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EVENING. FEB.. 14. 8C1
Ilia Ailami ExnrMfl ComMU placet ut dally
i -jund.r obligation. o It for the very latest papers
-v - from the eastern owes. , , ,,
H .ni t. ' ,mn I,
' ;h iTbe" Amrioan Express Company has our
thanks for Its daily favors Id the shape of the
-- yery lateat eastern papers
. t ". PaisiDrimii. Livnti. Last evening, mam
et of the Legislature, members of the City
Council, and other invited guests, oalled upon
- th President elect, at the mansion of Governor
JPicnnison, ' A fine collation was served op, and
every thine petted off agreeably.
At half past eight o'clock, the President
elect Repaired to the Governor's rooms In (the
State House, where ladies and gentlemen were
Introduced to him by name. In the mean time,
the Representatives' Hail and Gallery had be
come flllod with a lartre and dense crowd of
both sexes,' awaiting la' eager exportation the
i levee of Mr Lmcatu, to be held there, aocord
ing to the programme. . At length Mr. Boruta,
' of the City Council, made his appearance In
11 the Hall, and announced that Mr. Lincoln would
:7.reee,hre'! VUitore.-'lo the Governor's rooms be
low, where each Would be introdnced by name.
V ' It was patent to every body that not one-tenth
'." of the persons present could thus be Introduced,
. : and the response was' universal throughout the
Hall, "Bring him up here !" "Bring him op
"'here!" V-.': ''',, '"",. ,'
j-' ; Mr. Parish, of the Senate, who occupied (he
Speaker's Chair, put the question whloh was
p-' carried, for the Appointment of a Committee to
wait on the President elect, ana request nis
presence In tbe Hall. After considerable delay,
1 which was borne with commendable patienoe by
the ladies many of them having been compelled
tottand for two hourt or more the President
c, mauo nia apparaut;e, aumpauiou , uuv-
rnor . J . - , " ' I
.At uitruuuucu suw .wr,.r. ui. ,
. L.l i ! Jl IV.. Ik 1 J
eeniuiT, auu iu uuiuk bw, rcuiarncu tuat n wguui i
, a I
u. ..UB .r. A..n w iuuvui 4
f te shake bands with every one present, and Mr.
) r.. then said that tha Qovernor had aald about
aU b eonld tay, and had thus deprived him of
T't . P Li I ' IT. .U
AQC oppufluuity ; oi ma&iug apevuii, aaw w" l
served , and repeated , the observation several
times. that it would exnaust mm too mucn to i
undertake to loitf hands with everv one oresent.
1 - " . . I
ttaDeggeajiuereiorejiopeexcMeairom join-
anganu wuu ,very , one, aau tu.na.u vn.
. i ai .j it. i
assemoiy tor coming w see oim ana oaue uiem i
farewell. - . -f ' . ' .! I
t , I...U.U. auu ,us ,,.sr ..uku, .
A .L L-l- .1 : -J I. . 1 1 I
uu iubj awcuiuiy uiaporsnu, nejuiowune uuagriu
ed that the leveo in the Hall of the House, af
ter being postponed so late, was granted with t
seeming reluctance, and made so very brief. I
Mr LiNcoi.w and suite left the city at half
past 7 o'clock this morning, tor ntteburg, by I
way of the Central Ohio and the Stenbenvllle
Railroad. . '
Fiat Last Night .The frame dwelling house
on Washington 'Avenue end Marion street,
owned by Mr. T. J.Paici, and occupied by Mr.
Jauvt Palmm end family, wat entirely con'
'. turned by fire early this morning. The fire or-
. iginattd in a back pastry, and was probably kin
died by an inoendiary, though with what object
. . . ... i
it it difficult to conjecture, ...
Mr. Palmes was aroused from bis
about three o'clock, by the crackling ef the fire
in the back part of the house and the dense
smoke which filled the room in whloh,' he bad
been sleeping. His waking wat fortunately In
time to tave his own life and the lives of bis
f.mll... A Car mlnnton Inter, and shew wonld I
( 'doubtless have been suffocated by the beat tnd
1 smoke.' t 1 - j ' '
The steam fire engine wat on the ground
,.' i tl l J j
put owing 10 tne progress tne
, uigiauce 01, we cistern, auuv tuswjsivi sum
cienf Ihtwe, It was !of little servloe".' Mr-PaL-
mcs's family lost nearly all their clothing and
about half their furniture. ' His loss it probably
five or six. hundred, dollars about one half Is
coveredby insurance. Mr. Paioi's loss by the
destruction of the building Is estimated at fifteen
hundred dollars, on, which, we understand, there
it no Insurance. ' . I
MoNTooNtaT Haul Go by all meant to
night and see LaRdi's Panopticon ot India at
,tt opening. .Undoubtedly it surpasses anything
thai hat yet Yisited as In tho amusement line-
speaking from the unbounded credit and praise
the prcsitay'-of it.' Read what the Chicago
Prtti says- ,. ' "'; ,;!,
Ti Panopticon ef India, r Mr. LaRue opened
at Kingsbury Hail last nlht this wonderful ex- let
hibitlon of the, late r Sepoy Rebellion, to a I
.nil faaMnnahla annlpnnn. Thai Panrtra, I .
ttoonlsoertatnlTamost beautilul, astonishing I
ind impreraiv. production. The sceny of th.
East Is delineated with perfect accuracy, and
by sklliral" and" arilstio pencils," while tbe
groups of moTing f figures; - the accessor
ies of storm, thundor, lightning and ship
wreck; the tumult of slaughter, of battle; the
search for the wounded 1 the removal of the
alaln, eVo.iare so marvelously delineated, so
true to nature, that tbe spectator, aotorDea in
the contemplation or the scenes, lorgett mat ne
la tlmply beholding mechanical contrivances,
and feelt the deepest interest In all that it
nasatne- before his eves. ' There are little epl
. r. -p - ,. ' . . J j
tones us ins representations, suca at toe wuuuu.
aui Ll.ntenant and his horse: the woman with
the lantern looking over tbe battle field for ber
'husband: tbe soldiers taUlne irom:tneranu
during tne twcmiug oi wetni, wniou
.a muty eo jiie-nae,ae completely w oeiuue
the imagination antf affect the feelings. .
CT The "light lingered" operators, anas 1
pickpockets, both -male and female, were quite I
dost in the crowd that gathered In the city yet.
tarda to see tbe President, elect, i Several
, ., it j , ,,r ' 1
ladles and gentlemen were relieved, while In I
.. . .
Miaafnl lo-nnraneaof the abstraction.' of theli I
-o ..... I
MMiVatbnoks. oortmonnalet and Other Wua- I
rT . . i ,,: iv. .1 I
blet. .Unewiaoaj iauy a reameutut
'wa; deoolletf olTbrty dollar which the had In a I
uoajrv v yj j .. . .t.ii. I
DOrtmonnaie In her pocket. But these f amKrrt
o.taW. atplck-pocketl are called In polite
, H . M f ' , J ". n . . 1 sal ' I
.french, were disposed, to mingle a little humor I
Vlththeirm.teHbililJokefi, lormmioftte
prtmonnale. taken from IttJ
theiroasb, and then deposited empty in
pwVels ofVnnsuspectlng gentlemen. Quite a I
number of gentlemen were astounded on retlr I
-lag for the night, to find themtelvet to pottee
ion of portmohnales And wallets, on whloh they
had never laid eyet before. ;
ir-TAl r.heatarfleld. Mass..on tha l.tln.t-l
f rff tr r 7 : . - j, r"
"tttflpn of thejtciUgnt mine protruding noopt 1
f . 1.H,(nlha other alaleh. and at the tvkmlnAlm
. . . ............ .
v iTTallT T iT" : ' . r;
iwat trotting, the fashionable lenuue waa mteo
trtml her teat and carried toreamlng And wtrug
kIIok for thirty feet or more, but not Injured,
at tho blune closely to the shaft. Whit a dan.
gerout and mortifying ooourrenee!
CTMany. ffieu" are at lrratlnal hx ' thelt pais
tion aa the old Thraolana, who, wherv it thun
dered and lightened,' (ell to shooting towards the
sky with Titanian, fury, as if by flights of arrows
they Intended to reduce Efearsa to reaion.
D"YVe regret to learn that Mr. GioaaiMc
Coimioi, of Groveport, last evening fell down
the steps leading to the basement of the build
ing In which the Journal it printed, end injured
himself to badly as to lie InsenBlble for tome
time. He wat booking into the show window
on the corner of the alley opposite the City
Bank building at the time. He wat carried to
a Hotel. We trust his Injuries will not prove
to be serious. . . ' -.
CA. S. Ramsit, Esq., hat retired from the
editorial ohair of theHirdin County Democrat
wbioh paper he hat conducted with ability. He
Is auoeeeded by O. B. and J. C. HAPmsirr,
formerly of the Urbanna Frets, who will here'
after conduct the Democrat. The Press speaks
very highly of the HArmsirr brother!. . We
wish them tuocess in their new enterprise, and
to the retiring editor we also extend our good
wishes. . ' "
ITMarsball Bsooks, of Newark,' and Officer
Da Witt, of this oity, yesterday arretted a man
and woman of the "light-fingered" persuasion.
while engaged in the process of relieving peo
ple of troublesome valuables... Upon examina
tion of the two persons arrested, seven hundred
and fifty dollars were found in their possession
ETPreatioe says many of the South Carotin
ians not only have Yankee arms in their hands
when they mutter in warlike parade, but Yan
ke arms aronnd their necks In the prlvaoy of
their own homes.
ST A wag was once heard to say, that the dif
ference between the Southern and Northern peo
pie Is, those In the South never tell anything
they oan eat, while those in the North never
eat anything they can tell.
DTThls must have been a very oold winter in
Scotland at well as la England. The Glasgow
t-amintr states that one day in Christmas week
h thermometer In some parts of Sootland wat
r"7 degrees below sero
jr- Th Wlnan. of BAltimore. next to Ai
lor.of New York, U the wealthiest person in
g . , . ,. fW
" " '
nnn nnn a j- t.i ,.jia . u ,
vvu,uuu, auu waua nia apienuiu lurtuuo oj rail'
gneoulations in Russia.
ETA little fellow one dav non-olussed hit
mother by making the following . Inquiry:
llHfAll... If . I. . :-. .!.. . I
iuvmiwi it a, w.u at iuiavvr, atiu a ai euuiiii n i
my tiery i-
M88' Siltzm oi Wimtm offer n re
MJ A1a Ja1I.u JU. at. J.A.af.. Jt
v - - ,
TiDiinn or inn nariiM wnn rrniirn mown th
----- - r--- --r--:-
t e . . i
'I ; -
motoscope ha.
stereoscnpe. so
-.., , . ..
conn,,! -ith that nf thn
that motion Is given to tbe objects presented by
the latter. .
ID" A traveler taya that Mount Vesuvius
never sleeps; jet, a wag supposes it mnst be
very sleepy, as it It always yawning
O In some tranquil and apparently amiable
natures there are often unsuspected end unfath
omable depths of resentment. ,, .'
ETRemember the Orphans, their Home and
Festival to-night, at Armory Hall. "..,',.,.; i
O The Crimean war It said to have cost two
hundred and ftftv million dollars. - i
Lost ob Srox-M.-In the State House yard,
Docket dook containing money and papers
valuable to th. .nbsolrber only. It wat lost la
crowd yesterday. The papers can be easily I
them. If tbe finder Or thief, If Stolen, Will re-
book and be may bave
Woodsville, Monroe Co., O.
aU give something of their abundance, and
ny,e the mow that falls flake by flake ont at to
. .. ... I
OarHAN't Homi. There It a premium offer'
tnm ,k. Iu.1 fTntnn aAnflmAnt. anfl th hp.t
,vi u u inn. wm.vu .vmhu.wu, wu-. WW . -
Conundrum, at the Orphant' Festival, which
aT Tkn..J.. ...ntnn. mt In,..
comet on this (Thur saay; evening, at Armory 1
Hall. We trust the WltS and tavant of this
, V . a '..ui
pleasant Olty, Will tend Ut tome Or their
most brilliant sctntlllationt for the occasion
. ... , I
We trust, also, that the friends of thll truly
worthy Institution will make such efforts for its
good, that the Festival will prove a euecese.
Little blue facet look out beseechingly from
thin appearal on tuoh oold days as these, and our
own hearth fires are made brighter and warmer,
when we can remember charities which' have
made other hearths warm, and other faces
bright. . Sorely it It "more bleated to give than
receive," and "God loveth a cheerful giver."
Then com up to the work, kind friends all.
Next Thursday night, remember thcre.it work
do for the poor and needy. If only a little,
lMt tne ihall your .cnarttles,
mingling and widening, cover with a mantle as
pure and bright the wilderness of onr necessi
ties. :.:' ' V:"
"He that glvlth to the poor, lendeth to the
I tu
Sec. pre tem. Committee of
Ways and Means.
wytlUbliBbment,plaOM them la a position to SUC-1
eetsfully oompete la point ot quality with any
manufaotnrer of thia article In tho world-l
ni0,?", . 'n'" .r"l'e ln. ZV.Z I
we nd uk home a bottle of Gurnteyp
'fa -til QS rents. - f
, , :. i
The GafATrsr Codoh Mxniomc in tri World
We take great pleasure In calling the atten
tion or onr readers ana tne nuniio 10 tne won
derful virtaee and nnmerout testimonials of
W. Aver't Pduionio CRitar Coadial. This
al. . . a . .
nnquestionably the oreatttt cough preparation
(kt World! ' it hu been used In the Doctor's
extensive praotlce in various parts of the.coun-
f . and ,( d, ,nd c
f h ld b ihU, Mth
...4.. dlffloultf of breathing &o..o.
vim aid In Introduoino; this creat nrenara
tIon j., oommunltv. Is a benelaotor to man.
kind. ... ' 1
ET We believe that D. B. De Land & Co,, of
the Falrport Chemical Works, Fa.frort, Monroe
LZ . , ' 1
Co., N.Y., are manufacturing aa good, If not I
the best Balaratut that bas been ever produced I
hi. AA..f.a a MiaAnaa In aaflnlnff. I
T"."" .f L" ..ir '
n" Wn n country, exeepsa una
-nTfe-trw w hfrul iri. n. for
f" "J I " r " -
wia D. moat of the grocers throughout the count
try, , .ui ,.t ,v . I ,;.v U !
will ,offer from Foul Humor., Sore., b
oftnuHkln. when such certain remldleil
M MoLiah's 8tistaino Cobdialanb Btoop
PnuFtia, and McLxAn't Voloanio On. Lim-
mint can be to easuv ootainea. ineuoraiai
will purify the blood thoroughly , and the Lini
ment will cure any, tore.
bee the advertise-!
Waa flAmioT-YoU tay VOUr famllt ire Well
i .T . 1. .. nr.
UVW SVSIK SIM - r " f" -
aaw irmrr wu
vnuu h niu wmw" . , i ,i c t
' SATHyAcrroav. We believe that before many
week, ehkll K rant bv. everv family In tbe
. ... V . 4 r . . A ,
aiaia will constantly Keen uubbhst i taim in 1
at.. " . .1- .!! . l . . "I
ment'e notice. Who oaa eetlmate the amount
Of good it baa and will accomplish t - -
tT5 See dvertiaemeot'' of trot." MillibIi
Hair inngorator n another column.
i ......
qnnniTOnra baliu
to their own
Sir. Veeienden reported a diplomatic appropriation bill,
and uked for a committee or eonfemnca.
The bill to oarrf oat the treaty with Mew Granada
A eommlttM wai appointed to notify tlicoln ind noj
iinn weir election. -i
The tariff bill cemeuD. 1
Mr. 8ewrd garo notice that he ihould more to erti
inn portion aboliabiof the werebonn eyetem.
sir. Blmmont explained amendment when the Mil
Wee laid over.
The bill for the tatte rnlllnn al the mllltta at
vutriot or uoinmDia eame up; on motion or artiane,
" wee reoommittea to unitary committee.
Tbe bill prorldini that no extra numbers of any docu
ment be printed without the Joint resolution of both
houeee paaeed. ,
Mr. Blgler reported a patent bill, recommendlnit that
the Senate oonear in all the amendmenti of tbe Iloiu
ecxeptone. Agreed Adjourned. . "
The Home opened with prayer by the Ohaplaln, Mr.
Btockton. in which ha ulil. Hleta the nntsnlnr idmlnli-
tratlon, may It oloee III labor! In peace, without further
violence, and without, any itsln of blood; and we pray
a? , ar - , - - r j
r,Itnn lnlDK dn,to,''''.h' " B',"ln"W
rest on the Preildent elect In his journey hltherward,
mat iny good yrovldeno may be around him day and
night, guarding him at every step; and we pray that he
.a? uc poacaiuuy ana nappuy inauguratea, ana aner
warda, by cure. wise, and nrudent counsels, that he mav
administer the government In such a manner as Thy
name may am aionnea. ana tne weiran or tna nennie in
all their relations, be advanced, and that oar example
v. situ auu religious 1 1 Deny n roll owed in an tne
Mr. Sherman sent no the letter to him from the Sec
retary of the Treason, araln nralnr aneedv measures in
view of the preising demands on the Treasury.
,v, 0,. . . , I----1 - ---
tbe President in Dlaca of anv nart of recent lnana to laaua
ur. Euerman accordingly reported a bill autuoriilng
vuuuu ioaa oi a uenominatioa not exoeeaing du ana
bearlDff net exoeadina 6 nap cent. Intaraat. and runnlncr
SO years, and to supply such bondtptt par to the creditor
wuu mar receive mem lor to enure amount not to ex
oeed that authorised by tbe reoent loan act.
Mr. Sherman made an explanation, showing the Im
POrtanoe Of tha mmnm.
mr. uarnett opposed th bill, saying the speech of the
KimuvuiVKGI II inmanannlla. InillrAIAfl iwniuinuri
the Inauguration of a military despotism. (Suppressed
mr. Bbarman moved aiuipenilon of the rulei
Not In order.
The Senata ma notlflnl nf lha Mullnia Af t.a ITamm
iu uave tne electoral vote counted.
me senate entered. . ;' - T i :
The tellers and other -ffl-lil. IaaI. hu .i.mi. a-.j
fj!teI.5,1",rt a1 by Mr. Breckenrldge, he opened
th.dlffer.nt certlflcate. wWch JrTlfi Sec'rTurJ
oTtemen't.80 "I1".?
clUment. Th.rln.n thVrr.-V..T::
been oompleted. tbe tellers renortad the rMnii.whan.nn.
Z,th;y-FnaAni'M'" ". "raham iancolnSf
tor tbe four veara commencing nn ih. a.h nf u k im,
and nannii.iu.TiZ It v -,-.,
Vice-President of tha ITnlt.d Ri.ia. a. th. . ti
Th Paclflc luiirA.ii mil .in . '
row. ..... .......
Senate to'wanU.rpo If d I? 'J0un ,'"
. ,.,vi. vi ma
fern that there wu no furthe, "JS,-
u u.p0i.
wiyirTOToii, Feb. u. Ur. OAmeron preienUd mt
w m uoni uk n nAne-MM u aianri h. tv. riAn.it..
tion as It is, alwltisr DttttioTa in fTvnr nftbi ririH.VV.-
Mr. Bingham presented th Joint resolutions of th
thefjdM, a,T, asking &To
Bingham presented th Joint resolutions of th
Mr. Binffham aald thai ih.u b...iHiiM v. j . .
With ereat unanimitv. and ha thnn.M th.a ih.. . i
Tl . ; ue saia mat tney would I
adhere lo the Constitution ss It Is, and that thy had
Who took meaaare to iWnmv it. ir. Un.ii hi. u.u
era friend would yet come to see that the best way for
wo. w auumit to tne oenencieni win or tue govern-
"1 ", nu tney insietea in tneir euorta to de
Mr. King presented the netltlnn nf R.ni p.Ia. ..a I
al ir, ' " 101 responsibility.
many others, In favor of th homestead bill. I
nioBrwoWrj ftpeuuoii unto GODcrtu to
oftbetandOlBoewM taken up. .
three Senator be anoointed to naica ir.nn.ni. . I
auvieonereu a resolution that i immniih. , i
inauguration of the President elect. Adopted.
Ur. Green, from tha Mmmiittans. iratHi,..!..
a bill to organise tbe territory of Nevada, and pre
vide a government for the territory of Daeotah. ; -
wZL'.tr rr.w Pn 100 voters of
Waterford. N. Y., In favor of tha Crittenden resolution.
Alao a memorial from tha nhamh., a .
York., remonatratln ...in.t h. AL. ,
bill. 7T "
'"'"'' prtaentea pennons rronttheiuansr
rooZlXoT" "T
Washington' farewell address be read h lha niark b.
Hail on th 21 of Pebruary, and th President, th
President elect, member of th Cabinet, Judge of the
Supreme. Court, member, of th. rtKf of ih.
military and naval offloers. and tha Oommiaaionara r I
military and naval offloers, and the Oommlssloncrs of
reac uonventlon, be Invited to be present.
Mr. Washbwrn. of Illinois, said that this wnnlit rail
a session of th House o. that day. '
mr., mam 01 fa,, replied mat thr ought to be one
hear the farewell address. 1
Tbe resolntion, being objected, to wu not considered.'
h moiuMn wuiea air. morn to omit tbe Invi
tttlon t0 lht miiitar, naval offloers.
Mr. lAMkadbutfalledoobtemieawtoIntroduc
aresolutlon for the sppolntment of a committee of three,
report whether the Superintendent of th Oeastt Bu-
wvaiwaaa IVbUI lle a Alva AJaUlCV UW Ul
heads of families for th purpose of sending them er
political speeches.
Mr. Blndmansald that Mr. Ksnnadv had notonlv vl-
olsted th poetal but other laws. ' t 1 1 , 1
Mr. Print obtained lea re to In trod nee the fallowlm aa
questiou of privilege: - 7
wnsKiA,-jne following lutement appeared In th N.
TimeS newsnsnerl It la aanartalnad that atharf nutria
(her is copied from th Washington oomspoadnc
th. 1-tmu - -... 1.11 A, I II . ...
,,hm COnVd " ' "
mltte have power to send fori person and paper with
T""",",w- w" P"51;
Washington News and Gossip.
JrKlSar tS?'ac
meat Indispensable arrangements of the first prox
t.... tmo. . . :
lettors and newspaper artici; and that each eombina
w. M did not xlst in Maryland, but ui other Boutbern
States, and that In th beginning of January, ha wa sat
Washinoton, Peb, 13. Secretary-. Six sent another
letter to Mr. Bhermaa to-day, saying It was indispensibl
Mor.thanflv million dolUr of Treasury ffoteshsve
nearly tha eight million needed to meet publio wants
before that day. More than n. third of th revenue
derived from customs, 1 paid Into th Treasury la note
at a future day, and th. present embarrassment of
Treasury arises rrom operations or a paper system
which compels the Government to anticipate the pavment
it debt out of it ourrent funds. A he has decided
issue notice or a public loan, he ask that th bill re
ported yesterday b acted on. . - ,
Bx-Scretary Iloyd publishes a statement that th re
port of th committee of th. Hon 1 an ea, part ar
ralsnmant o( bis official eonduct'unon a vartt testimo
token in secret in hi abnc. It I a labored at
tempt by lnotndo, and by mean ot circumstances In th
sbseno. of proof, to fix upon him soma unexpected com
plicity witn ue reooery, 01 waicn ne naa ao anowieog.
HUtll BUUI1 AW SIUSW Tfaasai pWIIVll WtePV
pramlse to meet thojrepert of th oommltte
until aooui tne time 11 wa aoiioaiiy oisciosea. lie
with a run
There Is no truth In th statement, that Mr. Vloyd and
oounsel hav pleaded the act of 1857, in bar of th
prosecution pending against mm. , . 1
Owing to apprehensions of a conspiracy for Ih pur
noao of seising th. poblis building, they have been pri
vately uaiuea, tuougn not in utrgw lorces, lorsome
week. .. ' '" " ' "
The hlowln an of Ih Osnltol was retarded a not Im
probable; heoos, eviy night a thorough exsmlnatloh of
oeuars anu vault was meue oy in. uapiwi pouoe.- '
To-day th offloers of artillery war on daw for th
purpose ot immediately opmman touting witn uongres,
snouiu an attempt o soaoaa uwwapiuu, aautne
(orce war. ready to advano ataasoment-s
warning. Nothing watvuibi to excite the least appre-
benilon. ana peneci goon order wa preserved.
Gov.Hlcks.of Marv land, wan emmsalnedto-dsybv th
eonuBUte.: Ill beUef InMaoootDlraov alatod
i.onnactlon with the Canitalwaaoaueedhranonraous
w aainta auaaauwv rsaw -v ivuwwaem sM.sssn
th seisure of publio property, but for son um past h
SaSVS lTZr.f
Th OAlne. ease bj brfo. th Bupreate Ooart to-
4Z: . . !
in ecre la rv or in Treasury nas aovertised ror pro-
poaals tlH the 83d, for tbe eight million loan under th
late as. Those tncoMsrui must deposit oa or before to
lit or march. ""'l ""' "1
T j . .. A-A t .
aelect oommlttee that be Informed the President of Mn.
Floyd issuing aooeptancet, tt it du. to the President te
Stat, that h Immedlalely tent for Iloyd and lnqulre.1 by
what authority h.b.usd them. Ptoyd width. w no I
w ior or against it, Dutit naa oeen ue praotwe 01 in. 1
nd no mor. whloh Floyd promist to so, th Piciideut
supposing only a small amount Involved. '- -
wiwua, hi. .U-..UW-CU uiu. w p " u-m uwu U.BU-V,
.( ' 'J 1
Washington News and Gossip. Virginia Convention.
. 1 . , T ....... t T.n.t.n .1..,.. D. J.
" "" """"-'"i"
mad Union tpech. but aald Ylrglnl. would Insist en
harrtxhUasa-mailltlsn be nmatnlnfl ia
tbe eonfed-
. M.J.
From the South.
Vrw OabiAKl, leb. 13. The hew flat of th f.verra
Stat of Lonlilae a. Waa unfurled from the top ot th Cltv
Ball tday amid th. Bring of oannon, th ringing of bell,
music, ana ta ensers ot w popuisoe.
Tb Ztnaesm has arrlnd treat Vr Cms.
Arrival of the New York.
Maw Tobk, feb. H Theiteanuhlp KtW Tort from
Southampton J,. SO baa artlred The Auitrallan ar
rlred at Llrerpeid on Sunday the 27.
A Cabinet OoulcU iu held on Saturday at the official
raidenoe of Lord Paimenton, In Downing street.
xne Andian mall had arrlTed witn uatea from Calcutta
to Aieoember !K. The Times oorrespondent at Oalontta
saia there la not a contented mind or a tnnnnll
tAnirilA In kll n.n.liuu. Tltfttlm lnlfln...MK.l
1 m lynuni inii.wycu.
Mr. Grant the two million pounds annually spent In
Auaiiomanuracture. Hat been, tnis rear, wundriwn from
oirouiauon, and la a poor country use uaicutta, the oon
sequenoeefare nttunlljr thoee or dleeontent,
The China Intellinnoe la to December IS. from Ifon
Kong. r . . ta' .
Lord lldn waa at Shanahaa on the 8th of TJmemhur
and IsopMted at Hong Ken launedlately.
saron uresprooeeds toeuea to afewdays. i
w. wiutu leaves enismerniDg u ih niagara.'"
Bir Hope OrantaassoM on Visit to Jeoan. i
Al Ningpo alarm ezlstedfrom the repons brought in
of the morements of the rebelsi
Woo Chow was oulet. Disturbances had broken ont In
the north east part of the Prorlnos and one or two walled
places had been taken.
The John Adams, Niagara, Hartford and Ounnboat
Saeinaw were at Horn Kom.
aaAHct..Tbe army and nary yaztii ssys tbe Bmper- J
or hu resolred to eonitruct with all dlipateh, ten Iron
cueu iniates. or tne La uioina eiasi. in
idle rumor, but a stubborn fact
Paiu. BatUrda Ere. The Patrlt save that It la nat
true as soma Journals hare stated, that the French Gov
ernment ha enoouraged Denmark to resist the demands
of Germany. Neither la It true that franc I organising
a squadron to be sent to the Baltic Tbe Patrt also
ea srj UBUIUU W UV Kilt W II1Q jOttlllU A UO AUlftM A If) ()
the bombardment contlnnei at Caete without great
tesult on either aide.
MAKSXILLIta. Jan. O-fUh.'lA lttiulan frlivAtA ti Uft
iuuiun, out nas not prooteaeu to uaeta. tier destina
tion Is VVUta Vranca.. where harMunm.n...li.
ixoiu oruers.
ataxy. Naples. J5-S P. If Yesterday thai.
ment of Gaels was oontlnued by the Sardinian fleet.
uaeia nas sunerea muon iom ue Dombardment- Tbe Are
from the batteries of the nlace. is feeh!. nn ruuii
has lost but few men. , A Sardinian gun boat ha been
l.lll.j.UI ,
OArtn, WJ.The bombardment of Gaeta contlnna
A treasonsble oorresooodence of blah lmnnrinn
u,i.u was vcoa euteruuuca wiui uaeta, nas been discov
mJ ' u uircvv
Gihoa. Jan. 35. Th Oorrten IfarcantiU nt
ays, the bombardment of Gaeta Is continued with Pro
disious effect from the hattarlra nn th. .i.i. -
Jointly with the powerful co-opratlun of the fleet. It
. uuiitii w success win attend tne effort of th be
siegers In a few dava:
in neet withdrew on th 83d In order to repair dam.
ages, after having silenced nearly all tbe enemv'a halta.
ries. It was to recommence tho bombardment on the
ame evening.
Spaiw. Madrid. 85. The florraenn
states that the report that th Queen had sent money to
Gaeta I totally unfounded. The Correspondencia says
vymutm uiunwr wu, ai7 wnn ung rrancls firsts
long ss he remain on Neaoolltan territory, rt .t.
states that Tetuon will be occupied by Spanish trotn
until the entire execution of the treaty by the Moors.
e-.we.tte. o'f ;. B.Aun National
uuhuut, .rena, n,-ini innsnitants of Voivodina
;."Tu,OHW ocauon or ..Servian National
n ,!.
171 " . T"..: "7r. . se suca
iBaa win snaoismnn to execute as speedily as nossi.
" " v'"" """"
From Pensacole.
WASBmaTOW. feh. 13. Llentanant nillm.n An. a, Ih.
officer In command of fort Plokea, arrived her this
evening, with dumatchea from Lieut. Blimm.r ..J ih.
commander of the vessels off Pensacola, to the govern-
renaacoia on naiuruay evening. Having
f-.fi , i iuiu major vnase, wno is in com
U.UUUI ui aionoa troopa. lie says me following ves
ar off th harbor: the Brooklvn. Bablne. St. Leula.
acedonlan, and .Wyandotte. Th Brooklyn did not
muu unr luppi mill on r CKnu. L int. H mm..
big notified them that h had ample supplies for three
months. .
flh..! ..J T?i ' PeJP,aooind H ta J'
nw tn I .k Y001" ' 'en0'l,and It Is .11 1
i . ,7, " mv m. inina Uivm
an at
Kxw ToRic. Peb. 13. Mr. T
omer demand upon Superintendent Kennedy for tbe
Georgia muskets. Mr. Kennedy refused to surrender
them except upon leeal nroeeaa. anil .iMaa th.t h.
seise them again, if, alter giving Ibem up, he should find
w"H mwyynu w aawaing DIAieS.
iu, rovauua cutter n. I.SDS is beingaltered. at Brook.
iyn, into a man of war, to carry a formidable armament.
Per, called the Exnnu. announcing .n .tt.i. .... n.
" "a "ooueu usi mgni wnn a bogus newspa
eunter, th. bombardment of Chailoston. Ac
Great Union Victory in Tennessee.
NAsnvau. leb. 13,-Th returns ar meagre, but the
.uu..uuua arw uist me union candldatea will hava an
aggregate majority of
over ov.uuu. in uonvention is
?fted by probably 20.060.
as rar as Beard from only
two secessionists ar elected
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Feb. 14.
AflHIS etesifw and DMhnwt.. .im . an u..
iu 1- . ii . Toi rrr-.'. "
vw w, Aw, auu 9-i Xti ior pwans. 1
FLOUR receipts of S.31S bbls.: aaarkat a Mm.
steady without material eoang in prices; salts ef 9,900
bbls. at 5 OtXSSS 65 for iun. itat.. i i-SaSoi '7?.
xtHtstst,J 0KJ 03 for sup,' Western, S imti
30 for common to medium extra western, $i iKtiti SO
nhtA, .XfL. 0.',D,,
bbls. at 85 15S(I 73.
BTB FLOUK steady; 3 3SS4 10. , . ."
WHBAT-recelpt 734 bush, maiket quiet and nom.
nally unchanged; sale 14,000 bush. ISO in store for Mil
waukle club; 1 2mi 48 whit Canada; 1 60 ehoio while
Kenluoky. ... , ... ,, ...,T
KIB dulet; 6S(B67. , , . , .. , .
BABLKY-teady:68al. ". . Vv ' .'.A
CORN reoelnU 840 buah.' n,.,k.t a. ..j j. .
"1. Wx0i old mixed western in
store; 81(963 ntw at railroad depot.. ',
0AT8-flnaer, tale 3i37o for western and Canrdiao
77!joc State. n,
POKK-dull and nominal ; at $ 17 95 for mess, 13 for
kkp unchauged. I
CUT MBATB-steady.
LARD dull and heavy; sales SO bbls. at SHWlSlO. . '
BUTTER In moderate reoneat .t uiaiA ilj iaiu
SUte. ' """"
OHgE8K-teadyatlOX. , - '
WH1BKY heavier and lower: hm.i. . mix
COTTON-dnll and hwvy; sale 500 M, ' s j
OOFrBH remains stead: aalaa san h.. Af m. .,
UX13; lOObagsMorachatUX- ' ' -
BDOABS-oonUnued heavy and dull; tale 318 hhda
0fCubat4;(i35H. - " n-t',t', :. ,
JSULAuonD Inactive. '- v I a:,, 1 1
BTOOKS better, wllh mora dolnir M.. ...h...
plenty at 5 per oent. on call. Sterling Kxchange dull
heavy at 10419105 for best Bankers' bills. 0B
'"Si" X! 1 u aerip 78X; M B 14J; Reading
4SXi Hail 16)4; Hit SUM; Oumb'dTlX; N Y077;
gd 43Xi Harl preferred 401 M 0 56i M t quoted at
SflA 0hl0 "X: 0 B Ax Q 71X; N t 0 1125 N B
6sof 67,94; Treasury 101 percent., 100; d. 11, lOOX;
13, 101: Brooklyn Water Loan loot Ma R'a 7S- M
5!,b2?d 81! LrosM Grant S; Brie 3d 69;
0asIW40. r.- . t . . ' ,
Cincinnati Market.
FLOTR wssln rather better raaueat than veatardav.
UM business doing la quit, light, mostly forsmaU
oruar, ana 11 m rouoo to b ratnar easier to elect pur
chasers at (4,50 to 14 SO for sunrrflne.
WBBAT isotfsred more freeley and more ssies went
made than have been noticed for seme days. Bale of
prime red ar said to nave been made at 98a and of hill at
i.uitgu.os. me prevailing Sgures asked are tt for
red and (1 10 for whit. ,
CORN 1 (till How at 34o, th demand being mainly
luvai. - r .... . . - . i i' V .(
vaxd aiw quiei at SIO. ".l.- .
bahlkx nu but a poor market at 70c . . "
In the Orocery market ther. la noticed tiflrmar reel
ing as to Molatsss: but M aanaral asaniaananoa In tha
disposition to advance th. quotation, gale, at 30c are
still made, though 11c Is generslly uked. 300 bb! were
ptiu dd toa iBooioe at xvo mnm -? . 1 .
RTB-selliat &8i60o, though bat little Is wanted at
the figures. -WHISKY
has a fair market at lail4.-,rt thn.
fWi lit A. 1 . ; ,
Philadelphia Market.
faotra aulet 'at BS SSSS.SO. ' WaCAr-nnchaned.
0oa firmer, yellow 7o, old SSo. Paovtuoxs dull.
baooadotl. baaon ham 10i13c: aides WKc: ahonidan
S0. WHisar steady at 17 tc
H fOCKNING GOODS-Black InglUh Orspes:
1YA Crap Collar, Cuff and Sleeves; Lang and Short
Orap Veils; Bound Crap. Tells; Lac Vetla Crap.
rimmed; rialu tlemmed uouars; net; Handaerchlert
Aleiandre's lilsck Kid Glove; Panel Blbbonat Silks:
Bombasine; Travsllng and all othsr kinds ot Drees Goods
oonstantiy on Band in great variety .
rsiss BAin,
isjrW , flwt door north ot Neil Han.
Jt 1. Si oent a yard.. Bleb fancy Bttk A All otnte
" , , . raita stig,.
deeSO e.w Ne.'WBouth High Street.
i-ii ! - -
INTER DeA.AINF.Ss -,,- 1 a a-
1 a . -s. 1
New Style sn 4 very .heap at 'BAIrTi 1
novM. no. uv a m High .treat.
ntf.inoRAL SKIKTI, .... -:v r. ...
13 Wide. Long and Handsom.. Th hewt style Import
d, a new lot just reoeivws oy . , rsiss AJM,
dec. 11. a. ooiiin uign street.
J. Ih. most graosful and elegant skirts yet offered for
sale. A new lotjust openeu py .. .nt rtit bain,
dec. 11. - no.xvaoutniiiahstre
AtiKXANltHES KID A.UVlata -Alltltesandoolortiuttopened
at BAlN8,"t
dee.lt. no. nu souin ingn street, i
Teddo Tea Uspaa,) ' for Sal b
,iff f'KWUAWaiu ' a,4. ..-i
aep7 m n Atiga fawn,
BestOjugi Medicine in tho World!
it (A V t . r . i f .; ; ,,. , a t
'- i
Great.". .Rented of ..the Age!
. .t .
1-"- "
a. viiiauiuv VlAAJlllliX VVAkAlilAi
rot mi srciDV and cirtain con or
Ceugbt,' Colds Throat Dbtasee, Hoarteness,
Oronp, Bronahitii, Asthma, Early Stage
Consumption, Spitting Blood, Night I i
; J ; Sweats, Feverish Condition, See. u I
i. Prioo 91.
Of the great remedies which Dr. Aria (of th Throat
and Lung Institute, 30 West Fourth Street, Cincinnati,)
hat offered to the public, there It non which ha given
such universal satisfaction in hit practice as the "Pttl-
atoxic OHsx.r CoanuL." I
It potsMU th most txtraordlnary powers, and
among th point of marked tuprloilty of this favorite
remedy are these:
KjMt contain no triorplilne, r may
tlilnir wblclt will deranKe the IIow-
lt r Impair the Appetite,
IDIt contain, no deleterious
atance whatever. . ,
XO'The effect la prompt and perma
nent. , ,; v ; I
IU- tt cure or preventative of j
ra "XT" tt rra Tn rr t
It ha. no equal. None who bave
ever u.ed it have been attacked.
cau roa this - avo take no otezs.
a aa n.n-ci ess sa.n aa I an
,. '
Se not Confound It with any ether prepara
tion pnt up by any person of similar name.
This Cough Cordial ha been thoroughly Us ted thous
ands of timet, and in no esse ha It ever fsllsdl
Bear In mind that this Cherry Cordial I th prepara
of a rsgulsrly educated Practicing Physician, a
point not to be lightly estimated by those who require a
sterling awdlcln. , , . , ' i
Om. W. Bice, Iiq., of Cincinnati, eertlfle to a re
markable our of Asthma, th patient being hi wife.
remedy toe ooraiai. . .,
John B. Deter., tea., of Cincinnati, testlfiee to a re
markable cureofcbrxnle throat disease by means ot this
great remedy. . 1
Bay. Dr. J. V. Ohalfant, Presiding Xlder. 01. I.
Ohurch, Dayton District,) a;i: -"I eordlslly raaom
mend Dr. Arer's wonderful preparation to those who
ot Ih I
may be aunering rrom enronio eatarrn or diseases
Throat and Lung." -
Solomon Adams (of Ih. wsll known Importln Drv
floods House, Hughes. Adams a Co.,) Cincinnati, lays:
heartily commend Dr. AVer's Cordial at iuatlr do-
serving th iotlebrlty it has attained-''
Chaa. Monroe, Eq., Cincinnati, ears: 'Icheerfullv
express my fullest confidence In Sr. Ayer's medicine.
B. R. Bates. Kao.'. writes form fifth Avenue Hotel.
Yorki "I shall always recommend my friends to the
of your Cordial, feeling, that It has effected what
some oi the moet eminent physicians la New York and
Cincinnati failed to acoompltsh, via; th our of Mr.
Bate' Throat.", . t
T. J. Bmsrsoo, Esq., Professor of Todal alusio, Cin-
say. "Alt other remedies havinf failed to cure
relieve my throat. I used Dr I. W. Ayer'a Cordial.
am happy to aay, it effected aa entire and perfect
cur." n.-,. 1 L.
I. B. Kaier. Constable. Cleveland. svs: "With th
of Dr. Ajer's Cordial I experienced the moet decided
relief, and hav. ao doubt of It effecting a radical and
permanent our,'! ', . -,' ;
Rev. I-' Q. Tucker. rookvlller.lndlaBa. vaa cured of
Consumption and testifies la th strongest terms to the
wonaerrui otneaey of tne eoruiai. i
Bav. J. B. Allen. Pastor of th Presbyterian Church.
Brookllne 0.. cured of ehrenlo kreoehltls, says: "I an
aoie to use my vole as trail as at any tin during
ministry ana witn mor. .necs ana oomion. I no
rejoice tnau applied tour. Ayer." , . . I
Equally strony' letter and testimonial from 8. J.
Burlison, Bupt. of Bridge, Cleveland: B. Bannev.
Merchant; N. Banford, Merchant; 0. A Van Blyke,
Btaamboat builder, Buffalo; Ool. Crump, Hannibal,
0. P. Johnson. Kan., City Attornev, 8u Louis.
A. J. Kane, Bprtng&eld, Ills; Moses Chess,
Civil Bnglneer, Pittsburgh; arid huod reds oi othora
been received.
sal. la Cincinnati by S. SOANLAN k CO., '
Wholasal. Agents, oorner fourth and Main Street.
Corner of Pourth and Vine Street.
Altai at Dr. A TJS'S OMcm. 30 sTaat lotmrlk Strmmi.
CinoinmaU, and by Drumrlsts generally. .
Forsal.byDB. O. DKN1Q Ac BON.Nortk-Isjt oor
of High end Rich streets. ,
Jan. ii4;-dexuiinatwiy
Liverpool, Montreal, Quebec,
arid ' ; i
The Montreal Ocean Steamship Company's first -clss
Clyda-bullt Steamers aall err Sat
ardav from PORTLAND, carrying the Oanadhtn and
United atataa auu ana passengers,-,, .
N0VA10OTIAN....OapU McMasters,; Sr.
" BOHBMIAN ...... Oapt.erange, ,-- '.-I
NORTH BRITON Oapt. Borland, ' ,
CANADIAN...... ..vi.Capt. Graham,
,i NORTH AMBRIOAN.-Capt. Alton,
ANGLO-SAXON Cspt. BalanUna, -
NOBWBeiAN, - -, r . " :
Sberte.t, Cheape.t andQalckcatCen
... vcyance sreisia - i
sail from LIVBRPOOL averv WeaaeadaVs
from QUBBBO every liataraay. iling at
LONDONDBBBi-, tareoelve on board and Ian. Mailt and
Passenger, to end from Ireland and Bootland.
Glasgow passenger, ar furnished with rasa passage
tickets to and rrom AioMonderry. ' ..
Return tickets great, at reduced rate. - avi
An esperteneed Burgeon attached SoeachatumsN ,
Oertiacate issued for oarrvtng to and brlngugout pa-
sengers from all th principal town of Oreat Britain and
Ireland, at reoucen rata, trytnia una er steams n, ana
laavlnc Llnmool everv weak. V i -
rnr nessea-. anntv as tn. time wa nnvam
WAY, New lark, and 19 waTEH ST.,
L.iverpoi,. 5 j i, t, ... -. ,
BASEL ft RABLX, etntral Agent., j
aolO-lydkw 1 Btetesmaa Office, Columbu, Okie ,
1, ( at 0 :.r?r -J. t 1 t
:johnh. stekley.
T. O . .;m attend lo tW X Jf '
A I ! '
AU orders left attheOlBce ot the 8latmm will I
promptly atteaded to. f I f t . f. ', janll-tf
ncd P ABM. the undivided half of STOBB BUILD-
INO No. U, North High Street, Oorner High Street and
Lynn Alley. If not disposed of by th 1st of April, th
Star. will bfWi rent, . , . , ,,
I J ' r, K : ALSO, .. i n tti
ea th tarn term, or for desirable OITT pROPBBTt.
well esleeteo stoca i .assaiii uwa,iao.
Twenty vary deslrabl. BTJILDINOS LOTS, situated on
Wasnlngtoa Avenue, aonn at snss wmw ' - -
M. C.;L1LL'EY, V
r "jliid Elank-Book ttanufiuiturer, . 1
" Di4.' J. H. McLEAN'3 " j -
Strengthening Cordiafand' Blood
: t PTmipiEn. ;H
ureateet Remedy la Tiie i
In t
host sniaous
X ly a scientiS and
' Vegetable Oompoond,
. piocutwiby th distll
iatlon of Root. Herb
and Bark, Yellow
, Dock, Blood Root,
, gareepartlkw Wild
Cherry Bark and Dan
delion enters lota Its
Before IWnftSESE" re.; After Taking
principle of each' Ingredient 1 thuranthly extracted bv
my new method of distilling, producing a delicious, ex
hilarating spirit, and the most INf ALLIBLH remedy for
renovating the diseased system, and reslorlne the sick.
suffering and debilitated IMVALIO to IIKALTH and
Will ireu-ali ear". ' ;
Ohronic or If errant DeMlltv. Disease of tha KUnawa
and all diseases srlslns from . disordered Liver or Hima
h, Dyspepsia, Heartburn, Inward Piles, Acidity or Sick
u thS vSS, Duu
tion of th Heart
.... C. .... I
ueee oi tne ntomaon, fullness or Blood to t
pain or swimming In tha bead, Palv.tatlon
Valines or Weight In the Slomauh. gou SsucuUions
Ohoklo or sutfocAtine feellna when lvlna dAm. DmMi
orTellowuessof thegklnanl stye. Night Bweaufln
Ward levers. Pain In tha email of tha hE . h..t a. iri.
Sudden riUAbes of 11 eat. Depression of spirit, f rlihtf ul
Dream, Languor, Despondency or any Nervous Disease,
Bores or Blotcbe on tha Bkln. and I aver and Ama in.
OhllUand lever.) .
Orera Alilllon of Uottlee
Hav beetr sold during ths last six months, and in no In
stance has it failed in living antir satisfaction. Who,
then, will suffer from Weaksesa or Debility when Mo
LBAN'B BTEKNQT11BN1N8 CORDIAL will ouie youl
No iancuaaa can eonve an adannata M.a nf tk. imm.
dlato and almost miraculous change produced by taklog
this Cordial in th diseased, debilitated and shattered
nervous system, whether broken down by excess, weak by
nature, or Impaired by sickness, th relaxed and unstrung
organisation is restored lo Its pristine health and vigor.
Or other oonseloua of Inability, from whatever ran,
will find McLean Strengthening Cordial a tliorourh
... u.r. iujar-o ,
MtAMMtlW Aff th. mm. mwA .11 k . . 1 , , I
oy improper inuuigence, will find Ul the Cor
reruuu anu speeuy remedy.
i speedy remedy.
To the Ladle.
McLean's Strengthening, Cordial
It a sovereign and speedy onr fop '
Ubstructed ar DiOcuIt MenttroaUon, lnoontlnence of
urinw or invoiunury mac na rye Sbereor, railing of th
nwiih aiuuuiH. luoiuit ana ail uiiauM inA.AMt tn
! i Hun it no lOstakt About It-
Buffer no looter. Take It aeeordln to Dlraelinna. Tt
win stimulate, sirangtnen and invigorate yon and cau
we oioomoi neaitn to mount your cneek again.
aivery ooiue iswarraniea te give aatlsfaetioa.
If yoar children an eleklv. nunv. nr aflliAtAil UT..-.
Cordial will make then healthy, fat and robust. Delay
- .-.u vi it, auu you win vm convinceu.
OaPTIOIT. -Beware of ftrnaaial na Tl l.M ...
"7. to Plm 'ton yo om Bitter or Baraaparillatruh
which they oan buy cheap, by aaylnf tt I Just aa good.
dial, and take nothing else. It I th only remedy that
non. aai ior ikimsb i Dtrenetnanlna unr.
wi.i irniiii iun mena Lnaroairniw am, ... um.
Strengthen the tystem.
una taoiespoonlul taken aver mnmlna laatlna l. .
certain preventive or Cholera, Chill and fever, fellow
fewer, or any prevalent diseaaea. It u nut nn in i . I
hnttlM ' ri
Prior only tl per bottle, or 6 bottles for 5. '
J.U. MoLBAH, .
sol. Proprietor ef this Cordial, I
Also McLean's Vnli-anin fill T.lnlma.t.
Principal Dervot on thaeorner nf ThiM ,.l Pin. I
ii I,,,;, u. . ...-,
McLean's Volcauie Oil Liniment. .
Th beat Liniment In th. World. Tha onlv safe aad
oertatn cure for Canoe ra, pile. Swelling and Bron
ehlti. or eoltre, Pars lysis. Neuralgia, Weakneat of th
Muaclee, Cnronio or Inflammatory Rheumatism. Stiff
ness of the Joints, contracted Muaclee or Lhramenta
Barachfl or Toothache, firalsea. Rnmina. Wnnn.1. eM.k
Outa, tiler, fever Bore, Caked Breast Bor Nipple,
wo, mwius, Dure xuoat, or any innammauon or fain,
nedlfferenoe how severe, or how
lone tha dlaeaaa ai
nav. anatea
tain remedy.
McLean'. Celebrated Liniment Is a car
Thousand of human being hav bean saved a Ufa of
ueorepituue anu miatry ey tn use or tnis invaluable mod-
cine. ...
Will relieve pain alraoet metantanaonalv. and It arU
clean as, purify aad heal th foulest tore in an incradi
lyanonum. ; u ; . i
For Horaea and Other Animal..
If cLean celebrated LlnlmanS la tha ani ah
Babl remedy for the euro of Bnavin. It In a Bvna. vi.
gall, Splint, Dnnatural Bumps, Node or Swelling, a It
win never tail to cure big need, foil Cvil, ffistula, Old
running Bore or Sweeny, If properly applied, tor
Bpralns, Bruises, Bcratohea, Bore or Wound, Cracked
neeia, unarea, Baddl or Collar Gall tt I an infallible
remedy. Apply It as directed, and a ear la certain in
every Instance.
IMS Wilis aa kmrer with th. man erorrhleaa I.lnL
ment offered Ions. Obtain a supply ot Dr. McLean's
lebrated Llnur.snu It will cor. you. ,, ,
irictKAN, Sole Proprietor,
Corner ef Third and Pin ainaata. at. rini. u .
for al by all druggists. - 1
Por sale by B0B1RTI k IAMTJEL, I
eugSh-dJiwly ' t x s Oolumbu. Ohio.
from th Newt ork Obeerver-1
A ail parties mannfajrtsMr, Bewlnr' MsobfiHW are ob
liged lopay Mr. Howe lieece en each machine eeld,
and are a so compelled to make re turns to hlra, under
oat, aa co tneaumoereoiu, ni Dooss give s correct tu te
rn ant. from thi rellabl aoaro we bave ebUlesd the
following statistic.' Of tb machines mads in th. isar
tow, mar. ware oiu,
By Wbeelsr k Wilson !1,3(
' I.M. Singer Co..... 10,tt54
'' 0 rover At Baker 10,J
Showing the salts of Wheeler k Wllaon to be dottbU
tns of any otatr Oompany." v. :
Awarded th highest premiums at the -
United State Iain of 1858, IBM and I860; !
Ohio fltaf tain f 1K an. 1M;
andatDearlyaHtaeOeuuty Fairs in tbe State. !
Our prices, at th late reduction, are as low as anti
occ wtca macnine now sou. ana out a trine nigner man
tha Interior fsso tAreaa snynra sficA aaocAarus, .now
rorntd npon tbe market.' ' ' i - .
Th WBBBLBB k WIL80N HA0BIN1 make th
Look Svioa th only on whloh cannot be raveled. It
ia Aula on Botb Biosaof th. good, leaving no fdg or
ovtasnoitM wnzr.tia. r c r . , - . I
AU sneoAin varranttd 3 vaars. aw 4 afmcMov
given in tneir us, free of enarse.
a. VKAtti,oi nign st., uoiumoos, u.
rlks's Opoa Eouss, Cincinnati.
. , NOS. I, A, end 7 If . IOTA W, ST
" Offer for eel their celebrated
GOLDEN MEDAL; Jh'. ..or)
n D a mil
V t.. A- .-ANDLSQ AkE
Being hlghfy recommandsd ay the) first rVofeaeo re and
vustcai AJnauunot snaoooniry, ana
ty"f:.ni f.r.t t.sV j
I .O BVT'r.ST (,.- J
iTin rnn '
- . WABBAKTcnrna
::,yj . is -,A. . .,. f ITB YBARS.
Th moat mstldloas sastoaaer asaajsly apea -being
niesaeo in .very respect, . nrr --
xerms navrvi. - - . vw.
ctatJilydw. -si f I 4 rOolumtma, Orw.
j t . i 'i 1 ' 1 t , ' ' 1 " ; 1 1
A OElTF0Hnii!sCOWTIrrEajTAli,
XI Manhattan, nartratTr, ana isvtwartas lmu oo.r
Nw Toaxt MncttAwr and Orrv Pitt or HAITVoa
Naw toai Lira and Cows. Mo-rpt Lrra, 1 ; 1
Office 61 HMtA B, f avageH Ml t
MVIttHf ",wn.- . -.wit I ".II ) I
Jli fsold Embossed Tarlatasa, tb latesb novelty. Plain
wntte and uoiore xaruttaua;, nue i'arisAtullo,rea
auia aiveuiug nooes, i iau pariy ouas. . ..
it rart eje r YvAvW
' No. SO South IlUh stn
. SRKNCH BUD UL0.VK1 !. ...
'aevit'jiV;:; '': t:i N..BBoutb. BigH street;)
Hade la tb. aacet sryllsh and Slrvtit manner,
new tnvolc jast opened by ,!.
4,0.11. No. M South High street.
i p vj.
. ' . .. , . ....n 1
' . 1 'j-.o i Vl . ."- 1
SB'C v i
is a oorutiturinni a;.m -....! .TT
blood by whTtiuTTu'id" omTviK
pervade, the Hole bodr, and may bum out
hi dttease cm ai. part No ' J
nTd r UAther8 wriirS
not destroy. T 1 .orofuloua taint la varioual
caused by meroial dUeeuie, low nriDg aJ.
and filthy habit, the depreing vices,' uL
above all, by the renewal ItifecWTmait
ever be iu oriirin. t la hnmiifai-a. i. .i .
emutSon, descertduv from parents to children
unto the third and furth generation t " indeed.
will Twit -the. ii,,4uic, 0f the fethert upon
their children."- r ,,, , ., .,, jws lB '
Its i effects commene by deposition from th.
blood of corrupt or u-ou, mtter, which, in
the lungs, liver, wd iternal arganl U tetrned
tubercle. In the glafb, elLw, and on
the surface, eruptions tare.. afculeor.
ruption, whiph gendersn the blood, depresaea
the energies of life; io Ut scrofulous constitu
tion not only suffer om scrofulous com
plaint, but they haye & leg, power to with,
stand the attack of oter dUeaae.; conae
quently vast number, arfsh by disorders
which, although not scrofvous in their nature,
ore still rendered fatal b thia taint in the
RVStcm. Most Of the COnSmntlnn wnloh 1-
f nn"t humnn I" origin directly
tlu scrofulous contamlt.tion : and manv
.lA.t.,,n.n. .i:.. .1 , ... . .
uv l. . v uiscusea oi mo uvr, Kiuneys, Drain,
ond, indeed, of all the orgo, arise from or
ore aggravated by the same cute. . ' , ,
One quarter of all our permj arB geroftjon, .
their persons are Invaded bjthia lurkina in
fcction, and their health is unermined by it
To cleanse It from the system Wmttst renovate
the blood by an alterative meUine, and in
vigorate it by healthy food d exercise.
Such a medicine we supply in . r
Coniponnd Extract of SaiapariUa,
the most effectual remedy which be medical
skill of our times can devise for bit every,
where prevailing and fatal malady. It is com
bined from the most active remedialthat bave
been discovered for the expurgation t thia foul
disorder from the blood, and the reeo of the
S stem ' from its destructive onmence..
ence it should be employed for th cure of
not only Scrofula, but also those othr affc-'
tion which arise from it, such at Eumva
and Skix, Diseases, St. AmthouxXTium,
Rosb, or Eutiipela, PlMPLBt, FprtTtBS,
Blotches, Blains and Boris, Tumor, 'ttb
and Salt Hhbuh, Scald Hbad, RiiroToiur,
Rheumatism, SrrKiiiTio andMaBConuDig.
sasks, Duopsy, Dtspbpsia, Csbilitt, and,
indeed, all CovrrtAnfTt aruiko raoit VnA
ted oa IiirtiRE Blood. . The popular elief
" impurity oftht blood" la founded in tith,
for scrofula is a degeneration of the blood.- Che
particular purpose and virtue of this Sam)
rilla is to purify and regenerate thia vital Aid,
without which sound health it impoMiblein
contaminated constitutions. ' "
AYER'S.' '
roa tub tPicnv coaa or . ,
Tntcrmfttent Fever, orFever and A woe.
Remittent Fever, Chill Power. Dumb
Ague, Periodical Headache), or BUIon.
Headache, and Billon Fever., indeed
for the whole ela.a efdlssasss originat
ing In biliary derangement, caused by
Malaria of BHasmatla Countries.
We are enabled here to offer the community a
remedy which, while it cure, the above complaint,
with certainty, is still perfectly harmlett in any
quantity. Such a remedy it invaluable in district,
where these afflicting disorder, prevail. Thi.
"Ccbb" expel the miasmatic poiton of Fstek
and Aoue from the system, aad prevents th. de
velopment of tbe disease, if taken on the first ap
proach of it premonitory aymptoma. It is not only
best remedy ever yet diacovered for thia elaaa
complaints, but alao the cheapest. The large
quantity we tupply for a dollar brines it within the
reach of every body; and in bilioua districts, where
Fever ahd Aoub prevail, every body ihould
have It and use it freely both for cure ana protection-!
Agrees auperioiity of thia remedy onr any
other ever discovered for the ipeedy and certain
cure ef Intermittent is that it contain no Quinine
mineral, consequently it produce, no quinism or
other injurious effects whatever upon the constitu
tion. Those cured by it are left as healthy as if
they had never had th disease. .
h ever and Ague ia not alone the consequence of
miasmatio poison. - A great variety of disor
der arise from iu irritation, among which ar
Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Gout, Headache, Blind
neij, 2ooAacA, Earache, Catarrh, Atthma, Pal
pitation, Painful Affection of tho Spleen, Butter
ice, Pain in the Bowel, Cohc, Paralytit and De
rangement of tho Stomactt, all of which, when
originating in this cause, put on the tiitermiffevif
lvp, or become periodical. Thi. M Conn " expels
poison from th blood, and consequently cure
them all alike. It ia an invaluable protection to
immigrants and persons travelling or temporarily
redding in the malarious district. If talun
ionally or daily while exposed to the infection,
will be excreted from the ivstem. and cannot
accumulate in sufficient quantity to ripen into dis
ease. II ence it m even more valuable for protec
tion than cure, and few will ever suffer from Inter.
mitten ta if ther avail themselves of the nrnrneffan
ramedy afford, 4. j ;. - i. :i&..t'..;, ..
Prepared by Dr. J. a AYEB CO., Xowell, ILma
BOBKKTS k BAkfTJBL, Oolambus
by Druggists snd Dealers vrywhr.
novwiyu.iwstw t
expsrienoed Ifurs and' lemal Physlciaa, prsaenU
to tne attention oi aaotners, oar
0,0 THI
for Children teething, " 1
reatly' facilitate the prooess of teethlnr, by toft-
ning the gums, reducing all Inflammation will allay
r Axa and spasm odio action, and ts -
Depend 6pon It. mothers, i t Will glr reet to you rse tree
' ' ''', -. . . .1 : ju . ia ,
WS have nut up abd'aolrl this article for over ten veare.
wua, w mn never -neen apie w any ot any otner medl
ANUS, TO Egf BOT A OUBH, when timely used. Nev
er did we know an hiataaca ( diaaatleActtoa by aay an.
usea iu un me oontrary, u are dellgbted with lis
operations, and speak In term of eommeodaUoa of It
muai effects snd medleat vlrtnaea w apeak la this
maUaf'WUAT WB00Kn0W;"arter Sen years' expe- .
almost ovary InsSenoe wher tb infant I sueTsiliig frem
pain and eaheuitlon, relief will be found In fifteen or
twenty minute, after ah8yrup I au arte lasers.
This valuable preparation b tb. prasorlpUon ef eae ot
New England, and has been asad with NSVIB FAIL-
INfl BUOOHBS la ' ' ' '''"i
Itnotoniy relieve th chril from pain, out Invigor
ates the ttomark aad bowel, eorreete wctdrty, and gtvns
tone and energy to the whole system. ' It will almost lav
Itantly asiiaw . u n n i . ,.'i. 3r.'ti
and ovaraooeoonvuhilons, which, if net speedily rraie
dlerl. end In death. We believe tt tha B BUT and ana.
EST. RRMBDY-IK THB WORL. ta all ease of DfB
arlsee from teething, or from any other eaaas. W
would say te every mother who haaa child suffering from
any of the foregoing eomplatnts DO NOT LBT TOUR
stsDd betweenyou and your suffering ohlld. and tbe re ,
ueftnat will be HUKB--)ee, ahkdi,l ii,i nuaa to
follow the nse-vt this medicine, timely wsed. full dl-
reoUous for nsiag will aooompany aara bottle. Nona
genuine unites the fmowtmll. ef tirJRTl.fc PERKINS,
Sew York, Is ou the outside wrapper. r
Bold by all Druggists Uirougbout th world
PrtnelAl Of flees 13 Ceir Street W.V.
rtftfflOVEP AlttV PMBVlTWt Jf'll,
Xl nameettint and psta, and heal, tli worst burn,
(oalfl', bruise, out, wrfreah wound of any kind, rrevent
swelling and pain (rem fte. stings,' mosquito bites, snd
poisonous planta, nearalgia, rheuaaatlara, ame tn Ui
breast, iwl rbenm, enrr' vben taken tntri,in it will
positively cure croup In nl.lldren. and gives ImmedlaU
relief In the woretme ht this tumble oonipl.int; also,
remove, -bnaraeaaa and korethroah - Prlo In, rente
bottle. Should be In every houso. y -r ,- nr irg
glsMaStewaorrl' t IRY'iN fe'IUM ,
.... Sole truprielor, Ne. 1 Sprue t., New lork
'ooMUAwlyl ,: ... kn,. .
11AJI4 SillAVr HOMNK'tel AlllhLa
XJ gant Rlbbena, in great variety at BAIN'S.
.Mo. SO, High street,

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