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The Ohio Statesman
HiAjrjPKNinr muxeh, Publisher;
.V, .W Aa r S" AZ I A.fl , ,
o ti day opuolioat 'wt-
Tta Provisional Governmeut of Ute outhera
tJ , 'ConledsiCT. .
The follold ate in brief tho principal fea
tures of the prorlsioaaf government just or
ganizsd al Montgomery, WVUbame, by the dep
uties from AlabaSSA, Honda, UeOTglS, uuttiiii
aiia. Mississippi atd South Carolina rv
First. ,A constitution-has be adopted to
T,tlnuB in force one jear froni "-end afttr the
Inauguration of the Provisional President elect
ed under It, aaia constitution uewg
la lHt r.r our United States. It embraces.
however, .'section expres"stvJforblduinK the Af
i.: . I (r,1nTa 'm-ofou" vfuit tba Con-
rtwtaaB w.ey """""i r ' I
,.' th no'wer to prohibit; (be Uiroduotton of
.u.M irn .ne State not a member of the con
fsderacf, V rigid provision for the reclamation
.of lugltlva alaves, agd a provision for the eet
tlement of all matters between the State. of
the new confederacy, "and their Ute confeder
.tea of the United States In relation to the pub
i1.i"..n the Dublio"cebt,iof the late
''ynioojat the time of the separation 'pwtlve
if of tbe former States from the latter! ,
"l&e'o'ft(f. Toe provhiouaUoostilutloo luqnee
- .IJ that tbe Cowtreas tAereof.','ball
hae power tola and collect taxes, duties, l
pesle end eielsee, tor revenue necessary to pay
fc tbe debts and carrv"ofl tbe government;, of ths
J confederacy.". The Cwgerse thus empowered
-. ID IBV U. .un.
'.; goay:rj. To render Us legislative powerslcbm
' 'plete end effective, it baa elected Jefferson Da
"" Via.vf Miaaiaalppi. and Alexarider II, Stephene,
of Georgia, the prof laional President and Vice
. President of the confederation. In lieu- of a
Cabinet the President has been eothorixed to
appoint Congressional committees on foreign,
I' financial, military, naval and postal affairs; so
- that from this little elementary Congress we
""find that all the Departments and officials of a
si L-bmoact republican trovernmertt bafe beea ex-
-v traced, and tbe whole system baa been put Into
' ' practical working order. . . ' s ;
'i" ETlTie Jnurnal stlgmataes thoie members
of tbe House of RepresentaUres, wbo on yeeter
day afternoon, Toted against a suspension of the
rules, iv as to put upon ita final paeaage at once
.the bill irom lb Seaate. tutboriiing the State
" -m th. honii bf the United States, to
tbe extent of tho surplus Rerenue which we
now hare on bind and bare bad for some twen
ty four yeri,and belonging to the UoltedStates,
V :...Hn!th a view to aid "the ""traitors" i
Si 1 it .nM. il nfnPlM out Mti WI U
- oouaty for condemnation. . Our constitution hM
: wisely provided that unless by a vote of hree
fourths of the members tba rule be dispensed
with, that every bill lhall be read distinctly
1 e.nd fully on three different daye, before it shall
.Vpes the braneh ia which ft is being considered.
Tills rule is a great safe guard against hasty
and Improper legislation e.ud many members
are' un'aiUing to UUpense with it on any occa
sion Tbe t xtent ol tbe effence In this Instance,
is the effortmade by ibmeto preserve thle rule,
r- and require the bill to tke the usual course A
"more faithful and oooscienoibut representative
, tban-Mr Coimux does not occupy seat on
' the floor of the House, and his constituents will
r 1 1. .;nn h. referred '"
"""" 'At' tie great Union meeting in Boston last
- th. nmi. of. William .11. Seward and
ftnnniTi ui uia kihiu '
Cnerleo Francie Adams were received with ca
4 tbuslastieapplause. '
.'" A varv bad tbinir for those two gentlemen.
-vr Mln-samant Of aV HALOQ UUIUU lHOTUUH
M T"V Si ..linn tm
1 i . load iha ouffht to brok dowii adj public
Oil's State Junrnal.
ti..i..!J ,n( aniM i mm not contained In
A urn im
"th Uat four lines, as abote,' on 'the faot an
"nounced in the fire four, we extract from the
nhU Situ Journal of v esterday. The endorse-
ment of Boston Union meeting is, according
10 It, "A 100 TH4T OBOHT TO lUil BOWIt alTf
. -' ciuc maw," even Mr. Sxwaso, tfle seieeHio
' . 1 Premier of Mrt Lwoolii. Thus salth the Cen.
of ihti Reoubllcan party of Ohio,
only, however, now representing tbe Uusi,
i Dxnarsoii and Gunwos wing, which to-day ia
much the smaller fraction of the party. , On
the afternoon and evening of.the blghton which
; the above prasrpl ' pwn. 0
Orklt waehere,aBdIt now seemi to b un-
it.- .... . i J ... ilu mal U IML
s -well as other polats, to'whioh he hu prece
l ded Mr. Li-oous to argentic sn eflectiva force,
. . .t ' .v. ..M.t.t .lt . and nrca noon
to oeseige iuo r
' r bim the aecessity of setting Cov. Sx-o aside
, ,' aud potting Got. Cms )u his place. - When
' inaaa ucu BTS unil .
tha naraoraob. will be understood. j
j6U r O v . - . r -
We think Mr. Biwaia ar any otner nan
ti.'ka nMnd tof the endorsement. of a
.. t this time' be proud of the endorsement
, . Union meeting ifl Boston or any other place.
'11. , t''. 1 'I ' .-. '
' : HT The hundred and one applicant tor the
i .r IToIIa RtatfiH for the
- ma m Kinnu ui hib .
n ..... . ri.t nt A v.l i a inilr
. ;.. northern aistrict oi udi wi
' batandkeeo mcrvlDg. Tha present Incumbent
j", j( ia the eity and having made about all that he
f i .1 .' a4ntnLtrattna. will. DO
. t fOanouvoi wo jrwu .i.." . .
"-' ; doubt, turn his attention to "honest old Abe,"
'.' "and with remarkable solicitude do the agreeable
' " tdthFf,8eut5eg"' His paper, tho Aefioae"
Rmmi .eave up tha gboet' orf yesterday
. ' moruiBg, thus dying before s time, wmcn to
..jrn..ii)lnf March. Having thus mound-
' ad tha "arms of his rebell ion, bow can it be
otherwise than thai Mr. Lincoln will feel kind-
- "tt towiiu tha Marshal, who, Jet whatever King
msj.raigu "will be the Vicar pf Bray air" if he
casf '
' Scslgnatlons la tba limy and Ksvj
Since tha-aeeeaaion. movement oommeooed,
the following resignations have taken place in
the Army and Navy of the United States:
; In the Army, two lieutenant colonels, two ma-
; -. -iaM. ticht capUios, ten lieutenanU and four ca-
,. deU. . In tbe Navy, three captains, three oom-
Bandera, three pursers, two surgeons, two as-
eialatit itrreeODfl, sixteen liewtenanU, three mas
'.""ters, four midshipmen, and twenty eDg mld-
1 shipment
tT Seven persona were drowned on Sanday,
the 10th Inst., while attempting to cross a small
stream, In Meroer county, Illinois, to a sieign.
The puty oocsisted of an old man named Min
ty.Mrs. Mary Uaya and two children, Mrs.
Eliiabeth llodson and two children, and Mrs.
Biarge and two children. Mtnty saved himself
and cue of Mrs. Hodsou's children, by swim,
min'g. Mre- Hodaon temained .In' tbe sleigh,
hoMlng the other child, until ewistancs tmme,
when both were taken out alive, but tie mother
filed shortly afterwards..' "'r, ;t2 a,
The National Democrat.
Tlils pspcr Is dead ' The feat suggests some
refleotioas which we feel very muob fuciiutd to
make, but for prudtmUaL reasoua,and Wthey
might be misrepresented, we forbear, Accord
ioj 10 its own account (which, we do not bow-
ever credit) tbe paper must have had a eoaly ett
of patrons, or they would not hare been ee reck
less and Indifferent to (he dl;hrgef ( their ob
ligitlouSj.as it represeuts tbem. Tbe lact is
the concern was kept up by the efforts and aid
of Johns'jm and HatRisardN, and a few Deputy
Postmasters and Deput MarsbalB, vho' when
the Presidential eleollou was over, ceased to give
that attention to its wants which was necessary
to sustain life, and turning it over to Floco to
manage and provide for, its (ate and end was
only 4 4IIMlljn pf ito- We! ettrsqt from i
longirtlole Jntbe Dtmocrat of yesterday, the
following: I
"The times are sadly out of Joint." Less
than four months aeo, suoaey was comparative
ly plenty an abundsnt crop gave promise of
its continuance, and save that political clouds
looked dark and lowering, everything seemed
to persage abundance, not oalv of all tfaenecea
sariee and comforts of life, but tbe wherewithal
to purchase them. Tbe election af Mr. Lincoln
to the Presidency, on a declaration adverse to
tbe permanency of tne union tbe deep alarm
felt by the States of tbe South, that their righte
under the new Administration were not to be
respected, produced a change for the worse
Tbe stocks of the States became -nasal e, and
almost the entire currency of the State being
maae up oi Illinois, Wisconsin and other w est
era bank aotes, baaed upon tbe stocks of differ
ent States, depreciated, and alarm and distrust
took tbe place of confidence. During tbe past
week, in order to meet current expenses, we sent
out a t collector, and out of accounts pre
sented, which should have 'realised sufficient
to have kept tbe machine in order for a month,
he did not realize enough tor one day's current
expenses. , Everything about a printing office is
caen witnout It, It is impossible to carry It on.
Fully and truthfully Impressed with the truth of
these remarks, from and after this number, tbe
publication of tba; IVatfeaal Dmtoni will be
auepended, until such time ss money matters
may be easy, so tbat collection can be made in
an amount sufficient topty expenses. Until then.
arrangements are made lb furnish all wbo have
paid us for a longer period tbao tbey have re
ceived the paper, with that excellent Democrat
ic sheet, lust started at Columbus, by .Col. a.
MioAar, called Th Crisis. II is devoted to
tbe Democratic faith that has governed us. arid
Is, In all respects, an able, a sound sod a relia
ble Uemocratio sheet.
... i -. ,
ID A vigorous effort la being made at this
time, to obtain a place ia tbe Cabinet of Mr.
Lincoln, lor Governor Cbssb, -either by set
ting Mr. Siwasd aside, and thus securing tbe
Premiership for Caast, and if that fail, then to
make him Chancellor oi tbe-Exobeqer, and
glva bia tba keys oi the Treasury. The friends
of Governor Dimidon are said to be extremely
anxious and active In -this matter, having in
view, of course, the elevation of their favorite,
to the senatorial, robes which Governor .Cham
would neoessarlly cast off, if he were called to
ona'of (hi Departments. -IMr.'Lwcotn being
here to oieht. we suppose ha will be dillieentlv
sod Industriously 'approached on the subject,
GsitxiT biTiflg; when here, set all things In
that direction. "Watch and pray."
SaSafSasaaaM.-ai ,
UTThitilow Wiid, of tbe Albany Evening
Jeamal, was appointed a Commissioner to the
Peaee Convention at Washington, in place of
Aooison GaaniNxa, declined. Mr. Wiro his
written a letter to Governor Moroan begglog to
bs excused. xw.-j mo.
The Speech of "Working Men."
u There Can be nothing more miserably unfor
tunate, In tbe present alarming condition of tbe
country, than being obliged, to a treat extent,
to refer tbe dlffl rulties between tbe North and
the South to tbe members of tbe present
Coocreas. The truth is, tbe people have ae
confidence la a majority or taosa gentlemen,
however distasteful or disagreeable it may be
to them to bear it.
There is, to day,' among tba members such a
spirit of dare-derilism, of wanton recklessness of
all consequences to themselves, or to the nation
thev represent, sometimes manifesting itself in
trttiing, Uae a cmid or an laiot, who tbe must
serioua subjects, and sometimes in seeking s
malicious reveoire lor some imaginary personal
or political grievances, that one might select
from a group of inmates in the lunatic asvlum
on tba other side of Charles river, a set of men
quite as likely to adjust tbe great question of tbe
dav. - i- : " - -. ::
Loo at our own Kepreeensauvee in tne sen
ate. . It is all very easy for JUr. Samner, when
be reads the names ot some fourteen or fifteen
thousand of his neighbors, asking and praying
Sim, as their Senator, to agree upon seme terms
for an . adjustment of tbe quarrel now bringing
Dovertr and , ruin upon themselves and their
families It Is perfectly easy for htm; snugly
and comfortably seated In his parlor, with no
family to eara for, with a nice salary of three
thousand a year easy enough we repeat, for
bim to say with a sneer,' that this is all "gas"
all "wind." -.? A :.
Reverse the picture. Give Mr. Sumner the
position of one of ourmershauta, straggling to
sustain his credit and good name; give him tbe
place of the poor mechanlo, with bia wife and
children crying for bread, out of employment, In
despair for means of daily subsistence; let him
try to borrow a small sum for rent or groceries,
or fuel, with which to eke ont a cold, wretched
winter, and perhaps try in vain; and our word for
lt,: the tono and sentiment of the Senator will
nhanM at nnea. r Ha will eire no hie "war foe a
ttnttment.". He will be altogether willing that
a neirrd should work as well as a white man. A
little practical experience id uni irouDuioua anu
perplexing woriu is worm wuuueiy. more man
all the books in the British Museum. - :
8a of Senator Wilson, who cava a garbled
account of the'' memorial from Newburyport.
Let him corns back,' resume his trade, and pro
vide for fata family, for one quarter, with bis too
lone neglected kit of tools, sad there would be
no fear ol bis treating tnetr petitions ana pray
ara tcm a settlement wltb contempt.
We sneak to-dsy in behalf or thirty or forty
The Speech of "Working Men." thousand Working men.-Boston Courier.
The prominent novelists of the day are at
present engaged in 1 writing lor periodicals,
whlah crovee that saawnaea stories by nrsr-
elaas writers are an India peniible feature of the
moothllaj, and tbat to tbera writers look, to
Seat extent, for employment. ' Charles Dickens,
r instance, is writing bis Great Expectations"
for Harper's weekly, wnue na win soon re
sums his "Uncommercial .Traveler', series in
Onre-a Week The series of tbesa sketches
has already been published in book form,
Thackeray I writing lor tne uornntu raaga-
tine and Harper's new story, "romp." Mr.
Anthony Trollops will contribute a new novel
to Dr.'.Mackav's London Review. Mrs. Stove's
new etbry, ,The Pearl of Orr'a Island" appears
both ia the New York Independent and Oassell's
fXaMdon) Illustrated Papr. Mies Mulloch
auder an angacemeat. with the preprictors-of
Good Words, a Londoa journal, to write a new
aerial etory, to be aompletad la about twelve
months. . ,
Farmiugton Xlrsniett says: JlThls fearful dis-
hm is making sad ravages around na, in every
direction. Iu one email neighborhood in Ches
terrllle, wo understand that ten persons have
fallen ita victims within a brief period. Ia one
family the father died, while bia child wsf be
ing cooveved to its Dunai. - in another, tnrce
children lay dead in the bouse at one time, and
four more prostrated wltb the disease. Scores
of families la this and adjoining towns are
mourning the -Waa of one -or more loved onee,
who have bcenamltteo down with (bis fatal dis
ease." ' ' -
. - .-, , :
Th CoNNioTicipr Cowmssiowiaa. The gon
tlemen isppointed by Gov. Bncklnrham to at
tend the Convention of State -at Washington,
are Hon. Roe 8. Baldwin, of New Haven;
Robbins lUttell, of Norwalkj' Gen. James T.
Pr.it. f Roelff Hi'.li Amos 8. Treat, of Bridge
port; Judge AfcCnrdy. of Lyme, and Cbauacy F,
A noBmuuieatlon was received from tbe Gov
ernor extending sn invitation to the Senate and
Ha officers, to join the ' President elect: and nis
suite, at au informal entertainment at the Gub
ernatorial mansion to-morrow night (weanea
day) at 6 o'clock. -r-.-
By Mr. JONES, from the Finance committee
S. B No. 9S7 MakinK annronriatioos for the
payment of the temporary loan. : It appropriates
from any money la the .treasury belonging to
the Sinking Fond, the sum of $356,300, for the
payment ot the pnooipai ol tbe temporary loan
maturing March 1. 18CI: Read first time. '
- By Mr. HARRISON, S. B. No. 323-Fixing
the time of holding certain terms of the Dis
trict Cnnrt for Madison. Franklin, and f lcka
wtt odiinlies. and also certain terms of tbe
Court of Common Pleae, for Madison and Frank
lin vnnntiM Ths District Court (Fifth Die
trict) will beheld in Madison, o May 7 tb; in
Franklin on tha 9tb and in Pickaway on the
16th of May.v The Mooud term of Common
Pleas will be held in r ranxnn couuiy, eommvu
f!n Mav 20th. and ia Modi eon on June 24th.
The bill passed tinder the suspension of the
Roles. ' - u- v.. s - t
1 Ou motion of. Mr.' SCHLEICII, the rules
were suspended, aud S. B.927 For payment ol
the Temporary Loan; and tbe bill being read,
it was passed yeas 24, nays none.' Absent 11.
i 'u. pl-buii r. ft r ar,7 .Ta
uil ujuiiuu ui .
aaction 7 of -the Roed-ao of Jan. iu,
1653. was taken from tbe table. Tbe bill was
read a third time- and passed. '
Mr. HARRISON, from the Judiciary "com-
mtitna. ronnrteii back S. B. 158 For the ereo
lion of a New Penitentiary, recommending its
reference to the committee on tbe Penitentiary.
Agreed to, and the Senate, hnvin no further
business, aqieurura. ... , .
A eomtnunication was received from the Gov
tmM. covering tno corresronueuca uowoou
him and the Covernor of Kentucky, in relation
trt Willis Lieo. an alleged fugitive Irom jus
:... ...a thn Hiuwiuii of Virginia, in relatron
to Owen Brown and Francia- Miriam, alleged
fugitives from juBlice; which, with tho enolos
.it Mp,minntiHpniA. MAI ordered to be nrintcd.
S B. SC4-Provlding for a guarantee of
United Statea stock, to the amount of tbe sur
plus revenue in the possession of the State of
n. . a - a . . -. -
UniO was reu uro im wuou - -..
' Mr. VORIS moved that' the constitutional
rule be suineudcd. end tbe bill lead a second
and third time now, and be put upon iu pass
age. -
Mr. r.nN VERSE ol lotted to this hastv dil-
poaition of the bill unless be could understand
tbe reason lor tne nnste, ana nopeaau cxpiaua
tinn wonld be made. - ..-; : -
' Mr. ROBINSON eirained,' and submitted a
correspondence betweeu the Secretary of tbe
Treasurv of the United StaUs and the Governor
of Ohio, in which tbe Uoited SMiei Secretary of
tbe Treasurv asks tbat tbe stale or uuio enaii
endorse the Uoited Stiles bonds, to the amount
of the surplus revenue on deposits with this State
since 1836, which was something over two mil
lions of dollars tbat being necessary to make
tbe Uoited Stake bonds saleable ia the market;
and that it was important to have the measure
adopted Immediately. - ' ' . -"J
Mr. WOODS explained that this was necessa
ry, and that It would not involve the State in
any new- responsibility because the money Is
due the Uoited States witbtnooe year from call
tbatitwse only a' question whether we will
prepare to pay over immediately this two mil
lions, or loan tbe credit of the State instead Ol
iha navm.Dt of a debt actually due. - - 1
Mr. CONVERSE said he had heard of this
matter, not more than ten minutes ago; and be
had not the means of Judging of the property ot
this aci' He was not convinced of tbe Justice
of involving tbe State in this manner. Even In
r '.f the Canital ot tha United States was
threatened with Invasion, be did not think Mat
would warrant bim in voting a debt of two mil
lions in this haatv and iooOBSiderata manner. .
Mr. PLANTS said, at this time, in this hour
of peril, when oar mints are seized, and trea
son ia abroad, he would - be astonished at this
objection, has he not ceaeed to be astonished
long since - Wa owe the money, and the Gov
ernment asks only the credit of tbe State in
this hour of peril, and this time of the nation's
need. - How an wo hesitate a moment. '
Mr. DEVORE thought it was a bad practice
to endorse in any case. It might be proper in
this case) bnt be would advise tbat we take
time to examine tha subject, and see that we
tnaka no misstep. - ' '
' Mr. KRUM said he did not feel so deeply for
this Union as soma professed; bit if wa save
the Union, let ns sot aa though we thought it
worth something. It is only proposed to become
responsible for-wbat-we- actually owe; but
whether we owe it or not, we nave jus pieagcu
ourselves to sustain tbe General Government
with all the resources of the state. - lie would
not only pledge tbe faith of the State, but tbe
resources and tba men of the Stats. 9 . ,
Mr. V0RI3 referred to the faot. u bad
not supposed a man present,- would hesitate to
rote for this measure. He referred to tbe very
recent rote of this House, piedglne the resour
cea of tbe Slate in support of the lnlted States
government. i 1 1 i c : .. r ..
Mr. WOODS further explained the oharac
terof- tbe transaction, and demanded, of the
House and bia Demooratio .friends, bow . tbey
could thus permit the General Government, ap-
iwalinr as It does, through this Democratic Ad
ministration, for help, to suffer for the want of
meana tbat we lastly owe. How can we refuse
so iuii a resMnM to this call for help?
" Mr. McSCHOOLER would vote for tba meas
ure as a relief to tbe government, though, ss a
business transaction, be was not sura of ita pro
priety, since the Sum would still be liable Tor
tha aiirnlm mrnnB." ' ' :ii
. Mr..WO0D3 explained that the State could
not be sued, and, of course, as a transaction' of
good faith, we should not be bound tor It. a '
, The yeas and nays ware demanded on the mo
tion to suspend tbe rule, and resulted yeas 53
navs 25. ti ,t , cm.-' '
Mr. HITCnCOCK then moved that the rule
be suspended, and the bill beread a second time
now on wbicn toe yeas ana nays were uemanu
ed. resnltlng veas 68, nave 20 l . .;
, On motion of Mr. CONVERSE, the bill was
then ordered to be printed in advance of other
n-intlhff ef the House.. , .. . .- ' '.
S. B No. 237 Making appropriation forth
payment of tne temporary losn. 1
S. a 22? -Fixing the termsof courtier Frank
tin. Madison, and Pickawav couoties..
. S. B. 267. To amend see. 7 of an act relafing
to roads and highways. And.
S. B 220 To provide for the payment of tbe
Commissioners to meet at Washington Were
read a first a me., i , ,- t
- On nrntian nf Mr. DEVORE the- resolution
Inquiring of the Bjard of Public Works if the
. . - . ti i . ski t
revenue arising from tbe same, will be sufficient
to sustain them during the present fiscal year,
wae taken from tbe table and adopted .
On motion of Mr. WOODS, bis resolution, In
quiring of tbe Board of Publie Works why cer
tain questions propounded by ths House oa tbe
84th alt. la relation to certain checks were not
answered, was taken from tbe labia aod adopt-
fji.. . s . . ...
Oo motion orMr. VINCENT.the rule was sua
oended and 8. B. 937, was read a second time
mnA mmtTTA in tha commltte oa Finance. '
Mr. STOUT moved that hit resolution of In
quiry ss to the instruction or certain trades id
the asylum for tbe deaf and dumb, be taken
from the table, which was disagreed to. . ' ;
-1 Oo motion, the Uoure sojourned-
Wlimtes of yesterday read and approved V .
8. B.S2I -To ameud the act for tbe printing
and ' distribution of publie decuraente. Tbe
bill psesedi yeae C2, nays 2, absent 11.
1 There being oo further business he Senate
took ajrecess ootll 2 o'clock. ti ,
Prsysr by ttf'Rev". Pr. Hogs.,- 1
Tbe following memorials were prcscpKd end
referred: - i !; . ,mi .'a,Tj . rl
By Mr. THOMPSON, of Perrv. from Jobn H
Kelly and 10 others, and Georne W. Dill and
25 others, and J. B. Dean and 3 others of Per
ry county, against tbe passage of tbe Senate
Bin in relation to tbe removal of tbe county
sealed Perrv Caunt-r' wuicD were ordered to be
uy Mr. GAMBLE, from Joseph Burns and
21 other citizens of Coshocton county against
the immigration of colored persons. -- -
TM Air. BUSS from John Keed and. 130 oth
ers of Carroll county, in favor of the removal of
tne oounty seat of Carroll county. 1 ' .
uy an. ULfcUibil trom a. T Sinclair ana
no others - of Rloblsnd county, for a provision
to make litigants pay oourt expenara. '
By Mr. McSCHOOLER, from G. D. Lounebery
and several others of Pickaway county, for the
redemption of the Seneca county .Bank Notes.
Also from W. W. Nixon and 37 others for the
same object.
By Mr. MYERS, from S. Gorden and fifty-
one others tor the Bale ot tbe Public Works,
8. 11. 227Tn anthnrlza tha snarantaa of
United States Bonds was read a second time.
When. - ,--'.
Mr. CHASE moved-tbat the Bill be referred
to tha Judiciary Committee, on which the yeas
and nei were demanded, and resulted yeas 40,
nays 45.
Mr. BROWN moved that tbat the constitu
tional rule be suspended and tbe Bill be read a
tnira time and nut unon lis passage now. -
Mr. PLANTS advocated the present nassaee
of the bill.
' Mr. TANNEYHILL also urged the passsge
oi tne Din as sn sot ot paiuauou. - :.
The House relused to suspend tbe rules; yeas
57, nays 29. Three fourths of those voting being
ueceasary to suspend tne rule.
Tnose who voted In tbe negative were Messrs
meeker, Carlisle, Chase, Converse, Curry, Ua
tore, Fellows, Grmble, Hughes, Hutchepson
Jacobs, Jones of Hamilton, McConnell, Mo
Schooler, Moore. Mvers, Parr. Pcarce. Powers,
Renainger, Shaw, Skinner, Slnsscr, Snyder,
Stiers, Taylor. Westcott. White. Winner,
Tbe same votes were oast against tbe suspen
sion oi tbe Kule on the same bill yesterday,
exoept that Mr. Slussor then voted yea.
The follow iutr bills were read a second time
aud referred:
II. B. 337 Supplementary to "an act for
opening and regulating roads aud highways,'
passed January 27, 1853. '
II. Bt338 Amendator; to "in act to punish
certain crimes tbsrsiu named," passed aud took
etTuct March 18, 183'J. 37 vol. Stat. 74.
H. B. 339 Making an appropriation to purch
ase lands In the Lewbtown reservoir. '
II. B. 340 To amend "au act to' amend an
act to regulate enclosures, aud to provide,
against trespassing animals," passed January
IB, 184U, passed lobruary 3, Ittttf.
H. B. 241 Athorizing certain certain crlmi
nsl Jurisdiction in tbe probate court of Geauga
county. a
H. B. 342 To enable hutbandeof insane wo
merr to convey real estate freed" from the right
of dower, and for other purposes. '
iH.B. 313 To amend an eel to amend the
act prohibiting any citiien' of this State from
holding, by appslntmcnt, more than one of sev
eral offices therein named, at tbe same time,
Disced March 20, 1859. ,
U. B. 344 Supplementary to "an act to pro
vide for the creation and regulation of incorpo
rated" companies."
II. B. 345 Supplementary to sn act to pro-
ride lor tbe creation and regulation or Incorpo
rated companies. 1
. K. B. 346 To" repeal an act therein named
H. B. 347 To amend seotion 92 of sn act of
tba jurisdiction and procedure before Justice j,
H. B. 343 To amend section two of an act
to regulate the sale of school lands and tbe ear
render of permanent leases tbeeto. -
II. B. 220 To provide for the oompensxtloo
of tbe commissioners appointed by the State .o(
Uhlo to meet with commissioners ot other States
at Washington City, Feb. 4, 1861".
S. B. 223 Fixing time of holding certain
terms of oourt for Madison, Franklin, and Pick
away counties, for tbe year 1861.
S. B. No. 78; by Mr. JONES-To. provide
for locating, establishing,' and . constructing
ditches, drains and water courses was re.td a
third time, when
' On motion of Mr. CARTER, it was laid upon
the table -
. On motioo of Mr. ROBINSON, a tnobsand
extra copies of the correspondence of Gov. Den
nison and,lhe Governors ot Kentucky end Vir
ginia, relative to certain fugitives from justice,
were ordered to be printed. ------
i, S. B No-193 To amend an aot entitled an
act to amend the act entitled, "an aot regulating
appeals to the District Court,'-' passed March
10, 1857, was read a third time, and pissed
yeas 75, nays none. '
H. B. No. 271 Br Mr. UADDOW-To au
thorize the lessees of ministerial seotion num
ber twenty-nine, la Warren ' township, Wash
ington county, to surrender their leasees and re
ceive deeds was retd the third time, when
Mr PLANTS explained tbe provisions of
the Bill. ' It was tbeo passed yeas 75, navs 3.
Tbe House tbeo took a recess till two O clock.
RietNTLT Id England, died at the ace ef
ninety-seven, a woman, whose name is believed
to nave been Betty Jbavln. for about nfty years
she resided in Wigan, and during tba whole of
that period has been known as Jobn Morpny,
having appropriated tbe rrab and assumed the
habits of a man, and this so eueoessiuiiy, that
none have discovered the cheat, or even bad
their suspicions aroused. During; her residence
inwigansne basioiiowtd tne occupation oi a
hawker, and as such bas beoome known to a
leree circle of customers: she has also been on
tbe relieving; officer's books for the last twelve
months, and bavine been ill she bas been visit
ed bv Mr. Beaton, union surgeon- to ail these
she has been known as the mas John Murphy,
snJ, what Is still more singular, she did not,
previous to bcr decease. Inform any person of
the deceit she bad so long practiced. -.
Hoatoi GsciLtT, in bis organ, tho Tribune,
declares tbat he prefers tbe principles or the Ke
publican partj to fifty Unions. Tburlow Weed,
through bis organ, tbe Albany Journal, In reply
to the sentiment of Greeley, asserts that be
prof era the Union to fifty Republican parties.
If we understand the gentlemen, Mr. Greeley
le fifty times more favorable to the principles of
his party than be Is to tbe union ot tne states,
and Mr. Weed is fifty times more favorable to
tbe Union of the States than be is to tbe Re
publican party. Il does not require much sa
gacity to discover tba tendency of each ot tbe
opposing sentiments thus eipressed, nor would
It be very material whether they were expressed
or not, nor by whom, u tbe same sort ot Inter
est did not divide the members of Congress,
and prevent tbe removal ot tbe present lrr pend
ing and disastrous crisis. Baltimore Amertetn
' An Inkshal MacniNB Iudko. Oo Spiine
4 fierd-corresponacnt Informs us -that some time
ago a mysterious lookmg box was scat by ex
press from Tennessee to President Lincoln, wbo,
mindful of the old adage as to the danger
accepting gifts from enemies, declined to open
It. Accidentally, however, tba contents of the
mysterious case cams to light, and it waa ascer
tained tbat the supposed infernal machine was
nothing more nor lees than the effigy ol an Af
rican. No better illustration of tba infernal
machine could have been Invented. Tbe irre
preesible, almighty ulgger is ths Trojan horse
of the Republic, and also tbe bomb which is
explode and blow Mr. Lincoln's party Juto ten
thousand fragments, leaving only a corporal's
guard, under tbe Chevalier Webb, to pick op
tne pieces. iv. x. eres. . k. i
. A GioaNTic Pao;rcT. It la said tbat ths Em
peror Napoleon baa given bis sanction to the
i project m ouiiamg a railway Between vaiais
and Dover. This undertaking,' probably the
most stupendous in .the bistory or tbe world
oontemnlates tba tunneling of tbe British chan
nel between tbe pointe above named i distance
of nineteen miles. It is Intended, we believe,
to build a Dumber Of stations, or islands, along
tba route. Tba bed of tba channel along tbe
proposed route bas been ascertained to be of
solid rock, which will render the proposed tun
nel, when completed, impervious to water
Contractors are busy preparing their estimates
of tbe probable expense oi the worn. ,
. iV . ; '
Et President Tyler Is described as besrlng
big great age with remsrksbls grace.' lie Is
tbe ssms slim, tall looking, high-bred, Virginia
gentleman, bis striking features still showing a
high degree of mental activity. He bas that
characteristic which Napoleon 1- considered
tba mark of Intellectual superiority a promU
nent nose. His eye is keen and gentle, and re
fleets the anlm&l vigor which is undiminished
braes. '" -
;tw JiCr; , i-
Mississippi wants to borrow 12,000,000 to
carry ou the war. . Well, the tlmee ars a little
nard with as at presew, oui toan ivuwimw'
such a model of a debtor that wa ooo't like to
refnaa her an little accomodation In a peouni-
ary way. What terms does she propose for the
loan she wants TMuueUMrfearaas.:;. -
Tit roa Tar. Greelev laid but Seward at
Chicago, and 8eward laye out Greeley at Alba
ny. Hbs last blow was severe. It waauree
ley's lost ohanoe, for his party will be swept
from power iorever in tne next election.
Tha Mnntnnr' Iron Works, the largest in
State, with one single exception, have stopped,
and at least a tbousana men nave oau mrowa
out of work in tbe dead of winter. Philadelphia
Prtn. j x .- r l t. , v i n .-,
i A - - - " ' '
Tlmrsday Evening, Feb, 14, 1861.
Or life-Moving Mechanical IxhTliUcy of rtb
ma iy isdu s$d Tax ateo r szeeutoxt
Tbe most thrUltol of all modern Miracles, tubraUii
and aitoundlng conbtaatlon of
30,000 of Moving and Acting Models of
t .Men, Horse, and Animals.
It la not a Panoraui'a. painted on a few huiwlrod foot of
Sat oanvaal, but U a llariling ana ieiiuiui ri"
of actual oeoariencea, rMuwl! with bewllderlna mm.
w -.1 i-.l anilnwad b nnlUl With to
coctmoUoTa.' 1-pm.IomjI voUUo. el Mm. Xt to
the moit eomplett aod expeualve oonptDd or art tvar
e irvarkiwunn mn nliht at 8U e'slock. Boors
nnn at 7 o'clock.
TICKETS 25 Cte. CniLDHEPI 15 Cta.
Hj Afternoon xhlblUon Saturday at S o'clock.
JO'MualaluatUndapee. ; ( fsbWdlw
Sheriff's Sale. -.
Woodbury Ce-
' Superior Court.
- va. -Oeorie
W. Allen
XJ to ae dlreotad, from the Buparior Ooartot Fraokllo
t viiiAtritprnpaalala aha town oi Mew Ar
banT.at the store room of O.W.Allen, a lot or Dry
Oooda and Motions, lerled on ae tho propertr of O. W.
Allen; wis commencing on M0NOAY the SSth day of
rebraarv A. D. ISSl,at juo'oiocka. ai. .
-, O. W. UDVfMAN, Sheriff,
feM3:IO!d ' By Kb. Davie, Pep't.
Printer's foes a3,00; .
' - fa a
. 4 foe TM? nz trt Of THC
Thursday Evening, 4 Feb.'?' 14; at
Armory . Hall. -V, .j
Tickets of Aalmlasleaii 25 Cents, i
febUdta : - ; . -
' Land for Sals.
1 new lam. ituated In tho eountv of Marlon aul
8ut of Ohio, on the big Seioto Elver, aia Biles west
the town of Uarton; It ia all feneod In, about 30 acne
dead oed from four to eight joan. A' good new rrame
House on It, about SO acreeclcared; a good log Stable;
about ISO young fruit trees; a first rat Well of water;
tne deeding Is well set In to tame grace, and the big
Scioto for etorkwater. And I will Bake 100 acreamoro
ready for lb plow, tare off all tne timber, andor Alteon
Incbee, soaa to make ISOaeree of plowland The land
laortbeverybettqualitj.andlwllltako V2& per acre
for It.' - f ooneider tt wortk a toaat thirty Utrao par ee
with 100 aorea more oleared, but I must tall it, trnra
fore I will out It down too dollars below what I think
worth if I were notobliged to sell. I have alto another
half aeotloa for sale, lying In the same section, one half
deadened, which 1 offer for $ 15 per acre. Heferenoa oan
be had by calling oo Joeopb Renick who knowa all about
the land, or on tne proprietor in jaanon.
lebl-W4W warn rn.
Tho Premium Horse for Sale.
GAN UORBK, CUAltLIK, Is offered for sale.
This Horse Is four years old, a dark bay color, and was
aired by the celebrated -
lie Is sound and perfect In every particular.
- Regarding the mams of tbe Bone, I am permitted
refer to the following gentlemen: David Taylor, Stq.,
Robert Nell, EtqR. Kevins, Btq., Ool. M. Blmontoo,
C. 8. Hotel; Dr. J. Williams, Clerk of ths Horse Do
psrtmeotof the Board ef Agriculture; B. M. Williams,
W. Williams, J. O'B. Bennlck, Esqrs.; W. A. Piatt,
Esq., State House Commissioner; A P. Stone, Treasur
er of State; R. H. Geary, Xsq.; i. O. Beamy, Prosecu
ting Attomey;0ol. M. H. Swajrna, Hon. G. M. Parsons,
Pita J. Matthews, Judge Superior Oourt; Joseph Hol
lenback,' Dr. Akin, tioodalo House; Hon. Bam. Gallo
way, A. W. Dolson, Buckeye House: Hon. J. Walcut,
Col. Northrop, h. B. Wilson.
Por particulars oall on the subscriber, at his Soap Fao
tory, foot of Prtrod street, Onlumbua, Ohio. .
fobl-diw .- HBNBY JtllRIOIl, Proprietor.
1 coodf ARM. the undivided half of STORK BUILD
INd No. SS, Horth Hirh Street. -Corner High Stmt and
Lynn Alley. If not disposed of by the 1st of April,
Stor will be for rent. .
. ALSO, -
on th same terma, or for deslrabl CITT PROPERTY,
a well selected stock of FAMILY GROCERIES.
Twenty Vary deslrabl BUILDINGS LOTS, situated
Washington Arenue, North of Broad Street.
ljTermi to suit purcuasera.
' ' AND
rtr), r will ftltcod to tb
, All orders Wl at lb Offlc of th Satteman will
promptly attended to. ;-- - Jabll-tf
stock of DRY GOODS from No. 131 South lllgh
strt, to his old stand. No. 46 North High street,
Thompson's Building, whsr he will bo pleased to see
his old customers, and all new ones that may eoma, where
be will Mil them eheav goods. ,. --,-A
Urn lotof CARPETS on hand, which will be soM
at coat, ror cash, to, close the stock. . .
- - . B. H. TAfT,
JanlBMlm Corner High and Oay ttt., Columbus. 0,
."8nperlor Oriental, ' 1 '" " ' 1 ,
Pin Kanasler, '
""' ' Four Aces, (extra) ." . .
- American Shag, "
' ' i Bird's ire. fPnlonl
in ptrrssetf also, BTenlncry Sn cut m barm I t..if
Barrels, in nor bim ror eaie ny
vebll 34, Ststasman Bnl Idlng.
Th most graosful aod eltgant aklrta yet offered for
ale. A new lot Just opened by PETER BAIN.
dec.ll. No. t South High ttre J
, ly S5sBtss yard. Bkh fancy Silks at W ceott
yard. : ,v i
. , ... - PBTIR BAIN, ,
, deeSOt '14 .t ' .. Ne.JStth lUgh Street.'
.at i - ;. I ..
Fw-fttUly -
ar lease i. I'apan.i
.. -
Best Cough Medicine in tba World!
Remedy . of the . -Age ,1
roa thc sretor ano cxrtaii otsi or
Coughs, Colds, Throat Diseases, Hoarseness,
Oroup, Bronchitis, Asthma, Early btage
v Consumption, Spitting Blood, Night
- Sweats, Feverish Condition, &.o,i ,
' ' r y ' '- 5
PriooSl." i
Of the treat remedies whloh r. Avaa (of the' Throat
and tang Inatltute, 90 Weat fourth Street, Cincinnati,)
has offered to the public, there la none which haa given
auohonlveraalsatliractlon In hie twactice aa ths "Pet-
aon Onaxav Goidul." t
ft'soaieeses ths moet sxtraordinsry powers, and
among ths potato of marked superiority of this favorite
remedy are these: '. i ,. C'-'1
TT7it contains tte irUrphlao eraar
thiata; wUlch will derange tlie Bow
ela or Impair tba Appetite.
JJ3It cantatlna no deleterious anu
etanco whatever. . .
HjTbe elfaet la prampt stud perma
jTJAa a cure or preventative of
I P T EC 33 H. I A
sa Haa ma canal. None who have
aver used It have been attacked.
B'B-q q-q-q q-qq-q q
' So not Confound U with any otber prepare-
tloa put sp by any person of similar name. ,
h'h h h h,h h h h h h
Ibis Oouih Cordial has been thoroughly tested thous
ands of times, and Id do ease bas It svsr failed!
Bear la mind that this Cherry Cordial la the prepara
tion ef a regularly educated Practicing roy.isiui
point not to bs lightly estimated by those who require a
sterling medicine. .
oa. W. Rica. Iia..of Olnolnnatl. cortiles to a re
markable onto of Asthma, the patient being bia wire.
Ths remedy the cordial. v ,
lr.hr, R. Detara. Km., of Olnolnnatl. tostifUs to a re
markable core of tbrcnic throat disease by means of this
great remedy. . ) j .,
Ra. Sr. J. r. Chalfant. PreaiJIns Ilder, (U. I
Charch. Barton District.) aaia: "1 cordially reoom
mmnil Dp. Aer'a wonderful Tire Da ration to those who
ay bs suffering from chroalo catarrh or diseases ef the
broatana tnoga." ,, j
Solomon Adama (of ths well known Importing try
Ooode Heuse Huahes, Adams At Oo.,) Cincinnati, says:
I heartily oommend Dr. Ayer's Cordial as Jus lly de-
ervlag we iceuurtiy it nas atiaioea-'-
Chaa. Ifunroe, Esq., Cincinnati, aayr 'I cheerfully
express my fullost confidence ta Dr. Ajer e medicine
- B. R. Bates. Esa.. writes form fifth Avenue Hotel,
Maw Tark: "l shall always raeommend mv friends to the
use of your Oordial, feeling, that It bas effected what
some of tbe moet eminent physicians In New York and
Cincinnati failed to aosempliah, vi(: the ears of Mrs
Batea- inroat." J t , , ( . i , , .
T. J. Imerson. Bio.. Professor of Vocal Music. Cut'
clnatl, saya. "All otber remedies having failed to sure
or relieve mv throat. I used Dr I. W. Avar's Cordial,
and am happy to aay, It affected aa entire and perfect
cure." . , j,,. y ,,.-.
I. B. Karer, Contlable, Cleveland, says: "With ths
use at Dr. Aerl Cordial l.epeiieueil the vast decided
relief, and hare no doubt of Its effecting a radical and
permatKot curs." . .... ,
Rev. B. O. Tncker, Brookvlllo, Indiana, waa cured of
Consumption and tealiBea In tho strongest terms to the
wonderful efficacy of the oordial.
Rev. J. B. Allen, Pastor Af tho Presbyterian Church,
Brookllne 0. cured ef ohronto branch Uie. aaya) "I am
now able to use my voles as well as at any time during
my ministry and with mors effect and comfort. I now
rrjoloe that I applied to Dv. Ayes, If, , ;
Iqoally atroov letters and testimonials from S. J.
Burlisoo, Supt. of Bridges, Cleveland: H. Bannay,
Mershaat; M. Saaford, Uerchantt O. A Van Slyke,
Btetmboat builder, Buffalo; Ool. Crump, Hannibal,
Mo.; O. P. Johnson, Bsq., City Attorney, St. Ioula.
Bev. A. J. Kane, Springfield, Ills; Moses Obese,
Bsq . i Civil Bnginesr, Pittsburgh; and ban Jreds of others
base been rewired. i , i ,
For eale In Cincinnati by X. B0ANLAM k. CO.',
Wholesale Agents, corner fourth snd Main Streets.
Corner of Fourth end Tins Streets.
Alto, at Dr. A YZJt'S Office, 30 Wast fourth. Street,
Cincinnati, and by Drunlsto generally.
VorsslonyDR. G. DKNIQ BOX. Worth Sut cor
ner of High and Rich streets. . t , .
Jan. ss;-ieTua;inwjy .j
TO ANSI t'HOltl -
Liverpool, Montreal, ' Quebec,
and - i .!. I'.VJI :
The' Montreal Ooean Bteamehlp Comeny'a first-lass
full-powered Olyde-hotU Steamers tall everw Hat.
arttaw from PORTLAND, carrying tb Canadian and
United States Mall and paaaengera,
NOVASCOTIAN Oapt. McMaaters, , ' ,
. . 1I0QRMIAN .....Oapt.Orange , 1 '
NORTH BHITON Oapt. Borland, ,
CANADIAN Capt. Graham, ' !
, , NORTH AMERICAN.. Capt. Alton, -
ANGLO-SAXON CapU Balantiaa .,
H1BRRN1AN, , . r.
Nhartest, Cheapest and tlalckcat Qoa
vtyaacs grata - -
Will all from tTYBRPOOIi every Wednesday-,
and from QUBBBO every Natarday , calling at
LONDONDBRRY, to receive on board and land Malls and
Passengers, to and from Ireland and Scotland.
Glasgow passengers ar furnished with ran passage
nonets u ana irom ionoonaerry.
Return tickets granted at reduced raise.
: An experienced Burgeon attached to each steamer.
Certificates Issued for carrying to and bringing out pas
Sanger from all th principal towns of Great Britain and
Ireland, at reduced rates, by this Un of steamers, and
rearing urorpooi arery em. i
For passsf, apply at th Office. 83 IfltOATU
WAV, New Yark, and 1 WATU HT.,
8A8EI BSASIS, fieneral Agents, -Or
to- J. R. ARMSTRONC, .
nolO-lydfcw Blstsansa Offlce, Oolemsus, Ohio.
a. maoo in in to oinosrs oi this Hank, January Hvth
lhUl, to wiu ws, A. VLarr, President, and Tnoaus
moonra, Cashier, resigned their ones. Darin Tavlob,
Bsq., waa then elected President and Wm. A. Putt sp-
pnuieu i Miliar.
j By order of ths Board of Directors,
fob 5, 1861-dtf. W. A. PL ATT, Cashier,
Jsa S9 dtf .
J- 0. WOODS.
y Dissolution of Co-partnership.
THE riRltt OP J. II. BAIITn tk CO,
is this day distolred by malaal oensetit.
1 , . J. H. SMITH.
febfUlae , , . A. 0. BRUSH.
To Ou.x Patrona .
taklni aoeount ef Steek. w shall be otnmMlled to
close our store ea Monday, I ssdayt and Weunecday, of
toe coming weea. ,,
icuy , . . s. 9an,muigaau
at. ,- -r 1 "Sr.'t ,. -
- r ' ) - . ,.i .....ja.. .- -
la stars for salsby - ' .t t ,-JJt
fW - -itt.t I - i , 94 Btafessnan Tlulldlnf.--
WlItTFIl DeLAUvFN. .. , ' .
1 " WINTBR DeLAINBS, ' 4 '-" - ' lt
NewstTWsandvsry aheap at ... BAIN'S
- BOMM. I? Ne.dO Slh Dlgh Street.
- 1 t t'- a A 1
WHitrr faria
O, Stand by the Flag of Our Union.
O, Stand by the Flag of Our Union. BY PATRIOTICA,
There le no time for pralimlnatloo.
With the men wbo are foes ot oar nation;
Our Union hu soet too macb thvndtr,
.... Jmt now lobe riven asunder;
. . Then eland by our flag, 1
Let no freeman las.
1(0, aland bj ths Mag othtCnlon-
i i I
Red times have we fallen upon indeed; -'lis
enough to make a freeman's heart tiled,
... To eae oo much lack of devotion, , .
In men of tho blRheet promotion -
. But, etand bj our (lag
; 1 ! let no patriot lag, '
O, Hand bf the tlag of Ms Onion.
.' All the men of our Slate LejIiUture,
And wiee moo ot whate'er nomenclature, "
Of each honeil rofeelon and grade,
OotoOariTat OiTV Arcim, a -
I ' Where Iher And tha ea.
. , ' - Ienot left to dray,
I But floata u a Sim at (as Futon.
x,' ri
UlUOCi CHILD8 la a friend of the Union, fata,
Of whom u good suit you can all procure,
In aeoordanoe with "late ad rices,"
- At lbs lowest of Union prices. .
. By which he oan lire
, Anda good trade giro,
; Ts prsservs tbe Flag ef Vie Vn Ion. ; "
23 and 85,&trfA ITiokStrtett.
Is the place where CHILD!) bis custt men Bests,
. , . "In aeoordanoe with tots advices,''
- ' Regardless of secession vices, - '-
' 6W0lolhio tosell,
' That will fftnrtn well. '
" "And honor his torse the Vnlon. 1
A Union of buyer snd seller he seeks.
At blsstors jnst Mmss Broad and State Street,
Where none are allowed to leave the Store,
! With bargains they will evr deploie;
' Then, fo, one snd all, i '
- Oir MARCUS a entl.
; And stand hy ibe flag of tie Dkion.
"Old Abe" is Coming.
Aa In South Carolina, (he Palmetto tag
is ins cnosen emoiem oi eeoeaeioa tuerr ,
Let aot the Star Spangled Banner bow drag
au us state wnero ute people true patriots ars.
The people have hoped It, and Linoolr Is eoming
to pay us a nut oeroro iwom In:
And i
men of taste to the Aaoaoa ars running
To sec Gen'ial CniLoe and buy nis euttt c
of him.
No man Is mors free from alee prf) th an "Oil Abe" is,
And yet offlae ttekere had better beware,- '
for the rfrsss ot a man, oft the teet of Aa grade Is,
jtuu kwm may euoaoce, or ou a Chances impsu.
Bnt, 1st not "Old Abe" when he visits our city.
Vlnd tMvalrv down at an low a dasllna.
That our gtnte will appear In rough carts Ilka old Pity.
While Cuilds, cheap la selling bia new clothing toe.
Columbus, Feb. IS, ISSl-dSt. PaTXtoriOA.
Far all TIIBOAT mm
Including; WHOOPING
COfJOHs mmd ever r
Complaint tha foreraa
aor aft and area actual
Tha Great NF.UHALa
tiral OPIATEs adapted
ta every apeclea af Ner
vane Complaints, Ner
roue and Chrsulc
Headache, Htaeanaa
tlam. sjatarrhf Taoth
and Ear Ac lie, at
Sleep, and Havwel (Jtm.
Burax will's
No real justice can be dona th above preparations
but by procuring and reading detcrlptlre pampblets.'.s
bs found with all dealers, or will be sent by Proprietor
oa demand, formula aod Trial Bottles sent to Physl
eiaaa, who Will find developments In both worthy their
aoceptano and approval.
Correspondence solicited from all whose neemltle or
curiosity prompts to a trial ot the abort reliable Bern
for sals by Ihe uiutl wholesale and retail dealer
JOHN ,. lITJNllEWELa-, Praprlete
Ho. 9 Commercial Wharf, Boston, Mass.
Robsrts at Samuel, N. B. Marple, J. B. Cook, J U
Denlg, O. Denljr A Bona, A. J. Bchueller A ion, Agents
lor Columbus, Ohio. myl-dly
morrAT's Lire eivut.
Ia all eases of eostlveness, dyspepsia, bullous and Uret
affecUons, piles, rhtumallna, fevers snd agues, obsd
natt head aches, and all general derangements of health,
these puis hare Invariably proved a oertalu and speedy
remedy. A single trial will place th Life Pills beyond
tb reach ofoompetition Id the estimation of every pa
tient. Dr. Moffat's Phxunls Bitters will bs found equally ef
Scadoua la all cases of nervous debility, dyspepsia, head
ache, th sickness incident to females In delicate health,
and every kind of weakness of th digestive organs,
lor sal by Dr. W. B. MOPf AT, 335, Broadway1, V. Y.
and by all Druggist. . msytt-dfcwly
Tho following li an extract from a
latter written by tb Rev. j. 8. Holme, (aster ol tbe
Pisrrepolnt-Btrset Baptist Church, Srdokijm.N. Y.,to
th "Journal and Messenger," Cincinnati, 0., and speaks
volumes la favor of that world-renownsd medicine, Mas
Wnrtiow's Booth rue gyier roa Cmixan Tistiim:
"Wasan advertlsment la your eolumns of Mas
Wimnvow's BooTatm Braov. Now w never said word
In favor of a patent medicie before In our Ufa. bstw
toel ooajpeliod to ear to jour readers that this is no hum
bug ws aavs TRmn rr, ana no it to aa an. rr
OLaiaia. It Is probably one of tha most suresssful medi
cine of tb day, bscaus It 1 one of tb best. And toes
of your readers who hare bablr can't do bettor than
laylnaaupply." oc37:lydw
' Wm, A. Batchelori HalrTyl
Ths Original aaA Best in tha World!
' All others art men Imitations, and should bs avoided
ifyoawlahloeseapsrldicnle. -i
SEAT, RSD OR RCSTT DAIR Dyed tnitantty to a
beautiful and Natural Brown or Black, without Injury to
Hair or Skin. ..,. .
swarded to Wm. A. Batcbalor sloe 1830, and ovnSo.uo
applications have bean made to lbs Hair of his natrons
of his famous dya - '
WM. A. BATOHRLOR'B UAIR DYB produces a ool
or not to a distinguished from natar, sad h warranted
aot to tajur ta th least, however long It any bs contin
ued, and the 111 effects of Bad Dyes remedied; the Hair
Invigorated for life hy this splendid Dys.
Bold la all otttos and towns of lbs United lute
Dragglsts snd Fancy Goods Dealers.
, lLrra Genuine hu the nam ami address upon a steal
plate engraving on four aides of each boa, of WILLIAM
a. ssivatuuK, aaar
,81 Barclay street. New York.
Ta Cenanmptivee.
The Advertiser, having been restored to health In a few
weeks hy a very almpl remedy, after taring, offered
sral yean wltb a sever lung affection, and tbat dread
disease, Oouumptlon-ds anxious to toakekoowa to bis
fellow-sufferers tbe means of cur. ,
Toalt who desire It, he will send a cop? V the presort)
tloa used (free ot charge), with ths direction, for pre pa
tng and using ths ssms, which thsy will Bod S seas Oo
for Ooirwamoa, Astbsu, Bgoscarns, Ae.1 . Ths only
objest of th advertiser in sending th Prescription Is to
bsnsflt th afflicted, and spread Information which be eon.
selves to bs Invaluable, and he hopes erery fuffirer will
try his remedy, at it will cost then nothing, and may
prove a blessing.
Parties wishing ths prescription will please address
sr. : WllUs-stmrvh,
a. 7 Oounty,l.w irVrk.
' W. A. Siitohelor'i Hair Dyp!
This splendid Bslr Dye has ae squal instantaneous ia
effect Beau tlfal Black or Natural Brown so ttalnkig
th skin r injuring tivt Hair medict casaaaur aa
affect ef Bad Dyes, aad Invigorate the hair for life.
Rone are genuine aalesS signed W k. Batchslor."
Bold everywhere. .... .,j .
.... CHAB. BATOHKLOR, Proprietor!
fyl&wly ' 81 Barclay Street, New Ton.
ttmTiniiiRX JLa
distressing complaint Is
Hade b0. ; BITMOtm CO., 1W Naa B., , T,
frios l p w eou.im ny post.
, rrM. C. LILLEY,
soon , 33irj3D2irrr
And Hank-Book Zlanafantuer,
sosra sioa Rcsst, cottrwrji, oaio
Al,AItvaM Aa.la CiLsj. V A,tll
AllslseeaudeolorsJuttoptDedaS' i .BAIN
fe-lio a
?Z WiVJtonUt High street.

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