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The Ohio Statesman
EVENING, FEB.' 13, 1861
r. j
' Tbe Adams EspresB Company places ui dally
'. , under obligation to U for the very latest paper
: from the eastern eiues. . ' .
d ' . im-t i 1
' "The American Express Company baa our
. thanks for -4ts daily favors In the shape of the
very latodt eastern papers..
' ETThe expectation of the arrival of the Pres
.; '" ident elect filled IJifih street with cltlzeua at an
-'early hour to day. 6 mid day large numbers
0 o( the peoplot were about, ia anticipation of the
1 approach of the train, bearing Mr. Lincoln, it
did not however-arrive at the depot until 2
,j'olockj P. M i which wa,.we believe, the ap
pointed hour.r , ( !, - - '.
t)u Uhe arrival of the tralnr'the President
eleet and his suite,' attended by the Committees
"""oriovltaUon, left tbo cars "amid the cheering
of the assembled multitude and the firing of
cwqoq. The ' military' Immediately formed In
line, and served as a guard to the carriage In
i.Vwhich Mr, Lincoln rode. ,He was conduoted
--"np high st'reet tothfi State House, followed by
a muiatu.de of people',where the programme here-
a t tofore.anuouneed was. gone through with after
' whicu Mr. Uxcoun appearea at me west, nteuo
of the Capital, and returned thanks to the peo-
e"-ple,,in a brief speech; He wai followed in a
filt- few remarks by Gov. Dsnnww, when he re-
. ' tired to Te rotundo, to receive the corgratula-
t- tioos of' the people, in which laborious basinets
i.j-r be I cngagetf when we go to press. .,
...M ll.l It ' a ' -i I ' ' 1 -
' T( Fmalb dp thk Duel. Not long since,
v u-w the Hon. G. C. Moody sold some things In de-
L":t bte In the Indiana, House of .Representatives
about the late Governor Willard, which dig
.vV pleased .the'JIob. HoRaCB.. HiraoN,i another
' member of tho House. : In consequence, all the
"""" prefimluaries, including a voTumTnTouT oorres
poD.dee.ee, were gone through with, for settling
the differences botween the two, gentlemen in
single combat. We Are told that the parties
i-',?-' irere oo.laat Sunday, with a reckltsa disregard
-.u: 0( the aatctities of the day, engaged In the vl
lit olnlty of Cluciuniti,; in trying their skill by
'.. ; shooting at beech trees. . .. '.,
- On Monday morning, the combatants met for
"''XI final enooutiter.ata place called "Four. Mile,"
3 on the Alexandria Pike, four miles from New-
: port, Ky. But the surgeon selected for the oc
- eation. Dr. Don't, did not arrive nntll two hours
' after the time appointee, lor me meeting, wuue
ii1,. waiting for the surgeon, friends' Interfered, and
' ,the dUpute vras adjusted without the aid of
" either pistols or kolve. ' '
.' But at the patty was returning to Cincinnati,
Sheriff Coo of Campbell county, Ky., on, a
"bench warrant Itsued by the OlrcultConrt of the
county In swsion In Newport, arrested the prln
ctpals, Messrs. Hkmon and Mooor, for vlola-
log the laws of Kentucky In regard to dueling.
' "4 .Tbeyfwere brought into Cdutt In the afternoon,
r-t and beld to bail for their appearaooe on the 20th
p;c. La Rut's Panopticon or the War in lo
jti.'"1 dia Will be opened for the first time In our city
; to-morrow night, at Montgomery Hall . From
ay-. rb Dayton Emfirt we clip the following:
' The "Panopticon" will be exhibited at Huston
- Hall this evening tor the last time. Those who
I : have wrnessvd Ha wonderful ecnes, charming
. ? plctdres, thrilling bittle pieoes, and the cuiious,
" pleaaing - effect ot tbe ingenious and astonish
ing mechanism which seems to impart real lire
' to Its portraitures, will bear ample testimony to
" the great merits of the Illimitable work. Of
eonrse, Its admUera will desire-to look upon it
tonight for the hst time. Dr. LiRue-the pro
prietor, bts made himself a great favorite here;
be Is a glorious, good fellow, as every one is
aware who becomes acquainted with him, and
we hereby recommend him to good folks every
; -where, and more especially to those of Colura-f-'"
bus, to which pleasant little city be goes to mor
- row... To our olever neighboie we commend the
' Doctor and bis excellent "suow.'.' . .
.... a-Bmbht Hie own Dpa.-j-The Dayton Emfirt
tells a good story of a dog fancier In that city
went to the market the other morning and
.s . Nwfonndland duo for sale, which he felt
sure would exactly match a pup be had at home;!
and fladlng: the price. ($5) reasonable, beat
; ;. 03ce purchased the aaiuial and sent it borne,
llZL'Wheo be returned to his resilience, be met his
Uttle boy at tbegate with bis new dog acqulsi-
trott "Oh, pap!" he crlet!, ''some fellow Btold
. ,'Pf'oce' yesterday, and just Bow a good boy
'txinged him back again !' ! and tbe little fellow
' danced with Joy. .He told the family how hehad
' fanod 'Prince' in market, bat tie did'a tell them
' that be paid $5 to get htm back again!,' . -. .
. , The Great ."Salve"
.'interne! f HtaUh -has
Certificate. Hall's
tl, Minm n. h ch
speakstfor lUelf,:";
s Dur Dtcttr t I will be one hundred and
v tetenty-tlve Jears old net uotoner for nine
tv four Tears I have been an Invalid, ' nnable to
J i ... 1 .1. - Dnl -
a nnvs exneniwi eu rtirreu wivu a ii,
vj var -ko Uttl fThuraday, I btard oi tne Urania-
ua..aA IluuiobLA hotUa- amelt of the
.n.tr tnii inimrl mvRolf a new man. I can now
n'm "nh. ,nd throw
run twelveend a hall miles an hour, and throw
' ' T K' n
ninataan double somersets, without stopping
P. S. A little of vour Alicumstone Salve,
ir,- applied to a wooden leg.-rcdueed t' compound
P.il fraoture In nineteen miqutes, and is now cover
wc ) -lng tbe limb with a freob cuticle of .white gum
pinebarK. " ' 1 -
,: A ,nst "n i 1. ... -
-H 't c RiwARKABLi FAcr;Tbe dav after Christmas
V - j iut, lady in this city became mother to a fine
Mdbealthly girl child. ' There is nothing start-
:t i sing ia this uet, nor calculated to excite com
- ... , , , . , ,
At usual, mother and child aid weii.ana
h Mesli
1 ' and progressed In health and strength. Bat two
i . rnothec ot a. cnita, -h una dots, wua is suu
flourishing, as well as tbe doubly-taxed mother.
This ciroumktanoe. althouzh of extreme rarity
' ( " being probably tbe aecond well-ascertained
' case of tbe kind In the United States, is one
which la known to medical men as having oo
curred before, and Is aocountedfoe npon dearly
..1 1 k..;..l .nHa J.. ?,a.-.i
Ti J " . "
Mttrnm , i. ij -..: 1
..11 , ' m . !
rnTI.. fl.al hnnlr'-nrlntad In tha United
,5.-' - , -j , ,..
v Oi.l.. it Pjalm llnna. In 1 hill.
. . . auhai iv na tua w.i a uu". whm- .m - -
"II fn Enoland n a ffhteen ed t OUS the
. . ..- ,"" j".."-. . . -
" T . , Kh aiiArt in uin: in ncnuana.
t- a m i Daasea tnrouita tweniv-iwe euiuuut tuw iae
1 V In 17R1.' 'Tt weW thaflrakwrnrk nrlnUl
-ri o . ,-. .
d la AmerloAr It eDjoyea a more lasting repu
tatlon. and had a wider circulation abroad than
nw Valuma rnKH.had tn this conntrv since.
" . : r .-. , . .
" - , , , . .... , ,ii .-
vaatau turuuen eevemv eoiuona in atii i
"Tril Colcmsub Review of Msdioini and
fl...af II ..MtL.J f arwa J A
CO RUE at!) puvtiuueu OT JLf, VV fie l7i0iUI-UtH
Ar this nirT. u hum v ftitdwriAtA. innntn.
w . w--tf i . -.aw piswHsinj smvishsi
cootalntni ninety six p.pree. ; The" nt.ml.Pr
l.. i . . . . ... .
U iw'l eortwy jusa uus,-.tvuv.,nB, 0maa ine asu.
a.u u ,.wtftwir; fore en Belectiona and ahatraMa
r ......
.i:5l"Mtft nwl."Bnce mteresHog Muoie
t k'a uiptperia, irom bows yt ..yiiuiua lecture
" -1 'D B. M. BtfiTrr. or tma eitvr
,ri r:v. tj-r- Among tne curioeitcs oi lionaon me
- h nantlnnsal tha annnamnr. if -.Lord Calth
. '
Bess JAJht metropolis, guiding hls steam
-W At rv Jl 9 4 m, i aa Jl a 1 .1 -a r at nat rlati jratn t n ann m F9
a t a a .
-'"P-' "w " 'V. "-"a"
roost crowded parts Without trialltenlDg the
, ..-...,
9 they are In the oily, With ease and elegance.
Orphan's Hoiix. There Is a premium offer
ed for the best Union sentiment, and the best
Conundrum, at the Orphans' Festival, which
comes off next Thursday evening, at Armory
Hall. We trust .the wits and sevens of' this
our pleaaact city, will send us some of their
most brilliant tcintlllatlons for the occasion.
W trust, also, that the friends of this truly
worthy Institution will make such efforts for its
good, that the Festival will prove a success
Little blue fao.7 look out beseechingly from
thin appearal on snch cold days as these, snd out
own hearth fires are made brighter and warmer,
when wo can remember charities which have
made other hearths warm, and other faces
bright. Surely It Is "more blessed to give than
to receive," and "God loveth a chttrful giver."
Then come up to the work, kind friends all.
Next Thursday night, remember there Is work
to do for the poor and needy. If only a little,
lot all give something of their abundanoe, and
ljke the snow that falls flake by flake but at
last covers the hills; so shall your .charities.
mingling and widening, cover with a mantle ss
pure and bright the wilderness of our necessi
ties. v ' ' "
"He that slvith to the poor, lendeth to the
Lord," . Mrs. II. D. Cooke,
Sed. pre lem. Committee of ,
.. . Ways and Means
' UTThe earliest poet In New England was
Mrs. Anne Eradstreet, the wife of Governor
Bradstreet, and the daughter of Governor Dun
lev. She was called "the mirror of the age
and the glory of ber et" . She was known ss
a writer la 1632. Her father and sister alio
wrote respectable verBes. - , '
Departure or the President EtEcr.--The
President elect will leave the residence of Gov
ernor Denmson at seven o'clock to.morrow
(Thursday) morning, and the depot at 7:30, and
proceed by way of the Central Ohio and the
Steubonvllle railroad, to Pittsburgh.
O Friends, who desire to aid the approach
log Festival for the benefit of the Orpaans
Home, will Dlease send their contributions to
Armory Hall on Thursday, morning " "The com
mitteea will be on hand Indue season to receive
them. Mas. F. Wi Hurtt, Seo. Ex. Com.
Jclics "Why Is Boston wuss than Charles
ton.Souf Car'llnaT"
Sah. "Don't know, Julius; why?" '
Jclics. "Because, If she don't seize no forts
she would like mighty well to surrender ber
Garrison." Botlon Pott.
HT " What do you ask for this 'ere home ? "
" One hundred and twenty five dollars."
" Give you twenty-five." . 1
" Take bim along it shan't be saiirT spoiled
a good horse trade far a hundred dollars."
Notice. All ladies contributing articles for
the Orphans Home, aro requested to fend them
to the Hall early on Thurtda morning.
Mss. H. D. Cooee,
Seo. pro Um Pom. Ways and Means.
U Many peopie who have no paticuce with
or pity for the stronger sensual passions, are
extremely attentive to the details of ease, or
some paltry epicurism, to which tho temptation
at the strongest must be comparatively trilling.
JT To-day, Feb 13, U Ash Wednesday, the
first day of Lent. To-morrow iaSt. Valentine's
Day, and to morrow evening the Ladies' Fes
tival for the benefit of the Orphans' Home takes
place at Armory Hall. : ' i
. ETA complimentary benefit was given to
Madam Variaw Jahes at Toledd, last Saturday
evening. t i- Ifj ' : i I
UTThe Scheldt has. been froten over Ibis
winter at Antwerp, fur the first time in forty
years. . O' . ' ,-
WILT The number of deaths in Cincinnati last
week was sixty .five.,
Rail Road Time Table.
f..n. tff.ift At rlnt.niians St Xmi tLm R. '"-f-
L eaves. Arrives.
Accommodation 9.10 A. M. 9.15 P. M.
NoTsKx 8.30P.M. 2 30P.M.
NlehtHinrees 8.A.M.-- S45A.M
clxvihhd, Coicunos fc CwciiiwatiR. R. '
Express and Mall
3.00 P.M.'
1.40 P.M.
Night alxpreaa......
.3:25 A. M.
lulOA. M.
OhitbalObioK. R.
Express Train 3 00 A. M
9 30 A.M.
Mail Train 3.40 P. M.
ilOP. M.
Prrrnniaa, Coujmioi at CiwrimiATi E. R.
Cxpreaa Train 300A. M. 2.3U p .M
Mall Train 9,40 P. M. 9:90 jf. M.
Ooi.rjWBoa As IsmuRaroLU B. R. ' " v -"
Oolumbut, Plqua at Indiana . n.j wi i
Rxpreat Train b-.iua.m. ii:iua.n.
. Haunts Train S:4SP.U. ttlUP
il -BB 1 I .1 II
IT Professor Rarkv is creating a great furor
Philadelphia, illustrating bis method of tram
It v,..h..( tho in ltnmnt there
iiuaviviuuB wv, uvu -
will not compare with that caused by the prices
will nut wiup J i,i,i-
of clothing at J. B. Cltlrk's, New York Clothing
Store No. 131 South High St.
wn f tlaAimu iu tri Wnmt T
r t 0 ffrea nieaaure In oalliDfiE tbe attea -
TVV6.iaB0 rTp,e . "T '.V" "l
, i n n , nn ai,ra anH tns nunnn um ma vuu-
. . ' t--- r . ,. , i- t
Merful virtues and nnmeroua testimonials Of
, Pnr -nwioCneiavCoaniAL. This
ia' tinrmMtionab.lv the OreaUtt cough preparation
i, ifc, WorUi ; ft hU been used In the Doctor's
extensive practice in various parts ot tne coun
trw fnv aflveral vears. and Is a speedy and cer
tain cure for coughs, colds, bronchitis, asthma,
night sweats, dilncuity of Dreaming, o., c
Ha WbO alOS in introauciOK tuts areas urcui-
tlon to the community, is a benetactor to man.
Vr. w
,no: i
. rrj .
. - , r
rr-T tJJ Ula that TV 11 Da Land k C0..01
, - hi , - W WI.IW". -" ' -
s-.t r.kimil Wnrlra. Fnirnort. Monroe
o- w v . are manufacturinic as good, if not
ID this country, a new oiecovery ia reuuiug,
and not nsedinthis ouutry, except at mis es
tablishment, places them in a 'position to suc
cessfully compete in point of quality with any
manufacturers ot idis article 111 uiu wonu.
Tt.i. 9.i,ni la -Mfflantl nnro." of nniform
.j .f,i. v,i.hii. It in now for
M-.vs- rv. ' ;,-
aale by mosl 01 toe grocers mrouguu tuo vku-
Itrv. . - V , j , - .
I ' ." "
I . ...
wno win suner irom ruui atuiuum, .. iw 1
I w . ni.i i u u-,.l Hmlri ul
. ixihcbbh inn nun. annn biiiiu i:r, ,niu idumuibpi
Ku"i iua.aa- .vuauaniu
ill ... a. , .-l.t,i
- Wm rmrifv tne niooa moroneniv, ana tnea ijiui-
, ment win core env sore, see tne aaveniev-
ment. I lltn' l
i -, I mil i.i
- 1 ,- w s M. y0 Mryour family are well
I and that won were never better In vour life.
It How lone wlU this COnUotte! Be prepared for
i -: -. " -j .-i a. ..kn..s r-.......i.
'i ,hstm. ann mn uuuv uuim vi uuiuorr
i . "'.r ... K
uftim. Vll COBL VDtt L'CUbO. -
SATT.FACToar.-We believe that before manv
weeks shall have gone by, every family in
iii.t. sa.ni AAnarantiv roon ' i4irinTi uuim
the house, ever ready to be appUed at a rno
QMH If 911 VVIWIWHVM a.wv a. V -
Whei oan sMtJnsata the awMvnl
,r v" - , .... mB,h.. ,
f vi f - L'
on i j fcdvertlseinetil of Prof.MiLLM's
oy i h.i. Invlsorator In another coinmn. . u
I ,1? .' "Tj ' "'"eaUon of Pialrit Township.
rr jesii- bpii.SiAU-b and othEHS.
- I JL All nenont trs Isaratrr eaaUossed tBaiast DUrchat!
Im,u.juj.ujaj..,a j i - u, oku.a
- Jo lerkoi Prairie Townihip, Franklin eouety, Ohio
KFlaxl 1 v -w'" w w aaast i u. uuwitj w vvuii tpm
. I IDB lIWllrM Af H rl T Aar.ah lav ussahla Ia I1. KVnl II.
ant or order, for AIM. forlanaamnf Mltnhall'a
- 1 lln p, Tl nld order having btoa iraudalenlly
I T aakal at Ika I . 0
I "i"-.
Mr. Wade presented s petition to stand by the Con
Mr. Dixon presented petition In favor of the Crit
tenden propositions.
Mr. Crittenden presented a petition of 23 000 cltlient
of Massachusetts in favor of his resolutions. He said
he relt!cheered by sucha voice from Massachusetts, show
ing their devotion to the Union for which their ancestors
rougnt. :
Mr. Sumner said If the signers knew what the prop
osition was they .would never havt put their namet to
the petition. The proposition gotsfbeyona tbt ureoain
rldire platform, and aires guarantees of slavery in the
Constitution which the f ramert of thst Institution ntvtr
gave. He said Crittenden's proposition drew a black
line at M deg. 30 mm. protecting slavery netow ana art
spoiling the colored ctiiiens of Massaohuietti of their
trancnise. He mould nave expected wo pennons or irue
lovers or the Union would have askea two inings. airsi,
that the Constitution st administered by our fathers bt
preserved intact. Second, that the verdlot or the peo
ple last November by which Lineoln wat titottd, be en-
roreed. xhat it tut ground oa wuicn tvery royai oinien
ttood. .
Ihe time for compromlti It psst, and difficulties must
be settled now on permanent principles, and not by the
abandonment of principle. He had heard the voict of
the people go forth a few dayt since, when the fortslat the
South were surrendered, and especially when it was fear
ed Sumter would be surrendered. He would appeal to
ine people now wnen the proposition Wat to surrender
this principles of freedom in the territories, which wat
the Port Sumter of the North. He would surrender
nothing and would not have a substitution or Compromise
for prluclplts.
Mr. Crittenden laid he supposed the signer's of the
petition were intelligent men. He presented proposi
tion! of a basis or peace; why had not mo gentleman of
fered to amend?
Mr. -flumner thought them Wrong; every word and
every line.
Mr. Crittenden Hat the gentleman bo proposltlon.to
make? '
Mr. Sumner Yes. the Constitution at administered
ny Washington. ' ' -
nr. urittenden way aid ne not move that inenr
Mr. Bumner said that he had voted foi the resolutions
of the Senator from Hew Hampshire, which expressed
uis iaea. .
The hour arrived for the special order; the yest and
nays were taken on the postponement, and carried, S3
to Jl.
Mr. Crldtenden continued. lit appealed to Senators
to stand by the Union not platforms. All compro
mise seemed to be rejected. He believed something must
be done, or the country would not be saved. He could
not see bow men can come hert and talk of butltitai
when Ihe union wat ia danger.
Mr. Bumner said the ceuatorfrom Kentucky, waa not
aware of his own popularity in siMsachusetii. ir tht
people bad examined bit (Urlttenden's; proposition,
inev wouia reiect ii. tie inumaiea tnar tne nroDOsition
was not applicable to territory hereafter acquired.-
Mr. Crittenden said be did not consider that essen
tial. .
Mr. Sumner Tht Senator from Kentucky voted for
th nrowHUton to print It
Mr. Crittenden u undentood to M tint If that
amendment u not Acceptable be would recede.
Mr. (J lark get the floor.
Mr. Cameron moved topoitpoa till Monday. Adopt
The nary bill was taken up. . ,
Mr. Oreen made estrone speech against the amendment
to build Sevan sloops of war, batinf bis remarks on the
ground that the country was bankrupt, an1 the object
was to coerce Independent Stales. - lie adroca-ed the
right or secession, and situ inal holding fort Sumter,
with it guns frowning on Charleston, which It was built
to protect, was am act of iwar on South Carolina. He
said ihwt Carolina has as much right to the f oris in New
York harbor as the United States has to tort Burster, and
he pledRed his feeble arm to act.'in any eontlngenoy which
may arise. Missouri was. for the Union, but It was a Uni
on which gives protection to all., Missouri, though slow,
wooiq aoi; mi tne action oi aenwcay, Tennersee, and
Virginia had been disastrous.- if the berder States had
acted, there would have been a peaceableyeparation. If
no adjustment were made, ail the border Slates but Dela
ware, Maryland and Virginia, Would go out together.
)ie was afraid of Virginia.
one was so slow. Arkansas, Mississippi ana Banns
would co out. Laughter. 1 lie said after the hethouse
emigration to Kansas died out she would fall back Into
the arms or Missouri. He said the orject or the Kepurc
llcans was to extinRUlih slavery. Be favored the Crit
tenden plan, but said the amendments were gocd for
nothing unless there was a reaction In the North.
1 be amendment was then concurred In M7 against 17.
Messrs. Bliler. Douelas. Jobnton of Tennessee, and
Latham, voted In the affirmative. The b'll was then
Executive sssilon and then adjourned,
Mr. Morris made a report from Ihe aneolal committee
on tut Indian Trust abstraction, saying that itwaa unan
imous. Mr. Haskin would have the report read, as it would
explain why the treasury was empty.
xne speaker said it was lapossim, as ins racino
Railroad bill waa first to be disposed of.
Alter some donate and confusion the bill was reaa.
Mr. Fryor Intimated that the report was not untnl
mom. . . , ;
The report was ordered lo he minted. ; , .
Mr. Morris said he was willing to bring up the report
any time to suit the convenience or the members.
Mr. John Cochran endeavored, but Ineffectually, to
Introduce a bill relative to liabilities of vessels colliding
The Paciflo Railroad bill was taken op.
Mr. Curtis favored the northern route without de
preciating the other.
Mr. Craig, of Missouri, offered the Senate amend
ment. . ..'
Messrs. rrnaworU and Mculernand opposed the bll I
It stood.
Mr. Pryor opposed the whole bill as chimerical. lit
moved the Senate amendments bt tabled. Lost.
Mr. Sickles defended the nroiect. savlnu all parties
for the last eight years have declared In their platforms
me ooostiiuuonamy and practicability of tne mad. tie
lata uutngs from k-ennsyivania, Kentucky and Virginia,
would tend to restore the credit wuiob. Mr. Pryor said
country had lost. -Mr.
Pryor replied that Virginia would sever the bonds
which bind her to the oppressive association, unleaslus-
tlce and equality were secured to her. She has not pro
nounced lor suumtsiton, but resolved, magnanimously,
to make one mora effort to preserve the Union.
air. ciokies said Virginia declared for reason, not pas
sion. What she will do In future he knew not.
Mr. Leake eald Virginia was anxious to preserve the
Union If the can get Justice, If not, she will trust her
own rlxbt arm and appeal to no earthly power for aid
liOoutef ISO Delegates are for secession unless they
obtain ample guarantees by the 4ih of March.
Mr. Fryer had a paragraph; read from the Hichmnnd
Whig, sustaining his assertion as to the course of Vir
ginia. - : ' '
Mr Sickles eald the 303.000 Union men of New York
have met a cordial response from the people of Vlrslnia.
tkenraciry ana renDsyiyania, wmca is indicative or. love
to um union.
Adjourned. ' .. - u:
Washington News and Gossip.
ministers, were among tne dlsttngushed spectatori. Oo
Washikoton, Feb. 12. The report ef thtteleot torn.
, 1 K.k M W !- . 1
gives in detail the facts relative to the abstraction of the
"". "i " f "J -witnesses were tx-
amlneo. lnoiua.ncr ez-HaaratarfH iriovd knd Th,,mn,nn
The latter it exonerated from' any complicity in il
theft, hut he at well at tht former gecaetariet of Ihe I
rlor. It cemured for Ihelniufllotent manner In whi.
ihe bonds have been held in that Department, there be
ing no adequate responsibility attached to tbe cue iodlan.
ww.-.s .v w "".m v uiu siww auuw aa
m a h-. at. t.;u u j
According to Kuisell s own evidence, he did not know at
omefrom. ' fc '
It wu Mcertaftied that Mr. flovd nnaixwnUnnM ta
.. . . - - .
amount omeariy i.uuu.iajuor from !luuu,uuo to
rJOco 000 more than Majors, Russell Sr. Co. ever earn-
ed. while then oontractort receive all themone. that
due thtm. Ihe acceptances were given on tht
TOTEta wS.
Senator Benjamin was an important witnesi. About
a year ago, he could not fix tbe exact time, he had a let
ter from uuncan, cnerman at Co., asking him to uoer
tain wnetner air. rioya-i acceptances were good. Mr.
Benjamin called oa tht President, who said he knew no
thing about them, or any taw authorising their issue.
Mr. Benjamin next tailed oa Mr. Floyd, who laid tht
aeeeptancet were in accordance vntn tht esaia of tho
Department, and were given conditionally, at to tht ar
rival of trains from one point to another. Mr. Benja-
n d nuiuutu biu gt ura uaunnineij el sucn proceeu-
..j i. ..ia ,.
lUR-V -.iv.vjt. mmtv uv nvuiu M,u UU IUUIV. JDUi
notwithstanding, from Anrll to December, ha nnu.
oeptanoes u tht amount of 4,1S3 ooo. Tht last batch
talned that many of these acoeptanoei are still out. and
V vou.uuu worm oi inrm are in tne nandt of ont or two
parties alont, bnt which are worthiest. Tbt committee
make no recommendation, but merely report tht fact t.
- xne rnaurai use itiaea a proclamation, declaring
that an extraordinary occasion requires tha Senate to
convene for tht transaction of business, on tho 4th of
ajarcn, at noon, mainly to receive and act upon inch
communications at may bt made to it on the part ot tbe
communicaiions at may ot audi to it on taepat
jsxecullve. This proclamation It In accordance with
uuge, and to enable Uie in-oominc President to nomi-
w for eonBrmatlon. tht membere of hUOaMnet.
The Becretary of the Treasury says, in a letter to Mr,
gnerman.int uaniutiet due. and to fall due before the
i,k.f k. . . am mm m. .l. .
v. aM m a b. aiu a.v.vw.uuu. in, aflrtrninv
Treasury, susleot to draft, a little mora than 500.000.
while drafts lo about 9200,000, art unanswered. Iht
short Urns to elapse before tht elcta oi tht present ses
sion, nnuere iiioaispensaoit lor int BOCrstaj-y to adver-
uniuiiwiwuHMmurnia insi. ." , .
An appropriation of 9300.000 lafaaked for to renlaet
ordinance, ammunition, which hat been Kixtd at
various Southern ports,
I ov. Bickiwiu be anamlnul to-morrow, relatlvt to
I noaou -. u nttmpiaiea teuare of tht Ctrd-
. -
h.m . Kina viiMnSn-j . i n... -
I . . i .jr. """i ruimmwr-mn
tral. Numeroui Deputy Postmasters and other minor
I appointment were also confirmed. - . .
eMii wiu piewoif beup In th.-enst, to-
The Phiitditphla Board of Trade Oommtttse srrlrtd
1 inivvTeninv 10 anra in Minn. - .. . ,-.
mm. . , -.. '- -. . P. - . .
' ..-xsr,,
"0T?. -."--a itrong polios r,
ffniaM atawai avat
ttoned In various parts ol the Capitol this morning, on
tht Uooat aide, tad some parts -af tht building anally
opened to visitors, were aloeed-r , ,
Attn early hour tht rtporUng gallerletof (ht Hall
of BeprteeutatlViw. and alia maaaam laadk,. h..
wat deoeely srowded, la aotleination of tht counting
j a. laanwni ana V ICS K rtltdtnt Of tht L Si'
Lord Lyons, Chevalier Buaaelman. and aihaa ri
Ministers, Were imong the dlstingushed spectators. On
I rm rarmer otcinon Wat ihere a more atilRiatii an.,
" ' , v ;, 't .,.
- ri -AtWIlrllJ.S.Teb.T3.A9raailOVI.Vl....f.l..
l ,,i..i- s " '
- 1 destroyed the flourlngmHl owntd by Johnson, Cook
Tnanrarf i..w aiM nm. . nil m i-
r-'.wd to Havt originated by friction ot tht machlnery.-
ills UWHIIVfJ buuvimimb waa bbvvu
Departure of Mr. Lincoln from Indianapolis—
Reception at Cincinnati.
Imdiaiumus, fob. 12. Qov. Morton called oa Mr.
LIdooLo this morniDg at the Bates House, and escorted
him and part of the Presidential cortege to the Gubernatorial
mansion, where the party breakfasted.
Mrs. Lincoln and bar two tout arrived thlt morning,
and Joined the party.
An immensecrowdeommenced gathering at the Bates
House at daylight, and at 9 o'clock every available sparo
near the hotel was occupied; and the erowd in the par
lors, reception rooms and baHa of tut hotel was equally
as great as last night. ,
- Previous to M r. Lincoln's departure from the Bates
House, be waa evaln introduced from the balcony by Hon.
Lot Meredith.
Mr. Linooln laid, ht had no speech to make. If ha
made speeches wherever his friends desired, he wouldn't
reach the National Canltal at the appointed time. Ho
once more thanked the assemblage for tht reception, and
trusted we all might meet again under one nag of our
Union, ana bade uiem an anecuonate rareweii.
Ata Quarter past 1W o'clock, ur. uncoinand suit
wtretsoorted by the Governor and Committee of the
Legislature to the depot, and departed amid tht shouts of
ut multitude.
CixoiKKATl. Feb. 12. Tht reception of the President
elect and party It an era in tne ntacory or uincinnatt.
The weather wat mild and beautiful; thettreett were
crowded with olt'teni and people from this and neigh
boring States. Ihe streets through which tht procoi
sion naaaed were orowdsd at an early hour, and the win
dows filled with ladles. Tht Burnet House, where the
Presidential party suy, It handsomely decorated; and
every arrangement made for tho comfort of the distin
guished gutstt. . The stars and stripes are flying from all
tht public and a number of private buildings.
At half past two tht military, which made a lot dis-
? 'ay, and the Committees of Arrangements were at tbt
ndiananolU and Cincinnati depot. At about 3 o'clock
the anecial train arrived. Mayor BMbop wat then Intro
dosed and waloomed the President elect to the City. Mr.
Lincoln then took his seat in the uorouch drawn bt six
White horses, amid tbt deafening cneert oi the vast con
oourse of people.
Ihe procession, In charge of Miles Greenwood took
no the line af March, passing through the principal
streets amid the cheers of .he men and waiving of flags
and bam kerch efa lir tut utiles. 10 me unmet House.
when thnv arilnil at a nuarlef put fire o'clock, and en
tered amid deafening cheers; mentor s uand playing
ttn-ll nnLimkl.)! .ml UThft. fltAV HnanfflM nnnnnr
Afuir a few momenta rest Mr. Linooln male his snpssr
ance on Ihe baloony, acoompanied by Mr.jor Bishop, who
made a short intrcductory auureia
Mr. Lincoln then spoke, occupying about W mlnutei.
I havt spoken but once before this In Cincinnati. That
waa a vear nrevioua lo the lale presidential election.
On that occasion, in a playful manner, but with sincere
words. I addressed much of wnat i aaid lo the nentuck.
lans. I gavt my opinion that We, at Republicans, would
Ultimately beat them as uemoGrais; Dut mat mey oouia
postoone that result longer by nominating Senator Dong
as for the Presidency, than moy coum in any outer
wav. Thev did nut. In any true sense 01 tne word, nom
inate Senator Douglas, and the result Ins coma oerlalnly
at soon as ever I expected.
i also told them now i expccicti mey wnum do rreareu
fter Uiev should have been beaten: and I now wish to
call their attention to what I then said upon the subieot
I then said, when we do at we siy, beat yon, you per.
hans. want to know what we will do with you? I will tell
yen, to far at I am authorised to speak for the opposi
tion, what we mean to do with you. We mean to treat
you, at near as wa possibly can, at Washington, Jeffer-
SJn and Madison treated you.
We mean to leave you alone and in no way interfere
with your institutions; to abide by all and every oompro
mite of the Constitution; and, in a word, cooing back to
the original proposition, to treat you, so far as degener
ate men can, if we bare degenerated any according to
Ihe example of tnoss ncbltirathen iw-asningion, jenenon
and Madison.
Wt mean to remembor that you are as good al we are.
that these it no dlfferencebetween ut other thin tht dif
ference of circumstances; we mtan to recognise and bear
in mind always that you have at good hearts in your bo
soms as other peoyle, and u we claim to have, and treat
you accordingly.
fellow oitiaeni of Kentucky, friends, brethren msy I
oall you, In mi new position I tea no occasion and feel
no Inclinatloa to retract one word of this. If it shall
not be made good, be assared. the fault shall not bt
His remarks were received with great enthusiasm. In
passing to his room, those who could, rushed at htm,
Uirowing their arms around him, patting bim on the
back, and almost wringing bis arms off. .
The politicians art tbic, among them, Oeo. S. San
ders and others.
This evening, in the grand Pall of tht Burnet Homo.
Which has been decorated for the occasion. Mr. Lincoln
will receive the people generally.. He looks well and it
In good spirits.. Tho whole arrangements, thus far, un
der Ihe oharge of Mr. W. 8. Wood, have been admira
ble, and nothing has occurred to mar tho pleasure of the
Journey. ' .
AiBnr,Feb. 13 The Ice commenced moving In the
river about quarter past eight this morning, opposite
the olty. The break up waa sadden, attended by a noise
like thunder; within twenty minutes after the start, the
water roee four feet, and hat been rising ever since, until
at present the rise it about seven to eight feet. At 10:30
o'clock, the destruction of property is large, the Ice bt.
Ing blocked below the city.
The damages In the basins Is roughly esl Ima'eil at ISO,
000. Boats, propel err, andolhrcralt, were driven up
by tbt force of the Ice. A heavy tow boat, and other
boats were driven through tho first story of tht frtmt
freight depot, of the New York Central It. B , the whole
front being knocked out, tnd the building which it very
long, and two stories high, is very much damaged
two machine snopsownea ny nr. runcneon were net
ironed In a similar manner. At the foot of Hamilton
street, a propeller wat driven through lha wall of the
Dudley House' whljh stands en lbs corner of the quay.
Damage to produce and provisions in store. Is compar
atively small, at the dock men had a strong force of hands
out during the nlgnt, in anticipation of tne danger. The
water in torn placet it up to Broadway. In Maiden
Lane, tht flood already rtachet to Stenwis Hall. Cellars
and bastmente, at high at Oreen street, are filling at
present, and there it but Utile prospect of Ihe abate
ment of the flood.
State street and Columbia ttreet bridget hart been
broken to pieces and partially drifted away,. -
Among the ruins ef bridges, propel leri. tow-boats.
barges, and other crafts lie smaihed together In a heap.
It Is Impossible at present to give any adequate idea of
the damages done, but the destruction has been more sud
den and rapid than in lfc.TO, though the water has not yet
reached nearly to nigh. No intelligence yet from Ureen
bush, but the flood on the Hudson liiver Itallroid side of
the Klvermuttbt heavy. ,
The Southern Congress.
MoHTaoitnT. Ala, Fab. 12. Ihe I'aDdlne eemmltteaa
ware announced In Oongre. - t .
A dispatch wat received from tht Louisiana convention
approving of the election of Davis and Stephens.
a resolution wot rererreu continuing custom officers
In office.
The resolution that si soon as the President le Inane-.
orated, commissioner! will be sent to tht government of
tne u mica owce, was rererreu.
During Ihe secret sessions resolutions were passed tak
ing charge of all questions of diffioultiei now sibling be
tween the sovereign States of thlt confederacy and tht U.
S. relating to the occupation of forts, arsansls, navy
yards, and other public establishments.
ine rresiaent was directed to communicate this reso
lution to tht Governors of the B rates.
Ramon, N. 0. Feb. 13. The 8enata releeted and
then reconsidered the bill concerning advaloram taxa
tion. ...
Tht Georgia commissioner! have a fcimal reception to
Fedoraal matters very calm.
Fort KsiRntv. Feba 12 Tho Ponv Ciorrss with
Ran Francisco dates to Jan. SO, passed here at 0:20 P.
M. Four or Ave eels of Union resolutionshsvebecn In
troduced In the legislators, nont of which excuse or
sympathise with secesiion; although nearly ill urge com
promise on ine pari or ine normero states.
The Assembly nss passed a resolution to sxpnnct from
the records of a former legislature.- a vote of oensnrt
against Senator Brodeilck, for opponlng the admission of
aacsat onuer tne Lecompton uonetitiition.
The several candidates for the United Slates Sehite.
were invited to edureis the membere of tht Legislature in
publlo, but It was believed none of them would eomply
with the request -
Tbe Douglas members will make an effort to nominate
Candida le, a large boarding bouse In Sacramento.
known at tha Palme, was destroyed hy fire on the 14th
Intl., the Inmates barely escaping. Loss tbout 9 15,000.
Nrw toitx. Feb. II tht tteimshln Arabia sillod this
A. M , for Liverpool, with 18 paasengera. and 91435 In
specie.. . , f v v x
Natv ToRg, Feb. 12. Tht tteimer Dsieta from
vana, has Just arrived, 12:30. ; ...
. , . , from the New kerk Observer. 1
Ai all parties manufacturing Sewing Machines areob
lived 10 pay Mr. Howe a license on each machine told,
and are a so compelled to make returns to him, under
oath, as to the number told, hit books gtvsaotrrectttats
men t. , from this reliable source we havt obtained the
following statutics. Of tht machines made in tht year
193V, inert were sold.
By Wheeler at Wilson. 91.30S
" I. M. BiOfrer it Co ..AlU.iJ . -
, .. " Oiover 4t Baker .....v.IU,W0
Showing the sales ot Wheeler Wilson to be dovlli
those of any other Company." , , 1
Awarded the highest pramlumt at tin ,
United States fain of 1W8, 1oj9 and I960:
-i- i. . aLieat the
Ohio Stale Fairt of 1M9 and lMr
, and at nearly all the County Fain In .tht State.
Our nrices. at the latt reduction', art at tow at an
toct tticA machine now Sold, and bat a trifle hlgbsr than
tat) interior m mtsow mam uica ssuroAinrt, now
forced upon the market. . .. .
Tht WHKALtKlt wtLauM J1AUHINI makes the
I. ocx Stn the only on which cannot be raveled. It
la Aula o Born Sitsaar the woods, laavtaa no rUlat ar
oAatnoaUs wader tvefe.
AU macMiut vvramea 3 peutt, end fMrm-Hon
given In their uss, fret of ebsne.
n. CHAKx",81 High it., Ooloabst, 0.
' - - " WM. BUMNKB k CO.,
dec3-2awd3m4wflm Pike's Opera Bowse, Cincinnati.
HjTOVHNINO iJOODI-Black tagllih Crapes:
ivl Crape Collars, Cuffs and Sleeves; Long tnd Short
Craps Veils; Bound Cmpe Veils; Lace Veils Crept
Trimmed; PkUu Hemmed Collare; Bttt; Handaorerneri
Alexandre'! Black Kid Gloves; Fans; Ribbons! Bilks;
Bombasines; Travellngand all other kinds of Dress floods
oonstamlt- on hind in great vailaty. - , .--
auy99 '. tint doer aorth of Nell Boaea
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Feb. 13.
FLOUR-recetpfs 4 380 M,ls. ; market still In favor ol
buyer; sales lU.uuv bbls. at OavSJU for super was tern
5.1035 30 for common to mid. extra western, tS.ilit)
3,111 for Inferior to good shipping brands extra Hoand
Hoop Ohio. Canadian Flour dull and drooping; tales
gill Mils. SI .VUU.7S.
Vi FLOUR-eteadvat t3.0(Sj4.l3.
WHS AT receipts 6 ,3c 6 bush. ! market little mors ac
tive, but prices havt a galn declined about lo. per
nutn.; stuniuu uusn at fl.lOfor very good unicago
Spring: $1 20 for Oauada Club; l,2i) for mixed Wes
tern! l,li for winter red western; 91 40 far while
BARLkf tteadr at.rW&86.
CORN recelpte sre 933 bushell market mere steady
and active; tales 00 000 bushels tt 6S63 for old mixed
western in store: OK03 for ntw dt al It S depot.
OATS steady at 3SX(37 for western Canadian and
PORK dull, heavy and nominal 917 35 for meat and
ajuror prune.
J a E V unchanged.
CUT MEATS quiet and steady.
LARD dull and heavy tales of SO bbls at 9 kt3 10
BUTTER in fair reoueet at HKSlAo for Ohio. 14219
ror oiaie.
WHISKY-dull and lower at 17V.
STOCKS lower and dull. Moner olentv and on let
at ancnangra prices; uca I 0 ; U tt T an; I u
Scrip 78: M R IS: 11 C MH: Harl 16U: do nreferred
40; Erie 3i; Pat Mall B4H; Htunibal at Bt. Joe S3;
u b etui-Ki ualtChlo7IK: H B Quoted at XI:
KtaHlnr 43; Hud 43V: N Y 0 77 at onenlntr: Del
II ud SS; Lacrosse Grants ly, MoO'a 6W; Treasury
it per ctnt. juuki do vt itili?.- do wit luu: Crte 3d
Dinot w. no tin minus 014; 1 u bonus vo.
Cincinnati Market.
FLOUR The market his lost all nerve it had a week
ago, and concessions can bo obtained on the nrices then
quoted of 9 likSISa per bbl. Buderflne It to bt bad vsry
easily at i uu.
wus it is in bat limited demand. Zren
our looal millers art Indifferent about buying at
what has heenthetr standing figure for some
tree 91 for Bed a 108(311 10 forwhiu. The offerlnva.
however, are light, at farmers teem to be disposed to
withhold their stocks from market. Wheat, when held
till this time of tho tear, comas to ba regarded hv the
rarmer at a tort of reserve cash lund on which he oan at
any time draw, but Which ht hovel by holding, to In
crease in value.
OOHN has vlelded toother cant ner bushel! makln
a decline of 85 per bushel dating the week. We quote
now, tar &i, uneiled JiaiJo ror mixed and white; re
Ctipts lane.
OATS la in svmmthv with lha othAr trains. l,ut la
vuiy airectel try the relation or receipts and tbs local
ooosumptlon,' since very little It done la thorn for ship
ment; they are Inactive at 57c.
. BABLBY hat a very indifferent market at Id for
or rime fail. Ir e Prices in time of dullnst In this trt-
Icle, are exceedingly wide In their range, and quotations
of actual transactlnot prove to bt very unsatisfactory.
BYE has iostite V bush. In price during tbt week to
"waauii market It quoted at seo. -
VfUlour IsKo gal. lower than last Tuetda, and
we now;report a fair demand M Mc C W. (Mm FtD,
Cleveland Market.
February. 12.
FLOCR-salesof SlOhbls at 94 SJ for superflns, and
ISfilX for double extra white, and 40 do double extra
red at 90;00.
WHH AT tales of lOOO bush from atore at 91,03. snd
Soars delivered at 9 1 OS.
CORN steady at 3o.
OATS quiet at 84n. - '
8RKDS sales of 1J0 buih Clover at 94 00.
BUTfKR-tales of It kegs inferior at lie, and 9 kegs
common at OHc.
CHK BSK sals I of 1400 lbs at Oc.
HIQUWIMEa-quiet at ISc.
American Cast Steel Bell Works,
Novmber 15, I860.
HAVING recently made very great Improvement! In
what is called "Amalgam Belle." I beg to call at
tention of corporation i and Indlvlduali who may want a
bell, to tht fact, that for 10 cents per pound I can furn
ish good bells for any parnoso. mounted in suuerior stvle
and warranted for twelve months. Terms, cash, ar ap
proved note, payable at Bank, with In teres: and exchange
added. Bemlttancei of money by express, saustba in
funds par at Cincinnati, and the carrlaie Drenaid. aa the
above price, for the quality of bell here spoken of. ad
mits or no drawoacki or discounts. Address
American Cast Bteel Bell Works,
dtoB-wSa Cincinnati Ohio.
For alt Throat and Lung Complaint. Includng. with
most perfect results, Wuoonmi Cooon. Cnaoxto ann
Oommon Oooana, BaoacmaL an Tbroat Ooimatirn,
alwayt forerunnera of Coniumptloa. Al a Boothum
nYBor ll has no superior, freed rrom all Opiate or
Kaeuo propertrea, may be una by mote delicate const)
tutlons, and with perfect eonfldenoe.
. i
Tai OsiLkTxrr Natural Ofuti aver offered to tht
world, eontainuig not a Dartiolt of Onium. nor any tub
tanca but Its itrictlr rentable and medical propertiei.
A sure nemedy for ninaaxau, HETTii, uodt,
Tooth no kah Acbx. Catash. Rok or Bar t rvt"
and all minor Nervout Complaints.
row Lost or Bixxr, and Headache In all Its varietiee,
It has no equal, and to which uoat uadoubtcd testmou
III are offered.
For D tunica Tanrm It is a moat narfect remedy.
For Bowu, OoimauiTt. after reaaorina the pain it acts
as apnysR, a most important oontrui with the coniupa-
lo rv eneota ot unium.
To Physiclana. Form alas and Trial Bottles will be tent.
and to Dealer or Invalid a detcilptiva pamphlet without
--potiagw-sramp." vi.
rreparee under uie special supervision of ,
hu(ist Jro rnAXXAcinTitT,
Ho Commereial Wharf, Boston, H ass
To whom please dlreot all communications.
Prices Large Cough Remedy, 50 cents per bottle.. ,
Bmall - -SJ- . j .
" Tola Anodyne, "-.'..
For sale by tha usual wholesale and retail dealer.
agentt ror uolumtmi, unio.
Wholesale and Ketall Dealer ta - w.
Foreign & . Domestic Cigars,
Smoking & Chewing Tobacco. .
Also, the best ;iallty of lUTJIT'l eonsuntly
U30ountry Uerchaoti art Invited to oall before far
chasing tltewbera.
, , Bet. Main and Bycamort, ; '
TiiiriH new nni.v.
MOS. 1, 9, Sand 7 M. ITJTAW 8TBET
Offer for salt their celebrated
Being highly recommended by tht Bnt Professors aad
Musical Aatattartoi ut oountry, ana
Tbe most fastidious customer may rtty upon being
pleased In every respect.
Tsnasllkeral. ' WM.KNABIkOO,
sctaSilydw. ' Columbus, Ohio.
v Oolong Tea,' !
i. ... Blc&Ka At RBBf IKAITX, -
eta?" ' ' ' - MM High
1-AI.ITIOHAIa skirts. -. . .
XA Wlda, Long aad Handsome. The best style Impart-
td, a aewM lust received by FBIBR BAIN,
dss.lL No. IS BoutA High street.
v.l Dr.J.E.ZIcLEAU'S
Strcustlicnlns Cordial asd ' Blood
- puiaipnm.
The irelest Hemedy in Tut M rlat
.. " AND Till
eveh Taken.
ly a toientlao and
Vegetable Oompound,
pixraoredby tbt distil
lation of Hoots. Ilerbt
and Barks, Yellow
Dock, Hlood Koot,
Barseparllla, W U i
Cherry Bark and Dan
delion enters Into its
n . ... uwmiivaiwwu. --
"iifter Taking
'terorB TaKin&ti "' r,ra":
principle of each ingredient It thoroughly extracted by
my nrw method of distilling, producing a delicious, ex
hileratlng spirit, and the most INFALLIBLK lemedy lot
renovating Ihe diseased system, and reatorina the sick.
suffering tnd debilitated INVALID to I1KALT11 and
WIU tffectnmly ears '
Chronic or Nervout Debility, Dlteaset cf the Kidneys
and all diseases arising from a disordered Iver or 8toa
aeh, Dytpensla, Hearthurn. Inward Piles. Ackliti or Sick
nest of tht Stomach, fullness of Blood lo tht Head, Iail
tin or swimming in the head, raiL.tatlon of the Heart
a I loess or Weight in the Stomach, Boar Sractationt
Choking or imTocatlng feeling when lying down, Drvnew
or yellowness of the Skin and eyas, rum BweaUTlo
ward Fevers. Pain in tht small of tht back, chest or side
Sadden Flushes of Ileal, Depression of 0i4rlto, Frlght-'al
Dreamt, Languor, Despondency or any Nervous Diaeise
Boret or blotchet on the Skin, and Fever and Ague (oi
uniuiand rever.) .
Ovtra mtlllon of uwtilea
Have been told during tht last six noaths and in no in
stance has II failed in giving entire satisfaction. Who,
then, will suffer from Weakoeae or Debility when Mo
iii.-i a nxnapiuxuisnistj uuttuiau will euie youT
No language can convey an adequate Idea of Uie Imme
diate and almost miraculous change produced by taking
thlt Cordial in the diseased, debilitated and shattered
nervous listen, whether broken down by excess, weak bt
nature, or Impaired by sickness, the relaxed and uuitrun
vrganwauon is restorea io its pruunw netful and vigor.
Or others eonsdous of Inability, from whatever rinse,
will And McLean a Strengthening Cordial a thorough
regenerator of tht system; and all who may have injured
themselves by Improper Indulrences, will and in the Cor
dial a certain and speedy remedy.
T the Ladles.
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
' Is a sovereign and speedy cure for
Obstructed or Difficult Menstruation, Incontinence of
urine or involuntary viseoarg thereof, vailing of the
Womb, Giddiness, Fainting and all Diaeatet Incident to
females. . i
There Is ne Mistake ibont It. ,
Buffer no longer. Take It according to Directions. II
will stimulate, strengthen and Invigorate yon anil mete
trie woomoi neaun to mount your cheek again.
very bottle It warranted to give satisfaction.
If your children art sickly, nnnv. or affiicttd. McLean's
Cordial will makt them healthy, fat and robust. Delay
not a moment, try It, and you will be convinced.
C actios. Beware of Drarclitt or Dealera who an
try to palm upon you tome Bitter or Baraaparilla trash
which they can boy cheap, by savins it it Just aa good.
Avoid inch men. Ask for McLean's StrengtheningOor
dial, and take nothing else It la tha only remedy that
will purify tht blood thoroughly and at the tame time
strengthen the system.
One tabtetpoonful takta every saornlne rastlna. la a
certain preventive of Cholera, Chills and Fever, Yellow
fever, or any prevalent diseases. It it nut ud In larva
bottles. .
Prior only $1 per bottle, or 6 bottles for 95.
Bolt Proprietor of thlt Cordial, '
Alto McLean 't Volcanic OH Liniment.
Principal Denot on the corner of Third and Pine airaata.
Bt. Louts. Mo. ,
McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment.
The best Liniment In tht World. Tha onlv aafa and
certain cure for Cancers, PI let, Swellings and Bron
chitis, or Goitre, ParalyiU, Neuralgia, Weakness of the
Muscles, Cnronlo or inflammatory Rheumatism, Still
ness of tht Joints, contracted Muaclea or Ligaments'
Karachi or Toothache. Bruise. Boraina. Wounds. reah
Cult, Ulcers, Fever Boret, Caked Breattt Bore Nipp let,
Burnt, Bcalda, Bora Tboet, or any Inflammation or Pais,
no difference how severe, or ho long the disease may
hart existed. McLean's Celebrated Liniment k a ear
tain remedy:
TnouBuwit ox batata kaloa nave tjaaa saved a UU at
decrepitude tad misery by the aa of this invaluable aato
etna. . , .
Will relieve pain almost Instantaneously, and It wil
titan ee, purify and heal the toaleat torsi in aa Incredl
y anon timt-
Fesr Horses and Other Animals .
McLean I celebrated Liniment- la the anlw aafa ana va.
hable remedy for the cure of Bnavin. Sins Bona. Wind
galia, Bpilntt, Unnatural Bumps, Nodes or Bwel heirs. It
win sever rail to eurt nig Head, i-oii vll, Vistula, Old
running Boret or Sweeny, if properly applied. For
Bpralna, Bruises, Scratches, Boret or Wounds, Cracked
Heels, Chafes, Saddle or Collar Galls It It an infallible
remedy. Apply It u directed, and e ears Is certain In
svsry instance.
Then trifle no longer with tha man trorthleaa Unl.
stents offered to yon. Obtain a aurjulv oi Dr. Mrlan'.
oelebrated Liniment. It will curs you.
J. M. MCLEAN, Bolt Proprietor,
Oomer af Third and Pine Btimta. Ut. I-r.nl. If a
For sale by all druggistt. - .
For sale by KOBIRTS At ft surra v.
augSS-datwly . . Oolortbui. Ohio.
11 " (JIWABK onio, ' w
RfMUfaclnrersj f all fcle mt Par
table n litatlanarr steam F.n
Klaoe, saw Fill la, urlat Siille,
y tlCOat VCa '
LANSdt BODLSYBtatml B. at F. BLAND TBmtenl
J.AJ. B. DVT ALL Btatmllt C0LUMSV3
tt CO. BtatntUlt
' Our Portable Eoglaa an4 Saw Kill
Wat awarded the trst prtmium of 950 at the Indiana
State Fair for ISO over Lant ok Bodley'i on account of
Price, llehtneas", simplicity, economy of luel
aod superior cbaraoter of lumber sawed.
Our Stationary Inrlne was awarded at the same Fair
the erst nreminm of 9V00. '
Our Portablt Bngiaa was awardtd the flilt premium of
ttlw at m air at Biempnuj, avuai., .vr vinnuj a A. u
Tail's, Columbus Machine Do's., snd Bradford a Co t.
by a eosmlttes or pracneai Kaiiroaaansuieert.
y or price ana terms aaarees 4
W1LLARD WARNER, Treasurer,
decS-dkwlyeoti. 1 Newark, Ohio.
-E. M;:WILLIlMS & CO.,
Front Street. Between State end Town.
8U0F tsatlll running, and ellhourh
taeprsnaraot latt jean oas set neavtir
DMn har mnnlna aware, aha ta still turn-'
aa oat thote tplendld PH-ST-ONS, ROOKAWATS.aiid
RUnlg and BACKS. Twenty vrars MnUi aiannraa-
tarlnsr has (Ivea ear Work a Wlile-aperaA- trptttaUoa
Uirouah the Boath and Walt.' - . I
Wt thertfore deem It anneocssary to tat any tblng aer
ha reaard to tha Quality tf oar work. Wt waaRairr
svaav Vrnicia, "Wt can sell aooB tor Bdssiss from
atitstoaiio. : ...
Dealer! eta "be farartheol with any amoant of work at
abort notloe. and at prion lower than oan be bought any
wnert in -ine wear, oecooa nana naggies takta lata
ohanft for new work." i
- irjitenalrln dons neatlv'and at short aotiea. " Pan
toryoalraat, between Bntt and Town street Ooluja-
beukWlilo. - i r
1Q All aonmaBleatioDS wtil recflvef rompt uttfnttJO.
AO. i '
A?. -. . IB.Kii0II KID OLOTES, I ' I
" 7S etctt per pair, same ai sold claewbefs for ons
-Mass -!-J .. J-KIEtt SAIJI, ,
AtavM. ' TT-! aoath Uig itroti.
Made in the BMtt stylish sad sir-rant manner.
BtwinvoiosJtiitoptBtdtr PfcTERBAIN,
tsre.ll. -IfO . WBoUIligbtt-et.
Scrofula, or Kings Evil,
la a constitutional diseaao, a corruption of the
blood, by which this fluid becomes vitiated,
weak, and poor. Heine; in the circulation, it
pervades the whole body, and may burst out
ui dUcaiw on any part of it. No organ la free
from its attacks, nor is there one which it may
not deitroy. The scrofulous taint is Tarioualy
caused by mercurial duease, low living, die
ordered or unhealthy food, impure air, filth
and filthy habits, tlie depressing vices, and,
above all, by the venereal infection. What
ever bo its origin, it is hereditary In the eon
etitution, descending " from parents to chudren
unto the third and fourth generation ;" indeed,
it seems to be tho rod of Him who says,
will visit the iniquities cf the fathete- upon
their cliildren." ' .'.... ,
Its effects commence by deposition from tha
blood of corrupt or ulcerous matter, which, in
the lungs liver, and internal orguns, is termed .
tubercles; in the glands, swellings j nd on
the surface, eruptions or sores. ' This foul cor
ruption, which genders in the blood, depresses
the energies of life, so tliat scrofulous constitu
tlonr not only suffer from scrofulous com
plaints, but tliey have far less power to with
Btand the attacks of other aiseases: conse
quently vast numbers perish by disorders
which, although not scrofulous In their nature.
are still rendered fatal by this taint in tho
system. Most of the consumntion which de
cimates the human family has its tyrigin directly
in this scrofulous contamination ; and many
destructive diseases of the liver, kidneys brain,
mid, indeed, of all the organs, arise from or
are aggravated by the same cause.
One quarter of nil ottr people ftreecTofuloni;
their persons aro himdcd by this lurking in
fection, and their health is urtdennined by it.
To cleanse it from the system we must renovate;
the blood by an alterative medicine, and in
vigorate it by liealthy food and uxerclse.
but.li a medicine we supply in : .
ayer;s- V
Compound Extract of Sarsaparilla,
the most effectual remedy which the medical
skill of our times cun devise tor this evcrv-
where nrevailinp-and futol malar! r. It ia ram.
bincd from the most activo remedials that have
been discovered fur tho expurgation of this foul
disorder from the blood, and the rescue of the
ystem irom its destructive consequences.
Hence it should bo employed for the cure of
not only Scrofula, but also those other affec
tions which arise from it, such as Esuptivb
and Skix Diseases, St. Anthony's Tibb,
Rose, or ErtrsiruLAs, Pimples, Pustules,
Blotches, Blaikr and Boils, Tenons, Tetteb
and Salt Rheum, Scald Head. Rinqworm.
Rheumatic.!!, Syphilitic and Mercurial Dis
eases Dkomy, DvsPEPsr a, Debility, and,
ndced, all Complaints arisino took Vitia
ted oit Impure litoon. The popular belief
in " imptiritij of the blood " is founded in truth,
for scrofula is a defeneration of the blood. The
p.lrticulur purpose and virtue of this Sarsapa
rilla is to purify and regenerate this vital fluid,
without which sound health' is impossible in
contaminated constitutions.
Ague Cure,
; roit the speedy cure or
Intermittent Fewer, ar Fewer and Asraao.
Remittent Fever, Chill Fever, Dumb
Acue. Periodical Ileudar-lie. or Billana
Headache, and Blliona Fevers, indeed
for the whole class of diseases original
inn; in biliary derangement, canted Ur
the Malaria of Sliasiuatle Countries.
We are enabled here to offer the communiiv a
remedy which, vr hile it cures the above complaints
wWU l. ..:n r ai. I. l
m.it vv.Luiuijr, ia .viii uiTircuy iiarniiesa in any
quantity. Such a remedy is invaluable in districts
where these afflicting uisorrlT? prevail. Tlii
" Cube ' expels the tiinimatic poison of Fever
and Aoue from the system, and prevents the de
velopment of the disease, if taken on tlie first ap
proach of its premonitory symptoms. It is not only
the best remedy ever yet discovered for this class
of complaints, but also the cheapest. - The laree
quantity we supply for a dollar brings it within the
reach ot every body ; .and in bilious districts, where
a-kvkk sd aoub prevails, every uody should
have it and use it freely both for cure and protec
tion. A great superiority of this remedy over any
other ever discovered fur the speedy and certain
cure of Intermittents is that it contains no Quinine
or mineral, consequently it produces no quinism or
other injurious effects whatever upon the constitu
tion. Those cured bv it are left as licallhv if
they had never had tlie disease.
1- ever and Ague is not alone the consequence of
the miasmatio Doison. A crreat variety nf rlluir-
ders arise from its irritation, amnno- which am
Keuralaia. Itheumatiim. Gout. HmJeinhe. Itl;J. '
uett, TootJiache, Earacie, Catarrh, Asthma, Pal
pitation, Painful Affection of tht Spleen, lYuitrr
Kt, Pain in tht Bowels, Colic, Paralytit and lie-
ranrjemeut cf Vis Stomach, all of which, when
originating in tins cause, put on the tntenmtteiii
time, or become periodical. This " Cure " cxpsls
the poison from the blood, and consequently cures
them all alike. It is an Invaluable protection to
immigrants and persons travelling or temporarily
residing in the malarious districts. If taken occa
sionally or daily while exposed to the infection,
that will be excreted from the system, and cannot
accumulate in sufficient quantity to ripen into dis
ease. Hence it is even more valuable for protec
tion than cure, and few will ever suffer from Intnr-
mittcnta if they avail themselves of the protection
this remedy affords.
Prepared by Sr. J. C. AY &, CO., Lowell, HUss.
ROBERTS Ac fllMTTKT.. nti,a.hn.
And try Draft-bis and Dealers everywhere.
An experienced Nurse tnd Female Fhysletao, (.rotat.U
. . -- to tht attention of mothers, ber
which creatly facilitates die process of teethlon, by soft
ening the gums, rednclng all Inflammation wil I allay
all rA-liM and epaamodioac ties, and It
tnend npon ItTJiolierl, Tf wilt tve rest to yonraolvea
We hav-pot np and sold this article for over ten years,
what we have never been able to say of any other tneji-elne-NKVBR
aovi,iuaiisi;ia ijubb, wnen timely need. Nev
er did we know an instance otdimtisfaatioa by any ont
""". w tuw conuary, an amoeitgnied with lu
operaUont.and speak lo tenni of commendaUon of lu
magical efiecti and medical vfrtoet.- Wt speak In Ibis
natter WHAT Wl Do KNOW;" after tea years' rxpe
almost tvery Instanes where the Infant it suffering from
paiaand tithansUon, relief will be foand la Sheen or
tweoti BUiatts after thejtyrap it adalniatend.
This valuable preparation it the prescription of ont ot
tht meet IXPBKIKNCSDand eKILLt'lL NCEIrln In
Mew Borland, and bat been used with UEVGR PA1L
IKfl U0CB88 la
Itnotoaly relieves tbe child from yaln, not Invigor
ates tbe stomach and bosrela, oorreots tcidity, and glfj
tone and energy la lot whole system. It wlU almost in
stantly relieve ... ...... . i
and twtwsosaseotrvalstoaa, which, If got speedily rnue
died, end lo death. We believe It Uit BB6I and 8UR
it arises from teething, -or from any ataer cause. Wa
oald say to avtry molher wbobtsa ebild auBrlr.f from
any of the foieolr.g complaints DO NOT LET YOUR
ruajVAJluat oiuh .(Hal tBEJUDIOKSOJ OrilKRS
Hand between yoa and jonrauflerlng child, aod the re
ner tnav win se Bum-et. AnoOLuraLi BUUK to
follow the use of this medicine, If limely ad. fall di
rsctloni for uslof iillf ' acconipany ewh bottle. None
ranaias onlcia tha fattlmllt of CURTIS ItfKRElNS,
New York, Is on the outsiilt wiapper. '
Bold bp all Druggistt throaghoat the world.
Pri lclpoj Office, 13 Cetfatr rvtreel N.V.
IX eammaUon snd piln, ant" heals the worst barn,
scald, bruise, cat, er fresh wonnd at any kind, i revents
twelitog and pais srea kea atroos, aaasqulta bites, snd
polsoaoBS' plants, aearalffhv rheamatiiai, acue ia tne
breast, salt rat-am, etc. When taken internally, It will
positively eareeroap. la thlldrea, and gives Ininedltte
relief in the werslrast of thlt terrible complaint; also,
removes hoarseness and tote throat.' Price, S3 rents a
bottle. . Baoatd be in every house, for sale by Drns
gittiandBtomkeepert.. j . lHViN 8TONB,
Sole Proprietor, Ho. 1 8praca.at,. Kfw ynrk
' 1 1 . AI M. N I'KA W HOrsajsVI If D t I
f. epjt Ribbons, In great variety at "uAIN'a,
; , No. W,IIlgb street.

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