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sj aHUf I -
,MuCZ&Tn iYtwziv mock
o tJu day o)uAH4tlon
KTThe conservetlvc Union eentlment, whloh
U to iironp.lv developed In (ht electlonrreoently
held IttVirelni nd Tennessee, and the action
of the leslsUtutei of Missouri and Keatncky,
era hoDeful ilens. provided tbey be met with
corresponding advances from' tbe RepuMKrne of
the North. ThegreatTlanger.howeveiyietnai
the Rspobllcareparty "will mot regard them In
their froe light, bat In the pride of Its triumph
,o forward, m thooiih all wet right, or at Mr
Lincoln expressed It here, that noioing wa
- ... . i
wrong, and thujijallipjto Improve tae opportu
nity to meet the compromising ana oonseTvuv
spirit In the S tates relerred to, finally eene them
ll la turn round and join the tOBtheni oonfed-
. which thev will do in a body, provided
mnMntt be not aWea to there, and
, that very apssdlly.
i . ; : i ' . 'i '!
IT We suppose the;"lrrepreeilbl, Repub-
lioani hare at length in tared their plan lor re
districting the SUM Into Coogreealonal Districts.
We Uke thii to be the eee from toe net tnat
Senator Momot, of Lorain, moved this morn
ing, la the Senate, for a Committee to Uke the
object Into consideration. Last winter it wae
conceded by leading Republicans that the ab
ject of diatiiotiog tb State wae not one for the
action of the present, elnce a new Legislature
would be eleoted end hold ill session nearly one
year before an election for members of Congress
weald Uke plaee wider the new apportionment
law Bat things ss changed," and the mlnde
of members have undergone a change on this
subject. They think, we suppose, that "a bird
in' the hand is worth two in the bush," and
hence they are unwilling to let the opportunity
pass by for redisricting the State of Ohio, eon
clems, as we presume they are, that they hare
bnt little chance to carry the next Legislators.
'DIf any thing were wanting to prove the
deep sympathy of Gov. Dinnism with the most
ultra class of tbe "irrepressible" portion of bis
party, the appointment on yesterday, of Caai
Toraia P. Woloott, as a member ot the Peace
Commission from this State, to fill the place
made vacant by the death oi Judge WaioaT,
should be sufficient to satisfy tbe most skeptic
al. If Join BaowN were living, and had been
appointed, the evidence would not be more con
clusive; for Wolcott Is a complete and perfect
dUciplsot.Bow.' The appointment proves
soother thing most conclusively, and that
that th Abolition poUtiolans of tbe Western Re
ssrvs. ot th "sklm-mllk" chool, hav th
oowtrol of th Governor. Two of th seven
Commissioners originally appointed were '.from
thaReMrva Mr.WaioBTwa from Southern
Ohio, and his placs is supplied from th E-
aarvaL thus giving to that small section three
the serea Commissioners! .,
Sach subserviency to th demands of the ex
tra.. rreprsstbleH fttoa of th Republican
nartv. Is as UmenUbl a It Is disgusting;
must meet with the condemnation of all the Un-
i. lartne- and conservatira oitlzeni or
A Carious Jumble.
In hi spsech befor th General Assembly
of Ohio.' on the 13th fnst.. the Presidentelect
said "There has fallen upon me a task, such
as dlil not rest eren upon th Father of hi
CaaatrT." ' ' '
.. A littl. farther oa In the IUI SDCtcb, h
' I hav not ssamUlned silenoe from any want
of real anxiety. It la a good thing that there
na mora than anxletv for there Is nothing go-
lag wrong. It is a consoling circumstance,
whs, w look out, ther I nothing tbat really
torts any body, W entertain different views
upon political qoestioDS, but nobody I suffering
scything.. ,i..... ,
. Thl.h Wnt on to repeat, waa "a very w
, log elcoesastaae,'' though just befor he
felt thst a greater Usk had fallen upon
than even apoa th Father of hi Country.
How ban' tbat be, If "ther I nothing going
wrong!" if "there is really nothing that hurt
any body," and if "nobody Is suneriag any
thlotl" Can ny body telll v'
Tb' fot is, Mr. Lincoln doe not compre
hend th difficult! tbat are before him, or
.evil which surround Ih eountry, and fearfully
threaten aof Institutions, of h otwld not dslib
ratelysay before the Ohio legislature,
.".there, Is. nothing golfijTwrong," and that "no-
body U suffering anytniog." ,tb. laci
v'aach a declaration should com from hint at
time when the wabllo mind U bttrdaned
' grief, because oi our national troubles, and when
all ar lookln on at passing events with fear-
fal anxiety and alarm is wsu calculated to
due th' most melancholy forebodings. That
y th President elect is inoapabl of realising
' xtot of th difficulties which now exist,
That he Is reckless and Indifferent a to th ter-
i slnatloa ( them and th fat of tb country,
! cannot b doobtsd. .-,.,-
Dr. Scott, of Warren.
..."rh 'Columbus correspondent to the Cirrdn-
! natl VommirtUl, who Is also th efflclal report'
r of the Ohio Senate, Is in th habit of exalt.'
ing, la bl letters, th Republloaa member
: thsrOeneral Assembly ofj tha "Irreprasslbl"
'school ..Tblsh does promptly, and In a styl
of composition vsatly-aoperior to the official r
"J ports which he prepares of the SenaU's proceed.
Iocs. Els fulsom remarks about torn of
Republican msubiseem to call (out counter
criticisms rear ta press. ) Ilia puff of
Eoorr, of Warren, has attracted som attention
la that way and among other notloes baa licit.
d one from the Ironton Clipper, which, with
out endorsing all that is said In It, we append
' below, as follow
. Scott, who misrepresents the good people
Warren county lo th Ohio Legislator,
j Tracked ap by on "W. D. Bsckbaa," eorre
pondent of tb Cincinnati ftssaaareial, a
ahlwt Rfbrloaw-ssemb' - Sh Uooaet. -A
f.iiow feeliot make us wondrous klad"don't
M1T1 Bcott Is a era between Bagwiad snd Doo-
r lor Slop pempow autnbakull, totally wanting
eomnrrmsvser-asedeety r political honesty.
For iaipudunc aad falsehood, Bobadll himself
couldn't bold a candle to bios. There Isn't
another dirt eater in the House a he. What
ever Chase dictates, that Scott jotnpf
aThh all the escrernes of a negro lacquey.-
You ask, "How did inch a creative get Into
1 ITnnaa of Kewescntalives r- woy, n
r aUwted, folply and expressly, on the Senatorial
. entUn of 1803, aa a Corwin fnaa,ndas
- tT'OMed o Chase. And, like a vile poltroon,
1 ' v.. ... the first to desert to Cbae! Boost' tal
lowy nutnr wS Joat fitted to ChaKi mabipo-
latS; be oouia run in iwi mn aay aaraa
, r'eani. Boott 1 tnegenDier oi we ous.
."' Le has, somewhere, heard a nice word, ''sneer
Hiiia," so he prat about that; and yet b
the nastiest Abolitionist la or out of hum
ha. OinrHnl Booh la hi loveterat habit
poking his nose about that folk wonder a little
ht his biz Boeotian head has not been broken
belore now. The reason Is soon siren: booti,
to use a figure of speech, Is a bit of a a--bumi
- Tnroiiiina earn or tnat una aoesu .
pay; at least sport-men say so, and the conser
vative member of the House lnee with them.
Atk one of them about Bcott. "rue a nuw-
ance. sir. a d-d nulsanoe!" is the answer you
1 1 1 U
Texas Ordinance of Secession.
AN 6RDlNAHce to dissolve the union be
tween the State 6f Texas ana tne otner dumb
united under the oomoaot styled "tne uonsu-
tutlon of the United States or Amertoa.
u; ,,... Th Fedmal Government has fall
ed to accomplish the purposes of the compact of
nnlnn hotween tnese SUWI. id Kiviuk uruwu-
tian either to tbe persons of our people upon an
exposed frontier ,tor to the property of our wtl-
and whereas, the recent developments In
Federal affairs mate it eviaeni taat ma p
of tbe Federal Government li sougni 10 oe msue
. -..nnn wlrh whli h'to atriks down the inter
esU and prosperity ot lbs people oi l exas ana
him iatr alaveholdine States, instead oi permit
wv-rUM " " . i
ting It Mb, as was Intended, our shield against
outrage and areresslon,thrafore:" '-
Sec. J . we tne peopie oi me dwm oi
by her delegates in oonveotion assembled, do de-
dare and ordain, that the ordinance adopted by
our convention of delegates on the fonrth day of
July, A. D. 1849, and afterwards ratified by us,
under wnicn tne nepuouc ot i wu uui-
ted into tbe Union with other States, and be-
came a party to the compact styled "the Con-1
sutution ot tne unitea Dtatee oi America, u,
and Is hereby repealed and annulled; that all the
powers which by the said compaot were dele-
gated by Texal to tnersdsrai uoTerameni are
ravoked and resumed: that Texas Is of right
absolved from all restralnU and obligations in-
corredln said compact, and Is a separate soy
erelgn Sute, and that her citizens and people
are absolved from all allegiance to the United
fttaiaa ni tha Government thereof.
Sec. 8. This ordinanoe shall be submitted to
tbe people or Texts, ior ineir ranncaouur
rejection by tbe qualified voters, on the 23d day
ot rebruary, reoi, ana nnien rejecicu vj
malority of the votes oast, shall Uke effeot and
be In force on and after the 3d day of March,
A. D. lBbl: Provided tbat in tne Kepresenia-
ttve cusirici oi xui , r mo, biuu iub
hold nn tha 18lh dav ol FebruarT. 1861. 1
Done by the people or tne state ot iIM ID
Convention assembled at Austin, this 1st day
oi February, A. D. 1861. .
An ordinance, prescribing the time and uan-l
ner oi voung uu turn uu(muu v v. . -
cession, was passed the same day.
The Adams Proposition—What it is, and
What it is Intended to do.
Tb Springfield (Mass.) RrpuLlican says thst
tha Adams 'nroDOsition. "as a Republican con
cession to the South, is suostanttai cheat and
trick." ThekWssbington correspondent of the
New York isaViieiiaViif ( Henry Ward Beccher's
paper) asyst " t. ' ... ' ;
Th Adams preposition la not aocepuoie so
the South, and sms aeesr meenl fo In by Mr.
Adsms. It less purelf a pitct tfpoliticil Uctia,
for as in tkt border Stte$.
A to the proposed operation of this proposl-1
tion, should it b accepted ny tne eoutn, an
qualiy canaia itepuDiican paper, in rittsourga
Journal, says:
"This proposiUon allows popular sovereignty
to settle tb steins of New Mexico, so far aa
the question of slavery is concerned. Now, if
one year is allowed before measures are taken
to form a Slate constitution, we believe free-
dom will triumph as she did in Eanssa. Tkt
Bteaetvs fa Kantt suae ae sreT s Urribly
(Arr, telU emiorers is Arts xnrsico, ana ov popu-
Mr wem, wma w mm w, wf. . -
iaiaes, ssul gxt Am Mtxico lo freedom."
How peaoeable and inrlstian a use aoes tne
Kepublloan party propose so maae ot popular
sovereiEntv in New Mexico, and how unfratsr-
nal aad ungenerous In tha South not to accept,
kind In which It was offered,
Chicago Times.
The Seizure of Arms at New York.
The tarantv.aleht iuum n .UlnU rifles Inten
ded for Alabama, it aeems, have been surren
dered bv Mr. Kennedy, of tb New York police,
In obedience to a writ ot replevin, ana tbey nave
already been shipped to tbeir deetiaation. 1
ten eaaea belonging te a oitisea of Milledgevllle,
Oa., la connection with Messrs. eyms, ot new
York, are still awaiting tbe result af aegoiia.
tiona. but Mr. Lamar, tbe agent for the State
of Georgia, choose to consider them a already
surrndred, a tn oniv aiinonity now is tae
fact that tbe owner of th muskets and , Mr.
Cromwell, the owner of the steamer on board
which they were seised, cannot agree as to set
tling the expense inenrrsa. .... mr. lemar, in
letter on the aubiect. savs: '
"It to an unwarrantable inreveae mat
arm going South are designed to institute war
egainet tbe norm.' riot one man in nuy Be
lieves that war will ensue, even ia self defense,
bat many think a show of arau in these agita
ting times will produce a good effect npon any
slavaa who- might leode too willing ear
th! seggsstions of , wicked mn from tb
North' .'. i-- jit
Thus ends th history of the Georgia mus
ket, nnless the owner choose to bring
against tb metropolitan police for-damage
caused by. the, detention ef their property--
I bus also nas tn tuegai ana naicuious cru-
sad of th New York polio against commerce
With th Boata. i-V -v " ; f X'Z. ,
The Oil Fever in Virginia.
Th "oil dutioh,B which has for several
months gitatd th oitixens of Western Penn
sylvania, baa, it appears, becom almost aa
In tbe neighborhood of Wbeeling
rarkersburg, va. "uu," -iie" ana ooring'
ar the first words that attract notice in the
pera from tbat region.' Tb "crisis" and "Old
Uncle Abe" are apparently forgotten, Tb
Whsslina Iatallleencer tells ns that almost
rv body is out .'prospecting'' or "boring"
oil where surface indications are discovered .
Hear what it asyst ,r,,,t !.,
Tbe bowels of tbe earth are full of grease,
and it I only necessary to reach it to have
pout forth. It Is rumored that a day or
ago, a eompany oa Dock creek, a small stream
that emnties into the Muskingum river, from
Monro and Washington counties, Ohio, struck
a vein of oil at fifty-six feet, and aranov pump
ing one handred barrels per day At New
Brighton, between ber and nttsDurgtt,
wall hav been actually commenced; on, th
Brighton Oil Company' well, ,has bean'
about sit feet, but as yet na rock has been
reached. All about New Brighton ther is on
inoeesant beting nd-rying . of "oil," "oil,"
"oil. A merchant -from. Baltimor was here
tha ether dsy. He had invested mora than
of hid .possessions In tb ' Oil business about
Pittsburgh, and was on his way to Parkarsbnrg
invest tba balance, so well satisfied was he
the results of bis specmlation
el 'i
Compensation to Owners of Fugitive Slaves.
A mtmorlal I In circulation for signature
In Philadelphia, urging the Legislature of Penn
sylvania to pass a law compensating th owners
of fngitiv lsve wher tbey ar taesaed
mob, and also punisbing every one engaged
sach mob. Tb Philadelphia Ltdatr says: . '
Th passage of suoh a law aa this would have
a good cfiect. , JMOtning wouia o eneotnauy
a stop to th pro -slavery mob, which la former
day disgraced aar city, a tb passag of a
requiring tb eountry to pay 4b cost of th
property damaged, vaatt utia law i ennsyiv.
nia Hall, boraed down by aa antUabolition mob,
was paid for out ef tha county treasury.
Catholic church, burned in tba time of tba Na
tive AmeiiSaa riots, was paid for in the same
way. eo soon as tbe taxpayer began to find
thee public amusements were growing' xpn
Ive, tby provided a police fore to put a stop
to them,' A lew which shall make the county
liable for the vain of a slsv when h escapes
through th Interference of the eltUsos, would
pat a practical obstacle to the -operation of any
personal liberty hilU Every taxpayer would
soon see tbe necessity of enforcing the coostl
toUoael provision, and those individuals tbat
are bow the most active on behalf of tbe fugitive
would find their teal w his eaase diminish
sensibly.' Sentimental indulgeaee, when it east
nothing, may be liberally allowed, but wbea
toncbe th pocket, its value I very soon prop
erly estimated.
M-It ha beta decided by the Supreme Court
et Rochester, rt. Y.. that intemperance Is
hav ta th recovery of life insurance. Tb ease
Involved $5,000, whloh tb company I ordered
to pay.
THURSDAY, Feb. 14, 1861.
tt,tngS must. be doner-enlargement ,ol the pte
ni .... penitentlarv. erection of a new one. or a
The new penitentiary bill was taken from toe
table; the amendments were agreed to, and tne
bill came up on its passage, when a call of ths
Senate was had, after which .. . , -
j Mr. PARIdtl sUMd the cnaraoier or tee diii
and the reasons why he advocated it. Bis reas
ons are embodied In tbe reports of the Penlles
tiary Commissioners, made last winter. ' Mr.
Pariah was lUorousDlT savisueu. auer a oareiui
extmmation of the facte, that a new penitentl-
... i. neoesaarr. ' ( .-; , . - i
Mr. pkrriLL wu satisiBsd that one of these
moro 4xtensiTe exercise ot ueparaoning power
b tbe Gorernor tban.faas been oonaldered poiiUQ.
a aatinn tahothrr m. thnnaind or more con-
TioU Dt profitably employed at one place is
. nU.tinn which must be settled bv Senators.
. . .
jne preieut penitentiary might be enlarged
o aa to accommodate per baps. 1,200, but the
wisdom or this wouia aepena upon tne sugges-
tjon (brown out above.. lie moved to recommit
the bin t0 select committee. . , ..
Mr. MONROE was willing to vote for a new
penitentiary when it is sbsolutely necessary, bot
i possible ne wouia ramer posipone sue suDjwt
mother year, and he suggested the propriety
of logtltuting a thorough inquiry into tbe facte,
tbAt the General Assembly may De property u
fMmad. ;"
, Mr- key was rather inclined against a new
ton, but, on the whole, concurred witn wr
(vfonroa'asuesestion. . .
, M. .GARFIELD made a variety of statistical
.tatements, showing the gradual insreasebf con
Tctg.nd urged a new penitentiary. '
Mr HARRISON thought if the bill should
k anntntnittaH. Itahonld be referred to a select
committee with Instructions to Inquire into all
the facts. lie was prepared to act now, since,
jf tnere was deaT UpoD important measures, the
w,u be too greatly protraotea.
Th mo,ion to recommit was agreed to
jir MONROE offered a resolution, which was
adopted, directing the warden and directors of
tBe Peuitentlary to report to tne oeaaie any in
r.n.,snn ,. mu mueiu. relative to the ne-
cessity of commencing tbe etectiod of a new
nenitentlarv durlne tbe present rear.
S. B. No. S2S For the relief of tbe suffering
people of Kansas wss read a second lime and
reierrea to tne committee oi u ti uuie.
Mr. SPRAGUE. from the committee on En
rolment, reported the enrollment of sundry bills
After the reading Ot snoary meesiges irom
the. House, tbe Senate adjourned
idemic and
Mr. BALDWIN, from the select committee
to wn0B, wag referred S. B. No. 205, reported
tbe same back with one amendment, which was
igred to, when the bill was passed jeaa 65,
.... g.
, 0n motion of Mr. DAVIS, a resolution was
adopted, Instructing the Board of Public Works
to submit to this house the names of all officers
on Walhonding canal and tbe Ublo canal
DOrtQ 0r Koeeoe.
On motion of Mr. McSClIOOLER, tbe reso-
jatioD providing far the amendment or the Con
stltutlon, offered by blm, waa taken from the
table and ordered to be printed,
ajr CONVERSE presented tbe memorial of
j. g. Roach and other citizens of Franklin
-otmtv. airalnst coonerlns in tbe Penitentiary.
Mr.lVlNCENT, from the committee on Fi-
nkaae reported back S. B. 227 making ap-
propriatlOu ior tue pajuivui, ui lue cuimvrj
ioaD) lthont amendment, when the bill was
reaj third time and passed yeas 83, nays
Mr. HAMILTON presented the memorial
of 23 citizens of Logsn county, in relstion
tbe Lewistown Reservoir, whiebjwas reierrea to
the Committee oa Publio Works. , ,
Mr. POWERS offered a resolution inquiring
of th Governor tba amount of mosey he has
received for tbe benefit of Kansas; which was
1 T I - J, ....
laia over ur uiacuoaiuu.. - - -
Mr. MYERS offered a resolution asking the
Commissioners of the Sinking Fund why they
hare not answered a resolution passed last win
ter, enquiring why they have not offered the
State' Stock tn Turnpikes for eale.J After
some- discussion, the resolution was laid er
under the rule. ". ,, '..'...'
Mr. HUTCH ESON entered, the, fpliowiog
frotestonth Journal, against the paessge of
. B. 234 -authorising the guarantee of U. B.
Bonds: .. ',- ,..i-) ...
Tha nnderaitned Drotesu aaalnat the nasaag
of Senate Bill No. 224, "to authorise the guar
anty of the United States Bonds' v .:
Bs tbe 13th seeUoa of an aot of Congress to
regulate the deposit of th publio money, ap
proved tne vmoi June, iojo, me sum oi two
million seven thousand two hundred and sixty
dollars and thirty-four cents, belonging to the
United States, was deposited with thia State for
safe keeping, to be used by her withouflnterest
a her share of the surplus reverrae, until required
to refund the lame, by the proper an-
tborltvjoi tne leaerai government, in pursu
ance of this act of Congress, th legislature
ibis SUU passed an act on the nth day ot De
cember, lb3b, to re-ceive tbe said money on de
DOsit. '
Th andcrsigned admits tbe obligation of the
State Ho veoay this 'depssit wben regularly
and legally called upon to do so. But suoh
not the purpose and , effect of tb bill against
which 'this protest entered.-The bill provides
thst "upon tb request of the Secretary
of the Treasury of the United States, the Com
missioners of the sinking fund of this State
shall be authorised .and required, under their
hands and tbe areas seal of this State, fs guar-
siy the payment of the principal and Interest
of any bonds of the United States, to the amount
of tbe moneys belonging to tbe ., United States,
which were received by this Bute under ths bs
forementioned act of Jqpe23, 1836." ,
' rTbe bill referred to, therefore, is not to pro
vide for tbe rrpsjrjnear of this amount of th
surorus revenne on deposit In this State, bnt
make tbe Stale aarRdersrr er giimrtntor tat the
payment of certain bonds to Be issued by th
Government of the United State, Tbe former
in good faith we are bound to do, but the latter
w have not only no authority to do, but in the
judgment or tbe undersigned we are expressly
nrohibited from doing it.
Article 8, .section 4, of the Constitution
Ohio provides (hat ."(he credit of the State
sbsll not, fa any mamaer, is cieew or Uanod te,
in ma of any Individual association or corpora
tion whatever; nor shall the Stat ever here
after become a joint owner of, or stockholder
anr eoiaisurni or association i this tator
elsewhere, formed for any purpose whalers.'!
. Although th United States msy not be snob
an associatiooor corporation as wa contempla
ted by tbe framers oj tbe Constitution, yt a
all power not granted are reserved by express
provision of the Stat Constitution, we have
., . . i i . . .i .I.,.
antnority so giv toe or suit ot tue otete im tun
purpose, unless it is aomewner expressed, in'
stead of conferring any such power upon the' Leg
ishtture, tbe manifest object of this . provision
ta to restrict and limit it. Tb whole tenor
artiole 8, so far as it refer to this subject, is
put MMtetwas npon the power to . give or lend
the credit of the State. - -
The exigencies ander whloh th State caa
oentract any debt, or become liable in any way.
are exnresslv enumerated, (Tba States. JHed-
berry et al, 7 Ohio Bute Reps 534 ) v ,v??
Aealn.scc- 5 providrs.'thai the Stat shall
never ess urns tn atou oi any county,, city, sown,
or township, or of any corporation Whatever,
nnlesa ssoh dbts shall hav been created to r.
pel invasion, sopprres insurreatioa, or defend
tbe State invar. . Whatever th e intentioa is
the van re of said bill, tbe euoci. must be,
tbe contlnefnCTtif the noa-Dsvment of the bonds
of the Uuited States, npon which tbe State may
beaoaoe a guarantor, to make the Stat liable
tossumtbcm. ilf. tbi snnot be done
reeard to counties, ete., fortiori. It cannot be
done for the United 8tates. 'for . these reasons
the . andersigned eel compelled to protest
against the psssag of said bill, as ansuthoritsd
bv Constitution of Ohio. - -
'On motion' Of. M.'SLTJS3ER, tb reseiatlon
of Mr. Thompson, of Perry, relative to the re
ported successor the pbyslclsn of tbepenitentla
It w -..u Hum wt we , , , i
iur: vinis&Mi adveeated tue auoption
th resolution, as it was reported, that tb pro
fessedly bousopathio treatment tn the practlpf
of that physician waa aot tha homeopathic,
and therefore the publio might be misled oa th
Mr. FLAGO offered, as a substitute, a reso-
luUon providing forth appointment of a com-1
mlttee or fire, to Inquire Into the meaicai i
treatment of the oonricts In Ih. penitenMaw
th past year, and report to this House
tbe result of their inveetieatiotl
Mr. BROWNE, of Miami, moved to amend
by making the -committee to consist of doo-
tors. - ' ' t -1 Mi ' 'il
Mr. win VERSE moved to amend fty en
quiring the reasons for tbe removal of Dr, Ham
tlton. . .hlHw.
Mr. SLUSSER oDoosed tbe amendment of
Mr. Converse, and also that of Mr. Browner t ,
Mr. WOODS thoueht snob, an Investigation
unnecessary, and that this House need not pot
ltseir to any farther trouble about it.
Mr. SLUSSER said tbat this was not quite
so unlmporUnt a matter. There were com'
plaints on this subject; and II is our duty to in
vestigate It. -.;,. k
r. Mr. SCOTT, or warren, thought there was
great propriety in Investigating this case; that
tb publio may know bow far the credit of the
treatment belongs to any particular, school or
praotlee. We hav a statute In force that give
tne lacnity and students ot Bt ariing .iueaicai
Colleee the nrivileires bf the clinic of th pen-1
itentiary, from which the management debars
them. This h deemed a just cause for inves-
tigation. ..
Mr? WOODS ankad if there were comoiamts
made, In good faith, of tbe medical treatment
.a " m a .
of tbe convict. If so, h waa for the Jpvestl
gsiioa. ne was airaid tnas mere was.- , ,i
Mr. JONES, of Hamilton, urged tbe appoint'
wrtAtti tt tViafi anmrnitraa
v uv wsuusaawwe ' i
i Mr. MONAHAN favored the Investigation,
though he waa always for letting quackery alone
to take Its course and run out. . , ...
Mr, BTOUT supported the substitute or mr-
Flasff aa of thai ftW imnnrtanca. .'
me substituted Mr. CUee was aaopiea.
Tbe amendment of Mr. Converse was disa-
.- .......
grew w. j '"'ij ' m -
Mr 8TEADMAN moved that the whole sub-
ject be referred toa oosmittee consisting of the
medical gentlemen of the House, which was qis
aereedto. , . ..
1 ne resolution as smendea by tne substitute
of Mr. Flaecr. waa adooted.
Mr. BLAKESLEE. from tbe select commit
tee to wbom wss referred H. B. 317 relating
to the Incorporation of cities of tbe first class,
with sundry pending amendments, recommend
ed its eneroosment.. . . r
i Mr. FLAGO ODoosed tbe bill aa permitting
rertaln oitlea ta eontrant narmanent debts, bv
funding tbeir floating debts. , , .1
Mr. BALDWIN also op
opposed the bill for the
ttered by Mr. Flagg.
I tbe bill as a matter of
same reasons as those offered
Mr. VORI3 supported
economy, In allowing the city of Cleveland the
privilege of changing her debts for lower l
or iDtareei.
Mr. BLAKESLEE advocated the nsssaee of
the bill, and explained the provisions ot the bill,
1ia.Iiii Ih. ..niaitti tt P.lAvAl.n1 nf anme
msnner ot meeting ner current inaeoieaness.
M. paksi N.s. niiiiti the mil as a
resoH in an emergency with the city of Cleve
I. -4 I : ltanirr.A. . muuIhj Art. tlrtr.
UUJU, w rilierv uac.i iiiiu m piomiuk hw.n.d
debt, which might b funded to great advantage
from an actual saving or a large amount.
Pending this bill, tbe House adjourned.
IN SENATE. FRIDAY, February 15, 1861—10 A. M.
Minutes of yesterdsy read and approved,
By Mr. GLAS3 From anodry crditor.snd
stocltbolders of P. i. Wayn and C. R. R lor
sale of Its franchises, &e, 'Ref.rred to -
R. Committee. ' ' ' - ' ' - 1 i
Br Mr. STANLEY Of Samuel Hawk, and
108 voters of Vinton county, for th sal of
ministerial section 89, in Wiikesviu townsnip.
Sohool Commute. - ' '
. S. B. No. 225; To punish,, adulterous elope-
meats. Judiciary. ... - .
7 H. B. No. 341 authorising certain criminal
jurisdiotipn in tbe frobate court or ussuga
countv. 1 '
' R B.'No. 271 regulating th sals of Minis
terial lands and the surrender of permanent
" Amendments ol the House to 8. B. No. 209
supplementary to the aet of May 1st, 1852,
provide for the creation, dto , of Incorporated
oomnanles. were aereed to. t-.i . -
r. By Mr. POTWIN To organize and Incorpo
rate Savings Banks in Ohio. ,
. Mr. 8TAKLEY hsd leave to record bis vote
ia favor of the confirmation of Hon. C. P. Wol
soil a Peace Commissioner. .' , . . , . . .
Br Mr. CUMMINS.' 8. B. No. 230 Supple
meotarv to tne Sohool Aot of Maroh 14th, 1853.
It provide for tb payment of th recorder
tne city or village, ior nis services as vierc
the Board of Education, ont of the school fund
ef th District, when ther ia a territory annex
ed to the corporation foraohool purposes. . U
Bv Mr. READ if O.K. flow vsjs lo amend
seotfon 313 of the' civil code.; 9f-i r I. d-
By Mr. BREWER, from the commute
Retrenchment, recommended tbe passage of H
& No. 275 To amend the aot of Feb. 9, 1853,
for the organization of the General Assembly.
Agreed to, apd bill engrossed for. third reading
to-morrow. - - - , ,
. By Mr.kM0NR0E, from the School Commit-
tee, recommenueu we reoommitni ui o, a. no
210 Supplementary to the School act of Feb.
21st, 1849, to Mr. Fisher.. Agreed tq.
By Mr.' JONES, ' from the 'Committee
. . . w -a.v t tan a Y .
rablio worits, reportea o. a. ao; eoi rories
ting the repairs of the Public -Work by con
tract. -l -;-rf'K'j !, i tf-tlir tt?-"r
Mr. MONROE offered a resolution.-that th
President of th Senate appoint 4 Committee
seven to inquire Into tbe propriety aad expedlt
enov of redistriotine tha Stat for Cocrression.
al purpose at this session; and If it is dsemed
expedient to report accordingly, !
Mr. MONROE said be had provided a large
committee thst all political parties oa the flow
the Senate for be believed tner are six
seven parties In It might be represented.
believed there were several Democratic parties
on the floor, snd several Kepablioaa partis s.
Ther might be a' dozen or' narteca parties
here-"' ;; '- . w iJi'j3 1
' Mr1. KEY concurred' in 1 the gentleman'
mark ao far as they applied to tbe Republican
nartv. for it is rsoidly disintegrating.". But tbe
Democratic party in this Senate and tn th Stat
of ' Ohio stands a Maeeooniaa pnaiaox. ioq
'Mr. MONROE! 1 Not long ago I think I aaw
ths Senator from Hamilton, on thaotbeaetde
of the street, charging alone npon that phalanx.
rr.MirhtAr. 1 ' - i ..'-i s'fi ut a
Th resolnttodws adopted, and tb following
cominitte was appointed,' vii: Messrs. Cox,
Jones, Po twin, 6 mlth, Holmes, Ready ;i and
Sohleicb.' '" 1 ?T1 t"
The ' Senate went Into Committee of
Whole. Mr. Foster In the Chair. After some
time tha Committee reported back the Wlhwjing
b' sI'b.'no. 222rTo amend section three of
act entitled "an act to amend the aot entitled
aet to provide for th creation and regulation
incorporated companies jq tbe State of Ohio,"
passed May 1, 1853, anl.'to yegutate railroad
opsTnlra JUilrojd.:?; ' r " ,
' fiL B. No. 223 To ameba? sections Ighteen
aad nineteen of ao act entitled "an act provid
lur lor the punishment ot crimes," passed
March 7tb, 1835. JadicIar.,.:V-;;!
.! a, B. No. 226-For the relief off 'thilnUbl-,
ante, nf aUnsas, sunerug irom lamine re
ported back to theenate with a recommenda'.
ttoa that it be relerred to the JjadJciaryj Coav
nints. i!r i b'm'o, - i.i,.'! . i
Pending discussion the Senate fool a recrss..
FRIDAY, February 15.
. i
Prayer by Rev. Doctor HOGE. j
The foltowina memorials were presented:
ft. Mr. MONAHAN. from Alrio Hahart and
others ef Athens eoonty, for thareljuf, of(the
lessees or ceriaia acnooi isnus. n , i .., t
AUrf; from B. S- Plumlev end 51 others
Athens county, ror a more etrtngeot liquor w.
' n. Mr. KRUM From. Mvsoo Branch and 60
other of Ashtabula eountyin relaUoa te Wo-.
man'sRIgbts. , i-.i
Bv Mr. vukis rroai -nu a uooiusen,
fbr'balance Of (alary dne blm a Canal Inspect
or, at Akron.' on-.l a o'v -..!
Th following bill weraread a eeconafinw
, H. B. 3i0 Te preveut giving aia to ngiuv
lave. ' Jadidary.
purpose or aewcung au approuvnuiug uur.v
thieves. Judiciary. , ; s .' .! - v ,J
H. B. 352-To an.end eotlon 43 of an act
I a
I .
requiriDg tba jary fe to be first paid by the par
the trdemaJdlng thijury.
Mr. 8TEDMAN advocUed thia amsndmnt.
1 " " w ' .
H. B. 351-To provide for the creation ana
regulation of incorporated companies for the
entitiea an act to proviu-) ior u -m
estates of deceased persousr passed MareU 22,
1H4U. juaioiarv.
Th following notloes of intention tointrO'
lima hills were irlveni f ' i I ; t
By Mr. BITCHCUUK. TO amena tne act oi
1858, in relation to Guardian and Ward.
Br Mr. BL AKESLKt; Providing tnat owe
holders of the C.C. It C Railroad most hold
500of Stock to be eligible ssUireetors. -
- - V. rt P .n m j
the School Law aa to renulre all school Ux to
be collected at the first Installment of Ur.es.
By Mr; MON A H ANr or the reiiet ot tne
leaieea of eertaln school lands in Athens conn-
tji u j. I r x J .
Bf MA DEVORE-rT regulate th office of
(".mint RnrWBVrir.i. f 7 l ! u (I ! E I
The following Bills were introduced' add read
first time. .
II. B. 359; By Mr. BLAKESLEE To amend
tne act reguiatmg aiswuuvs. .
II. B. 359; By Mr. REID To authorize the
making of Yellow Springs and Fairfield Tarn-
pike a free Turnpike Road. ' '
H- B. 360; By Mr. STOUT To release a
nart ot tsx on tscnooi Lianas iu nouie uuuuij.
Mr. ROBINSON, from tbe Judiciary Commit-
a t t T T Oil1 m lujn S r ml
tee, reportea oacc n. a. on iu
pay of Jurors before Jnstioes of the Peaceand
recommended It Indefinite postponement.! "-
air, june.o, oi namuion, oppoaeu u yucv-
ponement, as ne tnougnt it ju w luwo juiu
that they should have something like a fair
compensation for their time. 1 It wa for this
reason tnat ne introauoea me out.
. Mr. ROBINSON thought the Inorease of fees
or jurors couia not wura. mi T"' .
taee to the cause oi justice, while it would not
. t, ! ...n. tn il Aftaaa. It la nnt to
uuiupeuMw iuv juiwi u .
be expected that equitable eompensat on is paid
to jurors in any cass. i l;,"'
Mr. fllotXiUiNii aavocatea tne diu "
ohlv lust that farmers and working men, called
away irom tneir easiness, to give wm
thing near the expenses they must be at In at-
' . V. ... . ,
( Mr. V0RI9 advocated tne Din in a general
and expanded argument. .;'"- B
Mr. S'i'iiHHS was in tavor oi tne sin it "
not mors than just.
lhan just. Lawyers who attend these
lly get $5 for their eervioss. . lie
reduce this fee to a dollar or twa.
Bnital usual
would rather
, Mr. KRUM opposed tbe bill
um ncnoiea tne diii. ne uau kuvm
very little hardship from attendance npon these
juries. He did not want to see an Increase or
this lee, because it opens the door for a general
increase of fees. " "" ' , '
; mr. csiai i i , oi w arren, muveu " i
d u wt iiwihur ,u. . M,v.., "
such oases, to 13. This would equalise the fees
of jurors and attorneys in some degree, if this
hill n. aoaa
. air. uixunna, ot wiinmi, iuve w
hv iimitine' tne lees 01 aoctor. wuicu mu.mu,
with thst of Mr. Scott, was decided to be ot
Vi wiun.
Mr. nAVIS moved to amend, bv fixing the
fee at fifty cents per day, which waa dissgreed
The Question being on the indefinite post
ponement of the bill, the yeas and nays were
demanded, which resulted yeas 42, nays 55.
The bill was then ordered to De engrossed
at the Clerk's desk, and read a third time now.
Mr. CALLINGS moved to amend tb bill by
fixing the fee at 75 cents; ' '""
JUr. ttUtiUiBUH movea to iunner emeuu uj
Mr. 8TEDMAN advocUed this amendment
Mr. PARR demanded the previous qoestioa;
whloh was sustained. .': if- . I t
The amendment of Mr. Robineoo was dlsa
ereed to veas 35, nava 68. i i vi
Tbe amendment of Mr. Collings was also dls
azreed to. ' .vj in-
,Tb vote was men causa on tne passsgo oi
tbe Bill, which resulted-f ea 54. nays 41.
Mr. FLAMS moved to amend tne title so
as to read: An act to enable bad men to gratify
their malice npon their , neighbors, which was
aisagreeu tu. , .
Mr. MoCUNE moved that tbe vote by whloh
the Bill passed be reconsidered, ithat be might
move aa an amendment tbat the party demand
ing tbe jury snail deposit tne rees or tne jury
in advance. " - - - -
Mr. BROWNE, of Miami, supported th re
consideration, hoping that the House would re
trace its steps, and withdraw the provision of
fered for petty litigation.by this bill.
Mr. PLANTS favored the reconsideration
that the bill mtgbt be amended so as to direst
it of the f acilities it offered for unjust annoy
ance of innocent men. To the bill' be had no par
ticular objection, If it could be properly amend
ed. He proceeded to abow various instance In
which It would work great wrong as It now
tandi,' ...f .
Mr. VINCENT said he had voted against
the bill, because It could not be put into the
proper shape. He hoped it would be reconsid
ered, and amended eo that It would be a real
reform, as it then would be, . ',
. Mr. DEVORE opposed the reconsideration, as
the amendment proposed would operate op
pressively npon poor men. ...........
The vote was then called on reconsideration,
and resulted yeas 59, nays 34. .
. Mr. ROBINSON then offered an amendment
which provides that the party demanding a jury
shall first aeonre the psyment of the jury fee
to ths satisfaction of the. Justice. , , ,
This was agreed to yeas 66, nays 84.- ' -
Tbe vote was then taken on the pssssge
the bill, which resulted yeas as, nays J
; The House then, took a recess.
The Outrage on a British Captain.
A private letter ststcs tbat th outrage re
eentlv committed at Savannah on Capt. Vaughn,
of tba British ship Kaloo, consisted in cresting
hint ta a coat of tar and feathers for allowing his
negro stevedore to sit down at the dinner table
la bls.own cabin wunnimseii. mi - n
A Savannah oorrespondsnt of the Augusta Dis
patch gives th following account of th affair:
oi omasa it will not b lone; before a muss
kicked np In Savannah. Yesterday an English
captain of a Liverpool bark' was tarred and
feathered (eoUeaes) by the Rattlesnake Club,
for asking 'a wort sfveers to dine with blm
and familv. Hie cable majesty acoepted tb in
vitation, and this floe Did English gentlemen,
refusing to psrmll bis mate to aice witn mm,
did hie uttermost to render his guest comforta
bl and happy. The -Rattlesnake boys, not
wlshini to be thns eclipsed ta gallantry, fact
Ui the oaptatn athore, whereupon they treated
him with genuine hoopitalitf, one that ho will
ever appreciate and long rememner.v
i Bcarnus. arNiw Oattaiw Largo . Arrival
of Produce. The New Orleans Picayune rt
ports business' hi that city quite active. The
hotels sre well filled and lieUeet lively.
torther eadsi '-V-, , . . - ,
Tbe levees of this oity jjsver before presented
suoh a mass of Southern and Western produce.
To one not familiar with tba immsnsity of the
business transacted cere, a glimpse or tb city
wharves would be as amusing as th realisation
of tha enchantment of Aladdin' lamp. Cotton,
pork, corn, tobacco, sugar, peltries, oats, hay,
and. whatever else constitu.te the agricultural
wealth of the Valley of the Mississippi, lie.heaps
upon heap, for mile along tb landing: There
were never more arrivals of steamboats and
other craft from above. There is nothing to
seen o( the reign of terror on the levee, nothing
betokening a convulsion In tha system of barter
aonroDriatioa which has made the publio land
ing of the city , tha wonder of strangers, -and
Indeed, a marvel to oursoives. no one mere
feel any other than whst belongs to the vlois
sitsde ef prices All, s Industry, '..bustl and
prperesa there. -t ;
tl'.f - - - ., v - . .. .: ,!,
-Diji Abi's Whiswss. Confernlng Old
Abs's new whisker the Albany Argtu asys:
Tae ooantrv does' hot want wisdom or scour
sgsln tha Executive, but beauty; snd Lincoln
kaowl It, and be is np to tbe crisis! ;The oil
thst a less wise man wouia nave inrown npon
the troubled waters, be reserv ror bis nascent
mtstsobes. - What better. evidence of fitnes
lorsmnlr thsn to grow aa imperial! . Who
knows bat tbat tbe pillars of tbe confsderatiM
msy bs held together by a Samson thst refuses
to h ahnrnl Wbr csnnot tha Union bo held
together by capillary attraction, which Is known
to be strong enougn te- overcome graruaviua
:m i - - -f -f-
F.Hjiaa a iwOiLWitx-Tba ell well be-
InnvinvM Me. Dutton.nsr Parkersburg, Va.,
whUih had ricon yisldlng-aboa fty barreli of
oil eer dav.' h&a ratlrely failed.' It waa caused
by the sinking of another well a short distance
from It.
"",rr"tc:";" k' na . iMlaUd him
J"?tKffLG-fuw!S lid mo I 2
during (WasWn?tonJ shall be with and aid Une, t
-s, IJJI .Jt.... SA M4
yom H?-rv' ,D r"r
Tngue ui, -'."J"''.,"- '"7 i
.... . . T.,i;.-in
In w speocu to tne cro wa mPJ
""" .."
"I will only say, that to the salvation of this
union, tnere wew "" nyw lainjim
hearts or a people ne yours. m ; iu
all the trvinir nosltions in whloh I shall be
plaoed, and doubtless I shall be piaoed in many
trying ones, -m relitnet will b upon you and
wspfoowoi UMtmiwBww.v
u. . ....aH no hlnh annreelatloh
Io tne iaMSr port ,he fonnd at anchor the flag
ib, fltrtfofd the john Adsms, and the Ssgl
ier M . RlcbRrd Hewsoa,- ordinary seaman, for
.. . . , , . ,4 ., ;.- ,r
lTh Km York oorreaoondebt of the Phlla
delphla Press denies the stories that ex-PoBt-
master'. Fowler is In destitutecircumstances.
ITalanrlK ,f i M,. Fnslnrl wllfk ' BV6' hi tCObaUnt
communication with binJ( State that be is in r
celpt of a handsome salary as agent oi a large
eompany near Mexico, and that independently
or tnat ne nas a reepeciaoie sum on uauu m
cash sufllolent, at all erenta, to maintain him-
lef ja entire .comfort ' for a twelvemonth at
leMt, and that, In ease he ebonld need more, it
woul(j De promptly and cheerfully sent to him.
Toa nartles ov wbom ne is empiovea arc crest
j, pleased with his management thus far, and
1 . . . . n IT. li I
no nas tneir enure counaence, ,ni wruenanme
m good (pirlts, and Is far from abandoning' tb
n0pe of returning to New York and discharging
eT6ry obligation against mm
QgtNaia INThe Nims or Stskts in Mo
ial xne Common Council of Mobile have re-
cently patsed an ordinance changing tne names
:. .t,et In that oltr. The channel
are as lollows: lost tne name ana ntie oi
M b, changed to Palmetto street;
. . . . . i i i . rL..i..u.
niassacnusetts oe euatigeu w uuontiwu ,wi
Ne Hampshire beehanged to Auguste street;
Rhode Island to' changed to Savannah street;
Connecticut be changed to Louisiana street
N York be ohaoeed to Elmlra street; Ver
mont be changed to 1 exas street; rennsyivania
be changed to Montgomery street..
Navil Arraiss. Th United States ntosmer
Niagara, on ber return from Japan, arrived at
HOOg Hong, lnina, on tne urn oi veueiuuer.
.,., T i..,( n. Kr, ,
assaulting Lieut. D Kraflft, of tbeNiagara,hss
been lentnce4 to forfait all
bg coofined n BingIe
orulg tnfj tB,n t0 be impris
l tne pay dhw uue
e irons during the
soned In . the pen!
tentiary (without pay) In the District bfColum-
Dt for ona -e4r ,rwr tne gulp's arrival mine
United States, about tbe 1st of May nexf
Some of the SolrituallsU represent tbe
1 . e n .1 T - -I M,AHn Jlannlnn
gOmgy 4. jj the old General oould rvlslt
.. l. .ki. r 11. 1. ,.
Louisville Journal.
Supreme Court of Ohio.
TUESDAY, Feb. 12, 1861.
lion. Joileh Bcott, Chief Jaetice; lion. Milton Butliff,
Hon. Wa, Vi Feck, Hon. Wau X. uaoison sua uon.
Jacob Brlnkerbeff, Jody.es.
L. J. CRITCHFIELD, Reporter.
No. 31. Gilbert Biihop v. Fred. F. Rempla. Xrroj
to Diatriot Ooott l UoofclDg eouniy( - r , j
flaataoa J. i ( . .' I . i I . ,' k l
a taiiAtnr bv one cliuie of hie will deviled Dd
aneathed to hi wife all bis property, real orpereonal,
" a euy remain after all claim, sgainat my eitate ar
atlifled, with full power to have and lo hold, to eell
tha mil. durlni th term of her natural life".
In anotner eiaoan n fav aou - oriuc.ucu w .
hundred dallare, to be paid to her, ''after the death of
wife out ef any money, or en ecu oi my Hun. vbh aw
u rati.i...rjertalnreal aataM of tbe teitator whlcl
paeeed under hie will to th wire, wis by her told and
aonveved bv a deed Id ninal form, deaerlbioc tb land
and eonveylEg It la fe atmple.bul maklog Do reference
ta the will: - Held, that th wife had cower te (ell
convey tb lans in re. ana tnat tn
aeea wu a lumcient
K. 73. William Wroguit Vs. Uwranoe Supervisor
ete. Error to Ultoton uommon rieai
lieiii. that a mere rllent acsruleteenc of the wr
land, In th ae ot a publio road acme It for any period
le thin twotr-M yean, 1 not oonolutiw proof et
dedication thereof to publio use, but only ovidtnet, more
or leal ilgulflcant, tending to prove euch dedication.
Such auiDlerrupted nie ior toe periou oi nine veaie.
Mnnled with other elrcumitancei Indicating an intention
on Ihe part of tha owner to i n ati,factory
to th I ury. warrant it in finding euch -dedtoat loo;
do not, In and of itelf, jnetify the Court in assuming
the aet of a dedication. "
Judgment leniwd m-eaa-reieeded.
Jame ivnoe etll.v Adm'rof William fenes
- ' ' ' J 'iw . . . t 1 t'
In error to Diitrtot Court f Hocking county.
SOTiirrJ. - ... . . ,
' A. died, l.-artog Iande which Jeeeeadad to I , a poathu
moo, child, leavingC, hie widow and mother of the child,
and Hirvivtng brother! and lUtere. On petition of th ad
mtniitrator of A, the land, wei aold by order of Frotate
Court, for the payment of hie debtai and from th pro
eoed Aower in lolUlo ueigne to th widow, aftei whigh
aad befor dUtrttxMUm of aurplu,. died iateatat with
out Hoeal heir. ,Uld:- .... , - ' , ,"
. lit That, ae to th eetate of X, the prooeediof the
et aald leads (under the li7tk koUob of tb Admldll-tntor'ieot-ei
1B0, Ourwln'i Stat. 789) li to bo regarded
eerwtfeetaU; but that ai tu thteilaUof B,, the lame
brgardedMroaleitala. 7 .
8d.' That Ihe eurplu money 10 belonging to B., after
th aHignawtit of dower te 03 and Ihe tajmeot otthe
dtbtaotA. apon th death of B., wu eultject to th
of distribution the pertonal eitate of B., and that
between the brother! and liiten of A. and C the Same
belonged to O., the mother SBd,lgl;mrairlative;of
ths Intestate B. :'t,!CMH Al.'Ol U
Judgment affirmed. , .
No. 63. - Peter 0. Jtrarlg vs. AblJah f . Belch it si.
BeeervadtnLonleOoaaty nll
BaiMauaorr J.i Held , 1
Whtrea mtrtgage of real eitat h been duly execu
ted and recorded, a mlitak In th attempted description
of the mortgaged premiee will be oorreoted in equity
only a agaimt the mortgagor, but all al against attach
ing cndlter an Judgment .eiedltoa of th mortgagor
and pa rebate rs under them nilh notice of such miiiake.
Demurrer to croii petition overruled, and caum
with leave to plaintiff toaniweroroas-petltlon
within sixty daya.
No. 20. lhatcher Gregory v. The State of Ohio
Writ of error to th Oeart ef Common 1'leae of Aalita-
balasimty.-i ,'! 'i ; : S V ?''' '
BTTHxCocir.'-neia tint ia aa Indictment shirglng
the plaintiff In error with having, ai townihip treaiurer,
in hi! annual etttlsint with Ui townihip- board of
ucalion, unlawlully, Slc, uttered and pnbthhedto them,
aa tru and geaniae, a eertalofergad and altered order,
purporUog to be drawn on htm ae inch treasurer, by
township elark, ia favor-ot a tescher in a lub-diitriot,
for the sum ef 36, payable out of the ieschen'finHl,
knowing it to be so forged and altered, the aot la proper
ly charged, s having been doe with Ihtent t defrand
the township board of educatleni- ve , -J
) Jtwgmeatalhrmed,, , -.j.- -
No. 36i. . Vrancli Johnson 4. The BtW of Ohio. Tr
ror to th Common Flea ef Oilliioouity
ITTIICOIIT.. "-. l-"f.
Bank bill! cannot be regarded as money ander th
section of the Crime Act. A conviction of larceny
aentanae to tmnrlsonmcnt In lb penitentiary for stealing
a watch of- th value of and bank bill of . Ihe, value
ml ein.. Mnnat faa.iUAlAlDAil.
Judgment reversed. . ' -''J' K '1 s'.-M
No, es. - Samuel Weft V.'Bamnet Parker's admleit-
trator Error to th Superior Court of Oinolnnatl.
Judgment affirmed. ' . a v --.;:
No lorther report will be Bad of this cue.
No. 308. Elijah Blgdon v. Noah Brry. Eiror.
served ra Van WH county. . Judgment of Common
Plea rermed. and demurrer luatainea ana pen
dismissed wli
mom piiwiior. - w
Sout prejudice.
Na. 114- Junes UcOori v. The State sf Ohio. Wrl
ol error allowed. 1
' No. US.- Oerman Reformed Congregation v. Luther
an Congregation, Canton. Leave' given to deckel
but motion to take it out of Its order overruled. A J
No. 116. Jacob Ishv. John Crane, et al. Motion
take east Ma. ; IIS on general docket out of It
. No. HlMflebiel Xevler V. Str Wbbr. Leave
file petition In error refused", " '-iJ 'H-t-
No. 12S. Jo Van ValkenUrg vifhe Stat ef Ohio.
Writ of rror allowed.
No 184. IaaaePriealv. TheStaUof Phlo. Wrltof
error refused. 1 j,- .!.- ,, . , p. ;
No. 123 Mary Ana UcNib ' v. Ih 8tt of Ohld.
Writ of error refused. v ,.,(,,. ,,
. No. 128.'. John Hoover v. Th But of Ohio.; WfH
rror refused. . . , . . . -
No. 12S. Frederics Bolh4nticfferr. ThSBtats COhjd.
Writ A, arm, rafinvd. I I ' yixA' .1 f li
. Adlourned until Thursday, February Slit at 10 o'clock
l.Mi . ' "' ","'''l'i lomtJjii? ?(
- -
-'Thorack(ni?Arnc,he swollen llmbfl.'iiutbJ
sbllitv ta nee a muscle without torture most hi-J
tense, these ahd msny other sufferings arc
familiar' t thofe who have beea aflilotsd with
the diaeaae that heads this arrtolei andil Is
thassmraof the casso that we have this dav
perined ao artiole In favor of- Kenaedy's Medi
cal Disoovcry' Mr. Joseph Ewell, vOne of the
first eliisosf.(lulnoj.aj8 : "I was bed-rid
dso the whole of one winter through EhflUtnA'
tism six bottles of .' tho Dlsooversi made me
well aa aver. 7 .We could fill our paper with
similar testimonials, bnt wa vast that tnis vui
be suffiiJient to induce Knentaaues ana au irpar
bled with humors to asd this remedy.,?! i
Strong Testimony.
iTsBV.BALSAM Ii thestrobnat c&ttiv
Bed ' Bisdiolne la tha world for the cure of
rimoAj- Caldt: Infanta.' BreaciilUkai.lhe
primary stages of CONSUMPTION,' Klvinpr inr,
mediate relief, and Imparting I fcheeHui educa
tion of returning health and strength. k , ,
manded, '
4 ,
For al riWOi't suiel ,
Incladlsi; WHOOPIHU
COCOH, and tviry
Oemplalaittlae ferevwai
ner mU and even actnal '
The Great NEUMAI..
nral OPIATE, adapted
every epecle al er " '
voua Cantalatut Ner t )
ran and Ohrssle
IleadacUe, K lien ma -tlenif
CaSarrli, Taatls ..
and Car Ache, Laae ml 1 '
Hleep. and atowel C'om
' ff ft ' i;
plaitata. y ,. ;
Nortal JatUaa eta be dons tha above preparations
but by procuring and reading descriptive pampblsta.-. i il "5
be found with all dealer! , orwill b atnt It Proprietor
on aeaud, Vomulu and trial Bottles tent to Phral
olani, wbo will find developments in both Worthy their
acceptance anu approval. '
Uorreaponoenea aouciiea irom ail wnoae neeeuuiei or
cnrioilty promuti to a trial of th above reliable Best i
die. (.' ,
tut eale-br In iuai waoiesal and reUUSssMt- , , ,
verrwhere. ( i i . .
JfrHN I IITJNNEWELL, Preprlet ' '
',r-' CHiMisT awn raaajiaciDTMT, . ,
' KB? 0 Commercial Wharf, Boston, Haas.
lobsrts at Samuel, ft. B. Msrple, J. B. Cook, J. M
Deolit 0. Denis t Bom, A. J Bchneiler et Bos, Annt '
for Oolombua, Ohio. yl-dly
' ffllOFPAT'8 Hf 13 PILLS. ,
In all oaaea of eoiUreneee, djtpvpsla, billion and Uvsf
affeotlonS, piles, rheamallns, fevers snd sfsss, obtU
nate head aohea, and all (easral derangements of health
thees Ptlls hav Invariably proved a eertaln and pd
ranedir. A slngls trial will plae th LIT Pills bayooa
tbsssaobofaoaipeUtiOB in th ettlmaUon f every pa
tient, N ' ...
Br. Moffat's Phoanut Bitters will be found sqaaliyef
fieaotou iu all owe of nervous debility, dyipeptle, head
ache, th ilr.kne Incident te females ta Sellcat health,
and every kind of weakness of the digestive organs.
For Ml by Dc W. p. MOFTAT, SIS, Broadway, H. T.
and by all DroggliU. auy2S-dawly
Tba following' li n extract from av-
letter written by th IUt, J. a, Hohne, partsr ot tbs
Flempoint-Street Baptist Church, Brooklyn,!. T.,to
the,,JOBrnalandleeng,r,"Cloolnnatl,0.,anlpraks .
volumes in favor of that world-renowned nedloias, Has
WixiLow'e BoontuM Bracr roc, Oluoant Toranw:
'"Wear an advwrtltment in roar eolnmn of Ma
Wntiww'i BooTBin graor. Now we never eald a wont :
la favor of a pateot medleln before In oar 111, bat we
feel sonpelled testy to your readers that this Is ne hum
bug ws bavs rantn it, uniio it to as au, rr
claim. It 1 probably ona of th mot snraturul nedl
oineeortheday, becauee It Is on of the best. And these
of your readers who hav babies can't do better than
Jay in a supply." '' oc7:lydfcw
, , , To CeBsrumptives.
Tbs AdvertUer, having been reatored to health la s few 1
weeks by s very simple remedy, after havings offends
aril year with a severs lung affection, aad that dread
disease, Consumption U anxious to auks know to hi '
fellow sufferers the means of ear. -
To all who desire It, he will send a eopy of the presort
tion used (free ol charge), with the direcflon for prep,
ing and using ths Sams, which thsy will And s seas Co
for OonoarTloa, Asthma, BaomaTms, Ato. Tb only
Objeot of ths advertiser la sending th FraeoriptloB is to '
benefit th sfflleted, and spread Information which h sob.
selves to be invaluable, sad he hopes very sufferer will
try his remedy, ht It will St them nothing, and nay
prov a blessing. " ' , v
Parties wishing th prescription will pleue address
Kings County, blew York.
oct3:wly '
- distrmng eopWatase
. . Elf DT'I '
Made by 0. B. BBTMOUR OO. , 107 Naaata St., H. 1.
Price (1 per box; sent free by pest.
i George Louis Goelz'i Estate.
J.1 tb aubeeriber ha been appointed and qualified as.
Admlniktrator de bonie non on the eetate of George Loa
liOoele, latest Franklin OouOy, deeeased. I
febl5-w3w BORAGE WILSOkJt 1
. V - : ' ' -...THREE
UqiMi,.ui ,. i'i.:-.i . ..rl'-s t'
Ttasdaj Evening, Feb. 14, .1861
JDm O. XjO, Hue's
"1V ''Or Lr-MoTinj Mechanical Exhibition of Us-" IT
The most thrilling of all modem Miracles, embracing
and astounding combination of ' ' ' "'
30,000 of Movinf and Acting Models of
Ken, Hones and Animals.
. It is not a Panorama, painted on a few hundred feat of
Sat caovass, bat is a startling and faithful representation
of actual occurrences, re-enacted with bewildering asea.
racy, by mechanical models, endowed by grains with the
correct motion and Impassioned volition of lit. It te
the most complete and expensive eempaad of art ever
exhibited. - . ..... .
, lO Exhibition every night at fiji o'clock. 4 Doors,
open si 7 a'clook. .. i A . .y ,
O Afternoon Exhibition Batardiy at S o'clock. -
lUMuilc Id sttendana..
..... . Sheriff's Sale.
D. T. Woodbury At Co-.k "
k,' ;rir rj
l ' , v. , ' Superior Court. , . , .,
Oeorge W. Allen. , ) ' ' i I
to' me directed, from the Superior Court of Franklin
county, Ohio. I will offer for sale in th town of New Al
bany, at Ihe storeroom of O.W.Allen, a lot of Dry
floods and Notions, lavled on a tb property of O. W.
Allen; eel commencing on MONDAY tb 85th dsy ot
February A, D. 11, ai 10 o'clock A. M.- i
. U. VT. HUFFMAN, Sheriff,
feM3:10 d ' - - By Eo. Davis, Dep't.
Prlaur" fees 5,50. 1 1 -.'.. a o r i, r .
REMOVAL.. ; :1
; stock of DB? GOODS from No. 191 South nigh
street, to his old stand. No. 46 North High-street, In
Thompson's Building, wher he wHI be pis te see all
his old customers, and all new ones that may com, where
he will nil them cheao good.
- A large lotot CARPETS on hand, which Will be'ooid
at cost, for cash, to close the toek. t .'IM - i)
' . , t f r D.H. TAFT,
Janl8:dlm Corner High snd Gay sbj.,Oolnmbps.O.
I .
mad In th th eflSoeri of this Bank, January 80th,
1801, to wit: Wis. A. Platt, President, snd iIboma
Moodii, Cashlsr, raslfDM their office. David Tatmu. .
Esq., was then (leoted President ant art. A. Piatt ap- d
pointed Cashier.' - ...j
By ordor of the Board of Vlrsotors. . ' '
feh6, IHOl-dtf; . ; W A. PLATT, Osshier.
SiriOKING TODACCOt,' .'''.,
enpenor unentai, r -ci ,x.. O'jy
Fine Kanaster, ' 'i i 4 .'J
:'".) u't. i, mriM BBag j .- r-
trtmu snag) jr
Bird's tjs,(Ualorj,
hi tcksts:' else, Kentaoky floe sot la barreli snT half .
burrels, in store and for sal by -l
mcrEB at mbiieiua,
atir,iw t-v. . ,SUtan BntMlog.
luiioianon ox uo-pRrtsersiup.
rn FlRin or j. 11. iwith co.
is this day dusolved by muuml eonsent..
tebS:dl.S llt-?l--i .-t O. BRUBH.'
, i ' i J ... . I i i li I' i i '
TO OttX 'X5tt3?OXXJ3
taklnrseount of Stock, w shall be eemmplld to
clos our , lor on Monday, Twsdny, aad Weeeedart l
the coming weeK, , . ir . (,
1 Sebtl 4..it rtio-ni !-i
P. BANB,8Highgt.
iri i
H A ls l PftlEr
j: C. trooaB-
lun'-Ton ' i

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