. COX From the Judioiary Committee,
presented S. B. No. 225 "to punish adulterous
elopements." It provides that If any married
person shall eiope witn any otner persons
Intent to cohabit adnlterously lie., both
be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and
oonvlction shall be imprisoned in tne reniten
tlary, and kept at hard labor, not more
three years nor less than one read first time;
conwrrrxi or th whol; iv
ter are
Tbe Senate went into Committee ' of
Whole, Mr. Smith in the Chair. After
time the Committee reported back tbe follow-
i .kl.k . A I .nn.nil nf ., fnllnara. - '
S. B. No. 204 Defining tbe jurisdiction
tbe pivbate court of Bbolby county, in criminal
oaari. Judioiary. . ..-M . . . -
- S.B No. 218 To provide for tbo purchase
and distribution of additional copies of
and Critcbfield's Revised Statutes of Ohio.
Judioiary, , .. . ,
S. B. No. 320 To provide for tbe compensa
tion of tbe commissionera appointed by
State of Ohio to meet with commission of
Slates at Washington City, February 4,
Th bill passed.
8. B. S21 To amend sectbn eight or an
entitled an act providing for tbe recording,
printing and distributing tbe journals of tbe
and the laws and publio documents.
Engrossed for third readinf to-morrow.
8. B 220, whloh was passed, apprpriates
to pay the Ohio Peace Commissionera $3
day each, ana fiuu eaou tor vaveuug caucuscn.
, ,,-. -. . . aiu, nrnoDoono. . . .-,
By Mr. GARFIELD, S.B. No. 228; "For
relief of the suffering people of Kansaa.V,
BDDropriates $20,000 for the purchase of
for Spring planting in aiiuh, uu appuiuia
committee to'admlnlster the fund. i ,, ,,.
Several mesesffee from the House wore
'and the Senate took a recess. ' x'.-m.
' 1 ' ' ' l ' 'l. t'-! ',?.yjt y'lit
TUESDAY, Feb. 12, 1861.
Praver bv Rev. Dr. Hoire.
Mr. WINNER presented a petition from L.
B. Scott and 52 other citlaeni ot Uarke county,
for tha reneal of all lawa allowlne aerloultural
societies to draw money from Ithe county Tree
Unary Referred to a select committee of one
mr, Winner. '... -
Mr. BRUFF nreaonled the memorial of Jona
than Crew and 1? other ottiiens of Mahoning
Qd Columbiana countios, praying lor a iaw
prohibiting the intermarriage of first cousins.
Referred to the Judiciary committee. ,..
. . ,, . 1Qt.Q a .i.i,-.
money, pasned April 6, 1859. Agriculture
The following bills were eeverally read a sec-
nnri tlma una relprred as ioiiowb:
II. B. No. 330: Bv Mr. HERRICK To repeal
antinn one of an act entitled an act for tne en
couragement of Agriculture, passed Feb. 28th
1846. Afrloulture.1 1 ' " ' -; ' '
H. B.No.331:BvMr.BLAKESLEE,8uppU.
mentary to an act roe tne -assessment ana ux
linn nf all nronertv In this State, and for , levv
U. B. 332 Bv Mr. THOMPSON of Perrv-
To amend sections forty-five and forty. six of an
act entitled an act to provide tor tne re-orgam
lation, supervision and maintenance of common
achoola. passed March 14tb, 1853. Schools and
School lands.
H. B. 333 Bv Mr. VOR1S To amend an
act to authorise the ereotion of town halls, pass
ad Feb. 24. 1848. Municipal Corporations.
H.'B. 334-rBy Mr. BALDWIN To tlx tne
standard of a tan. Judiciary.' J-
H. B. No. 335 By Mr. SKIWNKK TO
amend an act entitled an act to provide lor the
.ettlemcnt of the estates of deceased persons
naaaad Maroh 23. 1840. JudlCiarv.
n ... rl . I TY A 1 I'CT Ohm.
II h. ran. .1.1(1 ! n, ivi r. CLiAn.Ej01.br. uv-
plemc&tarv to an act passed April 13, 1868,
amendatory and supplementary to an act pass
ed April 5, 1856, entitled "an act to provide
lor tbe organization or cities ana incorporated
villages," passed May 3, 1852, and the several
aots amendatory thereof, and supplementary to
said acts. Municipal Corporation.. -
H. B. No. 349; By Mr. McCUNE For tne
relief of the Inhabitants of Kansas suffering
from famine, , .-
Select Committee on that supject.
8. B. No. 194-Suor.lementary to the aot to
nrnvi da for the nrmnixation of cities and Incor
porated villages, passed May 3, 1852. Munlol-
pil corporations.
S. B. No. 216 To amend the act entitled "an
ant to authorize aaaoclation. of persons for ear
rtinir freight on anv of the navieable waters ol
tbe State ol Obio,and the lakes andnavigable
rivers bordering tbereon," passed April z, iooa
Jndiniarv. . -
S. U so. xll; rot tne reiioi oi Aiexanuer t.
Latta. Claims.
H. B. No. 350, by Mr. SHAW To prevent
W "8 'd ' '??l,e ,aT!?:
H.B.No. 35LbvMr. VORIS To provide
for the creation and regulation or Incorporated
companies, for the purpose of detecting, and ap
nrenendins horse thieves.
U. B. No. 352. bv Mr. STUBBS To amend
seotion 43 of an act entitled an act to provide
for tbe settlement of the estates or deceased
persons, passed March 22, 1840.
ii. a. aa. Mii v mr. cun rtaon-uuu
cerning discharged convicts Irom the Peniten
" ' .. ... . .... .
Said bills were severally reau tne nrst time.
Mr. McSCHOOLER moved to take from tbe
table. II. J. R-. relative to amendments to tbe
Constitution, on tbe subject of liquor license,
on which tne yeas ana nay were aemaoueu,
ordered and resulted yeas 25, nays 25. .-
No quorum voting.
A call of the Honse was ordered, when. 51
members answered to their names.
The Sergeant at Arms was despatched for
the absentees. Several members appearing
the bar of the House, i - -
On motion, all further proceedings under tbe
call were dispensed with. '
Ua motion- of Air. kubijnsuin, tne tiouse
took a reoeas until 3 o'clock this P. M.
John Mitcbel. writing to the Charleston
Mercury from Paris, says of the case of An
"There is a good deal of excitement about
in FVcianri1. and I foraee that the murderer
nirtrf a will be discharged, and then will ot fetid
I ., ....
I adu lnvitid lo lecture oeiore lasoiouaoie auui-
eDce8. -phe London Court will diaunctiy decide
to .hut tha Un had a rh?ht to eacADO. and nad.
i iv,o,r, Dht u mil nosoever atoonea aim
Your Extradition Treaty with England Is like
Nw to be as useful to you as your Fagitive slave
i&w WBg jn Massachusetts." 1
The Liveroool Ptt. of the 23d ult-, says
a very curious result of tbe secession, bo far
it has gone, has just come to light. American
ships in this port(and no doubt in many others,)
trading witn tbe ports ot douio varouna
Georgia, are preparing, at the Custom House,
to sail thither under British colors. The stars
and atririei would, of course, in the present
state of feeling, be refused admission, while
Britiah flag will be heartily welcomed-
consequence fit this is unpreoeuentea
British ships are getting larger freights. -
. .
Shabf Detectives The Auburn Adteriiter
or Dal a well-related aceountof Detectives Out-
itted," in which it is alleged that two
KDOWa detectives, in pursuit of Rann Hasklns,
tbe as 0aped convict, aotually gallanted, danced
.uh. faaated. and tucked snuelv into a sleisb
of I .i u.t hnm. tha verv man thev were in nur-
i -- . . . i..
0i wno had attended a ball in one 01
towns near that city, in the disguise of a "mod
eat aDDearins young lady." The names of
outwitted detectives are not given.
i HZTMr. Madison was sompelled to conclude
Peace with Great Britain In 1814, because
Eoeland. which then possessed nearly all
Urealth in the country, refused to furniab money
I . . - . .at
and men to carry on the war, ana aeciarea
Intention to retire from, and break np
Union if the war was persisted in. This
New Eogland now offioiously offers men
money In unlimited amounts w prosecute a
ticldal war against their own countrymen!
ment is unnecessary, JVete Albany (M ) Ltd
get. ''- " - t- - v. .
titled and
Mkmphis Cotton in the East From the
Eastern canera we learn that a firm in Albany,
New York State, have been instructed by their
eorresnondent in New York to provide storage
for 600 bales of cotton, on its way from Mem
phis via the Cincinnati and the New York Cen
tral railroad. It is to remain in store here un
til tbe opening of navigation. The former
shipments for this bouse from Memphis, nave
been by the way of New Orleans Memphi
Assembly, $3,
000 per
! ,
i : F330TI TTA
roa thi BXNirrr or tbc
1 'U,'M f.
Thursday Evening, Feb'y 14,
, XickeU ef Aamiesteaa 85 Cent. ;
' fb-dld -" J- ur v! I'- ' ': -f
Land for Sale.
L new Para, at tatted In th eranty of Marion
State of Ohio, n th Mg Seieto Blver, six mil west
tb town of Marion; ititauienoea in, about w
deadned from foar to eight years. A good new
Hotia nn It, about 50 sores cleared; a good log
about 15(1 young frnlt trees; a first rat well of water;
th deliog Is wall set In to tame gnus, snd th
Scioto for stockwatar. And I will make 100 sores
ready for th plow, take off all tha timber, under
Inches, soas to make 150 sens of plow land. Tb
1 of th very best quality, and I will take t-t per
for It. I aonslder It worth at least thirty tlire per
with 100 acres more cleared, ball must sell It,
I will put U down to dollars below what I think
worth If I werenotobllged toeell. I bare also another
half section for sal, lying la the same taction, on
deadened, whloh I offer for I IS per acre, Reference
be had by call lag oa Joseph Rcntck who knows all
th land, or th proprietor to AUrlon. .
MlWwn,y.ia ;S x .- HAVIBWWR.
SM'l'l -".-
Best Cough Meaicinein the Vorld!
Great Remedy of the Age !
Coughs, Colds, Throat Diseases, Hoarseness,
Oroup, Bronchitis; Asthma, Early Stage
' Consumption, " Spitting Blood, Night
Sweats, Feverish Condition, &o
Prioo f3X.
Of the great remedies whieh Sr. Avaa (of the Throat
and tang Inititnta, X Wait fourth Street, Cincinnati,)
hat offered to tbe public, there It none which hu given
tucb unevenal latlifactlon In hli practice aa the "Pol
Homo CmtBaV Ooinut."
It pouMiea the most extraordinary powers, and
among th point of marked superiority of. tblt favorite
remedy are these", , A,. .,,. -
Ipit contains nwinorpblne, wreiny-
tblnsr which will deranffe the- new
el or impair tho Appetite
ir?It centalne no deietorlon
stance whateTer.
JjjPThe effect la prompt and perma
nent. -
JjA a enro or preventatlvt) of
It ha no eoual. None who have
Ter need It have been attacked.
q .q"q 'q. q q , q 'vq (; q q
So not Confound It with any other prepara
tion pnt np by any person of similar name.
t h t b-h-h h h t.t h
Tlili Cough Oordlal baa been thoroughly tested thorn-
anda ot time, and In no eats baa it over failed! -
Bear In mind tbat thla Cherry Oordlal ia th prepara
tion of a regularly educated Practicing Phy4cUn,
point not to b lightly estimated by those who require
iterllng medicine, r -r
nun. W. Sic. Sia.. of Oloclnnatl. certifies to a re
markable euro of Aithroa, the patient being hit wife.
Th remedy th cordial.
.ihn R. Tulen. Km., of Cincinnati, testifies to a re
markable core of ehrcnlc throat disease by means of this
great remedy.
Raw. Sr. J. I. Chalfant, Presiding Xlder, (M.
nhnn-h. Davtan SlitricLl sail: "I cordUlly recom
mend Dr. ayer's 'wonderful preparation to those who
may b suffering from chronic catarrh ordlseuea of th
Throat and liUDgs.''
nlnnan Adams (of th well known Importing Dry
Ooods Home, Hnghe. Adami et vo.,) uincmnan, saye.
I heartily commend Dr. Ayer's Cordial as Justly de-
I..lhpltw I, hH att.lnfel''
Chas. atunro. Kta..OlnclnnaU, nys: ''I cheerfully
expiess my fullest confidence In Dr. Ayers medicine.
B. Bates, Esq. . writes form fifth Avenue Hotel,
Hew York: "I shall always recommend mv friends to
use of your Cordial, feeling, tbat it has effected, what
om of tne most eminent pnyiician id new i or a
Cincinnati failed to accomplish, vu: the curs ni nra.
Bates' ihroat."
T. J. Smerson. Iia.. Professor of Vocal Hnilc, Cln
clnatl, ays; "All other remedies having failed to cure
or relieve mv throat. I need Ur i. w. Avar's i; or dial
and am happy to aay, It effected an entire and perfect
cur. '
L. B. Eager, Constable, Cleveland, says: "With
use of Dr. Ayor'a Cordial (..experienced the most decided
relief, and bare no doubt of Its effecting a radical
permanent cure."
Rev. I. Q. Tucker, Brookville, Indiana, was cured
Coniumptton and testifies In the strongest farms to
wonderful efficacy of th cordial.
Ker. J. B. Allen, Pastor of th Preibyterian Church,
nrooklin 0.. cured of ohronlo bronchitis, says: "I
now able to oie my vole u well as at any time during
my ministry and with more effect and eomfurt. I
rejoio thatl applied to Dr. Ayer."
Equally atrong letters and testimonials from B.
BurlltoD, Bupt. of Bridges, Cleveland: 0. Banney,
Mamhant: N. Sanford. Merchant: C. A Van Ulike.
Stesmboat builder, Buffalo; Col. Crump, Ua&niba),
Mo.: 0. P.Johnson, Keq., City Attorney, Bt. Lonis.
Bev. A. J. Kan. Bprinir&eld, lilt: alose Chess,
Eiq . .Olrtl Bnglneer, Pilttbargh; and hundreds of others
have nan received.
For sale In Cincinnati by ' B. 80ANI.A.N At CO.,
1 holesal Agents, corner ronrth and aialn Btrsets.
Comer of Fourth snd Vine Itreels.
Alto, at Dr. A YXR'S Office, 30 Went laurtK Sired,
Cincinnati, and by Drnrsiits generally.
For sale bv Da. U. tt. BUM, noria-JCsitor-
ner of ktigb and men streets., , , , ,
Jan. M4-,-ieiuiuwiy . .,.
Liverpool, Montreal, Quebec,
and ' - '-, :i
The Uontreal Ocean Steamship Company's flril-etsss
fall-powered Clyde-built Steamers sail ewer 8a
front POBTLAND, carryina the Canadian
United Btates atsil and passengers,
NOVAflCOTIAN......Capi. McUasnrs,
BOHEMIAN Capt. Orange,
NORTH BRITON.. ....Capt. Borland, .
CANADIAN Oapt. Graham,
ANOL0 8AXON Capt. Balantlns,
HIBRRNIAN, i V U v . .
SUerteet Cheapeet andQalckcet Cen
vsyaac arvan
Will sail from UTKRPOOL every Wednesday,
and from QUKRH0 eTery Saturday anion
LONDONDERRY, totwelraoa board and land
Paseeneers. to and from Ireland and Scotland
Glasgow passenitr art furnished with rata
ncaets to ana iroaa aionaonaerry.
Return twieli rrantad at redaoed rats.
Aa mMritneed Sumon sttaohed to each steamer.
Certificates lamed for carrying to and bringing out
froia all th principal town of Orcat Britain
Ireland, at reaneM raua, oyini una oi ateainers,
rJ tlUU IWUUVWU a a wae uj saaiar uuv va BlvaiHC i
iMvln. f.tvarnaol averv week.
Vnr muun. arirjlT at th Oftloe. Sit BROAIfa
WAT, New Vrk, and 10 WAtH
BABEL k BEASLX, General Agents,;
nolO-lydaw Statesman Office, Columbus, Ohio'.
atade in the th officers of this Bank, January
1861, to wit: Wa- A. Platt, President, and
Moonn, Caahwr, rmlgoed their omce. Vivm Tavlob,
Baq., was than elected r resident and WM. . flatt
pointed Cashier. . ., ,,
By order of the Board of Directors. 1
fob 5, 1801-dtr. . W. A. PLATT, OasMer.
. janMdtf' 1 . -' "
r J. 0. W00DB.
fore It
'. DlMolution of CfpartnerilUp.'
X. IS Wl aay aiatoiTeu oy muuiai consent. -
- - , ai aniin.
feb8:dlmo ' '-.'; '
To Oixr Fatrona.
taklm account of Stack, w shall b commoelled
does oor itore on Monday, Tnesday, and Wsdauay,
febB ' ' ; , VP. BANE, 80 High St.
V " -
' iJt T. ,) ,
-' 1 i 'HJJ i
In store for tale by
- 14 Statesman Bnlldlng.
, ,,. ,WISIR DeLAINKS, '
- . WIMTISR PeLAHf B0. . 1-?2'1,
!frwtyleaadvry ctieapat . U
. .aofMy .-..( ,?l po. jsv joniu uigue.,.
v.t'UV ''I 1.
"Old Abe" U Coming.
Ai In tooth Carolina, tbe Palmetto lag
la lb eoawn amblaa or eaotaiioo inur.
lit Dot tha atar Spangled Batuttr mam Ant
in tua eiaio wnara u paopi irut pairwu art.
Th people bava hoped It, ant Lmooln la coming
To pal ui a run aerore itoom in, .
Anit all men of taite to Ui Aaetoi art rnnnlo t
BJT see Oan'ral Obium and boy new tulle of bun.
Ho man la mors free tram alee pride than "Old Abe" if,
And jot offloe eeeiert bad better beware,
lor the dreee of a man, oft the teet of hie (iradi b,
and Olothee mar enhance, or one'e ehincei impilr.
But, lot not "Old Aba" when ho vUlU onr elly, .'
Vlnd chivatru Aawn at ao lowadcollne, '
that our genie will appear In rough (orbs like old Pity,
iWhlle Obiloi, eheapie selling hit new olothlng tne,
Oolumbue, Fob. H, 1861-jlSt. - PiTBiOTIC. i i
0. Stand by the Flag of Oar Union.
. e
Then I no Um for prallmlnatlon, '
With the men who an foe of oar nation;
Onr Union has cost too macn itunaer,
Jait now to be riven atnnder;
Then stand by our flag, . .
Let no f teeman lag.
Oi stand by th Hag oftlt Union.
Bad times hava ws fallen upon Indeed j
'Til enough to make a freeman' heart .ilea,
, To so so macn iaca ot aevuuun,
In men of th highest promotion
Bat, stand by onr Sag,
, Let no patriot lag,
0, stand by th Hag of the VMon.
All th men of onr State Leirlilature,
And wkw men of whate'ar nomenclature, -
Of each honeat profession and grade,
Go to OiViTAt, City Aroaoi,
Where they find th flag,
- Iinot left to drag,
ButflostsasastyaofcUtfiion -
MARCUS CHILDS I a friend of th Union, sura,
Of whom u good suit you ean all procnr,
In accordance witn "late adrlcei,"
At the lowest of Union prices.
By which he can live
And a good trad give,
To prtterv th Flag of the Union.
23 and 98, SouPi JTlgk Slnete,
Is the piae where uuilpb mi enitcnwrs m(U,
"In accordance with lateadriccs,
Begardleas of secession vices,
Good Olothlng to sell, .
' That will fit men well.
And honor his love of th I nton.
A union of buver and seller he seeks.
,At hit i tore Juit between Broad and Stale Street,
T, ucrs nvuv ,ic ai.uwcu iw HtT, .lie DIUID,
With bargains they will sver deplore;
Then, go, one and all,
Giro HAUGUa a call,
' And stand by th Hag of the Vniun.
For alt TIlltOAT aaS
loclndlnt: WHOOPINU
COVOHf and every
Complaint the lorerno
ner ol, and even actnal
. .... ... aaa
ural OPlATKe adapted
t every epeclee ef Iwera
T TT von ComplalaU, Her
TOLU wane and Ohrnic
Headache, itbeunaa
Ham, Catarrh, Teelb
I ., and Ear Ache, Leas et
U..n.l tflmn
ANODYHE. I piaim..
No real Jnstie can b don th abov preparation
but by procuring and reading descriptlv pamphlet!.:
be found with all dealers, or will be sent by Proprietor
on demand. Formulas and Trial Bottles sent to Physi
elans, who will find developments In both worthy theii
acceptance and approval.
Correspondence solicited rrom all wnoa necessities or
enrioslty prompts to a trial of th abov reliable Bern
For sal by th usual wboleaal and retail dealer
JOHN Ii. llfJNNEWELL, PreprKrto
Ho. 9 CommsTOlal Wharf, Boston, Kass
Roberts a Bamnel. N. B. Mamie. J. B. Cook. i. U
Denig, O. Denlg At Sons, A. J. Bchaeller a Bon, Agtnt
tor Columbus, Ohio. myl-dly
Ia alt ease of coaUvenss, dyspepsia, billloa and Uva
affections, piles, rbcumatuna, revtrs and agues, obstl
aat head aches, and all general derangements of health
the PUls hare Invariably proved a eertala and ipeedy
dy. A slDgle trial will place th Life Pills beyond
th reach efcompctltloo la th eatlmaUon of every pa
Sr. U offat'a Phoenix Bitters will bs found equally ef
ttcaotoai la alleaee of nerrous debility, dyspepsia, head
ache, th sickness Incident to female la deUoat health,
and very kind of weakness of th digestive organ.
Por Sal by Dr. W. B. UOrrAT, 33S, Broadway, K. Y.
and by all Dragglal. - . . auyS-dawly
The following ia an extract from a
letter written by the Rev. J. 8. Ilalm, paster ot th
Plerrpelnt-8trt Baptist Church, Brooklyn, N. T.,lo
the "Journal and Messenger," Cincinnati, O., and speaks
volumes In favor of thatworld-reaowntd medicine, Ha
Wikslow's 8otbim Bvavr roa Ornisaa Tvrmix:
"W see an adrertlnient in vour eolamne of If as
WmiLow's Bootbim Btbdf. How w never said a word
In favor of a patent medicine before In onr Uf. bat w
feel compelled to say to yoar reader that this Is do Ban
bay wi Bivi man it, aud it to aa au, it
ouni, It is probably one of tha most sneeessfnl medl-'
dnesof theday. because It lson ot the beat. And Iho.
I of yoar readere who hT babies can't do batter than
lay In a supply.
eenrera anS
Wm. A. Batchelor'i Hair Dyel 1 '
The Original and Best In the WuhSI
All other are mere Imitations, and should bs avoided
Ifyou wish to eap ridicule, r .
CRAY, RBD OR RTJ8TT HAIR Dyed tartan Uy la a
beautiful and Natural Brown or Bask, without Injury to
HalrorBkin. .: 5 .
awarded to Wm. A. Batchelor slno Vm, and over 80,00
applications bar been mad t tbe Hair of his petroa
of his famous dyi ' ' -
n n, eu aAiuuaijva a uaw via ynraoaoi
or not to k distlngntshsd from nature, and I warranted
not to Injure In th Inst, howaver long It nay b eontfa
Bed, and th lit (Seoul of Bad Dyes remedied; th Hair
Invigorated for lit by this splendid Dy. x
iM In .11 !, .a n. - .V.. TT.I.a f).
Druggist and lancy Ooods Dealers.
ILTThe OennuM has th nam and addrasa upon a steal
plaU engraving en foar sides of aeh box, ef WILLIAM
JylH wly j Barclay street, Niw fork.
Ta CeaeutnpiiTee.
Tb AdrertUer, aayloi been rtstorad to baaltb la a few
aatiu I t a. i a a a
V a very slmpl remedy, after bavmis atsrsde
eral years with a sever lung affection, and that dread
disease. Consumption la anxious to auks known tokls
fellow-sufferer the means of cur, li ' i
Tcallwhadselr It, be will send a espy of tbenad
tion used ((A of charge), with th dlraetjons for ptena
Ing and uilcg the same, whloh they will tad a seas Cc
for Oolrstwmoa, Arraiu. BsoacBms, ae. Th only
object of lb advtrUssr fat (end log tb Presorlpttan Is to
benefit th afflicted, and spread Information which bcon
eelvts to be lnvaluabl, and h bop rtry eufftrar wilt
try hi remedy, as It wUI cost theat aotblng, and msy
pror a blessing. .vr-..
Parties wishing th prescription will please address
, ... .Kings County, Mew Vork. '
oct3 wly 1 ' -
W. A. Batchelor'i Hair Dye!
This splendid Hair Dye bas no qnaWi)atntaiiaa la
ffo-BautirBl Black or lataral Brown o staining
the skin erlnjailag tin lUir-rrmWresnieaceur sn
ffeet of Bad Syse, and Invlgorata tb bai for lire.
Mone are gennln an lem signed l'W, A. Batokelor."
Bold evsrywhere. ' ' '- a:i
.,.-ms,t. 0QAI. BATOHXtOB, Proprietor,
Jylwly - k .' BlBarclay Street, New Torx.
ABTIBTISRAtlltf . J 1 " ' '
lot th DJSTArt B1LT1P
and PBRH AHIbFT OUR1 of th
dUtwsstog somplslat ase '
;-.-.:... EN BT'I
Mad by 0. B. B1YMOUB CO., 1OT Baaaae m . T.
rno ei par noai r
r.1. C. LILL'EY'
noon n i rjxxjjix
' And Elank-Book KaBTofaatTirer,-
"TXEXANiiatfcff tall U1.UVLK. ' , -.
A. AllsiaaodolorsJnstopnedat , BATHS, '
- w itvwui align sinva,
vwt rsr.'!1"h?'jiw')TT e

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